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Lošinj to the World and the World to Lošinj, Croatia | Complimentary copy Volume 37 | SpringSummer 2024 THE DEFINITIVE LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE
Cover image: Lošinj Hotels & Villas, Croatia


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Miodrag Spahić



George Roberts, Miodrag Spahić, Miloš Duletić, Sofija Aćimović, Ana Milojević, Miloš Jeknić

ART DIRECTOR Jadranka Simonović


Mark Jameson


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Cover image: Lošinj Hotels&Villas, Croatia - Step into a world of spectacular architecture, contemporary design and luxurious details. Find your secret hideaway in magnificent villas and lavish hotels and let them make your holiday an experience you’ll remember forever.


Miodrag Spahić +382 67 305 035,

Miloš Duletić +382 67 261 817,

Sofija Aćimović +381 63 440 047

Ana Milojević + 382 67 164 488


Nikola Pekić

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"The Mediterranean is a thousand things at once. Not one landscape, but countless landscapes. Not one sea, but a succession of seas. Not one civilization, but it is a series of civilizations stacked on top of each other, in short, a very ancient crossroads. For millennia everything has flowed into it, complicating and enriching its history: beasts of burden, cars, goods, ships, ideas, religions, ways of life"

Nestled in the heart of the Adriatic lies Lošinj, an island where echoes of the Old World seamlessly blend with salty, pine-infused breezes, and a heritage of ancient mariners is sculpted into the soul of the land. Esteemed for its stunning vistas and healing sea air, Lošinj has long been a retreat for solace and wellness rooted in its thriving natural world. Likewise, its historic luxury villas are a repository of treasures, each a shrine illustrating the island's tapestry of global connections and perennial heritage.

During the golden age of maritime exploration, the brave sons of Lošinj fearlessly sailed across the expansive oceans, their ships gracefully slicing through the waves on a course set for distant shores. From youthful sailors to seasoned sea captains, these audacious souls embarked on lengthy voyages, navigating from the lively ports of the Mediterranean to the secluded harbors of the New World. Resonating the profound observations of historian Fernand Braudel, who eloquently chronicled the Mediterranean's pivotal role in connecting diverse civilizations, Lošinj emerged as a microcosm reflecting the cultural mosaic of the vast sea. The island stands as a tribute to the enduring impact of the Mediterranean — a junction of history, commerce, and cultural exchange.

The annals of Mediterranean history unfold as a tempest of civilizations, a juncture marked by the tragedies and triumphs that have shaped our world. Within this narrative, Lošinj occupies a well-deserved chapter. With each expedition, the island's mariners intricately weaved global cultures into the very fabric of their island. Their return brought not only exotic goods but tales of distant lands, their traditions, and their artistry, contributing to Lošinj’s ever-evolving place in the history of the Mediterranean.


Within Lošinj’s treasure trove of precious imports is the marble, a collection of colors and diverse origins extracted from the finest quarries around the globe. From the phosphorescent white marble of Carrara to the intricate veins of Turkey's Afyon, these stones have found a dignified place adorning the interiors of Lošinj's villas, serving as a tangible reflection of the island's worldly connections. Every polished marble surface gleams like a mirror, individually carrying a tale from ancient quarries of enduring art and architecture that have withstood the sands of time.

Captain's Villa Rouge is a radiant retreat inextricably linked with the past of Lošinj’s sailors and naval captains. Erected in 1897 by Graz entrepreneur W. Riedel, it was the first villa built in Čikat Bay, commencing the story of luxury tourism tucked into this turquoise cove. This villa is as glamorous as it is a feast for the eyes, enticing with its riveting crimson red exterior. Inside, a kaleidoscope of colors costumes the walls, instantly penetrating guests into the roots of its history and the journey each detail undertook to finally find its resting place in this lavish Lošinj home.

As you step inside, meticulously restored original terrazzo stone reveals its 19th-century past, as one thousand minuscule multicolored stones form into the shape of the sun. The bathroom walls are wrapped in a world of marble, with each veined design subtly telling a story of a faraway place. These metamorphic gemstones journeyed to Lošinj from all parts of the globe, launching anyone lucky enough to lock eyes on a visual odyssey through the elegant Trani Biancone from Italy, Azul Bahia from Brazil, and stones from Africa, Madagascar, Iran, Turkey, and China. A vibrant spectrum enchants with maritime blue, ocher, shades of pink, green, earth brown, and sand, each pigment etching the lines of this globally prismatic tale.

The stonework story continues in Villa Sea Princess Nika, a 100-yearold retreat steeped in the aristocratic history of Čikat Bay. Flawlessly restored and reimagined into a contemporary masterpiece, Villa Princess Nika is fashioned and furnished to manifest Lošinj's luxury. Its ground floor, where a kitchen, dining room, and large living room gather guests, is classically styled with a scope of precious marble. The striking veining



Boutique Hotel Alhambra & The Historic Villas is located among a lush centennial pine forest in Čikat Bay, walking distance of the town of Mali Lošinj on Lošinj Island in Croatia. Nestled between the Croatian regions of Istria and Dalmatia, Lošinj is the nexus that brings these two areas together.

pattern of Calacatta Viola captivates with its creamy white and rich red wine palette, sourced from one of Italy’s oldest quarries. The white calcite Bianco Lasa marble features linear bluish-gray veins that punctually intersperse prominent thick black threads. The ravishing Rosso Levanto is distinguished by its deep burgundy base and mesmerizing white veining, effortlessly imbuing a natural essence. The tactile ambiance lingers into the bathrooms, with each marble decoration fusing a combination of these treasured gemstones. A luminous complexion sweeps the walls in fossil stone, Persian green, rainbow and red onyx, blue lapis lazuli, and red travertine, forging a sensory experience that is as tangible as it is visual. A marble-tiled elevator and polished porcelain-like staircase shaped in Bianco Lasa round out the elegant marble interiors of this opulent villa.


Next, we encounter the Murano chandeliers, each exemplifying the pinnacle of glass craftsmanship hailing from the famous Venetian island. These resplendent gems, adorned with elaborate patterns and hues, suspend gracefully from the ceilings of the historic villas in Čikat Bay. Serving as both contemporary embellishments and poignant symbols of days gone by, these chandeliers encapsulate a centuries-old connection with Venetian culture — a nostalgic echo of the times when Lošinj's vessels navigated into this lagoon, laden with treasures from far-flung lands.

Master artisans have crafted these elaborate pieces since the 8th century, though a renaissance in the 19th century marked the revival of Murano, with visionaries bringing a modern flair to the magic of this glass. The delicate filigree and vibrant millefiori patterns are a testament to centuries of skill, innovation, and sophistication, solidifying Murano’s status as a timeless symbol of artistry. This poignant piece of Venetian history and craftsmanship intertwine in a mesmerizing dance of elegance at Captain’s Villa Rouge and Villa Sea Princess Nika.

Murano glass chandeliers are a beaming trademark of Captain’s Villa Rouge. Fashioned in a rare fruity and floral design, a total of 12 Murano chandeliers adorn the rooms. Each Italian luminaire intricately

displays hundreds of small ornaments, all illustrating a palette of colors produced using this fastidious glass-blowing technique. The chandeliers were anything but easy to source for this Lošinj marvel and are highly sought after in antique shops around the world. It took several years to complete the Captain’s collection of all 12.

Venetian Murano glass also dresses the contempo decor of Villa Sea Princess Nika. In the dining room, you’ll find Murano smalto glass mosaic tiles, an extraordinary example of classical Italian glass-making meeting the 21st century. Modern techniques combine with this centuries-old art form to produce the most extensive selection of glass mosaics, creatively illuminating interior spaces with a myriad of exquisite colors. The ethereal translucency of the lattimo or ‘milk glass’ technique further embellishes the interior decor. This milky-white opaque glass was obtained by Murano master glass-makers in the 14th century, resulting in a radiant revelation with a soft, diffused glow.

Inside Villa Sea Princess Nika, fruity and floral chandelier designs follow the flow of its neighbor Captain’s Villa Rouge, detailing a handful of the hallways and rooms. Each chandelier was carefully researched and selected to ensure that the shapes and colors seamlessly harmonize with every setting inside the villa, bringing extraordinary exclusivity to the interior decor. The selection process took several months, as each authentic product became increasingly rare and difficult to find. The chosen chandeliers each share a different past. All hail from the early 20th century, commissioned exclusively by the previous owners. Many were purchased from a castle in the province of Padua, recently renovated and used for ceremonies and events. Others made their way to Lošinj from Venetian villas and noble residences in northern Italy. Interestingly, some of the chandeliers adorning Villa Sea Princess Nika would be impossible to craft in the present day, because colors such as ruby red, cobalt blue, and opaline were obtained from processing currently banned chemical compounds.

The Details Make The



But Lošinj's maritime legacy extends beyond marble and glass. Embellishing the villa gardens and interiors are nautical relics that honor the island's seafaring history. From sizable rudders and propellers to antique maritime charts and gleaming brass compasses, these artifacts offer a reverent tribute to the intrepid souls who once traversed the waters of the world. Lovingly preserved and prominently displayed, they serve as passionate reminders of an era when the stars above and the sea below were the sole navigational guides. A time when the horizon beckoned with the promise of uncharted territories awaiting exploration.

Boutique Hotel Alhambra & The Historic Villas is not only a luxurious bridge connecting the northern and southern parts of Croatia, but it closes the gap between Venice and Dubrovnik, as the islands of Lošinj and Cres are equidistant to the Croatian and Italian coastline. Lošinj is far from being off the beaten path; it is a stunning stepping stone on the way. The path that brings all together.

Inside Captain’s Villa Rouge, a museum of maritime details awaits — and you won’t find a single replica in this collection. Authentically antique objects from navigation and control devices to old nautical charts, ship lamps, and diving helmets are just some of the seafaring heirlooms you’ll discover inside. The interior design is completed with faithful models of sailing ships and pictures of seascapes by famous Croatian painters. In the living room, a large compass still bears the mark of the New York manufacturers Kelvin&Wilfrid O. White, tracing back to the beginning of the 20th century. All of the mirrors in the bathrooms and hallways are formed from ship window frames, while a white stone anchor ornaments the outdoors.

While roaming the corridors and rooms of the historic villas within the Lošinj Hotels & Villas portfolio, it is evident that each retreat transcends the label of luxurious accommodations. They embody a living museum where the universal converges with the local. Where marbles mingle with Murano glass and the relics of ancient vessels to unveil the captivating story of Lošinj. The island’s story unfolds as a tale of exploration and revelation, of ties woven across the vast seas. Through the endeavors of its inhabitants, Lošinj extended its arms to embrace the world.

Those who enter these realms are not just embarking on a journey of comfort and relaxation, but are immersing themselves in a narrative

that stretches across epochs. Nestled in the heart of Lošinj, enveloped by opulence and elegance, the island's heritage endures, extending an invitation to travelers to engage in its endless saga. In this realm where bygone eras meet the contemporary, guests become integral characters in this tale as old as time, steered by the pine-laden breezes, health-giving tides, and the unyielding spirit that defines Lošinj.



T: +385 (0)51 661 111




Boutique Hotel Alhambra & The Historic Villas cater to the discerning traveler, providing seclusion and privacy with a private airport nearby.

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Dear Readers,

Welcome to your latest spring edition of The Collection –bringing our region to the world and the world to our region. Here, Spring is a wonderful time - when nature wakes up from its winter slumber. The countryside comes alive with lush greenery, blossoming flowers, and warmer temperatures. It's a great season to explore our natural beauty, and historic sites and the season is also marked by various cultural events and festivals celebrating music, food, and traditions. Whether you're interested in outdoor adventures, historical sightseeing, or simply enjoying the local atmosphere, exploring our region in spring has something for everyone to enjoy. Of course, our beaches now also come alive, and this time of year, you can enjoy our pristine waters without the crowds.

We are delighted to have such a strong presence from Croatia in this edition – featuring a plethora of incredible accommodation offers proving that Croatia has stepped onto the world stage in terms of providing super hotels to attract discerning guests. A prime example is Lošinj Hotels & Villas where guests discover delectable charm, unparalleled luxury, and much sought-after tranquillity. Also, 17 properties from the Impresia Hotels Croatia Group and Maistra Hospitality Group are featured to assist in your travel plans.

Readers can also get a glimpse inside the gems of Montenegro’s Boka Bay – A unique collection of beautiful boutique hotels which dot The Bay brought you in the tradition of the Casa Del Mare brand excellence.

From a culinary perspective, we are delighted to welcome BioSing Slovenia – The premium unique boutique featuring cured meat products for people who know how to appreciate taste.

Our long standing and valued client, Henley & Partners outline ‘The Henley Opportunity Index’, a unique comparison tool. The Index evaluates 27 countries across six parameters, including education, earning potential, career advancement, employment prospects, economic mobility, and liveability.

After much anticipation, Porto Montenegro release their new building phases to much praise and applause. Luštica Bay grow from strength to strength with the release of new phases and their golf product is driving their market forward and meeting buyer’s expectations to a tee!

We have further strengthened our distribution and presence on digital and news platforms such as ISSUU, Pressreader, Zinio and Media Carrier – all of which brings The Collection on board FlyDubai and Lufthansa Group flights and more than 1000 International hotels via in-room entertainment service. This edition is our most popular to date for advertisers who recognise the power of top end print media, coupled with an outstanding digital presence – Delivering the best of both worlds to our advertisers and readers.

Enjoy the warmer days as spring has just knocked on the door! Wishing you a beautiful spring!

Regards, Miodrag Spahić, Editor-in-Chief















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Cetinjski Put bb - Donja Gorica;

tel: +382 69 206 602

06 9 03 3 05 5
w.luceitalia.m e
Donja Gorica, P


56 70 80 One&Only Portonovi


Perfect comfort, outstanding cuisine and breath-taking views from the tallest hotel in the Slovenian capital.

InterContinental Ljubljana is an experience for all your senses.

Slovenska cesta 59, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija +386

59 128 000


Brandon SourisExecutive Chef Bojan BulatovićLa Veranda Chef de Cuisine Ricardo M. PerezTapasake Chef De Cuisine
Goran TatarExecutive Sous Chef Željko TodićHead Pastry Chef
Todor VukčevićSabia Sous Chef

Here at The Collection Magazine, we were thrilled to witness this culinary evolution, which not only elevates the dining landscape of Montenegro but also contributes to the growth of its Tourism and Hospitality sector. Join us as we celebrate the creativity and dedication of the culinary artisans shaping the future of Montenegrin gastronomy and beyond at One&Only Portonovi.

Weembarked on a culinary odyssey unlike any other at One&Only Portonovi, where each restaurant concept is infused with a distinctive local touch by the visionary chefs. These Executive Chefs are driven by a passion to leave an indelible mark on Montenegro's vibrant food scene. Their innovative approach reflects a commitment to evolving traditions and redefining flavours, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience for every guest.

Discover an exquisite culinary journey awaiting you at One&Only Portonovi, where the artistry of local and international chefs breathes life into each restaurant concept. Nestled in one of Europe's premier resorts, a diverse array of dining experiences invites you to savour flavours from around the globe amidst captivating atmospheres. Indulge in the simplicity of wholesome Mediterranean cuisine, thoughtfully prepared and utterly delectable. Dive into the poolside oasis with tantalizing Japanese bites, bursting with vibrancy and freshness. And witness the creation of heart-warming Adriatic dishes, crafted before your very eyes. Join us as we explore some of the finest culinary offerings in Montenegro, all found within the elegant confines of One&Only Portonovi.

A destination within a destination – Come savour the exquisite food and beverage outlets at One&Only, Portonovi. Bon Appetite and cheers!


Brandon comes from South Africa but learnt his famous culinary skills in London, where he has worked for 5 years before returning to South Africa. Already in London, Brandon quickly climbed through the ranks in the kitchen, showing his superiors he was willing to put in the work and stay focused, embracing new challenges as time went by. That is why, when he came back to South Africa, he was involved with 5-star properties, before finding One&Only a few years back.

Brandon has been working for One&Only in Rwanda, Maldives, Dubai and now, Montenegro, hoping to bring his vast experience and knowledge and share it with his team here.

Q. The Collection Magazine: Was becoming a chef a career that you always imagined pursuing?

A. Executive Chef, Brandon Souris: No. I took a year off after school and went to London. I started working as a waiter to cover my expenses. Then I moved to the kitchen and started washing the dishes part-time after my shift as a waiter. The executive chef there and I became close friends, and he offered me to start as a commis chef. So, I started from the very basic positions and worked my way up.

As a commis chef, I would often stay longer hours before I loved the atmosphere in the hotel there - the creativity was next level, and the food that we were preparing was amazing. I commenced studying through the company and five years later I was promoted to the head chef. In industry terms, I climbed the ladder very quickly in the beginning because I was always focused and conscientious.

Q. You’ve been here for a few months, are you ready for the upcoming season?

A. Of course, we are pretty much set already. As you know, we have a few venues and I have a team in place, starting from my Executive Sous Chef and chef de cuisine for each venue. I’ve met with our core suppliers; we are finishing up the new menus that we are launching soon. In terms of structure and manning, we are pretty much set and look forward to welcoming guests to experience our passion for perfection.

Q. What are your findings after sampling the ingredients we offer to your kitchen, locally sourced?

A. I’m very happy with the local produce. We must import certain ingredients because we have so many outlets, but I was very happy to find out that we have a lot of local produce that we can use. Fresh fish is an obvious choice, of course - and with our new Steak House, the quality of the meat that we are buying here, and the dry aging is fantastic.

Q. Can you tell us more about your team here?

A. Yes, well, this is another thing that surprised me here, as we have a young team of local and international chefs, but they really excel in these roles. They are big on flavours, skills and work ethic, you can tell there is a lot of passion coming from the young guys. They want to be someone and succeed in the kitchen.

We set high goals from day one, we want to be the best in the country. La Veranda actually received an award as the best restaurant in the country recently, but we want to have all our restaurants equally highly ranked.

Q. Can you give us some of your personal highlights from different menus now in One&Only restaurants?

A. That’s a tough one, but a few come to mind. We have a lobster pasta in Sabia that is really very good. I’m a big fan of classic dishes and the chefs are doing an amazing carbonara as well.

From La Veranda side, definitely the brodetto, a local fish stew. But we are also dry ageing our own meats, so the Tomahawk steak is one of the favourites also, super tender. I’m more into robust food, rather than fine dining.

The pastry in the hotel is amazing and our pastry chef Željko is very creative. Today he has done a kajmak and strawberry dessert, with a touch of pink peppercorns!

Tapasake, obviously, is a crowd pleaser, I’ve always been a fan of sushi. Now with the new menu, which I don’t want to give away much, with Spanish tapas coming in, this is going to be a busy outlet this year.

And I would mention the breakfast menu that we serve in La Veranda restaurant, which is very popular, with a few new and fresh ideas. We are doing a shrimp benedict that is unbelievably popular.

“Unity in the kitchen creates a masterpiece on the plate. Together, my team and I blend our skills to serve not just a meal, but an experience”.

Goran Tatar comes from Budva and his first kitchen experience dates back to 1997 in the legendary Sveti Stefan Island, long before it became a part of the Aman family. He continued with Aman and spent 15 years with them, travelling the world and working in their kitchens.

Goran joined One&Only last year and sees an enormous perspective for young chefs to grow within this company. As a senior member of the team, he is happy to guide them and help them achieve big things here.

Q. Could you explain your role - since you are the second in command, but still overlooking all the restaurants with the Executive Chef Brandon?

A. In our hierarchy, the job of a sous chef is to know everything and be everywhere, very much involved in the service. Making sure everyone is doing their job, from the assistant positions to sous chefs and chefs of each restaurant. While the Executive Chef is involved in the macro level, Sous Chef is more in touch with day-to-day work in the kitchens.

Q. As a local, which ingredients do you find less used in Montenegro that you would like to highlight in your restaurants?

A. We understand each corner of Montenegro has something special to offer. To start from the north, wild garlic (mne: sremuš) is an extremely healthy plant, essentially being a leafy version of a less pungent garlic. We are going to be using it to make a wild garlic pesto, where wild garlic will replace two ingredients, both basil and garlic.

Then we can talk about many different types of wild mushrooms in the north, as well as the meat, that we are going to highlight in our Steak House offer.

More to the south, olive oil is another amazing ingredient that we are often overlooking. Actually, this would be my favourite ingredient in the kitchen, and we can get very creative with its use. Olive oil ice cream first comes to mind, an unusual, but incredible condiment. Modern kitchen techniques help us make different things like olive oil powders and olive oil snow, that can help us get a different texture into our dishes.

Q. Do you feel you help these young chefs around you with their path to the future?

A. As a senior member of the team, I obviously want to see their careers evolve. It is great to see so many young individuals being willing to work hard and develop themselves as chefs and as people too. I tend to point them in the right direction while not overwhelming them with the old-school kitchen atmosphere.

Within the company, we have a task force programme that helps these young people receive international experience while spreading the word about our local cuisine around the world.

Q. From the menus at One&Only, with such variety for the most discerning taste buds, which is your favourite dish from the selection available?

GT: Very simply, a risotto or a pasta from Sabia, sushi and any fresh fish dish from Tapasake, or a nice steak in our La Veranda, finished in our coal-fired overs.



Todor comes from a family of artists, and he is the youngest of six children. Following tradition, the youngest in the family is the one helping in the kitchen, around special occasions. After a spell in hospitality, Tudor’s calling as a chef brough him to Belgrade and start off his journey on the culinary front.

He has worked for some important regional chefs during his early career, in Belgrade (Serbia) and Split (Croatia). After covid hit, he even started a small start-up and began fermenting vegetables and selling in small jars from a tiny Belgrade apartment. He has practiced his resourcefulness in a tiny kitchen on a yacht, where he needed to adapt even more than in a professional kitchen. Soon a call from Tivat came and even sooner, he became a member of One&Only family. Todor has a passion for the creation of authentic Italian dishes (cuisina de la nonna) with a modern twist - bringing Italian charm into his dishes.


Now he is a sous chef in the Italian restaurant Sabia, ready to continue his journey as a chef.

Q. How have you managed to make your restaurant into a destination in itself, within a destination?

A. The Italian flare with local twists. Our local buzara (famous fish sauce) is a must try, just like the shellfish.

Q. What is your favourite ingredient to work with?

A. Tomato, our local “pink” variety of tomato from Ulcinj. It is by far the sweetest thing you can ever try.

Q. Your favourite dish in the restaurant?

A. I would say my interpretation of an old breakfast combo of tomato and cheese for breakfast, our tomato tartare with burrata and basil pearls.

Q. Your twist on a Montenegrin dish?

A. Actually, our twist on the white buzara with ginger I lemongrass is something I would encourage every local to try!


Q. How have you managed to make your restaurant into a destination in itself, within a destination?

A. La Veranda Steak House is about the experience. We are finishing dishes in front of the guests, bringing fire and smoke at the table. This flare is what makes us stand out, but also our ingredients, local meat that we are dry aging inhouse.

Q. What is your favourite ingredient to work with?

A. Chanterelle mushrooms, their earthiness is what I love. I love aromatics as well, lemons, rosemary, thyme and much more.

Q. What is your favourite dish in the restaurant?

A. Of all the meat dishes that we do here, my favourite pick would be a lobster dish actually! Lobster with coconut and vanilla sauce.

Q. And your twist on a Montenegrin dish?

A. We are doing a twist on the Njeguši steak in the restaurant, where we chose a filet mignon as a cut, we serve it with a local cheese and add ham on top to finish off the dish.


He started off quickly and found himself in a situation where he had to learn fast, and he did. The atmosphere in a heated kitchen and the adrenaline suit well this young martial art aficionado.

What’s interesting is also the fact that Bojan is a forager as well. With his uncle, he used to go to the woods to forage wild mushrooms, a passion he still enjoys today. And we are looking forward to seeing what he does with his drive and passion in La Veranda!

With over 11 years of experience, Željko began his career in different hotels and restaurants across Belgrade. However, feeling uninspired by the local food scene, he sought new challenges in Abu Dhabi, where he joined the largest catering company in the region. There, he found himself immersed in a world of private events, Formula 1 gatherings, and VIP dinners, satisfying his appetite for creativity.

Something interesting happened here. He was moved from the pastry to the kitchen. A whole new world of flavours opened to Željko as he learned different ingredients and spices. Since then, he has been on a mission to explore different flavours and offer interesting flavour combination through his desserts and cakes.

Today Željko is a pastry chef overlooking different venues in One&Only Portonovi, from breakfast, to different restaurants dessert menus, and he explores his creativity in different ways.

Bojan joined One&Only team after spending a year as a sous chef in Thailand’s restaurant listed in the Michelin guide. But his early kitchen days were in Aman Sveti Stefan in Budva, when he was just 14 years old!

Q. What is your favourite restaurant in One&Only family?

A. Anywhere I get to serve fine dining desserts with unusual and interesting flavour combinations

Q. What is your favourite ingredient to work with?

A. Surprisingly perhaps - Pepper. All kinds of pepper. I like the kick that pepper gives to my creations. It is unusual, intriguing, bold.

Q. What is your favourite dish in the restaurant?

A. Pear cake with fennel crème Brule, fennel gazpacho and caramel.

Q. Your twist on a Montenegrin dish?

A. It is more a local ingredient used. A dessert we do now with kajmak ice cream, using local ingredient (Savory) in a dessert, pairing it with strawberries and pink pepper.


Ricardo and Tapasake complement each other - with his warm smile, sparkle in his eyes, optimism, and friendliness – all of which combine into the whole vibrant Tapasake atmosphere. Ricardo is from Madrid originally, but never worked in the kitchens there. As soon as he finished his apprenticeship he left for London and has travelled ever since. With his endearing personality and commitment to perfection, his climb in the kitchens was very steep and fast. It takes a very special character to excel under pressure and live up to the expectations of superiors and guests. Travelling helped him learn about different cuisines, something we will definitely be able to see in his new menu in Tapasake. The famous old saying goes “Gastronomy is the art of using food to create happiness”. Certainly, here at Tapasake, Ricardo and his team have mastered the art – Tapasake is the place to create a celebration and the team’s joy in cooking for others comes together like a maestro and his orchestra delivering an encore performance.

Q. How have you managed to make your restaurant into a destination in itself, within a destination?

A. Tapasake is a crowd pleaser. We have everyone’s favourite sushi, but we mix a lot of flavours to bring bright and interesting dishes to our tables. Peruvian ceviche, Spanish tapas, twists on a local cuisine, anything we can think of.

Q. What is your favourite ingredient to work with?

A. Fresh fish, always fresh fish.

Q. And your favourite dish in the restaurant?

A. As a main dish, we have a fantastic Chilean seabass dish, simply fried and laid on a bed of sauteed vegetables in butter and ponzu sauce. It is a nice portion, with a big piece of amazing fish, paired with bold flavours of vegetables side.

Q. And finally, what is your twist on a Montenegrin dish?

A. We are doing a few twists on local dishes, but a simple one would be my favourite. Local priganice (small doughnuts) with apricot jam and frozen mint sugar.

The team at The Collection had the pleasure and delight to spend a day with this incredible team. One can only admire in awe their passion for this work, dedication to excellence and pure genius in some of their creations. We highly recommend you savour each experience when possible. Thereafter, you will leave with delight and in the knowledge that One&Only Portonovi have brought the world of culinary delights to the region, as never experienced before,


The pinnacle of ultra-luxury design, authentic experiences and genuine hospitality, One&Only is an exceptional collection of one-of-a-kind resorts and private homes located in the world’s most inspiring destinations. Designed in harmony with nature and immersed in local culture, each remarkable, one-off resort has its own distinct narrative and charisma. The exclusive collection includes destinations across the world, from Greece and Mexico to Mauritius and Rwanda, with future resorts in Big Sky Montana and the brand’s first Urban Resort in Dubai opening soon. One&Only Private Homes are currently available to purchase in Mauritius, Mexico, Montenegro, Montana (USA), Greece, and Dubai (UAE). More information on One&Only is available at


T: +382 31 691 000






Cuisine: Contemporary Japanese / Peruvian Fusion

The beating heart of One&Only Portonovi, Tapasake is Montenegro’s most exclusive waterfront destination, combining inspiring flavours with captivating style and world-renowned service. With panoramic views of the bay and the Adriatic Sea beyond, experience the chic Tapasake lifestyle alongside eclectic mixology and contemporary Japanese / Peruvian cuisine.

RESERVATIONS: +382 31 691 001

Open Daily for Lunch and Dinner.




Cuisine: Local & European

Indulge in world-class steaks and unsurpassed vistas. Enjoy the easy atmosphere of La Veranda's relaxed buffet and à la carte menu, influenced by Montenegrin cuisine and home cooking styles. Local ingredients shine through time-honoured recipes, enhanced with creative flair.

RESERVATIONS: +382 31 691 001

Open Daily for Breakfast and Dinner.




Cuisine: Italian

Indulge in refined Italian cuisine before mesmerising views of the bay and mountains. Nourish your soul with extraordinary Italian flavours. With an elegant menu that blends Italian time-honoured culinary traditions with modern twists, as well as an al fresco terrace, this is dining that engages all five senses. Whilst being mesmerised by dreamy sunsets, with pre-dinner aperitivo in hand.

RESERVATIONS: +382 31 691 001

Open Daily for Lunch and Dinner.

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Photo credit: Ivan Ivanišević i Ljubomir Dorontić

In the lively heart of Split, Croatia's dazzling tourist destination, the Ambasador Hotel emerges as the newest star of true Mediterranean indulgence. This high-end hotel, perfectly nestled on the city's most famous promenade, offers an unmatched view of the old city's panorama, the bustling harbour, and the breath-taking archipelago. This view, coupled with the hotel's design and offerings, captures the essence of the region's charm and the luxury that Ambasador promises its guests.

The hotel is a masterful representation of the Split and Mediterranean lifestyle, seamlessly integrating the region's leisurely traditions, respect for its rich history, and embodying the essence of Dalmatia. With 98 rooms and 2 suites, almost all of which boast open views of the city and harbour, the Ambasador's design pays hommage to the local way of living, inviting guests to relax and rejuvenate away from the hectic pace of everyday life.

Crafted with special attention to using natural materials and showcasing the tradition and exclusivity of the region. The hotel's interiors feature photographs capturing the Dalmatian joy of life, alongside handcrafted elements like the reception desk made from the ancient black oak. These details, along with the hotel's proximity to key attractions, emphasizes its role as a part of the city's vibrant lifestyle.


At the core of the Ambasador Hotel's allure is the culinary expertise of the executive Chef Miro Marić, whose illustrious career across Europe has endowed him with a wealth of experience and a vision to enhance the hotel's dining experience. Marić's journey, spanning prestig-

"The quality of the food is the most important thing to me," Marić emphasizes, showcasing his dedication to crafting dishes that resonate with authenticity and innovation. This approach is evident in his dynamic menu at Restaurant Méditeranée, which promises an evolving culinary journey aligned with the seasons.
“Every plate is important to me, and every plate must create a wow effect for guests.“– he says.

ious establishments from the legendary Relais & Chateaux Taubenkobel in Austria to the Michelin-starred 180 Degrees by Matthias Diether in Tallinn, has been marked by significant milestones. Notably, his role in securing the first Michelin star for the Alfred Keller restaurant and his contributions to achieving 14 Gault Millau points for Hotel Lemongarden showcase his ability to elevate culinary art to unparalleled heights. “My greatest influence, however, is Joe K. Gasser, who is still my mentor to this day. He created me.” – Marić points out.

Marić's philosophy intertwines French culinary foundations with Mediterranean flair and a bit of infusion of Asian cuisine, embodying a commitment to quality that prioritizes locally sourced ingredients without compromising excellence. "The quality of the food is the most important thing to me," Marić emphasizes, showcasing his dedication to crafting dishes that resonate with authenticity and innovation. This approach is evident in his dynamic menu at Restaurant Méditeranée, which promises an evolving culinary journey aligned with the seasons. “Every plate is important to me, and every plate must create a wow effect for guests. “– he says.

Central to his vision is the desire to transform the Ambasador into a leading gastro hotel in the Adriatic region and beyond. With plans to incorporate interactive dining experiences, including wine dinners, guest chefs' dinners, and Michelin chef's dinners, Marić aims to create a culinary scene that engages and inspires. His work with local producers ensures that the restaurant not only champions the best of Croatian cui-

Executive Chef Miro Marić, Restaurant Méditeranée

sine but also introduces guests to the rich tapestry of flavours that define unique gastro experience.

Under Marić's guidance, the culinary experience at the Ambasador extends to the hotel’s Bar Split, as well, where guests can savour topquality morning espressos, artisan sweets, and a selection of cocktails and drinks. The creative tapas story, developed in collaboration with chef Nikola, is a testament to the hotel's dedication to offering diverse and rich experiences. The outdoor terrace, with its unique view of Diocletian's Palace and the Riva waterfront, offers a serene escape from the city's hustle and bustle, further enhancing senses while dining or having lunch.

As well, the hotel features an open-air pool with an astonishing view, complemented by a pool bar that serves as a perfect setting for relaxing afternoons. The fitness & spa, multifunctional conference room and the exclusive rooftop terrace are designed to cater to both, leisure, and business guests, offering spaces that blend luxury with functionality.


The Ambasador Hotel stands as a testament to Split's lasting appeal, offering a luxurious sanctuary that mirrors the city's rich history, vibrant culture, and breath-taking scenery. With Chef Miro Marić the hotel is headed to position as the most sought-after place for food enthusiasts and travellers seeking an unparalleled Mediterranean experience. The commitment to quality, innovation, and local collaboration ensures that every guest's stay is a memorable experience that highlights the best of Dalmatia and the wider Mediterranean region.

T: +385 21 293 000




Zgrada Linea

Cetinjski put 13/10


Trg Sv. Petra Cetinjskog


Tre Canne

Donji bulevar bb


Porto Montenegro



Luštica Bay

Zgrada B3-2B



Her Portonovi



Podgorica, Njegoševa 14


Budva, TQ Plaza, Mediteranska 8

+38267279592 On

Movenpick Residences Teuta is not owned, developed, or sold by Accor or its affiliates. Briv Construction is independently owned and operated and is solely responsible for the ownership, development, marketing, sale and operation of Movenpick Residences Teuta. Visit [website] for full disclaimer. OPENING IN SUMMER 2025

The Queen Of The Bay

Experience the finest Swiss hospitality in one of the most beautiful UNESCO protected settings in Montenegro.


Idyllically located in the picturesque town of Risan on the world-renowned Kotor Bay, the new Mövenpick resort is set to usher in an elevated standard of sustainable luxury living.

With 5* services, world-class amenities, and gastronomic dining, homeowners will enjoy a truly exceptional environment for dynamic, healthy, and memorable vacations.

Easy access to Tivat and Dubrovnik Airports

5* Mövenpick hotel 24-hour concierge

Sandy beach & bar

Spa and wellness centre (indoor pool, gym, yoga, vitamin bar)

Kids’ Club

Adults & Kids’ pools

Residents-Only Clubhouse

Exclusive homeowner benefits and privileges

Platinum membership to Accor Live Limitless loyalty programme

Managed rental programme available

Dining options include rooftop and beachside restaurants

Retail zone

Privileged access to other Accor hotels in the region

Spacious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom freehold beachfront residences starting from 450,000 € fully furnished with optional Rental Pool Programme available

Sales Office now open at Palih Boraca 19b, Pine - Tivat | +382 67 977 977


• • • • •

In the evolving landscape of modern professional life, the work-from-anywhere concept has emerged as a beacon of flexibility and autonomy, reshaping our understanding of productivity and workplace dynamics. This significant shift encourages a harmonious balance between work and leisure, positioning luxury living as the cornerstone of the agile professional’s lifestyle. Amidst this transformation, Lazure Hotel & Marina stands out as a sanctuary that not only represents the essence of luxury living but also meets the diverse demands of the global workforce, offering an ideal setting where work and relaxation blend seamlessly.

Situated on the stunning Adriatic coast of Montenegro, Lazure Hotel & Marina is more than a destination; it's an immersive experience, a place where the boundaries between work and leisure merge into a beautiful mix of luxury. For today’s professional, this delightful retreat offers an unparalleled opportunity to combine productivity with the pleasures of upscale travel, setting a new standard for the work-fromanywhere lifestyle.

Allow us to guide you through an imagined day where work and leisure not only coexist but are intricately woven together, creating a perfect melding of productivity and tranquility.


As you draw back the curtains of your hotel room, the magnificent view of Boka Bay welcomes you. Taking a deep breath, the salty sea air invigorates you, fueling your enthusiasm to tackle the day's challenges. With your laptop in tow, you make your way to Lazure's newly inaugurated co-working space. Choosing a spot, you set up your workstation and then help yourself to a cup of espresso from the selfself-serve kitchen. Energized, ideas begin to flow effortlessly.

Being in an inviting and stimulating environment that not only embraces but nurtures creativity, achieving exceptional results becomes almost second nature. Lazure’s co-working space, with its quiet atmosphere, acts as a catalyst for unleashing your ultimate potential. Here, surrounded by like-minded professionals, the collective ambition and shared energy elevate your motivation to new heights. The combination of stunning scenery, top-notch facilities, and a supportive community provides the perfect backdrop for doing your best work. Every detail, from the ergonomic furniture to the quiet zones designed for deep focus, ensures that you can concentrate on bringing your visions to life. In such an inspiring setting, your productivity flourishes, and the quality of your output reflects the excellence of your surroundings.


As the day progresses, the opportunity to engage with a broader network calls from Lazure's conference halls. Designed for both intimate gatherings and grand events, these spaces become the stage for industry conferences, workshops, and seminars. Imagine yourself participating in a dynamic panel discussion, sharing insights with peers, or discovering new trends that influence your field, all supported by modern audiovisual technology and impeccable service, trademarks of the Lazure Hotel experience.

This seamless integration of professional development and luxury setting embodies the work-from-anywhere vision, where career growth and personal enrichment go hand in hand. It's an environment where every handshake and every exchange of ideas is enhanced by the elegance and sophistication that define Lazure Hotel & Marina.


After a productive day of work and networking, the journey transitions from the intellectual pursuits to sensory pleasures, leading you to Lazure's exclusive wellness facilities. The spa, a haven of calm,


offers rejuvenating treatments to alleviate the day’s stress. Whether it's a deep tissue massage to soothe work-induced tension or a refreshing facial to invigorate your spirit, the spa experience is tailored to restore your balance and well-being.

The evening culminates in an immersive dining experience at Lazure's signature restaurants. Here, the culinary journey is an exploration of flavors, with each dish being a masterpiece crafted from the freshest local ingredients, paired with exquisite wines from the region. Dining at Lazure transcends a mere meal; it's an event, an opportunity to savor the moment, whether in the elegant indoor setting or under the stars by the marina, where the gentle sea breeze complements the symphony of tastes and aromas.


As we navigate the work-from-anywhere future, Lazure Hotel & Marina emerges as not just a destination but as a lifestyle choice, a choice that redefines luxury living for the modern professional. It's a celebration of freedom, creativity, and the endless possibilities that unfold when we allow ourselves to work, play, and indulge in the beauty of our surroundings.

For more detailed information, contact or call +382 31 781 770. And visit for further insights.

For today’s professional, this delightful retreat offers an unparalleled opportunity to combine productivity with the pleasures of upscale travel, setting a new standard for the work-fromanywhere lifestyle.


Welcome to Adriatic Boat, your premier destination for unparalleled boating experiences in the stunning setting of Montenegro!

Nestled within the exclusive Portonovi resort, boasting a cutting-edge marina as its centerpiece, Adriatic Boat offers a gateway to luxury like no other. Set against the backdrop of Europe’s inaugural One&Only hotel and an array of upscale residences, our location epitomizes elegance and sophistication.

Step aboard our diverse fleet of vessels and embark on a journey tailored to your desires. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of chartering, the exploration of guided tours, seamless

transfers, or the acquisition of top-tier vessels through our brokerage service featuring Frauscher boats & Excess Catamarans, we cater to every whim with precision and style.

Aligning with esteemed partners such as the global Destination Management Companies, renowned yachting brands, and the crème de la crème of hotel and hospitality providers, we ensure an experience that exceeds expectations at every turn.

Discover the epitome of boating luxury with Adriatic Boat, where every voyage is a masterpiece of indulgence and adventure.

Strategic partners: +382 69 08 09 07


138 162 150
Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery | | @artisanlovewood
Monte Mulini

It is said that Rovinj has some of the most beautiful sunsets on the Adriatic coast. One way to know for sure is to reserve a good table in one of its excellent restaurants. The other is to just sit on a bench by the sea. There are as many and as unique sunset spots as there are preferences.

For an authentic Croatian experience, Rovinj is the ideal destination. This charming town immerses you in Croatian culture, boasting traditional taverns, historic streets, and Michelin-star culinary delights that pay homage to the country's heritage.

The chances are, this wonderful city on the west coast of Istria will steal your heart with its energy, intertwined cobblestone alleys, and colourful facades. Rovinj is a city of artists, fishermen, and great hosts. Its residents are people who live their lives to the fullest, and they will gladly share that feeling with you. How about a drink on the terrace of one of the lively cafés and small talk with the locals, or a bite of a delicacy such as the famous oysters from the nearby Lim Bay? All that in the shade of narrow streets or out in the open, under the sun. Cobblestone alleys, small, intimate galleries, and museums on the way to the Church of St Euphemia, whose bell tower rises above the picturesque town, are just a touch of what awaits you. Set sail in a traditional batana boat and enjoy the much-talked-about sunsets with a glass of wine straight from Istria’s vineyards. Rovinj also serves as a perfect launchpad for your Croatian adventure in Istria, a green peninsula rich in vineyards, high-quality olive oil, and truffles, all contributing to the region's gourmet offerings.

The sweetness of life pervades the whole Croatian area of Rovinj which can then be discovered also by staying in one of Maistra Collection luxury and premium hotels. A holiday in a Maistra Collection hotel can be both active and relaxed, both hedonistic and nurturing. A wide range of hotels offers an even greater range of experiences. Here you tailor revitalisation according to your preferences. Regardless of ac-

commodation – an artistically designed hotel or a hotel offering a more classic kind of luxury.

THE GRAND PARK HOTEL ROVINJ has it all: one-of-a-kind wellness and spa, an exquisite culinary experience, a marina, and an eyecatching interior designed by famous architect Piero Lissoni. And whenever your eyes get weary, the quickest way to revive them is by enjoying the splendid vista of Rovinj’s old town and St Catherine Island, which can be seen from almost every part of the hotel..

Exploring the local sights will result in memories worth noting. That is why instant cameras and notebooks can be found in all rooms so that you can easily capture and store moments in the journal. And just like that, the leather-bound notebook becomes a tangible memory of your time in Rovinj.

The hotel is connected to the marina by the beautiful Lungomare Plaza promenade, where you can go shopping in exclusive boutiques and enjoy a delicious cake and a drink. Moreover, this place is a celebration of fine dining, where guests can en-

Grand Park Hotel Rovinj Grand Park Hotel Rovinj

Destination video available on:

Staying in this adult’s exclusive hotel is like visiting a top-notch winery, dining in a fine restaurant, and sleeping in a room with unique views. All at once.

joy supreme delicacies in bars superb restaurants, one of which holds a Michelin star - Agli Amici Rovinj. This restaurant offers a gourmet experience created by the famous chef Emanuele Scarello. Each and every dish is bursting with flavour-filled stories of the centuries-old Italian tradition meeting the specific aromas of Istria and the local coastline, the sea, the earth, and all its many fruits.

Another special gourmet experience at Grand Park can be found in Cap Aureo restaurant located behind glass walls on the hotel 5th floor.

Here chef Jeffrey Vella prepares sensational vegetable-based dishes using the finest local ingredients with a carefully curated wine list. Cap Aureo is mostly inclined to vegetables, and this is the reason why they call themselves a vegetable loving space. The menu is compromising on 20 courses, based on seasonality, locality and love to the area. The wine list has been carefully created to include a number of bubbles and wine labels, vintage champagnes, and sparkling wines, while still wines are mostly the product of Croatian wineries.

To spoil yourself even further, a visit to Albaro Wellness & Spa is a must. Covering an area of 3800 sq. metres, it is the largest facility of this kind in Istria. It extends over two floors of the hotel, both indoors and outdoors.

Just a step away from Grand Park there is another luxury hotel MONTE MULINI that even though it offers an intimate experience of a smaller, relaxed space, prides itself on a rather large and versatile offer – from restaurants inspired by Mediterranean cuisine with an exquisite wine selection, to Mulini Beach which invites you to sip cocktails next to the inviting blue sea under the endless blue sky. Staying in this adult’s exclusive hotel is like visiting a top-notch winery, dining in a fine restaurant, and sleeping in a room with unique views. All at once.

Gourmet wise, not to be missed is Mediterraneo restaurant that offers a dining destination where every moment is an exquisite journey into the heart of gastronomy. Starting from breakfast in a relaxed and peace-

ful ambience where guests can choose between a tempting buffet or à la carte breakfast menu that features a blend of quality locally sourced ingredients and vegan options highlighting the rich flavours of Mediterranean cuisine. When evening comes, the restaurant becomes an elegant evening destination for a memorable dining experience. Three, five or seven-course tasting dinner menus blend the best of Mediterranean and Croatian cuisine with primarily local and seasonal ingredients.

Over 50 different bottles of gin await in the Lobby Bar Gin Library as a great aperitif before experiencing dinner under the stars in the smallest restaurant for two – Amatis.

One of the star attractions at Hotel Monte Mulini is its Art Wellness Spa. Here the timeless classic and luxury is hidden in the details, like cosmetics Recherche Bioloque. Here guests can enjoy revitalising expe-

Monte Mulini Monte Mulini

riences in exclusive Wellness & Spa treatments such as Midnight Retreat – exclusive usage ow wellness for two or Couple’s Rituals that include a Turkish sauna, scrub and a mask in a private hammam. Within the Maistra Collection Body&Mind program, guests can participate to early morning different yoga class types and disciplines provided by resident instructors.

Besides the two luxury hotels which are also part of Leading Hotels of the World, Maistra Collection offers premium hotels such as LONE HOTELan eye-catching modern building located next to a century-old forest park in a sparkling bay, only 15 minutes away from the lively Rovinj Old Town. Strolling through hallways, floors, and lobbies will take you on a pleasant adventure that begins the moment you leave the room. The glass floor and curved walls, all geometrically and aesthetically pleasing, are there to seamlessly and effortlessly flow, allowing you to explore the hotel. A Japanese Tekka by Lone Restaurant, relaxation at a modern wellness & spa, or perhaps a potential business opportunity?

The concept of Hotel Lone was created by a team of renowned Croatian creatives comprising a new generation of architects, conceptual artists, and product, fashion, and graphic designers. Just like a contemporary art museum.

Hotel Lone is a never-ending source of inspiration to explore.

The concept of Hotel Lone was created by a team of renowned Croatian creatives comprising a new generation of architects, conceptual artists, and product, fashion, and graphic designers. Just like a contemporary art museum. The interior decoration embodies the elementary aesthetic values of this design hotel, with simple lines and functionality merging with the appeal of its surroundings. The playful arrangement of mirrors, glass walls, and indoor areas, visually extending towards the spacious terrace, is present in all rooms and suites. Wood, stone elements, and fabrics dominate the interior, providing a pleasant dim-out effect contrasted by black and white walls and wallpaper décor.

Another Maistra Collection gem is located on Rovinj’s main square, right by the sea – ADRIATIC HOTEL, surrounded by artisan cafés, restaurants, and traditional taverns, embodies the heart and history of this charming Mediterranean town. Its intimate setting brings together an authentic experience of Rovinj life and contemporary art inspired by the hotel’s century-old heritage. If you want to meet Rovinj locals while on holiday, a cup of coffee or a glass of wine this hotel is a great place to start. Fourteen rooms and four suites offer unique views of the island of St Catherine, Rovinj’s main square, or the old town and its colourful rooftops. The rooms are all unique, individually decorated with distinctive artwork which, alongside the intimate setting, provide an elegant feel of home away from home.

HOTEL EDEN lets you find peace and tranquility in well-appointed rooms, relaxation in expansive and pleasant public areas, and immersion in the Mediterranean-inspired treatments at wellness & spa. The complex also includes terraces for catching the sun, a restaurant, a poolside bar, and an outdoor stage. If you are in the mood for some light activity besides spending time on the beach, the hotel is located next to a century-old forest park which you can explore by cycling or walking the well-tended trails.

Lone Hotel
Lone Hotel

Another Maistra Collection gem is located on Rovinj’s main square, right by the sea – Adriatic Hotel, surrounded by artisan cafés, restaurants, and traditional taverns, embodies the heart and history of this charming Mediterranean town.

Hotel Eden lets you find peace and tranquility in well-appointed rooms, relaxation in expansive and pleasant public areas, and immersion in the Mediterranean-inspired treatments at wellness & spa.

T: +385 52 808 000



Adriatic Hotel Hotel Eden
Be Inspired.

Your exquisite stay awaits.

Discover unparalleled luxury at our boutique hotel, boasting 18 opulent rooms, exquisite architecture, and breathtaking rooftop vistas, promising an unforgettable escape for discerning travelers.

How does the small luxury hotel hotel in the heart of Tivat differentiate itself from other luxury accommodations in the area, particularly in terms of its unique offerings such as the restaurant, wine bar, and rooftop event space?

The small luxury hotel’s approach to service is deeply ingrained in its identity, aiming to offer an unparalleled level of care and attention to each guest. This is facilitated by the hotel’s relatively small capacity of 20 apartments, which enables the staff to tailor the experience for each guest from the moment they arrive until their departure. The hotel’s restaurant prides itself on a meticulously curated menu that combines local flavors with international cuisine, ensuring a dining experience that is both authentic and globally appealing.

The wine bar is a distinctive feature of the hotel, showcasing an extensive collection of California wines. This unique selection positions the hotel as the exclusive importer of these wines in Montenegro, offering guests an exquisite winetasting experience that can’t be found elsewhere in the area.

The rooftop event space is another jewel in the hotel’s crown. It provides breathtaking views of Tivat and the bay, creating a mesmerizing backdrop for both private and corporate events. The space is designed to offer intimacy and seclusion, featuring a beautiful pool and a mini-bar, making it an ideal location for memorable gatherings.

Can you elaborate on the special features and amenities of the small luxery hotel that contribute to its luxurious experience, beyond the standard offerings found in typical hotels?

Beyond the standard luxuries expected from high-end accommodations, this hotel emphasizes the use of premium materials and thoughtful design to create an atmosphere of exclusivity and comfort. The hotel’s construction and design were overseen by a renowned architectural team, who focused on integrating the building seamlessly with the coastal environment, earning it the moniker of a “sea palace.” This design philosophy extends to ensuring peace and tranquility for guests, with the hotel’s strategic location offering both convenience and a refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Interview with ALEKSANDRA GOLUBOVIĆ , Porto PalaceGeneral Manager

What sets the hotel apart in terms of its architectural design and quality of construction, and how does this enhance the overall guest experience?

The hotel’s architectural design and construction quality are central to its charm and appeal. By employing a team of esteemed architects and opting for the highest quality materials, the hotel has crafted an environment that reflects luxury and elegance. The design takes inspiration from the surrounding maritime landscape, blending traditional and contemporary elements to enhance the guest experience. This attention to detail not only enriches the aesthetic appeal of the hotel but also ensures a level of comfort and durability that contributes to the overall satisfaction of the guests.

In what ways does the hotel leverage its prime location in Tivat to offer guests exclusive experiences or access to local attractions, activities, and events?

The hotel leverages its prime location in Tivat to offer guests exclusive experiences and easy access to local attractions and activities. The range of prepared excursions and personalized tours through Montenegro is a testament to the hotel’s commitment to offering an authentic and enriching experience of the local culture and natural beauty. The availability of bicycles, a speedboat, and a boat owned by the hotel allows guests to explore the area at their own pace and preference, from serene bike rides to exhilarating boat trips organize by our concierge team. Furthermore, the hotel specializes in organizing outdoor dinners and intimate events, ensuring each occasion is memorable and personalized.

By focusing on these unique offerings and leveraging its architectural design, prime location, and dedication to personalized service, our boutique hotel stands out as a luxurious and exclusive choice for travelers seeking an exceptional stay in Montenegro.

Discover unparalleled luxury at our boutique hotel, boasting 18 opulent rooms, exquisite architecture, and breathtaking rooftop vistas, promising an unforgettable escape for discerning travelers. T: +382 32 686 140 / A: Blaza Jovanovica 2 / Tivat / Montenegro W:

Your exquisite stay awaits.

Luxury is Maslina’s standard, authenticity its core value, and people its beating heart. With a mindful team spirit, we promise to leave a legacy for future generations driven by humbleness and respect for guests, people, local culture, and the environment.

Reach us at

T: +385 (0) 21 888 700 W:

Maslina Resort | Hvar | Croatia



LUŠTICA BAY Life. Elevated.

The Botanika villas boast private outdoor spaces ideal for high-end entertaining, complete with stateof-the-art outdoor kitchens, elegant dining areas, showers, fire pits, and infinity pools that extend seamlessly into the azure horizon.

Luštica Bay, Montenegro, redefines coastal indoor-outdoor living and modern architecture with The Peaks, the Adriatic destination’s neighbourhood, which also sees the launch of Montenegro’s very first 18-hole golf course and golf residences. As an exclusive boutique golf community, "The Peaks" enchants with its comprehensive 360° vistas, harmoniously blends indoor and outdoor living, and offers a wealth of cosmopolitan amenities, creating a distinct lifestyle enclave.

The Peaks’ first residences, Botanika, comprises luxury villas designed by internationally acclaimed architects Block 722 and sophisticated townhouses and apartments designed by local design firm NRA Atelier. Inspired by the natural beauty of its surroundings, the Botanika residential collection has been visioned using four design pillars of tradition, pioneering architecture, sustainability, and user experience to ensure a subtle transition from build to natural environment.



The Botanika villas at Luštica Bay set a new benchmark in refined living, blending architectural magnificence with unparalleled design. These residences boast private outdoor spaces ideal for high-end entertaining, complete with state-of-the-art outdoor kitchens, elegant dining areas, showers, fire pits, and infinity pools that extend seamlessly into the azure horizon. Inside, each villa reveals expansive, modern spaces highlighted by dramatic stone walls, indoor fireplaces, and select finishes such as parquet flooring and underfloor heating. With options of 3 or 4 bedrooms, these homes are strategically placed to offer captivating views of the Adriatic Sea, defining the pinnacle of sophisticated living.


The semi-detached townhouses in Luštica Bay offer an unmatched living experience with 215 m2 of meticulously designed space that embraces the serene Mediterranean landscape. Outdoor living is reimagined with sprawling terraces featuring private infinity pools, sophisticated dining areas, and sleek outdoor kitchens. Bi-folding doors allow for a seamless integration with the natural surroundings, making the tranquil beauty of the Mediterranean a constant backdrop. These three-bedroom homes cater to those who appreciate a refined aesthetic, offering a serene retreat that marries the grandeur of thoughtful design with the natural beauty of the location.


Luštica Bay's select collection of low-rise apartments represents the apex of design and comfort. With a thoughtful integration of local textures and hues, each residence pays homage to the surrounding natural beauty. Offering one to three bedrooms across spacious layouts ranging from 100 to 169 m2, these homes are designed for those who seek refinement and tranquility. Wrap-around terraces invite residents to enjoy serene moments under the expansive Adriatic sky. The addition of a communal pool and lush green spaces enhances the opportunities for relaxation and social gatherings, ensuring a harmonious blend of community and privacy.


General inquiries | T:+383 77 200 100

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By using Montenegro as an architectural backbone, the neighbourhood has been designed to complement the landscape and echo the colours and textures of the destination. Montenegro’s Venetian heritage is reflected in gabled roofs and traditional stone walls.



By using Montenegro as an architectural backbone, the neighbourhood has been designed to complement the landscape and echo the colours and textures of the destination. Montenegro’s Venetian heritage is reflected in gabled roofs and traditional stone walls. The well-articulated architectural spaces are brought to life using locally sourced stone and wood, offering glimpses of the Montenegrin mountains and Adriatic waters throughout. Uniquely drawing inspiration from the destination’s local heritage, the architectural design combines traditional building materials and techniques with contemporary architecture. The Peaks has been designed with thoughtfully divided spaces to maximise true indoor-outdoor living. Inside, earthy tones and natural materials are paired with bespoke furniture, whilst outdoor options include paved terraced or planted gardens.


Luštica Bay is dedicated to sustainable design principles, and the Botanika development is no exception. The project incorporates ecoconscious design elements, employing energy-efficient technologies and integrating locally sourced materials throughout to minimise its environmental impact. Light-coloured, high albedo materials reduce heat island effect, whilst thick insulated walls function as thermal mass across both warm and cool seasons. Native plant species have been imbedded throughout the neighbourhood to minimise water consumption and maintenance. Covering just 10% of its 690-hectare site, Luštica Bay’s low density-development is committed to preserving the destination’s natural beauty across all its neighbourhoods.


The villas feature dedicated golf storage and unobstructed views of the neighbouring brand-new golf course. Private pool decks, and terraces with lounge seating and dining areas have been strategically designed to offer residents seamless indoor-outdoor spaces. In the wider neighbour-

hood, pedestrian connectivity is promoted through pavements and trail systems, with access to key outdoor spaces such as the pool, terraces and golf plains, to form a harmonious community. Christina Kontou, Senior Architect at Block722 says of the project: “We are delighted to have collaborated with Luštica Bay on the Botanika villas and to have worked with a common vision to harmoniously combine architectural form and pure nature, reflecting the topological, historical and architectural heritage of Montenegro”.

Marking a significant milestone in the region’s high-end real estate and tourism landscape, The Peaks development and its architectural design continues to establish Luštica Bay as the ultimate coastal destination.


The design seamlessly integrates the natural shapes and scents of the Luštica Peninsula, preserving native macchia woodlands and garrigue scrublands. The selection of plant species, from evergreen shrubs to culinary herbs, ensures a harmonious blend of green hues with occasional accents of white, purple, pink, and yellow. The landscape design not only reflects the natural beauty of the region but also embraces Luštica's deep cultural heritage. As the development matures, the true value of this visionary approach will become increasingly evident over time.


With it’s elevated position between Boka Bay and the Adriatic Sea, The Peaks' 18-hole golf course boasts an unrivalled setting with picturesque vistas in every direction. Designed by the esteemed Gary Player Design, who are renowned for their ecological approach, the course seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings, creating a harmonious fusion between nature and sport. Each hole has been thoughtfully crafted to maximise the beauty of the landscape, providing golfers with a unique and unforgettable experience.

Seamlessly extending from the course's design to its broader community, the esteemed golf club emerges as a central hub for the sport's connoisseurs, ready to welcome international tournaments and host exclusive gatherings that underscore its global stature.


The semi-detached townhouses in Luštica Bay offer an unmatched living experience with 215 m2 of meticulously designed space that embraces the serene Mediterranean landscape.


Experience Luxury Redefined: Tivat Hotel & Residences


Nestled along the sun-kissed Montenegrin coast lies a haven of opulence and tranquility: Tivat Hotel & Residences. Set against a backdrop of azure seas and majestic mountains, this exclusive retreat offers a lifestyle of unparalleled sophistication and refinement.


Step into a world of bespoke luxury with our collection of branded residences. Each of the 33 meticulously crafted homes boasts sweeping views of verdant parks, sparkling seas, or rugged mountains, ensuring that every moment is a feast for the senses. Whether you seek the intimacy of a studio, the comfort of a one-bedroom, or the spaciousness of a two-bedroom abode, Tivat Hotel & Residences offers the epitome of urban design infused with Mediterranean flair. With secure underground parking, concierge services, and round-the-clock security, every aspect of your lifestyle is seamlessly catered to.


Step into a realm of unparalleled serenity within our Parkside Apartments, where 44 serviced residences redefine the meaning of indulgence. Offering 44 serviced residences in 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom configurations, these homes are adorned with premium finishes and state-of-the-art climate control, ensuring unparalleled comfort year-round. Residents are treated to exclusive access to a rooftop pool, where panoramic vistas of the city, park, and waterfront unfold before your eyes. Immerse yourself in the splendor of communal amenities, from fitness facilities to serene landscaped gardens, where every moment is an invitation to embrace the art of living.


Embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury and sophistication at Tivat Hotel & Residences. Whether you seek a permanent sanctuary or a cherished retreat, our collection of branded residences and Parkside Apartments offers the pinnacle of refined living. Immerse yourself in a world where every detail is meticulously curated to elevate your lifestyle to new heights.

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MOST PERSONALIZED LUXURY SERVICE IN BELGRADE. Service With A Smile. SAINT TEN Hotel / Svetog Save 10, Vračar / 11000, Beograd / Srbija / +381 11 4116633 /
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Cycling and Nordic walking, sunrise hikes, farm visits and mountain tours - there are many ways to actively enjoy the summer. The images of wide, unspoilt alpine landscapes, mountain peaks and peaceful mountain villages will stay in your memories forever.


The mountain world around the Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus is spectacular. Natural beauty in the UNESCO natural heritage wherever you look. The wellness experience in the unrivalled active hotel is unforgettable: A Skypool that floats in the landscape and a wellness platform that seems to defy gravity - it's a must-see.


infinity feeling, endless views, great freedom, architectural masterpieces that make you curious. All this awaits guests at the Hubertus. From the comfort of your bed, admire how the sun bathes the mountains in radiant light. Dine with the great natural cinema in front of your eyes. The Alpin Panorama Hotel has the great fortune of being located at a particularly beautiful panoramic point in the Dolomites. What the hosts have made of it is one of the most beautiful holiday retreats in the Alps.


The Hubertus is a Belvita Leading Wellness Hotel and is magnificently situated in a 7,000 m2 wellness park. The Leading Spa Award certifies the resort's top-class wellness. Ten new spa treatment rooms invite guests to relax and unwind. But the two eye-catchers, whose pictures are going around the world, are undoubtedly the Heaven & Hell wellness platform and the spectacular Skypool.

The Skypool, a masterpiece of design and engineering, offers guests an unparalleled swimming experience high above the valley floor. This floating oasis is a testament to the hotel's commitment to providing unique and memorable experiences for its guests, blending seamlessly with the stunning natural beauty that surrounds it. The idea for this extraordinary infinity pool in the Dolomites with a glass front came from senior host Christian Gasser. At a height of twelve metres, the Skypool, which is heated all year round and is unique in South Tyrol, spreads out like a wing in the unspoilt natural landscape. The water surface merges seamlessly with the impressive mountain world. Borders disappear, the view widens and the window in the floor reveals new perspectives.

Another architectural masterpiece, which – like the spectacular Skypool – floats between sky and earth is Heaven & Hell, the elegant platform that is turning wellness upside down – quite literally. An awe-inspiring view leads the gaze from high to low.

Between the bright blue sky and the idyllic valley floats the extraordinary wellness area that overshadows everything that came before. The elegant huts, some of which are positioned upside down on the underside of the graceful platform, are reminiscent of the traditional mountain cabins that adorn the gentle high-Alpine meadows in this unique setting. This spectacular, free-floating steel platform with two floors is connected to the hotel’s new relaxation room via an elegant walkway and gives guests a new perspective of wellness. The visitor’s gaze drifts far out over valley and mountains until it reaches the world’s most stunning UNESCO heritage: the Dolomites. While the pleasantly warm water gently caresses the body in the lie-down or seated whirlpools on the upper level, one sinks into the beauty of nature and believes to have arrived in heaven. On the lower level, where the laws of gravity are seemingly suspended, wellness is turned upside down. In Hell, as the nude area is known, things really heat up. As well as two saunas and a nude whirlpool, guests can look forward to an ice room and a heavenly view of the mountains.


The Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus invites you with a total of nine heated pools, eight saunas, several relaxation rooms and countless wellness and beauty treatments that utilise the power of nature to relax de luxe.


The Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus invites you with a total of nine heated pools, eight saunas, several relaxation rooms and countless wellness and beauty treatments that utilise the power of nature to relax de luxe. In the Hubertus Park, connoisseurs can stroll around the hotel through South Tyrolean fruit trees, smell typical herbs, play on the handmade wooden bowling alley, or simply enjoy the unique tranquillity and the fantastic view of the mountains. If you like to meditate, come to the fireplace.


Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of South Tyrol, the Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus offers an exceptional lodging experience that seamlessly blends the charm of alpine aesthetics with modern luxury. Each room and suite in the hotel is designed with meticulous attention to detail, providing a unique ambiance that resonates with the natural surroundings while ensuring the utmost comfort for its guests. Large windows and balconies offer panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the stunning beauty of the area from the comfort of their rooms.

Imagine relaxing on your private balcony or in the garden, immersed in the soothing warmth of your own jacuzzi, with the panoramic splendour of the mountains unfolding before your eyes. The Wellness Suite Lumes makes this dream a reality, providing an idyllic retreat for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse themselves in the tranquillity of nature.

Dining with a view. On the plates of the gourmet hotel, down-to-earth traditional South Tyrolean dishes meet light Mediterranean delicacies and refined specialities from all over the world. At the Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus, every meal is an opportunity to explore a rich palette of tastes and aromas, perfectly paired with the breathtaking scenery of South Tyrol. It's a place where the passion for food and love for nature coalesce, offering guests not just a meal, but a memorable culinary adventure. Under the direction of the internationally experienced chef Antonio Triscari, who is celebrated for his culinary art, the Hubertus kitchen fuses the cool north with the hot south. The result is a delightful explosion of flavours, served in the beautiful restaurant with a unique view. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer diners an uninterrupted view of the enchanting Puster Valley, creating an idyllic backdrop for every meal. Whether basking in the morning light during breakfast, enjoying the golden hues of sunset during dinner, or under the starlit sky, the view adds an unparalleled dimension to the dining experience.


Up to fifteen times a week, the Hubertus hiking and activity guides take their mountain-loving guests out into nature on highlight tours. The Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park and the Rieserferner Group are within easy reach. Cycling and Nordic walking, sunrise hikes, farm visits and mountain tours - there are many ways to actively enjoy the summer. The images of wide, unspoilt alpine landscapes, mountain peaks and peaceful mountain villages will stay in your memories forever. Additionally, guests can choose from a variety of indoor activities designed to keep body and mind active and relaxed while staying inside. The activities included are for example water gymnastics, aerobics and stretching, which take place under professional guidance and are suitable for all fitness levels. Fitness enthusiasts will also get their money's worth in the modern fitness room. The hotel offers regular guided yoga and pilates classes that bring body and mind into harmony and ensure a balanced holiday as well.


Hotel Hubertus is leading the way in the hospitality industry with its commitment to sustainability, striking a balance between luxurious accommodation and environmental responsibility. The hotel employs innovative strategies to ensure energy efficiency and resource conservation. It utilizes for example local wood chips for heating and photovoltaic systems for electricity generation. The hotel's dedication to the local economy and environment is further demonstrated by its preference for local products and materials, which not only supports area businesses but also reduces transportation emissions. Hotel Hubertus not only offers guests a luxurious stay, but also preserves the natural beauty of the surroundings for future generations.

Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus / The Gasser Family

Via Furcia 5 / 39030 Sorafurcia - Valdaora / Italy

T +39 0474 59 21 04 /

The Skypool, a masterpiece of design and engineering, offers guests an unparalleled swimming experience high above the valley floor. This floating oasis is a testament to the hotel's commitment to providing unique and memorable experiences for its guests, blending seamlessly with the stunning natural beauty that surrounds it.

ITALY 117 +386 59 77 95 95 restaurantmilka hotelmilka
A unique boutique experience in the heart of Julian Alps, Slovenia

Chop slice, mix and stir! Let it boil, simmer, hiss! Be the chef! The kitchen is now open.

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NATURAL CHIC SUITES 93 Luxury Suites 3 Restaurants 2 Bars 1 LIBERTADOR Cigar Lounge 1 Swimming Pool 1 Spa 1 Gym 1 Kids Spa



In the heart of Slovenia's Ribnica Valley lies a culinary treasure trove with roots dating back centuries. BioSing, founded by the passionate craftsman David Lesar, embodies the essence of traditional craftsmanship infused with modern innovation. Since 1492, Ribnica has been renowned for its wooden wares, but it's the ancient art of curing and drying meats that has truly captured the essence of this region.

At BioSing, tradition meets innovation in every bite. The art of crafting boutique cured meats of unparalleled quality is a testament to David's commitment to his craft. Using only the finest ingredients and adhering to traditional methods passed down through generations, BioSing offers a tantalizing array of cured meats that redefine gourmet indulgence. From salamis made from bear, deer, and pork to the exclusive G-LINE salamis aged for several years, each bite is a symphony of flavors that speaks to the soul of Slovenia's culinary heritage.

A visit to BioSing's cellar is an experience like no other. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Ribnica Valley, guests are treated to a theatrical tasting experience that combines the finest cured meats with carefully selected natural wines. The result? A culinary journey that transcends the ordinary and elevates the senses to new heights.

But BioSing's acclaim extends far beyond the borders of Slovenia. Their creations grace the menus of some of the world's top restaurants, including Michelin-starred establishments, JRE elite dining venues, and those featured in the prestigious Top50 list. Their inclusion in culinary guides like GAULT MILAU and participation in renowned events such as the EUROPEAN FOOD SUMMIT and CHEFS STAGE underscore their standing in the culinary world.

BioSing's accolades continue with recognition from esteemed food experts and publications. From the Michelin Guide to influential figures like Andrea Petrini of GELINAZ, their creations have garnered widespread acclaim. The Matador Network selected BioSing alongside only two other Slovenian producers for a culinary documentary, highlighting their significance in the gastronomic landscape.

Opinions and statements by the most influential people in the gourmet world about BioSing:

Andrea Petrini-global food critic (One of the most powerful figures in food):

“I just tasted in Slovenia the best niche and topnotch charcuterie ever and it comes from the life commitment of a young local genius, David Lesar.”

Maurilio Garola (La Ciau del Tornavento *): “The Rolex salami”

Nicolai Norregard (KADEAU **):

“The Bear Salami legend, David Lesar is one of the most passionate and dedicated people I have ever met! Truly inspiring. The ten years cured bear salami was mind blowing!”

Ana Roš (HIŠA FRANKO ***):

“The taste hell amazing!”

Rene Redzepi (NOMA ***):

“Enjoy the best bear salami.”

Michelin guide:

“Meet David Lesar the young and dynamic owner of BioSing, a small, dried meat company which makes of the finest salamis in the country”

Identita Golose:

“BioSing, la Rolls-Royce dei salumi Sloveni”

Senzacamedi:”BioSing Erzeugnisse nicht zu verkosten wäre eine verpasste Chance auf den Gourmet Himmel”

Der Feinschmecker:

“BioSing Salami vom Braunbären ist ein echter Geheimtipp. Wir haben uns an Sloweniens Geschmakswunder herangepirscht.”

Kaja Sajovic (International food critic, journalist):

“The craziest salami place you can find anywhere.”


Moreover, BioSing's collaboration with globally renowned restaurants and inclusion in luxury gourmet tours further cements their status as purveyors of gastronomic excellence. From hosting teams from acclaimed establishments like Hiša Franko and Mirazur to being featured in culinary narratives curated by industry insiders, BioSing's story is one of unparalleled success and innovation.

In the tapestry of Slovenia's gastronomic heritage, BioSing stands out as a beacon of tradition, innovation, and epicurean delight. As they continue to redefine gourmet indulgence, one bite at a time, BioSing invites you to savor the essence of culinary excellence and embark on a journey through the world's finest flavors.

A visit to BioSing's cellar is an experience like no other. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Ribnica Valley, guests are treated to a theatrical tasting experience that combines the finest cured meats with carefully selected natural wines.


The Way I see It

• I see the name BioSing as an abbreviation for Bio Salami Engineering, as the production has been re-engineered from scratch: from the careful selection of the meat, through the attentive processing until the final touches, the presentation, and the tasting.

• I am proud of my origins, of the traditional pedlars' knowledge, of my land, the pristine air and clear waters, of all the ingredients that are needed for a premium product.

• The result are gourmet products and selected aromas that open new horizons.

• The salami and sausages are premium selection products prepared for people who value great taste. You will not find them in regular shops as tasting these products is and should be a special experience.

• The BioSing products have been created for tasting and combining with selection wines.

• I have decided to bring back production from an industrial approach back to its roots, to craftmanship. I have dropped all preservatives, additives, and industrial shortcuts. While sticking to the highest standards, I strive to achieve the fullest and richest aromas, peculiar bouquets, and natural flavours.

• The products are partly smoked in a natural way The specially prepared smoke from beech wood is slowly cooled down in clay underground tubes to maintain the esters that give the products their fine aroma.

• I am very glad that the BioSing products do not contain additives, as they are not only natural and pristine, but I believe them to be true remedies. The meat is fermented by naturally present microorganisms and, containing large amounts of probiotics, are to be considered complex food.

• The carefully selected meat is only processed during the right lunar phase.

• The meat and the ham are not grounded but cubed. We have obtained the international BIO manufacturing certificate.

• We almost use exclusively organic pork of the heirloom variety of Krško Polje. The meat contains considerable amounts and optimum ratios of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. The meat comes with 75% less cholesterol than farmed pork and half the cholesterol of farmed beef and poultry.

• Premium products require premium serving patented serving plate the BioSing SERVIR serving set, a special timber cutter.

• The products are aged in in special, naturally ventilated underground clay chambers with manual regulation of temperature. The hyphae of the white moulds can therefore naturally grow through the casings and thus release the lipolytic and proteolytic enzymes into the meat. This has a remarkable impact on the ageing and gives BioSing products their supreme and delicate taste.

David Lesar, founder and the driving force behind BioSing

A tasting in the cellar BioSing is an epic experience since pairing with large selection of the natural and world's best wines (one of the largest collections of top wines in the region, approx. 10,000 bottles).

A: Gorenjska cesta
1310 Ribnica-
T: +38651235586

Follow your senses to the place of ultimate indulgence. Opatija Riviera awaits!

Ikador Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa

Ul. Svetog Nikole 2 | Ika - Opatija 51410 | Croatia

T +385 (0)51 20 70 20 | E

W Real estate brand like no other.








WEEKENDS: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

For additional consultations with our team please contact us by phone +381 11 3333520 or by email Studentski Trg 9, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia


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There are few countries that can provide you with unforgettable authentic experiences throughout the year. Croatia is a country that offers just that. The clear blue sea, green pine forests and fragrant vineyards, beautiful pristine nature, picturesque views, and centuries-old palaces and summer houses are timeless, enriching experiences. These are places where you achieve the balance of mind and body, while traces of a thousand-year history invite exploration.

Impresia is a collection of impressive Croatian hotels, a collection of tastes, sounds, scents amazing in feeling. The collection of memories filling the minds and hearts with the exquisite glory. They are located in city palaces, vineyards, olive groves, castles or in UNESCO protected historical city centres. Their luxury is woven into their foundations and architecture, and each of them is a unique expression of a destination, creating a distinct identity.

Look at the versatility of one thousand islands embellishing Croatia. Feel the difference between the inland and the coast. Taste the sumptuous richness of food of these gastronomic gems. Feel the authenticity in Croatia in our distinct destinations handpicked for your happiness. Come, see, discover Croatia and see what Croatia discovers about you.




rmerun Heritage Hotel & Residences is located in the heart of Šibenik and preserves the memories of its rich history while inviting you to create new ones in the city of King Petar Krešimir IV. Besides the three restored 16th-century Venetian fortresses, the Šibenik Cathedral is the most famous symbol of the city, a structure where Gothic and Renaissance styles intertwine.

The hotel is located on the site of a Dominican monastery from the 17th century and the old town fish market, peskaria. Preserved stone walls make this hotel notable, but its beauty is expressed from the inside as well as from the outside. The monastery artifacts, which consist of various stone fragments from the 15th to

17th centuries, are displayed in the space providing an authentic experience.

Buta restaurant, known for its superb breakfast offer, is a place that provides the choice of thirty gastronomic specialties from various world cuisines prepared from seasonal and local ingredients.

Armerun Heritage Hotel & Residences is a place that invites you to come and create precious memories in Šibenik, a coastal city full of valuable history and the perfect blend of beaches, culture, and spectacular nature.


• Exceptional A la carte Breakfast at restaurant Buta

• Ensured fortress tickets for reservations made via website

• Natural beach within 10 minutes walking distance from the hotel

• Bicycle and boat tours


• Visit the three fortresses - the Fortresses of St. Nicholas, St. John, and St. Michael

• Visit the Cathedral of St. James - the crown jewel of the city’s Old Town and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

• Explore the city itself with its medieval architecture, cobblestone streets

• Go on a boat tour and visit the Kornati archipelago or islands of Zlarin, Obonjan, or Krapanj

• Enjoy sunset kayaking or walking the trail of St. Anthony Channel

• Taste local wine and mussels


• 17 rooms

• 4 Residences


• Obala palih omladinaca 6, 22000 Sibenik, Croatia

• +385 99 711 9996




Armerun Heritage Hotel & Residences is located in the heart of the old town of Šibenik, on the shores of the Šibenik waterfront, 300 meters from the Cathedral of St. Jacob, and offers an enviable view of the Šibenik bay. Elements of a 15th-century Dominican convent are perfectly integrated into the interior. This heritage boutique luxury hotel has 17 rooms and 4 Residences.

The rooms located at the front offer a beautiful sea view, while the rooms located on the back side of the hotel have a view of the roofs of the old houses in the inner city.

Stunning property in a great location. Lovely staff and the breakfast menu is the most extensive (and delicious) I’ve ever seen! The apartment was beautifully decorated and well equipped. I could go on but don’t really want too many people to find out about this gem!


A restaurant Buta; known for its superb breakfast experience, offers a phenomenal view of the sunset from the terrace.

Šibenik is a combination of extraordinary architectural achievements, refinement, and authentic experiences. It is one of the five cities in the world where there are two monuments on the UNESCO World Heritage list, the Fortress of St. Nicholas and the Cathedral of St. Jacob. Šibenik is also the jumping-off point for two of Croatia’s national parks – the Krka waterfalls and The Kornati archipelago.

Guest review


One of the nicest properties we have had the pleasure of staying in. Luxurious, comfortable, spacious accommodation with an incredible view. The service was excellent and very accommodating. We would absolutely stay here again!

This is one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever stayed in! It’s in a great location, the decor and rooms were stunning. In addition, the staff could not do enough to help and there were so many additional extras provided which made the stay even more special!



We liked everything. The most professional, very friendly and kind staff. Fabulous breakfast to start a day (the best on the entire Croatian coast). Excellent location, great parking, there's not enough words to describe our satisfaction with this hotel. We reccomend it strongly!!!


Cart'otel ZAGREB


roatia's first art'otel with art-inspired interiors and modern amenities, located in the heart of the capital. art’otel Zagreb is housed in a historic residential building, that is transformed into an exclusive contemporary designed hotel, with 110 rooms including 5 Suites. The hotel is designed with relaxing comfort but enriched with an artistic touch. Located in the city centre of Zagreb, art'otel Zagreb is close to major tourist attractions, theatres, museums, galleries, parks and gardens, concert halls, and the commercial part of the city, state administration, and stores. Due to its excellent location and connections, art'otel Zagreb is the best choice for business people and all those com-


ing on vacation. At art’otel Zagreb, with original artworks by the renowned late Croatian artist Boris Bućan on display throughout the hotel, we invite guests to immerse themselves in creativity from the moment they arrive. Four creative rooms for meetings and events, an indoor swimming pool, gym and treatment rooms, a rooftop bar with skyline views and the possibility for private events, Pan – Asian dining and teahouse, and much more make the hotel unique in Zagreb.


• Art collection; Signature artist Boris Bućan

• Rooftop Bar with skyline views and organization of private events

• The Spa; Wellness, indoor swimming pool, gym and treatment rooms

• 4 Creative rooms for meetings and events


• 110 bedrooms including 5 suites


• YEZI Restaurant, Bar & Terrace; Pan-Asian dining and Teahouse


• Explore Zagreb's vibrant contemporary art scene and iconic landmarks, including the Main Square and Cathedral of Zagreb.

• Viewpoints; located on hilly terrain, Zagreb offers impressive views of the city and its surroundings

• Monuments of architecture

• Trades & Parks

• Galleries, museums, theathres, concert halls and art collections

• Vibrant culture scene & nightlife


art’otel Zagreb Petrinjska 7, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

T: +385 1 600 1700 E: W:



Welcome to a haven where art intertwines seamlessly with hospitality, creating a vibrant tapestry of culture and indulgence. art’otel Zagreb offers extraordinary experiences that leave lasting impressions. Indulge in Pan-Asian cuisine and tea culture at YEZI Restaurant & Teahouse, led by Londonbased concept chef Werner Seebach. Enjoy dim sum, cocktails, and a vast tea selection in a vibrant setting. From delicate foraged mushroom dim sum to spicy wok-cooked chilli bean prawns, the YEZI menu is a symphony of flavours and textures. Whether you're craving a light bite or a hearty meal, YEZI ensures there's some -

Fabulous hotel in the city centre. Safe location, close to everything Design and styling is stunning. Top Quality of all materials and furniture used. Personnel is very very polite and accommodating, this feature is also something that distinguishes this hotel from other places in Zagreb city, as professionalism is quite rare to find in stores, hotels and restaurants.


thing to tantalize every palate. Savor European-inspired patisserie at The Bar and Tea House, perfectly complementing mixology offerings. Unwind at Wellness & Spa, featuring top-notch facilities and luxury massages by Gemology. Experience paradise with an indoor pool and state-of-the-art gym, followed by breathtaking city views from meeting spaces. Coming soon, the rooftop bar will offer handcrafted cocktails and serene sunsets for unforgettable moments. Experience the extraordinary and create memories that will last a lifetime. art'otel Zagreb is a place where art meets hotel.

2 Guest review

Me and my friend and I really liked everything about that hotel. This hotel is located at fabolous location, is very clean, very comfortable, very beautiful, everything is really nice and every detail is important to them which is visible.

I was really impressed with breakfast. It was absolutely delicious and"a la cart" option as well which I liked even more.

Excellent service, everyone made us feel welcome, very friendly staff, always with a smile. The breakfast presentation is really special. From the à la carte choices, the salmon croissant is exceptional.



I recently stayed at this fantastic hotel in the heart of Zagreb and it was an exceptional experience. The location is perfect for exploring the city, right in the center with easy access to all major attractions. The room was wonderfully appointed, offering both comfort and style.




evanda, first five-star design hotel in northern Adriatic with exquisitely appointed rooms and bespoke services tailored to each guest, stands as a testament to sophistication and style.

Its origins lie in a renowned restaurant founded in 1971. Today, the legacy of that establishment has blossomed and is blending modernity with historical charm.

Each of Bevanda's ten elegantly furnished rooms pays homage to the notable figures of Opatija's past who graced its shores and contributed to its vibrant cultural tapestry. The interior design of Bevanda is meticulously crafted by Croatian architects and arti-


sans who spared no detail in creating aesthetics and functionality.

The pièce de résistance is a sprawling glass hall in the restaurant area with panoramic view of the Kvarner Bay and the lights of Rijeka. Here, guests are treated to a culinary spectacle, where only the finest locally sourced ingredients are transformed into a symphony of flavours that tantalize the palate.

Complementing this experience is Bevanda's exceptional rich wine collection, alongside the exclusive possession of a bottle of Glenfiddich 50-year-old, of which only 50 bottles are released annually from the distillery.

Bevanda always was, and still is, the unique Adriatic.


• 8 rooms and 2 suites

• Jacuzzi as a part of the Deluxe rooms and Deluxe Suites

• Terrace with the impressive sea view at Kvarner bay in all 10 rooms

• Rich minibar LOCATION:

• Location at the water-front of Opatija Riviera, in the heart of Opatija

• 500m away from city center

• Airport Krk 45km

• Airport Pula 100km

Petra Lustig

Front office and Sales Manager

“As the guests depart from Bevanda, they carry with them not merely memories, but an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of indulgence without limits.”

• Airport Zagreb 145km

• Airport Ljubljana 85km

• Airport Trieste 85 km

• Airport Venice 155km


• Intimate weddings

• Business dinner

• Private events


• renowned a la carte restaurant Bevanda established in 1971

• wine gallery with more than 750 wine labels

• very rare whiskey selection

• Cigar bar

• Bevanda bar

• Pet friendly

• Private car transfers

• Individually tailored or group day tours

• Yacht rental


Zert 8, 51410 Opatija




With each step through Bevanda, guests find themselves enchanted by the meticulous details crafted to enhance their stay into an unforgettable experience. Bevanda stands proudly as the region's first five-star design hotel, seamlessly blending contemporary luxury with a heritage dating back to 1971.

Guests can immerse themselves in the captivating ambiance of suites named after illustrious figures such as Giacomo Puccini, James Joyce, or Isadora Duncan.

The core of Bevanda is its breath taking glass hall, offering panoramic vistas of the Kvarner Bay. Within this space, dining becomes an experience beyond mere sustenance through locally sourced

ingredients that create gastronomic masterpieces that delight the palate .Each sip of one of the wines from Bevanda's 750 wine collection labels takes you on a journey through the renowned vineyards of the world and the region.

Upon bidding farewell to Bevanda, guests depart not only with cherished memories but with an enduring experience that lingers long after the departure.

Guest review

“A perfect hotel with one of the best restaurants in Croatia. We'll definitely come back. Sea view from jacuzzi, extra!”



“Elegant boutique hotel at the water front. Comfortable room with great view, very friendly and accommodating staff. Recommended for a luxurious stay in Opatija.”

“Waking up here feels like you are in your own little villa. breathtaking views!”



“That's how I imagine 5 stars. Everything was at the highest level and exceeded our expectations. A very special highlight for us was breakfast.”




EMOTHEO heritage hotel is a unique establishment in the historic town of Imotski, a place of myths and legends. Chiseled in stone, Imotski is tucked into the Dalmatian inland behind Biokovo mountain and connected to the Adriatic coast by a tunnel. The hotel is located just 50 meters from the famous Blue Lake.

The EMOTHEO heritage concept ensures that every detail is a unique emotional dedication to Imotski, which is achieved by

harmonizing authentic cultural heritage with modern design.

Within the hotel, there is the TRI SUNCA (Three suns) restaurant & bar, which offers a superb combination of traditional and modern cuisine, and an excellent selection of local and international wines from all regions that have had an impact on Imotski throughout history.


TRI SUNCA restaurant & bar

Chef: Mario Bukarica

Dish: Chicken and polenta


• 20 rooms and 2 suites: all thematic and telling a story about an important Imotski landmark


Ulica Ante Starčevića 20, 21260 Imotski, Croatia


21 333 337


• Tasting menus and wine pairing

• Impressive selection of local and international wines and spirits

• Signature and craft cocktails created with local fruits, herbs and spices

• Coffee break at the town´s main square near the hotel


• Visit the famous Blue and Red Lakes,

• Explore the old town and Topana fortress

• Tasting tours at local wineries

• Quad driving, kayaking, hiking, trekking

• Local celebrations during the whole year



EMOTHEO heritage hotel was built as a place of joy and power where Imotski is celebrated and experiences are emotionally guided by the culture and beauty of our land. Each of our rooms or suites has its own theme, we emphasize the excellent service we provide to all our guests, and our staff is dressed in specially designed uniforms based on the motifs of our national costumes.

Besides our TRI SUNCA restaurant & bar which is based on

Story of the Three Suns and the legends of the Blue and Red Lakes give the hotel an impression of mysticism, but also a permanent dedication to nature, stone and wood.


the cuisine of Dalmatian mothers and grandmothers, with modern influences in the preparation of dishes, we can organize various wine tasting packages both in the hotel itself and in the local wineries, a tour to the sights and natural beauties of the city with a professional guide, a tour to the historical places of the Imotski region, water and sports activities and many more.

Guest review


The staff is the most hospitable we have ever met…Breakfast and dinner were very tasty…

Total recommendation 10/10…. If I could give more I would!

The hotel's ambiance is incredibly pleasant, creating a relaxing atmosphere that leaves an indelible impression…

All in all, an amazing experience that I highly recommend to everyone.



The hotel is lovely and source food and wine from local producers which we enjoyed tasting…Our stay was made special as the staff were so welcoming.




he hotel is situated in a picturesque location right by the sea, surrounded by Mediterranean greenery and close to the ancient city of Pula. The front overlooks the open sea, catching sight of the Brijuni National Park, which inspired the hotel's name.

It features 227 rooms and suites, several restaurants and bars, an infinity pool, luxurious wellness & spa facilities, and a conference centre for business travellers. Digital technologies are an integral part of the hotel. The speciality of the Grand Brioni lies in its modern design and range of high-quality services, which are entirely

geared towards 21st-century luxury.


The hotel itself boasts a colourful background. Built in 1972, it was extremely popular with celebrities visiting the Film Festival. As a connector that complies with the heritage and the modern, the art is found in every corner. Inspired by the colours of the surroundings, antiquity and the present, renowned Croatian artists have created their works exclusively for the hotel.

Today, Grand Hotel Brioni Pula, A Radisson Collection Hotel, is one of the most regarded hotels in Croatia.


• Outdoor pool & Brioni Beach; hire anything from sun loungers and umbrellas to jet skis, with a wide range of water sports available.

• Boat tours; explore the nearby islands & hidden spots

• Relax and unwind in on-site Gemma Di Brioni Spa and Wellness Centre; heated indoor pool, whirlpool, three saunas, seven treatment rooms and a gym with state-of-the-art equipment

• Dine in Style; Sample the best of Istrian cuisine at Grand Hotel Brioni Pula

• Grab and go with Butler’s Corner

• Relax in style; drift off to sleep to the sound of Pula’s serene sea breezes


• Discover Pula’s Roman past; ancient monuments to the past cast shadows across the city’s skyline.

• Step back in time at Pula Arena; the Roman amphitheatre is among the six largest surviving arenas of its kind and the only one in the world with all four side towers still preserved.

• Take a day trip to Brijuni National Park; easy and enjoyable, whether you’re interested in the nourishing calm of its natural beauty, or the joy and wonder of meeting an Indian elephant.

• Traverse rugged coastline and crystal waters at Cape Kamenjak

• Explore the local cuisine; fresh seafood, delicious, local truffles, exquisite wines, olive oil


• With meticulous attention to detail, the hotel features 227 stylish rooms across three floors, each exquisitely designed to offer the utmost comfort and luxury.


• With three distinguished restaurants and four unique bars, Grand Hotel Brioni Pula, A Radisson Collection Hotel has something to satisfy everyone. Focusing on fresh ingredients from trusted, local providers, each restaurant delivers a unique and innovative menu.

• A must-visit for meat lovers - Sophia Restaurant offers delicious steaks in a variety of cuts.


A: Grand Hotel Brioni Pula, A Radisson Collection Hotel, Verudella 16, 52100 Pula, Croatia

T: +385 52 378 700






Hotel Brioni Pula, A Radisson Collection Hotel, embodies an unparalleled level of refinement, elegance, and personalized service. It goes beyond the conventional notions of hospitality to offer an exquisite experience that anticipates and exceeds the desires and expectations. It is more than just providing luxurious accommodation and fine dining; it involves orchestrating a symphony of extraordinary experiences tailored to individual preferences and desires. Whether it's arranging bespoke excursions to explore the surrounding natural beauty, curating indulgent spa treatments, or orchestrating private events in breathtaking settings, every aspect of the journey is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense

Most amazing resort hotel we've ever been to! Can not say enough about the super staff who were friendly, knowledgeable, and couldn't do more for you. The facilities are spotless, well designed and in a great location. The buffet breakfast was fantastic with everything possible to select from.


of wonder and delight.

After your overnight stay in luxurious accommodation, savour fine cuisine and impeccable service at Sophia Restaurant, surrounded by stunning décor and local flavours. Indulge in unlimited access to our wellness and relaxation areas, ensuring complete rejuvenation during your stay. Our commitment extends beyond hospitality; it's about crafting enduring memories that linger long after your departure. Prepare to be enchanted and inspired by the pinnacle of luxury and hospitality at Grand Hotel Brioni Pula.

Guest review


The Grand Hotel Brioni in Pula exceeded all my expectations, making my stay an absolute delight! The staff's warmth and friendliness made me feel right at home from the moment I arrived.

Perhaps the best hotel in this part of the world. They managed to combine the superb nature in one place, so the location is excellent, the design of the hotel blended into the same nature, the maintenance of the hotel at the highest possible level.



This hotel is a state of the art regarding design, architecture and details of the interior. Just the location is perfect, and then infinity pool with sea water, clifs on the seaside, and numerous decks with the outstanding view are just something else.




elcome to the exclusive Relais & Chateaux retreat hidden within the walls of the medieval old town of Korčula, on the island of Korčula, Croatia. The 18th Century Bishop's palace was lovingly restored and now offers six unique and spacious suites with full hotel service, Michelin starred LD Restaurant and LD Spa.


• Thai & Ayurveda spa treatments

• 6 course Tasting menu with wine pairing in one Michelin star LD Restaurant

• Sunset cruise with a glass of sparkling wine or cocktail on our classic wooden boat ‘Kata’


• Admire the view from the St.Mark’s Cathedral Bell Tower


They were designed by an Asian-Croatian team of architects and interior designers and inspired by Korčula's famous resident Marco Polo and his travels along the Silk Road. Discover a perfect place for those wishing to escape, create, relax or unwind.

• Visit Marco Polo's birth home

• Explore hidden beaches of Korčula archipelago by boat

• Taste the indigenous red and white wines

• Explore the nature wonders - natural habitat ‘Kočje’ in Žrnovo village


Six unique and themed luxury residences with full hotel service


One Michelin star LD Restaurant

Chef: Marko Gajski

Dish: Prawn gyoza


A: Don Pavla Poše 1-6

T: +385 20 715 560





While in the palace, our clients and friends can experience the best that Korčula has to offer, from the richness of its history, culture and scenic beauty to the quality if its gastronomy. Restaurant terrace nested underneath the pine trees and literarily few steps from the sea, stretches along the centuries old medieval walls of historic Korčula town, while panoramic views across the nearby archipelago provide unparalleled Mediterranean feel.

For a true lightness of being, indulge in the therapeutic benefits of spa therapies offered by the palace's Thai and Ayurveda therapists who are trained to world-class standards. Explore the uniqueness and beauty of Korčula archipelago. Experience the authentic spirit of time o classic wooden boat upgraded with Michelin starred delicacies. Unlock your capacity to fully immerse in the beauty of the place and we will make sure you leave with the feeling you have been somewhere special.

Guest review


The Lesic Dimitri Palace could not have been more beautiful. It's in a perfect location with stunning views of the sea. And, the property itself is breathtaking. Loads of charm, lovely service, and great in house restaurant for breakfast and dinner here. Perfect location to explore the rest of the island which we did as part of a bike tour here.


What a darling place. We loved it! We stayed in the Venice apartment as a family of 5 and it was perfect for our needs. The decor is beyond adorable. The staff is incredibly friendly.



We had a wonderful dinner in a magic setting by the water. We had the tasting menu with wine pairing. The service was professional and friendly. Highly recommended for a special night!




Welcome to Martinis Marchi, an exceptional property nestled in the picturesque Maslinica village on the Island of Šolta. This unique castle spreads across 1500 square meters arranged in just nine refined and spacious suites with breathtaking sea views. Only a 30min drive from the center of Split, here naturally blends the serenity and enlightening heritage of a remarkable castle hotel built in the 18th century with the enticing simplicity of authentic Dalmatian cuisine from the seaside restaurant, and top-notch 5-star service within an acclaimed marina to form the ideal setting, thus creating an indulgent Dalmatian holiday experience.


This distinctive destination, resonating with fragrant scents of local vegetation and the tranquil essence of both historical and modern influences, enveloped by stunning natural surroundings, is ideal for creating unforgettable memories during a family getaway, a dream wedding celebration, a refined corporate gathering, or as a starting point for sailing adventures and exploring the true essence of the Adriatic.


• Outdoor heated pool

• Wellness treats

• Peaceful and clean pebble beach 2 minutes from the hotel entrance

• Bicycle hire


• Martinis Marchi Exclusive Events: WIne & Friends Event in April and Summer Party in August

• Exclusive rental for weddings & events, family & friends reunions

• Private and guided speedboat tours with the 'Martinis Marchi I' super luxurious yacht for fast transfer or exploring the nearby secluded beaches and islands

• Island exploring with unique oldtimer VW

• Meeting the local olive oil, honey, and wine producers

• Painting workshop with the local painter


Seaside restaurant, wine cellar, bar Chef Alen Mančev

Dish: Fish pot 'Popara' a'la Martinis Marchi / white wild fish from the Adriatic Sea, potatoes, vegetables, white wine, and extra virgin olive oil /


A: Put Sv Nikole 51, Maslinica, island of Šolta, Croatia

T: +385 21 572768

M: +385 99 2404118

Whatsapp: +385 99 2404118





AtMartinis Marchi, guests are treated to a myriad of special experiences that elevate their stay creating unforgettable memories. Step aboard our fast and luxurious speedboat Sunseeker Superhawk 50 motor yacht for seamless transfers and guided tours, where the Adriatic's beauty unfolds before your eyes in style and comfort. Discover the islandthemed trails exploring the hidden gems of Šolta with our Jeep Iltis, immersing yourself in the island's rich history and natural wonders.

Start your day with a soothing dive into our heated pool, relax your body and mind with one of our numerous massages, body, facial, and foot treatments, or simply enjoy the sauna and a Turkish bath. Complement and finish your treatment savouring a little bit of fresh fruit and sipping tea on the hotel terrace and your day may begin! Delve into the heart of

Dalmatia by meeting local producers, where you'll gain insight into centuries-old traditions of honey production, and savor the flavors of artisanal delights or try something new as painting with the local painter. From sampling olive oils to tasting local wines, each encounter unveils the essence of Dalmatian hospitality and craftsmanship.

Every moment is an opportunity for discovery and delight, where our curated experiences promise to leave an indelible mark on your journey through the enchanting Adriatic. Finish your day in the Martinis Marchi seaside Restaurant that busts with simple and traditional Dalmatian dishes with a modern twist, accompanied by a glass of exquisite wine.

Guest review


I have never been to a hotel more deserving of 5 stars and everything was finished to such fine detail. If you are looking for a romantic hotel by the sea, where you will feel like you are in a fairy tale, be sure to visit the luxurious castle hotel Martinis Marchi.


Wow, what a spectacular place to stay! The hotel is set in a beautifully renovated 18th-century palace. The staff are super friendly and professional and the pool is just amazing.



With only 9 rooms, it feels very exclusive. The hotel is a reconstructed nobleman's palace, built around a stunning pool area and faces onto the lovely Maslinica harbor and marina.




Located amidst untouched nature, the 5-star Meneghetti Hotel offers luxury and unique privacy, sophistication, and elegance in its architecture, with wooden beams and floors, is modern and antique furniture that evokes the atmosphere of the past enhanced with modern amenities, creating the perfect setting for an ideal vacation.

Within only a decade, the Meneghetti team has completely transformed the estate and established the brand which is a synonym for excellence in the Adriatic region and across South-East Europe.


Renovated with care and finesse, Meneghetti represents the high-end luxury in Croatia and regionally. The Meneghetti restaurant is among the best in Croatia and in the wider region. The Meneghetti winery, although small, produces wines which are now recognisable across Central and Southeastern Europe. Meneghetti olive oil is repeatedly year after year included in the list of 50 best olive oils in the world.


• Michelin-recommended restaurant offering various fine dining options.

• Summer al fresco restaurant “Oliveto” located next to the main pool, overlooking the vineyards.

• Beach bar “Boho” located 2 km from the estate. The bay where Boho is located is secluded and offers the most privacy, and peace in the Summertime. The guests are offered a free shuttle service taking them from the Hotel to the beach in the summer months.

• Contemporary Winery located right across the estate offering various wine tasting programs, but also olive oil tasting, cigars,

and many other traditional Istrian products.

• Free bikes and e-bike rental.

• SPA centre with a wide variety of treatments based on olive oil, wine, and many local herbs, a finish sauna, and a gym.

• Two outdoor, common pools.


• Visit the national park of Brijuni

• Visit the Pula Roman Arena

• Go truffle hunting in northern Istria

• Visit the historic and romantic old city of Rovinj

• Visit the local meat and cheese producers


• - 10 rooms and suites located in the historic main hotel building and 48 luxurious residences and villas, with or without private pools in their garden.


Meneghetti Wine Hotel & Winery, Stancija Meneghetti 1, 52211 Bale, Istria, Croatia

+385 52 528 800



Passion and talent to make nothing less than the best is set towards achieving an ultimate objective – to create an exceptional high-end resort, which will be inimitably grounded in the specific Istrian lifestyle and architecture, and will be a congregation of everything that the Meneghetti name stands for today: peace, serenity, privacy, sense of chosen seclusion from the rest of the world, connection with nature, superb wine and olive oil, superior gastronomy, a blend of tradition and elegance. Accommodation includes rooms and suites in traditional and contemporary styles, spacious villas with pool and beautifully modern residences, some with a pool. The food is exquisite with farm-fresh local produce used

What a great place! Restaurant: dinner top-notch. Breakfast: delicious.

Staff in all areas were super friendly, helpful and attentive. Never seen it so far in Croatia!

to create dishes that can be enjoyed with a fine wine pairing from the estate. Breakfast is plentiful, with al fresco lunches at the poolside restaurant. There is also on-site wine and olive oil tasting which guests can enjoy in a new contemporary Winery right across the estate. Signature treatments on the menu at the spa include vino and olive oil therapies and there are two outdoor pools and a gym. A complimentary shuttle service is provided to the hotel’s private beach 15 minutes away. That way, guests can enjoy the best of both worlds, the Istrian seaside and inner beauty.

Guest review


Very nice attention to detail. We will come back. If only we would have stayed longer! It is quite impressive arriving at an iron gate, opening up to a tree-lined driveway where at the end staff is waiting to welcome you. What followed was even more impressive...


The Meneghetti experience is outstanding. Every detail, from the service to the facilities, is exquisite and one of the rare, truly 5-star establishments. The restaurant is impeccable, for both dinner and breakfast - standouts being the pork cheek and eggs benedict. Our short stay has left us wanting more and we will be back!



There are not enough words to describe the beauty of this place. From the gorgeous olive trees and vineyards surrounding the property to the gorgeous rooms, it’s worth every moment. Our dinner was topped with gorgeous Michelinworthy dishes! I can’t wait to go back.




Istria has been a special part of the Adriatic since the old times. The unique, tranquil beauty of the countryside and the fertility of the land have made it possible for the peninsula’s inhabitants to thrive independently of the sea. And that is why small, secluded, picturesque places and estates exist, not far from the coast, but nestled among the richer, greener beauty hidden in


Istria’s inland. Brtonigla is an idyllic example of a small, historic, Istrian town, and the San Rocco Hotel is an idyllic example of a picturesque, peaceful, beautiful Istrian estate. San Rocco is a family estate and has been run by the Fernetich family for over 160 years. The olive grove surrounding the hotel has thrived for over a century and was planted by the Fernetichs’ great-grandfa- ther.


• Restaurant San Rocco is member of JRE association

• Michelin recommended

• Focus on zero waste

• Food from local farmers and our garden

• Producer of Extra Vergin Olive Oil San Rocco

• Guided tasting of olive oil for the guests


• Indoor pool, outdoor pool, sauna, relax zone

• Olive Oil massages

• 10000 m2 garden surrounded by olive trees

• 15 bikes

• E-bikes

• Truffles hunting

• Wine tasting and visits of Winery


• Meeting room up to 15 pax

• Small event for up to 40 pax


• 11 rooms, 2 suites


• Trieste Airport (92 min)

• Pula Airport (57 min)

• Venice Airport (2 hours)


A: Heritage Hotel San Rocco

T: +385 52 725 000

GM: Luana Fernetich Ladavac

Heritage Hotel & Gourmet Restaurant


Nestled in the charming village of Brtonigla, Hotel San Rocco stands as a beacon of luxury and refinement. But what truly sets us apart isn’t just our elegant accommodations or picturesque surroundings—it’s the extraordinary experiences we offer, each carefully crafted to leave a lasting impression on our guests. From the moment you step into our lobby, you’re greeted with warm hospitality and a sense of tranquility that permeates every corner of our establishment. Whether you’re indulging in a gourmet meal at our renowned restaurant, sampling exquisite local wines at our cellar, or unwinding with a spa treatment, every aspect of your stay is designed to elevate your senses and rejuvenate your spirit. But it’s not just about the amenities; it’s about the

moments that take your breath away. Picture yourself savoring a sunset cocktail on our rooftop terrace, overlooking the rolling hills of Istria. Or perhaps you’re joining a guided truffle hunting excursion, discovering the secrets of this coveted delicacy firsthand. These are the experiences that stay with you long after your departure, weaving themselves into the fabric of your memories. At Hotel San Rocco, we understand that true luxury lies in the intangible—those fleeting moments of joy, wonder, and connection that can’t be measured by stars or ratings. It’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that every stay with us is not just memorable, but truly magical. Welcome to a world where every moment is an unforgettable experience. Welcome to Hotel San Rocco.

Guest review

“Exquisite dining experience! The farmto-table concept at San Rocco amazed us. Each dish bursts with freshness and flavor, showcasing the region’s culinary richness. Plus, knowing they prioritize sustainability makes every bite even more enjoyable.” Jill Cooper, 2023



“Impeccable service! From the moment we arrived, we were treated like royalty. The staff’s attention to detail, coupled with their ecofriendly initiatives, left us feeling pampered and guilt-free. Can’t wait to return!” Alhi, 2023

“A sanctuary of relaxation! The spa at San Rocco is a hidden gem. Their eco-conscious approach to wellness, combined with luxurious treatments, transported us to a state of pure bliss. Highly recommend the couples massage!”

Marcus and Marta, 2023



“An eco-conscious oasis! San Rocco’s commitment to sustainability impressed us at every turn. From energyefficient amenities to their support of local conservation efforts, staying here felt like a step towards a greener future. Kudos to their eco-friendly practices!” Arneitz Hofels, 2023




Set in the very heart of Dubrovnik Old Town, The Pucić Palace is an immersive blend of classical beauty and modern luxury, an epitome of the city it proudly calls home. This harmonious baroque palace is imbued with history and artwork, offering an experience akin to an art trilogy where past, present,


and future unfold and interweave, with elegance and style. Built in the 18th century, was once home to the Dubrovnik’s aristocratic family Pucić, known also as Pozze or Poce. The Pucić family left their mark on Dubrovnik’s history through their political work and their love of art.


• Rooms are named after the well known citizens of

• Dubrovnik

• Porterage included

• Hotel card for sunbeds & sun umbrellas on Banje

• Beach

• Pet friendly hotel

• Lucijan Restaurant & Caffe

• À la carte Mediterranean restaurant Magdalena on the

• first floor terrace with baroque chapel


• 16 rooms

• 2 suites NOT TO BE MISSED:

• Old City & City walls

• Sunset yacht ride around the islands

• Lokrum Island – nature park


• Hotel: Set in the very heart Old Town

• Dubrovnik Airport: 19 km

• Gruž Port: 2,7 km

• ACI Marina: 3,6 km


Ulica od Puča 1, 20 000 Dubrovnik

+385 20 326 222



In 1895 the palace began to serve as a hotel – named hotel De la Ville. During the second half of the 20th century, the hotel again changes its name to Dubravka and this tradition of hospitality continues today. Following the adaptation according to the strict UNESCO guidelines, after the war, using traditional con-

struction methods and materials, this magnificent building was reborn in its original grandeur, opening its door in 2002 as a first Croatian boutique hotel, The Pucić Palace. A place full of textures, sounds, smells, and sensations that traverse time.

Guest review

The Pucic Palace Boutique Hotel in Dubrovnik exceeded all expectations! From the historic charm to the attentive staff and delectable dining, it was a memorable stay. We can not wait to come back again. Highly recommend!



This hotel is stunning. Situated within the city walls its in an ideal location. Decor and rooms very grand. The staff are phenomenal; first class service by all. Breakfast delicious. We would highly recommend this hotel.

The team could not have been more welcoming on our arrival and throughout our stay.

Just wish we could have stayed longer!

What a standout hotel!!

With a last minute decision by us we were very lucky they had a room available. This is the perfect place to stay on the old town. Close to everything an perfect to have as a base. The building was built in the 17th century and beautifully restored and maintained.



The staff could not have been more helpful and friendly. We felt like one of the family!! Special thanks to Sanja for making our stay one to remember. Also for the guided tour and history of The Pucic Palace. Thank you Marin for carrying our bags.




"Located in the heart of Split within the UNESCO-protected Diocletian's Palace, Hotel Vestibul Palace offers guests a unique experience where they feel right at home. The hotel prides itself on providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that every guest's stay is memorable.One of the highlights of Hotel Vestibul Palace is its commitment to offering traditional cuisine. Guests can indulge in authentic flavors with dishes inspired by the region. A standout feature is the "Diocletian's Breakfast," a culinary experience that pays homage to the palace's historic roots.


• Sleeping in 3rd century building

• Private wine tasting

• Private tour guide through the palace

• charming terrace with traditional klapa singing

• Private tours to the islands


• UNESCO protected Diocletian palace

• Islands near Split (Hvar, Brač, Šolta)

• UNESCO protected city Trogir

• Krka National park


To help guests explore the city, the hotel organizes private guided tours. These tours take visitors through the winding streets of Split, showcasing its rich history and vibrant culture. Guests can explore local markets and the bustling fish market, immersing themselves in the city's culinary scene.

For those eager to try their hand at cooking, Hotel Vestibul Palace offers a unique opportunity. Guests can accompany the hotel's chef to the market to select fresh ingredients before returning to the hotel to prepare a meal together. This interactive experience allows guests to learn about local cuisine while creating delicious dishes under the guidance of a professional chef.

• 2 Standard double rooms

• 3 Superior double rooms

• 1 Junior suite

• 1 Luxury suite LOCATION

• Small 4* hotel located in the middle of Diocletian Palace

• Airport 23 km

• Trogir 27 km

• Dubrovnik 232 km

• Šibenik 86km

• National Park Krka 85km


Iza Vestibula 4a, 21000 Split phone: +385 21 329 329 email: sales:



Dining at Hotel Vestibul Palace is a truly unforgettable experience, especially when enjoyed on the terrace overlooking the historic Vestibule monument. Guests can savor exquisite dishes while taking in breathtaking views of Diocletian's Palace, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted at the harbor and provided assistance with their luggage as they navigate through the ancient

One of a kind hotel in Split

This is one of the most interesting hotels we’ve ever stayed in. It is built into the walls of the ancient palace so the rooms have exposed stone walls. Our room was a deluxe double and it was a good size. Everything was modern and up to date. The staff were all extremely helpful and knowledgeable.


cellars to reach the hotel. This personalized service ensures that every aspect of the guest experience is seamless and enjoyable. Whether exploring the city or relaxing at the hotel, guests of Hotel Vestibul Palace are treated to unparalleled hospitality in the heart of Split's historic center."

Guest review


Exceptional hotel located in the heart of the castle!

So many things to mention about the amazing stay at this hotel. The staff customer service was incredible, the food was amazing, the location is in the historic castle and walking distance to the sea, churches, shops and restaurants.

Stafff was amazing. Room was perfect in the heart of Diocletian Palace.

Best stay on an eleven week tour of the Adriatic countries!


We loved the friendly and extremely helpful staff! The location is beyond excellent! The breakfast was wonderful!





Hotel Kazbek leaves an unforgetable impression on its guests, thanks to its impeccable attention to detail and commitment to delivering an extraordinary hospitality experience. From the moment guests step foot into the historic villa, they are enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth and genuine Croatian hospitality. The hotel's elegant interiors and tranquil ambiance provide a corner for relaxation and rejuvenation, allow-


ing guests to immerse themselves fully in the beauty of their surroundings.

Furthermore, the personalized service and thoughtful amenities offered by the dedicated staff elevate the guest experience to new heights. Whether arranging special requests, unveiling hidden gems to explore, or simply ensuring every need is met with precision.


• Outdoor pool with jacuzzi and bar

• Sauna

• Balcony terrace overlooking Marina and Gruz bay

• Cafe salon

• Courtyard terrace

• Motor boat for private tours


• UNESCO protected Old Town Dubrovnik

• Island hopping

• Gastro experience with wine and oyster tasting

• Dubrovnik countryside with eco farms visits and cooking classes


• Intimate weddings

• Family or friend reunions

• Board meetings

• Small incentive groups ROOMS AND SUITES

• 11 superior rooms and 1 Deluxe

• 1 Suite


Dubrovnik airport (22 km) Split airport (245 km)

Tivat airport (MNE, 89 km)


A: Lapadska obala 25, 20 000 Dubrovnik, Croatia

T: +385 20 362 900





Moreover, Hotel Kazbek transcends conventional offerings by curating experiences tailored to individual preferences, such as arranging private yacht charters for island exploration, orchestrating paint and wine workshop or unforgettable dining experiences in its own restaurant.

Wow - what a gem!

This hotel has got everything right. The staff are all very helpful and cant do enough to make your stay special. From the moment we arrived we were greeted by the most lovely host - big shout out to Antoni on reception - who helped us with our luggage through the back streets, as the taxi was unable to bring us closer due to the construction work at the front of the hotel.

SBV, Chester


Whether seeking relaxation or cultural immersion, Hotel Kazbek ensures that every moment of the stay is unforgettable, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Guest review


Simply amazing!

This hotel is absolutely amazing! Relaxation is what it delivers day after day. 5 nights here just about to end and wish we were staying further. Staff are amazing, they make it relaxing. Food is great and cocktails amazing.

Loved every moment

Quite simply we've loved every moment of our 10 night stay with you. The hotel is gorgeous + all the Kazbek team have made us feel so welcome. Thank you so much

Craig + Gina



Silver Wedding anniversary

The most amazing visit. Staff couldn't be more helpful and kind-. Thank you so much. We love celebrating our silver wedding anniversary here.

Ros and Mai


A visit to the lounge bar and restaurant on the island of Supetar near Cavtat is an unforgettable experience. To get there, you can take a speedboat, adding a touch of adventure to your journey. Once you arrive, you'll be surrounded by lush plants, and the use of natural materials throughout the establishment creates a harmonious blend with the island's beauty. The lounge bar and restaurant provide cabanas, an extensive wine list, signature cocktails, and exceptional service, making it the perfect spot to spend an entire day soaking up the sun, enjoying great food, and listening to fantastic music. Whether you're with friends or family, you can relax and indulge in a range of mouth-watering dishes that use fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Don't miss out on this opportunity to create lasting memories on this idyllic island.

Reservations +385 98 136 4293

Ideally located in Belgrade`s business district The Crowne Plaza Hotel Belgrade is a prestigious international brand hotel that dominates the hotel scene of the Serbian capital. Oriented in such a way as to offer a spectacular view of Belgrade, all 416 rooms of the Crowne Plaza Belgrade Hotel provide absolute comfort and the highest level of service. Recently completely renovated, the rooms have been meticulously designed to perfectly combine luxury with all kinds of modern comforts.


T. + 381

11 2204




A. Vladimira Popovica 10, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia


Defying the ordinary when it comes to the offer of cocktail bars in Belgrade. Riddle Bar, nestled in the lobby of hotel Crowne Plaza Belgrade offers discrete but vibrant crowd where service is tailored to your preference. Open every night form 8pm till 3am (except Sundays)


Welcome to Casa del Mare Hospitality Group, where the journey began with a dream to share the enchanting beauty of Kotor Bay with the world. Established in 2009 by a young couple driven by passion and a desire for connection, Casa del Mare has evolved into more than just a family business; and have become a sanctuary for cherished moments and unforgettable experiences.

Over the past fifteen years, Casa del Mare has flourished, expanding to encompass a collection of boutique hotels and beachfront restaurants. Each property is infused with the same spirit of warmth and hospitality that has characterized our journey from the very beginning.

As custodians of Kotor Bay's natural splendour, we pride ourselves in our commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable practices. An architectural design and brand ethos are carefully crafted to

harmonize with the stunning surroundings while fulfilling the needs and aspirations of their guests.

Whether you seek a tranquil retreat, an immersive cultural experience, or simply a place to create lasting memories, Casa del Mare invites you to discover the magic of Kotor Bay through our unique hospitality. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome you to one of our exceptional hotels, where every moment is an invitation to savour the beauty of life by the bay.

In this issue we proudly present five hotels: Casa Del Mare Mediterraneo (Kamenari), Casa Del Mare Blanche (Bijela), Casa Del Mare Pietra (Dobrota), Casa Del Mare Vizura (Dobrota), Casa Del Mare Amfora (Orahovac), and 2 magnificent beach restaurants Bocasa & Limonete (Kamenari).

For further information or reservations, please contact: E: T: +382 69 700 702





Casa del Mare - Vizura sits gracefully on a subtle rise of Dobrota, Kotor, offering guests a breathtaking panoramic vista of the surrounding settlement.

Inspired by the timeless wisdom of Montenegro's revered poet and leader, Petar II Petrovic Njegos: “Who on the mountain height doth take his stand, sees more than he who stays upon the



CUISINE: Mediterranean and international







Herceg Novi (35km), Kotor (5km), Budva (25km) and airports Tivat (15km), Podgorica (85km) and Dubrovnik (70km).


T: +382 (0) 67 888 688

plain.” Vizura's interior is strongly influenced by local tradition and motives.

Vizura has 15 thoughtfully designed rooms, an outdoor infinity pool and spa center with an indoor swimming pool, garden and a charming restaurant offering panoramic vistas of the bay.






asa del Mare - Amfora is located in Orahovac that used to be a fishermen's village and it preserved the calmness and authenticity of such a place. It is only a few kilometers away from Kotor old town.

All of Amfora's 10 spacious suites have balconies offering bay or mountain views, whose interior is adapted to the environment it is settled in.



CUISINE: Mediterranean and international





PARKING: Yes (small)


Herceg Novi (30km), Kotor (10km), Budva (35km) and airports

Tivat (18km), Podgorica (90km) and Dubrovnik (65km).


T: +382 (0) 32 305 852

A sunset dinner in Amfora restaurant is a true experience of Boka Bay offering specialties from the Mediterranean and traditional Montenegrin cuisine.

Amfora's beach is right in front of the hotel and available to all hotel guests. Other facilities include a small wellness and spa with a hot tub and sauna.





outique Hotel Casa del Mare - Blanche is situated in the small town of Bijela, midway between Herceg Novi and Kotor. The sea is just a few steps away from Blanche, which makes the holiday a truly resting one.

With 12 cozy rooms, each with its own terrace offering views of the sea and mountains, your stay promises comfort and scenic beauty.



CUISINE: Mediterranean and international







Herceg Novi (10km), Kotor (25km), Budva (35km) and airports

Tivat (12km), Podgorica (100km) and Dubrovnik (45km).


T: +382 (0) 31 339 903

Sun terrace with sun beds, small pool, sauna, and wellness are well hidden, so privacy is guaranteed and relaxation is an everyday feeling at Blanche.

The beachside restaurant is a favorite spot for both hotel guests and visitors alike. Freshly prepared Mediterranean cuisine is paired with local or international wines and followed by a magic sunset.






asa del Mare - Mediterraneo the first hotel in the portfolio that was opened in 2009 in a small village, Kamenari. After a complete renovation, expansion of capacities and facilities, the hotel has the highest category 5 * and the new outfit welcomed its first guests in June 2019.

The interior is inspired by Mediterranean motifs, spices, flavors and herbs such as lavender, mimosa, olives, tangerine, pomegranate, seagull and sailor. The hotel has an “a la carte'' restaurant,

small garden with outdoor pool, spa center with an indoor swimming pool, sauna and steam room. A panoramic elevator will take you to the intimate zen garden with a hydro massage bath or a fine dining restaurant and a bar on the rooftop overlooking the bay. There are also facilities such as a small gym and a convention center for 50 people, which makes this hotel a great choice for year-round vacations, business meetings or small seminars.


CUISINE: Mediterranean and Local









CUISINE: Mediterranean nad



Guests can book a table at reception or calling on +382 67 600 973

DISTANCE: Herceg Novi (12km), Kotor (23km), Budva (35km) and airports Tivat (11km), Podgorica (97km) and Dubrovnik (47km).

E: mediterraneo@

T: +382 (0) 31 673 706






asa del Mare - Pietra is located in Dobrota, Kotor, mere steps away from the sea promenade and just a short 3 kilometers from the historic allure of Kotor's old town.

Pietra has eight comfort and luxury furnished rooms each offering captivating sea views and individually themed after precious stones such as Jade, Amazonite, and Citrine, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness to every stay.



CUISINE: Mediterranean and international







Herceg Novi (38km), Kotor 7km), Budva (32km) and airports

Tivat (15km), Podgorica (92km) and Dubrovnik (68km).


T: +382 (0) 32 520 171

This hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool, sun terrace, small wellness center with hydro massage tub, sauna and massage treatments.

Its restaurant serves Mediterranean and domestic cuisine with a great choice of wines from all over the world. Pietra's bar is a perfect place to end a lovely day while soaking in the ambiance of Kotor Bay.





Discover the idyllic charm of Bocasa Beach & Restaurant, your perfect summer destination, where pristine waters invite you to swim, plush beach chairs and cabanas beckon for relaxation, and the fragrant aroma of rosemary and lavender fills the air, complementing the breathtaking vistas of Kotor Bay as you indulge in your favorite cocktail.

Experience culinary excellence firsthand where gastronomic delights await. Our chefs prepare seasonally focused and marketfresh dishes, inspired by the produce available in our neighborhood. With our open-plan kitchen, you can watch our pizzaiolo make and twirl a pizza from scratch before sliding it into the wood-fired oven and serving it, still sizzling, onto your plate.



CUISINE: Mediterranean and Local









CUISINE: Mediterranean nad



Guests can book a table at reception or calling on +382 67 600 973

DISTANCE: Herceg Novi (12km), Kotor (23km), Budva (35km) and airports Tivat (11km), Podgorica (97km) and Dubrovnik (47km).


T: +382 (0) 31 673 706

The scent of the sea, the sound of the waves and the taste of freshly caught fish. It is the perfect place to experience the sea while sitting around a table and enjoying a great meal with friends, or just watching the sea change its colors at sunset while sipping a glass of local wine.

Evenings at Bocasa are reserved for a romantic atmosphere, live guitar music and a bottle of wine paired with delicious fresh fish or dry-aged steak meals.

With its inviting atmosphere, Bocasa Beach is the perfect retreat for families and those seeking quality time together.




Nestled in the picturesque Kotor Bay, along the sun-kissed Montenegrin coast, awaits a charming oasis like no other — Limoneto Beach & Restaurant. With its vibrant atmosphere and the tantalizing aroma of lemons in the air, Limoneto is poised to become the ultimate destination for those with a flair for sophistication, good fun and an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Limonetto draws its inspiration from the enticing charm of the Mediterranean – French and Italian Riviera –, known for its refined allure and timeless elegance. With each carefully curated detail, the restaurant seeks to evoke the essence of this coastal paradise, bringing forth an irresistible blend of pleasant aesthetics and a zest for life.



CUISINE: Mediterranean and international







Herceg Novi (12km), Kotor (23km), Budva (35km) and airports

Tivat (11km), Podgorica (97km) and Dubrovnik (47km).


T: +382 67 443 449


Limoneto is more than just a beach and a restaurant; it is an experience, an escape from the ordinary. At Limoneto, culinary artisans create gastronomic wonders that highlight the versatility and natural abundance of this part of the Mediterranean. It offers a rich culinary repertoire that, among others, includes an array of seafood delicacies made with fresh locally sourced ingredients that leave each visitor wanting more. Moreover, for a completely authentic experience, those who choose to soak in the sun at Limoneto get to savor its trademark lemon inspired variety of drinks. The idyllic beach boasts sun-drenched terraces that invite visitors to bask in the warm glow, while the waterfront glistens before their eyes.


Dream big, live extraordinary


Elevate your living experience at The Capital Plaza’s apartments, where high-quality comfort is redefined. Ranging from 78 to 270 sqm, our one-room, two-room, and three-room layouts cater to your contemporary taste, providing a unique fusion of style and sophistication. With a minimum one-year rental, these modern, luxurious spaces are crafted for residents who appreciate the life they deserve.

The Capital Plaza | St. Sheikh Zayed 13 | 81000, Podgorica, Montenegro | +382 20 234 077 |


Montenegro’s Luxurious Villa Rentals Offer the Ultimate Getaway Experience

Montenegro is a stunning destination with a lot to offer for your next holiday. What better way to spend time with family and friends than renting a glamourous villa to use as your daydream base for your best holiday ever.

Here are some compelling reasons why you might choose Montenegro:

• Natural Beauty: Montenegro boasts breath-taking natural landscapes, from its rugged mountains to its pristine beaches along the Adriatic Sea. The Bay of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is particularly renowned for its beauty.

• Diverse Activities: Whether you're interested in hiking, beach activities, water sports, cultural exploration, or simply relaxing in a picturesque setting, Montenegro has something for everyone. You can explore national parks, visit historic towns, go sailing, or even try bungee jumping from the Djurdjevica Tara Bridge.

• Rich History and Culture: Montenegro has a rich history and cultural heritage influenced by various civilizations, including the Illyrians, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, and Ottomans. You can explore ancient fortresses, medieval towns, and Orthodox monasteries that offer insights into the country's past.

• Charming Old Towns: Montenegro is home to charming old towns like Kotor, Budva, and Herceg Novi, where you can wander through narrow cobblestone streets, admire historic architecture, and soak in the atmosphere of centuries-old settlements.

• Delicious Cuisine: Montenegrin cuisine is a delightful blend of Mediterranean and Balkan flavours, featuring fresh seafood, grilled meats, local cheeses, and hearty stews. Don't miss trying specialties like cevapi (grilled minced meat), prsut (cured ham), and seafood risotto.

• Affordability: Compared to some other European destinations, Montenegro offers good value for money, with reasonably priced accommodations, dining options, and activities. You can enjoy a high-quality holiday experience without breaking the bank.

• Warm Hospitality: Montenegrins are known for their warm hospitality and friendliness toward visitors. You'll likely feel welcome and appreciated as you explore the country and interact with locals.

• Scenic Drives: Montenegro offers some of the most scenic drives in Europe, with winding coastal roads, dramatic mountain passes, and panoramic vistas around every corner. The drive along the Bay of Kotor is especially memorable.

• Outdoor Adventure: If you're an outdoor enthusiast, Montenegro provides ample opportunities for adventure, including hiking in Durmitor National Park, white-water rafting on the Tara River, and paragliding above the coastal cliffs.

• Relaxation and Serenity: With its unspoiled natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere, Montenegro is an ideal destination for those seeking relaxation and tranquillity away from the crowds. Overall, Montenegro offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, outdoor adventure, and affordability, making it an attractive choice for your next holiday destination.

Renting a holiday villa in Montenegro offers a delightful blend of luxury, tranquillity, and cultural immersion. Here are some of the joys you can expect:

• Privacy and Comfort: Holiday villas in Montenegro often provide a level of privacy and comfort that hotels cannot match. You can enjoy the entire property to yourself, complete with amenities like private pools, gardens, and spacious living areas, ensuring a relaxing and personalized experience.

• Cultural Immersion: Renting a villa allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and lifestyle. You can explore nearby villages, interact with locals, and savour traditional Montenegrin cuisine at local restaurants. This provides a more authentic experience compared to staying in a resort or hotel.

• Flexibility and Freedom: One of the joys of renting a holiday villa is the flexibility it offers. You can set your own schedule, dine at your preferred times, and enjoy leisurely days spent lounging by the pool or exploring the surrounding area at your own pace.

• • Ideal for Groups and Families: Villas are perfect for group getaways or family vacations, offering ample space for everyone to relax and unwind together. Whether you're traveling with friends, extended family, or children, you can enjoy quality time together in a comfortable and private setting.

• • Access to Local Attractions: Many holiday villas in Montenegro are strategically located near popular attractions and activities, such as historic towns, national parks, and pristine beaches. This allows you to easily explore the region and make the most of your vacation experience.

• • Personalized Service: While staying in a villa, you can often benefit from personalized services such as private chefs, housekeeping, and concierge assistance. This ensures that your every need is taken care of, allowing you to relax and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

• Overall, renting a holiday villa in Montenegro offers a unique and unforgettable experience, combining luxury, comfort, and cultural immersion in one of Europe's most enchanting destinations. We are delighted in this edition of The Collection to bring you some of the finest villa rentals in Montenegro. Welcome to the holiday of a lifetime!


ETERNO Villas is a wonderful blend of 5-star luxury lodging, enchanting nature, stunning tranquillity, and impeccable hospitality.

ETERNO, exclusive complex of 4 and 5 bedroom villas, offers unsurpassed privacy just 3 kilometres from Budva Old town, the main hotspot of Montenegrin tourism. Our guests particularly enjoy outer space and private forest that is abundant with plants and space for rest and relaxation in rich natural shade.

Three outstanding villas spread out on 1,3 hectares of land and create ETERNO complex offering in total 13 bedrooms with ensuite bathroom and terrace. Each villa can be booked separately as well.


Eterno Villas situated in a quiet neighbourhood surrounded by nature, forest and far from the noisy traffic but at the same time just 7 minutes drive from the nearest town. From €2000 to €7000 per night

FEATURES AND AMENITIES: fully equipped kitchen, gym room, sauna, Turkish bath, whirlpool, BBQ with alfresco dining, outside heated pools with sun loungers, laundry room, parking, garage

STAFF AND SERVICES: Breakfast, Villa pre-stocking, daily housekeeping and towel change, linen change - 2 times per week, pool cleaning, welcome basket, garden maintenance

Extra cost (advance notice may be required): activities and excursions, babysitting, roundtrip airport/port transfer, chef service - food, beverage, chauffeur service, boat service, pilates/yoga classes, massages.

rent - €600 per night 10 500 m2 French Riviera, 06230 la_villa_mogador_capferret

4/5 570
bb Budva

The mountains and the sea tell a story of balance and tranquility not many get to witness.

Luxury Villa Mandragora with large pool is a dream come true. If you are lucky enough to stay in this luxury holiday rental, you’ll never forget the outstanding imprint it leaves behind. This villa, located on the first line to the sea, offers million-dollar views. The mountains and the sea tell a story of balance and tranquility not many get to witness. The futuristic style of this luxury estate is proof that the concurrence of architecture and interior design has never been as great as it is in this Villa. This astonishing Villa is situated in an elite neighborhood of Orahovac village. Luxury Villa Mandragora with a large pool is a frequent choice of the high class due to its exclusive access to the sea, eclectic luxury style and close proximity to the world-known medieval city of Kotor. This magnificent luxury villa rental can receive up to 8 guests. It has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. The optimal fenestration and

seemingly infinite glass surfaces elicit openness. Everything in this Villa is characterized by free movement and play of air, light and space. Indeed, it is a privilege to witness this beauty. In the villa, there is a modernly equipped kitchen and luxurious furniture in the living room. The exterior features plenteous space and split level 2 terraces where you can enjoy extravagant parties or classy dinners. The sitting area next to the breathtaking infinity pool is ideal for making the most of the sunny days. An outdoor fireplace will keep you warm during chilly nights when you want to simply enjoy the encaptivating starry sky. The special feature of this Montenegro Villa rental is its fully-equipped gym and spa where the stress of everyday life will melt away. Also, the ground floor includes the technical room and a garage with two parking spaces. Villa Mandragora is the perfect choice for your summer vacation.

SHOWCASING THE MOST EXQUISITE VILLAS FOR RENT IN MONTENEGRO +382 69 264 814 From €2500 per night 4 526 m2 Orahovac, Boka Bay montenegrovillas_com

Set in Bar and only 1.6 km from Susanjska Beach, THE VIEW Premium Villas offers accommodation with sea views, free WiFi and free private parking. With mountain views, this accommodation provides a terrace and a swimming pool. Guests can use the sauna and the hot tub, or enjoy pool views. At the villa complex, the units include air conditioning, a seating area, a flat-screen TV with streaming services, a kitchen, a dining area, a safety deposit box and a private bathroom with a shower, bathrobes and a hair dryer. A dishwasher, an oven and microwave are also offered, as well as a coffee machine and a kettle. Additional in-room amenities include wine or champagne and chocolates or cookies. Red Beach is 2.3 km from the villa, while Črvanj Beach is 2.6 km from the property. The nearest airport is Podgorica Airport, 42 km from THE VIEW Premium Villas.

rent - €600 per night 10 500 m2 French Riviera, 06230 la_villa_mogador_capferret PREMIUM VILLASVILLA TAILA 5 Premium Villas in Bar €1.300 per night minimum stay 5 days 5 374m2 + 2 private parking garage space Vitići bb Bar premiumvillastheview SHOWCASING THE MOST EXQUISITE VILLAS FOR RENT IN MONTENEGRO +382 69 464 778

The villa is close to the locations where the hugest investors in Montenegro are realizing their projects like:

Porto Montenegro – 1.5 nautical miles

Lustica bay – 5km

Portonovi – 2 nautical miles

Sveti Marko island – 1 nautical mile

Tivat airport (11km)

Kotor (10km)


Budva (25km)

Dubrovnik (75km)

Total area of the villa is 300m2 (land area 700m2)

Luxury villa is situated in Krasici, on the southern shore of the Bay of Tivat, Lustica peninsula.

Villa Perfetto is a luxurious seafront villa which has been newly completed in 2014 and furnished to the highest standard. All the equipment and furniture is branded by Italian designers such as Valentino, Fendi, Masiero Luxury, Masiero, Porada, Atom divani, Seven sedia, Teuco, Hansgrohe, Villeroy&Boch, Smeg, Palazzeti, Bosch, Samsung, Fujitsu, Legrand etc.


4 bedrooms, 8 persons


LIVING ROOM with fireplace, sitting and dining area opened to a large covered terrace

Modern and well – equipped kitchen

Separated living room with wine showcase

Bedroom with king size bed, en – suite bathroom and sea view

Guest toilet


SEPARATED APARTMENT with king size bed, en – suite bathroom and sea view opened to a large covered terrace

Modern and well - equipped kitchen

Laundry room

Store rooms


Side entrance to the villa

Large hallway

2 double bedrooms with king size beds, mini kitchens, private terraces, dressing rooms, 2 en - suite bathrooms with walk in showers and 2 Jacuzzi bathtubs


Private beach (220m2) and the large terrace beyond it (120m2) with dining area

Summer kitchen with BBQ

Palm trees and other Mediterranean plants and flowers


security alarm system, fire alarm system, digital alarm system with 11 cameras, smart card door, central air conditioning, under floor heating system, side by side refrigerator with icemaker, towel dryers in every of 5 bathrooms, 6 smart TVs with cable and satellite in every room, WI-FI, phone, intercom on 3 positions, 4 private parking places, barbecue facilities, 2 large umbrellas with 6 deckchairs, outdoor dining area with 2 set of furniture for 9 persons, electrical generating unit.

2 BERTHS FOR YACHTS with drought of 2 meters, water and electricity supply for yachts, 2 outside showers, 2 underwater spotlight for night swimming

ALL HOUSE IS NON SMOKING AREA. rent - €600 per night 10 500 m2 French Riviera, 06230

€800 per night
300 m2 Tivat Bay +382 67 858 167
minimum stay
days 4

Discover unparalleled coastal luxury at Sunny Villas, nestled in the serene Reževići

Our villa offers an array of amenities, including high-speed internet, secure garage parking, panoramic sea views, and a sparkling outdoor pool.

Step into refined comfort within our air-conditioned sanctuary, featuring a spacious living area with a modern flat-screen TV and a fully equipped kitchen boasting a dishwasher and oven. With four luxurious bathrooms, each with a rejuvenating shower, convenience meets opulence at every corner.

Accommodating up to 8 guests, our villa boasts three expansive bedrooms, each complemented by its own private bathroom, ensuring privacy and comfort for all. Spanning 135 square meters, there's ample space to relax and create lasting memories.


We're delighted to welcome your furry friends, as our pet-friendly policy ensures that every member of the family can enjoy the ultimate getaway.

Explore the nearby wonders of Perazica and Drobni pijesak beaches, just moments away from our doorstep. Conveniently located, Tivat airport is a short 30 km journey from our idyllic retreat.

rent - €600 per night 10 500 m2 French Riviera, 06230 la_villa_mogador_capferret
From €250 to €500 per night 3 135 m2 Reževići, Budva sunnyvillasbudva +382 67 321 503 SHOWCASING THE MOST EXQUISITE VILLAS FOR RENT IN MONTENEGRO

The Epitome of Seaside Living


Positioned between the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea and majestic mountains, this exclusive residence offers a harmonious blend of luxury and natural beauty—a perfect summer home with a sweeping balcony and spectacular sea views.

Perched above the waterfront, the residence seamlessly blends privacy with accessibility to vibrant community life. Luštica Bay's four serene beaches and glamorous sea lounges await, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the Mediterranean ambiance through alfresco dining or leisurely strolls along the promenade, intensive lifestyle events calendar, attractive sport activities, kids club and brand-new Fitness Hub etc.

The townhouse features panoramic Adriatic views, complemented by open-plan living and dining areas that lead to an expansive balcony.

The townhouse itself provides superior accommodation reminiscent of a high-end hotel, ensuring an exclusive experience of private living.

A fully equipped kitchen, en-suite bathrooms, fitted furniture, complimentary Wi-Fi, and cable TV ensure a comfortable stay. Exclusive access to a private outdoor pool and beach further adds to the allure, while optional housekeeping and garage space enhance the overall experience.

rent - €600 per night 10 500 m2 French Riviera, 06230 la_villa_mogador_capferret
€850 per night minimum stay 2 nights 2 210 m2 Tivat, Boka Bay lusticabay +382 67 070 104 SHOWCASING THE MOST EXQUISITE VILLAS FOR RENT IN MONTENEGRO

Ānanti Resort, Residences & Beach Club, the very first member of the Leading Hotels of the World, in Montenegro


Unlike anything yet seen in the Adriatic Coast, with the most attractive and authentic beaches in immediate surroundings, this unique resort and residential vision, is located only fifteen (15) minutes from a very popular tourist destination of Budva and only few minutes away from Montenegro’s landmark island of Sveti Stefan, raising upon a majestic 90 meters long private beach with clear turquoise sea.

As the Montenegro very first resort who joined the prestigious collection of The Leading Hotels of the World, Ānanti Resort, Residences & Beach Club is bringing a lifestyle to new heights with impeccable selection of fourteen (14) Seaview suites, encompassing with eighth (8) independent seafront villas with contemporary design, luxury amenities, striking sea view terraces and sundeck gardens, private pools, ideal for multigenerational holidays, that awaits you at this secluded paradise in the eastern Europe.

Encompassing exclusive and spacious villas and residences complemented by a plethora of amenities including a Beach Club, TerraMar Restaurant, Panorama Lounge Restaurant & Bar, and SPA & Wellness – all nested in the quaint and charming inlet of Rezevici.

ĀNANTI brand name is the combination of Nepalese Ānanda (joy/ happiness) and Shanti (peace). Inspired from Asia and Middle East, the essence of the brand is coming from Nepal, which Buddhist principles shine around the world for peace and compassion. Inspired by Asian

and Middle – Eastern luxury, the essence of the five-star brand is to provide the ultimate enjoyment and happiness to all its residents, hotel guests and visitors.

Ānanti Resort, Residences & Beach Club, a member of The Leading Hotels of the World, is offering the perfect balance of contemporary luxury and feels-like-home suites & residential villas, with completely modern architectural style and an extensive sea views of the Adriatic Coast

DECIDEDLY UNORDINARY VILLAS: Ānanti Resort, Residences & Beach Club offers an exclusive selection of three (3) bedroom and four (4) bedroom villas, ranging from 290m2 up to 540m2, each carefully designed and graced with luxury amenities, ultimate panoramic sea views, private pools, multiple shaded spacious terraces, and generous, decorative gardens. The eight (8) independent sea-view luxury villas are positioned in two and four adjacent rows, with spacious Mediterranean gardens and vehicle and pedestrian access leading to a private beach and beach club with large parasols, private cabanas, and comfortable sunbeds are all at your disposal.

Special Summer Offer 2024: 40% discount for Ananti Villa bookings

rent - €600 per night 10 500 m2 French Riviera, 06230 la_villa_mogador_capferret
starting from €3290 per
4 290 m2 Reževići,
anantiresort +382 33 688 988 SHOWCASING
VILLAS FOR RENT IN MONTENEGRO peak season – July & August

It is surrounded by nature,forest and located far from the noisy traffic


Luxury Villa with total of 246m2 of internal space, is situated in a quiet neighbourhood Svinjišta, near Budva and it is one of the tree villas that are offered in the same property complex.

It is surrounded by nature,forest and located far from the noisy traffic but at the same time just 7 minutes drive from the nearest town.

As mentioned above ,beside this villa there are additional two superior villas at the same property and the three may be booked together but also separately as they are not attached one to another and very private when booked independently.

Together they can accommodate 26 people in total where every bedroom has an ensuite bathroom and private parking spot.

The house has LIMITED sea view from the upper floor.

For better understanding of the property there is a list of the main rooms and spaces that have signature of the most prestigious brands.


Living room, kitchen, dining area, fireplace, bedroom with en-suite bathroom and an additional toilet.


3 Bedrooms -each with en-suite bathroom

OUTDOOR FEATURES: Swimming pool - heated 8x4 m depth 1.60m, alfresco dining with seating for 8 people, alfresco shower, BBQ, sun loungers, parking.


Included: Villa pre-stocking, daily housekeeping for 2 h, daily towel change, linen change – twice a week, daily pool cleaning, welcome basket.

Extra cost (advance notice may be required): Activities and excursions, babysitting, roundtrip airport/port transfer, chef service - food, beverage, chauffeur service, boat service, pIlates/yoga class, daily housekeeping - extra hours.

The price varies depending on the rental period starting from Eur 2000 – Eur 3500 per a day.

Additional services may be included in the price.

rent - €600 per night 10 500 m2 French Riviera, 06230 la_villa_mogador_capferret
From €2000 per night 4 246 m2 Budva rentals/mne +382 67 28 27 11

Stunning seafront villa divided in 2 sections, with more than 40m wide sea front yard.


Luxury Sunset Villa with private beach located in Obala Djurasevica, Tivat. Stunning seafront villa divided in 2 sections, with more than 40m wide sea front yard. Both sections of the villa are built in three levels. In total Villa consist 9 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, swimming pool between two sections of the villa, 4 private parking spaces.

Villa is equipped with materials imported from Italy, Germany, Spain etc. Entire villa has floor heating, AC system, two fire places and solar panels for a heating water in the swimming pool.


Tivat center is just 20 min away, Tivat airport 15min, Kotor Old Town 20 min. A unique location with private beach and mooring.

Villa is available for a rent during all year. The price varies depending on the number of guests, the rental period, and the duration of the rental, starting from Eur 2500.


The brand-new villas have a floor area (square eters) of 676m2 - indoor space only.

Outdoor dock Area (Private Beach): approx.550m2

Terraces and garden around the house: approx.400m2 rent

- €600 per night
500 m2 French
€2500 per night 9 676 m2 Tivat, Boka Bay rentals/mne +382 67 28 27 11 SHOWCASING THE MOST EXQUISITE VILLAS FOR RENT IN MONTENEGRO



Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Montenegro is currently the latest venue to open from the globally renowned Nikki Beach Global brand which encompasses 5 resorts, 11 beach clubs, and residences, with properties in Oman, Azerbaijan, Antigua and Ras Al Khaimah set to open in the coming years. What defines the brand DNA of Nikki Beach?

Nikki Beach has organically grown into a global lifestyle and hospitality company strictly by word of mouth and a contagious ‘Celebration of Life’ mentality. Our original beach club in Miami Beach was a secret that guests discussed only among their closest friends and family, which kept our growth authentic and mighty. By encouraging our visitors to ‘Tell Only Your Best Friends’, the brand has developed a ‘tribe’ of regulars who are now eager to enjoy a barefoot luxury experience at our destinations worldwide. This niche community is at the core of our brand and is a testament to our loyal customers who return to Nikki Beach year after year.

As we reflect on 25 years in business, we look back on what’s made the brand so strong. Much of our success can be attributed to our six signature elements - music, dining, entertainment, fashion, film and art – which we seamlessly intertwine to create the magic of Nikki Beach. Each element is present daily in the way we run our business, creating an atmosphere that caters to foodies, culture seekers, art enthusiasts, and fashionistas all across the globe.

At that point what is the secret of Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Montenegro that makes it unique in particular?

It is also a complex of features we are proud of. The most obvious answer would be the location: we are nestled on the shores of the Mediterranean’s only fjord, Boka Bay, with stunning panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea. Guests are often left awe-inspired by the majestic mountain views while they relax and indulge in cocktails by the infinity pool. Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Montenegro has two private jetties and six anchors, which makes it a perfect spot for guests coming on yachts. For those seeking a vibrant atmosphere, our beach club stands out as a unique place for music lovers, where they can enjoy tunes from guests and resident DJs while enjoying creative coastal cuisine, finest champagne, and signature cocktails. With a range of amenities and spectacular surroundings, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Montenegro’s magical waterfront property perfectly captures the spirit of the Mediterranean and offers something for all types of visitors.

Additionally, the steadfast support of the local community is integral to our success. We prioritize sourcing the freshest ingredients, including fish, meat, and vegetables, directly from local farmers. It’s worth noting that our company also provides opportunities for locals to gain international professional experience and build careers within the Nikki Beach Global family.

What are your expectations of the season to come?

We are preparing for an outstanding season, probably one of the busiest in the history of Nikki Beach Montenegro. Such trendy DJs as KC Lights, Natalia Paris, Amine K, HVMZA, and Joezi are taking the stage in Nikki Beach Montenegro in 2024: in total 12 guest DJs are going to perform with us this

summer. In July and September two signature Nikki Beach events - the White Party and the Red Partyare coming back to us after a year of absence, as well as a series of Nikki Beach theme parties throughout the season.

We are also concentrating on the dining experience in our restaurant, implementing delightful experiences at Nikki Beach Restaurant and featuring Michelin-star Dinner in May, a Full-moon Dinner in July, and introducing the concept of Amazing Sunday Brunches taking place last Sunday of each month. Apart from that we have extended our dining offers and developed a brand-new evening menu, highlighting the blend of the local and Mediterranean cuisines.

As for the hotel, our outdoor pools, surrounded by palm trees and facing the islands of St. Marko and our Lady of Mercy have been upgraded with heating and new vegetation. Furthermore, we are introducing 4 new rooms and a new suite category with state-ofthe-art amenities and authentic design.

How would you rate Montenegro as a luxury destination compared to other destinations?

Montenegro has been increasingly recognized as a luxury destination in recent years due to its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and upscale accommodations. It offers a mix of luxurious seaside resorts, boutique hotels, and high-end experiences catering to discerning travelers. In comparison to other luxury destinations, Montenegro may offer a more intimate and authentic experience, as it is still emerging as a luxury destination compared to more established ones on the Mediterranean coast. However, Montenegro’s charm lies in its unspoiled landscapes, exclusive yacht clubs, and luxury villa rentals, making it an attractive option for those seeking luxury in a less crowded and more off-thebeaten-path setting.


Situated in an exclusive yachting paradise – and accessible by boat – the beach club’s multi-level layout is stylish and sophisticated. The barefoot luxury ambiance is perfectly complemented by the upbeat music played throughout the venue from live saxophonists as well as guest and resident DJs. T:

+382 (0) 69 202022 | E: |


X Residence stands as a premier tourism residence nestled in the picturesque Dobra Voda settlement, Bar, mere steps away from the pristine Veliki Pijesak beach. This innovative project harmonizes contemporary infrastructure, captivating design, and luxurious amenities, setting a new standard for upscale living in Montenegro.

Spanning seven floors, the architectural marvel boasts two underground garage levels, a ground floor, and four meticulously crafted floors, partitioned into sections A and B. With immediate availability, the property presents a selection of 62 residential units, ranging from 26 to 90 m², each meticulously crafted to meet the impeccable quality benchmarks upheld by Euromix Industrija.

248 258 176 200
210 221



Nestled in the embrace of the Mediterranean, Porto Montenegro unveils its latest masterpiece: Synchro Yards, a sanctuary of sophistication and refinement. This avant-garde neighbourhood introduces two distinct residences: AERIS and IVO Residences, each bearing the hallmark of unparalleled luxury, designed by internationally acclaimed Woods Bagot.

AERIS embodies exclusivity; a symphony of elegance, inspired by the rhythms of the sea and wind, the residence features sleek wooden decking, angular balconies and modern façades, reminiscent of a contemporary yacht. Inside, Bergman's esteemed design team has curated transformative spaces, infusing sophisticated marine influences and soft curves to complement bold architectural lines. With panoramic views of the award-winning marina, Beach Club, and the tranquil waters of the bay, these 22 spacious residences, available in 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom layouts, offer a seamless fusion of indoor-outdoor living, with prices starting at an enticing 1.89m €.

Meanwhile, IVO Residences, managed by the illustrious five-star Rare Finds hotel brand of Kerzner International, presents a curated collection of 25 homes. Offering bay, plaza and marina views, along with premium amenities including hotel concierge services, in-room hospitality, beach and fitness club memberships, IVO promises an unparalleled lifestyle starting at 770,000 €. Apartments are available in studio, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom layouts, catering to diverse preferences and lifestyles. The Kerzner Homeowner Benefits Program enhances the experience, offering homeowners access to a global network of privileges including exclusive events, priority bookings, and preferential rates across Kerzner Hotels and Resorts, including One&Only, Atlantis, SIRO, and Rare Finds properties.

Scheduled for completion in 2026, Synchro Yards will unveil a beach club featuring swimming pools and lagoons, dedicated performance and events spaces, restaurants and high-end boutiques, fostering a vibrant community of culture and creativity.

At the heart of Synchro Yards lies an ingeniously restored former shipyard building and ode to the industrial heritage of Porto Montenegro. Known locally as ‘Synchro’, this iconic landmark provides a multilayered space for diverse events and activities, from tech conferences and interactive exhibitions to yoga retreats, art classes, and musical spectacles. The nearby Naval Heritage Collection Museum, housed in a restored 19th Century sawmill, proudly exhibits the village’s maritime legacy, showcasing over 300 artefacts, including rare naval equipment and genuine Yugoslav submarines, with themed exhibitions rotating throughout the year.

Synchro Yards stands as a testament to Porto Montenegro's unwavering commitment to luxury, innovation, and community. This neighbourhood will complement the existing South Village and the soonto-be-launched Boka Place, enhancing the vibrant tapestry of the area. With three international airports—Tivat, Podgorica, and Dubrovnik— providing seamless connectivity, this veritable paradise is but a heartbeat away. Porto Montenegro remains an attractive opportunity for discerning investors seeking the epitome of Mediterranean living.

Register your interest via

A waterfront destination like no other. Tranquil, opulent and inspired by its Adriatic setting. Here, every minute holds meaning, igniting the imagination and nourishing souls with delightful experiences.

Learn more:


Where Class Meets Extravagance

Book your dream vacation today via email or call + 382 32 660 660.



Porto Montenegro, Tivat

+382 67 135 965




An ambitious project developed by Millennium Group Albania


As a leader in the industry, Millennium Group brings passion, innovation, and decades of expertise to every project, creating spaces that inspire and endure. The mission in 25 years has been to build more than structures; to build relationships, trust, and a legacy of excellence.

Located in the iconic half-moon shaped bay of Jale, Folie Village Creates "Artful Choreography" On Albania's Southern Coast. Oppenheim Architecture has designed a new concept of living through this modern, luxury and high-end development, comprising of private villas and seafront apartments for sale.

Evolving the local architectural heritage and spirit to create a sympathetic and timeless response, it will be the perfect getaway gem of the Mediterranean.

Composed of tightly clustered buildings, the project will include private villas starting from 160 m2 , family villas or the exclusive atrium villas starting from 600 m2, as well as seaview and penthouse apartments for sale. It will offer commercial spaces such as shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, as well as amenity spaces and supporting programs such as a world class spa, fitness suite, exclusive rooftops and vibrant beachside club, casino and event spaces.

The project has started construction and will open by 2026. Set to be built in Jale, the project draws inspiration from the rich vernacular and site ecologies found in the nearby villages of Vuno and Dhermi.

By grounding itself in Jala, the project aims to achieve a sensitivity towards man and nature, harmonizing with its context.

Connecting to the existing fabric of Jale and Folie Marine has been operating from 14 years now as one of the most prestigious resorts in Albania, the project aims to build a series of interconnected villages, each with a unique theme manifested in their architectural, material and spatial expression. Each provides an urban landmark and a destination for others to explore.

Learning from Vuno, the design aims at creating a tourist development with its spatial and governing principles closer to the neighboring historic context, rather than deploying a relentless replication of structures typical for many resort villages. The design goal is to achieve the urban nuances, characteristic of the small Albanian villages, of dense

residential areas mixed with larger urban spaces and commercial areas where a multiplicity of activities could occur.

Deploying the design approach across the macro scale should result in the creation of a constellation of small villages, each self-sufficient and unique in its character, however closely connected with the others. A forested conservation area is envisioned as a natural boundary and green milieu between the different settlements.


The project focuses on creating unique village clusters rather than a single large-scale resort with no visible distinctions. Place making occurs by offering diverse experiences in each destination as the goal of the design is to generate an all-year-round urban settlements which could attract residents from other areas in Albania and not only. The mixed used building typologies along with the conservation of natural landscapes will support the community building process. From business perspective the project aims to maximize the return on investment by achieving high density areas and exceeding the initially projected.

From luxurious villas carved into the cliffs above the sea, to minimal-


istic wood and thatch roof cabanas in surrounded by vegetation, to a modern interpretation of vernacular village houses - each residential unit across the master plan site is carefully designed to fit within its surroundings and the overall theme of the nukli it is in. The result achieves visually recognizable zones with unique identity which draw visitors in and give inhabitants a sense of place and belonging.


The site for the New Luxury Hotel is perched atop a dramatic hillside facing the Adriatic Sea. The region and the nearby village of Dhermi is steeped in Albanian and Greek cultures. Oppenheim Architecture were invited by Millennium Group to develop an architectural design that would inform the place, brand and business plan for the new destination as a sanctuary for elite guests with unique experience.

The concept uses these elements reinterpreted for a contemporary context—arches, loggias, courtyards, louvres, and planted verandas, along with a juxtaposition with modern shiny brass claddings. Intimate volumes and spaces between buildings instill a sense of walking about

Millennium Group's Triumphant Trio of Luxe Retreats

Millennium Group is redefining coastal luxury with 3 new hotels coming soon in Jale Bay by 2026, Jale Hotel, The Rock Hotel and a New 5 Star Superior Luxury Hotel


an historic village.

Courtyards, loggias, and walkways create framed views of the sea, and provide shade and privacy on site. Terraced stone-clad buildings with arched openings honor local Albanian architecture. Buildings are stepped and terraced with the land contours.

Pools and native landscapes help to cool outdoor spaces, while a series of loggias provide shelter, shadow, and movement. As guests moves though the spaces of the retreat, contemporary elements, such as a casino, a sub terrane spa as well as private and the longest infinity edge pool in the region, reveal the complete nature and character of the hotel.

With around 120 keys for rooms and suites, the complex is designed as a cascading village of low-rise buildings, assembled to create a village. This village scale is authentic to the architectural vernacular and its sense of place — a project that respects the past, while providing a timeless experience for visitors to this extraordinary place.


Along with the New Luxury Hotel, another visionary concept by Oppenheim Architecture, Jale Hotel has also started construction. Situated on a sprawling 7500-square meter coastal plot, this seaside hotel is a marvel of modern architecture and functional design. The accommodation portfolio boasts a variety of 120 rooms and suites, with select units featuring private balconies overlooking the pristine waters. A seamlessly integrated 2500-square meter retail area within the hotel complex hosts a variety of bars, restaurants offering diverse culinary experiences, and a vibrant club, ensuring that guests have a plethora of entertainment options at their doorstep. The convenience of an underground parking facility has been prioritized, providing secure and efficient space for guests.

In addition to the core offerings, the hotel features a comprehensive array of amenities. A state-of-the-art spa invites guests to indulge in re-


The Rock Hotel


laxation and rejuvenation, while a well-equipped gym caters to fitness enthusiasts. A conference room and a library offer a quiet sanctuary for those seeking intellectual enrichment, while designated offices cater to business needs, ensuring a harmonious blend of work and leisure. Another addition is the incorporation of 3 outdoor infinity pools, providing breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean and creating an oasis of tranquility.



Nestled atop a lush hill The Rock Hotel offers an enchanting escape into the heart of Albania's coastal paradise. This verdant haven beckons travelers to embark on a captivating journey through its winding nature trail. The complex, with its 31 rooms and suites, unfolds like a harmonious ensemble of rocks standing side by side. From outdoor spaces, terraces, and a sparkling swimming pools to the embrace of indoor spaces,

Address of our company offices:

Rr. Murat Toptani, Tirana, Albania


Phone: +355 68 609 1665

the hotel emanate a deep reverence for nature's grandeur.

The architecture of The Rock Hotel embodies a profound connection between nature and vernacular architecture, a testament to its enduring sense of place. Here, the boundaries between the man-made and the natural blur, inviting guests to embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery and serenity, where the timeless dialogue between the sea and the rock remains at the heart of the experience.


Ovaj kamen storiu ima, svjedoči nam o prošlosti našoj a mi prošlost pretočismo u flašu da svi čuju priču našu


Vinarija i restoran Storia di Pietra, smještena je u lokalnom selu Mirac, u Kotoru, Crna Gora, na 670mnv, okružena lovćenskim masivima s jedne strane i pogledom na bokokotorski zaliv i otvoreno more sa druge strane. Obilazak vinarije Vas neće ostaviti ravnodušnim, pri samom ulazu možete posjetiti proizvodnju koja se nalazi čak 8m ispod zemlje, dok na samom vrhu se nalazi restoran koji će Vam pružiti nezaboravne degustracije uparenih delikatesa i vina, pažljivo osmišljene od strane našeg somelijera i šefa kuhinje, a sve praćeno panoramskim pogledom i čarobnim zalascima sunca.

Mirac bb, Kotor, Crna Gora instagram: storia_di_pietra


Stefan Kašćelan (vlasnik vinarije): " Još kao dječak sam sa svojim ocem i stricem, kako je to i u svakom crnogorskom domaćinstvu tradicija, proizvodio rakiju i vino, pa je ljubav prema samoj proizvodnji i uzgoju vinove loze godinama rasla. Uvijek sam sanjao kako ću jednog dana na imanju mojih predaka napraviti vinariju, koja će biti ponos, ne samo moje porodice, već i cijele Crne Gore. Ovo selo se nalazi na južnoj padini Lovćena, te je cijelim danom okupano suncem od istoka do zapada, a uz to nas prati svježi povjetarac i sudar lovćenske i primorske klime, što sve zajedno čini Mirac idealnim mjestom za uzgoj vinove loze. Takođe, napomenuo bih da postoje brojni zapisi koji potvrđuju da je Mirac i samo područje Kotora, bilo idealno mjesto za uzgoj vinove loze. Nažalost, ta tradicija je vremenom zapostavljena, a u meni postoji neopisiva želja da tu tradiciju vratim i opet stavim kotorski region na mapu svjetskih vina.

Stoga pozivam sve ljubitelje vina, hrane i prirode da nas obiđu i čuju našu priču.


Vaš svet uživanja spreman je da vas osvoji na prvi pogled, razvedri misli i obnovi energiju snagom prirode i luksuznih ugođaja.

Na krovu Srbije, ušuškan najlepšim prizorima protkanim od bogatih četinarskih šuma i planinskih vrhova do kojih doseže pogled, smestio se Grand Kopaonik, jedan od najlepših hotela u Srbiji.

Raskošan i istrajan, u inspirativnom prirodnom okruženju pruža nenadmašan planinski doživljaj obogaćen brojnim sadržajima za opuštanje i uživanje tokom cele godine.

Okrepljujući SPA tretmani inspirisani prirodom Kopaonika, autentično gastronomsko iskustvo, kao i brojne aktivnosti na otvorenom, samo su deo priče kojom će vas Grand sprovesti kroz nezaboravne avanture i otkriti vam najlepše tajne planine.

As the real estate market evolves in the region, global real estate agency brands have entered the marketplace bringing a mark of confidence and a new level of service and transparency to the industry.

Investing in real estate for many is one of the largest investments they will make in a lifetime. Global brands such as Savills, Christie's, and Sotheby's stake their reputation on the transaction, which provides assurance and peace of mind together with expertise to assist you in making sound investment decisions.

In this edition of ‘The Collection’, we embark on a journey through the region, with a focus on Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro, revealing a world where luxury meets history and where the region serves as the backdrop to some of the most coveted real estate in Europe.

Each agency, celebrated for its unparalleled expertise and global prestige presents a curated selection of their most exquisite offers from their portfolio. These properties are not just homes; they are masterpieces of design and location, offering a glimpse into a lifestyle defined by elegance and exclusivity. As we explore these breathtaking estates, villas, and residences, the representatives from Savills, Christie's, and Sotheby's will also share their insights on the current dynamics of the market in each area.

Sotheby's Croatia - Unique Perspective Towards Each Client Dream Estates Croatia An International Associate of Savills Remington Realty Serbia - An Exclusive Affiliate Of Christie’s International Real Estate Dream Estates Montenegro An International Associate of Savills
222 230 238 226 234
Remington Realty Montenegro - An Exclusive Affiliate Of Christie’s International Real Estate

Unique Perspective Towards Each Client

"The value of each project in our portfolio has increased since we are an exclusive representative of the prestigious international brand Sotheby’s International Realty®, which enables global marketing reach and attracts the attention of the international public. More than 26,000 independent sales associates in 1.075 offices and 81 countries worldwide make us the world’s most extensive luxury property network. The unparalleled reach of our advertising partners, some of the world’s most prominent media, allows our brand to connect successfully with a global consumer. Our global advertising plan is strategically created to raise awareness of extraordinary properties and the brand itself. "

Tell us about your history, experience, and expertise in your respective market, including why sellers and buyers should choose you as their preferred partner.

Sotheby's International Realty® is the most preferred brand and the leader in the luxury real estate market worldwide. Founded in 1976, it draws strength from its commitment to providing exceptional service, which has graced Sotheby's auction house for over two centuries. By primarily understanding luxury as an experience rather than a mere price point, the cohesion of our global network of exceptional teams connects unique people with unique properties.

Croatia Sotheby's International Realty's unique perspective towards each client, property, and investment has become the gold standard that has secured our office a leading position in the luxury real estate market.

Clients of refined taste recognize our highest level of professionalism, extensive ex-

perience, and complete discretion in delivering a unique business experience tailored to their needs. We provide clients with a personal and dedicated approach that ensures the fulfillment of the most complex requirements and leads them through the buying or selling process.

Croatia Sotheby's International Realty's is the preferred choice of discerning VIP clients who possess impeccable tastes and demand nothing less than the highest standards.

What sets us apart is our properties and the exceptional people behind the scenes who make it all possible. Each team member is meticulously trained and educated to deliver a service that defines the epitome of luxury and unwavering commitment to excellence, thereby earning our clients' trust. At Croatia Sotheby's International Realty, we do more than sell properties; we curate experiences, turning dreams into reality.

The difference lies in the details, and the distinction is

Croatia Sotheby's International Realty.

How do you foresee your market in 2024 and beyond? What is the probable price growth, the arrival of new projects, buyer profile and nationality changes, etc.

Croatia continues to stand out as the premier destination for buyers and investors within the European Union. Interest in Croatian properties is rising from neighboring countries, the USA and Australia. This surge in interest is particularly evident among clients with familial or cultural ties to Croatia.

Market stability prevails despite expectations of slightly fewer transactions in the current year. Looking ahead, our projections are optimistic, with anticipated growth over the next few years. This growth is primarily fueled by investments in resorts, further firming Croatia's status as a sought-after destination.

The initiation of resort construction is a welcome development, notably exem-

plified by projects like the Petram Resort & Residences. We're optimistic that this trend will persist, heralding many advantages aligned with global luxury trends. This includes integrating renowned international brands across various sectors such as tourism, gastronomy, and commerce.

Such developments elevate Croatia's appeal as a premier destination and signify its alignment with contemporary luxury preferences.

The influx of top international brands attracted by these investments will play a pivotal role in enhancing the tourism sector, positively impacting the economy and society.

Regarding pricing, stability is expected to persist, with no significant room for corrections in the near future.


Villa BelmarStarting Price: €3,450,000

Luxury seafront Villa Belmar is situated in an exclusive location in Primošten, representing a perfect blend of sophistication and comfort. This impressive villa is located within an exclusive luxury resort. It is set on a 520 m2 plot, extending over three floors with 340 m2 of living space. The combination of impressive architecture, modern interior design, high-quality materials, top-of-the-line amenities, and stunning sea views make Villa Belmar an ideal residence for those who want to indulge in a luxurious Mediterranean lifestyle with sea views and the privacy of their home.

Petram Resort & ResidencesPrice from: €679,418

Located in the picturesque seaside haven of Savudrija, Petram Resort & Residences epitomizes excellence, exclusivity, and luxury living. Nestled amidst Istria's breathtaking landscape and sprawling across eight hectares, Petram Resort & Residences sets a new standard in opulent living. It boasts an extensive range of amenities, from personalized reception and concierge services to maintenance assistance, exclusive dining experiences, a state-of-the-art wellness center featuring Europe's largest rooftop infinity pool, children's facilities, sports activities, mini-golf course, access to the beach, and its amenities.

Villa Royale: Starting Price: €2,450,000

Villa Royale is a luxurious modern villa in an exclusive seafront position, on the southern side of the Čiovo Island. With its exceptional location, impressive contemporary design, and numerous glass surfaces, Villa Royale offers an extraordinary blend of comfort, elegance, functionality, and spectacular sea views. This impressive villa is being built on a 500 m2 plot and extends to 420 m2 of living space, elegantly distributed over four levels – basement, ground floor, and two upper floors. Villa Royale offers absolute privacy and comfort in a prestigious environment and luxurious amenities, making it one of this area’s most exclusive holiday residences. Villa Royale represents a contemporary Mediterranean oasis, an idyllic fusion of modern architecture and inspiring natural surroundings. It is ideal for those who appreciate the Mediterranean lifestyle without compromising modern amenities, comfort, or quality.

Exclusive Seafront Building Plot - Upon Request

This exclusive south-oriented building land, covering an area of 10,360 m2, is situated in an exceptional location on the island of Čiovo, offering a unique opportunity to develop a luxury project in one of the most attractive locations on the Adriatic. Distinguished by its dominant position, fronting the sea within a mixed residential zone, the plot provides a unique opportunity to construct modern villas, apartments, or a residential settlement with distinctive architecture seamlessly blending into the natural surroundings, offering absolute privacy, comfort and functionality. Thanks to its extensive area, unique location, spectacular sea view, and natural surroundings, this plot provides various construction possibilities tailored to potential investors' diverse needs and desires.

What are some key insights and your tips of areas or property types that potential buyers should be aware of for future potential growth?

At Croatia Sotheby's International Realty, we pride ourselves on providing our clients expert guidance tailored to their unique investment goals. Here are some key insights and tips to consider:

Seafront Properties: Croatia boasts a stunning coastline and picturesque islands, making waterfront properties highly desirable. Investing in such properties can offer a luxurious lifestyle and strong potential for appreciation over time.

Cultural Hotspots: Properties located near cultural landmarks, historical sites, or vibrant city centers tend to hold their value well and often experience constant appreciation.

Tourism Trends: Current tourism trends and property investment catering to discerning travelers' preferences.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Features: With growing awareness of environmental issues, properties with eco-friendly features and sustainable design elements are increasingly in demand. Investing in such properties aligns with ethical principles and positions you well for future market trends.

Professional Advice: By staying informed, understanding market trends, and seeking expert advice, potential buyers can position themselves for success and capitalize on future growth opportunities. Our team at Croatia Sotheby's International Realty, with in-depth knowledge of the local market, is here to provide personalized guidance and support every step of the way.

What are the primary challenges your agency faces in the current real estate landscape, and how do you address them?

One of the key challenges we encounter is the limited availability of luxury properties and branded resorts in Croatia.

This scarcity poses a significant obstacle as demand for high-end real estate continues to grow, driven by domestic and international investors seeking exclusive properties and premium experiences.

However, we are witnessing a gradual shift in this landscape, which presents challenges and opportunities for us.

As Croatia continues to gain prominence as a luxury travel destination and second-home market, developers and investors are increasingly interested in creating upscale properties and branded resorts to cater to discerning clientele.

While the limited availability of luxury properties and branded resorts presents challenges, we are committed to overcoming them through strategic initiatives, market expertise, and unparalleled client service. By staying proactive and responsive to market dynamics, we can continue to deliver exceptional value and experiences to our clients, positioning ourselves as the preferred choice for luxury real estate services in Croatia.

CROATIA SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY Ul. Domovinskog rata 61, 21000 Split, Croatia T: +385 21 586 957 | M: +385 91 602 7672 E:

Villa Inspiration - Starting Price: €2,950,000

Villa Inspiration is a newly built property overlooking the pristine waters of the Adriatic, intertwined with alluring islands. Its prime position in one of the most desirable seaside locations allows you to fully relax, captivated by the magical ambiance that will not leave you indifferent.

Villa Inspiration is set on a plot of 1075 square meters and features a total gross living area of ca. 345 square meters, elegantly arranged on two levels. This superb property is a true Mediterranean oasis of peace and tranquility that enables an uncompromising hedonistic experience complemented by the refined exterior design and contemporary interior enhanced by several luxury touches. The villa boasts a modern design characterized by clean and simple lines, large glass surfaces, and an open floor plan with a carefully planned interior design.

Dream Estates Montenegro An International Associate of Savills

2024 sees the 20th anniversary of Savills and their exclusive associate, Dream Estates, as the first global real estate brand entering the market in Montenegro.

Savills is a global company with 40,000 people and 700 offices around the world, listed on the London Stock Exchange and has been in business for 170 years. With a reputation second to none, Savills is renowned for their wide-ranging specialist and local knowledge and take pride in providing best-in-class advice as we help individuals, businesses and institutions make better property decisions. Vedrana Kelleher, Director, and team members outline more about their business in this feature.

Tell us about your history, experience, and expertise in your respective market including why sellers and buyers should choose you as their preferred partner?

Dream Estates / Savills

Montenegro operate in two key market segments – transactional sales and Development Consultancy Advisory.

Together with Sotheby’s and Christie’s, we bring international expertise and service expectations to Montenegro.

Having these 3 international brands in such a small country is a testament to the activity and quality of the real estate marketplace.

How do you foresee your market in 2024 and beyond? What is the probable price growth, the arrival of new projects, buyer profile and nationality changes etc).

There is a significant pipeline of new product coming onto the market from a perspective of mixed-use resorts and branded residences. Montenegro is firmly

on the world stage when it comes to the variety of international hotel brands, entering the real estate segment, with branded product and this is a key focus for us going forward. This product meets the expectations and lifestyle of our buyer profile, who are looking for a hassle-free investment product to act as a yield producing asset with capital growth – but also with the ability to use as desired to enjoy majestic Montenegro. We would expect moderate price growth in 2024 for completed product, but much more attractive returns for investors entering new ‘yet to be completed’ product, from reputable developers.

What are some key insights and your tips of areas or property types which potential buyers should be aware of for future potential growth?

History has shown us and hopefully will repeat itself, that buying off plan from reputable developers such as Porto Montenegro, Lustica

Bay, PortoNovi and others, has delivered considerable upside as the project grows over time. New phases of off-plan product in these projects and others are worth serious consideration. Otherwise, anything unique, such as in Kotor Old Town or waterfront, are always a sound investment, as they can never be repeated.

What are the primary challenges your agency faces in the current real estate landscape, and how do you address them?

Firstly, we are delighted to be a founding member of the new association of real estate agents (UANCG) who are spearheading new legislation that will come into force this year to regulate how agencies operate in the industry. Currently, we have up to 400 competitors, of which over 60% are not legally operating in the industry. This is a major challenge for us and our other international peers as we strive to establish a transparent

and professional standard in the industry. This new legislation will bring others that want to work in the industry under a new set of rules that will ensure clients of agencies are protected and provided with quality and transparent service as well as ensuring the government is receiving income from this industry in the form of VAT etc.

What are the most interesting and exciting properties currently in your portfolio (any history or interesting facts?

We asked our colleagues from our Kotor team to introduce themselves and tell us about their favourite property currently on the market. There is no better advice than local advice. Here is what the team has to offer.

Kieran Kelleher, Director Dream Estates Montenegro

Kotor Bay has been home for 6 years, so, I know the location, ‘like the back of my hand’. Although we have a substantial number of properties for sale, now and again, one pops up that catches my attention, and I am happy to feature this waterfront villa as my personal favourite.

What fascinates me the most about the Bay of Kotor is the stunning natural contrasts and colours, regardless of the season. The surrounding mountains, the green-blue waters of the bay, and the vibrant sunsets are simply breath-taking. The Bay of Kotor has also a rich history and culture that is

evident in every corner of the area. From the ancient fortifications to the traditional architecture of the local villages, there is always something new to discover and explore. It is a true jewel of the country, and its reputation as a must-see destination is well-deserved. I feel privileged to be a part of this community and to have the opportunity to share its beauty and potential with our clients.

The small fisherman villages in the bay with their charming stone houses are very attractive for my future neighbours.

This beautiful and authentic stone villa, recently renovated, with a swimming pool and stunning panoramic views of the bay. Located in the heart of the coastal village of Muo, on the first line to the sea, this villa is only 2km away from Kotor Old Town. Divided into two levels, the villa has front terraces on each floor. The ground level comprises a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, another bedroom, a bathroom, and a utility room. On the first level of the villa, you'll find an open plan living and dining area, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The villa sits on a 500m2 land plot, with a large swimming pool and a parking area that can accommodate up to two vehicles. This villa is a wonderful investment opportunity, for capital growth and rental income or for my new neighbours who simply wish to enjoy their holidays and experience the beauty of the bay.

Ivana Nikčević (General Manager) “My Dream Waterfront Villa, with a Private Pool in Kotor Bay” (€695,000) Ana Miličević (Senior Sales Associate) “Taking a Step Back in History with a Modern-day Twist close to Tivat” (€1.5m)

Throughout my career as a senior real estate agent, I've had the pleasure of assisting clients from various nationalities who swiftly developed a deep appreciation for the charm of Boka Bay, including its medieval towns and architecture. Many are inspired to own a holiday home that captures the essence of this captivating region, whether it be a beautifully restored stone house or a renovation project, which they can personalize to their tastes.

An outstanding example of the well restored stone house in this region is located in Lepetane, a small coastal village in the Tivat municipality. This villa, equipped with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, is situated just steps away from the sea and what sets this property apart are its airy and bright rooms, along with ample outdoor space. A Mediterranean garden with a barbecue area lies just in front of the villa. Additionally, the property features a spacious backyard with two separate patios, and if future owners desire, there is plenty of space for installing a private swimming pool. This unique property’s frontline location ensures future owners will enjoy uninterrupted views of the bay. Conveniently situated near two airports – Tivat and Dubrovnik – and just a few minutes’ drive from Tivat Centre, this property presents an excellent investment opportunity and can be easily rented out during the season.

“I simply said “WOW”. Stunning Villa with pool and million-dollar view in Budva” (€1.6m)

What I've discovered in my experience as a real estate agent is that the most exclusive properties are often found in remote areas, prioritizing privacy and tranquillity—the ultimate luxuries of the modern age. A particular example of such property is located in Tudorovici, one of the oldest villages of Pastrovici, in the municipality of Budva. This brand-new exclusive property is designed and structured as a boutique hotel and consists of 5 units, a fully equipped restaurant situated on the ground floor, and a swimming pool. Delivered to the highest standards with breath-taking and commanding views of the sea and Sveti Stefan Island, this property is waiting for clients to embark on a thriving business venture.

DREAM ESTATES MONTENEGRO (SAVILLS) A: Stari grad 321, 85330 Kotor, Montenegro T: +382 67 618 359 E: W:
Zorana Vuković (Sales Associate)

“The Garden had me at Hello! Idyllic House with Mediterranean Garden” (€799,000)

Growing up in Kotor, I have been fortunate to live surrounded by the beauty of this region. Since I commenced working as the Office Manager at Dream Estates – Savills Montenegro, I have had the opportunity to explore numerous exquisite properties that enhance the charm of our surroundings. One such property that captured my attention is a fully restored traditional stone farmhouse, located in the maritime village of Prčanj. The house consists of an open plan living and dining area with a kitchen, room for family gatherings, 4 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. The contemporary interior is complemented by traditional Montenegrin elements, creating a unique blend of modernity and heritage. Outside the house is a covered patio, a mature Mediterranean garden, a stone BBQ, and gated parking for two vehicles. But for me, it’s all about the garden! Surrounded by pine and olive trees, this house is a true sanctuary, where you can unwind and enjoy amazing views of Boka Bay extending to Lovćen mountain.

Danka Kašćelan (Office Manager) Dream Estates Montenegro, main office in Kotor Old Town

Dream Estates Croatia

An International Associate of Savills


Estates Croatia has been the exclusive associate of global real estate services group, Savills, for more than 20 years. As Savills associates in both Croatia and Montenegro, this allows us to provide a broader range of choices to our clients and an opportunity to study 2 markets under the umbrella of one company. Both markets are very different when it comes to all aspects of property choice, price points, lifestyle options and buyer’s profiles. Whereas Montenegro certainly has excelled in attracting global brands and snazzy mixeduse resorts, Croatia has advanced in terms of access and infrastructure. However, the 2 countries’ real estate markets have more in common than divides them and from a travel and investment perspective, guests are increasingly seeing one coastline as an extension of the other. Vedrana Kelleher, owner and director of Dream Estates Croatia discusses the business and the market in this feature.

Tell us about your history, experience, and expertise in your respective market including why sellers and buyers should choose you as their preferred partner?

Dream Estates Croatia, the exclusive associate of global real estate services group, Savills, have been present in the market for more than 20 years, operating from their head office in Dubrovnik. Dream Estates / Savills Croatia operate in two key market segments – transactional sales and Development Consultancy Advisory. Over our 20 years’ experience in Croatia, we have looked after the property needs of hundreds of clients from more than 30 countries. In turn, we have been development advisors to practically all pipeline product on the Adriatic.

How do you foresee your market in 2024 and beyond? What is the probable price growth, the arrival of new projects, buyer profile and nationality changes etc).

We operate in 3 distinct regions in Croatia – Istria in the north, The Split region and Islands and of course, the Dubrovnik Riviera. Each region has its own characteristics as regards

buyer profile, price points and supply. The Croatian diaspora remains very strong across all markets. Istria is dominated by the ‘drive to market’ from Western Europe with Germans, Austrians and Slovenians expected to be the predominant buyers and a good pipeline of supply, particularly of inland villas. Price growth in the region is expected to continue to deliver up to 5% per annum. The Split region has really redefined itself over recent years from a place to pass through to becoming a real destination. This is reflected in very strong price growth which is expected to continue this year. Supply is moderate and the absence of significantly sized mixed use resorts is discussed further below. The Split region is dominated by regional 2nd home buyers with a younger age profile.

Dubrovnik continues to be the shining star as regards price growth and rental yields. The lack of supply in the market driving both year on year. With price for prime properties reaching EUR10,000 / m2, demand continues to be very strong from an older age profile of Western European buyers or locals looking for rental income. Strong demand is seen from the Croatian diaspora and neighbouring countries, seeking to have

a dream home in the Dubrovnik Region. The demand from the diaspora group is usually originating from the USA, Canada, Australia and Western Europe.

What are some key insights and your tips of areas or property types which potential buyers should be aware of for future potential growth? For yields of over net 5%, and yearly capital growth, investors can rarely go wrong with property in Dubrovnik in their portfolio. We do expect changes to the planning laws this year to restrict rental properties in the Old Town of Dubrovnik, to allow, rightfully, citizens to enter the market, so this window of opportunity is narrowing within the town.

What are the primary challenges your agency faces in the current real estate landscape, and how do you address them?

The main issue we face in Croatia, which has been overcome by neighbouring Montenegro, is the delivery of large-scale mixed-use resorts. While Montenegro has delivered top-class branded hotels and resorts, the planning process and laws in Croatia are a detriment to investors.

Green sites for development tendered by the government come with typically a 99-year lease and no visibility as to what happens thereafter. In turn, the timeline to get a project through planning and to the market can take more than 5 years. In markets such as Dubrovnik, we are missing the ‘software’ such as shopping and entertainment to meet the expectations of investors paying such prices. In essence, we are missing a vision and strategy in real estate as we are in tourism goals. There is a significant pent-up demand for exclusive high-quality villas and apartments which is not being met.

We are very pleased to have been involved in development consultancy – advising developers of pipeline mixed use resorts in Dubrovnik, Split and Istria which will bring a significant new level of luxury and branded residences to the market once approved. We commonly remind stakeholders that the value brought by a project such as Porto Montenegro can be seen first-hand in Tivat, where everyone is a winner. Especially the locality, proven in Tivat, which now has one of the highest prices for real estate on The Adriatic, not factoring in Porto Montenegro.

Vedrana Kelleher Dream Estates Croatia - Director President of the Real Estate Association Chamber of Commerce, Dubrovnik County


Beautiful villa with swimming pool near Labin

Price: €1,750,000

Villa is located on a spacious plot of 1,767 sqm, and has total net living space of 273 sqm. It spreads over two levels, has a beautifully landscaped gardens, terraces, and heated swimming pool. The ground floor consists of large living room, open plan kitchen and dining area, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, hallway, and toilet. In front of the living room is spacious terrace with dining area. Indoor staircase leads to the first floor where are two bedrooms with balconies, two bathrooms and hallway. The special feature is the social room with a large bar and a table for eight people for enjoyment and socializing, including numerous board games and another TV.

Newly Built Villa Near Dubrovnik - Price on request

This newly built villa with modern furnishing is located near Dubrovnik in Plat. With 3 parking spaces, only 200 m from the sea, large terrace with a pool and a large balcony the villa is a dream come true. The property is perfectly located in the middle between the Old Town Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik airport with a 10 minute drive to either one. The villa has 5 bedrooms with king size beds and 5 bathrooms. The bedrooms are furnished, equipped and feature sea views. The large kitchen is fully equipped with modern utilities and opens up towards the living room and the large balcony. The terrace has a modern and a private pool with sunbeds, sunshades and a barbecue area.

Luxury stone villa

Price: €2,600,000

The Villa is located on a plot of 919 sqm, spreads on 4 levels and have around 490 sqm of living space. On the ground floor there is a large entrance hall, a living room, large open plan kitchen with dinning area, with patio doors all opening onto the poolside terrace. On the first floor there is one bedroom apartment with an access to a private terrace and garden. The apartment benefits from its own large bedroom with bathroom, and open plan kitchen and living area. Also on the first floor are two en-suite bedrooms, each with balcony and sea view, while on the top floor are a further three bedrooms, one is en-suite double bedroom, and two twin bedrooms with a shared bathroom. Each bedroom has a balcony with wonderful sea view. In addition, on the lower ground floor there is a full plant and utility room with large storage area. The Villa also has solar water heaters.

DREAM ESTATES d.o.o. Masarykov put 3, Dvori Lapad 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia Office: +385 20 437 222 Mobile: +385 91 1857 237 Email: W:

Primosten, villa for sale, price on request

Modern villa on three floors in the first row to the sea, in a fantastic location. It has a living area of 402 m2, and is located on a plot of 749 m2.

The first floor consists of a living room with kitchen, two bedrooms with en suite bathrooms.

The second floor consists of three bedrooms with bathrooms, while on the last floor there are two more bedrooms with bathrooms. The garden is cultivated and offers enjoyment by the pool of 71 m2. The modern design and glazing of the villa offer exceptional views of the sea and the surrounding area. An additional advantage of this villa is that it is located in a complex of villas, which offer an ideal ratio of luxury with a touch of Dalmatian atmosphere.

Remington MontenegroRealty

An Exclusive Affiliate Of Christie’s International Real Estate

There is only one associate who is entrusted with the use of the Christie’s brand on each individual territory and Remington Realty represents the local markets of Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia. The well-known, recognized and renowned company Christie’s International Real Estate chooses its associates according to rigorous criteria, which is why its network consists of an exclusive group of world-class brokers. Leaders in local markets, all members of Christie’s International Real Estate, including Remington Realty, operate according to the highest standards, demonstrating consistent success in the sale of luxury real estate, always under the auspices of the Christie’s brand, preserving its tradition and reputation.

Tell us about your history, experience, and expertise in your respective market, including why sellers and buyers should choose you as their preferred partner?

Christie's International Real Estate represents a prestigious global network of luxury properties, a part of the renowned auction house Christie's, with over two centuries of tradition in art, jewellery, antiques, and other high-quality products.

Focused on facilitating the sale and rental of exclusive properties such as villas, castles, and private estates, this company stands out with its brand as a synonym for excellence in the luxury real estate sector.

Christie's International Real Estate operates globally with its headquarters in New York City, United States. Their engagement covers key markets in Europe, America, and Asia, and collaboration with local agencies grants them access to exclusive properties and a selective clientele.

Their affiliation with the auction house Christie's further enriches their offering, creating synergy between luxury properties and art-

works. This unique connection adds an additional dimension to life where art, culture, and luxury converge.

Remington Realty, an exclusive partner of Christie's International Real Estate and granted the exclusive privilege to utilize the prestigious brand in the territories of Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia. With pride, the Remington Realty Montenegro branch unveils its new office nestled in the high-end destination - Portonovi in June.

Our branch in Montenegro brings Christie’s legacy to the Adriatic coast, offering unparalleled experience and insight into the local market. With a deep understanding of Montenegro's unique real estate landscape, we provide sellers and buyers with a distinct advantage. Our team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in luxury property transactions. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, tailored to the individual needs of each client.

Sellers benefit from our strategic marketing approach, leveraging Christie's global network and prestigious reputation to showcase

their properties to affluent buyers worldwide. Our comprehensive marketing strategies ensure maximum exposure and optimal results. Buyers choose us for our unrivaled access to an exclusive portfolio of luxury properties in Montenegro. Whether seeking a waterfront villa, ski-slope chalet, historic estate, or contemporary penthouse, our expert advisors guide clients through every step of the purchasing process with discretion, integrity, and professionalism.

How do you foresee your market in 2024 and beyond? What is the probable price growth, arrival of new projects, buyer profile and nationality changes etc?

In 2024 and beyond, the Montenegrin luxury real estate market is poised to elevate Montenegro as a destination to the next level, not only demand-wise but with the product offerings. We anticipate sustained demand driven by several factors, including the country's growing popularity as a premier destination for luxury living, investment opportunities, and lifestyle experiences.

Price growth is expected to remain robust, fueled by increasing demand from both domestic and international buyers seeking premium properties along the stunning Adriatic coastline. On the other end, most significant movements in the high-end real estate market have been noticed in the North of the country with the development of premium ski resort properties. Both the traditionally developed coastal market and the emerging projects in the North are absolutely competitive with the most exclusive Christie’s destinations around the globe. Montenegro's favorable tax environment and burgeoning tourism sector further contribute to its appeal among high-net-worth individuals seeking second homes or investment opportunities. The arrival of new projects is anticipated, as developers capitalize on the demand for luxury residences and resortstyle amenities. These developments are likely to offer a mix of contemporary villas, upscale condominiums, and exclusive gated communities, catering to diverse buyer preferences and lifestyles. As for buyer profiles and


We want to highlight the following properties

Luštica Bay - The Peaks Price €1,893,000

The Peaks is Luštica Bay’s most ambitious project. This hillside neighbourhood will host Montenegro’s golf residences and 18-hole course, featuring amazing views of the Adriatic and Boka Bay. The premier golf neighbourhood is Botanika, featuring impressive villas, townhouses with private pools, and one- to three-bedroom apartments.

These secluded private havens are created with sustainable architectural principles and natural materials such as stone and wood. The sophisticated neighbourhood provides seclusion and privacy, with the convenience of an upcoming town centre nearby for shopping, sports, and dining. Botanika townhouse villa with total 217m2 features three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and private pool.

from the offer.

Portonovi One&Only Private Home - Price upon request

Located at the entrance of the Boka Bay, One&Only Private Homes offer beautifully designed villas all blending in seamlessly with this remarkable landscape of mountains and sea. A Signature Private threebedroom waterfront villa is one of only ten Private Homes with a world-class resort available for a sale. Exquisitely crafted from the finest materials and finished to supreme levels of comfort, a Signature Private Villa is in total 571m2 from which 396m2interior and 175m2 exterior space. The villa is selling fully furnished with luxury furniture designed as per One&Only standards. The future owner will access to the One&Only Private Homeowner Network with benefits and exclusive perks, like property management via the One&Only booking system, giving residents a seamless service to rent their freehold property.

Penthouse, Elena Residence, Porto Montenegro - Price €4,204,980

Exclusive penthouse is located on the top floor at Elena Residence with sea view and the roof top pool. The total area of the penthouse is 449.56m2 . The apartment consists of open space living room, dining room and kitchen, three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, guest bathroom, large terrace around all apartment and roof top terrace with a pool, storage room, shower, kitchen, resting room and guest toilet. The penthouse is for sale fully furnished and equipped with modern and high-quality furniture and equipment; garage space also included in the price. Porto Montenegro is a leading resort community and the largest superyacht marina in the Mediterranean. Alongside its exquisite residences and 450-berth marina, the village is home to the five-star Regent Porto Montenegro hotel, world-class gastronomic outlets, bars and bistros, elegant boutiques, an array of sports, leisure and cultural amenities, innovative co-working spaces and an impressive calendar of events, together giving the destination a year-round appeal.

nationality changes, we foresee a continuation of the trend where Montenegro attracts a diverse mix of investors and lifestyle buyers from around the globe. While traditional markets such as Western Europe and CIS remain significant, we anticipate an increasing interest from emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East, and North America.

Additionally, there's a growing interest among environmentally conscious buyers seeking sustainable and eco-friendly properties, reflecting a broader global shift towards responsible luxury living

What are some key insights and your tips of areas or property types which potential buyers should be aware of for future potential growth?

Emerging Locations: Keep an eye on emerging areas beyond established hotspots. Emerging destinations, both in the coastal area and in the North offer significant potential for growth due to ongoing infrastructure development and planned luxury projects. As an example, a premium ski resort in the North currently offers 45 km of ski trails which will become 141 km in the pipeline of several years, clearly showing the growth potential of this product.

Waterfront and Ski-in ski-out Properties: These properties with such distinctive positions typically retain their value and demonstrate strong appreciation over time.

Impeccable views: Properties gaining popularity, compared to waterfront ones are the products positioned above the hotspot locations with unparalleled views, offering seclusion and serenity. These properties are still not as valued in Montenegro and therefore offer a great opportunity for growth.

Lifestyle Amenities: Properties offering a unique lifestyle experience, such as access to marinas, golf courses, wellness centers, and cultural attractions, tend to attract discerning

New contemporary style villa of 526m2 in Orahovac, Kotor Bay. The villa has its own beach 20 m long, as well as a berth for a yacht up to 25 m long. Willa is selling fully furnished with the highest quality Italian luxury brands. The first floor of the villa consists with 4 bedrooms with bathrooms, gym, spa, laundry, technical room, garage with 2 parking spaces. On the second floor is located a spacious living room with fireplace, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and terrace. Outdoor space: Split level 2 terraces in the courtyard for relaxing and lounging, outdoor swimming pool total area of 70m2, parking place up to 6 cars, terrace with outdoor fireplace and contemporary outdoor design furniture and lighting.

buyers seeking a blend of luxury living and leisure activities.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Living: With increasing global awareness of environmental sustainability, properties designed with eco-friendly features and sustainable practices are gaining popularity among luxury buyers.

Off-Plan Investments: Off-plan investments in pre-construction or under-development projects can offer attractive pricing and potential capital appreciation upon completion.

What are the most interesting and exciting properties currently in your portfolio (any history or interesting facts)?

All of our offerings are handpicked to represent the best of the best, and in this issue, we will highlight just some of them. The reason why we have chosen to open the office in Portonovi project is that this is the only greenfield project in Montenegro to have a beach and a marina, while still being integrated within an existing settlement. As a part of the project, Portonovi features one of the world’s most prestigious hotel brands – being the first One&Only open in Europe at the time.

What are the primary challenges your agency faces in the current real estate landscape, and how do you address them?

The primary challenges our agency faces in the current real estate landscape include increasing competition, changing market dynamics, and evolving buyer preferences. We address these challenges by leveraging our global network, adapting innovative marketing strategies, and staying abreast of market trends to deliver tailored solutions and exceptional service to our clients.

Contemporary villa in Orahovac - Price Upon Request

K1450 Nest Kolasin Valleys resort

Introducing K1450 Nest, the vibrant exclusive ambiance of Kolasin Valleys Resort. This part of resort consists of 6 hotels, 7 touristic-apartment buildings and 45 distinguished chalets, each thoughtfully crafted to redefine luxury living. Homeowners of chalets can enjoy the convenience of ski rooms, ensuring seamless access to adventure with direct entry to ski slopes. Escape into harmony with the sauna and relaxing area, where tranquility awaits at every turn. K1450 Nest sets a new benchmark for sophistication and comfort, offering a retreat amidst the captivating beauty of the Kolasin Valleys. A home to discover a world where excellence meets luxury, where every detail is curated with care.

K16 Peak Kolasin Valleys resort

Embraced within the picturesque expanse of the exclusive Kolasin Valleys resort, K16 Peak emerges as the apex of luxury and adventure. Comprising 10 hotels and 28 chalets, this part of the resort seamlessly integrates the thrill of ski-in and skiout accessibility. Offering a diverse array of activities, from exhilarating skiing and snowboarding to tranquil hiking and horse riding, it transforms into an all-yearround haven for nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike. Additionally, K16 Peak will boast a myriad of indulgences, including fine dining venues, Japanese and French restaurant restaurants, a shopping center, cigar bars, whiskey bars and a spa haven.

Swissôtel Resort Kolašin Kolasin Valleys resort

Swissôtel Resort Kolašin brings the renowned brand’s standards to our extraordinary location. This pioneer hotel in Kolasin Valleys resort, it’s K16 Peak village, opened its doors to first guests in January 2024. Swissotel boasts 116 rooms, featuring an all-day dining restaurant, a fine dining restaurant, and a sophisticated cigar bar, all conveniently situated at the base of the ski slope. The interior design reflects Swissotel's commitment to luxury and functionality, with a modern aesthetic that incorporates elements inspired by the local culture. Plush bedding, sleek furniture, and state-of-the-art amenities ensure a stay that's both indulgent and convenient.

Remington Realty - Serbia

An Exclusive Affiliate Of Christie’s International Real Estate

Remington Realty is the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate in the local markets of Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia, a testament to our unparalleled local expertise and global reach. Our unique position as the sole representative of the Christie’s brand in these territories underscores our standing and commitment to excellence in the luxury real estate sector. The meticulous selection process by Christie’s International Real Estate ensures that only top-tier brokerages, demonstrating consistent success in luxury property sales and adhering to the highest standards, are included in its exclusive network.

Tell us about your history, experience, and expertise in your respective market, including why sellers and buyers should choose you as their preferred partner?

In the highly competitive real estate market of Serbia, Remington Realty stands out as the quintessential choice for both sellers and buyers looking for unparalleled expertise and a distinguished network in the luxury property sector. Our affiliation with Christie’s International Real Estate, a global authority in luxury real estate since 1995, places us in a unique position to serve the discerning needs of our clientele. Christie’s International Real Estate, with its roots in the world-renowned auction house founded in 1766, boasts over 900 offices across 48 countries, making it a leader in the luxury residential property market. This affiliation not only signifies a stamp of excellence but also provides us with an unmatched global reach and access to a prestigious network.

Remington Realty is the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate in the local markets of Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia, a testament to our unparalleled local expertise and global reach. Our unique position as the sole representative of the Christie’s brand in these territories underscores our standing and commitment to excellence in the luxury real estate sector. The meticulous selection process by Christie’s International Real Estate ensures that only top-tier brokerages, demonstrating consistent success in luxury property sales and adhering to the highest standards, are included in its

exclusive network.

Our local leadership is further enhanced by our in-depth understanding of the Serbian market. Our dedicated team of professionals is not only well-versed in the dynamics of the local real estate market but also brings a wealth of international experience to the table. This dual expertise ensures that we are equipped to navigate both local and global market fluctuations, providing our clients with strategic insights and guidance.

What truly sets Remington Realty apart is our commitment to personalization and discretion. Our team members, who are lifestyle emissaries and brand ambassadors of Christie’s International Real Estate, uphold the core values of integrity, expertise, and discreet client service. We pride ourselves on offering personalized brokerage services that meet the strictest standards of excellence. Our multilingual client executives, proficient in local languages as well as English and Russian, ensure that communication barriers are non-existent, providing a seamless experience for our international clientele.

Choosing Remington Realty means partnering with a brokerage that not only represents the esteemed Christie’s brand in Serbia but also brings a global perspective coupled with local market leadership. Our track record of success in the sale of luxury real estate, underpinned by a tradition of excellence and a rigorous selection process by Christie’s International Real Estate, makes us the preferred partner for discerning sellers and buyers in the luxury property market.

How do you foresee your market in 2024 and beyond? What is the probable price growth, arrival of new projects, buyer profile and nationality changes etc?

The Serbian real estate market in 2024 and beyond is poised for a period of steady growth and transformation, reflecting a blend of enduring appeal and emerging trends. The market's trajectory is influenced by a mix of traditional investor confidence, evolving buyer preferences, and demographic shifts, all set against the backdrop of global and local developments.

Market Stability and Price Growth

Given the prevailing investor sentiment for security and stability, the Serbian real estate market is unlikely to see drastic price declines. Instead, a steady or moderate price growth can be expected, particularly in sectors and locations that align with current and emerging trends. Projects along rivers and those aligned with the urbanization of cities, especially with an eye on significant events like EXPO 2027 in Belgrade, are likely to maintain, if not increase, their value due to their unique appeal and the anticipated influx of visitors and international attention.

Emerging Hotspots and New Projects

Emerging cities such as Novi Sad, Nis, and Kragujevac, along with developments outside city limits offering gated communities with robust transportation links, are set to become new hubs for business and living. These areas are

attracting interest for their blend of security, accessibility, and quality of life, potentially leading to a proliferation of new projects catering to these demands.

Evolving Buyer Profiles and Preferences

The profile of buyers is becoming increasingly diverse, with a notable shift towards properties that offer not just superior construction quality but also enhanced amenities such as wellness centers, gyms, and eco-friendly features. This shift is partly driven by the younger generations' demand for sustainability and convenience, indicating a broader trend towards more conscious living environments.

Additionally, the substantial influx of foreigners, as evidenced by the significant number of work permits issued and migration from conflictaffected regions, is reshaping the buyer demographic. This change is not only increasing demand for rental properties, leading to a spike in rental prices, but also likely to result in a more multicultural buyer and investor base, further diversifying the market.

Nationality Changes and Global Integration

With over 200,000 individuals having migrated to Serbia in recent years, the country's real estate market is increasingly reflective of a global community. This demographic shift is expected to continue influencing the market, with a considerable number of new residents from abroad choosing to make Serbia their permanent home. Such trends suggest a potential shift in the nationality mix of buyers and

BW Riviera, Starting Price: €482,888 including VAT.

BW Riviera, part of Belgrade Waterfront, offers luxurious living along the Sava River. With stylish apartments and penthouses, it provides breathtaking views and modern amenities. Residents enjoy convenience and relaxation with fitness centers and pools. Integrated into the vibrant community, it offers access to retail and dining. BW Riviera epitomizes modern urban living in Belgrade. Available are apartment configurations with one, two, three, four, and six bedrooms.

Residences at The St. Regis

Belgrade - Starting Price: €518,888 including VAT.

Nestled within the iconic Kula Belgrade, rising 42 stories and standing tall at 168 meters, The Residences at The St. Regis Belgrade epitomize an unrivaled lifestyle of elegance and sophistication. With a harmonious blend of art, textures, and materials, each residence pays homage to the surrounding natural environment and the majestic River Sava, while also honoring the rich heritage of the city. As the centerpiece of the Belgrade Waterfront project, St. Regis sets the standard for luxury living in the heart of the capital. Residences with one and two bedrooms, as well as duplex structures with two and three bedrooms, are available for sale. Residences with one and two bedrooms, as well as duplex structures with two and three bedrooms, are available for sale.

Dositejeva apartment Price upon request

This exceptional apartment, situated in the heart of Belgrade in Gornji Dorćol, boasts unparalleled luxury and sophistication. It occupies the entire floor, offering 200 square meters of meticulously designed living space. Upon entering, you are greeted by a spacious and elegantly appointed living area, thoughtfully divided to create separate zones for relaxation and entertainment. The living room features a fireplace, providing a cozy ambiance for enjoyment.The apartment includes two generously sized bedrooms, each with its own en-suite bathroom. One of the standout features of this residence is the floor-to-ceiling windows that adorn both sides of the apartment, offering breathtaking views of the historic city center. This dual aspect orientation floods the living space with natural light, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere.

investors, with a growing number of nonnative participants in the market.


Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, the Serbian real estate market is expected to navigate through a phase of growth characterized by stable prices, the rise of new development hotspots, and an evolving buyer profile emphasizing sustainability and convenience. Coupled with the anticipated impacts of global events and demographic shifts, the market is set for a dynamic period that promises opportunities for investors and homebuyers alike, marking Serbia as a key player on the international real estate stage.

What are some key insights and your tips of areas or property types which potential buyers should be aware of for future potential growth?

Given the evolving dynamics of the Serbian real estate market, potential buyers looking for properties with future growth potential should consider several key insights and trends that align with contemporary and emerging lifestyles. These trends not only cater to immediate needs but are also indicative of long-term value retention and appreciation. Here are some areas and property types to consider, along with the importance of lifestyle amenities, master-planned environments, and architectural trends:

Master-Planned and Structured Environments

Comprehensive Development: Properties within master-planned communities are highly desirable due to their structured approach to urban living. These areas are designed with a holistic vision that includes residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, ensuring a balanced lifestyle for residents.

Future Growth Potential: Masterplanned communities often come with the promise of future development and enhancements, making them a wise investment in terms of potential value appreciation.

Gated and Semi-Closed Communities

Security and Privacy: Gated or semiclosed communities offer heightened security and privacy, a priority for many buyers, especially in uncertain times.

Community and Lifestyle: These communities often feature exclusive amenities such as parks, clubhouses, and sports facilities, fostering a sense of community and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Lifestyle Amenities

Health and Wellness Focus: Properties offering access to health and wellness amenities like gyms, spas, and green spaces are increasingly sought after. Such

features not only enhance the quality of life but also appeal to a broad demographic, from young professionals to retirees.

Convenience and Efficiency: Amenities that offer convenience, such as professional building management services, proximity to shopping and dining, and efficient transport links, are key factors driving demand.

Timeless Architectural Designs and Greenery

Less is More: In terms of architecture, there's a growing appreciation for simplicity and minimalism. Properties that embody the "less is more" philosophy with clean lines and functional spaces are not only aesthetically pleasing but also timeless in their appeal.

Integration with Nature: Properties surrounded by parks or those that incorporate greenery through landscaped gardens, rooftop terraces, or green walls are not only beneficial for the environment but also enhance the well-being of residents. Such features are becoming decisive factors for many buyers.

What are the primary challenges your agency faces in the current real estate landscape, and how do you address them?

In the dynamic and ever-evolving real estate landscape of today, agencies like ours are navigating through a variety of challenges that necessitate strategic adaptability and innovative approaches. Below are the primary challenges we face and the measures we've taken to address them effectively:

Increasing Competition

The real estate market has become increasingly competitive, with numerous agencies vying for the attention of a finite group of buyers and sellers.

Strategic Response: We leverage our exclusive affiliation with Christie's International Real Estate to distinguish ourselves. This global network not only elevates our brand but also allows us to tap into an unparalleled pool of high-net-worth individuals, setting us apart in the luxury market segment.

Innovative Marketing: Employing targeted social media campaigns, personalized client outreach, and enhanced online presentations ensures we remain ahead in reaching and engaging potential clients.

Changing Market Dynamics

Market dynamics are continually shifting due to economic factors, regulatory changes, and global events, impacting buyer sentiment and investment patterns.

Market Analysis: Our approach involves a constant analysis of market trends and regulatory environments. This vigilance allows us to anticipate changes and advise our clients accordingly, ensuring they

make informed decisions.

Flexibility: We maintain a flexible approach to our operations, adapting our strategies to meet the evolving market. This agility ensures we can swiftly respond to new opportunities or challenges as they arise.

Evolving Buyer Preferences

Buyers today are increasingly sophisticated, with preferences that evolve rapidly. The demand for sustainable, techenabled, and lifestyle-oriented properties is on the rise.

Tailored Solutions: We prioritize understanding the unique needs and preferences of each client. Our team is trained to listen actively and adapt their search and presentation strategies to match the specific desires of buyers, ensuring a highly personalized service.

Lifestyle Emphasis: Recognizing the growing emphasis on lifestyle amenities, we spotlight properties that offer these features, from wellness centers to smart home technologies, aligning with the desires of modern buyers.

Structured Brokerage Industry

The need for more structure in the brokerage industry, with standardized practices and enhanced professionalism, is evident.

Professional Development: We invest in the continuous professional development of our team, ensuring they not only meet but exceed the industry standards in terms of expertise and ethical practices.

Industry Leadership: By advocating for higher standards and participating in industry forums, we aim to contribute to the overall enhancement of professionalism within the real estate brokerage community.

Addressing Expectations

Meeting the high expectations of buyers and sellers in today's market is challenging but critical for success.

Exceptional Service: We commit to providing exceptional, discreet client service at every touchpoint. This includes comprehensive after-sale support, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience for all parties involved.

Innovative Tools and Services: Utilizing advanced CRM systems, data analytics, and personalized communication strategies, we ensure that our clients receive timely, relevant, and valuable information, enhancing their decision-making process and overall experience.

In conclusion, by strategically leveraging our unique strengths, staying ahead of market trends, and continuously enhancing our service quality, we address the challenges of the current real estate landscape. Our goal is to not only navigate these challenges but to set new benchmarks for excellence and client satisfaction in the industry.

REMINGTON REALTY - SERBIA T: +381 65 877 8202 E: W: A: Kneza Miloša 90a/64, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia


We want to highlight the following properties from the offer.

Green Hill Dedinje

Price: €775,000

Enjoy luxurious living in Dedinje at the Green Hill settlement! This secure and exclusive residential complex, surrounded by greenery, offers a unique experience. For sale is a two-bedroom 105 sq. meters apartment with two bathrooms, a spacious living room with access to a lovely balcony overlooking trees and greenery. Additionally, the apartment features a 3 are yard divided into two parts. One part of the yard is directly accessible from the apartment and includes a completely private pool with dimensions of 10X3. Inside the apartment, you'll find high-quality equipment - a kitchen equipped with Gaggenau appliances, bathrooms with Gessi accessories and furnished with pieces and built-in furniture from the Charlie Pomiere brand. The apartment is sold fully furnished including two parking spaces in the garage and a storage room of 12 sq. meters. The settlement offers a high standard with a ceiling height of 3.30m, underfloor heating, ceiling cooling, and a Smart Home system. The settlement has 24/7 physical security and an external/internal video surveillance system.

Dedinje Townhouse Villas

Price: €1,400,000 VAT included

Townhouse villas located in the middle of the greenest part of Belgrade in Miloja Djaka Street at Dedinje with total area of 573 sq. meters , out of which 358 sq. meters is the interior space, and 215 sq. meters is the exterior space including the yard and rooftop terrace. Location offers an unrivalled sense of privacy and peace. Feel the embrace of the lush nature that envelops the environment and enjoy the serenity that permeates every corner of this esteemed community. Here you can enjoy discretion and silence, while still maintaining a great connection with the city. The facades of all villas are decorated with a white beige natural stone, which gives the houses a touch of luxury. Completion date: end of 2024.

West 65 Tower apartment

Price: €750,000

West 65 Tower is the youngest member of the residential-commercial complex West 65 located in New Belgrade. Every aspect of this stylish and modern 94 sq. meters apartment has been meticulously designed and executed to the finest detail, including Pianca and Cattelan furniture, Amina Carpets rugs, Buster+Punch lighting, Marazza ceramics, Smeg kitchen appliances, and Liebherr technology, along with Etro and Missoni cushions.

Structurally, it comprises two bedrooms, one of which is a master bedroom with a phenomenal ensuite bathroom. Through the glass facade, there is a fantastic and unobstructed view of the new bridge on the Ada River.

Experience luxury living at its finest in this impeccable residence.




Thanks to you, Universal Capital Bank stood out this year in the prestigious annual selection of the Association of Montenegrin Managers, held under the patronage of the Government of Montenegro, which awarded you Manager of the Year in the category of joint stock companies. How do you comment on your achievements? Has your vision remained the same from the start and what is your success strategy?

Every award represents added motivation, especially when it comes from fellow managers from some of the largest and most successful companies in Montenegro. I see the Manager of the Year award for 2023 in joint stock companies from the Association of Montenegrin Managers as recognition for creating an extraordinary team in Universal Capital Bank and for the record results our team achieved in the previous year.

The strategic direction that enabled us to achieve these recognised results was actually absolute dedication to the client. This is our business mission. In keeping with the vision of the corporate

group we belong to, we offer bespoke products and services to meet the individual needs of each of our clients. We like to say that we have as many products as clients, because we are indeed dedicated to each of them and we tailor our services to all their requirements. Such an approach, both towards our clients as well as towards all of our partners, enabled us to build almost unbreakable ties with them all, and whose satisfaction is our best publicity. The success we achieved is simply a vital consequence of our approach.

How would you describe past business year and what results did UCB have at the end of year 2023?

Last year we achieved record results in almost all segments of business. Historic profit was made, all business parameters are at a record level; we have significantly improved employee satisfaction and we are perhaps most satisfied with our team. UCB was the first to introduce three new products on market (biometric identification, direct payment operations with Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Visa Business Metal Card) and it invested big efforts to contribute to the community through our ESG strategy.

Universal Capital Bank is recognised as a socially responsible company. How much importance do you attach to CSR in the context of your operation?

Corporate social responsibility has been a strategic goal and premise since the opening of Universal Capital Bank, under which projects focused on community support are implemented. This business practice has a direct positive influence on employees and work conditions, the local community and the environment. That is why each year the Bank allocates significant funds for

various activities, sponsorships and donations, aimed at the most sensitive social groups. I would like to point out that in addition to social responsibility, we focused on the implementation and activation of already well-known ESG (Environmental Social Governance) standards, that is, on a sustainable way of doing business at all levels and in all segments.

You were the first in Montenegro to introduce a direct payment transaction service with the Republic of Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. What are the benefits of Clearing? Is there significant client interest in this type of service?

We are very proud of the fact that we were the first in Montenegro to provide our population and the economy with direct payment transactions with Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. For almost 18 years, there was no direct payment operation with these two neighbouring countries, with which Montenegro has the largest number of payment transactions. This meant that funds to the banks in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina went through other correspondent banks in Europe, which increased the costs of these transactions but also extended their execution time. UCB’s strategic commitment is to put the client first. And it’s not just a phrase. We truly nurture a culture of dedicated care for the needs of our clients, and when we identify a need among our clients for a cheaper, faster and more reliable service enabled by direct payment, we provide it to our clients regardless of how much work and investment it requires.

Interest among our clients exceeded all our expectations. Payment transactions with Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina increased by over 50% yearon-year, and the growth continues. Every day we get new clients thanks to this service.

I would say that the biggest advantage of direct payments in retail is transaction costs, which are now three times lower. Namely, with the establishment of direct payment operations, a client sending EUR 100 to one of these two countries now pays a EUR 5 fee instead of EUR 15, which is what this transfer cost before. Meanwhile, corporate clients see the biggest advantage in this system in the time required for transactions to be carried out and their reliability, as well as, of course, in the low costs. Funds sent to Serbia or Bosnia-Herzegovina, or from those countries to Montenegro, will be in the recipient’s account on the same day they were sent, without exception. Until now, this was most often not the case and it often happened that funds did not reach the recipient’s account for several days, which slowed the flow of goods and services.

When it comes to innovations in the Montenegrin market, it can be said that you are constantly bringing in world trends in terms of payment cards. This time, it’s an absolute novelty in the banking sector of Montenegro - the first payment card made of metal. What was your inspiration for developing this type of product and what are its advantages?

Keeping pace with world trends in the payment card industry, Universal Capital Bank, in cooperation with the Visa company, a global leader in the field of digital payments, launched the first and unique Visa Platinum Business Metal Card in the Montenegrin market. In addition to its extremely luxurious and innovative design, this payment card offers exclusive benefits solely to its cardholders.

As I said earlier, our strategic commitment is to care for our clients and adapt our products to their needs. Considering out clients’ profiles,

the introduction of the metal card was a logical next step. We believe that our clients deserve exclusively premium service in every respect, and therefore we strive to ensure that their bank can support their lifestyle.

I can say with certainty that the future path of the Bank will be directed towards the development and implementation of new technologies and the application of state-of-the-art solutions in business, but also affirming responsible social business, as evidenced by the fact that part of the membership fee of each issued metal card will be donated to charity objectives.

A: Stanka Dragojevića bb, Podgorica, Montenegro

T: +382 20 481 481



Keeping pace with world trends in the payment card industry, Universal Capital Bank, in cooperation with the Visa company, a global leader in the field of digital payments, launched the first and unique Visa Platinum Business Metal Card in the Montenegrin market. In addition to its extremely luxurious and innovative design, this payment card offers exclusive benefits solely to its cardholders.




The diverse LCS fleet captivates with possibility, featuring a full line of luxurious well-maintained vehicles (luxury Sedans and MPVs). All vehicles in our fleet are late-model (up to 3 years old) and held to the highest standards of safety, maintenance, and presentation.

RESERVATIONS: +382 67 080 880 / +382 20 680 860 /






Tell us about your history, experience and expertise in your respective market including why sellers and buyers should choose you as their preferred partner?

Montenegro Properties has started its business in Montenegro in 2006, focusing on top-quality residential and mixed real estate, foreign investments and development. Since then, we have been operating successfully in the real estate market, while also playing an important role in presenting Montenegro as an emerging destination to the world. Back in 2009, we took part in MIPIM in Cannes, together with the Montenegrin Investment Promotion Agency (MIPA), which was very successful. We are proud of any opportunity we had which meant supporting investments and development in Montenegro. We are also proud that on the list of our clients with whom we had a big pleasure to cooperate with there are HNWI.

Montenegro Properties is also the winner of three awards handed out by the International Property Awards, the world’s most famous accreditation house which hands out awards as a sign of excellence to professionals in the field of real estate. Among others, the jury features members of the U.K. Parliament. The first award we got from them was for the best website, then we got the acknowledgment for the best real estate agent, and last year, we got the best real estate marketing award.

In 2022, we had the opportunity to present Montenegro at EXPO 2020 in Dubai, where we held the presentation titled “Montenegro: Unlocking Potential for Growth”. Montenegro Properties is a member of British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce. Also, we have established very close ties with Arab communities in London, with beautifully appointed office in Mayfair, which we also occasionally use for our meetings with international investors. This year, we are organising a Montenegro-focused event, where we are going to present interesting investment opportunities in Montenegro to Arab communities in London. We combine our passion for property with social responsibility, as we understand that charity donations are actually giving back to the society. Our integrity, professionalism, client-oriented and focused-on-results approach, along with honest advice is what gives our clients the confidence to works with us. We are passionate about providing professional assistance to our clients on their personal property journeys, from understanding their criteria and requirements to opening doors to some of the finest properties in Montenegro. We always go ‘the extra mile’ to meet our clients’ objectives, thus extending far beyond what a conventional real estate agency offers. Also, we never believe in the pressure tactic, so our clients are

never pressurised to buy a property.

Our commitment to acting honestly, with integrity, and always with clients’ best interests at heart, is fundamental to everything we do. Also, we have established a cooperation with experienced law firms with strong background and long experience in providing legal protection in Montenegro.

How do you foresee your market in 2024 and beyond? what is the probable price growth, arrival of new projects, buyer profile and nationality changes, etc

Even if it is never easy to foresee the property market ahead, as it depends on many factors, there are some trends which are prevailing. We believe that luxury property sector will be on the up having in mind the growing community of HNWI. Luxury property sector has proved resiliency in economic turmoil times. It is also true that luxury real estate is much more immune to price fluctuations than lower-end properties. While non-luxury property market can be hit by slumps in prices, luxury property sector retains its desirability – a luxury property very often keeps its value even when the economy around it declines. One of the key advantages that also creates stability in the luxury real estate market is scarcity and again - exclusivity: as a rule, there is always only a limited number of luxury properties that are on the market, which means that their prices are not likely to fall due to limited availability. More luxury listings will temper price growth as the year goes on. Overall, that’s a good thing for the high-end market. Sellers will still fetch high prices, luxury clientele will have more to choose from and sales should go up. We think that luxury property sector can act as a hedge against inflation, providing an appreciating asset that can withstand market fluctuations and protect wealth. Interestingly, challenging market conditions did not stop luxury real estate sector from thriving in 2023 and there is a high prob-

ability it will keep that way in 2024 and beyond. Luxury is no longer confined to material possessions. It has evolved into a blend of experiences, values, and lifestyle in general. The property acquisition isn’t just a transaction anymore - it is an investment in a lifestyle that expresses the true essence of luxury. Regarding Adriatic region, we think that true luxury should arise from authenticity. In Montenegro, projects like Lustica Bay, which are being built in harmony with the Mediterranean and local authenticity define what luxury is, at its core. What I would also like to emphasize is the importance of investment migration. Namely, even if Citizenship by Investment Program is unfortunately closed now, Montenegrin Residency Program should also be regarded as an asset, in a world where luxury is evolving beyond the materialism, as these kind of programs stand as an epitome of experiential luxury and they have for sure redefined the concept of luxury itself. We hope this residency program in Montenegro will be more liberalised in terms of stay length restrictions.

As for the nationality changes, in the coming period as well, Montenegro Properties will be actively working on attracting investors from the Middle East. In the first quarter of 2024, we plan to present the investment possibilities of Montenegro in Riyadh, with the help of the Saudi Chambers of Commerce. Also, new golf course and golf residences might attract new clientele, these residences that we have presented recently in London to the Scottish golf community might initiate a new wave of clients from that part of the world.

What are some key insights and your tips of areas or property types which potential buyers should be aware of for future growth?

Areas that have performed best to date and are expected to continue the same way and where there is significant upside regarding the capital appreciation and return of investment are Tivat and Kotor Bay. As for the properties, premium residential property sector has proved remarkable resiliency amid market slowdowns. Projects like Porto Montenegro, Lustica Bay and Portonovi, with more people preferring mixed-use projects that incorporate residential, hotel and commercial spaces, reflect a desire for more comprehensive and fulfilling lifestyle experiences. Lustica Bay has started the construction of the first 18-hole golf course in the region, designed by Gary Player, a recognized name in the world of golf. The new project that Lustica Bay is developing – the construction of golf residences, will have 300 to 400 high-end units in close proximity to/right next to the golf course itself. We carried out a small survey and comparison with similar projects in Portugal, France and Spain, which has shown that, as a rule, such high-end facilities have always influenced the growth of the value of the real estate in the surroundings. The same will happen in Montenegro.

Synchro Yards - Porto Montenegro

2 bedroom-apartment, in Aurora building, within the most luxurious mixed-use complex within Porto Montenegro by far, with its sandy beach, within IVO 5* Hotel & Residences (part of Kerzner Group), area 168 m2

Price upon a request

What are the most interesting and exciting properties currently in your portfolio (any history or interesting facts?)

Among stunning trophy properties we have on our books, let me mention a few:

Bespoke One&Only villa on the waterfront, within Portonovi complex, a secluded private villa, which area is 463n sq m, with a private pool perfectly hidden from the outside world, with sublime views over the Adriatic Sea.

Golf Residences, Botanika Villas, we recommend a villa of 265 sq m, with exclusive usage area of 1020 sq m, available off-plan, with 4 years payment plan with 0 interest rate.

Synchro Yards 2 bedroom-apartment, in Aurora building, within the most luxurious mixed-use complex within Porto Montenegro, with its sandy beach, within IVO 5* Hotel & Residences (part of Kerzner Group), area 168 sqm.

Palace Tripkovic, built in the late 18th century, on eon the most impressive baroque palaces of the Boka Kotorska Bay. In 18th century family Tripković played an important part in the development of Dobrota in the field of trade, development of merchant fleet, construction and cultural development. They had 18 vessels, and during the 18th and 19th century 86 seamen from this family were recorded of which 63 masters. Tripković Palace is one of the most monumental palaces in Boka. That monumentality is stressed by its base, terrace with baroque balustrade, clear baroque conception and affluently made architectural details, as well as by the „background” of this composition consisting of rough and bare Dobrota slopes that reach the height up to 1000 m above the sea.

3 Bedroom Villa Rumija - Portonovi

Luxurious yet comfortable villa 342 m2 with a private pool, comprised of 1 living room, 3 separate bedrooms and 3 bathrooms

Prices of One&Only Private Homes range from 9,845 to 15,285 EUR per m2

Botanika, the premier residential edition of The PeaksLuštica Bay

Opis: Botanika villa, total area 264.46 m2, 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathroom, swimming pool 33.92 m2, exclusive usage area 1020 m2, delivery date June 2026, Price: EUR 2,571,000

What are the primary challenges your agency faces in the current real estate landscape and how do you address them?

The real estate market is affected by various factors and situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic, geopolitical risks, supply chain disruptions, consumer preferences etc. These factors can create uncertainty and fluctuations in demand and supply, prices, and profitability for real estate companies. So, market volatility and to stay resilient in times of economic turmoil is the biggest challenge real estate agents face with. Also, one of the challenges we face with is a changing consumer behaviour. The real estate sector has to adapt to the changing preferences and expectations of consumers in the post-COVID era. The property sector has to innovate and offer services that meet new consumer needs and preferences. Regarding supply and demand imbalances, there is a disparity between supply and demand, that can lead to difficulty in finding the right balance. Undersupply of quality housing we currently face in the most sought-after areas is also pretty challenging. The new challenge we currently face with is a changing demographics and preferences. Namely, demographic shifts, such as the preferences of millennials and Generation Z, can influence the types of properties that are in demand. Preferences for urban living, sustainability, and technological integration can impact property design and location choices. The rise of Generation Z has immense implications for real estate. All of this is happening in a post-pandemic context. Mix of uses for real estate, i.e. mixed-use schemes and communities, which would be a kind of one-stopshop incorporating wide range of the amenities, are in high demand. Mixed-use projects, which combine residential, commercial and social function, offer a fulfilling lifestyle experience. Having

everything on a click, at the footstep, generation Z are drawn to the cities. The ‘15-minute city’ concept is emerging as an important urban new generation model in post-pandemic cities.

Crowded cities, sophisticated communication tools and finding a balance between work and leisure mean that people are changing their daily behaviours and preferences. Mixed-use developments and resorts can complement those preferences, enabling people to work and socialise where they live. People are, at heart, social creatures, and being a part of community within these multipurpose resorts fulfils the desire to ‘live-work-entertain’ together. In response, real estate developers should think about more hospitality-type business models. That means ensuring homeowners have flexible spaces where they live, which offer work premises, meeting rooms, wellness centres, child care, event space and living units, all within the same complex.

Montenegro Properties

A: Kotor Old Town

T: +382 67 237 600





Every moment in Portofino Village is filled with beauty and serenity. Discover a world of unmatched comfort and luxury in Portofino Village – an exclusive residential complex located in the heart of Montenegro.


If you like to wake up to the sound of birds singing in the silence and comfort of pristine nature, then the Portofino Village residential complex is just what you are looking for. Here, on a hill, just a ten-minute walk from the sea, the combination of the sea breeze and the scent of Mediterranean pine trees will give you a morning feeling of freshness and unique lightness.


Portofino Village means choosing a life in harmony with nature, savoring every moment of solitude and luxury. Here, you will find the perfect blend of tranquility, beauty, and high-quality service that will make your life truly unforgettable. Allow yourself to immerse in a world where luxury and nature merge into one, creating the ideal space for living and relaxation.

Our two-level furnished penthouses offer not only magnificent comfort but also breathtaking panoramic views of the Bay of Kotor and the surrounding mountains, opening right from your window. Every moment in Portofino Village is filled with beauty and serenity. Discover a world of unmatched comfort and luxury in Portofino Village – an exclusive residential complex located in the heart of Montenegro.

The Portofino Village residential complex is an oasis of silence and coziness, where the private territory drowns in greenery and flowers, creating a unique harmony of your inner space, natural seclusion, and sunlight. The huge penthouse terraces offer you unlimited opportunities for rest and relaxation: from morning coffee with a view of the bay to evening relaxation in a jacuzzi under the starry sky.

The huge penthouse terraces offer you unlimited opportunities for rest and relaxation: from morning coffee with a view of the bay to evening relaxation in a jacuzzi under the starry sky.

+382 69 065513

Herceg-Novi, Đenovići, Marići

The new season is here, and we’re talking to Regional Marketing Director Nikola Milović, who is in charge of iconic products known in the region, such as the Metropol Palace Hotel in Belgrade, Sofia Balkan Palace Hotel in Sofia, and Maison Hotel Sofia-Mgallery Collection. What ideas and plans do you have for the spring season?

We started the year with a Michelin recommendation, for the second year in a row, for our restaurant, The Twenty Two, which is truly significant for us. We are especially proud to have hosted the first Michelin Masterclass, which brought together chefs from all Belgrade restaurants recommended by Michelin, where in collaboration with the Tourist Organization of Serbia and with the help of two guest Italian chefs awarded with the Green Michelin star, we had the opportunity to witness live the implementation of new low waste philosophy concepts in the kitchen. It’s truly an inspiration that we’ve embraced in preparing our new spring menu.

The weather is getting nicer, and we already have a variety of outdoor events planned. I want to make the most of the benefits of the central city park, which is part of our hotel, so you can expect fashion shows, presentations of luxury products, picnics, and sunset cocktails in Tašmajdan Park.

Our guests love to visit The Spa, which is unique precisely because of its intimacy and location, instantly transporting you to a serene mountain-sea environment in the heart of the city. Enriched with luxurious Omorovicza products, our unique wellness center puts us on the map when it comes to a good retreat in the city.


What’s the situation in the neighborhood, what are the novelties in neighboring Bulgaria and the capital Sofia?

Our product is entering the final phase of renovation and is rapidly heading towards the Accor group, so we have a nice job ahead of us adapting those standards to such a centrally positioned hotel with a tradition like Sofia Balkan Palace. I’m sure that the new look and brand will bring new strength, a fresh breeze to this market.

I would like to highlight the fact that our Maison Hotel Sofia is part of the Mgallery Collection, and for two years now, we have been making a difference, introducing innovations and all the beautiful practices of this feminine chain, which with its programs brings a nice new momentum to this part of the hotel offer.

It sounds truly exciting, is that all the news, or do you have another hidden ace up your sleeve?

With great pleasure, I announce that we have renovated our largest hall, Ivo Andrić, so I know where the most weddings will take place this season, as our magnificent hall with original Murano glass, a new carpet, and the possibility of a wedding ceremony on the terrace overlooking the Church of St. Mark, truly adds an extra charm to this significant occasion. Earlier this year, we had a visit from a couple who got married with us exactly 44 years ago. The spark in their eyes and the pride we felt as one of the rare products in our region that can be grateful for such a tradition is something that cannot be described in words.

I invite you to visit one of our hotels this spring and summer, and I am sure you will find an offer that will satisfy your most refined senses and your most demanding desires and expectations.

1 0 T H F L O O R E V E R Y D A Y F R O M 1 2 . 0 0 - 0 0 . 0 0 H T H E T W E N T Y T W O T H E R O O F T O P O F B E L G R A D E T W E N T Y T W O R E S T A U R A N T @ M E T R O P O L P A L A C E . C O M M E T R O P O L P A L A C E H O T E L B E L G R A D E B O U L E V A R D K R A L J A A L E K S A N D R A 6 9 , 1 1 0 0 0 B E L G R A D E

A: Cetinjski put 13/11


T: +382 67 811 872





The first green complex that will refine your living space

A development by MNE Property Invest doo (With German Partners)

About the complex

An EXCELLENT residential building with a dash of art and exquisiteness in the heart of Bar. Unique, European Standards throughout.

Excellence and Quality assured.



Bar is a coastal town in Montenegro, situated along the Adriatic Sea. It boasts stunning natural beauty with beaches, mountains, and picturesque landscapes, making it an ideal destination for holiday homes or retirement.

Montenegro’s real estate market has been steadily growing in recent years, attracting investors from around the world. Property prices in Bar are relatively affordable compared to oth-


er coastal destinations in Europe, offering good value for money.

Montenegro has been investing in infrastructure development, including transportation networks, utilities, and amenities. This enhances the overall liveability and attractiveness of Bar as a place to buy property. Bar is renowned as a family and urban coastal town with 300 sunny days per year. A town on two magical coasts

(Adriatic Sea and Skadar lake) where residents can experience the smell of sea salt and fresh mountain air in one breath.

Bar has excellent traffic connections - Two airports within a one-hour drive, adjacent to the Port of Bar and an excellent future with the future highway connection.


Ilino bb, 85000 Bar, Montenegro +382 69 112 111 @zahaplace ZAHA

Golf Sustainability



In a world looking towards sustainable development, how can golf courses keep up with the times?

Today climate change is a reality that must be faced by all industries. Heatwaves, floods, torrential rain, wildfires affect all walks of life. This has caused the leading golf associations to plan and develop new strategies which will allow golf to become environmentally friendly as well as making the maintenance more cost effective.

The perfect example of such actions is undertaken by the R&A (The Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews), golf’s leading body in 143 countries worldwide. In 2018 they have begun with ‘Golf Course 2030’, which is a program to put together the best minds in agronomy, biodiversity, climate, and resource management and come up with a roadmap to be implemented in the next years. These will deal with all the aspects of golf development: from the use of pesticides to water management, types of grass, disease control and more, their mission is to be thought leaders, and produce guidelines and resources to prepare the golf industry for a demanding future.

Most global golf associations are working together with the R&A to find diverse solutions to a common problem. Greenkeepers associations are playing a key role in this program, using accrued knowledge through so many years, experiences and the different landscapes and climates of Europe, Australia and Singapore to suggest ways to make the most in each situation.


But where should golf managers start? What can be done to better manage golf courses, make them greener (in all senses) and yet more cost effective?

Some solutions already exist and can be applied already today. Like in many cases, most of the carbon produced throughout the golf courses come from direct emissions during the maintenance of the

courses: mowers and other equipment for the upkeep of the golf course are a key factor to keep quality of play on a high level.

Direct emissions can be minimized by implementing already known practices, such as the transition to electrical maintenance equipment and sourcing the energy from renewables such as solar energy. In this case, golf managers can have a significant and direct impact and certainly would significantly impact carbon production on golf courses.

Carbon sequestration is also something which, by increasing it, it can certainly also help towards carbon neutrality. Even if it is something that most managers cannot have too much of an impact on, minimizing fairway aeration for example (the process of poking holes throughout the fairways in order to let air in and avoid compaction of the soil) would certainly help. Being that fairways make up about 30% of the surface of the golf course, it can have a positive effect on the overall carbon emissions.

Biodiversity is another key factor in the ‘Golf Course 2030’ program. Golf courses often take up many hectares of space, and it is generally kept as a green area where the wildlife is allowed to thrive. Insects, bees, butterflies as well as other animal species (many readers will have seen videos of alligators crossing golf courses in Florida, kangaroos in Australia, hippos, giraffes, and zebras in Africa) must be protected through the conservation of their habitat to the maximum extent possible.

Construction of golf courses and surrounding real estate and resorts can have a negative impact on the biodiversity of a certain area, especially in regions where such biodiversity hangs on by a thread due to climate change. By keeping older or decaying trees to be home for nesting bird species, reintroducing infrequent species of trees to their natural environment and the usage of local types of grass, and being mindful of the local animal population, these would all be actions that would allow for the flora and fauna to thrive in a beautiful symbiotic environment.



Today there is a dire need for more efficient consumption of resources, and water certainly is the main concern.

The reality is that golf courses use significant amounts of water to keep the courses looking a certain way. Bermuda grass, a type of grass which is a drought intolerant sort, is widely popular due to its bright green colour. Expectations that golf courses should look a certain way is the main cause behind this popular choice, but today climate needs must be the priority.

Using reclaimed water as a source, with methods such as reverse osmosis, is certainly one of the solutions. Sadly, most golf courses are still far away from fulfilling such needs and often come under fire from critics with good reason as the pressure on natural resources are a major global concern.

New knowledge, technologies and working towards the minimization of waste makes both sense from an environmental standpoint, as well as from an economic perspective. The reduction of waste and usage of water, fertilizers, pesticides and energy would reduce costs and golf could become a role model for a wide range of industries, setting an example and benchmark for others to imitate.


As golfers know, since the creation of LIV Golf (Saudi backed professional golf tour) in 2021 golf has undergone tectonic changes. Rules, regulations, guaranteed payments have been central to the controversies that surround the professional side of this sport. But sustainability has certainly gone under the radar.

While LIV committed immediately to creating a more sustainable model for golf in the future and playing a central role in the implementation of such an approach, the PGA Tour has fallen behind a little from that point of view. Competition once again proved beneficial to the overall environment, as the Saudi backed tour has pushed the PGA to move forward from a standstill and have made their first commitments during 2023. But other changes will influence the application of standards.

One of the main changes that happened and that have been extensively discussed, which will take effect in January 2028 is what has been called the ‘Golf Ball Rollback’.

The semi-detached townhouses in Luštica Bay offer an unmatched living experience with 215 m2 of meticulously designed space that embraces the serene Mediterranean landscape.


A change in the way manufacturers test their golf balls will curb the distances that players (especially long hitters like Rory McIlroy, Bryson DeChambeau and co.) can hit, especially their drivers. But how does this matter for sustainability?

The pursuit of longer shots, and of course lower scores, combined with equipment technologies which have improved drastically over the last years, have pushed the limits of golf courses and their lengths. Players going constantly for the greens on even average Par 4s, some constantly hitting drivers well over 310 yards (280 meters) have made older golf courses redundant, forcing them into renovation projects to adapt the courses to the players’ standards of today, making courses longer and more challenging to today’s drives. Such a change in ball regulations will put back these courses into relevance, allowing them to forego complicated and expensive renovations and freeing capital to invest in solutions which can make them more sustainable in the long term.

Keeping in mind the already high costs of construction of golf courses, and perhaps more importantly the high cost of maintenance, making it challenging for courses to stay afloat in some cases, curbing the possible distances might be a welcome change for golf course managers.

Overall, golf must adapt its ways to what is sustainable and to find a way to adapt to the needs and expectations of the modern world. Traditions play an important role in this sport and in the way it is played and treated, but traditions can only benefit from the application of modern standards. These new, modern standards, can launch the most traditional sport straight into the future.

Golf has always been perceived as a sport for the elites, something that is accessible only to a select few. But luckily it is becoming one of the most popular pastimes of people of all ages, genders, status, and background. With this knowledge, developers, associations, companies and all stakeholders must look towards new ways of managing this beloved sport, which includes an environmentally friendly approach which will benefit not only the surroundings, but will undoubtfully prove to be economically more viable and it would ensure a bright, sustainable and long lasting future.

Actions such as Golf Course 2030, the investment from large funds into such a future combined with the ever so high wish for golf should be the motivation for the largest players in the industry to make a decisive shift in the way the sport and its assets are managed.

Golf’s unique relationship with nature must be cherished which means, as in any relationship, investing in it and making sure it is healthy and beneficial for both nature and the players, making us as golfers, investors and all stakeholders responsible for its future.


365 days with Gold Travel Agency!

Gold Travel is a travel agency that has quickly gained trust among domestic, regional and international guests due to its quality, content, serious and professional presence.

It is recognized as a reputable agency for all types of active tourism, eco-tourism, family trips, MICE and Team Building offers.

We connect all three regions and the most attractive natural beauties of the country, making them accessible through authentic offers and all-inclusive arrangements and content available for the clients of various sensibilities and modern tourists of all ages.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of modern hotel accommodations or the most remote mountain huts and cottages and eco villages, our all-inclusive packages offer all possibilities.

Our slogan is ‘’365 days with Gold Travel Agency’’, which is indeed the truth, because every day in Montenegro is ideal for outdoor activities.

We organize all types of active stay in nature, activities that encapsulate the enjoyment of movement and the view of immense beauty.

You have the opportunity to create your own route combining our content.

Some of the activities we highlight:

• ATV and Buggy drive- Emabark on this adventure and ‘’fly’’ on the wings of adrenaline!

• Snowmobile drive- Winter with us is an adventure! Enjoy the fresh mountain air; landscapes that you can only imagine; live your winter fairy tail; create unforgettable memories with us; visit the most remote mountains, forests, distant peaks, frozen lakes.

• Cruising the Bay of Kotor or Lake Skadar provides incredible experience that combines natural beauty, cultural richness and adventure.

• Biking and hiking allow you to merge with nature and forget about everyday life while fascinating landscapes and vistas unfold in front of you.

• We organize the most comprehensive and enjoyable Team Building activities- Build team spirit, improve collaboration by enjoying numerous sports games, outdoor activities, challenges that develop motivation, encourage collaboration and strengthen productivity and interpersonal relationships!




Gold Travel Agencija

A: Veljka Vlahovića, br.3


I: gold_travel_me


T: +382 69 060 322

+382 69 025 123

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Where luxury meets altitude

The most luxurious chalets in Zabljak! Brand-new beautiful chalets are located in an intensely private forest area, yet less than 25 minutes' walk to the centre of Zabljak. It's two bedrooms and bathroom are furnished to the highest quality with the latest furnishings and fittings, radiating charm and sensational elegance.

The chalets bring a new standard of luxury to Zabljak, the infusion of the Savoir touch completes the sensational elegance and the ambiance of the chalet.

The property perfectly fuses a typical mountain exterior, with a contemporary ambiance and decorative interior. The ground floor offers a bright living room with a wood-burning fireplace a fully equipped kitchen and dining room with a balcony. Balcony has its private jacuzzi and sitting area with a fireplace.

A highlight of this property are the open wide windows and outdoor areas that offer you an unmatched view of nature and surrounding peaks in both the winter and summer months Located in the city of Zabljak, at an altitude of 1450 meters just 4 km away from Unesco protected National park of Black lake and 6 km away from Savin Kuk ski centre.

T: +382 67 368 379 +382 67 082 882 E: W: I: monte_pine_chalets


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Lanserhof Lans, Austria
THE COLLECTION 270 Resort Tegernsee, Germany


Resort Lans, Austria

In an age where the pursuit of longevity has transcended from aspiration to become a tangible goal, the convergence of science, medicine and comprehensive holistic approaches has come to the fore. One of the leading institutions for holistic health is Lanserhof, a health resort renowned for its pioneering advancements in state-of-the-art medicine and rejuvenation. At the core of Lanserhof's mission lies a profound commitment to extending not only lifespan but also health span, ensuring that each additional year is filled with vitality and well-being.

Developed over three decades and matured in daily practice, both the Lanserhof Concept and the Lanserhof Cure are based on the valuable findings of naturopathy, energy medicine, psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, chronomedicine and modern cutting-edge medicine.

“Our Lanserhof cure is more than a temporary measure; it is the start of a lifelong journey of self-care and well-being. We go far beyond the treatment of symptoms and offer a holistic approach that harmonises body, mind and soul.” Dr. Christian Harisch, CEO Lanserhof Group

One of the central elements of the Lanserhof experience is the acknowledgment of genetic predispositions while empowering guests to seize control of their health. Through comprehensive diagnostics and personalized consultations, guests gain valuable insights into their genetic makeup, laying the foundation for targeted interventions to mitigate risks and enhance longevity.

While a considerable portion of the personal risk for chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular or oncological diseases is predetermined by our genes, often these conditions are inherited within families. The higher the personal genetic risk, the more promising are preventive measures like exercise and a healthy diet. So, what’s important is this: While we need to accept our genetic make-up as it is, we can improve our habits in order to age healthier.

Lifestyle factors play an important role in shaping longevity. While genetics may predispose us to certain conditions, lifestyle choices wield a profound influence on our health trajectory. Through meticulous attention to nutrition, exercise, stress management and social connectedness one can possibly add healthy years to their life.

“How can I add as many healthy years to my life as possible?” is a question many of our patients ask themselves. Through listening, medical examination and state-of-the-art diagnostics, we try to provide answers to help you achieve your goal in the best possible way.” Dr. med. Jan Stritzke, Medical Director Lanserhof Sylt


Lanserhof's commitment to preventive medicine underscores its proactive approach to health and wellness. Through comprehensive diagnostic assessments, guests receive insights into their unique health profiles, empowering them to address underlying issues before they escalate. From personalized nutritional plans to innovative treatments, every aspect of Lanserhof's services is meticulously curated to optimize well-being and vitality.

Lanserhof´s medical team integrates cutting-edge diagnostics and therapies into a personalized fasting program. The Lanserhof Cure is designed to address specific health concerns, optimize overall well-being and prevent future health issues. Beyond the realm of physical rejuvenation, Lanserhof's holistic approach extends to mental and emotional well-being.


Recognizing that longevity encompasses more than physical health, Lanserhof offers a holistic array of mind-body practices to foster mental clarity, emotional resilience and spiritual well-being. Mindfulness sessions, yoga classes and immersive nature experiences help guests to also regenerate mentally, fostering a deeper connection to self and the world

Resort Sylt, Germany

around them. Mindfulness practices, meditation sessions and workshops equip guests with tools to navigate life's challenges more resilient.


At the heart of the Lanserhof experience lies the transformative power of fasting and therewith the thorough regeneration of the intestines to revitalise the vital forces. The regeneration process begins with sensitive detoxification, purification and deacidification programmes. Only a detoxified body is able to regenerate and reorganise its self-healing powers. This special way of looking at the body makes it possible not only to fight illnesses, but also promote health and prophylaxis in order to prevent serious illnesses.

Under the expert guidance of the medical team, guests undergo a comprehensive program tailored to their individual needs. From detoxification protocols to personalized therapies, each element is meticulously curated to support the body's self-healing potential. Central to the Lanserhof experience is the personalized approach. Each guest is treated as a unique individual, with their own set of needs, goals and aspirations.

“Many reasons known throughout are changing time and people. We make it a specific priority to acknowledge and appreciate the individuality of each person, so that we can create a personalised diagnostic and therapeutic programme.” Dr. med. Elke Benedetto-Reisch, Medical Director Lanserhof Tegernsee


Central to Lanserhof's approach to longevity is also nutrition, with culinary offerings designed to nourish and rejuvenate from the inside out. Each meal is a symphony of flavors and nutrients, crafted to optimize cellular health and promote longevity. The nutritional concept emphasizes organic, locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients, knowing that each bite contributes to a healthier gut and therewith to a healthier life.

“Our Lanserhof cure is more than a temporary measure; it is the start of a lifelong journey of self-care and well-being. We go far beyond the treatment of symptoms and offer a holistic approach that harmonises body, mind and soul.” Dr. Christian Harisch, CEO Lanserhof Group


Physical movement plays a crucial role in maintaining both physical and mental well-being. Regular exercise has been connected to numerous health benefits, including a reduced risk of chronic diseases, improved mood and enhanced cognitive function. Despite these known advantages, modern lifestyles often prioritize sedentary activities, such as sitting for extended periods or relying on motorized transportation. Incorporating more physical activity into our daily routines is essential for promoting longevity and vitality. Physical activity is central to Lanserhof´s philosophy. With state-of-the-art facilities and expert guidance, guests are encouraged to engage in a variety of activities tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

Above all, Lanserhof empowers individuals to take ownership of their health and well-being, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to embrace a lifestyle conducive to longevity.


Wellness and a healthy lifestyle are among the dominant trends in recent years, across many sectors. As awareness of and interest in health increases, more and more people want to keep in shape in their free time, leading to a rising demand for home gyms. When choosing equipment for domestic spaces, the aesthetic of products becomes more important than ever: the goal is to create fitness areas that look just as good as any other room of the house.

Attention to design is one of Technogym’s constitutive values as a brand, which succeeded in incorporating this factor into the Wellness & Fitness field. Technogym’s fine products have been deemed worthy of a long list of international design awards, including 3 Compasso D’oro awards, 18 ADI Awards, 14 Red Dot Design Awards, 3 International Design Excellence Awards, 6 iF Awards, 11 Good Design Awards and 2 German Design Awards.

The Italian firm also actively collaborates with the world’s most prominent architects and designers, first and foremost Antonio Citterio, who designed both the Technogym Village and the Personal Line, the ultimate choice for the wellness areas of private domestic spaces. It comprises premium products in terms of aesthetics, quality of materials and features. The perfect synthesis between cutting-edge technology, innovative raw materials and sleek and elegant design, Personal Line is capable of enhancing the house’s interiors, fitting right in as a high-end item of furniture.

Technogym’s consultancy and personalised assistance services for the design of interiors and wellness spaces is available for any kind of project, including home gyms. Thanks to this kind of optional services, nothing is left to chance and every detail is taken care of in the best possible way.


When creating the home wellness area, the space analysis is always complemented by an analysis of the customer’s needs, in order to give the best advice for the selection of products. Depending on the client’s age, preferred sports, habits, and desired goals, Technogym identifies a list of products (among more than 250), then proceeds to work with the architect to design the dedicated space or to help the customer define the best space within the home.

Technogym designers make the external architect’s or designer’s mood board their own, in order to speak the same design language, made of materials and coverings, of chromatic, decorative and tactile identity. A great importance is given to every single project, as if it were one of the company's most relevant and strategic showrooms.

Once the architect has defined the domestic space allocated to the home gym and established the layout key points, Technogym offers its full support and shares its specialist expertise: the brand proceeds to the spatial distribution of the selected products, with the aim to integrate even the smallest design details. We’re talking about the optimal lighting not to interfere with the workout and with the product display, the ideal distance between the various pieces so that they can be used comfortably and safely according to their size, the interaction between products and air conditioning, the best equipment layout to facilitate training and cooling down, the arrangement and concealment of electric cables: everything is aimed at achieving the greatest added value possible.


Having a home gym, whether a wall-to-wall one or just a corner, makes access to exercise much easier, just as it makes it easier to fit exercise into a regular routine. Being able to work out at any time, even at the last minute, from the comfort of one’s own home, generates more loyal and dedicated wellness enthusiasts, who in the long term will also become regulars at fitness clubs. This is also possible thanks to Technogym’s digital ecosystem, which makes the workout experience seamless, whether you’re at home or in the gym, conducting your workout in any

Cross Personal 2023

context and via all Technogym touchpoints.

Technogym also recommends certain placements based on the product type (cardio lines in front of windows or mirrors), and their technical specifications (strength lines aligned along the perimeter of the room). The goal is also to propose a solution in which Technogym products fit into the home environment in a harmonious, innovative, and non-stereotypical way, just as Technogym’s offer is not unoriginal when it comes to the design of individual products.

Alongside Personal Line, Technogym offers a wide variety of solutions which are perfect to set up a home gym, covering all needs and goals. The newest addition is Technogym Run, the home treadmill offering the same level of quality and technology found in the best gyms, as well as an unprecedented variety of workouts: from running, to power, to bootcamp. All this, with the best running feeling and no noise.


If you are performance oriented and you are looking for peak results, you can aim for the stars at home as well, thanks to Skill Line, the range of products for cardio and strength training designed by Technogym in collaboration with professional athletes and internationally renowned research institutes. Skill Line provides the absolute best biomechanics, and it was conceived both for agonistic athletes and for fitness enthusiasts willing to challenge their limits.

Whatever your fitness goal, with Technogym App it’s never been this easy and quick to achieve it, comfortably from home. This is possible thanks to its wide choice of on-demand video workouts and personalized plan that suits you, your progress, and your lifestyle. The plan is designed depending on your selection of available equipment (the ones you have at home) and bodyweight moves. Every day, the app’s digital coach suggests the most suitable workout for you by combining scientific research, artificial intelligence, and engaging and challenging video content.


Situated at Strada Navale 10, this prime location spans approximately 85 square meters, immersing visitors in a true wellness lifestyle experience. Step into our meticulously designed space, where you’ll discover the finest products, state-of-the-art technologies, and top-notch services for home fitness. Our boutique offers access to expert personal trainers and skilled interior designers, ready to assist with bespoke home-gym projects and personalized consultations. Join us as we usher in a new era of wellness in Porto Montenegro, inviting you to explore the ultimate destination for your fitness journey.

Technogym is the world’s leading Wellness Company, with its innovative Italian design, cutting-edge technology, high quality, and easy-to-use products that are seen and experienced in the most desirable gyms, private members’ clubs, leading hotels and exclusive homes across the globe. The preferred choice of the world’s leading athletes and sport teams, as well as being the Official Supplier of the Olympic Games for 9th times including the upcoming Paris 2024 edition.”


Technogym is a leading company in the field of commercial and home gym equipment. Known all over the world as "The Wellness Company", its goal is to help develop the philosophy of fitness and well-being and turn it into a true lifestyle. To do so, Technogym provides people with gym equipment of the highest quality, together with other services like content and programs. Technogym’s outstanding fitness products are equally chosen by people for their home gym equipment and by organizations or sports and medical centers due to their unmatched quality and reliability. This is partly a direct result of the decades of experience gained as the official supplier to nine Olympic and Paralympic Games, concrete evidence that anyone choosing Technogym is choosing to train on equipment able to meet professional athletes’ needs, but is still designed for all types of users, from beginners to professionals.


Porto Montenegro – Strada Navale, SN10, Obala bb

Podgorica - Šeika Zaida, Nivo -1, lokal 19/8

+382 20 671 480

Belgrade - Milutina Milankovića 9e

+381 11 328 3323

Zagreb - Ilica 104, +385 1 551 6492

Ljubljana - Tehnološki park 18, stavba C

+386 (0)8 2000 822

Sarajevo - Skenderija 43, +387 61 322 855

Kinesis Personal 2023
Filetici, Italy (2021)
Giammetta Architects, Perugia House, ph. Luigi
PRIVATE SALE ONLY Our Client Advisors will be delighted to assist you and provide personalized advice You may contact our Client Advisor by call on +381 69 1834 144 or e-mail: Service available from Monday to Saturday 10am to 8pm. Established in 1834, WOLF is the premier name in luxury jewelry accessories, watch boxes, cases & watch winders.


Damiani Mimosa Eternal Blue Necklace white gold diamonds and sapphire

Conceived in the 1920s as a tribute to the Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, by the founder Enrico Grassi Damiani, the Margherita collection is a sublime expression of Maison's creativity.

Damiani's story is that of an Italian family that preserves a precious know-how intrinsically linked to tradition: to create unique, handcrafted jewels that are true works of art, entirely handmade by the master goldsmiths of Valenza. It is precisely here that the Maison was born a century ago in Italy's most renowned goldsmith district. This place continues to symbolize excellence made in Italy and around the world. The helm of the Company has since passed down through three generations.

This evocative journey began with founder Enrico Damiani, whose skills as a master goldsmith soon made him a point of reference in the world of traditional jewelry and among distinguished noble families, who relied on him to create their most exclusive jewels.

Enrico was succeeded by his son Damiano, whose creative and pioneering mind sensed the need for renewal, thus paving the way for profound changes that were characterized by a strong, innovative drive. The helm was subsequently passed on to Damiano's three children – Guido, Silvia and Giorgio – who chose to continue pursuing the Maison's evolutionary path.

Today, Damiani stands out in the jewelry world for its unique position as the only international name that is still present in Valenza in the territory of its origin, for which it has a profound respect; a company born as a designer and producer of precious creations, that has become one of the biggest names in international luxury with its alluring designs and refined craftsmanship.


For this Centenary, the Damiani family has made a decision that is as exciting as it is significant: the Maison has chosen to exhibit a precious collection of rare stones – natural works of art with an extraordinary history that majestically come to life through a skilful act of creation by the master goldsmiths of Valenza, custodians of the goldsmith's art since 1924. The result is a collection of one hundred authentic jewelry masterpieces encapsulating the continuity of a unique and unparalleled artisan tradition that looks to the future.

The remarkable story of these one hundred masterpieces symbolizes the heritage of the Damiani family, an invitation to delve into a dimension poised between eternal beauty and flawless craftsmanship.


The Mimosa line is at the heart of the celebratory collection that the Maison has created for its Centenary. Encapsulated in the 'apparent chaos' of these refined creations, an innovative technique harmoniously combines stones of different sizes and cuts, expressing Maison's sublime genius through a design that comes to life three-dimensionally. Highlighting the beauty of the Eternal Blue necklace is a majestic, 100-carat, cushion-cut sapphire that expresses Damiani's craftsmanship excellence and historical tradition. A masterpiece of nature with its far-away origins draws the eye with its magnetic royal blue hue, enhanced in all its splendour by the diamonds that encircle it in an embrace of light.


Conceived in the 1920s as a tribute to the Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy, by the founder Enrico Grassi Damiani, the Margherita collection is a sublime expression of Maison's creativity. Margherita Desert is in yellow gold, sprinkled with leaves and entwined with flowers. An extraordinary drop-cut fancy diamond adorns it. This ultra-rare gem stands out for its exceptional deep brown-yellow hue and its impressive

Margherita Desert Garden Necklace gold and fancy diamonds craftsmanship

carat weight of over 20 carats. The necklace is skilfully embellished with brown diamonds and emeralds, creating a sumptuous carpet on which daisies made from white diamonds and a central fancy yellow diamond are gracefully laid.


The Belle Époque was a golden era characterized by exceptional cultural innovation, which led to the birth of a new form of expression: the cinema. In celebration of the Maison's Centenary, the skilled goldsmiths of Valenza have created Belle Époque Frame, a white gold bracelet whose geometric perfection entwines with its extraordinarily impeccable aesthetics. Light reigns supreme - the same light that brought cinema to life is here enhanced by a pavé of diamonds embellishing the seventeen square frames that make up the jewel. Each frame shares a baguette-cut diamond with the one adjacent to it, while at the centre of each stands a fancy diamond in various cuts – brilliant, cushion, oval and heart – and in multiple hues. The shades of varying intensity range from yellow to orange and brown and are arranged in harmonious combinations for an alluring visual effect.


The Fantasy Cut collection represents the Maison's passion for its history, its savoir-faire and the beauty of the raw materials that the goldsmiths of Valenza forge with their extraordinary skills. Among the creations designed to celebrate Damiani's Centenary is the striking and magnificent Fantasy Cut the Damiani Green Treasure of Muzo, an extraordinary jewelry piece that blends elegance with tradition. Enriched with emerald-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds, this luxurious white gold necklace features a pendant set which is a true wonder of nature: a majestic Muzo emerald of almost 64 carats whose intense green colour – a tribute to the lush rainforest – makes it truly extraordinary.

100 X 100 ITALIANI

The Damiani 100 X 100 Italiani celebrates Damiani's first century, a prestigious milestone for the historic Valenza-based Company, representing Italian excellence today as much as 100 years ago. Italianness is the narrative theme of this exhibition, understood as a set of values, aesthetics, poetics, arts and crafts that has inspired the masterpieces of countless artists over the centuries. The exhibition displays 100 masterpieces for 100 years of Damiani's history portrayed through the five values of Italianness: family, represented by the Damiani family; craftsmanship with the Mimosa collection; creativity with the Margherita collection; History with the Belle Époque collection and passion with the Fantasy Cut collection.

Explore exciting collections of Damiani diamond jewelry at the Mamić 1970 boutique at 7 Frane Petrića Street in Zagreb.

Fantasy Cut the Damiani Green Treasure of Muzo Damiani Margherita Desert Garden Necklace Belle Époque Frame bracelet Sala Delle Colonne Gallerie d'Italia
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Join Andan Foundation with innovative projects that increase refugee self-reliance through education, employment, and entrepreneurship.
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Welcome to the educational section of the Collection magazine, where we embark on a journey at the intersection of pioneering research and transformative technology in the world of education. In this issue, we delve into two profound forces shaping the future of learning: the Henley Opportunity Index and the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI).

The Henley Opportunity Index, unveiled in Henley & Partners’ Education Report, offers invaluable insights into the global landscape of education and investment migration. This index serves as a compass for navigating the complexities of education and global access, highlighting the pivotal role of premium education in fostering future opportunities.

While the Henley report may not explicitly delve into AI, its emphasis on the significance of education resonates deeply with the transformative potential that AI holds for the educational sector. AI is revolutionizing teaching and learning, offering personalized learning experiences, optimizing educational outcomes, and expanding access to quality education on a global scale.

In this issue, we explore the findings of the Henley Opportunity Index and examine how AI-driven innovations are reshaping education worldwide. From adaptive learning algorithms to virtual classrooms and beyond, AI is revolutionizing traditional teaching methods and unlocking new possibilities for educators and learners alike.

Join us as we navigate through the data-driven insights of the Henley Opportunity Index and delve into the transformative impact of AI on the educational landscape. Welcome to a journey where research meets innovation, and where the future of education unfolds before our eyes.


The EducationHenleyReport

Assuring Access to Global Opportunities for Internationally Mobile Families



Henley & Partners have published the inaugural Education Report in February 2024. The Report features pioneering research and a proprietary new benchmarking tool demonstrating how premium education combined with global access acquired through investment migration creates significant opportunity for the next generation, growing their global networks and maximizing their career prospects, earning potential, and economic mobility for greater success and prosperity across their lifetimes.

The newly developed, unique tool has been titled the Henley Opportunity Index. The Index evaluates 27 countries across six parameters, including education, earning potential, career advancement, employment prospects, economic mobility, and livability. For the purposes of the Report and a comprehensive comparative analysis, the countries included in the Index represent 15 leading investment migration country options and 13 key source markets for education and global mobility, with Hong Kong (SAR China) falling into both categories. The Index is interactive and its purpose is to provide investors with a clear comparison between popular destinations and identify the locations that offer the best opportunities and systems for future generations to maximize their career prospects and prosperity.

The Henley Opportunity Index serves as a guideline on tailored investment migration strategies that will ensure the next generation have access to the world’s best schooling, most lucrative job markets, and enhanced quality of life through the privileges and flexibility of alternative residence or citizenship rights.


Research shows that the key focus of high net worth individuals in ascendant economies and vibrant societies is successfully balancing wealth generation and opportunity creation. The Henley Opportunity Index serves as a guideline on tailored investment migration strategies that will ensure the next generation have access to the world’s best schooling, most lucrative job markets, and enhanced quality of life through the privileges and flexibility of alternative residence or citizenship rights.

It has become apparent that a combination of premium education and global access is essential to futureproof a family's wealth and opportunities. By quantifying this potent combination, the Henley Opportunity Index aims to help families in their pursuit of preserving and enhancing multi-generational wealth and access in an unpredictable world.

When it comes to the Index framework itself, its design is centred around the parameters relevant to international investors who are considering investment migration programs in thriving countries with ex-


cellent education systems, all with the aim to improve their own and their children’s access to better opportunities. This will be ensured by their newly obtained ability to be educated and subsequently reside long-term in a destination country without having to acquire a work permit or visa.

The Index brings together six composite parameters into a unique score for each destination. The six overarching parameters are earning potential, career advancement, top-tier employment prospects, premium education, economic mobility, and high livability. All are converted to scores out of 100 and equally weighted to create a total opportunity score out of 100.

and highly qualified individuals always in demand. Locals are favored in the job market, so acquiring residence in Switzerland alongside the world-class education the country offers will ensure opportunities in one of the world’s most stable economies.

Another interesting, emerging destination is Singapore. Singapore ranks 3rd in the Henley Opportunity Index thanks to its remarkable earning potential, top-tier employment prospects, and economic mobility scores. Its robust free market economy and excellent connections to Asia and the world place it as one of the most desirable locations globally. Singapore drives innovation and growth in the region and the world alike, focusing on cutting-edge development in banking, engineering, fintech, IT, and software development. The competitive job market adopts a skills-first approach, meaning employers will overlook a lack of experience if a candidate possesses the necessary skills, allowing recent graduates more ease of entry. While a world-class education on its own secures a wealth of opportunities in Singapore, coupling it with residence rights in this global innovation hub ensures security for generations to come.

As may be seen in the Index scoreboard, attention is immediately drawn to Switzerland, the USA, and Singapore as the top 3 destinations that combine outstanding earning potential, employment prospects, and economic mobility among other things. All the countries included in this section of the Index highlight the most prominent investment migration destinations, that are simultaneously home to some of the best education institutions in the world. Despite the fact that destinations such as Hong Kong, the UAE and New Zealand may not be the traditional, historically acknowledged destinations for premium education, their excellent scores in employment prospects and economic mobility, coupled with succesful residence by investment programs, draw the interest of the globally mobile families interested in assuring a bright future for their heirs.

An interesting case study that illustrates the Index and its abilities well is Switzerland. Switzerland enjoys the highest total opportunity score in the Henley Opportunity Index due to its outstanding earning potential, career advancement, and top-tier employment scores. It offers an excellent quality of life and enables its residents access to a wealth of opportunities within the country and abroad. The Alpine country is known for its beautiful mountainous scenery and modern, livable cities. With its unemployment rate at just 2%, Switzerland is able to provide its residents with excellent job opportunities across all sectors, with specialists

Both countries are home to successful and prosperous residence by investment programs, further emphasizing the need to consider premium education in conjunction with access rights rather than on its own.


It is a well-established fact that one’s citizenship is the key determinant of their opportunities during their lifetime. As economist Branko Milanovic explains, “If you want to be rich, you’d better be born in a rich country — or emigrate there.” He estimates 50 to 60% of income inequality globally is simply due to differences in countries’ average incomes. Therefore, accessing opportunities in more developed economies can have an overarching impact on earning potential and standard of living.

Considering that, securing wealth sustainability for future generations becomes underpinned by the higher priority of ensuring global access. Ensuring access to opportunities, both in terms of education and visafree access to destinations with excellent employment prospects, is the only true strategy to futureproofing a family’s legacy. Increasingly, future millionaires expect multi-jurisdictional lifestyles. Flexible citizenship


and residence rights enable attending leading universities in different countries. Yet education is only the beginning, with second passports and multiple residence rights opening access to varied business cultures, funding ecosystems, and innovation hubs necessary for young entrepreneurs to truly thrive internationally.

Successful citizenship programs are increasingly found among societies balancing wealth generation with opportunity equality — characteristics that define ascendent economies. The Henley Opportunity Index identifies America, Australia, Canada, several European countries, New Zealand, Switzerland and vibrant wealth hubs in Asia and the Middle East as prime locations for educators, entrepreneurs, and inheritors aiming to thrive in the coming decades. Fortunately, many offer residence or citizenship pathways for global citizens committing to their continued success. While requirements and costs vary, applicants willing to invest can secure access to societal stability, advanced infrastructure, global financial systems, and crucially: world-leading education.


Benefits of an international education are manifold and quite apparent: international students have the chance to pursue top-quality education at world-class institutions, gain exposure to a variety of countries, cultures, and languages, and develop global networks, all of which set them up for a globally mobile lifestyle. Given this, it is no surprise families across the globe continue to recognise the value and crucial importance of international education and multi-jurisdictional lifestyles. As a expression of that, student mobility has been consistently rising over the past three decades and are estimated to reach a record 8 million by 2025, despite potential challenges such as Covid-19.

Despite the fact that destinations such as Hong Kong, the UAE and New Zealand may not be the traditional, historically acknowledged destinations for premium education, their excellent scores in employment prospects and economic mobility, coupled with succesful residence by investment programs, draw the interest of the globally mobile families interested in assuring a bright future for their heirs.

While international education needs no further establishment as a valuable asset, global access to opportunities, especially for recent graduates, demands a couple further comments. When it comes to securing work after graduation, the ease or difficulty of doing so greatly depends on the country of study and the destination country where graduates aspire to work. In most cases, should graduates wish to stay abroad — which many do — they are obliged to secure employment within their specialist field, obtain a long-term visa sponsorship from their employer, and navigate a complex immigration system. Alternatively, they must return to their home country until such conditions are fulfilled. This leaves many in a precarious situation as they lose out on opportunities in the destination country that possibly cannot be substituted in their home country. Additionally, income potential for domestic and international graduates is not always equal. For example, data from Canada shows that international students are more likely than nationals to study indemand courses such as architecture, engineering, mathematics, and IT,


but experience lower salaries compared to nationals. Therefore, assuring the highest possible degree of access possible can have an enormous impact on one’s opportunities throughout their life.


The established or emerging countries that are home to premium education institutions are more often than not also investment migration destinations. Such a combination is crucial for the globally mobile elites whose focus is on futureproofing their wealth and access to key global areas. Combining a world-class education with a strong investment migration portfolio is the best way to ensure a safe and stable future for the next generation.


Henley & Partners is the global leader in residence and citizenship by investment. Each year, hundreds of wealthy individuals and their advisors rely on our expertise and experience in this area. The firm’s highly qualified professionals work together as one team in over 45 offices worldwide.

The concept of residence and citizenship by investment was created by Henley & Partners in the 1990s. As globalization has expanded, residence and citizenship have become topics of significant interest among the increasing number of internationally mobile entrepreneurs and investors whom we proudly serve every day.

Henley & Partners established its office in Montenegro in 2018, with the aim of providing dedicated support to processing offices in Montreal, Cape Town, Dubai, Hong Kong (SAR China), London, Singapore, and Zurich, and to applicants interested in investing in Montenegro. The Montenegro office has grown to 10 employees, who have throughout the implementation of the Montenegrin Citizenship by Investment program, consistently and committedly worked on preparing and submitting applications to Montenegrin authorities alongside the support of Henley & Partners processing offices. Henley & Partners Montenegro is an official member of the Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council (MFIC) and AmCham Montenegro.

Contact us +382 20 674 074

Switzerland enjoys the highest total opportunity score in the Henley Opportunity Index due to its outstanding earning potential, career advancement, and top-tier employment scores. It offers an excellent quality of life and enables its residents access to a wealth of opportunities within the country and abroad. The Alpine country is known for its beautiful mountainous scenery and modern, livable cities.

The Transformative Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a groundbreaking force, reshaping various industries, and education is no exception. The integration of AI in education brings forth a myriad of possibilities, from personalized learning experiences to efficient administrative processes. This essay explores the multifaceted role of AI in education, discussing its applications, potential benefits, and predictions for the future.


AI enables the development of personalized learning experiences by analyzing individual student data. Adaptive learning platforms use AI algorithms to understand students' strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. This allows for tailored content delivery, ensuring that students progress at their own pace and grasp concepts more effectively.


AI-powered tutoring systems provide students with on-demand assistance and feedback. These systems can identify areas where a student is struggling and offer targeted support, resembling a one-on-one tutoring experience. This not only enhances learning outcomes but also addresses the diverse needs of students.


AI streamlines administrative tasks for educators by automating the grading process. Machine learning algorithms can evaluate assignments, quizzes, and tests, providing quick and consistent feedback to students. This efficiency allows teachers to focus more on teaching and mentoring.


AI contributes to the evolution of virtual classrooms and distance learning. Chatbots, for instance, can assist students with queries, while AI-driven virtual instructors facilitate interactive and engaging online learning experiences. This widens access to education, overcoming geographical barriers.


AI's predictive analytics capabilities help institutions identify students at risk of falling behind. By analyzing data such as attendance, performance, and engagement, AI systems can provide early warnings, allowing educators to intervene and provide additional support to struggling students.

Predictions for the Future:


Future advancements in AI are expected to bring even more sophisticated personalization to education. AI algorithms may adapt not only to individual learning styles but also to factors like emotional intelligence, creating a holistic and personalized learning experience.


AI combined with AR and VR technologies could revolutionize how students experience education. Immersive learning environments, simulations, and virtual field trips could become commonplace, providing students with hands-on experiences regardless of their physical location.


AI-powered language translation tools may facilitate global collaboration among students from different linguistic backgrounds. This could break down language barriers, promoting international cooperation and cultural exchange in educational settings.


AI may play a larger role in recognizing and accrediting skills. AIdriven assessments could provide a more comprehensive evaluation of a student's abilities and competencies, leading to the development of alternative credentialing systems.


The integration of AI in education holds immense promise, offering the potential to revolutionize the way students learn and educators teach. As we continue to harness the power of AI, it is crucial to prioritize ethical considerations, data privacy, and equitable access to ensure that the benefits of AI in education are realized by all. The future of education is undoubtedly intertwined with the evolution of artificial intelligence, paving the way for a more inclusive, personalized, and technologically advanced learning experience.

Terence Tse, Biography:

Terence is a co-founder and Executive Director of Nexus Frontier Tech, which customises artificial intelligence products for its clients to build up new capabilities to attain unfair business advantage. He is also a Professor at Hult International Business School. He is a co-author of The AI Republic: Building the Nexus Between Humans and Intelligent Automation, an international best seller on Amazon. He also co-wrote the best seller Understanding How the Future Unfolds: Using DRIVE to Harness the Power of Today’s Megatrends. The framework contained therein was nominated for the CK Prahalad Breakthrough Idea Award by Thinkers50, the most prestigious award in business thought leadership. The DRIVE framework has also led Chartered Management Institute’s own magazine Professional Manager in the UK to name Terence as one of the 18 new voices in 2018 that reshape management and leadership. Talent Quarterly in the US called the DRIVE framework one of the 24 trends transforming talent management in the years to come.

Powerful HR system built on Salesforce All-In-One HR, recruiting and talent Workforce Administration Leave Management Timesheets Offboarding Assets Recruiting Onboarding Performance Management Training Administration Competence Model Platform features eSignatures Integration: Calendar My Team Surveys Employee Hub/Homeboard Document Generator Intranet portal (News) Reports and Dashboards Mobile Application 360° Employee Assessments Travel Management Integration: Recruiting iframe… Everything your HR needs to manage your people and gain insight from useful data. Strive for excellence in every aspect of your HR system; compromise is not an option. Contact us:

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Sea Glam Sand

Embark on a journey of luxury and enchantment at Hotel Sea Star, your five-star sanctuary located in the picturesque Rafailovici village, heart of the Budva Riviera’s captivating beauty. With 88 beautifully designed, modern accommodations, we guarantee an experience of comfort and elegance unmatched, promising a stay that remains etched in memory.

Dive into a world of exclusive amenities at this lavish retreat. Enjoy the refreshing embrace of our two outdoor swimming pools, indulge in wellness at our sauna, or maintain your fitness routine in our state-of-the-art gym. Savor culinary excellence at “Duomo,” our acclaimed restaurant, where the allure of Italy is brought to life through its sophisticated ambience and exquisite cuisine. Adventure awaits with our in-house casino, offering exhilarating entertainment and unforgettable moments. Our dedicated team is at your beck and call, providing 24-hour room service to meet your every desire with unmatched attention to detail.

Step into the glamour of the Adriatic at Hotel Sea Star. A pristine sandy beach unfolds before you, inviting relaxation and leisure in a paradise of sun and sea. Benefit from the convenience of secure garage parking, giving you the freedom to explore the coastal wonders at your leisure. At Hotel Sea Star, your extraordinary journey awaits.



I: seastarcondohotel


19 Blaža Jovanovića, Budva Montenegro
T:. +382 69 33 32

Inspired by the ethos and success of Knightsbridge School in London, KSIM's philosophy revolves around nurturing students who graduate as lifelong learners and conscientious global citizens.



Empowering Minds

Unlocking Global Potential Embracing Diversity: Welcome to Our World!

Located in Tivat, and nestled in the breathtaking beauty of the Bay of Kotor, Knightsbridge School International Montenegro (KSIM) stands as a beacon of educational excellence and global citizenship. Established in 2010, KSIM has emerged as the premier institution for both expatriate and local families seeking top-quality education in Montenegro. As the only authorised IB World School in the country, KSIM offers a comprehensive educational journey for students aged 3 to 19, through all three International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), and the Diploma Programme (DP).


At the core of Knightsbridge’s mission is the commitment to fostering happy, confident, and successful young individuals imbued with a passion for learning and a dedication to global citizenship. Inspired by the ethos and success of Knightsbridge School in London, KSIM's philosophy revolves around nurturing students who graduate as lifelong learners and conscientious global citizens. Guided by the KSI Code, students are encouraged to embrace challenges with a smile and strive for excellence in all endeavours.


As a fully authorised IB World School, KSIM boasts a rigorous and academically challenging curriculum aligned with the IB Learner Profile attributes. This curriculum equips students with the knowledge, skills, and mindset necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world. Furthermore, KSIM is licensed by the Montenegro Ministry of Education, and is a fully accredited member of the Council of International Schools (CIS), ensuring alignment with globally recognized standards of high-quality education.


At KSIM, students thrive in a safe, positive, and supportive environment where their holistic development is prioritised alongside academic achievement. The school promotes inclusivity and diversity, celebrating individual identities and providing equal opportunities for all students to excel. Student agency is encouraged, with learners empowered to take on leadership roles and contribute meaningfully to the school community.

Central to KSIM's success are its dedicated educators who are experienced international practitioners committed to nurturing the intellectual, social, and emotional well-being of every student. Through vibrant, inquiry-based classrooms and personalised support, teachers ignite students' curiosity and foster a love of learning that extends beyond the classroom.

Knightsbridge School International Montenegro stands as a beacon of educational excellence, fostering a community of global citizens who embrace diversity, pursue knowledge, and strive for personal and collective growth. In the picturesque setting of Montenegro's Bay of Kotor, KSIM inspires students to "be all they can be," shaping them into lifelong learners equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern world with confidence and integrity.


Since our establishment in 2010, Knightsbridge School International Montenegro (KSIM) has embarked on a remarkable journey characterised by growth, innovation, and transformation. From its modest beginnings to its current status as the premier international educational institution in Montenegro, our school has grown and has evolved to meet the diverse needs of our student community and adapt to the dynamic global educational landscape.


Established in 2010, KSIM has emerged as the premier institution for both expatriate and local families seeking top-quality education in Montenegro.


At the core of our journey lies an unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement. Guided by a vision of educational leadership and a steadfast dedication to aspiring for all students to achieve their full potential, KSIM has continuously pushed boundaries, embraced novel pedagogical approaches, and responded to emerging trends in education. Our journey is a testament to our resilience, adaptability, and pioneering spirit as we strive to maintain our position at the vanguard of educational innovation and best practices.

With a steadfast dedication to our mission and values, KSIM remains unwaveringly committed to empowering students to unlock their full potential, pursue their passions, and effect positive change in the world.

Welcome to our world, where each step is marked by enthusiasm, inspiration, and boundless possibilities. Join us as we continue to chart new territories and inspire excellence in education, leaving an indelible mark on the journey of each student who walks through our doors.


At KSIM, we firmly believe that access to a world-class education should never be limited by the constraints of time. Hence, it brings us immense pleasure to announce that our admissions process remains open year-round, eradicating any waiting period for prospective students eager to join our vibrant community.

Whether you're relocating to the breathtaking landscapes of Montenegro or simply seeking a fresh and enriching educational journey for your child, our doors stand wide open, beckoning students to step into our inclusive and nurturing environment. Our admissions team stands ready to assist you through every phase of the enrolment process, ensuring a seamless transition and offering personalised support tailored to your needs.

Come and be a part of our thriving community, where every day is an opportunity to learn, explore, and flourish. We look forward to welcoming you to Knightsbridge School International Montenegro, where your child's educational adventure begins today.

Since 2010, Knightsbridge School International Montenegro has been

situated in the prestigious, award-winning Superyacht Marina, Porto Montenegro. Knightsbridge School International Montenegro, is a coeducational, private international day and boarding school for students aged 3–19, located in Tivat, Montenegro.

Contact Details:

Address: Seljanovo b.b., Porto Montenegro, Tivat 85320, Montenegro

Phone Number: +382 32 672 655


School Hours

Mon – Fri (excl. Wed): 08:00 – 14:25

Wed: 08:00 – 13:30

Extra-Curricular Activities

(Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri): 14:40 – 15:40

Office Hours

Monday – Friday 08:00 – 16:00


Specijalna bolnica SVETI VID posvećena je kompletnoj oftalmologiji dece i odraslih. Zahvaljujući angažovanju jednih od najboljih evropskih hirurga-profesora sa preko 30 godina hirurškog iskustva, uz najsavremeniju opremu i preciznu dijagnostiku, ova bolnica je postala prepoznatljivo ime u svetu i sinonim za vrhunsku hirurgiju oka.

Special hospital SVETI VID is dedicated to comprehensive ophthalmology in children and in adults.By virtue of hiring the most eminent European surgeonsprofessors with more than 30 years of surgical experience, and contemporary technology and precise diagnostics, this hospital has become recognizible name in the world and synonym for outstanding eye surgery.

Beograd +381 11 328 37 37, +381 69 328 37 37,
Ami Budva Petrovac A:Nika Andjusa bb, Petrovac na moru, Municipality of Budva T: +382 33 472 200


The Ljubljana Festival is the leading and the most well-known cultural brand and event of Slovenia and its capital city. It has created an artistic world that runs parallel to everyday life in Ljubljana throughout the year. With over 300 events annually, it includes the main summer event – an international festival featuring a wide variety of genres such as ballet, opera, theatrical productions, musicals, chamber and symphony concerts, and many more taking place at renowned venues across the city center within the span of two and a half months. The Ljubljana Festival also organizes the Winter Festival, with a series of concerts happening in February, and it also hosts other events throughout the year, such as the Ljubljana Festival Masterclasses, Young Virtuosi, Christmas Concerts, and workshops dedicated for kids.


so much to offer, it is an absolute must-see (and hear) for anyone visiting or just passing the region, especially in the summer months. To unpack it all, we talked to Mr. Darko Brlek, the Festival’s General and Artistic Director. He is a celebrated concert clarinetist and has held significant titles and positions from a young age, such as the youngest-ever director of the SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana. He also served as the President of the European Festivals Association for over a decade...

Mr. Brlek, what is the secret behind the decades-spanning success of the Ljubljana Festival?

I believe that any work I undertake should be done to the highest possible standard, whether it involves playing or organizing the festival or any-

thing else. It’s been about creating and bringing QUALITY - this is the most important thing for me. We attract the audiences “simply” because of the quality of our events. It is also about a variety of genres that appeal to people from across the globe.

When I first started with the Ljubljana Festival, it was a small festival with only 18 chamber music concerts. Now, it’s a completely different story, since we have more than 300 events per year, attracting more than 60 thousand people.

I also need to mention one of my proudest initiatives – The Young Virtuosi, which I started thirty years ago. It warms my heart to see that the kids who participated at that time are now some of the most popular and prominent musicians in our country and the world, such as Lana Trotovšek (violinist), Andrej Žust (horn player), the cellists Luka Šulič and Stjepan Hauser, and others.

I also need to mention one of my proudest initiatives – The Young Virtuosi, which I started thirty years ago. It warms my heart to see that the kids who participated at that time are now some of the most popular and prominent musicians in our country and the world, such as Lana Trotovšek (violinist), Andrej Žust (horn player), the cellists Luka Šulič and Stjepan Hauser, and others.

What is the impact of the Festival Ljubljana’s offerings beyond cultural and touristic leadership?

We slowly built a worldwide family and an international community around the festival.

It’s evident that the presence of renowned artists attracts more attendees. This results in a mutual benefit, as the guests contribute their thoughts and help us promote the festival. However, what is especially significant in the long-term are the partnerships we have forged with established cultural institutions, such as the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra and RTV Slovenia. We are proud to connect these institutions with the best conductors and soloists in the world, such as Charles Dutoit and Martha Argerich, for example, who will be performing with the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra at the closing of the 72nd Ljubljana Festival this September. Such connections provide our musicians with global exposure and invaluable experience!

You have been leading and shaping the Ljubljana Festival for the past thirty years. During this time, how have you observed the audiences changing?

The digital evolution has brought changes to the audience, with higher standards now being developed. Additionally, educational background seems to play an important role in shaping audience preferences and values. As a result, we must balance our commitment to quality and values with the need to adapt to changing societal trends.

Diversity is also a key consideration in our programming. While classical music has always been a staple of our festival, we have expanded our offerings to include musicals, ballets, theater productions, etc. Ultimately, as I keep emphasizing, the quality of the performances is what matters most, and people can appreciate that regardless of their musical background.

We also focus on building our audiences over time, using various strategies. This includes organizing masterclasses and inviting students and professors from around the world to participate.

In addition, we provide free workshops for chil-

dren, teaching them dance, painting, and singing, and building a connection with their parents, as well. Through these efforts, we hope to create a long-term relationship, encouraging people to return year after year.

How do you innovate to stay relevant?

Having a vision is a must. Right now, we are finalizing the program plan for 2025, and there is already work to be done for the following years as we cannot fit everything we want to include in just one year. For instance, we know now that we will host another international piano competition during the Winter Festival of 2026. We carefully curate our programs to ensure that we include world-class content that people can relate to or connect with. For example, in the past, we have performed music by Ennio Morricone, and this year we will feature the music of John Williams, performed by the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. Our events demonstrate that the world is small and that it’s powerful and beautiful to connect through art.

The festival’s summer program was released in early March and it includes performances by some of the biggest names in the music industry. Zubin Mehta will conduct three events, and there will be a musical adaptation of the famous Hollywood movie “The Bodyguard”, and many more…

What would you additionally point out, and could you provide some insight into the behindthe-scenes process?

I would like to highlight the chamber music concerts held at Križevniška Church in Križanke. The venue has a limited capacity of only 230 seats, and it’s always packed with audiences who appreciate this more intimate type of event.

We have a wonderful lineup of events again. Two concerts with the London Symphony Or-

72nd Ljubljana Festival Calendar

chestra and Filarmonica Della Scalla, conducted by Sir Antonio Pappano and Riccardo Chailly respectively. Mikhail Pletnev will be playing Rachmaninoff’s piano concertos over two nights. We also have a beautiful Italian production of Puccini’s “Tosca”, performed by the SNG Opera and Ballet Maribor. The performance features the fantastic soprano Rebeka Lokar as well as Željko Lučić as Baron Scarpia and Jonathan Tetelman as Cavaradossi, who is flying all the way from New York to Ljubljana just for this show! This is why we have international audiences – because when you put together such talented people, it’s recognized and appreciated by everyone.

You’ve mentioned that festivals should echo societal changes. Considering your influential position, how do you envision the art showcased at festivals impacting society?

I believe that art and music can play a vital role in restoring relationships between nations and countries. I also said a lot of times that festivals act like a litmus paper, reflecting and responding to changes immediately. In comparison, operas and philharmonic orchestras move like tanker ships, slowly and steadily. Festivals, on the other hand, are more flexible and can adapt quickly to the changes in society. Although we make mistakes, we have the opportunity to correct them immediately since we learn on the spot with events going on every day.

To make this happen, having a great team and wider support is essential. We’ve been fortunate to have a great partnership with the Mayor of Ljubljana and the City of Ljubljana for the last seventeen years. They understand what we do and provide us with finances, logistics and connections, enabling everything to work smoothly. It’s a whole network that contributes to the wider success!

scan for more details




In the world of classical guitar, few names resonate as profoundly as Miloš Karadaglić. Yet, beyond the stage, in the heart of this Montenegrin artist with a global passport lies a profound commitment to nurturing the next generation of artists and musicians - a commitment embodied by the newly established MILOŠ Foundation.


Foundation was founded to support young talent from Montenegro and its neighboring region in their artistic pursuits. Through annual scholarships, the Foundation provides financial aid and mentorship opportunities to exceptional individuals across various cultural fields, including music and audio-visual projects. Moreover, the Foundation grants special scholarships to children and teenagers belonging to vulnerable societal categories, enabling them to nurture their artistic and creative potentials. Becoming recipients of these scholarships means being part of an exclusive network, enjoying personalised mentorship, continuous support and access to valuable opportunities. With this kind of approach, the Foundation ensures mutual support and collaboration among its alumni and partners, creating an environment where individuals uplift and empower each other in their artistic journey and excellence.


The success of any symphony lies in the synergy of its components and the MILOŠ Foundation is no exception. In collaboration with esteemed partners such as Porto Montenegro, One Montenegro, Petite Genève Petrović, the Foundation provides financial support and essential resources to emerging artists. Their invaluable support ensures that these efforts produce meaningful results and that the mission of the Foundation remains uncompromised. As the Foundation continues its vital work, more companies are already recognising the importance of supporting such a noble cause.


As anticipation builds into a crescendo, all eyes turn to the beautiful setting of the Montenegrin National Theatre for a grand musical spectacle on April 6th. Under the baton of the conductor Andreas Ottensamer, Miloš Karadaglić will grace the stage alongside scholarship recipients and string players from the Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra.

This landmark concert promises an unforgettable evening of musical excellence and stands as a unique opportunity for aspiring artists to pursue their dreams in the spotlight. Adding to the excitement, scholarship recipients will also perform at the Rubix festival at Porto Montenegro and the KotorArt festival, firmly recognised as a festival of national significance. These events represent the pinnacle of Montenegro's cultural summer. Such opportunities are invaluable for the recipients, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents to a wider audience- an experience that otherwise would not have come their way until much later in their careers.

Unveiling scholarship recipients for the 2023/2024 cycle

MILOŠ Foundation proudly announced its inaugural scholarship recipients for the 2023/2024 cycle. Among them are Kosta Popović, a gifted cellist, Petra Radulović, a soaring soprano and Aleksandra Prelević Palladino, known artistically as Dolce Hera, music composer and the first professional female drummer in Montenegro. Their dedication and passion embody the Foundation's nurturing spirit, and there is no doubt that a bright future awaits each of them.

MILOŠ, a globally acclaimed classical guitarist, rose to prominence in 2011 with his chart-topping debut album, Mediterraneo. Since then, he has captivated audiences worldwide with seven best-selling albums, extensive tours and notable television appearances. Recognized for his significant contributions, MILOŠ earned a spot on BBC Music Magazine's 2016 list of the "Six of the Best Classical Guitarists of the past century." Now signed exclusively with SONY Classical, he is dedicated to expanding the classical guitar repertoire by commissioning new works. His latest album, released in October 2023, pays tribute to the rich baroque era, inviting listeners to take part in a journey through musical history and innovation.

E: T: +382 67 287 087
180 rooms and suites 5 meeting venues Heated indoor pool Spa, Fitness Centre and Beauty Salon Underground car park with 150 spaces +382 20 443 443 Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 2, 81000 Podgorica
PODGORICA EXCLUSIVE | Šeika Zaida br 2 +382 67 11 55 00 | Lustica Bay Marina +382 67 11 51 12



Photo by: Paspartu Photography


Dear Readers and to all who say, “I Will”,

Welcome to a special section of our magazine dedicated to one of the most beautiful events in every couple's life - Your wedding day.

Here at ‘The Collection Magazine’, we continue our journey to constantly innovate to remain the most prestigious club and source of regional information for a broad range of informative topics. We bring our region to the world – and the world to our region – now with significant recognition on global electronic platforms reaching global visibility, such as Issuu, Press Reader, and Zinio, and we proudly reflect on the path we have traversed and the enthusiasm with which we look to the future.

We are particularly proud of our steadfast dedication to the world of weddings, providing you with vetted recommendations and practical advice that turn your dreams into reality. As we evolve, we are excited to gradually expand our reach, stepping towards the organization of a separate special electronic edition titled ‘The Collection Dream Weddings’, which will further enrich your experience and provide new opportunities for exploration.

So far, we have paid special attention to locations, knowing how important the perfect setting is for your spectacular wedding. In the future, we plan to broaden our horizons and encompass other complementary content that will make every wedding unique and memorable.

Your voice is our greatest inspiration. We are always open to your comments and suggestions which help us grow and provide content that resonates with your desires and dreams. Enter the world of ‘The Collection Dream Weddings’, where love, elegance, and creativity flourish on every page. Allow us to guide you through this magical adventure, together creating memories that will last a lifetime.

In Celebrating of Your Love, Best wishes for the big day from ‘The Collection Dream Weddings’ team.


HOW A PlanningWeddingAgency


A wedding is not just an event; it's a story that will be retold for years. However, while exciting, wedding planning is filled with details that require attention. In this article, we will explore how hiring a professional wedding planning agency can transform your planning experience from a stressful process to an enjoyable one, with practical advice for making the most of their services.


Every aspect of the wedding should be carefully designed and executed, which can be too overwhelming for the bride and groom. This is where wedding planning agencies come into play, taking the heavy burden of planning off your shoulders. They work in the background to ensure every segment is flawless, taking on all responsibilities, and leading the entire process from planning to execution.

When choosing an agency, look for those with a rich portfolio and reviews that match your style and expectations. Ensure that they clearly understand the unique style and vision of each couple, so they will approach your project individually, creating thematic concepts that match your personalities and desires. They are up to date with the latest trends and can suggest unique and innovative decorative ideas that will give your wedding a special touch. They know that tradition plays an important role in many weddings, so if this is the case with your wedding, keep in mind that they will ensure your heritage is honored in a way that is fresh, relevant, and personal.

If you're unsure about the concept of your wedding, hiring the right agency will open the doors to unlimited creativity. These professional teams bring fresh, innovative ideas that will make your wedding a story to be told for a long time. Whether you dream of a thematic wedding or

a classic ceremony, they are there to devise a concept that is fully tailored to you, your desires, and your budget.

One of the key advantages of hiring a professional wedding planning agency lies in their impressive network of contacts within the industry. Access to these resources can have a significant impact on your wedding, as some locations, services, or products may be exclusively available through them. Whether it's a private villa, a renowned band, or special decorations, this can open doors to unique experiences.

Wedding planning agencies will ensure seamless coordination between various services and teams, ensuring everything runs smoothly from start to finish. Whether it's tailoring the menu to specific dietary requirements or designing a unique entertainment concept, their network of suppliers enables the realization of your specific requests.

Additionally, agencies often can obtain preferential prices or packages that you could not secure on your own. This can result in significant savings and additional values that enhance your wedding without extra costs. Because one of the biggest challenges in wedding planning is staying within the set budget. Professional wedding planners will ensure that you get the best value for your money.

Also, in case of unforeseen circumstances, you have experts ready to intervene and ensure everything goes according to plan. Whether it's bad weather or last-minute changes, they are there to calm the situation and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Deciding to hire professional support for wedding planning can be a key step towards realizing the wedding you've always dreamed of. With professional support, every aspect of your big day will be designed with care, love, and professionalism. Allow your wedding to be a memorable story, and your only concern to be - how long you can dance on the night of your life.

Practical Tips for Engaging an Agency

Here are some practical tips to get the most out of this experience:

1. Choose the Right Agency: Research is key. Look at the portfolios of different agencies, read reviews, and ask for recommendations - ask friends, family, or colleagues, especially those who have recently had weddings. Talk to several agencies before making a decision.

2. Check References and Previous Work: Ask for references and examples of previous weddings they have worked on. This can include photos and videos of past weddings. Check if they have experience in organizing weddings similar in style and size to your planned wedding. Also, check if the agency specializes in certain types of weddings or locations that interest you.

3. Initial Meetings or Consultations: Schedule meetings or consultations with the agencies that interest you the most. This is an opportunity to meet them, discuss your ideas, needs, and budget. It's important that you feel comfortable and that you trust the team that will organize your day. Good relationships and communication are key to successful wedding planning and execution.

4. Clearly State Your Desires and Budget: Once you choose an agency, be clear about your visions and budget. The more detailed you explain what you want, the easier it will be for the agency to realize your dreams. Do not hesitate to set limits in terms of costs. Ask how they structure their prices – whether they charge a flat fee, a percentage of the total wedding budget, or have some other billing model.

5. Be Open to Suggestions: While it's important to have a clear vision, it's also beneficial to be open to expert advice. Professionals from the agency have already seen what works and what does not and can offer you alternative ideas that will enhance your wedding.

6. Detailed Contract: When engaging an agency, insist on a detailed contract that includes all agreed services, deadlines, and costs. This will help avoid any misunderstandings and ensure that all parties are satisfied. Also, carefully read the contract before signing. Make sure all your agreements and expectations are clearly stated.

7. Communicate Regularly: Maintain constant communication with your agency. Regular meetings or conversations will help you stay up to date with planning and any changes. It also allows you to quickly address any concerns or questions that arise.

By following these tips, you will set a solid foundation for a successful collaboration with the wedding planning agency, ensuring that your special day goes smoothly and remains a beautiful memory.

Harmony in Planning: Your Wedding Agency as an Ally

Here's how a wedding planning agency can transform the entire process and what you can do to ensure everything goes smoothly:

1. Precise Task List: Create a detailed list of tasks with deadlines together with your agency. This includes everything from selecting the venue, choosing the menu, to organizing transportation for guests. This step will help you track progress and ensure that nothing is overlooked.

2. Detailed Budget List: The budget is often the biggest challenge, but with the right organization, you can avoid unpleasant surprises. Compile a detailed budget in collaboration with the agency. Include all anticipated costs, and even a small contingency fund for unforeseen situations.

3. Choosing the Right Suppliers: Your agency can recommend reliable suppliers – from florists to photographers. However, it's important that you meet these people yourself and see their previous work. Don't be afraid to ask questions and express your wishes.

4. Trial Versions and Tastings: For key elements such as food, cake, or floral arrangements, arrange trial versions or tastings. This gives you the opportunity to see and taste before making the final decision and ensures that everything will be exactly as you want.

5. Wedding Day Coordination: Detailed planning for the wedding day is crucial. Your agency should create a timeline for the entire day, including the arrival of suppliers, the schedule of the ceremony and reception, as well as any special requests. Review this plan and ensure you are satisfied with every segment.

6. Plan B for Unforeseen Circumstances: No matter how well you plan, there can always be unforeseen circumstances. Discuss a Plan B with your agency for bad weather, technical problems, or other emergencies. It's good to be prepared for everything.

7. Regular Meetings and Updates: Organize regular meetings with your agency to discuss progress and any changes. Be open to suggestions and ready for compromises to ensure everything goes as planned.

By following these steps, you can be sure that every detail of your wedding will be carefully planned. Your wedding planning agency is there to help you realize your dreams, but your role in the planning process is equally important.

Talići Hill - Rustic Villas Rustic charm with modern luxury

Nestled in the heart of Montenegro's coast, Talići Hill - Rustic Villas combines the charm of a 17th-century family home with modern luxury. Surrounded by mountains and lush gardens, the villas offer breathtaking sea views from their elevated position and a warm infinity pool that seems to connect with the sea below.

Our premier wedding services are unmatched in Montenegro, offering customized planning that perfectly aligns with your vision. Our expert team guarantees a flawless celebration, from impeccable planning to exceptional execution, catering, and equipment.

Talići Hill - Rustic Villas is a perfect spot for weddings, family getaways, and special events, offering a blend of old-world charm and contemporary comforts. The villas have a spacious layout with 7 bedrooms that can sleep up to 18 guests, making it ideal for large groups seeking privacy and luxury. It features an event room, outdoor BBQ area, cozy lounge, and spaces designed for families to enjoy together.

Within the villa’s vintage style, every guest can enjoy luxury amenities like AC, underfloor heating, comfy beds, large bathrooms, and daily cleaning. Breakfast is available on request.

The villa is close to beautiful beaches, kite surfing spots, national parks, and historical sites. The towns of Budva and Kotor are just a short drive away, with airports in Podgorica and Tivat nearby for easy access.

Talići Hill - Rustic Villas is a piece of Montenegro's history, where historical elegance and modern luxury meet in a stunning natural setting, for an unparalleled wedding experience that will exceed your highest expectations.

T: +382 69 278 500




At a Glance # OF EVENT SPACES: 5.000m2 privatized area MAXIMUM SEATING CAPACITY: Outside: 300 Inside: 85 VENUE STYLE: Rustic / Vintage Historic / Outdoor / Indoor / Sunset / Nature / Mountains / Sea View / Mountain View CATERING CHOISES: Every choice available RENTAL INCLUDES: Whole property PARKING OPTIONS: 10+200
SAVE THE DATE 329 Bar, Montenegro

Ānanti Resort, Residences & Beach Club

Exceptional weddings in an incomparable seaside setting WEDDING

Ānanti Resort, Residences & Beach Club, a member of The Leading Hotels of the World, is an intimate luxury seaside resort in Montenegro located directly above the most attractive beaches of Budva Bay, offering the perfect balance of contemporary luxury and feels-like-home suites & villas, with completely modern architectural style and an extensive view of the Adriatic Sea.

ĀNANTI brand name is the combination of Nepalese Ānanda (joy/happiness) and Shanti (peace). Inspired from Asia and Middle-East, the essence of the brand is coming from Nepal, which buddist principles shine around the world for peace and compassion. Inspired by Asian and Middle – Eastern luxury, the essence of the five-star brand is to provide the ultimate enjoyment and happiness to all its residents, hotel guests and visitors.

Ānanti Resort, Residences & Beach Club offers an incomparable outdoor setting by the Adriatic Sea, TerraMar a Fine Dining Restaurant and Panorama, an Iconic Lounge Restaurant and Bar with an impressive view of the open Adriatic Sea and Budva Bay. Both spaces, can hold receptions or gala dinners up to 100 invites.

We tailor our services to your desires because we understand that every detail holds significance to create a dream weddings. Our Wedding packages are carefully crafted by our team, while planning and organization services are supported by well experienced event organizers.

Celebrate your perfect wedding in a seaside paradise and experience moments that will stay with you and your guests forever.

Let us know your preferences, so we can support and enhance your idea, creating together anything from a wedding welcome cocktail receptions by the Adriatic Sea, to a glamorous wedding gala dinner re-imagined like never before, a luxurious journey of taste among unique landscapes of Montenegro, with breath-taking sunsets painting the Mediterranean coastline.

For the ones who prefer a very intimate and highly sophisticated weddings, we would recommend selection of our luxurious seaside villas, a concept and design that translates into the aesthetic of exclusivity and absolute intimacy.

For an ultimate wedding experience book your personal private Chef at Ānanti Resort, Residences & Beach Club Celebrate your special day at Ānanti Resort, Residences & Beach Club, a member of The Leading Hotels of the World.

Crafting together unforgettable moments that will last a lifetime at Ānanti Resort, Residences & Beach Club.

T: +382 33 688 988; +382 68 062 990

E :


I: @anantiresort

/ Terramar Fine Dining Restaurant & Panorama Seaview
Restaurant & Bar MAXIMUM SEATING CAPACITY: up to 100 VENUE STYLE: Outdoor Event Space With Striking Sea Views CATERING CHOISES: On Site Catering Packages Available RENTAL INCLUDES: Restaurant & Table Set Up, With A 5 Star Service PARKING OPTIONS: Available At The Hotel, Subject To Availability.
At a Glance #

Hilton Podgorica

World of Elegance and Romance

Celebrate the beginning of forever in the heart of luxury at the Crystal Ballroom, nestled within the prestigious Hilton Podgorica Crna Gora. Elevate your wedding dreams to reality as we invite you to experience unparalleled sophistication and impeccable service on your special day. Create timeless memories in the exquisite surroundings and let us e the canvas for your love story, where every detail is carefully curated to reflect your unique journey. Say YES at Water Mirror Terrace, a tranquil haven nestled within the heart of Hilton Podgorica and than celebrate love with your family and friends at the Crystall Ballroom while tasting culinary creations that are as memorable as the occasion itself. We know what it takes to create a celebration you’ll cherish forever!

T: +382 20 443 443


At a Glance

# OF EVENT SPACES: 4 MAXIMUM SEATING CAPACITY: 250 VENUE STYLE: Indoor and outdoor event Space, ballroom CATERING CHOISES: On site catering RENTAL INCLUDES: Tables, Ouse chairs, Flatware, Stemware, Hose linens PARKING OPTIONS: Parking Valet Available
SAVE THE DATE 333 Podgorica, Montenegro

Galija Beach

Enchanted Vows by the Adriatic: Gallia Beach as Your Dream Wedding Destination

Gallia Beach, nestled in the serene beauty of Montenegro's Sveti Stefan, emerges as an enchanting wedding venue along the Adriatic. This exquisite beach, with its distinct red rocks and golden sands, offers a picturesque setting that captivates the heart. Surrounded by verdant forests and rich Mediterranean flora, it presents a naturally romantic paradise ideal for celebrating love.

The beach's crystal-clear waters invite not just for swimming but provide a magical underwater backdrop for unique wedding photos, especially appealing to couples who enjoy snorkeling or diving. Imagine exchanging vows with the vibrant marine life as witnesses to your union. Gallia is not just about the scenic beauty; it's a venue that seamlessly blends the joy of celebration with the tranquility of nature. It offers the perfect ambiance for weddings, whether you're envisioning a sunset ceremony or a starlit celebration. The presence of renowned DJs can elevate your wedding reception, allowing you and your guests to celebrate your love with dancing on the beach under the stars.

T: +382 67 06 00 05


I: galija.beach

# OF EVENT SPACES: 2 MAXIMUM SEATING CAPACITY: 450 VENUE STYLE: Outdoor event CATERING CHOISES: On site catering RENTAL INCLUDES: Presence of event manager during the event, hostesses, security PARKING OPTIONS: Parking Available 120
At a Glance

San Canzian perfect place for all your bright moments

The hotel's architecture seamlessly integrates with the timeless charm of the Istrian village, creating a setting that is both captivating and romantic. As guests step into this haven, they are greeted by the scent of blooming nature and the gentle rustle of olive leaves in the breeze. Elegant and comfortable rooms are thoughtfully designed, creating a sanctuary of relaxation and sophistication. What truly sets this venue apart is the dedication to offering the best of Istria in every aspect of the guest experience. The hotel's Michelin-recommended restaurant stands as a testament to this commitment. Here, culinary artistry meets local flavours, presenting a gastronomic journey that captures the essence of Istria on each plate. The menu is a celebration of the region's finest ingredients, expertly crafted to please the most demanding gastronomy lovers. In conclusion, San Canzian offers not just a place to stay, but an experience that transcends the ordinary. It is a destination where the magic of a medieval village, the allure of olive groves and vineyards, and the sophistication of elegant design converge to create an unforgettable setting for weddings and celebrations. For those seeking a fairytale beginning to their marital journey, this hidden gem in the heart of Istria beckons, promising an experience that is as unique as it is timeless.”

A: Muzolini donji 7 , 52460 Buje

T: +385 99 5462000



I: San Canzian Hotel & Residences

# OF EVENT SPACES: 4 MAXIMUM SEATING CAPACITY: up to 100 VENUE STYLE: Indoor and outdoor event space CATERING CHOISES: On site catering RENTAL INCLUDES: Accommodation for 62 pax, breakfas , tables, hotel chairs, plates, cutlery, glasses PARKING OPTIONS: Complimentary on Site Parking Valet Available
At a Glance
Buje, Croatia

Hyatt Regency Belgrade

A truly remarkable wedding celebration

Steeped in elegance and renowned for its exceptional service, Hyatt Regency Belgrade stands as an exquisite destination for couples seeking a truly remarkable wedding celebration. With its stunning venues, dedicated wedding planning team, and luxurious accommodation, the hotel offers an unrivaled setting for unforgettable moments. The grandeur of the Crystal Ballroom, with its sparkling chandeliers and ornate decor, sets the stage for an unforgetable night, while the green oasis in the grandiose lobby offers an enchanting setting surrounded by lush greenery. Let your special day unfold at Hyatt Regency Belgrade, where dreams are brought to life and love stories are cherished forever.

Indulge in an array of carefully crafted food packages, where each bite is a culinary delight that surprises the senses and creates unforgettable dining memories.

T: +381 301 1122


At a Glance

# OF EVENT SPACES: 3 MAXIMUM SEATING CAPACITY: 450 VENUE STYLE: Indoor event Space, ballroom CATERING CHOISES: On site catering RENTAL INCLUDES: Catering, Tables Adorned With Linens, Chairs Draped In Covers, Flatware, Stemware, And Dedicated Service PARKING OPTIONS: Parking Valet Available
SAVE THE DATE 339 Belgrade, Serbia

Marriott Tirana

Wedding Bells are ringing, and so are the Points!

Plan your special day at Tirana Marriott, where every dollar spent earns you Marriott Bonvoy Events Points. The start of forever just got even more rewarding.

At Tirana Marriott Hotel, we turn your wedding dreams into reality with our spacious and elegant ballroom! It's more than just a venue; it's a canvas for your unforgettable moments, set against a backdrop of sophistication and joy. Our dedicated team, guided by certified event planners, ensures every detail of your special day is thoughtfully planned and customized, from the carefully crafted setup to the delectable menu, creating an ambiance that perfectly reflects your vision. Let us host your extraordinary celebration, where every moment is tailored to create an experience that's nothing short of extraordinary.

A: Sheshi Italia, Tirana, Albania

T: +355 44-500500

I: @marriotttirana

L: @tiranamarriotthotel

a Glance # OF EVENT SPACES: 1 Ballroom & 1 Foyer MAXIMUM SEATING CAPACITY: up to 250 VENUE STYLE: indoor event space CATERING CHOISES: On site catering RENTAL INCLUDES: Accommodation for the couple, breakfast, tables, chairs, plates, glasses, cutlery
OPTIONS: Parking available with fee
SAVE THE DATE 341 Tirana,Albania

Hotel Radon Plaza

A place where dreams become reality

We at Radon Plaza Hotel are aware of the fact that your wedding day is very special. It will surely be a day to remember and a wonderful memory for many in common years of life to come, so we pay special attention to every detail. With creative ideas, styling, and technical support, we will be with you on your way to happiness.

Our many years of experience and, above all, the careful selection of collaborators guarantee your wonderful weddings. Regardless of whether you are planning a lavish wedding or intimate wedding celebration with close family and friends, we have an adequate offer for you.

Depending on the number of your dear guests, we are able to offer you the organization of your wedding in different halls with a rich offer of wedding menus.

On a buffet or serving basis.

Check available appointments, arrange a date and leave the rest to us. He's waiting for you

beautiful interior of our wedding salons, excellent gastronomic offer, wedding planner, irresistible wedding cakes, Deluxe room for newlyweds, special prices for accommodation of your guests in our hotel … and more!

For your unforgettable day, contact us with confidence!

A: Džemala Bijedića 185, Sarajevo

T: +387 33 752 900



At a Glance

# OF EVENT SPACES: 3 / Red Lounge, Golden Lounge and Congress Hall

MAXIMUM SEATING CAPACITY: Capacity: Red & Golden Lounge up to 200 each Congress hall capacity: 500 seats

VENUE STYLE: indoor event space

CATERING CHOISES: On site catering

RENTAL INCLUDES: Accomodation for bride and groom, breakfast, tables, hotel chairs,, plates, glasses, cutlery, special lights

PARKING OPTIONS: Parking available

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
A: Beogradska 64, Podgorica E: T: +382 67 811 872 W:
photography: Nikola Vukilić
Adress: Ankarski bulevar 14; floor III; Podgorica +382 67 607475 @lxxvi_architecture LXXVI studio Amphitheater Kuk Design by: LXXVI Built by: Kotor Cable Car NATURE & ARCHITECTURE

Embark yourself to a realm where history meets contemporary elegance at Boutique Hotel Hippocampus in Kotor. Perched atop our majestic Rooftop Terrace, behold the breathtaking panorama of Kotor's medieval walls on one side, while the other unveils a picturesque mosaic of the city's rooftops.

Nestled within the UNESCO-listed Old Town, our Boutique Hotel Hippocampus, invites you to indulge in a captivating blend of historic stone walls dating back to the 17th century and timeless Mediterranean design along with the other styles.

Immerse your senses in the culinary delights of our Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, crafted with locally sourced ingredients, perfectly paired with our curated selection of wines from the region's finest vineyards.

Elevate your stay to unparalleled heights by luxuriating in one of our opulent suites, where every detail is meticulously designed to exceed your expectations and create lasting memories. Indulge in the essence of sophistication and serenity amidst the timeless allure of Kotor's Old Town.

Stari grad 489, Kotor | T: +382 (0)78 106 160 | E: | W:

Beauty and The City offers more than 3,000 fragrances, cosmetics and self-care items.

The world's most amazing fragrances, cosmetics and self-care brands can be found at Beauty and The City.

We take great pride in bringing the newest products from the top companies in Albania first. To provide you with an extraordinary experience at our stores, we are located in two of Tirana's finest shopping centers, TOPTANI and Tirana East Gate (TEG).

We are delighted to have you visit our shop and we are happy that our products will be a part of your wonderful journey!

Please reach out to us at our online media channels!

Instagram: beautyandthecity_parfumeri

Facebook: Beauty and The City Parfumeri



Discover Albania's heritage and history while staying at our relaxing and stylish Tirana hotel. Perfectly located for a blend of sightseeing and relaxation, the Radisson Collection Morina Hotel, Tirana offers the best of both worlds. Enjoy an unforgettable stay just outside the city centre where you can relax near parks and beside the Grand Park of Tirana.

Radisson Collection Morina Hotel, Tirana Liqeni i thate, Rruga “Hamdi Garunja”, Tirana, 1063, Albania
42 224 444

Discover the ultimate shopping experience at Coin

The department store chain known for its exquisite selection of high-end brands and impeccable customer service.

Whether you're looking for designer clothing, accessories, beauty products, or home furnishings, Coin has everything you need to indulge in the finest lifestyle. With a carefully curated selection of local and international brands, shoppers can find something to suit their individual taste and budget.

You deserve the best, and that's exactly what Coin delivers, a must-visit destination.
Montblanc | Michael Kors | Paul Smith | Tom Ford | Dior | Harmont & Blaine | Maison Crivelli Armani Prive | Calvin Klein | Ted Baker | Chanel | Yves Saint Laurent | Diesel | Tommy Jeans


If you seek an art and design sanctuary nestled in the vibrant heart of Zagreb, your search has reached its destination.

Welcome to the MET Boutique Hotel, a new 5 star hotel in the capital of Croatia where every moment is a masterpiece in itself.

Whether your reason for arrival is business, pleasure or romance, we believe that with us you’ll get the most of your precious time.

Allow us to surprise you in the most sophisticated way.

MET BOUTIQUE +385 1 5572 200

Automotive, Yachting & Aviation

Adriatic Boat p. 84-85

Portonovi, Herceg Novi, Montenegro adriaticboat

Voli Motors d.o.o. p. 39

BMW & Mini Moris

Bulevar Josipa Broza 27, Podgorica, Montenegro


British Motors p. 16-17

Capital plaza, Šeik Zaida 13, Podgorica, Montenegro britishmotorsmne

Ljetopis Automotive d.o.o. p. 27


357 Kralja Nikole, Podgorica, Montenegro mercedesbenz_cg

NetJets p. 66-67


Porsche Centar Beograd p.10-11

Porsche SCG

Zrenjaninski put 9A, Belgrade, Serbia

Turkish Airlines p.12-13 turkishairlines

Victor p. 274-275


Fashion, Furniture, Parfumes & accessories

Universal Capital Bank p. 242-243

Stanka Dragojevića bb, Podgorica, Montenegro


Hipotekarna banka p. 209

Josipa Broza Tita, Podgorica, Montenegro


Specijalna Bolnica Sveti Vid p. 308-309

Dobračina 27, Belgrade, Serbia


Lanserhof Sylt p. 270-273

Insbruck, Austria lanserhof

Electronics & Lighting

Bang & Olufsen p. 37


Euroluce p. 46-47

Cetinjski put bb, La Galleria, Podgorica, Montenegro


Artisan p. 87

Tešanj, BiH


Beauty & The City p. 350

Autostrada Tirane Elbasan, Rruga

Vilave, Lundër, Albania


BAR-KOD SHOP p. 348-349

Dr Rajka Đurišića 3, Podgorica, Montenegro barkodshop_parfimerije

Beauty & The City p. 350

Autostrada Tirane Elbasan, Rruga

Vilave, Lundër, Albania


Belodore p. 74-75

Porto Montenegro, Tivat, Montenegro


Cubico p. 111, 119, 133

Bl Džordža Vašingtona 3/9, Podgorica, Montenegro


Everyday by Milena p. 344-345

Cetinjski put 13/11, Podgorica, Montenegro



Galerija Belgrade p. 50-51

Bulevar Vudroa Vilsona 14, BW, Belgrade, Serbia


Global Fashion p. 24-25

Ustanička 12v, Beograd 11000, Serbia


La Galleria p. 44-45

Cetinjski put bb, La Galleria, Podgorica, Montenegro


Lusso Furniture & Design p. 41

Radanovići, Kotor, Montenegro

Orbico p. 208, 266, 269

Serdara Jola Piletića, Podgorica, Montenegro


Sophie's Beauty Line p. 320-321

Seik Zajed Podgorica, Montenegro sophiesbeautyline

Tenero Fashion p. 76-77

Cetinjski put bb, Linea zgrada, Podgorica, Montenegro



Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus

Via Furcia, 5, 39030 Sorafurcia BZ, Italy

hotel_hubertus p. 112-117

Ambasador Split p. 70-73

Trumbićeva obala 18, Zapadna obala, Split, Croatia ambasadorsplit

Ananti Resort, p. 187-188

Residences & Beach Club

Drobnići BB, Rijeka Reževići, Budva, Montenegro


Avala Resort & Villas p. 265

Mediteranska ulica, Budva, Montenegro avalaresort

Bianca Resort & Spa p. 264

Mirka Vešovića, Kolašin, Montenegro biancaresort

Boutique Hotel Hippocampus p. 255

Stari grad, Kotor, Montenegro hippocampushotel

Casa del Mare Boutique Hotels Kamenari bb, Herceg Novi, Montenegro p. 164-171


Crowne Plaza Belgrade p. 162-163

Vladimira Popovića 10, Beograd 11070, Serbia

CUE Podgorica p. 174

Cetinjska 7, Podgorica, Montenegro cuepodgorica

Esplanade Hotel Zagreb p. 68-69

Ul. Antuna Mihanovića 1, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia esplanadezagreb

Gorski Hotel & Spa p. 160

Kopaonik bb, Serbia gorskihotel_kopaonik

Grand Hotel & Spa, Kopaonik

Kopaonik bb, Serbia p. 218-219 grandkopaonik

Hilton Podgorica Crna Gora p. 319

Bl. Svetog Petra Cetinjskog, Podgorica, Montenegro hiltonpodgorica

Hotel AMI Budva Petrovac p. 311

Petrovac, Montenegro amihotel.petrovac

Hotel Bor by Karisma p. 120-121

Jovanke Jeftanovic bb, Zlatibor 31315, Serbia

Hotel Europe Sarajevo p. 310

Vladislava Skarića 5, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina hoteleuropesarajevo

Hotel Radon Plaza p. 342-343

Dzemala Bijedica St 185, Sarajevo, BiH radonplaza


Hyatt Regency Belgrade p. 280

Milentija Popovića 5, Belgrade, Serbia hyattregencybelgrade

Hyatt Regency Kotor Bay Resort

Donji Stoliv bb, Kotor, Montenegro p. 281


Ikador Luxury Boutique Hotel & Spa

Ul. Svetog Nikole 2, Ika - Opatija, Croatia p. 128


Impresia Hotels p. 134-159

Adriatic coast, Croatia


InterContinental Ljubljana, p. 55

an IHG Hotel

Slovenska cesta 59, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Kempinski Hotel Adriatic p. 366

Savudrija, Croatia


Nikki Beach Montenegro

Tivat, Montenegro p. 194-195


Kempinski Palace Portorož p. 367

Obala 45, 6320 Portorož, Slovenia


Lazure Hotel & Marina p. 80-83

Braće Pedišića, Meljine, Herceg Novi, Montenegro


Lošinj Hotel & Villas p. 28-35

Sunčana uvala 4, 51550 Mali Lošinj losinjhotels

Maistra Collection p. 88-93

Obala Vladimira Nazora 6, Rovinj, Croatia


Mamula Island p. 172-173

Mamula ostrvo, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Maslina Resort p. 98-99

Uvala Maslinica 11, Stari Grad, Croatia maslinaresort

Menegheti Wine Hotel & Winery

Stancija Meneghetti 1, Bale, Croatia

meneghetti_istria p.150-151

Met Boutique Hotel p. 353

Praška 4, Zagreb, Croatia


Metropol Palace Hotel Belgrade

Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 69, Beograd, Serbia p. 252-253 metropolpalacehote

Milka Hotel Kranjska Gora p. 118

Vršiška cesta 45, 4280 Kranjska Gora, Slovenia hotelmilka

Monte Pine Chalets p. 267

Tmajevci bb, Žabljak, Montenegro monte_pine_chalets

Mövenpick Residences Teuta Kotor Bay p. 78-79

Risan, Montenegro

One & Only Portonovi p. 56-65

Portonovi Resort, Herceg Novi, Montenegro portonovi ooportonovi

Porto Palace p. 94-97

1 Blaža Jovanovića, Tivat, Montenegro


Radisson Collection Morina Tirana

Str. Liqeni i, Tirana 1063, Albania p. 351

Regent Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro, Tivat, Montenegro p. 204-205


San Canzian Village & Hotel

Mužolini donji 7, 52460, Buje, Croatia

sancanzian p. 336--337


Saint Ten Hotel p. 110

Svetog Save 10, Belgrade, Serbia


Sea Star Budva p. 302-303

Bečići, Budva, Montenegro


Splendid Conference & Spa Resort

Becici bb, Budva, Montenegro

hotelsplendid p. 368-369

Square Nine Hotel Belgrade

Studentski trg 9, Belgrade, Serbia

squareninehotel p. 130

The St.Regis Belgrade p. 48-49

Nikolaja Kravcova 1, Beograd, Serbia

Swissôtel Resort Kolašin p. 370-371

Kolašin, Montenegro


Tirana Marriott Hotel p. 361

Sheshi Italia, Tiranë 1001, Albania marriotttirana

Tivat Hotel & Residences p. 108-109

Tivat, Montenegro

Real Estate Projects

Folie Village p. 210-215

Jale Bay, Albania folievillage

Gold Bar p. 190-193

Makedonska, 18A, Bar, Montenegro goldbarconstruction

Lotus Real Estate Management

Strahinjića Bana 33, Belgrade, Serbia p. 106-107

Luštica Bay p. 100-105

Luštica Bay, Tivat, Montenegro lusticabay

Porto Montenegro p. 22-23, 200-203

Porto Montenegro, Tivat, Montenegro porto_montenegro

Portofino Village p. 248-251

Đenovići, Herceg Novi, Montenegro portofinovillage

Portonovi p. 18-19

Portonovi, Herceg Novi, Montenegro portonovi

The Capital Plaza p. 175

Ulica Šeika Zaida, Podgorica, Montenegro thecapitalplaza

X Residence p. 196-197

Dobra Voda Bar, Montenegro euromix_industrija

Zaha Place Bar p. 256-257

bb Ilino, Bar, Montenegro zahaplace

Real Estate Agencies

Dream Estates Croatia - p. 132, 230-233

Savills Associate

Masarykov put 3, Dvori Lapad, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dream Estates MontenegroSavills Associate p. 226-229

Stari grad 321, 85330 Kotor, Montenegro

Eurovilla Real Estate Agency

Gajeva 15, Zagreb, Croatia p. 199

Henley & Partners p. 20-21, 292-299

The Capital Plaza 13 Sheikh Zayed street, Podgorica, Montenegro



Remington Realty - Croatia p. 129

Ulica Maršala Tita 81/1, Opatija, Croatia

Montenegro Properties p. 246-247

Old Town, 85330 Kotor, Montenegro montenegroproperties

Remington Realty - Montenegro

Bulevar 21. Maj, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro p. 234-237

Remington Realty - Serbia p. 238-241

Kneza Miloša 90a/64, Belgrade, Serbia

Croatia Sotheby's International Realty p. 222-225

Ulica Domovinskog Rata 61, Split, Croatia

Villas in Montenegro for Rent

Ananti Resort, Residences & Beach Club p. 187

Drobnići BB, Rijeka Reževići, Budva, Montenegro anantiresort

Eterno Villas - Villa Gran Palacio

Svinjista bb, Budva, Montenegro eterno_villas p. 178-179

Luštica Bay Townhouse p.186

Luštica Bay, Tivat, Montenegro lusticabay

Luxury Villa Mandragora p. 180-181

Orahovac, Boka Bay, Montenegro montenegrovillas_com

Sunny Villas p. 185

Reževići bb, Budva, Montenegro sunnyvillasbudva

VIlla Sunset p. 189

Tivat Bay, Tivat, Montenegro rentals/mne

Villa Perfetto p. 184

Krašići, Tivat, Montenegro

Villa Vilermosa p. 188

Budva, Montenegro rentals/mne

Villa Taila p.182-183

Vitići bb Bar, Montenegro premiumvillastheview

Watches & Jewelry

L'Artisan - Wolf 1365 p.282-283

Vase Pelagića 48B, Belgrade, Serbia wolf1834

Bvlgari Porto Montnegro p. 14-15

Hotel Regent Porto Montenegro, Tivat, Montenegro

Dodić High Jewelry p. 43

Avenia Dubrava 2, Zagreb, Croatia zlatarna_dodic

Excelsior Fine watches & jewellery

Porto Montenegro, Tivat, Montenegro

excelsiorportomontenegro p. 2-8

Maestro Jewelrs p. 52-53

Nušićeva 12a, Beograd, Serbia



Mamić 1970 p. 284-287

Ul. Frane Petrića 7, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


Agencies & Education

Congress Travel p. 244-245

Studentska 31, Podgorica, Montenegro congress_travel

G-Consult p. 318

Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Gold Travel Agency p. 262-263

Bul. Veljka Vlahovića 7, Podgorica, Montenegro


KSI Montenegro p. 304-307

Porto Montenegro, Tivat, Montenegro ksimontenegro

Quintessentially p. 279

I.Kršnjavoga 1, Zagreb, Croatia


Architecture & design

A&A Interios Porto Montenegro

Ankarski bulevar 14; floor III; Podgorica,Montenegro p. 206-207

LXXVI architecture p. 254

Ankarski bulevar, 12 3. sprat, Podgorica, Montenegro


Wine & Dine

Adriatica Restaurant & Beach Club

Kamenari bb, Herceg Novi, Montenegro p. 365


St. Pietro Dubrovnik p. 161

Kneza Domagoja 9, Cavtat, Croatia st.pietro__dubrovnik

Storia Di Pietra p. 216-217

Kotor, Montenegro storia_di_pietra

Špilja Restaurant Luštica Bay

Luštica Bay, Tivat, Montenegro p. 364 spilja.lustica


ANDAN Fundation p. 289


Agilcon p. 300-301

Cara Lazara 5-7, Beograd, Srbija instagilcon

BioSing p. 122-127

Gorenjska cesta 59, Ribnica, Slovenia biosing13

COIN Tirana p. 352

ABA Business Center, Rruga Papa Gjon

Pali II, Tirana, Albania cointirana

Ljubljana Festival p. 312-313

Ljubljana , Slovenia festival_ljubljana

TechnoGym p. 131, 276-278 technogym



Ananti Resort, p. 330-331

Residences & Beach Club

Drobnići BB, Rijeka Reževići, Budva, Montenegro


Galija Beach p. 334-335

Sveti Stefan, Crvena Glavica, Montenegro


Hilton Podgorica p. 332-333

Bl. Svetog Petra Cetinjskog, Podgorica, Montenegro


Hotel Radon Plaza p. 342-343

Dzemala Bijedica St 185, Sarajevo, BiH


Hyatt Regency Belgrade p. 338-339

Milentija Popovića 5, Belgrade, Serbia hyattregencybelgrade

Milena Djurdjić p.346-347

Beogradska 64, Podgorica


Paspartu Photography p. 322-323 paspartu_photography

San Canzian Hotel & Residences

Mužolini Gornji 7, 52460, Buje, Croatia sancanzian p. 336-337

Talići Hill - Rustic Villas p. 328-329

Brca Sutomore, Montenegro

Tirana Marriott Hotel p. 340-341

Sheshi Italia, Tiranë 1001, Albania


Bar-Kod Shop p. 348-349

Dr Rajka Đurišića 3, Podgorica, Montenegro @barkodshop_parfimerije

Experience Albanian hospitality in Style Follow us on: @marriotttirana @tiranamarriotthotel Sheshi Italia, Tirana, Albania, 1000 Res. Nr: +355 44-500500


Take flavour to the next level.

Located at the one of the most iconic commercial buildings of the city of Tirana, Aba Business Center, LIFT is about representing a concept of a classic and sophisticated steakhouse combined with style and vibes of a nightlife experience.

4th Floor, ABA Business Center Papa Gjon Pali I” St 1010 / Phone number: +355 69 405 5552 / Email:


Located in the iconic Blloku area, SALT is a restaurant nicety percepted from the people behind the REVO group, which are deeply experienced in hospitality services, property management, marketing, events and more. Salt is about tasting the Mediterranean cuisine, seafood and sushi. It is a one-stop shop for food and beverage experiences, providing something for everyone from daytime, dining, nightlife and events.

Rruga Pjeter Bogdani 1001, Tirane. Albania / Phone number: +355 69 400 0013 / Email:
Špilja Restaurant Marina Village Lustica Bay Restaurant booking +382 69 101 805 I: spilja.lustica
Restaurant & Beach Club
69 101 018 I: adriatica_restaurant_
Kamenari bb
booking +382
Get to know the true essence of Adriatic comfort. Visit the newly designed Grand Deluxe Villas, located on the grounds of Kempinski Hotel Adriatic in Istria, the first Croatian 5-star golf & spa resort. +385 52 707 010 RESERVATION.ADRIATIC@KEMPINSKI.COM KEMPINSKI.COM/ISTRIA ADRIATIC LUXURY
A wonderful blend of classic and contemporary in a 5* luxury resort, set in a historical park in the centre of the seaside destination of Portorož, Slovenia. Kempinski Palace Portorož – your bespoke, timelessly elegant, palatial experience on the shores of the Adriatic Sea amidst nature.

Swissôtel Resort Kolašin brings the renowned brand’s standards to our extraordinary location. This pioneer hotel in K16 Peak village has opened its doors to first guests in January 2024.

For more details and bookings, please visit:


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