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July 2013

Irene Town Crier

Living in peace

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Town Crier July 2013


Living in peace

During the past 10 months we have watched a house down the road from us be transformed. It’s a source of much conversation in our daily school run as we see the progress being made - we’ve watched a boundary wall being built, windows have been knocked out and replaced, doors bricked up and new ones added... the new owners of this home are making sure that their little piece of Irene is going to be their dream home. And I’m sure it’s going to be a home where wonderful memories are made. Many Irene families take pride in their little piece of our lovely village so it’s disappointing to see a new found love of graffiti making it’s way into the boundaries of a place where it isn’t welcome. Whilst I’m a believer in freedom of speech, I don’t believe that the way to go about it is by defacing property that doesn’t belong to me. We all drew graffiti on our pencil cases and bags in our school days - an acceptable practice as those items were part of our own property. I have confidence that together with the eyes and ears of the community, our security provider and CPF, the/se spray paint happy criminals will be caught - watch this space! I hope you enjoy reading the update from Cllr Christa Spoelstra on the Hennops River and the project to beautify the Irene steel bridge as well as the news from Smuts House Museum in this issue. ‘Till next month

Tracey Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life , to mind your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody. 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12 Town Crier July 2013

Irene Library Cake Sale 2 August 2013

Irene Garden Club Saturday, 17 August 2013 Time: 09h30 for 10h00 Venue: Budget Plants Nursery, Lynwood Road, Pretoria Subject: It just died Please contact Di Walker on 072 476 9243 or 012 667 1713 for more details

“WE SAY THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC ….” Alet de Wet directed a wonderful musical concert on Saturday 1 June 2013, featuring the Welsh Male Voice Choir, pieces of Eight, Irene Singers and Irene Homes Drummers. All proceeds were in Aid of Irene Homes. A Magical, musical journey was enjoyed by all. Special thanks to Wendy Barret of Cornwall Hill College and Rotary Club of Centurion for their arrangements for the evening. Thank you to everyone who attended the show – we really value your support.



You said it

The opinions expressed in this readers’ column are not necessarily shared by the publisher of the Irene Town Crier. Readers’ views can be e-mailed to

Calling all Instagrammers Thank you so much for printing my photo’s in the Town Crier. Happiness is... being featured in the Town Crier!  I so love our beautiful surroundings in Irene. I have been known to be late for appointments because I simply had to stop en route, to quickly snap something which I could not resist. May I take the opportunity to ask whether anyone else in Irene is an Instagrammer? (Instagram is what started me photographing my life and my pleasures.) I would love to swap notes with a fellow addict! My tag is @ lislecaromba. Lisle Caromba

Martens Skhosana and his daughter Bajabulile at Lethabong Preschool which she attends, with his most amazing custom built bicycle. It has indicators, hazard lights, a radio, a windscreen, a storage trunk, seat belts, side mirrors, a number plate and more. Courtesy of Julia Davies

Dear Editor I love this village and am a very proud home owner. Not surprising then I am both disappointed and horrified to see that someone is defacing our beautiful village by spraying graffitti all over the place.

7 and maintaining our village in a wellordered condition may stop further vandalism and escalation into more serious crime. The graffiti is a terrible way to deface our village where we work hard to not have advertising on street poles and keep our village clean and beautiful. If the “artists” want some recognition for their talent then I’d like to challenge them to come forward and receive the thanks that they richly deserve.

The picture below shows the graffiti sprayed on the wall of the Scout hall (I’ve blanked out the offensive swear word), but there is also a substantial amount of graffiti on substations and on road markings. However, I know that this is unlikely so would also ask those who know who is The “Broke Window Theory” that responsible to report them to the ILA was introduced in the 1980’s holds so that we are able to take action and that when neighborhoods appear prevent further vandalism to a place to be broken down and disordered that many of us are proud to call home. they serve as a magnet to delinquent behavior and crime. So monitoring Heather Maynier

Town Crier July 2013


Dear Residents

I want to share a few interesting facts with you to keep you up to date:

Pollution of Hennops River This is an ongoing issue in our Ward; it affects the river from where it enters our ward all the way through Centurion Lake and on to our downstream neighbour’s. The Intergovernmental committee that was established between the Ekurhuleni, Tshwane and Johannesburg Municipalities had not been meeting regularly which resulted in non-performance. Due to questions asked to the Mayor by Cllr Napier and myself, meetings have been revived and is now led by the Regional Executive Director of Region 4 (Centurion). The first two meetings have taken place and two of the municipalities, Tshwane and Johannesburg did presentations on the way forward and future plans to improve the quality of the river. The Ekurhuleni Municipality did not attend the meeting!

Feedback from the Tshwane Municipality Some parts of the catchment are characterised by both formal and informal (e.g. Ivory Park, Ebony Park and Tembisa) developments along the banks and as a result the following have become more pronounced: • Erosion of river banks due to removal of vegetation. • Burst sewer pipes resulting in sewerage flowing directly into the river. • Illegal dumping of domestic, construction and industrial litter. • Fallen trees due to excessive erosion of the river banks associated with the high speeds of water caused by artificial channelling. • The destruction of the Olifantsfontein wetland which acted as natural litter trap, silt trap and water purification system.

Intervention by the Department of Water Affairs to enforce compliance by upstream parties including Ekurhuleni and City of Jo`burg municipalities. The solution includes but is not limited to: • Construction of a series of silt traps, litter traps and flood attenuation

Town Crier July 2013

9 structures upstream and downstream of the lake. • Development of a series of wetlands upstream of the lake. • Constructing a by-pass ‘natural channel’ on the side of the existing park and establishing the current lake as a semi closed water body system. • Development of a series of wetlands downstream of the lake where mini conservation sites could be established. • Development of the main wetland to be at the Zwartkop Nature Reserve. ‘

Irene steel bridge Amelia Wolmarans, a resident in Irene, volunteered to establish a gorilla garden (rock and succulents) at the bridge with the assistance of the CoT. The officials were very helpful and we had a meeting with all the different departments to discuss the way forward. We encourage residents from our Ward to get involved with this project and assist with the maintenance on a monthly/ weekly basis. This could be the beginning of more projects in our area that need attention like the corner of Albert and Nellmapius roads. Contributions for the project will be appreciated. We need “Irene rock”, fertilizer, weed guard, compost as well as workers on the day when the garden will be created. New swivel bins will be installed and the general maintenance of the bridge will be closely monitored. Please diarise the following dates to help us with the project: 26 and 27 July 2013 to prepare the area 3 August 2013 to do the actual garden Please contact me if you want to be part of this initiative!

Best regards Cllr Christa Spoelstra Cell: 082 880 5300 Email:

Town Crier July 2013

Remember this song? “Baby it’s cold outside…”

Please help to keep our guards warm this winter Donations of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, milk powder & sugar would be much appreciated. Knorr Cup o’ Soup will also help to keep winter chills at bay. Your donations may be delivered to Jan at the cemetery office in Stopford Rd.

Thank you

e h T

Bats Eddie Eksteen 2 Augustus 2013 om 19h00 Kiepersol Gemeenskapsentrum Alan Straat, Eldoraigne

Kaartjies: R100 pp HoĂŤrskoolkinders: R50 Laerskoolkinders: R30 Besprekings: Marina (Irene Homes) 082 3880 016 Marisa (Kiepersol) 012 654 0370

Dear Residents and ILA Members We live in a beautiful and creative village, for which most of us are hugely grateful. It would however appear that our village has acquired an artist who is “decorating� power substations, storm water drains and walls with arbitrary graffiti. Should anyone see the culprit, please call Jan Swanepoel ASAP (Cell: 083 607 6600) asap. Our village is beautiful enough without this rather unattractive art form. Closure project Our village will soon be undergoing further progress with regards to the closure project as we have kicked off the camera portion of the memberapproved solution. The necessary processes were followed in order to award a contractor the work and the initial electrical installation for the camera connections has already begun. We have also received quotes for the upgrade of the perimeter electric fence and will soon be appointing a suitable contractor. Security update We are pleased to report that there was only one incident during the month of June and none to date in July (as at 17 July). A Toyota Fortuna was stolen from Leander Close in June. As two additional vehicles of the same make were stolen at nearby shopping centers it is clear that a vehicle theft syndicate was operating in the Irene area and as a result we would remind owners of these vehicles to be alert at all times. Please also be aware that there is a current tendency for criminals to breach our village security by cutting palisade fencing for access or egress! Anyone noticing any behavior that would indicate tampering with the palisade fencing should report the same to Jan Swanepoel (Cell: 083 607 6600) for immediate action. Perimeter boundary walls We would ask our perimeter residents who plan any alterations to walls or gates holding the electrical fence, to note that the fence may only be removed and reinstated by JAJ at cost to the resident. Please contact Jan

Swanepoel before any alterations are carried out in order to discuss security arrangements during the project. Power failures The village has suffered a few power failures recently. The latest power failure was as a result of cables being stolen nearby, for which arrests were made. We feel that these arrests have made an impact in Irene being viewed as a soft target and that this has in turn resulted in less criminal activity in the village. Membership We would like to encourage all residents to join the ILA and contribute to the ongoing security in the village. Please contact Jan or Alyson for further information. If you have any questions please feel free to pop in and see Jan at the joint CPF/ILA office at the cemetery in Stopford Road. It would also be appreciated if those, whose homes are on the market, could inform new owners about the ILA and the contributions that keep our village secure. Wishing you a warm and peaceful winter season.

Your ILA

Naomi Smith cea 083 461 1231



Adult non-fiction


Invictus – John Carlin (968.065 CAR)

Dancing on thorns – Rebecca – Rebecca Horsfall

The Springboks and the holy grail – Dan Retief (796.33365 RET)

Junior and teen English fiction

What you really need to know about caring for a child with asthma – Robert Dawn’s big date – Ann M. Martin Buckman (618.92238 BUC) Shipwreck on the pirate islands Successful science 3 – Karen Press [Geronimo Stilton] (500 PRE) The curse of the cheese pyramid Stumbling on happiness – Daniel [Geronimo Stilton] Gilbert (158 GIL) Famous 5 on the case: The case of the Great African society – Hlumelo Biko hot-air ba boom! (339.20968 BIK) The Hardy boys: Mystery at devil’s paw Book of life – Eva Claxton (920.02) – Franklin W. Dixon

Junior and teen non-fiction

To be a Ninja – Benedict Jacka (Teen)

Horrible science: ugly bugs – Nick Arnold (J595.7 ARN)

Flat Stanley: His original adventure! – Jeff Brown

100 things you should know about whales and dolphins (J599.5 PAR)

War horse – Michael Morpurgo (Teen)

100 things you should know about arms and armour (J355.809 MAT) Dinosaurs – Dan Abnett ABN)


Vikings – Peter Chrisp (J948.022 CHR) My first book of southern African wild life – Erroll Cuthbert (J591.968 CUT)

Captain Pepper’s pets – Sally Grindley Changeling: Dark moon – Steve Feasey (Teen) Giraffe who stuck his neck out too far – Trudi Franke Favourite fables An elephant in the garden – Michael Morpurgo

Experiment with water – Bryan Murphy TV Sam – Siân Lewis

Town Crier July 2013

Flat stanley: Stanley, flat again! – Jeff


The winter hedgehog

Tales from 1001 nights

Bible stories for children

Little brother – Cory Doctorow (Teen)

Mr Happy and the wizard

The Hardy boys: secret of the lost tunnel

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The Hardy boys: Tower treasure – Franklin w. Dixon

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Chicken Licken

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Supernaturalist – Eoin Colfer (Teen)

My first number book

The adventure of Tom Sawyer – Mark Twain

The adventures of Will and Pa Bear

The Bumper Asterix omnibus 6 great adventure – Goscinny and Uderzo

Junior en Tiener Afrikaans fiksie Drome kom altyd – Anderson Uit (Tiener)

Toddler Jonah and the fish Old MacDonald had a farm The lab cats switch on: a look at electricity and magnets

The great big treasury of Beatrix Potter Bedtime treasury of nursery rhymes and tales Eerste diereboeke Reptiele The Nutcracker Pick ,n Pay Time Hopscotch the tiny bunny Just a mess Bad baby Moving day

Angelina at the palace

A book of silly Jokes!

Angelina at the fair

Love your neighbour

Tall stories a book of giants

Little red tractor

Your agent in Irene, Century Manor Estate, 10th Lane Estate. LIZA SMIT 082 990 6468 IRENE

R3 590 000






Solid Rosewood and granite kitchen, 4 bedr, 2 bathr, 3 living areas, study, guest toilet, solar geyser, purifying system, kitchenette, lounge and 2 bedrooms, pool , double garage, carport, staff quarters, and spacious garden!

R4 000 000






4 Bedrooms, 2 lounges, dining room, TV-room, study, 3 bathrooms, guest toilet. Spacious garage takes 4 cars, pool, beautiful kitchen, entertainment area, 2 cottage / flat, and 2 storerooms. One of a kind!!!







House: ± 250m² - Stand: ± 2 600m². 3 Bedrooms, 3 living areas, study, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, combined scullery and Laundry, staff toilet & shower, swimming pool, and spacious garden.


R2 500 000





4 Bedr, 2 bathr, lounge, dining room, kitchen with granite tops, gas stove and living area, laundry, patio with built-in braai, pool, S/Q's, D/G, double carport, and irrigation. Flatlet. Don't miss out on this romantic beauty!!!




R2 695 000

IRENE R1 800 000 IRENE



R2 750 000



Spacious kitchen with laundry, 4 bedr, spacious lounge, dining room, TV-room, 2 bathr, staff quarters, pool, double garage, double carport, spacious garden!







R2 200 000




3 Bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 3 living areas, study, kitchen, scullery, laundry, staff toilet & shower, cottage, and spacious garden.





House: ± 360m² - Stand: ± 750m² Private stand. 4 On-suite bedrooms, 3 living areas, study, guest toilet, staff quarters. Wooden floors through the house.


R 350 000





Stand: ± 550m² Centrally located between shopping malls, schools and with easy access to highways. Owner very desperate and will consider any offer.

Franchise opportunities available. Contact Valerie Kritzinger 082 568 7060/

Feathered friends of Irene We have been having a lot of fun watching birds in our garden eating suet from the bird feeders. We have also put out sugar water for the sugar birds. However, the Parakeets like it best. We have seen Parakeets, Red-billed Woodhoopoes, Hornbills, Finches, Mossies, Barbets, ‘Bulbuls’, Doves, Glossy Starlings and Redeyed Doves in abundance, amongst others, since we started putting up the suet this winter. Of course, the pesky Mynahs also come along but we chase them away whenever possible! It is very interesting watching the pecking order around the suet but the Hornbills win it hands down just based on size I think! Malcolm Fawkes

Photo: Lisle Caromba


Est. 1991


Andre van den Berg 082 454 1081

30 Mainroad Irene 0062

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Whether you're buying or selling your home, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you with all your property needs.

Tel: 012 654 5534

Butcher’s Grill

Thursday nights 18h30 - 22h30 @ R115.00 per person


Selection of rump, sirloin, ribs, fillet, pork chops T-bone steak, lamb chops, beef & chicken espatadas. Corn on the cob, jacket potatoes, grilled veg, pap & gravy, potato bake, a variety of sauces, marinades & spices to choose from.

0861 BRUNOS | | Centurion Lake Hotel - 1001 Lenchen Avenue North, Centurion 0046



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        


 

     

    

      

Smuts House Museum News

The leaking roof has been repaired and the mosquito netting in the courtyard has been replaced. We thank the Friends of Smuts and the many people who contributed financially to these projects.

The roof was repaired by a Pretoria company that specialises in restoration projects of heritage buildings. All sorts of rules and regulations apply but we felt we must stop the leaks, so that part of the job has been completed. We still need another R200 000.00+ to repair the rest of the roof and have it painted! Danie Brittz a local handyman did the courtyard repair work which we are thrilled about as the cats cannot now get into the Big House and set off the alarm during the night! As funds allow we will do more odd jobs to help keep the well over 100 year old house in good order. We have had some fearsome

Town Crier July 2013

activities at Smuts House since December: The Warrior Obstacle Race was held at rather short notice over the weekend of 16 and 17 March. Some 5 000 people participated in either a 9 or 21 km long obstacle course which included ramps, climbing nets, slides, long runs, a river swim and a horrific ice mud bath! Damage to our precious grassland was weighed up against the financial gains. We are quite impressed with the organisers; the preparation and clearing up was carried out very professionally. We hope they will come back again! A precious plant on the koppie was damaged but the place that suffered the most with trampling, was Ouma’s Kitchen Restaurant garden that volunteer Hannalie Kuhn has done so much to improve. Do please contact her if you have any plants you would like to donate to the gardens or the Arboretum. Hannalie Kuhn 071 671 7984.

Washing off the mud after the race

One great step forward in 2013 has been the institution of a monthly Art at Smuts House show and sale. This happens on the second Sunday of every month in the grounds around the Big House. We are very impressed with the variety and quality of the works on show and at each session more and more artists apply to attend. On Sunday 14 April the following artists sold their paintings: Elmarie Eksteen, Francois Jooste, Chris Watchman, Derick Onderstal, Sannie Slabbert and Sannie Botha. A special lunch is available in the Tea Garden which makes it a delightful Sunday outing. Upcoming date: 11 August To exhibit please call the Big House 012Â 667 1176 or see www. for application forms.


The Annual Memorial Service in memory of Jan Christian Smuts was held on Sunday 26 May. Personnel representing the Defence Force, Veterans Organisations and Civil Society were invited. The event is based on military protocol and Padre Don Watson led the religious service. The Welsh Male Voice Choir of South Africa were in attendance and the ceremonies started with a fly over of a Harvard. Did you know?

The Smuts Koppie Grassland is a rare type that is a very stony, rocky dolomite called Bankenveld, midway between the cool moist grassland and hot dry bushveld, we have representative plants of both biomes and the koppie is the home to a very special beetle that is so rare it does not have a common name. Its scientific name is Ichnestoma stobbiai, a specialist montane beetle (Coleo ptera) which was first described as a new species as recently as 1992. It occurs only in this type of habitat. Ichnestoma stobbiai is unique because it is a primitive type of beetle that it is adapted to the specific environmental factors including altitude, the grass Eragrostis micrantha, temperature and rain. These characteristics of Ichnestoma stobbiai restrict its distribution: The females are flightless and both males and females have reduced mouthparts and do not

feed! The larval stage of the beetle is the dominant stage, and occurs underground where it feeds on dead material of a specific grass species. The adults emerge only after the first + 10 mm of rain in the summer months, followed by sufficient thermal energy (sunlight) to encourage emergence, and thermoregulation of the males for flying and locating the females. The adults live for only 2 to 3 days and expend all their energy in the mating process; then the females dig themselves into the moist soil, deposit their fertilised eggs, and die. Thus this species does not have the potential for natural distribution. Ichnestoma stobbiai is therefore restricted to the location in which it presently occurs.

Many of the historical localities of Ichnestoma stobbiai have been destroyed by development, such as Voortrekkerhoogte, Kalk Heuwel, Struben’s Valley, and Florida Hills. Smuts Koppie and surrounds are one of the very few intact localities supporting viable populations of Ichnestoma stobbiai. Thus the protection of this beetle and its habitat is of prime importance to the Foundation and is a closely linked to the need to conserve the Big House. The tree at the back door of the lapa, that children love to play in, is a youngish specimen of an unusual tree called a Belhambra, Phytolacca diocia, also known as Monkey grape. This South American tree is listed as a category 3 alien invasive plant. The Belhambra has very soft wood, the branches break very easily especially if anyone bigger than a toddler climbs it. Our specimen does not seem to be invading, but the seeds are eaten by monkeys which certainly has potential to spread as we are regularly visited by a troupe of Vervet Monkeys. Monkeys are the reason for the monkey proof dustbins that are placed in strategic spots to encourage our to encourage our visitors to dispose of their rubbish appropriately. At Smuts House we have a policy of not putting any sort of food out as it encourages the monkeys.

Town Crier July 2013

The Big House has its very own Museum guide; Denis Bredenkamp is now a Culture Site Guide he gained the qualification through the Drumbeat Academy after lots of studying and practice with visitors. We are thrilled to have our own qualified Guide and congratulate Denis on his achievement. The picture shows Denis with a very happy German tourist Alec Bergmann who says, “We enjoyed to listen to you and to discuss with you about the old days and very interesting history of our beloved South Africa. You are a very good Museum guide, with best wishes from Germany”. To book a visit with Denis please call 012 667 1176 or 071 100 8481.


Under the guidance of the Foundation’s Exco we have held strategic planning sessions; one of the deficiencies that the present generation of managers would like to rectify is to establish concisely what made Jan Smuts tick? His statesmanship was world renowned, his high intelligence and excellent memory all contributed to his successes, but on the other hand he was not ostentatious and preferred the simple lifestyle loving the outdoors and hiking. He had stimulating friendships with several women friends but was a deep thinker about both world affairs and philosophy, but what was he really like? On 27 February the MAAC (Military Attaché and Advisor Corps) hosted a talk by noted historian Raymond Heron at the Big House. Both the talk and the choice of venue were the initiative of Col Richard Milot, the Military Attaché from Canada.

The visit was attended by Attachés from such diverse countries as England, the USA, Sweden, Pakistan, Uganda and Namibia. Thirty five countries were represented. Apart from being an historian himself, Col Milot also shares his birthday with the Oubaas, 24 May. Raymond Heron gave an outstanding talk, the first part encapsulating the

history of South Africa in remarkable fashion, all in one hour, and the second half about the Battle of Spionkop, on which subject Mr Heron is the foremost expert. The visit was a huge success, with much goodwill and exposure gained across a broad spectrum of international visitors. Grateful thanks are due to Col Milot for his initiative and arrangements, and of course our GM, Johan Potgieter and his crew for their customary excellent hospitality. The Doornkloof Society frequently comes up when the future of the Big House is discussed, could there be a possibility of resurrecting it? We now have the budget for a parttime curator and would welcome

introductions to suitably qualified/ experienced people. To book Ouma’s Tea Garden for functions and events, contact Sandra Baumgartner, 083 595 7293. Note the Tea Garden is closed on Mondays. Donations towards repairs may be sent to: Friends of the General Smuts Foundation: Nedbank Centurion Branch code: 16214500, Account number: (1621) 173909. Please let us know when you have made a deposit: With grateful thanks to Philip Weyers and Cheryl Dehning for help with the compilation of this newsletter. Till next time, Marion Mengell

Cake pops

for every occasion Tracey 082 460 6007 Join us on Facebook: CakePopTeam

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Smuts House Museum Jan Smuts Ave, off Nellmapius Rd, Irene

Ouma’s Tea Garden (Tea Garden closed on Mondays)

Small Functions, Arboretum & Trail Art show every 2nd Sunday of the month Dogs on leads welcome Smuts House: 012 667 1176/80 071 100 8481 Tea Garden: 083 595 7293

Elize van den Berg 082 924 5178 012 667 2273


CONTACT STEPHANIE GROENEWALD: 0825616380 RUNNING PROBLEMS: Runners knee, ITB, Hip and pelvic problems, Lower back pain, Ankle pain and imbalance, Upper back pain. ORTHOPEDIC: Pre- and post surgery rehabilitation as well as non-surgical rehabilitation. CHRONIC PROBLEMS: Heart problems, Lung problems, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Metabolic disorders, Parkinsons, Weight loss, Stroke. MUSKOSKELETAL STATUS: Proprioception, Balance, Postural alignment. SPORT SPESIFIC: Rehabilitation, Biomechanical evaluation, Fitness and Conditioning programmes. All programs are scientifically based and worked out for each individuals needs. Biokinetic rehabilitation is covered by most medical aids!!

Cornwall represented at the National Arts Festival A Matric pupil at Cornwall Hill College, Tazme Pillay, wrote and directed a play that was accepted and performed at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown in July 2013. The play “?” explores the meaning of “normal”. All the writing, music, lyrics, choreography and acting was original and done by students. They received a positive review in the Festival “Cue” newspaper.

From left to right: David o’Beirne, Jamie Millar, Danielle Klaver (Choreographer), Stacey Rosema, Jade Morey, Carla Muller, Khayalethu Makhathini and Chanel Jansen van Vuuren Front: Tazme Pillay (Play write and Director) and Athena Lysandrou (Assistant Director)


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Security/ Steelwork: Welding and repair work of steel fencing, burglar bars, security gates and motorised gates and intercom systems. Guaranteed professional work. Phone Koos Sutherland 082 374 7164.

stocks last). Phone Andrea 083 320 0266 or email andrea@

Lizl on 076 719 0929.

Photography: take advantage of our wonderful village Indianhead, neck surroundings and and shoulder capture memories for massage: now years to come. Contact available in Irene. Heather 083 498 8777 Relieves stress and for information on photo tension, leaving a good shoots. feeling of wellbeing Ann Campbell and increased energy LP Gas: Cannisters (ARAD – Teach Dip) levels.R130 for 30 delivered to your School of Dance: minutes, R65 for 15 home. 9kg, 19kg, 48kg. offering Pilates and minutes. All ages Phone Colin 082 856 Body Conditioning, welcome. For an 5335/Vernon 083 666 Ballet – especially appointment phone for the younger child Eleanor 082 812 7606. 6212/e-mail orders at home studio and Irene Homes Hall, Firewood/kaggel Healer: Reiki, hands Ballroom and Latin hout: Delivered per on healing, aromatherAmerican – social half ton load, one apy, massage, coungroup classes, private solid cube cut to size, selling and regression. lessons and wedding delivered at your And the widest range of dances. Phone Ann convenience. Call crystals and gemstones 012 667 5187/083 316 Oscar 078 389 9632. for sale. Contact Alda 7842 or email ann@ R780 per cube, free on 012 667 2806 or delivery included. 072 506 4823. Anthracite also Baby Guardian available. Well Baby Clinic: Keep Warm Keep Baby and children’s Lung vaccinations done in Moving: come and physiotherapy for the comfort of your join Body Conditioning children: provided by own home. Private Classes Yoga Classes a registered physio at and State vaccines in Irene. Call Carey 083 available. Flu vaccines your home at no extra 678 9889 or 012 667 cost. Please contact also available (while 4997 Small business advertisements R50 per placement. Email: info@tlgpublishing.

Are you dreaming of becoming a fashion designer or just long to know how a sewing machine works, what it can do for you and all the amazing outfits you can design and make for yourself? JOIN IN MY PASSION!

passion for

fashion clothing construction & pattern design

Classes are practical and fun whilst you will be learning how to: • work with sewing machines • practically apply basic clothing construction skills • turn these skills into fabulous outfits (corsets, skirts, pants or anything you desire) • use, alter and make patterns • become a fashionista Anyone from high school students upward is welcome and classes are divided according to age categories For more info contact Miri Retief: • 083 385 2507 • • Villa San Marco 7, Waldore drive, Centurion estate & country club

P.S: Please make contact asap to avoid disappointment.

Scissor man (Pieter van der Merwe) Can sharpen knifes, scissors and garden tools. Deliveries and collections can be made at Irene Homes - 2 Albert Road, Irene or Contact Maureen on 012 667 5285.

32 Accommodation

Small cries

Beautiful thatch flat in Irene: 1 bedroom, bathroom, open plan kitchen and lounge to let from 1 August R4 000 or R5 000 furnished. Water and lights included. Contact Mischa 083 407 4092. Lovely spacious 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house for rent in Irene. In complex of 4 houses. Small garden, incl swimming pool, trampoline, sandpit. Available 1 September. Contact 084 563 2635.

and is hard working. Please contact Victoria on 083 349 6967 and reference on 073 199 9555.

Tamenji is looking for domestic work for Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Contact Tamenji on 084 576 3489. Reference, Fatima 072 683 4487.

and Fridays or full time sleep in. Please call her on 073 555 9206. Reference Mrs Le Roux on 083 415 1596 or email For sale Staanklavier ‘Carol Otto’ te koop - R7 500. Baie goeie toestand, gerestoureer deur Kamstra Klaviere. Kontak Karin-marié van Niekerk 012 667 2587.

I have a wonderful lady working in my house who is looking for 2 more days of work. If interested Large stand with sea phone Melani on 082 451 view for sale in quiet cul de sac in Mtunzini 6625. (one of Kwa-Zulu Natal’s hidden gems), Kwa-Zulu Pamela Manzunzu is Natal North Coast R990 Domestics looking for domestic 000. Contact Cheryl on work for Mondays and Hellen is seeking 082 462 7676. Thursdays. Pamela is employment for 2 days a hard working and a week. She works in honest lady with traceable Gardeners Irene on the other 3 days references. Contact Erdon is looking for work and she has traceable Pamela on 078 636 references. Please phone 8116. Reference Chantal on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Hellen on 076 412 4754. 073 141 3985. You can contact him on 084 265 8655. Reference Pretty is seeking a full Portia is seeking - Frank 076 578 9113. time job as a domestic employment as a worker in the Irene/ domestic she is an Doringkloof area. She is excellent worker and fully General 35 years old and would understands English, she Seeking lift to Garsfontein be ok with sleep in or works for me on Fridays sleep out. Contact Pretty and has other days in the Road (towards Waterkloof side) 4 to 10 September. on 076 898 1283 or week free. Please contact Please contact Arlene on 079 418 0228. Portia on 078 872 9026. 084 563 2635. Victoria is looking for domestic work part time or full time. She has contactable references

Office space or salon Edeline Mawere is looking perhaps: available for work on Mondays, on Alexandra Road, Irene. Wednesdays, Thursdays Contact no 082 411 7637.

Upcoming events Venue:  Smuts House Museum, Jan Smuts Ave, off Nellmapius Rd, Irene, Centurion

Bird Walks:   R30 members R40 Visitors - including bird list Saturday, 3 August  06h30 for 07h00 Saturday, 7 September 06h00 for 06h30 Saturday, 5 October 06h00 for 06h30 Spring Flower Walk with Prof Braam van Wyk Sunday, 13 October  08h00 for 08h30   R30 members R40 Visitors - including plant  list Talks: Booking essential please contact Cheryl 011 316 1426 Saturday, 17 August 15h30 for 16h00    Talk in the Big House: The Jameson Raid by John Sutton Talk followed by tea and scones in the lapa. R40 members R50 visitors Thursday, 19 September   Dr Salmon Joubert, former director of KNP - A Hotel in the Kruger Park?  R60 members  R80 visitors - including light supper. Cash bar. Thursday, 17 October   Prof Braam van Wyk - The Grasslands of Smuts Kopje R60 members  R80 visitors - including light supper. Cash bar. Membership Renewal No Membership renewal notices have been sent yet. If you would like to renew your membership for 2013/14 Friends Banking details are: Account Name: FRIENDS OF THE GENERAL SMUTS FOUNDATION Bank Nedbank, Centurion Acc: 1621173909 Branch: 162145 Reference: (Your name supper/membership no) NB: When making payment please fill in the Reference field -  eg: Jones Sup Feb (for Supper talks) or Jones Membership (for membership renewals) Telephone: Sue 012 667 2917 or Cheryl 011 3161426  or email   friends@  or fax proof of payment to 086 510 7814.


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R4 600 000

5 Beds 3½ Baths 3 Garages

ed r e ric


d ce

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nduced a M d


r olerice


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Bookings are essential. Centurion Lake Hotel 1001 Lenchen Avenue North, Centurion 0046. Actual prodct may vary from photographs and illustrations.

Town Crier July 13  
Town Crier July 13  

Irene Town Crier