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Welcome to Croatia, a safe destination!

The campaign for the "Safe stay in Croatia" sign, which guarantees tourists that the highest health and epidemiological standards are being implemented, which is incredibly important during a pandemic, was launched back in February 2021. Look for the visibly displayed sign on restaurants and cafés, at hotels, rental homes, family farms, swimming pools, marinas, on boats, in travel and rental car agencies... The sign is actually a national update to the "Safe Travels" sign that was created by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) in order to easily identify destinations and companies that abide by globally standardized protocols for health and hygiene.

During your travel and stay in Croatian destinations, follow the national sign "Safe stay in Croatia", which guarantees that your hosts have put your safety and health first and that they have enabled a pleasant stay in your destination and safe enjoyment of the tourist offer.

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tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023

In the rhythm of autumn

After a hot and dynamic summer, we have sailed into a just as active autumn. Now, when the temperatures are more pleasant, and nature is bespattered with fiery colors, it's time to put on your sneakers and head out into that beauty. Walking, hiking, climbing, cycling, conquering river rapids in a rafting boat or on a calmer canoe ride, or a wild and muddy adventure on a quad... The range of activities is wide, just like the choice of destinations where you can release some adrenaline. This year’s third addition to tipTravel magazine brings you our recommendations. Make your pick and head out on your autumn adventure as soon as possible. The biggest piece of news this year in Croatia is the opening of the longawaited Pelješac Bridge, which has finally connected the far south of Croatia with the rest of the country by road, and so it has made the travel time

to the beauties of the Croatian south more pleasant, shorter, and more relaxing for visitors. So, the main topic of this issue presented some of the leading features of the Croatian south that were an absolute travel hit this year - the Pelješac peninsula and the island of Korčula. Staying on Kvarner is definitely on-trend at any time of year, and especially in the autumn months, when the kilometers of trails that meander through enchanting nature entice you to explore the known and also less-known features. Take your time to discover them... You'll be surprised how many various experiences the region that harmoniously connects continental and coastal Croatia hides. So, while we prepare new travel stories, enjoy the opulence of autumn.

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the Croatian south with ease


5 reasons to visit (10-17)

Korčula Island: Fantastic events on Marco Polo's island (18-21)

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 Pelješac
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Active vacation


Environmentally Friendly




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Reach the Croatian south with ease

From now on, you will be able to reach the heavenly beaches and coves of the Croatian south, its timeless cultural attractions and city museums under the open sky, its enticing flavors and aromas, and its landscapes where you will want to get lost - both in exploring and in releasing adrenaline - with even more ease and much quicker than before since southern Croatia has never been closer by road. The Pelješac Bridge, with its access roads, is a long-awaited dream of connecting the far south of Croatia with the remainder of the country. The dream is finally coming true this year and it will allow all those who visit the beauties of the Croatian south to have a pleasant travel experience.

At 2.4 km, the Pelješac Bridge is the longest bridge in Croatia. It spans over the Mali Ston Bay between Komarna on land and Brijesta on the Pelješac peninsula.

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 » Issue topic DUBROVNIK AND NERETVA COUNTY
June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine Shutterstock©gerrardhr 9


Pelješac peninsula

1 Mokalo Beach in Orebić; 2 Pelješac Bridge; 3 Pelješac is a peninsula of sailors and captains; 4 The most common sort of grapes in Pelješac's vineyards is Plavac mali; 5 Fried oysters; 6 The Adriatic glamping camp in Orebić; 7 Ston and the Ston Wall; 8 Surfing is the most popular water sport on Pelješac.

Top 5 reasons to visit

Visiting the far south of Croatia for a vacation is always a great idea, especially this year, in 2022, which will remain recorded in Croatia's history books due to the opening of the Pelješac Bridge. So, whether you choose to spend your vacation on the heavenly islands in Croatia's south, in coastal destinations, or the interior, you can expect an abundance of diverse experiences, but also an incredibly easy journey to reach them. Yes, southern Dalmatia is doubtlessly Croatia's top destination this year, and the Pelješac peninsula is a true hit. Here we reveal at least five reasons why you should reserve your vacation on that peninsula of captains, captivating natural beauty, incredible food and wine experiences, and world-class cultural attractions now.

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 Issue topic DUBROVNIK AND NERETVA COUNTY: Pelješac peninsula
» ulusic / Shutterstock 2
June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine © Ston TouristB 5 © D a mi r K ovač i ć / 3 our is t Boa r d © Ivo Biočina © Glampingk 6 © Ivica s t Boar d 8 4 7 11

1. First-class cultural attractions

The small town of Ston stands guard at the very entrance to the Pelješac peninsula, surprisingly full of great cultural experiences. Ston is the preserver of a global treasure - the Ston Wall, which is after the Great Wall of China, one of the longest preserved fortification systems in the world. It is 5.5 km long, between five and ten meters high, fortified with towers, and is a wonder of medieval construction. It also offers a priceless view of the sea, city, and Ston saltworks, the oldest active saltworks in Europe and possibly in the world, and the largest preserved saltworks in the history of the Mediterranean. With the help of the sea, sun, and wind, the so-called white gold was first produced there and exported by the ancient Romans, and sea salt and fleur de sel are still produced there using natural and traditional methods today. There are also other cultural gems scattered throughout Pelješac - old churches, interesting museums, and captain's houses. While in Ston, have a look at the valuable archeological collection at the Ston Lapidarium, and in the village of Putniković visit the Wine Museum. In Orebić tour the Maritime Museum, climb up to the Franciscan monastery and the Church of Our Lady of Angels, from which there is a view that is worth every step and drop of sweat, and take a walk next to old captain's villas, hidden amongst lush exotic gardens. The new Museum of Pelješac tradition in Mokalo, near Orebić, is also worth a visit. It is a warm story about Pelješac's laborers, tradition, and the beauty of life on Pelješac told through interesting exhibits - an impressive collection of amphoras that are more than two thousand years old, barrels, a fireplace, bread oven, old tools, an olive oil press...

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 ©IvoB 12 ard 9 CNTB©ZoranJelača
» Watch a short promotional film on Ston: ©Mus 11 10 13 9 Harvesting salt; 10 The Ston Lapidarium; 11 The Museum of Pelješac Tradition; 12 The Franciscan monastery and Church of Our Lady of Angels in Orebić; 13 A view of Ston, the Ston Wall, and salt pans at the Ston Saltworks. Issue topic DUBROVNIK AND NERETVA COUNTY: Pelješac peninsula 12

2. Enchanting enogastronomy

Besides being home to first-class cultural experiences, Ston also guards superb food and wine experiences, renowned amongst gourmets worldwide. After trying oysters from the Mali Ston Bay, even those with the most refined palates will state that they are the best oysters they've ever had. Although they are a source of eternal inspiration for chefs in the taverns and restaurants there, shellfish harvesters claim that oysters taste the best when they are fresh from the sea, raw, with a few drops of lemon juice, and served on ice. If you have some sparkling white Pelješac wine to sip with them, the experience will be complete. Besides treating your taste buds to oysters, the queen of shellfish, famous for its aphrodisiac characteristics, try some mussels and other dishes that taste of the sea. Throughout all of Pelješac, fish and seafood dishes are enhanced by drops of local, extra virgin olive oil, precious grains of salt that bear history, and divine, fine wines.

The wine story of Pelješac is a story of its own. It starts back in ancient times when vineyards were planted and carefully cultivated on the sunny slopes of the peninsula. The result? Superb wines that have placed Pelješac at the top of the wine map of the world. The main character of the largest wine-growing region in southern Croatia is Plavac mali, a sort that has given the best results, and its vines account for nearly 90 percent of Pelješac's vineyards. You can find out a lot about Plavac mali, and also the other sorts grown on the peninsula in the village of Putniković. There, surrounded by vineyards that stretch above the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic, you will experience one of the best wine stories in Croatia. The already mentioned Wine Museum is a museum, tasting room, presentation hall, and souvenir shop, but primarily a spot where you will discover how wine has become a way of life on Pelješac.

Ston oysters are known as the most delicious and juiciest oysters in the world. Experts say the secret lies in the method used for breeding them in the Mali Ston Bay, where, the clean sea is enriched by freshwater from the nearby Neretva River, and sea currents also play a big part.

14 Pelješac wineries are amongst the best producers of red wines in Croatia; 15 Oysters served on ice; 16 An oyster farm.

June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine
Pair red Pelješac wine with bluefish, meat dishes, and hard cheeses. White wines pair best with white fish, oysters, white meat, and various seafood delicacies.
14 15 16

oasis of peace and beauty in the town of Žuljana;

Mokalo Beach in Orebić;

Divna Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Pelješac, and it is located in Trpanj.

3. Heavenly beaches

The Croatian Adriatic coast has an abundance of heavenly beaches, and some of the most beautiful and isolated ones, shaped exclusively by Mother Nature, can be found on Pelješac, of course, if you are persistent enough. Pelješac's beaches are spectacularly beautiful but don't expect to find any spectacles there. They aren't overhyped, crowded, or loud, and will fulfill the expectations of those who are looking for a clean sea, beauty, peace, a real connection with nature, and silence that is occasionally broken by the sound of the waves or call of a seagull. Sandy, pebble, stone, or a combination... Pelješac has them all, and all you have to do is decide what kind of surface you'd like to feel under your toes while you're walking through that part of the Mediterranean that is still as it once was. A beach that you should absolutely make sure to visit is Divna, which with its combination of pebbles and sand, and shades of the green-blue sea is known as one of the most beautiful beaches on Pelješac. There is a reason its name is 'Divna' (Croatian - wonderful). Jezero Beach is also unique, which is surrounded by a lake landside that runs into the sea over a white beach. The beach can only be reached by boat. Make sure to also visit the long sandy beach of Prapratno, Vučine Beach in Žuljana Bay, and the beaches of Mokalo, Trstenica, Viganj (surfers' paradise), Duba, Podobuće...

Divna Beach


the contrast of its green and blue colors of the sea, and swimming in the summer months

be missed

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 Shutterstock©lukaszimilena »
out on. 17 18 19 17 An
Issue topic DUBROVNIK AND NERETVA COUNTY: Pelješac peninsula 14

4. An active vacation in divine nature

Although it seems peaceful and quiet, Pelješac will motivate you to enjoy an active vacation in its divine landscape. We're not talking about swimming and sunbathing, but activities that will increase your pulse, work up a sweat, but also reward you with priceless experiences. Riding a bike is a fantastic way to get to know more about the peninsula because the trails take you alongside the sea, vineyards, olive groves, and traditional villages, and every time you press the pedal you will be rewarded with unforgettable views. Those looking for an adrenaline rush and fans of mountain biking will find a challenge on the unpaved trails, while experienced hikers can head out to conquer St. Ilija, the highest peak of the peninsula, which offers one of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean. It's best to head out on that adventure accompanied by a local guide. Climbers will find challenging cliffs on Pelješac, and fans of water sports also have plenty to choose from. SUP-ing, kayaking, and diving in the enchanting sea that is abundant in endemic species of flora and fauna, sunken Roman galleys and warships, are favorite activities. However, the most popular water sport on Pelješac by far, for which it is also famous worldwide, is surfing. Kučište and Viganj, in the narrowest part of the Pelješac channel, are the best locations to catch the western maestral wind and tame the waves. The wind blows there constantly all day long, so it constantly attracts many surfers who consider those locations on Pelješac to be amongst the most attractive destinations for surfing and kite surfing in Croatia and Europe. Due to its great winds, Drače is also a popular surfing destination. While on Pelješac, take some time to stroll down the thematic trails, mountain trails, and paths of various lengths and difficulties. They will take you alongside the sea, through aromatic pine forests, and therapeutic Mediterranean plants, through sleepy villages, alongside centuryold vineyards, olive groves, dry stone walls, churches, archeological sites...

June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine
Choose your favorite activity and release some adrenaline in the beauty of Pelješac's landscape.
22 © Marko Galiot / Orebić Tourist Board 23 © Ston Tourist Board »
20 © Ivica Trojanović / Orebić Tourist Board © Ivo Biočina CNTB 24 © Baldo Mirković Trpanj Tourist Board 25 © Baldo Mirković Trpanj Tourist Board 20 21 Pelješac is
paradise; 22 Mountain biking reveals incredible vistas; 23 Diving; 24 Cycling in Trpanj; 25 Pelješac is a favorite destination for sailors. 15

5. A safe destination with irresistible accommodations

After an active day, settle in comfortably and gather your thoughts in one of Pelješac's hotels, camps, glamping tents, villas, suites, vacation homes, or rooms. The selection is large and diverse. If you sail to Pelješac, there are many anchorages available. You can sleep peacefully since Pelješac, just like the rest of Croatia, is a safe destination. Within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the highest safety standards are implemented in accommodation and catering facilities, following recommendations at the national level and from the World Travel & Tourism Council. Besides that, many hotels have also implemented additional health and safety programs for a vacation that is as carefree as possible.

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 29 © Boutique Hotel Adriatic, Orebić
© BoutiqueHotelAdriatic,Orebić 26 © Glamping kamp Adriatic, Orebić  27 © Boutique Hotel Adriatic, Orebić 31 © Viganj Commerce d.o.o. 28 26 Glamping in Orebić; 27 Relaxing on a beach; 28 29 Superb hotels await you on Pelješac; 30 31 Great camps line the most beautiful beaches on Pelješac. 30 © Viganj Commerce d.o.o. Issue topic DUBROVNIK AND NERETVA COUNTY: Pelješac peninsula 16
June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine
Pelješac Lastovo Neretva Korcula ˇ www.visitdubrovnik.hr CNTB©IvoBiočina Dubrovnik and Surroundings 17

Fantastic events on Marco Polo’s island

Polo's island

need is just a 15-minute ferry ride from Orebić to reach

an island



its dense Holly Oak

Korčula is anything

is full of diverse colors,





tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 Šime Strikoman / Smokvic Explore Marco
by bike or on
make some time to enjoy many events. Text: Željka Kunštek CNTB©IvoBiočina1 rist Board A ll you
that was
forests. However,
but dark. It
that are best explored by bike or on foot. ©Poin r da Touris t B o a r d » Korcula Island ˇ 1 A view of the old city center of Korčula; 2 Kumpanija in Vela Luka; 3 Plokata in Blato; 4 The Kumpanija sword dance in front of the church in Smokvica; 5 A view of Lumbarda. 2 3 4 5 Issue topic DUBROVNIK AND NERETVA COUNTY: Korčula Island

The more than 400 kilometers of bike routes that meander through the island are a real treat for recreational cyclists, but also for avid cyclists looking for mountain challenges. You can choose from routes at various difficulty levels - from easy to challenging, and they are all marked and all pass through an irresistible landscape. They will take you alongside the sea, heavenly coves and beaches, next to vineyards and centennial olive groves, next to pine forests, dry stone walls, churches, archeological sites, caves... Those who are more persistent and ready to take on a challenging incline will be rewarded with attractive panoramas. Take a break from riding at one of the country estates, and reenergize yourself with delicious traditional dishes made with authentic ingredients. On your way through the area, you will also pass by tasting rooms for superb autochthonous wines, extra virgin olive oils, honey, and other island products. Stop by and breathe in the enticing aromas that will forever connect you to the island. If you prefer to take walks, head out on one of the many island routes. Hiking paths, easy, or 'lungomare' (seaside paths)? The choice is yours. With more than 2700 hours of sunshine per year and a gentle Mediterranean climate, the island is the perfect place for an active vacation in nature all year long.

Traces of culture

Korčula is also an island of wine, primarily superb white wines, and the first vines were planted there by the Ancient Greeks (in the 4th century B.C.). Winegrowing and winemaking have always been intertwined in the life and traditions of the people of Korčula, and the main representatives of their vineyards are Pošip, Grk, Rukatac, and Plavac Mali. The wines pair perfectly with various meat and fish dishes so allow the locals to recommend the best combinations. The fact that Korčula Island is a famous gourmet destination with fantastic taverns and restaurants is very well known amongst sailors who tirelessly explore the hidden island coves and rugged Korčula archipelago. In the evening hours, they prefer to drop anchor in the newly renovated ACI marina Korčula, which offers a high level of service and safety, or in the new and modern Korkyra marina in Vela Luka.

can rent a bike and equipment at local travel agencies. Also, agencies offer bike repair services, transportation of bikes, and guided cycling tours.

alternative route of the international EuroVelo8 bike route passes through the entire island of Korčula.

6 Kayaking; 7 The sandy Pržina Beach in Lumbarda; 8 Driving through Smokvica; 9 Cyclists in Korčula; 10 11 12 Superb food and wine are a feature of the island, and Pošip and Grk, autochthonous sorts of white grapes, produce superb wines.

June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine
© Andrija Carli / Lumbarda Tourist Board 7 © Mario Zlokić / Smokvica Tourist Board 8 © Damir Pačić / Korčula Tourist Board 9 © Damir Pačić / Korčula Tourist Board 10 » © Damir Pačić / Korčula Tourist Board 6 © Damir Pačić Korčula Tourist Board 11 © Dea Botica Korčula Tourist Board 12 19

Vela Spila

city of Korčula;


traditional island

Vela Luka Outdoors;

Korkyra Baroque Festival;

Kumpanija sword dance;

Trag u beskraju (Trace

Just like the world-famous traveler and explorer, Marco Polo, explore the cultural heritage of his island. Start in the old town of the city of Korčula with its towers and streets full of churches and galleries. Duck into the Korčula City Museum, the Marco Polo Interpretation Centre, and St. Mark's Cathedral. At Barilo Ethno House in Blato, discover the traditional way of life on the island, and in Vela Luka visit Vela Spila, a cave that bears witness to the continuity of life there since the late Stone Age. Visit the Museum of Gold and Silver in Smokvica, and while in Lumbarda, the island's sandy paradise, discover what the Lumbarda Psephisma is.

For a greater experience

Enhance your stay on the island with some of the many events in 2022. Concerts, shows, and folk dance performances are held in the summer months in nearly all of the towns on the island. The Wine Festival and Pošip Festival (both July - August), as well as the Sword Dance Festival (opening in Korčula in June, 25 - closing in Vela Luka in September) can be visited on the entire island. The knight's dances of Moreška (City of Korčula), Kumpanija (Vela Luka, Blato, Smokvica, Čara, and Pupnat), and Moštra (Žrnovo) are traditionally performed on the feast days of certain protector saints for each town on the island, but also several times during the summer months. Don't miss out on the celebration of the Half New Year in Korčula (June 30), The Siege of Korčula Opera (August 21 and 23), Korkyra Baroque Festival (September 1 - 17), and Korčulanske pjatance (October 20 - 23), the Flavors of the Island of Korčula festival, classical music concerts on Tuesdays, and regular and formal performances of the Moreška, Moštra, and Kumpanija sword dances in Korčula, Žrnovo, Čara, and Pupnat. In Vela Luka, don't miss out on the Trace into Infinity concert (July 26 - 31), a week dedicated to the memory of a great Croatian musician, Oliver Dragojević, followed by a sports event, Vela Luka Outdoors (September 9 - 11), and Days of Lumblija (October). In Blato, visit the eno-gastro event, Flavors and aromas of the homeland (June - August), Kopila Days (September), and Days of Lumblija (October). Besides enjoying the long sandy beaches in Lumbarda, children will also enjoy the performances of the children's folk dance group on Wednesdays (June 15 - September 15), and the puppet shows (July 7 and 14, and August 18), while adults will enjoy the Fishermen's nights (Fridays during summer) . Summer in Smokvica will be celebrated with the night of the Kumpanija Knight's Association (August 4), and Celebration of Our Lady (August 15). Diverse, interesting, and full of experiences. That is what island events are like, and that is what your vacation

Marco Polo's island

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023
© Korčula Tourist Board 15 © Boris Kačan / Korčula Tourist Board 16
will be like.  © Josipa Protić / Blato Tourist Board 17 © Eldar Nurković / Vela Luka Tourist Board 21 © Blato Tourist Board 20 13 Barilo Ethno House in Blato; 14
in Vela Luka; 15 Veliki Revelin tower in Korčula; 16 The
cake; 18
21 The
into eternity) concert. © Korkyra Baroque Festival 19 © Blato Tourist Board 13 © Boris Kačan / Vela Luka Tourist Board 14 © Boris Kačan / Vela Luka Tourist Board 18 Issue topic DUBROVNIK AND NERETVA COUNTY: Korčula Island 20
June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine KorčulaTouristBoard ©MarijaFarac visitkorculaisland.com visitkorcula.eu tzo-blato.hrvisitlumbarda.eu tzvelaluka.hrbrna.hr Korčula Sword Dance Festival © Korčula Tourist Board, http://youtu.be/y4XkzoXTXMY 21


Active and athletic in spirit - such events continue to be the most popular and in demand. Anything that is outdoors, out in the open, and in nature is a trend again this year, and you can find events like that throughout Croatia. We have singled out a few upcoming events here.

Rally Show Santa Domenica

For the tenth consecutive year, the rally season in Croatia will be rounded off with the Santa Domenica Rally Show (November 26 - 27, 2022). Enthusiasts from AKK Sveta Nedelja will once again offer all fans of octane and speed a true winter macadam treat.

Dalmatia Ultra Trail

The ideal time for an active holiday in Dalmatia is October, and the ideal way to tour the most interesting locations is by participating in the Dalmatia Ultra Trail international trail race (October 14 - 16, 2022).

The race, which starts in Omiš, will connect five mountains, three rivers, and numerous historical sites and cultural attractions all at once.

CRO Race

The international cycling race CRO Race (September 27October 2, 2022) will once again gather cyclists and teams from all over the world, who will compete in six legs and ride more than a thousand kilometers throughout Croatia. Passing through some of the most beautiful parts of Croatia offers an unforgettable experience for the competitors and the audience.

PRO 3x3 Tour

The Croatian Open Champion ship in 3x3 basketball, currently the most popular and fastestgrowing urban sport in the world, will be held from May 13 to September 10, 2022 in ten Croatian cities. After Dubrovnik, Šibenik, Zadar, Vukovar, and Vinkovci, the next games will be held in Osijek (June 24 - 25), Umag (August 19 - 20), Karlovac (August 26 - 27), Zagreb (September 2 - 3), and Pula (September 9 - 10), where the tournament finale will be held.

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 © Mislav Mesek / Dalmatia Ultra Trail
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KL Photo / CRO Race
crorace.com 22

1 Hiking; 2 Adventure in the Cetina; 3 Climbers; 4 Exploring by bike; 5 The Sinj Alka; 6 Horseback riding in untouched nature.

Text: Željka Kunštek Photos: Sinj Tourist Board

Actively through the Dalmatian Hinterland

Discover the active side of Sinj in idyllic untouched nature, but make enough time to enjoy the other experiences the town of knights has to offer.

By bike or horseback, kayak or canoe, quad, buggy or jeep, parachute or paraglider, or on foot - it really doesn't matter how you decide to explore the enchanting landscape of Sinj and the Dalmatian Hinterland. The possibilities are endless, and choosing the best activity or combination of activities depends only on your interests and level of physical fitness. If you decide to head out to tour Sinj by bike or join one of the bike races, every move you make in idyllic untouched nature will be rewarded with views of precious archeological sites that you will pass on your way. Your journey will also take you over impressive old bridges on the Cetina River, an eternal inspiration for artists, but also for recreational athletes. A true treat for those looking for an adrenaline rush is the Cetina Adventure Race that combines three disciplines every year: trekking, kayaking, and mountain biking, all while rewarding participants with views of canyons,

glades, and the Cetina's tributaries and lakes. The Cetina is responsible for the beauty of the Peruća Lake, a favorite spot for rowers and anglers, and for swimmers in the summer. Glades, springs, rivers, streams, limestone pavement, and plateaus, along with an immensely diverse flora and fauna... hikers can discover all that in the Cetinska Krajina region. Follow the many marked trails, or, even better, head out to explore them accompanied by local guides who will reveal many interesting facts along the way. Not only are there hiking and cycling trails, but there are also kilometers of walking and equestrian trails. The Dalmatian "El Camino de Santiago" - The Trail of Our Lady of Sinj runs through Sinj. It is a pilgrimage route that people from many directions have walked for centuries to the largest Marian shrine in southern Croatia, the Sanctuary of the Miraculous Lady of Sinj. Old trails and bridges, tombstones and fortresses, and churches and museums will keep you company on your spiritual path to Our Lady. While in the city of knights,

get to know its local alkar knights. The innovative and interactive Museum of the Sinj Alka reveals the story of alkar knights and their tournaments. Have a look at the valuable archeological collection at the Franciscan monastery and at the Museum of the Cetinska Krajina Region. Make sure to be in Sinj on the first Sunday in August to personally witness the knights' tournament - the Sinj Alka. Just like an alkar, have a seat at a table in Sinj later on and allow the seductive flavors of local delicacies to take you on yet another exciting journey. 

Find out more information on Sinj at: visitsinj.hr

Discover the active side of Sinj:

June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine
2 ©
Vrgoč Sinj
Tourist Board
4 ©
Monika Vrgoč Sinj Tourist Board
Active vacationSINJ 1 © Monika Vrgoč / Sinj
Tourist Board
5 © Branko Čović /
Sinj Tourist Board
3 © Monika Vrgoč / Sinj Tourist
© Monika Vrgoč / Sinj Tourist Board6 23

Not only will Solin take you through ancient times, but it will also take you on an exciting gastronomic journey. One of the main delicacies in Solin is trout, a freshwater fish that the locals prepare in many ways - in wine, in polenta, as a classic brodetto... Taste them and find your favorite combination.

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023
©Maja DanicaPečanić Gastronomy SOLIN 24

Embraced by ancient times and romance

This summer, the "Romance in Salona" festival once again brings an air of ancient times and romance to the very heart of Solin.

Take three nights off and trade in the hustle and bustle of 21st century travel destinations with the romance of ancient times, and spend your evening with the emperor and empress, gladiator fights, loud drums, but also the melancholic sounds of mandolins and guitars, with delicious ancient dishes, forgotten games, archeological treats... and truly a lot of romance. There is no better backdrop for that event than ancient Salona, modern-day Solin, a city in the heart of Dalmatia. To get a better feel for the experience of thematic ancient evenings, first take a walk through Solin and feel the beat of the largest archeological park in Croatia. Tour Manastirine (an ancient Christian graveyard), stop by at Tusculum (an archeological museum with replicas of ancient artifacts), visit the 2nd-century amphitheater, tour the cathedral complex with two basilicas, a baptistery, and spa, and then visit Gašpina watermill to learn how to grind

grain. Follow the Jadro River to reach Gospin otok (Our Lady's Isle), the oldest Marian shrine in Croatia. After that, you're ready for new experiences. During the first thematic evening (July 9, 2022), called "Ancient Beauty Salon and Ancient Theater", discover the beauty secrets women had in ancient times. Cosmetics, perfumes, hairstyles... followed by a show. Yes, women are sure to enjoy that evening. "Gladiator Night" (July 30, 2022) is sure to attract the male audience to the amphitheaters. Gladiator fights, Roman guards, a spectacular fire show, musical performances, an ancient craft fair, ancient dishes and games are just part of the night's events. "Ancient Times at the Jadro" (August 6, 2022) brings an ancient craft fair, ancient workshops for children, an ancient mosaic workshop, a little archeological course, and ancient games to the heart of the city, all accompanied by the music of mandolins and guitars

a well-rounded

June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine 5
experience.  Text: Željka Kunštek Photos: Solin Tourist Board EventsSOLIN 3 nTourist Board 4 During the first and second evening, tour Salona accompanied by a local guide. Click here and watch a short video about Romance in Salona: Solin Tourist Board Kralja Zvonimira 69 • 21210 Solin • Croatia  +385 21 210048 • tz@solin-info.com solin-info.com ©Ante Mula / Solin Tourist Board © Ante Mula / Solin Tourist Board 1 2 Women's beauty routines in ancient times; 3 Gladiator fights; 4 Emperor Diocletian and Empress Priska; 5 The amphitheater in Salona. So lin Tou r i s t B o a r d 2 1 25

While staying at the Makarska Riviera, go on an excursion to the Biokovo Nature Park. Besides being awaited by the natural beauty there, you will also find a unique attractionthe Skywalk lookout - Skywalk Biokovo offers a view that is truly worth a million dollars - of the Makarska Riviera, the sea, and the surrounding islands. You can reach the lookout at an altitude of 1228 meters above sea level via the highest paved road in Croatia.

Shutterstock©VaidotasGrybauskas Attractions of Croatia BIOKOVO NATURE PARK 26

Connecting the sea and the mountains

A landscape adored by tourists and filmmakers, but also perfect for your vacation.

Pearly white beaches splashed by the crystal clear sea and the impressive Biokovo Mountain that rises above them are a perfect backdrop for a vacation. It is a landscape that has attracted not only many tourists, families with children, and recreational and professional athletes to the lively place of Baška Voda in central Dalmatia, but it also regularly attracts filmmakers ("Game of Thrones" was filmed there), along with those who care for their health. The therapeutic cocktail of clean sea and mountain air, enhanced with the aroma of Mediterranean plants, convincingly relieves stress and energizes visitors. The town got its name from water springs, but its trademark today is its beaches, which have been named on the list of the most attractive beaches

in the Mediterranean (Daily Mail). Even though they will entice you to relax, don't get too lazy because there are also many options for recreation. Diving and various water sports, cycling, walking along the boardwalk, in the shade of palm trees, and romantic beachside walks, or meandering down trails through olive groves, vineyards, and pine forests? Experience it all. When the temperature isn't high, head out on a professionally-guided excursion of Biokovo. A must-see attraction is the Skywalk viewpoint, which is a cantilevered walkway in Biokovo Nature Park that offers a magnificent view of the Makarska Riviera and the islands. Enhance your stay in Baška Voda with healthy Dalmatian dishes, and stay in one of the comfortable apartments, camps, or superb hotels. The selection is vast.

To better experience the destination, click here to watch a short film:

Download a Guide to Baška Voda, prepared in 12 international languages:


June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine
Text: Željka Kunštek • Photos: © Ljudevit Blagec & FotkAM / Baška Voda Tourist Board
 Experience CroatiaBAŠKA VODA 27

Let the historical center of the city of Split, with Diocletian's palace and cellars, which are protected by UNESCO, be your starting point from which you head out to explore Split. While walking through the former emperor's residence, head down to the cellars, which are livelier than ever before. You will likely come across a show, fair, or exhibition, and you can always buy a souvenir in the central hall that will remind you of your stay in the heart of Dalmatia for a long, long time.

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023
tipTravelmagazine©RobertKunštek Attractions of Croatia SPLIT 28

Relaxation inspired by luxury

In the heart of Dalmatia, in Split, where Roman Emperor Diocletian once walked and built his impressive palace in the old city center right next to the sea, which is now protected by UNESCO, you will find an oasis for true hedonists. In that corner of the Mediterranean, the *****Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Split harmoniously combines Dalmatian charm, luxury, and elegance, which has resulted in a superb, relaxing vacation in style. Not only is attention to detail visible in the 252 elegant rooms inspired by luxury, but it is also seen at every step in the unique resort. The five different restaurants will take you on an exciting food and wine experience through the

Mediterranean, but also through other areas, with their carefully selected delicacies, wines, sparkling wines, and cocktails that will satisfy the taste buds of even the most selective gourmets. After enjoying the gourmet menu, have a look at the deluxe spa menu in Dalmatia's favorite wellness centerSPALATO Spa, which guarantees a super holistic wellness experience 365 days a year, with a completely personalized, individual approach. Luxurious treatments, high-tech equipment for the most contemporary and revitalizing face and body treatments, and professional therapists and experts are the reason the modern and elegant spa is known all over Europe. The indoor

and outdoor pools, steam bath, whirlpools, Finnish and bio sauna, luxurious relax zone, fitness room, yoga classes, personal trainers, and rich spa menu with a great selection of massages, cosmetic treatments, and wellness experiences... The selection is truly vast. Have a look at the spa menu in the calm and relaxing atmosphere of the hotel center and choose your individual wellness program. A gemstone massage, invigorating Spirulina facial treatment, or the "Power of the Sea" with an aquatic scrub, full-body massage and golden oil? Yes, you will definitely be pampered at the SPALATO Spa.

June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine Wellness & SpaSPLIT
Text: Željka Kunštek Photos: © Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Split
 29

It's time for... Vodice!

Kilometers of beautiful beaches, inspirational excursions, taste-testing tours, plenty of things to do for all generations, relaxing wellness and spa oases... Vodice has everything you need for the vacation you want.

It's hard to resist a vacation in a Mediterranean destination that offers diversity, energy, possibilities, attractiveness, and charm as much as Vodice does. So, don't look any further, but instead start planning your adventure in Vodice. If you visit Vodice in the summer months, you will definitely want to start off by

seeking refreshment in the clear blue sea lined by many beaches. Soft sand, small pebbles, or warm concrete... choose the surface you'd like to feel under your feet. The selection is also vast as far as activities are concerned. Children's playgrounds, water slides, pedal boats, trampolines, and the water park will delight the youngest visitors, while many beaches offer many options for an active vacation that creates new experiences. Have you ever tried SUP-ing or parasailing, kayaking, water skiing, diving to enchanting underwater gardens and sunken ships, or tightening the sails and feeling free? If you prefer staying on dry land, explore Vodice by bike. Kilometers of diverse, marked trails will take you alongside the sea, vineyards, and olive groves. Recreational cyclists can choose one of the easier trails, while those more experienced can head to the red trails and challenging inclines. Nordic walking is also a great choice for recreation as it will also reveal beautiful landscapes.

Inspired by Faust

Vodice is a great starting point to head out from on many excursions

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 Experience Croatia VODICE
© Petar Gregurev / Vodice Tourist Board © Petar Gregurev / Vodice Tourist Board © Petar Gregurev / Vodice Tourist Board 1 3 2
1 The heart of Vodice with a marina; 2 Vruje Beach; 3 Blue Beach; 4 Srima Peninsula. © Petar Gregurev Vodice Tourist Board 4 30

throughout Dalmatia. The Krka and Kornati national parks and Vransko jezero and Telašćica nature parks are oases of true beauty, and they are all easily and quickly accessible from Vodice. The locals also organize many tours - cycling, walking, adventure, and kayak tours. Amongst the most popular tours are those inspired by the world-famous inventor, Faust Vrančić, who designed the following things - the parachute, bridges, sundial, grape press, olive press... One of the favorite excursions is "Sail through Faust's Homeland". Once you board the excursion boat, you will sail by Šibenik and its UNESCO monuments (St. James Cathedral and St. Nicholas Fortress), pick up some fresh mussels that the locals will prepare for you on the boat, and sail to Prvić, the island where Faust spent his childhood. Tour the "Faust Vrančić Memorial Center" there, which interactively reveals a lot about the Croatian great and man who

was ahead of his time. Have a look at the models of his inventions, and discover everything he was the first to do. You can also reach Prvić as part of an organized kayak excursion. Make sure to also set aside some time for culinary delights, but not just in taverns and restaurants. Taste-testing tours will take you to tasting rooms of superb local wine and fantastic olive oil. Taste the heavenly natural drops, discover how they are made, and what their health benefits are.

Vodice is also a health destination, and special attention is given at local hotels to carefully prepared wellness and spa treatments inspired by nature. At those relaxing oases, you can find a wide range of massages, treatments, and rituals that balance your body and mind. You can also create your own completely free natural therapy session - sit next to the sea and breathe in deeply so that the healing aerosols from the sea fill your body.

5 Sailing; 6 Cycling next to the sea;

7 At the "Faust Vrančić Memorial Center" they display many models of his inventions; 8 Exploring the underwater world; 9 Kayaking; 10 11 Taste-testing tours include a tasting of superb olive oils.

Then take a relaxed step into the sea, listen to the sound of the sea and the waves, and take as much time as you need. That is precisely what you will need the most to enjoy everything Vodice offers in abundance - time. 

June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine
Vodice Tourist Board vodice.hr
© Damil Kalogjera / Vodice Tourist Board © Dražen Breitenfeld / Vodice Tourist Board © Robert Kunštek / tipTravel magazine 5 6 7 © Vodice Dive / Vodice Tourist Board 8 © Karika Vodice / Vodice Tourist Board 9
© Dražen Breitenfeld Vodice Tourist Board 10 © Dražen Breitenfeld Vodice Tourist Board 11 31


birds living in the area

make that city

favorite birdwatching destination in

The trademark of the Nin lagoon

the Black-winged stilt (Himantopus himantopus)

while bird aficionados

the European bee-eater (Merops apiaster)

Eurasian hoopoe (Upupa epops)

common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)

egret (Egretta garzetta)

northern lapwing (Vanellus vanellus)

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 Birdwatching NIN n/Nin Tourist Board © M a r i n S t ul i ć / Ni n The 240
surrounding Nin
and expert photographs will also notice
, the
, little
, the
... © Mari n 1 Black-winged stilt (Himantopus himantopus); 2 Eurasian hoopoe (Upupa epops); 3 Common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis); 4 European bee-eaters (Merops apiaster). 2 3 4 ©NinTouristBoard GoranŠafarek1 32

At the source of experiences

If you love the sun, sand, romance, and unique attractions, you will adore Nin.

If you head around 15 kilometers north of Zadar, you will reach Nin, a town anchored in a shallow sandy lagoon. Even though it is small, Nin is a treasure trove of great experiences. Nin is the oldest Croatian royal town, and it is home to the smallest cathedral in the world, the longest sandy beach in Croatia (Kraljičina Beach, 3 km), and salt works, where the so-called white gold is still produced in the same way as it was a thousand years ago. Nin has beautiful beaches, therapeutic mud, and a statue of Grgur Ninski, whose big toe brings you good luck if you touch it. It has been named a European Destination of Excellence, and its locals are also fantastic, as they constantly create new experiences for all those who visit them. Amongst them are attractive festivals, and four of them especially stand out. Visit them in 2022.

On the first day of summer (June 21), the Festival of Sun and Light is a perfect way to kick off the warmest season of the year. It takes place at the unique Church of the Holy Cross that dates back to the

9th century, which was built to serve as a calendar and sundial. It is known as the smallest cathedral in the world, Croatia's Stonehenge, and the church of Croatian kings. Discover what makes it unique and bear witness to the incredible game of the sun, light, and shadows, while also having a great time. Visiting Nin and not trying šokol would be a crime. Although that specialty from Nin can always be tried at the taverns and restaurants there, the best time to try it is at the Nin šokolijada (July 17), a gastro and ethno event where šokol-makers compete in making that smoked meat product, for which there is a secret recipe. Nin also bears the title of being one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, and even the shape of its charming old city center is reminiscent of a heart. Logically, the locals organize Romantic Week (August 8-14), when the city awaits you with many creative exhibits. A romantic arch, kissing benches, romantic spots, and red ribbons everywhere are the perfect photo backdrop. The city in the middle of a sand lagoon also has a

Festival of Sand - Magic that occurs and disappears (August 20). On that day, Nin's sandy beaches become a stage for the most diverse sand sculptures that are created by artists, locals, children, but also tourists, so why not try your hand at it too?

2 ©
Ivo Pervan
Nin Tourist Board
4 ©
Marija Dejanović
Nin Tourist Board
EventsNIN 1 © Ivo Pervan / Nin
Tourist Board
5 © Ivo
/ Nin
Tourist Board
3 © Marija Dejanović / Nin
Tourist Board Text: Željka Kunštek Photos: Nin Tourist Board
5 Romantic Week;
The Festival of Sand;
The Festival of Sun and Light;
Šokol is Nin's gastro brand, and Nin's šokolijada reveals its ingredients and flavor.
Board nin.hr © Ivo Pervan / Nin
TZ Grada Nina
 33

Kvarner's priceless experiences

Kvarner, the region in the northeastern

Adriatic that started Croatia's tourism story more than 170 years ago, has a lot to offer. It is a region where nature has shown all of its diversity and harmoniously combined the mountains and the sea, where history and tradition have written the most beautiful stories, and the locals have enhanced it all with many experiences. In Kvarner, you will find a Riviera where emperors used to relax, islands with emerald coves where kings used to swim, and a magnificent mountain range. Only in Kvarner can you taste the best shrimp in the world, adopt a dolphin, admire the flight of Griffon vultures, ski with a view of the sea...

1 A view of Opatija, the city where Croatian tourism first started developing.

For relaxing and an adrenaline rush

Once the sun warms up the sea, sand, fine pebbles, and stones on Kvarner's beaches, there is no better invitation to swim in the sea that is all shades of blue. It is best to enter the sea from one of the many beaches, immersed in untouched nature, which Kvarner has to offer at every step. Find the one that suits you best: big or small, cultivated or natural, hidden and calm,


While visiting Kvarner visit Opatija, a city that has always been known as an elite destination. See why for yourself.

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023
The irresistible combination of the mountains and the sea, the right balance of a vacation, relaxation, and fun, and the ideal dose of health, activities, culture, and food and wine delights... and you have the recipe for a perfect vacation in Kvarner.
KvarnerRegionTouristBoard©FrankHeuer1 Experience Croatia KVARNER REGION 34

or lively, with plenty of things to do for all generations. Some of the beaches fly the blue flag, which is a symbol of environmental preservation and a clean sea and beach, but all of them are splashed by the clean, blue sea. Some of the most attractive beaches are St. Ivan in Lubenice on the island of Cres, Paradise Beach in Lopar on the island of Rab, Vela Beach in Baška on the island of Krk...

Your four-legged friends will also enjoy Kvarner where there are beaches designed for them, and Podvorska Beach in Crikvenica has been named the best dog beach in the Adriatic. Stay at the beach for a little longer, since there are many paths and trails that are ideal for recreation. Not only will they take you alongside the sea, but Kvarner's paths and thematic trails, of varying lengths and difficulties, will also take you to cultural attractions and irresistible panoramic views. Hikers will also have a wide selection of trails, as will recreational cyclists, but also fans of mountain biking. The underwater world in Kvarner, with numerous underwater caves and wrecks of ships sunk long ago, is a true treat for divers. Wakeboarding, parachuting, paragliding, and ziplining are just a few of the activities that will quicken your pulse and create permanent memories. The mountainous area of Kvarner awaits you with fast mountain rivers that invite you to go rafting and canoeing, along with lakes that attract fishermen.

The pinnacle of the gourmet scene

After all that recreation, you are sure to get hungry. Sit at a table in one of the many taverns or restaurants bearing the Kvarner Gourmet and Kvarner Food signs, which guarantee a superb gastronomic experience in the region that is at the pinnacle of Croatia's gourmet scene. The diversity of the landscape, sea, and mountains is also seen on the plates, and chefs will prepare the carefully selected fresh, local, seasonal ingredients in creative ways, while also respecting tradition, but also the influence left behind in the past by Italian, Austrian, Hungarian, and Czech gastronomy. The main "star" of dishes in Kvarner is shrimp, which even the greatest gourmets crave, claiming it is the tastiest in the world. In the coastal region and on islands try other Mediterranean dishes with fish, crabs, and shellfish, enhanced with fantastic olive oil and Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, sage, bay leaf... While on islands, try the island lamb, sheep and goat cheese, quark, and prosciutto,

off your gastronomic journey with

2 The Blue grotto Beach on the island of Cres; 3 Swinging with a view of Krušćica Beach on Cres;

Lokvarsko Lake in Gorski Kotar;

Running in nature; 6 Kvarner shrimp; 7 Delicious bites to eat with a view of the Lošinj archipelago.

June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine »
On Cres, watch the Griffon vulture fly, then tighten the sails and see bottlenose dolphins happily play in the Lošinj archipelago.
Shrimp gets
its incredible
tenderness and
a shallow
with plenty of fresh water
springs. 2 © Sandro Tariba / Kvarner
Region Tourist
Board © Marijana Eršte / Kvarner Region Tourist Board 3 © Vladimir Franolić / Kvarner Region Tourist Board 4 © Kvarner Region Tourist Board 5 © Pavela digital Kvarner Region Tourist Board 7 © Frank Heuer / Kvarner Region Tourist Board 6 35

8 The town of Vrbnik on the island of Krk; 9 The Frankopan Castle in the city of Grobnik; 10 Mali Lošinj;

11 The island of Lošinj has an abundance of attractive coves and beaches.

a glass of žlahtina, a light, white wine produced with the sort of grapes bearing the same name, which grows best in the area of the town of Vrbnik on the island of Krk, and in the Vinodol region. Raise a glass of Valomet, a sparkling wine that matures at the bottom of the sea, with the locals.

A dose of health and culture

Thanks to its diverse offer, you will never be bored on Kvarner. Whichever time of year you decide to visit, take the time to improve your health. After all, you are in the region where health tourism started in the late 19th century, which was visited by Europe's aristocratic and artistic elite for their health, and is now home to many therapeutic spas, clinics and polyclinics, wellness and spa centers, combined under the brand Kvarner Health and Wellbeing. For a start, while in Kvarner - breathe deeply. Aromatherapy in the open air, where sea air mixes with the scents of aromatic herbs, but also with fresh forest air, will reenergize you, boost your immunity, reduce fatigue, and relieve you of stress. For total relaxation, visit one of the wellness and spa centers that offer carefully created treatments inspired by the sea and Mediterranean herbs.

Kvarner is also the home of Croatian culture and a true cultural delight for tourists. In Jurandvor, near Baška on the island of Krk, find out the secrets of the Baška Tablet, get to know more about the Glagolitic script, a Slavic alphabet, and head out to find the unusual letters scattered along the Baška Glagolitic Trail. Follow in the footsteps of Krk's Frankopan Counts and via the "Frankopan Heritage Trail", a culturaltourism trail, tour their castles, including the Trsat fortress in Rijeka and a castle on Grobnik. While on the island of Lošinj, find out who the Apoxyomenos was, and at the very connection between the islands of Cres and Lošinj tour Osor, a city museum. On Cres, visit Lubenice, a town located at the top of a cliff, 378 meters above the sea. The streets there don't have any names, and the houses are just numbered from 1 to 42. The island of Rab is a story of its own, and you can start discovering its cultural treasures with the help of a mobile app called Rab Archaeological (T)races, on three educational trails. Throughout all of Kvarner, there are churches, palaces, acropolis towns... However, the only place that has elaborate Secession villas, fashionable hotels, exotic parks, and Croatian Walk of Fame is Opatija, Kvarner's lady of tourism where Croatia's story of tourism began. Opatija is an icon of style, beauty, charm and glamour, an elite destination visited by emperors, kings and princes, Croatian counts, Nobel Prize winners, artists... So, there's no reason why you shouldn't visit it and the diverse Kvarner.

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 8
© Frank Heuer Kvarner Region Tourist Board
Vladimir Franolić / Kvarner Region TBoard © Pavela digital / Kvarner Region Tourist Board 10 © Frank Heuer Kvarner Region Tourist Board
 Experience Croatia KVARNER REGION 36

Croatia’s best kept secret

June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine
© N. Reberšak© N. Reberšak © J. Mastrović© J. Mastrović © P. Trinajstić© P. Trinajstić© M. Vrdoljak© M. Vrdoljak kvarner region tourist board 51410 opatija, nikole tesle 2, t +385 (0)51 272 988, e kvarner@kvarner.hr ’kvarner info – the adriatic gate’ tourist information centre: t +385 (0)51 623 333, 628 888, e info@kvarner.hr www.kvarner.hr 37

Luxury in nature

Sunny coves, beaches that are splashed by the clear blue sea, the shade of Mediterranean pines, sports and entertainment, the aroma of freshly grilled fish, songs in the evening, the open sea illuminated by the lights of fishing boats, and peace. That might just be how you imagine your ideal vacation, but you can make that vision easily become reality in the fishing town of Šilo on the island of Krk, just 20 km away from the Krk Bridge. The "Tiha" Šilo camp, tucked away in a preserved and carefully cultivated landscape, is the perfect spot for campers who will find clear lots under the canopies of aromatic Mediterranean pines. Along with electrical and water connections, the lots and the entire camp offer a WiFi connection. Those who are looking for a vacation in direct contact with nature, but in a sign of luxury, will be delighted with the modern, superbly equipped mobile homes inspired by the Mediterranean: Deluxe Sea view, Superior Sea view, Premium Family, Mediterranean Premium, and Mediterranean Standard. Mobile homes are a true hit, and they all offer superb comfort and a spacious terrace for a true vacation.

For a delicious meal, visit the Portić Restaurant, which, along with fresh fish and dishes inspired by the sea, also offers local, traditional dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. You can also enjoy tasty dishes, a large assortment of refreshing beverages and cocktails, and fantastic music at the Mare Beach Bar on the camp's beach. There is also a grocery store at the camp, along with tennis and beach volleyball courts. You can also rent a SUP, kayak, bike, and boat at the camp and head over to some of the hidden coves, or you can enroll in a diving course. Another great way of spending time is visiting the Immortelle Farm near Omišalj where the locals will take you on a tour of the plantation and distillery, and teach you about that therapeutic Mediterranean herb, which is favored in the cosmetic industry. The camp is also a great place to start out from on the Camino Krk trail, around 150 km long, which passes through the natural beauty of the island, alongside old castles and churches, abandoned villages, medieval towns, heavenly beaches and viewpoints that offer breathtaking views. Finding inner peace on the pilgrimage route that passes through those magnificent landscapes is a priceless experience.

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 Camping KRK ISLAND
Text: Željka Kunštek Photos: © Tiha Šilo Camp



A golden Krk autumn

Active, fun, and delicious - that's what autumn is like on Kvarner's golden island.

One of the largest and most popular islands in Croatia, which is also the northernmost island in the Mediterranean, that has been called the golden island ("Insula Aurea") since ancient times, is a perfect place for a vacation at any time of the year. Still, the island of Krk is especially charming at the end of summer and in the autumn. At that time, the sea is still warm enough for swimming, the juicy žlahtina grapes get their golden color, the figs are at their best, the olives at their ripest, and it is a true delight to release some adrenaline with one of your favorite activities. For the autumn of 2022, the locals of Kvarner's golden island, connected to land with the Krk Bridge, have announced many diverse events. Along with the concert of Klapa Cambi at 8:00 pm on the feast day of Marymas (September 8) in Polje, close to Dobrinj, you can also see the "Art & Sound" exhibition at the Infeld Cultural Center in Dobrinj until September 30. In nearby Omišalj, don't miss out on the Omišalj 10K (September 24), a 10 000 meter-long

road race. In September, the City of Krk will be in the sign of the Days of Figs, when the Mediterranean's favorite fruit returns to the menus in Krk in the most creative ways. It is also an opportunity to buy various fig products, but also to try your hand at preparing marmalade using that fruit.

On the other hand, in Malinska and Punat, October will be in the sign of the Queen of the Mediterranean - the olive. Malinska awaits you with a series of educational, gastro, and wellness programs inspired by olives, united under the name "Olive Touch". The locals will take you on an olive harvest, offer you specialties based on olive oil, and spoil you with wellness programs using products based on olives. In Punat, as is tradition for Olive Days, the locals take you on an olive harvest, organize many exhibitions based on olives, and prepare a true feast in Punat's restaurants.

The autumn months are perfect for outdoor activities. Krk's favorite outdoor event - the Baška Outdoor

Festival (October 14-16) awaits you with five programs: trail running, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, and a zip line, all accompanied by a lavish program. If you can't make it to Baška, visit Malinska in November for the Malinska Outdoor Weekend (November 11-13). The active weekend includes a trail running race and recreational hiking, along with walking, cycling, and Nordic walking tours... The possibilities are endless, and the choice is yours.

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1 Baška
Festival; 2 The
of Figs; 3 Trail running; 4 Infeld Cultural Center; 5 Olive harvesting; 6 The island of Krk is also a favorite destination for mountain biking. Text:
Željka Kunštek
© The Municipality of Baška Tourist Board 1 © I. Gržetić / City of Krk Tourist Board 2 © The Municipality of Omišalj Tourist Board 3 © The Municipality of Dobrinj Tourist Board 4 © Sergio Gobbo / The Municipality of Punat Tourist Board 5 © The Municipality of MalinskaDubašnica Tourist Board 6 39

DUBoak: A story of man, oak, and the sea

There are few places that can tell the story of their area in way that is modern, interactive, exciting, and entertaining for all generations like they do at DUBoak, the fantastic Malinska-Dubašnica Interpretation center for maritime heritage that manages to retain the attention of even the youngest visitors for a surprisingly long time. The unavoidable hot spot on the island of Krk reveals a story where the main role is played by an old oak forest and the blue sea, and their harmonious coexistence with the islanders. Discover the secret connection between oak (dub) and traditional boats, and the path the oak took from the forests of Dubašnica to the sea and Mediterranean ports, and then get to know more about the boat that have always meant the world to the people of Malinska: guc, pasara, bracera, and loger. It will soon become clear to you that you are in an area of superb shipbuilders, where maritime culture has always been sacred, and the sea is incredibly revered. Put on a pair of virtual

Dubašnica got its name from dub (oak), as did the incredible DUBoak Interpretation Center (the combination of the local name "dub" and English "oak"), where various events are held all year long.

reality glasses and travel through time and places. What do you think of sailing on a wooden boat, from Malinska to Venice, in the mid-19th century? Be careful, you might get stuck in a storm... And while your youngest family members are putting together puzzle boats classically and virtually, listen to the story of the ladva, a boat used in Neolithic times, and try to find Malinska on the precise maps of Ivan Klobučarić, a famous 16th-century cartographer from Dubašnica and Croatia. Young shipbuilders might be intrigued by the nearby shipyard, a small familyowned shipyard where boats are still made the same way today as they were 150 years ago. Take a walk next to the anchored pasara boats, which are part of DUBoak's outdoor exhibition, which set sea in Malinska's waves during regattas and exhibitions of wooden boats throughout the Adriatic, but are also used to show how to sail. We had the honor of rowing a pasara, and you have the chance to explore the story about the strong connection between man, oak, and the sea.

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Text: Željka Kunštek

Biserujka Cave: In the magnificent underground world

As interesting as it is at the surface, the island of Krk is also attractive underground. The Biserujka Cave (also known as Vitezić's Cave), near the town of Omišalj on the northwestern part of the island, is excellent proof of that, and its opulent underground halls are abundant with cave decorations - stalactites, columns, and calcareous sinters. Explore the Great Hall, Arched Hall, and Cypress Hall at its pleasant 15°C, and at the entrance to the cave have a look at the remains of the Cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) , who once lived there, and find out a lot of interesting facts from the guide, including facts about its current inhabitantsstenoendemic species.

The Crikvenica Eye: A completely different view of the city

Just 20 kilometers from the island of Krk, in nearby Crikvenica, a new city attraction appeared in midJune 2022. Just like the European capitals of Vienna and London, the Crikvenica Riviera also got its own panoramic Ferris wheelthe Crikvenica Eye. Although it's somewhat smaller than Vienna's famous Riesenrad or the London Eye and reaches a height of 22 meters, Crikvenica's Ferris wheel offers a special view - of the sea and the city. The 18 gondolas can fit 50 people, and the ride takes seven to nine minutes. Besides enjoying the view of Crikvenica and the waters surrounding Crikvenica, riding the Ferris wheel also is a fantastic opportunity to take a picture from a completely different perspective. The best time to do so is in the early evening hours, at sundown, or at blue hour, a favorite time amongst photographers.

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The island of Lošinj is like a large aromatic garden surrounded by the blue sea. While walking around the island, which is abundant with diverse exotic plants that Lošinj's sailors brought from their journeys, breathe deeply. Along with the scent of the sea and Mediterranean pines, breathe in the aroma of sage, lavender, immortelle, and other aromatic plants. Lošinj is especially attractive when certain plants are in bloom, such as sage (May - July), when it is a true treat for the eyes to walk through a purple "carpet" and eternalize that magnificent image with a camera.

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A must-visit island oasis

Natural beauty and peace, balanced body and mind, a dose of adventure and great fun to be had... you will find all of that on Lošinj.

Spending spring and summer holidays on the island of Lošinj is always a fantastic idea, and visiting Kvarner's island of vitality and health in the autumn and winter months is a great idea too. A mild microclimate, more than 1018 species of plants (239 of which are medicinal), incredibly clean sea and air, and 250 km of designated paths that meander over the island that the sun caresses more than 260 days a year are enough of an invitation to add Lošinj to your must-visit list of destinations. And then you can visit it at any time of the year. Long ago, the elite of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy recognized the natural treasures Lošinj offers, and they proclaimed the island a climatic health resort. Today, Lošinj is known as a modern aromatherapy destination of vitality, health, wellness, and wellbeing. The medicinal therapy, wellness, and spa treatments and remedies are inspired by Lošinj's plants, and many of the treatments are conducted in the best

possible surroundings - in fresh air. The healthy and aromatic surroundings will inspire you to be more active outdoors. Go for a hike, ride a bike, climb a cliff, or simply walk around the island and find the best possible viewpoint for spectacular sunrises and sunsets. In the warmer months, swim in the turquoise sea, go diving, surfing, sailing, or just lounge on the beaches... Pebble, sandy, rocky... You can find them all in Lošinj's archipelago, along with hidden beaches. If you'd like to enhance your vacation with a truly unique experience, head over to Via Apsyrtides. The hiking transversal, 150 km in length, connects the neighboring island of Cres to Lošinj, and reveals less-known facts about the islands and many natural and cultural attractions along the way. It stretches from the northernmost point of Cres (Pt. Jablanac) to the southernmost point of the island of Ilovik (Pt. Radovan) in the Lošinj archipelago. The many events on the island guarantee that

you will never be bored on Lošinj. The Losinava Festival - Lošinj's sails around the world (September 3 - 17) promotes the rich maritime heritage of the island through a series of regattas, exhibitions, workshops, concerts, and accompanying events, and some of the other upcoming events in 2022 include the 11th Lošinj Half Marathon (October 1), Apoxyomenos - Multisport team race (October 8 - 9), and the Cres & Lošinj Trail Weekend (October 29 - 30).

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1 Čikat Bay;
Riding bikes on the island;
Mali Lošinj;
Lošinj is known as an island of health and vitality;
Via Apsyrtides.
Experience CroatiaLOŠINJ ISLAND
© Sandro Tariba Mali Lošinj Tourist Board 1 © Hrvoje Serdar / Mali Lošinj Tourist Board 2 © Ivan Brčić / Mali Lošinj Tourist Board 3 © Ivan Brčić / Mali Lošinj Tourist Board 4 © Goran Razić / Mali Lošinj Tourist Board 5 43

A hunt for the island's cultural treasure

Thirty cultural treats, three trails, and 40 km of recreation through the beautiful nature of the island... It's the right time to discover the hidden side of the island of Rab.

Text: Željka Kunštek ◆ Photos: Petar Lupić / Town of Rab Tourist Board and Lopar Tourist Board

1 2 Exploring the Capo Fronte trail on foot and by bike; 3 4 5 The Epario trail takes you along the coast of Lopar.

You have probably heard of Rab, one of the most beautiful islands in Kvarner that bears the title of "The Happy Island", due to its four picturesque church towers in Rab, its sandy beaches and emerald bays that not even British King Edward VIII could resist, the Rab Fjera, and Rab cake... However, did you know that the

island has also hidden away a great cultural treasure that has yet to be discovered? Autumn and spring are the perfect time to head out on the adventure of discovering the hidden side of the island. So, put on some comfortable shoes, grab a water bottle, and head out by bike or on foot in good company in the fresh

Click here and watch a short video about the hidden locations of the island of Rab:

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1 3 2
5 44

sea air to hunt for cultural treasure hidden in the wild island landscapes.

Epario, Capo Fronte, or Frux?

Rab Archaeological (T)races offers a priceless experience, and it includes 30 archeological, sacral, and ethnographic heritage sites, connected with three educational walking and cycling trails, of a total length of 40 kilometers that meander through the untouched nature of the island of Rab. Before exploring that outdoor museum, download the Rab Archaeological (T)races mobile app, and while you are on your way follow the educational information boards and the traces hidden in the beautiful nature of the island. Which trail should you choose?

Tour them all, and find out more about what to expect on them here. The Epario trail, which is adored by recreational athletes and families with children, follows the coastline of Lopar, the Adriatic's sandy paradise, alongside archeological sites that reveal the geological attraction of the island. Make sure to bring a swimsuit in the summer months and

don't miss out on cooling off in the clean sea in one of the picturesque coves you will pass by. The Capo Fronte trail is also a favorite amongst recreational athletes and families with children, and it passes through the most-forested part of the island - the Dundo special reserve of forest vegetation and the forested peninsula of Kalifront. While passing through the best-preserved holly oak forest in the Mediterranean, you will also come across medieval churches, dry stone

8 9 The Frux trail connects Lopar and Supetarska Draga, and reveals impressive natural landscapes along with archeological sites and dry stone walls.

walls, and bauxite mines, amongst other things. The trail is about 20 km long, so make your visit is a day-trip, and be sure to take a swim in one of the coves in the warmer months. If you are careful and lucky enough, you might just see a deer or a mouflon. You will find a true masterpiece of dry stone wall construction on the Frux trail that connects Lopar and Supetarska Draga, and it's also great for hikers and MTB cyclists. Along with the archeological sites, the kilometers of dry stone walls the skilled hands of the islanders built there for centuries using a unique and traditional technique, without the use of any binding material, are sure to take your breath away. Make sure to stop at Fruga, next to the Fruška Lokva pond and the impressive views of soil erosion. Yes, the island of Rab is truly like a treasure chest, full of diverse stories and experiences that are just waiting to be discovered.

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 6 7
To actively explore the island in a modern and entertaining way, download the Rab Archaeological Traces app, and click here to see what it contains in a short video: lopar.comrabarchaeologicaltraces.com kvarner.hr croatia.hr 45

Zarecki krov: Istria's hidden treasure

Besides its many well-known natural and cultural attractions, Istria is also full of many hidden treasures, who few people know about (except the locals). One of them is Zarečki krov, a natural attraction tucked away in the idyllic valley of the Pazinčica River, which some could describe as a 3-in-one - a waterfall, cave, and lake. The spacious cave looks like a roof on which the Pazinčica forms a ten-meter-high waterfall, which crashes into the rocks in a lake of the same depth. Zarečki krov is a favorite summer swimming spot and getaway for locals from Pazin, 3 km away, and is the perfect place for diving into the water, water polo, fishing, walking, and picnics. It's also well-known amongst climbers due to its many free climbing routes of varying difficulties. Amongst them is the "Zmija" ("Snake") route, which is considered to be the most difficult route in Croatia, and offers a true challenge for climbers - climbing along the ceiling of the cave. You can get to this attraction in Istria via a gravel road, which you can reach if you head down the old road from Pazin towards Cerovlje.

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ˇ 46

Click here to find out more details about Brijuni Sports Weekend:

Autumn on Brijuni

Brijuni Sports Weekend invites you to enjoy recreation on the islands that were even adored by the aristocracy. We are sure you'll adore them too.

Summer has passed and autumn is beckoning us to join in on new adventures. One of the most beautiful adventures can be experienced on the heavenly Brijuni islands, immersed in the sea along the western coast of Istria, where you will find plenty of options for recreation all autumn long under the warm Mediterranean sun, surrounded by idyllic nature. An excellent time to visit Brijuni National Park is during Brijuni Sports Weekend (October 22 - 23, 2022) which beckons you to explore, walk, or cycle the island, which was once a renowned destination for European and international aristocracy, famous politicians, and members of the elite global art world. Brijuni will definitely win you over too, and to start off, you can conquer the forest trails on Veliki Brijun Island, and the bike trail that leads through the enchanting natural landscape alongside cultural and historical sites that are worth making a stop at. You can reach the Safari Park both on foot and by bike, where indigenous animals from Istria and exotic animals from South America, Africa, and

Asia coexist harmoniously. The elephant, zebras, llamas, ostriches, holy Indian cow, Istrian sheep, goats, and donkeys... They are sure to bring smiles to the faces of all the children, but also all the adults too. Along with walking and cycling tours, on Saturday (October 22), the locals are also organizing a golf lesson for beginners, which is a sport that people have been coming to play on Brijuni for a hundred years, as well as a sports class for children (4 - 12 years old), and a yoga class (only for hotel guests) next to the 1600-year-old olive tree, which is a unique experience. The same activities will also be offered on Sunday (October 23), except for the regular walking tour, which will be substituted by Nordic walking, which is gaining popularity.

If you can't make it to the Brijuni Sports Weekend, a great opportunity to visit the islands is during Open House Days (October 24 - 31, 2022), when guided tours will be organized through Veliki Brijun at reasonable prices. Hotel Istra has prepared a special offer for hotel guests until October 7, and from

October 14 to 27, which you should check out before coming. Staying at the accommodations on Brijuni is an experience in itself that offers a unique combination of tradition and rich Brijuni past with the benefits of modern times. Brijuni are an endless natural and cultural treasure trove, and it takes more than a little time to explore them, but during your first visit see the highlights: the already-mentioned Safari park and old olive tree, Castrum, the dinosaur footprints, the ruins of the Roman Villa in Verige Bay, the ruins of St. Mary's basilica, the Mediterranean garden, the Path of Good Vibrations, the Boathouse and Kupelwieser's mausoleum. 

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The green hit of continental Croatia

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 na Tourist Board / Bjelovar Bilog 4 Text: Željka Kunštek Swimming in a biological pool, walking through tree canopies, cycling, cruising down a river through untouched nature, relaxing under the stars... the BjelovarBilogora area is full of novelties and priceless experiences. Explore them... Experience Croatia BJELOVAR-BILOGORA COUNTY
Kirin/Bjelovar Bilogora County Touri 2 na Tourist Board / Bjelovar Bilog 3 » Due to its great biological and landscape diversity, Poilovlje is under the protection of the "Natura 2000" ecological network. 1 The Poilovlje landscape; 2 The Česma Valley Educational-Thematic Trail; 3 Swans and other species of wetland birds are inhabitants of Poilovlje and the Česma Valley; 4 Poilovlje can also be explored by boat. ©NorthMoslavinaTouristBoard/Bjelovar-BilogoraCountyTouristBoard 1 48

The biological pool, 1665 square meters in area, is divided into pools for non-swimmers and swimmers. The pool for non-swimmers is 1.35 m deep, while the pool for swimmers is up to 3 m in depth.

Green, sustainable, biological, and natural - they have been an absolute hit over the past few years in many sectors, especially in tourism. Sustainable travel and vacations and recreation in enchanting, untouched nature is a growing tourism trend that the Bjelovar-Bilogora area has continuously followed. Once again, the green oasis near the Croatian capital awaits you this year with a series of "green" novelties and irresistible experiences in nature. Discover them slowly, one by one...

A biological pool and walking through canopies

Up until recently, no one could have imagined that one of the largest "green" projects in Croatia - Čazma Natura, was quietly and carefully being prepared in the calm and idyllic town of Čazma, just a 45-minute drive from Zagreb. Even though the area of Čazma is already famous internationally for the Christmas Story of the Salaj Family, who transform their property at Christmas with more than five million lights, from now it will be even more famous thanks to the first public biological pool in Croatia, opened in early July 2022 in Čazma. The unique feature of the pool is that the water is treated absolutely naturally, and no chemicals are used to clean it, but instead, it is cleaned by plants and

microorganisms. It is a true joy to swim in it, and then lounge on the sun deck with your favorite refreshing beverage, or to play volleyball on the nearby court. Next to the pool is a "green classroom" with educational pools full of plants, so this attraction in Čazma also acts as a nature school and is a favorite destination for children. The biological pool is definitely the "main star" of the mentioned green project in Čazma, and a total of ten sites are a part of it - a true treat for nature fans that shouldn't be avoided. Vustje, formerly a favorite fishing site with fishing ponds, and a newly renovated fishing cabin, now also attracts other fans of nature who would like to walk

5 6 The biological pool in Čazma; 7 Medjame next to the Česma River; 8 A beaver habitat in Vustje; 9 The trail at Medjame runs through tree canopies.

on the path through tree canopies, admire nature from the many viewpoints, or experience something completely new - for example, walk into a beaver habitat (which is also a classroom in nature). If you decide to try that experience, on the way you will also discover other interesting constructions made of wood and sticks, but also discover a lot about nature.

Through the Česma Valley, and the Green Gardens of Poilovlje...

Walking through the nearly twokilometer-long trail that leads you to Medjame through tree canopies, forests, and over water is an unforgettable experience. In the semi-arid marshland area, you will feel the call of the wild, see kingfishers, wild ducks, herons, and other wetland birds and amphibians, and enjoy the concert of birds at sundown...

You can also see wetland birds, but also beavers, freshwater crab, does, deer, and other forest inhabitants in

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© Davor Kirin Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board
© Davor Kirin Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board
© Čazma Tourist Board / Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board 6
© Davor
Kirin /
County Tourist Board 5 © Davor Kirin / Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board 9



a walk down the 12.5 km long "Česma Valley" educational-thematic trail. Follow the river and while doing so discover and listen to nature, and to find out more information stop by the many educational boards that reveal many interesting facts about the flora and fauna there. That trail will also lead you through the tree canopies, you will pass alongside viewpoints, and we are sure you will stop by the wooden panoramic terrace, which is an ideal place to watch nature and take a break from walking. Continue following the green trail in the city of Garešnica and its surrounding area, surrounded by greenery and water oases. Those next to the Ilova River are characterized by the greatest biological diversity, so the Green Gardens of Poilovlje are a must-see "green hotspot" of the Bjelovar-Bilogora area. In that living, natural encyclopedia, try to find some of the 62 protected species of

birds, the European beaver, and the always cautious otter. Rent a bike and binoculars at the Visitors' Center and explore the wetland oasis on two wheels. You can also rent a boat and protective gear and cruise along the Ilova River, which is a special experience that will connect you to nature even more.

Finally - turn on the stars

Let your impressions settle in during the evening. Take a blanket, lay down on the grass, and have a look at the starry sky above you. But don't do it near cities, where street lights hide the magic of the stars, instead head over to the best location for that - the Vrani Kamen International Dark Sky Park, near Daruvar. There, far away from light pollution, in the lush nature of Papuk Mountain, a true starry spectacle awaits. Petrov Vrh is a favorite and highly visited location on Papuk for astronomers and astrophotographers for viewing and photographing the starry sky, but also for tourists and romantics. Still, you don't need to be an astronomer to find the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper, admire the Milky Way, or see a shooting star. Don't forget to make a wish to return to that enchanting area once again.

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© Dunj a Žu p a n i ć / B jle orav liB o arog CdraoBtsiruoTytnuo The Vrani Kamen International Dark Sky Park is the first Croatian dark sky park. It spreads over eight thousand hectares on the western part of Papuk Mountain. Bilog ora Co u n t y T o iru ts Bdrao 15 10 The
landscape; 11
Kaniška Iva Information-Education point in Poilovlje; 12 14 Amphibians and protected species of birds are a trademark of Poilovlje; 13 Poilovlje at sunset; 15 16 The starry sky above the Vrani Kamen International Dark Sky Park.  11 © North Moslavina Tourist Board / Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board 10 © North Moslavina Tourist Board / Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board 13 © North Moslavina Tourist Board / Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board 12 © North Moslavina Tourist Board / Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board 14 © North Moslavina Tourist Board / Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board Experience Croatia BJELOVAR-BILOGORA COUNTY 50
June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board tzbbz.hr ©Predrag Uskoković/Bjelovar BilogoraCounty TouristBoard ©Štefan Brajković/Bjelovar BilogoraCounty TouristBoard © oN r t h Moslavi n a T o u r i s t Board/Bjelovar-Bilogora Count y T o u r i s t Board © Davor Kirin / Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board © Damir Bakarić / Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board 51

A range of active experiences

1 The Veliki Kalnik fortress; 2 Sailing in the Galija boat along the Drava; 3 4 Exploring the area on horseback and by bike; 5 Rafting.

Once autumn transforms nature into a colorful affair, the time is right to enjoy an active stay in that beauty. The areas of Podravina and Prigorje, the hidden and somewhat mysterious treasures of continental Croatia, proudly boast that beauty, and while there, nature buffs, recreational athletes and adrenaline junkies can all enjoy themselves. The range of activities is relatively vast, so set aside enough time to enjoy the adventures the tame area has to offer. One of the most beautiful ways to explore the area

while spending time in nature is - on horseback. The more than 280 km of tourist equestrian trails, which are a continuation of the famous Bilogora Equestrian Trails, will take you alongside cultural sites and touristic family estates from which the aromas of Podravina's and Prigorje's dishes waft. Stop by and try the delicious flavors, and then discover the best sites along the trail you choose for a guided tour on horseback. Another true adventure in Podravina awaits you on the Drava River. Hop into a canoe, row down the "Drava

Treat yourself to delicious traditional dishes after an active day in Podravina and Prigorje.

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 Active vacation PODRAVINA AND PRIGORJE
Rafting, canoeing, river boating, hiking, climbing, horseback riding, or an adrenaline ride on a quad? Try it all in Podravina and Prigorje.
1 3 2

Tour Adventure" canoe route, and discover the beauty of the one of the best-preserved parts of the "European Amazon". It will be 12 km of true pleasure. You will also enjoy yourself if you decide to explore the Podravina area by bike, which you can also combine with sailing down the Drava. Head down the "Bike & Boat Podravina" route that turns 70 km of cycling and 12 km of sailing into a true experience, while also revealing the best of Podravina's flavors, but also places of interest such as the Croatian Sahara. Besides sailing on the Galija boat, you can also sail down the Drava on a solar-powered boat or experience the adventure of rafting. Cyclists will also have a great time in the Podravina area, where they will find many gravel bike tour trails of various lengths, inclines, terrains, and difficulties. The 482.5 km of trails are reason enough to come. Those looking

for more adrenaline can head out on an exciting quad ride, where neither hills nor mud are hurdles. Of course, you'll get really muddy, but you'll also really enjoy yourself.

Did you know that Podravina also has its own Camino? The Camino Podravina pilgrimage route, which runs from Ferdinandovac to Ludbreg, is part of the Croatian and European Camino route, the pilgrimage path of Saint James, which finishes at the St. James Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The preserved natural landscapes the trail passes by are the perfect place to gather your thoughts, pray, and attain inner peace. To enjoy heavenly views, climb up to Kalnik, a mountain crisscrossed with hiking, gravel, and forest trails, as well as an interesting educational trail. It is loved by hikers, but also by climbers due to its challenging cliffs, so Kalnik

is one of the best-known hiking and climbing destinations in Croatia.

Whichever trail you choose, don't miss out on three things: visiting the Veliki Kalnik fortress, climbing to the Vranilac peak (643 m) that offers a view of Prigorje and Zagorje, and getting refreshments in a hiker's cabin. While there, you'll probably hear many legends, three of which are the best-known - the Kalnik plum pickers, the Black Queen, and the Deserted Town. While the legends await you at the top, start planning your Podravina-Prigorje story as soon as possible. 

6 The Đurđevac sands, known as the "Croatian Sahara", are a protected botanical area and home to a number of endemic species.


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Luxury in idyllic nature

"Holiday Homes with a Story" are a fantastic oasis to relax, but also a great spot to head out from to explore the irresistible Varaždin region.

Text: Željka Kunštek

The idyllic landscape of the Varaždin region; 2 3 4 A holiday home with a story; 5 Many of the homes have a yard with a pool.

One of the most beautiful continental tourism stories in Croatia is hidden away and surrounded by green hills and valleys, rivers, mountains, and many waterways, historical towns, castles, fortresses, and picturesque churches. Perhaps it sounds as if we are telling a fairytale written by the Grimm brothers, but trust us when we say the landscape resembles it. There are 56 "Holiday Homes with a Story"

hidden away in the greenery of the idyllic Varaždin region, far away from the hustle and bustle of travel destinations. They are the perfect choice for those with refined tastes, who unconditionally require peace, quiet, privacy, and comfort in the sign of luxury for their vacation.

More than accommodations

The "Holiday Homes with a Story" are much more than just accommodations. Along with high environmental standards, comfort, and plenty of things to do for fun, they also guarantee superb relaxation, and despite the fact they are isolated, they offer all the comforts of modern technology so you won't lose phone or internet connections if you'd like to reconnect with your daily life while you're there. Many of the homes are equipped with jacuzzis, saunas, and outdoor pools, and staying there is a true experience. Those 56 houses, which bear the sign of quality, are actually 56 different stories since each of them tells its own story through architecture, decorations, and the ambiance itself. While staying in the houses, where the hosts are always at your disposal,

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 Experience Croatia VARAŽDIN COUNTY
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© Siniša Sović / Varaždin County Tourist Board 5 Click here and find your ideal holiday home: © Siniša Sović / Varaždin County Tourist Board 1 1

you will best feel the pulse of the area, get to know people, their lifestyles, and harmonious coexistence with enchanting nature. Upon arrival you will have the opportunity to try some of the best local products since each group of guests is awaited by a gift - a "Varaždinska kištrica" (Varaždin basket), which contains small packages full of delicious flavors and aromas, along with promotional material. Pumpkin seed oil, honey, marmalade, bio cosmetics... they are all part of the "kištrica".

After the castle, a truffle hunt

Once you have settled in comfortably, start planning your adventure in Varaždin's diverse surroundings. Meandering along the hiking trails of Ivanščica or Ravna Gora, the last branch of the Alps, is always a great choice, especially if you enhance it with adrenaline-filled experiences such as paragliding. The favorable winds make Ravna Gora attractive for both recreational and sports paragliding. However, even if you don't gather the courage for that dose of adrenaline, the viewpoints there will also reward you with a view of one of Croatia's most beautiful medieval castles - Trakošćan. The eight-century-old castle, surrounded by a park forest, is also a museum that is worth visiting. Once you have gathered all your impressions, head down to

Trakošćan Lake at the foot of the castle and take a walk down the educational trail that encircles it and reveals a lot of interesting facts about the nature you pass through there. The trail is 5 km long, so it takes about 2 hours to complete it at a gentle pace. On the other hand, it will take you less than an hour by car from Trakošćan to reach the Pijevci Estate in Novi Marof, which is another great and unusual excursion site. Did you know that northern Croatia is also home to truffles? Yes, you've read that right! The winter truffle (Tuber brumale) likes the soil surrounding Varaždin, and you can head out on a one-day hunt for that black treasure from that estate. The excursion ends with lunch - a true fivecourse gourmet experience, enhanced with the freshly-found truffles, which are prepared before your eyes by experienced chefs. Accompanied by superb wine, a gourmet experience is guaranteed.

Good food has always been easy to come by in the Varaždin region. Follow the "Flavors of Varaždin" signs to restaurants and see for yourself that Varaždin's gastronomy is truly fingerlicking good. Try to select the local dishes that include Varaždin cabbage, pumpkin seed oil, buckwheat, corn flour, and various types of meat.

Upon visiting some of the many unique events there, you will also see that fun

6 The Varaždin region is a favorite destination for recreation among families; 7 Paragliding above Ravna Gora; 8 Trakošćan Castle; 9 Truffle hunting; 10 Authentic local dishes are part of the menu at many restaurants; 11 Špancirfest.

has always been a part of life there. Špancirfest (August 19 - 28, 2022) is definitely the most popular festival in the area, but it's also worth paying a visit to Varaždin Baroque Evenings (September 23 - October 9, 2022), the International Lace Festival, Aquafest, Lovrečevo, the "Flora Centrum Mundi" international flower exhibition and fair in Ludbreg... Positive emotions, joy, playfulness, and carefree livingthat's precisely what the events in the Varaždin region promote and those are the feelings why you will be sure to return there many times over. 


June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine
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County Tourist
Board 11

Did you know that Croatia is also home to top-notch athletes, true sports prodigies whose successes in sports might just make them the greatest ambassadors for Croatian tourism? We spoke to one of the best, whose name has been mentioned on the basketball scene for a long time, not just in Croatia, but worldwide.

Croatia is a small country with great success in sports

In all the issues of tipTravel magazine to date you have already discovered a lot about Croatia. You have found out it is a country with more than a thousand islands, a crystal-clear sea, an abundance of heavenly beaches and coves, discovered it has enchanting nature, amazing cultural attractions, city museums under starry skies, fantastic food and wine... However, did you know Croatia is also home to topnotch athletes, true sports prodigies whose successes in sports might just make them the greatest ambassadors for Croatian tourism? We spoke to one of the best about his sports career, the secret to success, the unbreakable

connection between sports and tourism, and, of course, about travel. Here's what Dino Rađa, a famous Croatian basketball player who joined the Basketball Hall of Fame four years ago, had to say.

You have won two Olympic medals, a World Championship, have been European Club Champion several times, are a successful former NBA player, 14 is your lucky number (which you wore throughout your entire career), as well as 40 (while playing for the Boston Celtics). You have literally had a string of success. What's your secret?

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023
Interview DINO RAĐA
Photos: Dino Rađa's private archive
» 56

The general key to success in life is work, work, and only work. I believe talent accounts for 10 percent, while work is 90 percent. For example, if you have a player who wants to work, yet isn't talented, you can get some success with him. On the other hand, if you have a talented player who refuses to work, you never know what you're going to get. So for me, the secret to success is to put in a lot of work, practice, and have a mirror. When your coach tells you to do ten reps, and you do nine, you haven't stolen that extra rep from him, but from yourself. When you do eleven, you haven't done it for him, but for yourself. At the end of the day, when you stand in front of the mirror, you can't lie about how much you have done. That's the only thing that can judge you in lifethe mirror. Everything else is subjective.

How and when did you join the world of basketball?

Just like every kid, I started out playing various sports, as encouraged by my mom, and one year, after I came back from the island where I had spent the summer with my grandparents and

grown 10-12 cm, she recommended basketball. I was 14 and a half years old then. I loved basketball from the very beginning, along with my teammates. I think that's the way to go - first try your hand at various sports, for coordination, and also because athletes can recognize which sport they like and "feel" the best.

Your sports career has taken you all over the world so you lived in Italy, Greece, Boston... After practice, did you have any time left over to travel? Where did you feel the best and why? No, and that's one of the disadvantages of sports. The advantage that sports offers is a lot of travel, the chance to meet a lot of diverse people, but actually, while you're there, you don't have any time for anything. I have been to New York many times, but have never visited the Statue of Liberty, I've been to Paris, but never visited the Eiffel Tower, I've been to Barcelona, but have never visited the famous Sagrada Familia basilica. Wherever I've been, I haven't seen anything. I was stuck at the hotel, the basketball arena, and the airport. I didn't see anything besides the airport.

It wasn't until I started traveling after my career that I started sightseeing. I love to travel. I have always felt great wherever I lived abroad. Still, I would single out Italy, which I really love, and Greece, which is similar in mentality and temperament to my Dalmatia.

In 2018 you were inducted as a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame. How much does that mean to you?

A lot. It's an incredible feeling, especially that moment at the end of the ceremony when they called us all up for a group photo. Then, when standing beside you, you see the athletes you saw on TV as a kid, who you've read about, when you see new generations who came after you... it's a fantastic feeling, indescribable.

In your opinion, how connected are sports and tourism, and how important are sports events for tourism?

Tourism and sports are strongly connected. A sports event such as a European or World Championship,

June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine
» 57

such as Formula 1, attracts people from all over the world to a destination.

Besides coming to cheer for and support their favorites, people definitely also tour the destination they have visited.

Croatia truly has a lot to offer in that segment. We are a country that offers amazing natural beauty, but it's also a safe destination so it's a good choice for tourists.

How developed is Croatia for recreational sports?

Croatia has an abundance of natural wealth, as well as possibilities for recreation. For example, in my hometown of Split, Marjan, a mountain in the center of the city, is ideal for recreation. In Zagreb, where I now live, there is Maksimir park, Medvednica Mountain, the Sava levee, and as much greenery as you'd like. Gorski Kotar is also a great place for recreation, not to mention Istria and other parts of Croatia. The country is truly a gift from God. However, there's still room to further develop the infrastructure necessary for recreation.

The successes of Croatian athletes are a great promotor of Croatia in the world. In your opinion, has Croatia properly "taken advantage" of that potential?

A lot of people all around the world recognize Croatia because of sports. Whether Croatia has completely taken advantage of that potential might be a question for someone in politics more than for an athlete. However, the fact is that when our people travel somewhere and are asked where they are from, when they mention Croatia a lot of people mention our famous athletes, such as Toni Kukoč, Luka Modrić, Zvonimir Boban, Mirko Filipović, Blanka Vlašić, Janica Kostelić... Croatia is very well known for its athletes abroad. It is truly a phenomenon - a small country with a lot of success in sports.

What is the situation in Croatian basketball like today?

We always have great players, however, they play in the NBA or in European clubs that don't allow them to play for the national team. On one side,

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023
"Work is what makes the difference, not just in sports but everything you do. The key to success is how much you're willing to invest in yourself. Investing in yourself is truly the most valuable thing".
Dino Rađa was inducted as a member of the prestigious Basketball Hall of Fame in 2018.
» Interview DINO RAĐA 58

A biographic film

"Rađa - From Split to Hall of Fame", was filmed about Dino Rađa and premiered in 2020. It tells the story of Dino's sports career and includes interesting facts and recordings from his childhood.

there is a conflict between FIBA and ULEB who don't allow them to play for national teams, and on the other, instead of playing qualifying games in the summer (when everyone is free), they play in the middle of the season so then all the teams are left without their best players the entire time. Also, it's not the same thing when a country has a population of 4 million (like Croatia), or 40 million. The pool from which you pick your players isn't the same. When we can't get our top ten players to come, it isn't the same as if that were to happen in, for example, France, Spain, Italy, Germany... So that is a great challenge for us, but not the only one. Nowadays, kids spend less time playing sports because it's a lot easier to play video games all day long and spend time in front of a screen. But that's a topic of its own.

A message for today's young athletes...

There's nothing much to say. Work is what makes the difference, not just in sports but in everything you do. The key to success is how much you're willing to invest in yourself. You have to invest

in yourself, in your preparation, in your body and nutrition, and in the equipment you need to be better. Investing in yourself is truly the most valuable thing.

You often say you love to travel. Is there a place you go back to regularly or do you like to explore new destinations? Where do you love to go, and where do you spend the summer?

Yes, I love to travel and get to know more about various cultures - not just the countries, but their customs, where something we find common isn't common there, or vice versa. I love Asia - Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia... A place I go regularly? Home. It's no wonder people say: "There's no place like home". I love being at home. That's where my wife and kids are, where I feel Zen. In the summer I spend most of my time on the islands because the city (Split) is packed, it's overcrowded in the city, there's too much traffic and it's hot, so it's better to be on the islands.

You moved from Split to Zagreb. How have you, as a Dalmatian man, adapted to life in Zagreb?

I've gotten used to life in Zagreb without a problem, and I often go to Split too. It takes me three hours to get there by car. Zagreb is a big city, it's close to everything, you can be anywhere within two to three hours. By plane or car. In Split, Madrid, skiing... anywhere. Zagreb has plenty of advantages - from possibilities for education to cultural life (theaters, plays, various events, concerts...). Life in Zagreb is really different from life in Split, but the only issue that Zagreb has in comparison to Split is traffic. You have to organize yourself in Zagreb. In Split, you can make plans and meet up with someone in ten minutes, while it's not like that in Zagreb. If you want to see someone, and he isn't your neighbor, you have to make plans the day before. Also, when you plan on leaving Zagreb for a trip, you have to factor in additional time to get out of the city because of traffic...

June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine

Tourism trends in 2022

A lot has changed over the past two and a half years. We have also changed, along with our needs and way of thinking, as have tourism trends. Here are some of the trends that mark 2022.

Easier travel

As countries all around the world ease up their border-crossing measures, and Covid passes and negative tests are slowly being forgotten, it has become easier to travel. That "scent of the old normal" has motivated many to travel to their long-desired destinations.

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023
Text: Željka Kunštek
1©BaglioniResort Maldives/lhw.com »

2 Further destinations, longer stays

Over the past two years, most people have had to give up on traveling, but we will make up for lost time in 2022. The trend is to travel to destinations further away and stay there longer to enjoy and experience as much as possible. Besides fulfilling the wishes off our travel bucket lists this year and trying to experience new experiences, we will also stay at destinations in style. Villas with pools, glamping, luxurious boats, apartments, and four and five-star hotels, along with anything that is considered to be a luxury accommodation are the highest in demand.

4 Staying in the idyllic countryside

Famous destinations packed with tourists are no longer "in", and large cities are being removed from their thrones by smaller towns and villages. The further away and more isolated they are, the better. Staying in untouched nature is a true hit, especially if it is enhanced by various activities, such as riding bikes, walking, and hiking, and complemented by local gastronomy.

3Education and travel

Combining vacations and education for the youngest members of the family is growing in popularity. While adults work remotely or go to meetings, the children spend their days at workshops and gain new knowledge in a fun way, through games.


Investing in personal development

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" is a famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi, which many have decided to take to heart this year and focus on their personal development and health. Over the past two years, we have all experienced various changes. After isolation, living under masks, health issues, job changes, etc., it's perfectly logical to now focus more on ourselves and our development. Places like the Aerial BVI eco-resort on the British Virgin Islands that serves as "an incubator for positive transformation" or the Heartbreak Hotel in Norfolk, are increasingly in demand. Wellness trips are also growing in popularity, along with offers that include healthy food, meditation, yoga...

June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine »
» Maldives©BaglioniResort /lhw.com »
» 61

6 A focus on sustainability

A lot has been said about it over the past couple of years, and it will continue to be a hot topic in the future. Including sustainability in business, taking care of the preservation of the environment and natural beauty, without which there wouldn't be any tourism, and constantly focusing on sustainable tourism is a constant obligation of each and every one of us.

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 CNTB©IvoBiočina »

7 Bleisure travel

"Business or pleasure?" is a question you have probably heard many times while traveling or in films or TV shows. However, nowadays that sentence is slightly dated, and new trends include business + leisure = bleisure, a combination of business trips and trips for fun, which creates a completely new travel experience. Representatives of that kind of travel, which is growing in popularity on a daily basis, are digital nomads. In today's day and age, when working remotely has become the norm, there truly is no reason why you couldn't work, for example, from a beach in Croatia, Mexico, or the Maldives. It's much easier and more entertaining to work with the feeling of warm sand between your toes, surrounded by paradise, isn't it?

A destination growing in popularity amongst digital nomads is Croatia, which has created a promotional campaign "Croatia, your new office!" for that segment of travelers. With such a landscape, why not choose Croatia as your new office?

Zlatni rat Beach in Bol on the island of Brač (Croatia).

June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine
 CNTB©IvoBiočina

For fewer traffic jams and more experiences

The S.LI.DES Interreg project (Smart strategies for sustainable tourism in LIvely cultural DEStinations) has been developed with the goal of digitalizing the tourism sector, strongly developing sustainable tourism, and improving visitors' experiences. Using several innovative tools and methods, tools to monitor visitor traffic in destinations were developed with the aim of avoiding the creation of traffic jams and enhancing visitors' experiences. One of the main results of the project was a destination dashboard, and its efficacy was tested as part of a pilot project in five partner cities (Šibenik, Dubrovnik, Ferrara, Bari, and Venice). The data gathered on visitor traffic, available in real-time thanks to installed cameras and sensors, offer the dashboard users (local governments, tourism boards, etc.) the possibility of creating shortterm estimations on tourist traffic and making decisions that directly affect the unburdening of city centers and cultural heritage by guiding tourists to lessvisited parts of the city. The S.LI.DES project is financed by the Interreg ItalyCroatia 2014-2020 programme and includes 11 partners.

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 Projects INTERREG tipTravelmagazine©RobertKunštek
 ©
1 2 1 Dubrovnik; 2 A heat map that shows tourist traffic in Venice. 64

10,000 steps in the beauty of Delta Po Park

Walking is perhaps the only way to fully discover the Po Delta Park in Italy. It takes 10,000 steps (about 7 kilometers) to cover some of the most interesting parts of the largest natural park in Italy, which spreads over 66,000 hectares, stretches over two regions, and is an official UNESCO World Heritage site.

Through the Excover cross-border (Interreg Italy-Croatia) project, the DELTA 2000 organization created 4 episodes in cooperation with the Icarus Ultra television channel, which suggest itineraries for exploring hidden treasure sites of the Po Delta Park, namely the locations in the Municipality of Alfonsine and Vallette di Ostellato. In Alfonsine, there is an itinerary of about 7 kilometers along the banks of the Senio River, a symbolic place of the Resistance during World War II, where you can admire the sunsets of Boscoforte, discover the secrets of the mysterious Casa del Diavolo, and imagine the daily life of the women of the Resistance by visiting the house where the movie And Agnes Chose to Die was shot in 1976. There are several

thematic routes dedicated to the Resistance in the lowlands and swamps around Alfonsine and Comacchio, which are important to understand and identify the people, places, and events related to local history in regards to World War II and the Resistance.

On the other side, there is Vallette di Ostellato, which is a remnant of the ancient Mezzano valleys - a natural oasis about 10 kilometers long, where land and water coexist in harmony, making it the ideal place for walking, hiking, birdwatching, sport fishing, and nature photography. There, it is possible to admire the Cielo Stellato sculpture park, which consists of 21 large sculptures located in the nature reserve. Inspiration for the sculptures was found in the sky and stars, while they were made using contemporary and traditional materials. Besides Po Delta Park, the Excover project in Italy also includes the Natural Park of the Sasso Simone e Simoncello and its bike and hiking tours, the natural heritage in the Pesaro and Urbino provinces, music tours in the Carnia region, the craftsmen of Campobasso, the Predappio wineries, and the history

of Rive d'Arcano. On the Croatian side, there is Platak mountain near Rijeka, the birthplace and memorial center of Nikola Tesla near Gospić, as well as the old towns and fortifications in the Karlovac county.

1 City of Comacchio is known as the "Little Venice"; 2 Birdwatching is very popular in Delta Po Park; 3 Fishermen can be found along the whole park; 4 Beautiful animals are part of the nature reserve; 5 Casa del Diavolo hides many mysteries.

The Excover (Experience, Discover & Valorise Hidden Treasure Towns and Sites of the Adriatic Area) project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund, through the INTERREG Italy-Croatia 2014-2020 Cross-border Programme. This article reflects the author’s views: the Programme authorities are not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.

June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine
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1 Majer Spring (Majerovo vrilo), one of the three large springs of the Gacka River.

Nine pilot projects for smart Mediterranean tourism

Thanks to the SMARTMED project, created through the European Union's Interreg Mediteran transnational cooperation program, Mediterranean countries developed the SMART tourism business model, which has been tested this year through nine pilot projects. Sustainability, inclusion, and collaboration, human potential, and the application of innovation and digital technology are the main cores around which the smart tourism business model was developed, and four main development goals were set - sustainable tourism, inclusive tourism closer to citizens, year-long competitive tourism based on expertise, and tourism that integrates technology and encourages innovation. The main goals of the projects are positioning the Mediterranean as a smart, sustainable, and attractive travel destination. The project was financed with European Union funds from the European Regional Development Fund.

Around 45 km north of the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center, Lika offers another attraction - Majer Spring (Majerovo vrilo), one of the three large springs of the Gacka River, a river with water that is considered to be one of the best in the world for its quality. Tour the old traditional mill and see how they still grind grain there today with the help of the strength of the incredibly clean river, just like they used to.

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravelmagazine©RobertKunštek
Projects INTERREG 66

Visit Smiljan - the birthplace of Nikola Tesla

Asmall village in the Lika-Senj County is known as the birthplace of one of the greatest inventors of all time, Nikola Tesla. All the wellknown and lesser-known facts about his childhood, his private life, his scientific work, and his inventions can be found in the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center. This interesting tourist gem is located in the heart of Smiljan, the scientist's birthplace, which is now a big part of a new tourist package, designed by the Regional Development Agency of the Lika-Senj County - LIRA, within the Excover cross-border project. The memorial center was opened in 2006, on the 150th anniversary of Nikola Tesla's birth. It is divided into two parts, modern and historical. The historical part is closely related to his life, so there is the church of Saints Peter and Paul because his father was an Orthodox priest and his family lived next to the church. Every part of the center has a story, so there is a statue that welcomes

visitors, for which the sculptor Mile Blažević used a material called duralumin, which is used for making airplanes and helicopters, because of Tesla's visions of flying and his many experiments as a child. Inside the birth house, there is a detailed biography of Tesla, while on the second floor there are replicas of his four inventions, and it's all interactive so that visitors can turn on the inventions by themselves, while children can participate and learn on-site. After the birth house, visitors can visit Tesla's experimental station, a replica of his laboratory at Colorado Springs, where they can use two neon lamps through which they can get a sense of the electromagnetic field and the wireless transmission of electricity. Besides LIRA and its new tourist package - The Route of Nikola Tesla, the Croatian partners in the Excover project are the Regional Development Agency of the Karlovac County, the

Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, and the University of Zadar, while on the Italian side there are the University of Udine, the University of Bologna, DELTA 2000, the Municipality of Campobasso, the Municipality of Predappio, the Sasso Simone and Simoncello Natural Park, the Mountain Community of Carnia, the Municipality of Rive d'Arcano, and GAL Montefeltro Sviluppo. 

The Excover (Experience, Discover & Valorise Hidden Treasure Towns and Sites of the Adriatic Area) project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund, through the INTERREG Italy-Croatia 2014-2020 Cross-border Programme. This article reflects the author’s views: the Programme authorities are not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.

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d.o.o. Photos: 67

Five ideas for traveling with kids

Although it might sound complicated to travel with children, especially when they are younger, the truth is actually quite the opposite - children are quite simple, but we adults are known to complicate things. While some think traveling with kids is an impossible mission (until the children grow up), others are more flexible, pack up their suitcases and head out on travel adventures while their little ones are still truly little. Here we bring several memorable travel recommendations for younger and older children, as well as for you parents.

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 World TRAVELING WITH KIDS
Traveling is always a great idea, and when traveling with kids, then it's a fantastic idea! The chance to explore the world together, experience new things, get to know more about other areas, people, and cultures, taste new flavors, and later share memories, is a priceless experience.
Shutterstock©LuckyImages/AboutLife 68
June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine
/©LuckyImages AboutLife 69
tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 Shutterstock©JordanTan Hobbiton™ Movie Set. © Hobbiton™ Movie Set Tours, http://youtu.be/5JrKThVnjso World NEW ZEALAND 70

Hobbiton™: Movie magic hidden in green hills

Even if you aren't a fan of Tolkien's works, you and your children are sure to enjoy exploring Hobbiton™ in New Zealand's Waikato region. It's one of the few filming locations that hasn't been removed, and has remained intact, and just as it was shown in the globally popular "Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" trilogies. You can select one of many various tours. A tour of the Hobbiton™ movie set will take you on a guided tour of Middle-Earth, its idyllic landscape with 44 hobbit houses and a mill, and will end at the Green Dragon™ Inn, with a drink of Hobbit™ Southfarthing™. The dinner banquet starts at dusk, and ends with a feast to suit all Hobbits™ and a moonlit walk, where you will get illuminated lanterns to light your way. If you are more of a morning person, select the "second breakfast" tour. Be the first to arrive at the movie set that day, and after touring Hobbiton™ in the early morning, enjoy a lavish, delicious breakfast at the millhouse. Whichever tour you pick, expect to see real movie magic hidden amongst the rolling hills and lush green pastures of Hobbiton™.

June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine Shutterstock©JordanTan »
tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 Shutterstock©IuriiDzivinskyi Popeye's Village 2018 - Quality Assured Malta © VisitMalta, http://youtu.be/DMijUWiPOc0 World MALTA 72

Popeye Village: Fun for all generations

Perhaps you didn't like to eat spinach as a child, but you definitely loved to watch cartoons with Popeye, the greatest fan of spinach. A movie was filmed about that friendly sailor in 1980, and a beautiful bay in northwestern Malta was the perfect backdrop for it. Over the course of seven months, a movie set village with 19 authentic colorful houses was built, and wood was imported all the way from the Netherlands since there aren't any forests on Malta. After filming wrapped up, the filmmakers left behind the entire set with all the buildings. The creative locals recognized the tourist potential in it, spruced up the set a bit, and turned it into an amusement park visited by Popeye fans from all over the world. Nowadays, Popeye Village, or Sweethaven Village, is an outdoor museum, and one of the largest travel attractions Malta has that offers fun for all generations of visitors. Movie projections, puppet shows, boat rides, pubs and restaurants... You are sure to have fun at Popeye Village.

June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine Shutterstock©IuriiDzivinskyi
» 73

Loro Parque: An empire of parrots

One of the best zoos in the world, with what is surely the largest and most diverse parrot reserve in the world, numerous exotic plants, and the largest Thai village outside Thailand, can be found on Tenerife. The fact that Loro Parque is a must-see attraction on the Spanish island is confirmed by the information that the park, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, has been visited by nearly 50 million visitors.

The main attraction of the park is, as its name says (Spanish "loro", parrot), parrots. There are more than 350 species and subspecies living there. Some of them can be seen in the Loro Show as actors, dancers, and singers. Besides the Loro Show, don't miss out on the show with dolphins, orcas, and sea lions.

Another special attraction at the park is penguin planet where snow falls all year long, the water temperature doesn't rise above eight degrees, and the lights are like on Antarctica. Children will be delighted with Kinderlandia, an adventure park for kids, and pay special attention to the Thai village at the very entrance to the park, which makes you feel as if you have walked into Thailand...

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravelmagazine©RobertKunštek
» World SPAIN 74
June 2022 - May 2023 tipTravel Magazine Looking back at 2021 | Loro Parque © Loro Parque, http://youtu.be/VWJIPTCTH7U tipTravelmagazine©RobertKunštek ©Robert Kunštek / tipTravel magazine © RobertKunštek/tipTravel magazine 75

Gardaland: An abundance of fun for everyone

There is a reason nearly three million visitors visit Gardaland, the most popular amusement park in Italy, and one of the largest amusement parks in Europe, every year. Ever since it was opened in 1975 near Lago di Garda and the city of Verona, which is tied to the most famous love story of all time, Romeo and Juliet, Gardaland has been a place of great fun for visitors big and small. The park is divided into several thematic parts and offers an abundance of attractions, so it is recommended to set aside two to three days if possible to enjoy everything the park has to offer. Wild rides, roller coasters, water adventures, relaxing rides, numerous shows and events... The complex that stretches over 445 thousand square meters includes the Legoland® water park, an Aquarium with sea life and plants, ocean tunnel, restaurants and bars, hotels with thematic rooms for visitors big and small... Gardaland is a synonym for unforgettable family entertainment so make sure to add it to your list of travel destinations soon.

tipTravel Magazine June 2022 - May 2023
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Disneyland: The Happiest Place on Earth

It is described as "the happiest place on Earth", and it is definitely the oldest and one of the most popular theme parks in the world. The first Disneyland was opened back in 1955 in Anaheim, California, designed and built under the watchful eye of Walt Disney, the famous creator of Mickey Mouse, and since then it hasn't stopped attracting millions of visitors every year. The Disney resort is home to two theme parks: Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park. Besides showing characters and scenes from Disney movies and other fairytales, the parks also offer plenty of other attractions and entertainment. After the park in California was opened, similar Disney parks also opened their gates in other locations worldwide: near Orlando, Florida an even bigger Walt Disney World Resort was opened in 1971. A similar park was opened with a Disneyland license in Tokyo (1983), and The Walt Disney Company opened an amusement park in the town of Marne-la-Vallée near Paris (1992) and in Hong Kong (2005). Whichever Walt Disney amusement park you decide to visit, expect to have a memorable time and experience true magic.

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Vinicunca or Rainbow Mountain

There are few places in the world where nature has played with colors like in the hinterland of the Andes, in the Cusco region of Peru. There, faraway, at an altitude of 5200 meters, only the most determined, who are brave enough to face the challenging incline and lack of oxygen, are awaited by the spectacular colorful view of Rainbow Mountain. Peruvians call it Vinicunca, and it is also known as Montaña de Siete Colores (The mountain of seven colors). The mountain was formed by the movement of tectonic plates and mineral deposits over the course of millions of years. Elder Peruvians say that the mountain was just recently discovered since it was covered by snow and ice that started to melt due to global warming, and it left behind incredible beauty that no one could even dream of. On your way to nature's artistic creation, besides coming across adventurers, who visit in numbers of up to 1500 during the peak-season, you can also see alpacas and llamas, who stand guard on the incredible mountain. After the most famous sacred city of the Inca, Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain is one of Peru's greatest attractions.

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Hitachi Seaside Park

If you are looking for something truly unique to see and experience, visit Hitachi Seaside Park in the city of Hitachinaka (Ibaraki prefecture, Japan), near the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The park is attractive all year long due to the flowers planted there over its 190 hectares, which bloom all year long. In the spring, many visitors flock there to see the endless beds of daffodils, tulips, and nemophila, while in the summer they can see poppies, roses, zinnias, and sunflowers. In the autumn, it's a joy to walk through the enchanting views of the kochia (summer cypress), and cosmos, while the ice tulips are breathtaking in the winter. The park is crisscrossed with bike trails, and you can also find the Pleasure Garden fun park there with plenty of attractions and a ferris wheel, along with a children's playground, a golf course, trampolines, a water park...

Click here and watch a video about Hitachi Seaside Park:

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In 2022, tourism has continued to recover in nearly all regions of the world, and the largest growth has been recorded on the European and American continent. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has also continued its work with several activities and events - here are some of the upcoming happenings.


The Italian city of Alba will host the 6th UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism on September 20 and 21, 2022.

The 7th UNWTO World Forum on Gastronomy Tourism will bring together gastronomy experts who will share ideas and experiences from December 13 to 15, 2022 in Nara, Japan.

The UNWTO's Global Conference on Linking Tourism, Culture and Creative Industries: Pathways to Recovery and Inclusive Development, will be held from November 14 to 16, 2022 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Around the world, in countries at all development levels, many millions of jobs and businesses are dependent on a strong and thriving tourism sector. Tourism has also been a driving force in protecting natural and cultural heritage, preserving them for future generations to enjoy.

From October 5 to 7, 2022, Arusha, a city in Tanzania, will host the 65th UNWTO Regional Commission for Africa. After the commission meeting, a Forum will be held on the topic of "Rebuilding Africa's Tourism Resilience for Inclusive Socio-economic Development".

Zurab Pololikashvili, secretary-general of the UNWTO
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