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increasingly likely that we will have a weekend away sometime in the spring, probably in Devon.

Mark’s 996 Turbo cab flanked by ‘the old guard’ of TIPEC Cornwall & Devon Region Who wants to walk to work when you can hop in the Porsche? Puts a smile on my face both ends of the day. Next meeting will be as usual: 2nd Sunday of the month, 9th December. Venue: the most excellent Winds of Change, Launceston. See you there.

“All the best Nick, you’ll make a great RO and are already a great asset to the club. We’ll all be there to help you out during the changover.

Thames Valley

Thanks for all the kind words, I’ve enjoyed running the region and had many a laugh along the way. It’s been superb to have such loyal friends and members that regularly attend the meets, this is what makes the effort all worthwhile.

RO Paul Mabley 0783 162 9342 (mobile) ARO Jason Gibson 0795 845 9725 (mobile)

I see the club going from strength to strength under Sean and the current committee but I feel I currently haven’t the time or resources to push the region forward at the same pace. This is where I think Nick can take things to the next level.

Meetings are held first Tuesday of every month 7:30pm at The Red Lyon, Henley Road, Hurley, Berkshire, SL6 5LH.

Most of all, thanks to my able ‘assistant’ Jason. We’ve run the region together equally over the last year rather than in the RO and ARO roles and it’s been superb, the highlight of which was sleeping together in the region gazebo. Thanks mate it’s been a laugh. I’ll still be about every month and will be active in the region so you haven’t got rid of me just yet. Looking forward to the future, Paul.”

Due to family commitments, Paul Mabley has had to stand down as RO. I’m Nick Ramsay, the new RO for Thames Valley. I’ve been an active member of TIPEC since I bought my 996 C4 in September last year. I will be ably assisted by the current ARO, Jason Gibson, and Paul will still be assisting us in the background. I’d like to thank Paul for all his hard work and I’ll be doing my best to keep the momentum going. We hope to organise a drive out on New Year’s Eve, so keep an eye on the forum for an announcement nearer the time. Due to the first Tuesday of January also being New Year’s Day, we will be moving our first meet of 2008 to the following Tuesday: the 8th of January (same time and place). Here’s Paul’s ‘signing off’ statement as pulled from the forum:

Wessex RO Pete Blackler 0777 920 3278 (mobile) Meetings are held fourth Tuesday of every month at The Wheatsheaf Inn, Braishfield Road, Braishfield, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 0QE. The monthly meetings continue to be well attended, with lively discussions about everything from cars to food and what future events we may plan. It is looking

The Christmas meal is on Friday the 7th December at The Hunters Inn, Swanmore, this as usual will be in conjunction with the TR Drivers club and is fully subscribed (42 people), if you wish to go let me know ASAP and I will attempt to fit you in. The cost is £15 for a three course meal (with choices of starter, main and pudding) including tip, and a cake is being made for us and the TR club, complete with club logos. Several of the Wessex region went for a curry at Kutis in Southampton, this was on a lovely Sunday afternoon and was an eat all you like buffet, with starters (my particular favourite, as I think a few people noticed as I went back for more a few times), main course and pudding. I think we all left a little heavier than we arrived, but still managed to squeeze under the steering wheel. Everyone had a good time and we will certainly be doing a few more things of this nature, thanks to all that came along (even though I told everyone the wrong address!) My 911 Turbo continues to keep on breaking in various forms, although it has not let me down yet. Well, not since the last time that took me about six weeks to sort out. It turned out to be a wire shorting out in the 14-pin connector from the engine loom to the main loom, but only happened when then car warmed up (about 15-20 minutes). When it shorted it would ground out and shut off the fuel pumps, most annoying! Anyway with that sorted I went to the next club night with some trepidation (especially as I had forgotten my mobile phone). No problems until I was on the way home, when the rev counter started jumping around all over the place, but the engine runs fine. I’m pretty sure it is a diode breaking down in the alternator, although it could be an earth problem. Just to add insult to injury, when I got home I put the window down so that I could see to reverse into the carport … it then promptly fell out of its support. I managed to lift it by hand and then wind the window internals up to support it, slammed the door, kicked the tyre in disgust and went indoors. I will fix it this weekend, wonder what’s next?

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