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This is intended as a helpful tool, for when you just can’t decide what to design. Handy for students as well as professionals, easy to prepare and easier to use, this will soon become a common tool in any designer’s kit. You may want to print this out on cardstock, or mount the paper to heavy board, to withstand multiple uses.

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Random Project Generator

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To assemble, simply: 1. Cut along the line, at left, to separate the board from this instruction sheet. 2. Cut out the arrows included below (5 needed). 3. Affix the arrows to the board, one on each circle, with a grommet or other type of brad. 4. Spin (you can also use a random number generator, selecting a number from 4 or 5, as dictated by each circle) and record the results in your project brief. 5. Select the various elements as needed (historical period, random noun, etc.). 6. Create!

Created by Tim Schneider

Random Project Generator  
Random Project Generator  

Have you ever been stymied, at a loss for something—anything—to work on? Have your fingers itched for a new project? If so, then I have the...