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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure A virtual world where the benefits are real Trevor Collins

Assistant Principal Bandon Grammar School ICT initiatives in Irish education in recent years have led to many changes in teaching and learning, including what is taught, how it is taught, and the infrastructure for teaching and learning. This article focuses on the use of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). It describes a journey of a school changing from the traditional ICT model to one of the newest (and hopefully best) systems available in using cloud-based VDI. It also discusses an action-based pilot programme undertaken in the local area. The work undertaken has been solidly founded in the best practice of education literature. Those behind the change in infrastructure have won awards at local and national level and have been positively reviewed by 44

business and academic management. This is an ongoing journey, bringing about a transformation in the conservative world of education may prove difficult – but difficult roads often lead to the most wonderful destinations. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is here to stay, and it is becoming standard practice in business. This article explains how VDI can improve ICT infrastructure in education in Ireland. The system is virtual, but as we will see, the benefits are very tangible!