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New York City 03/07/09 13/07/09


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An introduction to An amazing view The day when we New York City and a brief ex- from the Empire State Building travelled across Brooklyn to planation of the concept of this discover Coney Island book.


The start of the journey. The day when weeks of planning finally started to pay off!


Looking down into New York City

Typography found in The Big Apple. Pt 01

On the plane and ready to go. Can’t wait to get there!




What I survived on for 10 days.


Author & contact

Typography found in The Big Apple. Pt 02

Typography found in A taste of what we did during a long day in New York The Big Apple. Pt 03 City.


In the streets of New York City.

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“ Uh um! Did you say 3 or half 3?!” 3 Jul 2009 03:09 AM


Introduction New York City is the first issue of an A3 newspaper format book that documents my first trip to the city. This is created purely for my own personal reference and a valid reason to create a book.

The idea first started weeks before the trip to New York. As it was such an anticipated event that would add another episode to my little life, I really wanted to make the most of it and record / document every little thing that I would come across. Eventhough I went with 2 other good mate’s from my home town who I would share my experience and excitement with throughout the journey. I really wanted to be able to produce something that would express my experience in a non verbal form. I document the things that interest me, so please don’t be offended if you don’t really ‘get it’. To the reader; (or whoever it may concern other than myself) the contents of this book is a representation of my opinion and my thoughts only. The opinions and statements made in this book may not always be accurate so please just read, enjoy but don’t quote on it. SO! Without further ado, I here present you, New York City :// 03/06/09 - 13/06/09 GO GO GO!!!

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After months of planning and years of saving up, the day finally came when we were all set and ready to go. On the 3rd June 2009, myself and two of my friends Tom Ramsden and Craig Abbott sneaked out our homes in our small town called Whittlesey at 4am and drove a hired black (or was it silver?) Ford Focus to Heathrow airport. The night was quiet and the sky was clear, while we drove down the motorway listening to a CD that contained songs from Coldplay to Crystal Castles.

Things I took to New York ://

- Contact Lenses - Phone charger - Iphone - Iphone Headphones - Passport + eticket - Boxer Shorts - Shorts - T- Shirts - Phone / camera chargers - Deoderant - Tooth brush - Bath towel - Tooth paste - Lomo Fish Eye - Nikon D50 - Sigma Lense - Nikon SB600 Flash - Canon Ixus 70 - Dollars $$$ - Note Books - Pen (s) - Socks - Black jacket - Film - Shaving stuff - Fragrance - Hair products - Shower gel - Hat

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03/07/09 10:09AM

* Me “ Hello there boys and girls, we’re finally sat in the plane. I got the window seat by the way. Don’t know how! I really like to take this opportunity to thank like everyone, Craig and Tom for giving me this opportunity. Listen to this first..... “ * Tom “ Tim is becoming tedious.............Alrght this is me passing the mic over to colonel Abbott..... Abbott! What do you think of the plane, Craig Abbott, Craig Karl Abbott, CKR, CKA! *Craig “Well Thomas Edward Ramsden, I’m really impressed with by the little table, not only does it fold out. It’s not bad. * Tom “ Oh, I should mention that Craig wants to become a member of the Mile High Club on his own. Single member!

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06/ 07/ 09

Woke up late today as no one had an alarm. Went down to Saw an eagle today, that was the hostel to get our breakfast quite exciting and unexpected. for once. For dinner, we went to DelicGot our travel cards today catesen. Nice posh’ish place costing $27 for the week and in Greenwich. Was going to got on our first subway ride all go have sushi tonight but Tom the way to Brooklyn, where we got his way again. After that walked back via the Brooklyn we walked around and saw an bridge. Saw a brown squirrel. eagle today. Oh Shi* said that already! Walked to China Town and went into Dunkin’ Donuts for Discovered Rice to Riches lunch. today which was pretty awesome! Really nice place! Went Another trip to Macy’s where back to the Levi’s shop at Time we baught nothing. Tom made Square again, Tom tried on his 1st purchase in New York about 10 different things but and it was from Gap! didn’t buy any again!

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04/07/09 6:53 PM

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View from The Empire State building 08/07/09

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* Flight meal - I consider this * Chicken fajita panini served as being the first meal of our with some ready salted crisps adventure. I picked the beef in and a slice of gerken. black bean sauce with rice and veg along with a few bits of salad, 2 bits of melon, 2 bits of apple, bread roll and a class of orange juice.

* Beef lasagne from Giovanna’s of Little Italy.

* Egg and Bacon breakfast bagel from a Dunkin Donuts located in China Town.

* Lunch - a mix of pretty much everything from the buffet bar of a nearby news agents/ cafe / chinese buffet/ shop thing.

* Mc Donalds, our first one in New York actually. Got one of their limited edition Angus beef burgers. To be honest, I was a bit disapointed with the average size the portion!

* Wonton and fish ball noodles

* Dessert at Rice to Riches Strawberry and Mango flavour. Found this place somewhere near Bleacker street, often packed with people queuing for flavoured rice pudding! Real nice place to go after your meal.

* Classic burger meal at Wendy’s. One of our first meals infact, we were all starving after unpacking and walking all the way from our hostel down to Time Square so didn’t think much and ended up here.

* Seafood stuffed flounder served with french fries from Red Lobster at the heart of Time Square. Great environment and food, but there was too much of it, especially with the starter and biscuits, I did not finish it!

< * Biscuits! This was served as part of our starter snack during our meal at Red Lobster. They tasted like scones except with a hint of a cheese and garlic to it.

* Dessert at Yoghurt Land. Another great place that we accidently discovered during a walk back from watching the fireworks of Independents Day. Located in Bleacker Street, this place functions in a self service form selling frozen yoghurt of various flavours.

* Quick breakfast at Dunkin Donuts (Again). This time I got a sausage and egg croissont burger thing with ice tea.

* Our first visit to Red Lobster (Above) was so good that we decided to go again. We got the usual Caesar Salad for starter (which I didn’t mention previously.)

* Dinner at Delicatessen. The place seemed quite posh and I was tight on dollar so ended up getting a cheese burger which was just as good!

* After days of searching, we finally found a decent Japanese restaurant! This was a seafood ramen from Menchanko - Tei.

* For the main of our 2nd visit to Red Lobster, I opted for something slightly lighter. Ended up getting a Crab Linguini Alfredo, which was delicious but too heavy so didn’t finish. Ended up taking it back to the Hostel where I left it for someone else to munch on.

* Last meal before we leave the following day. One thing we’ve all wanted to try in the city before we leave was a nice juicy piece of Steak. It might have been that we were rather picky, or that we were just unlucky in finding a decent place, but we failed and settled with yet another burger!

* Southern fried chicken with fries and a biscuit from Popeye’s Chicken of Coney Island.

* Eventhough I was so full at the time already, it was our last meal in New York so I decided to go all the way and got this massive piece of strawberry cheesecake.

in soup base from Suzie’s of Bleacker Street. Apparently a restaurant that even Jackie Chan once visited! It is rated within the top 100 restaurants in the US.

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Created by Tim Wan



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No part of this book may be used or reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any way or by ny means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission from the creator.




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New York City 03/07/09 - 13/07/09  

Book that documents my first visit to New York City.

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