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The Early Childhood Center at

Early Childhood Center

The Learning Center for the Deaf serves deaf and hard of hearing children and their families.

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Parental involvement is an integral part of our early childhood programs. Parents and/or caregivers are active participants in play groups and home visits in our PIP program. We recognize and respect that the most important learning environment for children during their first three years is the one created at home. Our preschool teachers make home visits to families on a regular basis, and parental observation and participation in the classroom is also frequently scheduled. Regular classroom observations and meetings with teachers continue in kindergarten. Parents are also invited to attend a weekly support and informational group.

Our Early Childhood Center is home to a vibrant community of young children, parents, educators and specialists in communication, language and learning. We strive to incorporate the best practices of teaching young children while always keeping in mind the distinct and individual needs of each child that we serve.

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Opening the door to language and communication

Early Childhood Center Programs

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The Early Childhood Center provides an environment that is rich in learning opportunities and is accessible to all of our students. The goal is for children and their parents to learn, use and understand American Sign Language. Immediate exposure to accessible language is key for the development of future skills. Each child’s communication needs are assessed individually. Small student/staff ratios allow for individual attention to each learner’s needs.

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Parent Infant Program Children under age 3 attend the Parent Infant Program (PIP) where they participate in a combination of in-school playgroups, home visits and individual speech therapy sessions.

Intensive Needs For students for whom learning is more challenging, we adapt our programming accordingly. Whether a child’s challenges are physical, cognitive or social/emotional, each student is given the opportunity to access the curriculum to the best of his/her ability, with the support of a multidisciplinary team including a behavioral specialist where appropriate.

Preschool Three and four-year-old children attend a childcentered, full-day preschool program. This program is based on the belief that knowledge is actively constructed by children through their own actions and experiences.

Small student/staff ratios allow for individual attention to each learner’s needs.

Kindergarten Five to six-year-olds participate in a full-day kindergarten program that incorporates a more formal curriculum, focusing on learning experiences in reading, math, science, language arts, social studies, art and drama. Preschoolers and kindergartners also have the opportunity to participate in gym, library, Deaf studies, ASL story time, and formal ASL instruction.

Language Aquisition For hard of hearing children and deaf children with cochlear implants, spoken English is incorporated into the program. Research shows us that early exposure to sign language promotes more rapid development of spoken English for deaf children who are able to make use of technology, whether it be digital hearing aids or cochlear implants. Support services include speech and language therapy by certified speech pathologists, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and consultations by psychologists and social workers. Spoken English classes and activities are designed to meet each child’s communication needs.

TLC Early Childhood Center  
TLC Early Childhood Center  

The Early Childhood Center serves deaf and hard of hearing students, ages 0-6, and their families. The Learning Center for the Deaf's goal f...