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Creation Center Motivation & objectives Process & team


101 Guidelines Visual language


Desk research Rule workshop/ StreetLab Lead user workshop


PR Campaign Web/ Facebook/ Twitter Presentations


Theme clustering

Crowd Sourcing

Public debate Community workshop

Future Vision

Critical design/ Royal College of Arts

Service Design

Well-mannered service workshop Service concepts eEtiquette App workshop


Desk Research: Etiquette Apps



Desk Research: Patterns Persuasive Technology Mass Interpersonal Persuasion(MIP) focuses on changing people’s thoughts and behaviors, not simply amusing or informing them


Consider how invitations work in Facebook. When a friend invites me to use a third-party application, the Facebook system sends me a request. The app creators decide what the text will say. Usually the message is simple. But the psychology is sometimes sophisticated. For example, when a friend invited me to use the app called Lil Green Patch on Facebook, I received the message below.

Here is a Strawberry plant for your Green Patch. Could you help me by sending a plant back? Together we can fight Global Warming! The creators of successful apps do not leave the persuasive experience to chance, even if it means putting words in people’s mouths


Desk Research: Patterns Community

Third Identity






Blog Documentation of the eEtiquette App design project:


eE App Design


The eEtiquette guidelines should be accessible for the user on a mobile device and should encourage to reflect on daily behaviour interacting with digital communication technology. A creative workshop is held to generate tangible design concepts for an eEtiquette application, to communicate do’s and don’t’s in an interactive and fun way.


eE App Design: Preface


We believe the eEtiquette application can be a potential element for future media education in society. How can we include learning patterns like gamification, competition, social exchange, experience, failure -as starting points for the creative process?


eE App: Team


Well-mannered services: Team Participants External Dennis Jarosch (Computer Scientist) Andreas Rubin-Schwarz (Musician) Karl Nowak (Music Business Professional) Katrin Schoof Max von Elverfeldt Cem Avsar Martin Luge Deanna Zandt

Creation Center Julia Leihener Steven Schepurek Tisha Deb Pillai Veronica Lemos Ashis Panday Naoto Kobayashi Inka Plรถger Erik Wedeward


eE App Design : Agenda Thursday, August 25th, 2011 Morning

Introduction Refreshing the eEtiquette Presentation of cultural probe - part 1&3 Patterns introduction Ideation Presentation of cultural probe - part 2 Rotation Brainstorm at 6 Pattern Stations


Ideation Existing Mobile Apps and Diploma Blog Introduction - Marriage Idea-frames Round table ideation Exhibition Conception Idea Selection Developing App Ideas Presentation App Idea presentation Voting


eE App Design: Introduction Cultural Probe

Participants wrote “informal letters” and “labelled diagrams” about different learning experiences and finally brewed a perfect teaching formula. Each participant received an etiquette “school bag” by post containing a ‘Lessons learnt’ book with 3 “assignments”.


eE App Design: Ideation Cultural Probe Presentation

Once, I had to sit in a crammed and tiny seat for a long bus journey. This ride taught me to look out for myself first in certain situations.

I was really busy and immersed into my work, when my friend forced me to take a break. He taught me how to juggle oranges and afterwards I felt much more motivated to work than before.

I find online tutorials very helpful. In college, I learnt AfterEffects through them.

I had a near death experience when I was stranded naked outside a hotel at -40 degrees. That day I learnt that you can always push the limit.

Assignment 1: Write an informal letter telling your friend about 1 good and 1 bad analog and digital learning .experience. 12

eE App Design: Ideation Cultural Probe Presentation

The best combination would be playfulness, repetition, explanation and reason.

70% of observation, 10% of rumours and myths, 10% of twitter, and another 10% of exploration makes a great learning experience.

The perfect teaching formula would include a real life training, role playing, help from parents, and using new and modern resources. But the secret to learning something is repeating it.

To learn something, you must hear it, read it, see it and talk about it.

Assignment 2: Which kind of a learner are you? Do you prefer to read, see, hear, or see and hear simultaneously?


eE App Design: Ideation Cultural Probe Presentation

I like to learn programme skills by watching videos. I hate reading technical stuff. But to hear/see the same things is much better.

Just the way scientific books use scenarios and short paragraphs to underline certain points, I would like to have more of these elements in the digital world.

I learn most by reading books, online newspapers and

I prefer to hear stories and news via podcasts and itunes. Doing this without the computer is better. Assignment 3: Can you brew a new and perfect teaching formula by mixing precise quantities of your favourite learning experiences?


eE App Design: Introduction I was really bad at maths until my teacher told me to write the formulas as neatly as possible. And it turned out thatWhat I wascould bad because I couldn’t be the educational read myaspects own handwriting! of an eEtiquette application?


eE App Design: Introduction The ‘etiquette bell’ app makes toilet noises when most convenient for you in a public bathroom. It saves water on needless flushes.

Tisha, an intern at Creation Center, shows her research on the eEtiquette App Design project through her diploma blog.


eE App Design: Introduction Leaning Patterns


eE App Design: Introduction Learning Patterns


eE App Design: Introduction Learning Patterns


eE App Design: Introduction Learning Patterns


eE App Design: Introduction Learning Patterns


eE App Design: Ideation Clustering new patterns

Learn through real life situations

Paraphrasing/repeating things in your own words

Learning through failure/ learning the hard way


eE App Design: Ideation Rotation brainstorm at pattern stations

Hit the gong every 10 minutes: Each participant visits the different pattern stations and brainstorms on ‘How might we communicate and teach the 101 guidelines of the eEtiquette using educational pattern x?’

Brainstorm output


eE App Design: Ideation Marriage Idea frames

eEtiquette book -101 guidelines Objects from material lab Out of the 6, one is a special hand-stitched idea frame where the participant imagines the idea with a ‘stitching’ theme

Marriage template Choose an object from the material lab. Imagine the object and the eEtiquette got married. How would they teach the guidelines? What metaphor or language would they use?


eE App Design: Ideation Round table ideation


eE App Design: Ideation Exhibiton

Glasses - See the eEtiquette guidelines through someone else’s eyes - your mother’s, boss’s, lover’s.

ABC buttons – The digital needle will prick you if you behave badly.

Maneki Neko - Applying the cute way of saying NO. Giving feedback of all digital activities through expression. Geotwister - Etiquette guidelines are like puzzle pieces. Make connections based on their tags.


eE App Design: Conception Selection of the favourite ideas

The participants were asked to go “idea shopping” from the pattern stations and marriage idea frames and collect their favourite ideas in their “idea baskets”.


eE App Design: Conception Material for designing the app

Screenshots of app icons and gestures Magazines as collage material Stitching material

Questions to keep in mind while designing the app: What is the name of the app? What issues does the app address? What does the app do? What features does it have? Who is the app for? Which partners could be involved?

App template


eE App Design: Conception Hands on sketching


eE App Design: Presentation Presenting the sketched concepts

WTF is my etiquette? generates mash-ups of existing guidelines. You can start a ‘thread’. Stitch or snip buttons are similar to like and dislike buttons.

Sheldon’s laws where the number 1 expert in digital guidelines teaches guidelines to people.


eE App Design: Conception Tangible illustrated ideas

Who wants to be an eEtiquettillionaire? Presents the guidelines in a quiz style with animations for selected guidelines..

eE Fortune Nut can send an anonymous and delayed fortune nut to a friend when he/she breaches an eEtiquette. The nut appears suddenly in the corner of the screen and turns into an animal and reads you an etiquette.

ReE – verse gives you daily tasks of doing exactly the opposite of what the Ee guidelines suggest - “Upload an embarrassing picture of yourself”. Learning the hard way.


eE App Design: Conception Best-rated app ideas

Cross stitch Tetris lets you earn guidelines in a fun way. The cross stitches drop down and every time you complete a lane, a guideline pops up.


eE App Design: Conception Best-rated app ideas

Penguin Jr. presents the101 guidelines in an interactive game where you steer Penguin Jr. through the ice. The ‘slippery’ ice is a metaphor for the internet and Ice holes are like “eEtiquette traps”. You can voice record a guideline, make Penguin Jr. repeat it, and send it to a friend.


eE App Design: Conception Best-rated app ideas

eEtiquette Share lets you collect and share your own personal guidelines with friends. You can view your friends’ guidelines on a map or facebook but you have to meet them in reality to be able to share the guidelines.


eE App Design: Conception Best-rated app ideas

Ali the Alien is an interactive game where you have to teach Ali the digital manners of planet Earth. Example - Ali goes to a restaurant where people are talking on their phones loudly. Is this okay?


eE App Design: Conception Best-rated app ideas

Manner War is a jump and run game where you need to collect eEtiquette bonus points by answering multiple choice questions based on the guidelines


eE App Design: Conception Best-rated app ideas

eEtiquette truth or dare? Brings bottle spinning(G sensor powered on mobile) to the etiquette world and makes people laugh and think about their actions. Example – Truth: What was the most embarrassing comment you ever made on a social network. Dare: Act as if you are making an embarrassing call in public.


eE App Design: Conception Best-rated app ideas

Lace Quiz discovers the guidelines with a playful quizzing approach. Taking you from digital to analog stitching, a unique lace is provided with the app that you use to ‘stitch’ through the answers.


eE App Design: Conception Best-rated app ideas

Puppet don’t preach records and repeats the guidelines in a terribly annoying voice. This is a funny way to teach friends who do not respect the guidelines.


eE App Design: Conception Best-rated app ideas

Fred Krause narrates random and unpredictable sentences from real life, theatre pieces to remind you of the real world surrounding you. You can change his appearance/voice.


eE App Design: Conception Best-rated app ideas

De Etiqutte modifies and exaggerates content to underline and point out certain topics of the eEtiquette. Example - while emailing a friend, the ‘text destroyer’ feature will suddenly change the mail into capital letters.


eE App Design: Winners A treat after a long creative day

A Kinder Surprise Egg for everyone!


eEtiquette App Workshop  


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