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May 2013

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Living in peace

New ILA AGM date: 6 June 2013

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Town Crier May 2013


Living in peace

After hearing of the recent fire scare in Thieler Avenue and then bumping into the owner of the Queen Street house where the early morning break in occured this past weekend, I was reminded just how fortunate we are to have both EBS Security and the CPF looking out for all of us. Both incidences were responded to very quickly and on both occassions the home occupants were left feeling at ease in the satisfaction of knowing that good neighbourliness is a strong point in our village. But how well do we really know our neighbours? Whilst we enjoy a fair amount of privacy with our large gardens and secured perimiters, it does prohibit most of us from having much contact with our neighbours and in the unfortunate event of a mishap or security emergency, it would be good to know that the neighbours would at least know who they were helping should they be able to assist. Perhaps a good way to start would be a ‘Know your neighbour’ monthly article. Please contact me on if you would be willing to share your story or if you would like to suggest someone who would so that we can begin getting to know one another through the pages of our magazine. I look forward to learning a little more about you. Till next month,

Tracey Please note that the ILA AGM has been rescheduled. The new date to diarise is 6 June 2013. More details can be found in the ILA article on page 14.

Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: Town Crier May 2013

Proverbs 31:28

Mothers Are...


By Wilma Dykeman Mothers are... Well, precisely what are we? Many things to many people. To small boys we are a voice that rudely interrupts ball games, television programs, and long thoughts at the breakfast table; we are hopeless addicts of soap and water; purveyors of galoshes and spinach. To husbands we often appear as external sleepwalkers, domesticated Lady Macbeths lowering windows, pulling up blankets at all hours of the night; or, to shift images as swiftly as we shift characters, we’re strange jungle creatures who can be transformed from mousy housekeepers to savage tigresses defending their young and our home against all enemies, real or imagined. To teachers we are pitiable and troublesome females, with remarkable clarity of vision when viewing others’ children, but afflicted with almost total astigmatism when looking at our own chicks. To the gay, unattached wolves of the world we must seem a dreary lot, smelling by turns of pablum, fresh laundry, peanut butter, and the smoke of a hundred cookouts. Our witty repartee consists of Cub Scout jokes, and Paris designers never saw the teenaged daughter’s rejected suit we’re wearing. To politicians we are a handy word to invoke in oratory; to stray dogs we are and easy “touch”; and to doctors a necessary evil. We spank, scold, hope, pray, prod, defend, and sometimes we succeed in the delight and drudgery of rearing the best children in the best way we know. And, yes, along the way we have also the partnership and influence of someone called a father. We give our children a dozen lessons in self-reliance – and then we choke back tears when they go out to put our preaching into practice. When they’re babies we think they’ll never grow up, and suddenly one morning we wonder if they were ever children. Something deep inside us often makes us saddest when we’re gladdest, and if we could stop the clock several times a day, we would. Bless us, protect us, forgive us – we mothers are almost as varied, contradictory, and wonderful as the human race itself.

Town Crier May 2013


You said it

The opinions expressed in this readers’ column are not necessarily shared by the publisher of the Irene Town Crier. Readers’ views can be e-mailed to

Dear Town Crier

disappeared, depriving would-be viewers the opportunity of seeing it “in the flesh”. Interesting that it should suddenly occur without any (apparent) previous sightings having been recorded in the area.

Could it be a case of spontaneous Thanks to all for the calls and mails. generation? Most fungi grow from Judging by the response, The Town spores (as far as I know). Crier obviously reaches well beyond Can anyone shed any light on this the bounds of Irene. aspect? Regrettably the specimen (Ganodermalucidum mushroom featured in last month’s issue)

Regards Roger

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Town Crier May 2013

Extracts from a Residential Robbery Research Dr. Rudolph Zinn of the School of Criminal Justice at UNISA did Intensive research on residential robberies and attacks, and interviewed many arrested and convicted robbers. Dr. Zinn’s findings from his research are as follows: • Eight out of 10 residential robberies are committed with the help of information from domestic workers, gardeners and former employees. • Robbers will monitor the home for as long as two weeks. • Gangs research armed response firms’ response times. • 97% of robbers are armed. • On average an armed robbery gang has four members • 50% of residential robberies in SA take place in Gauteng. • It is a complete myth that only white people are victims of robberies – anyone displaying any form of wealth (double story homes, expensive jewellery and fancy cars) is a target. • The average age of a house robber is between 19 and 26 years. • An average of 30% of all house robbers have either committed murder, or won’t hesitate to commit murder. • Only 17% of house robbers are foreigners. • Of all arrested robbers, 90% had no matric or were unemployed. The 10% who had been employed, gave up their jobs when confirming how much they could “earn” from a robbery. • Most victims or targets are affluent persons who openly display their wealth, e.g. expensive cars, jewellery, up market homes. • Most attacks occur between 19h00 and midnight as people are relaxed, busy cooking or watching TV, and the security systems and beams are not activated. But robberies continue until 04h00 in the morning. • The average robber commits 103 robberies over seven years before being caught. • Most attackers’ homes or bases are a 10 to 30 minute drive from the target address. • Women are more often tortured or hurt during house robberies. • The conviction rate for house robberies in South Africa is only 7.67%. In the USA it is 53%.

• Robbers are not deterred by alarms and armed reaction services.


Security measures that robbers DO consider to be deterrents: • Electric fences. • Detection beams. • CCTV. • Small dogs that sleep inside the house – robbers consider this to be the biggest deterrent of all.

Recommendations that come from the research: • Make sure all shrubs and trees are trimmed back so they do not allow a burglar to conceal himself while attempting to open a window or door. If possible, plant bushes with prickly thorns around these locations. They are a cheap deterrent. • Don’t stop your security awareness at the outside walls of your house. Your yard areas (if any) also deserve attention. In general, don’t leave anything around the yard that might help a burglar get into your house. Ladders, stackable boxes or any garden tools should be put away, preferably in a locked cabinet. Many burglars have used the property owner’s own tools to break into a home. Don’t place outdoor furniture tables nearby the house. These could become and easy stepladder to the roof. To discourage potential climbers, spread grease on any metal drainpipes if they are close to windows. Use Vaseline or clear automotive grease, depending on the colour of the pipe (or replace them with plastic pipes). Yes, criminals do climb up drainpipes. Think about it, most second story windows are left unsecure and make a house easy to gain entry to. • A barking dog, changing your daily routine and the presence of closedcircuit TV (CCTV) could make your home a less attractive target to criminals. • Given that robbers tend to case-out a property and the residents’ comings and goings for as long as two weeks, it is highly recommended that you deviate from your usual routine regularly. Change your patterns every week by leaving and returning home at different times, using different routes and visiting different shops to what you typically do. • In South Africa, the importance of employing extreme caution when hiring domestic workers and other service providers cannot be underestimated. Be careful who you let into your home.

Town Crier May 2013


Sniff, sniff, sniff...

It’s that time of year again! The cold and flu season and no matter how hard we try to keep our families protected, the kids are bound to catch some sort of bug as we go through changes of season and the winter months. One of my personal dreads is the post nasal drip. Causing several ailments in children, including a sore throat or a cough that doesn’t seem to go away, the post nasal drip occurs when a large amount of mucus gathers in the back of the nose and throat giving the sensation that the mucus is dripping from the back of the nose causing a ‘tickle’ or an itch – yuck! Although mucus is not a topic to discuss around the dinner table, it serves a significant purpose moistening and cleaning out the nasal membranes. It removes bacterial viruses and other infection-causing invaders as well as clears out inhaled foreign matter and it humidifies the air that travels in your body keeping you and your insides comfortable. So on any given day, there is loads of mucus running down the back of your throat without you even noticing it! A post nasal drip occurs when your mucus production goes into overdrive – this mucus is clear, thin and very runny hence causing the drip, drip, drip feeing in the back of your throat. The other extreme is when your mucus production slows down and thickens causing a thick, sticky yellow or green mucus that hangs around in the throat. Either way, it’s going to be uncomfortable. Although we generally contract a post nasal drip during a change of season or in the cold winter months, there are many other factors that can trigger a change in mucus production. Some include allergies, air pollution, dusty/smoky conditions, pregnancy or sinus infections. The problem with a post nasal drip, apart from the discomfort, is that it often leads to a sore, irritated throat and although there is usually no infection, the tonsils and other tissues in the throat may swell. Should you or your child develop a sore or irritated throat it’s best to seek medical advice as a correct diagnosis requires a detailed ear, nose and throat exam. Bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics and allergies are managed by avoiding the causes. General measures that will allow the mucus secretions to pass more easily may be recommended when it is not possible to determine the cause. Although most of us aren’t medical professionals and we prefer to seek the advice of our doctor or pediatrician, there are a few precautions we can take to try to prevent the onset of a post nasal drip. Firstly, water is probably the most common-sense defense. Drinking enough water keeps the mucus thin and your body, including your nasal passages, well


hydrated. As is always the standard advice, try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and try to ensure that your kids do the same, or close enough to it. Although it’s not always easy to get kids to drink water as opposed to all the other tempting beverages available to them, if you set an example by drinking lots of water they will probably be more inclined to follow in your footsteps. Decrease or eliminate your child’s exposure to allergens such as dust mites, pollen and mould. Use a humidifier in your child’s room as this can help break up the mucus caused by the post nasal drip. Keep your child away from nasal irritants such as cigarette smoke, perfumes and aerosol spray. So long as the post nasal drip hasn’t developed into a sore throat, fever or any other symptom, you can treat it with a saline nose spray. Be sure to use a specially-formulated version that is meant for use on children and use as directed.

If you suspect that the post nasal drip is the result of an underlying cause then it is always best to seek the advice of your doctor. As mentioned earlier, whether it is a bacterial infection or an allergy, your doctor will be able to treat it accordingly.

Look your best with beautiful, healthy looking nails at Hair by Magda Irene Shopping Centre 8 Morgenster Building Cnr Main & Nelmapius Drive Irene, Centurion

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Town Crier May 2013

Launch of Intercare Day Hospital and Intercare Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Hospital in Irene – 17 April 2013 As one of South Africa’s fastest growing health care companies, Intercare is committed to making a real difference in peoples’ lives by challenging the status quo and transforming the health care industry. With a firm belief that their new hospital brand will become a living ethos that underpins the future success of their business, Intercare remains committed to strengthen and support their vision to help build a sustainable health future for South Africans. By applying evidenced-based science to improve - very consciously - their care process to customers, patients will recognise a very different look and feel in Intercare hospitals from the exterior signage to the way they are welcomed at the door. Right from admission through to finding their way inside the hospital; support for the patient’s family coupled with friendly and competent staff is the new hospital’s philosophy which they believe has the potential to transform and inspire staff as well as delight patients. By wanting patients to feel that the brand is lived by all, Intercare’s main objective is to introduce patients to a carefully controlled environment, fashioned by a team of experts who can guide them through a customised treatment process to specifically deliver better outcomes. They know their patients value their authority as much as their empathy. The Intercare brand seeks, at all times, a finely tuned balance between a scientific, expert-dominated approach and a considered, respectful human approach. The integrity of the business is based on the use of state-of-the-art treatments, technologies and processes to care for patients in an evidence-based environment. It is then with great pride and dedication that Intercare introduces to you the Irene Day Surgery and Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Hospitals. The two hospitals offer the following: Intercare Day Hospital • Three operating theatres • 24 beds • High quality nursing staff


• State-of-the-art equipment • Modern design and décor • Strategic location for ease of access

Day surgery will be an integral component of health care in the future. The treatment of appropriate non-emergency cases by day surgery can be advantageous for health care providers and the communities they serve – more patients can be treated more effectively and more efficiently. Intercare identified the major prerequisites for a successful expansion of day surgery and will be of particular value to health professionals and policy makers where day surgery is still in its infancy. Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Hospital • 5 Six bed wards • 4 Private rooms • A 2 bed ward • Assisted showers and baths • Therapeutic gym equipped for rehabilitation • Board room for family meetings as well as multidisciplinary team meetings As providers of health care become more aware of the increasing need to move across the continuum of care, the barriers to healthcare is addressed. Intercare’s Sub-acute Rehabilitation care will begin to play a greater role in affordability, acceptability, availability and quality of healthcare. Intercare Day and Sub-acute Rehabilitation Hospital Southdown’s shopping Centre Cnr: John Vorster Drive and Karee Street Irene Tel: 012 941 2600 Fax: 012 941 2601 E-pos:

Dear Residents and ILA Members Due to unforeseen circumstances the ILA AGM has had to be postponed. It will now take place on Thursday, 6 June 2013 at 7.30pm in the Irene Primary School Hall. Refreshments will be served from 7pm. We do apologise for any inconvenience caused but we hope that you will still be able to attend this very important meeting. Notices have been sent to our membership but should you not have received one, please let Alyson know. Interested non-member residents are also welcome to attend as observers. We look forward to meeting face to face with as many of our members as possible at this decision-making session. Amongst other issues, a vote will be taken with regards to the Phase 2 camera and electric fence proposal. Therefore, membership attendance is critical. It is usually cold in the evening so remember to dress warmly and join us for a hot cup of tea, coffee or glßhwein from 7pm. We experience a number of undelivered emails sent via our bulk email service. If you have changed any of your contact details, please let Alyson (ilamanager@irene. and EBS Security ( know in writing, to ensure that the necessary changes are made. Moving? If you are planning to move out of our lovely village, please contact Alyson. Those moving need to provide two months written notice, please. Where possible, new owners’ contact details would be greatly appreciated. New owners have bought into the village partly as a result of the security provided and so we would like to encourage them to join the ILA and contribute towards our continued service. Use of our village roads Speeding and lack of adherence to traffic signs has almost resulted in injury over the past month. A number of incidents have been reported where pedestrians and vehicles have experienced a near miss with drivers speeding and ignoring traffic signs. We appeal to all motorists to PLEASE drive slowly and obey the rules of the road. With this in mind, please remember that Krige Lane is a Pedestrian Priority Route and those who are forced to use it for access, are asked to please close the booms afterwards.

Town Crier May 2013

Albert Street gates The yellow beams at each of the Albert Road gates are there to control the direction of traffic flow through these gates. If you should find they are not working or you see a vehicle driving through the wrong way, please immediately advise Jan on 083 607 6600. Security Many cars are still parked overnight in secluded, poorly lit areas on the side of the road and property gates are also often found open. We cannot stress enough how important it is for our residents to assist in ensuring that Irene is not an easy pickings crime opportunity. No security company or organisation, CPF or the SAPS can do it alone and so we appeal to our residents for vigilance and awareness so that we do not provide criminals with opportunities to commit crime. ALL residents are encouraged to report incidents to Jan or EBS, however small. This will enable us to analyse more accurately the crime patterns in the village - the more information the better! Perimeter residents are also kindly requested to regularly check their property boundary walls or fences and advise Jan of any breach. Whilst EBS does regular checks around our perimeter, residents are asked to please report any broken wires they see on the electric fence or damage to palisade fencing. When making use of casual labour, please check their documentation and keep a record of those workers having access to your property. Non-SA workers should be able to provide a passport with a legal stamp of entry in it together with a work permit. Please provide Jan with details of contractors and workers and the duration of the project. Lastly, our guards are not permitted to ask our residents for money or food. Should anyone experience this, please advise Jan ASAP. Any donations towards winter provisions e.g. instant soup, tea, coffee, sugar and milk powder, would be hugely appreciated and can be dropped off at the ICIC office on Stopford Road. Please see our Important Numbers list in this issue should you need to contact any of our representatives. We look forward to seeing you all on the 6th June. Wishing you a very warm and safe month ahead.

Your ILA


Remember this song? “Baby it’s cold outside…........’

Warm guards are happy guards ! Donations of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, milk powder & sugar would be much appreciated. Knorr Cup o’ Soup will also help to keep winter chills at bay. Your donations may be delivered to Jan at the cemetery office in Stopford Rd. Thank you

KEEP Liza Smit 082 990 6468 / 012 663 9000

Dear Irene Resident, I would like to introduce myself as the Leapfrog agent in your area. In 2012 I received a reward for WORLD CLASS agent and one of the Top Ten agents of the Leapfrog group. It would be highly appreciated if you could assist me with a contact number of a resident in Irene who would like to sell their house. Should the referred property be sold by Leapfrog, you will receive a reward. In the future it will also be a pleasure to assist you in selling your property. Leapfrog regards! Liza

Paintball 101 So you’ve heard about this game called ‘paintball’ and want to know a little more. Maybe you’ve been invited to a game and you are a little worried about getting hurt. Maybe you just want to know what to expect, how it works or how to extract the most fun out of it. We’ll take you through all of this. Paintball is one of the fastest growing sports in South Africa and worldwide it has already been established as one of the biggest. Variations of the game: Paintball fields are built either to host a quick variant of the game (called ‘Speedball’) or more of a natural, military simulation variant (called ‘Woodsball’). Speedball fields are generally scattered with inflatable cover called bunkers that are generally symmetrical so that both sides of the fields have exactly the same cover. The fields are flat and usually covered with grass. This makes for quick movement and short games. The biggest tournaments in the world are Speedball tournaments due to its controlled nature. Woodsball on the other hand is generally more of a recreational variant although there are tournaments that recreate well known historic battles. The fields are generally in the bush or in a similar environment and there are no limits to what cover is to be used. These range from complete buildings to wooden pallets, car and truck tyres, ditches, decks, netting, trees and shrubs. You’ll never find two fields that look exactly the same - that is part of the appeal of Woodsball.

Equipment: Paintball guns are called ‘Markers’ which recognises the origin of the game, as the original paintball guns were actually tools used to mark trees in the forestry industry. Nowadays, state-of-the-art markers costs R20,000 or more. It’s come a long way… Markers propel paint balls using compressed air or other stable gasses. Although some markers are able to propel balls at enormous speeds, the speed allowed at fields is always limited. This is applied to ensure the safety of the players. The speed of the paintball is measured in feet per second (‘fps’) and the limit used at fields is usually 280 fps. Markers also have safety switches/devices that when activated prevents the marker from firing. Paintballs themselves are small gel encapsulated balls containing a coloured substance. The entire ball is made of natural and bio-degradable substances. It does not harm the environment and therefore promotes a sustainable sport. You will also be issues with protective clothing, a mask, a neck protector and a barrel sock. Protective clothing is not prescribed, but is highly recommended. A barrel sock is a physical barrier that fits onto/over the marker’s barrel - it is an added safety device that prevents a paintball exiting the marker barrel in case of accidental firing. Safety first: The most important aspect of the game is safety. The sport prides itself in keeping its participants safe at all times. Irrespective of where you play paintball, there will always be some key rules around safety and a Marshal, which accompanies each group, will enforce these. You are encouraged to ask questions to your Marshal as they are knowledgeable on the subject. The first question new players always ask is: “Does it hurt?”. If you get hit on open soft skin by a paintball shot from a short distance, it could hurt. But this is the most extreme case. Practically however, you have no open soft skin exposed because you wear protective clothing and a mask. Furthermore, players are not allowed to shoot at an opponent that is close by (5 meters). You will experience a lot of adrenalin during play and this in itself protects you from feeling the slight pain caused by paintballs hitting you. You’ll soon realise that it is not nearly as bad as you might expect. What to expect: In short, you will experience heaps of adrenaline, laughter, fun and excitement in a short space of time. Paintball is something great to do as a group of friends and even as a family unit. It makes for birthdays that kids talk about for a long time. Although there are serious tournaments, as with all sport, most of the players do it for one thing: fun. Paintball does involve quite a bit of running and hiding but, it is not a marathon - you will get ample time to recover between games and drinking enough fluids certainly helps. It is extremely good exercise and definitely more fun than a treadmill (even with a television). CryWolf is an entertainment operation on the Smuts Museum grounds. We pride ourselves in the level of service we offer our customers. It doesn’t hurt that we have the best designed paintball fields in South Africa and an attitude to serve. If you want more information on pricing, fields, games or plans for the future, kindly visit the website. Wouldn’t it be great to get schools involved and create a new sport that is suitable for all ages - both boys and girls. Watch this space…

Sunday Lunch

0861 BRUNOS | |

For the Adults: R115.00 p/p Lamb on the Spit, Grilled Snoek, Four types of Grills, Pasta’s, Stir Fries, Salads, Desserts

Kids under 12 eat for Free Limited to two kids per adult Kiddies Buffet, Supervised play area Bookings are essential. Centurion Lake Hotel 1001 Lenchen Avenue North, Centurion 0046.



AT Irene



This year’s show promises to be a fun-filled night, full of magic, mayhem and plenty of pranks and puns to keep audiences, both young and old, entertained! We’ve taken the traditional tale of Sleeping Beauty and given it a twist! Auditions will take place on Sunday, 14 July 2013 at the Irene Homes Hall, Albert Street, Irene at 14h00. Singers, dancers, actors (and actresses!) as well as back stage and technical crew all welcome. CIRCLE THE DATE!

For more information, please contact Vickey on 0824433861 or





Adult non-fiction Making it,women intrepreneurs – Lou Gimson & Allison Mitchell (658.11082 GIM) Ware liefde – Corlia Fourie (920.068 WAR) Creating Money keys to ubundance – Sanaya Roman (131 ROM) The master strategist – Ketan J. Patel (658.4012 PAT) Dr Shapiro’s picture perfect weight loss – Howard M. Shapiro (613.25 SHA) Cry havoc – Simon Mann (967.18032 MAN) Pregnancy and birth companion – Sister Lilian (618.2 LIL) Garden of my ancestors – Bridget Hilton-Barber (920 HIL) Murder at Morija – Tim Couzens (920 COU) Hey baby! The hip new mom’s guide that’s all about you – Sarah Bullen (618.6 BUL) The secret life of the soul – J. Keith Miller (233.5 MIL)

Adult English-Fiction The book of lost things – John Connolly Guardians of the key – Clio Gray Undersea Prison – Duncan Falconer Isa & May – Margaret Foster Arctic event – James Cobb The divide – Nicholas Evans Darkness more than night – Michael Connelly Queen of the big time – Adriana Trigiani

Town Crier May 2013

27 Eyes of a child – Richard North Patterson Promise of the wolves – Dorothy Hearst Kill me if you can – James Patterson The perfect hope – Nora Roberts The fort – Bernard Cornwell Best kept secret – Jeffrey Archer Lone wolf – Jodi Picoult The stretch – Stephen Leather Operation Napoleon – Arnaldur IndriÐason Midwinter sacrifice – Mons Kallentoft Mastered by love – Stephanie Laurens Keeping faith – Jodi Picoult

Junior and teen English fiction Montmorency – Eleanor Updale (Teen) Ruby Tanya – Robert Swindells Artemis fowl the arctic incident – Eoin Colfer Pumpkin pie – Jean Ure The throne of fire – Rick Riordan Heroes of Olympus – Rick Riordan The red pyramid – Rick Riordan Skulduggery Pleasant: Kingdom of the wicked – Derek Landy (Teen) A bear called Paddington – Michael Bond

The complete Winnie-the-Pooh – A.A. Milne

Town Crier May 2013

Afrikaans fiction Tjoklits vir die siel – Susan Coetzer Die goewerner – Jaco Thon Krygsman – Francine Rivers Maanschinjbaai: Jo & Sue – Chanette Paul Maanschijnbaai: Nan & Jeannie – Chanette Paul ‘n Klein lewe – Wilna Adriaanse

Afrikaans Large-print fiction Die graaf se afpers-ooreenkoms – Sara Craven

Toddler Baba se eerste woorde Baba se eerste diere Baba se eerste gebede Eerste sprokies: Aspoestertjie Eerste sprokies: Die lelike eendjie Eerste sprokies: Gouelokkies en die drie bere Eerste sprokies: Sneeuwitjie en die sewe dwergies Eerste sprokies: Rooikappie

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Town Crier May 2013

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Town Crier May 2013


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‘Art at Smuts House’ 09h00 to 15h00 every 2nd Sunday of the month. Fine Art on display and for sale. Ouma’s Kitchen open for lunches and refreshments. Venue: Smuts House Museum, Jan Smuts Ave, off Nellmapius Road, Irene, Centurion Cost: R10 vehicle entry charge Enquiries:  012 667 1176

Scissor man (Pieter van der Merwe) Can sharpen knifes, scissors and garden tools. Deliveries and collections can be made at Irene Homes - 2 Albert Road, Irene or Contact Maureen on 012 667 5285. Town Crier May 2013

32 Accommodation

Small cries

double garage, neat and modern Small one bedroom finishes. No less than fully furnished and 1 year contract, no serviced garden pets, unfurnished. cottage in Irene. R14 000.00 (weekly Includes lockup garage, garden services W/l. Short term lease included, utilities available, suitable for excluded). Contact 1 person. R3800 p/m. Michelle 083 757 6377. Contact Doug Time share units for 082 567 0519. rent at Umhlanga. Furnished, serviced, Two weeks (starting self catering, en suite 20/7 and 27/7/13) at rooms available for the newly renovated rent in Irene Village.  Cabana Beach in the Suitable for long or sought after Tower short term rental, Units (sleeps 6). R4500.00 to R5000.00 Magnificent sea and per month. Contact garden views. R6 700/ Anne on 083 600 2329. week. Call 083 461 1231. Accommodation required (immediate) Cottage to let - Irene for non-smoking, very Glen Estate Security presentable and well- Estate. 2 Bedroom, 1 spoken gentleman. bathroom, Mezzanine Please contact Chrissy floor study (can be used on 082 566 7588. as a 3rd bedroom), small laundry, big Townhouse to rent open-plan lounge/ within CGE. Date dining area, kitchen. available – 1May/1 Separate entrance June 2013. 3 Bedroom, and gate. Serviced 3 bathroom (2 en garden. Semi furnished suite), guest toilet, but can be emptied. small garden with 30 meters from main gasbraai, great security, house. Private. Ideal

for a couple or single person. Open stairs and swimming pool makes this property too risky for small children. From 1 May or 1 June. R5 500 plus water & lights. Deposit R5 500. Contact M Lennon 071 687 8530. Domestics Sleep-in domestic helper needed – sleeping in Mondays to Thursdays only and to work for me two days a week – Mondays or Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please phone me for more info Su 083 228 8474. Sibusisiwe Nyamazana ( 36yrs) is looking for full time or part time domestic work. She is hard working, energetic and can work without supervision. She has 4yrs experience and a valid working permit, contact 073 264 6534. Tamenji is a hard working Malawian woman with traceable

references looking for domestic work from Monday to Friday. Please call Tamenji on 084 576 3489.or her references on 083 541 6192.

L Caravan for sale. Immaculate condition. Contact 012 664 7525 or 082 378 0615. Gardeners

Gardener needed one day a week – either Margaret is seeking full Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays. Please time live-out position. She is honest, reliable, phone me for more info professional and very Su 083 228 8474. General good at all areas of domestic work. She I am a Centurion can prepare food and is based white male (41 very responsible in child years of age) looking care. (We now require for a position in the a live in person and she construction/health is unable to live in. We and safety sector. I can truly recommend was unfortunately her). For reference, call retrenched as the 084 563 2635 Margaret facility manager on the site I was running  and 079 319 3728. as such I am seeking alternative employment. Priscilla is looking I also have audit and for domestic work risk experience as well on Tuesdays and as training on lifting Wednesdays. She is hard working, dedicated equipment. I am a hard worker with good and trustworthy. managerial skills and You can contact her quick to learn. Willing current employer, Erin to start at the bottom on 074 222 9272 for and work myself up so a reference or call any opportunity would Priscilla on 073 696 be greatly appreciated. 5798. Please contact Clive on For sale 082 736 6954. 1999 Jurgens Fleetline Housesitting – for a

reliable house sitter and pet minder contact Clive on 081 880 7938. (Non-smoker and Nondrinker). Trees and Agapanthus plants in nursery bags for sale to loving gardeners. Lemon trees, Karees, Cypress and Pine Conifers, Pompons, etc. All naturally grown from Irene seed. Various sizes. To view please call Frances 083 264 6153. Simildon Matuku is a Zimbabwean looking fo a job as a driver. He has a valid permit with a south african driver’s licence. Please call Simildon on 078 535 0327. Specialising in tar surfacing, driveways, parking areas, potholes. All tilling walls and floors, including plumbing, all copper work, changing of shower and bath tab , handbasin. We also do building renovations. Contact Jonathan on 073 542 0471.


Important Telephone Numbers EBS 24hrs Control Room: 012 667 6337


071 576 5904

EBS Irene Manager (Dawie): 071 476 4110 ILA members without alarms should phone the EBS 24hr Control Room for assistance.

ILA Irene Village Manager - Jan Swanepoel: 083 607 6600 e-mail: ILA Administration

Accounts (Veronica): 071Â 657 9547

(Alyson): 072 714 3740

Fax: 086 776 7452



Street Lights e-mail:

tel: 012 358 9999

Tshwane Metro Emergency Services Power Failures: 012 358 2541

Water Supply: 012 358 2111

Ambulance/Fire: 10177

Metro Police: 1 0111

Exclusive Decor Hendrik

0848 557 557 Representative for Zebra Innovations and Benstra Joinery

Flu vaccine now available Joanne Fischer Cell: 076 373 0124 Office: (012) 667 2167

R11 800 000

6 Beds 7 Baths 7 Garages

R2 890 000

5 Beds 2½ Baths 2 Carports

House Size: ±1500m² House size: ±501m² Seeff Web: 288506 Stand size: ±11100m² Stand size: ±1376m² Seeff Web: 289623




d an


R3 300 000

8 Beds 7 Baths 3 Carports

R4 700 000

11 Beds 3 Baths 3 Garages

House size: ±850m² House size: ±274m² Seeff Web: 287481 Stand size: ±2552m² Seeff Web: 287501 Stand size: ±1671m²

CLH Fathers Day 2013 PRINT outlines 140x200.indd 1

2013/04/11 10:44:57 AM

Town crier may 13  

Irene Town Crier

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