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e-Learning hand out: Web 2.0 tools Overview and tutorial document

Creating Resources

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Tagxedo: Word clouds Displays the key words from a text document or web page. The size of the word relates to its frequency in the text Website: Example: Tutorial:

Adobe Sticky notes: Interactive labels Add labels to an image or diagram. Labels can contain questions Adobe Reader X or Adobe Acrobat Professional Example: Tutorial:

eTemplates: Quiz creating templates Use text, sound or images. Nice use of colour Skill level: intermediate Assessment: formative Example:

YouTube: Jumping to specific part of a video Right click on the video and select Copy video URL at current time. This link can be pasted into PowerPoint, Word, Moodle etc

Poll everywhere: Creating mobile phone friendly quizzes Mobile phone quiz. Simple to set up and create. Students submit their response via mobile phone Skill level: beginner Assessment: formative

QR codes and YouTube: QR codes are a very effective way of making video easily accessible on smartphones Website: Website: Example:

Creating Resources

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Podomatic: Creating Podcasts and Minicasts Distribute podcasts including iTunes, all you need is an audio file. Don’t have an audio file? Audacity is free software that allows you to record and edit audio. Website: Example podcast: Only2Clicks: Web site bookmarking Bookmarking site that displays links with thumbnail images. Very easy to share links. Website: Example:

Issuu: Creating eBooks Turn word documents into eBooks Website: Example:

Prezi: Creating ‘zooming ’presentations A modern online version of PowerPoint Website: Example:

Yola: Creating a website Possibly the easiest way of creating a website. Absolutely no technical knowledge required. Website: Example:

Timetoast: Creating interactive timelines Create an account and simply upload your images and text. Website: Example:

Hand out: Web 2.0  

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