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Carma concept This isn’t something you’re going to see on the roads anytime soon, but as a design exercise it’s smarter than your average student project. The Porsche Carma is the brianchild of four French students at the Institute Supérieur de Design in Valenciennes. As part of the fourth (and final) year of their course, they were asked to look at near-future supercar design and chose to use Porsche as their case study. Based on a mid-mounted six-cylinder boxer engine, the Carma is mostly about aerodynamics. Twin Venturi tunnels run beneath the chassis and the bodywork itself incorporate two massive air vents which channel airflow over an inernal (under-body) spoiler at the 928-inspired rear. Those vents open and close as required to increase and decrease downforce at varying speeds. It’s an interesting solution that removes the need for a huge external spoiler and permits a much sleeker aesthetic. A long time coming, but well worth the wait, our new club website is up and running. Built from the ground up by Jim Tarrant and Carl Rose, the site puts TIPEC’s best side on show for the world. You can use the website to register or renew your club membership, advertise (or buy!) cars and parts for free, download old issues of All Torque, and keep up-to-date with events in all of TIPEC’s regions.

If your French is up to it, you can read more at

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Additionally, if you look to the bottom-left of the homepage, you will find a link to TIPEC’s brand-new online discussion forum. This is the place to trade banter with fellow club members on a day-to-day basis, ask questions and share knowledge with each other, up and down the UK (and worldwide!) It’s simple to use and easy on the eye, so sign up and get involved—even if only to read what everyone else is talking about.

Required to process new members, send out membership packs, renewals and bank the cheques. This role takes on average two hours a week, full training and support will be given. This is a great way to get involved with the Club and talk to prospective members.

Regional Organisers Required Cambridge To hold monthly meetings at a local pub/hotel and with support of the members attend/organise local events. East Anglia To hold monthly meetings at a local pub/hotel and with support of the members attend/organise local events. Ireland We have quite a few members in Ireland, does anyone want to organise an annual get together? Maybe at a car show or a weekend away? Wales As above If you would like to get involved venues and dates are not set in stone and can be changed to suit whoever is interested. If you are interested in any of the above roles then please contact Sean at Club Office.

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All Torque 67  
All Torque 67  

The magazine of The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club (TIPEC) in the UK. Issue 67, December 2007.