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Focusing on sustainability

1. Travel during the preseason and postseason

... when the crowds of travelers are smaller, the prices are lower, the weather conditions are often more pleasant, and the enjoyment of traveling and exploring destinations is greater.

2. Choose less popular destinations

Destinations that are regularly part of top lists of the most attractive destinations are definitely worth a visit. However, there are so many less-known, incredibly beautiful, and green destinations, full of priceless experiences, all over the planet. Discover those unknown gems.

3. Choose eco-friendly accommodations

Choose accommodations whose owners care for the environment, who use alternative energy sources, who recycle waste...

4. Choose more sustainable methods of transportation

Perhaps you won't be able to greatly reduce your carbon footprint by the time you arrive at your destination, but while there, choose more sustainable ways to get around - on foot, by bike, electric scooter, kayak, public transportation...

5. Taste and buy locally

By choosing local delicacies at restaurants or buying local products at marketplaces, not only do you support the local community, but you also get to taste and experience something completely new, which could definitely delight you.

6. ... and so much more

Recycle waste, use energy and water responsibly, reduce the use of plastic, respect local customs...

At a time when sustainability and responsible travel are more in the focus of the tourism industry, and travelers themselves, than ever before, we bring you a few tips to responsibly and sustainably travel through Croatia and the world.


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tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025

Pursuing new experiences

Every time of year is the right time to travel and every day is a great opportunity to pursue new experiences - in a faraway destination or close to home. Sometimes it truly isn't necessary to go far from home to experience something new, bring joy to the youngest members of our families, and spend a great afternoon in nature. Recently, we were only half an hour away from a labyrinth of rows of juicy strawberries, where we picked a large harvest all while having a great time. So, don't miss out on chance to take a short afternoon or day trip, or a weekend getaway, while also making sure you take care of the area you visit. Perhaps you haven't given a lot of thought to your carbon footprint that you leave behind in your daily life, but also while traveling. In this year of traveling, when sustainable and responsible travel is more in focus than ever before, it is the right (and high) time to think about how we can contribute to the environment and the world we live in. Bear in mind that the destinations we travel to are someone's home and they should be respected, just like our home is also someone's destination. In order to help you make sustainable decisions, the focus of this

issue of the magazine is that travel trend, but also necessity - sustainable and responsible travel (more in the Travel trends in 2024 and The most sustainable destinations in the world in 2024 articles). The front page of the new issue of the magazine, beautified with the image of Croatia's greenest and most-forested island - Mljet, is a reminder of the importance of preserving the incredible natural beauty our planet is filled with. Start implementing your green decisions during your very next trip, and the feeling you will have after you do so will be truly fantastic. The experiences that await you throughout Croatia will be equally fantastic - check them out in the magazine. Regardless whether you want to release endorphins while actively exploring Croatia's far south, get to know yourself, but also the enchanting landscape on Korčula's Camino way, boost your adrenaline enjoying one of the many activities in Omiš, discovering the cultural and enogastronomic treasures of the ŠibenikKnin region, or going back to the Ice Age in the inspirational Plitvice region - amazing experiences are guaranteed.

Željka and Robert Kunštek

June 2024 - May 2025

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Text: Željka

Top 9+1 outdoor experiences in southern Croatia





5 An adrenaline

Cycling, walking, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, quad rides, surfing, on a SUP, with flippers, on horseback... It doesn't matter which way you decide to explore and enjoy the amazingly beautiful scenery of the far south of Croatia, where you will find one of the most beautiful outdoor stories. Choose your favorite activity - the enchanting landscape is already there.

tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025 © tBoard MetkovićTouristBoard ©SPOTd.o.o. 1 »
5 c/Korčula Tourist Board 4
Kayaking on the Baćina lakes; Sailing in the waters around Mljet; Horseback excursions in Konavle; Walking the Camino trail on the island of Korčula;
© Kojan Koral 3 Issue topic DUBROVNIK AND NERETVA COUNTY: Active vacation 8
ATV-quad safari excursion in Konavle.

Although it is famous for its first-class cultural attractions, led by UNESCO's glorious Dubrovnik, unique eno-gastronomy, and attractive events, the southernmost part of Croatia is also a realm of endless natural beauty. There you will find a landscape where Mediterranean pines, vineyards, and olive groves stretch down to the azure sea, where aromatic centuries-old forests and exotic gardens preserve the abundantly diverse flora and fauna, and where the rugged coast hides many untouched coves. The enchanting film backdrop is bathed by the sun most of the year, and it turns its sunsets into true heavenly shows... There in the south, where the sea kisses the sky, it's a great place to release adrenaline, recharge, boost your immunity, and experience the fantastic feeling of freedom we often miss, all while having a great time. The range of activities is vast, just like the choice of destinations where you can

freely enjoy themstarting with Dubrovnik, the Dubrovnik Riviera, the nearby exotic Elaphite Islands, and the idyllic rural area of Konavle, all the way to the other travel gems on Croatia's southern coast. Other places that beckon you to enjoy fantastic adventures on land and at sea include Korčula - Marco Polo's island, Mljet - Odyssey's Island, Lastovo - the island of crystal stars, fumari (chimneys) and churches, and Pelješac - the peninsula of sailors, wine, shells, and the mistral wind. The Neretva River valley is especially beautiful - a kingdom of wilderness, marshlands, peace, and citrus fruits, perfect for active experiences.

June 2024 - May 2025 tipTravel Magazine o / Metković Tourist Board 7 »
imo / "Lastovo Archipelago Natur MetkovićTouristBoard ©SPOTd.o.o.
6 Exploring the underwater world in the Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park; 7 Cycling on the Heart of Neretva Valley trekking trail.

8 The Hum walking trail leads to a viewpoint that offers a view of Vela Luka (Korčula Island); 9 Hiking on the island of Lastovo; 10 The Camino trail on Korčula Island; 11 Walking through the Neretva Valley reveals many wild orchids; 12 Grabova glava is one of the most beautiful viewpoints on the island of Mljet; 13 Hiking on Pelješac reveals spectacular panoramas.

1. Walking and hiking: Trails to enjoy

Comfortable and sturdy shoes, a water bottle, protective sunscreen, a hat, a fully-charged mobile phone, and plenty of goodwill - let those be your allies as you head out on a walking or hiking adventure in the Croatian south. Hundreds of kilometers of paths and hiking trails meander through that unique Mediterranean landscape. The trails will take you alongside the coast, coves, and beaches, through centuries-old forests of holly oaks and Mediterranean pines, through vineyards, olive groves, gardens full of exotic plants and aromatic herbs, next to caves, churches, dry stone walls, stećci (medieval tombstones), archeological sites, lighthouses, old summer estates, captain's villas... Many trails also reveal spectacular panoramas of the open sea, nearby islands, caves, and hidden coves - views that are often only accessible for the most dedicated explorers who are willing to break into a sweat to be rewarded with views where they can take the selfie of the year. Depending on your level of fitness, you can choose from easier and more challenging trails, educational, thematic, hiking trails, or between those that run next to the sea (lungomare), lakes, or rivers. Web sites and local tourist boards of the destinations there are the best source of information about the trails, and they also offer maps (many of which are interactive) that display them. Whether you want to go down the Konavoski Ćiro map to follow the tracks of the former narrow gauge railway, walk down the educational trail on Lokrum island, get your pulse racing on the Slano - Banići - Majkovi mountain trail, meander the trails on the island of Korčula, feed your soul with the viewpoints Mljet's hiking bypass offers, explore Put crkvica route on the island of Lastovo, follow the tracks of wild orchids in the Neretva Valley or test your limits and climb up to St. Ilija, the tallest peak on the Pelješac peninsula, priceless experiences are guaranteed.

tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025
d 8 » © IQM / Orebić Tourist Board 13
© Marko Lorenzo Blaslov / Island of Lastovo Tourist Board 9 © Miro Andrić / Mljet Tourist Board 12 © Bariša Ilić / Metković Tourist Board 11 © Andro Tasovac / Korčula Tourist Board 10
» Issue topic DUBROVNIK AND NERETVA COUNTY: Active vacation 10

2. Cycling: Pedaling full of experiences

Whether you come with your own bike or rent one once you arrive, a bike will be a great companion when exploring the beauty of the Croatian south, a famous bike-friendly destination. Besides the hundreds of kilometers of trails - from easy to challenging, from gravel paths to paved roads, you will also find agencies that rent out bikes and equipment, and offer repairs, bike transport, and organize guided bike tours. Bike-friendly accommodations, bike rest stops, solar bike service sets... everything is ready for an adventure on two wheels. Choose the surface and difficulty level you want, and then the landscape through which you want to ride. For example, on the Elaphites, islands that once belonged to Dubrovnik's aristocracy, such as Šipan or Lopud, you will cycle next to palaces and old summer homes. The trails on the islands of Korčula, Mljet, and Lastovo will reveal many cultural and natural attractions, interesting features, and panoramas. For a familyfriendly panoramic ride choose paved roads, and head out to the gravel trails with a mountain bike.

Konavle, a rural area southeast of Dubrovnik is well-preserved bike secret, as it beckons you to ride through picturesque traditional villages, orchards, vineyards, and cypress forests. Pelješac, with its road and mountain bike trails, is also paradise for cyclists. Choose one of the five circuit mountain biking trails from Pelješac's interactive map and rest assured that every drop of sweat will be rewarded many times over. Riding through the Franciscan Cultural Route in the Dubrovnik Riviera is another beautiful memory, and another real experience is searching for stećci (medieval tombstones) on the Stečci of the Dubrovnik Riviera bike trail. The Neretva River Valley is a true cycling experience that beckons you to ride alongside blooming lily pads, mandarin oranges and citrus plantations, next to a labyrinth of the Neretva's canals, and an abundance of other natural and cultural beauty.

Don't miss out on riding alongside the Baćina lakes, nor pedaling down the old Napoleon road in the Dubrovnik Riviera that will reward you with an enchanting sunset above the Elaphites at dusk.

Pick up a bike trail map at local tourist offices, or find them online on the tourist board websites.

Find out more about cycling through southern Croatia here:

June 2024 - May 2025 tipTravel Magazine » © Marko Galiot / Orebić Tourist Board 14 © SPOT d.o.o. / Metković Tourist Board 15 © BK Konavle / Konavle Tourist Board 16 © Boris Jović Mljet Tourist Board 17
© Andro Tasovac / Korčula Tourist Board
14 Mountain biking on Pelješac; 15 Riding alongside the Baćina lakes; 16 A bike race through Pridvorje, a village in Konavle; 17 Touring the island of Mljet on two wheels; 18 Cycling on the island of Korčula.

19 "Veljko Barbieri" ACI marina, Slano;

20 Sailing around the island of Korčula;

21 Prožurska Luka on the island of Mljet;

22 Cavtat is a popular nautical destination;

23 Sailing next to Dubrovnik.

3. Sailing: That indescribable feeling of freedom... ‘

Sail responsibly, sustainably, and in an environmentally friendly way. When the winds are favorable, turn off the engines and tighten the sails, use potable water rationally, don't drop anchor in fields of Mediterranean tapeweed (Posidonia oceanica) - a species indigenous to the Mediterranean, reduce waste, and never, ever throw it into the sea.

Find out more about what awaits you as a sailor in the southern Adriatic here:

One of the most beautiful activities with which you can fill your days, but also your list of experiences, in the southern Adriatic is sailing. You don't have to be an experienced sailor to sail the incredible waters comprised of many islands, islets, enchanting wind-sheltered coves, and turquoise lagoons that beckon you to relax in that bit of heaven on Earth. Charter a boat with a skipper, make sure you are in good company, fill the sails with the refreshing mistral wind, and head out on an adventure to sail through one of the most beautiful and cleanest seas in the world. Experience sailing under the famous walls of Dubrovnik, drop anchor in charming Cavtat and discover why sailors love it, and then head towards the Elaphite islands, Pelješac peninsula, and the islands of Korčula, Mljet, and Lastovo, destinations that are on the route of every avid sailor. Sail through the rugged archipelago, into heavenly coves (which are often only accessible by sea so take advantage of that privilege), swim, dive, and enjoy the beauty to your heart's content. You will have many of the coves all to yourself if you decide to sail in late spring and early autumn, which is a favorite time of year for sailors. The temperature of the air is more pleasant (in comparison to summer), a warm sea and sun are guaranteed, the winds are more favorable, and the marinas and travel destinations are less crowded. In the southern Adriatic, there are three large modern ACI marinas equipped to the latest standards - in Dubrovnik, Korčula, and Slano, along with several smaller marinas and many moorings and anchorages. Wherever you decide to stay, follow the rules of behavior at sea and in nature as we would definitely love to enjoy that beauty for a long time, wouldn't we?

tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025 23 © Hrvoje Serdar / CNTB »
19 20 ©
21 © Ivo Biočina / CNTB 22 © Konavle Tourist Board » Issue topic DUBROVNIK AND NERETVA COUNTY: Active vacation 12
© Dubrovačko primorje Tourist Board
Lumbarda Tourist Board

4. Diving: Diving full of experiences

A completely different world hides in the depths of the blue sea, guarding the abundant endemic flora and fauna, underwater caves, Roman and Greek galley ships, amphoras, red corals, underwater cliffs, reefs... Dive into the underwater magic that enchanted famous oceanographer and explorer of the depths of the ocean, Jacques Cousteau, while diving in the waters of Mljet and see why the waters of the southern Adriatic are amongst the most attractive diving locations in the world. Regardless of your level of experience, head out on your diving adventure accompanied by experienced divers from the diving centers there, who will equip you well and prepare you for the dive, while also taking you to the most attractive dive sites. It's worth making a visit to the "museum at the bottom of the sea", near Cavtat, where an ancient ship sunk in the 3rd century, along with many amphoras that can be seen while diving at the depth of around 30 meters.

5. Windsurfing:

Dancing in the waves

The sea has always offered plenty of opportunities, and that is also true when it comes to activities. While at sea, you can calmly go fishing, but you can also ride a surfboard to feel an adrenaline rush. If you're looking for such experiences, you're at the right place because certain locations in the southern Adriatic are amongst the most attractive in the world for windsurfing. You will best feel the wind in your hair on the Pelješac peninsula, in Viganj and Kučište, where wind constantly blows, and allows surfers to dance on the waves all year long. Moreover, windsurfing has become a lifestyle there. Windsurfing is also popular in the summer in Brna Bay on the island of Korčula, where, just like in Viganj, you can enroll in a windsurfing school and rent the equipment you need. Over the past few years, kitesurfing (surfing with the help of a kite that acts as a sail) has also gained popularity, and the best place to enjoy it is at the Neretva River delta.

24 A diver and octopus in the waters surrounding Mljet; 25 The underwater winery on Pelješac offers wine stored in amphoras in the depths of the sea; 26 Windsurfing on Pelješac; 27 Kitesurfing at the Neretva River delta; 28 Viganj, Pelješac's surfing paradise.

June 2024 - May 2025 tipTravel Magazine 26 © Ivica Trojanović Orebić Tourist Board 27 © SPOT d.o.o. Metković Tourist Board 28 © Ivo Biočina / CNTB » 24
25 © Ston Tourist Board

29 A kayak tour next to the island of Korčula; 30 A kayak tour beneath Dubrovnik's old town; 31 A paddle surf tour at the Baćina lakes; 32 33 SUPing at the Baćina lakes.


Kayaking, canoeing, SUPing...:

Active on the sea

Not only are canoes and kayaks used by indigenous people, but kayaking and canoeing are also amongst the top activities amongst visitors in the southern Adriatic. Those boats can easily and smoothly enter many bays, explore the coast and islands, and they can be rented at many locations. You can head out to explore on your own or as part of a group - with a guide from a local travel agency that can take you on a kayak excursion to many islets, caves, and attractive bays. Besides kayaking and canoeing on the sea, it's also a great experience to paddle on lakes and rivers, for example on the Small Lake and Great Lake on the island of Mljet, on the Baćina lakes, or on the Neretva River. SUPing (stand-up paddle boarding) has also become a true hit - on the sea, the Neretva, and on the Baćina lakes, where you can also sign up for a SUP school, and head out from there on some attractive SUP excursions.

7. Excursions: A combination of activities

Would you like to combine several activities and experience the best of everything?

You're on vacation - let the locals do the planning. Local guides know the most about the destinations, they are full of information and interesting stories, and they also know the best locations for the experiences you choose. Many travel agencies in the southern Adriatic organize active excursions that combine several activities at many different locations, for example, cycling, kayaking, hiking, and sailing, or swimming, diving, and SUPing. Some excursions combine activities at sea, on lakes, and in rivers, with a fish picnic, while others will offer the experience of horseback riding at sunset or a calm ride in a traditional Neretva lađa boat as part of a photo safari on the Neretva River.

tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025 33 31 © Ivan Đelmić / Paddle Surf Baćina © Ivan Đelmić Paddle Surf Baćina 32 © Ivan Đelmić / Paddle Surf Baćina » 29
» Issue topic DUBROVNIK AND NERETVA COUNTY: Active vacation 14

8. Quad and buggy adventures: An intense dose of adrenaline

Closed-toe shoes and a good mood are all you need to take with you on unforgettable quad and buggy safaris that will take you on an adventurous ride through untouched nature - on hills, through forests, over rivers, through marshlands... If you decide to go on such an adventure, which is especially popular in Konavle, count on having an intense dose of adrenaline as you ride through wild, untouched nature. Calmer buggy tours that include rides to traditional villages, to fortresses, alongside vineyards, olive groves, and century-old dry stone walls, all the way to bays and viewpoints that offer breathtaking views can be found on the island of Korčula.

9. Horseback riding, birdwatching, rock climbing...:

A little bit for everyone

Another activity that will connect you to nature, but also calm your soul, is recreational horseback riding. The idyllic rural area of Konavle is a great location for that - whether you are a beginner or experienced equestrian. While on horseback, explore the unexplored forest trails, pass alongside the coastline of the attractive Konavle Cliffs, and next to archeological ruins of traditional villages. A relaxing activity growing in popularity is birdwatching in the Neretva Valley, which is home to more than three hundred species of birds. That favorite Croatian birdwatch destination is also home to three special ornithological reserves, marked trails for birdwatching and observation points. If you're agile and looking for an additional adrenaline rush and beautiful panoramas, rock climbing spots are the challenge for you. You can find them above Vela Luka on the island of Korčula, between Viganj and Lovište and in Orebić on the Pelješac peninsula, on Sniježnica Mountain in Konavle, near the city of Metković, and it's no secret that rock climbers love the cliffs on Mljet.

In southern Croatia, it is also a true joy to play beach volleyball, tennis, throw a line and try your hand at fishing, and watch a game of water polo - traditionally the most popular sport in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. The sea is one thing, but the possibilities for an active holiday at, in, and next to the sea are abundant there.

34 A quad adventure at the Dubrovnik Riviera; 35 37 A buggy safari in Konavle; 36 The Pelegrin climbing site in Vela Luka on the island of Korčula; 38 39 Recreational horseback riding in Konavle; 40 A birdwatching spot in the Neretva Valley; 41 A common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis); 42 Beach volleyball on the island of Lastovo.

June 2024 - May 2025 tipTravel Magazine 34 © Dubrovačko primorje Tourist Board 36 © Jelena Barčot / Vela Luka Tourist Board 37 © Kojan Koral 38 © Kojan Koral 40 © Public Institution for Management of Protected Natural Areas of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County » 41 © Metković Natural History Museum / Metković Tourist Board
35 © Kojan Koral 39 © Kojan Koral 42 ©
Lorenzo Blaslov
of Lastovo

+1 Other features:

Active enjoyment in other experiences

If your main motive to come to the far south of Croatia is to enjoy an active holiday and your favorite activities - great, but dedicate the rest of your time to actively enjoying the other features of the destination - the first-class cultural attractions, fantastic enogastronomy, various events... Tour Dubrovnik, UNESCO's pearl, climb up the famous Ston Walls, which offer a view of Ston's field of white gold at the Ston Saltworks, duck into the labyrinth of stone streets in the old town of Korčula, tour Lastovo's churches and the islet of St. Marija in Mljet's Great Lake, enjoy the view from the Sokol fortress in Konavle, pass alongside the mills and fulling mills on the Ljuta River, tour the Narona Archeological Museum in Vid, and the Natural History Museum in Metković. Don't miss out on seeing a performance of linđo, the most popular dance in the Dubrovnik area, with a catchy rhythm that wins people over immediately, and the Moreška and Kumpanija knights' sword dances on Korčula.

Once you have had your fill of culture, taste the best of what the Croatian south offersdishes made with fish and seafood enriched with drops of superb olive oil, Ston oysters, Neretva brodetto with eels or frogs, Konavle's green menestra, Mljet's makaruli (homemade pasta), Žrnovski makaruni (traditional pasta), and the most famous appetizer - prosciutto, cheese, and olives. To continue on a sweet journey, try dubrovačka rožata, lumblija (the most famous cake on the island of Korčula), Ston cake, cukarini, arancini, sugared almonds... Depending on the dish, the culinary experience will be rounded off by superb wines from Pelješac - Dingač and Postup, Malvasija Dubrovačka, or quality wines from the island of Korčula made with indigenous sorts - Grk, Pošip and Rukatac (Maraština). Full up your active days with some of the many diverse eventssports, cultural, musical, culinary... The selection is vast and adapted to all generations, but also the tastes of the visitors, so choose the events that attract you most and have a great time. Southern Croatia awaits you. 

tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025 46 © Ston Tourist Board
43 © Dean Tošović / Linđo Folklore Ensemble 44 © Metković Tourist Board 45 © Boris Kačan / Vela Luka Tourist Board 47 © Maja Danica Pečanić CNTB
» Issue topic DUBROVNIK AND NERETVA COUNTY: Active vacation 16
43 A performance of linđo in Dubrovnik; 44 Narona Archeological Museum; 45 Kumpanija, Vela Luka; 46 A Ston oyster; 47 Enjoying Mediterranean delicacies.
June 2024 - May 2025 tipTravel Magazine visitdubrovnik.hr
Pelješac Dubrovnik and Surroundings Lastovo
Korcula Mljet
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The Year of UNESCO World Heritage in Dubrovnik

In Dubrovnik, the year 2024 was announced as the Year of UNESCO World Heritage and during the year, the people of Dubrovnik will celebrate several events important for the culture and history of their city: the 45th anniversary of the inscription of Dubrovnik's historical city center, the 15th anniversary of the inscription of the Festivity of St. Blaise on the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity List, and the inscription of archival funds dating back to the time of the Dubrovnik Republic on the Memory of the World Register in November 2023. Important anniversaries will be celebrated all year long with more than a hundred various programs - cultural, scientific, and educational - for the people of Dubrovnik and their guests.

Click here to watch a short video on the topic of "The Year of UNESCO World Heritage":

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Prolong your experiences at the Dubrovnik Riviera

Is this the summer you're finally treating yourself to a vacation in enchanting Dubrovnik? Fantastic! Still, after a day filled with first-class experiences in UNESCO's pearl, would you like to spend some time relaxing a little further away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still remaining close by? The Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel on the sunny Dubrovnik Riviera will fulfill your expectations, but also so much more. The very location of the resort surrounded by lush Mediterranean gardens that stretch all the way down to the beach guarantees a relaxing vacation, and most of its modernly designed 240 rooms and eleven suites offer an irresistible view of the sea. However, don't just admire it from the room, head down to the beach and dive into the crystal-clear blue sea. After swimming, take a break at the Pinia Pool Bar & Lounge with a refreshing mocktail, or at the Lungomare restaurant where enjoying delicious Mediterranean dishes, combined with a view of the sea, becomes a special experience.

A true dose of hedonism awaits you at the Shine Spa Sheraton™, a relaxing oasis that offers the ultimate escape from the stress of daily life. The resort is a favorite amongst couples, families, and all those looking a holiday in the sign of luxury in enchanting nature, while also close to spectacular cultural attractions. You will want to stay in that piece of Mediterranean heaven longer than planned, which the hosts, based on their experience, foresaw and created a special offer.

Reserve an additional night using the promotional code UK8 and, instead of two nights, spend three nights on the Riviera with a 15 percent discount on the price of the room.

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This special offer for prolonging your stay at the Dubrovnik Riviera is valid for stays from June 20 to September 20, 2024. 

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1 The old center of the city of Korčula; 2 Pilgrims in front of the St. Mark Cathedral in Korčula; 3 Stairs next to the cypress alley lead to St. Anthony Church in Korčula; 4 The Samograd Beach is one of the beautiful beaches and bays the route passes by.

Camino Korčula

Camino Korcula

A route for all the senses

With beliefs in your heart, peace in your soul, a smile on your face, and a shell on your backpack head out to one of the most attractive Camino routes in Croatia - the one that meanders through the island of Korčula.

They call it the way that connects, a trip of a lifetime, and an inspirational trail you should travel at least once in your life. The El Camino de Santiago or the Way of Saint James is one of the most famous religious pilgrimages in the world, and, as it's described on the Camino Croatia website, "it is a unique walking experience of personal discovery that has enriched millions of lives through centuries". Every year, more than three hundred thousand people walk the 800 kilometer-long pilgrimage trail that leads to the St. James Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The network of trails that lead to that sanctuary are branched out throughout Europe, and they are also spreading through Croatia more and more. The new portion of the Croatian Camino trail - Camino Korčula, is especially attractive, and besides spiritual renewal, it also offers plenty of other experiences on Marco Polo's island. The completely personal and special trail on Korčula starts at the St. Mark Cathedral in the old, stone center of the city of Korčula. »

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Religious tourism KORČULA ISLAND
Text: Željka
Find out more
on Camino Korčula by clicking here:
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The cathedral is the starting point, but also the finish line of the 160 km long circuit trail, although you can start walking anywhere on the island, considering the fact that the trail is a circuit trail. Most of the trail connects existing island trails and it passes through all the settlements throughout the entire island.

All the benefits of the island

Walking the Camino trail on the island of Korčula means spiritually renewing yourself and truly enjoying all the benefits of everything you will pass by, which the island offers in abundance. You will pass by irresistible natural beautycenturies-old olive groves and vineyards, bordered by dry stone walls, forests of holly oak and aromatic Mediterranean pines. You will head down to heavenly coves and beaches and discover spectacular panoramas of the open sea and surrounding islands. The trail will also take you to the cultural and sacral treasures of the island - picturesque churches and chapels, towers, and stone palaces, you will get to know more about knights' dances and the rich traditions of brotherhoods, and, depending on the time of year you will walk your Camino, special religious processions. On the way, you will also discover the abundance of the island's flavors, transfused in the delicious delicacies and incredible wines. Tasting rooms for wine and olive oils, restaurants and taverns, as well as the offer of local, traditional products can be found throughout the way. When you would like to rest at the end of the day, with a wide smile on your face but tired feet, you will easily be able to fine pleasant rooms and apartments run by friendly locals. Yes, Korčula has everything you need for a perfect Camino, including weather. Thanks to the mild climate and the fact that the island is bathed in sun for most of the year, you can freely head over to Korčula for the Camino any time of the year.

Travel benefits

Moreška knights' dance, taste cukarini (a traditional cookie), and don't miss out on a sunset in Korčula's western port. Just six kilometers away in Lumbarda, the sandy paradise of the island, take your shoes off and rest your feet in a walk through the soft sand on the long Pržina Beach, while trying to find a seashell. Discover what the "Lumbarda psephysm" is and refresh your body with a glass of wine made with heavenly Grk, a white sort that originates from the sandy vineyards of the Lumbarda plain, for which Lumbarda is known as the Kingdom of Grk. In nearby Žrnovo taste makaruni (local handmade pasta), and from Pupnat head down to Pupnatska Luka, a cove known as one of the prettiest on the island. The way will take you on to Čara, where you can try to hug a large cypress tree that is several hundred years old. Feel the joy in the place the Greeks called Xapa (joy). Feed your soul with a view of sunny Pošip vineyards and the olive groves between

For the Camino, take comfortable hiking shoes and poles, protection from the sun and rain, plenty of water, dried fruit, energy bars, a mobile phone, and a map.

5 Walking next to Grk vineyards on the way to Pržina Beach in Lumbarda;

6 The scallop shell is a symbol of the Camino pilgrimage;

7 8 The pilgrimage passport and the stamps in it.

Upon arriving at some of the island settlements, enrich your spiritual trip through the island with a travel experience - discover what makes them special and get to know more about the local customs and people because the Camino is also about people, not just the kilometers passed and landscapes seen. In the old center of the city of Korčula, surrounded by walls, walk through the picturesque stone streets, pray in the silence of the St. Mark Cathedral, duck into the house of Korčula's most famous inhabitant, Marco Polo, and drop by the Korčula City Museum, see the

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Religious tourism KORČULA ISLAND

In late June 2024, there will be five sacral Camino concerts in five parish churches on the island: St. Nicholas Church, Račišće (June 25), St. Mark's Cathedral, Korčula (June 26), St. Martin Church, Žrnovo (June 27), the Parish Church of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary (June 28), and the St. Rocco Church, Lumbarda (June 29). It is a fantastic opportunity to get to know more about the composition of the musical heritage connected to the island of Korčula).


9 Pilgrims in Vela Spila in Vela Luka; 10 Praying in front of the Lady of Lourdes cave in Žrnovo; 11 Kumpanija in front of the Parish Church of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Smokvica; 12 Pošip Camino; 13 The Parish Church of All Saints in Blato; 14 Excellent eno-gastronomy is one of the island's features.

Čara and Smokvica, and then stay in Smokvica, the "Homeland of Pošip". Raise a glass of light-bodied Pošip, one of the first protected Croatian wines, to your experience-filled trip in one of the many wineries, and surprisingly, one of the wineries will await you with Pošip Camino. Don't imagine you have had a glass too many once you hear the legend of the fairies that gather at night and dance through that part of the island. The people of Smokvica still nurture the tradition of telling legends about fairies and mermaids.

Walking and music for the soul

Continue your spiritual journey towards Blato, a larger town in the heart of the green island, which is filled with the aroma of linden trees. Walk through its linden alley, one of the most beautiful ones in the Mediterranean, and Plokata, a spacious square in front of the All Saints Church, where you can take some time to pray. Just a few steps away, there is another place for contemplation - the Sanctuary of the Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified Petković. Get to know more about the traditions and customs of the town in the Barilo Ethno House. Don't leave Blato, or nearby Vela Luka, without trying lumblija, a traditional cake that has been made on the island, especially on the western part, for more than two centuries, and is sure to win you over with its nutty-fruity flavor. Juicy lumblija is also the 38th Croatian product protected by the European Union. In Vela Luka, visit Vela Spila, a cave that will take you 20 thousand years back in time. Walking into that prehistoric archeological site is an experience in itself. While walking through the lively town, you will see cyclists, hikers, and other active island explorers since Vela Luka is a magnet for an active holiday. While there, listen to the sounds of nature - the call of seagulls, the crashing of waves, and the rustling of palm leaves in the sea breeze, but also the songs that will waft from some of the houses, restaurants, taverns, or café bars. Most often, it will be one of the songs by Oliver Dragojević, a Croatian musical legend and the most famous citizen of Vela Luka, who now sings "live" with angels. His songs - timeless hits, combined with his unique voice, touch the hearts of everyone who hears him. So stop, listen, and enjoy the moment. It doesn't matter whether or not you understand Croatian. Oliver's songs touch the heart and soul directly, and Camino in Korčula will enrich them forever. 

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/ Korčula
What makes the Camino such a special journey?


It doesn't matter how quickly you walk since the Camino isn't a race.


You will feel complete peace around you and within you. There is no place for stress on the Camino.


Everything you need on the Camino fits in just one backpack.


That feeling will follow you throughout the entire Camino. You will be grateful for simple meals, a chance to rest, beautiful weather...


If you fall behind, other pilgrims will "push you" forward, and everyone is always ready to help.


The Camino changes the way we look at things and we become aware that there is always light waiting for us at the end of the tunnel.

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The legend of Glavat

The southern Adriatic has an abundance of interesting features, stories, and legends that are an integral part of the experience of every visitor who comes to that incredibly beautiful part of Croatia. One of the legends is tied to the faraway islet of Glavat, located 12 nautical miles from Korčula, eight from Mljet, and nine from the island of Lastovo. Since the Greek gods couldn't decide which Croatian island was more beautiful - Korčula, Mljet, or Lastovo, the God Zeus decided to end the discussion once and for all on Olympus and he sent his delegate to evaluate the beauty of the island on the spot. He spent days exploring the islands and comparing them, but at the end of the day, he couldn't decide which one was the prettiest. The gods decided to punish his indecisiveness by transforming him into stone in the middle of that beauty, which is the islet of Glavat, which sometimes looks like a mirage for sailors. The islet is home to a lighthouse from 1884, and the lighthouse building is one of the largest in the Croatian part of the Adriatic. However, there is no longer a full-time lighthouse keeper living on the islet, who instead comes to the islet from time to time, but the islet is often visited by divers who enjoy exploring the many caves in the attractive waters surrounding Glavat. And we'll leave the decision on which of the three islands is prettiest up to you. Visit all of them and let us know what you think :)

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A busy summer on Mljet

Learn more about the mystical Mljet through many events in its enchanting landscape.

The superb natural beauty of the greenest and most forested Croatian island - Mljet, immersed in the blue sea of southern Dalmatia, is the main reason most tourists visit Odyssey's island, most of which is part of a national park. Actively explore the amazing beauty - walk, cycle, kayak, SUP, sail... and learn about the cultural and culinary treasure of the distant island. A great way to experience the most of what Mljet offers are the many events that take place on the island all year long. A great way to kick off summer 2024 are a classical concert by world-famous guitarist Mak Grgić (June 18, St. Mary's isle), Beer on the Pier, a craft beer festival (June 22, Sobra ferry port), and the St. Peter and Paul festival (June 29, Blato). July continues on in that note, with a classical concert by guitarist Petar Čulić (July 1), and the Open Jazz Festival (July 11-12) in the unique ambiance of St. Mary's isle. A great time to learn about the island's flavors is the "Iz poja na trpezu" local product fair (July 5-7, Babino Polje), and movies can be seen under a starry sky at Kino Mediteran (July 18 - 20 / July 31 - August 2 / August 15 - 17, Pristanište). The melancholic sounds

of the mandolin can be enjoyed at Mandolin Night (July 28, Vista Mare Beach Bar, Pomena), and the play "The Amazing Event", performed by Teatar Exit, takes place the next day (July 29, Prožura). Traditionally, the Mljet minifootball tournament is held the first week of August (Babino Polje). The award-winning Zagreb Quartet has a classical concert on Mljet (August 5, St. Mary's isle), and if you missed the first, make sure to come to the second Mandolin Night (August 20, Vista Mare Beach Bar, Pomena). Make sure to go to the concert of Dalmatian songbird Goran Karan (August 22, Sobra ferry port). Wine lovers will enjoy Wine Night (August 25, Pomena), and classical

1 Wine Night; 2 A classical music concert; 3 Mljet's hidden corners; 4 Mak Grgić; 5 A jazz festival poster; 6 Musica Mediterana; 7 Kino Mediteran.

music buffs will enjoy the Andy Aquarius concert (August 29, St. Paul's Church, Babino Polje), and the Musica Mediterana program (September 3, the western basilica in Polače). Mljet's hidden corners will reveal the ethnological and gastronomical treasures of the island (September 8, Maranovići), and the "Island Klapas Sing" festival will show off the beauty of klapa music in late September. Find out more info on events and any possible changes here : mljet.hr 

June 2024 - May 2025 tipTravel Magazine mljet.hr np-mljet.hr 2.3. Mljet
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If you are spending your vacation at the Croatian Adriatic, enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, which UNESCO inscribed on its Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Fresh fish and seafood, organically grown green, leafy vegetables, legumes, whole grains, fresh herbs, fruits such as figs, watermelon, and citrus, along with the unavoidable olive oil and local red wine (in moderate amounts) are the base for the Mediterranean diet, which is considered to be the healthiest in the world.

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Between the sea and the mountains

The charming Dalmatian town has everything you need for a perfect vacation.

Do you like to spend your vacation at the sea, but don't mind going into the mountains? While on a trip, do you like to explore the flavors of the local eno-gastronomy, do outdoor activities, and discover cultural treasures? Would you prefer to spend your evenings with spectacular sunsets, and, when night falls, dance to its rhythm to the wee hours of the morning? To experience all that, you don't have to travel to many different destinations because you can find it all in Baška Voda. The lively heart of central Dalmatia that pulsates between the crystal-clear sea and impressive Biokovo Mountain is a traveler's paradise that should be on the bucket list of every avid traveler. The pearly-white stone beaches, lined with

You can also tour Baška Voda's beaches, streets, walking trails, churches, and museums virtually, with the help of Google Street View, and get to know even more about the destination before you visit.

Mediterranean pines, tirelessly splashed by the sea that is all shades of blue, is one of the trademarks of the place that was discovered long ago by tourists and families with children, both recreational and professional athletes, filmmakers, and all those who care for their health.

At that place where maritime air meets fresh alpine air, aromatized with the scents of Mediterranean herbs, you will rejuvenate your body and soul, reenergize and revitalize yourself, and forget about exhaustion and stress. Relax on the beaches, and then become acquainted with the sea - dive into its depths, try your hand at waterskiing, parasailing, and other activities. Taking a walk and riding a bike along the coast, but also towards the interior and Biokovo, is always a great idea. The trails meander through olive groves, vineyards, and aromatic pine forests, and some lead to the picturesque, peaceful towns of Bast and Topići at the foot of Biokovo. Conquer Biokovo accompanied by a local guide, and be rewarded with an enchanting view of Baška Voda, but be sure to choose a cooler day, with lower temperatures, for that adventure. While in taverns and restaurants, try local delicacies and meet

the friendly hosts, and after an active day fall sound asleep in one of the pleasant hotels, camps, apartments, or rooms. 

To find out more information about Baška Voda, download the Guide in .pdf format and the Google play or App Store application with an audio guide, translated into several languages:

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Željka Kunštek
Blagec / Baška
Tourist Board baskavoda.hr Tourist Board 1 2 3 4 5
Photos: Ljudevit
1 A view of Baška Voda and the Biokovo Mountain; 2 The village of Bast; 3 Attractive beaches are Baška Voda's trademark; 4 Cycling; 5 SUPing along the coast.
the sea,
Experience Croatia BAŠKA VODA 27
"Sense of
sense of the mountain"

The active heart of Dalmatia

In Omiš, you can do everything, but you don't have to do anything. Still, we recommend you do something since there is so much to experience.

Just 25 km south of Split, nature played its part in the Dalmatian landscape and in a small area enabled the merging of a river, the sea, and steep cliffs. In that landscape, at the very delta of the Cetina River, is Omiš, a Mediterranean city with typical Dalmatian charm, but still very different from other cities in Dalmatia. Its abundance of natural beauty, combined with the effort put in by local enthusiasts, have positioned Omiš as one of the most attractive Dalmatian destinations for an active vacation. Cycling, hiking, walking down thematic trails, swimming in the sea and under river falls, ziplining, rafting, paddling kayaks, canyoning, diving, free climbing, windsurfing, paragliding... There are almost no activities that can't be tried in Omiš. Just like most tourists who visit Omiš and its enchanting riviera in the summers, you will surely first be enchanted by its long sandy beaches, along with the hidden and pebble beaches, all stretched out along the clean blue sea. Don't miss out on accepting the invitation to

enjoy swimming and sunbathing there. However, soon, while lounging about and watching those enjoying waterskiing, kayaking and exploring the surrounding bays, jumping on the sea trampolines, or surfing, and having fun while doing so, you will definitely get the itch to join in. Of course you will also soon be a part of those active stories. Once you get your fill of sea adventures, head inland towards the impressive Cetina River canyon, which beckons you to enjoy completely different experiences.

The sky is the limit

To get to know more about Omiš and its hinterland, two wheels will be enough because you can, in just one day by bike, explore the Cetina River canyon, ride through the historical region of Poljica, and then get back to one of Omiš' beaches for a swim. You can choose from one of five attractive trails, while fans of mountain biking can head to one of the trails on the surrounding mountains that touch the sea in Omiš.

tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025 Active vacation OMIŠ
Text: Željka Kunštek Photos: © Omiš Tourist Board
1 2 3
1 A view of Omiš, the city beach, surrounding mountains, and the spot where the Cetina flows into the sea; 2 Exploring Omiš on two wheels; 3 Windsurfing.

If you decide to go for a walk, you will face a sweet dilemma, as there are several dozen attractive thematic trails. Some will take you up to conquer the surrounding mountain peaks, others will lead you to old pirate's fortresses, reveal viewpoints, picturesque villages, and other surprises. Hikers won't miss out on heading down Omiš' ferrata, an attractive hiking trail that leads to the Fortica fortress, which offers a view of many Dalmatian islands and Omiš. One of the favorite activities that attracts tourists spending their vacation in other parts of Dalmatia to Omiš is a zip line adventure. More than three hours of rushing down two kilometers of cables above the Cetina River canyon is an unforgettable experience, full of adrenaline. Other fantastic ways to experience the calm, but also the strength, of the Cetina are rafting and kayaking. The route you choose is up

to trade in a calm paddle through idyllic nature for an adrenaline-filled adventure in river rapids. A true adrenaline rush that leaves no one dry is canyoning, which includes three activities - walking alongside and through the Cetina, swimming under the falls, and conquering the river rapids. Omiš is also adored by divers due to its mysterious underwater world that is also home to a sunken ship. Perhaps you won't find hidden treasure, but you will definitely find lush underwater flora and fauna and hidden reefs. You still haven't tried windsurfing? Here's your chance! Omiš is also an excellent location for surfers, as well as for those who want to become surfers. If you would prefer to just admire those activities, you can have a great view from the sky. Try your hand at paragliding, and jump off the mountain into the sea. Omiš is one of the rare locations in the world that offers such an experience and a city where the sky is truly the limit. 


Besides active experiences, Omiš also offers plenty of other experiences - cultural, gastronomic, entertainment... So, instead of spending just seven days there, which is the average stay for tourists in Omiš, plan to stay at least another seven.

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with us your Omiš experience! #loveomis 4 5 6 7 © Štefan Barbarić / Omiš Tourist Board 8
Hiking on the slopes of the Mosor Mountain; 5 A zip line above the Cetina River canyon; 6 A view of the canyon from the viewpoint, where there is a statue of the Croatian hero Mila Gojsalić, near the village of Gata; 7 Canyoning; 8 Rafting.

A holiday for the body and soul

The city of Our Lady of Sinj and Alkar knights awaits you with the right balance of peace and adrenaline.

1 The shrine of Our Lady of Sinj;

2 An Alkar knight; 3 The painting of Our Lady of Sinj; 4 A procession on the feast day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary; 5 Sinj's delicacies;

6 Canoeing on the Cetina River;

7 Hiking in the Cetina region.

In today's day and age, when we yearn for inner peace, it is truly food for the body and soul to head out on a spiritual journey. Let your destination be Sinj, and the trail you take the Route of Our Lady of Sinj. For centuries, people have walked that pilgrimage trail from various directions towards the largest Marian shrine in southern Croatia - Sinj, and its church on the central town square that is home to the painting of Our Miraculous Lady of Sinj. Walking the marked trails will guide you through nature, next to fortresses, stećci (medieval tombstones), museums, churches, ruins of ancient trails and bridges, viewpoints... You can head out on your pilgrimage to Sinj at any time of the year, and if you would like to experience something truly special and feel the power of community of pilgrims brought together by faith, head out on that spiritual journey just before the holiday of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, at night between August 8 and 15. Every year at that time, thousands of pilgrims head to Sinj to participate in the main religious ceremony and procession on August 15, when the painting of Our Miraculous Lady of Sinj is carried through the city streets.

Also strongly tied to Our Lady of Sinj is the Sinj Alka, a unique knight's competition on horseback for which Sinj is famous far and wide, which is held on the first Sunday in August every year. The Alka is run to commemorate the incredibly victory of the people of Sinj against the Ottomans in 1715, when, according to legend, Our Lady of Sinj protected the city from the enemy. The value and attractiveness of the Alka is proven by its inscription in UNESCO's list of intangible cultural heritage.

Besides Our Lady and the Alkar knights, Sinj is also famous for its cultural, but also gastronomic treasures. Fantastic prosciutto, Sinj arambaši (a traditional beef dish wrapped in sauerkraut), frogs, Cetina trout, Sinj rafioli... all of them are dishes that must be tried in Sinj. If after a delicious, filling meal you think you have overdone it, don't worry. Sinj has an abundance of walking, hiking, and cycling trails where you will quickly get back in shape. Or, would you rather try your hand at horseback riding, canoeing in the Cetina River, parachuting, paragliding, fly fishing, adrenaline off-road quad rides...? 

tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025 3 © Sinj Tourist Board 4 © Ivan Alebić / Sinj Tourist Board Sinj Tourist Board 1 © Marko Kapitanović Sinj Tourist Board 5 © Sinj Tourist Board Experience Croatia SINJ visitsinj.hr
Text: Željka
2 © Ante Gašpar / Sinj Tourist Board 7 © Pointers Lukas Weinpert / Sinj Tourist Board
6 © Ilija Veselica Sinj Tourist Board

1 A gladiator; 2 Getting the newlyweds ready; 3 The newlywed's first dance; 4 The youngest inhabitants of Solin dressed in ancient costumes; 5 The Ancient Craft fair.

A return to ancient times

Gladiator fights, an ancient wedding, ancient crafts and games, plenty of music... Once again, Solin is taking you back to exciting ancient times this summer.

In the very heart of Dalmatia, in ancient Salona - present-day Solin, there will once again be the opportunity to go back to ancient times during three summer nights. At that time, gladiators, Emperor Diocletian and Empress Priska, ancient entertainers, and craftspeople can be seen on the streets of Solin, a city with arguably the best backdrop to show what life was like in ancient times. However, to completely enjoy the experience of going far back into history, come to Solin, Croatia's largest archeological park, a little earlier to explore it better. While on your walk, the must-see sites are Manastirine (an ancient Christian graveyard), Tusculum (the Archeo logical Museum with replicas of old artifacts), and the 2nd-century amphitheater. Also visit the cathedral grounds with two basilicas, a baptistery, and a spa, and continue on your walk to the Gašpina watermill on the Jadro River. Follow the river and you will arrive at the Isle of Our Lady with the oldest Marian shrine in Croatia. Gather your thoughts next to the peaceful river, revitalize yourself with delicious dishes from one of the local restaurants, and wait for the start of the thematic evenings, united under the name Romance in

Salona, open to new experiences. Gladiator night (July 13, 2024), starts with a gladiator fight in the Salona amphitheater at 9 pm and continues with a fire show attended by Emperor Diocletian and Empress Priska. A much more romantic night awaits you at the Ancient Wedding (July 26, 2024), where you will become emotional upon seeing the Roman wedding that will take place at the Tusculum Salona. Find out how brides and grooms used to prepare for weddings, attend the wedding ceremony, and enjoy the musical background of renowned musicians. An exciting night awaits you at Ancient Times next to the Jadro (August 3, 2024), which brings a fair of ancient crafts to the center of Solin. There you will see a blacksmith and potter, and be able to try making ancient souvenirs and mosaics, while the youngest guests will be able to enjoy the "Be a Little Archeologist" workshop and the ancient storytelling

session. The evening will be even more enhanced with the musical performance by Stipan Popović and Ivanka Kenk Kalebić. 

During the first two thematic evenings, tour Salona free of charge accompanied by a local guide.

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Events SOLIN
Kunštek Photos: © Solin Tourist Board 1 4 3 2
5 31

Interesting facts BRAČ ISLAND

Charming Mediterranean towns, turquoise bays and heavenly beaches, superb white Brač stone that was used to build many Croatian buildings, but also many buildings worldwide, and superb eno-gastronomy led by seafood delicacies and precious drops of top-notch olive oil - they are all symbols of the island of Brač. But did you know that there are a total of 116 sacral buildings on the island, which makes Brač one of the most sacral islands in the Mediterranean? Explore Brač's churches, and you can start out from the church and Dominican monastery of St. Mary of Mercy in Bol, which is shown on this page.

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The picturesque Mediterranean town of Postira on the island of Brač exudes a special energy and tradition and, still today, its inhabitants are dedicated to living the traditional Dalmatian way of life. Take a walk through the stone streets of the town and pass down the narrowest one "Pust me proć" (Let me pass) that is home to several taverns, try the Hrapoćuša cake, and jump into the crystal-clear sea at one of the amazing beaches. Then head 2 km south of Postira to the medieval ethno-eco village of Dol, where in peace and quiet you can discover many caves, learn about the traditional way of life, and find out who viveri are.

June 2024 - May 2025 tipTravel Magazine ©PostiraTouristBoard @grandhotelview GrandHotelView Jadran d.d. sti ra T o u r s t B o a r d a Touri st B o a r d

Dalmatia's travel hit

First-class cultural attractions, many options for an active holiday in a divine landscape, and gastronomy that not even the pickiest gourmets can resist are just some of the reasons the Šibenik-Knin area is Dalmatia's travel hit once again this year.

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Experience Croatia ŠIBENIK-KNIN COUNTY ©ŠibenikTouristBoard DecodedRecords 1
Text: Željka Kunštek 1 A view of Šibenik's old town center. » 34
June 2024 - May 2025 tipTravel Magazine

Experience Croatia ŠIBENIK-KNIN COUNTY

Šibenik is one of the five cities in the world that has two UNESCO monuments (the St. James Cathedral and the St. Nicholas Fortress), and it is

Tour all four of Šibenik's fortresses and check to see which one offers the best view of the city, islands, and sunset.

Upon arriving in Šibenik, an ancient stone city surrounded by magnificent fortresses, and spread out alongside a crystal-clear sea, it will be clear that you are in a city that is like a big stage where true cultural shows are constantly performed. Head out on your enchanting trip through the stone heart of the Adriatic from the very center of culture - the St. James Cathedral, one of the two UNESCO gems in the city, and

lture /Šibenik Tourist Board

one of the most beautiful buildings in Croatia. Besides attracting people with its beauty, the impressive building also amazes them with the fact that it was built over the course of more than a hundred years, in three different styles, and is made only of stone, without the use of any bonding material. Šibenik's cathedral is full of interesting features, and they can all be discovered at the nearby interactive Interpretation Center of the St. James Cathedral, Civitas Sacra. Continue following the footsteps of culture all the way to the medieval fortresses protectively surrounding the city - three on land - Barone, St. Michael, and St. John, and one from the seathe St. Nicholas fortress, protected by UNESCO. Their shortest description could be Four fortresses - four diverse stories and a bunch of new experiences. The Barone Fortress is a true magnet for tourists, history buffs, romantics, photographers, artists, filmophiles, and fans of jazz. Thanks to the technology of augmented reality, it will take you on an exciting adventure through important eras in the past. There you can enjoy irresistible sunsets and one of the most beautiful views in the city, and in the summer months, there are movie nights under the starry sky, various workshops, and fantastic jazz concerts.

Šibenik's oldest fortress that bears the name of the heavenly protector of the city, St. Michael, tells its story in an interesting and modern way, and it will reward you with a million-dollar viewof the St. Anthony channel, the bay, and the Krka River delta. The fortress is also an exclusive concert venue and fantastic concert programs on its attractive stage there can be simultaneously enjoyed by

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» © Al an Gru
2 4 5 © Decoded Records / Šibenik Tourist Board 3
on the bucket list of avid fans of culture and architecture from all over the world. 2 A bird's-eye view of the St. James Cathedral; 3 The St. Michael fortress was built on a cliff beneath which medieval Šibenik was developed; 4 The Barone Fortress; 5 A concert at the St. Michael fortress.

more than a thousand spectators. The largest and highest fortress in Šibenik, St. John, is also competing for the title of the fortress that offers the most beautiful view of the city, sea, islands, and the enchanting sunset. The special feature of the fortress is the attractive, modernly equipped underground campus where it is a true joy to participate in some of the many culturaleducational, inspirational, and creative programs.

A gleaming UNESCO fortress

After touring the protectors of the city on land, board a ship on Šibenik's boardwalk and sail through the St. Anthony Channel, a protected natural area. After a pleasant 30-minute ride, next to historical and natural sites, you will arrive at Šibenik's only fortress that protects the city from the sea - the impressive 16th-century St. Nicholas fortress. UNESCO's gem, immersed in the blue sea, is a representative of the world's architectural heritage in the Mediterranean and is the only Venetian military fort located exclusively on the sea. Listen to its story, and then continue following its cultural traces at the "St. Anthony's Channel" Visitor's Center, which will introduce you to the

Did you know that Šibenik played the fantastic role of Braavos, a powerful city in the Seven Kingdoms in the mega-popular TV show "Game of Thrones"? Šibenik's St. James Cathedral became the Iron Bank in the show without any costuming.

6 7 The St. Nicholas fortress is Šibenik's only fortress at sea, and the only one protected by UNESCO; 8 The St. James Cathedral; 9 The St. Anthony's Channel Visitor's Center; 10 11 Croatian Coral Center Zlarin.

magical world of underwater life, the biodiversity, and the cultural heritage of the majestic channel. Through interesting visual exhibits, didactic models, and creative multimedia content, get to know more about the mysterious world near the river and the sea. The abundance of the waters of the Šibenik archipelago and many interesting stories can be discovered if you sail to the island of Zlarin, the "guardian" of the entrance to the St. Anthony Channel and the city of Šibenik. The sunny island in the Šibenik archipelago is known as an island without cars and is even more famous as the island of coral. The people of Zlarin, as the best-known coral harvesters in the Adriatic, have been harvesting corals since the 15th century, and their long tradition reached a pinnacle in June 2023 when the Croatian Coral Center Zlarin was opened. There, in an innovative and interesting way, you will discover the story of those beauties of the sea - highly regarded red coral branches that have immersed themselves into every pore of the islanders' lives for centuries. On that island of peace and quiet you will discover a shade of red that you haven't yet seen and fall in love with corals and attractive coral jewelry.


Click here to watch a short video inspired by the cultural heritage of the Šibenik-Knin region:

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©Cro 11
Public Institution "Nature of the Šibenik-Knin County" 6 © Decoded Records / Šibenik Tourist Board 8 © Igor Tomljenović / Šibenik Tourist Board 7
Public Institution "Nature of the Šibenik-Knin County" 9
Croatian Coral Center Zlarin 10
» 37

12 Riding on gravel trails near Vodice; 13 An olive oil press at the Faust Vrančić Memorial Center on the island of Prvić; 14 The newlyrenovated promenade (lungomare) in Vodice; 15 Kayaks on the shores of the island of Prvić; 16 Vodice's underwater world is a treat for divers.

Get your pulse racing in Vodice

After a walk through ancient Šibenik and a serious dose of culture, get your pulse racing on the walking, hiking, and cycling trails of the Šibenik-Knin region. Some of the most beautiful trails can be found in Vodice, a popular travel destination in that part of Dalmatia. Walking down the newly-renovated seaside promenade (the popular lungomare) in Vodice, which is more than six kilometers long, is always a good idea since, while breathing in the healthy sea air with a mixture of Mediterranean herbs and enjoying the view of the sea and greenery that surrounds you, you will relax your body and spirit and reenergize yourself. The more than 350 km of marked road and mountain bike trails, of various degrees of difficulty, which meander through the Mediterranean landscape have positioned Vodice at the very top of favorite cycling destinations in Dalmatia. Recreational cyclists will choose the less challenging trails, while those looking for more adrenaline will choose the red slopes and difficult inclines. A true challenge for mountain bike buffs is riding the red "Orlov Krug" trail, where the C2 race for the World MTB Championship is held. If you head down that trail, expect a lot of stones, dust, and adrenaline. The Green Trail,

Workers Trail, Secrets of Prokljan, Gabe's Marathon, Prvić - Faust's Island... whichever trail you choose, expect unforgettable cycling experiences.

Kayak to Prvić

A fantastic way to actively explore Vodice from the sea and the surrounding archipelago is by paddling kayaks. You can rent one and head out on your own, in good company, on an adventure to explore the surrounding coves, or, even better, head out on a kayak tour organized by a local agency and paddle to the nearby island of Prvić. The picturesque island with charming stone streets and houses, divided into two settlements on the island, exudes a special kind of peace, and it is only two kilometers away from the lively Vodice coast. Kayak to some of its hidden coves and beaches splashed by the turquoise sea, and then head over to Prvić Luka, where you can tour the fantastic Faust Vrančić Memorial Center, which is dedicated to the great Croatian inventor and innovator, Bishop Faust Vrančić. You might not have heard about Faust, a man who was before his time, but you have surely heard of his inventions such as the parachute, bridges, sundial, grape press, olive press... At the center, see models of his inventions in an interactive and interesting way, find out everything he was first at, and what is

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Board » 16 Click here to watch a short video on active holidays in the Šibenik-Knin region: © Dražen Breitenfeld / Vodice Tourist Board 12 © Robert Kunštek / tipTravel magazine 13 © Petar Grgurev Vodice Tourist Board 14 © Andrija Carli / Vodice Tourist Board 15

to be credited to the visionary who spent his childhood on Prvić, the island that inspired him so much, and which he chose to be his final resting place.

Tasting tour

While in Vodice, you can also surf, SUP, sign up for sailing school, try your hand at big game fishing and parasailing, go water scootering, dive down to enchanting underwater gardens and sunken ships, tighten the sails, and head over to remote coves. An excellent way to spend an active day in Vodice is to go out on some of the many excursions organized by local agencies. Over the past few years, tasting tours have become incredibly popular, so several days of advance notice are required, and there you will visit tasting rooms with quality local wines and superb olive oils. Besides having the opportunity to taste the heavenly drops of nature, the locals will reveal the process through which they were obtained before and are today and the health benefits they have.

Your taste buds will also be awaited with a feast in many taverns and restaurants in Vodice that offer local, traditional dishes, as well as international dishes. Focus on Mediterranean dishes made of fish and seafood, with the unavoidable superb olive oil from Vodice's oilmakers. At the end of the active

17 The Faust

18 Vodice is a famous gastro destination; 19 The center of

20 A regatta; 21 Organic extra virgin olive oil is produced in Vodice; 22 A biker on a tasting tour.

day, gather your thoughts in one of Vodice's comfortable hotels, camps, apartments... Great sleep is important for a new, active day in Vodice.

Before riding off, get a cycling map at the tourist information center.

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18 vodice.hr ©
© Dražen Brei © M r s a d M eš i novi ć/
© Vodice Tourist Board 17 Vodice Tourist Board
Petar Grg
r/Vodice Tourist Board
» 19
20 21 22
© Damil Kalogjera Vodice Tourist Board
Vrančić Memorial Center; Vodice;

Experience Croatia ŠIBENIK-KNIN COUNTY

23 A traditional marenda; 24 Skradin cake; 25 Mussels; 26 Lamb and veal with potatoes, roasted under a bell, are a specialty of the Šibenik-Knin hinterland.

Don't miss out on the "Taste like... Marenda" event, every first Saturday in the month during 2024. Try local dishes made with seasonal ingredients, buy local products, and have a great time.

Superb gastro experiences

The fact that Šibenik-Knin County is also a destination for superb gastronomy can be seen in the taverns and restaurants there, where the plates present the abundant diversity of that part of Dalmatia. In the coastal cities and on islands, the stars of the plates are grilled fish or "lešo" cooked fish, and plenty of other seafood. Other gastro hits are mussels (pidoća), which have a festival "Pidoća & Debit love each other", and lamb from Kornati. The dishes are generally simply prepared but with elaborate flavors. The focus of the chefs there are exclusively fresh ingredients thanks to which the full flavors are best enhanced, and in preparing the dishes, they most often use just a pinch of salt and pepper, parsley, garlic, rosemary, bay leaf, and the unavoidable, worldrenowned local olive oil. Along with Skradin, other famous gastro meccas include the fisherman's village of Tribunj, the island of Murter, and Šibenik, a city where you will find a restaurant with a Michelin star, as well as traditional taverns with always fresh and delicious local dishes.

Click here for a short video on the eno-gastronomy of the Šibenik-Knin region:

"Holy s***, that was good!" - you'll say after your dose of culture and adventure in the Šibenik-Knin region, which is exactly what was said by Anthony Bourdain, a world-famous chef and gastro adventurer, after he tasted the famous Skradin risotto, the most popular dish in the area. Besides risotto, Skradin - an enchanting town at the entrance to one of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia, Krka NP, is also famous for a sweet delicacy - Skradin cake, which has been prepared for various events there since

Wines that win over the world

You will definitely eat great food in that part of Dalmatia. If you head to the Šibenik-Knin hinterland, you will discover a gastro story where meat dishes play the main part. Veal or lamb, combined with potatoes, roasted together under a bell and coals will delight your taste buds and you will soon come back for more. While in the hinterland, taste the spicy chees 'iz mišine' which matures in a specially-prepared lambskin, the famous prosciutto from Drniš ("the city of prosciutto"), and roasted lamb, which makes the visit worth it regardless of where you are spending your holiday in Dalmatia.

An important companion on your gastro trip are great wines that have been produced there for two thousand years and that win over judging panels at international competitions. Let them win you over too with their strong flavors, and allow the hosts to recommend the best wine for the dish you choose - from the indigenous red sorts such as Babić, Lasina, and Plavina, white wines such as Debit, Maraština, and Pošip, or the worldfamous Merlot. Whichever combination you choose, a unique eno-gastro experience is guaranteed. 

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26 © Maja Danica Pečanić / CNTB
© Joso Gracin and Stanko Ferić / Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board 23 © Maja Danica Pečanić / CNTB 24 © Valerio Baranović / Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board 25
June 2024 - May 2025 tipTravel Magazine Source: HTZ, Photo: Ivo Pervan Izvor: HTZ, Photo: Goran Santar Source: JUZPŠKNŽ Source: HTZ, Photo: Ivo Biočina Source: HTZ Photo: Darko Krešnjer Source: TZŽŠKN, Photo: Miranda Trklja Source: TZŽŠKN, Photo: Valentino Dražić Celić Source: TZŽŠKN, Photo: Valerio Baranović Source: HTZ, Photo: Ivo Biočina Source: HTZ, Photo: Ivo Pervan Izvor: HTZ, Photo: Goran Santar Source: JUZPŠKNŽ 2 UNESCO sites| 2 National Parks | 11 Medieval Fortifications 230 Cultural Monuments | 300 Islands | 600 Archeological sites Source: HTZ, Photo: Ivo Biočina www.dalmatiasibenik.hr so unique, so beautiful Source: HTZ Photo: Darko Krešnjer Source: TZŽŠKN, Photo: Miranda Trklja Source: TZŽŠKN, Photo: Valentino Dražić Celić Source: TZŽŠKN, Photo: Valerio Baranović Source: HTZ, Photo: Ivo Biočina Source: HTZ, Photo: Ivo Pervan Izvor: HTZ, Photo: Goran Santar Source: JUZPŠKNŽ 2 UNESCO sites| 2 National Parks | 11 Medieval Fortifications 230 Cultural Monuments | 300 Islands | 600 Archeological sites Source: HTZ, Photo: Ivo Biočina www.dalmatiasibenik.hr so unique, so beautiful Source: HTZ Photo: Darko Krešnjer Source: TZŽŠKN, Photo: Miranda Trklja Source: TZŽŠKN, Photo: Valentino Dražić Celić Source: TZŽŠKN, Photo: Valerio Baranović Source: HTZ, Photo: Ivo Biočina 41

Mulberry - the Green Lady of the Krka National Park

The next time you visit Krka National Park, don't let the amazing beauty of its magnificent splashing waterfalls, the most-famous of which is Skradinski buk, blind you. There is so much more to see and experience in the park, and more could be told by the 400-year-old mulberry, the Green Lady of the park, deeply rooted next to the old mill and bubbling waterfall on the right bank of the Krka River. As the Croatian tree of 2023, the mulberry (white mulberry tree) was nominated as the prestigious European tree of the year of 2024 and was one of fifteen finalists amongst the most beautiful and special trees in all of Europe. At the competition, which doesn't only evaluate the beauty, size, or age of a certain tree, but also tradition and the story of the tree and its deep connection with the local community, the impressive mulberry didn't win. However, in the hearts of the local community, it will always be a winner, and the charming Green Lady is a symbol of the silken past and sweet present of the region.

Click here and find out more about the


tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025 Attractions of Croatia KRKA NATIONAL PARK "KrkaNationalPark"PublicInstitution©IlijaKordić
© S i l v i j a Č a le ta / "Krk
mulberry through three-minute film: 2023 Tree of the Year Croatia –
YouTube EPA, https://youtu.be/5DPh5DupMLI 42
The Green Lady of the Krka National Park

Adventure in the Gacka Valley

Explore the enchanting Gacka Valley by transparent kayak, canoe, bike, quad, or on foot.

Throughout history, as a fortress on an island on the Gacka River, it was unconquerable, but today, Otočac, a city in the heart of Lika and the enchanting Gacka Valley, is definitely conquerable. It is occupied daily by fans of nature, those in search of active holidays and adventure, gourmets, photographers, artists... all those who during their travels look for hidden, unknown gems that offer unique experiences in idyllic nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. The incredibly green area of Croatia, surrounded by two large mountainsVelebit and Kapela gets its pulse from the turquoise Gacka River, one of the cleanest rivers in Europe. It is nearly impossible to be near the Gacka and not enjoy one of the activities on or next to it. The fishermen who patiently sit beside that karst beauty with a slow, peaceful flow every day, waiting for their hooks to catch the world-

renowned brown trout (Salmo trutta) will confirm that. Try your hand at fishing, then jump into a canoe or kayak and row down the majestic water, surrounded by wild nature. Another true hit is paddling in clear kayaks that reveal the abundant underwater world of the river.

Exploring the Gacka Valley on two wheels is also a hit, and there are six available cycling trails of varying difficulty levels at your disposal for that adventure. Fans of mountain biking will choose the gravel and forest trail, and the paved roads are ideal for pleasant family rides. Follow the flow of the Gacka River and visit the surrounding towns that are full of stories, meet the friendly locals, cycle to the river spring, visit the bears in Kuterevo...

Do you need more adrenaline? Then a quad safari in the fields, meadows, forests, and on roads and gravel is the adventure for you. While on quad, tour the mills at the source of the Gacka, the sanctuary of the god Mitra, the socalled museum of airplanes and other attractions. For a compete experience, try paragliding and experience free flying, like a bird, above the enchanting Gacka Valley.

Allow that idyllic area to also win you over with its flavors - try sliced potato "police", škripavac cheese, Lika lamb,

roasted trout, popular pizza with trout or lamb, masnica cheese pie, plum dumplings... and be sure to raise a glass of plum brandy in honor of life. 


June 2024 - May 2025 tipTravel Magazine discover-otocac.com -
Active vacation OTOČAC
Text: Željka Kunštek © Otočac Tourist Board 1 © Otočac Tourist Board 2 © Otočac Tourist Board 3 © Robert Kunštek / tipTravel magazine 4 © Otočac Tourist Board 5
2 Exploring the Gacka Valley by kayak and quad; 3 Cycling alongside the Gacka River; 4 The mills at the source of the Gacka River; 5 Brown trout from the Gacka River.
Otočac Tourist Board

More than enchanting lakes

1 Exploring the Plitvice area in the winter; 2 The Plitvice Lakes National Park; 3 Riding bicycles next to pastures and herds of sheep; 4 Locals wearing traditional folk costumes; 5 The Željava Air Base half-marathon; 6 Lamb roasted under a bell; 7 Lika soup.

Even if you have never been to Croatia, you have probably seen a photo or a poster with one of its internationally popular motifs - the Great Waterfall falling into the bluegreen lake surrounded by greenery. However, that is just one of the motifs of the playful and creative game of water where sixteen enchanting lakes intertwined with cascades and splashing waterfalls at the Plitvice Lakes National Park play. Nearly all destinations in Croatia offer organized excursions to the great natural attraction located within the largest and oldest Croatian national park, protected by UNESCO. So, wherever you are in Croatia, plan an excursion to Plitvice Lakes, but take into account that you will want to stay there longer than a day.

The following day, trade in the wooden bridges of the park for firm soil under your feet and head out to one of the hiking trails that will quickly convince you that the Plitvice area has a lot of other features besides enchanting lakes and waterfalls. The Čorkova uvala educational-recreational trail will take you to the hidden parts of the national park, all the way to the untouched

jungle in Čorkova uvala. A hike up to the ruins of the fortress in the old town of Mrsinj will reward you with a view of the village of Korenica, the Gola Plješevica peak, and the northern parts of Croatia. Test your limits on the Gola Plješevica trail that leads to the peak of the northern part of Lička Plješevica Mountain. Fans of long walks will be delighted with a walking tour on the peaks of Medveđak, which offers an enchanting view of Plitvice Lakes. You will also enjoy the "Plitvice" educational-recreational trail which runs through hidden parts of the national park and connects the upper and lower lakes in a roundabout way. Conquer the surrounding mountains on foot or by bike, follow the mountain streams, pass through forgotten villages, get to know the interesting locals... If all of that hasn't satisfied your need for adrenaline, try your hand at paragliding, or head out on a guided buggy tour. Get to know the area of unbeatable beauty through irresistible flavors - try Lika soup, lamb roasted under a bell, homemade cheese and bacon... Don't hesitate to ask for seconds. 

tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025 discoverplitvice.com Plitvice Lakes Tourist Board
Active vacation PLITVICE LAKES
Explore the Plitvice region, inspired by nature, on foot or by bike.
© Lucija and Rade Jug / Plitvice Lakes Tourist Board 1 © Zoran Jelača / CNTB 2 © Lucija and Rade Jug / Plitvice Lakes Tourist Board 3 © Lucija and Rade Jug / Plitvice Lakes Tourist Board 4 © Plitvice Lakes Tourist Board 5 © Hrvoje Serdar / Plitvice Lakes Tourist Board 6 © Hrvoje Serdar / Plitvice Lakes Tourist Board 7
The beauty of the Plitvice area also inspired Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest scientists of all time, who was born in close vicinity to the Plitvice Lakes.
Text: Željka Kunštek 44

Visit the International Bat Night, which is held the last weekend in August at Barać Caves and don't miss out on plenty of educational and entertaining con tent for children and adults!

Return to the Ice Age

In the Plitvice Valleys, walk through the Ice Age and the mysterious caves, and experience the charm of the underworld.

Just 20 km northeast of the magical waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes National Park, there is another natural attraction and a well-preserved secret of the dreamy Plitvice region - the Barać Caves. Like in a time machine, the underground beauties will take you thousands of years back in time, back to when cave bears still lived in the caves. Follow the illuminated trail that takes you alongside columns and other speleothems and, accompanied by a guide, at a refreshing nine degrees, tour the amazing cave world, while trying to not awaken its inhabitants - bats. The tour takes about an hour, and it ends as the cave lights are turned off in order to, at least for a moment, give you the chance to experience something truly unique - the absolute darkness and silence of the underground that is interrupted just by the dripping of water and perhaps some rustling from you. The caves are open to the public from March 29 to October 31, 2024. Continue exploring the secrets of the

underground world in the nearby Speleon, a center of underground heritage that will take you on an unforgettable trip to the Ice Age. On the way, you will see lions, hyenas, wooly rhinos, and other large beasts that walked through the area tens of thousands of years ago. Their hyperrealistic replicas are a true attraction, and it's a special experience to stay in the sense chamber where you can experience the underground with all your senses. Examine the fossilized remains of animals from the Ice Age and have a look into the world of speleology. Take a break with your favorite beverage at the café bar while the youngest members of your group play at the play center, look for a unique souvenir at the souvenir shop, and then actively explore the surrounding area where there are three circuit walking trails. Vučja trail is ideal for a short walk, while Risja is slightly longer, but also a good option for a pleasant family walk. The longest trail is Medvjeđa, worth every step, as it

reveals the most beautiful viewpoints and passes alongside forest springs, streams, and caves that are all the starting point for new stories. 

June 2024 - May 2025 tipTravel Magazine
Experience Croatia PLITVICE VALLEYS
Text: Željka Kunštek
© Dinko Neskusil / Plitvice Valleys Tourist Board 1 © Dinko Neskusil / Plitvice Valleys Tourist Board 2 © Josip Durdov / Plitvice Valleys Tourist Board 3 © Josip Durdov / Plitvice Valleys Tourist Board 4 © Josip Durdov / Plitvice Valleys Tourist Board 5
1 2 Speleon; 3 The Barać Caves; 4 Bat Night; 5 Climbing near the Barać Caves.

A grand jubilee on Happy Island

You truly don't need much for happiness - just come to Rab.

The emerald-blue sea that splashes sunny beaches, the mild Mediterranean climate, incredible natural beauty, and culture intertwined at every step still today attracts tourists to the island of Rab, just like they did 135 years ago. The island in Kvarner Bay, known as "Happy Island", is one of the first travel "stars" in the northern Adriatic - Rab was officially named a travel destination and health resort back in 1889. This year, when the people of Rab are celebrating 135 years of organized tourism, it's the right time to head to the island and the medieval town of the same name recognizable for its cityscape with four bell towers that are reminiscent of four masts. Tour them all in Gornja ulica (Upper Street), one of three parallel streets on the peninsula, known for bell towers, churches, monasteries, and stone palaces. Trade in the calmness of Gornja ulica with a walk down lively Srednja ulica (Middle Street) with its many shops. For a night on the town, walk through Donja ulica (Lower Street), which is home to many bars, restaurants, taverns, and cake shops. In the summer months, the streets of Rab transform into stages for concerts, outdoor exhibitions, artists galleries, and other events that will make

you stay longer than planned. Another great reason to visit Rab is the Rab Fjera (July 25-27, 2024), a medieval summer festival that will take you back to the time of knights, aristocracy, and old crafts. Discover the active side of Rab, and while enjoying your favorite activity, explore the known, but also the hidden corners of the island. On the more than 300 km of walking and hiking trails with mild inclines that pass through the island's irresistible nature, release some endorphins (happy hormones). On the three educational trails: Capo fronte, Epario, and Frux head out on a hunt for the island's archeological treasure, and then hop on a bike and experience everything on two wheels - from riding through oak forests, vineyards, and olive groves to a ride that takes you next to amazing bays and beaches and reveals views of the sea, bays, and surrounding islands. Add Juxta Mare, a virtual museum that tells the incredible story of the history and culture of the island of Rab in an innovative way, to your route. Paddling kayaks, windsurfing, diving, swimming... there are many other activities to fill your days on Rab, and make sure to make them even sweeter with Rab cake.

tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025
Jubilee RAB
© Marija Kordić Town of Rab Tourist Board 2
Text: Željka Kunštek rab-visit.com
Town of Rab Tourist Board The bell tower of Rab's cathedral offers one of the most beautiful views of the city. © Petar Lupić / Town of Rab Tourist Board 1 1 A view of the old center of the city of Rab; 2 The bell tower next to the ruins of the church of St. John the Baptist; 3 Pudarica Beach.
3 46
© Marija Kordić / Town of Rab Tourist Board

The sandy paradise of the Adriatic

If you head 12 kilometers north of the city of Rab, you will reach Lopar, the sandy paradise of the northern Adriatic, where you should be ready to see unusual sights. Kilometers of golden sand are a trademark of that island town, and the 22 sandy beaches are a magnet for all those who like to spend their holiday in a paradise landscape, with soft sand between their toes. The largest and most famous one is Paradise Beach, 1.5 kilometers long, which lives 24/7 all summer long. Croatia's Copacabana has absolutely everything you need - a shallow, clean, and warm sea splashing it, lounge chairs, canopies, beach bars and restaurants, as well as a lot of things to entice you to get active. Along with swimming, activities in the sand are the main hit, so don't miss out on playing volleyball, picigin, or minifootball on the fine grains of sand that will pamper your feet. While in Lopar, you can also play tennis and mini-golf, and for water adventures you can rent a pedal boat, kayak, SUP, or jet-ski. You can also go down waterslides, dive, or sail in a glassbottom boat through the waters of Lopar and the surrounding islands. Paradise Beach is often the venue for various

events, such as the creative Sand Sculpture Festival (July 2-5, 2024). If you prefer calmer and smaller beaches, without crowds, the entire length of the Lopar peninsula and on nearby islands, which can be reached by taxiboat, you will find plenty of hidden coves with sandy bottoms. Lopar also has beaches that offer accessibility for those with mobility issues, nudist beaches, dog beaches... You can continue exploring the heavenly landscape of the northern part of Rab Island by walking, trekking, or cycling on the walking and cycling trails that follow the coastline of Lopar, pass through the dense forests, and lead to rocky canyons and sand dunes. On the way, you will discover sensational panoramas and viewpoints, and admire the landscape that dramatically changes and repeatedly delights at every step and turn. Walk through the Fruga Art Trail with art installations and the Lopar Geological Garden. Avid cyclists won't miss out on the "4 islands MTB race" in the spring, walking and running fans on the Rajski Trail in the autumn, and true travelers and hedonists on vacation in Lopar at any time of the year. 

1 Paradise Beach; 2 A happy family on the beach in Lopar; 3 4 Cycling and long walks are some of the best ways to explore Lopar; 5 The trekking league.

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Lopar. Active vacation LOPAR
A plethora of active experiences await you on the warm sand of
Text: Željka Kunštek © Lopar Tourist Board 1 © Petar Lupić / Lopar Tourist Board 2 © Petar Lupić Lopar Tourist Board 3 © Petar Lupić Lopar Tourist Board 5
Paradise Beach is regularly on the Top 10 and Top 100 lists of Adriatic and Mediterranean beaches. Lopar Tourist Board
© Petar Lupić Lopar Tourist Board 4 47

Promotional film on Kvarner won a prestigious award

In a large competition of nominated movies from the entire world, the Kvarner Region Tourist Board's attractive promotional film "Make Your Own Movie" won a prestigious award at "The Golden City Gate" film festival, held in early March 2024 in Berlin, as part of the largest international tourism fair ITB. Through a little more than three minutes, the film shows the

beauty of many destinations in Kvarner, and thanks to the unique and interesting concept and frames, after the premiere in Opatija and at the Sarajevo Film Festival the film evoked a great wave of praise in Croatian and international media and gathered a large number of positive comments on social media. Click here to watch the film:

Kvarner Region Tourist Board / TZ Kvarnera https://youtu.be/qBRITjRyoSs

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© Kvarne #visitkvarner - Make Your Own Movie

Malinska as a starting point

The island of Krk, immersed in the Kvarner Bay, is like a large treasure chest, full of natural and cultural gems. The eight island settlements (including one city - Krk) are the starting point for many stories. Start exploring them from Malinska, the center of Dubašnica, which was previously the island harbor for exporting wood, a protected mooring, a climate health center, and a famous travel destination for Viennese aristocracy, and is now a popular travel destination. From Malinska, you can quickly and easily reach many island attractions - the medieval old town center of Krk, Jurandvor, where the Baška tablet, the most precious monument of Croatian literacy, was found, the Franciscan monastery on the islet of Košljun, the Biserujka cave with its opulent cave decorations, as well as picturesque Vrbnik, home of the golden drops of Vrbnička Žlahtina, dry white wine, and Valomet, the sparkling wine from the sea...

For a full summer experience

If the island of Krk is your summer destination, let Hotel Malin be your host on Kvarner's Golden Island. Hidden away in Mediterranean greenery and located right next to the sea and an attractive beach in lively Malinska, that modern, pleasant hotel will fulfill all your expectations. Regardless of whether you imagine your holiday as lounging on the beach, with your favorite cocktail and book in hand and swimming in the crystal-clear sea, or wanting to increase your pulse with one of the water sports -

you will find everything you need there. From June to September, Mulino Beach and Mul Beach Bar are the stage for fantastic after-beach parties, performances by DJs and bands, thematic evenings... Next to the beach you will also find the Mulino à la carte restaurant, which offers fantastic island delicacies creatively interpreted by superb chefs. You will be delighted, as will the youngest members of your family, as the hotel provides diverse entertainment options for them from June 15 to September 1, 2024. Await the new day in the comfort of a room or suite, and the newly-renovated Superior double rooms with a balcony are an excellent choice. The view of the sea is included in the experience. 

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Tourist Boar
malin-krk.com Interesting facts KRK ISLAND
Karab aić , F M e d i a / kaoBUD rist B a š k a tab l et
Valomet©PZVrbnik/ 49
fKrk Tourist Board

1 The Krk Bridge connects the island of Krk to land; 2 Octopus prepared creatively; 3 "The island of KRK 50 delicacies of the Golden Island" book.

Golden eno-gastronomy


golden island is a treasure trove of eno-gastronomic experiences.

BMany fantastic recipes to prepare traditional island dishes in a modern way can be found in the book "The island of KRK 50 delicacies of the Golden Island". The book, which is an original gift or souvenir, can be found at the Island of Krk Tourist Board, and it has been translated to English, German, and Italian.

earing the title of European Region of Gastronomy 2026 isn't a small thing, not just because of the large competition, but also because of the amount of work, preparation, dedication, and aspiration that precede the successful positioning of destinations on the European map of gastronomy. However, that didn't deter the locals in Kvarner, a region in the northeastern Adriatic Sea, where it has always been a great place to eat and drink, and which is already known worldwide for its gastro brands. The preparations for that prestigious recognition have been "cooking" for more than a decade throughout Kvarner destinations, including,

amongst others, the island of Krk, one of the leading stars of the Kvarner gastro scene. Since ancient times, Krk has been known as the Golden Island (Insula Aurea) , and that adjective, which many envy it for, was given primarily for its pleasant climate with an abundance of sunny days, natural beauty, sandy beaches, and golden sunsets, but also due to the excellent autochthonous products such as wine, olive oil, cheese, and honey, which have always been an integral part of gastronomic experiences.

A combination of tradition and modern

Today, seven destinations on the island of Krk are the starting points for many gastro stories based on originality, tradition, and locally-grown ingredients, which are also interpreted on plates in a creative and modern way. The highlyregarded Kvarner shrimp, which makes gourmets swoon worldwide, island lamb (which, according to legend, was served at the Emperor Nero's famous feasts in Rome), fresh fish, local olive oil, fantastic prosciutto and sheep's

tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025
Text: Željka Kunštek » © The © TheIs
Enogastronomy KRK ISLAND 1 2
3 ©TheIslandofKrkTouristBoard

cheese, superb Žlahtina, delicious honey, homemade šurlica pasta, and wild island herbs, which give dishes a special aroma, are the famous gastro features of the island of Krk. Taste them in the island's taverns and restaurants, where Krk's chefs prepare traditional fish and meat dishes in a creative way that wins over even the pickiest taste buds. Round off your gastronomic experience with sips of the noble Vrbnička Žlahtina, a favorite award-winning high quality white wine made of the white Žlahtina sort. The sort grows best in Vrbničko polje on the island of Krk and has a protected geographical origin. Mediterranean dishes pair excellently with refreshing Žlahtina, but also with the unique sparkling wine from the sea Valomet, which is also made of autochthonous Vrbnička Žlahtina. That sparkling wine, unique in the world, matures for several

There are several restaurants/taverns and wineries from the island of Krk in the new edition of the world-famous Gault&Millau gastronomy guide. The restaurants include: Golden Rose (Krk), Vila Rova (Malinska), Primorska koliba (Malinska), Konoba Pud Brest (Milohnići, Krk), Rivica (Njivice), 9 Bofora (Punat), Gospoja (Vrbnik), and Nada (Vrbnik). The wineries are: Katunar Estate Winery (Vrbnik), Gospoja (Vrbnik), Ivan Katunar House of Wine (Vrbnik), Šipun Winery (Vrbnik), PZ Vrbnik (Vrbnik), and Nada Winery (Vrbnik).

months at the bottom of the sea, in the semi-darkness, peace, and quiet of the underwater world. Once it is finally removed from the sea, it delights with flavor and quality, but also attracts attention with its unusual, naturally designed bottle with coral and shell deposits on it. It's no wonder that Valomet is one of the most attractive souvenirs you can bring home from the Golden Island.

Eno-gastronomy events

The degree to which the islanders are dedicated to creating unique gourmet experiences for their visitors is seen in the many events based on enogastronomy organized all year long on the island. Visit at least a few of them, treat your taste buds to a real feast,

4 Krk is an island of paradise coves; 5 Days of Ancient Cuisine in Omišalj; 6 Black Sheep, a festival of lamb, in Baška; 7 Šurlice with local prawns; 8 Presnac; 9 An olive harvest; 10 Olive Touch, extra virgin olive oil from Malinska; 11 The presentation of the Wine Days Festival in Vrbnik.

and have a great time doing so. Some of the events include: Black Sheep, lamb festival (Baška, May 17-19, 2024), the Festival of Presnac, a traditional cake made of sheep's cheese (Kornić, the city of Krk, June 15, 2024), Ancient Cuisine Days, a chance to try ancient delicacies prepared by the chefs from the renowned family-run restaurant Rivica in Njivice, which is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year (Omišalj, July 4-6, 2024), Wine Days, dedicated to Vrbnička Žlahtina (Vrbnik, August 23-24, 2024), Olive Days, dedicated to superb extra virgin olive oil (Punat, October 11-13, 2024), and Olive Touch, an invitation to a traditional olive harvest (Malinska-Dubašnica, October 12 - November 3, 2024). 

June 2024 - May 2025 tipTravel Magazine © The Municipality of Omišalj Tourist Board 5 © The Municipality of Baška Tourist Board 6 © The Municipality of Malinska-Dubašnica Tourist Board 9 © The Municipality of Malinska-Dubašnica Tourist Board 10
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11 8 krk.hr
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The Municipality of Vrbnik Tourist Board
The Island of Krk Tourist Board © The Municipality of Vrbnik Tourist Board

Beauties of Croatia GORSKI KOTAR

Zeleni Vir

Gorski kotar is a treasure trove of irresistible natural beauty - clear rivers, mystical lakes, attractive caves, magnificent canyons, dense forests, and green mountains. Besides beckoning you to relax, but also to have an active vaction, that landscape will also awaken the explorer within. Include an attraction near Skrad to your route - Zeleni Vir, a cave spring with emeraldgreen water, which is what the excursion site there was named after, next to which is a 70-meter-high waterfall falling into Curka Stream, which is equally attractive in the winter when it freezes as it is in spring when it flows abundantly. Get ready to have a special experience.

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 © Luk © B o jan 52

To find out more information on the wild animal observation program, click here:

The hidden world of Risnjak

Have you ever watched bears, wolves, lynxes, and other forest wildlife in their natural habitats? It's time for unique experiences!

Croatia is full of unique experiences, and one such experience awaits you in Risnjak National Park. You can easily reach the forested kingdom of Gorski kotar, a region in western Croatia that connects the continental and Mediterranean part of the country, from either Zagreb or Rijeka. Immediately upon arriving, you will exchange the hustle and bustle of daily life and the city pavement with a relaxing walk along trails that find their way through preserved, aromatic, dense forests. You will hear the call of the wild while so close, yet far enough from the city. Answer the call and enjoy a priceless experience, especially if you choose to join "The wild animal observation in the Lazac mountain meadow" program. That mountain meadow is the place where the best-known inhabitants of Risnjak enjoy walking - the brown bear (Ursus arctos) , grey wolf (Canis lupus) , and Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx, Croatian: ris) , for which the mountain got its name. Lazac is also the place where you will most likely see those three magnificent animals, under

the condition that you are quiet enough. Waiting, and then watching those wild animals in their habitats is possible from the safety of a mountain cabin, and you can allow the locals to organize that experience for you.

The program starts with a meeting with nature rangers at the main entrance, Crni Lug, and continues with a pleasant car ride to Lazac Meadow during which the ranger reveals interesting facts about the flora and fauna in the national park. Upon arriving at the cabin, you will get instructions on how to behave during the program, and night goggles, with an explanation on how to use them, and you will arrange your return with the ranger - that same evening or the following morning. If you decide to stay in the cabin all night and await morning watching the masters of the forest make sure to bring some food and drinking water. And don't forget - the hidden world of Risnjak is only completely revealed to the most patient explorers and nature buffs who know how to preserve that beauty. 







Reservations: marketing@np-risnjak.hr

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Croatia is one of the rare countries in Europe that is home to three large animals, symbols of wilderness, and indicators of the abundance and level of preservation of nature.
Text: Željka
Kunštek The Eurasian lynx; Lazac Meadow with a cabin; Watching wildlife through night goggles; 4 Brown bears; A wolf; The interior of the cabin.
1 ©
NP 2 © Risnjak NP 3 © Višnja Bolf / Risnjak NP 4 © Marko Vrdoljak / Risnjak NP 5 © Risnjak NP 6 53
© Marko Vrdoljak / Risnjak NP Pointers production / Risnjak

Extend your stay in Istria and, after visiting Brijuni National Park, enjoy the other benefits offered in Croatia's Tuscany, famous far and wide for its superb eno-gastronomy. Along with the renowned Istrian truffle, extra virgin olive oil, prosciutto, and cheese, make sure to taste the fantastic wines produced by Istrian winemakers. An excellent place to do so is in Oprtalj, a picturesque town on a hill in northern Istria that also reveals some new stories...

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Active on Brijuni

Explore the islands they compare to heaven on Earth while enjoying your favorite activity.

On foot, diving, or by bike, kayak, tourist train, moped, electric vehicle... there are many ways to explore the heavenly landscape of Brijuni, and even more attractions that await you in the beauty of that archipelago immersed in the blue sea southwest of the coast of Istria, Croatia's largest peninsula. Although you could just sit there for days, watching and taking in the beauty of that national park, one thing is for sure - you won't be sitting still on Brijuni. Actively explore Veliki Brijun, the largest and mostvisited island of the 14 islands and islets, by walking, or, even better, by bike. A relaxing bike or moped ride on the flat paved island trails will take you through idyllic nature, reveal attractive panoramas of the sea and surrounding islands and intrigue you with many interesting features. Get to know the locals at the Safari Park - Istrian and exotic animals, stop by the old olive tree that is more than 1600 years old, and then explore the stone labyrinth at

Castrum and the ruins of the church of St. Mary that tell the story of Brijuni's exciting past. Still, that past wasn't so long ago in comparison to the footprints of dinosaurs that used to walk on Brijuni 125 million years ago and left their trace in the stone there. Find them. The ruins of the formerly opulent Roman country villa in Veriga Bay will convince you that Brijuni was always a place of enjoyment, and upon arriving in the Mediterranean garden, breathe deeply - there are a total of 169 species of autochthonous and exotic plants contributing to its aromatic rhapsody. On the Path of Good Intentions walking and cycling trail, you will feel a special energy and enjoy the moment. Find out everything about Brijuni interactively at the Boathouse, and in the peace and quiet of Kupelweiser's Peace find out the story of the former owner of the islands who transformed Brijuni into a fashionable resort. Set some time aside to play golf, a sport that has been played on Brijuni for more than a hundred years, on a course with 18 holes and sandy

1 Veliki Brijun; 2 Riding next to the Safari Park; 3 Touring the island by bike; 4 Brijuni is a favorite destination for sailors; 5 Golf has been played on Brijuni for more than a century; 6 A kayak tour to Mali Brijun.

greens. It is a special pleasure to dive into the rich underwater world of Brijuni, tighten the sails and sail around the archipelago, and head out on a kayak tour, accompanied by a guide, to the island of Mali Brijun, where new stories await... 


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Travel trends

in 2024

In 2024, we will travel more by train, in the summer we will seek refreshment in cooler destinations, return to nature, cook with locals, and look for surprises. Here is an overview of some trends that will mark this year of travel.

1 Traveling by train on the Landwasser viaduct in Switzerland; 2 Tourists after a summer train ride through the idyllic landscape of Switzerland; 3 Train travel through Switzerland is incredibly popular

tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025
©SwitzerlandTourism/RobLewis 1
Text: Željka Kunštek

Long and luxurious train journeys

It's not that traveling by plane is "out", but traveling long distances by train are an absolute hit in 2024, especially amongst travelers who aspire towards responsible and sustainable travel. With the construction of new railway lines, the preparation of new itineraries, and opening new platforms for reserving train journeys, the desire for long and luxurious train journeys has also grown. The option is ideal for those who want to travel slower and off the beaten track while also reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. It is especially popular to explore European cities and travel through the idyllic landscapes of Switzerland, and other countries that boast an extensive railway network that beckon you to take a train adventure include Japan, India, and Canada. This year, train travel buffs can enjoy a true treat - a spectacular trip by luxury train around the world in 80 days. The itinerary was created by Railbookers, and the journey starts out in Vancouver on August 28, 2024, travels through four continents and ten countries in the worlds, and includes traveling with seven luxurious trains. The epic trip will finish up in Singapore. The price? Pocket changeprices start at $113 599 per person ;)

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© Swi tze matter
Rob©SwitzerlandTourism/ Lewis
» © n Pfamma t t e r 3 57

2 Traveling to cooler destinations in the summer

When thinking of summer vacation, most of us initially think of a holiday in a sunny destination, somewhere next to the sea and the hot sand on a beach. However, due to the record-high temperatures of the past few years (2023 was the hottest year in the history of measuring temperatures!) many have started considering other directions - summer holidays to cooler destinations that are abundant with natural beauties - forests, lakes, and beautiful beaches and plenty of options for an active holiday, and they also guarantee smaller crowds of tourists. So, many will trade in the heat waves in southern Europe for refreshing holidays in Iceland, in one of the Scandinavian or Baltic countries, somewhere in the Alps... Destinations that offer summer sun, but also a break from high temperatures, are in greater demand for family trips too. Instead of lounging on Mediterranean beaches, how about kayaking in Norway, hiking in the Dolomites, or a relaxing walk next to the turquoise Soča River in Slovenia?

tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025 »
www.slovenia.info ©JoštGantar 1 Trends CROATIA AND THE WORLD 58
1 The turquoise Soča River in Slovenia is a magnet for fans of active vacations.

Relaxing trips and a return to nature

The feelings of tranquility and relaxation are sought-after now more than ever when traveling. People all over the world yearn to escape from stressful daily life and uncertainty and choose closer destinations for traveling, financially more affordable, and immersed in nature. They prefer those that offer, besides natural beauty, an abundance of active experiences, such as the possibility for cycling, long walks, hiking, kayaking or canoeing, etc. Classic camping in nature, in fresh air and with irresistible views is in great demand, just like luxurious camping, otherwise known as glamping.

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1 Kayaking on the Zrmanja river in Croatia.
3 59

Culinary travel

For many people, food is one of the main motives to travel. There is a growing number of travelers who want to explore destinations through local flavors and aromas, traditional ingredients, local restaurants, taverns, family estates, and farms. Due to that, more people are interested in gastronomy tours accompanied by chefs, with visits to wineries with tasting delicious homemade wine and olive oil tasting rooms, and experience enjoying meals in the company of locals. However, that segment of travelers don't just want to enjoy local dishes, but they also want to participate in preparing them and cooking together with the locals. Workshops for baking bread, making traditional cakes, or, for example, roasting coffee, and cooking classes that offer travelers the chance to actively participate in the local culinary scene are another way to attract gourmet travelers.

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bank sweden se
2 ©imagebank.sweden.se PatrikSvedberg 1 1 A traditional summer festival in Sweden is dedicated to a gastro delicacy - crayfish; 2 Preparing food outdoors; 3 Gastronomy is an important motive to travel for a growing number of tourists 3 Trends CROATIA AND THE WORLD 60
agebank sweden se

Surprise trips

Are you amongst those who like to plan every detail and leave nothing to chance before you head out on a trip? If you are, don't waste your time reading the rest of the article, unless you would like to try a completely different strategy and say YES to spontaneity and the surprise factor. According to data from the Booking.com platform, up to 50 percent of travelers from United Kingdom want to reserve a surprise trip where everything, including the destination, is unknown until you arrive. Certain travel agencies offer the possibility of choosing the surrounding areacoastal, mountains, polar, tropical, desert, jungle, etc., and the rest, such as the itinerary and final destination, remains unknown until they arrive at the destination. Some agencies reveal what the destination is to the traveler at the airport. Traveling like this is especially popular amongst solo travelers, although it isn't unusual for groups of friends to also reserve a trip like that.

June 2024 - May 2025 tipTravel Magazine
r /
te l / im a g e b a n k dews ne es. sitNorway.com
PatinaBirdIsland,Maldives©GeorgRoske Iceho
2 3 1 61
1 Visiting Bird Island in the Maldives; 2 The Icehotel in Sweden; 3 Glamping in Norway.

Text: Željka Kunštek


Flavor sensations

Mojito, Margarita, Piña colada, Cosmopolitan, Martini, Cuba libre... they are all eternal classics in the world of cocktails. However, if you aren't amongst those who love alcohol, or you would just prefer their healthier version, mocktails are the solution for you: Their name comes from a combination of the word "mock" (fake) and cocktail, and the fake, or non-alcoholic, cocktails are growing in popularity - not just as refreshments in the summer months, but all year long. Preparing a mocktail is a true challenge for cocktail masters. Some mocktails are a reinterpretation of classic cocktails, just without the alcohol, while others are completely new creations of healthy, refreshing, colorful drinks you will fall in love with. The base of the mocktails is most often fruit such as blueberries, pineapple, pomegranate, watermelon, citrus, and various exotic fruit, and vegetables are also included, most often cucumber, carrots, and celery, along with various herbs and spices - mint, turmeric, basil, ginger... Some mocktails are based on teas - green, rooibos, matcha, etc., and some on coconut water. Coconut milk or cream are used to prepare creamy mocktails, while bubbles are made with the addition of soda water or tonic. Don't be surprised if you notice pieces of almonds or chia seeds in your mocktail - they are healthy ingredients that are more than welcome. You can also very easily prepare those healthy drinks on your own, which will delight you and your guests with the explosion of flavors, aromas, and colors. Here are some simple recipes we found on the website Good Food, which you can easily make at home.

They are healthy, delicious, colorful, and refreshing, easy to make, and loved by everyone of all ages.
tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025
AnantaraVillaPadierna ©Palace,Spain/lhw.com ThierryDelsart

© Gstaad

Fruity mocktail

Ingredients (Serves 4):

• a handful of green grapes

• a handful of blueberries

• 4 tbsp grenadine

• 300-400 ml orange juice

• sparkling water, to top up

• You will need 4 bamboo skewers


Thread the grapes and blueberries onto the skewers to make stirrers. Pour the grenadine into four glasses. Gently tip the glasses and pour the orange juice down the inside of the glasses so it sits on top of the grenadine. Top up with sparkling water, and add the stirrers to serve.

Summer cup mocktail

Ingredients (Serves 1):

• 1 cm thick slice of cucumber

• 1 sprig of mint

• a few frozen red berries

• 120 ml clear, sparkling lemonade

• ice

To garnish: more frozen berries, chopped fruits, cucumber slice, mint, citrus - all optional


Chop the cucumber and mint sprig into small pieces. Bring 200 ml water to the boil in a small pan and then add the mint and cucumber. Turn off the heat and leave for 2 mins. Add a small handful of frozen berries, let them defrost for a minute, then crush them lightly with the back of a spoon. Strain the mixture. This will keep in the fridge for up to 24 hours and will be enough to make four drinks. Pour 40 ml of your strained mixture into a tall glass. Add a handful of ice and top up with 120 ml lemonade. Garnish with whatever chopped fruit you like or some more frozen berries and mint leaves if you have them. Stir gently to combine.

Virgin piña colada

Ingredients (Serves 1):

• 150 ml pineapple juice

• 50 ml coconut milk

• 25 ml lime juice

• ice

• cherry, to garnish

For the mock rum syrup:

• 100 g dark brown muscovado sugar

• 1 pineapple, a few strips of peel, plus leaves to garnish

• 5 black peppercorns

• 5 cloves

• 1 cinnamon stick


To make a mock rum syrup, put the dark brown muscovado sugar and 200 ml water in a saucepan, stir well and heat gently until the sugar has dissolved. Add a few strips of pineapple peel, add the black peppercorns, cloves and a cinnamon stick, then bring to the boil. Turn off the heat and leave to infuse until cold. Strain into a jug and set aside in the fridge until needed. Will keep for up to three days. Pour the pineapple juice into a tall glass, and add the coconut milk and lime juice. Stir gently. Fill up the glass with a handful ice then slowly add 25 ml of the syrup so it sinks to the bottom. Garnish with pineapple leaves and a Maraschino cherry.

June 2024 - May 2025 tipTravel Magazine
tter/lhw com
 » » 63


1 Touring Bruxelles by bike;

2 Many restaurants in Copenhagen have their own gardens or greenhouses; 3 Kayaking in Sogndal (Norway); 4 GreenKayaking in Copenhagen and gathering trash; 5 A scene from the Stockmans camp in the city of Buchan, Australia; 6 Camping in Munkebu hut, a popular destination for one-day excursions in the Lofoten islands in northern Norway.

© G ui s e p p e L i v e r i no ( @ tour nter / Visit Copenhagen Victoria 2 5 VisitNorway.com ©AlexConu er / visit.brussels 1 mussen / Cop e n h a g e n M de i a Ctne/re 4
3 64
ørensen / FarOutFocus / VisitNorway

The most sustainable destinations in the world in 2024

Although countries all around the world invest a lot of effort into making the development of tourism in their destinations as sustainable as possible, ten of them have managed to go above and beyond and be named the most sustainable in the world in 2024. Read on to find out whose examples of sustainability should be followed and which green destinations should be visited as soon as possible to gain new experiences.

» VisitNorway.com ©AlexConu

In recent years, the main topic in the travel industry has been sustainability, or the sustainable development of tourism. It is truly logical and justified since travel and tourism are currently the largest service industry in the world that still continues to grow. Since tourism has a strong influence on the environment, socio-cultural and economic aspects, countries worldwide are intensively considering and finding solutions to protect their cultural and natural

heritage, optimally use their natural resources, protect biodiversity and tradition, reduce poverty and overcrowding in their destinations, and are coming up with long-term plans to improve the economy and sustainability.

As tourists nowadays, many of us think about and travel in a green way - we would like to visit sustainable destinations, prefer to travel there by train than by plane, while there we would like to taste local, traditional dishes and buy products from local producers, recycle waste, use water and electricity responsibly... In order to recommend where to travel in 2024

tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025
Visitnorthwest.no/VisitNorway.com ©HaakonLundkvist World SUSTAINABLE TOURISM 66

for the ever-growing number of tourists, Tripadvisor and Global Destination Sustainability Movement (GDSM), famous international platforms, published a list of the top ten most sustainable destinations in the world in 2024.

Northern Europe most sustainable

The announcement came after a detailed analysis of the cities in four key areas: environmental factors (analysis of the public transport policy, carbon emissions, and renewable sources of energy), social progressiveness

factors (with an emphasis on personal safety, health, and welfare), destination management and the sustainability of the travel industry infrastructure (including airports, hotels, and restaurants). They also analyzed the transformative initiatives of the cities dedicated to climate action plans, education, community inclusiveness and measurable results. From this year's list of most sustainable destinations in the world, it is clear that European countries, especially those in the north, lead the way in sustainability.

1 Hiking on the Romsdalseggen ridge in Norway.

June 2024 - May 2025 tipTravel Magazine
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1. Copenhagen (Denmark)

The Danish capital is an excellent example of urban sustainability as it is one of the greenest cities in the world. In the city there are electric buses, solar-powered tour boats, and the ferry fleet is electrical. Thanks to its excellent cycling infrastructure with a total of 546 km of bike trails, the main form of transportation in the city are bikes. Copenhagen also has an incredibly clean city harbor where locals bathe every summer, and the popular Copenhill - a manmade ski slope and recreational hiking area atop the waste management center, open all year long. The city, famous for its high air-quality, is also home to many parks and fields, eco-hotels (most hotel rooms in the city bear an ecological certificate), and restaurants that offer organic food, many of which have their own garden or greenhouse. Copenhagen also has the reputation of being one of the best cities to live in, and if we mention the fact that it's located in the country that is considered to be one of the happiest in the world, it's clear why.

Nearly 60 percent of energy was produced in Denmark in 2022 with the help of the sun and wind. The Danes' goal is to become the first country in the world that is completely independent of fossil fuels by 2050.

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1 Riding on the Lille Langebro pedestrian and bike bridge in Copenhagen; 2 The Royal Gardens; 3 Copenhill.

2. Stockholm (Sweden)

Another city that is strongly focused on a green future is Stockholm, a city that is regularly found on lists of sustainable cities, and it has the ambitious goal to be completely free of fossil fuels by 2040. Until then, the city's gas stations offer biofuel obtained from sewage and waste, which is already used as fuel by the city's taxis. Also, the Swedes skillfully transform domestic food waste into biogas used as fuel for buses, trucks, and cars, as well as for bio-fertilizer. Swedavia, as the manager of the city's airports, was the first in the world to conduct airport operations completely without the use of fossil fuels. Back in 2010, the Swedish capital was named a European green capital, and in 2019, it was the named the world's smartest city. The GrowSmarter project, financed through EU funds, was implemented in the city, and amongst other things, more than 130 thousand square meters of the city's area was renewed in an energy-efficient manner, and 72 sustainable vehicles were introduced. Perhaps all that won't be your main reasons to visit Stockholm, but its Gamla Stan (Old Town), numerous museums, green parks, and archipelago with 30 thousand islands - 30 thousand stories, definitely should be.

1 A view of Stockholm; 2 A scene from Fjäderholmarna, a group of islands in the Stockholm archipelago, near the center of Stockholm; 3 A short break in the upscale neighborhood of Östermalm.

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1 2 3 69

3. Bordeaux (France)

The French city known for Port de la Lune, elegance, and wine, boasts its dedication to carbon neutrality, completely relying on renewable energy, and a firm plan to decrease air pollution by 50 percent by 2050. Still much sooner than that, the city already known for its incredible bike trail network plans on creating another 300 km of new, wide, and safe bike trails by 2030 that will enhance the existing infrastructure. Bordeaux is also a famous wine metropolis, and 75 percent of its famous vineyards have already been ecologically certified. You can enjoy those heavenly, organic wines in many of the restaurants in the city, many of which offer several dishes made with organically-grown ingredients. The locals have even developed several applications that reveal the locations of restaurants dedicated to preparing organic and local food. While in town, tour the Maison écocitoyenne (Eco-citizen house), take a walk through the botanical garden, duck into the souvenir shop that offers local products... Another true attraction is Darwin, an alternative and inspirational urban ecosystem located on the right bank of the city. Darwin is a place for getting together, various events, street art, a restaurant that offers organic food, but also a place to take a walk, read, skateboard... and home to a large urban farm.

2 3

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1 Walking along La Grosse Cloche, or large bell, one of the two medieval entrances to the city; Bikes are a favorite method of transportation for the people of Bordeaux and the surrounding area; 4 Saint-Emilion, a medieval village in the heart of the famous Bordeaux wine region.

4. Helsinki (Finland)

One of the leaders of sustainability, innovation, and smart tourism is Helsinki, a city with ambitious green goals. By 2030, the Finnish capital wants to decrease emissions by 60 percent in comparison to the levels from 1990 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2035. Proof of their dedication to sustainable development can be found in their application Think Sustainably , which the city government had made back in 2019. The application is used to help citizens, tourists, and business owners make more sustainable, eco-friendly, responsible, and smart choices daily.

Helsinki is one of the most eco-friendly cities in the world, and in 2018 it got the Capital of Smart Tourism award. In 2023, the city leaders went one step further and launched a carbon footprint calculator for festivals and other organized events, with which they want to help organizers of various city events (from open-air festivals to virtual meetings) to recognize emissions and plan eco-friendly solutions as part of their events.

The city on the coast of the Baltic Sea, with more than 300 islands connected by a labyrinth of bridges, is also a capital of design, spectacular architecture, large green parks and long walking trails, and it also boasts a high quality of life. Visiting Helsinki, one of the "smartest" cities in the world, is always a great idea.

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1 1 Amos Rex art museum; 2 A view of the historical city center; 3 Rhododendron Park in full bloom; 4 Sustainable gastronomy. e lsink i 4 MyHelsinkiPartners/ Helsinki©SuomenIlmakuva 2 71
Mika Huisman / Amo

5. Singapore (Asia)

The island city state in the south of the Malay Peninsula is the Asian leader in urban sustainability and is one of the most ecologically aware countries in Asia. Singapore (translated: lion city) is also called the "Asian tiger" and "city of gardens", while the city motto is "Singapore - a city in a park". The abundance of parks and green areas offer fresh air and neutralize the city noise, and they are all interconnected with plenty of trails, which are ideal for recreation. Walking, running, and cycling are a lifestyle for the people there. By 2030, the city leaders plan on creating an additional 300 hectares of parks, tripling the number of bike trails, and decreasing water usage and the amount of waste in homes. The hot spot of Singapore, a city that has been influenced by the east and the west, are the Gardens by the Bay , a futuristic and botanical gem in the city. They are divided into three parts, are home to more than half a million plants, and beckon you to walk through the various microclimates and aromas of the world. The recognizable motif of the famous gardens are the self-sustainable artificial trees, 50 m tall, covered in solar panels and lined with a skyway that offers an attractive view of the park. A true show occurs in the evening hours when the park is transformed into an enchanting light installation. While in Singapore, which is located on an island and includes 63 smaller neighboring islands, don't miss out on the spectacular view from the Marina Bay Sands hotel terrace, which is known as an engineering miracle. The attractive River Safari theme park and Sentosa Island with its beaches and theme parks are also a great invitation to visit Singapore.

1 The self-sustainable artificial trees in the Gardens by the Bay; 2 Touring the River Safari Park; 3 Recreation next to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel; 4 Sailing in a boat in the River Safari park.

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6. Melbourne (Australia)

Amongst the pioneers of sustainable tourism is Melbourne, a city that recognized the importance of preserving its resources for present and future generations in time. Through the "Green Your Laneway" program, many abandoned city lanes were transformed into green oases with vertical gardens, recycled art installations, and sustainable shops. All that also invites tourists to experience the sustainable part of the city. Also, by 2050, the city government is conducting the "20-minute City" initiative, through which they want to enable easy and quick access to everything citizens of every neighborhood might need on a daily basis (groceries, fresh food, health care, etc.), all within a 20-minute walk from their home or a short bike ride. The initiative has been inspired by the "15-minute City" urban principle growing in popularity that more and more cities are following focused on a local, healthy, and more sustainable lifestyle. It encourages decentralization, or the further development of cities with several centers and decreases the need for driving, which also decreases carbon emissions and air pollution. While in green Melbourne, don't miss out on walking through the Royal Botanical Gardens, visiting the first carbon neutral zoo in the world (Melbourne Zoo), the view from the most beautiful viewpoint in the city - Melbourne Skydeck, cruising down the Yarra River, flying a hot air balloon above the city, the Melbourne Street Art Tour - a tour that takes you through all the mysterious streets and lanes, led by masters of street art...

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/ Visit Victoria
VisitVictoria / Melbourne Convent Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne; Guildford Lane;
4 © Two P a tralia / Visit Victoria 3 73
Kangaroos at the Melbourne ZOO; 4 A hot air balloon ride above Melbourne.

Click here and watch a short video about sustainable tourism in Oslo:

1 Small self-driving buses have been traveling through Oslo since 2019; 2 The National Museum on Bygdøy; 3 A floating sauna; 4 Kayaking next to the city.

7. Oslo (Norway)

The capital of the greenest country in Europe is incredibly dedicated to ecology and conducting a series of green policies that protect the irresistible nature of Norway that consists of forests and magnificent fjords. The degree to which Oslo is strongly run by sustainability principles is seen in the electrification of public city transport and use of biofuels in city buses, as well as the fact that there are more than five thousand charging stations for electric cars in the city and more than 200 km of cycling paths.

Furthermore, most of the hotels in the city bear an ecological certificate, while some hotels have vegetable and herb gardens on their roofs that they use daily to prepare food for guests. Oslo also boasts several sustainable restaurants so you can count on having delicious organic and sustainable gastronomic experiences there. The city was named the European Green Capital in 2019 and promised to become carbon neutral by 2030. While in Oslo, don't miss out on visiting the National Museum and Akershus medieval fortress, relaxing in the floating saunas, and visiting Bygdøy, a peninsula near the city known for its forested landscape, beautiful beaches, trails that meander through greenery, popular museums, cafés and modern, organic, urban farming. As the locals say, while in Oslo head out to look for new experiences, not things, and we absolutely agree with them.

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8. Bruxelles (Belgium)

Although it is often a place for gathering, meeting, and discussions amongst European leaders about the importance of sustainable development in Europe, and many green policies and measures are decided there, Bruxelles itself is high on the list of sustainable global destinations. The degree to which the city is dedicated to a sustainable environment and the future is seen in the many initiatives it has, such as a campaign for reducing waste and promoting a sustainable form of transportation. In just four years, as a traffic regulation measure, the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) greatly decreased air pollution and improved the health and ecological conditions in the city. It's also a great example for other cities! Travelers who care about their environmental footprint will feel at home in Bruxelles. The many green parks beckon you to relax, and the many restaurants invite you to have a gastronomic journey where the focus is on domestic, local products. Vegetarians and vegans will also easily find dishes to suit them. While searching for local, organically grown food, you can also head to the city market where local producers bring their fresh groceries daily. There are also many boutiques in the city that offer sustainable, eco-friendly clothing. While in Bruxelles, follow the green path, but also make sure to visit the main city attractions: La Grand-Place (a magnificent central square that exudes a Gothic flair), Atomium, Mini-Europe, the Museum of Chocolate...

1 Bruxelles is a city of cyclists; 2 Many city restaurants offer dishes made with organically grown ingredients.

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© P i e r r e Fera / v isit. brussels 75

A view of Galway;

The cathedral;


9. Galway (Ireland)

Positioning Galway on the international market as a sustainable destination for international business events is the key goal of the employees at the Galway Convention Bureau. Just like all of Ireland, over the past few years that city on the west coast of the green isle has been strongly focused on protecting natural resources, including local communities, and developing eco-friendly accommodations, all while aiming to become a carbon neutral city by 2050. On the list of top attractions that must be visited in Galway are Salthill, the Latin Quarter, the cathedral, city museum, and the marketplace. While in Galway, make sure to take a day-trip to Kylemore Abbey, a beautiful Gothic building - a Benedictine convent on the coast, surrounded by Victorian gardens, as well as to the magnificent Cliffs of Moher.

tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025 /Discover Lough Derg / Ireland s 4
» TourismIreland/FáilteIreland©ChrisHill 5 © Hu O'Reilly / FáilteIre 3 1
cheese; 5
© Ch /Ireland's Content Pool 2 FáilteIreland/Ireland'sContentPool©SonderVisuals1
Galway Food Tour;
Cheese, a unique, superb local Irish
A panoramic view of Galway;
Kylemore Abbey.
6 © Pedro Souza Photography / Joyce Country and Western Lakes Geopark / Ireland's Content Pool

10. Belfast (Northern Ireland)

When you can easily find a section dedicated to the promotion of sustainable tourism and an environmentally-friendly stay in a destination on the website of a tourist board, it is clear the destination is thoughtfully working on sustainability. That is just the case with the Belfast Visitor and Convention Bureau, which has a section dedicated to sustainable tourism in the city (Sustainable Belfast) . There you will find a guide for a sustainable visit to Belfast and the surrounding area that reveals the green attractions in the city and hotels that promote sustainability, get tips to tour the city in an environmentally-friendly way, find out where to enjoy dishes made with local ingredients, and where to shop in a sustainable way. Belfast is also on the list of sustainable destinations due to the fact that it managed to drop greenhouse gases by a high 80 percent in comparison with the level from 2005. The city has also implemented innovative climate initiatives and other measures focused on a sustainable future. Take the first step - start planning your trip to the city of the Titanic, and make sure to include the cathedral, city hall, botanical garden, pubs, and the fantastic Titanic Belfast museum to your itinerary.

1 Students in front of Queen's University in Belfast; 2 Touring the Titanic Belfast museum;

3 Walking through the botanical garden.

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3 s
2  77
TourismNorthernIreland ©TonyPleavin Tony Pleavin / Tourism
Hill / Tourism Northern Irelan



The Dark Hedges beech tree avenue

Many fans of the globally popular HBO show "Game of Thrones", which broke viewing records with every new season and episode and is one of the greatest shows in the history of television, know the Croatian destinations of Dubrovnik and Ston (King's Landing), Split and Klis (Meereen), Šibenik and Kaštel Gomilica (Braavos), Trogir and Lokrum (Qarth)... However, did you know what played the fantastic role of the King's Road in the show? In order to see that location, you will have to travel to Northern Ireland, or more precisely, to Antrim County, between Armoy and Stranocum, where the mesmerizing avenue of beech trees stretches along Bregagh Road. The enchantingly avenue that now looks surreal was planted by the Stuart Family to impress visitors who approached their villa, Gracehill House. The Stuarts couldn't have dreamed that over time the trees branches would bend, intertwine, and form a tunnel with a magical game of lights that impresses tourists, photographers, artists, and fans of the famous TV show from all over the world alike.

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World attractions NORTHERN IRELAND 78

The Dark Hedges beech tree avenue is one of the most photographed motifs in Northern Ireland so make sure to charge the batteries on your phone or camera before arriving on site.

June 2024 - May 2025 tipTravel Magazine NorthernFáilteIreland/Tourism Ireland

Neuschwanstein: A fairytale castle

When you imagine a fairytale castle, you probably think of Neuschwanstein, an impressive castle built on steep cliffs in the German region of Bavaria. The most-visited castle in Germany and one of the best-known castles in the world is visited by around a million and a half tourists every year. The spectacular building, immersed in the alpine landscape, inspired Walt Disney to create the castle in Sleeping Beauty , so Neuschwanstein is often called the Disney castle. The eccentric and mysterious King Ludwig II had it built in the 19th century in honor of the beloved composer Richard Wagner. The quirky king wanted to have the castle of his dreams built, which he succeeded in doing, but unfortunately didn't live long enough to stay there. The castle, which UNESCO added to its list of cultural heritage sites, looks enchanting all year long, and one of the best places to photograph it from is the Queen Mary Bridge (Marienbrücke) , located 700 meters, or a 15-minute walk away from the castle.

tipTravel Magazine June 2024 - May 2025 Shutterstock©canadastock 
World attractions GERMANY 80

Click here to watch a short video on the Best Tourism Villages by UN Tourism:

A record-breaking number of villages applied for the UN Tourism "Best Tourism Villages" competition

More than 260 villages from more than 60 countries that represent five regions of the world applied to become the Best Tourism Villages in 2024. That is the largest number of applications ever received since the beginning of the initiative in 2021, run by UN Tourism. Their goal is, as they state, to inspire communities worldwide to use the power of tourism to launch rural development and well-being. The application process was closed May 8, 2024, and the best tourism village for 2024, which will be announced at the end of the year, will be decided by an external, independent advisory board, which will evaluate the villages in nine categories, including, amongst other things, cultural and natural resources, economic and social sustainability, environmental sustainability, infrastructure and connectivity, and health and security. The initiative includes two key awards: the "Best Tourism Villages" and the "Best Tourism Villages" Upgrade Programme. The network of best tourism villages currently has 186 members all over the world, including 129 recognized as best tourism villages and 57 villages that are participating in the Upgrade Programme. Together, they represent 55 countries in five regions of the world.

The picturesque village of Kršan in Istria (Croatia).
 UN T ourism
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