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Korčula Island Korčula, Lumbarda, Smokvica, Blato, Vela Luka

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Number 15 • Year IV • May - July 2016

beaches in the world


Jewelry also loved in Hollywood


Get to know Golden Croatia

The food and wine routes of the green ring • National Parks: Mljet, Krka, Brijuni Travelling with children • Zagreb in 48 hours • Mediterranean cuisine

Interview: Anton Kliman, Croatian Minister of Tourism

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Full of Croatia S

ince we are publishing a magazine that is largely dedicated to the promotion of Croatian destinations and their tourism offer, we have often been asked: "Won't you run out of topics on Croatia soon? Croatia is so small..." We always smile when we hear that question because our experience to date has shown us just the opposite, so our answer is always the same: "That's unlikely". Every time we head out to a destination, be it in the continental or in the coastal part of Croatia, we always leave behind a long list of things we must visit, see, and taste, which we missed out on that time once again. Then, when we prepare the report, another cut follows - the moment when we must draw the line, even though there is so much more we wanted to write, publish, and share with you... But then it wouldn't be a magazine, but a much thicker, bound edition. In those moments, we often recall the famous quote by Marco Polo: I haven't written even half of what I saw and experienced...". True, he had a different reason for that. Speaking of the famous world traveler and travel writer, in this issue we are taking you to his island, magnificent Korčula, which thrills us anew every time we come. Just when we want to say that we know everything perfectly after spending so many summers there, we discover

something new again. So, for example, during our last stay on the island, we visited Vela Spila in Vela Luka for the first time, experienced the magnificent processions of Holy Week for the first time, and stayed on the island in the off-season for the first time. Discover part of the experiences in the report that follows. After Hollywood stars walked down Stradun wearing verižice, rečine, and other pieces of traditional jewelry from southern Croatia, we also snuck a peek at the window displays of Dubrovnik's jewelers to find out why they love it so much. We also bring you interesting stories from the other parts of Croatia, and we spoke to the Croatian Minister of Tourism. As the warmer days arrive, you will likely start thinking about getting away from the office and going on holiday to some exotic beach. We tried to really narrow down the wide selection and present ten beaches worldwide you will want to buy a one-way ticket to. Even if you don't head out to visit one of them, that's no reason to not drift away there in your thoughts, at least for a short while... In any case, make sure to travel somewhere, anywhere. We recommend Croatia. Željka and Robert Kunštek

Graphic Editor: Robert Kunštek robert@tiptravelmagazine.com DTP: Tip Kreativa d.o.o. Associates in this issue: Alma Radoš, Petra Škofić, Vlatka Vužić, Sanja Plješa Translator: Marija Crnogaj Marketing: marketing@tiptravelmagazine.com Photo source: tipTravel magazine archive, archives of Croatian Tourist Boards, PHOTOnet.hr, fotolia Cover page: Korčula, Island of Korčula, Croatia photo: Ivo Biočina / CNTB

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12-33 ISSUE TOPIC - Korčula Island: A paradise island that enchants everyone

50-53 INTERVIEW - Anton Kliman, Croatian Minister of Tourism: Croatia has already been recognized worldwide, but I know we can do much more

 EXPERIENCE CROATIA 34-35 Mljet National Park: Lost at sea 36-37 Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park: An archipelago of irresistible beauty

38 CROATIA THROUGH PHILATELY - Glavat: The story of Glavat 40-43 CULTURAL TOURISM Dubrovnik-Neretva County: Jewelry also loved in Hollywood


tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016


54-55 Promajna: Irresistible encounters of the sun and sea 56-57 Baška Voda: For a total summer experience 60-61 Central Dalmatia: A grain of salt, a drop of oil, and a glass of wine... 63 Sinj: In the heart of Cetinska krajina  EVENTS 65 Solin: Romance in Salona 68-69 Vodice: To Vodice's rhythm

70-71 EXPERIENCE CROATIA - Krka National Park: Krka River - the protector of valuable heritage 74 EVENTS - Otočac: Eco-Ethno Gacka 75 EXPLORE CROATIA - Velebit Nature Park: The attractions of mighty Velebit  EXPERIENCE CROATIA 76-77 Crikvenica Riviera: Active under Crikvenica's sun 78-79 Krk Island: Perfect for holidays

81 CULTURAL TOURISM - Kastav: Kastav's cultural delights 84 EXPERIENCE CROATIA Labin and Rabac: For a divine holiday

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 EXPERIENCE CROATIA 85 Brtonigla: Only for connoisseurs 86-87 Brijuni National Park: New attractions of an old pearl

88-89 TIPS - Travelling with children: Tips for the most pleasant trips 90-91 EXPERIENCE CROATIA Zagreb: Zagreb in 48 hours


101 EVENTS - Bjelovar: Terezijana  EXPERIENCE CROATIA 102-107 Vukovar-Srijem County: Get to know Golden Croatia 109 Osijek: Visit Osijek and Croatian Podunavlje

92-93 HISTORICAL TRACES Zagreb: Professor Balthazar

110-111 EVENTS - Baranja: The undiscovered gem of the east

94-97 FOOD AND WINE TOURISM Zagreb County: The food and wine routes of the green ring

112-113 UNESCO - The annual procession of queens or ljelje from Gorjani

98-99 EQUESTRIAN TOURISM Bjelovar-Bilogora County: On horseback through idyllic Bilogora

114 FURNISHING - Suites and holiday homes: Comfort is a must

116-118 GOURMET CROATIA Mediterranean cuisine: Dishes with the scent of the sea 120-121 CROATIA ONLINE 122-123 CULTURAL SCENE Interview Klapa Cesarice 124-125 UNICEF 126-127 ANNOUNCEMENTS AND NEWS - WORLD 130-143 WE'RE TAKING YOU TO... The Top 10 beaches in the world 144-145 WORLD ATTRACTIONS: Horseshoe Bend

May - July 2016





European Convention on Equestrian Tourism held

Transtourism and river cruises the focus of the Institute for Tourism The transformative power of tourism and the increase in river cruises in Europe and Croatia, especially on the Danube near Vukovar, are just some of the scientific research topics conducted at the Zagreb Institute for Tourism. The basis for the Transtourism project, which has already received praise from around the world, is that tourism is seen as an activity that has the strength and power to transform locations where it is developing, and the world, to better places with new values, where profit and market commercialization are less important and social and moral values are more important. River cruises are also an important topic they cover, as the demand in Europe is on the rise. In Croatia, those cruises mostly take place on the Danube and in Vukovar, which were visited by 40 thousand travelers last year. 10

tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

© fotolia © Costa Crociere S.p.A.

© Baranja Tourist Board

© Zvonimir Tanocki / Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board

From May 12 to 15, the European Convention on International Equestrian Tourism was held at several locations in the Bjelovar-Bilogora County. Besides being a professional congress, where there was word on rural development through a system of horse trails in Italy and Croatia, safety on riding trails, and the development of continental tourism through the prism of equestrian tourism, the international team of experts also conducted an inspection and certification of riding trails in the county, whereby they were included in the international offer for equestrian tourism. The convention was held under the organization of the international ENGEA association, with headquarters in Italy, and the first Croatian branch, ENGEA Croatia.

The Ethnological Center of Baranja Heritage was opened The Ethnological Center of Baranja Heritage in Beli Manastir is the new tourism offer of Baranja, and it opened its doors on May 18. At the center's permanent exhibit, visitors can see furniture, tools, folklore costumes, and other artifacts the people of Baranja used in the past, and the center also has temporary exhibition areas for various exhibits, a conference room, souvenir shop, a kitchen, the Baranja Tourist Board Office, and an outdoor pavilion with a stage and 120 seats. The center is located in the newly renovated building of the former preschool, and the entire project was co-financed with funds from the European Fund for Regional Development.

Risposte Turismo: Increase in cruise travel on the Adriatic By the end of the year, more than 4.9 million passengers are expected in Adriatic ports for cruise trips (+3.61% in comparison to last year) and 3460 ship dockings (+8.29%), with Venice taking first place, at 1.55 million passengers and 529 docked ships, followed by Dubrovnik with 880 thousand passengers and 629 docked ships. Also, approximately 17.9 million ferry boat passengers are expected this year, where Split will likely take first place amongst the harbor cities, followed by Zadar. Those are the numbers from the new edition of the Adriatic Sea Tourism Report, a research report prepared by Risposte Turismo, an Italian association for research and consulting in the tourism macro industry, with the aim of analyzing the direction and volume of nautical tourism in the seven countries that line the Adriatic coast: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, and Slovenia.

The Apoxyomenos Museum opened in Mali Lošinj

Starting April 1st, the first low-cost flights arrived at the Zadar Airport, and Ryanair kicked the season off with a flight from Frankfurt. A new line, Berlin-Zadar, was also introduced, and Ryanair, as the largest airline in this airport, has 924 contracted activities, and more than 60 percent of the share of passenger traffic. The second largest low-cost operator, Eurowings, retained all its lines from last year, and Croatia Airlines has not only increased its trips to Frankfurt, but has also boosted its connection with Zagreb with a daily flight every afternoon. As of this year, Air Berlin is flying from Berlin and Dusseldorf, LOT from Warsaw, Luxair on the LuxembourgZadar-Dubrovnik line, and there are also several charter flights planned, so this year could be record-breaking for the Zadar Airport.

Volotea and Transavia Airlines introduced flights for Dubrovnik

© IM&C

On the brink of a record-breaking year

© Transavia Airlines

© IM&C

© Zadar Airport

© Bosnić and Dorotić / Town of Mali Lošinj Tourism Office

On April 30, the Apoxyomenos Museum was opened in Mali Lošinj, where the Apoxyomenos, a bronze statue of a young athlete found on the seabed near Mali Lošinj, was presented to the public. It is a Greek piece that is incredibly well preserved, beautifully crafted, with a great artistic value, and it is presumed to date back to the 2nd or 1st century B.C. The Apoxyomenos statue was extracted from the sea on April 27, 1999, and it took nearly six years to restore. From the first exhibition to present-day, the statue was presented at exhibitions in many Croatian, but also international cities, so, amongst others, it visited the Louvre Museum in Paris, the British Museum in London, and the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

Turkish Airlines introduced direct Istanbul - Dubrovnik flights As of May 10, Turkish Airlines added Dubrovnik to its growing network of destinations, which is, after Zagreb, the second destination of this company in Croatia. Turkish Airlines will fly on the Istanbul-Dubrovnik line three times a week, as of May 31, it will fly five times a week, and starting on August 29, it will fly a total of six flights per week. In the initial period, tickets will start at 99 euro, including taxes and fees.

In early April, Volotea, an airline for small and mid-sized European cities, introduced flights on the DubrovnikNantes and Dubrovnik-Marseille lines. Upon opening these lines, the company is offering 82 flights from the "Pearl of the Adriatic" to Nantes, and 80 flights to Marseille. In addition, this season Transavia Airlines and Transavia France will connect Dubrovnik Airport with regular lines to Amsterdam, Munich, and Paris. Transavia France will fly to Paris on Thursdays and Sundays until October 27, while Transavia Airlines will run the Amsterdam and Munich lines. Flights to Amsterdam will be on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays (to October 29), and to Munich on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, starting on May 30 to October 25 of this year. May - July 2016








Issue topic

Text: Željka Kunštek Photos: Dubrovnik-Neretva County Tourist Board, Korčula Tourist Board, Lumbarda Tourist Board, Smokvica Tourist Board, Blato Tourist Board, Vela Luka Tourist Board, Robert Kunštek, PHOTOnet.hr A view of the old city of Korčula, located on a peninsula.

There is an island in southern Croatia that is completely different from all the other islands you know. The Ancient Greeks called it Korkyra Melaina, and the Romans called it Corcyra Nigra, or roughly translated, Black Korčula. I call it a bit of heaven of earth...


tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

KORČULA ISLAND Korčula, Lumbarda, Smokvica, Blato, Vela Luka


A paradise island that enchants everyone


orčula was called "black" for its dense forests of holly oak, but also of pine trees, and their aroma, combined with other Mediterranean herbs, is the first thing you will notice upon arrival on the island. Yes, above all, Korčula is an island of irresistible aromas. When you get to know its colors and flavors, and listen to a concert of crickets and feel the

indescribable peace that reigns over the island, you will feel as if you are in a state of total zen, far away from the bustle of daily life. That is the feeling I had when I first set foot on Korčula, in 2005. Even though it sounds like a cliché, it was love at first sight. The strong connection I felt with this island, a very inspirational place for me,

meant just one thing that I want to return again and again. It was also the moment when I finally understood those who spend their holidays at the same place every year, which was unimaginable to me before. That warm August day, I made a decision - I want to spend many more future summers here...

May - July 2016



Issue topic



In Marco Polo's city Although it is most commonly linked to the famous traveler, Korčula is so much more than just Marco Polo...


The city of Korčula is located on the eastern part of the island of Korčula, opposite the Pelješac peninsula; Marco Polo's house is regularly toured by tourists; The street layout in the old city center resembles a fishbone.


tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

here is a name that is strongly tied to the entire island, but also the city of Korčula, and it is famous on all continents. Have you guessed? Yes, it's Marco Polo. Although both Venice and Korčula are "fighting" over which city is the birthplace of the famous explorer and travel writer, the people of Korčula will convince you that his house is in the old city center. It can be recognized by its small tower with viewpoint, which you can climb up to see. Besides the house, there is also a permanent exhibition dedicated to this legendary, worldfamous traveler, and he and his travels

have inspired souvenir shops, menus, accommodations... However, Korčula is so much more than just Marco Polo. Its story is told by its old, picturesque, stone streets in the old city center, located on a peninsula, in the shape of a fishbone. So, even in the hot summer months, walking here is a true pleasure, since there is always a pleasant breeze blowing from the sea. Today, the only one of the former large walls and towers that used to encircle the city still standing is part of the southern defensive wall and eight towers. One of the most beautiful is Veliki Revelin (Land gate), above

© Mario Romulić and Dražen Stojčić / CNTB © Cukarin, Korčula

which you will see two plaques - one dedicated to the coronation of the first Croatian king, Tomislav, while the other depicts the winged lion of St. Mark and is a reminder of the Venetian reign. Korčula's cathedral also bears St. Mark's name and it is the city's most ornate church, although the smaller ones are just as charming, and you will see them often located next to palaces with opulent facades and quaint galleries as you walk through the city. The people of Korčula are also proud of their statute that dates way back to 1214, and is kept in the Abbey Treasury, located next to the cathedral, and you can also find out a lot about the city's interesting past at the representative Gabrielis palace, which now houses the city museum. Here they keep collections that show the traditional crafts of Korčula: stone masonry and shipbuilding, and especially valuable exhibits are the bronze Tiziano Aspetti knocker, and the 1819 piano, which Edith Streicher, a friend of the famous Beethoven, played. There are at least three things you cannot miss out on in Korčula. One is the moreška sword dance, or the depiction of a reenacted battle between

the white and dark king, an Ottoman and Moor, for the love of a girl. It is shown in the evening hours in the summer months. The sunset in the western harbor of Korčula is also an experience that should be seen, and it is a special pleasure to watch the sun dip into the sea from the top of the western tower with a refreshing cocktail in hand. We left the best for last, and in Korčula, they would say 'cukarini come last'. In any case, don't leave Korčula without trying this traditional dessert that melts in your mouth, while it leaves behind the aroma of lemon and orange that ripened under the warm Korčula sun. They are traditionally eaten after being dipped in sweet Prošek wine. Klašuni, amarete, and bruštulani mindeli (sugared almonds), are also sure to win you over with their tantalizing aromas. In Korčula, you can also find fantastic restaurants and taverns, and from there head out on an excursion to one of the nearby islets - Badija, Vrnik, Planjak, or Stupe, followed by the white stone beaches in Samograd, near Račišće, or head out to explore the other towns and majestic untouched coves on the island. 

The sunset in Korčula's western harbor, with a favorite cocktail and cukarin that melts in your mouth, is an experience not to be missed.

Veliki Revelin or Land gate is one of the entrances to the old city of Korčula; The Church of St. Michael at dusk; A spectacular sunset; The Moreška sword dance; Cukarin.

May - July 2016



Issue topic


Much more than a hotel When an old Renaissance town starts telling new upbeat, romantic, and playful stories, and they include superb comfort, and inspirational, modern design, don't hesitate for even a minute. Listen to them, and then let yourself enjoy them... Text: Željka Kunštek Photos: Korčula Hotels

A view of the old city of Korčula; A room, a Premium Suite, the café and restaurant at Hotel Korčula De La Ville.


tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016


ts irresistible charm won over travelers from all over the world more than a hundred years ago, and not even King Edward VII, Wallis Simpson, Rebecca West, or Jackie Kennedy could resist... Today, the old host of Korčula, the Hotel Korčula De La Ville, is more charming than ever and easily attracts the attention of those with refined tastes. The luxurious oasis with 20 cozy, modernly furnished rooms can be found on one of the most attractive locations in the city - on the main promenade

in the old part of the city of Korčula. Upon arrival, it will soon become clear that this legend of Korčula is much more than just a hotel. Its city café and restaurant, where generations of Korčula's locals have gathered, is still the favorite meeting place for locals and their guests. Everyone is attracted here by the pleasant ambiance, excellent offer of food and drinks, and the magnificent view that the spacious, newly renovated terrace with a unique blend of eastern and western style

offers of the sea, boats, and the Pelješac Channel. It is hard to say whether it is a greater pleasure to drink morning coffee, afternoon tea, or a glass of wine in the evening with Mediterranean delicacies, when a fantastic view of the sunset is offered. Here you can also enjoy dances, various concerts, and many other events that will additionally spice up the warm summer nights. Before you go to sleep, choose your favorite pillow from the 'pillow menu'. Would you like a pillow to sleep better, to relax, or to relieve stress? The choice is yours. Now you are ready for sweet Korčula dreams.

A pool with a view If you prefer to have a view of the old city of Korčula, you will be thrilled by Hotel Liburna, located just ten minutes away from the old Korčula city center with a pleasant walk next to the sea and calm beaches. Many globetrotters regularly write "There's something in this view" about the famous view from this luxurious hotel, whose exterior was designed by famous Croatian architect

Bernardo Bernardi. This year, on May 27, Bernardi's Corner was opened at the hotel in his honor, where you will be able to see his famous furniture, and find out more about this renowned architect from Korčula, and his work. Today, this modern hotel harmoniously combines Mediterranean opulence and clean designer lines, which is emphasized in its 112 attractive views. The novelty this year is a newly designed pool, which also offers a magnificent view of Renaissance Korčula. If you would prefer a calm family vacation in modern suites, immersed in aromatic Mediterranean greenery, near many beaches splashed by the crystal clear sea, the Korkyra Gardens Apartments are an excellent choice. In touch with nature in a modern way is the best description for these 92 colorful designer suites, which your youngest family members will especially enjoy. In the hot summer days, seek refreshment with your favorite cocktail at the new pool bar, next to the attractive pool at the apartment complex, where you will also be intrigued by plenty of other

The enchanting view of the old city center of Korčula from A room and Hotel Liburna; the newly renovated pool area Korkyra at Hotel Liburna; Gardens Apartments.

content. Those with an athletic spirit can enjoy various activities, while gourmets can discover enticing Mediterranean flavors in one of the nearby restaurants. Don’t forget drops of superb olive oil and great Pošip, Grk, or Prošek produced by local winemakers will complement any gourmet journey you head out on here, while the locals tell you new stories about this old city. Discover some of the best at: www.korcula-hotels.com. 

May - July 2016



Issue topic


Sensations for all the senses











Once again, as initiators of many events on the island of Korčula and wider, this year representatives of the Lešić Dimitri Palace prepared many treats. One of them was "Spring in Dalmatia (May 21-28), which combined homegrown seasonal ingredients with drops of superb olive oil and wine made by local producers, all under the watchful eye of chef Toni Erceg. The culinary week started with a charity dinner for the League Against Cancer, and culminated with a visit from five top-notch chefs from Relais & Chateaux, an international association of exclusive small hotels and restaurants. It was the first meeting of the five most famous chefs from Europe in Croatia, and at that time, specially created delicacies were prepared for guests and visitors in all the Palace residences. For the fifth year in a row, Korčula will host a great music event - the Korkyra Baroque Festival, which gathers the most prestigious international and Croatian ensembles and soloists specialized in performing Baroque music. This year's festival will be held from September 3 to 17, and the performers will include The European Union Baroque Orchestra and Red Priest (Great Britain), The Royal Wind Music (The Netherlands), ArtiCoolAzione (Italy), Marcelo Gatti (Italy), Petrit Ceku (Kosovo) and the Croatian Baroque Ensemble. The plentiful repertoire will include, amongst other things, works by G. F. Händel, A. Vivaldi and J. S. Bach, and these great musical treats will be "served" surrounded by impressive monuments of culture on Korčula. www.korkyrabaroque.com


tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016



Where the Silk Road starts...

ive luxurious suites, five stories, and five journeys - to Venice, India, China, Arabia, and Ceylon. Yes, you've come to the right conclusion. Those are the destinations that the famous sailor, and Korčula's most famous citizen, Marco Polo, visited on his journey on the Silk Road, which have now inspired the spacious suites of the luxurious Lešić Dimitri Palace residence, located in the heart of the old stone city center of Korčula. Although each has its own story and is designed in the style of these exotic countries, all the suites exude Mediterranean charm, Oriental opulence, and refined elegance.

Their superb comfort was also enjoyed by Hollywood stars, such as Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, and many other celebrities from the Croatian and international jet-set scene also regularly find sanctuary behind the sturdy stone walls of this former bishop's palace. The exotic atmosphere of each suite, from the smallest to the largest, is additionally emphasized with handmade furniture. The Silk Road, Thailand, and the Mediterranean are also the inspiration for the specially designed treatments that will relax all your senses and rejuvenate you at the Palace's spa zone. Thai therapists will use completely natural

preparations, based on flowers, fruits, and various plants from Dalmatia and Asia. At the restaurant, the locals will pamper your taste buds with creative dishes made using seasonal, local, organically grown ingredients, they will also use superb olive oil to prepare the dishes, and offer you great local wines. Those with a more adventurous spirit can set sail accompanied by an experienced skipper and head out to explore the archipelago, go swimming, or maybe have lunch on one of the nearby islands, and there is also a private yacht at their disposal. Yes, dream vacations are guaranteed here... 

Lešić Dimitri Palace, Don Pavla Poše 1-6, 20260 Korčula, Croatia

 +385 20 715560, reservations@ldpalace.com, www.ldpalace.com

May - July 2016



© Andrija Carli / PHOTOnet.hr


© Andrija Carli / Lumbarda Tourist Board

Issue topic


A holiday with a taste of Grk If you are looking for a relaxed, family vacation in untouched nature, with long sandy beaches, and a glass of superb Grk, Lumbarda is the place for you. The sandy Pržina beach is a favorite spot for youth and families with children; A view of Lumbarda.

Did you know that "pržina" is the Lumbardian word for sand?


tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016


f you head from the city of Korčula to the southeastern part of the island, after a breezy six-kilometer drive, you will arrive in Lumbarda, a place primarily famous for its long, sandy beaches, amongst which Pržina and Bilin žal are the most famous. It's no secret that Lumbarda is a favorite place for youth and families, but also for fans of active holidays, who find their peace and adrenaline, on its hiking and bike trails. So, don't hesitate and head out on bike to one of the trails that will take you next to the ruins of old towers

and summer homes, next to churches, dry stone walls, and olive groves, which the locals have been cultivating here since the beginning of time. The trails will also take you to irresistible views of the neighboring islands of Mljet and Lastovo, as well as near vineyards that the people of Lumbarda are especially proud of. Many will say that Lumbarda is the kingdom of Grk, a white wine that grows best in the sandy vineyards of Lumbarda's fields. It isn't certain whether the sort got its name for its

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The most beautiful island in the world The irresistible beauty and rich tradition of the island of Korčula leaves no one indifferent. It has been recognized by many media outlets worldwide, so the island has already received many awards. In 2014, the German magazine HORZU proclaimed it to be the most beautiful island in the world, and Korčula left behind other international hit destinations, such as Seychelles, Hawaii, Bora Bora, and many others. Recently, Marco Polo's island received more recognition. "It’s a big world out there, so we’ve narrowed it down for you. From ancient temples to crystalline waters, here are our top destinations to visit this year" is how The New York Times started its article on 52 destinations to visit in 2016, and gave Korčula the 17th spot. Only a week after this recognition, the island of Korčula got another, this time from the Huffington Post. The American website published a list of "30 Things to Do in Europe Before You Die" and added the "Half New Year Carnival" on the island of Korčula to it. Need we continue with our list?






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Explore the hidden coves of Lumbarda, which can be reached with a rental boat, sea scooter, or by kayak.

Bilin žal and Pržina attract many swimmers; There are many turquoise coves near Lumbarda; The Church of the Holy Cross, surrounded by Grk vineyards.


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© Andrija Carli / Lumbarda Tourist Board

© Andrija Carli / Lumbarda Tourist Board

© Andrija Carli / Lumbarda Tourist Board

© Andrija Carli / Lumbarda Tourist Board

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fine, somewhat bitter taste, or for the Greeks who established their city here in the 3rd century B.C. But, one thing is for sure - you will definitely enjoy a glass of this wine, which pairs excellently with seafood dishes, as well as dishes made with white meat. Besides Grk, a red sort of grapes, Plavac Mali, is also grown in Lumbarda's vineyards, along with Prošek, in smaller amounts, which is a sweet wine that pairs well with cakes made with chocolate, almonds, walnuts, and dried figs. You can find it in local restaurants, taverns, and on country estates, which have menus that mainly include other domestic dishes with traditional flavors. After your meal, it is best to relax on the warm sand on one of the beaches, followed by a swim. In some coves, such as Pržina, which is shallow and faces the south so it is protected from

The "Lumbarda psephisma", a Greek sign written in stone in the 3rd century B.C. was found it Lumbarda. The sign describes the establishment of a Greek city in the present-day location of Lumbarda in the 4th century B.C., and you can see it in the City Museum in the city of Korčula.

northern winds, swimming is often pleasant in the early preseason, and sometimes even in November. On some beaches, you can also rent a boat, sea scooter, or kayak, and head out on your own to one of the more secluded Korčula bays, which you can often have just for yourself, which is another one of the charms of this island. 

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Da os tu ha r

Moreška dancers - Saber Dance

Allow Korčula to win you over with plenty of other events. Below, we list those that shouldn't be missed out on in 2016: Korčula: 6th Marco Polo Challenge Triathlon (April 30), Ciklo Tour (May 15), Sword Dance Festival (formal opening ceremony June 17), Lađa Rowing Race Kneže-Korčula (June 25), Summer Carnival - Half New Year (June 30), the Marco Polo Festival (July 14-17), the "Black Island, White Wine" festival (July 17), 6th Pošip Days (July 23-31), Makarunada (August 7, Žrnovo), the 2016 Korkyra Jazz Festival (August 9-10), the Korkyra Baroque Festival (September 3-17)... Find out more at: www.visitkorcula.eu

© Croatia Full Of Life, www.croatia.hr

Four centuries of knight traditions Even though each place on the island has many different events, all of them celebrate the four century long tradition of sword dances. The most famous dances are moreška, kumpanija, and moštra. While kumpanija is more common in Vela Luka, Blato, Smokvica, Čara, and Pupnat, you can see moštra in Žrnovo and Korčula, and the moreška in the city of Korčula.


Lumbarda: 2016 Lumbarda Summer Festival (May 1 - September 30), Grk Wine Festival (July 10)... Find out more at: www.tz-lumbarda.hr Smokvica: Smokvica Summer (July-August), 6th Pošip Days (July 23-31), find out more at: www.brna.hr Blato: Blato Summer (July-August), Days of Lumblija Cake (October 30), find out more at: www.tzo-blato.hr Vela Luka: Luško Lito (June 24 - September 30), International Open Jazz Festival (August), Vela Luka Outdoors: "Vela strka" trail race and MTB bike marathon (September), find out more at: www.tzvelaluka.hr May - July 2016




© Šime Strikoman / Smokvica Tourist Board

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Smokvica Korčula's secret heart Do you still believe in fairies, love to spend your holiday actively, but don't have anything against relaxing in the shade of pine trees with a glass of good Pošip in a beautiful cove? Come to Smokvica and Brna!

The kumpanija sword dance in front of the Church of the Purification of Our Lady in Smokvica; A view of Smokvica; Brna Cove is a favorite place for swimmers and sailors.


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s attractive as it is in its coastal region, Korčula is also full of stories in its interior. One of the best ways to get to know more about the island is to hop into a car, roll the windows down, and enjoy the pleasant, aromatic drive. You will pass through interesting places such as Žrnovo, famous for moštra, a sword dance, followed by Pupnat, one of the oldest settlements on the island, near which you will find Pupnatska Luka, a cove, which is known as the most beautiful one on the island. You will

also reach Čara, where there is a cypress tree that has stood the test of time for centuries. Try to hug it, and get your picture taken in front of it, while smiling, because this is the spot the Greeks called Xapa (joy). The reason for that is the beautiful location with a big, sunny field, with a view of the sea, where the Pošip sort is grown. This is the homeland of Pošip, the first protected Croatian white wine, for which the town of Čara is well-known, along with the nearby town of Smokvica, where a monument

of many tourists. Due to the protected location and the refreshing maestral wind in the summer months, the cove is also a favorite amongst sailors and fans of sailing, as well as for divers. After a day spent on one of the beaches, or in the irresistible endless landscape, duck into one of the taverns or restaurants and try the juicy produce from the surrounding fields and clean sea. To start, raise a glass of rose spirits or an aromatized liqueur, and then try fresh fish and seafood, prepared in the local way. If you prefer meat, Smokvica pašticada with handmade gnocchi is an excellent choice. As far as desserts are concerned, the choice in Smokvica is endless. Arancini, dried figs, rafioli, mantala, sirnice, carob cake... The choice is yours, but they have one thing in common - they all go well with Prošek. In order to enjoy the delicious flavors of Smokvica as long as possible, visit one of the many wineries where, besides wine, you can also buy superb olive oil, domestic liqueur, honey, marmalade, and arancini that will remind you of the sweet vacation you had on the island long after you return home. 

© Šime Strikoman / Smokvica Tourist Board © Šime Strikoman / Smokvica Tourist Board

© Šime Strikoman / Smokvica Tourist Board © Šime Strikoman / Smokvica Tourist Board

celebrating this sort has been erected at the place where the first vine was found. Along with Pošip, the Rukatac sort is also grown in the vineyards, and the locals here have been cultivating olive groves here for centuries while also keeping the tradition of telling many legends of mermaids and fairies. They will gladly tell you the one about the fairies that gather at night and have fun, swim in the nearby coves, dance and sing on meadows, fields, and next to puddles, which is how Smokvica got its name back in ancient times. It is hard to say whether you will see a fairy, but after a few glasses of superb Pošip, even that is possible. The somewhat wild and lush vegetation of Smokvica and the surrounding area is perfect for active holidays. Explore some of the hiking and bike trails that run through this picturesque area, which pass by vineyards and olive groves, viewpoints and caves, while some lead down to the coves that will take your breath away. One of the larger ones is Brna. Surrounded by pine forests on one side and crystal clear water on the other side, Brna is the favorite summer base

In Smokvica, preserving customs and tradition is an imperative, carefully guarded by 15 local associations. Besides the kumpanija, the locals also nurture the tradition of folk dances, klapa and church choirs, and brass band music.

Smokvica is known as the homeland of Pošip; Working in the vineyard is a family business; Smokvica Summer; The people of Smokvica are known The for preserving traditions; juicy fruits of Smokvica's fields and various domestic dishes can be eaten in taverns and restaurants in the area of Smokvice and Brna.

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The aroma of linden, the flavor of lumblija...


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What is the feeling when you are awaited by a completely unexpected experience in a town in the heart of the island? Incredible! Visit Blato and discover its story...

Plokata in Blato; A view of Blato; The linden alley stretches along the entire length of Blato's main street; The lodge on Plokata is a gathering spot for the people of Blato; The kumpanija sword dance; Barilo Ethno House.


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e truly didn't expect anything unusual when we drove from Smokvica deeper into the interior of the island. One of the largest settlements on the island, named Blato (mud), gave us the impression that the settlement was developed next to a lake, which was later dried out, but we certainly didn't expect to not miss the sea. Upon arrival in Blato, there is a natural attraction - a magnificent green tunnel of linden trees, the second largest linden tree alley in Europe

(following the Unter den Linden in Berlin), and one of the most beautiful linden-lined roads in the Mediterranean. If you visit Blato during June, when that kilometer-long alley that adorns Blato's main street Zlinje is in full bloom, a walk through the town turns into a special, aromatic experience. This street is also special for the fact that it has a name, in contrast to the other local streets that bear a number. One of them will take you to Barilo Ethno House, where your aromatic trip

Lumblija is prepared from special ingredients, which are gathered starting in the spring. It contains, amongst other things, almonds, walnuts, oranges, and lemons, and it is prepared during the time when we remember those we love the most, in early November. It is a long-lasting cake, so the older it is, the better it is. There is a festival to celebrate it - Lumblija Days, with an exhibition, competition, and taste-test of the best lumblija.

through the town will continue in the garden with the indigenous aromatic herbs that surround it. However, this story, will be additionally "spiced up" with the flavors of homemade liqueurs, marmalades (we warmly recommend the bitter orange marmalade), arancini, and sugared almonds that the locals will offer you while they tell you the stories of Blato's past. They will take you through the rooms of the house, decorated in the style of the former way of life here, and full of items that their ancestors used in daily life, which they then carefully collected for decades. I don't know what you usually do, but when I first arrive in a place, I head over to the main square and the church that usually adorns it. There, at that main meeting place for locals, I can best feel the pulse of the city, as I can at the local market. In Blato it is pretty lively. Almost all generations of the citizens of Blato can be seen on Plokata, the spacious square in front of the parish church of All Saints. The square's image is additionally enhanced by the bell tower and lodge,

where the meetings of the aristocrats were previously held. Today, it isn't much different, except for the fact that the locals now take the role of the aristocrats, and they discuss many topics every day, but they also take the time to chat with each other. A few steps away, you will come across the Shrine of the Blessed Marija of Crucified Jesus Petković, a place of peace and contemplation visited by followers from all over the world. At the shrine, there is also a small museum dedicated to her life and work. Another one of Blato's special features is Lumblija, a traditional old-fashioned cake that has been prepared here for more than 200 years. The story of its creation dates back to the time of Napoleon, and is about two lovers who had to part, and the strong message of lumblija lives on today and says: "Never forget me...". Find out the entire story about this place, which is special in many ways. And the sea? It's not that far from here. Whenever you wish to see it, head down to Prižba Cove, Prigradice, Karbun... and enjoy the benefits of Blato's riviera. 

In the summer months on the square in front of the main church in Blato, see the kumpanija, a sword dance performed to the beat of a drum, and the sound of bagpipes.

Lumblija is traditionally prepared for All Saint's Day; The locals will show you many artifacts from Blato's past in the Barilo Ethno House; The settlement of Prižba on the southern side of the island is located eight kilometers from Blato.

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© Boris Kačan / Vela Luka Tourist Board

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Vela Luka

Never forget Vela Luka... Vela Luka is a gathering spot for artists, bohemians, and everyone looking to rest their soul in picturesque surroundings, favored more and more amongst fans of outdoor activities. See why...


© Boris Kačan / Vela Luka Tourist Board

Vela Luka is located on the western side of the island, in a long, rugged bay with many coves; Vela Spila; Kumpanija, a sword dance.

ith the strong message of the lumblija - "Never forget me", we left Blato, but we surely won't forget Vela Luka, a town on the western side of the island, anchored in a ninekilometer-long bay. It is a spot sung about in many songs, of which the most popular one is the one with the message "Never forget, honey, Vela Luka" ("Vela Luku, mala, ne zaboravi"). Vela Spila, where we travelled 20 thousand years


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back in time, also remains imbedded in our memories. This prehistoric archeological site is located on a hill above Kale Cove in Vela Luka and is one of the most important sites in Europe that offers a picture of life in the Mediterranean. Although exploration still continues, up until now, archeologists have found valuable artifacts - pieces of pottery, entire dishes, and various other objects that

bear witness to continued life in this area that dates back to the Late Stone Age, but also to the social and economic relations that the people in the cave had with the rest of the Adriatic and Mediterranean. Awaken the explorer within, have a look at the cave, and then see the many artifacts found and the surprising discoveries at the Cultural Center in Vela Luka. Your attention will also be drawn to an interesting collection of models of wooden ships. However, while you are still at Vela Spila, which you can easily reach by car, or on foot, don't forget to enjoy the view that it offers of the entire bay, the fertile fields around Blato, the surrounding and distant islands, and the open sea. There you can also se Proizd, an islet that will give your stay on Korčula a special dose of the exotic. Beaches of smooth white stone that dip into the turquoise sea, which you won't want to leave, will remain in your memory for a long time. Three exotic beaches, called Bili Boci, have

been awarded many recognition, amongst which in 2007 the Croatian National Tourist Board named them Beach of the Year, and the British Daily Telegraph named them one of the top five most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. See why for yourself. You can reach the islet easily from Vela Luka. The trip takes about half an hour, and if you choose to take a speedboat, you will be in this exotic destination in just a few minutes. Use your time in Vela Luka, a newly discovered destination for fans of nature and active holidays, for walking along its walking trails that pass by vineyards, centuries-old olive groves, and sites with attractive views of the open sea and the islets of Proizd and Ošjak. Taking a bike ride on one of its bike circuits is also a great idea. When you get hungry, look for a great meal in the restaurants and taverns of Vela Luka, or in the country estates, which will entice you with the delightful aromas of traditional Vela Luka cuisine. 

Don't miss out on swimming in the turquoise waters of the islet of Proizd, which you can reach quickly and easily from Vela Luka.

Vela Luka is growing in popularity amongst fans of nature and active holidays; Exotic beaches on the islet of Proizd; Oliver Dragojević, one of the most popular Croatian singers, and this year's host of the International Open Jazz Festival, was born in Vela Luka; A young girl in a folk dance costume; Homemade dishes.

Vela Luka has the longest tradition of olive-growing on Croatian islands, and it is famous for its deposits of therapeutic mud, next to which a hospital for treating rheumatic ailments was developed.

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Good company, a favorite drink, and a view of sunny Vela Luka... Let that be the recipe for at least part of your afternoon in this calm town.



Hotel Korkyra charming island feeling Y ou will experience the romance of Vela Luka if you stay at the Hotel Korkyra in the very heart of the town. This small, family-run hotel is perfect for those looking for a real holiday, as well as for many newlyweds who choose it for their honeymoon. Along with its 58 cozy, modernly furnished rooms, this romantic hotel also has an

outdoor pool, a small wellness and fitness center, a spacious terrace, and a private beach which guests can reach by boat free of charge. Transportation to the Dubrovnik Airport, various excursions, cooking courses, olive harvesting and other activities are also organized for guests. 

Hotel Korkyra, Obala 3 br. 21, 20270 Vela Luka, Croatia  +385 20 601000, info@hotel-korkyra.com, www.hotel-korkyra.com ★★★★ 30

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Hotel Korkyra

charming island feeling

© Ho , ra ky ka or Lu lK a te Vel

Marco Polo and millions Did you know that the word "millions" is tied to Marco Polo? They say that upon his return to Venice, while retelling his experiences, Marco exaggerated the facts, descriptions, and numbers so much that the numbers that existed at the time weren't adequate (at that time, the word "million" didn't exist, but instead people said "a thousand thousands"). Marco's exaggerations were then linked to his middle name, Emilio, and they minted a coin, "emilioni", which later turned into the Italian "milione", or million.

© Cu

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Little Marco Polo Bombs Truffles made with sweet cream, dusted with finely chopped walnuts and enveloped in a thick layer of chocolate. You won't be able to resist Little Marco Polo Bombs while in Korčula. This sweet, gluten-free treat is reminiscent of a cannon ball, which evokes memories of the sea battle near Korčula, where this world-famous citizen of Korčula was captured.

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© Željka Kunštek

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© Lešić Dimitri Palace


In front of Korčula's cathedral of St. Mark; Žitna Cove is one of the most beautiful on the island; In many places on the island, you will come across dry stone walls, unique monuments of human labor; Pupnatska Luka Cove is known as the most beautiful on the island.


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es, there is plenty that will thrill, surprise, intrigue, and relax you, and make its way under your skin on the island of Korčula. I believe that Korčula will also awaken the explorer within, which won't be strange at all. It is, after all, Marco Polo's island. In conclusion, to paraphrase his famous sentence - I haven't written even half of what I saw and experienced on the island of Korčula. However, I do hope you believe me, and see for yourself this summer. 



Korčula Tourist Board Obala dr. Franje Tuđmana 4 20260 Korčula, Croatia  +385 20 715701 info@visitkorcula.eu tzg-korcule@du.t-com.hr www.visitkorcula.eu

© Ivo Biočina / CNTB

Lumbarda Tourist Board Prvi žal b.b. 20263 Lumbarda, Croatia  +385 20 712005 info@tz-lumbarda.hr www.tz-lumbarda.hr

© fotolia

We can't change the future, but we can change the habits that will change the future - wrote Marco Polo.

Smokvica Tourist Board Brna b.b. 20272 Smokvica, Croatia  +385 20 832255 tzo-smokvica@du.t-com.hr www.brna.hr

Blato Tourist Board Trg Dr. Franje Tuđmana 4 20271 Blato, Croatia  +385 20 851850 info@tzo-blato.hr www.tzo-blato.hr

Vela Luka Tourist Board Obala 3 br. 19 20270 Vela Luka, Croatia  +385 20 813619 tzo-vela-luka@du.t-com.hr www.tzvelaluka.hr

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© Mario Romulić and Dražen Stojčić / CNTB

Experience Croatia

Lost at sea The goddess Calypso chose it for her home, St. Paul lived here, and Queen Teuta loved to relax in its splendor. Legend has it that Mljet was the "most beautiful island of all the seas and oceans...". Many who have discovered it will confirm that's what it is today too. Text: Željka Kunštek ◆ Photos: "Mljet National Park" Public Institution, Mljet Tourist Board

A view of the Great Lake and Isle of St. Mary; Odyssey's cave.

The Big Bridge is built at the site of the former 15th century bridge and mill, which was powered by the changing tides. Next to the bridge, walking trails, boat docks, and a swimming area accessible to people with disabilities were made, and a charging point was also constructed for charging electrical vehicles and boats.


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ne of the most beautiful excursions you can take from the island of Korčula is the one to the neighboring island of Mljet. Board a catamaran in Korčula and, in just half an hour, be in the wild, untouched beauty of the remote, greenest Croatian island. Mljet will charm you instantly, just as, accoding to legend, it did the goddess Calypso, who fell in love with Odyssey on this island and kept him in her cave for a full seven years, which still bears the name Odyssey's cave. This unique cave with an exit to the sea (since the cave is connected to the sea with a natural tunnel) is regularly visited by adventurers and divers, as well as the locals from nearby Babino Polje, the largest settlement on the island, who dock their fishing boats in it and go out to sea in calm weather.

Besides being the most forested, Mljet is also known as one of the sunniest Croatian islands. Its forests, olive groves, vineyards, steep rocky shores, countless hidden coves and sandy beaches, like those in tropical lagoons, are heated by the sun for about 2500 hours per year. You will want to relax in that beauty and those Mediterranean aromas for a longer time, but make some time to actively explore the island, especially the northwestern part, which was proclaimed a national park fifty years ago. Two saltwater lakes (Great and Small Lake), are connected with a shallow and narrow channel where, depending on the tides, sea currents are exchanged, and they are the greatest attraction at the park. Many kayakers pass, and many swimmers enjoy themselves in the channel under the Small Bridge, and this year, the park also has a large stone bridge that

© Antonio Rossetti / The "Sunce" Association / Mljet National Park

connects the shores of the Great Lake, and connects to an 11-kilometer long trail that circles the lake. Explore the magnificent nature while walking, riding a bike, or rowing a canoe that can take you to the mystical sea caves, which the island has in abundance. Divers will be thrilled with the waters around Mljet, full of underwater caves, sunken ships, and amphoras from ancient Roman and Greek galleons that used to sail here. The underwater world of the lakes is especially attractive, as it is rich in shellfish, including noble pen shells, and date shells. The lakes are also home to (harmless) jellyfish from the Aurelia species, and this is their only habitat in the world, and interestingly, their closest relatives live in a saltwater lake in the Palau Islands in the Pacific Ocean. The natural and cultural attraction of the park, and its most commonly photographed motif is the picturesque Isle of St. Mary, with a church and Benedictine monastery that dates back to the 12th century. It is located on the south side of the Great Lake, and it is on the "must visit" list for every visitor to the island. See why for yourself this summer. Sailors who sail around the rugged coast of Mljet, and like to drop anchor at the village of Polače, which is one of the best protected natural harbors on the Adriatic, don't hide their love for the island. This town is also famous for the ruins of a Roman Palace... Yes, Mljet is full of surprises. 

Walking, riding bicycles and canoeing are the best ways to tour Mljet National Park.

"Mljet National Park" Public Institution Pristanište 2, 20226 Goveđari - Mljet Croatia,  +385 20 744041 np-mljet@np-mljet.hr

www.np-mljet.hr Every day, excursion boats bring tourists to Mljet National Park; Mljet is the greenest and one of the sunniest islands in Croatia; The Isle of St. Mary can be reached by canoe, or with the Park's boat that runs every hour.

Mljet can be reached in many ways: by catamaran from Dubrovnik, by ferry boat from the Pelješac peninsula, with the catamaran that sails on the Split - Brač - Hvar Korčula - Mljet - Dubrovnik line, or with one of many excursion boats.

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Interesting facts






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The island of bright stars


Did you know that Lastovo has the darkest night sky in Europe? If you look up to the sky above this island at sea on a clear night, not only will you see a million bright stars, but with your bare eyes, you can also see an opaque white trail - the Milky Way, which includes a total of 219 million stars! Far away from the coast, bustle, and light pollution, as well as every other form of pollution, Lastovo has become a favorite destination for astronomers and all those who would like to enjoy the priceless view of the starry sky. The island has already hosted an international dark sky camp, and rumor has it that it could become the European Starry Sky Park, or the European Astronomy Camp.

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Experience Croatia

An archipelago of irresistible beauty Text: Željka Kunštek ◆ Photos: "Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park" Public Institution

Far away at sea, under the most beautiful starry sky in Europe, you will find Lastovo, an island where time stopped long ago...


t isn't far from the island of Korčula to the island of Lastovo, which with its mystical beauty, dense forests with many ponds, enchanting aboveground and underwater caves, and numerous rare marine and land habitats give more than enough reasons to name Lastovo and the surrounding islands a nature park. That was the important recognition this island at sea got in 2006, which makes it the youngest nature park in Croatia. Even though it is the furthest inhabited Croatian island, and it takes the longest to get to it, every minute will be more than worth your time, especially if you are looking for a holiday in enchanting, untouched nature, far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, on an island where time stopped long ago. Lastovo and Sušac are the largest islands of this park that encompasses a total of 44 islands, islets, skerries, and reefs, which are

watched over not only by the starry sky, but also by the lights from impressive stone lighthouses, located on the islands of Sušac, Tajan, Glavat, and Struga. The Lastovo archipelago is one of the best preserved botanical areas in the Mediterranean, and around 70 percent of its area is covered in forests, which makes Lastovo, along with Mljet, the most forested island in Croatia. Here, fans of active tourism can enjoy themselves, along with divers, who will find it difficult to leave the undersea world that is rich in coral, sponges, mollusks, crabs, and many other species. These islands will also intrigue you with their many stone churches, unusually decorated chimneys (fumari), and the traditional Lastovo carnival. Get to know the locals, people who have always lived harmoniously with divine nature. 

Struga lighthouse; Lastovo's fumari; The shape of the town of Lastovo resembles an amphitheater; Lučica Cove.

"Lastovo Archipelago Nature Park" Public Institution Trg Sv. Petra 7 20289 Ubli, Lastovo Island, Croatia  +385 20 801252 info@pp-lastovo.hr


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gić /





bert Ku L A © Ro KORČU

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en až Dr


M L J E T © Mario Rom




Croatia through philately

The story of Glavat Presenting postage stamps

Prepared by: Željka Kunštek

It is truly hard to say which island is most beautiful - Lastovo, Mljet, or Korčula. Not even the Greek gods could agree on that...

The stamp can be ordered online here:


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egend has it that during an argument, the gods of Mount Olympus in Greece couldn't come to a conclusion on which island was the most beautiful: Lastovo, Mljet, or Korčula. So Poseidon, god of the sea, sent his adjutant to Vrhovnjak, an uninhabited Adriatic island, located east of the island of Lastovo, to see for himself. The adjutant, impressed with the beauty, watched the islands for days from the edge of Vrhovnjak, which angered Poseidon, who turned him into a small island - Glavat. A lighthouse has proudly stood on the tallest island Vrhovnjak, surrounded by

twenty islets and reefs, since 1884. Its light in the tower rotates 45 meters above sea level, and with its range of 22 nautical miles, it marks it eastern edge of Lastovo's archipelago. With its 220 square meters of residential area, Glavat is one of the largest lighthouse buildings on the Adriatic. Today the building has been completely renovated according to the original plans, which date back to the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The main floor houses the lighthouse keeper's work area, while the living quarters are on the first floor, and secondary rooms are in the attic. Although the light was automated in the 1920s, when the human crew was brought ashore, after the building was renovated, a lighthouse keeper once again lives on Glavat. Interestingly, it rains more often on Glavat than on other Adriatic islands at high sea, which is seen in the lush vegetation in the spring. A stamp with a motif of Glavat was issued on June 10, 2015, in a ten-stamp sheet, and the Croatian Post also issued a First Day Cover (FDC). The stamp was printed in a hundred thousand copies, 48.28 mm x 29.82 mm in size. The photographer is Andrija Carli, and the stamp was designed by Orsat Franković, a designer from Zagreb. 

Š To m isl av Ra di CN



Glavat's underwater paradise Due to their preserved natural state and the diversity of the underwater flora and fauna, the southern Dalmatian islands of KorÄ?ula, Mljet, and Lastovo are favorite diving destinations. Many divers find the magnificent underwater world of the isle of Glavat a true challenge, just like the rest of the Lastovo archipelago, which is rich in, amongst other things, various types of algae, fish, snails, crabs, sponges, and coral.

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Cultural tourism


Gold earrings; A bride in Konavle with gold earrings; Konavle verižice; Women's ornamental buttons, called puce.

Southern Croatia used to charm European aristocracy with the timeless beauty and special creation of unique, traditional jewelry, and today the attractive design that goes with nearly every fashion style is winning over the world's elite and tourists from all over the world...

Text: Željka Kunštek Photos: Dubrovnik-Neretva County Tourist Board, Mljet Tourist Board, Dubrovnik's museums, Konavle Tourist Board, Župa Dubrovačka Tourist Board


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Jewelry also loved in Hollywood D

uring her stay in Dubrovnik, Jordan's Queen Rania bought earrings from Konavle, known as veri탑ice, which she later wore for an interview at the Oprah Winfrey Show. Gillian Anderson, better known as Agent Scully in the legendary show, The X-Files, wore gold earrings from Dubrovnik at the showing of the movie "The Wrestler" in Dubrovnik. Famous actor Morgan Freeman took home cufflinks made of yellow gold with an engraved map of Dubrovnik as a souvenir, while actor Mickey Rourke purchased a unique necklace... So it seems that not even

Hollywood stars can resist the traditional jewelry from the Croatian south, but what makes it so special?

Peru탑ine are most popular While for some, it is a symbol of power, wealth, and prosperity, for others, it is just an accessory. Still, many women will confirm that jewelry is so much more than that. It preserves many emotions, memories, and stories, and some of the most beautiful ones are told in southern Croatia. In the former Dubrovnik Republic, pearl of the Adriatic, but also the Mediterranean, the goldsmiths of

Konavle's veri탑ice, peru탑ina, or puce are a unique souvenir that you will wear for a long time and be proud of, and they will forever remind you of your holiday spent in the beautiful Croatian south.

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© Darko Vrbica / Župa Dubrovačka Tourist Board

A kolarin (necklace) with a gold heart is an integral part of every woman's collection in Župa Dubrovačka; A Mljet kolarin (necklace); Mljetski Gradaši (earrings); A zmijar ring from the island of Mljet.

Dubrovnik's jewelry is traditionally handed down to the eldest daughter, and if there are two daughters in the family, then additional jewelry is bought for the younger daughter.

Dubrovnik had an important role, which is proven by the fact that one of the streets was named Zlatarska (Goldsmith's) street. Original jewelry produced by Dubrovnik's old goldsmiths that the people of Dubrovnik gave to churches and protector saints as votive offerings can be seen in Dubrovnik's museums today, and original pieces, and their excellent replicas, can be purchased in some of the jewelry shops in the city today. The most popular piece in the Dubrovnik collection is peružina, a ball of gold, coral, or filigree silver that adorns earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, called kolarin. The window displays of Dubrovnik's jeweler's will also attract your attention with the engagement and wedding rings, such as the sedlar, topač, zmijar, and vera (a popular engagement ring in the shape of two holding hands), and rečine and šljivice earrings, which are specific to Dubrovnik's coastal region. The jewelry from nearby Župa Dubrovačka is elegant and rich in gold and pearls, and every woman there had to have a collection that included a kolarin, an opulent necklace with six, twelve, or sixteen gilded filigree balls, and a gold cross or gold heart as a pendant. Another typical thing here was jewelry worn in mourning, which was made of gold and black glass paste, and oval-shaped brooches and earrings with a centrally placed semi-precious stone surrounded by pearls.

An international hit Even if you haven't visited Konavle, a unique region in the far south of Croatia, yet, it is highly likely that you have heard


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A zmijar ring / Dubrovnik's museums

Mljetski Gradaši / Dubrovnik's museums


A Mljet kolarin / Dubrovnik's museums

Cultural tourism

of the world-famous earrings from Konavle, called verižice. These earrings shaped like gold rings are enhanced by jewelers in various ways, and besides them, fjočice, gold earrings embellished with small pearls, and rečine, gold filigree earrings, are also popular. The Konavle collection also includes various silver and bronze pins, embellished with the filigree technique or Murano glass, which the women of Konavle used to adorn their hair. There are also many different buttons (puce), a kind of status symbol, which vary from the simple to unique filigree pieces. The jewelry of the women from the surrounding islands also has an interesting story. The already mentioned necklace, the kolarin, comes from the island of Mljet, where the women used it as an accessory back in the 12th century, when the Benedictines came to the island and started harvesting coral from the abundant waters surrounding Mljet. You can recognize this necklace for the several rows of red coral that are interrupted at certain intervals with golden ribbed balls (sometimes gilded hazelnuts were used instead of a gold ball), threaded onto a silk ribbon, with a gold cross in the middle. Besides a kolarin, every woman on Mljet also had to have a gold zmijar ring, which consisted of five rows, and a green or red eye, gold earrings, called 'Mljetski Gradaši', and a gold pin in the shape of a heart. Many of these can be found in Dubrovnik's jewelry stores. Choose the one you like best and take it home with you as a unique souvenir that you will gladly wear, and will remind you of your stay in southern Croatia, which was golden in many ways. 

Š Hrvoje Serdar / CNTB

RIVIERA & ISLANDS Dubrovnik-Neretva County Tourist Board www.visitdubrovnik.hr

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Bi o Iv ©


oč in a TB

The judges love it: "Dubrovnik and Time" In the very short period of time since it was presented, the new promotional film of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, "Dubrovnik and Time" hasn't stopped collecting awards. So, at the 9th International Tourism Film Festival "Tourfilm Riga 2016", amongst 170 films from 44 countries, the professional international judging panel awarded Dubrovnik's film a special "Mention" award in the "Cultural Tourism" category. At the Tourism Film Festival at the ITB Berlin 2016 fair, the film took second place amongst 1500 films from all over the world, and it won a bronze medal at the "New York Festivals Television & Film Awards" while competing against several hundred films. Click on the video to see why everyone loves it... Dubrovnik and Time

© Dubrovnik Tourist Board


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A vacation with a dash of


17th century renaissance palace in the very heart of the old city of Dubrovnik is a true oasis of luxury and hedonism visited by all those who appreciate superb holidays. Behind the doors of this exclusive, five-star boutique hotel, surrounded by cultural attractions, art galleries and lively bars and restaurants, you will find 17 magnificent rooms, and two suites with a timeless design. The unique blend of old and modern, stone and olive wood, is mixed harmoniously in

these airy rooms, with plenty of natural light shining in through the large windows. Yes, here you will truly feel royal... The Pucić Palace will also charm you with the flavors of various Mediterranean and international delicacies, which will be accompanied with superb wines. Spoil your taste buds at the charming hotel restaurants, the Café Royal, Defne, and the Razonoda Wine Bar, allow the chefs to surprise you with unusual combinations of the best and freshest ingredients,


transformed into a superb gourmet experience that will make you want to always return. Allow them to tell you the exciting story of Dubrovnik, a city added to the global tourism map long ago. This summer, see why The Pucić Palace was named the best small hotel on the Adriatic three years in a row (2012, 2013, and 2014), discover the magical way they easily impress every guest, and experience Dubrovnik's glamour and a completely different summer. 

The Pucić Palace, Od Puča 1, 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia,  +385 20 326222 reception@thepucicpalace.com, www.thepucicpalace.com May - July 2016










pr ol č CN ec TB



Seafood specialties hold an important spot in the rich culinary offer of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. Along with many different types of fish, which the surrounding waters are abundant in, the menus of many restaurants and taverns also include shellfish, and scallops hold a special place amongst them. The chefs here prepare them in many creative and delicious ways: roasted with homemade olive oil and aromatic Mediterranean herbs, boiled, a gratin, combined with tomato sauce, in a stew... You can also eat them raw, with just a few drops of lemon juice.

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Scallops are a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, along with vitamin B, magnesium, zinc, and potassium. This type of shellfish is very light, low-calorie, and is known to be a mighty aphrodisiac.


© o oč




Iv in a

Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel CMYK 0/42/100/0

CMYK 100/88/0/5



ecently, the globally renowned Sheraton brand introduced the innovative "Paired" program in all its properties worldwide. Inspired by global tradition and local culture, the Sheraton Paired menu combines unusual ingredients in an imaginative way. Creative combinations pair delicious small dishes, superb wines, and craft beers to offer unique culinary experiences. That is also the situation in Croatia, at the enchanting Dubrovnik

Riviera, where the Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel hasn't stopped delighting guests. Opened less than a year ago, it has already justified the flattering title of one of the most luxurious Sheraton hotels in the Mediterranean. This gem of modern architecture, and a peaceful oasis in Dubrovnik, presented the Paired flavors of the Croatian Adriatic. Spice up a romantic dinner and discover a new dimension of pairing recognizable, local flavors, and classic dishes in the elegant Piano Bar at the Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel. While there, take the recommendation of drinks from the menu, or get the opinion of the professional hotel staff. Part of the diverse culinary offer of the Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel is also the main restaurant, Leut, which offers guests an inimitable experience

CMYK 0/0/0/70

PANTONE Blue 072 C


with its authentic Dalmatian and international delicacies, paired with a wide range of superb wines from Croatia and abroad. In the upcoming months, the pearl of the riviera, the Sheraton Dubrovnik, will add the exclusive Lungo Mare a la carte restaurant, located right next to the sea, to its offer. Plan your vacation on time and reserve special packages for your ideal escape to enchanting southern Croatia. 

Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel, Šetalište dr. Franje Tuđmana 17, 20207 Mlini, Croatia

 +385 20 601500, info@sheratondubrovnikriviera.com, www.sheratondubrovnikriviera.com May - July 2016



© The Dubrovnik Summer Games

u o y 4 s tip

t... u o s s i m t ' Don Vinodar

The Dubrovnik Summer Games

Vinodar 2016, the most entertaining wine festival, awaits you in Daruvar from June 5th to 12th. The festival includes an international wine exhibition, a fair with traditional products from the Bjelovar-Bilogora County, and plenty of good music and other events. On Saturday, June 11th, an excursion train, "Vinodar Express", has been organized for visitors from Zagreb.


© Martin Turk / Krapina-Zagorje County Tourist Board

© Defying Gravity

© Daruvar - Papuk Tourist Board


The 67th Dubrovnik Summer Games will take place this year from July 10th to August 25th. At that time, the streets and squares of Dubrovnik traditionally become the stages for classical performances and ballet, and its ancient walls are a unique backdrop for the oldest Croatian cultural festival.

Defying Gravity 2016

As part of his Final World Tour, José Carreras will perform in Croatia. The concert, which will be of a humanitarian nature, will be held in Pula's Arena on July 23rd, starting at 9:00 PM. The world-famous melodies of the renowned Spanish tenor will be accompanied by the Ivan pl. Zajc Symphony Orchestra from the Croatian National Theater in Rijeka. www.carrerasupuli.com

A wedding in Zagorje


© Meritum komunikacije & Art Hill

José Carreras in the Pula Arena

If you are a fan of biking, make sure to be in Samobor on June 11th, where the bike festival will be held on that day. Bike acrobatics, dance, and sports shows, balancing competition, games involving team work and communication... that's just part of this year's bountiful program.

You haven't been to a wedding yet this year? Here's an invitation! Come to the "Staro selo" Museum in Kumrovec on August 20th and 21st and be a guest at a wedding in Zagorje. Find out how brides were proposed to, and what the engagement and wedding looked like... www.tzkzz.hr

tipTravel magazine is not responsible for decisions made by event planners regarding changes in schedules, performers, programs, or in case the event is cancelled. So, in order to find out the details for the event you are interested in, click on the link below the announcement.


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© Darko Puharić / Vinkovci Tourist Board

Vinkovci Autumn Vinkovci Autumn, the largest folklore event in this part of Europe, will be held from September 9th to 18th this year. On Saturday afternoon, during the event, carriage rides will be organized at a symbolic price, and will give a dash of elegance to the great folklore event.

25. KASTAFSKO KULTURNO LETO 25th KASTAV CULTURAL SUMMER 1. srpnja – 26. kolovoza 2016. 1 July – 26 August 2016 www.kkl.hr


KOSTRENA – MATULJI – KASTAV – VIŠKOVO – ČAVLE 4. kolovoza – 8. kolovoza 2016. 4 August – 8 August 2016


Koncerti Concerts


Glazbene radionice Music workshops

August 19th to 28th is the time to "špancir" in Varaždin! At that time, the city in the northern part of Croatia becomes the capital of music, the kingdom of theater, and the empire of beauty created with the magical hands of artists. Experience the Festival of Good Emotions...

Izložbe Exhibitions Najveći hrvatski blues-festival, nastao u čast Philadelphia Jerryja Ricksa, jednoga od najeksponiranijih predstavnika tradicionalnoga bluesa (country-blues), koji je za posljednje počivalište odabrao upravo Kastav, i ove godine nudi višednevni atraktivan program.

Kastav's blues creations




© Varaždin Tourist Board

BIG OM BIG OM, an international qualification competition in big game fishing, will be held this year from August 24th to 28th in Omišalj on the island of Krk, with Kvarner Bay as the fishing area.





From June 6th to 11th, Zagreb will celebrate Animafest, the World Festival of Animated Film, and this year's program includes more than 300 movies from all over the world, which will be shown in Zagreb's Europa and Tuškanac cinemas, and at the Zagreb Dance Center. www.animafest.hr


plakat B1 presica.indd 3

For the 25th year in a row, in the summer months, the town of Kastav will attract fans of culture, or, better said, all those who appreciate great shows, concerts, exhibitions, and films, and for thewww.kastav-touristinfo.hr ninth year in a row, fans of fantastic blues. Musical www.kastavbluesfest.com delights are held at that time at several locations in the old city center, and blues notes have also been spreading to the nearby towns of Viškovo, Matulje, Čavle, and Kostrena over the past few years. This year, the Kastav Blues Festival will once again host many Croatian and international representatives of the blues scene, and concerts will also be accompanied by musical workshops in the relaxed atmosphere of this unique town.

The biggest blues festival in Croatia, established in honour of ‘Philadelphia’ Jerry Ricks, one of the most remarkable exponents of traditional country blues, who chose Kastav as his final resting place, this year again offers an exciting programme of performances over several days by many highly rated musicians.

1.4.2016. 11:23:58

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Ministry of Tourism



© Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia

ANTON KLIMAN, Croatian Minister of Tourism, reveals the first steps he has made, investments planned for this tourist season, the recipe for extending the season, future plans, and Croatia's greatest advantages as an increasingly competitive destination on the global tourist map.

Croatia has already been recognized worldwide, but I know we can do much more Conducted by: Željka Kunštek

Croatia is full of diversity in a small area. It is both a Mediterranean and continental destination, and a great advantage is that everything can be reached within an hour, two, or three by car.


tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016


s soon as you took over the function of Minister of Tourism, and president of the Croatian National Tourist Board, early this year, you started working right away. What are the first steps you made as minister? Croatian tourism is achieving truly excellent results, but since it is a very competitive sector, where Croatia has been a globally recognized and praised destination, it was incredibly important for me to start intensively working on establishing the foundation for further improvements as soon as possible. In the first days at the position of Minister

of Tourism, I met with many tourism workers in order to get as detailed an insight of the on-site situation as possible and to speak with them about their needs and ideas for creating even better business conditions. Recently, the public debate regarding tourism regulations, with which it would be possible to adapt the conditions and ease business conduct, while retaining high quality and standards in Croatian tourism, ended. I also place a lot of focus on investments because in that segment, Croatia has the possibility of raising tourism to a higher level in a short period of time, which will definitely

© Igor Zirojević / CNTB

© Vodnjan Tourist Board

© Jakov Teklić / Solin Tourist Board

© Robert Kunštek

have a positive effect on the total GNP. Croatian tourism has enormous potential and that is the reason why it is necessary to enable and offer support to workers in tourism and future entrepreneurs so they can use that potential.

for the growing investment trend to continue because, finally, it affects rising employment rates, the GNP, the improved standard of life of our citizens, and a better position for the Croatian tourism industry on the market.

The announced investments in the tourism sector for this year are at around 670 million euro, which is about 40 percent more than in comparison to last year. What will most of that be invested in? This year, more than 670 million euros of investment in tourism have been announced, of which more than half will be invested in companies, which shows that Croatia is very interesting to investors. Part are investments in public tourism infrastructure, which is essential for the further development of destinations and boosting competitiveness. Investments also have added value because they attract and offer security for other investors to invest in those destinations through the development of additional facilities and content. So it is incredibly important

This year, you also stated you would work on intensifying the arrival of tourists from Russia. New charters and additional flights have been planned, but will the visa approval process for Russian tourists speed up, and if so, how? Russian guests have always been important to us, as they are guests who stay an average of eight days, and love to spend money. So, although Croatia promotes itself on the Russian market every year, this year, we additionally boosted our promotional activities because we believe this is an opportunity to better reposition ourselves on that market. The other piece of good news is the introduction of new, and more frequent airline connections, which is incredibly important when guests coming from

Food and wine are unavoidably part of the tradition in Croatian regions; Vodnjan can also be toured by tourist train; The oldest Marian shrine in Croatia is on Our Lady's Island in Solin; The Church of St. Mark is one of the symbols of Zagreb.

distant countries are in question. We will continue to insist on that, since transportation connections are incredibly vital to sustainable and stable growth. We are also talking to representatives from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs regarding the visas and we will do everything we can to administratively speed up and ease the arrival of guests from Russia to Croatia. This year, a Work Committee for tourism between Croatia and the Russian Federation is being formed, through

May - July 2016



which we will intensify cooperation even more, and a large B2B workshop that will be held in Zagreb is also being prepared.

The statue of St. Blaise on Dubrovnik's walls protects the city on its sea side; The island of Murter can be explored on horseback on its trails and in its coves; The Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel, opened in 2015 on the Dubrovnik Riviera, is one of the highest quality Sheraton-brand hotels on the Mediterranean.

Š Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel

"Sun and sea", nautical, cultural, adventure and sports tourism, as well as bike tourism, and wine and food tourism are amongst Croatia's key tourism products.


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Š Murter - Kornati Tourist Board


Š Ivo Pervan / CNTB


Which tourism products need to be developed even more, and how can the season be prolonged? According to the Strategy for the Development of Croatian Tourism to 2020, ten tourism products have been defined as the foundation for the development of Croatian tourism. Each of those products, whether cultural, sports, health, food, or some other form of tourism, has their own value and the possibility to develop even more and make Croatia more competitive as a destination. An important factor in prolonging the season is better connecting various offers in destinations since destinations based on only one offer cannot be competitive destinations. Tourism, or the needs of tourists, are constantly changing and so it is incredibly important to offer guests a wide range of products that will make them stay longer, and which can be interesting all year long. Projects to date, such as Croatia 365, offered an initiative we need to build on. It is an innovative project where we present Croatia in a new way, and a lot of things need to fall into place - from transportation, advertising, services, and local governments to the national government, infrastructure, and

designing tourism products in order to take advantage of the full potential. Where do you see Croatia on the tourism map of the world five years from now? Croatia is already a destination that is recognized worldwide, but I know we can do much more, and we will work on that. I believe Croatia can become one of the top 20 most competitive travel destinations. We definitely have the potential for that, and I think we're on the right track. We've made clear goals that we'll aim for and continue to work on further improvements. What else do you plan on placing special emphasis on in the first year of your mandate? There's plenty that can be improved, but I think in the short term, the most can be done with regard to investments, or improving the investment and business climate. Last year, amongst other things, investments of 500 million euro were responsible for the opening of 25 new hotels, which is a significant contribution to increasing revenue in tourism. This year, the forecast calls for 35 percent more, and my goal is to establish the foundations for that trend to continue, which would give a great boost to the entire tourism sector. We need to create a basis for increased competitiveness in tourism, and that can be done with

well-planned legislative amendments, not only in the realm of tourism, followed by progressive work by tourist boards regarding promotion, further implementation of the Strategy, and already prepared action plans for certain specialized forms of tourism, and stronger action regarding withdrawal of funds from EU funds for tourism.

© Međimurje County Tourist Board

© fotolia

The Brela stone is one of the symbols of Croatian tourism; Gastronomy is one of Croatia's great features; Bike trails are scattered throughout all of Croats are famous for Croatia; preserving tradition and customs.

What are Croatia's greatest tourism advantages in comparison to competing countries? Why should one choose Croatia as their holiday destination this year? I think that Croatia is one of the few destinations that can boast such diversity in such a small area. It is both a Mediterranean and continental destination, with rich cultural and historical heritage, magnificent natural beauty and preserved nature, places where you can get lost in crowds, but also beautiful places where you will be alone and enjoy the peace and quiet. The most interesting thing is that you can get to any of those places within an hour, two, or three by car, sometimes even less. 

© Darko Puharić / Vinkovci Tourist Board

© Sveta Nedelja Tourist Board

This year, Croatia has already successfully presented its travel offer at many fairs around the world. How have the new Croatian tourism slogan "Croatia, full of life" and the new promotional concept been accepted on the foreign market? Yes. The announcements and promotional activities Croatia has conducted at numerous fairs give us

© Ivo Pervan / CNTB

an optimistic outlook for this season. I think it is very good that Croatia is starting to rise above the personal opinion of being just a Mediterranean destination because we have so much more to offer. That is also recognized by guests who, I believe, will once again want to explore new offers when they return, or to visit another destination in Croatia on their way. This is also an opportunity to present ourselves differently on some markets, because every market is special, and in this way, we can simultaneously promote various tourism products, depending on demand. It is important to proactively work on markets and react to changes and demands in a timely fashion because that is the only way we can beat the competition in the long term.

May - July 2016



Experience Croatia


Irresistible encounters of the sun and sea Text: Alma Radoš Photos: Baška Voda Tourist Board

While searching for the most beautiful sunrises, hopeless romantics should be sure to visit Promajna. If you aren't an early riser, don't fret, the sunsets are also magical here. Clean sea and fresh air, perfumed with the scent of pine trees, Mediterranean herbs, and the sea, are the main features of Promajna; Long pebble beaches are a favorite amongst bathers.

Promajna is rich in summer events, amongst which the most attractive one is the Promajna Fisherman's Night, held on August 4, which is dedicated to the National holiday of Victory Day.


tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016


n Promajna, a town located four kilometers south of Baška Voda, the landscape is so enchanting at early dawn that the place got its name for the painted (promaljan) sun above the mighty Biokovo mountain that drops down to the endless sea. Even those who aren't early risers can enjoy the magical encounter of the sun and sea just as much in the fiery shades of the sunset. This former fishing village launched its development of tourism with the construction of the Children's Village, a clinic for respiratory ailments that is currently not in function. However, even today, the area is famous for the clean air enriched with oxygen. Pushed by the wind, it flows down Biokovo, and mixes with the scents of the pines, medicinal Mediterranean herbs, and the clean sea, and positively influences both body and mind.

Positive moods are also affected by relaxing on Promajna's pebble beaches that stretch to the west for four kilometers all the way to Baška Voda. With its many bars and dense pine forest, which offers pleasant shade in the hot summer months, the central beach is perfect for relaxing next to the sea all day long. Besides this beach, which stretches along the entire length of the town, you can also find your favorite spot on the beaches towards Baško Polje, which are equally attractive for swimmers, with smaller crowds.

A tradition of winemaking and olive growing Families with children will enjoy the promenades and playing at the nearby children's playground or in the beautiful park with a fountain. Promajna has also received many awards to prove its

citizens care for nature, including the national award, the Blue Flower, which was won a decade ago for two years in a row as the best-cared-for small town on the Croatian coast, and the Sunflower, the award handed out by the SplitDalmatia County Tourist Board. If we have managed to convince you that Promajna is a unique place for your summer vacation, find accommodations in one of the two hundred family homes with rooms and suites or in the fourstar hotel. At the dozen restaurants, everyone will find something to suit them since the selection is truly large - from authentic Dalmatian cuisine, all the way to specialties of continental and international cuisine. Legend has it that during ancient times, wine from this area was famous far and wide,

and one of the largest vineyards in Croatia bears witness to the tradition of winegrowing and wine making in this area. With more than 600 thousand vines, it stretches west and northwest of Promajna, and it belongs to the family of the recently deceased, world famous winemaker Zlatan Plenković. While here, make sure to try the Crljenak red wine (Crljenak kaštelanski), known as Zinfandel worldwide, or the white wine called Ostatak bure. Alongside the vineyards, many olive groves also span the slopes of Biokovo, as superb olive oil has always been made here, which is depicted with the old millstone, located in the center of town as a reminder of the long olivegrowing tradition. 

If you are a fan of active vacations, choose one of the marked hiking paths at the foot of Biokovo that pass through Promajna, or you can also rent a bike or scooter in town.

The turquoise coves of Promajna; In the summer months, the beaches in Promajna are packed; The anchored fishing boats bear witness to the long fishing tradition in Promajna.

Baška Voda Tourist Board Obala sv. Nikole 31 21320 Baška Voda, Croatia  +385 21 620713 info@baskavoda.hr

www.baskavoda.hr www.promajna.hr May - July 2016



Experience Croatia

BAŠKA VODA If you are a fan of "Game of Thrones", visit Greben near the village of Topići and the ruins of the fortress above Krvavica where scenes for this popular show were shot.

For a total summer experience There are very few places at the seaside where you will experience such a contrast between the sea and mountains, and the mix of salty and mountain air will benefit your health while you relax on the beaches of Baška Voda. Text: Alma Radoš ◆ Photos: Baška Voda Tourist Board

Nikolina beach and the statue of St. Nikola, the patron saint of Baška Voda; The village of Topići; The beaches in Baška Voda are a favorite amongst all generations.


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he foot of Biokovo is rich with long, white stone beaches that become the center of fun and relaxation in the warmer part of the year. Many say that the ones in Baška Voda are the most attractive, which was also confirmed by the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, which placed Baška Voda's most popular beach, Nikolina, amongst the top ten most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Not only does it bear a blue flag, but Nikolina beach has also won many national awards, including the Tourism Flower last year for being amongst the top three in Croatia, while in 2008 it was awarded the Blue Flower for the best beach in the Adriatic. Two years ago, the view from a live stream camera of Nikolina beach thrilled the judges at the EarthCam site, which named it third best in the world.

However, Nikolina isn't the only beach in Baška Voda that will leave you breathless. Children can enjoy the playground at Podluka beach, and if you're looking for peace and quiet, choose the beach beneath Ćoca, pets can have a great time beneath Stazica, and fun can be had at Oseka and Ikovac with bars that are open until the wee hours of the morning. The quality of hospitality services in the town was confirmed by last year's survey, conducted with a mystery guest, where Baška Voda got the highest total score in Central Dalmatia.

Nautical bait The Dalmatian archipelago and crystal clear sea are bait for sailors who can find two harbors in this area: Baška Voda with 200 and Ramova-Krvavica

© Robert Kunštek

Enjoy the events at the Baška Voda Summer Festival, which lasts all summer long, and stretches into fall, as well as concerts performed by popular musicians. Make sure to visit the "Flavors of Croatia" fair of domestic products, which will be held in the last week of June and the last week of August, and the bel canto concert with a choir and opera soloist from Munich on August 21...

with 150 commercial moors, and the construction of a new nautical-tourism center is expected next year. Adventurers, hikers, free climbers, fans of nature and active vacations will be thrilled by Biokovo, a mountain of enchanting beauty, while a hundred kilometers of hiking trails, which connect the sea with the mountain peak can also be used in a large part by mountain bikers. Fans of free climbing will find their dose of adrenaline on the free climbing cliff, with 29 designated routes, in Smokven at the foot of Biokovo.

If you aren't the athletic type, tour Baška Voda and its surrounding area with the panoramic train, and the sea with a glass boat. Baška Voda is also an excellent place to start out from on excursions to the nearby islands of Brač and Hvar, as well as cities, such as Dubrovnik, Mostar, Split, Trogir... This summer, explore the tradition, culture, and natural attractions of Dalmatia, and start out by visiting the Malacological Museum and Archeological Collection in Baška Voda. 

The harbor in Baška Voda; Long, white stone beaches are one of Baška Voda's main features; The shell collection at the Malacological Museum; Various a capella groups and domestic musical bands often perform at Baška Voda's Summer Festival.

Baška Voda Tourist Board Obala sv. Nikole 31, 21320 Baška Voda Croatia,  +385 21 620713 info@baskavoda.hr


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Interesting facts

ou ris tB oa rd

A riviera of magical sunsets Do you know what Promajna, Baška Voda, Brela, and their neighbors on the Makarska Riviera have in common besides pristine beaches and a crystal clear sea? Amazing sunsets! You will want to be in the company of a loved one here at the moment when the sun bids farewell to the day that has passed and leaves the sky in various shades of fiery colors. Make the moment last forever with a camera, so that it can continue to remind you of your romantic stay on this part of the Adriatic Coast for a long time.



n the main promenade in the heart of Baška Voda, near many restaurants, cafés, and stores, you can find Hotel Croatia. The beautiful stone beaches that the Makarska Riviera

is famous for are located nearby, and the closest one to the hotel is only a hundred meters away. Hotel Croatia was completely renovated in 2008, and during the renovation the façade with elements of authentic Dalmatian architecture was preserved as a reminder of times past, while the interior was upgraded with an interesting stone stairway and small indoor garden. The pleasant combination of traditional architecture and charm of the small four-star hotel is also seen in its 18 rooms, located on the main floor and two upper floors. 

Hotel Croatia, Iza Palaca 1, 21320 Baška Voda, Croatia,  +385 21 695900 croatia@orvas.hr, www.orvas-hotels.com/anu/orvas-hotels/hotel-croatia 58

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be rt Ku nš te k

Podrače Beach If you visit Brela in the warmer months, you won't be able to resist swimming in the turquoise sea and relaxing on the long, white, stone beaches that this place on the Makarska Riviera is famous for far and wide. One of the most beautiful beaches is Podrače, which in 2015, along with Brela's famous Punta Rata beach, got a great recognition - a White Flag, which is awarded to beaches with the cleanest surroundings and seabed. Last year, both beaches were named one of the top 15 beaches in Europe by the international website, European Best Destinations.

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© Ante Gašpar / Sinj Tourist Board

Experience Croatia

A grain of salt, a drop of oil, and a glass of wine... The story of Dalmatian gastronomy is the story of salt, olive oil, and wine, but also of the relaxed Mediterranean surroundings and leisurely lifestyle enjoyed by both locals and their guests. Text: Alma Radoš ◆ Photos: archive of the "Sacral Heritage of Brač Island" guide, and Hotel Osam, Brač

Did you know that central Dalmatia is the original home of Zinfandel, the wine that was thought to be an authentic American sort up until recently? It is Crljenak Kaštelanski, or, as it is also called, Pribidrag and Tribidrag.


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egardless of whether traditional dishes or their modern versions are in question, Dalmatian gastro­ nomy is based on moderate, healthy Mediterranean cuisine dominated by fresh, seasonal ingredients, but also a diverse offer. So in the Cetina region of the Dalmatian hinterland, you will enjoy the most

© Vrgorac Tourist Board

Dishes in Dalmatian restaurants are based on fresh, seasonal ingredients, with the unavoidable addition of superb olive oil; In the Dalmatian hinterland, you will be offered excellent cheese and prosciutto; You can enjoy juicy strawberries in Vrgorac.

diverse delicacies such as excellent Dalmatian prosciutto, cheese, or sudžuk. They will also serve uštipci, and fans of freshwater fish specialties can choose between dishes made of crab, Cetina trout or fish, while true gourmets will discover sinjski arambaši, a dish made of ground or chopped beef, wrapped in sour cabbage leaves. You won't be making a mistake if you order veal or lamb roasted under a peka, or koštradina, famous far and wide. In the Imotski area, visit the Imotski vineyard wine roads, where you will find Kujundžuša, an authentic sort from the area, but also the quality of other vines that are made in Imotski's cellars. If you continue your gourmet trip towards Vrgorac, you will enjoy salads and specialties made with wild greens, and here, May is always the month of large, juicy strawberries.

Prilaz braće Kaliterna 10/1, 21000 Split, Hrvatska tel/fax: +385 (0)21 490 032, 490 033, 490 036

At the coast and on the islands


You will be attracted to the Dalmatian coast by the aroma of grilled fish, brodetto, prawns, or shellfish stew. True w gourmets . d a l mwilla enjoy t i a "lešo" . h r fish, and i n you fo@ will discover extremely healthy, quickly cooked vegetables with a few drops of olive oil. Gnocchi with pašticada, which is a specialty in all parts of Dalmatia, will thrill you, while in the Poljica area, they will offer you soparnik, a superb delicacy made with chard, the Makarana cake in Makarska, viška pogača in Vis, gregada in Hvar, and vitalac and hrapoćuša on the island of Brač. Let's stay a little while on Brač. This beautiful island is an excellent choice


for an active vacation, but also for fans of historical and cultural heritage, where sacral heritage holds a special spot. There are a total of 119 sacral sites on the island, and the new "Sacral aHeritage l m a oft iBrač a . Island" h r guide, where 60 of them are presented, will help you explore them. It is not likely that you will have the time to see them all, so according to your preferences, you can choose some from a total of five cultural itineraries - early Christian and medieval churches, parish churches, churches at sites of pre-Christian cults, monasteries, and hermitages. You will discover them surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, at the most unusual places on the island. 

On the island of Brač, try superb island dishes and tour the most unusual churches and monasteries, such as Pustinja Blaca on the southern side of the island.

Mediterranean ingredients are also used in dishes that aren't On Brač, typically Dalmatian; you will find churches and chapels not only in the center of settlements, but also in the most unusual locations; The impressive Pustinja Blaca monastery on the southern side of the island of Brač.

Prilaz braće Kaliterna 10/1, 21000 Split, Croatia tel/fax: +385 (0)21 490 032, 490 033, 490 036


info@dalmatia.hr May - July 2016



Have you had enough of spending your days in a boring office and thinking of ways to escape to an idyllic coast, like the one in Croatia? Here's a chance to win a vacation! The Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) has come up with an interesting campaign where they are inviting foreign tourists to use their creativity and sense of humor to come up with the most original "out of office" message. The 13 finalists with the funniest and most creative messages will fight for the grand prize: an allinclusive seven-day sailing trip on the Croatian coast for four people, including airline tickets and other transfers, a skipper, and a top chef. Find out more at: www.croatia.hr/en-GB/ Outofoffice-Awards

Foods you must try in Croatia Trying local dishes is an excellent way to get to know the country you are visiting, its flavors, culture, and people. Although there are many, the Croatia Week website chose twelve dishes that you must try in Croatia: peka, lamb roasted on a spit, stuffed peppers, octopus salad, ćevapi, pašticada, grilled fish, prosciutto, and Pag cheese, black risotto, zagorski štrukli, čobanac, and brudet. www.croatiaweek.com


© Robert Kunštek


Creativity and humor lead to a Croatian vacation © PHOTOnet.hr

Do you know what the Alka is, why there are no streams on Velebit, what Croatian Sibirea is, and how many national parks there are in Croatia? You can find the answers to those, and many other questions at the www.upoznajhrvatsku.info website, an interactive and multimedia version of the successful book series of the same name in Croatia. Now, those who love to use various devices can finally find out useful information on the cultural and natural attractions of Croatia, its history, and Zagreb, as the capital city, while the Games menu will reveal many quizzes, riddles, local sayings... After sitting at the computer for awhile, it's good to go out for some fresh air, so before you do look for some ideas under the News menu, which always has a large selection of performances, exhibitions, workshops, family excursions...

© Aleksandar Gospić / CNTB

Discover Croatia


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Experience Croatia

© Branko Čović / Sinj Tourist Board

© Ante Gašpar / Sinj Tourist Board

© Ilija Veselica / Sinj Tourist Board © Ilija Veselica / Sinj Tourist Board

© Branko Čović / Sinj Tourist Board


Horseback riding, canoeing, and cycling in the Sinj region; An Alkar; A procession of the faithful; Sinjska Alka.

In the heart of Cetinska krajina Text: Alma Radoš ◆ Photos: Sinj Tourist Board

If you are a fan of active vacations, Sinj is your destination. It will attract you with beautiful nature, lure you with superb delicacies, surprise you with cultural attractions...


he city of Sinj, the center of Cetinska Krajina, is located in an area surrounded by gorgeous wild nature, with a view of high mountain peaks and a tame green valley through which the emerald Cetina River runs. This region is the perfect place for recreation in nature, and has long been recognized by fans of active vacations, especially adrenaline sports, who enjoy paragliding, parachuting, flying sports aircraft, riding quads or mountain bikes.

© Branko Čović / Sinj Tourist Board

Many events await you in Sinj this summer. Find out more at: www.visitsinj.com

You can enjoy the beauty of this part of Dalmatian zagora if you choose to go horseback riding or cycling on one of the 25 bike paths in Split's hinterland that pass through Sinj. This city will appeal to you with its Mediterranean atmosphere, superb delicacies such as prosciutto, uštipci and fantastic arambaši, but also with its rich cultural heritage. Here, cultural heritage is preserved as the most valuable treasure, so every August, the people of Cetinska Krajina and their guests gather in Sinj to support the alkars who will run the 301st Sinjska Alka this year, which is a knight's tournament registered on UNESCO's list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The event is held in memory of the great win against the Ottoman army in 1715. According to legend, Our Lady of Sinj, who is deeply worshiped in this area, helped them win. On September 22, the 300th anniversary of the coronation of Our Lady's picture will be marked, while the main celebration will be held on September 25th, and every year, for the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, at night from August 14 to 15, pilgrims from all over Croatia head on foot on the Path of Our Lady of Sinj to the center of Sinj, one of the largest Marian shrines in Croatia. 

Sinj Tourist Board Put Petrovca 12 21230 Sinj, Croatia  +385 21 826352 info@visitsinj.com


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© Romeo Ibrišević / CNTB

The island of sun and lavender

© Renco Kosinožić / CNTB

© Ivo Pervan / CNTB

It is famous for being the sunniest Croatian island, an island of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, as well as an island with coves where members of the global jet-set regularly anchor their luxurious yachts. However, Hvar is also an island of intoxicating aromas. Here you can enjoy a true cocktail of scents of lavender, sage, rosemary, mint, myrrh, and other island herbs. Still, the queen of them all is lavender. If you visit the island in June, during its blooming season, besides enjoying its inebriating aroma, you will also revel in the gorgeous views of the endless purple fields. Every year, the harvest begins in late June, and around the same time, the locals organize a festival to celebrate lavender in the town of Velo Grablje, most famous for its purple hills. At the festival, you yourself can try to harvest lavender, taste dishes inspired by this plant, buy homemade lavender products... The locals say that the scent of lavender will irresistibly remind you of this island, and its flavors will bind you to them forever.


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Head from Stari Grad through Selce, Velo Grablje, and Brusje to the city of Hvar, enjoy the aromas and views of the lavender fields. On June 24 and 25, be in Velo Grablje, where the 8th "Festival levande" will be held.


Romance in Salona Text: Željka Kunštek ◆ Photos: Solin Tourist Board

Have you ever eaten ancient delicacies in the company of Emperor Diocletian and empress Priska, illuminated by torches, with gladiator fights, pleasant music...?


he pompous entrance of Emperor Diocletian and Empress Priska, accompanied by Roman guards, gladiators, and the sounds of drums, into the amphitheater aren't the only things that will take you back in time to ancient Salona if you visit Solin on July 23. On that warm July Saturday evening, the city will turn back the clocks to ancient times, when people walked the cities dressed in togas, torches in hand, and gladiator fights were the event that gathered all the locals at the amphitheater. You will also be able to see them that evening, followed by a performance of belly dancers and an attractive fire


Join a free tour of Ancient Salona accompanied by a tour guide, which will be organized on July 23, starting off from Manastirine at 7:30 PM.

show, while the youngest hosts will perform a dance in ancient togas as part of the opening act. Tour the fair of ancient crafts, which will be held from 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM in front of the amphitheater, where you will be able to taste ancient dishes, try ancient games and archery, buy a toga, and autochtonous products. Here you can find out how ancient mosaics were made, and how they are restored, see what kinds of hairstyles were worn in ancient times, and meet a blacksmith, a pottery maker, a tile maker, and other craftsmen who will reveal the secrets of their ancient trades to you. 

Solin Tourist Board Kralja Zvonimira 69 21210 Solin, Croatia  +385 21 210048 tzg-solin@st.t-com.hr


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Frapa Business Cup 2016 Once again, the Frapa sailing club is organizing one of the most successful business regattas in this part of Europe - the Business Cup. One of the largest business regattas in the Adriatic will be held from October 16 to 20 in the waters in front of Marina Frapa in Rogoznica. This is a high class international regatta, with a tendency to continue the tradition of gathering a large number of business partners. The regatta presents nautical, business, and personal pleasure and is accompanied by a great program. In accordance with the size and importance of the regatta itself, there is an incredibly ample prize fund, which makes participating even more enticing. Come and form new business relationships, improve existing ones, and have a great time! www.frapabusinesscup.hr


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Summer at the new Solaris Hotel Jure

© Šibenik Tourist Board

exude airiness and elegance, and the spacious open-concept lobby naturally ties in with the terrace that offers an impressive view of the sea. The pleasant atmosphere simply beckons you to relax. One of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic, Bijela plaža, awarded for its quality and clean sea multiple times, is located just in front of Hotel Jure. New fun experiences await you at the outdoor pool with a view of the sea, where the atmosphere is always hot, and when you want to chill, you can go to the lounge zone under the palm trees. The party never stops at the pool, and

we are sure you will have experiences here you will remember for a long time. Pamper yourself with exclusive treatments with the ELEMIS brand, inspired by the sea, and after that you will be able to breathe in more deeply and better feel the atmosphere of the true Mediterranean surrounded by the lush vegetation at the Solaris Beach Resort, where you can have fun, enjoy cocktails, or simply enjoy yourself at the sea and soak up the sun. Come to the new Hotel Jure and find your new favorite spot in Dalmatia. 

© Šibenik Tourist Board (Sky Action)


he new modern and refined Hotel Jure****+ opened its doors to all modern world travelers seeking relaxation and great entertainment. The Šibenik region gained another elegant, playful, and interestingly stylish lifestyle hotel, perfect for people with a youthful spirit and those who want to recharge with positive energy and fully enjoy the heart of Dalmatia. The modern concept of the hotel is ideal for holidays and recharging after good fun because there are special zones designed and made for rest and entertainment that intertwine with one another. The rooms

Solaris Beach Resort, Hoteli Solaris 86, 22000 Šibenik, Croatia  +385 22 361001, info@solaris.hr, www.solaris.hr May - July 2016





To Vodice's rhythm Text: Petra Škofić ◆ Photos: Vodice Tourist Board

Lively Vodice will quickly make you dance to their beat, full of fun, creativity, and positive energy that every event in Vodice exudes. Bacchanalia; Vodice Jazz & Blues Festival; CMC Festival; Fireworks at the Vodice Festival; The Evening of Dalmatian Klapa; The 'Fešta od šaše i pulente' (Salsa and polenta festival).


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odice, known far and wide as the hedonistic destination of central Dalmatia, awaits you this year with many events that guarantee a great time, and traditionally culminate in the hot summer nights. Many say that the most fun is had when dance music is played, and the popular CMC Festival of Croatian music (June 10-11) will make sure that will happen in Vodice. This show festival will gather famous names from Croatian pop and folk music and klapa and tamburica bands on Vodice's promenade. In June, Vodice will go back in time to its Roman roots with the Summer Bacchanalia (June 23) at the Velika Mrdakovica - Roman Cistern archeological site. With workshops of ancient crafts and a fair with ancient products, you can experience of bit of the Roman times, while enjoying Ancient Roman culinary delights and ancient music. Good food and wine are recognizable symbols of Dalmatia, and the 'Fešta od šaše i pulente' (The salsa and polenta festival) (July 2), will present the traditional flavors of Vodice's cuisine. Try this simple dish

that generations of people from Vodice enjoyed, and after it wins you over, find out the little secrets to making it. The 13th Vodice Jazz & Blues Festival (July 21-24) will offer an unforgettable musical ambiance. Eminent performers from Croatia and abroad and young jazz musicians will take you through a range of notes of different jazz and blues genres. August continues on a light note with the Vodice Festival (August 8), and the Evening of Dalmatian Klapa (August 12). Popular Croatian performers will spark up the atmosphere with parties on squares, in cafés and on the promenade, they will dance until the wee hours of the morning, and at midnight, the sky above Vodice will be home to spectacular fireworks. There is a reason Vodice's Festival is the highlight of summer fun in Vodice, but also in this part of Dalmatia. Find out why...

By sail, by bike... Vodice's abundant offer has something for everyone, which is also proven by the Burtiž Regatta. This regatta, which

Avid athletes will also find something for themselves here. Vodice's area is intertwined with kilometers of road and mountain bike trails that attract recreational athletes from various countries, and the 9th Gabre's Marathon (October 2) is a good opportunity for bike enthusiasts to socialize. Food for the soul can be found at Faust Vrančić's Creative Days (Oct. 8-10), a cultural-educational festival that celebrates creativity and innovativeness through exhibitions, films, concerts, and workshops. The host of the festival is the island of Prvić, the birthplace and final resting place of the famous Renaissance inventor Faust Vrančić. 

At the 'Fešta od šaše i pulente', find out how to prepare this simple The dish; Gabre's marathon; Burtiž Regatta celebrates the skill of sailing with a Latin sail.

Vodice Tourist Board Obala Vladimira Nazora b.b. 22211 Vodice, Croatia  +385 22 443888 info@vodice.hr © Vodice Tourist Board

celebrates the skill of sailing with a Latin sail, takes place in the town of Prvić Šepurine on the island of Prvić, and dozens of traditional boats from all over northern Dalmatia participate. The festival lasts late into the night with a fantastic barbeque and entertaining music. Vodice continues its long tradition of organizing events in September and October. If you didn't make it to the summer celebration of Vodice's Roman heritage, don't worry because Bacchanalia is also held in September (Sept. 24), and it will take you on an exciting journey through ancient times.

Be in Prvić Šepurine on the island of Prvić on August 21, and enjoy the view of traditional boats with Latin sails.


May - July 2016



Experience Croatia


Krka River -

the protector of valuable heritage Walking along the Krka River will reveal many interesting features and stories: a Roman military camp, Visovac island, Ancient Roman catacombs, water mills...

rk a Pu Na bl tio ic n In al st Pa itu rk tio " n

Text and photos: "Krka National Park" Public Institution



Burnum Ides is a festival that will take you back in time two thousand years, to the time of Roman emperors...

The remains of old medieval Croatian fortresses are located next to the Krka River; Every summer, Burnum Ides is held at the amphitheater.


tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016


esides its enchanting natural diversity, Krka National Park is also rich in valuable cultural-historical monuments, scattered along the entire river basin of the Krka River, which date back to various historical periods. The oldest traces of life in the Park were discovered in Oziđana cave (Oziđana pećina) above Roški water­fall (Roški slap), where traces of all Neolithic cultures from the Adriatic were found, and today it houses an in situ archeological collection. The pearl of ancient history, the Burnum military camp, was built in the 1st century AD, and today the remains of arches that belonged to the military command building, and a well-preserved amphitheater can still be

seen. Nowadays, Burnum Ides, a festival that revives history and the customs of this area during Roman times, is held here in the summer two thousand years later. At the park, you will also find the remains of many medieval Old Croatian fortresses that date back to the 14th century, including Kamičak, Trošenj, Nečven, Bogočin, and Ključica, which, due to its size and degree of preservation, is amongst the most important fortifications in Croatia.

From Visovac to water mills The island of Visovac, located between Roški waterfall and Skradinski buk waterfall, is one of the most important

natural and cultural treasures of Croatia. In the mid-14th century, it was first inhabited by the Eremites, from the Order of Hermits of St. Augustine, who built a small monastery and church on the island dedicated to St. Paul the Apostle. Upon their departure, Franciscans arrived on Visovac in 1445. The Franciscan monastery has an archeological collection, a collection of historical vestments and dishes, and an abundant library with many valuable books and incunabula, amongst which is a copy of Aesop's Fables from the 15th century. The spiritual center of Orthodox followers - the Krka monastery (Holy Archangels) is located in Carigradska draga on the Krka River. It was built on the foundations of the old Eremite monastery, which was mentioned written documents for the first time in 1402.

According to legend, the Krka monastery was built on the place Apostle Paul preached to the people about Christ's faith in the 60s of the 1st century. Under the church, there are Ancient Roman catacombs, built in the Byzantine style, that are open to visitors. Make sure to visit the monastery's treasury, which houses valuable icons and artistic crafts that date back to the time between the 15th and 19th centuries. At the six waterfalls in Krka National Park, there are water mills and columns that bear witness to ancient human presence and the way the river was used. Throughout the tumultuous past, the water mills were often destroyed and rebuilt, and those standing today were built in the late 19th century. Water mills are monuments of rural construction and the economic past, as well as an ethnological and ethnographical

The renewed water mills near Roški waterfall; Oziđana cave; The Franciscan monastery on the island of Visovac houses a valuable collection and an abundant library.

monument of the area. The power of the Krka River attracted many industrialists to build a hydro power plant in the area. The remains of the oldest one, HE Krka, is located at Skradinski buk waterfall. It was built and started working in 1895, only two days after Tesla's hydro power plant was opened at Niagara Falls. Along with it, an 11 km-long high-voltage power line and city lighting network, the first complete electrical supply system in Croatia, were also built. So Šibenik got electrical lighting before many other European cities. 

May - July 2016



Interesting facts


la M ©



n Ra OT dol On ovi et ć .h r

Greet the sun in Zadar Along with the Sea Organ, the Greeting to the Sun is one of the attractions that have made this city in northern Dalmatia even more popular worldwide due to its innovativeness and striking appearance. While the organs produce a unique, unrepeatable concert with every crashing wave 24 hours a day, the Greeting to the Sun produces an impressive light game to the rhythm of the waves and sounds of the organs. This urban installation consists of glass panels in the shape of a circle, 22 meters in diameter, and each day at sunset, the light elements built into the circle create magical lights according to a specially programmed scenography. Architect Nikola Bašić designed both of Zadar's attractions, for which he has already received a lot of recognition, both in Croatia and abroad.

info  +385 23 205800



tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

©H ©C






Fly to Croatia - visit Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Pula, Zadar and other Croatian cities, explore their surroundings, enjoy the Croatian culture, nature, people, cuisine, and much more. With Croatia Airlines, Croatia is easily accessible from many European countries, but the highlights of the summer timetable include flights to Croatia from Athens, Barcelona, Lisbon, St. Petersburg, Milan, Prague... Take advantage of the promotional prices for return tickets starting at just 119 €. Visit www.croatiaairlines.com, check out Croatia Airlines' special offers and buy your ticket. www.croatiaairlines.com




©B reb









Discover Croatia with Croatia Airlines!

a Cro






A new look for the Sheraton Zagreb Hotel

The relaxation you deserve

The Sheraton Zagreb Hotel, the first five-star hotel in the independent Republic of Croatia, has been completely renovated. All of its public areas have received a facelift, including thirteen multifunctional conference rooms, two bars, and two restaurants. The hotel's new visual identity has been adapted to the latest visual standards of the Sheraton brand. The elegant hotel rooms were renovated in the last phase of this great hotel makeover and they exude a modern appearance and superb comfort, while also being equipped with luxurious content that will satisfy the needs of every guest. The Sheraton Zagreb Hotel, located at the crossroads of Zagreb's business and cultural scene, is an ideal choice for those visiting the Croatian metropolis for business, as it is for those who are here on vacation.

With its sister company, Bernarda-Nova, the Bernarda Company, famous for innovative bed systems whose quality is confirmed by a long list of references including renowned hotel chains, has newly constructed apartment suites in Novalja on the island of Pag, two luxury villas in Malinska on the island of Krk, and accommodations in the heart of Varaždinske Toplice, where a new, large, five-star health and recreation center is being built. To offer their guests as pleasant a stay as possible, all the buildings are furnished with the best, ultimate comfort Bernarda beds, and they are all located in fantastic locations. So the apartments in Novalja and the villas in Malinska are only a short walk to the beach, and the suites and rooms in Varaždinske Toplice are in the close vicinity of the hot springs.



ag PZ





na Ber




May - July 2016




Every year, Eco-Ethno Gacka attracts more and more visitors; The Gacka valley; Cooking Hunter's stew.

Be in Otočac on July and enjoy the flavors and aromas of this enchanting part of Croatia while also having a great time.

© Goran Sekula / CNTB


Eco-Ethno Gacka Text: Željka Kunštek ◆ Photos: Otočac Tourist Board

Once again, this July, Otočac, a city in the enchanting Gacka valley, awaits you with a festival that will delight you with its flavors and entertain you.


Tourist Board Kralja Zvonimira 17 53220 Otočac, Croatia  +385 53 771603 tzg-otocca@gs.t-com.hr



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ery few cities can boast being located next to one of the cleanest rivers in the world, like Otočac can. This city planted its roots in the Gacka valley, famous for its enchanting, untouched nature, through which the clean and clear Gacka River passes. If you get thirsty while you're here, take out a cup or bottle and fill it up in this river, after which you can enjoy some of the best quality water in the world. A special attraction of the river are its many springs, and many mills used to be located on its river banks. Some of them, such as the one in the town of Sinac, have stood the test of time. Many cyclists, hikers, fishermen, birdwatchers, and fans of adrenaline sports regularly enjoy the endless untouched nature here. Kayaking fans also love to come to this area, which connects the coastal and continental

parts of Croatia and is often called "Croatia's backbone". Every year in July, Otočac becomes the gathering place of all of those who would like to taste the juicy fruits from Lika's fields, get to know the tradition of this area, and have a great time. So, this year, for the 13th time, on July 23, Otočac will host the international Eco-Ethno Gacka festival, which will bring together producers of authentic products from Gacka and Lika, but also from other Croatian counties. Besides the exhibition-sales fair with souvenirs, handiwork, and authentic delicacies, here you will also find other events a competition in cooking hunter's stew, and performances by folk dance groups. The youngest visitors can enjoy themselves in fun play groups and educational workshops, and the hosts guarantee good fun and camaraderie for visitors of all generations. 


Explore Croatia

Zavratnica Cove; Cerovac Caves; A waterfall on the Zrmanja River.

The attractions of mighty Velebit Text: Željka Kunštek ◆ Photos: "Velebit Nature Park" Public Institution

Mighty Velebit is full of attractions. Explore it this summer and seek refreshment in the Cerovac Caves and Zavratnica Cove.


ugged and mysteriously beautiful at the same time, for centuries, Velebit Mountain has been a challenge for hikers, alpinists, and cyclists, who are attracted to its unique landscape by its natural beauty, attractive views of the sea, cozy mountain cabins, and first and foremost, for the feeling of freedom and indescribable peace the mountain offers every visitor. Velebit will awaken the explorer in you, and constantly intrigue you with its many interesting features, amongst which the Cerovac Caves are a special attraction. They call them the "Queen of Croatian caves", since they are one of the best known speleological sites in Croatia. They are located in the southern part of Velebit Nature Park, and consist of three caves: Lower, Middle, and Upper. So far, around seven kilometers have been explored, and the caves are still being explored. They are visited regularly not only by speleologists, but also by many tourists, who can see the first 700 meters of the Upper and Lower caves. Here you will find out that the most famous inhabitant of the caves was the cave bear, which the bear "rubbings" on the walls still show today. The caves are full of artifacts from ancient times, and they will also show you the abundance of the underground world of Velebit and thrill you with

their many decorations (stalactites, stalagmites, etc.), which nature formed over thousands of years. Another one of the park's attractions is Zavratnica Cove, the former holiday getaway for elite society from Vienna and Prague. It is doubtlessly one of the most beautiful coves on the Croatian coast, and it resembles miniature Norwegian fjords. The cove is 900 meters in length, and the canyon rises up to a height of 100 meters. It has been proclaimed a protected area for its natural value. In the summer months, the turquoise cove attracts many swimmers, but also divers who explore the remains of a warship from 1944. There are also interesting legends tied to the cove... 

The caves are open from April to November, and before entering them, dress warmly, and wear comfortable shoes.

"Velebit Nature Park" Public Institution Kaniža gospićka 4b 53000 Gospić, Croatia  +385 53 560450 velebit@pp-velebit.hr


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Experience Croatia


The Crikvenica Riviera is a favorite destination for fans of active tourism.


Text: Petra Škofić Photos: Crikvenica Tourist Board

under Crikvenica's sun Miles of pebble beaches next to a sea that will beckon you to try many activities, many events for all generations, and a long tradition in tourism guarantee an unforgettable holiday on the Crikvenica Riviera.


hen the sun warms up the Crikvenica Riviera, many tourists seek refreshment in this popular northern part of the Croatian Adriatic. The picturesque towns of Crikvenica, Dramalj, Jadranovo and Selce are located only a half hour away from Rijeka and less than two hours from Zagreb, the Croatian capital, and

Crikvenica - Discover, enjoy, repeat

© Riviera Crikvenica, www.rivieracrikvenica.com


tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

they attract tourists looking for an active holiday with a tried and tested approach. Thanks to the wide offer of sports activities, but also the benefit of around 2500 hours of sun per year, Crikvenica has become a synonym for outdoor active holidays. Besides its natural beauty and clean sea, here you will also find Crikvenica's attractive beaches, which are rich with many sports and recreation options, including fun water sports. Waterskiing, wakeboards, kneeboards, and parachute rides are sure to satisfy those with an adventurous spirit. Crikvenica will also fulfill the desires of fans of table tennis, beach volleyball, badminton, mini golf, basketball, and tennis. You can also try a diving course organized by the diving clubs and explore the mysterious depths of Kvarner, and Crikvenica has also enriched its offer of sports with six bike trails. They are great for amateurs, but also for professionals, who would like to explore beautiful landscapes next to the sea, along with the hidden trails of the Vinodol valley. There are also seven hiking trails running through

the Crikvenica area. They meander through the holly oak forest, over steep cliffs that offer an irresistible view of Kvarner and the islands, of Učka and Velebit, all the way to idyllic mountain meadows.

For long June nights After an active holiday, take some time to visit one of the many events in Crikvenica that will "spice up" the long nights in June. At the Spring in Kvarner international music festival on June 3, you can see performances of folklore and dance groups, choirs, brass orchestras and majorettes from different countries. The following day, on June 4, in the romantic surroundings of Pazdehova port in Dramalj, fans of traditional music will enjoy the 8th Traditional Vocal Music Festival which gathers male and female a cappella groups from all over Croatia. At the Oily Fish Route, from June 10 to 17,

superb restaurants will celebrate the rich fishing history of the Crikvenica area by offering guests creative, delicious, and healthy dishes made with blue fish, typical for this region. On June 18, Selce will play host to the Wooden Boat Regatta (a regatta of traditional sailboats and rowboats). Delicious homemade specialties will be offered, accompanied by an entertaining music program. Slavonia Days, from June 20 to 23, are an excellent opportunity to taste the charms of Slavonian tradition in Mediterranean surroundings. The fair will present traditional Slavonian delicacies and handiwork, Slavonian music lead by tamburicas and elaborate folklore costumes. Reserve June 24 for the Crikvenica Riviera, and head towards the Balustrade beach in Crikvenica, where the St. John bonfire will be lit under a starry sky. With it, the locals, and their guests, will celebrate the beginning of summer. 

You can enjoy dishes made with blue fish in many restaurants on the Crikvenica Riviera; Slavonia Days; Performances of folklore ensembles; Numerous events are one of Crikvenica's features.

Don't miss out on an eightkilometer long walk on the Love Path, one of the most beautiful paths in the Crikvenica area.

Crikvenica Tourist Board Trg Stjepana Radića 1c 51260 Crikvenica, Croatia  / +385 51 784101 info@tzg-crikvenice.hr


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© S. Gluić / City of Krk Tourist Board

© The Municipality of Baška Tourist Board


© Rino Gropuzzo / The Island of Krk Tourist Board

Experience Croatia

Perfect for holidays Text: Željka Kunštek ◆ Photos: The Island of Krk Tourist Board, City of Krk Tourist Board, The Municipality of Omišalj Tourist Board, The Municipality of Malinska - Dubašnica Tourist Board, The Municipality of Punat Tourist Board, The Municipality of Baška Tourist Board, The Municipality of Dobrinj Tourist Board, The Municipality of Vrbnik Tourist Board

In the warmer months, the colors, flavors and aromas of the island of Krk come into play even more. Enjoy them, along with the many events the "golden island" awaits you with.


© The Municipality of Dobrinj Tourist Board

© S. Gluić / City of Krk Tourist Board

Ski lift Dunat; Ježevac Beach in the city of Krk; Vela Beach in Baška; The island is also a favorite destination for cyclists; Šurlice with scampi.


tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

t is hard to say which season is the most attractive on the island of Krk. Still, some will say that it’s the warmer months, when the fields, vineyards, olive groves and meadows turn green, when the island is full of aromas, and the sun entices the locals and their guests to get active with many activities. More than 300 kilometers of cycling and hiking trails, including those that offer a magnificent view of the neighboring islands of Rab, Cres, Lošinj, will fulfill the expectations of both professional and recreational athletes. Romantics will discover hidden coves and dreamy beaches, while ardent divers will head down to explore the mysterious waters that hide long-lost sunken ships and enchanting plant and animal life. The beaches on the island of Krk, which bear 14 Blue flags, will also fulfill your expectations. They are bathed by the crystal clear sea, and you can choose between stone, sand, concrete, hidden... Amongst the most attractive is the two-kilometer long Vela Beach in Baška.

This stone beach is lined with many restaurants, bars, and sports facilities. Those who prefer vacations on peaceful, hidden beaches will be thrilled by Oprna near Stara Baška, and the sandy beach of St. Marko near Risika. Families with children can enjoy the hidden cove at Potovišće Beach, near Vrbnik, while those who would like to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic mud can head over to Meline Beach, where salt water and fresh water mix.

Treasure hunt If you visit one of its many events, you will see that Krk is an island that celebrates life and invites you to rest, enjoy, and discover new experiences. While May was in the sign of cycling, nautical activities and regattas, but also culinary events that placed emphasis on authentic foods such as cheese, asparagus, and young island lamb, June will also continue on a delicious note. That month will be dedicated to šurlice,

© Dejan Hren / Restaurant Rivica © The Municipality of Baška Tourist Board

© J. Grđan / City of Krk Tourist Board © J. Grđan / City of Krk Tourist Board

© The Municipality of Omišalj Tourist Board © The Municipality of Omišalj Tourist Board

for hidden treasure, buried long ago on the nearby island of Plavnik, which hasn't been found yet. Join in the international competition in slicing prosciutto (Krk's prosciutto is one of three in Croatia to receive a stamp of geographical origin) and visit Žužić's House of Krk Prosciutto, opened in honor of this superb prosciutto. August 17 to 20 will be unforgettable, as the international guitar festival BIG FEST takes place. World famous guitarists will gather in Jurandvor near Baška, in front of the impressive St. Lucia church and on Stara riva in Baška and they will treat you to superb music of different musical styles: fingerstyle, jazz, gypsy, flamenco, classical, blues, rock, ethno... The choice is yours. 

The Island of Krk Tourist Board Trg svetog Kvirina 1, 51500 Krk, Croatia,  +385 51 221359 tz-otoka-krka@ri.t-com.hr


The Nights of Ancient Rome will take you back to the time of Ancient The Krk fair; You can Romans; enjoy authentic dishes from Krk in many taverns and restaurants on the island; BIG FEST.

While on Krk, make some time to relax on one of its many beaches.

© The Municipality of Dobrinj Tourist Board

handmade pasta that can be tried, along with other authentic Krk dishes, in many of the island's taverns and restaurants. Culinary and cultural delights can be found at the Nights of Ancient Rome, which will be held at the ancient site near Omišalj on July 15 and 16. During those warm evenings, get ready to take a trip back to the time of ancient Romans, gladiators, and emperors, and make some time to try many ancient delicacies. To find out what life on the island was like during the time of Krk's famous Counts of Frankopan, visit the city of Krk from August 8 to 10, where the Krk Fair or Lovrečevo will be held. The medieval fair and folk festival aren't the only things that will intrigue you and entertain you here. Head out to search

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Health tourism






Rosemary for health Thanks to the favorable climate conditions, easy road access, and aromatic Mediterranean vegetation that, in combination with fresh sea air, has a gentle effect on health, the development of health tourism started on Kvarner long ago. Over the years, this region in the northern part of the Adriatic became an ever more popular destination for many tourists from all over the world who care for their health, knowing that it is a priceless gift. Here, today, there are many fantastic clinics, specialized hospitals and wellness and health centers that, in following global trends, but also the needs of today's people, constantly adapt their offer with new services and products. The central place in their many treatments and therapies is given to rosemary, one of the most famous allies in health and beauty. That aromatic plant, which grows in the wild here, has been used for thousands of years. It is proven to, amongst other things, improve memory and concentration, treat headaches, reduce stress, and improve the immune system. It gives a special aroma to dishes, and is also an ingredient in many drinks. While walking on Kvarner's paths, enjoy its aroma, and take it with you in sachets, bouquets, or in the form of essential oil on your way home. So you will be able to enjoy the elixir of youth for a long time.

Modern cosmetic procedures in conditions that fulfill top-notch medical standards COSMETIC AND PLASTIC SURGERY PROCEDURES FOR THE FACE AND BODY Nino Vidas, M.D., specialist in general and plastic surgery nino.vidas@tto.hr

M. Tita 188, 51410 Opatija, Croatia Plastic surgery info  +385 51 202615 Monday - Thursday (2:00 PM - 10:00 PM), Friday (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM)



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Cultural tourism

Don't miss out on the Guitar Festival, where Tommy Emmanuel, famous Australian guitarist, will perform.


cultural delights

Kastav Cultural Summer; Kastav Blues Festival; The Kukuriku restaurant and boutique hotel is a famous destination for fans of superb gastronomy; A performance by the Kastav female a cappella group.

Text: Petra Škofić ◆ Photos: Kastav Tourist Board

Imprinted on the maps of fans of culture and music, as well as those who appreciate superb gastronomy, for a long time, Kastav easily attracts the attention of domestic and foreign tourists.


icely tucked in on a hill between Opatija and Rijeka, Kastav is a true little gem of the northern Adriatic. Its centuries-long history enriched this town with walls and fortresses, which today's ruins bear witness to, and attractive trails meander through its relaxing greenery. Here, at Kastav's Crekvina, you will find the start of the 63 km long "Bike Rijeka" bike trail, also called "Rijeka's Ring". Enjoy superb culinary delicacies and a great offer of wine in the world famous restaurants in Kastav, while the historical town center offers a spectacular view of Učka and

Kvarner Bay. In the upcoming months, this charming town is traditionally transformed into a true cultural mecca. It is hard to resist the abundant artistic offer at the Kastav Cultural Summer (July 1 - August 26), and a true treat for fans of blues music is the Kastav Blues Festival (August 4-8), the largest festival of its kind in the country. It is held in honor of legendary Philadelphia Jerry Ricks, one of the most famous representatives of traditional blues, who was so attracted by the pleasant ambiance in Kastav that he decided to spend the last few years of his life here. With many concerts and musical workshops, visitors will have the honor of enjoying the music of some of the best blues musicians in the world. The festival of Chakavian chansons, Čansonfest (August 8), where music aficionados will have the opportunity to enjoy the notes of Chakavian poetry in music from Istria and Kvarner, is an original way to end summer. 

Kastav Tourist Board Trg Matka Laginje 5 51215 Kastav, Croatia  +385 51 691425 tz.grada.kastva@ri.t-com.hr

www.kastav-touristinfo.hr www.kastavbluesfest.com www.kkl.hr May - July 2016
















For ardent filmophiles On a hill in the very heart of Istria, above the Mirna River valley, there is a picturesque medieval town surrounded by walls. It was discovered long ago by those seeking peaceful and relaxing vacations, along with fans of active holidays and passionate gourmets. In the summer months, during the Motovun Film Festival, Motovun has traditionally become a gathering ground for filmophiles. This festival, unique in many ways, is focused on showing films made by small film companies and independent productions, along with films that impress with their innovativeness, ideas, and the strength of their stories. This year, the 19th festival will be held from July 26 to 30 under Motovun's starry sky. Find out more at: www.motovunfilmfestival.com


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Camping novelties

Ca na tic er ia nt dr La g A p m pin ar m m Ca la © y Va b


in style

The photo serves just as an illustration

Would you like to have a relaxing holiday in charming natural surroundings, with a dash of luxury and plenty of facilities? Valamar's camps, Lanterna and Krk, are the perfect place for your vacation.

Lanterna and Krk are Valamar's camps within the Camping Adriatic by Valamar brand that hasn't stopped collecting awards. So in early 2016, they got the highest recognition "Best Camping 2016" which was jointly awarded by the largest German and Dutch auto clubs: ADAC and ANWB.

of Krk. This environmentally-friendly family camping resort is starting the season with 63 new fully-equipped mobile homes, located in the Bella Vista Premium Village. That part of the camp is a pedestrian zone, and a location that offers a magnificent view of the sea. The new pool with a sun deck, a water park with slides and attractions, a promenade with entertaining content, and Piazza, a newly renovated central square with shops, a marketplace, a restaurant, and plenty of other content, are just some of the novelties of this camp, perfect for a fantastic holiday.  www.camping-adriatic.com www.valamar.com

Camp Krk © Camping Adriatic by Valamar

Camp Lanterna © Camping Adriatic by Valamar

for those who would like to stay in a unique marine-style community. A special dose of luxury in nature can be experienced by those who decide to stay in an attractive tent in the Glamping Village, and entertainment, especially for the younger guests, is guaranteed at the new family water park with slides and plenty of aquatic attractions. There is also a new sandy beach with a beach bar, The Beat, ideal for quenching your thirst with your favorite cocktail, and the pool at the camp has also received a facelift this year. The true star of this year's season is Valamar's Camp Krk, the first five-star campsite on the Adriatic coast in Croatia, located in close proximity to the city

The photo serves just as an illustration


he picturesque towns of Novigrad and Poreč aren't the only pearls that attract many tourists to that part of the western coast of Istria. Near them, tucked into the greenery of the Lanterna peninsula, is a camp of the same name run by the Valamar hotel group, well-known to all who appreciate holidays in spacious and modernly equipped mobile homes with an enchanting view of the sea, with direct contact with nature, and surrounded by many facilities. The Mediterranean Garden Premium Village offers 50 new, fully-equipped spacious mobile homes, located in a Mediterranean garden, while the Marine Premium Village, with 69 new, cozy mobile homes is perfect

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Experience Croatia


For a divine holiday Text: Željka Kunštek ◆ Photos: Labin Tourist Board

Sentona the goddess will take you on a night tour of the old city of Labin; A view of Labin and Rabac; The Istrian Lifestyle festival.

The "Istrian Lifestyle" will win you over with the tantalizing flavors of Istrian delights, and the goddess Sentona will reveal the secrets of romantic Labin to you.


Labin • Rabac

Labin Tourist Board Aldo Negri 20 52220 Labin, Croatia  / +385 52 855560 tzg.labin@pu.t-com.hr



tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

f you are looking for inspiration, relaxation, tradition, or an unforgettable culinary experience while on holiday, all in an enchanting, natural landscape, the Istrian towns of Labin and Rabac are destinations you have to visit. These charming cities, located just five kilometers from each other, have long been known as divine destinations, thanks to the goddess Sentona. That protector of travelers was worshiped in the area of Labin, and from Raša to Plomin, which the Roman votive monuments that date back to the 1st and 2nd century that can be seen in the National Museum in Labin bear witness to. Sentona, as the symbol of protection, beauty, and fertility, still inspires guests here today with superb delicacies, unique wellness treatments, and hidden charms on the trails that meander through this area. Another reason to visit this part of Istria, the largest Croatian peninsula, is the "Istrian Lifestyle" Handmade and Gourmet Fair. From June 17 to September 9, every Friday from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM, you can find the best of Istrian gastronomy and original, handmade products by local producers on the promenade in Rabac. With superb, world renowned Istrian olive oil, and wines from the Labin region at the fair, which are accompanied by excellent music,

make sure to try Istrian prosciutto and meat specialties dried on Kvarner's bora wind, along with homemade cheeses. To top them off, raise a glass of Teran poured from handmade Istrian pitcher. Reserve Tuesday evening for a night tour of the old, romantic city of Labin. Free city tours, accompanied by the goddess Sentona, are organized every Tuesday from 9:30 PM to 11:00 PM, from June 14 to September 13, and the tour starts out from in front of the Info center in the old city. Find out the stories of the uskoks, legends of the city, the secrets of Labin's aristocracy, everything about the Labin Republic... Tours are organized in Croatian, English, German, Italian and Czech, and there is no need to sign up in advance. 


Only for connoisseurs Text: Željka Kunštek ◆ Photos: Brtonigla Tourist Board

Experience Croatia

The trails in the Brtonigla area offer picturesque views; Luxurious rural villas and superb restaurants are a feature of Brtonigla; Four types of soil; For the locals, preserving traditions is an imperative.

Although it is located just ten kilometers from the coast, Brtonigla will charm you so much that you won't even think of going to the sea.


his corner of Istria, a favorite destination of true connoisseurs, is a place where picturesque nature meets reminiscent witnesses of the past and a tourism offer long since positioned at the very top of Croatia's tourism map. Alongside picturesque hills and old churches, you will see many olive groves and vineyards that grow on four different types of soil here - black, grey, white, and red, which makes Brtonigla unique, and gives the fruits of its fields incredible flavors. The chefs in Brtonigla's taverns and restaurants know how to use this great advantage well, and they create imaginative combinations of homegrown ingredients that take their guests on unforgettable gourmet journeys. For a total experience, there are also superb wines, as Brtonigla has a long winemaking tradition. You can particularly experience the idyllic features of this area if you visit Škarline Nature Park, located only two kilometers from Brtonigla. It got its name from the creek of the same name that created a

unique green canyon on its way to the Mirna River. It's best to reach the park, a popular excursion site, on foot via the "San Rocco" trail, or by bike on a gravel path. Those with a more adventurous spirit can stop by Mramornica cave, rich in multi-colored stalactites, and stalagmites that reach up to 13 meters in height. This gem of Istria's subterranean world is located in Stancija Drušković, where there is also a small exhibition of tools and machinery that Istrian farmers used in the past. Brtonigla is also home to the gallery of academic sculptor and painter Aleksandar Rukavina, deep in the shade of its hinterland, while you can also find a special dose of adrenaline and aquatic fun at the water park. You will want to stay in Brtonigla for a longer time, and you can find comfortable accommodations in some of the luxurious rural villas, or stancijas, romantic boutique hotels, or at awardwinning camps that will additionally spice up your stay in this part of "Croatian Tuscany". 

Brtonigla Tourist Board Mlinska 2 52474 Brtonigla, Croatia  +385 52 774307 info@tzo-brtonigla.hr


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Experience Croatia


New attractions of an old pearl Text: Željka Kunštek ◆ Photos: "Brijuni National Park" Public Institution

Formerly a residential house and boat house - today it is a modern and interactive guest center. Brijuni simply doesn't stop impressing... The Boat House built in the Art Nouveau style; The Brijuni time machine reveals interesting things about Brijuni's past; A depiction of Brijuni's undersea world.

The Educational Presentation Center - the Boat House is the first, and so far the only, center in Istria where an innovative approach and multimedia are used with modern technology to present the natural, cultural and historic values of a protected area.


tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016


ith its 14 islands and islets, immersed in the crystal clear sea, with many turquoise coves, lush vegetation and valuable archeological sites, Brijuni are a pearl that impress everyone. This fashionable resort and spa, with a presidential residence, has been visited by the leaders of two thirds of the countries of the world, along with many Hollywood stars, musicians, scientists, and artists who find eternal inspiration in the irresistible landscape of this national park. Throughout the year, many tourists are also inspired, and as of recently, they are delighted with a new, unique attraction - the Boat House.

Brijuni's time machine The first thing you probably imagine you will see in this house are boats. You would be right if we were to head back in time, more precisely to 1902, when

this house, originally called Boothaus, was built in the Art Nouveau style as a combined residential home and boat house by Paul Kupelwieser, an Austrian industrialist, who was then the owner of Brijuni. He entrusted the construction to young Viennese architect Eduard Kramer, who used reinforced concrete, which was a complete novelty at the time in civil home construction. Later, the island doctor Otto Lenz lived and worked in the house, after which it housed the administrative offices, and finally the Natural Science Collection. Today, the Boat House is home to the unique Educational Presentation center that will, through eight modernly designed rooms, guide you through life as it was on these islands. You will find out everything about the games, dances, music, artwork, hosts - the Lenz family and the people who stayed here, and the Brijuni time machine will

take you even further back in time and reveal who the first inhabitants of these paradise islands were. Many will be surprised by the fact that Brijuni were home to dinosaurs, and that stone from Brijuni was used to build a large part of Venice. All you have to do is press a button 19 to tour the entire island from a bird'seye view, and with video projections, mobile animations and applications, you will also experience Brijuni through the scents, sounds and unbelievable views of its plant and animal world. A special section is reserved for Brijuni's magical underwater world rich in

fish, and the youngest visitors will be thrilled with the classroom with microscopes and didactic equipment where they can discover the secrets of the islands through educational 20 workshops. You will also see the Room minimalna of Threats, where you will be faced dimenzija = x with trash in a dramatic way, and 20 × 19 mm the Awareness Room, which calls for responsible behavior towards nature. Make to duck into the souvenir Nacionalni park • National sure Park shop, and spend the rest of your time partaking in an activity - riding a bike, playing golf or tennis, riding the tour train, or taking a long walk through the tame, enchanting wilderness. 


At the Boat House, find out who the first inhabitants of Brijuni were, discover the secrets of its undersea world, hear about which 20 celebrities enjoyed themselves here... 19

minimalna dimenzija = 20 × 19 mm

brijuni Nacionalni park • National Park

A depiction of Brijuni's undersea world and archipelago; The Kastrum site; Touring Brijuni by bike; A depiction of Brijuni on land.

150% x

150% x



Nacionalni park • National Park

Nacionalni park • National Park

"Brijuni National Park" Public Institution Istria, Croatia,  +385 52 525888 brijuni@np-brijuni.hr


200% x

200% x May - July 2016





Tips for the most pleasant trips You would like to travel with children, even to faraway destinations, but the thought alone of travelling seems like mission impossible? If you plan it carefully, it is definitely possible! Text: Željka Kunštek ◆ Photos: fotolia

Be flexible and patient, and the sooner you start travelling with children, the easier it will be later.


he eternal question almost all parents ask themselves is when to start travelling with children, or if it's too early to take a small baby on a trip. There are many different opinions, but a lot of people who have already discovered the charms of travelling with children claim that in the first few months after the baby was born (if the baby is growing nicely and has no health issues) it is possible to head out on that adventure. Still, the trip must be well planned and the following things need to be taken into account...


Travel direct If you are travelling by plane, choose a flight that flies directly to your desired location and come to the airport on time. Since the difference in air pressure during take-off and


tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

landing can cause ear pain for the child, give it a bottle or pacifier to ease the pressure on the ears. If the baby is asleep, it probably won't even notice.


Take breaks often If you are heading out with your own car, which must, of course, have air conditioning and heating, head out as early as possible in the morning and drive slowly. Set up the car seat properly and put sunshades on the windows. Plan for breaks often.


Pack the most basic things Take enough diapers, wet wipes, water, a bottle, a rattle, the baby's favorite toy, and extra baby clothes for the road... Larger items, such as strollers, play pens, push toys and baby carriers, as well as products for skin care, feeding,

etc., are simple to rent or buy at the destination you are visiting. That way you can travel by plane without worries, and if you are travelling by car, you will have more space to drive comfortably and play with the child. Not to mention packing those things. Baby equipment rental is often very affordable, and as of recently it is also available in Croatia.


A small travel pharmacy Make sure to pack syrup, supposi­ tories, or pills to ease temperatures, a thermometer, nose drops and a nose

s also s e r v i ce C r o a t i a l a t n e R in l e n ow av a i l a b

pump, gauze and bandages, sprays to fend off mosquitoes and ticks, cream for stings, disinfectant spray, and sunscreen with a high SPF in your small travel pharmacy.


Keep your documents close Keep passports, airplane tickets, ID cards, money, your travel insurance policy and similar documents in your bag or somewhere close by where you can find them easily if you need them. No one likes to wait while the person in front of them is rustling through

their bag, looking for their passport, and holding the line back.


Be flexible and relaxed Once you finally reach your destination, you will likely want to see and tour as many sites as possible. It is better to relax and plan one or two attractions per day instead of nervously rushing around and transmitting the nervousness to the child. Enjoy yourself, let things go their own way, travelling with children can be a wonderful experience... ď ś

Are you the parent of a small child, and you're planning a family vacation? Enjoy a relaxed and carefree holiday! Little travelers offers you: - RENTAL of children's equipment - a WEBSHOP with the largest selection of children's products Our mission is simple: happy kids = great holidays info@maliputnici.com

www.maliputnici.com May - July 2016



Experience Croatia


© Robert Kunštek

© Julien Duval / Zagreb Tourist Board

© Robert Kunštek

As part of your Zagrebian adventure, visit the viewpoint at Lotrščak tower and enjoy the enchanting view of Zagreb.

Zagreb in 48 hours Text: Petra Škofić ◆ Photos: Zagreb Tourist Board, and Robert Kunštek

This charming city is overflowing with enchanting historical attractions, a rich cultural scene, and delicious gastronomical delights. Experience the best of Zagreb in only two days...


eservingly one of the best European destinations, Zagreb will thrill even the most discerning guests with its summer offer. Explore the best of the Croatian metropolis in 48 hours.

Zagreb's funicular and Lotrščak Tower; The Dolac marketplace is one of Zagreb's symbols; Zagreb's cathedral; The romantic ambiance of the streets and promenades of the Upper Town are hard to resist for the people of Zagreb and their guests.

© Julien Duval / Zagreb Tourist Board

The adventure begins: Day one


tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

Head out on your Zagreb adventure from the very heart of Zagreb - Ban Josip Jelačić Square. Start off your morning with a coffee at the Zagreb Eye viewpoint, enjoying the spectacular view of the city. The impressive NeoGothic spires of the Zagreb Cathedral, which rise 108 meters into the air, will catch your attention. Get to know more about Zagreb's cathedral. Nearby you will find the Dolac marketplace, one of the best places to feel the authentic

pulse of the city. Take a walk to the Stone Gate and St. Mark's Square, which is home to the church of the same name with its recognizable roof, which shows the historical crests of Croatia and the city of Zagreb. During the summer months, you can enjoy classical music concerts in this unique church. Klovićevi dvori and St. Catherine's church are a stone's throw away and there, for the 35th year in a row, Zagreb's Summer Nights will be held (June 27 - July 20). Make sure to stop by the nearby world-famous Museum of Broken Relationships, and Lotrščak Tower, where the Grič cannon is fired every day at noon. At the foot of the tower, you will find another one of Zagreb's attractions - the smallest funicular in the world which you can take to the Lower Town. If you are a fan of retro culture, then here you can

Escape to nature: Day two Leave the dynamics of Zagreb's streets for a bit and get to know more about

the city's source of fresh air. The largest park in Zagreb, Maksimir, is a green oasis with five lakes and many paths, which makes it a favorite base for many Zagrebians to walk, run, ride bicycles, or have a picnic, and make sure to visit the zoo while here. Did you know that Zagreb is one of the rare cities where the slopes of the nearby mountains come down to the city? Medvednica Mountain, which was named an official Nature Park on the western side, is perfect for walking, hiking, and exploring caves. Here you will also find Medvedgrad, an old city with the remains of a stone fortress that dates back to the 13th century, also a place that offers a spectacular view of Zagreb and the surrounding area. If you are a fan of good music, be sure to visit Zagreb from June 20 to 22, during the INmusic festival, and enjoy rock concerts performed by worldfamous musicians at Jarun Lake. 

© Julien Duval / Zagreb Tourist Board

© Robert Kunštek

© Marko Vrdoljak / Zagreb Tourist Board

find the Vintage Zagreb festival from June 30 to July 3, which celebrates the 1940s, 50s, and 60s with dance workshops, makeup and hairstyle courses, hula hoop competitions, old timer cars, and many other retro delights. Take a break in Tkalčićeva Street with many cafés, bars, cake shops, and restaurants, and while there try štrukli, one of the traditional specialties. In the evening hours, visit the Strossmayer Promenade, where the Summer on Štros festival is held in the summer months, and it brings a Parisian flair with its interesting music program, art installations, and film projections. Explore the less-known, mysterious, and intriguing side of Zagreb in the interactive theatrical Secrets of Grič night tour.

Medvedgrad offers a spectacular view of Zagreb; Maksimir Park is a favorite place for the people of Zagreb to walk, ride bikes, and have picnics; Tkalčićeva Street is famous for its many cafés, bars, and restaurants.

ZAGREB CARD Make ZAGREB CARD your irreplaceable travel companion in the capital of Croatia! ZAGREB CARD offers you unlimited travel on public transport, discounts in the city museums, reduced prices at many restaurants, shops, and much more… More information is available at: www.zagrebcard.vestars.hr


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ko ar









Vr do l Bo jak ar d

Historical traces...


tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

Text: Željka Kunštek

Professor Balthazar � any of you surely remember Professor Balthazar, the friendly scientist from the cartoon of the same name, which had great success, both on Croatian and foreign TV stations. You probably also remember his invention - a machine that makes a magical potion, which the creative professor used imaginatively to solve the problems of his fellow citizens in Balthazar Town, while also promoting science, creativity, inventiveness, tolerance, kindness, peace, love, humility, unobtrusiveness... Many Zagrebians say that Professor Balthazar was the epitome of the professors in former times with a Zagrebian flair, and most will confirm that he sent an equally strong message to both children and adults. Although decades have passed since the show was filmed (it was filmed from 1967 to 1971), Professor Balthazar is still loved just as much as he was then. He is the topic of many pieces of work, projects bear his name, and worldwide he has become recognized as a socially responsible brand and a symbol of knowledge and peaceful problem solving. Today, Zagreb Film, or the Zagreb School of Animated Film, is still proud of the 59 filmed episodes (each of which lasted between five and ten minutes), and Professor Balthazar was one of its most successful projects. 

May - July 2016



Food and wine tourism


The food and wine routes of

the green ring

The love story of wine and cheese is as old as time, and wine enthusiasts and cheese lovers can have this superb food and wine experience on the wine and cheese roads in the Zagreb County. Text: Petra Škofić ◆ Photos: Zagreb County Tourist Board, Jastrebarsko Tourist Board, Samobor Tourist Board, PHOTOnet.hr, The "Sirek" Association of Small Zagreb County Cheese makers


any priceless traditions and customs are hidden amongst the hills and valleys of the Zagreb County, the green ring that surrounds the Croatian capital and


tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

© Marko Vrdoljak / Zagreb County Tourist Board

tells an interesting story about the authentic Croatian way of life. The wine and cheese roads are one of those stories that speak of long tradition, hardworking hands of the hosts, and

© Marko Vrdoljak / Zagreb County Tourist Board

© Mario Hlača / Zagreb County Tourist Board

Tame hills covered in fruitful grapevines are one of the features of the Zagreb County; A preserved grape press.

visitors the unique combination of smooth Zagrebian wine and traditional delicacies, all surrounded by natural and cultural attractions. There are three wine roads in the Zagreb County: Zelina, Plešivica, and Samobor. Sveti Ivan Zelina is a wine center located on the eastern slopes of Zagreb's mountain range. Here, they use the autochtonous kraljevina sort to make the mild Kraljevina Zelina, the Zagreb County's wine brand, and here you can also try wines made from world famous sorts. Southeast of Zagreb, in the tame landscape of Jastrebarsko, you can combine the visit to the serpentine Plešivica wine road, where you can enjoy wine made of the autochtonous Portugizac, Plavac Žuti, Slatki Zelenac, or Šipelj sorts, with a visit to one of the enchanting castles in the area surrounding Jastrebarsko. Samobor's wine roads are the newest addition to Zagreb's offer of wines,

Drops for refined taste buds

Locals tenderly cultivate their vineyards all year long; Perfectly chilled wine; Grgos cave; A windmill; A wooden cabin in a vineyard; Bicyclists on a wine road.

Alongside the Zagreb County wine roads, which pass through landscapes of untouched nature, there are many natural attractions and cultural and historical sites on the way. For example, the Samobor wine road passes next to the attractive Grgos cave, "Sveta Barbara" mine, and Suban Botanical Garden.

© Mario Hlača / Zagreb County Tourist Board

Rural tourism in Zagreb's ring flourishes from year to year, offering visitors the unique opportunity to enjoy excellent autochtonous products. One of them is linked to the long winegrowing tradition in this area where few families don't have a pretty fruitful vine planted on the slopes behind their homes that comes with juicy grapes in the autumn from which they prepare delicious homemade wine. The first to preserve this Zagrebian heritage are family-run farms and other smaller producers that offer wine and other specialties they make themselves. Joined together as part of the wine road, they offer

© Marko Vrdoljak / Zagreb County Tourist Board

© Mario Hlača / SWAN

breathtaking natural beauty. Those who have a chance to explore this part of Croatia once, always come back for more. Find out why...

May - July 2016



Food and wine tourism

See how perfectly wine and cheese go together on the wine and cheese roads in the Zagreb County.

Fans of cheese can enjoy their favorite treat, prepared in various ways, on the Cheese Road; Hosts also prepare cheeses with milk from domestic goats at small dairies.


tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016


and they include seven wine shops, five excursion sites, and plenty of interesting tourist facilities. Enjoying the highly regarded Samobor Bermet, a sort of aromatized red wine, is also an experience that shouldn't be missed out on.

For ardent cheese lovers It's no secret that cheese and wine have paired well for centuries, and cheese is one of the basic products of the nutritional tradition of the Zagreb area. A long tradition of cheese making, plenty of natural resources and hard-working local families, many of which have established successful family farms, resulted in the unique Cheese Road, which gathers nine small family-run dairies from the Zagreb County, and three from Zagreb. All of them enable tourists and cheese fans to taste these fantastic dairy products directly at the production site. They prepare various types of cheese with a lot of effort, work, and patience using

milk from domestic cows and goats, and the producers even produce food for the animals. In the mini-dairies, it is a profession that is handed down from generation to generation, and in which all family members participate diligently. Moreover, many mini-dairies can boast an impressive number of awards from national and county fairs, which bear witness to the quality and diversity of their products. Their wide range of products includes traditionally made fresh, processed, and smoked cheeses, soft, hard, and semi-hard, and those with the addition of various spices. Two famous domestic brands of cheese - "Dragec" dried cheese, and "KriĹĄko" hard cheese are a special treat, and the offer has been recently expanded to include the delicious new "ZG Sirek" brand. Next time the road takes you to the green hills of the Zagreb County, seize the opportunity to find your favorite combination of wine and cheese, and experience the true tradition of Zagreb's green ring. ď ś

Explore Zagreb County


Zagreb County Tourist Board Preradovićeva 42 10000 Zagreb, Croatia  +385 1 4873665  +385 1 4873670 info@tzzz.hr











May - July 2016




Equestrian tourism


On horseback through idyllic Bilogora Horses are their love, saddles, their favorite item, galloping is the best feeling, and the tame Bilogora region is an ever-greater inspiration... Text: Željka Kunštek ◆ Photos: Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board, Na Malenom brijegu excursion site, Coner winery and restaurant, Vinia excursion site and winery, Villa Bilogora

Horseback riding in the Bilogora region; Horses at the Na malenom brijegu excursion site; The tradition of breeding horses has been nurtured in the Bilogora area for a long time; You can try various meat specialties at many family estates, as well as at the Coner winery and restaurant; The idyllic surroundings of Villa Bilogora.

In mid-May, the European Convention of International Equestrian Tourism was held at ŠRC Kukavica in the town of Velika Pisanica, where, amongst other things, there were discussions on the development of equestrian tourism in Croatia, and methods for certifying riding trails.


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hen the movie "The Horse Whisperer" came out in 1998, it won the hearts of audiences worldwide. It isn't surprising at all. This warm story, starring Robert Redford, reminded us once again that these noble animals have always been tied to man. By helping in everyday work and transport horses were, and for many have still remained, an unavoidable part of daily life. The tame Bilogora region is one such place in Croatia, where the tradition of breeding and training horses has been nurtured for a long time, and respect and love for those animals are deep-rooted in the hearts of every local. To give their guests, who are primarily true fans of untouched nature, the unique experience of exploring this idyllic area on horseback, the locals have made more than a hundred kilometers of horse trails with many great stopping points. If you decide to head out on this adventure, prepare yourself for the unforgettable views you will see on the way - Bilogora's picturesque valleys and hills, fragrant forests, scenic vineyards with wooden cabins and landscapes where you will feel as if time has

stopped. Take a break and gather your thoughts at one of the family estates you will find on the way, where the aroma of various homemade Bilogora dishes will attract your attention - warm soups, homemade cheese and meat products, various meat specialties, homemade bread, and desserts. The locals will also offer you superb wine, as well as fresh homemade juices. If you aren’t an experienced rider, and even if you haven't ever tried to ride, and you would like to, don't worry. Some of the equestrian clubs have organized riding schools, as well as riding accompanied by an experienced rider. At some estates, you can have the chance to ride in a horse-drawn buggy, head out on an organized excursion on horseback, listen to a lecture on horse breeds...

Professional praise The fact that the development of equestrian tourism in the BjelovarBilogora area is important has also been confirmed by the establishment of the ENGEA Croatia Association in

Veliko Trojstvo this year. Their goals are clear - to take care of horses, nature, and the health of people, and to expand the culture and practicing of equestrian sports. "Bilogora is beautiful, its preserved nature is a priceless resource, and its great advantages are its soft earth, without rocks, marked horse trails and an abundant offer of food and wine", emphasized Vladimir Vlajinić from the Konji gizdavi Equestrian Club, and one of the initiators for the establishment of the association. Professionals from the Italian ENGEA Association, which gathers more than 30 thousand fans of equestrian tourism throughout Europe, didn't hide their delight with Bilogora as a fantastic destination for equestrian tourism. When they visited the area earlier this year, they handed out certificates to

the first eight Bilogora horseback tour guides, and they themselves couldn't resist exploring Bilogora on horseback. Later, they shared their impressions in the association's magazine, "Il cavallo libero", where, amongst other things, they wrote: "We experienced a different Croatia, the interior! We walked down its streets, through its forests and hills, enjoyed typical traditional dishes and sipped Pelinkovac, visited equestrian clubs and felt the true Croatian sensitivity for international tourism, we petted their horses, and told them about ours...". I am convinced that once you experience it, you will also tell people about your stay in this part of the Croatian interior, which fans of equestrian tourism are just starting to discover, for a long time. 

Horses at the Vinia excursion site are also an attraction for the youngest visitors; Villa Bilogora is a novelty in the tourism offer of the Bilogora region; A horseman on a blooming Bilogora meadow.

Preserved nature, marked riding trails, and an excellent offer of food and drinks are the main reasons for tourists come and enjoy equestrian tourism.

Bjelovar-Bilogora County Tourist Board Dr. Ante Starčevića 8 43000 Bjelovar, Croatia  +385 43 221928 info@tzbbz.hr


May - July 2016



Interesting facts


Ha M T h Co bita ana e P © D un ts gin ub a ty in g lic rko Ar the Pro In P ea B te sti odr Co / B jelo cte tut ave i j un el va d on c t y o v r - B N a fo To a r - i l o t u r r ur Bil go al ist og ra Bo ora ar d

The Lokvanjić Educational Trail Although it impresses with its beauty all year long, the Lokvanjić Educational Trail in Blatnica, a town between Bjelovar and Čazma, is especially attractive in the summer months, when the round-leaved fringed water-lily (Nymphoides peltata) is in bloom, and its flowers turn all the fishing ponds yellow. The trail is nearly three kilometers long, and it is accompanied with ten educational boards with many interesting facts about the flora and fauna of this marshland area, which is home to a total of 101 species of birds. So it is no wonder that Blatnica has become a "hot spot" for bird lovers who can see them clearly here, with the help of cameras and binoculars from the path, or from four lookout points. A pleasant hour-long walk on the trail, with impressive views, sounds, and the aroma of untouched nature, is truly refreshing on hot summer days. The Blatnica pond area has been added to the EU Natura 2000 environmental network, and is extremely important for the preservation of 55 types of birds, but also other species such as the European fire-bellied toad (Bombina bombina), the Yellow-bellied toad (Bombina variegata), and the European otter (Lutra lutra).

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Be in Bjelovar on the second weekend in June, see how you would look with a vintage hairstyle and have a great time at one of the concerts.

Terezijana Text: Petra Škofić ◆ Photos: Bilogora - Bjelovar Tourist Board

During the first two weekends in June, Bjelovar goes back to the time of Empress Maria Theresa...


ay back in 1756, Empress Maria Theresa issued an order for the construction of a city that was initially supposed to be an enclosed military city, but it became not only open, but also multicultural. So the foundations were set to build Bjelovar, a picturesque city at the foot of the Bilogora slopes, which the people of Bjelovar are extremely proud of. However, since the empress never visited the city she established, they decided to make things right and to establish Terezijana, a fun, cultural, tourist event that attracts up to 30 thousand visitors to this city every year. With a satirical depiction of the empress' visit, as she arrives in her carried accompanied by the historical "Bjelovarski graničari Husari 1756" cavalry, the event celebrates the rich history of Bjelovar. The Ivan Goran Kovačić and LADO folk dance ensembles,

the Stare staze, Pleteri, Najbolji hrvatski tamburaši, Šima Jovanovac & TS Kristali tamburica groups, along with many more, are the best guarantee that the first weekend of Terezijana (June 3 to 5) will be a true folk dance-tamburica spectacle. The youngest visitors will enjoy the carnival and puppet show, and cyclists will surely enjoy the national bike competition, "Terezijaner XC eliminator". There will also be a depiction of old crafts, traditional food and drinks... On the second weekend in June (June 10 to 12), the city will be in retro style with an exhibition of old furniture, workshops on vintage hairstyles and makeup, old-timers, with plenty of music and dance from the fifties performed by The Shoppers, Boom Pacha Boom, Tom & Twisters, as well as the excellent Swingers led by legendary Robert Mareković... See you in Bjelovar! 

Bilogora - Bjelovar Tourist Board Trg Eugena Kvaternika 2 43000 Bjelovar, Croatia  +385 43 243944 info.tzbb@gmail.com

www.turizam-bilogorabjelovar.com.hr May - July 2016

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Experience Croatia


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© Dražen Bota / Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board

The far east of Croatia, where the mighty Danube and calm Sava meander through the fertile Slavonian plain, which meets the picturesque hills of Srijem, is a region where true fans of nature and active holidays come all year long. It is a destination for those who appreciate the immensly popular Slavonian gastronomy, superb wines, the hospitality of the hosts, and tradition, imbedded in the many events of this tame area.

© Zvonimir Tanocki / Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board

© Damir Fabijanić / Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board

© Robert Kunštek

Friendly, gracious, happy, hardworking... that's what the locals are like in eastern Croatia, in the VukovarSrijem County, who have always lived in harmonious co-existence with nature, while nurturing the tradition they inherited from their ancestors.

© Hotel Dunav, Ilok

© Zvonimir Tanocki / Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board

At the Birdwatching Center in Nijemci, find out many interesting facts about the plentiful world of birds.

Get to know S

Text: Željka Kunštek Photos: Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board, Vinkovci Tourist Board, Županja Tourist Board, The Nijemci Birdwatching Center, Museum of Vučedol Culture, Iločki podrumi d.d.

Golden Croatia

ailing the mighty Danube, the river that has inspired countless artists, and many others whose lives it has touched, is an increasingly more popular tourist experience in Croatia. The more than 40 thousand travelers who cruised the 'European Amazon' last year on the banks of the cities of Ilok and Vukovar are sure to confirm that. To experience the power and the indescribable peace of this river, board the "Danubius" river tour boat in Ilok, or the "Bajadera" tour boat in Vukovar, and enjoy the panoramic ride that will introduce you to the views and the stories of these cities from a completely different perspective. You will also pass by the sandbars with hidden coves, where patient fishermen wait for their catfish, pike, or carp, surrounded by endless untouched nature. You will also find out the many secrets the river

has kept for centuries and see where the Danube kisses the sky. Follow the trail of the mystical rivers of eastern Croatia and head towards Nijemci, a picturesque town in Srijem that lives next to the Bosut, a river that even the ancient Romans claimed flows in two directions. A ride on the Sveta Katarina tour boat is a relaxing experience, and it flows not only on the Bosut, but also on the Spačva. The mystical rivers, which run through an enchanting landscape, will also take you to interesting sites, and the silence will only be broken occasionally by the concert of more than a hundred different types of birds, amongst which are a few rare species. You can find out more about the plentiful world of birds at the Sopotac excursion site, where there is also a Birdwatching Center, and two lookouts. Continue exploring eastern Croatia on its hiking or bike

The Sveta Katarina boat; A river cruiser on the Danube near Vukovar; The Danubius boat; Many species of birds live in the area; The "Bajadera" eco-catamaran.

The "Bajadera" water bus is a novelty in the Vukovar tourism offer. The eco-catamaran can accommodate 60 passengers, and it also sails during the winter months. Not only is it great for touring the area, but it is also a great place to organize various events.

May - July 2016

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Experience Croatia

VUKOVAR-SRIJEM COUNTY © Marko Balaži / Museum of Vučedol Culture

The Museum of Vučedol Culture is located five kilometers downstream from Vukovar. On one side it stretches along the Danube riverbank, while on the other, it is dug into a hill on four floors.

The exterior of the Museum of Vučedol Culture; A Vučedol house, commonly called a 'basket'; A Vučedol skull; Orion, the oldest Indo-European calendar based on watching the winter sky; The Vučedol dove.

The Museum of Vučedol Culture is open daily from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

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trails. The Srijem Bike Route passes through inhabited settlements, forests, fields, and vineyards, as well as next to many cultural attractions and it isn’t demanding. The more dynamic Danube route connects the cities of Vukovar and Ilok, and it runs across the hills of Fruška gora, through vineyards and picturesque villages full of interesting churches and attractions that are worth stopping for.

World-class museums As much as it surprises people with its natural beauty, eastern Croatia is also interesting as far as cultural attractions are concerned. From the Orion, the first Indo-European calendar, found in Vinkovci, which is known as the oldest city in Europe, to the medieval city center in Ilok with the Odescalchi castle, a preserved fortress that dates back to the 14th and 15th century, which houses the Ilok City Museum, and is a monument to the time of Suleiman the Great. From the unique church of Our Lady of Lučić in Nijemci, built on the foundation of the former Templar monastery, to the 19th century border čardak in Županja, the only preserved example of military border defense architecture in Croatia. Over the past few years, the attention of both the Croatian and global public has been attracted by a museum in Vukovar. The Vukovar Municipal Museum, located in the opulent Eltz castle, will take you on a trip back through five thousand years. This museum is the winner of the Silletto 2016 European Award for successful inclusion of the local community in its work. The impressive Museum of Vučedol Culture was opened

in Vukovar in 2015, and it has already become an international hit. The life and achievements of the Vučedol culture, one of the oldest European civilizations, which spanned the area of 12 presentday countries, is shown at the museum with many artifacts that date back to the time from 3000 to 3300 B.C. Yes, you read that right! Here you will see the oldest Indo-European calendar, based on watching the winter sky, find out that the people of the Vučedol culture produced the first bronze in the world and the first saw in Europe, that they had rich gastronomy, and were skilled pottery makers, which the Vučedol dove bears witness to. The most famous example of Vučedol pottery is a legendary dish shaped like a partridge. The permanent collection of the museum is divided into 19 sections spread over around 1200 square meters, and the Vučedol Archeological Park is being made ready to show how the people of Vučedol lived, how they made tools and dishes, how they hunted, how they ate...

At the table in Slavonia and Srijem You can find out how the people of the Vukovar-Srijem County will feed you today in one of the many restaurants, hotels, our country estates in eastern Croatia. Many of them offer numerous traditional dishes, and bear the recognizable "Flavors of Srijem and Slavonia" sign. Tradition, which the Slavonians nurture so carefully, especially comes into play at the table in Slavonia and Srijem, where it is transformed into magical flavors.

© Damir Fabijanić / Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board

© Damir Fabijanić / Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board

© Zvonimir Tanocki / Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board

strudel, honey cookies, cakes with plum jam, noodles with poppy seeds, walnuts, and cheese... Top it all off with fantastic Graševina and Kraljevski Traminac, the trademark of the famous Ilok wine region. Here, in the easternmost part of Croatia, on the fertile hills of Fruška gora, superb wine sorts have been grown for more than two thousand years, and Traminac, which was drunk at English Court, is the best of them. Become a part of this historical story and head down the Ilok Wine Road, which connects vineyards, winemakers, and their cellars, where you can taste wine and homemade delicacies. This road will also win you over with its picturesque views, and some of the best views can be seen from Vukovo and Principovac, the former country home of the noble Odescalchi

family, and the present-day nook for true hedonists. If you prefer spirits, head down the Road of the Fruit Drop...

Reason more to visit Visit eastern Croatia and spice up your visit by visiting one of the many festivals that often celebrate the rich tradition and customs of this area. MidMay (May 13-20) is traditionally in the sign of Roman Days in Vinkovci, which returns this city, where people have lived constantly for eight thousand years, back to the time of Roman Emperors Valentinian and Valens, who were born here. The fair of Roman products, gladiator fights, pottery workshops, Ancient Roman children's games, and the Craft Brewery Festival

© Damir Fabijanić / CNTB

Absolutely simple, traditional dishes will entice you, as well as those where you will recognize the influence of Hungarian, Ottoman, or elaborate Austro-Hungarian cuisine. The exciting journey through culinary waters will start with a glass of aromatic šljivovica brandy, and while you're toasting with the hosts, homemade kulen, handmade pasta with cheese and cracklings, cottage cheese and sourdough bread will find their way to the table in front of you. They will be followed with dishes such as fish paprikash and čobanac, carp that is either dried, or roasted over an open fire, along with an Ilok ćevap, and many other dishes. Make sure to leave room for desserts, as there is no end in sight as far as they are concerned:

Traditional dishes from Slavonia and Srijem; The Principovac country estate; Various types of cakes are an integral part of the spread in Slavonia and Srijem; The most common souvenir from Ilok is a bottle of wine.

Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board Glagoljaška 27, 32100 Vinkovci, Croatia,  +385 32 338425  / +385 32 344034, turisticka-zajednica@vk.t-com.hr © Iločki podrumi d.d.


May - July 2016

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© Vukovar Film Festival

Experience Croatia

The "Our Daily Bread Harvesting and Threshing in the Past" festival; Roman Days in Vinkovci; The "Beautiful is the Gilded Srijem" festival; A vineyard next to the Ilok wine road; The Vukovar Film Festival.

Visit events in Vinkovci, Vukovar, Ilok, Županja, and Nijemci, get to know the locals and their customs, and have an excellent time.

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are just part of the ancient story the oldest European city awaits its guests with. Reserve June for Nijemci, where at the "Beautiful is the Gilded Srijem" festival, you can experience the traditions of western Srijem and enjoy the flavors of homemade food and drinks, accompanied by entertaining tamburica nights and performances by folk dance ensembles. You can get to know Županja, a city on the banks of the Sava, its generous locals, and their harvest customs best at the "Our Daily Bread - Harvesting and Threshing in the Past" festival. While you enjoy the delicious homemade dishes, you can watch the golden fields of grain the locals cut, with a song, and then harvest the grain, tie it, and pile it up the way their ancestors used to do. You yourself can try to harvest, ride in a horse-drawn carriage, sing along to the sounds of the tamburica, dance Slavonian kolo, play an old-fashioned game, tour the fair of homemade products and crafts... Make some time in Županja to tour the Road of the Golden Thread, which connects local customs and traditional crafts in a unique way.

From August 22 to 27, Vukovar will be in the sign of the Vukovar Film Festival, a festival of Danubian countries that is unique in that it is literally held on the Danube. It is accompanied by concerts and exhibitions, and this year, not only will the festival be held in Vukovar, but also in Vinkovci and Valpovo. In Ilok, early September is traditionally the time to celebrate the Ilok Grape Harvest (August 27 - September 4), which is based on the tradition of locals gathering and socializing at the beginning of harvest season, so that the vineyard would be guarded and the good year and harvest could be celebrated. The event is accompanied by a rich culturalentertainment program, and the harvest is visited by more than eight thousand guests. Find out for yourself why. Reserve September for Vinkovci Autumn (September 9-18), when the city on the Bosut becomes the host of the largest folklore event in this part of Europe, and while you're there, make time to ride in a horse-drawn carriage in Vinkovci. Once you experience, get to know, and taste this part of Croatia, you can be sure you'll be back for more on a regular basis. 

© Ivo Pervan / CNTB

© Ivo Pervan / CNTB

ić ul čić nty m oj u Ro St Co io en m ar ž rije M ra d © d D r-S ar an ova t Bo k s Vu u r i To

Vukovar-Srijem County Tourist Board Glagoljaška 27 32100 Vinkovci, Croatia  +385 32 338425  / +385 32 344034 turisticka-zajednica@vk.t-com.hr


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© Alert, Zagreb

© Eco Group, Zagreb

A love story that won over the internet As part of its spring-themed promotional campaign, in March, the Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) conducted a mini campaign on social networks with one of the nicest love stories - the one of Malena and Klepetan. The "True love returns in the spring - the story of Klepetan & Malena" campaign was conducted on Facebook and Twitter, while the CNTB's YouTube channel posted an animated video clip with this love story. The video was made in English, German, Italian, and French, and had more than 130 thousand views on YouTube by the end of March.

A new Croatian souvenir: Espadrilles with a licitar heart motif Espadrilles with a licitar heart motif, also embellished with Swarovski crystals, are the new Croatian souvenir, created in collaboration between two Croatian companies, Borovo and the Hippy Garden fashion brand. The handmade espadrilles are made with natural materials and cotton, and are packaged in a high-end box made with recycled paper. Hippy Garden has already used the traditional Croatian motif, the licitar heart, in its "from Croatia with Love" line, to embellish bags, etuis, towels, shirts, cosmetic products, and even chocolate. www.croatiaweek.com

For sending packages easily Whether you are moving to another city, traveling for a longer period of time, or going away to study or on vacation - you can send your things cheaper and easier than before. Eurosender, an online reservation system, specialized in delivering various kinds of packages, such as luggage, packets, smaller packages, or sports equipment in 27 European countries recently offered its services in Croatia as well, and the system is known for its affordable prices.

TRUE LOVE RETURNS IN THE SPRING - the story of Klepetan & Malena © CNTB

Every Wednesday to Septem­ber 28, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, the people of Zagreb and their guests will have the chance to take a free ride in an electric replica of a Ford Model T on the route through the center of Zagreb, which includes Lenuci's horse­shoe, the cathedral and Zrinjevac Park. Riding in this old, yet new and modern, nearly completely silent car, is part of the "HEP - Electrical Wednesday" project, launched by the Eco Group Company, with the support of the Croatian Electrical Power Company as its main sponsor. The goal of the project, which is also a new, unique attraction in Zagreb, is to promote electrical mobility and responsibility for the environment.

© Hippy Garden

HEP: Old Timers through Zagreb's center

© Croatia Full Of Life

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Experience Croatia

The Pannonian Challenge competition; Osijek's cathedral; Passenger cruisers on the Drava River.

Visit Osijek and Croatian Podunavlje

Make sure to be in Osijek from July 16 to 23 and see the exciting Pannonian Challenge competition.

Text and photos: Tourist Board of the City of Osijek

"The City on the Drava" is located in the middle of Podunavlje. It's charmingly slow, and it plays host to the largest festival of extreme sports in the region - the Pannonian Challenge.


isit Trg Sv. Trojstva (Holy Trinity Square), famous from the 200 kuna bill, and in the Upper Town, see Osijek's Neo-Gothic cathedral, with a 90 meter spire, the second tallest in southeastern Europe. "Kompa", or the ferry, will take you to the zoo, near the old watermill. The winter harbor offers a beautiful view, while passenger cruisers sail down the Drava. Head off by bike to Kopački Rit Nature Park, famous for its 300 types of birds,

which also nest in the city! This area is also famous for culinary delights, so make sure to try fish paprikash, perkelt, and dishes made with game. Here, the rich gastro story is accompanied by superb wine. In Baranja, tour the largest wine cellar in Croatia, and while in Erdut, see a barrel that can hold 75 thousand liters. Try Osječko beer, the first Croatian beer brewed since 1664, or get some refreshment from a dark Radler. 

Osijek also hosts many events, some of which include: UFO - Urban fest Osijek, music festival, June 23-26, www.ufo.com.hr Osijek Summer of Culture, theatrical festival, June 30 - July 15, www.osijek.hr Pannonian Challenge, BMX, skateboard and inline skating competition, July 16-23, www.pannonian.hr Days of the First Croatian Beer, tamburica music-gastro festival, September 7-17, www.pivovara.hr Advent in Osijek, November 25 - December 31, www.tzosijek.hr

Tourist Board of the City of Osijek Županijska 2 31000 Osijek, Croatia  +385 31 203755 tzosijek@tzosijek.hr


Check out travel arrangements for Osijek, find out what's new in Osijek's hotels, and take advantage of many deals. Find out more at: www.tzosijek.hr

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The undiscovered gem of the east Text: Željka Kunštek ◆ Photos: Baranja Tourist Board

What happens when artists pull up their sleeves and spend all day long with bales of straw in the fields of Baranja? Original straw sculptures! The flavors of Baranja are just as original... A large straw bunch of grapes at GatorFest; Besides good wine, you will also find friendly hosts and plenty of music and delicacies at GatorFest; The Combat Race.

Upon registering in the register of protected designations of origin and geographical indications, Baranja Kulen also became protected and registered at the EU level.

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he Croatian east hides a mysterious region, bordered by the Drava and Danube rivers, where mass tourism is still an unknown thing. That is why those who have heard the call of the wild and smelled the aroma of untouched nature, been woken up in the morning by bird songs and the smell of fresh bread from a bread oven, who have tasted stew prepared in a clay pot or carp roasted over an open fire, spent the afternoon at a canoe safari, in an adrenaline-filled off-road ride in an SUV, or watching deer graze, and enjoying dusk in Baranja's plains in the evening in the expanses of its marshland area at least once, always return... In this region, where fertile fields meet picturesque vineyards, you will also meet those who have recognized the quality of Baranja's wines. The harmonious relationship between sun, man, and wine is strongly conveyed here, which you can see for yourself if you visit Baranja this June. From June 10th to 11th, Baranja will be in the sign of GatorFest, a festival

of good wine, which will gather fans of superb wine at the locations of Kneževi Vinogradi, Bansko brdo and Zmajevac. The first day starts with a wine fair, where, along with wines from Baranja, there will also be wines presented from all of Croatia, and the neighboring countries of Hungary and Serbia. Of course, all of them can be tasted. The wines will also be judged the same day, and those with the best score will win the "Danube Wine" award. The following day, the "Wine & Walk" program will be held. Take a walk down a 12 km long trail, where you will be greeted every two kilometers by another winemaker with his wines, homemade food, tamburica players, shows, games... The walk will end in the zmajevački surduk (street), where the winemakers will open the doors to their 'gators' (wine cellars). With entertaining music from street performers and tamburica players, here the legend of Red Marta will come alive, you will learn about drawing techniques with wine, making straw sculptures...

© Mario Romulić and Dražen Stojčić / CNTB

At the same time, from June 9th to 11th, the Kulinijada will be held in Jagodnjak. While producers will compete against each other with their kulen, you can enjoy the flavor of the most popular meat delicacy in Baranja. This Kulinijada, like all those before, will also have a horse parade, fish paprikash competition, an arm wrestling competition, a rock marathon, art colonies, a competition in preparing 'Cigan pečenje', and the Combat Race, where you can test your physical abilities. And finally... the Slama-Land (StrawLand) art festival, which attracts artists

Baranja Tourist Board Imre Nagya 2 31300 Beli Manastir, Croatia  +385 31 702080 info@tzbaranje.hr


to Šećeransko Lake in Beli Manastir to build large straw sculptures that are moved to many places in Baranja after the festival, where they continue to draw the attraction of each and every person that passes by. This year's festival topic is Utopia, and the largest sculpture, this time in the shape of an eight-meter-high straw dollar, will be burned on Sunday, the final day of the festival. On Saturday, you can enjoy opera arias on the water, as well as the burning of one of the sculptures on the water, and there will also be various workshops and short lectures, amongst other things, on the topic of Time Bank and Self-sufficiency Illusion or Potential. 

At the Slama-Land art festival, visit some of the workshops, find out how to make a straw crown, dance...

Every August, the field next to Šećeransko Lake is decorated with magnificent straw sculptures as part of the SlamaLand art festival.

© Mario Romulić and Dražen Stojčić / CNTB

A straw dollar

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Prepared by: Alma Radoš


The spring procession of ljelje is a tradition also recognized by UNESCO, which added it to its Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2007.

Spring procession of Ljelje/Kraljice (queens) from Gorjani






os tu h CN ar TB

Two stories rich in tradition Legend has it that during the time of the Ottoman attack on the Slavonian village of Gorjani, near Đakovo, all the men were captured so the women in the village, with the intention of freeing them, dressed in colorful clothing, placed men's hats embellished with artificial flowers on their heads, and with scythes, sickles and sabers in hand, they arrived at the Ottoman camp. The Ottomans believed they were ghosts, got scared, and ran away. So the women of Gorjani freed their husbands, fathers, and brothers. Although this legend still circulates through the village, experts who researched ljelje believe that this ceremony is the remnant of the cult of the Old Slavic god Perun and that it dates back to pre-Christian times. Regardless of which version of the story you prefer, every year, ten ljelje head out on their traditional procession on Pentecost Sunday, which falls on May 15 this year. They are divided into kings and queens dressed in elaborate folklore costumes. There are twice as many kings, and they are distinguished by their sabers, and richly embellished male hats, while queens have white wreaths on their heads, like brides. Songs that are appropriate for the family being visited are chosen from the abundant traditional repertoire, and they are most often sung to girls, young men, or young brides. Then the kings dance with sabers, accompanied by the queen's songs and bagpipe music. This is followed by a folk dance the hosts can join in on, and after an abundant spread, the procession goes on to the next house. The following day, the ljelje head over to the neighboring village, and at the end of the procession, there is a large feast and party at the home of one of the participants.

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The organizers of the spring procession of ljelje are members of KUD Gorjanac, who have toured Europe and the world with their queens and kings.

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Comfort is a must Text: Anamarija Cicarelli ◆ Photos: www.visionapartments.com

If you are preparing to rent out your home or suite, in the sea of advice you will get, there is some you should absolutely ignore.

If guests feel that you truly care about the way they feel, you can be sure that they will treat your place like their own home, or even better.

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f someone tells you not to buy new and beautiful furniture and décor for a suite you are renting out, don't listen to them. It is true that over time, the building will amortize, and it will be necessary to invest in it, which experienced landlords know. If a high-quality couch in the living room is worn out, it is just a sign that a large number of guests have stayed in

your property, and that you are a successful landlord who has made enough money to replace it. Definitely don’t listen to those who advise not to leave sheets and towels for guests in suites. Although it is true that in some countries guests must bring their own, such situations are exclusively in low-budget accommodations. Such an approach additionally decreases the value of your accommodations and deters guest. Use sheets, towels, and kitchen towels to boost the quality of your accommodations. Fine sheets and soft towels make your suite look like a pleasant and high-quality location. Guests will enjoy staying in such suites and homes, and if they come across a set of high-quality, scented toiletries, they will be even happier. If someone advises you not to change the mattresses because the guests don't see them anyways, ignore them. Luckily, owners of superb accommodations have recognized the importance of mattresses long ago. Many hotels, especially those in a higher category, name the mattress brand they use in their hotel when presenting their accommodations. Don't forget, comfort is crucial for guests, so mattresses take a high place on the scale of the most important elements in the offer of tourist accommodations. 


Five-star beds and mattresses T

he feeling of home away from home? It only happens with the best beds in suites or hotel rooms. That is the feeling you get with the box bed that the Bernarda company, the leader in furnishing hotels, suites, and homes, produces with its 25 years of experience and tradition. Today, its loyal clients include the most famous hotel chains: Astron, Ramada, Kempinski, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Intercontinental, Hilton, Plaza, Marriott, Radisson... With its built-in spring core constructed upon of the principle of double elasticity, the box bed ergonomically supports the spine and allows for equal dispersion of body weight over its entire area. The mattress sits on a highly elastic base,

which decreases its load by up to 30 percent, with additionally improved anatomic adaptability to the sleeper's body, while superb air flow lengthens the life span of the system. Also, two smaller beds can be pushed together into one, without uncomfortable lines down the middle, and since these beds don't have sharp edges, they are safe for both guests and staff. For a good night's rest, you need a high-quality mattress made with natural, environ­mentally tested materials, which is flexible and comfor­ table with good heat and moisture release. The mattress covers also play an important role and they are made with the finest materials, resistant to

external influences such as moisture, bacteria, mites, unpleasant odors and electromagnetic radiation, or in the case with the one based on aloe vera, with a soft effect. Along with mattresses made with Bonnell spring cores, part of the Bernarda company's production is also focused on making healthy mattresses with pocket spring coils. Fire-resistant covers, and mattresses with all the required certificates are made for five-star hotels and suites of the highest quality. As a member of the Association of Small and Family Hotels, the Bernarda company offers Association members special deals for the purchase of its products. 

Bernarda d.o.o., Čakovečka 136a, Pušćine, 40305 Nedelišće, Croatia  +385 40 895300, bernarda@bernarda.hr, www.bernarda.hr May - July 2016

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Gourmet Croatia


Dishes with the scent of the sea Text: Sanja Plješa Photos: "Majstor kuhar" Culinary Academy

Mediterranean cuisine is one of the greatest representatives of healthy eating, which has been confirmed by many researchers. Cold cantaloupe soup with fresh blackberries and raspberries.

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n today's flavors of various types of dishes, two nutritional styles reign: the western style, which is abundant in high-calorie ingredients, and dishes are made primarily with red meat, and the Mediterranean style, recognizable for its nearly semi-vegetarian meals. Those dishes are bountiful with various types of fish instead of meat, and olive oil is used instead of margarine, butter,

and lard. Mediterranean cuisine is also the best model of a healthy diet, and typical for the coastal, Adriatic region of Croatia, where the mild climate enables green and large-leafed vegetables, such as lettuce, kale, cabbage, chard, spinach, broccoli, and collard greens to grow all year long. Besides vegetables, the Mediterranean diet is also rich in fruits, especially citrus fruits: lemon,

Renato Humanitarian Association

A positive influence on health By combining these ingredients to prepare some new dishes, with slightly exotic flavors, the master chefs from the "Majstor kuhar" Culinary Academy, chefs Sabina Jalšić and Dario Lide, led by famous culinary academic, chef Branko Ognjenović, try to show how some ingredients that are, at first glance, uncombinable ingredients, can be perfectly combined into light, interesting dishes. Some examples include cold cantaloupe soup with fresh blackberries and raspberries, pomegranate risotto with scallops on a bed of arugula and mackerel filet salad. Mediterranean cuisine affects health positively, and olive oil takes a very

Pomegranate risotto with scallops on a bed of arugula; Chef Branko Ognjenović.

© Robert Kunštek

orange, grapefruit, mandarin oranges, but also figs, grapes, and nuts - almonds and walnuts.

The "Renato - Chef's Without Borders" humanitarian association is a non-profit association launched by Branko Ognjenović. The association gathers chefs from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Greece, Turkey, and Azerbaijan. The aim of the association is to offer financial aid to educate children from families with fewer means to become chefs. Members of the association also organize a charity event where various delicacies are prepared, and all profits from the dinners are then used for ultrasound heart examinations for the children, and the already mentioned education. "Majstori kuhari" always conduct socially responsible work, and they are happiest, they say, when they can help others.

May - July 2016

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Gourmet Croatia


Mackerel fillet salad

Preparation Open the tins and drain the excess oil. Peel the onions and slice thinly. Dice the tomato into cubes, chop the parsley, and toss together with the addition of salt and pepper, olive oil, and vinegar. Take the mackerel out of the tin, place on a plate, and drizzle it with a little salad dressing. Garnish with a little lemon (if desired), and coarsely ground peppercorns from a peppermill. Chef's recommendation Pinot sivi, Krauthaker Chef's tip You can prepare sardines in the same way.

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© Robert Kunštek

Ingredients (for 4 people) 2 tins of mackerel fillets 2 tomatoes 2 heads of onions 0.1 l olive oil 0.1 l balsamic vinegar a little salt and pepper peppercorns a bunch of parsley Preparation time: 15 minutes

high position in the pyramid of that type of food. Today's modern tourists enjoy the Mediterranean style of cooking, and many research projects have shown that it is the ideal food, since people who eat food typical for the Mediterranean region live longer, on average, than those who consume other kinds of food. Do you enjoy cooking? Would you like to learn how to prepare Mediterranean, but also other kinds of food, and find

Mackerel fillet salad; Chefs Dario Lide, Sabina Jalšić and Branko Ognjenović.

out many cooking tips from great master chefs? Sign up for a cooking course at the "Majstor kuhar" Culinary Academy, where you can find out many tips from the chefs, Branko, Sabina, and Dario. Those who would like to impress their friends with their cooking talent will find out how to prepare some specialties from eastern and European cuisine, along with dishes from various parts of Croatia. 




Lo lli po p ko m un ik ije

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May - July 2016


There is a reason it is said that breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day, and it should be good and nutritious so that we can handle everything that has to be done over the course of the day. One of the best examples of a healthy breakfast that can be prepared quickly is oatmeal. Besides being a source of complex carbohydrates that releases energy over a longer period of time, it is rich in fiber and vitamins B. It can be even healthier with the addition of dried or fresh fruit, such as blueberries and strawberries, nuts, and various seeds, such as flax, sunflower, and chia. You can enjoy a delicious and nutritious Healthy Breakfast with creative oatmeal enriched with fruit and super ingredients at Joe's Bar in Zagreb's ARCOTEL Allegra hotel. The hotel also offers Healthy Fitness menus based on light meals, vegan dishes, and refreshing smoothies.


ONLINE websites and mobile applications

For great food and wine experiences This summer, head out on the food and wine roads of the Istrian and Zagreb counties, and discover the magical flavors of these attractive parts of Croatia...

WEB&AP Gourmet & Wine lovers

Zagreb County Wine Roads

Prepared by: Alma Radoš, Petra Škofić and Željka Kunštek

120 tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

Enjoying the delicious wines of the Zagreb region is even simpler with the Wine Roads application. The app is available in Croatian and English, and contains the most important information on the Plešivica, Zelina, and Samobor wine roads. Besides a list of restaurants, wineries, and wine cellars where you can enjoy the best of Zagreb's offer of wines, the app also offers useful information about the towns the roads pass through, interesting attractions, and possibilities for an active vacation. To make things even easier, the app comes with an integrated map, which marks out all the locations on the wine roads and their contact information.

Gourmet & Wine lovers is a new mobile application issued by the Istria County Tourist Board for all fans of food and wine. The application presents the best restaurants and taverns in Istria, along with the best wine-makers, olive growers, oil-makers and wine bars, followed by truffle specialists, and producers of cheese, prosciutto, honey, as well as the best hotels in the region. The application offers twenty TOP gourmet itineraries, specially created to inspire visitors to have additional Istrian experiences. Since the application is linked to the Istria County Tourist Board website, and it automatically downloads the calendar of culinary events, so users can find out what is going on in the region at any given time and get information on the gourmet happenings of the day. The app is available free of charge for iPad users in Croatian, English, German, and Italian.

odna Dalmacija © Sonus Festival / Slob

© Sonus Festival / Slobodna Dalmacija

A hot festival-filled summer This year, to the delight of "party-animals", a hot season awaits. Get tickets to the festivals in Pula, Supetar, Poreč, and Novalja quickly and easily at www.croatia-tickets.com



his summer, from July 21 to 24, the Seasplash Festival will gather fans of brass music and culture at the enchantigly wild Punta Christo Fortress near Pula. The four days of music in total on seven stages with topnotch performers, a rich cultural, sports, and daily program on the beaches, camping, workshops, a bazaar, and a chill-out zone are more than invitation enough. The French O.B.F Sound System, Israeli bass pioneer Kalbata, British reggae/jungle producer Aries, domestic Egoless, Filip Motovunski and 207, are the new performers at the 14th Seasplash Festival. From August 4 to 6, Supetar's Acapulco beach on the island of Brač will host the Voi’Sa festival, as is tradition. The long dance weekend and the festival will be kicked off with a performance by the Croatian band, Jinx, after which they will hand the stage over to famous DJs. Hip hop, reggae, house, dub, soul, funk, grime - all that guarantees a weekend full of good energy and music.

The MTV Europe Summerblast 2016 open air festival, with leading musical performers from MTV's top lists, will be held on August 19 and 20th in Poreč, and just one day later, the Sonus Festival starts on Croatia's most popular beach, Zrče in Novalja on the island of Pag. This year, the Papaya, Aquarius, and Kalypso club will once again host fans of electronic music, and over the course of five days and five nights, worldfamous DJs will perform: Dixon, Ricardo

Villalobos, Loco Dice, Luciano, Joseph Capriati, Seth Troxler, Marco Carola, tINI, Jamie Jones... Visitors from the countries of Former Yugoslavia will be able to enjoy the performances of more than 60 international performers at a discounted price. Don't wait another minute. Buy your tickets today at www.croatia-tickets.com. See part of the atmosphere from last year's Sonus Festival here, by clicking on the video:

Sonus Festival 2015 - Official Aftermovie

© Sonus Festival

May - July 2016

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Klapa Cesarice

We are (like) at home in Omiš


They are one of the most recognized female klapa groups. They have won the Dalmatian Klapa Festival in Omiš multiple times, and have won gold medals at international competitions of vocal ensembles. Still, their greatest achievement is their unique repertoire and their singing that wins over the audience. They are Klapa Cesarice. Conducted by: Vlatka Vužić Photos: Klapa Cesarice

122 tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016


ou were established and you work in Zagreb. A lot of people who moved to Zagreb from the coastal regions say they miss the sea. How do you feel? We are from different areas and Zagreb has been our home away from home for more than twenty years. It is the capital of cultural events, and offers us plenty of opportunities to get together

with people with similar interests, as well as beautiful nature both nearby and slightly further away. It isn't missing anything. If the sea were here, it would be ideal. However, that's not far away either. Omiš bears the title of "capital city" of klapa songs in Croatia. You have sung and won many awards in that town. What makes it special? As poet Jakša Fiamengo said: "Klapa is a circle, and its center is in Omiš". We would add: "All paths lead to Omiš, the Olympia of klapa". There is a special connection between Cesarice and Omiš since it is the birthplace of our klapa founder, our lead soprano Ana, and several other members. There is a special ambiance there during the festival, when the city lives for klapa music. The audience is quite demanding, and they know how to

Samo moru virujen - Klapa Cesarice feat. Vlatko Stefanovski, Tamara Obrovac & Uroš Rakovec


© Art Of Sound And Vision

recognize quality and love towards the a cappella tradition. Which continental city in Croatia is most "klapa-like"? Where have you felt especially welcomed by the audience? It is jokingly said that Zagreb is the capital city of Dalmatia, perhaps for the numbers of klapas it has. Every place we have performed, from Vukovar to Dubrovnik, has received us kindly and warmly. Although we are awaited in smaller cities with a special ardor, in our Zagreb we have a loyal audience that has followed and supported us for decades.

Which countries have you performed in and how does the audience react if it is their first time hearing klapa music? The reactions to klapa music have always been fantastic everywhere we have been, from Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg,

Can you single out a moment in your performances that you cherish especially? There were many touching moments because it is our goal to touch people's hearts with music. Judging from the reactions, we often succeed in doing so, which is our greatest award. After a concert in Zagreb, people came up to us and told us that we didn't give them just music, but also a "mystical, metaphysical experience". We also remember an Austrian man who, after hearing us in concert in a place in the Alps, followed us wherever we went, and every time we started singing spontaneously, he would cry. There were also funny situations, such as changing into costumes and doing makeup on a public bus line to Trogir... 

Winners of the Parni Valjak from the last edition: Ana Stanišić (Zagreb, Croatia); Mojca Tomažić (Ljubljana, Slovenia).

Would you like to win a Klapa Cesarice CD? Write us why and send your answer to contest@tiptravelmagazine.com The authors of the two most original answers will receive an album as a gift.

May - July 2016


What do your trips to performances and girly gatherings look like when you are together for several days at a time? Pleasantly chaotic! Like a family, like sisters... There are songs and laughter in the van, bus, or plane, but also planning, and serious conversations about upcoming performances, about life... Although we all have different characters and interests, we are connected by our love of music. So the best part of getting together is after the concert, when we sit around a table and sing for the love of singing, which often lasts until dawn.

through Portugal and France, to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The audience abroad is always impressed by the four-part singing, the folklore character, the singing method, and the harmony the group achieves without a conductor. Although they don't understand the text, they are enraptured by what we convey with the music and they react very emotionally. There is no better award than an emotional audience. Music is like therapy to us, and food for the soul for the audience.

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o Pi r UN ozz IC i EF


Visiting nurses: Important support for mothers and babies Text: UNICEF Croatia Photos: UNICEF

Visiting nurses are of great support to new mothers.


isiting nurses offer not only sound advice, but also give their love, as Branka from Zagreb experienced. She met her visiting nurse while still pregnant with her son who was born a month premature. When they arrived home, he weighed only two and a half kilograms and Branka was, she admits, scared: "Nurse Mirjana convinced me that I was doing everything right and she motivated me to continue following my instincts and to nurse my baby. I believe it was her support that enabled me to nurse for 20 months. We were released

Every day, rain or shine, around 900 visiting nurses come to the homes of those who need support and help with the youngest members of their families. In Croatia, around 476 thousand visits are made and around 40 thousand babies are visited every year...

124 tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

from the hospital with unregistered jaundice, and nurse Mirjana was the one who diagnosed it and let everything pass as it should. I was excited by every gram he gained, centimeter he grew, and every new move he made. So, although I had the absolute support of my mother and friends who were already mothers, nurse Mirjana gave me a lasting impression for the beginning of motherhood, and I remember her with great love and gratitude. House visits by visiting nurses are allencompassing health services. They visit up to 96 percent of households with small children. So their role in the protection of the health and development of the youngest children is incredibly great, and with highquality education, it could become key - especially for recognizing children and families who require additional support. Research has shown that two-thirds of parents receive nursing advice from their visiting nurse, but, unfortunately, that advice often isn't accepted. Although most mothers nurse their babies initially, by the fourth month the percentage of nursed children decreases to only 35 to 40 percent.

© Giacomo Pirozzi / UNICEF © Giacomo Pirozzi / UNICEF

Representatives from the universities in Split and Rijeka are, in collaboration with UNICEF, launching a lifelong learning program for health care and the development of the youngest children.

and advice. When she heard that my child has more difficulties than initially thought, she said that she noticed some symptoms herself, but that she didn't feel competent in giving advice of that kind", explained Gordana. Thanks to this educational program, visiting nurses will have enough knowledge to recognize which children need additional health care or some other type of support on time. Many more parents will get useful advice on nursing and child care, and children will get the opportunity for high-quality health care in the first months and years of their lives. 

© Giacomo Pirozzi / UNICEF

© Giacomo Pirozzi / UNICEF

In research conducted by UNICEF, parents suggested that the professional interest of visiting nurses expands to giving advice related to the new role of both parents and adopting new findings on nursing. In recognizing the importance of the high-quality education of visiting nurses, the universities in Split and Rijeka are, in collaboration with UNICEF, launching a lifelong learning program for health care and the development of the youngest children. The course consists of 14 topics from the realm of child care and early

© Giacomo Pirozzi / UNICEF

development, supportive parenting, communication and developing partnerships with families. The program is designed for visiting nurses, but also for other professionals who work with the youngest children. The course will contribute to better conditions for raising, upbringing, and the healthcare of youngsters in Croatia, and the importance of education has also been recognized by patients visited by visiting nurses, including Gordana from Varaždin. "Iva was the first person I told about my suspicions about one of my children having motor difficulties. She immediately told me who I could contact for help

Lifelong learning program

May - July 2016

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News and announcements


Marriott and Starwood forming the largest global hotel company

© Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Shareholders of Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Marriott International supported the merger of those two companies, which will form the largest hotel company in the world with around 5700 hotels. Owners of more than 97 percent of Marriot shares and more than 95 percent of Starwood shares supported Marriot's offer to take over Starwood, worth about 12.4 billion dollars, announced the two companies. So the monthslong uncertainty regarding this transaction ended, considering that up until recently the consortium led by the Chinese insurance company, Anbang, also fought to take over Starwood.

© Dialog komunikacije / Booking.com

© GNTB / Bildarchiv Monheim GmbH


© Finnair

How do consumers perceive sustainable development? The greenest airline in the world

New research conducted by the University of Warwick in Great Britain showed that the Finnish airline, Finnair, left behind the smallest carbon footprint, thanks to the age and model of its airplanes, its travel routes, and the total number of connecting flights it offers. The research analyzed the annual reports of 20 large global airline companies, and it took into account the greenhouse gasses created upon fuel consumption, and carbon dioxide emissions while conducting other airline services while on ground. Along with Finnair, both TAP Portugal and Virgin Australia also had excellent results. The largest carbon footprint, according to conducted research, was left behind by American Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines. 126 tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

Booking.com conducted research on sustainable development, and its results show that consumers perceive the phrase "sustainable development" in different ways. Only 42 percent of global travelers consider themselves to be sustainable tourists, and they also expressed their doubts towards sustainable accommodations, naming its higher prices, lack of luxury, and the disbelief that the accommodations are truly sustainable as the main reason for avoiding such kinds of accommodations. It was concluded that there is a need to better educate travelers on sustainable tourism because, despite the interest in sustainable travel methods, there is still a great deal of confusion in regards to what sustainable tourism truly entails.

Booking.com on business trips Endless flights, lonely hotel rooms, jet-lag, one meeting after another - those are the classic stereotypes linked to business trips. Research published by Booking.com in early April 2016 revealed that, despite the stress connected with business travel, many believed it was one of the greatest benefits of their job. Half of those surveyed confirmed that their favorite thing when travelling internationally was the chance to get to know new cultures (50%), or visiting new cities (46%), which, as they say, delights them just as much as a one-on-one meeting with a client or colleague. More than 4500 business people from eight countries participated in the survey.

Tourism on Antarctica on the rise

The tastes of Europe in London Increase in exports from international tourism In 2015, exports from international tourism grew by nearly four percent in comparison with the previous year, reaching around 1.4 trillion US dollars. So, tourism's share in total world exports jumped from 6 to 7 percent announced the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in early May. Last year, the largest revenue from foreign tourists was collected in the USA, China, Spain, and France, while the greatest spenders were tourists from China, the USA, Germany, and Great Britain.

On June 21, the first day of summer, London brings us a gourmet treat, and an excellent opportunity to promote food, wine, and other beverages from European destinations. On that day, as a part of the three-day City Fair Workshops 2016, the City Fair 2016 - Europe on a Plate will be held, organized by the European Tourism Association (E.T.O.A.). Participants at the conference will present the newest culinary trends in tourism, show what most attracts tourists from various countries in Europe's culinary offer, and will run through interesting case studies from all over Europe.

© viewingmalta.com

© GNTB / Faehrhaus Sylt

© GNTB / Krüger Torsten

© fotolia

While scientists worldwide worry about melting icebergs, tourists with a deeper pocket are rushing to visit Antarctica before "the party ends". After the record-breaking 2007/2008 tourism season, when the coldest continent was visited by 46 thousand tourists, every summer over the past several years (from November to February), between 35 and 40 thousand people visit Antarctica. Most of them are tourists from the USA, Australia, China, Great Britain, and Germany. They most commonly reach the empire of snow and ice with cruise ships, and the price of such a cruise starts at ten thousand dollars per person.

Summer School on Tourism Management on Malta The 5th Summer School on Tourism Management will be held from July 31 to August 6 on the island of Gozo, the second largest island in Malta's archipelago. The goals of the summer school "Learning in Tourism", organized by the Observatory on Tourism in the European Islands (OTIE), are the education and training of future tourism professionals, encouraging cultural tourism on European islands, and the development of various forms of tourism in the off-peak season, as well as the development of new tourism products, with emphasis on cultural products. May - July 2016

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World attractions











San Jose Located in the heart of California's Silicone Valley, San Jose is a city that primarily attracts business travelers. It has become the synonym for technological development and advancement since it is the home of many leading global companies from the world of IT. There are many biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies, along with many research laboratories for several car manufacturers, who have found their headquarters here. Still, besides having its business image, San Jose is also recognized as an international travel destination. Not only is it an excellent destination to start out from to explore the attractions of Northern California, it is also only 70 kilometers from San Francisco, and nearby you can also visit Santa Cruz Mountain, which attracts hikers, climbers, adventurists...

As of July 1, Lufthansa introduced permanent flights from Frankfurt to San Jose (California), which is also the first direct connection between a European airport with the Silicone Valley.

128 tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

© Swiss International Air Lines

© Lufthansa Pixels


© Swiss International Air Lines

© Swiss International Air Lines

SWISS Chocolate | Swiss International Air Lines

Summer on the wings


of the Lufthansa Group

f you take a flight to one of your favorite destinations with one of the companies in the Lufthansa group this summer, you will see that the world has never been smaller. Through their hubs in Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Vienna, and Brussels, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Lufthansa and SWISS will connect you with 316 destinations in 101 countries worldwide. Each of the companies has introduced new flights to the summer flight schedule, so as of July 1, Lufthansa will connect you with San Jose, and two new destinations: Alicante and Tirana. Austrian Airlines offers 31 flights a week to Asia, and as of September 5, it is introducing five flights

a week to Hong Kong with its Boeing 777, while the other flights will also go Peking and Shanghai. Brussels Airlines offers nine new summer destinations: Toronto, Accra, Nantes, Heraklion, Thessaloniki, Jerez, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and an entirely new destination for the Lufthansa group - Belfast. Eurowings will also take you to attractive destinations this summer: Boston, Mauricius, Bangkok, Phuket, Punta Cana, Puerto Plata and Varadero are just some of them. SWISS will fly from its base in Zurich to Alicante three times weekly, and every week from its Geneva base to the Italian Lamezia Terme resort. A novelty that will excite Lufthansa

passengers as of January 2017 on long flights is the A350-900. The wider cabin of this airplane will enable a more comfortable flight, while passengers in business class will have access to the self-serve zone with snacks and cold drinks. The ergonomically designed seats will allow for a more pleasant flight for passengers in economy class, and during the flight, all passengers can enjoy the new FlyNet technology, which enables them to surf the internet easier above the clouds. The first ten new airplanes will likely depart the base in Munich towards Delhi and Boston. 

LH.com May - July 2016

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We're taking you to...


.c hw

© lhw.com

helles / Constance Lémuria, Seyc

The white beaches of French Polynesia.

130 tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016


Top 10

beaches in the world Text: Željka Kunštek

After the long, cold months have passed, the thought of relaxing on a beach in the shade of palm trees and aromatic pines with warm sand beneath your feet, and a crystal clear sea in front of you sounds perfect. It truly is. However, when you head out to search for your perfect beach, the range of options is truly incredible. We tried to narrow it down for you, and here we present ten beaches around the world that you will want to take a one-way ticket to...

May - July 2016

tipTravelMagazine 131

We're taking you to...


.co hw

If someone were to tell you to imagine your perfect vacation on an exotic beach, in heavenly surroundings, with a cocktail in hand, you would probably imagine yourself on one of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, the most famous ones being Tahiti, Bora Bora and Mo'orea. This isolated archipelago of coral islands is located in the Pacific Ocean, and it is 6000 km from the closest land mass (Australia). It is famous for its heavenly beaches with soft, white sand and a super-turquoise sea, and is known as one of the most exclusive holiday destinations in the world.



Š ar lhw l B .c ea om ch Re / Bo so ra rt B & ora Sp a

French Polynesia



132 tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016





rl Be

ach Resort & Spa

The Islands of Tahiti - Embraced by Mana 2016


© TahitiTourisme


co w.



ra Bo


a Pea

rl Beach Resort & Spa

May - July 2016

tipTravelMagazine 133

We're taking you to...


ča Ka


ris Bo ©



Zlatni Rat, Brač Island, Croatia One of the most beautiful and most popular beaches in Croatia is Zlatni Rat on the island of Brač. With reason. The famous kilometer-long pebble point is one of the most famous symbols of Croatian tourism, and its special attraction is its point that constantly changes its shape under the influence of winds, waves, and water currents, forming impressive scenes. The beach thrills tourists from all over the world with its beauty, and due to its protrusion, and exposure to the wind, it is also a favorite destination for surfers and kite-surfers. In the summer months, the beach can be reached not only by car or a light seaside stroll, but also with a tourist train, as well as by boat from the Bol harbor.

134 tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

May - July 2016

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We're taking you to...


© lhw.c

m / Isl Lau an c d, ala Fij i

w. co





/ La




hw .co



cala I

sland, Fiji



Fiji, an island country with more than 300 islands in the Pacific Ocean, is another lost tropical paradise. Along with the island of Taveuni, where the globally popular "Return to the Blue Lagoon" was filmed, another popular island is Laucala, a favorite oasis for jet-setters. Michelle Pfeiffer, Bill Gates, Pierce Brosnan, Britney Spears, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are just some of the celebrities who have relaxed on the white beaches in the shade of the palm trees in this hidden oasis, which is currently owned by Dietrich Mateschitz, owner of Red Bull, who is of Croatian origin. Laucala stands out amongst its similar, neighboring islands for its use of natural resources, production of organic food, and farm animals.


Laucala Island, Fiji


.co hw



136 tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016



la I


d, Fi


Š fo to lia

Anse Lazio, Seychelles Praslin Island, also known as palm island, is the second largest island of the Seychelles, a heavenly archipelago in the western part of the Indian Ocean. The island is home to one of the most attractive beaches in the world - Anse Lazio. The view of this tropical beach with white sand, splashed by turquoise water, is enhanced by granite boulders, and near the beach there are many restaurants, resorts, and facilities for true hedonists.

Maya bay, Ko Phi Phi Leh Island, Thailand

fo to lia

May - July 2016


If you have seen the movie "The Beach", with Leonardo DiCaprio, then you will definitely recognize this popular Thai beach. It is located in Maya Bay on Ko Phi Phi Leh Island, and is the main attraction of the Phi Phi tribe, famous for its limestone cliffs that rise above the Andaman Sea.

tipTravelMagazine 137

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138 tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos Island, Greece

fo to lia

May - July 2016


The Navagio white sand beach on the Greek island of Zakynthos leaves nearly everyone breathless. So it is no wonder that this beach adorns many Greek postcards, and has been named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world many times. An attraction at the beach is an old sunken iron boat that pirates allegedly plundered and left to rot there. Boat excursions to the beach are organized from the Porto Vromi harbor, and the trip takes about half an hour.

tipTravelMagazine 139





Fa lh




i Ato

© lhw.com / Kanuhura

ll, Maldiv


We're taking you to...

div es, Lh



© lhw.co








he R


n ide







Ve l




M M aldi al ve di s, ve s

To write about the most beautiful beaches in the world and not mention the Maldives would be a great mistake. This island paradise in the Indian Ocean consists of around 1200 coral islands grouped into 26 atolls, called paradise on earth. The long sandy beaches lined with coconut palms, coral reefs that hide under turquoise waters, many options for an active vacation, exotic villas at the beach or on the water, and lots and lots of romance are the best description for these tropical islands.

© lhw.com / Cons tan


ald ll, M






a ld






©V elas

140 tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

© lh saru M

aldives, Maldives

w.co m

/ The Residence Mald


alh s, F




May - July 2016

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We're taking you to...


Š fo to lia

Benagil Beach, Algarve, Portugal In the southernmost region in Portugal, Algarve, there are several sea caves that attract tourists from all over the world with their beauty and mystical qualities. One of the most beautiful and most popular caves is Benagil, located on the coast of the fishing village of the same name. It is special for the romantic sandy beach located in it, which can only be reached by boat.

142 tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

El Castillo, Tulum, Mexico

Š fo to lia

One of the most attractive Mexican beaches can be found on the Maya Riviera in the city of Tulum, the only Mayan city built on the coast, and one of the rare few that are encircled with a wall. The beach is surrounded by limestone boulders, between which is a "carpet" of soft, white sand that leads to the crystal waters of the Caribbean Sea, from where you can admire the Mayan ruins. Yes, this beach is perfect for an unforgettable vacation.

The Baths, Virgin Gorda Island, The British Virgin Islands

fo to lia

May - July 2016


Another one of the beaches you won't want to leave is the Caribbean beach, The Baths. It impresses with its unbelievable scenery, crystal clear sea, and granite boulders that form tidal pools on the shores of the beach, perfect for relaxing. This incredible landscape was named a National Park in 1990, and is particularly a favorite destination for fans of diving and sailing.

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World attractions






Horseshoe Bend Horseshoe Bend is the name of a bend of the Colorado River, which is reminiscent of a horseshoe and is located near the city of Page, Arizona (USA). Locally, it is also known as "King Bend". This spectacular view, famous for the impressive game of colors that depends on the position of the sun and the weather conditions, can be enjoyed from a steep cliff that can be reached by a path, and excursions to the cliff are organized daily.

144 tipTravelMagazine May - July 2016

May - July 2016

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