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Thomas J. Clancy

SUMMARY: Creative, motivated software engineer with a passion and drive for creating innovative, cutting-edge, userdriven, successful software applications and services.

SKILL SET: Development Environments/IDEs Java Development Tools





Visual Studio


JDK 5 and 6

Java Annotations

EJB 3.0





Apache Commons

Java 2D


Java Mail


C and C++












Rational Pure Coverage







Sun Application Server

Apache Web Server



SQL Server



Windows 2000/XP


Sun Solaris



Mac OS X

OO Design

UML 2.x


Workflow Theory


GUI Programming

TCP/IP Sockets




Other Computer Languages QA Tools

Web and Enterprise Application Servers Database Development Operating Systems General Development Expertise

ACCEPTED ARTICLES: “A Tale of Two Endians”, accepted for publication by the C/C++ Users Journal

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Thie l College, May 1991


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) IEEE Computer Society


Co-inventor of a Complexity Management System (Patent Pending)

WORK EXPERIENCE: Lead Software Engineer, Electronics for Imaging (EFI) 10/2007 to 6/23/2008 EFI develops MIS software for the Printing Industry. ACHIEVMENTS    

Developed in Java a visual desktop server monitoring tool used to monitor status and licensing of EFI's traditional and digital printing MIS servers Developed in Java EE5 a system-wide complex event and notification service utilizing JBoss remoting and EJB3 Developed in Java and Java EE5 a generic command processing system used by various client applications to communicate with the MIS services. Researched Automated Planning and Scheduling theory for building a smart MIS that plans and schedules print jobs based on rules that infer the intent of partially specified orders

Lead Software Architect, TrueBaseline Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA 1/2006 to 6/2007 TrueBaseline develops application frameworks and products for the service management space and next generation networks. ACHIEVMENTS   

Helped establish standards and guidelines for the development staff Promoted best practices in unit testing, code coverage analysis, code documentation and standardization Designed the company's original flagship service management product, SOAComply, that provides compliance monitoring of networked hardware, software and SOA-based applications. This included the following:  Developed Web Service APIs, and GUI  Employed an Adaptive Object Model as the core architecture

    

     

Developed in C# an edge-node graph library for use in network analysis Implemented breadth-first and depth-first algorithms Implemented Dijkstra's Algorithm (single source shortest path)

Developed TrueSMS, a service management framework designed to fulfill the requirements of the IPsphere architecture. Designed TrueOMF (True Object Modeling and Management Framework) that employs Complex Event Processing (CEP) techniques and an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture for efficient distributed processing. Designed the Message Exchange Framework (MEF) which is a type of Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Designed CEP framework for efficiently handling and routing business events. Employed BPEL 2.0 as workflow language for orchestrating business processes Employed Drools.NET as the basis for our declarative rule engine and policy control language Designed TrueSDx, a Service Delivery Platform (SDP) Integration solution Designed code generation tools for integration into native language applications (C#, C++, Java, Python)

Software Architect, Nationwide Appraisal Services Corporation (NASCO), Pittsburgh, PA 9/2004 to 1/2006 NASCO provides to over 2000 clients in all fifty states both title and appraisal services, and develops products to manage customers' title and appraisals and to match vendors (appraisers) to potential customers. ACHIEVMENTS 

Designed in J2EE the algorithms and software framework necessary to accomplish automated vendor assignment. This included:  The creation of a detailed and concise architecture using UML 2.0  The creation of the mathematical notation for the vendor ranking algorithm

Designed a J2EE validation framework that incorporates java annotations, introspection, reflection and AOP Established a standard for the peer code review process. Wrote several papers and tutorials on unit testing as a way of introducing the development team to good unit testing practices. Trained the development team the proper use and best practices of exception handling Designed a simplified in-house, web-based CMS as a replacement of an expensive third party CMS Redesigned and prototyped the workflow management system (WfMS) using Java, J2EE and Drools. This included:  Full functional requirements and technical design documentation  A complete set of UML diagrams (class, sequence, activity, state chart and use-case)  Researched a number of commercial and open source workflow management system, taking parts from the best of breed  Developed an abstract business rule layer plugin architecture for third-party rule engine plug-ins  Built a process execution language based on JBoss jBMP which is used to specify and execute the workflows

    

Senior Software Engineer, Netspoke, Pittsburgh, PA 4/2003 to 3/12/2004 Netspoke develops integrated, web-based desktop and audio conferencing and recording software. ACHIEVMENTS     

Optimized the screen capturing software which is based on the open source QVT application Designed in Qt and C++ an Archive Viewer used for interactive playback of recorded meetings Developed a prototype plugin component of a collaborative white board Integrated into the application various instant messaging applications for their presence functionality Developed a C++ unit test library similar to JUnit

Team Lead/Software Architect/QA Specialist, SmartOps, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA. 5/2002 to 3/2003 SmartOps Corporation develops supply chain management and optimization software. ACHIEVMENTS     

Designed in Java the supply chain algorithms stress test software Managed team of developers of the implementation of various in-house applications Mentored junior developers during design, estimation and implementation of internal projects Evaluated and recommended software development tools such as Together Control Center and Rational XDE Developed an efficient, generic event management system used for the propagation of system messages and logging. This included:  Developed the Oracle database tables and SQL for queuing, retrieving and logging event messages  Created in MagicDraw the UML design documentation

  

Developed an efficient thread pool class that increased overall throughput performance Developed in Java and Ascential DataStage ETL the third-party integration and data loading system Specified the standards and managed the organization of the peer code review process. This included:  The integration of Jstyle for use as an initial, automated code review  The mediation and documentation of code reviews

  

Implemented and integrated into the build process Clover code coverage analysis and reporting Integrated into the build process the SmallWorlds static code analysis Specified the standard for code style and best-practices in engineering

Software Architect, Personity, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA 12/2000 to 4/2002 Personity, Inc., formerly Network Projects, Inc., and now defunct, developed IETF-standardized presence, availability and instant messaging technologies for telecom companies. ACHIEVMENTS      

Developed in C++ the WAP web gateway interface for connecting cellphones to our presence and instant messaging services Assisted in the specification and design of more advanced presence and instant messaging protocols Assisting in enhancing and performance tuning the middle-ware and server software Rewrote platform-specific C++ code into cross-platform code (threads and mutexes) that enabled us to run servers in Windows, Linux, HP-UX and Sun Solaris Developed web-based server management software for controlling and provisioning remote servers Developed server software licensing using the SentinelLM licensing software

  

Developed stress testing and user simulation software Authored white papers that introduced clients to our software Researched and authored proposals for new directions and functionality in these technologies

Consultant, Independent Concepts, Inc., Beaver Falls, PA 5/2000 to 12/2000 Independent Concepts, Inc., develops cognitive prosthetic medical devices, called Jogger, for use by people who suffer from various degrees of traumatic brain injury. ACHIEVMENTS     

Analyzed their legacy software and hardware platform Designed a new system based on new requirements Research alternative hand-held devices such as the Casio Cassiopeia E-115 and the Compaq iPAQ H3600 Prototyped some early concepts of the software in Microsoft’s Embedded Visual Tools 3.0 Authored complete design specifications for all parts of the new system, which included:  The desktop Jogger patient user interface  The desktop therapist’s user interface  The server architecture connecting patients and therapists  Device synchronization software that enables a therapist to modify a patient's daily tasks  A statistical analysis and reporting system based on a user’s response to each task performed

Sr. Software Engineer/Systems Architect, XCEL Communications Corp., Bethel Park, PA 1/2000 to 12/2000 XCEL Communications Corporation provides free web-based email, web fax services, email to fax services, as well as a host of other web-based services for small to medium-sized businesses. ACHIEVMENTS  

Developed in C++ a POP3 based client library, email routing services and Oracle ODBC wrappers Led the effort to port the software to Java running on Linux. This included:  Deploying and configuring Redhat Linux Servers  Deploying and configuring the Apache web server  Analysis and design of the new system  Development in Java of the new system that included: ■ Development of multi-threaded POP3 rover application that, on request, retrieves a user’s email from POP3 servers and stores them in a web-mail database ■ A multi-threaded POP3 server for allowing users to get their mailroom web-mail via a POP3 compatible client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Eudora, etc.) ■ A multi-threaded MDA (mail delivery agent) that routes incoming mail from sendmail to the intended user’s in-box within our database ■ Mail filtering rule engine that is used by the MDA for providing such things as user-configurable spam filtering, private mail, etc.

Team Leader/Senior Software Developer, E-Transport, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA 06/1997 to 12/1999 E-Transport (now part of Descartes Systems) develops document translation and workflow software systems for the ocean freight shipping industry ACHIEVMENTS 

Designed in C++ and Informix an object-based repository for storing, processing and retrieving documents that included  Enhancing an in-house C++ class library which wraps Informix’s ESQL/C library by providing it the ability to manage Blobs (binary large objects)  Implementing an LRU caching scheme for caching ESQL queries  Implementing a low-level, generic C++ library that stores, retrieves, indexes and otherwise manipulates attribute/value based objects regardless of the underlying database engine  Implementing a logical, session-based locking scheme for granting lock rights to clients for individual or groups of objects within the repository  Implementing a small SQL-like query language used by Mix’s repository search engine  Implementing the server layer which can act as a remote or compiled-in set of services for clients to easily store, retrieve and otherwise maintain objects in the Mix repository

 

Developed OO RPC client/server interface Developed document and attribute level access services that controls access to all or parts of a document

Project Leader and Senior Software Engineer, Byers Engineering, Atlanta, Georgia 08/1995 to 06/1997 Byers Engineering develops CAD-based Automated Mapping, Facilities Management and Global Information Systems (AM/FM/GIS) software designed for in-field engineers of utility companies to plan and manage the installation of utilities such as telephone poles, coax cable, fiber optics and natural gas lines. ACHIEVMENTS 

Developed in C++ application components that included:  Spatial Query User Interface  Map-based connectivity  Renumbering of unique items of plant in a geographical exchange (area)  ACT (Administrator’s Configuration Tool)

      

Managed team of developers in porting software from OS/2 to Windows NT. Established coding guidelines Interviewed potential candidates Debugged and maintained legacy C code Redesigned and ported software written in C to C++ Developed graphical user interface enhancements and new GUI designs. Tested and debugged core products such as ODBC class wrappers and the CAD engine

Manager of Software Development, Innovative Icons, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia

10/1993 to 08/1995

Innovative Icons developed Isabella, a greeting card, invitation and announcement ordering software for instore kiosks. ACHIEVMENTS Wrote detailed requirements and design documentation as well as implementing in Borland C++ under Windows 3.11 the following:  The Isabella order entry system  The back-end rendering, accounting and communications modules  A personal, CD-ROM based version for home office use  A multi-user version of Isabella for mall kiosks 

     

Implemented software in Borland C++ and Visual C++ under Windows for Workgroups 3.11 that interfaced with Paradox databases using the Borland Database Engine for C++ Implemented back-end graphical interfaces to databases in Paradox 4.5 and 5.0 Managing the team of developers on the project Interviewing and hiring new employees Overseeing production of software and approving patch releases Researching viability of an Internet-based Isabella system

INDEPENDENT EXPERIENCE: Founder of, Canonsburg, PA 5/2002 to Present MyBraynz develops open source web 2.0 applications and other software technologies that include concept modeling, complex event processing, collective intelligence and simulation. ACHIEVMENTS 

Currently developing  A web 2.0 social media platform using PHP, MySQL and jQuery  A blogging and publishing platform using PHP, MySQL and jQuery

Developed a Java-based discrete event simulation framework for exploring evolutionary processes. This software was donated to Duke University as open source Developed in Java and C# an object oriented implementation of Charles L. Forgy's Rete algorithm Developed in Java a rudimentary, generics-based edge-node graph algorithms package Developed in Java a Swing Geometry exploration and drawing system Developed in Java some fundamental matrix and vector math packages Developed in Java and J2EE a Workflow Management System

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REFERENCES: References available by request.

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