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Spring 2019 Edition

Celebrating 47 Years of

We are eternally grateful to our employee-owners for joining us on this journey of success and helping TMC become the company it is today. Here’s to many more years of Destination: Excellence!




TMC Transportation

TMC’s Best of the Best Gather for Annual Wheel Master Meeting Marty Ott Honored as 2018 Recipient

Back row, left to right: Alan Wiegard, Kevin Dinsdale, Brian Eley, Louis Steele II, Matt Bohl, Mark Skeen, Marvin Hayes, Danny Cagle, Derek Boykin, Larry Brown, Mike LaVigne. Front row, left to right: Roger Dannen, Dick Wyatt Jr., John Wheeler, Russ Allen, Harrold Annett, Marty Ott, Herb House, Les Bohlken, George Calore, Jeff Wisgerhof

in an already remarkable fleet TMC’s annual Wheel Master of drivers. Each year a driver is honored with the Wheel Master Meeting took place distinction based on years of Saturday, March 23rd at TMC’s service with the company, safe headquarters in Des Moines, driving record and overall quality Iowa. The meeting brought of performance, and Marty’s in Wheel Masters both past positive attitude, hard work and present, and also served and dedication to his Black and as a platform to induct the Chrome family over the years newest Wheel Master into the has earned him this notable prestigious order. distinction. The recipient of the 2018 Wheel Master award was Marty Ott, who with 16 years of service and nearly 2 million safe driving miles, humbly accepted the award before a room of his peers and TMC management. The annual award is the highest driver honor given at TMC, and was created as a way to recognize the best of the best

The Pittsburgh native says he was born for the road. Marty comes from a long line of overthe-road truck drivers, and when he came to TMC back in 2003, he found his niche. Marty continues to embrace the lifestyle, describing himself as a hands on, “in the trench” type of guy. He worked in construction for several years before getting

2 | Destination: Excellence | Spring 2019 Edition

into trucking, where he finds that it is the challenges the job brings, whether it be the terrain, the weather or the diversity of loads, that makes it rewarding. Marty was named Driver of the Second Quarter in 2016, and in

Left to right: Cory Jaeger, Fleet Manager; Marty Ott; Kyle Miller, Operations Manager

addition to being an exceptional individual, Marty also lends a hand in shaping the future of TMC as a driver trainer. For the last 12 years Marty has been teaching incoming TMC drivers the ropes to the flatbed industry. He encourages his drivers to work smarter, not harder and to make the best out of every situation. He is a self-proclaimed jokester and is always trying to put a smile on his trainees’ faces.

and 467 safe years. When asked what his most notable memory in his driving career was, Marty replied, “this moment right here,” as he stood in a room full of the best of the best at TMC.

“I remember standing in front of the Wheel Master wall in Des Moines while I was just a driver in training and wondering what it took for those drivers to get there,” says Marty. “I never thought my photo would be up Marty sums up the key to being there one day. And though this a successful TMC driver in one is the highest achievement a word: repetition. “Every day TMC driver can attain, it doesn’t do the best you can,” he says. stop here. I will strive to set “Don’t think about the past. Live an example for future driver in the present and look toward generations and continuously the future. Always keep an open improve upon myself.” mind, and remember that ‘it is From Wheel Masters with over what it is’ is one thing, but what three decades of tenure, to you make it is another. Once our newest inductee, Marty you’ve mastered that, you can Ott, those in attendance make every step count and be have racked up an astounding as efficient as possible.” 53,715,771 safe driving miles

“The Wheel Master Meeting is something I look forward to every year,” said Harrold Annett, TMC’s Founder and CEO. “This group of drivers is the epitome of our mission, ‘Destination: Excellence’. I appreciate their friendship and commitment to TMC, and I enjoy seeing the group grow with each year’s deserving inductee.” In addition to the quality time together, the group enjoyed a great lunch and plenty of laughter. At this meeting, there are no job titles, just a group of friends who respect one another and enjoy each other’s company. Once again, congratulations to our deserving recipient, Marty Ott, for aquiring the most esteemed title awarded at TMC. <

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2019 Xfinity Series Season Holding Strong for Michael Annett The 2019 race season has already been one to remember for Michael Annett

The TMC paint scheme made it’s debut in late April in Talladega. After winning his first pole in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, leading 10 laps and having a great shot at his second straight restrictorplate victory, Michael Annett’s day ended in the garage as the victim of a typical Talladega Superspeedway crash. The damage to his No. 1 TMC Transportation Chevrolet was significant and could not be repaired in time to rejoin the 113-lap event.

Michael is running a different

the NASCAR Xfinity Series in number this year, switching Daytona. Since then, Michael from No. 5 to No. 1., resembling has continued his great season six top 10 finishes, the iconic Harrold Annett including 5th place in Vegas, owned, TMC sponsored No. 8th in Phoenix and 6th in 1 sprint car Sammy Swindell Texas. drove for several years in the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series. In an article published by Speed Sport back in February, Michael reflects on his memories of the sprinter. “There’s so much history with that car,” he says. “Being able to acquire the No. 1 this year just brings everything fullcircle for me.” Michael opened 2019 in a big way by winning the season-opening NASCAR Racing Experience 300 for 4 | Destination: Excellence | Spring 2019 Edition

The following week at Dover International Speedway, Michael got back on track with a 10th place finish. We are excited to continue our partnership with Michael and JR Motorsports, and look forward to maintaining a successful season! <

West Bound and Down TMC Drivers Complete Western Swing with JR Motorsports race, the primary drivers flew home with the team while the co-drivers handled the return with a quartet of TMC drivers filling in for the first leg. Professional truck drivers are, in a word, professional. Driving is what they do, and the actual process of it is no different than the jobs they do every day for TMC. It’s still really cool, however, to drive one of JRM’s transporters cross-country. The first four drivers who handled the return trip were impressed with the whole thing. That’s saying something, considering the fact that among them, they have 81 combined years behind the wheel.

Two legs of the annual

West Coast Swing for JR Motorsports are in the books, and the seven hand-picked long-haul drivers from JRM partner TMC Transportation have headed back to their respective home bases, secure in the knowledge that they provided a vital service for the North Carolina-based racing team. Early in March, JRM’s primary truck drivers departed for ISM Raceway in Phoenix, Ariz., back in the saddle after a

bruising round-trip run from Charlotte, NC, to Las Vegas and back. It’s an all-hands evolution, and thanks to partner TMC Transportation, it’s a little easier to accomplish. On the trip to Las Vegas, JRM’s primary drivers - Jeff Miles (No. 1), Mark Armstrong (No. 7), Mark Daniells (No. 8) and Chris Burton (No. 9) - and their co-drivers - John Pounds (No. 1), Steven Kenahan (No. 7), Troy Cole (No. 8) and Daryl Matthews (No. 9) - handled the 36-hour run out. After the

The drivers—Matthew Bohl (Vermilion, Ohio), Jesse Beasley (Mt. Vernon, Ill.), Mike Harris (St. Charles, Iowa) and Tony Beres (Des Moines, Iowa)—were chosen out of a hat after being nominated by various department heads at TMC. “A group of department heads throw in names of drivers that they’ve interacted with, guys that have proven themselves and represented the TMC brand for many years,” Beres revealed. “It’s kind of like winning the lottery as names get pulled out of a hat. We get a good, diverse group, drivers from different divisions. The whole fleet is represented.” Beres, a 23-year veteran with

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TMC, has lived this life before, wheeling NASCAR rigs for several teams throughout the years and handling transportation duties with drivers and their motorhomes as well. He knows how the process works, having driven driver Michael Annett’s motorhome out to the West Coast for the swing.

it’s pretty nice.”

Bohl, also a 23-year veteran with TMC, usually drives a dedicated route hauling steel coils, and has experience with oversize loads and crosscountry routes as well. He was in the No. 8 transporter with veteran Troy Cole.

Bohl also has a personal interest in helping the team Annett drives for, because he’s been with TMC since Annett was a lad. “Everybody wants to do it (the JRM run),” he said. “You can only get so many (drivers in) per year, but it’s a privilege to do it. It’s a very good deal for us. I watched Michael grow up, and to see this, it’s really nice.”

“This is a different experience,” he said. “Fast-paced, really nice. A lot of drivers would be envious, because it is a different lifestyle behind the scenes. Seeing what they do now, they’re so busy. They don’t just drive the truck, so

A NASCAR fan, Bohl tries to make a couple of NASCAR races a year. Even with that knowledge, his JRM experience was a keeper. “There’s so much,” he said. “The whole experience was awesome. You get to see the other side.”

Beasley, who has spent 13 of his 21 years as a driver with TMC, came through the linehaul, boat and specialized

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cargo divisions with TMC and now spends much of his road time hauling agricultural equipment and oversized loads. The fact that he codrove the No. 7 hauler (with its BRANDT Professional Agriculture livery) was a nice touch. “I like that I got picked to drive that one because he (driver Justin Allgaier) is an outstanding driver, really sociable,” Beasley said. The hurry-up nature of the NASCAR run is just fine with Beasley, who said that was something that surprised him. “It’s a fast time pace, but I like to get from point A to point B as fast as I can. This is a oncein-a-lifetime deal. I always saw these going down the road when I was younger and never thought I would get picked to drive one.” What stood out most to him,

other than the above, was the similarity between TMC and JR Motorsports in the way the companies are run. “It’s a family,” he said of TMC, “and it is kind of like that here at JRM. It’s a family and they’re supernice people.” Beres echoed that thought. “JRM has a very good reputation in the NASCAR world, very professional,” he said. “Just like JRM is known for their professionalism, quality and commitment, on the TMC side we feel just the same way about what we do in the trucking industry. It kind of goes hand in hand and it’s the best of both worlds. It’s the best of NASCAR and what I consider the best in the trucking industry in TMC.” The partnership between the two is in its third season, and TMC drivers have aided the cross-country migrations every time. Harris, a 10-year veteran with TMC, did cross-country routes before coming into the office at TMC, and his return to the road was a good one. “I loved it,” he said. “It was the first time I’d been back out on the road in about four and a half years, so I got right back in it and it made me realize how much I missed it. I loved the ride. It was just like I remembered it. I covered all 48 (contiguous) states for TMC, so this wasn’t my first cross-country run.” Harris noted the similarities between his over-the-road trips and the one he took with JRM. “It was the same hustle

every day getting stuff done,” he said. “I love the race track, been following NASCAR for 20-some years.”

for these guys. They can wear that badge of honor that they drove a NASCAR hauler for JR Motorsports.”

Driving the No. 9 hauler coming back, Harris was impressed with the attention shown by fellow travelers, too. “We got the waves and the occasional pictures they were trying to get when we were running past them,” he said with a laugh.

The next three drivers that assisted in closing out the final leg from ISM Raceway are veterans of coast-to-coast work with the TMC, so there was little they didn’t know about the actual job. Where the awe-factor really stepped to the fore was in the details.

Beres put a capper on the first of two trips he’ll do this year for JRM (and he’s been part of every TMC run with the team since TMC came on board in 2017).

Derek Boykin, a 22-year TMC veteran, lives near ISM Raceway, in Buckeye, Ariz., and had never been to the 1-mile desert oval as a fan. “I had never been inside the track at Phoenix...I’ve been fishing right behind it, but never inside, so that was exciting,” Boykin said with a grin. Hauling building materials and steel—“pretty much everything that can go on a flatbed”—the trip itself was nothing new to him, but the actual duties at the track were.

“I can speak on behalf of my guys, the awesome drivers that we have at TMC, they see these trucks going up and down the road,” Beres said. “Even when we stop (at Pilot Flying J) to fuel, these guys are like, ‘man, this is my dream job,’ and the key word there is job. “Sometimes when you see something, your vision of it is one way, but the reality is quite a bit different. As much as these guys have enjoyed this, and will treasure this opportunity, if you asked them right now, they’d say it’s quite a bit different from what they thought it would be going in. There’s a lot of stress, and so many things we can control and many more that we can’t. Something can put you behind schedule seven or eight hours, on this tight of a schedule. Until you sit in that seat, you don’t feel that pressure. It’s such an honor

“What really shocked me is the amount of work that goes into everything,” Boykin said of his time behind the wheel of the No. 9 JRM transporter. “Everybody plays a part, and it’s a pivotal part no matter how small it is. It’s pivotal from the bottom man on up. Everything that gets done is very important. It’s the same with me; everything gets done with expertise, and I kind of like that. It’s a sharp outfit.” One other aspect of what the JRM drivers do drew a comment as well. “Night driving, all-night driving,”

Spring 2019 Edition | Destination: Excellence | 7

both Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his father, Dale Sr., before him. The opportunity to do the run was a bit overwhelming, he said. “It was very exciting,” he began. “I was a big Dale Sr. fan, and then when Junior came on the’s kind of hard to pick between the two. Now, to be stepping in and actually driving one of the was very humbling. It’s incredible the way it is set up.” he said with a laugh. “It’s amazing what these guys do. They’re very good, showed me a lot of things I didn’t know.” That’s saying a lot, teaching a long-time veteran of over-theroad trucking something he doesn’t know. Rocky Rawls, from Collins, Miss., is another TMC driver who got his first taste of NASCAR Xfinity Series racing at Phoenix with JRM’s No. 8 transporter team. “I’ve seen this on TV, but I’ve never been to a race,” said Rawls, who has been with TMC for 18 years. “My first race, to have this experience, I don’t know if it will ever be the same. This was unreal.” One of the things that stood out to Rawls was the amount of attention paid to both the transporters on the road...and pretty much everywhere else. “Being image-conscious,” Rawls said. “Mr. Annett (Harrold), he demands professionalism everywhere you go, but here... it’s unreal. Everybody looks at you, wearing this logo, and everybody judges every move

you make, so you have to watch everything you do.” That said, the actual experience of driving the bigger, closed-trailer haulers was a bit daunting. “It was a lot different,” he said. “I’ve pulled a van before so it was a lot like that. The trailer is a lot bigger, so you have to watch yourself a lot more.” The pace of the trip—the drivers switch out during fuel stops after each stint—was an eyeopener, too. “The dynamics are different. You utilize every second you have otherwise you pay for it on the other end.” The pace of the cross-country run is simple: the quicker the trucks get back to Mooresville, the quicker they can unload and take on the cars for the following week’s race at Auto Club Speedway, which completes the swing. Gene Richardson, the final TMC driver chosen by the company to participate in the annual trek, is a longtime fan of NASCAR, having backed

8 | Destination: Excellence | Spring 2019 Edition

Richardson, who has been with TMC for six of his 25 years behind the wheel, is a cross-country driver as well in the specialized division (agricultural and oversized/ overweight), used to make the California run from his home in Ringgold, Ga. “I’ve run with a lot of NASCAR trucks before,” he said with a smile. Asked what the most surprising part of his trip was, Richardson didn’t hesitate. “Getting the phone call from Tony (Beres) asking if I was interested in doing this,” he said. “I had to sit down, literally. It was wild.” “What it all comes down to is, when they are selected to do this, it’s an honor, and it’s an honor they’ve earned,” Beres said. “That makes it special to them, and the JR Motorsports truck drivers are just so good to work with. It’s a big thing for TMC to be part of this as well, because the two companies are very compatible in the way they operate and the excellence that both companies are known to have.” <

Change in Scenery for Former Drivers Taking on New Roles

The following employees left life on the road to help the Black and Chrome with work behind the scenes. Check out how they use their driving experience to build on their new roles in the office.

Oleg Mervyak

Johnny Kaczmarczyk

Tyler Bryan

Safety Manager

Driver Development Specialist,

Dedicated Fleet Manager

TMC Driver: September 2014 - March 2019

TMC Driver: June 2014-March 2019

TMC Driver: August 2017 - August 2018

“When Adam Hoffman came to my driving school, I knew TMC was the place I wanted to work. He made it clear that TMC is the ultimate meritocracy and success or failure all depends on the individual. I applied and started working for TMC in September 2014, right after receiving my CDL. After I started driving, I became a driver trainer in 2015. Ever since then, I had my eye on the safety department. It seemed like it would be a natural extension of the job I was already performing. Whenever I communicated with our safety managers when I was on the road, I found them to be helpful, sometimes tough, and always fair. From the outside, it seemed like a difficult job, but I am always up for challenge. My new responsibilities as a Safety Manager include answering general questions related to safety and securement, handling incident and accident situations, and giving drivers feedback. I know how it feels to be on the other side of the phone, in the middle of nowhere, with an issue that needs to be resolved. Empathy is a huge part of the job and drivers can feel that. I think drivers respond better when they know they are talking to someone who has walked a mile in their shoes. I’m looking forward to learning everything I can about the safety department and how it can be useful to drivers. I want our drivers to see me as a resource to be used to answer questions and help with issues. I’m excited to continue being part of the TMC family and put my experience to use for our future.” <

“I joined TMC in June of 2014 and got into my own truck at the end of July 2014. When I was first looking for a company to drive for, all I knew what that I wanted to haul flatbed. The shiny black trucks were definitely a plus, but I also did my homework and talked to some drivers in person before sending in my application. While I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the truck, I was wanting to be home more often. I always enjoyed helping guys out while on the road, and the opportunity to do the same thing while being home more was a huge draw. However, I would be lying if I said I don’t miss the truck. As a Driver Development Specialist, I assist with reaching out to potential recruits (new and experienced) and help to give them perspective on what a transition to TMC would be like. I also teach TQM classes, primarily in Des Moines, and give drivers the information they need to be successful at TMC. Being a driver for TMC helped me prepare for this role because I can accurately transfer the information and knowledge I have gained from actually doing the job to our new drivers. The drivers often appreciate this coming from someone who has experienced what they are going through first hand.

“When I was in college on my way to class one day, I stopped and talked to a TMC driver. He was super nice and told me how much he liked working for TMC, and of course, I couldn’t help but notice that he was driving a really good looking truck. I applied at TMC and started driving in July 2017. While I enjoyed driving, I was ready for a change in lifestyle. I wanted to be home every night and utilize my degree through experiences in the office. Working as a Dedicated Fleet Manager in Des Moines has allowed me to do just that. Since I’ve done the job myself, I am able to relate to the drivers I speak with each day. I know the importance of home time and understand the frustrations that being on the road can bring. I’ve enjoyed getting to know drivers, learning more about moving freight and keeping drivers prepared.” <

As an employee owner, I’m looking forward to teaching our drivers how to be successful through the TQM program while utilizing my first-hand experience I learned on the road.” < Spring 2019 Edition | Destination: Excellence | 9

Meet David Perfect, 2018 Driver of the Fourth Quarter

perfection isn’t easy In life, to come by, but for TMC’s

2018 Driver of the Fourth Quarter, perfect is his last name... literally! David Perfect has been a professional driver for TMC for eight years, and during his time on the Black and Chrome fleet, he has certainly been living up to his namesake. A Chicago native, David came into

the trucking industry a bit later in life, and quickly found it to be a perfect fit. David spent over two decades working for the Forest Preserve District of Cook County before he decided it was time for a change in scenery. He packed up and headed south to Manila, AR, where he had a brief stint in a steel mill before he figured it was time to retire. For

10 | Destination: Excellence | Spring 2019 Edition

David, however, retirement wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Feeling restless, he remembered the one thing that could provide with him a new adventure; his CDL. “My dad once told me that as long as you have your CDL, you’ll have a job, so I had always renewed and maintained mine that I acquired many years ago,” David says. “He drove an 18-wheeler

locally in Chicago for 38 years, so I figured I would give truck driving a shot, and I never looked back. I love this country, and I am so thankful that I get paid to be able to see it.” David is just about as proud as they come to be driving down the road with those three unmistakable orange and gold letters on the side of his shiny black Peterbilt, but it is the four words just underneath the logo that is what really drives him to put in 100% each day. Those words are: “An Employee-Owned Company”. “TMC’s ESOP is incredible. Our owner is giving his company to us not only to ensure that TMC’s values and standards are upheld, but also to reward his hard working employees,” explains David. “I don’t have to drive any extra miles, secure any extra loads, but my ESOP account continues to grow year over year. I also do my best to keep an eye on the bottom line in my day-to-day, and encourage other to do so as well because there are things that we as drivers can control that affect those ESOP dollars; watching idle time and fuel usage, practicing efficient time management and preventing accidents no matter how small, because those things add up, and when all is said and done, we can all share in those savings.” ESOP aside, David’s favorite aspect that comes with working for TMC is the people. “I work with a bunch of

incredible people and earning the designation of Driver of the Quarter is a great honor that I want to share with everyone,” he says. “We are a team here, all the behind the scenes people make my job fun and rewarding, which I think is imperative to being successful. Of course there are ups and downs, but I like to look at the big picture. I’m not in it for the load today or tomorrow, I’m in it for what’s to come in the next month or next year.” Having just accomplished one million consecutive safe driving miles, success is something that David knows well. He has also recently decided to share his wealth of knowledge with future generations of TMC drivers by becoming a driver trainer. While he is showing his trainees the ropes to being a flatbedder, he is sure to teach them not just how to do the job, and do it right, but also what the benefits of the job down the road can be. “Dave is a class act,” says his Fleet Manager, Zach Mulder. “He represents himself and TMC to the highest standards. He understands his role and how his actions make him successful, and is eager to share his knowledge with others. Dave is so passionate about his work and I can always count on him to get the job done right and make a great impression. He is polite, reliable, always on time and an overall perfect representative of our company” David looks forward to continue achieving his goals here at TMC, with the next ones being his 10year safe driving award, hitting

two million safe miles, and one day he hopes to be named a TMC Wheel Master, the most prestigious title the company holds. “David’s work ethic, attitude and teamwork are unmatched,” says Steven Fagg, TMC Customer Service Manager and David’s former Fleet Manager “He’s maintained a meticulous safety record, and is always there to help even in undesirable situations. He cares genuinely about TMC’s future, and represents Destination: Excellence in every way possible. I can’t thank David enough for his continued efforts of going above and beyond every single day.” When he’s not behind the wheel, David enjoys spending time with his six grandchildren and taking them on yearly trips to the Wisconsin Dells and Disneyland. It is this job, however, that affords him these opportunities. “My family is spread out a bit, so I feel lucky that I can travel to see them while doing my job,” he says. “TMC’s family oriented structure makes it easy to always feel at home.” Congratulations, David, on this well-deserved distinction! <

Criteria for Driver of the Quarter recognition includes years of service with the company, safe driving record, excellent customer service, professionalism and overall quality performance. Once a driver is recognized as a Driver of the Quarter they are eligible to receive the prestigious Wheel Master Award.

Spring 2019 Edition | Destination: Excellence | 11

SAFE DRIVING AWARDS 2 Million Miles James Gade Brian S. Fuller Ronald L. Scott Gary B. Palmer

1 Million Miles

Michael Van Horsman Jerry L. Hinson Christopher Dickson Scott D. Whitaker Glenn E. Siedentop Thomas E. Klapthor Christopher J. Hamilton Dennis J. Cleaveland Brian D. Hash

Joseph P. Searfino Jr

Michael A. Mcalister

Dale E. Cowardin

Joseph E. Morrissey

David C. Milligan

John E. Pearson Timothy J. Railsback

5 Years Eric M. Bjarnson Jason R. Caldwell Michael L. Chappel Danny R. Clay Mark C. Gilchrist Michael A. Krisch

Ted M. Summerford Lawrence W. Burger John D. Katke Steven P. Margetko Michael E. Pautard Jr Bobby J. Davis Jr Brian M. Deford Joseph P. Delavergne Marc C. Griswold Theartress W. Hill Jr Elvin Marrero

Eric P. Murley (center) with Josh Perry, Safety Manager (left), and Zach Mudler, Fleet Manager (right).

Clarence J. McCall

David M. Perfect (center) with Josh Kintz, Operations Manager (left) and Josh Perry, Safety Manager (right).

15 Years Matthew D. Kampf

James H. Gibbs (right) with Rick Malak, Safety Manager (left).

Kirk L. Lewis Gary B. Palmer Joseph J. Netzley Robert A. Malena (left) with Chris Leppert, Operations Manager (right).

Raymond H. Edwards (center) with Josh Perry, Safety Manager (left) and Jeff Knafla, Dedicated Fleet Manager (right).

Glen D. Wiegel Wade K. Manuwa Larry D. Harding Joseph S. Hayden

10 Years Keith A. Ashley

Brian M. Deford (left) with Josh Perry, Safety Manager (right).

Samuel J. Burgess Richard A. Butler James E. Shelton Ronald P. Barnhart (right) with Drew Parker, Safety Manager (left).

David A. Isaac (right) with Josh Perry, Safety Manager (left).

John T. Cain Korey A. Konken

Dwayne A. Raley

Kevin J. Cathelyn

Juan P. Trevino

Shawn P. Mcguirk Glenn C. Meythaler

12 | Destination: Excellence | Spring 2019 Edition

Daniel L. Jowers (right) with Drew Parker, Safety Manager (left).

Milestone Anniversaries

Jason R. Caldwell (left) with Mike Hoberg, Dedicated Fleet Manager (right).

Congratulations to the following drivers who are celebrating milestone anniversaries this Spring! Thank you for your commitment to

Destination: Excellence. Douglas Wolf, #12348 20 Years “Doug is very reliable. He does a great job with on time delivery and he is a great asset to the Alcoa dedicated account. Doug always provides excellent service to our customers. Congratulations on your 20-year anniversary. Looking forward to working with you in the future!”

Curtis L. Lee (center) with Clynt Coburn, Dedicated Operations Manager (left) and Josh Perry, Safety Manager (right).

–Brent Funk, Dedicated Fleet Manager

Jeffrey C. Brown II (left), with Drew Parker, Safety Manager (right).

Matthew D. Neal (left), with David Vargyas, Safety Manager (right).

Jason Hicks, #10553 20 Years “Jason is a very hard working individual. He is very experienced with the specialized freight that we haul and always strives to secure loads to exceed TMC and DOT standards. Jason lends his knowledge to others in the fleet as well. I have enjoyed working with him for many years and hope we have many more to come together. Congratulations, Jason, on 20 years with TMC and our Specialized division. Thank you for all of your hard work and sacrifices over the years.” – Chad Reece, Dedicated Fleet Manager

Steven L. Crabb (center) with Oleg Mervyak, Safety Manager (left) and Chris York, Fleet Manager (right).

Spring 2019 Edition | Destination: Excellence | 13

Danny Cagle, #12350 20 Years “I’d like to thank Danny for his 20 years with TMC. Although I have only worked with him a few years, each one has been a pleasure. Danny has consistently shown me why he is a Wheel Master, through his dedication, work ethic, attention to detail, safety record, customer service and willingness to help a fellow driver. I continue to admire and learn from him and I don’t expect that to change. His knowledge of the industry is a resource I use any time I can, and I know others do as well. Thank you for your dedication to TMC and for your friendship. Congratulations on 20 years!” –Kevin Mattox, Fleet Manager

Alan Wiegard, #835 35 Years “Alan has been with TMC since 1984, which qualifies him as our longest active, tenured driver at TMC. He has been an Owner/ Operator throughout his entire career with the company. Alan has accumulated 3,899,703 safe miles, which is the highest in the whole fleet and an amazing number! He exemplifies everything we are looking for in a TMC driver and is respected by his fellow drivers, as well as everyone in the office. Alan, we can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication over all these years. We are truly blessed to have a driver with your knowledge and experience on the TMC team. Congratulations on 35 years!”’ –Travis Johnson, Executive VP of Operations “Day in and day out, Alan does a fantastic job and is a great example of a true professional. He shows what it takes to be a great employee and a driver that others can look up to. It does not take much to see what kind of a driver Alan, as his accolades speak for themselves. He has almost 4 million safe driving miles and is one of our Wheel Masters. Thank you, Alan, for everything you do for TMC and congratulations on your 35 year anniversary.” –Tim Heim, VP of Operations 14 | Destination: Excellence | Spring 2019 Edition


Heard from the Road

Spring 2019 Edition | Destination: Excellence | 15

16 | Destination: Excellence | Spring 2019 Edition