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Timothy Updates The Reflector is a publication of Timothy Christian Schools. The Reflector is published twice a year and mailed free of charge to all interested in staying connected to Timothy Christian Schools. Our address database of well over 6,000 home addresses is always being updated. If you would like to update your contact information, or if you know of someone who should be receiving the Reflector but isn’t, please contact our business office and we will be very happy to update our database accordingly. Reflector Mailing Database Contact: Phone: 630.833.4616 | e-mail:



the 3 a’s

Academics Athletics Arts

16 from the administrators 26 alumni News


A God’s Eye View I’m a sucker for Google Maps.

In the past few years, our campus and our school have undergone many physical and programmatic changes. Some, like classroom signage for every learning space, painted lockers, and new drinking fountains are little things that make a big difference. Others, like the science wing, new roofs, or baseball dugouts, are so big that you can see them from an airplane. If you’re only viewing these physical and programmatic changes from Google’s “Street view,” it might be easy to overlook how they fit into our mission. But our school is more interested in how the Lord sees us. If we consider the “God’s Eye View” of our campus, the improvements all connect to our mission. From a small improvement like the paint on our walls, to a new science wing which is visible from outer space, every upgrade helps us accomplish

And while those topics seem to jump around the map a bit, all of these areas have an on-campus home and a role to play in the execution of our mission. So let’s zoom in and out on the 41.866364,-87.942665 latitude/longitude point and see how God is at work in every program and every space on our campus. “Turn (page) left in 5 seconds.” n

Rudi Gesch Rudi Gesch Director of Marketing


What if we viewed the campus of Timothy Christian Schools the same way?

In this edition of the Reflector, you’ll learn all about the past three years of on-campus physical transformation. You’ll read about our brand new Elementary School Library and how it is impacting our already strong reading program. You’ll read about the WYSE dynasty in our high school. You’ll get to relive Octoberfest and Friday Night Lights.


I’m not the most directionally inclined person, so when I drive somewhere I use Google maps. The service offers a satellite or “bird’s eye view” directly overhead. That’s my favorite angle. It helps me understand where I am, where I’m going, and how I fit into the bigger picture. It gives me context.

our mission: to develop academically prepared Christian disciples.

The Breakdown

TIMOTHY BY THE NUMBERS Elementary & Middle school Library Updates to the library done summer of 2013

224 ZERO 657 27 donors

to the library project

AMOUNT OF DEBT owed to paying off the library

STUDENTS who use this new library



500-600 STUDENTS

Volunteers for the library auction

contribute a total of hours of assistance each week


Grades K-8 have a scheduled ½ hour class in the library—for learning “library skills” and selecting books

multi-touch SmartBoard featured in the classroom area

number of AR awards given last year:

275 119 RIBBONS


awarded at the assembly on the last day of school

12,000 BOOKS in the library


Get to know a...

What you love about Timothy: All of the nice kids and teachers

Geo-Bee Champion

Hobbies: playing video games, listening to music Best book you’ve read this year: Paper Towns by John Green Favorite meal: Carne Asada Favorite movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Avengers Favorite place to visit: Glacier National Park

Answer key: Alabama, Monterrey The “waiting bench” for computer use. When all the computers are full, the next students in line sit on the new bench.


Parent volunteers

come each week, throughout the school day, to select books and take AR quizzes

Accelerated Reader (AR) quizzes have been taken through the end of September

Seth Buikema, 7th Grader

13 77



in those 2,645 books

Best gift ever: Xbox 360 About how much time did you spend preparing and studying for the Geo Bee that you won: I’ve always liked geography and read about it a lot, so I guess I’ve been studying a little bit at a time for a long time. What is the most interesting fact that you ever learned when preparing for the Geo Bee: In Gabon, there are natural nuclear reactors.



checked out in Sept.

What was the question/ answer you won on for the Geo Bee: I can’t remember which question I won on, but I remember the first question I had last year: “What state produces more broiler chickens? Alabama or New Hampshire” Question you lost on at State GeoBee: “What is the majorly industrial inland city in Mexico and is the capital of the state of Nuevo León?” n

Get to know a...

Hobbies: Playing the cello, tennis. Favorite Food: Thai food Favorite Memory: Cello Trip to Canada

AR Point Champion Joshua Pae, Fifth Grader

What you love about Timothy: There are several things that I love about Timothy – the IMPACT program and the AR reading program. Hobbies: Video games and reading. Favorite meal: Pho noodles and recently Italian Beef sandwiches. Favorite Memory: Family vacation/ water slides. VBS - vacation Bible school


Favorite Place to Visit: Michigan beach

What are your thoughts on being one of the elite National Merit semi-finalists: It’s been an honor. Hopefully I’ll make the Finalist cut. n

Best Gift Ever: Carbon Fiber Cello What kind of preparation takes place on your part for National Merit: Studying, Writing

Favorite movie: Harry Potter Series. Favorite place to visit: My church and visiting my cousins in Maryland Best gift ever: Wii U, Books

What was your favorite book that you read for AR: Secrets of Nicholas Flamel What was the longest book you read for AR: The Enchantress. n

About how much time did you spend reading for the 1000+ AR points that you earned: A lot of hours. Some days every waking hour not doing school or other activities.

What our librarian, Sue Stein, overheard about the new media center:

I wish all the computers were full. I love the waiting bench!

–T  he new library has a “waiting bench” for computer use. When all the computers are full, the next students in line sit on the new bench. One student was disappointed that a computer was open for him to use.

[It’s] just like a real library

–W  e now have a slot through which students slide the books they are returning.


Get to know a...

the Essay, Answering Questions


Favorite Book: Too Late the Phalarope

Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting

Riley DeHaan

What I love about Timothy: The Community

National Merit Semi-Finalist

Special feature The Breakdown

Transformation Timothy Commitment to Facility Excellence

By Matt Davidson, Superintendent

Over the last three years, our school has gone through many material changes. One might say that our campus has been transformed. The most notable and obvious changes have been 1) the building addition of nearly 10,000 square feet to our high school; and 2) the complete overhaul of the grade school library. However, as you explore our campus you will see many other improvements and renovations. Here is a quick summary of the highlights, in no particular order. Scores of smaller projects have taken place as well.

• Renovation of the Family Science room • Replacement of the curtain in the grade school gym

• Drinking fountain upgrades

• Repaving of our south and east parking lots

• Additional security features

• Improvements at the soccer/track stadium

• New equipment and service in the cafeteria

• Addition of the concession stand at the soccer/track stadium

• Lighting upgrades across campus for brighter and more efficient lights • Renovation of the Orchestra room

• Addition of the press box and underneath storage at the soccer/track stadium • Improvements at the baseball field • Landscaping enhancements on various parts of campus • Addition and replacement of fencing on campus • Addition of more playground equipment • Installation of new scoreboards • Addition of 3 servers, 170 laptops, 126 desktops, 105 iPads, 19 SmartBoards, 24 access points • Renovation of the athletic director’s office



• Painting of the lockers in the high school • Installation of a back-up generator for our servers • Replacement of curtains • Replacement of various roofs on our campus • More TC branding on campus, including more public display to support our mission • Renovation of the Grade School Office • Renovation of the Business Office • Renovation of both the Advancement and Alumni Offices • Addition of two buses to our fleet • Replacement of numerous doors on campus • Complete renovation of our weight room (to be completed in the next few months) Did you know that these accomplishments did not impact tuition? They were covered in part through capital maintenance fees and mostly through gifts to the school. The task list above totals approximately $4.8MM! (This is a good place to interject that total contributions/gifts to the school over the last three years exceed $6MM. Praise God!) As you make your way through our Fall 2013 edition of The Reflector, you will see many pictures of these improvements. In addition to the physical changes identified above, you will also discover new initiatives taking formation as you


• New floor tile and locker facelift in the middle school

flip through the pages of this edition. As we pursue proven best practices, we will continue to upgrade. The fear of change freezes organizations and the complete absence of change ultimately leads to irrelevance and even extinction. It is my prayer that our school would be open to change and new ideas as we continue in this great work. More is on the way! The ongoing transformation of our school has occurred with many noticeable changes…although not one of them will last. Someday these changes will be considered outdated, in need of replacement and simply a part of our past. The greatest and only enduring transformation at TC occurs with an increased commitment to an unchanging mission. We will inspire future leaders to boldly embrace Christ’s call to transform the world! A school committed to developing world-changers and difference-makers…that has a nice ring to it! By the grace of God, this is our mission. n

Feature Article


Just Ask


P-8 Librarian Sue Stein Reflects on the ES/MS Library Project By Sue Stein

“Just ask.” Those were the words from a colleague that began our library’s transformation. So I did. I put together a proposal and showed it to Matt Davidson, our Superintendent and Tim Hoeksema, our Grade School Principal. They said, “looks good. Get some numbers.” So I did! I started dreaming of what our library could be. Well, I continued dreaming…ever since we talked of a building project 7 or 8 years ago, I have been thinking, researching, and visiting other libraries. And slowly, the “perfect” floor plan was born. I brought the plan to Tim, and he kept it in his office. One day about a year ago, a donor walked through Tim’s door and got excited about the plan. That person’s


enthusiasm was contagious, and many donors got on board, including the fabulous outcome of the auction. The library of the last nearly 30 years served many students and adjusted to changing technology and curriculum. I needed to consider what the next 30 years might look like and be ready for them. So this was my criteria: • Plan for flexible space—so we have some shelving that is mobile; we have tables that move easily; we have a sofa that is modular. Flexible space enables the library to serve various needs; for example, being able to move shelving to create a large enough seating area for an entire grade level. • Plan for space that serves more students—so our new floor plan with two teaching areas enables us to have two classes in the library at once, without much interference with each other. When we bring


The TCS library – two side-by-side comparisons from the past to the present.

years served many students and adjusted to changing

technology and curriculum. I needed to consider what the next 30 years might look like and be ready for them.

in classes to work on research, we do not have to change any weekly class schedules.

• Plan a space that is modern, functional, warm, and kid-friendly—so we have great colors, soft seating, a circulation desk that is approachable, low ageappropriate shelving, special shelving for picture books. And the students have branded it all as “cool.” • The “icing on the cake”—windows and airconditioning. The windows have transformed the room! The light has made this room more “brainfriendly”—children need natural light for better learning.

•P  lan for utilizing technology as it changes—so we have a smartboard in one teaching area; a projector in the other; our student computers are on tables that will eventually become a “genius

To foster the love of reading, our library was in desperate need of some updating.


The library of the last nearly 30

bar,” accommodating tablets and students’ personal mobile devices. The tables will also work well for group projects.



feature Article

The new library is bright, spacious,

and surprisingly quiet. The students are treating the room with new respect and care.

Our new library is more than I could have dreamed. The drawings and the rendering could not reflect the reality. The new library is bright, spacious, and surprisingly quiet. The students are treating the room with new respect and care. A few other changes have come along with the remodeling. We are continually trying to make the library more user-friendly. For example, we have blended and alphabetized all the animal books so students can search by letter of the animal’s name, instead of that long decimal number. Eventually, we hope to organize all the information books by topic, rather than by number. We have already put all sports books together, rather than separating sports books into fiction, biography, and information. In the fiction areas, we are separating some popular genres and series too.


09 I cannot put into words how overwhelmed I have been by the support in our community for our library. Thank you, on behalf of our students—who are the real beneficiaries of this gift! And, thanks be to God for all of you who made this possible.

We also updated our book collection—without spending any money!—by getting rid of the old, torn, no-longer-relevant books. We kept the best, and we are offering students current books on the topics they are interested in. And some unexpected bonuses…beautiful and functional offices for the non-library staff who have cubicles in the library. The computer lab also got a much-needed facelift. Even our closets are better, simply because we could rearrange the space in them.

Our new library is more than I could have dreamed.

Can you find Fergie (the Library frog mascot)?


Library renovations underway. Many thanks to all our wonderful volunteers for putting in the hours to make this come together!

special feature

TC Jerseys in Haiti Carrying on the mission of Timothy Christian A letter to our superintendent

Mr. DavidsonA year ago Mr. Woudstra gave me a bunch of old TC uniforms to take to Haiti. I got to pass all of them out except a bin of volleyball uniforms. I didn’t have room to take them and the boys wouldn’t like them anyway because they were far from being soccer uniforms. So they sat in a shed in my backyard for a year. God had bigger plans for them. Last year, Marissa, Lizzy, and I learned how girls are at a HUGE disadvantage in Haiti, just being born a girl. They are seen as replaceable. They are the last to get an education, the first to be sold out as slaves or into the sex trade, and left to fend for themselves. And if all that wasn’t bad enough- they aren’t allowed to play soccer. Minor I know, but watching the boys kick the balls away from the girls and yell who knows what at them last year really got our blood boiling. We set off on a mission – to get the girls to play soccer. It was slow going but we did get the girls to kick the ball around and the boys to leave us alone for a little while.

This summer I had room for a bag of volleyball jerseys. I decided to take a chance and see what would happen. Being able to be there 3 times in one year showed the girls that we kept our word – we did love them and we were going to prove it over and over again by keeping our promises and come back. They were opening up to us and trusting us. We mentioned soccer and they got excited. I brought the duffle bag over filled with jerseys and 2 balls, just for them. I was immediately swarmed by the boys, more respectful boys this time. They tried to get the ball, begged and pleaded to let them have it but they kept saying – ‘I know the girls!’ There was bickering back and forth – like in any family. When we opened the bag and told the girls that the jerseys


best moments in Haiti/my life. ... It was like the passing of the torch of Timothy Christian’s mission of making Disciples of Christ

The mission continued in December. My mom cheered us on as we got a pickup game going between the girls and the younger boys (who never get to play on the ‘real’ field with the older boys). We had to play around chicken coops and a swing set, but we played.

It was one of the

and spreading His love to the nations.

were for them- and only them – the look on their faces was priceless! Shrieks went out, sizes and numbers were gone through and passed around and around, and there was a big scramble to find shoes. The shoes they found are pretty hysterical – but they made it work. They marched onto the ‘real’ field with confidence. They were laughing, dancing, and singing with pure joy. We played under the hot Haitian sun until I thought we would all pass out! It was the most unstructured, free for all soccer game I have ever seen but one of the greatest. The boys gave them their space – no insults were shouted. After awhile some even joined in and PLAYED WITH the girls and PASSED to them. Miracles come in all forms.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to pass a piece of TC on to some courageous girls in Haiti. It meant the world to them, and to me. I also wanted to say thank you for continuing to carry on the mission of Timothy Christian. I am so blessed to have that as a part of my foundation.

- Hannah Wagle ‘03

‘Sharing’ the limited shade of a tree after the game.

Another miracle – playing soccer with 3 vertebra fused together. Something I was told wouldn’t be possible. Funny how I can only do it in Haiti.... If you would like more information visit


I saw many, and participated in many, pickup games during the rest of my stay in Haiti – one of the best ones being in the middle of a downpour. And for the first time girls were playing right alongside the boys. Sweet victory in Jesus.


It was one of the best moments in Haiti/my life. Watching those girls play with pride and joy – in TC volleyball uniforms. It was a surreal moment to see uniforms I had watched my friends play volleyball in, now be passed onto a new generation of girls. It was like the passing of the torch of Timothy Christian’s mission of making Disciples of Christ and spreading His love to the nations.

The 3 as Academics | Athletics | Arts

Academics Timothy’s WYSE Team Dynasty by Carlton Rink, WYSE Team Coach Timothy Christian High School has been competing in the Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) competition for eighteen years. The program is sponsored by the University of Illinois with

events at the Regional, Sectional, and State levels, much like athletic competitions. A team consists of fourteen students who each take two rigorous written tests in their area of interest. The seven subject areas include Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering Graphic, English, Math, and Physics. We compete in Division 700 which means schools with enrollments of up to 700. This makes us one of the smallest schools in the division.

Above: Sectional Champions; Center: Studying hard Right: Champions


Due to the student’s hard work, their day to day classroom instruction, and targeted WYSE preparation, Timothy has had great success at the WYSE competitions.

WYSE Competition

Individual State Champions 2011 2010 2009 2006 2005 2003 1999 1997

Peter Matthews Peter Matthews Corey VanDyk Simon Wang Victor Yang Nate DeJong Dan Smith David Bakker Mike Retzer Nathan Hamstra

Physics Physics Physics (Tie) Physics (Tie) Math Computer Computer Physics Physics Physics











4th Ind. only




































9th (?)














In our eighteen years of participation, we have taken 1st place seventeen times at the Regional level and seven times at the Sectional level. Additionally, we have finished in the top five at the State level ten times. We have finished 2nd or 3rd each of the last six years at State, falling just short to either the University of Chicago Lab School, or University High School, Normal.

















We have had ten individual state champions: Nathan Hamstra (1997 Physics), Mike Retzer (1999 Physics), David Bakker (2003 Physics), Dan Smith (2005 Computer Science), Nate DeJong (2006 Computer Science), Cory VanDyk (2009 Physics –tie), Simon Wang (2009 Physics – tie), Victor Yang (2009 Math), Peter Matthews (2010 and 2011 Physics). Individual awards at State are given up to 6th place so we have had dozens of other awards as well. Any of these achievements are outstanding, an indication of very hard work, excellent instruction, and good stewardship of God given talents. n Call me today to discuss your options. Some people think Allstate only protects your car. Truth is, Allstate can also protect your home or apartment, your boat, motorcycle - even your retirement and your life. And the more of your world you put in Good Hands®, the more you can save.

Kyle VanderBrug 630-833-6400

114 W Vallette St Elmhurst

Insurance subject to terms, qualifications and availability. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company, Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company. Life insurance and annuities issued by Lincoln Benefit Life Company, Lincoln, NE, Allstate Life Insurance Company, Northbrook, IL, and American Heritage Life Insurance Company, Jacksonville, FL. In New York, Allstate Life Insurance Company of New York, Hauppauge, NY. Northbrook, IL. © 2010 Allstate Insurance Company.

The 3 as


schools are leaving the Suburban Christian Conference.

Metro Suburban Conference Expands to 14 Teams The MSC is all grown up. Recently, the Metro Suburban Conference (MSC) proudly announced the addition of seven member schools beginning with the 2014-15 school year. Although these additions came together in recent months, this major transition culminates years of work to grow the conference which began with just four schools less than a decade ago. “On behalf of the MSC, we are thrilled to be welcoming these seven schools to our conference,” Fenton principal and president of the Metro Suburban Conference Board of Control Todd Leden said in a release. “The additional opportunity for student growth and achievement is very exciting and we are confident this expansion will be a positive experience for all communities involved.” New MSC schools include IC Catholic, Wheaton Academy, Aurora Central Catholic, Chicago Christian, Guerin, St. Edward, and Walther Lutheran. All seven

Many details, such as the method and likelihood of a 7 team and 7 team 2 division split, are still to be determined. Over the course of the 2013-14 school year, Athletic Directors and Administrators from all 14 schools will work out many details of this transition. The conference now boasts 14 teams- 5 public and 9 private. Average enrollment in the conference dropped from 1,062 to 732 with the addition of seven private schools. It is worth noting, however, that If the IHSA “multiplier” is applied to the private schools, the MSC average enrollment is 924 students. MSC expansion reunites Timothy Christian and Illiana Christian with former Private School League rivals Chicago Christian, Wheaton Academy, Walther Lutheran, and Aurora Central Catholic. The expansion also allows for the creation of a “cross-town” rivalry with IC Catholic Prep, also of Elmhurst.

Conference History Established in 2006, the Metro Suburban Conference (MSC) originally consisted of four member schools: Elmwood Park, Ridgewood, Riverside Brookfield, and Fenton.

In the fall of 2009, after Timothy’s old conference, the Private School League disbanded, Timothy Christian and Illiana MSC Member schools (2014-2015) Christian joined the MSC. This SCHOOL MASCOT ENROLLMENT LOCATION combination of private and public Fenton High School Bison 1,499 Bensenville, IL schools in the same conference is Riverside-Brookfield HS Bulldogs 1,448 Riverside, IL unique in Chicagoland. Timothy Glenbard South HS Raiders 1,366 Glen Ellyn, IL can be proud of the fact that we can compete with excellence and Elmwood Park HS Tigers 990 Elmwood Park, IL Christ-like Character at the high Ridgewood High School Rebels 818 Norridge, IL level of competition that this Wheaton Academy Warriors 638 West Chicago, IL conference brings. Illiana Christian HS Vikings 584 Lansing, IL Aurora Central Catholic Chargers

562 Aurora, IL

Guerin College Prep


513 River Grove, IL


406 River Grove, IL

St. Edward

Timothy Christian HS Trojans

385 Elmhurst, IL

Chicago Christian



Palos Heights, IL

Walther Lutheran Broncos

342 Melrose Park, IL

IC Catholic Prep

339 Elmhurst, IL



With the addition of Glenbard South in 2010, The MSC became a 7 member conference. The exciting news of doubling the 7 member conference to become a 14 team mega-conference was announced in early May, 2013. n

We’re the seniors who don’t do anything We just stay at home and lie around

And if you ask us to do anything

We’ll just tell you we don’t do anything

Oh I’ll never serve detention and I won’t get my diploma

Arts Octoberfest 2013 – “Arrrghtoberfest” by Thelene Tornow, Fine Arts Sponsor

Octoberfest is a long-standing tradition here at Timothy Christian. The annual celebration of silliness is a production put on by the high school Fine Arts Team. Approximately 250 students and over 20 staff members participated in this year’s pirate-themed “AAARGH toberfest.”

and I’ll skip the senior prom and never graduate at all

And I’ll never go to college and I’ll never get a real job And I’ll never leave my parents’ home at all.

Proceeds from ticket sales to this 2-night, packed-out event benefit our Fine Arts programming in the high school. Special thanks to this years’ student leaders: Josh Bootsma, Elijah Heyboer, Haley Margason, Jessica Mattox, Devin May, and Megan Nicodem as well as to Pastor Gregg DeMey for playing the piano! If you missed this year’s presentation, mark your calendar to be there next year. It is a unique event to Timothy Christian Schools, and is a MUST-SEE! n

Particular highlights and crowd pleasers included the freshmen singing “There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea” and Mr. Wiener dancing to the Wiggles’ “Hula, Hula.” Senior boys let the audience know that “There is Nothing Like a Dame,” and the faculty’s rendition of the Gilligan’s Island theme song featured cameo appearances by the Skipper, Gilligan and the passengers of the ill-fated S.S. Minnow. Finally, the senior classes’ version of the Veggie Tales tune “The Pirates Who Don’t

TC Facebook Challenge: give us your best critique of the crazy-fun show in Pirate-speak!

“It was Arghsome!” - Sherry Gaskill // “Yarr!! Two hooks up! I was tappin’ me peg leg on the poop deck all night!” - Rudi Gesch // “Blimey! Thee show plundered my heart and made me want more. I wish it didn’t have to end.” - Kathy Cook Feringa




Do Anything” struck fear into their parents’ hearts when they sang:

from the administrators

Marketing Matters Friday Night Lights By Rudi Gesch, Director of Marketing

This fall, for the entire month of September, Timothy hosted 4 consecutive on-campus Friday night events under the moniker “Friday Night Lights.” These fun, fall, community activities were family friendly and loaded with school spirit. The first three events were brand new to Timothy. The fourth was Timothy’s annual favorite – Octoberfest. In hindsight, this is something Timothy has needed for years. We’re a Christian school family… and families need

to have fun together. The closest we’ve come to something like this was TCSFest when we had an on-campus carnival for our school’s 100th anniversary. But we need more of this. This fall, rather than waiting for homecoming, or an anniversary milestone, we decided to throw a big party every Friday in September. We hosted these events to have fun, build community, and to showcase our high school, our athletic program, and our entire P-12 Christian school community. So where did this come from? Over the years, I will periodically be asked why Timothy doesn’t have a football team. I’m always curious as to why they want it. The response to “Why Football?” is almost always something like “Because it would be so fun for the school.” When I ask follow up questions as to what would be fun, the response has always been a description of the home-game atmosphere. “You could get the cheerleaders or a drum line involved!” “You could get all sorts of cool halftime shows and just have a great time cheering on your school!” And then I ask the question, “What if we did this with soccer games?”



That’s exactly what we did with Friday Night Lights. We want to have school pride and cheer on our team. It really doesn’t matter if our team is kicking a round ball or throwing an oval one- as long as it’s our team. We want the culture, the Americana, the atmosphere of the sweatshirt weather, the buzz in an outdoor stadium, the freedom of an outdoor athletic contest for kids to run around, the smell of good food wafting over the crowd. So what does this all have to do with Marketing? Through a lot of planning and a great volunteer base, we were able to create three consecutive Friday events that built community and enhanced the Timothy brand. Combined with Octoberfest as the 4th consecutive Friday night, this was a month-long promotion that allowed over 1,000

We encouraged TC families to invite neighbors and others who had never been to Timothy before. We heard a lot of positive feedback from both the “hosting” Timothy family and the “first timers.” These are opportunities for Timothy branded moments that wouldn’t have otherwise happened. We’ve already had multiple sports teams express interest in having similar activities that could create the same sense of fun and community as soccer did with Friday Night Lights. It appears that we’ve just scratched the surface of what this idea could bring to our school community and to our “event marketing.” And while our football team continues its 102 year undefeated streak, it sure was nice to experience Friday Night Lights this fall! n

Rudi Gesch Director of Marketing 630.833.4616 ext. 108


people at soccer games, had participation from all age groups, and showed our middle school students a great high school experience. Thanks to a generous sponsorship, this entire month-long promotion came at no cost to the school. It also helped that the soccer team was competitive in all three games and won two of them!

from the administrators

Golf Outing Success An update from the Advancement Office By Bob Venhousen (’79), Director of Advancement We would like to express our gratitude and sincere thanks to the sponsors and golfers who made this year’s outing such an enjoyable community event and an incredible financial success. We are thankful and pleased to announce that the Golf Outing net profit this year is $100,385. Due to God’s blessing and many sponsors with generous hearts, our profit quadrupled previous records. We also give credit and thanks to last year’s committee for putting in place a great infrastructure and for wanting to expand our committee and our efforts. It also helped to have a large goal that we were working towards. All of the profit from this year’s outing will be directed to the High School Weight Room Renovation project. It truly was a great day as God blessed our October 11th event with beautiful weather, 65 sponsors, and 144 golfers. We are also grateful for the many volunteers who came out for the day to help us. We give God the Glory for answered prayers and for accomplishing His purposes through so many people. We are also grateful for the many volunteers who came out for the day to help us. We give God the Glory for answered prayers and for accomplishing His purposes through so many people. Thank you from the 2013 TCAA Golf Committee, Mike Alles, Matt Davidson, Jay Evenhouse, Bryan Glover, Julie Huisman, Randy Huisman, Mindy Loughead, Rob Orange, Joel Rhiner, Bob Venhousen, and Art Vos


Event Sponsors Eagle Sponsor Brandsma Family Dillon Transport Groot Industries Foundation Huizenga Capital Mgmt. Knoppers Family Thrivent Birdie Sponsor Darwill Press DuPage Medical Group ECI Infinity Mechanical Lincoln Property Providence Bank Service Master Birdie & Staff Sponsor Tom & June Huiner Par Sponsors Cannon Design Randall & Suzanne McGivney Beverage Cart Sponsor Digital Benefit Advisors Lunch & Golf Sponsor Illinois Pathology Lunch Sponsors Drummond Industries K. Hoving Companies Ozinga Materials Raffle Sponsors Eric & Nancy Bergstrom Hole Sponsor Able Printing Accu-ray Inspection Services Alan Horticultural Allstate - Kyle VanderBrug Arnie & Sandy Koldenhoven The BOMC Inc. The Buikema Law Group, LLC Davidson Sealcoating Don & Nancy Schaaf The Door Store DRF Dr. Schroyer DDS Dutch Farms Frank Cooney Company Jim & Brenda McNamara Jostens Knollcrest Funeral Home

Koenig & Strey - Diane Karpman Mark & Amy Wilson Maul Asphalt Monroe Transporation NAI Hiffman - Ben Cremer New England Financial - Russ Clousing Northern Leasing, Inc. Nu Toys Inc. Paul & Kary Grane Paul & Tracey Jarzombek Poltrock & Poltrock Premier Outdoor Environments Promus Capital Republic Services Rick Ziegler DDS Rob & Stacy Johnson Royal Oak Landscaping Transamerica Insurance Friend of TCS Andy & Amy Fincher Bob & Judy Venhousen Elim Christian Services Jim Veenstra Joel & Jill Rhiner Matt & Julie Davidson

earn your


degree Save time. Save money. It just makes sense. 19 REFLECTOR FALL 2013

year degree option that will get you into the workplace sooner

summers taking free classes online and/or in the classroom

affordable, Christcentered education

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from the administrators

Designated Gifts July 1, 2012 – October 1, 2013

The following individuals have made gifts to The TCS Foundation in honor of or in memory of their friends or loved ones. Thank you to all who made donations to support Christian education at Timothy Christian Schools! During this time period, these special gifts given totaled $14,197.50.

IN MEMORY OF: John Balkema Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Loerop

Edith De Boer Mr. and Mrs. Peter Huizenga James De Boer Mr. and Mrs. Peter Huizenga Ted De Jong Ms. Susan Anderson Ms. Marjorie Gelderloos Mr. and Mrs. Peter Huizenga Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lenting Mr. and Mrs. Peter Roeters Mr. and Mrs. Luke Schaap Mr. and Mrs. Ira Slagter, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George Tamminga Mrs. LaVerne J. Triezenberg Dr. James Cook and Mrs. Joyce Van Der Molen Mr. and Mrs. Paul Van Stedum Marlene De Vries Ms. Theresa De Vries Mrs. Trudy De Windt Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dupasquier Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dykstra Mrs. Theresa Folkerts Mrs. Janet Ornee Ms. Carol Overzet Mr. and Mrs. Charles Prazak Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pruim Mrs. Jean Smit Ms. Maryann True Mr. and Mrs. James Van Kampen Mr. and Mrs. Emil Van Ryn Mrs. Diane Vogelzang Mark Dykema Tom and Lesley Augustine Butler Rubin Saltarelli & Boyd LLP Mr. and Mrs. Brian Byrne Mr. and Mrs. Matt Davidson Ditto Upscale Resale Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dykema Feece Oil Company Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gresk Mr. Bob Havel and Mrs. Ann Bilthouse Havel Mr. and Mrs. Peter Huizenga

Jean Franz Mr. and Mrs. George Bosman Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. De Boer Mr. and Mrs. Peter Huizenga Ms. Pamela Langland Mr. and Mrs. Peter Post Clarence Hoff Marilyn Baar Mr. and Mrs. Art Deckinga Olga Georgiev Barbara Giddings Ms. Dorothy Haag Mr. and Mrs. Richard Heemstra Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hoff Mrs. Lenore Hoff Mr. and Mrs. Peter Huizenga Lake Hinsdale Village Condo Ms. Eileen O’Hara Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Pegman Mr. Joshua Pegman Ms. Suzanne Philbrick Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Smolenski Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Veldman Diane Wiegman Mrs. Geraldine Woldman Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Yonker Catherine Johns Mr. and Mrs. David Bere’ Thomas Meyer Mrs. Catherine Vanderhoven Dick Post Mr. and Mrs. Richard Delly Mr. and Mrs. Case Hoogendoorn Ms. Ruth Post Mr. and Mrs. George Tamminga Mr. and Mrs. Terence Toth

John Stob Ms. Barbara Stob Kay Tameling Mrs. Mary Bulthuis Mrs. Sarah De Vries Mr. and Mrs. Peter Huizenga Mr. Robert Leppink and Mrs. Sheri VanSpronsen Leppink Mr. and Mrs. Larry Palmbos Mrs. June Tameling Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tameling Van Dyke Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert Venhousen Mr. John T. Zeilstra Ella Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Dean Buntrock Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Essebaggers Mr. and Mrs. Jim Punt Mrs. Judy Rozendal Mr. and Mrs. George Slater Ms. Helen Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Robert Venhousen Robert Venhousen Sr. Mr. and Mrs. George Bosman Mrs. Mary Bulthuis Mr. and Mrs. Wayne David Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dykstra Mrs. Wilma Folkerts Mr. and Mrs. Peter Huizenga Mr. and Mrs. Bastian Knoppers Mr. and Mrs. Tom Peterson Mr. and Mrs. Ferrell Stremler Mrs. June Tameling Mrs. Gertrude Tazelaar Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vandervelde Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Vlietstra Mrs. Trudy Voss Mr. & Mrs. Steve Vriesman Mrs. Geraldine Woldman Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Zaagman Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zuidema John H. Zeilstra Mr. and Mrs. Peter Huizenga Mr. & Mrs. Robert Venhousen Mr. John T. Zeilstra

IN HONOR OF: Gwen Hoving’s Birthday Mr. and Mrs. Wayne David Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. De Boer Mr. and Mrs. John E. De Young


Hybo DeBlecourt Mr. and Mrs. Peter Huizenga

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wassenar Mrs. Geraldine Woldman


Bernard Bos Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hoekstra Mr. and Mrs. Peter Huizenga Mrs. Geraldine Woldman

Dan Ibiesbrock Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kleinschmidt KR & G Excavating Partners, LLC Mr. Robert Leppink and Mrs. Sheri VanSpronsen Leppink Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Loerop Mr. Douglas Mauntel Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McCarter Gary and Samantha Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mincheff Providence Bank Mr. Andrew Rathsack Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sterenberg Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Tokpa Dr. James Cook and Mrs. Joyce Van Der Molen Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Vanderveld Mr. and Mrs. Robert Venhousen Mr. and Mrs. Donald Vos Mr. and Mrs. John Workman Dr. and Mrs. Rick Ziegler

from the administrators

Reading at TCS By Sue Schemper, Assistant Principal and Tim Hoekesma, Grade School Principal

At Timothy Christian Schools our mission is to academically prepare Christian disciples. One of the most important ways we do that is to focus on teaching our students to read. Over the past few years we have been working to renovate our reading curriculum based on an extensive curriculum review by the faculty. There are several steps we follow when reviewing curriculum. First, we consider our mission and vision statements to ensure that we are grounded in our search and that any curriculum we consider would be able to integrate well with a

Christian world and life view. Then we survey teachers to establish the internal criteria for the curriculum we are considering. A team with representation from each grade level begins a process of looking outside of Timothy Christian Schools, to find what best practices are being recommended by experts and other schools we consider to be exemplary. This group meets each month with the curriculum coordinator and reviews the sample curriculum materials, applying the criteria that we’ve established. When we have a short list of 2 or 3, we call in representatives from the curriculum companies to make presentations to all teachers who would use the materials. Once the faculty makes a decision, their proposal goes through a formal approval process that includes the Education Committee of the board. Most recently, this extensive process resulted in the implementation of “Journeys” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) for students in grades K through 5, and “Literature” (Prentice Hall) for grades 6 through 8. We are very pleased with these outstanding materials to help us teach this most important skill.

In addition to our newly implemented curriculum, we’ve recently added a guided reading room which provides our teachers and students with a wealth of quality books and lessons to use in differentiating (reading at an appropriate level) our reading instruction. The reading room is housed in our teachers’ lounge and was a generous gift from parent Our beautifully redesigned library donors. It helps reading teachers augment what they already have also provides strong support for our available in their classrooms. Teachers love of and instruction in reading determine the appropriate reading range of each individual student by by offering an amazing selection of using a variety of assessments. Fall quality literature, both fiction and and spring, each student reads a passage with a teacher to determine non-fiction. their fluency. In addition, our STAR assessment (taken 3 times each year by all students) results help us place


First, we consider our mission and vision statements to ensure that we are grounded in our search and that any would be able to integrate well with a Christian world and life view.

Our beautifully redesigned library also provides strong support for our love of and instruction in reading by offering an amazing selection of quality literature, both fiction and non-fiction. Sue Stein, Kathie Zigterman, and their many volunteers also challenge our students to read with the Accelerated Reader Program, a very popular incentive and assessment program in which almost all students, and many teachers, participate.

(630)244-6500 Commercial & Residential Real Estate Business & Corporate Law • Estate Planning

Teachers read almost daily to their students, lead book discussions about selected novels, and provide time for silent sustained reading. In the elementary grades, students are taught using the principles found in The Daily Five, by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser. This book focuses on daily practices that develop reading stamina and foster literacy independence in students. The results are that we have a school full of readers! Consistently our average student scores in reading are at or above the 70 percentile (nationwide the average is at the 50 percentile), and our school is ranked in the 90-95th percentile on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills given in the spring in grades 2-8. We are thankful to work with students who come to school ready to learn, from homes where reading is encouraged, and that our staff members are highly skilled teachers of reading who care deeply about their students! n

Financial Services For Individuals • Retirement Plans • IRA-Rollovers • College Savings Plans • Life Insurance Douglas E. Slinkman Jr. (630) 571-6580

715 Enterprise Drive Oak Brook, IL 60523

For Businesses • 401(k) & 403(b) Plans • Simple & SEP IRA’s • Key-man Insurance

Registered Representative with securities offered through Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC. LD36985-05/10


students in the appropriate learning groups to maximize their reading proficiencies.

Buikema Law Group LLC 15 Salt Creek Lane, Suite 103 Hinsdale, IL 60521


curriculum we consider

Paul R. Buikema

from the administrators

What if? By Brad Mitchell, High School Principal The first time for anything brings a great deal of excitement, anticipation, and energy. The second time brings familiarity, knowledge, and comfort. The start of my second year as principal is a little more familiar. I have gotten to know students, staff, and community far more, and I have become much more comfortable with day-to-day operations. The first year was great, but I’m happy to be in my second year.

have time. However, now we have carved out time and created a structure for teachers to work together around student performance. We are confident that this time is a great investment in our teachers that will ultimately impact student learning. This has been a great start to the year, and I am looking forward to upcoming months while I watch our students grow and develop academically, socially and spiritually. Please continue to pray for our students, staff, and families throughout the year. n

We have had a bit of a makeover in the high school. All of the lockers and hallways in the old section of the building have been painted to match the new section. We also installed new signage for each classroom in the building. It looks very sharp, so if you haven’t had a chance to walk through the building, please come and check it out. At the first chapel of the school year I challenged the students by asking, “What if?” What if we completely understood what it meant to be a follower of Jesus? We would deny ourselves, we would bear fruit, and we would love one another. I concluded with the question, “How would Timothy Christian High School be different if we applied these principles?” Please pray that students, as true followers of Christ, take these questions to heart to make Timothy dramatically different than any other school. The biggest initiative on which we are embarking this year is working in collaborative teams as a Professional Learning Community (PLC) for teachers of students K 12. We are taking 45 minutes every Wednesday morning to meet in like-subject teams to set goals for student performance, write assessments, gather student performance data on their assessments, analyze each class’s performance, and collaboratively create a new lesson based on that performance. Historically, it has been found that America’s teachers work in isolation and occasionally talk to fellow teachers when they


DESIRE, DEDICATION & DETERMINATION are a part of my “Daily Bread” ◆

Full-Time Realtor with over 15 years experience

Serving 1st time buyers to senior citizens

Residential resale, new construction to commercial leasing Member of the Timothy Christian School community

CAll ME TODAY! Diane M. Karpman, CNS CNS


540 S. York Rd. Elmhurst, IL 60126

Trojan Power

of their lives. Thus they will make the most of every opportunity and challenge, not only in athletics but in life, and reach their full potential on-and-off the field/ court/course. This is what we refer to as a “complete commitment.�

New Weight Room To Embody New Vision For Strength Once these two pillars are in place, then the vision and Conditioning is being realized and the momentum becomes By Bryan Glover, Athletic Director

The first pillar is to develop a program that is scientifically sound and aligned with best practice. Our program relates physical training directly to sportspecific performance. That way we are able to maximize the performance of an individual and even an entire team, while also reducing the risk of injury. The goal of our strength and conditioning program is to develop the athletic areas of the human body in proper combination with each other. When the student-athlete fully commits to this program, the end result is optimal performance and hopefully life-long habits. The second pillar in our program is to develop character within each student-athlete and team. We believe that competition presents challenges similar to those that every person might one day face throughout life. Although these challenges may be on a smaller scale, the ways in which we overcome them and the lessons that we learn from them are the same. Our athletic program is dedicated to developing character through sports. We strive to promote working together in oneness, to conquer fears, to overcome obstacles, to look for lessons and motivation in loss and for humility and opportunity in victory. We desire for our student-athletes to be able Top: Current weight room and willing to make the right choices in Right: Rendering of new their training but also in any other aspect weight room


For more information about the specifics of the Weight Room Renovation, please contact our Athletic Director Bryan Glover at


These are exciting times in the history of the Timothy Christian athletic program. For the first time we are launching a vision for systemic performance training and we will soon have the facilities and equipment to match the vision. Our new weight room should be operational early in the second semester. The vision of the Timothy Christian Strength and Conditioning program consists of two pillars:

unstoppable. From this philosophy comes a set of principles that the entire program is built around. Nothing enters this program without first being built on these two pillars so that we do not stray from our philosophy and our ultimate goal: Building Champions for Christ! n

Alumni news

Transforming the World “Serving God and His people, Timothy Christian Schools develops academically prepared Christian disciples who embrace Christ’s call to transform the world.” Transforming the World…through Family New Arrivals

Transforming the World… through Career and Calling

Steve (‘07) and Krysta (Boroski) (‘06) Kranenborg have been blessed with a beautiful daughter! Kenna Jean Kranenborg was born on August 16. She weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces and was 22 inches long. Ryan Hartgerink (‘00) and his wife, Laura, were blessed with their second child – a handsome baby boy, Grayson James, on August 6, 2013. His big sister, Sonora, could not be more proud. Steve Van Hout (‘00) and his wife, Candice, along with big sister, Raegan, proudly announce the birth of Noelle Madison on October 7 at 11:20 AM. She weighed 8 lbs and was 21 inches long. The Lord has truly blessed their family! Ashley (Vos) Zandstra ‘05 and her husband, Joel, welcomed their second child, Jack Oliver, on July 30th, 2013. Their first son, Owen, is thrilled to be a big brother! n

Grayson James Hartgerink; Noelle Madison Van Hout; Kenna Jean Kranenborg

Mike Van Der Dyke (‘76) I have served with Christian Reformed World Missions in Nigeria since 1979. After serving as an aviation mechanic with our mission for nearly 6 years, I have been working with the Missions Department of the Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria since 1984. Since 2008 have been an advisor to the leadership of the Missions Department. I serve as an advisor and mentor to the Nigerian director as well as the supervisors of various ministries especially in the areas of finances, personnel and future planning. I thank God for Timothy Christian Schools. Timothy gave me a solid foundation in biblical knowledge and encouraged my spiritual growth and ability to share my faith with others. My prayer is that God would continue to bless Timothy and bless the teachers who have worked so hard to develop Christ-like character in their students. Brittany Vander Naald (‘09) In January of 2014 I am leaving on a journey that will spread the story of a life whose impact was so great that the world would never be the same. I have partnered with an organization called Adventures in Missions to join them on what they call the “World Race”. I will spend 11 months in 11 different countries (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, China, Thailand, Cambodia, India, and Nepal) traveling with a team serving local communities and sharing the Gospel. Acts 20:24

ALUMNI NEWS cont. on page 29





We are nine years and nine locations strong and pledge to be your community bank for years to come through service, stewardship and security.


To those who have experienced Providence Bank, we thank you for trusting us with your banking relationship. For those yet to stop in, we welcome you to come and enjoy a level of care and service like no other.

466 South Spring Road PHONE: 630-833-0600

888-9-BELONG | (888-923-5664)

IL – South Holland • Elmhurst • Frankfort • Orland Park • Shorewood • Wheaton IN – Dyer • Munster • Schererville

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With everything from a cozy hearth in our lounge to the tenderness of our staff, we promise to provide you with comfort at the time of your loved one’s passing. We’ve been there. We know how to comfort you.

Where service is an art. We are honored to continue serving the Timothy Community, as we have for over 20 years. Robert J. Van Staalduinen - Director and Founder Keith Kustra & Joshua Van Staalduinen (‘03) - Directors Becky Schrader - Office Manager Holly Stammis (‘97) - Administrative Assistant

1500 South Meyers Road Lombard, Illinois 60148 • (630) 932-1500


Paul Luchtenburg (‘80) Based in the country of Myanmar, Paul presently works with UNCDF (United Nations Capital Development Fund).

I started my internship on June 17th with PricewaterhouseCoopers. My master’s degree in accountancy begins in January, 2014. I truly think that TC is one of the biggest parts of my life in the U.S.

Daihee Cho (‘10) After another challenging semester at NIU with tough courses and different involvement, I am glad that I can say that I finished the year strong. I was able to build up network with different individuals, including successful business leaders and Mr. Jesse White, the Secretary of State of IL.

David (‘08) & Catherine (Willis) (‘08) Dodgson After I left Timothy, I spent time abroad traveling and doing missionary work. On these trips I learned an extraordinary magnitude about God, my passions, the world, and my identity. In between these mission trips, I attended Triton College for two years, worked some odd jobs along the way and married my long time girlfriend and high school sweet heart, Catherine Willis. One of our favorite activities involves antique shopping. During these trips

Reunions Class of 1963 – 50th Reunion The TCHS Class of 1963 gathered on October 11 and 12, 2013 to celebrate their 50th reunion. The activities began on Friday night with a pizza party at Home Run Inn in Darien, with nineteen people in attendance. On Saturday our day started with a morning bus ride to the old neighborhood. We then went on a tour of the 59th Avenue and 60th Court buildings. Following

the Cicero tour, we were able to tour the current high school. It was interesting to see our old schools again, especially since the public school district in Cicero plans to tear down the 60th Court building this summer and build a new school on the site. We will probably be the last class to tour the building. Interestingly, the class of 1963 was also the first class to graduate from the new school in Elmhurst. On Saturday afternoon the classmates met at the Alpine Banquet Haus in Westchester. We had forty people attend and enjoyed a delicious meal. We are all grateful for our opportunity to attend Timothy. Timothy helped to guide us in our Christian walk and we thank God and our parents for this. n


Eve Brouwer(‘61) Eve read from her work, “My Grandmother Danced,” on a Canadian radio station on Tuesday, May 28th, 2013.

Andrew Woodhull (‘09) became the first Amateur to win on the West Florida Golf Tour in over a year and did it in impressing fashion. His (-5) 67 bested a great field at the RitzCarlton Members Club that included 5 of the top 10 money winners on Tour this year. His success will hopefully pave the way for the new wave of amateurs that have made their mark over the past year. n


“Timothy played a key role in my life and I am thankful that Timothy continues to develop future leaders by giving them a solid foundation and a desire to make a difference in their unique corner of the world (wherever that may be) to build God’s kingdom.”

I spot a lot of cool vintage suitcases. Knowing vintage suitcases are obsolete, I became curious to find a way to turn them into something useful. In time I decided to create a vintage suitcase boom box. We call ourselves, SIR Case, which stands for Suitcase In Rhythm. For more information, please check out our website at


188 W. Butterfield Rd. Elmhurst, IL 60126

To donate, Please tear off this pledge card and mail back to Timothy Christian Schools or go on-line go to the TCS website and click on the “Give to TCS” tab.


 $1,000  Other $___________  $500  $250  $50  $100

Timothy Fund goal.

We would sincerely appreciate your support again this year and your involvement in reaching this year’s goal. The Fund Drive for this year is being initiated and managed with minimal costs to the school so that these savings can also be applied to the

 Yes, I want to donate to the Timothy Fund.

Address SERVICE Requested

The 2013-2014

Timothy Fund Each year Timothy conducts an annual fund drive known as the Timothy Fund. The Timothy Fund is a vital component of the school’s finances as tuition revenue alone does not cover all of our costs. Your contributions also help to keep Timothy within the financial reach of all of our families. The Timothy Fund supports every aspect of our school’s mission and vision. Whenever we are able to go beyond the Timothy Fund drive goal, we are able to address some of our program dreams in significant ways. This year’s goal is $375,000. The Timothy Fund grows through contributions from: • Parents • Alumni • “Sustaining Friends” who pledge an annual amount • Grandparents and other constituents • Chicago area business and industry support • Matching gift programs sponsored by corporations & constituent businesses Thank you for your generosity and faithful support. Last year, by God’s grace we were able to achieve our goals. Over $375,000 was donated with gifts coming from over 2000 constituents! For more information or to ask questions about the Timothy Fund please contact Robert Venhousen the Director of Advancement at (630)782-4072 or e-mail to

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