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Marketing Success Stories Commentary provided by Marketing Superheroes Tim Kolling and Dan Lindquist

Marketing Tool: FACEBOOK State Library of Kansas

4. Weekly posts updated followers about current top-10 best sellers and their eBook availability for libraries. 5. Librarians and library advocates across the nation became active members of the page, sharing with patrons, commenting and liking posts. Tim: Good use of social media to target their community, knowing this audience will be passionate about the issue and would spread the word to the end user. Making timely and meaningful posts keeps their audience engaged in the objective of the campaign.

The State Library of Kansas implemented the “Big 6 - eBooks in Libraries” Facebook awareness campaign to inform eBook borrowers about restrictions on eBook bestsellers in libraries imposed by the “Big 6” publishers. The goals of the campaign were to: • Acquire a sizeable Facebook audience. • Maintain an engaged, aware and influential community. • Leverage Kansas as the “trailblazer” in the eBook lending landscape. • Reach library users beyond the state of Kansas. • Increase awareness of eBook lending in libraries. This campaign, which required no paid advertising, unfolded as follows: 1. Informational posters directed library users to the Facebook page. 2. An e-mail campaign followed to generate “likes.” 3. A news release resulted in news articles and radio interviews as well publicity from the American Library Association.


Summer 2013

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Dan: Social Media is a low-cost or no-cost way to create awareness, exchange information, and elicit opinions and support. Be sure to go beyond the awareness stage. Let those who LIKE, read and post on your page know what they can do next to help make a difference.

Marketing Tool: PHONE RW Evenson, Inc. “What I use is not unique, just not practiced very much anymore. You see, the only thing I know how to do well is to talk on the telephone. I have never had call reluctance so I prefer to just pick up the telephone. To me facebook, twitter, email etc. does not reflect emotion. It is the art of verbal communication that connects you to your customer.” - Bob Evenson, President

TK Summer 2013  
TK Summer 2013  

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