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TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012

Neiman Marcus picks area


Nicholas Maldonado




High-end department store chain will bring 151 new jobs with distribution center.

Victim in Friday shooting, INSIDE: Obituary for Lisa Abaunza, 6A suspects in Saturday fatalities related, but no connection seen. brother, Sawud Davis, 16, were

charged Sunday with three counts of criminal homicide in the shooting deaths of Bradley Swartwood, 21, Nicholas Maldonado, 17, Plymouth, andLisaAbaunza,15,ofDuryea,inan apartment on First Street. Police reports indicate the shootings occurred when a drug deal went



man shot Friday in Wilkes-Barre is a cousin to the suspects in Saturday’s triple homicide in Plymouth, but investigators have not found a connection between the two incidents. Shawn Hamilton, 18, and his half See SHOOTING, Page 10A


JENKINS TWP. – The state used $895,950 in grants and tax credits to lure a Neiman Marcus Group distribution center to Jenkins Township, with the promise of 151 new jobs within three years. The high-end merchandiser is also expected to sink $12 million into site improvements, equipment purchases and employee training The company, known for selling items like $600 high-heel sneakers and $2,300 clutch purses, was looking at potential sites in several states, according to Mericle Properties Vice President of Area Marketing Jim Hilsher, but settled on a new building in Mericle’s CenterPoint Commerce & Trade Park. “They were sort of on the fast track, so if we didn’t have something ready we might have missed this opportunity,” Hilsher said, adding that the 198,400-square-foot building Neiman Marcus will use was constructed “on speculation,” meaning no tenant was lined up when construction began. The building is in the final stages of completion, Hilsher said. Gov. Tom Corbett’s office announced the deal in a press release that said Neiman Marcus will lease the building for 10 “This was a years to handle all East Coast competitive operations. The company is expected to invest $12 million project that for building improvements, equipment purchases and emcould have ployee training. located in “As governor, I am honoring my promise to bring the Pennanother sylvania economy back and state if not grow private-sector jobs,” Corfor our pro- bett is quoted as saying in the release. “This was a competibusiness tive project that could have loclimate and cated in another state if not for our pro-business climate and economic economic development efdevelopment forts.” The state will provide efforts.” $375,000 through the PA First Gov. Tom Corbett grant program and $67,950 in job training assistance through the Department of Community and Economic Development. Department spokesman Steven Kratz said the money comes from annual appropriations in the state budget. The company is also eligible for up to $453,000 in Job Creation Tax Credits, though, unlike the grant money, that comes after the state is satisfied that Neiman Marcus has delivered on a promise to add 151 jobs to the market within three years. Kratz said the grant money could be taken back if that promise isn’t met. Hilsher said he expects most of the jobs to go to area residents. “There are a few people in the com-


Messages in chalk line the sidewalk and street in front of 401 First St., Plymouth.


Susana Handelong of Stroudsburg is the mother of two of the victims in Saturday’s shooting in Plymouth. Nicholas Maldonado was killed and Daniel critically wounded.



LAINS TWP. – While in a hospital waiting room Saturday night anxious to hear news about her two sons, Susana Handelong couldn’t help but notice two other visitors who were laughing out loud. • On Sunday she found out they were the men charged in the killing of one of her sons and the attempted homicide of another. Handelong is the mother of Nicholas Maldonado, 17, and Daniel Maldonado, 19 – two of the four people shot in Plymouth Saturday night in what appears to be a drug deal gone bad. Nicholas died that night, while his older brother remains in critical condition at Geisinger Wyoming Valley with gunshot wounds to the head, arm and abdomen. Two others -- Bradley Swartwood, 21, and Lisa Abaunza, 15, of


Duryea -- also were killed. “We were there crying for our kids, and they were sitting in a corner laughing and joking around,” Handelong said. Handelong and her husband, Kevin, didn’t know who the two men were. The next day, while watching the news on TV, they saw the men -- Shawn Hamilton, 18, and his half brother, Sawud Davis, 16, -- in handSee FAMILY, Page 10A


POLICE RECORD Eighteen-year-old was shot in leg and charged with retail theft. By EDWARD LEWIS

Shawn Hamilton’s arrest in Saturday’s killing of three people in Plymouth was not his first brush with the law. • Court records say Hamilton, then 16, was shot in the leg by Michael Dominic Rentko, 28, inside Rentko’s apartment on Park Street, Nanticoke, on Aug. 28, 2010. Rentko was charged with aggravated assault Hamilton and reckless endangerment, but the case stalled when Hamilton refused to cooperate with prosecutors, compelling po-

See SITE, Page 10A


The new Neiman Marcus warehouse facility in the CenterPoint Park in Jenkins Township.


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TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012


Facing big-bucks foe, Casey seeks donations Businessman Tom Smith is trying to unseat the incumbent U.S. senator. By ANDREW M. SEDER

In a fundraising letter sent last month, U.S. Sen. Bob Casey’s reelection committee hinted donations were needed because his opponent in November had deep pockets. Now we know how deep. Republican candidate Tom Smith’s personal financial interest report, filed on Friday, shows the coal company owner and selfmade businessman has between $11.5 million and $48.3 million in savings, holdings, investments and life insurance policies.

good news is that all those polls have me at less than 50 percent – a real warning signal for incumbent candidates,” Casey wrote in the letter. Smith’s financial interest statement was due May 15 but he requested an extension of up to 60 days. A copy of the statement, sent to The Times Leader, shows clearly what Casey was worried about when he told donors that Smith has a major advantage – “his own pocketbook.” The statements show all earned income in addition to assets and unearned income such as from retirement plans, rental income, dividends and capital gains. Also listed are liabilities, such as outstanding loans, credit card debt and mortgages. Smith listed

Of the total, between $5 and $25 million sits in an account at the Elderton State Bank. The rest includes beCasey tween $1 and $5 million in equity in TJ Smith Trucking Inc., the Shelocta, Indiana County-based company where he is chief executive officer. Smith is trying to unseat Casey, D-Scranton and while recent polls show Casey with a lead, none have him with more than 50 percent support. “The good news is that all recent public polls have us up; some by just 7 percent, others as much as 20 percent. The not so

W-B Area moves on new chief

none of those. Smith’s financial interest statement changed considerably from the statement he filed last year. A look at Smith’s 2011 statement filed in November showed an investment portfolio worth as little as $5 million. He was also receiving income through several companies, including TJ Smith Trucking Inc., Thomas J. Smith, Inc., Penn View Mining Inc., and TJS Mining Inc., all of which he was listed as president; and TJS Coal Sales, Inc., where he served as treasurer; and Northern Elk Development, LLC, in which he was listed as a single member. His 2012 statement showed involvement with only two of those companies: TJ Smith Trucking Inc. and Northern Elk Develop-

ment, LLC. He listed asset value of Northern Elk Development between $1 million and $5 million. In addition to his Senate salary, Casey reported income from 21 publicly or non-publicly traded assets between $6,600 and $13,000. Casey reported three creditors, all having to do with his Green Ridge home. The mortgage and two home equity lines of credit totaled between $80,000 and $200,000. While coal made Smith millions, he’s now also invested in the natural gas drilling boom in the state. He listed five lease agreements with natural gas companies for properties in Armstrong County. He listed income between $20,000 and $65,000 from them last year.


The school board gets an update on repairing a water leak.

DETAILS LOTTERY MIDDAY DRAWING DAILY NUMBER – 8-3-9 BIG 4 – 0-1-7-2 QUINTO – 9-5-0-5-6 TREASURE HUNT 02-13-14-17-28 NIGHTLY DRAWING DAILY NUMBER – 9-2-9 BIG 4 – 1-7-7-7 QUINTO – 9-4-7-5-3 CASH 5 01-05-14-17-27 MATCH 6 05-10-28-29-30-38 HARRISBURG – One player matched all five winning numbers drawn in Monday’s “Pennsylvania Cash 5” game so the jackpot will be worth $125,000. Lottery officials said 165 players matched four numbers and won $168.50 each; 5,332 players matched three numbers and won $8.50 each; and 58,204 players matched two numbers and won $1 each. • Thursday’s “Pennsylvania Match 6 Lotto” jackpot will be worth at least $2.1 million because no player holds a ticket with one row that matches all six winning numbers drawn in Monday’s game.

OBITUARIES Abaunza, Lisa Costanzo, Janet Czerpak, Robert Sr. Dominick, Stephanie Emershaw, Agnes Fisk, Arthur Gavin, Margaret Judge, Richard Kiechen, Helen Meck, Beverly Miskiel, Regina Myerchik, Thomas Rinaldi, John Rupchis, Mary Shanley, Patricia Wayda, Mildred 6A


WILKES-BARRE – Wilkes-Barre Area School Board’s search to replace retiring Superintendent Jeff Namey should go into full swing Thursday, board President Maryanne Toole said after a work session Monday. The board voted last month to hand off much of the search process to the Pennsylvania School Boards Association, and one meeting has been held with the association, while another is scheduled for this week, Toole said. The board will set Namey the parameters for what it wants to see in candidates, and the PSBA will likely start advertising online by Thursday. Namey is set to retire Aug. 31, after 42 years working in the district. During the meeting, Apollo Group Inc. Project Manager Gary Salijko told the board work has begun on the replacement of a leaky water line at Meyers High School, and that the contractor should start installing pipe today .The board had tried repeatedly to pinpoint the leak, hidden under dense concrete and reinforcement bar that proved impenetrable to even the most high-tech equipment. The contract calls for installation of a new line above ground that will bypass the old line. Salijko said there is no guarantee the replacement will end all leaks, simply because there could be other lines under the concrete that are also leaking. To gauge success of the replacement, measurements of water usage between midnight and 8 a.m. will be taken and compared before and after the new system is put on line and the old one shut off. Salijko also suggested the board should consider replacing four small roofs that are part of a boiler building at Meyers. The district had sought contract bids for replacement of a large main roof damaged by a windstorm, and that work came in at $51,000. But Salijko said the smaller roofs are also at high risk of the same damage because they are made of the same material and are as old as the main roof. The rubberized material loses elasticity with age and becomes susceptible to shattering with sharp temperature changes, Salijko said. Getting the four small roofs replaced would cost another $38,000, Salijko said. The board will decide what to do at Wednesday’s regular meeting.

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PennDot road crew worked to pick up diapers that were scattered along Interstate 81 South on Monday morning, closing a lane of traffic near Nuangola.

Hearing on switch of court is under way Lawyers for Cody Lee want the homicide case in juvenile court. By SHEENA DELAZIO

WILKES-BARRE – In the first day of a weeklong hearing on his attorneys’ request to have the homicide case of Cody Lee heard in juvenile court, Darlene Martin testified she never spoke to Lee about the death of her father. Martin, Cody Lee’s grandmother, testified she has kept in touch with Lee, 19, while he has been incarcerated at a juvenile facility but has never once spoken with him about the shooting death of her father, Herbert Lee, who is the defendant’s great-grandfather. “I still don’t know what happened,” Martin testified Monday. Lee was 16 years old when state police allege he carried out a plan to kill his great-grandfather, Herbert Lee, 80, inside

their home on Meeker Outlet Road in Lake Township on Dec. 9, 2009. Lee’s attorneys, Peter Paul Olszewski, Melissa Scartelli and Charles Rado, are attempting to Lee have their client’s case transferred to juvenile court. If Luzerne County Judge Joseph Sklarosky, Jr. grants the request, Lee could be incarcerated until the age of 21. If denied, Lee will face the homicide charge in adult court, and likely a jury trial. Lee’s attorneys called Martin to testify about Lee’s childhood, which included moving nearly a dozen times and the death of three family members, including the murder of his mother, by the time he was 14 years old. Martin testified Lee moved from several locations in Luzerne County to Tennessee and back several times; that the teen’s

mother divorced his father, Scott Lee, and remarried at least twice. Scott Lee is expected to testify at the hearing this week. Lee’s mother was shot and killed in 2004 by her brother at their home in Tennessee. Martin also testified about trouble Lee had in school, including several detentions and suspensions and receiving a criminal charge and fine for having a 13inch knife on school property. Defense attorneys also called a LakeLehman School District guidance counselor to testify about Lee receiving poor grades in school, failing certain classes and ranking in the lowest percentile of his class. Lee ranked 177 out of 178 students. Prosecutors also are expected to call numerous witnesses to testify during the hearing, which will likely last until Thursday. Testimony will resume this morning.

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Residence fire kills man

A Northeastern Pennsylvania man is dead following an early morning fire that destroyed his mobile home. The Wyoming County Coroner’s Office says 65-year-old Richard Judge was found dead at his home in Lemon Township, just outside Tunkhannock, on Monday morning. The fire was reported around 5 a.m. Deputy Coroner Alan Thatcher said an autopsy revealed that Judge died of asphyxiation from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the fire. The manner of death was accidental, he said. His obituary is on Page 6A.



Owner of messy site asks end to fines At issue is the former Murray complex property in downtown Wilkes-Barre. By JENNIFER LEARN-ANDES

WILKES-BARRE -- The owner of the rubble-strewn Murray complex on Pennsylvania Avenue in Wilkes-Barre has asked the court to cancel fines or-

dered by the city code enforcement office. The office temporarily imposed $1,000-a-day fines against Siniawa 16, LP, a year ago after demolition halted, saying the site is a “dangerous and unsafe” nuisance property. The city’s code enforcement appeals board upheld the fines. Siniawa’s appeal says the board’s decision should be reversed or dismissed because

the site is surrounded by fencing. The fines and penalties would not be “fair or reasonable,” says the appeal, which was filed by Hoegen & Associates PC, Wilkes-Barre. No court hearing has been scheduled, the court docket shows. The fines totaled $17,000 from July 12 to July 28. The city argued the fence access gates often were left open

and agreed to stop additional fines if the gates were closed. At least one gate to the property was open Monday. Piles of bricks, concrete and other debris were left after a large commercial building damaged in an arson fire was demolished in fall 2009. Daniel Siniawa, a partner in the limited partnership, could not be reached for comment Monday.


Fight Crime: Invest In Kids Pennsylvania, led by more than 200 of the state’s police chiefs, district attorneys, and sheriffs, honored Swoyersville Chief of Police Thomas DiMaria at the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association’s 99th Annual Education and Training Conference Monday with the “Champion for Children” award. “Helping at-risk children get the right start in life is an effective way to prevent future crime and is in the best interest of all our children and our communities,” Fight Crime: Invest in Kids Pennsylvania State Director Bruce Clash said. “Chief DiMaria shares that vision and has worked over the past year to encourage Pennsylvania’s policy makers to make wise investments in early education programs.”

A state probe of W-B’s gasoline controversy draws a query. By TERRIE MORGAN-BESECKER


PSU trustees will meet


Court to add web page

Superior Court President Judge Correale Stevens said Monday the court is preparing a “media and public information” page for its website to provide easy access to filed court documents from cases of public interest. “The webpage that the Centre County Court creStevens ated for the Commonwealth v. Sandusky case was widely used and has served as an example for what we hope to accomplish on our website,” Stevens said. In the past, only technical filing information, called “court dockets,” have been placed on the Superior Court website. However, in cases of special public interest, entire court filings, called “motions,” will now be posted. The page can be found by going to and clicking on the “Media and Public Information” icon on the left-hand side of the page. Once filings are posted, the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts will have a link to the Superior Court media and public information page on its website,, under the Superior Court link. WEST HAZLETON

Support group will meet

The Suicide Bereavement Support Group will hold meetings every second and fourth Thursday of each month from 6 to 7:30 p.m. to support survivors. The meetings will be held in the West Hazleton Borough Building, 100 S. Fourth St., and are facilitated by Professional & Peer.

See FINES, Page 4A

Activist sees gas conflict

Swoyersville chief honored

Penn State University’s board of trustees will meet Friday on the campus of the PSU Worthington Scranton campus. On the agenda, among other items, is setting tuition rates for the fall semester and the university’s $4.3 billion budget. Nothing related to the ongoing investigation spurred by the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal is on the agenda, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be brought up. The meeting starts at 1:30 p.m. on Friday and is open to the public. It will be held in room 109/110 of the Gallagher Conference Center. There will be an overflow room in Room 14 of the Dawson Building, where the meeting will be live-streamed. The meeting will be the first for Adam Taliaferro, Anthony Lubrano and Ryan McCombie, who began their terms on the board July 1.

In an interview last year, Siniawa said a contractor hired to demolish the building “took off” after removing salvageable steel and copper from the site. Siniawa planned to resume cleanup in spring 2011 with a new demolition company. Siniawa planned an estimated $20 million project that would include 55 loft-style con-


Heather the goat watches as incoming Wilkes University freshman Steve Trebunak of Wilkes-Barre paints a fence at Hillside Farms.

Hands-on study 101

Incoming Wilkes freshmen help the community By ANDREW M. SEDER


ILKES-BARRE – Throughout Luzerne County on Monday, members of the Wilkes University incoming freshman class got their hands dirty as they helped their new neighbors and fulfilled the school’s mission of community service.

As part of their two-day summer orientation that ended Monday, more than 300 students volunteered at 27 locations, including senior centers, youth centers, environmental services, the CEO Food Bank and other community organizations. At the Lands at Hillside Farms in Kingston Township, a group of about 30 students pitched in with gardening and moving inventory. Temperatures in the 80s added a degree of difficulty, but it was well worth it said some of the participants. “I feel at one with the Wilkes community now,” said Tyler Briskie, 18, of Moosic. He will major this fall in entrepreneurship and will commute from his home to Wilkes-Barre for classes. He said he didn’t know what to expect when he arrived at Hillside Farms. “I had heard of their ice cream but not about it (the Lands),” Briskie said. Carrying shelves from the gift shop to an attic and then moving

Wilkes University freshmen Becky Kuc of Kunkletown and Courtney Cali of New Jersey clean weeds from the greenhouses at Lands at Hillside Farms on Monday as part of the incoming class’s community service project.

product to the shelves helped him appreciate what goes into running a business, in this case a nonprofit one. Megan Boone Valkenburg, Wilkes civic engagement coordinator, said Hillside Farms is a new partner this year and the list of organizations welcoming Wilkes students continues to grow. She said students get to help the community while they make networking contacts for potential internships. In addition to the hard work, the students got to meet classmates before the semester begins. Kate Mahoney, 17, of Kingston, N.H., was among those in the Hillside Farms group. “It was great; I made a lot of new friends,” she said. Mahoney said she chose Wilkes be-

2ND LARGEST CLASS The Wilkes University incoming freshman class numbers 612, making it the second largest in Wilkes’ history and only the second time an incoming class has exceeded 600. The highest was in 2007, when it was 620.

cause as a soccer player she loves the coach and the program but she also liked the area. The weeding and planting she did Monday taught her about her future surroundings and made her feel a lot more comfortable with Luzerne County, she said. This was the second of two summer orientations. The first was June 24 and 25 and all incoming freshmen are required to attend.



WILKES-BARRE – Wilkes University is expanding west – way west – by offering master’s degree programs in Mesa, Ariz., beginning next January. “We see this as a natural extension of our work,” Wilkes President Patrick Leahy said in a phone interview from Mesa on Monday, as he awaited a city council meeting where the deal

would be sealed. “We think of it as a natural progression of going where students benefit from the individual attention of a small liberal arts college.” Wilkes Dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies Michael Speziale, also in Mesa, said the Arizona city of nearly 440,000 had decided to invite liberal arts colleges to set up shop, sending out letters to 1,000 institutions.

Wilkes was one of them. Administrators crunched numbers and decided it was a good fit. “We project up to 275 students here in three years, and 400 to 500 in year five,” Speziale said. “The whole business plan we developed was for this facility to be self-sustaining from day one.” Mesa city officials sweetened the

WILKES-BARRE -- A city resident is questioning if the state Department of Revenue has a conflict of interest in investigating whether the city used tax-free fuel for unauthorized purposes given that a former council member works for the department’s Bureau of Motor Fuels. Karen Ceppa Hirko, treasurer of the Wilkes-Barre Taxpayers Association, said former council member Mike McGinley should step aside from any involvement in the investigation, given his relationship with Mayor Tom Leighton. McGinley, who served on council for three terms before losing a McGinley primary reelection bid in 2007, is employed as a revenue enforcement supervisor in the department’s Bureau of Motor Fuels in Wilkes-Barre. McLaughlin The department is responsible for investigating criminal and tax liability cases. “It’s a conflict. These people know each other,” Ceppa Hirko said. “It’s just like a judge. If there is any kind of relationship, that should be grounds enough to recuse yourself and hand it over to someone else.” Drew McLaughlin, administrative coordinator for the city, confirmed last week that the Department of Revenue has contacted the city to obtain records relating to fuel usage at the city pumps. The request, which McLaughlin described as a “fact-finding” mission, was prompted by a complaint filed by a resident after a Times Leader investigation revealed the city could not account for a nearly 18,000-gallon discrepancy between log books employees fill out detailing how much fuel they pumped and computerized tank records that show how much fuel was removed between Dec. 1, 2011 and June 22. In an email, Elizabeth Brassell, press secretary for the Department of Revenue, said confidentiality laws preclude her from commenting on any specific case. Speaking generally, she said “department standards of conduct ensure such investigations and audits are performed fairly and objectively, without the involvement or influence of any employee that may pose a conflict of interest.” Municipalities and certain other nonprofit organizations do not pay taxes on fuel, which are currently

See ARIZONA, Page 4A See REVENUE, Page 4A


TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012






Records overseer calls for action Quarry operation

Carolee Medico Olenginski disputes county manager’s call to study storage options. By JENNIFER LEARN-ANDES

Luzerne County Prothonotary Carolee Medico Olenginski said it’s taking too long to find a new home for county records. State archive experts advised the county in June 2010 to find another space because the leased Thomas C. Thomas Building in downtown Wilkes-Barre has temperature extremes and leaks, lacks security and is a fire hazard. The prothonotary serves on a records improvement committee tasked with developing a recommended plan, and the committee has studied various options for a new space. The committee was established by law because the

county collects a fee on recorded deeds to generate money for recordsrelated expenses. Medico OleOlenginski nginski said she disagrees with county Manager Robert Lawton, a committee member, because he wants to further reLawton search options. The two clashed during a committee meeting Monday. The prothonotary said after the meeting one of her employees opted to take a voluntary layoff due to the drastic heat and cold in the current record building. The county also pays $8,600

monthly rent for the Thomas C. Thomas property, which has been exceeding the monthly revenue generated by the fee on deeds, she said. “These records are in a bad place. Our purpose is supposed to be protecting and improving records,” she said. County records stored at the Union Street property include wills and other estate files dating back to the 1700s and old marriage license applications, officials said. Some naturalization records and divorce decrees from the 1800s also are kept at the facility. Lawton said, “sustainable, cost-effective storage of necessary county records” is a priority of the administration, but he wants to ensure the county doesn’t waste limited capital funding available for the project. Past county commissioners

had allocated $2 million in borrowed bond funding for a record facility. “It would not be productive to act in haste and deplete the county’s available capital balance without understanding what records will be retained, in what form they’ll be retained, what agencies require access and what the relationship will be among the departments of the division of judicial services and records,” Lawton said. The county’s home rule charter puts deeds, wills, civil and criminal court records under the same judicial services and records division, and Lawton wants to find a way to get them in the same room for efficiency and public convenience. “These records exist to serve the public, and the administration wishes to put the public interest first,” he said.

FINES Continued from Page 3A

dominiums, restaurants and 50,000-60,000 square feet of retail space. The building that still sits on the site where Murray’s Inn bar and restaurant was once located was slated for renovation, but Siniawa later said the structure likely would be torn down to make way for new retail and commercial buildings completed in phases. Siniawa unsuccessfully attempted to sell the portion of land that housed the demolished building. He has blamed the struggling economy for delays in the project. City Mayor Tom Leighton said Monday he’s confident Siniawa will develop the property. “He’s extremely enthusiastic about doing something there. He has some viable development plans,” Leighton said. Leighton said he believes Siniawa has some “interested parties” for the project but was held up securing financing.

ARIZONA continued from Page 3A

deal substantially by offering a ready-made campus free for the first year and then leases to colleges that decide to take the offer. “It’s a former court building,” said Mesa City Spokesman Steven Wright. “So it has these courtrooms that can be easily repurposed as lecture halls, and office space and general open areas.” The city is paying for renovations to the “Mesa Center for Higher Education.” Wilkes will join two other institutions that have agreed to offer programs at the center: Missouribased Westminster College and Albright College of Reading. Benedictine University, a Catholic institution in Chicago, is also opening a Mesa campus, though in a separate, nearby location, Wright said.

REVENUE Continued from Page 3A

31.2 cents per gallon for gasoline and 38.1 cents per gallon for diesel. An entity must be able to prove the fuel was used only for municipal purposes. If not, it can be held liable for the taxes. City officials would be hard pressed to prove all the unaccounted for fuel was used only for authorized purposes because they can’t say where it went. City Administrator Marie McCormick previously has said

drawing criticism

tection, to address the problem. “We will follow up with this on HAZLE TWP. – Residents behalf of our residents,” said Pevoiced concerns about possible dri. In another matter, Marguerite pollution caused by a stone quarry and mining operation run by Benderavich voiced concern the Glenn O. Hawbaker Co. on about plans to erect a pole galand between Lattimer Mines rage on Lattimer Road, pending and Pardeesville at Monday’s the sale of a piece of property on night’s meeting of the board of that road to Theodore Zeiner. She said the 25 mph speed limit supervisors. Earl Berger said residents was not presently enforced and have observed black dirt on their feared that additional traffic homes, cars and patios. He said would make the road increasingit has affected both the quality of ly unsafe. Emil Kasarda, who lives on life and the health of those affected. He shared that in a recent adjacent property to the proposed structure, walk in that area, said he opposed he could “taste WHAT’S NEXT the construction dirt.” of the garage beBerger said the The next meeting of the cause it would problem has be- Hazle Township Board of Supervisors will take place decrease propercome markedly on Aug. 13 at 6 p.m. ty values in the worse in the last area. few weeks, even The board assured residents though watering down the area was an effective solution for that they would look into the the problem in the past. He matter. District Judge Jamie Dixon asked the board if it was possible the problem was due to a was also on hand to swear in new members of the fire department. water shortage. Supervisor Francis “Butchie” Township solicitor Charles Pedri said that the board would Boyarski said he appreciated the attempt to set up a meeting time of service of the township’s among board members, resi- volunteer fire department, adddents, and Cathy Mercer, a rep- ing that they reflected the true resentative from the state De- spirit of the township communipartment of Environmental Pro- ty. By GERI GIBBONS Times Leader Correspondent

Wright Township approves 3 police officer contracts


Rubble remains at the former Murray complex on Pennsylvania Avenue in Wilkes-Barre after demolition of a fire-damaged structure halted more than a year ago. City officials say the owner, Siniawa 16, LP, is still pursuing development of the site.

The site is a “valuable piece of property” near the city’s downtown, Leighton said. Siniawa 16, which has offices in Dickson City, paid $1.5 million to purchase the 11.63-acre

property from Thomas Murray at a bankruptcy auction in 2004, records show. The property, divided in four parcels separated by Ross Street, was assessed at $11.1 mil-

lion after the countywide reassessment. Siniawa challenged the assessment, in part due to the demolished property. It is currently assessed at $750,000, records show.

Mesa’s initiative to improve The effort to draw colleges into town stemmed from an initiative Mesa dubbed H.E.A.T., short for Healthcare, Education, Aerospace, Technology/Tourism. “The city has been strategically working on economic development, focusing on certain initiatives, and one of them that came up last year was education,” Wright said. City officials quickly realized that, while there are plenty of community colleges and a few massive state institutes including Arizona State University nearby, there are no small liberal arts colleges so common in the east and Midwest. Wright said the availability of the former municipal court building in historic Mesa only minutes from a soon-to-be completed light rail station provided the perfect mix for attracting existing institutions to fill that niche. All told, the space available

could accommodate up to about 3,000 students, Wright estimated, equal to having one established small liberal arts college in the heart of town, but sparing any one college the expense of setting up a campus and taking the time to build up enrollment. In January, Wilkes will start by offering master’s degree programs in business administration, creative writing, education and engineering management in a temporary location until the city completes renovations at the former courthouse. Classes will be offered five weekends for the equivalent of one 15-week semester at the campus here in Wilkes-Barre, with current faculty traveling to and from Mesa to provide those courses. Other programs will be added when the new campus is available in the fall, Speziale said, including an undergraduate program in mechanical engineering.

Faculty will be hired to work fulltime in Arizona, though local faculty would certainly have the option of seeking jobs there if they want to. Leahy said the move makes sense on many levels, including demographics. With Luzerne County’s average age rising, competition for students is growing stiffer among local colleges and universities. Mesa has a somewhat younger population and less competition for students looking for a liberal arts education. Leahy also said the move could provide a financial boost to programs here in Wilkes-Barre, while giving students opportunities to connect with major industries located in and near Mesa. “We envision this to be self sustaining and it will not drain resources,” Leahy said. “We see it adding value to our main campus both educationally and potentially, over time, financially.”

officials could estimate fuel usage, but whether that would be sufficient for the Department of Revenue is unknown. Mayor Tom Leighton has confirmed he obtained fuel from the city pumps for his private vehicle, which he says he uses extensively for city business. City officials also confirmed Ken Pahler, director of the Department of Public Works, obtained fuel for his vehicle, which is also used for city business. Neither man signed log books showing how much fuel they pumped or kept records of their mileage, however, leaving no way to determine if any of the

fuel was used for personal business. Ceppa Hirko said she’s concerned McGinley won’t do a full investigation because of his relationship with city officials. McGinley’s tenure on council overlapped with Leighton’s, who served as a councilman before being elected mayor in 2003. McGinley also served

with Kathy Kane, a former council member who now serves as controller. Kane’s son, Jared, worked for the Department of Revenue until July 2011, according to Brassell. “This guy should not be involved, period,” Ceppa Hirko said. “They should bring in someone from outside the area.”

Laflin will sell parts of vehicle By JOSEPH DOLINSKY Times Leader Correspondent

LAFLIN – Borough Council passed a motion to advertise the sale of three removed parts of a former municipality vehicle at their monthly meeting Monday night. The sale, which will be advertised for a minimum of $10,000, is for a utility box, generator and light tower, which were formerly equipped to a 2010 Ford F-550. The F-550 was used for police

purposes and as a snow-plow in the winter. Additionally, council members approved the installation of two additional dusk-to-dawn light fixtures to be added to the four fixtures already placed in the borough’s Little League field on Laflin Road. The additional fixtures won’t run the borough any installation costs, but will add to the electric bill in the amount of about $20 per month.

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Wright Township -- Supervisors Monday night approved three police officers’ salary contracts. Sworn in to replace Chief Joseph Jacob who retired last month, Chief Royce Engler’s salary, over two years, equals $66,352 for his first year and $68,397 for his second. Sergeant Scott Rozitski, an officer promoted to take Engler’s place, was approved for a one-year contract acquired through a collective bargaining unit. The board also approved Aaron Fromm’s part-time employment. Effective Aug. 5, Fromm is to work 32 hours per week at $14 per hour. He is not to receive benefits. The supervisors amended


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By JON O’CONNELL Times Leader Correspondent

Township Ordinance 234 regarding nuisance vehicles parked on private property. According to the ordinance, automobiles in a dysfunctional state may not linger on a property for more than 30 days. The amendment specified exemptions to the ordinance. If the vehicle is inside an enclosed building, set aside for parts or if the property owner has an effective Wright Township junkyard license, the vehicles may stay as they serve a purpose. However, if the vehicles prove to be hazardous, for example, if they are leaking fluids into the ground or have become infested with vermin, they are to be removed. The ordinance amendment is available for full review at the Wright Township Municipal Building. Supervisor Jerry Uram announced that the Recreation Board members are looking to fill a vacant position.

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Supervisors also amended an ordinance regarding nuisance vehicles on private property.

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Leader OKs digging up Arafat’s body


Palestinian boss Abbas also wants international probe into predecessor’s death. By KARIN LAUB and MOHAMMED DARAGHMEH Associated Press


Hitting the high seas

A replica of the historic ship HMS Bounty, right, sails past a lighthouse as it departs Narragansett Bay off the coast of Newport, R.I., Monday. The Ocean State Tall Ships Festival ended Monday with a ‘Parade of Sail’ along Narragansett Bay as the ships sailed out to sea.

RAMALLAH, West Bank — Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has given final approval to dig up Yasser Arafat’s remains and is also pressing for an international investigation of his predecessor’s mysterious 2004 death, a top aide said Monday.

The decision came days after a Swiss lab detected elevated traces of a lethal radioactive agent on clothing said to be Arafat’s. Testing Arafat’s bones could offer the last chance to get to the bottom of Palestinian claims that their leader was poisoned, though some experts cautioned it may already be too late for conclusive answers. Several Palestinian officials have charged that Israel poisoned Arafat. The French doctors who treated Arafat in his final days did not present a clear cause of death, while Israel em-

phatically denied it killed the Palestinian leader. Arafat, who died at age 75, is buried in a mausoleum in the walled government compound in the West Bank where he spent the last three years of his life under Israeli siege. Scenes of heavy machinery tearing into the wreath-covered grave of the revered leader could prove offensive to devout Muslims. Also, the grave has become a must-see site for Palestinian and foreign visitors to Ramallah. Abbas aide Saeb Erekat said Monday that the need to know

ing the truth, and we cannot reach the truth without it (exhuming the remains),” Erekat told The Associated Press. “In my heart, I have always said that President Arafat was assassinated, was killed,” he said. “Do I have evidence? I AP FILE PHOTO don’t ... This is why we want the Swiss experts to come and Palestinian leader Yasser exhume the body. This is why Arafat pauses during the weekly Muslim Friday prayers we should do everything huin the West Bank city of Ramanly possible to get to the mallah in 2002. truth.” Denying a role, Israeli offioverrides cultural sensibilities. cials have said that with Arafat “We are seeking the truth, and locked in at his headquarters, every single Palestinian is seek- there was no need to kill him.

Pension break for business


PSU donations very high

State received more than $208 P enn million in donations last fiscal year,

the second-highest total in university history, despite the upheaval after the arrest of Jerry Sandusky on child sex abuse charges. The school said Monday there was a slight uptick in the number of alumni who donated money or gifts in the fiscal year that ended June 30 to more than 75,500, reversing two years of declines. University vice president Rod Kirsch says the school is grateful for the contributions amid “incredibly difficult circumstances” this year. Meanwhile, lawyers for Penn State and its former president Graham Spanier are heading to court next month to discuss whether Spanier’s lawsuit seeking access to old emails should be dismissed. A court order dated Friday scheduled argument on the matter for Aug. 17 in the Centre County Courthouse in Bellefonte. PITTSBURGH

Study: No contamination New research on Marcellus Shale gas drilling in Pennsylvania may only add fuel to the debate over whether the industry poses long-term threats to drinking water. A paper published on Monday by Duke University researchers found that gas drilling in northeastern Pennsylvania did not contaminate nearby drinking water wells with salty water, which is a byproduct of the drilling. CAIRO

Court is firm on ruling Egypt’s highest court insisted Monday that its ruling to invalidate the Islamist-dominated parliament was final and binding, setting up a showdown with the country’s newly elected president after he ordered lawmakers to return. The announcement on state TV came a day after President Mohammed Morsi recalled the legislators, defying the powerful military’s decision to dismiss parliament after the Supreme Constitutional Court ruled that a third of its members had been elected illegally. However, both sides appeared together Monday at a military graduation ceremony. Morsi sat between the head of the armed forces Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi and Chief-of-Staff Sami Anan. The three sat grim faced for most of the ceremony, but Tantawi and Morsi exchanged a few words while seated on the reviewing stand. VATICAN CITY

Women charge abuse Dozens of women who attended a high school run by the disgraced Legion of Christ religious order have urged the Vatican to close the program, saying the psychological abuse they endured trying to live like teenage nuns led to multiple cases of anorexia, stress-induced migraines, depression and even suicidal thoughts. The women sent a letter this weekend to the pope’s envoy running the Legion to denounce the manipulation, deception and disrespect they say they suffered at the hands of counselors barely older than themselves at the Rhode Island school. For some, the trauma required years of psychological therapy that cost them tens of thousands of dollars.

Companies may contribute billions less to workers’ funds. By ALAN FRAM Associated Press


As they walk past wanted posters, Richard Barlow, front, Chief of the Tucson Sector of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Border Patrol, James L. Turgal, Jr., left, FBI Special Agent in Charge, and Laura E. Duffy, United States Attorney Southern District of California, leave a news briefing where an indictment on five suspects related to the death of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was announced Monday.

4 suspects named Fast and Furious information made public By WHITNEY PHILLIPS Associated Press


UCSON, Ariz. (AP) — Authorities made a rare disclosure Monday linked to the botched gun-smuggling investigation known as Operation Fast and Furious, revealing identities and requesting the public’s help in capturing four fugitives accused in the shooting death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent 18 months ago. The announcement comes in the wake of pressure from U.S. House Republicans who led a vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, criticizing the nation’s top prosecutor for withholding information related to the probe. Operation Fast and Furious was launched in 2009 to catch trafficking kingpins, but federal agents lost track of most of the weapons they were trying to trace. Some of the guns purchased illegally with the government’s knowledge were later found at crime scenes in Mexico and the U.S. Critics have hammered federal authorities for allowing informants to walk away from Phoenix-area gun shops with weapons, rather than immediately arresting suspects and seizing firearms. Since the fatal shootout near the U.S.-Mexico line in December 2010, deep flaws in the government’s weapons trafficking case have come

Wanted posters flank Laura E. Duffy, United States Attorney Southern District of California, as she speaks at a news briefing Monday.

to light, and federal authorities have repeatedly declined to disclose information related to the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, such as what became of the gun used to kill him. The release of the suspects’ identities in a newly unsealed indictment Monday came with the offer of a $1 million reward for information leading to their capture. It marked the first time all five people accused of being involved in the shooting were named by authorities. The FBI says it is seeking information related to 31-year-old Jesus Rosario Favela-Astorga, 34-year-old Ivan Soto-Barraza, 34-year-old Hera-

clio Osorio-Arellanes and Lionel Portillo-Meza. Portillo-Meza’s age and birthplace were unavailable. The other three fugitives were born in Mexico, but their hometowns were not available. Authorities had previously released the identity of the fifth suspect, Manuel Osorio-Arellanes, of El Fuerte in the Mexican state of Sinaloa. His age was not immediately available. All five have been charged with murder. They also face charges of assaulting four federal agents. Manuel Osorio-Arellanes has been in custody since the night of the shooting. He has pleaded not guilty in the case.

Tuition hike at state colleges approved The board of governors of the to two-and-a-half times as much, Pa.’s 14 state-owned universities to State System of Higher Education and they’ll see a 3 percent increase, raise tuition about 3 percent. By PETER JACKSON Associated Press

HARRISBURG — Students and their families will pay about 3 percent more for tuition and technology fees at Pennsylvania’s 14 stateowned universities.

met by teleconference Monday afternoon. They voted nearly unanimously on 2012-13 tuition rates and technology fees. For in-state undergraduates, a 3 percent increase in tuition and technology fees will mean an extra $198. Out-of-state undergraduates pay anywhere from one-and-a-half

as well. Nearly 120,000 students are enrolled in the state universities at Bloomsburg, California, Cheyney, Clarion, East Stroudsburg, Edinboro, Indiana, Kutztown, Lock Haven, Mansfield, Millersville, Shippensburg, Slippery Rock and West Chester.

WASHINGTON — A new law will let companies contribute billions of dollars less to their workers’ pension funds, raising concerns about weakening the plans that millions of Americans count on for retirement. But with many companies already freezing or getting rid of pension plans, many critics are reluctant to force the issue. Some expect the changes, passed by Congress last month and signed Friday by President Barack Obama, to have little impact on the nation’s enormous $1.9 trillion in estimated pension fund assets. And it is more important, they suggest, to avoid giving employers a new reason to limit or jettison remaining pension benefits by forcing them to contribute more than they say they can manage. The equation underscores a harsh reality for unions, consumer advocates and others who normally go to the mat for workers and retirees: When it comes to battling over pensions, the fragile economy of 2012 gives the business community a lot of leverage. “That wouldn’t do our Nearly half of members any Americans say good” if the govthey are count- ernment forces ing heavily on companies to make pension their pensions contributions for retirement, they can’t afford, according to an said Karen FeldAssociated man, benefits policy specialist Press-LifeGoesSfor the AFL-CIO, poll the giant labor conducted last federation that supported the October. Yet times are rough legislation. AARP lobbyfor pensions. ist Debbie Chalfie said the seniors organization was concerned that companies contribute the right amount to their pension funds, but at the same time, “We want to make sure employers continue offering these plans.” Even the Pension Rights Center, which advocates for pensioners, was torn. Executive Vice President Karen Friedman said the group was “sympathetic to business concerns” that companies have been hurt by the recession, though still worried that reducing corporate pension contributions could hurt consumers. The short-term contribution cuts worry University of Pennsylvania insurance professor Olivia S. Mitchell, who says the fact that Congress can change the formula “does not mean that pension funds will be able to defy the laws of economics and finance.” Nearly half of Americans say they are counting heavily on their pensions for retirement, according to an Associated poll conducted last October. Yet times are rough for pensions. Only 15 percent of private sector workers participate in defined benefit plans, which guarantee company-paid monthly retirement payments.


TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012

MARGARET C. GAVIN, 103, of Wilkes-Barre, died Thursday evening, July 5, 2012, in Little Flower Manor, Wilkes-Barre. Mrs. Gavin was preceded in death by her husband, Francis, in 1974; sister, Mary White and brother, William Walsh. Margaret is survived by children, Sister Mary Gavin, Philadelphia; Nancy Jordan, BelAir, Patrick (Edith) Gavin, Cranford, N.J.; Margaret (Carl) Teberio, Wilkes-Barre; Ann (Rayford) Petroski, Dallas; Elizabeth Rice, Wilkes-Barre, 15 grandchildren; 20 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held at Little Flower Manor, South Meade Street, Wilkes-Barre, Monday. Interment was in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Hanover Township. Arrangements were by the Lehman Family Funeral Service, Inc., WilkesBarre. THOMAS W. MYERCHIK, age 36, of Old Forge, passed away Sunday morning at home. He was born in Old Forge, on March 8,1976, son of Walter and Lenore Myerchik, Old Forge. Before Tom’s illness, he was employed by Lab Corp. in Dunmore as a Toxicology Technician, by Medeva Pharmaceuticals, Inc. as an OC Chemist, by Braun Medical, Inc. as an Associate Scientist II, and Allied Services as a resident assistant. He is survived by his brother, Walter Myerchik of Philadelphia, and a sister, Mary Catherine Roland and her husband Bob of Pittsburgh. He was preceded in death by a sister, Angelica. A private blessing service will be held on Friday in St. Nicholas Cemetery, Old Forge, by the Rev. Joseph Bertha, pastor of St. Michael’s Byzantine Catholic Church, Pittston. Arrangements are under the care of the Thomas P. Kearney Funeral Home, Inc., 517 N. Main St., Old Forge. PATRICIA GURKA SHANLEY, 49, of Boothwyn, fell asleep in the Lord on Saturday, July 7, 2012 at her home. Born in Wilkes-Barre, Patty was the daughter of John and Liz Gurka of Wilkes-Barre. Surviving, besides her parents, is her devoted husband Chris. Funeral arrangements are pending from the Yeosock Funeral Home, 40 S. Main Street, Plains Township. A complete obituary will be in Wednesday’s newspaper.

JANET W. COSTANZO, 71, of Pittston Township, passed away Wednesday in the Golden Living Center-East Mountain, Plains Township. Born in Mt. Vernon, N.Y., she was the daughter of the late Robert and Wilma Banz Downs. She was educated in the New Jersey School System. Preceding her in death was her husband Cataldo Costanzo in 2001. Surviving are her children, Marc Costanzo, Pittston Township; Michelle Rembish, Forty Fort; Melanie Oliveri, Pittston; grandchildren, Jacob and Kyle St. Hart, Jamie Catalano, Kaylee Costanzo, Isabelle Oliveri; sister Nancy Afflitto, Verona, N.J.; nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be at the convenience of the family from the Metcalfe and Shaver Funeral Home Inc., 504 Wyoming Avenue, Wyoming.There will be no calling hours. REGINA M. MISKIEL, age 86, of Shavertown, entered into eternal rest Monday, July 9, 2012 at the Commonwealth Hospice of Wilkes-Barre at St. Luke’s Villa, Wilkes-Barre. A full obituary and service schedule will appear in Wednesday’s edition. Arrangements have been entrusted to the Harold C. Snowdon Funeral Home, Inc., 140 N. Main Street, Shavertown. JOHN JOSEPH RINALDI, 66, of Pittston, passed away Sunday, July 8, 2012 in Geisinger WyomingValley Medical Center, Plains Township. Funeral arrangements are pending from the Peter J. Adonizio Funeral Home, 251 William Street, Pittston. BEVERLY MECK, 65, of West Grand Street, Nanticoke, passed away Sunday at the Wilkes-Barre General Hospital. Funeral arrangements are pending from the Stanley S. Stegura Funeral Home Inc., Nanticoke. MARY G. RUPCHIS , 84, of Pittsburgh, died Sunday, July 8, 2012. Funeral arrangements are pending from the Yeosock Funeral Home, 40 S. Main St., Plains Township. A complete obituary will be in Wednesday’s newspaper.

Richard J. Judge July 9, 2012 ichard Joseph Judge, age 64, of Factoryville, died Monday at his R home as a result of a house fire.

He was born in West Wyoming, son of Alberta Atherholt Judge Iverson of Nicholson and the late Richard Clark Judge. Richard had formerly worked as a self-employed painter. He attended the East Lemon United Methodist Church. Richard was a Vietnam era Army Veteran and he received the Vietnam Service Medal with Four Bronze Service Stars, The Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm Unit Citation Badge, Republic of Vietnam Silver Actions Medal,1st Class Unit Citation Badge, National Defense Medal, and the Vietnam Combat Medal. He was a member of Nicholson American Legion Post #953, a member of the Nicholson Sons of the American Legion, and Elk Mountain VFW Post #8488. Richard is also survived by two daughters, Rebecca Judge of Nichol-

son and Sarah Judge of Minot, N.D.; a sister, Cindy Hallock of Nicholson; two brothers, Charles Judge of Pottstown and David Judge of West Wyoming; several nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews. Funeral services will be Thursday at 11 a.m. from the Charles H. Litwin Funeral Home, 91 State Street, Nicholson, with services by Pastor Margaret M. McCarty of the East Lemon United Methodist Church. Interment will be held in the Nicholson Cemetery with military honors by Nicholson American Legion Post #953 and Elk Mountain VFW Post #8488. Calling hours will held Wednesday from 5 to 8 p.m. In lieu of flowers, donation may be made to Nicholson American Legion Post #953, PO Box 334, Nicholson, PA 18446. To send an online condolence or directions, go to

FUNERALS ALEXY – Deborah, funeral services 9 a.m. today in the Bednarski Funeral Home, 168 Wyoming Ave., Wyoming. Mass of Christian Burial at 9:30 a.m. in St. John the Evangelist Church, Pittston. FISK – Arthur, memorial service 4:30 p.m. Saturday in Kingdom Hall, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mayock Street, Wilkes-Barre FOWLER – Joseph, memorial service 2 p.m. Saturday in the Wyoming Valley Detachment Marine Corps League Home, 158 E. Main St., Wilkes-Barre. KUBASEK – Clement, memorial Mass of Christian Burial 9:30 a.m. today in Holy Spirit Parish/St. Mary’s Church, Main Street, Mocanaqua. MALINOVITCH – Edward, funeral 9 a.m.Wednesday in the Mark V. Yanaitis Funeral Home, 55 Stark St., Plains. Mass of Christian Burial at 9:30 a.m. in Ss. Peter and Paul Church, Plains. Friends may call 5 to 8 p.m. today in the funeral home. MUNDRO – Mary, funeral 9 a.m. Wednesday in the Kopicki Funeral Home, 263 Zerbey Ave., Kingston. Mass of Christian Burial at 9:30 a.m. in St. Ignatius Church, Kingston. Friends may call 6 to 8 p.m. today. NEARY – Jeffrey, funeral services 11 a.m. today in the Sheldon-Kukuchka Funeral Home, Inc., 73 W. Tioga St., Tunkhannock. ORMANOWSKI – Theresa, funeral Services 10 a.m. today in the Grontkowski Funeral Home, P.C. 51-53 W. Green St., Nanticoke. PALENCAR – Bernard, Mass of Christian Burial 10 a.m. today in St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, Hughes Street, Swoyersville. SALTRY – Kayleigh, Mass of Christian Burial for her and her mother Kathleen Cron 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in St. Mary’s Church, Queen of the Apostles Parish, 715 Hawthorne St., Avoca. Friends may call 9:30 a.m. until Mass

time at the church. SHAFER – John, funeral services 10 a.m. today in the S.J. Grontkowski Funeral Home, 530 W. Main St., Plymouth. Mass of Christian Burial at 10:30 a.m. in St. John the Baptist Church, Larksville. WENCH – Anthony, funeral 9 a.m. today in the Howell-Lussi Funeral Home, 509 Wyoming Ave., West Pittston. Mass of Christian Burial at 9:30 a.m. in St. Anthony’s Church, Exeter.

OBITUARY POLICY The Times Leader publishes free obituaries, which have a 27-line limit, and paid obituaries, which can run with a photograph. A funeral home representative can call the obituary desk at (570) 829-7224, send a fax to (570) 829-5537 or e-mail to If you fax or e-mail, please call to confirm. Obituaries must be submitted by 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Obituaries must be sent by a funeral home or crematory, or must name who is handling arrangements, with address and phone number. We discourage handwritten notices; they incur a $15 typing fee.

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Lisa Anne Maree Abaunza

Stephanie Zaleski Dominick

July 7, 2012

July 8, 2012

isa Anne Maree Abaunza, 15, of Duryea, died Saturday. LBorn in Guatemala, she was the

daughter of Barbara Abaunza, Duryea. She was a member of Holy Rosary Church, Duryea, educated in St. Mary’s Assumption School, Pittston, and was presently a sophomore at Scranton Preparatory School. Lisa played on several softball teams, and enjoyed it very much. She was a loving daughter and sister who will be deeply missed. Also surviving are one sister, Shanna Richardson, of Pittsburgh; one uncle, John Abaunza, of Goldvein Va.; and her extended family and friends. She was preceded in death by her maternal grandparents, Henry and Sheilagh Abaunza. The funeral will be Thursday with Mass of Christian Burial at 10 a.m. in Holy Rosary Church, Stephenson Street, Duryea, to be celebrated by Fr. Paul A McDonnell OSJ. Interment will be in Bright

tephanie Zaleski Dominick, 91, S of the Brookside section of North Wilkes-Barre, passed away on

View Cemetery, Warrenton, Va. Friends may call Wednesday from 4 to 8 p.m. in the Kiesinger Funeral Services Inc., 255 McAlpine St., Duryea. Friends are asked to proceed directly to the church on Thursday. Memorial contributions may be made in the name of Lisa Anne Maree Abaunza Scholarship Fund, c/o Scranton Preparatory School, 1000 Wyoming Ave., Scranton, PA 18503.

Mildred Wayda July 8, 2012 Wayda, 77, a resident of M ildred Broadway Road, Shickshinny,

passed away July 8, 2012. She was born September 29, 1934, in Wilkes-Barre, a daughter of the late John and Elizabeth Lawrence Shofranko. She was a member of St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church, Wilkes-Barre. Mildred’s passions for her family, and even more so for her dancing, stood out and will continue to stand out. Her compassionate personality will live on through the eyes and hearts of everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her. God had blessed her with her wings early Sunday morning, where she peacefully passed away in her home surrounded by her family. Surviving are her daughter Debra A. Fagan, Shickshinny; sons, Richard, Mountain Top; David, Wilkes-Barre; Robert, Shickshinny; grandchildren, Haeli, John, Dominick, Amanda, Danielle, Elijah,

July 8, 2012 Joseph Czerpak, 69, of R obert Wilkes-Barre, passed away Sun-

Christian and Anya; sister, Jean Olexy, several nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her husband Leonard Wayda. Funeral services will be held on Thursday at 11 a.m. from the Clarke Piatt Funeral Home, Inc., 6 Sunset Lakd Road, Hunlock Creek, with Pastor Gary Scharrer officiating. Friends may call on Wedneday from 6 to 8 p.m. at the funeral home.

July 7, 2012 er this year. In addition to his parents, Mr. Fisk was preceded in death by his sister, Alice Monte and his son, Arthur Fisk. Surviving, in addition to his wife, are his children, David Fisk and his wife, Desiree, Wilkes-Barre; Christopher Fisk and his wife, Kimberlee, Dupont; Mrs. Jennifer Cicierski and her husband, Marc, Plains; Jessica Fisk; Mrs. Katrina Collum and her husband, Edward and daughter-inlaw, Mary Jo Fisk, all of WilkesBarre; 12 grandchildren And one great-granddaughter. There will be no calling hours. A Memorial Service will be held Sunday, July 15, 2012 at 4:30 p.m. at Kingdom Hall, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mayock Street, WilkesBarre, with Elder John Danko officiating. The family requests that flowers be omitted and that donations in Mr. Fisk’s memory be made to Kingdom Hall, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mayock Street, Wilkes-Barre 18705. Arrangements have been entrusted to the H. Merritt Hughes Funeral Home, Inc., a Golden Rule Funeral Home, 451 North Main Street, Wilkes-Barre.

Agnes D. Emershaw July 7, 2012 D. Emershaw, 94, formerly A gnes of Swoyersville, a resident of

Manorcare Health Services, Kingston, entered into eternal rest on Saturday, July 7, 2012. Born in Shavertown, on November 2, 1917, she was the daughter of the late John and Eva Marcincavage. Agnes for many years was an active member of Holy Trinity Church, Swoyersville, where she proudly served as a eucharistic minister. She joyfully offered communion, words of encouragement and prayed weekly with patients at Geisinger Mecical Center. She visited the sick and shut-ins from her parish. She also participated as a member ofthe parish’s Altar and Rosary Society. She was preceded in death by her husband Francis; daughter, Lois Machinist; brothers, George and Frank Marcincavage; sisters, Elizabeth Barnes and Anna Pechal; granddaughter Kristy Emershaw and grandson Michael Carr.

G en etti’s

A fterFu nera lLu ncheons Sta rting a t$7.95 p erp erson

H otelBerea vem entR a tes


New York; and her sister, Lillian Matiska of Wilkes-Barre; several nieces and nephews. There will be no calling hours. Family and friends are welcome to attend a Mass of Christian Burial for her on Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. in St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church, 666 North Main St., Wilkes-Barre. Private interment will be in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Wyoming. Memorial contributions in her name may be made to the Disabled American Veterans, 516 Storrs St., Dickson City, PA 18519. Funeral arrangements are entrusted to the Simon S. Russin Funeral Home, 136 Maffett St., Plains.

Robert Joseph Czerpak

Arthur R. Fisk Arthur R. Fisk, 69, a resident of WilkesBarre, died Saturday, July 7, 2012 at his home surrounded by his loving family. Mr. Fisk was born in Kingston, son of the late Russell and Margaret Fortuna Fisk. and attended West Wyoming High School. He served as an Airman 2nd Class with the1605th Material Squadron, U.S. Air Force, Amarillo, Texas during the Vietnam War. Following his military service, he had been employed by the Eberhard Faber Co., Mountain Top, for several years and prior to his retirement in 2005, he had been a group leader with Intermetro Industries, Wilkes-Barre, for 33 years. He was a member of Kingdom Hall, Jehovah’s Witnesses, WilkesBarre, and had served as an elder for some time. He and his wife, the former Carol Gibbons, would have observed their 51st wedding anniversary lat-

Sunday, July 8, 2012 in the Inpatient Unit of the Commonwealth Hospice of Wilkes-Barre, located at St. Luke’s Villa, Wilkes-Barre. She was the widow of Walter Dominick, who died in 1977. Mrs. Dominick was born April 16, 1921, in Wilkes-Barre. She was the daughter of the late Paul and Eva Ladecka Zaleski. She resided in Wilkes-Barre all of her life. She was a member of the Catholic Community of North-East Wilkes-Barre in St. Andre Bessette’s parish. She was a former member of St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church, WilkesBarre. Prior to retirement, she was employed as a seamstress in the Greater Wyoming Valley Garment Industry. She was a loving mother and grandmother whose family was the true love of her life. In addition to her parents and husband, she was preceded in death by her brothers, Michael, Peter, and Steven; and her sisters, Catherine McGoldrick and Mary Kozemko. Surviving are her sons, Robert Dominick and his wife Lynn, of Long Island, New York, and Richard Dominick and his wife Kim, of Clarks Summit; two granddaughters, Kim and Carrie of Long Island,

Agnes is survived by daughters, Phyllis Carr of Pittsburgh, Marilyn Wilson of Texas, Anne Katzberg of Colorado and son Francis Emershaw of Shavertown; nine grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren; numerous nieces and nephews. Agnes was a wonderful loving mother, grandmother and friend. Funeral will be held on Thursday at 9:30 a.m. from Bednarski Funeral Home, 168 Wyoming Avenue, Wyoming, with a Mass of Christian Burial to be celebrated at 10 a.m. at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, 116 Hughes Street, Swoyersville. Interment will be held in Denison Cemetery, Swoyersville. Friends may call Wednesday, 4 to 7 p.m., at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers memorial donations may be made to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, 116 Hughes St., Swoyersville, PA, 18704.

day, July 8, 2012 at his home. Born in Baltimore, Md., on July 18, 1942, he was a son of the late Joseph Sr. and Ella (Bates) Czerpak. He served for three years in the Pennsylvania National Guard. He was a member of Our Lady of Fatima Parish-St. Mary’s Church of the Immaculate Conception. Robert was very handy and could fix anything. He was formerly employed by Roth American, WilkesBarre. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his brother, Joseph Czerpak, Jr. Surviving are his wife, the former Rosemary J. Gugliotti ,with whom he celebrated 48 years of marriage on February 8, 2012; his son, Robert J. Czerpak, Jr. and his wife Jeannie; grandsons, Robert R. Czerpak and Samuel M. Czerpak; a brother Lawrence “Larry” Czerpak and his wife, Margaret, Wilkes-Barre; several nieces and nephews.

The funeral will be held Wednesday at 9 a.m. from Kniffen O’Malley Funeral Home, Inc., 465 S. Main Street, Wilkes-Barre, with a Mass of Christian Burial at 9:30 a.m. at Our Lady of Fatima Parish-St. Mary’s Church of the Immaculate Conception, 134 S. Washington St., Wilkes-Barre. Friends may call today from 5 to 8 p.m. and Wednesday from 8 to 9 a.m. at the funeral home. To send Robert’s family words of comfort and friendship, please visit

Helen M. Kiechen July 9, 2012 elen M. Kiechen, 91, of KingH ston, died Monday, July 9, 2012 in Manor Care Health and Rehabilitation Center, Kingston. She was born in Larksville, daughter of the late Adam and Bridget Biga Kiechen. She was formerly employed by Owens-Illinois and Rural Health Corporation for many years. She was a member of St. John the Baptist Church, Larksville, and was one of the church’s famous pierogi makers. She was preceded in death by her sister, Mary; and brothers, Stanley,

Ignatius and John. She is survived by her cousins, including her caretaker, Dolores Werhun, Hunlock Creek. Funeral will be Thursday at 10 a.m. from the Kopicki Funeral Home, 263 Zerbey Avenue, Kingston, with Mass of Christian Burial at 10:30 a.m. in St. John the Baptist Church. Interment will be in the St. John’s Cemetery, Dallas. Friends may call Thursday from 9 a.m. until time of service at the funeral home.

Officials bemoan deer stands The Associated Press

DULUTH, Minn. — Some Minnesota hunters are upgrading their deer stands, trading the traditional nailed-together hunks of wood for what one official calls “mansions” in trees on public property. St. Louis County officials are seeing deer stands — platforms perched in trees to help hunters more easily spot deer — with stairways, decks, shingled roofs, commercial windows, insulation, propane heaters, carpeting, lounge chairs, tables and even the occasional generator, the Duluth News Tribune reported Sunday Some hunters have even planted crops near their stands in hopes of attracting deer, said St. Louis County Land Commissioner Bob Krepps. He said hunters have also cut down trees near their stand to improve sight lines. “We’re getting overbuilt,” Krepps said. “We’re seeing mansions out there — basically hunting shacks on stilts.” Private landowners can do what they want, Krepps said, but

tax-forfeited land makes up nearly 1 million acres of county forest, and is supposedly open to all hunters. Hunters who customize stands in these areas are inappropriately claiming public land as their own, he said. “A lot of these cross the line of what’s appropriate,” Krepps said. “If I’m out walking and come across one of these buildings on posts, am I going to feel welcome to hunt there? Probably not. And if I do, there’s likely to be a fight. That shouldn’t happen on land that belongs to everyone.” One deer stand was 18 feet wide and 20 feet long; county officials said it was more like a cabin. And officials have even found some stands on public property with locks on the doors. Traditional wooden stands are often abandoned to rot in the woods. In Loving Memory of

Frank ‘Sam’ Semanski

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Nuangola gives up fees Little interest is shown by owners of undeveloped property in sewer project. By TOM HUNTINGTON Times Leader Correspondent

NUANGOLA – Because of what he said was a “lack of interest,” Ray Shirk, a member of the borough sewer authority, said that a proposal to have owners of undeveloped property share engineering costs for tying into the proposed sanitary sewage system will have to be abandoned. Shirk’s proposal, which was adopted by a vote of the other members of the authority, came at Monday evening’s meeting of the authority. He said out of 180190 letters mailed to property owners, he received only 39 responses. As a result, it was decided to have Shirk send letters to those respondents stating that at this time a connection plan is not available to them. The decision comes at a period when the authority is on the doorstep of resolving several issues which are important to the implementation of the project

this summer. One issue is the resolution of a $309,000 loan dating from 2007 with Citizens Bank. In May, the auShirk thority acted to effect a full settlement with the bank by August 5. However, just a little more than three weeks in advance of this date, the authority members learned Monday that interest payments on the loan are in arrears. It was stated in a letter from bank officials, that only one-half of the payment, $551.20, was remitted in May. In addition, a June payment of $1,316.76 is, as of July 5, past due. Under a plan devised at the outset of the sewer project, borough council assumed responsibility for loan payments. According to comment at the meeting, Council failed to make remittances on time. Ted Vancosky, who serves as councilman besides being treasurer of the authority, said he would discuss the matter at the July 16 meeting of council. The authority presently has

$5,053.60 remaining from proceeds of a $25,000 loan provided by the Mountain Top Area Joint Sanitary Authority. Of that amount, Vancosky’s financial report lists $452.88 in a checking account and $4,600.72 in a money market. On the subject of money, Dave Pekar, chairman, said more than $2 million in U.S. Department of Agriculture funds, which was designated for the sewer project, is intended to be utilized to offset cost overruns the authority has experienced since 2007. U.S. Senator Bob Casey, D-Scranton, announced last week that the funds, $1,358,000 in a loan and a $987,600 grant, have been approved by the USDA for Nuangola. Pekar said while the funding is available, the borough won’t receive a direct payment, but rather will be reimbursed after filing the appropriate paperwork for the cost of individual phases of the sewer project as they occur. Also, before going into an executive session, the authority voted to approve a lease proposal with Steve Boyer for land which is intended to serve as a staging area.

Wyoming gets sewer update By STEVEN FONDO Times Leader Correspondent

WYOMING -- Borough Engineer Mike Amato gave a presentation on Monday night, updating council on proposed sewage and drainage projects in the community. According to Amato, extensive engineering studies have been done throughout the borough and $1 million received through a state grant will be used in “unsewaged areas” along Stites Street and Shulde Lane where nearly 60 residents will be

connected to the borough’s current sewage system. Amato went on to explain that perennial problem areas along East Eighth and Dennison streets which see standing water after moderate rainfall will need further study by the Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority and PennDOT to determine the scope of work to follow. Borough Mayor Robert Boyer said that officials are aware of the widespread sewage issues due to an aging system and that

each problem or damaged area will receive consideration by council on a priority basis, as money allows. Council recently enacted a $200 annual surcharge to residents for repairs to the sewage system. In other business, “Little Miss Wyoming Library” Grace Washney addressed council about upcoming renovations at the borough library and also stressed the need for litter control throughout the community.

Feds fight Bulger try to oust judge from trial The Associated Press

BOSTON — Former mobster James “Whitey” Bulger’s request to remove the judge at his upcoming trial is “frivolous and unsubstantiated” and should be dismissed, federal prosecutors said Monday in a court filing. Their motion also calls “absurd” a related claim by Bulger’s attorney that the one-time FBI informant shouldn’t be prosecuted on charges he participated in 19 murders because the government promised him immunity for past and future crimes. Bulger’s attorney J.W. Carney Jr. filed a motion last month to remove Judge Richard Stearns because he was a top federal prosecutor during a period when Bulger is accused of having committed crimes with impunity. The defense motion argued that the judge would do what he could to shield his former colleagues and could not be impartial. Carney said he might call the judge as a witness. Carney had said he would file a motion to dismiss the charges


Alleged Boston mob leader James J. ‘Whitey’ Bulger is shown in this combination of photos handed out by the FBI in 1995.

against Bulger, who’s 82, because “a representative of the federal government” gave Bulger blanket immunity during the 1970s. A former Bulger cohort, who also was an FBI informant, used a similar defense, which was re-

jected by the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The cohort is serving a life sentence. Prosecutors said Bulger “has utterly failed to identify anyone who supposedly promised the defendant immunity from prosecution for committing such crimes as murder. Thus, there is no factual basis for the motion and it should be summarily denied.” They said the claims in the recusal motion “are little more than unsubstantiated speculation.” Bulger was captured in Santa Monica, Calif., last year after 16 years on the run. His trial has been set for next March. His girlfriend, Catherine Greig, who was captured with him, pleaded guilty last March to conspiracy to harbor a fugitive, identity fraud and conspiracy. She admitted she helped Bulger while he was a fugitive, using false identities, accompanying him to medical appointments and picking up his prescriptions. She was sentenced to eight years in prison.

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Work continues Monday at PNC Field in Moosic, home of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees.

County lawyers strike out Judge rules new attorneys must handle Triple-A suit against Lackawanna County. By JENNIFER LEARN-ANDES

Luzerne County officials must hire a new lawyer to handle the county’s litigation over its stake in the Triple-A baseball franchise because a judge disqualified the current one. The county has a pending lawsuit arguing Lackawanna County is legally required to give Luzerne half the proceeds if the jointly purchased franchise is sold. Lackawanna filed a countersuit

INSIDE: More on SWB Yankees, stadium, Pages 1B, 5B

arguing Luzerne County isn’t entitled to any proceeds and owes Lackawanna millions of dollars for past stadium repairs. As part of that litigation, Lackawanna County argued Luzerne County’s law firm, Pittsburghbased Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellot, LLC, should be disqualified because the firm previously represented Lackawanna as a bond counsel. Lackawanna County Court of Common Pleas Judge Harold Thomson issued an order July 5 favoring Lackawanna County. Luzerne County Manager Rob-

ert Lawton said the county will obtain new counsel. He stressed the ruling was isolated to the legal counsel issue. “The decision does not reflect in any way upon the merits of Luzerne County’s claim for its rightful share of any proceeds from the franchise sale,” Lawton said. The Lackawanna County Multi-Purpose Stadium Authority, also named as a defendant in the suit, sold the franchise in April for $14.6 million to SWB Yankees LLC, a joint venture of the New York Yankees and Mandalay Baseball Properties. The sale kicked off a $43 million reconstruction of PNC Field, which will return the team to its Moosic home in 2013.

Hanover Twp. cracks down on dogs, cats By SCOTT L. GOMB Times Leader Correspondent

HANOVER TWP. -- Commissioners took measures to control cats and dogs in the township at Monday night’s meeting. Commissioners said the move is necessary to stop owners from letting their pets run free and disturbing the peace and to prevent them from injuring someone. The ordinance does not limit the number of dogs a resident may own and some residents didn’t like that aspect of it. Residents argued that some

pet owners might take it to extreme measures and have more pets than they can handle. They felt that it could contribute to excessive barking, bad smells and lowered property values. “Nobody wants a home with 17 dogs next to them,” said Connie Hartman. Commissioners said the ordinance will help residents rather than hurt them. It will allow the township to issue citations to pet owners who fail to abide by the law and provide enforcement of Pennsylvania’s dog law.

“If the dogs are well behaved and aren’t a nuisance, you can have 100,” said Commissioner Jeffrey Lewis. A separate ordinance was passed dealing with cats. In other business, the commissioners: • Approved a payment of $95,423 for work on the Truesdale Terrace and Witinski Villa sewer project. • Said they will submit a letter to the Luzerne County Planning Commission to consider resurfacing the Sans Souci Parkway.

Fighters of wildfires want health insurance Many firefighters are now asking to buy into a federal government health plan. By DAN ELLIOTT Associated Press

DENVER — They work the front lines of the nation’s most explosive wildfires, navigating treacherous terrain, dense walls of smoke and tall curtains of flame. Yet thousands of the nation’s seasonal firefighters have no health insurance for themselves or their families. Many firefighters are now asking to buy into a federal govern-

ment health plan, largely out of anger over a colleague who was left with a $70,000 hospital bill after his son was born prematurely. Their request has been bolstered by more than 125,000 signatures gathered in an online petition during this year’s historic fire season in the West and the ongoing national debate over health care. “You pray you don’t get sick,” said firefighter John Lauer, a member of the Tatanka Hotshots crew based in Custer, S.D., who recently worked the massive High Park Fire in northern Colorado and started the petition. The fire crews are heroes to

those in the path of the flames. Politicians praise their bravery. Grateful residents buy them pizzas and send thank-you cards. “That’s what makes the job great,” Lauer said. “But sometimes I wonder to myself. I wonder if people know we’re uninsured.” Firefighters do get workers’ compensation if they are hurt on the job, but that doesn’t cover them in the offseason. The National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho, which coordinates firefighting efforts nationwide, says 15,000 wildland firefighters are on the federal payroll this year.


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Concern over villa project






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Warrior Run Council says Hanover Twp. work may impact the borough.


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By SUSAN DENNEY Times Leader Correspondent

WARRIOR RUN -- Borough Engineer Paul Pasonick expressed concern about the Truesdale Terrace/Witinski Villa project in Hanover Township, which impacts the borough. He told the council that as the project progresses, Reilly Associates is supposed to provide him with documentation of the projects completed. Pasonick has received two reports. He said the contractor was supposed to notify him if there was work being done in the borough, but did not. Pasonick said, “There’s no mention of the sanitary sewer or clay dike” in the documentation he had received. A clay dike in the sewer project near Holly Street was planned to help protect borough property from groundwater coming from the Hanover Township project. One resident yelled out, “If they don’t have photos, they’ll have to dig it up!” Another resident complained about an encroachment on his daughter’s property, saying that she wanted to erect a fence where there is now a paved road. Pasonick said that he would get maps to see if the property lines on the adjoining properties agree. Borough Solicitor Pyrah said that he would look into easements and other options the borough might have in addressing the situation. In regular business, the borough council formally accepted the $75,000 community development grant from Luzerne County. Karen Hazleton, Warrior Run Borough Auditor, presented her report to the council. She reported that the borough barely collected enough sewer fees this year to pay the debt service on their PennVest loan for sewer construction. She said that real estate tax collection was up by $25,000 over last year, but that sewer fee collection was substantially less than last year. Hazleton reminded the council that the final payment on the borough’s loan comes due in 2029. The borough has over $344,000 in the sewer fund but must keep that money in reserve to pay the off the loan of $691,000. She suggested that the council consider ways to collect delinquent sewer fees. The fees are collected by the Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority.


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Is area a depot for dead-end jobs?


HESE DAYS, A job opening – any job opening – is nothing to sneeze at. So plenty of eager would-be workers should take heart in Gov. Tom Corbett’s announcement Monday that upscale clothing retailer Neiman Marcus Group plans to open a distribution center in Luzerne County, employing 150 or more people. Presumably, however, most men and women hired to move merchandise at this Jenkins Township warehouse will work for modest hourly wages and won’t be in the market to buy, for instance, a men’s $450 Brioni ostrich belt or the Jason Wu beaded-neck satin dress as seen at Neiman Marcus online for $2,595. Even a relative “deal” – say, the $225 Phoebe Couture combination printed maxi dress – might require a prolonged effort at pinching pennies. And therein lies the ongoing problem for Northeastern Pennsylvania and its people. Its workforce never successfully transitioned from the Industrial Age to the Information Age, leaving too many of us in an in-between age, pushing products manufactured in foreign nations to buyers in

more affluent parts of this one. Whisk down Interstate 81 between Avoca and Hazleton, and you won’t see industrial parks populated by high-tech businesses that pump out medical devices or computer components. Instead, we are fast becoming a warehouse junction, where Home Depot, and other big firms temporarily store their stuff. While lucrative for the developers of these hulking buildings, this setup doesn’t bode well for the fortunes of most Luzerne County working-class families. They need more full-time positions – with ample salaries and benefits packages. And room for advancement. Through the decades, area residents too often have been let down by their elected officials. Public corruption and poor policymaking have conspired to chase away many true economic-development opportunities. Consequently, this region is left today with an economy far too dependent on the whims of U.S. consumers – whose fickleness rapidly can push entire inventories, and stores, out of fashion. Yes, we have jobs on the way. Fully outfitted is what we need.

QUOTE OF THE DAY “As governor, I am honoring my promise to bring the Pennsylvania economy back and grow privatesector jobs.” Tom Corbett The governor announced Monday that retailer Neiman Marcus Group will open a distribution center in Jenkins Township, creating an estimated 150 jobs. The state wooed the company here, in part, with nearly $900,000 in grants and tax credits.


Public’s safety must be priority


N TIGHT financial times, many cities save money by outsourcing municipal services such as clerical work to private companies. But there is no service more central than public safety, which should remain the responsibility of public agencies. The case of a fired lifeguard in Florida shows why. Beachgoers brought lifeguard Tomas Lopez’s attention to a man foundering in shallow water. Lopez raced to the scene; by then, the man had been pulled to the beach but had water in his lungs. Lopez tended to him until medical help arrived. The swimmer survived, but not Lopez’s job. His employer, an aquatics company that provides lifeguard services to the city of Hallandale Beach, decided that he had quite literally crossed the line by running to an area that was not part of the company’s contracted responsibility, exposing it to possible liability. Several other lifeguards quit in protest. And after a nationwide outcry, the company offered all of the guards their jobs back, saying that, in EDITORIAL BOARD

fact, Lopez hadn’t left his sector of the beach unprotected. But the lifeguards aren’t going back. Lopez was paid just $8.25 an hour, a little more than Florida’s minimum wage. He and his fellow guards could make close to the same money flipping burgers rather than taking responsibility for strangers’ lives. And their employer, Jeff Ellis Management Co., still doesn’t get it. The issue isn’t whether another lifeguard was available to cover Lopez’s turf. Government agencies have a long history of mutual aid when it comes to providing public safety; they go to the rescue of people outside their boundaries when needed. They hire employees for reasonable pay and expect them to serve the public good. There’s a lot that government can’t afford anymore. But when we take shortcuts on our responsibility to rescue one another in life-or-death emergencies, we abandon the most basic function of communal welfare. Los Angeles Times

PRASHANT SHITUT President and CEO/Impressions Media MARK E. JONES JOSEPH BUTKIEWICZ Vice President/Executive Editor Editorial Page Editor


Youth violence threatens very fabric of our community WHEN AN assailant near school grounds almost severed the hand of 15year-old Marquis Allen in broad daylight, a city cringed. Talk of racial tensions between blacks and Dominicans grew from street whisper to court testimony. District officials mobilized to tamp down problems and ramp up solutions. Allen himself poured the strongest suppressant on the growing flames by showing off his reattached hand while sporting “Redemption” on his T-shirt, no word of anger from his lips. When someone shot and killed 14-yearold Tyler Winstead in the early evening near his home, a city stirred. “Building Bridges” was born, a ground-up response to an assault on our social fabric. Violence threatens our present; violence to children destroys the future. The Rev. Shawn Walker explained it succinctly at one Bridges meeting: “I want to live well, but I want to live well right here in the city of Wilkes-Barre.” On Saturday evening the poison crossed the Susquehanna River. A 21-year old and two teenagers – one of them 15-year-old Lisa Abaunza – were shot dead before the sun set. Another teen was critically




Writer grateful for info from thoughtful person


o someone who did not leave his or her name but has kindly sent information of some concern to me, I want to convey my appreciation for your thoughtfulness. Thank you so much. Janet M. West Edwardsville

Don’t allow lack of ID to help Romney’s bid


And it is not enough to lament that big-city problems have come to our small towns, to watch the wheels of justice grind through the facts and incarcerate the killCOMMENTARY ers. Stopping this goes beyond catching the culprits. It means fixing whatever is broken here that allows such callous indifwounded. If anyone didn’t know yet, they ference to life, such hatred, to take seed know now: Violence against our youths and grow in teenagers. Building Bridges knows no boundaries. was a strong start, an effort to join forces, The defendants in the machete attack are ages 20 and 16. The lone person known identify problems and build partnerships to have been handcuffed so far in the Win- that can offer solutions. But it must serve not as conclusion, but as foundation for stead case is 13. The two charged in Satwhat needs to come urday’s Plymouth carnage are 18 and 16. As Martin Luther King Jr. said: “NonThree months, three incidents, six vicviolence means avoiding not only external tims, four deaths. And that doesn’t count less-noted events physical violence, but also internal violence of spirit. You not only refuse to such as the two teenagers shot in a nonshoot a man, but you refuse to hate him.” lethal attack at a Wilkes-Barre city playViolence among our youths is a problem ground in June. demanding actions both mundane and Yes, race is an issue; yes, drugs have complex, from better parenting to bold been involved. These things must be part shifts in local government policies. It is a of any discussion and solution, but they threat that can be met best through unimust not become the focal point. fied determination. The point is that teens are being atThis is a community problem in the tacked and killed at a rate that should sound alarms in every sensible head in the most fundamental sense. If a community can’t unite to stop assaults on children, it county. stops being a true community. Teens are attacking teens with lethal force. At an age when they should be building a life, they are dying, and bringMark Guydish can be reached at 829-71 6 1 or email ing death.

e can’t let Republicans keep doing things like what state House Majority Leader Mike Turzai referenced in his statement about the photo ID law passed by Republicans: It’s “going to allow Governor Romney to win in Pennsylvania.” Anyone in the state who doesn’t have a photo ID, please do your best to get one. We can’t allow Mitt Romney to win this presidential election. Romney and the Republican Party will be the death of American life as the middle class and poor know it. Bipartisanship seemingly is no longer in Republicans’ vocabulary. The Republican plan is to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Example: bragging about

SEND US YOUR OPINION Letters to the editor must include the writer’s name, address and daytime phone number for verification. Letters should be no more than 250 words. We reserve the right to edit and limit writers to one published letter every 30 days. • Email: • Fax: 570-829-5537 • Mail: Mail Bag, The Times Leader, 15 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 1871 1

decreasing programs that help our children, poor and elderly. Why can’t the rich pay their fair share of taxes? Harriet Eastman Meshoppen

Invest in U.S. education, not in business tax cuts


here is a link between education and jobs, and business knows this. Businesses need access to an educated workforce that can do the complicated jobs that pay well. So what is the logic in Pennsylvania in not replacing at least some of the $900 million in federal aid that ran out after the stimulus funding expired? All over the commonwealth schools are reducing the number of teachers and clos-


ing programs. One troubled school district in the state, Reading, is laying off 110 teachers and entirely ending kindergarten. Do we think that cutting almost $1 billion from our schools and granting $250 million to businesses through tax cuts is going to create great school districts that attract good businesses? Is this the way to improve our schools and produce a highly skilled workforce? U.S. students continue to trail their peers in many nations. The United States ranks 14th in reading, 17th in science and 25th in math. Do we think that the United States will be able to maintain its prominence as an international leader in science, innovation and productivity with this kind of student performance? Will disinvesting in education improve this performance? Do our leaders have any goals for Pennsylvania other than spending as little of our tax revenues as possible on us as citizens – and instead transferring revenue to business? This is a state with an old population, many of whom are getting by on Social Security, Medicare, and state and local government retirement programs. The next generation won’t have these retirement benefits; we are dismantling them. Can’t we at least give today’s kids a leg up by assuring that they get excellent educations? Can’t we at least give them a shot at creating better futures for themselves? Nancy Thaler Tunkhannock


TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012






“You don’t ever expect to bury a 17-year-old kid,” Kevin Handelong said. “I can’t leave now; this is where I need to be.”

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cuffs as they were brought in for arraignment. “We knew it was the same guys,” Kevin said. “They’re lucky we didn’t know who they were at the hospital.” Hamilton and Davis were at Geisinger Wyoming Valley to visit their cousin, Kenyatta Hughston, 22, who suffered two gunshot wounds to the head in a daylight shooting on Jay Street, Wilkes-Barre, just after12:30 p.m. on Friday. The Handelongs, who live in Stroudsburg, were married in April – Susana is the mother of four and Kevin has five children. They met with The Times Leader to talk about the shootings and Nicholas and Daniel. Funeral bills and surgery It’s been a difficult few days for the Handelongs – she is trying to figure out how to pay for Nicholas’ funeral and coping with Daniel’s condition – he was scheduled for another surgery Monday afternoon. Susana Handelong was candid in not defending Nicholas, whom she described as a troubled child. She said Daniel is a good kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. According to Susana, Daniel and his fiancée, Ashley Bryant, were living at the 401 First St., Plymouth apartment and the recently engaged couple had a baby, Izabella, born on June 1. She

SHOOTING Continued from Page 1A

bad. A fourth victim, 19-year-old Daniel Maldonado, was listed in critical condition at Geisinger Wyoming Valley on Monday. On Friday, Kenyatta Hughston, 22, suffered two gunshot wounds to the head in a daylight shooting on Jay Street just after 12:30 p.m., Wilkes-Barre police said. Deputy Police Chief Donald Crane said a black male was seen running away after Hughston was shot. None of the victims in the Plymouth shootings were black. Hughston also was listed in critical condition on Monday at Geisinger Wyoming Valley. “The two half brothers said it was their cousin shot in WilkesBarre,”saidstatepoliceLt.Richard Krawetz, commander of the criminal investigation unit at Troop P. “Obviously, we’re communicating with Wilkes-Barre police and the (Luzerne County) district attor-

HAMILTON Continued from Page 1A

lice to withdraw the charges against Rentko, court records indicate. Nanticoke police Capt. Detective William Shultz said Hamilton failed to appear for Rentko’s preliminary hearing. “We can pick it up at any time,” Shultz said about the possibility of refiling charges against Rentko. • Then there is the case



Susana Handelong of Stroudsburg talks about her sons Nicholas and Daniel Maldonado, who were two of the four people shot in Plymouth Saturday night in what appears to be a drug deal gone bad.


The children of Susana Handelong: from left: Daniel Maldonaldo, holding his nephew Dominic Lopez; Nicholas Maldonaldo, Cecelia Maldonaldo and Justin Maldonaldo.

said Nicholas and Bradley Swartwood would be at the apartment often. “Danny and Ashley had a fight Friday night,” she said. “Ashley took Izabella to her mother’s house. She feels if she took Danny with her, he wouldn’t have been in that apartment when the shootings occurred.” Handelong said getting information on the conditions of her sons was slow. Daniel’s fiancée received a call from the building’s landlord and then called Handelong. They met at the Plymouth Borough Building. “At first I thought my kids were OK,” she said. “I sat there for a half hour before I was told to go to Geisinger.”

Arriving at the hospital, Handelong said she still wasn’t told everything. She said she found out Daniel was in surgery, but she wondered where Nicholas was. “I thought maybe Nicholas shot Danny,” she said. “Then we learned of all these Facebook messages – ‘rest in peace Nicholas.’ That’s how we found out Nicholas was dead. “I should have been told.” Handelong said she’s never been in denial about her kids. She said Nicholas was troubled – he was bi-polar and had serious anger issues. “But he was a loving kid, too,” she said, fighting back tears. “He loved his family.”

Handelong said Nicholas was in and out of rehab centers for several years of his young life. She said he got into marijuana and hung out with the wrong crowd. “Once he got into marijuana, things just escalated,” Handelong said. “But none of us, especially Danny, knew the extent to which Nicholas was involved. He and Brad (Swartwood) were partners.” Handelong said Daniel was a hard worker. He had a job at First Hospital in Kingston where he performed environmental maintenance. She said Bryant worked at a pizza shop until she had the baby. “Danny earned his money,” his

ney’s office on that case. At the present time, there is nothing to indicate there is a connection.” Investigators believe Hamilton and Davis, who are listed on arrest affidavits as being from Nanticoke, visited Hughston several hours after their alleged involvement in a deadly shooting inside the apartment in Plymouth. “The shooters from Saturday and the victim from the shooting on Friday are related,” District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis said. “It doesn’t mean that the two incidents are connected. Until we have evidence to prove that they are connected, it doesn’t seem to me like there is a connection.” State police said the deadly Plymouth shooting occurred during a drug deal involving marijuana and heroin. State police allege in arrest records that Davis pulled out a .40caliber pistol and shot Nicholas MaldonadowhenMaldonadoreached for heroin packets. Davis allegedly told his half brother, Hamilton, that “he couldn’t leave any witnesses” and

shot Swartwood, Danny Maldonado and Abaunza, according to arrest records. Krawetz said investigators have an idea where Davis obtained the gun but wouldn’t elaborate. “We’re still back tracking that weapon,” Krawetz said. “We have an idea but not confirmed. We’re following up on that information this week.” “Even though we made the arrest quickly, it is in the beginning of the investigation of what occurred that night,” Salavantis said. “Once we delve deeper into the investigation, we’ll find out more.” Swartwood was scheduled for a trial in county court on Aug. 6 on charges Hanover Township police allegedly found marijuana and the synthetic drug ecstasy after serving a search warrant at his residence in the Sans Souci Trailer Park on Aug. 7, 2011, according to court records. Swartwood was released from the county correctional facility on Jan. 20 on $5,000 unsecured bail. Abaunza was a student at Scranton Prep High School, a Catholic


about the thefts of Polo socks and Polo underwear from Macy’s Department Store in the Wyoming Valley Mall. A private criminal complaint was filed by Macy’s loss prevention officers charging Hamilton, 18, and his cousin, Daquan Hamilton, 18, with retail theft on Dec. 14. The complaint alleges Hamilton stole Polo socks, underwear and undershirts after purchasing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. Hamilton gave the stolen merchandise to Daquan Hamilton, who stole a leather coat, according to the private com-

plaint. Retail theft citations were filed against Hamilton and Daquan Hamilton with District Judge Michael Dotzel in Wilkes-Barre Township. The citations remain open. State police at Wyoming say on Saturday night Hamilton and his half brother, Sawud Davis, 16, went back to Macy’s in the mall to buy clothes after they allegedly killed three people and critically injured another in a shooting in Plymouth. Hamilton wore the new clothes and allegedly discarded


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pany that are going to be asked if they want to consider a move.” Jenkins Township manager Bob Jones said he had heard nothing about the deal until contacted by a reporter Monday morning. In the press release, Neiman Marcus Group Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Jim Skinner is quoted as saying “The new facility is strategically located to allow us to better serve our customers and stores in the northeast. After successfully operating stores in Pennsylvania for over 15 years, we look forward to expanding our presence in the state.” While the move is good news for job seekers in the region and for the township, CenterPoint was at the heart of corruption charges against former Township Supervisor Russell Arnone.

HAZLE TWP. – No injuries were reported in a two-vehicle crash in the parking lot at Friendly’s Restaurant on state Route 93 on Monday. State police at Hazleton said Terence John Hassell, 65, of United Kingdom, operating a 2013 Ford Explorer, turned into the parking lot and struck a 2011 Mazda 3, operated by a 16-year-old from Freeland, at about 2 p.m.

mother said. “He bought Ashley an engagement ring and proposed to her.” Now those plans are on hold as Daniel fights for his life. His mother and step-father are trying to come up with the money to bury Nicholas, whose biological father, Daniel Sr., wants to take him to New Jersey for interment. “I’m not opposed to that,” Handelong said. “But this is all so hard to go through.” Kevin Handelong works at Tobyhanna Army Depot. He was scheduled to leave for Alaska this week, but he asked for time to be with his wife and family as they cope with one deceased son and another in critical condition.

Son’s history of drug use Susana Handelong said there’s “no doubt” Nicholas got caught up in things he shouldn’t have. She said he had a court case coming up this Friday. “I was hoping they would put him in rehab again,” she said. “I thought maybe if he was in a detention center or jail, he might get some counseling.” “He’d be off drugs,” Kevin said. Susana Handelong said Nicholas earned his G.E.D. and Daniel graduated from Greater Nanticoke Area High School. She said Daniel and Ashley were learning how to be parents. They were trying to make a new life for themselves and Izabella. Daniel worked days and some nights to pay the rent and provide for Ashley and Izabella. “Thank God that baby wasn’t there Saturday,” Kevin said. As Daniel Maldonaldo struggles for his life, his mother said the outpouring of support from family, friends and co-workers has been invaluable. Daniel was shot in the head and another bullet went through his arm and into his abdomen, piercing his liver and intestines. “Danny didn’t know what his brother was into,” she said. “I can’t defend Nicholas, but I loved him – he was my son.” Then Kevin ended the conversation. Speaking of the three deceased, he said, “They all got caught up in something that took their lives.”

Autopsies performed Monday by forensic pathologist Dr. Mary Pascucci determined Bradley Swartwood, Nicholas Maldonado and Lisa Abaunza died from multiple gunshot wounds, Luzerne County Acting Coroner William Lisman said. Their deaths have been ruled homicides. Pascucci conducted the autopsies beginning at 8 a.m. and ending just after 3 p.m. at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital.

and Jesuit college preparatory day school in Scranton. “The Scranton Prep community offers its prayers for the repose of thesoulofLisaAbaunzaofthePrep Class of 2015,” a statement from Scranton Prep read. “Our thoughts and prayers go out in a special way as well to Lisa’s family and friends at this most difficult time.” Abaunza was friends with Swartwood and the two Maldonado brothers, officials said. AIMEE DILGER/THE TIMES LEADER

Edward Lewis, a Times Leader staff writer, may be reached at 829-7196.

Three people were killed and a fourth injured in shootings at 401 First St., Plymouth, on Saturday.

his old clothing in a trash can inside the mall. Davis carried his new clothes in a bag, according to arrest records. State police believe Hamilton then went to The Finish Line to buy sneakers and was asked by a clerk what happened to the sneakers he was wearing, which appeared to be blood-stained. Hamilton allegedly replied he spilled juice on them. It is likely state police will retrieve sales receipts and video footage from Macy’s and The Finish Line in their investigation against Hamilton and Da-

vis. State police allege Davis brandished a .40-caliber pistol and killed Nicholas Maldonado, 17, during a drug deal inside an apartment on First Street, Plymouth, just after 7:30 p.m. Saturday. Davis then killed Bradley Swartwood, 21, and 15-year-old Lisa Abaunza of Duryea. After the alleged shooting, Hamilton and Davis were given a ride to the mall by Brandon Ginthner, 19, of Nanticoke, who waited outside Macy’s and overheard what transpired inside The Finish Line.

copper pipes were stolen from a residence in the 1000 block of Stairville Road from June 29 to July 7. HAZLE TWP. – State police at Hazleton reported property and money were stolen during a burglary at a residence on Putnam Street on July 6.

HAZLETON – An inmate at MinSec Community Correctional Facility was charged with escape when he failed to return to the privately operated facility on West Broad Street on Saturday. HAZLE TWP. – State police State police at Hazleton idenat Hazleton reported a bottle of tified the inmate as John Miprescription medication was chael Knowles, 44, of Scranton. stolen from Desiree George’s Court records indicate Knowpurse while she was shopping at les was sentenced in Chester Walmart on Airport Road on County to three to six years on Saturday. a robbery conviction. He was transferred to MinSec in June, DORRANCE TWP. – State police at Hazleton reported according to court records.

COURT BRIEFS WILKES-BARRE – A Kingston man charged with stabbing and injuring his then-girlfriend in an October incident was sentenced Monday to two and half to five years in state prison. Exel Nalls, Jr., 34, of Wright Avenue, was sentenced by county Judge David Lupas on one count of aggravated assault. Nalls pleaded guilty to the charge in April. According to court papers, on Oct. 23, police interviewed Kira Stahl at WilkesBarre General Hospital, where she said she had been physically assaulted and stabbed by her boyfriend, Exel Nalls. Stahl said Nalls was intoxicated and that they argued after Nalls accused Stahl of cheating on him. Stahl said Nalls punched her in the head, face, shoulders and back repeatedly, and stabbed her in the stomach with a kitchen knife. WILKES-BARRE – A Luzerne County judge on Friday ordered several pieces

Ginther returned Hamilton and Davis to their East Ridge Street, Nanticoke, apartment, before driving them to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center to visit their cousin, Kenyatta Hughston, 22, who suffered two gunshot injuries in a shooting on Jay Street, WilkesBarre, on Friday. State police Lt. Richard Krawetz and District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis said Monday they don’t believe the shooting in Wilkes-Barre is connected to the deadly shooting in Plymouth.

of evidence in the homicide case of Hugo Selenski to be tested by a court-appointed firm who is assisting defense attorneys in the case. Judge Fred Pierantoni said two black ski Selenski masks and any hair and debris slides that can be looked at through a microscope should be handed over to the firm for examination and testing. Selenski, 38, faces the death penalty if convicted in the killing of Tammy Fassett and Michael Kerkowski, both 37. Investigators allege Selenski killed Fassett and Kerkowski on May 3, 2002. Selenski is scheduled to stand trial on Sept. 10. Pierantoni said once testing is complete, a report will be made available to defense attorneys. The judge on Friday also allowed attorneys in the case to have additional time to find court papers, after defense attorneys said they would not meet a July 10 deadline, and needed copies of transcripts from recent hearings.






TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012


Sox fan hired to lead Yankees New president/GM Rob Crain looks to increase promotions, reach out to community to help attendance.


Rob Crain heads a new leadership team for the Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre Yankees that includes former general manager Jeremy Ruby. Crain replaces Kristin Rose, who resigned in April.

conference to name the leadership team at PNC Field. Crain grew up mere minutes from Boston’s Fenway Park. When the Sox won their first World Series in 86 years in 2004, he was celebrating on Lansdowne Street. But nevertheless he’s excited. And now, he knows it’s all business. “When you’re in this business, you kind of put your fanhood aside,” Crain said. “To work for a world-class organization like the Yankees is an honor and I can’t wait. I’m glad to be a part of the Yankee family. “If you had asked me that question when I was, like, 15 years old I would’ve

MOOSIC — Just mention the word Yankees to Red Sox fans and some sort of dispute is sure to follow. Rob Crain will have to try not to do that from now on. A lifelong Red Sox fan and native of Burlington, Mass., he was introduced as Scranton/Wilkes-Barre’s president and general manager on Monday at a press See CRAIN, Page 5B


Stadium renovation on schedule

MOOSIC — Despite recent hot temperatures, the conditions have been perfect for construction crew working on the renovations at PNC Field and the project is right on schedule. “Usually the guys we have here are good group of people and are used to working in all types of weather,” said John Baer, project superintendent for Construction Manager Alvin H. Butz, Inc. “Construction industry has to like the cold and like the hot because you’re always in the weather. We’re fortunate that the driest and low wind actually

helped us now more than anything. With high wind we can’t do any demolition and with dryness it makes it unsafe for us to work because we can slip and fall. “Otherwise, as long as we hydrate ourselves, we’re fine.” The entire upper deck of PNC Field has been torn down with 500 truckloads of debris taken out and approximately 3,000 tons of steel being recycled, according to Mandalay Baseball Properties CEO Art Matin. Baer said on Monday that the crew is nearing the end of the demolition process and sometime next month people

will begin to see steel structures going up and additions like new suites on the first base side and visitors clubhouse to follow. “We’re trying to get everything done before the winter weather comes,” Baer noted. “Right now, this is a part we don’t expect to stop for weather. Some processes are temperature sensitivity. And hopefully by the grace of God we have a good winter that we had last year.” RUBY’S TAKE Jeremy Ruby was with the Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre organization since 1998

and left for a few years before returning and being named as executive vice president of baseball operations on Monday. He has been around the club for a long time starting as an intern before working his way up to general manager. Seeing the stadium as it is today was eye-popping for him. “I never dreamed of seeing it like this. Everything’s gone even the outfield wall. It’s incredible,” he said. “I never thought I’d see this day. “But I’m here and I’m part of it and See STADIUM, Page 5B


Prince Fielder crowned king of Home Run Derby

Tigers first baseman hits 28 homers to become the second player to win the event multiple times. By RONALD BLUM AP Sports Writer


Detroit’s Prince Fielder hit 12 of his 28 home runs in the final round of Monday’s Home Run Derby in Kansas City. The slugger’s longest shot went an estimated 476 feet, best among all eight competitors.


Just waiting for the day when they win



PNC Field has already had its upper deck removed as the massive project makes progress despite the heat wave that hit the area this summer. The stadium is on track to re-open next spring for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees to return for the 2013 season.




All-Star Game 7:30 p.m. today, FOX

runs over three rounds to cap the main event on the eve of the All-Star game, hitting the long drive of the night at 476 feet into the water. Ken Griffey Jr. won three titles, in 1994, 1998 and 1999. While the ball stayed out of McCovey Cove during the 2007 Derby at San Francisco’s AT&T Park and the right-field swimming pool last year at Chase Field in Phoenix, there was plenty of aquatic activity in Kansas City, second only to Rome for most fountains in cities around the world. After three splash shots among his five homers in the first round, Fielder started off the second round as the

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Detroit’s Prince Fielder became only the second player to win multiple titles in the All-Star Home Run Derby, thrilling the crowd at Kauffman Stadium with eight splash shots into the rightfield fountain and beating Toronto’s Jose Bautista 12-7 in the final Monday night. On a night when the Yankees’ Robinson Cano was repeatedly booed and went homerless, Fielder put on the most powerful display among baseball’s big boppers. Winner at St. Louis’ Busch Stadium three years ago, Fielder hit a total of 28 home See DERBY, Page 5B

s outfielder Jason Pridie waited for the ground ball to arrive in his glove, Braves batter Andrelton Simmons never hesitated heading for second base. And while the hustle of Simmons turned a routine single into a double, what happened at the other end of the play painted a perfect picture of the season’s first half for the Philadelphia Phillies. While the Phillies were waiting, everyone else in the National League East passed them by. They’ve been waiting for the big hit, waiting for their big hitters to return, waiting for someone to solidify their struggling bullpen since the season started. Now their fans are waiting for them to get out of last place. “Have I tried everything? I think I have,” Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said. “I’ll keep trying. I’m definitely open for suggestions.” To suggest the five-time defending National League East champion Phillies suddenly slipped to the depths of despair may be overstating things. But instead of creating ways to win these days, they’re finding ways to lose. “We had a real tough first half,” Manuel said. “We’re in the game, we’re playing. We just don’t play good enough to win. Something happens that we don’t execute, or we make mistakes.” How do you explain that? Well, catcher Carlos Ruiz – the team’s best hitter with a .350 batting average and 13 home runs – wasn’t in the mood for talking about it. Neither was shortstop Jimmy Rollins, who brushed off reporters Sunday and headed out of the clubhouse and into the All-Star Break. Chase Utley never showed up at his locker and neither did Ryan Howard, but then, nobody’s seen much of them all season. These are the guys who form the core of Phillies teams that won those five straight division titles, played in three National League Championship Series and won one World Series while playing in another over the past five seasons. Forgive them if they don’t care to talk about a flub of a first half, because there’s really not a whole lot to talk about for a Phillies team that’s 37-50 and 14 games out of first place after just getting swept in a threegame home series against the Braves. Shane Victorino, the fifth regular in that lineup of core Phillies who’ve known so much success, was originally penciled into Sunday’s lineup but was pulled out when Manuel noticed his star center fielder was disheartened. “He was down because of his performance,” Manuel said. “He was upset. I felt it best to just take him out of the lineup.” So Pridie, just promoted from Triple-A Lehigh Valley last month, was inserted into Victorino’s spot and drove in all three Phillies runs in a 4-3 loss to the Braves. Take away his contribution, and the Phillies have scored three runs in three games while getting swept by the Braves after Utley and Howard both returned to the lineup after missing most of this season with injuries. So much for waiting until the big bats got back into Philadelphia’s batting order. “We’re not happy, the way we’ve played,” Pridie said. “This team is very potent. No reason why we can’t win a lot of games.” Well, there is. When you spend a season waiting for something to happen, hungrier teams eventually catch you by surprise.

Paul Sokoloski is a Times Leader sports columnist. You may reach him at 970-7109 or email him at


TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012

On the Mark



International League

Billmar Scooter is currently the sharpest mare on the grounds and I see nothing stopping her from taking her fourth straight victory in the $25,000 Fillies & Mares Open Pace. The seven-year old daughter of Keystone Raider has just been unstoppable of late at Pocono Downs, taking on and defeating all comers seemingly every week. Tonight her newest challenge is the classy mare Higher And Higher from the stout stable of Daryl Bier. But when it’s all said and done the results remain the same and that’s Billmar Scooter once again getting her picture taken in the tenth race feature. BEST BET: BILLMAR SCOOTER (10TH) VALUE PLAY: CAVIART SARAH (8TH)

POST TIME 6:30 p.m. All Races One Mile First-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000 1 Franklin Vandercam T.Jackson 5-8-2 Moves in and gets it done 5 Buzzd On Sudzz M.Romano 3-8-2 Matt owns-trains-reins 4 Cosmic Illusion N B.Simpson 3-1-1 Steady as they come 3 Universal Dream N B.Irvine 4-5-3 Lost a little bit of swagger 2 Exterminator A.McCarthy 4-5-8 Comes off 2 scratches 6 Powered By Zeus J.Taggart 6-5-9 Gunned down 7 Hillside Dude E.Carlson 6-3-8 No chance 8 Mcrum N Coke G.Napolitano 7-3-7 Shake, but don’t stir Second-$8,500 Clm.Hndcp Pace;clm.price $7-10,000 5 Cutty B.Simpson 7-3-2 Drop in class the difference 4 Tactical Caviar H.Parker 2-5-2 Chased sharp one last out 2 Keystone Torch G.Napolitano 3-8-1 Evened off a little 7 Crystal Sizzler A.Napolitano 3-3-3 Another down in price 1 Streetwise Hall J.Pavia 4-7-2 Rides the rail 3 O-Georgie M.Romano 5-4-4 On a long losing streak 6 Amour’s Brother T.Jackson 7-8-7 Gapper Third-$9,500 Cond.Paec;n/w 1 pm race life 2 He’s Shore Tan B.Simpson 6-3-2 Kicks the door down 1 Keystone Suave T.Schadel 8-1-5 Certainly a player 5 Rockin Prince T.Wing 4-4-10 Weak maiden group 3 Real Lush D.Ingraham 7-6-8 Winless for quite a while 4 Newspeak A.McCarthy 7-6-6 Another riding a skid 6 Mr Hollywood Starz E.Mollor 8-8-8 One better than last 7 Tim’s Castoff T.Jackson 5-4-x 2yr old debuts Fourth-$9,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $4,000 last 5 9 Twin B Navigator M.Simons 6-3-6 Worth a stab at 8 D Lee More B.Simpson 5-5-3 Not the sharpest of fields 2 Ooga Booga M.Kakaley 4-8-7 Note the driver change 1 Quillz T.Buter 1-6-5 Moves out of claimers 3 Che G.Napolitano 6-6-2 Gets Nap, but dull 7 Nurse Crachett M.Romano 5-9-6 Another way off form 6 Sandra Dea Go Fast A.McCarthy 5-5-4 Slow 5 Tritech D.Martin 8-3-7 Just 1-for-34 lifetime 4 I Want Fabulous T.Jackson 8-5-6 You want another horse Fifth-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000 8 Absolutely Michael A.McCarthy 8-2-2 Toss last, take a chance 4 Logan M J.Pavia 6-1-9 Can flash some early foot 7 Pocket Driver N M.Kakaley 7-5-5 Consider in exotics 1 Doodlebop G.Napolitano 5-8-8 Comes off long layoff 6 Answer The Bell T.Buter 1-1-4 Looks for 3 in a row 2 Thunder Seelster M.Romano 6-1-3 Bounced off the win 3 Hot Cowboy M.Simons 5-1-3 Cold 5 Baffler H.Parker 8-7-7 Veteran doesn’t have it Sixth-$6,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $7,500 4 Winbak Prince A.Napolitano 3-3-5 Swoops over the field 1 Johnny Walker A.McCarthy 2-2-6 Again gets second 2 Mountain Rocket E.Carlson 6-7-4 McCarthy opted off 8 Night Call M.Kakaley 7-9-6 Back to level of claim 9 Tyler’s Echo N J.Pavia 5-7-4 Keeps tiring 7 Lifetime Louie J.Morrill 4-5-5 Morrill been on the NYSS scene 3 Fox Valley Largo G.Napolitano 7-6-3 Carved up 5 Cannae Barron F.Browne 3-2-8 Couldn’t beat cheaper 6 Mach To The Limit T.Jackson 8-9-7 I’ll pass on Seventh-$6,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $7,500 5 Ready For Freddie J.Morrill 1-9-6 Ready indeed 1 Chiselled T.Buter 2-4-6 Early pacesetter 6 SJ’s Caliente A.McCarthy 6-3-1 Beaten chalk last out 9 Jeff’s Night Out G.Napolitano 3-3-6 Long road to haul 2 Tameka Seelster M.Simons 4-6-1 Little since that win 8 Eng-Amer Davanti A.Napolitano 3-9-3 Outside post kills 3 Blue Boy Yankee J.Pavia 3-7-4 Collazo training at .184 4 Triple T Dawn T.Jackson 7-3-6 Strikes out 7 Winsome Wonder E.Carlson 7-2-6 Keep dreaming Eighth-$21,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $25,000 last 5 5 Caviart Sarah A.McCarthy 4-1-4 More than worthy 3 Odds On Adventure J.Morrill 2-1-3 Loves this track 2 Docdor Libby G.Napolitano 1-2-6 Ships in solid 6 Jamaica Hanover M.Kakaley 2-1-4 Matt had nice weekend 1 Fashion Majorette E.Carlson 6-2-5 Reunites with Carlson 8 Jack’s Magic Jewel T.Buter 2-2-6 Again moves up in class 4 Bombilla Hanover M.Simons 1-1-5 May need trip over the track 7 Mano Cornuto B.Simpson 3-6-6 Last of all Ninth-$8,500 Clm.Trot;clm.price $10,000 5 Little Rooster G.Napolitano 2-2-2 Heard loud and clear 1 Spit N Shine J.Pavia 1-3-8 Solid when going right 2 Red Victor E.Carlson 1-4-3 Just beat similar 9 Linebriated T.Biter 4-1-2 Sent by team Buter 8 A Real Laser M.Simons 4-2-3 Once again draws outside 4 Grace N Charlie M.Romano 2-2-7 Not a ten claimer 3 Upfront Cashstrike A.McCarthy 5-8-8 It’s a gutterball 6 Dreamnwillie B.Simpson 5-8-4 Keep on dreaming away 7 Rushmore Hanover T.Jackson 6-7-7 Left in the rear view Tenth-$25,000 Mares Open Pace 1 Billmar Scooter T.Buter 1-1-1 Money making machine 6 Higher And Higher D.Bier 1-3-6 A bit better last year 3 Miss Annie J J.Pantaleano 3-7-1 Cut the mile last wk 2 Mystical Diva J.Morrill 5-1-7 Morrill catch drives 4 Best Around G.Napolitano 6-7-1 Needs a hot tempo 5 Kiddie Mccardle J.Pavia 2-1-6 Come a long way 7 Ole Miss M.Kakaley 5-5-3 Wrong part of town 8 Bling E.Carlson 2-1-1 Off since May Eleventh-$9,500 Cond.Pace;n/w 1 pm race life 3 Mr Shadow M.Kakaley 4-9-3 Now is his time 2 Special Terror J.Pavia 5-2-3 Marks 1st start of season 6 Champion’s Club A.McCarthy 9-4-3 Still looking for initial win 4 Four Beers T.Buter 3-4-7 Makes 2nd career start 5 Just Enough H.Parker 2-5-4 Can’t last on the engine 7 Talkin First M.Simons 4-4-6 Seems kind of quiet 1 Mechanical Bull G.Napolitano 2-5-5 Falls off 8 Mr Giovanni Fra E.Carlson 5-6-3 Remains winless Twelfth-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000 4 CCs Lover N E.Carlson 2-4-6 One last chance 3 Son Of Ben B.Simpson 6-6-8 Slight dip in price helps 2 Mikes Hope H.Parker 7-6-6 Another down in class 1 Worthy Magic D.Ingraham 3-6-8 Case remains on the 0 for 8 Ludi Christy M.Romano 4-7-2 Eight hole is a killer 7 Air Mcnair T.Jackson 4-2-9 This is a weak group 6 Real Liberator A.McCarthy 9-5-9 Vote against 5 Kavorka G.Napolitano 6-7-5 ….next Thirteenth-$9,500 Cond.Trot;n/w 1 pm race life 1 Perfect OMF J.Morrill 2-2-3 Won’t be caught 7 Allusive M.Simons 2-9-8 Best of the rest 3 Angevine T.Jackson 6-4-8 Grant warming up a bit 4 Toms Miracle Girl A.McCarthy 3-3-3 Andy down to .204 8 Marry Me Maddie R.Allen 3-5-4 New to Pocono 9 Laurie Hall D.Ingraham 7-1-7 Bad habits 6 Keystone Audrey B.Clarke 5-4-6 Flattens out quickly 5 CR Chip’s Lady B.Simpson 4-6-5 Crushed 2 Pacific Margaux J.Plutino 5-9-8 One more race to go Fourteenth-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $4,000 last 5 5 Cruznwithabigdog M.Romano 5-9-6 Completes late double 8 Modern Valentine E.Carlson 5-5-7 Carlson the new driver 3 Night Train Shane G.Napolitano 7-5-6 Nap’s choice over #8 2 Thanks For Stoppin J.Morrill 4-5-5 Rounds out the super 1 Malosi N D.Ingraham 8-2-8 Lacks consistency 9 The Bad Deputy T.Jackson 8-7-2 Didn’t fire at Harrah’s 7 Tiza Mojo M.Kakaley 7-5-5 Forget it 6 Sisyphus T.Buter 5-7-8 Not worthy 4 Mr Hallowell A.McCarthy 9-9-10 See you tomorrow

B A S E B A L L Today's Events YOUTH LEGION BASEBALL (All games 5:45 p.m. unless noted) Greater Pittston at Wilkes-Barre Mountain Top at Back Mountain Swoyersville at Old Forge LITTLE LEAGUE Section 5 9-10 Baseball (at Back Mountain Little League) Nanticoke vs. Dunmore, 5:30 p.m. Back Mountain American vs. Archbald, 7:30 p.m. Section 5 9-10 Softball (at Old Forge Little League) Bob Horlacher vs. Old Forge, 5:30 p.m. Duryea/Avoca/Pitt. Twp. vs. Carbino Club, 7:30 p.m. State Major Softball Tournament (at State College Little League) Bob Horlacher vs. Warrington, 8 p.m. WEDNESDAY, JULY 11 PREP LEGION BASEBALL (All games 5:30 p.m. unless noted) Abington Blue at South Scranton Dunmore at Abington White South Scranton at Green Ridge LITTLE LEAGUE State Major Softball Tournament (at State College Little League) Bob Horlacher vs. Avon Grove, 12:30 p.m.



MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL 7:30 p.m. FOX — All-Star Game, at Kansas City, Mo.


7 p.m SE2, WYLN – Double-A Home Run Derby, at Reading

7-2 9-2 3-1 4-1 8-1 5-1 12-1 10-1 7-2 3-1 5-2 6-1 9-2 8-1 12-1 5-2 3-1 7-2 6-1 9-2 8-1 12-1 9-2 7-2 6-1 4-1 3-1 8-1 10-1 20-1 15-1 5-1 9-2 10-1 8-1 7-2 3-1 4-1 12-1 4-1 3-1 7-2 9-2 6-1 15-1 8-1 10-1 20-1 3-1 4-1 7-2 10-1 9-2 8-1 6-1 20-1 15-1 5-1 3-1 9-2 4-1 7-2 12-1 8-1 10-1 3-1 5-2 4-1 5-1 10-1 6-1 12-1 20-1 15-1 5-2 3-1 4-1 6-1 12-1 9-2 10-1 15-1 7-2 3-1 8-1 4-1 9-2 10-1 5-1 12-1 3-1 7-2 4-1 9-2 5-1 8-1 10-1 12-1 3-1 6-1 9-2 7-2 4-1 20-1 10-1 15-1 8-1 9-2 4-1 3-1 7-2 6-1 10-1 15-1 20-1 8-1

no Ventura from Wilmington (Carolina) to Northwest Arkansas (TL). National League ATLANTA BRAVES — Placed SS Andrelton Simmons on the 15-day DL. HOUSTON ASTROS — Reinstated RHP Wilton Lopez from the 15-day DL. Optioned 3B Matt Dominguez and RHP David Carpenter to Oklahoma City (PCL). MILWAUKEE BREWERS — Optioned 3B Taylor Green to Nashville (PCL).


National Basketball Association WASHINGTON WIZARDS — Named Don Newman assistant coach.


National Football League BUFFALO BILLS — Signed WR T.J. Graham. Canadian Football League WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS — Signed RB Nathan Riva to the practice roster. Ultimate Indoor Football League FLORIDA TARPONS — Retained defensive coordinator Brent Burnside, offensive line coach Norm Cormier and defensive line coach Wes Parker.


National Hockey League FLORIDA PANTHERS — Agreed to terms with C Andre Deveaux on a one-year, two-way contract. SAN JOSE SHARKS — Named Larry Robinson associate coach. Re-signed F TJ Galiardi to a oneyear contract. WASHINGTON CAPITALS — Agreed to an affiliation agreement with Reading (ECHL). American Hockey League GRAND RAPIDS GRIFFINS — Signed D Nathan Paetsch and LW Triston Grant to one-year contracts.


Major League Soccer MONTREAL IMPACT — Loaned M Bryan Arguez to Edmonton (NASL). PORTLAND TIMBERS — Fired coach John Spencer. Named general manager Gavin Wilkinson interim coach.


T R A N S A C T I O N S BASEBALL American League DETROIT TIGERS — Optioned RHP Jose Ortega to Toledo (IL). KANSAS CITY ROYALS — Reinstated OF Lorenzo Cain from the 60-day DL and 2B Chris Getz from the 15-day DL. Optioned 2B Irving Falu and RHP Nathan Adcock to Omaha (PCL). Promoted RHP Yorda-







MARK DUDEK For The Times Leader

W H AT ’ S


CALIFORNIA — Agreed with men’s basketball coach Mike Montgomery on a two-year contract extension through the 2015-16 season. CENTRAL CONNECTICUT STATE — Named Breanne Gleason assistant softball coach. GEORGETOWN — Announced women’s sophomore basketball G Taylor Brown will transfer. NJIT — Named Steve Lanpher women’s basketball coach. SAMFORD — Named Jazmine Powers women’s assistant basketball coach. SOUTH CAROLINA — Named Randi Vogel assistant swimming and diving coach.

North Division W L Pct. GB Lehigh Valley (Phillies) ........... 52 39 .571 — Pawtucket (Red Sox) .............. 51 41 .554 11⁄2 Yankees ................................... 48 43 .527 4 Buffalo (Mets)........................... 46 45 .505 6 1 Syracuse (Nationals)............... 44 46 .489 7 ⁄2 Rochester (Twins) ................... 43 48 .473 9 South Division W L Pct. GB Charlotte (White Sox) ............. 50 42 .543 — Norfolk (Orioles) ...................... 47 45 .511 3 Durham (Rays)......................... 43 49 .467 7 Gwinnett (Braves) ................... 43 49 .467 7 West Division W L Pct. GB Indianapolis (Pirates)............... 56 34 .622 — Columbus (Indians) ................. 45 45 .500 11 Toledo (Tigers) ........................ 37 53 .411 19 Louisville (Reds) ...................... 33 59 .359 24 Monday's Games No games scheduled Today's Games No games scheduled Wednesday's Games Pacific Coast League at International League, 7:05 p.m.

Eastern League

Eastern Division W L Trenton (Yankees) ................. 51 38 New Britain (Twins) ............... 50 39 Reading (Phillies)................... 47 42 Binghamton (Mets) ................ 41 47 New Hampshire (Blue Jays) . 36 53 Portland (Red Sox) ................ 36 54 Western Division W L Akron (Indians)......................... 52 38 Harrisburg (Nationals)............. 48 40 Richmond (Giants) .................. 44 46 Altoona (Pirates) ...................... 43 45 Bowie (Orioles) ........................ 43 46 Erie (Tigers) ............................. 42 45 Monday's Games Akron 4, Bowie 2 Altoona 3, Binghamton 2 New Britain 7, New Hampshire 1 Trenton 3, Portland 0 Richmond 9, Reading 0 Harrisburg at Erie, late Today's Games No games scheduled Wednesday's Games West at East, 7:05 p.m.

Pct. GB .573 — .562 1 .528 4 1 .466 9 ⁄2 .404 15 .400 151⁄2 Pct. GB .578 — .545 3 .489 8 .489 8 1 .483 8 ⁄2 .483 81⁄2

New York-Penn League

McNamara Division W L Brooklyn (Mets) ....................... 14 8 Hudson Valley (Rays) ............. 12 10 Aberdeen (Orioles).................. 9 13 Staten Island (Yankees).......... 9 13 Pinckney Division W L Auburn (Nationals)................... 14 7 Batavia (Cardinals) .................. 14 8 Mahoning Valley (Indians)...... 12 10 State College (Pirates) ............ 11 11 Jamestown (Marlins)............... 9 12 Williamsport (Phillies) ............. 9 13 Stedler Division W L Tri-City (Astros) ....................... 15 7 Vermont (Athletics) ................. 14 8 Connecticut (Tigers) ............... 6 16 Lowell (Red Sox) ..................... 5 17 Monday's Games Staten Island 9, Williamsport 4 Jamestown 5, Brooklyn 2 Tri-City 5, Aberdeen 2 Batavia 10, Lowell 2 Hudson Valley 4, Auburn 1 Connecticut 5, Mahoning Valley 4 Vermont 2, State College 1 Today's Games No games scheduled Wednesday's Games Auburn at Aberdeen, 7:05 p.m. Batavia at Hudson Valley, 7:05 p.m. Brooklyn at Connecticut, 7:05 p.m. Mahoning Valley at Lowell, 7:05 p.m. Staten Island at State College, 7:05 p.m. Tri-City at Williamsport, 7:05 p.m. Vermont at Jamestown, 7:05 p.m.

Pct. GB .636 — .545 2 .409 5 .409 5 Pct. GB .667 — 1 .636 ⁄2 .545 21⁄2 .500 31⁄2 .429 5 .409 51⁄2 Pct. GB .682 — .636 1 .273 9 .227 10

2012 All-Star Game July 10 at Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City (x-starter; y-injured will not play, z-voted final spot) American League Pitchers Ryan Cook, rh, Oakland z-Yu Darvish, rh, Texas Matt Harrison, lh, Texas Felix Hernandez, rh, Seattle Jim Johnson, rh, Baltimore Joe Nathan, rh, Texas Jake Peavy, rh, Chicago Chris Perez, rh, Cleveland David Price, lh, Tampa Bay Fernando, Rodney, rh, Tampa Bay y-CC Sabathia, lh, New York Chris Sale, lh, Chicago White Sox Justin Verlander, rh, Detroit Jered Weaver, rh, Los Angeles y-C.J. Wilson, lh, Los Angeles Catchers Joe Mauer, Minnesota x-Mike Napoli, Texas Matt Wieters, Baltimore Infielders Elvis Andrus, Texas x-Adrian Beltre, Texas Asdrubal Cabrera, Cleveland Miguel Cabrera, Detroit x-Robinson Cano, New York x-Prince Fielder, Detroit x-Derek Jeter, New York Ian Kinsler, Texas Paul Konerko, Chicago White Sox Outfielders x-Jose Bautista, Toronto x-Curtis Granderson, New York x-Josh Hamilton, Texas Adam Jones, Baltimore Mike Trout, Los Angeles Mark Trumbo, Los Angeles Designated Hitters Billy Butler, Kansas City Adam Dunn, Chicago White Sox x-David Ortiz, Boston National League Pitchers Matt Cain, rh, San Francisco Aroldis Chapman, lh, Cincinnati RA Dickey, rh, New York Gio Gonzalez, lh, Washington Cole Hamels, lh, Philadelphia Joel Hanrahan, rh, Pittsburgh Clayton Kershaw, lh, Los Angeles Craig Kimbrel, rh, Atlanta Lance Lynn, rh, St. Louis Wade Miley, lh, Arizona Jonathan Papelbon, rh, Philadelphia Stephen Strasburg, rh, Washington Huston Street, rh, San Diego Catchers y-Yadier Molina, St. Louis x-Buster Posey, San Francisco Carlos Ruiz, Philadelphia Infielders Jose Altuve, Houston Starlin Castro, Chicago Cubs y-Ian Desmond, Washington z-David Freese, St. Louis x-Rafael Furcal, St. Louis Chipper Jones, Atlanta Bryan LaHair, Chicago x-Pablo Sandoval, San Francisco x-Dan Uggla, Atlanta x-Joey Votto, Cincinnati David Wright, New York Outfielders x-Carlos Beltran, St. Louis Michael Bourn, Atlanta Ryan Braun, Milwaukee Jay Bruce, Cincinnati x-Melky Cabrera, San Francisco Carlos Gonzalez, Colorado Bryce Harper, Washington Matt Holliday, St. Louis y-Matt Kemp, Los Angeles Andrew McCutchen, Pittsburgh y-Giancarlo Stanton, Miami

T E N N I S Bank of the West Classic A U.S. Open Series event At The Taube Family Tennis Center Palo Alto, Calif. Surface: Hard-Outdoor Singles First Round Yanina Wickmayer (5), Belgium, def. Chang Kaichen, Taiwan, 7-5, 2-6, 7-5. Michelle Larcher de Brito, Portugal, def. Jarmila Gajdosova, Australia, 5-7, 6-2, 6-3. Chanelle Scheepers (6), South Africa, def. Grace Min, United States, 6-4, 6-4. Doubles First Round Chan Hao-ching and Chan Yung-jan (4), Taiwan, def. Simone Kalhorn and Alessandra Parra, United States, 6-0, 6-0. Eleni Daniilidou, Greece, and Urszula Radwanska, Poland, def. Lindsay Lee-Waters and Megan Moulton-Levy, United States, 6-7 (4), 6-4, 10-2 tiebreak.



By Roxy Roxborough BASEBALL Favorite



All-Star Game Kansas City Mo. AMERICAN



C Y C L I N G Tour de France Monday At Besancon, France Ninth Stage A 25.8-mile individual time trial from Arc-et-Senans to Besancon 1. Bradley Wiggins, Britain, Sky Procycling, 51 minutes, 24 seconds. 2. Chris Froome, Britain, Sky Procycling, 35 seconds behind. 3. Fabian Cancellara, Switzerland, RadioShackNissan, :57. 4. Tejay Van Garderen, United States, BMC Racing, 1:06. 5. Sylvain Chavanel, France, Omega PharmaQuickStep, 1:24. 6. Cadel Evans, Australia, BMC Racing, 1:43. 7. Peter Velits, Slovakia, Omega Pharma-QuickStep, 1:59. 8. Vincenzo Nibali, Italy, Liquigas-Cannondale, 2:07. 9. Denis Menchov, Russia, Katusha, 2:08. 10. Andreas Kloeden, Germany, RadioShack-Nissan, 2:09. 11. Maxime Monfort, Belgium, RadioShack-Nissan, 2:15. 12. Tony Martin, Germany, Omega Pharma-QuickStep, 2:16. 13. Haimar Zubeldia, Spain, RadioShack-Nissan, 2:20. 14. Rui Costa, Portugal, Movistar, 2:22. 15. Janez Brajkovic, Slovenia, Astana, 2:26. 16. Jens Voigt, Germany, RadioShack-Nissan, 2:44. 17. Lieuwe Westra, Netherlands, VacansoleilDCM, 2:45. 18. Tony Gallopin, France, RadioShack-Nissan, 2:46. 19. Jeremy Roy, France, FDJ-Big Mat, 2:52. 20. Jerome Coppel, France, Saur-Sojasun, 2:54. Also 26. Jurgen Van den Broeck, Belgium, Lotto Belisol, 3:09. 32. Levi Leipheimer, United States, Omega Pharma-QuickStep, 3:48. 44. Frank Schleck, Luxembourg, RadioShack-Nissan, 4:32. 54. David Zabriskie, United States, Garmin-SharpBarracuda, 4:50. 63. George Hincapie, United States, BMC Racing, 5:16. 67. Christopher Horner, United States, RadioShack-Nissan, 5:24. 89. Christian Vande Velde, United States, GarminSharp-Barracuda, 6:20. 166. Tyler Farrar, United States, Garmin-SharpBarracuda, 8:55. Overall Standings (After nine stages) 1. Bradley Wiggins, Britain, Sky Procycling, 39 hours, 9 minutes, 20 seconds. 2. Cadel Evans, Australia, BMC Racing, 1:53 behind. 3. Chris Froome, Britain, Sky Procycling, 2:07. 4. Vincenzo Nibali, Italy, Liquigas-Cannondale, 2:23. 5. Denis Menchov, Russia, Katusha, 3:02. 6. Haimar Zubeldia, Spain, RadioShack-Nissan, 3:19. 7. Maxime Monfort, Belgium, RadioShack-Nissan, 4:23. 8. Tejay Van Garderen, United States, BMC Racing, 5:14. 9. Jurgen Van den Broeck, Belgium, Lotto Belisol, 5:20. 10. Nicolas Roche, Ireland, France, AG2R La Mondiale, 5:29. 11. Rui Costa, Portugal, Movistar, 5:46. 12. Rein Taaramae, Estonia, Cofidis, 5:56. 13. Tony Gallopin, France, RadioShack-Nissan, 5:59. 14. Janez Brajkovic, Slovenia, Astana, 6:29. 15. Andreas Kloeden, Germany, RadioShack-Nissan, 6:33. 16. Sylvain Chavanel, France, Omega PharmaQuickStep, 8:18. 17. Frank Schleck, Luxembourg, RadioShack-Nissan, 8:19. 18. Jerome Coppel, France, Saur-Sojasun, 8:31. 19. Levi Leipheimer, United States, Omega Pharma-QuickStep, 8:34. 20. Peter Velits, Slovakia, Omega Pharma-QuickStep, 8:44. Also 23. Christopher Horner, United States, RadioShack-Nissan, 9:07. 49. George Hincapie, United States, BMC Racing, 25:25. 81. Christian Vande Velde, United States, GarminSharp-Barracuda, 36:16. 116. David Zabriskie, United States, Garmin-SharpBarracuda, 44:12. 177. Tyler Farrar, United States, Garmin-SharpBarracuda, 1:18:32.



Pocono Downs Results Sunday Jul 08, 2012 First - $32,000 Trot 1:54.2 5-Can’t Have My Moni (Ti Tetrick) 5.40 2.40 2.10 6-Delicious (Ma Kakaley) 2.40 2.10 2-Voluptuous Ronda (Ja Bartlett) 2.20 EXACTA (5-6) $8.20 TRIFECTA (5-6-2) $19.60 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $4.90 SUPERFECTA (5-6-2-1) $124.60 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $6.23 Second - $16,000 Trot 1:55.2 1-Blessed Victory (Ge Napolitano Jr) 6.80 3.20 3.00 5-Mr Caviar (Ro Pierce) 4.00 2.80 4-Badboy Paparazzi A (Mi Simons) 15.40 EXACTA (1-5) $36.00 TRIFECTA (1-5-4) $186.60 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $46.65 SUPERFECTA (1-5-4-2) $1,585.80 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $79.29 DAILY DOUBLE (5-1) $13.40 Third - $50,000 Pace 1:50.4 6-Moonlit Dragon (Er Carlson) 6.40 4.80 3.40 7-Real Touch (Ra Paver) 9.60 7.60 2-All Star Player (Ro Pierce) 9.60 EXACTA (6-7) $63.40 TRIFECTA (6-7-2) $842.20 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $210.55 SUPERFECTA (6-7-2-5) $3,360.20 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $168.01 Fourth - $32,000 Trot 1:55.1 4-Lady Andi (Da Palone) 3.40 2.60 2.20 5-Meadowbranch Jill (An Miller) 8.60 3.60 6-Holier Than Thou (Jo Pavia Jr) 5.40 EXACTA (4-5) $30.80 TRIFECTA (4-5-6) $188.60 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $47.15 SUPERFECTA (4-5-6-1) $576.80 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $28.84 Fifth - $50,000 Pace 1:51.0 3-Kiss Dont Bite (An Miller) 4.40 2.80 2.60 4-Dream Of Winning (Ti Tetrick) 3.00 2.40 8-Yagonnakissmeornot (Jo Pavia Jr) 7.20 EXACTA (3-4) $11.60 TRIFECTA (3-4-8) $79.20 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $19.80 SUPERFECTA (3-4-8-7) $683.80 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $34.19 PICK 3 (6-3-3) $33.80 PICK 3 (6-4-3) $33.80 Sixth - $18,000 Trot 1:54.2 6-Tui (An Napolitano) 4.80 3.40 2.40 8-Chaplin Hall (Ge Napolitano Jr) 14.00 5.00 5-Big And Little (Br Zendt) 3.00 EXACTA (6-8) $65.00 TRIFECTA (6-8-5) $258.00 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $64.50 SUPERFECTA (6-8-5-7) $1,310.60 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $65.53 Seventh - $32,000 Trot 1:54.3 6-On The Bright Side (Da Palone) 3.00 2.10 2.10 2-Sandra Volo (Ro Pierce) 2.20 2.40 8-Uncommon Night (Ge Napolitano Jr) 6.60 EXACTA (6-2) $4.40 TRIFECTA (6-2-8) $21.80 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $5.45 SUPERFECTA (6-2-8-5) $81.40 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $4.07 Eighth - $21,000 Trot 1:52.2 2-He’s Spooky (Ti Tetrick) 3.60 2.60 2.20 3-Don’t Know Chip (Ty Buter) 4.80 3.60 4-Mystery Photo (An Miller) 2.80 EXACTA (2-3) $17.00 TRIFECTA (2-3-4) $45.20 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $11.30 SUPERFECTA (2-3-4-5) $135.40 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $6.77 Ninth - $10,000 Pace 1:52.1 3-State Of The Union (Ma Kakaley) 130.40 45.60 11.60 8-Booze Cruiser (Ji Taggart Jr) 7.60 6.20 9-Brave Call (Ge Napolitano Jr) 2.60 EXACTA (3-8) $772.60 TRIFECTA (3-8-9) $6,203.60


Highest Prices Paid In Cash. Free Pickup. Call Anytime.

VITO & GINO 288-8995 •



Forty Fort

Berwick Boys Summer Basketball Camp will be held July 24-26 at the Berwick Bulldog Gymnasium for boys entering grades 1-7. The camp will be taught by the Berwick basketball team and staff. Contact coach Jason Kingery at 394-7115. King’s College Men’s Lacrosse Camp will be held at Betzler Fields from July 30 -August 2. This camp will be open to all boys ages 10-17. Campers will be grouped by age and experience and be coached by college coaches in a structured learning environment focused on improving skill and having fun. Camp will start at 9 a.m. and finish each day at 4 p.m. Drop off can be as early at 8 a.m. and pick up no later than 5 p.m. please. Space will be limited to ensure optimal coach to player ratios in each age and skill group. Contact for camp application. MEETINGS GAR Memorial High School Football Booster Club will meet Thursday July 12 at 7 p.m. n the Choral Room at the high school. New members are welcome. New members are welcome. Hanover Area Quarterback Club will be holding a meeting Wednesday 7 p.m. at the football stadium. All parents of players are encouraged to attend. Swoyersville Little League’s monthly meeting will be held Wednesday at 8 p.m. at the field on Hemlock Street.All managers and coached must attend to discuss the year end banquet. PHYSICALS Greater Nanticoke Area School District physical examinations for fall sports will be given at the office of Dr. Jon Olenginski, 4 East Main St. in Nanticoke on Saturday, July 14 from 8:30-11:30 a.m. These exams are required prior to participating in any interscholastic sport. Additionally, PIAA Comprehensive Initial Pre-Participation Physical Forms should be completed prior to the exam. These forms are available online at or may be picked up at the GNA Business office or the high school principal’s office. REGISTRATIONS/TRYOUTS Kingston Huskies Football and Cheerleading is starting practice July 16 at the Church Street Field at 5:30 p.m. Anyone who is interested in signing up may do so. Please bring the following information (first time participants) a copy of the child’s birth certificate, a small photo of each child (that will be kept), and two proofs of residence. Holy Redeemer junior high soccer will be holding pre-season conditioningstarting Monday July 30 from 4-5:30 p.m. at the Coal Street Park in Wilkes-Barre. All players must bring their own size 5 soccer ball. Parents with any questions can call Coach Nikki at 690-1029 or e-mail Mountain Top Area Little League is offering a fall ball program, for boys and girls aged 8 through 11. Age classifications are based on 2012 regular season. Season runs from late August through mid October. Registration fee is $40. Registration will be held Thursday, July 19 at 6-8 p.m.; Tuesday, July 24th at 6-8 p.m. and Saturday, July 28 at noon-2 pm. All sign-ups are at the Alberdeen Complex. Call George at 760-1097 for informa-

tion or visit our website at West Side United Soccer Club has openings on a few teams for the fall season.Eleven-year old boys are encouraged to sign up for the U12 team.For info on how to register, go to, or call Ken at 288-2525. UPCOMING EVENTS Exeter Lions Little League 8-9 Year Old Minor Baseball Tournament will be held July 13–August 3. Registration fee is $100 per team plus one ball per game. 7 - 9 year old regular season minor league players are eligible to participate. Make checks payable to: Exeter Lions Little League Send to: 128 Lincoln Street Exeter, Pa 18643. For more information contact Jaime Hizynski at 604-0045 GAR Blue-Gray Fund of the Luzerne Foundation will hold its sixth annual golf tournament and outing July 28 at the Wilkes-Barre Golf Club in Laurel Run. Shotgun start is at 8 a.m. and will be a captain and crew format. Cost is $85 per golfer and includes golf, prizes and lunch afterward at the WilkesBarre Township Fire Hall at 150 Watson Street. For more information contact Jim at 855-4543. Kiwanis Club of Swoyersville is planning its annual golf tournament to be held Sunday, August 12 at the Four Seasons Golf Club in Exeter. The day will include a 1 p.m. shotgun start, green fees, cart, prizes, refreshments, and a meal. Cost is $65 per person with a captain and crew format. For more information, call Gene at 283-1677. Plains Lions Club will hold its golf tournament on Sunday, July 15 at the Sand Springs Country Club. It will be captain-and-crew format with a 1 p.m. Cost is $80 per golfer and includes cart, green fees and dinner after the tournament. Non-golfers and friends of Lions may participate in the dinner at a cost of $30. All golfers must register in advance and can do so by contacting Tom Mulhern at 6069944 or PSU Wilkes-Barre Alumni Constituent Society will host its 17th annual Penn State Masters golf tournament Friday at Blue Ridge Trail Golf Club in Mountain Top. This year’s winning flight in the Captain and Crew style tournament will receive Penn State Wilkes-Barre Masters navy blazers complete with 24k gold-plated Penn State buttons. Golfers have a chance to win hole-in-one prizes while on the course including grand prize of a car donated by Ken Pollock Chevrolet. Other contests during the day include closest to the pin, longest drive for men and women, and double your money by holding the green. The tournament starts 11:30 a.m. with registration and lunch, and begins at 1 p.m. with a shotgun start. For more information, call Karen Brace-Hodle at 675-9228. or email Sand Springs Country Club will be hosting a golf tournament this Saturday. Registration is from noon – 2 p.m. with shotgun start of 2 p.m. Events include closest to pin, longest drive, pot of green and putting contest. Cost is $80 per person and $320 per team which includes green fees, food, refreshments, and dinner. Cost is $25 to those wishing to attend the dinner but not golf. Make checks payable to The Injectibles and mail check to The Injectibles C/O Adam Korinchock 604 Birch Road Hazle Township, PA 18202. Any questions contact Adam Korinchock at 401-6641, Justin Horwath at 5797023, or Jaclyn Verratsro at 2335766.

Bulletin Board items will not be accepted over the telephone. Items may be faxed to 831-7319, dropped off at the Times Leader or mailed to Times Leader, c/o Sports, 15 N, Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711-0250. 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $1,550.90 SUPERFECTA (3-8-9-7) $10,417.20 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $920.86 PICK 4 (6-6-2-3 (3 Out of 4)) $25.20 Tenth - $50,000 Trot 1:52.3 4-Sevruga (An Miller) 3.00 2.10 2.10 6-Anders Bluestone (Ge Napolitano Jr) 3.60 3.40 8-Rose Run Hooligan (Ro Pierce) 2.60 EXACTA (4-6) $9.20 TRIFECTA (4-6-8) $83.00 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $20.75 SUPERFECTA (4-6-8-3) $349.60 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $17.48 Eleventh - $32,000 Trot 1:54.0 7-Oasis Dream (Ti Tetrick) 35.40 4.60 2.60 1-Superstar Hanover (Ji Takter) 2.10 2.10 3-Sequin Hanover (Ma Kakaley) 2.40 EXACTA (7-1) $92.40 TRIFECTA (7-1-3) $354.40 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $88.60 SUPERFECTA (7-1-3-8) $991.60 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $49.58 Scratched: Sunset Magic Twelfth - $10,000 Pace 1:52.0 5-Prestissimo (An McCarthy) 14.60 5.40 5.80 3-Artsbred Camotion (Da Miller) 5.40 4.00 7-Supreme Court (Ty Buter) 18.80 EXACTA (5-3) $91.60 TRIFECTA (5-3-7) $1,318.00 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $329.50 SUPERFECTA (5-3-7-9) $4,983.00 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $249.15 PICK 3 (4-7-5) $465.80 Thirteenth - $32,000 Trot 1:55.4 5-End Of Innocence (Da Miller) 4.20 3.80 2.60 1-Enfilade (Ty Buter) 5.60 3.60 4-Cannot Tell A Lie (Ti Tetrick) 5.00 EXACTA (5-1) $16.20 TRIFECTA (5-1-4) $58.20

50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $14.55 SUPERFECTA (5-1-4-3) $157.40 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $7.87 Fourteenth - $50,000 Pace 1:51.4 3-Podges Lady (Er Ledford) 6.20 2.80 2.20 7-Mcsauna (Ti Tetrick) 9.20 6.40 6-Tykesa Moon (Ma Kakaley) 5.80 EXACTA (3-7) $15.80 TRIFECTA (3-7-6) $170.40 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $42.60 SUPERFECTA (3-7-6-4) $2,296.60 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $114.83 LATE DOUBLE (5-3) $8.40 Total Handle-$405,061

B O X I N G Fight Schedule July 13 At the UIC Pavilion, Chicago (ESPN2), Glen Johnson vs. Andrzej Fonfara, 10, light heavyweights;Jose Luis Castillo vs. Ivan Popoca, 10, welterweights. July 14 At the Palms Casino and Resort, Las Vegas, Dmitry Sukhotsky vs. Cornelius White, 12, for the vacant IBF International light heavyweight title;Anthony Mundine vs. Bronco McKart, 10, middleweights. At Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas (HBO), Danny Garcia vs. Amir Khan, 12, for Garcia’s WBC and the vacant WBA Super World junior welterweight titles;Seth Mitchell vs. Johnathon Banks, 12, heavyweights.

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U.S. hoops moving on without Wade


Russell Westbrook will try to replace the recovering Heat star in the backcourt for Coach K. By BRIAN MAHONEY AP Basketball Writer


The passing of the torch

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron watches the Olympic Flame pass between his nominated Torchbearer Clive Stone and torchbearer Roland Read in Woodstock, England, on Monday.

Solo gets warning from USADA after drug test

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — U.S. national team goalkeeper Hope Solo has received a public warning from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency on Monday after she tested positive for the banned substance Canrenone in a urine test. Solo has accepted the warning and will still play for the United States in the Olympic tournament. The 30-year-old Solo tested positive for Canrenone in a test on June 15. She says she took a medication prescribed by her doctor for pre-menstrual issues and did not know it contained a diuretic.

LAS VEGAS — Russell Westbrook was so good in Game 4 of the NBA Finals that Kobe Bryant couldn’t turn it off. Bryant watched only one game in its entirety, and not surprisingly that was it. Westbrook scored 43 points, making 20 of 32 shots in a spectacular performance, but his Oklahoma City Thunder fell 104-98 in Miami. “He just was bonkers,” Bryant said. Good as Westbrook was, he couldn’t beat Dwyane Wade. Now the Americans need him to be Dwyane Wade. With Wade unable to play this summer, his former U.S. Olympic teammates believe Westbrook is the player who can inherit his role from Beijing as

the potent scorer and game-changer off the bench. “Absolutely, because he’s that type of player,” LeBron James said. “He’s that attacker, he’s that guy that can get in the passing lane, create steals. D-Wade, he changed the momentum when he came into the game. We told him we just want him to score, score the basketball, play high intensity on defense and he did that.” Wade underwent left knee surgery Monday in Miami and is expected to be ready in time for the Heat’s training camp. The Americans think they can be better this summer than the 2008 gold medalists, but it will be difficult to replace Wade, who seemed to be playing at another speed in Beijing. “One of the things that D-Wade brought to our team in Beijing was he created extra possessions for us,” Bryant said. “He shot the passing lanes extremely well. He got a great amount of steals, which created a lot of easy run outs for us, and Russell’s just as good at

that.” Wade was the Americans’ leading scorer in Beijing, averaging 16 points in just 18.8 minutes per game. He made 67 percent of his shots, almost unimaginable for a guard, by blowing by helpless defenders or capitalizing on repeated fast-break opportunities. His status was unclear heading into that summer after he had sat out the end of the NBA season with a knee injury, but it was obvious right from their first exhibition game, when he started in place of an injured James and sparked a rout of Canada, that he was back in top form. He ended the summer by scoring a game-high 27 points to help the U.S. hold off Spain in the gold-medal game. “D-Wade, he was the leading scorer of that team I think, and Russell can do the same thing,” said Kevin Durant, Westbrook’s Thunder teammate. “He can score at will, he’s so athletic, extend possessions for us with his offensive rebounding, his defense. So we’re looking forward to having him out there.”

Can an amputee’s handicap be an advantage?

CAS appoints 12 arbitrators

LAUSANNE, Switzerland — Twelve arbitrators will be on duty during the London Olympics to rule quickly on any legal disputes that arise. The Court of Arbitration for Sport announced details Monday of the tribunal it will set up for the Olympics. CAS, the highest court in sports, has had arbitration panels in place at every Olympics since Atlanta in 1996 to resolve disputes over doping, eligibility and other issues. The London tribunal will be presided over by Judge Juan Torruella of Puerto Rico and Gunnar Werner of Sweden, and will consist of 12 arbitrators from 12 countries. All are lawyers or professors specializing in sports law and arbitration. A panel of three arbitrators will convene to hear any dispute and render a decision within 24 hours. It will be operational from July 17 — 10 days before the opening ceremony — until the end of the games Aug. 12.

Federer has yet to decide whether to carry Swiss flag

WIMBLEDON, England — Roger Federer has not decided whether to accept an offer to carry Switzerland’s flag during the opening ceremonies for the London Olympics. Federer says he might give the honor to someone else. The 17-time Grand Slam champion was the Swiss flag-bearer at two other Summer Games. He teamed with Stanislas Wawrinka to win a gold medal in doubles at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Speaking Monday a day after winning his record-tying seventh Wimbledon title, Federer says an announcement on the flag choice could come “in the next 10 days or so.” The opening ceremonies are July 27. The Olympic tennis competition, which is being held at the All England Club, starts the following day.

Put your missiles on another roof please

Residents go to court to stop construction of base for Games on top of apartments.

Report: No Saudi women qualified for Olympics

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — A Saudiowned newspaper says no women from the ultraconservative Muslim kingdom have qualified for the London Olympics. The report adds that Saudi male athletes have qualified to compete in track, equestrian and weightlifting at the games that start in less than three weeks. The pan-Arab daily newspaper AlSharq al-Awsat is an important media tool for Saudi rulers. Saudi leaders have been under pressure to end the practice of sending all-male teams to international competitions. They could face IOC sanctions after the London Games if women are excluded from the country’s Olympic team. The Saudi Embassy in London said two weeks ago that women who qualify will be allowed to compete.

Yet Westbrook isn’t for everybody, and he plays perhaps the NBA’s most scrutinized game. He isn’t a pass-first point guard and he’s prone to awful shooting nights. Perhaps the combination of the Olympic stage and a playing style that suits his skills better will help Westbrook win over his critics. “Maybe, but you know my job is not to worry about that,” he said. “My job is to come in every day and try to get better.” Westbrook doesn’t understand why his game has so many haters, nor does Mike Krzyzewski. But the coach is focused on the good, and on the opportunity for Westbrook to do for him what Wade did. “There’s that potential that Russell can do that,” Krzyzewski said. “I think Russell’s a great player. It baffles me how people can be so critical of him. I think what he does is absolutely sensational. His ball pressure, his offensive rebounding, his athleticism is off the charts.”

By JILL LAWLESS Associated Press


Chosen to run in the Olympics for South Africa in the 400 and 4x400 relay, Oscar Pistorius has re-ignited a fierce debate over his right to compete alongside able-bodied athletes. He had a competitive ban overturned in 2008.

The Blade Runner By GERALD IMRAY AP Sports Writer

LONDON — Is manmade material superior to muscle? Are those blades better than real legs? Oscar Pistorius, the double-amputee runner, is taking the issue of disabled vs. able-bodied competition into new territory as he prepares for the London Olympics. His inclusion on South Africa’s team clears the way for him to become the first amputee runner to compete in the Olympics. And because it’s the sporting world’s biggest stage, his participation is likely to fire up the long-running debate over whether his flexible, carbon-fiber blades give him an unfair advantage. Pistorius, 25, runs on Cheetah FlexFoot blades, J-shaped limbs that are 16 inches (41 centimeters) long and weigh a little over a pound each. Pistorius, whose lower legs were amputated when he was a baby after he was born without the fibula bones in his shins, has a personal best in the 400 meters of 45.07 seconds — almost two seconds off Michael Johnson’s world record — and ran a 45.20 this year, both inside the top Olympic qualifying time. Never before has a disabled person been such a threat to the able-bodied in a sports event. “There are tens of thousands of people with the same prosthetics I use, but there’s no one running the same times,” Pistorius wrote in a column in a British newspaper last week after he was chosen to run both the individual 400 meters and the 4x400 relay in London. “You’ll always get people who have their opinions on whether I should be competing in London, but they can’t explain my times.” The Blade Runner doesn’t just want to show up at the London Games, flash his photogenic smile and wave, and then retire graciously and let the top runners get on with it. Pistorius wants to be on the track among the eight fin-

South African amputee Oscar Pistorius runs on these Cheetah Flex-Foot blades, which are 16 inches long and weigh a little over a pound each.

est runners in the world when the gold medal is decided on Aug. 6. “It’s a personal dream of his to run in the final at the Olympic Games,” Pistorius’ coach for all his career, Ampie Louw, told The Associated Press. “It’s not qualifying only.” Pistorius told the AP: “My goals are just to be able to look back at my career and know that I didn’t let my talent go to waste. I’m just trying to prove to myself that I can be the best that I want to be.” Sports engineer David James, a senior lecturer at England’s Sheffield Hallam University, disagrees with Pistorius’ inclusion in the Olympics on both scientific and ethical grounds. “Sport is hard-nosed and brutal and bloody and has no place for sob stories. People want Oscar to run and do well. However, will they think the same if he wins?” James said. “I predict a backlash if he wins anything. They will attribute that performance to the blades. I think there would be real implica-

tions if he won.” Pistorius’ case was settled — legally anyway — in 2008 when sports’ highest court lifted the ban from able-bodied events imposed on him by the International Association of Athletics Federations. The Court of Arbitration for Sport said that Pistorius probably gets some advantages from the springy, curved blades, but also suffers some disadvantages, and they even out in the end. James doesn’t agree. “To say he doesn’t have an advantage is stretching it,” the sports engineer said. “When he’s up to speed, he is more efficient than someone with muscle and bone. He can relocate his legs faster because they are lighter.” Hugh Herr, an associate professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an expert in biomechanics and bionics who has conducted studies on Pistorius, agreed with the decision to reinstate Pistorius, saying there is no evidence the blades give Pistorius an edge. Pistorius’ leg speed is quicker than that of some other athletes but not all of them, Herr said, meaning he’s “not abnormal.” And in terms of the energy he uses and the way he tires, there is, crucially, no difference, Herr said. Pistorius is probably at a disadvantage because he cannot hit the ground as hard as other athletes, the professor said. “The view that he’s a robot that doesn’t fatigue is nonsense,” Herr said. “The science is immature. We don’t know very much, but what we do know says there’s no overall advantage for Pistorius in a 400-meter race.” Sports ethicist and philosopher Ivo van Hilvoorde of Free University in Amsterdam said the South African represents the shifting boundaries between able and disabled sport. “We are used to thinking of disabled as less,” Van Hilvoorde said, “but it could be the other way round. “Oscar Pistorius is a nice example of this.”

LONDON — Residents of a London apartment tower went to court Monday in a bid to stop their rooftop from being used as a missile base during the Olympic Games, saying the deployment in a densely-populated area could make the building a terrorist target. The British military plans to deploy surface-to-air missiles at six sites around London as part of a vast security operation for the July 27-Aug. 12 games. But residents of the 17-story Fred Wigg Tower in Leytonstone, east London, say they were not consulted about the move. Judge Charles Haddon-Cave said he would rule Tuesday on whether residents can seek a judicial review of the plans to put the missiles on their roof. The residents’ lawyer, Marc Willers, told the High Court that his clients had “a fully justified fear that installation or deployment of the missile system on the roof of the Fred Wigg Tower gives rise to the additional risk that the tower itself may become the focus of a terrorist attack.” They claim the missiles breach their rights under the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects an individual’s “right to private life and peaceful enjoyment of their home.” Missiles also will be stationed at another apartment building, at a reservoir and farmland in east London and along hillsides in south London. Defense Secretary Philip Hammond has said the missiles — capable of shooting down a hijacked aircraft menacing the Olympic Park — are a prudent part of security precautions intended to provide “both reassurance and a powerful deterrent.” Hammond says objections to the security plans, which also include 7,500 soldiers, RAF fighter jets on standby at nearby air bases and a helicopter carrier on the River Thames, are confined to “a small number of activists.” Intelligence officials say there has been an expected increase in chatter among extremist groups ahead of the Olympics, but there are no specific or credible threats to the games. Britain’s terror threat level remains at substantial, the middle point on a fivepoint scale, meaning an attack is a strong possibility. Over the past week, 14 people have been arrested on suspicion of terrorism activity. Police insist none of the cases are linked to plots against the Summer Games.


TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012



Wiggins’ time trial win extends lead

BESANCON, France — If Monday’s time trial at the Tour de France was “the test of truth” — as one top rider called it — then Bradley Wiggins aced it. The Olympic champion, aiming to be the first British winner of cycling’s showcase race, sped to victory in the first big time trial, tightening his grip on the yellow jersey. “That was my physical best out there,” he said. “It’s probably my best time trial ever.” The race against the clock is a discipline Wiggins loves. And it showed in the ninth stage, a 25.8mile ride from Arc-et-Senans to Besancon. He finished 35 seconds ahead of Sky teammate Christopher Froome, the runnerup. Defending champion Cadel Evans of Australia, seen as Wiggins’ most formidable rival, was a disappointing sixth. He called Wiggins and Froome “very, very, very strong riders.” A day earlier, Evans was all too aware of the stakes in the time trial: “Tomorrow is the test of truth. It’s each with their own two legs,” he said. Evans was 1:43 behind. He remains second overall, trailing Wiggins by 1:53. Froome rose to third, from sixth, and is 2:07 behind his teammate. “I was really motivated — the time trial is my thing,” Wiggins said, adding he had worked hard on his riding position, breathing

and study of the course. “I am very happy now.” Overall, Italy’s Vincenzo Nibali is fourth, 2:23 behind. Russia’s Denis Menchov is fifth, 3:02 back, and Spain’s Haimar Zubeldia is sixth, 3:19 off the pace. Wiggins has been the favorite since a dazzling stretch of three stage-race victories this season. At the Tour, he was fourth in 2009 and 24th in 2010, just behind Lance Armstrong, riding in his final Tour. He crashed out last year. As this 99th Tour continues, Sky is likely to shelter Wiggins in the flats and escort him up Alps and Pyrenees climbs by pressing the pace with him in their draft, trying to wear out rivals. Then it will be up to Wiggins to deliver solo again in the next-tolast stage — an even longer, 33mile time trial from Bonneval to Chartres before an often-celebratory ride to the Champs-Elysees finish. Wiggins insists the three-week race is far from over, saying a crash or illness could douse his victory hopes. He also noted that Evans has promised to fight to the finish. “It’s never over until the fat lady sings, and she hasn’t entered the building yet,” Wiggins said. But the stage raises questions about whether Evans — or anyone else — can challenge Wiggins and his team, which has shown strength in both the climbs and time trials that often determine the Tour winner.

Armstrong suit to block doping charges dismissed

By JIM VERTUNO AP Sports Writer

AUSTIN, Texas — A federal judge handed Lance Armstrong a quick setback Monday as he went to court to save his seven Tour de France titles and his reputation as one of the greatest cyclists ever. Armstrong filed a lawsuit aimed at preventing the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency from moving ahead with charges that he used performance-enhancing drugs throughout much of his long career. But within hours, U.S. District Court Judge Sam Sparks in Austin dismissed the 80-page complaint. He said it seemed more intended to whip up public opinion in Armstrong’s favor than focus on legal arguments. Sparks, however, did not rule on the merits of Armstrong’s claims and will let him refile the lawsuit. Armstrong attorney Tim Herman said he will do that, possibly on Tuesday. The lawsuit claimed USADA rules violate athletes’ constitutional right to a fair trial, and that the agency doesn’t have jurisdiction in Armstrong’s case. It also accused USADA’s chief executive, Travis Tygart, of waging a personal vendetta against the cancer survivor who won the Tour de France every year from 1999 to 2005. The judge was not impressed with a filing that dedicated dozens of pages to Armstrong’s ca-







MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL With a 35-second edge over his nearest competitor in Monday’s Stage 9 time trial victory, Bradley Wiggins is on pace to become the first British rider to win the Tour de France.

By JAMEY KEATEN Associated Press


reer history and long-standing disputes with anti-doping officials. “This Court is not inclined to indulge ArmArmstrong strong’s desire for publicity, self-aggrandizement or vilification of Defendants, by sifting through eighty mostly unnecessary pages in search of the few kernels of factual material relevant to his claims,” Sparks wrote. Herman said he got the message. “When (Sparks) speaks, I listen,” he said. “It doesn’t change the legal issues involved or any of the relief that we seek.” The lawsuit was an aggressive, and expected, move as Armstrong seeks to preserve his racing legacy and his place as an advocate for cancer survivors and research. He wants Sparks to bar USADA from pursuing its case or issuing any sanctions against him. Armstrong asked the court to issue an injunction by Saturday, the deadline to formally challenge the case against him in USADA’s arbitration process or accept the agency’s sanctions. He could receive a lifetime ban from cycling and be stripped of his Tour de France victories if found guilty. Armstrong insists he is innocent.

Dickey deserves a better fate Nice to see retirement hasn’t dulled Tony La Russa’s competitive edge one bit. Fewer people than ever care who wins the All-Star game, even with homefield advantage in the World Series hanging in the balance, but he still does. And while La Russa knows absolutely no one tunes in to watch the managers manage, he still can’t help himself. Remember that when you see the Giants’ Matt Cain on the mound starting tonight for the National League instead of overwhelming fan favorite R.A. Dickey of the Mets. Here’s hoping that the game is half as competitive as La Russa envisions and there are still enough viewers hanging around by the middle — let alone at the end — to admire his handiwork. Dickey, a journeyman whose late-in-life mastery of the knuckleball has been the best and most unlikely story of the season so far, seemed like the perfect choice to start what is essentially an exhibition. He brought his mom, his wife and their four kids along. “Having gotten here as a 37-year-old man and having my family old enough to ‘get it’ has been a real rich thing,” Dickey said. “To play long enough for your kids to get it, that’s a real big deal.” La Russa knows all the details, but wasn’t about to be swayed by sentimentality. He said he decided on Cain, who’s no slouch, simply because he’s more likely to get through the

McCarver spent so much time that seems to make sense that they would warm up together perfecting theirs that McCarver and get a little familiar.” once mused they were destined Dickey didn’t sound as conto wind up “in the same cemeJIM LITKE vinced. He came to Kansas City tery, exactly 60 feet, 6 inches thinking he had a chance to first couple of innings with the apart.” Brent Mayne, who spent start, then learned he wouldn’t 15 seasons in the majors and fewest fireworks. That’s in no in a text shortly after La Russa’s wrote “The Art of Catching” small part because Buster Poannouncement. sey, who happens to be Cain’s afterward, warned teams lavish“I’m not going to break down ing big bucks on pitchers to regular catcher in San Francisco, will start for the NL as well. in tears over it, but at the same remember who was on the time I’m a competitor. I want to “I do think there is an extra receiving end. pitch. I want to start. I feel like plus to being the starter to the “It’s like having a phenomI had a good enough first half National League or the Amerenal race horse,” he said, “but that I should be considered. ican League. I do think that’s no jockey.” “But I’m not the boss,” he something special,” La Russa Thoroughbreds like Greg said Monday. “But I don’t think added. “I don’t necessarily have Maddux were touchy enough to agree with (La Russa), but I it detracts at all from R.A.’s about their receivers, and he have to respect it. That’s just accomplishments and being could hit just about every corthe way it is.” here. Whenever he pitches, it’s ner of the plate on command. Either way, Dickey didn’t going to be a great event for But with knuckleballers, it’s not think catching his knuckleball him and for baseball.” just a matter of confidence that La Russa wouldn’t be pinned was that big a deal. “I hope not. You’re talking down on exactly when Dickey the catcher will call the right about the best players in the would get his chance. But he pitch at the right time; it’s the world, and you’re asking about promised the right-hander ability to consistently get in a pitch that’s too nasty to hanwouldn’t suffer the same fate front of a pitch that both might dle? I hope that’s not it,” he that befell Tim Wakefield, anagree on but neither can be said. “If that’s the reason that’s other knuckleballer and feelcertain where it will end up. good story who was selected to a poor reason.” If there’s any consolation, it’s In fairness, La Russa might the AL squad in 2009 at age 42 that the batter has less of an be overly cautious when it yet never made it into the idea where that is than either. game. Then-manager Joe Mad- comes to Dickey, who so far has “I’ve heard the quote it’s like been much more accurate than don held Wakefield back in the a snowflake — no two are most knuckleball pitchers. He bullpen anticipating an extraalike,” Dickey said in a recent inning game that never materi- not only has more wins, a betinterview with USA Today. “It’s ter ERA and more strikeouts alized. really like that. They can’t anthan Cain so far — he’s thrown La Russa said to keep an eye ticipate where it’s going and out for Dickey in the first half of the exact same number of wild that’s the whole key. I know I the game, right about the same pitches (one) in the same numhave something to offer that’s time Philadelphia’s Carlos Ruiz ber of innings (120, compared unique.” replaces Posey behind the plate. to 120 1-3 for Cain). And La Russa better get him But La Russa is dead right “You really should warm up a turn on the big stage in plenty with R.A., whether it be before about the importance of the pitcher-catcher relationship. It’s of time for the rest of us to the first inning or before his the most sensitive in baseball, if appreciate it. inning,” he said. “That’s why I not all of sports, even moreso don’t think I’ll bring him in when one half of the combinaduring an inning and it’s very Jim Litke is a national sports columlikely that when he comes in, it tion relies on a singularly zany nist for The Associated Press. Write will be just as Buster leaves and pitch to put food on the table. to him at jlitke(at) and follow him at Steve Carlton and Tim Carlos gets to catch. I think




Hornish to sub again for Allmendinger The Associated Press


South/Wilkes-Barre’s Hunter Ritchie (right) beats a throw into second base in front of Avoca/ Dupont’s Andrew Krawcyzk in the District 16 10-11 tournament. Results were not reported.

Morgan slams walk-off homer The Times Leader staff


NANTICOKE — Stephen 10-11 BASEBALL Morgan hit a game-winning Kingston/Forty Fort 15, home run in the bottom of the West Side 1 seventh inning to lead HanovFour KFF pitchers combined er/Ashley/South Wilkes-Barre for a one hitter. Danny Poto a 9-8 victory over Nanticoke lachek led with three hits. in District 16 senior baseball Jacob Malia, Mykolas Bozentaction. ka and Kevin Grodzki each John Yurkowski had three had two-hit performances. hits and scored two runs. Sean Dave Wildey doubled and Paul Williamson tallied a run scored West Side’s lone run. and a hit. Tyler Scott walked twice and scored a run. Bryan Back Mountain American 13, Cole picked up the win in West Pittston 1 relief. Ethan Zawatski, Michael Nanticoke’s Jimmy Strickland hit a three-run home run. Luksic and Dalton Simpson Aaron Scott had three hits, combined to hold West Pittand Matt Pawloski scored two ston to four singles in the runs. winners’ bracket final. Zawatski also led American Duryea/Pittston Township 14, by batting 4-for-4 with two North Wilkes-Barre/Plains 7 home runs, including a grand Mark Krebish scored two slam and six RBI. Luksic runs. Andrew Mies went 3-4 homered as part of a three-hit with four runs. Matt Mott effort. Derek Answini and added two hits and a run. Josh Darren Kerdesky added two Kramer chipped in two hits hits each. Michael Doggett and two runs. Aaron Black added a triple. went 2-for-4 with two runs. For North Wilkes-Barre/ DISTRICT 31 Plains, Kyle McGrady batted JUNIOR SOFTBALL 2-for-3 with two runs. Eric Kingston/F. Fort/Swoy’ville 15, Adamcyzk had two hits, and West Side 2 Joe Dugher connected on three hits. Sam Amato had three hits

and six RBI as KFFS clinched the title Sunday night. Katie Johnson had four hits, including two triples, for KFFS. Colleen Cwalina had three hits. Pitcher Chloe Ruckle struck out six and allowed two hits. Natalie Gruver and Bryden Peters each had a hit and scored a run for West Side. KFFS advances to the Section 5 tournament, playing its first game on July 18.


Bob Horlacher 8, Carbino 5

Bob Horlacher won the Section 5 championship with a win over Carbino Saturday and opens state tournament play against Warrington at 8 p.m. today in State College. Sydney Faux, Sarah Traver and Maddie Kelley combined on the mound to allow three hits and six strikeouts. Danielle Krispin led Bob Horlacher with two doubles. Rachel Johnson went 2-for-3 and an RBI. Talia Kosierowski had a single and two RBI. Amber Shirtz, Mia Dixon and Maddie Kelley each had a single with an RBI.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — AJ Allmendinger is “shell-shocked” by his failed drug test and his business manager said Monday that the suspended NASCAR driver is working hard to determine what went wrong. Allmendinger was suspended by NASCAR just before Saturday night’s race at Daytona for failing a random June 29 drug test. NASCAR on Monday received an official request for Allmendinger’s “B” sample to be tested. “He was a little dumbfounded and shell-shocked Saturday night, and yesterday, it just seemed a little surreal,” business manager Tara Ragan told The Associated Press. “It’s just so far from AJ’s character, and he’s trying to come to terms with what has just happened and figure out how this could happen and respect NASCAR’s process.” Penske Racing said it is working with NASCAR to “follow its process and procedures,” but the team will use Sam Hornish Jr. this weekend at New Hampshire in Allmendinger’s No. 22 Dodge. Ragan said Allmendinger is working with Penske Racing to help the organization “get to the bottom of this.” NASCAR and Penske officials have not said what Allmendinger tested positive for, and Allmendinger has made no statement since his suspension. Allmendinger is the second Sprint Cup Series driver suspended since NASCAR implemented its drug policy in 2009. Jeremy Mayfield chose not to participate in NASCAR’s rehabilitation program and instead contested his 2009 suspension in court. He eventually lost his fight after a lengthy battle, and has not raced since. Allmendinger is the fourth driver spanning NASCAR’s three national series to be suspended for a failed drug test; none of the previous three has been re-instated.


A L L- S T A R G A M E










Knuckler will have to wait for N.L.

Continued from Page 1B

La Russa chooses Cain over Dickey to start on the mound tonight for the senior circuit. By RONALD BLUM AP Sports Writer

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Owner of the best record in baseball, R.A. Dickey was hoping to become the first knuckleballer to start an All-Star game since Dutch Leonard in 1943. A 12-1 record wasn’t good enough. Tony La Russa picked San Francisco’s Matt Cain to start for the National League tonight. “I’m not going to break down in tears over it, but at the same time I’m a competitor. I want to pitch. I want to start,” Dickey said Monday. “I feel like I had a good enough first half that I should be considered. But I’m not the boss. I don’t necessarily have to agree with him, but I have to respect it. That’s just the way it is.” Detroit’s Justin Verlander will start for the American League as the All-Stars return to Kansas City for the first time since 1973. La Russa, who retired after leading the St. Louis Cardinals to last year’s World Series title, made the decision after consulting with his longtime pitching coach, Dave Duncan. Cain had the advantage of pitching a perfect game against Houston on June 13. Dickey hopes he wasn’t denied the start just because he throws knuckleballs. “You’re talking about the best players in the world, and you’re asking about a pitch that’s too nasty to handle?” Dickey said. “I hope that’s not it. If that’s the reason, that’s a poor reason.” Cain is 9-3 with a 2.62 ERA. Dickey, a first-time All-Star at age 37, became the first major leaguer in 24 years to throw consecutive one-hitters. Verlander, 9-5 with a 2.58 ERA, is the first All-Star starter who has won Rookie of the Year, Cy Young and MVP. The AL’s batting order has Derek Jeter leading off and playing shortstop, followed by Yankees teammate Robinson Cano at second base, Texas left fielder Josh Hamilton, Toronto right fielder Jose Bautista, Detroit first baseman Prince Fielder, Texas third baseman Adrian Beltre, Boston designated hitter David Ortiz, Texas catcher Mike Napoli and Yankees center fielder Curtis Granderson. The NL has Colorado’s Carlos Gonzalez leading off as the DH, followed by San Francisco center fielder Melky Cabrera, Milwaukee left fielder Ryan Braun, Cincinnati first baseman Joey Votto, St. Louis right fielder Carlos Beltran, Giants catcher Buster Posey, Giants third baseman Pedro Sandoval, Atlanta second baseman Dan Uggla and St. Louis shortstop Rafael Furcal. Braun, who finished fourth in NL outfielder voting, takes the place of the Dodgers’ Matt Kemp, on the disabled list because of a strained left hamstring.

DERBY Continued from Page 1B

setting sun lit up clouds in a pretty pink behind the left-field wall. His mop of dreadlocks visible as he hit without a helmet, Fielder deposited four more balls into the 322-footwide water spectacular, which by then was illuminated in the twilight. He added another water drive in the final round, then leaned against one of his sons while he watched Bautista swing. When he won three years ago in St. Louis, Fielder’s 23 homers included a 503-foot drive that disappeared between two


Jeremy Ruby (right), announced as part of the new Yankees management team along with Rob Crain, previously worked with the franchise for 13 seasons, starting out as an intern and eventually taking over as general manager.

‘I felt like I needed a change’ Jeremy Ruby returns to the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre franchise as an executive. By TOM ROBINSON For the Times Leader

MOOSIC — Jeremy Ruby made a decision that many Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees fans have made. After 13 years, Ruby stepped away from the team. Ruby is back with the Yankees. The former Valley View baseball standout resigned from his position as Abington Heights athletic director to return as executive vice president of baseball operations. Changes on the horizon, including the debut of a reconstructed PNC Field in 2013, lured Ruby back, just as the Yankees are hoping will happen

with many of the fans who became disillusioned. “Ultimately, I felt like I needed a change,” said Ruby, whose rehiring was announced in a Monday press conference in the PNC Field parking lot. “I tried something new and I found that the grass is not always greener on the other side. I’m a baseball lifer and here we are. This project started and I got a little excited. “It’s going to be amazing. I’m sold. I’m all-in.” Ruby was drafted in the 38th round of the 1994 Major League Baseball Draft while he was still playing for Valley View in the playoffs. The son of veteran Houston Astros minor league pitching coach Gary Ruby and great-grandson of late Major League umpire Joe Paparella had a brief professional playing career before graduating from East Stroudsburg University in

1998. After joining the Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre Red Barons as an intern in 1998, Ruby stayed with the franchise. He became general manager in 2005 and became executive vice president/general manager when the team switched affiliations from the Philadelphia Phillies to the New York Yankees. Art Matin, the Mandalay Baseball Properties CEO who was serving as interim general manager, announced Ruby’s hiring along with that of Rob Crain as president and general manager. SWB Yankees is jointly owned by Mandalay Baseball, which had been operating the team, and the New York Yankees in another change since Ruby left the organization. “When he reached out most recently and said he was so excited about what he was hear-

ing, we started talking to Jeremy,” Matin said. “We started thinking ‘wouldn’t it be great if Jeremy wanted to come back’ and Jeremy was thinking ‘wouldn’t it be great if they wanted me to come back’. “Things have worked out. It was an easy decision to embrace the return of Jeremy.” Ruby will handle community relations and special events. He will also work on sales of clublevel and suite-level seats. “I had to do it,” Ruby said. “I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance in a brand-new, $43-million facility, to be the best of the best.” Ruby said he enjoyed his work as athletic director, but feels a special attachment to baseball. “It’s just something that’s been in my family,” he said. “I can’t get away from it.”


Workers continue to remove the third base side of the concourse at PNC Field. Demolition is scheduled to continue through August before building the new structure.

Continued from Page 1B

that’s all that matters. We’re here to deliver the ultimate experience and that’s what we’re going to do.” NAME THE TEAM UPDATE During Monday’s press conference, Matin said that the organization received 2,700 suggestions from fans for the Name the Team Contest. He said that name ideas were broad. Some were heritage related – ranging from the mining industry, locomotive related or trolleys. Others were or baseball related names like Yankee offshoots or just other baseball names. And some names were animal or hunting related. The CEO of Mandalay Baseball Properties added that in about two weeks a list of finalists will be made public and he hopes to have everything finished by the early fall. “It’s a tremendous response. I want to thank everybody for sending suggestions,” Matin said. “They were thoughtful. sections of bleachers in rightcenter. Cano set a final-round record of 12 en route to last year’s title in Phoenix, where he hit 32 overall. This year he was the object of loud booing throughout by fans upset he didn’t select the Royals’ Billy Butler after promising to take a hometown player for his derby team. Fans chanted “Bil-ly Butler!” in between their boos. When it was over, Cano got hugs from Boston’s David Ortiz and Yankees teammates Curtis Granderson and CC Sabathia. “Everywhere the Yankees go play, they get booed all the time. I’m used to it,” Cano said. It was the 17th time a player went homerless in the Derby, the first since Detroit’s Bran-


What it showed was that people were passionate about the team and their ideas and there was a lot of good logic behind it.” TICKETS WILL BE INEXPENSIVE Matin also touched on the subject of affordability of tickets. In recent years, some people have had issues about the price of tickets to Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre Yankees games. In 2013, Matin said there’s a possibility that 90 percent of

tickets will be $10 or less when packaged or with group sales. A fixed rate of a $10-or-less ticket will be available as general admission, standing room or lawn seats. “We’ve heard loud and clear from everyone to please keep prices within reach,” Matin said. “And even though it’s going to be a phenomenal stadium with great amenities and something for everyone, we also realize that affordability is an

important aspect of this and we’re trying hard to keep ticket prices well within reach for everyone around this region and certainly consistent with other teams in the area.” Actual prices will be made public next month with existing season ticket holders getting the first opportunity. Matin is expecting that in September, season tickets, group tickets and club suite tickets will be made available to the general public.

said there’s no chance those words come out of my mouth.” Crain enters the organization taking over for Kristin Rose, who resigned in April and accepted another position with Mandalay Baseball Properties. His last job was as assistant general manager with the Omaha Storm Chasers, the Triple-A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. The club also welcomed back Jeremy Ruby, who was selected as vice president of baseball operations. Ruby was employed with the team from 1999 to 2008 and was general manager in his last four seasons. “To have the New York Yankees, Mandalay Baseball Properties, both counties, the local communities, everybody supporting us, we’re going to go on an incredible run here,” Ruby said. When Crain was appointed as the assistant general manager with Omaha, the organization was in a similar situation as the SWB Yankees. The team was known as the Omaha Royals for eight years and moved into a new stadium in 2011 when historic Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium closed in 2010. As he begins his duty with the team in Moosic, Scranton/WilkesBarre will be moving into a renovated stadium to begin the 2013 campaign. The team is also mulling options to change its name from Yankees to a fans’ choice in a process that began last month. “I will use that experience. We’re not at the top of the mountain yet, but there’s opportunity to get there here in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre,” he said. “It’s going to be an exciting time.” He also played a big role with the fan base in Omaha and at his prior employer, the Southwest Michigan Devil Rays. The Storm Chasers’ attendance got a huge boost and sales records were set in advertising and group sales records for five straight years. The Scranton/Wilkes-Barre franchise could use a boost in attendance. After attaining large crowds in the Yankees’ first year in 2007, attendance figures have declined every year and bottomed out as the worst in the International League in 2011. Crain, who has been married to his wife Amy since 2008, plans on letting fans know they are important and said that he wants them to create memories when they arrive at PNC Field. He also said many promotions will be in store for the 2013 season. “It’s every night creating something whether it’s kids run the bases or music in the plaza or giveaways or fireworks,” Crain said. “We’re going to overwhelm those senses of people so they’re going to have a great time when they’re here. It’s an entertainment destination. That’s what we’re really going to focus on.” One item already planned and to stay involved in the community is a community organization night. Each night a different non-profit organization will be recognized with atabledisplayandtheorganization will also be on the field and interviewed on the radio during the broadcast. Others being named to the leadership team are Paul Chilek, executive vice president; Doug Augis, vice president of ticketing; Katie Beekman, vice president of marketing and corporate services’ Curt Camoni, vice president of stadium operations; Mike Trudnak, vice president of corporate partnerships and Joe Villano, director of facility operations.

don Inge in 2009. “that was the most interesting reaction to a home rum derby i’ve ever seen, but the fans were excited which is all that counts,” Granderson tweeted. Carlos Gonzalez and Andrew McCutchen (four each) and Matt Kemp (one) also were dropped after the first round. Carlos Beltran (12) was dropped after the second round, when Mark Trumbo and Bautista were tied with 13 apiece, leading to a swingoff won by Bautista 2-1. Trumbo and Bautista each managed to put a drive into the small fountain beyond the leftfield wall. Trumbo also hit a AP PHOTO pair of shots over the Royals Hall of Fame in left, toward In- Prince Fielder (seated, far left) eyes up his competition, Toronto’s Jose Bautista (foreground), in the terstate 70. final round of Monday’s Home Run Derby. Bautista hit seven homers to Fielder’s 12 in the finals.


TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012




Attorney says charge vs. Peterson a lie

MINNEAPOLIS — The attorney for Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson says his client was a victim and a charge of resisting arrest is a “fabrication.” Texas attorney Rusty Hardin released a statement Monday, two days after Peterson was released from a Houston jail. The running back was arrested and charged with resisting arrest after allegedly pushing an off-duty police officer who was working security at a night club. Hardin says the allegations are “a total fabrication” and that Peterson was “the victim, not the aggressor.” Peterson has an initial court appearance on the misdemeanor scheduled for Friday. Hardin represented Roger Clemens in his recent perjury case. Clemens was charged with lying to Congress when he denied using performance-enhancing drugs. He was retried this year and found not guilty on all counts. GOLF

Price withdraws from U.S. Senior Open

LAKE ORION, Mich. — Nick Price of Zimbabwe has withdrawn from the U.S. Senior Open because of a family emergency. The U.S. Senior Open starts Thursday at Indianwood. Price, who was named Presidents Cup captain last month, was to be in the same group as U.S. captain Fred Couples and eight-time major champion Tom Watson. His spot now goes to Douglas Snoap, an amateur from Apopka, Fla., who is playing in his first U.S. Senior Open. Bruce Fleisher, who won the 2001 U.S. Senior Open, withdrew because of a hand injury. D.A. Weibring withdrew because of an injury to his Achilles tendon.









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Eric LeGrand gets endorsement deal

NEWARK, N.J. — Paralyzed Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand has a new job. The inspirational LeGrand was hired by Subway to appear in television commercials with New York Giants defensive lineman Justin Tuck to promote the world’s largest restaurant chain. The commercials were filmed two weeks ago and will air this fall. LeGrand, who was paralyzed making a tackle in a game against Army in 2010, has had a remarkable year. The New Jersey native was signed to an NFL contract by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and his former Scarlet Knights coach, Greg Schiano, shortly after the NFL draft in April. The 21-year-old, who has vowed to walk again, also will receive the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at the ESPYs this month. NBA

HOUSTON — Marcus Camby has agreed to rejoin the New York Knicks in a deal that sends three players and two secondround draft picks to the Houston Rockets, according to a person with direct knowledge of the move. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because neither team has announced the trade. The Rockets, continuing to reshape their roster after missing the playoffs for the third straight season, will get guard Toney Douglas, centers Josh Harrelson and Jerome Jordan and second-round picks in 2014 and 2015. Camby, meanwhile, returns to New York, where he played from 1998-2002. Houston obtained Camby from Portland at the trading deadline. He averaged 7.1 points and 9.3 rebounds in 19 games for the Rockets, who traded starting center Samuel Dalembert before last month’s draft.


Source: Rockets deal Camby to Knicks





TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012

Tasty move for Campbell?


Consumers charge more

Americans put more on their credit cards in May than in any single month since November 2007. But overall credit card use is still well below where it was just before the Great Recession began. The Federal Reserve said Monday that consumer borrowing rose by $17.1 billion in May from April. The increase drove total borrowing to a seasonally adjusted $2.57 trillion. That’s just below the all-time high of $2.58 trillion reached in July 2008. Borrowing has increased steadily over the past two years, driven mostly by auto and student loans.


NEW YORK — Campbell Soup Co., the world’s biggest soup maker, is looking to court a new generation of consumers with baby carrots, premium juices and refrigerated salad dressings. The Camden, N.J.-based company said Monday that it will buy natural foods maker Bolthouse Farms in a $1.55 billion cash deal from private equity firm Madison Dearborn Partners LLC. Campbell says Bolthouse’s line of juices and carrots will help it feed Americans’ growing appetite for fresher foods. Campbell, which is best known for its canned soups, is looking to strengthen its presence in the refrigerated sections of supermarkets. Most of its products, which include Goldfish crackers, Pepperidge Farm baked goods and Prego pasta sauces, are now found in the center aisles, where shelf-stable items are sold. CEO Denise Morrison said the Bolthouse deal will help Campbell more aggressively court the generation known as Millennials, who are especially drawn to healthy, on-the-go foods. Campbell’s core customers are currently baby boomers and seniors who grew up with the company’s products, Morrison said. Campbell expects the $12 billion market for packaged fresh foods to grow about 6 percent to 7 percent per year, outpacing the broader packaged-food category. After years of declining soup sales, as competition grew and consumer tastes evolved, Campbell also is trying to revive its main business. To appeal to younger shoppers, it plans to roll out a slew of new products this fall, including soup pouches in flavors like Moroccan chicken.

Windows 8 coming in Oct.

Computers running on the next version of Microsoft’s Windows operating system will go on sale in October. Microsoft Corp. announced the time frame for Windows 8’s mass-market release Monday in Toronto. A specific sales date in October wasn’t provided. Most industry analysts expected Windows 8 would go on sale in the fall to ensure that the machines running on the operating system would be available for the holiday shopping season. Consumers and businesses who don’t want to buy new computers will be able to buy Windows 8 and upgrade their systems.


Demonstrators hit pots and make other noise during a protest against the financial crisis and the latest government economic measures in Sol square, in Madrid.

Wanted: Jobs for youths in Europe BRUSSELS — Irene Fernandez lost her job with Spain’s postal service five months ago, a victim of government spending cuts. Since then, she’s been getting by on spending money from her mother and the $530 a month she earns grooming dogs for neighbors. Fernandez, 24, has had one job interview. “This year has been the toughest,” she says. “I am beginning to realize that things are going to be a

WellPoint Inc., the nation’s secondlargest health insurer, will get a bigger chunk of the expanding market of people covered by Medicaid with its $4.46 billion acquisition of a provider of the program for needy and disabled Americans. WellPoint said that it will spend $92 per share in cash for Amerigroup Corp., which runs Medicaid coverage in 13 states. WellPoint said the acquisition gives it the opportunity for about $16 billion in potential revenue.

When you name a product “Incredible” you’re giving yourself a big set of shoes to fill. The original HTC Incredible phone featured an impressive 8 megapixel camera and a 1GHz processor, packed into a case that was slimmer and lighter than an iPhone. In almost every sense of the word, it lived up to its name. A few days ago, I got my hands on the newly released “Incredible 4G LTE” from Verizon Wireless. There’s a definite family resemblance to its older 3G sibling. But where the original device was all black, the Incredible 4G has been updated to match the latest HTC devices – it has a slightly polished bezel with understated crimson accents on the power button and camera bezel.

Boeing Co. opened the Farnborough Airshow by announcing the sale to Air Lease Corp. of 75 of its 737 aircraft for a total of $7.2 billion, at least at sticker price. It’s the first order for the MAX, a new version of its best-selling 737 aircraft, from a leasing company. The MAX incorporates new technologies designed to make the aircraft more efficient, reliable and comfortable.


$4.06 07/17/08

S&P 500 1,352.46




YTD NAV Chg %Rtn

Alliance Bernstein BalShrB m 15.38 -.01 CoreOppA m 13.04 +.02 American Cent IncGroA m 26.11 -.06 ValueInv 5.96 -.01 American Funds AMCAPA m 20.24 -.03 BalA m 19.35 +.01 BondA m 12.87 +.02 CapIncBuA m 51.23 +.02 CpWldGrIA m 33.56 -.08 EurPacGrA m 36.46 -.23 FnInvA m 37.50 -.05 GrthAmA m 31.34 -.07 HiIncA m 10.96 +.02 IncAmerA m 17.32 ... InvCoAmA m 28.96 -.03 MutualA m 27.20 -.03 NewPerspA m28.18 -.11 NwWrldA m 48.58 -.30 SmCpWldA m36.81 -.13 WAMutInvA m29.95 +.01 Baron Asset b 48.76 -.37 BlackRock EqDivI 19.22 -.02 GlobAlcA m 18.75 -.02 GlobAlcC m 17.41 -.02 GlobAlcI 18.86 -.02 CGM Focus 25.91 -.19 Mutual 26.23 -.14 Realty 30.20 +.03 Columbia AcornZ 29.64 -.13 DFA EmMktValI 26.74 -.21

+6.5 +7.9 +8.1 +6.1 +7.9 +7.3 +4.0 +6.1 +6.2 +3.7 +6.7 +9.1 +6.8 +5.3 +7.9 +6.4 +7.7 +5.3 +10.9 +6.6 +6.7 +6.2 +3.2 +2.8 +3.4 +1.0 +7.5 +12.9 +8.9 +3.6


NASDAQ 2,931.77

YTD NAV Chg %Rtn

DWS-Scudder EnhEMFIS d 10.64 HlthCareS d 27.57 LAEqS d 38.05 Davis NYVentA m 34.61 NYVentC m 33.28 Dodge & Cox Bal 71.44 Income 13.68 IntlStk 29.67 Stock 108.82 Dreyfus TechGrA f 31.95 Eaton Vance HiIncOppA m 4.38 HiIncOppB m 4.39 NatlMuniA m 9.88 NatlMuniB m 9.87 PAMuniA m 9.04 FPA Cres d 27.39 Fidelity AstMgr20 13.15 Bal 19.33 BlChGrow 46.86 CapInc d 9.09 Contra 74.79 DivrIntl d 26.71 ExpMulNat d 22.71 Free2020 13.86 Free2030 13.64 GNMA 11.97 GrowCo 91.27 LatinAm d 48.37 LowPriStk d 38.48 Magellan 69.20 Overseas d 28.43 Puritan 18.96

... +9.2 +.21 +14.1 -.10 +2.1 ... +6.5 ... +6.1 -.12 ... -.13 -.27

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q Name


DOW 12,736.29

METALS Copper Gold Platinum Silver Palladium

CLOSE 3.43 1588.60 1443.20 27.41 582.60

PVS. +.0039 -.0008 +.0038 -.07 -.0632 PVS. 3.40 1578.40 1446.80 26.89 578.85

YTD NAV Chg %Rtn

StratInc 11.11 ... +5.0 TotalBd 11.21 +.01 +4.3 Value 68.58 -.29 +8.1 Fidelity Advisor ValStratT m 26.01 -.16 +11.6 Fidelity Select Gold d 35.92 -.23 -14.9 Pharm d 14.85 +.11 +10.0 Fidelity Spartan 500IdxAdvtg 47.93 -.08 +8.8 500IdxInstl 47.94 -.07 +8.8 500IdxInv 47.93 -.08 +8.7 First Eagle GlbA m 46.96 -.12 +4.1 FrankTemp-Franklin CA TF A m 7.43 +.01 +6.7 GrowB m 45.27 -.11 +6.2 Income A m 2.14 ... +5.8 Income C m 2.16 ... +5.5 FrankTemp-Mutual Discov Z 28.84 ... +4.6 Euro Z 19.66 ... +3.4 Shares Z 21.26 ... +6.3 FrankTemp-Templeton GlBond A m 12.89 ... +6.3 GlBondAdv 12.85 ... +6.5 Growth A m 16.79 ... +2.7 GMO QuVI 22.59 +.01 +8.3 Harbor CapApInst 40.48 -.23 +9.7 IntlInstl d 54.91 -.31 +4.7 INVESCO ConstellB m 20.14 -.07 +5.7 GlobEqA m 10.61 -.03 +3.2 PacGrowB m 18.06 -.17 +1.2

%CH. 6MO. +.25% 1.5450 -.08% 1.0243 +.31% 1.2762 -.09% 76.89 -.47% 13.7098 %CH. +0.63 +0.65 -0.25 +1.94 +0.65



Mutual Funds

Foreign Exchange & Metals CURRENCY CLOSE USD per British Pound 1.5514 Canadian Dollar 1.0195 USD per Euro 1.2309 Japanese Yen 79.58 Mexican Peso 13.3998

many, where youth unemployment is only 7.9 percent, thanks to a vocational education system. (European economic statistics count those 15 through 24 as youths.) In the United States, youth unemployment — which covers ages 16 through 24 — was 16.5 percent last month. Youth unemployment is almost always about twice as high as overall unemployment in Europe. Young workers are often the last hired, so they are the first to be fired.

An app-ropriately named ‘Incredible’ new phone from HTC

Boeing makes big sale


lot tougher for me than for my mother’s generation.” Europe’s economic crisis is hitting young people like Fernandez the hardest. The youth unemployment rate is nearly 53 percent in Greece, 51.5 percent in Spain and 35 percent in Italy. In the 17 countries that use the euro currency, youth unemployment is a record 22 percent, twice the eurozone’s overall unemployment rate of 11 percent, which is itself the highest since the euro was created in 1999. The striking exception is Ger-

By PAUL WISEMAN and DAVID McHUGH AP Business Writers

Insurer moves to Medicaid




6MO. +0.40 -1.18 +1.10 -4.65 -5.62

1YR. 1.6031 .9614 1.4248 80.71 11.6189 1YR. -21.39 +2.57 -16.38 -23.19 -23.99


YTD NAV Chg %Rtn

JPMorgan CoreBondSelect12.06+.01 +3.5 John Hancock LifBa1 b 12.92 ... +6.6 LifGr1 b 12.74 ... +7.0 RegBankA m 13.98 -.07 +16.0 SovInvA m 16.20 -.02 +5.7 TaxFBdA m 10.36 +.01 +5.2 Lazard EmgMkEqtI d 18.11 -.13 +7.8 Loomis Sayles BondI 14.52 +.01 +6.9 Lord Abbett ShDurIncA m 4.60 ... +3.6 MFS MAInvA m 20.10 -.04 +8.1 MAInvC m 19.42 -.04 +7.6 Merger Merger b 15.80 -.03 +1.3 Metropolitan West TotRetBdI 10.73 +.01 +5.8 Mutual Series Beacon Z 12.49 ... +6.5 Neuberger Berman SmCpGrInv 19.23 ... +9.0 Oakmark EqIncI 28.00 -.06 +3.5 Oppenheimer CapApB m 40.26 -.08 +7.2 DevMktA m 31.51 -.22 +7.5 DevMktY 31.20 -.21 +7.7 PIMCO AllAssetI 12.04 ... +5.9 ComRlRStI 6.51 ... +1.1 HiYldIs 9.32 ... +7.2 LowDrIs 10.52 ... +3.7 RealRet 12.38 ... +6.3 TotRetA m 11.37 ... +6.2 TotRetAdm b 11.37 ... +6.3 TotRetC m 11.37 ... +5.8 TotRetIs 11.37 ... +6.5 TotRetrnD b 11.37 ... +6.3 TotlRetnP 11.37 ... +6.4 Permanent Portfolio 46.86 +.02 +1.7 Principal SAMConGrB m13.58 -.03 +5.8 Prudential JenMCGrA m 30.53 -.19 +9.9 Prudential Investmen 2020FocA m 15.20 -.12 +3.1 BlendA m 17.22 -.10 +4.9 EqOppA m 14.42 -.07 +6.0 HiYieldA m 5.53 ... +7.0 IntlEqtyA m 5.51 -.03 +2.8 IntlValA m 17.76 -.07 +1.3 JennGrA m 19.82 -.12 +9.6 NaturResA m 41.79 -.11 -9.8 SmallCoA m 21.10 -.08 +6.0 11.35 -.03 +6.2 UtilityA m


TECH TALK NICK DELORENZO The phone starts up fast. It’s got a dual core 1.2 GHz processor and 1 gig of ram – there are better, but it’s definitely good enough to qualify as a high-end device, and give the phone impressively snappy response. When browsing the Internet over Verizon’s 4G network, the phone was nearly as fast as a laptop with comparable specs. The 4-inch, 960x540 resolution display is strikingly beautiful. Combined with high pixel density (275 ppi) S-LCD technology delivers sharp imaging. The Incredible 4G runs Android 4.0, code named “Ice Cream Sandwich,” and every function and built-in app I tried was blazingly fast. Most 4G devices with big proc-

RUSSELL 2000 804.80

YTD NAV Chg %Rtn

ValueA m 14.13 -.06 Putnam GrowIncB m 13.17 -.05 IncomeA m 7.04 ... Royce LowStkSer m 14.10 -.09 OpportInv d 11.52 -.08 ValPlSvc m 12.74 -.06 Schwab S&P500Sel d 21.28 -.04 Scout Interntl d 28.88 -.13 T Rowe Price BlChpGr 43.23 -.13 CapApprec 22.01 -.01 DivGrow 24.88 -.06 DivrSmCap d 16.72 -.02 EmMktStk d 29.55 -.32 EqIndex d 36.45 -.06 EqtyInc 24.46 -.08 FinSer 13.37 -.10 GrowStk 35.97 -.09 HealthSci 41.49 +.45 HiYield d 6.72 ... IntlDisc d 41.06 -.17 IntlStk d 12.82 -.12 IntlStkAd m 12.75 -.13 LatinAm d 37.60 -.11 MediaTele 53.60 -.24 MidCpGr 56.47 -.22 NewAmGro 33.79 -.07 NewAsia d 15.12 -.19 NewEra 39.60 -.23 NewHoriz 34.87 -.02 NewIncome 9.86 +.01 Rtmt2020 16.96 -.05 Rtmt2030 17.73 -.06 ShTmBond 4.84 ... SmCpVal d 37.39 -.08 TaxFHiYld d 11.60 +.01 Value 23.98 -.07 ValueAd b 23.72 -.07 Thornburg IntlValI d 25.06 -.19 Tweedy, Browne GlobVal d 23.50 -.08 Vanguard 500Adml 124.73 -.20 500Inv 124.73 -.20 CapOp 31.18 -.07 CapVal 9.88 -.06 Convrt 12.43 -.02 DevMktIdx 8.68 -.03 DivGr 16.11 -.02 EnergyInv 55.85 -.27 EurIdxAdm 52.27 -.07 Explr 76.20 -.36 GNMA 11.08 -.01 GNMAAdml 11.08 -.01 GlbEq 17.02 -.07 GrowthEq 11.81 -.05

+2.5 +5.9 +5.6 -1.5 +11.6 +6.2 +8.7 +4.0 +11.8 +6.7 +7.5 +8.2 +3.6 +8.6 +7.2 +12.6 +13.0 +27.3 +7.4 +10.1 +4.3 +4.1 -3.2 +14.3 +7.1 +6.2 +8.7 -5.8 +12.4 +3.6 +6.6 +7.2 +1.7 +8.4 +8.3 +6.4 +6.2 +3.0 +7.6 +8.8 +8.7 +5.7 +7.0 +6.7 +2.2 +5.6 -5.3 +1.3 +6.7 +1.9 +1.9 +7.0 +9.5




6-MO T-BILLS .14%

YTD NAV Chg %Rtn


HYCor 5.90 ... HYCorAdml 5.90 ... HltCrAdml 59.35 +.46 HlthCare 140.64+1.09 ITGradeAd 10.28 +.01 InfPrtAdm 28.99 +.09 InfPrtI 11.81 +.04 InflaPro 14.76 +.05 InstIdxI 123.93 -.20 InstPlus 123.94 -.20 InstTStPl 30.55 -.06 IntlExpIn 13.26 -.09 IntlGr 16.93 -.10 IntlStkIdxAdm 22.38 -.09 IntlStkIdxIPls 89.55 -.35 LTInvGr 10.85 +.07 MidCapGr 20.50 -.08 MidCp 20.93 -.11 MidCpAdml 95.03 -.52 MidCpIst 20.99 -.12 MuIntAdml 14.25 +.02 MuLtdAdml 11.16 ... MuShtAdml 15.92 ... PrecMtls 15.16 -.31 Prmcp 65.31 -.11 PrmcpAdml 67.78 -.12 PrmcpCorI 14.10 -.02 REITIdx 22.05 +.03 REITIdxAd 94.09 +.13 STCor 10.77 ... STGradeAd 10.77 ... SelValu 19.65 -.09 SmGthIdx 23.67 -.02 SmGthIst 23.72 -.03 StSmCpEq 20.40 ... Star 19.67 -.02 StratgcEq 19.87 -.02 TgtRe2015 12.97 -.01 TgtRe2020 22.93 -.02 TgtRe2030 22.22 -.04 TgtRe2035 13.32 -.03 Tgtet2025 13.00 -.02 TotBdAdml 11.17 +.02 TotBdInst 11.17 +.02 TotBdMkInv 11.17 +.02 TotBdMkSig 11.17 +.02 TotIntl 13.38 -.05 TotStIAdm 33.75 -.07 TotStIIns 33.76 -.07 TotStIdx 33.75 -.07 TxMIntlAdm 9.99 -.03 TxMSCAdm 29.58 -.05 USGro 19.92 -.08 USValue 11.03 -.03 WellsI 23.84 +.03 WellsIAdm 57.75 +.08 Welltn 32.77 +.01 WelltnAdm 56.59 +.01 WndsIIAdm 49.01 -.05 WndsrII 27.62 -.02 Wells Fargo DvrCpBldA f 6.47 -.01

+7.2 +7.3 +9.4 +9.4 +5.5 +5.1 +5.2 +5.1 +8.8 +8.8 +8.9 +3.4 +3.5 +2.5 +2.5 +8.4 +8.9 +6.5 +6.6 +6.6 +3.3 +1.0 +0.6 -19.3 +5.8 +5.8 +4.5 +16.3 +16.4 +2.5 +2.6 +5.7 +10.1 +10.2 +8.4 +5.9 +8.3 +5.4 +5.7 +6.2 +6.5 +5.9 +3.1 +3.2 +3.1 +3.1 +2.5 +8.8 +8.9 +8.8 +2.1 +8.5 +10.4 +8.1 +5.7 +5.7 +6.1 +6.1 +8.4 +8.3 +3.2

96.19 72.26 35.00 25.39 46.47 36.76 25.93 19.28 33.98 23.69 399.10 266.25 10.55 4.92 25.97 17.10 10.65 2.23 48.32 31.30 52.95 38.79 79.36 63.34 32.50 19.19 29.47 21.67 28.79 14.61 49.02 29.57 56.80 39.50 45.21 30.78 8.89 4.61 17.75 10.25 8.23 3.06 17.88 13.37 10.24 7.00 55.48 48.17 72.73 53.83


If you’re shopping for a top-ofthe-line phone now, my recommendations would be limited to the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the HTC Incredible 4G. The Samsung is pricier but has a slightly faster processor and a bigger display. HTC devices in my experience seem to be a bit more rugged. It’s a hard choice, but for me, the fact that the HTC is more portable and durable tilt the scales in favor of the Incredible 4G. The HTC Incredible 4G LTE costs $149.99 with a 2-year contract; full retail price is $499.99.

essors are murder on batteries, but it seems the Incredible 4G’s slightly relaxed 1.2Ghz processor speed has made a difference – the battery lasted as long as any 4G device I’ve tested so far. The phone comes preloaded with apps that make it usable right out of the box. The camera is the usual 8 megapixel model now found in most highend devices. It doesn’t have a highspeed mode but still takes very sharp photos and high-definition video. There’s also a front-facing camera for video calls. 10-YR T-NOTE 1.51%




Nick DeLorenzo is director of interactive and new media for The Times Leader. Email him at


CRUDE OIL $85.99



Stocks of Local Interest



AirProd AmWtrWks Amerigas AquaAm ArchDan AutoZone BkofAm BkNYMel BonTon CVS Care Cigna CocaCola Comcast CmtyBkSy CmtyHlt CoreMark EmersonEl EngyTEq Entercom FairchldS FrontierCm Genpact HarteHnk Heinz Hershey






2.56 1.00 3.20 .66 .70 ... .04 .52 .20 .65 .04 2.04 .65 1.04 ... .68 1.60 2.50 ... ... .40 .18 .34 2.06 1.52

79.63 34.83 41.07 25.93 27.55 367.23 7.56 21.58 8.41 47.29 42.98 77.98 31.27 27.00 27.52 49.10 44.93 40.38 6.23 13.96 3.98 16.51 8.98 54.36 72.44

-.19 +.12 -.17 +.06 -.84 +2.71 -.10 -.21 +.46 -.83 +.44 -.17 -.09 -.22 +.34 +.09 -.23 -.37 -.05 ... -.03 -.02 -.07 -.49 +.20

-6.5 +9.3 -10.5 +17.6 -3.7 +13.0 +36.0 +8.4 +149.6 +16.0 +2.3 +11.4 +31.9 -2.9 +57.7 +24.0 -3.6 -.5 +1.3 +15.9 -22.7 +10.4 -1.2 +.6 +17.3


39.99 32.29 89.38 102.22 24.10 10.28 67.89 30.27 16.35 70.89 91.05 67.95 65.17 2.12 17.11 57.12 44.63 32.35 45.07 71.36 45.91 34.59

31.88 18.07 66.40 82.01 17.05 5.53 42.70 25.00 6.50 58.50 60.45 57.56 42.45 .85 10.91 39.00 25.07 24.07 32.28 48.31 36.52 22.58



Kraft Lowes M&T Bk McDnlds NBT Bcp NexstarB PNC PPL Corp PennaRE PepsiCo PhilipMor ProctGam Prudentl RiteAid SLM Cp SLM pfB TJX s UGI Corp VerizonCm WalMart WeisMk WellsFargo








1.16 .64 2.80 2.80 .80 ... 1.60 1.44 .64 2.15 3.08 2.25 1.45 ... .50 2.22 .46 1.08 2.00 1.59 1.20 .88

39.03 27.28 83.68 89.80 21.74 6.50 60.24 27.82 15.55 69.99 90.61 61.55 47.42 1.38 16.25 45.30 44.64 30.29 44.74 71.76 45.53 33.26

+.05 -.57 -.20 +.14 -.14 -.05 -.46 -.09 +.15 -.23 +1.16 +.27 -.38 -.03 -.03 +.35 +.21 +.04 +.32 +.40 -.29 +.21

+4.5 +7.5 +9.6 -10.5 -1.8 -17.1 +4.5 -5.4 +48.9 +5.5 +15.5 -7.7 -5.4 +9.5 +21.3 +16.2 +38.3 +3.0 +11.5 +20.1 +14.0 +20.7


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AFLAC 42.56 AT&T Inc 35.54 AbtLab 65.61 AMD 5.62 AlaskAir s 36.14 Alcoa 8.76 Allstate 34.43 Altria 35.16 AEP 40.88 AmExp 58.41 AmIntlGrp 30.95 Amgen 74.80 Anadarko 66.33 Annaly 16.87 Apple Inc 613.89 AutoData 55.52 AveryD 27.43 Avon 16.02 BP PLC 39.67 BakrHu 40.02 BallardPw 1.12 Baxter 54.10 Beam Inc 60.08 BerkH B 83.39 BigLots 40.24 BlockHR 16.08 Boeing 74.03 BrMySq 35.02 Brunswick 22.23 Buckeye 52.30 CBS B 32.19 CMS Eng 23.61 CSX 22.40 CampSp 32.72 Carnival 33.30

-.07 +.10 +.86 -.13 -1.82 +.04 -.36 +.19 -.08 -.22 -.62 +.95 +.82 -.17 +8.01 +.09 +.06 -.45 +.04 -.26 -.02 +.52 -.92 +.85 -.43 -.07 +.34 +.41 -.19 -.14 -.37 -.07 -.01 -.27 -.38

-1.6 +17.5 +16.7 +4.1 -3.7 +1.3 +25.6 +18.6 -1.0 +23.8 +33.4 +16.5 -13.1 +5.7 +51.6 +2.8 -4.4 -8.3 -7.2 -17.7 +3.7 +9.3 +17.3 +9.3 +6.6 -1.5 +.9 -.6 +23.1 -18.3 +18.6 +6.9 +6.4 -1.6 +2.0


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Caterpillar 83.14 CenterPnt 20.56 CntryLink 39.52 Chevron 104.46 Cisco 16.65 Citigroup 26.11 ColgPal 104.26 ConAgra 25.47 ConocPhil s54.33 ConEd 62.34 Cooper Ind 68.06 Corning 12.67 CrownHold 33.69 Cummins 95.44 DTE 58.97 Deere 80.53 Diebold 37.17 Disney 48.00 DomRescs 53.77 Dover 52.38 DowChm 31.19 DryShips 2.35 DuPont 47.47 DukeEn rs 65.31 EMC Cp 23.69 Eaton 39.19 EdisonInt 45.85 EmersonEl 44.93 EnbrdgEPt 29.70 Energen 45.84 Entergy 67.98 EntPrPt 51.94 Ericsson 8.90 Exelon 37.18 ExxonMbl 83.65

-1.47 -.01 +.16 -.61 -.12 -.25 -.03 -.25 -.42 +.20 -.29 -.12 -.40 -.85 -.27 -.17 -.04 -.04 -.06 -.06 -.32 -.11 -1.43 -.92 -.38 -.31 +.20 -.23 -.47 +.01 +.10 +.16 +.03 -.17 -1.15

-8.2 +2.3 +6.2 -1.8 -7.6 -.8 +12.8 -3.5 -2.2 +.5 +25.7 -2.4 +.3 +8.4 +8.3 +4.1 +23.6 +28.0 +1.3 -9.8 +8.4 +17.5 +3.7 0.0 +10.0 -10.0 +10.7 -3.6 -10.5 -8.3 -6.9 +12.0 -12.1 -14.3 -1.3


Last Chg %YTD

FMC Cp s 53.16 Fastenal 40.57 FedExCp 91.13 Fifth&Pac 10.41 FirstEngy 48.95 Fonar 3.90 FootLockr 31.24 FordM 9.45 Gannett 14.66 Gap 28.19 GenDynam 65.05 GenElec 20.04 GenMills 38.46 GileadSci 51.50 GlaxoSKln 46.59 Goodrich 127.05 Goodyear 10.99 Hallibrtn 29.00 HarleyD 45.69 HarrisCorp 41.30 HartfdFn 16.82 HawaiiEl 28.51 HeclaM 4.56 Heico s 40.12 Hess 43.31 HewlettP 19.43 HomeDp 52.12 HonwllIntl 55.21 Hormel 29.38 Humana 76.31 INTL FCSt 19.59 ITT Cp s 17.95 ITW 52.30 IngerRd 42.52 IBM 189.67

+.59 +23.6 -.11 -7.0 -.15 +9.1 -.15 +20.6 -.23 +10.5 -.14+128.9 -.07 +31.0 -.05 -12.2 -.07 +9.6 +.31 +52.0 -.19 -2.0 +.04 +11.9 -.30 -4.8 +.54 +25.8 +.33 +2.1 -.07 +2.7 -.10 -22.4 -.30 -16.0 -.43 +17.5 -.66 +14.6 -.19 +3.5 -.18 +7.7 -.09 -12.8 -.28 -14.2 -.01 -23.8 -.14 -24.6 -.03 +24.0 +.32 +1.6 -.57 +.3 -.17 -12.9 +.28 -16.9 -.14 -7.1 +.24 +12.0 -.03 +39.5 -1.74 +3.1


Last Chg %YTD


IntFlav IntPap JPMorgCh JacobsEng JohnJn JohnsnCtl Kellogg Keycorp KimbClk KindME Kroger Kulicke LSI Corp LancastrC LillyEli Limited LincNat LockhdM Loews LaPac MarathnO MarIntA Masco McDrmInt McGrwH McKesson Merck MetLife Microsoft NCR Corp NatFuGas NatGrid NY Times NewellRub NewmtM

54.39 28.91 33.96 37.63 67.78 26.75 48.65 7.64 84.30 81.92 22.45 8.58 6.20 71.81 42.95 45.68 20.63 87.39 40.20 11.22 24.55 38.96 14.11 11.26 44.78 93.92 42.13 30.23 30.00 22.73 46.91 53.30 7.70 18.03 47.72

NextEraEn 67.86 NiSource 24.41 NikeB 90.28 NorflkSo 72.07 NoestUt 38.56 NorthropG 63.61 Nucor 38.26 NustarEn 52.04 NvMAd 15.32 OcciPet 85.19 OfficeMax 5.25 ONEOK s 42.60 PG&E Cp 45.09 PPG 103.37 PPL Corp 27.82 PennVaRs 24.78 Pfizer 22.65 PinWst 52.05 PitnyBw 14.25 Praxair 109.05 PSEG 32.07 PulteGrp 11.09 Questar 21.06 RadioShk 3.98 RLauren 142.41 Raytheon 56.33 ReynAmer 45.54 RockwlAut 65.00 Rowan 33.36 RoyDShllB 69.81 RoyDShllA 67.34 Ryder 34.38 Safeway 17.40 Schlmbrg 65.82 Sherwin 130.20

+.33 -.16 +.06 +.12 +.14 -.28 -.47 -.06 +.39 +.28 -.35 -.20 ... -.12 +.29 -.14 -.14 +.53 -.30 -.18 -.41 -.44 -.05 -.05 -.43 +.40 +.62 -.28 -.19 +.17 -.39 -.03 +.02 -.26 -.19

+3.8 -2.3 +2.1 -7.3 +3.4 -14.4 -3.8 -.7 +14.6 -3.6 -7.3 -7.2 +4.2 +3.6 +3.3 +13.2 +6.2 +8.0 +6.8 +39.0 -16.1 +33.6 +34.6 -2.2 -.4 +20.5 +11.8 -3.0 +15.6 +38.1 -15.6 +9.9 -.4 +11.6 -20.5

Last Chg %YTD -.44 -.34 -1.10 -.13 -.13 +.14 -.09 -.85 -.02 -.06 -.02 -.18 +.08 -2.20 -.09 -.02 +.11 -.03 -.22 +.04 -.12 -.01 -.01 -.08 -2.01 +.45 +.04 -.19 +.65 -.71 -.46 +.05 -.31 +.65 -2.62

+11.5 +2.5 -6.3 -1.1 +6.9 +8.8 -3.3 -8.2 +4.4 -9.1 +15.6 -1.7 +9.4 +23.8 -5.4 -2.9 +4.7 +8.0 -23.1 +2.0 -2.8 +75.8 +6.0 -59.0 +3.1 +16.4 +9.9 -11.4 +10.0 -8.2 -7.9 -35.3 -17.3 -3.6 +45.8

SilvWhtn g 27.31 SiriusXM 2.08 SonyCp 13.45 SouthnCo 46.83 SwstAirl 9.24 SpectraEn 29.00 SprintNex 3.21 Sunoco 47.94 Sysco 29.05 TECO 18.11 Target 58.04 TenetHlth 5.11 Tenneco 27.12 Tesoro 25.40 Textron 24.18 3M Co 88.96 TimeWarn 38.11 Timken 44.04 UnilevNV 33.10 UnionPac 117.99 Unisys 18.22 UPS B 79.20 USSteel 20.66 UtdTech 74.33 VarianMed 57.94 VectorGp 17.13 ViacomB 47.61 Weyerhsr 22.46 Whrlpl 61.90 WmsCos 29.15 Windstrm 9.81 Wynn 100.01 XcelEngy 28.65 Xerox 7.67 YumBrnds 63.47

-.34 +.03 -.19 +.29 -.03 -.13 -.08 +.05 +.06 -.06 -.03 +.03 +.12 -.51 -.05 -.03 -.48 -.35 -.04 +1.24 -.16 -.17 -.32 +.24 -1.99 -.02 -.05 +.17 -.92 +.21 +.05 -.68 +.06 -.12 -1.45

-5.7 +14.0 -25.4 +1.2 +7.9 -5.7 +37.2 +40.5 -1.0 -5.4 +13.3 -.4 -8.9 +8.7 +30.8 +8.8 +5.5 +13.8 -3.7 +11.4 -7.6 +8.2 -21.9 +1.7 -13.7 -3.5 +4.8 +20.3 +30.5 +8.1 -16.4 -9.5 +3.7 -3.6 +7.6


TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012









NATIONAL FORECAST Partly sunny, a shower

WEDNESDAY Mostly sunny, warm

Partly cloudy

85° 62°

85° 59°

83° 59°

SATURDAY Showers possible


SUNDAY Partly sunny

82° 65°

Syracuse 82/58

The Finger Lakes

Highs: 79-84. Lows: 54-61. Mostly sunny. Mostly clear tonight.

Wilkes-Barre 84/59 New York City 85/68 Reading 85/65

86/61 82/61 103 in 1936 46 in 1963

Cooling Degree Days*

Yesterday Month to date Year to date Last year to date Normal year to date

9 107 326 271 206

*Index of fuel consumption, how far the day’s mean temperature was above 65 degrees.

Yesterday Month to date Normal month to date Year to date Normal year to date Sunrise 5:40a 5:41a Moonrise Today none Tomorrow 12:16a Today Tomorrow

Delmarva/Ocean City

Highs: 81-84. Lows: 68-72. Chance of thunderstorms. Scattered thunderstorms tonight.

0.00” 0.19” 1.02” 16.65” 18.85” Sunset 8:37p 8:37p Moonset 1:09p 2:08p

River Levels, from 12 p.m. yesterday. Susquehanna Stage Chg. Fld. Stg Wilkes-Barre 0.15 -0.04 22.0 Towanda 0.15 -0.01 21.0 Lehigh Bethlehem 3.07 0.75 16.0 Delaware Port Jervis 2.72 0.10 18.0 Last

July 10



July 19 July 26


Forecasts, graphs and data ©2012

Weather Central, LP For more weather information go to: National Weather Service






86/76 89/78

87/72 55/45



Anchorage Atlanta Baltimore Boston Buffalo Charlotte Chicago Cleveland Dallas Denver Detroit Honolulu Houston Indianapolis Las Vegas Los Angeles Miami Milwaukee Minneapolis

59/47/.00 96/76/.00 85/71/.31 83/68/.00 82/61/.00 96/74/.09 91/66/.00 82/66/.00 96/78/.00 79/59/.01 83/64/.00 82/73/.00 90/73/.50 91/70/.00 111/87/.00 71/60/.00 88/77/.00 79/69/.00 85/69/.00



Amsterdam Baghdad Beijing Berlin Buenos Aires Dublin Frankfurt Hong Kong Jerusalem London

64/57/.00 106/82/.00 82/73/.00 75/61/.00 55/36/.00 61/50/.00 73/59/.00 91/82/.00 88/72/.00 66/59/.00

Today Tomorrow 58/48/sh 91/72/t 85/67/t 84/65/pc 79/61/s 88/70/t 82/67/s 77/63/s 90/74/t 85/60/pc 80/63/s 87/72/s 86/76/t 88/63/s 112/89/s 74/65/s 89/78/t 78/66/s 84/66/pc

ALMANAC Recorded at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Int’l Airport


Sun and Moon

Brandywine Valley

Highs: 84-86. Lows: 65-68. Chance of thunderstorms. Scattered thunderstorms tonight.



The Jersey Shore

Atlantic City 80/72

Yesterday Average Record High Record Low



Philadelphia 86/69





Highs: 78-84. Lows: 56-60. Slight chance of thunderstorms. Partly cloudy tonight.

Poughkeepsie 85/59

84/66 85/68

90° 65°

Highs: 80-84. Lows: 66-72. Isolated thunderstorms. Isolated thunderstorms south tonight.

Pottsville 82/61

Harrisburg 85/64


The Poconos

Albany 84/58

Towanda 82/56

State College 80/59



Binghamton 84/56

Scranton 83/59

MONDAY Mostly sunny

85° 65°

REGIONAL FORECAST Today’s high/ Tonight’s low

NATIONAL FORECAST: A frontal boundary will bring numerous showers and thunderstorms to the Mid-Atlantic, the Tennessee Valley and portions of the Southeast today. A few of these storms could be severe, with locally heavy rainfall possible. Showers and thunderstorms will also spread along this boundary from the Lower Mississippi Valley into the southern Plains.

Aug. 1


Myrtle Beach 95/81/.00 Nashville 90/73/.01 New Orleans 89/76/.04 Norfolk 88/75/.77 Oklahoma City 98/74/.00 Omaha 90/67/.00 Orlando 95/75/.00 Phoenix 111/92/.00 Pittsburgh 85/66/.00 Portland, Ore. 77/57/.00 St. Louis 91/74/.03 Salt Lake City 99/68/.00 San Antonio 94/75/.22 San Diego 72/63/.00 San Francisco 64/55/.00 Seattle 71/55/.06 Tampa 91/79/.01 Tucson 103/78/.00 Washington, DC 86/74/.27

60/47/sh 88/71/t 86/66/pc 83/64/s 81/63/s 85/70/t 83/68/s 79/65/s 91/73/t 89/62/pc 83/66/s 87/73/s 87/76/t 88/66/s 113/90/s 74/66/s 88/78/t 80/66/s 87/69/pc


Today Tomorrow 66/57/r 110/82/s 93/74/t 74/55/pc 50/30/sh 58/49/sh 73/56/t 88/80/pc 86/66/s 67/52/sh


65/55/sh 113/83/s 93/72/pc 71/53/sh 49/36/c 59/45/sh 71/48/sh 89/81/t 89/67/s 64/50/sh



Mexico City Montreal Moscow Paris Rio de Janeiro Riyadh Rome San Juan Tokyo Warsaw

75/59/.00 77/55/.00 84/66/.00 72/59/.00 77/66/.00 109/81/.00 88/68/.00 89/79/.24 82/68/.00 81/63/.00

Today Tomorrow 87/75/t 86/69/t 89/76/t 85/72/t 90/70/t 86/65/pc 94/76/t 113/92/pc 83/59/s 80/59/s 90/66/pc 98/75/s 89/75/t 76/65/s 74/54/s 76/57/s 92/76/t 106/81/pc 85/69/t

Today Tomorrow 76/59/t 82/61/pc 80/64/t 68/53/c 78/56/pc 109/81/s 90/69/s 90/79/pc 84/72/pc 79/59/pc

Key: s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sn-snow, sf-snow flurries, i-ice.

Find the car you want from home.

86/74/t 86/68/t 89/77/t 85/73/t 93/67/pc 89/66/pc 94/77/t 107/86/pc 84/63/s 84/58/s 88/69/pc 101/77/s 89/74/t 78/66/s 78/54/s 80/58/s 92/75/t 98/80/pc 86/68/pc

77/57/t 81/61/pc 79/66/t 67/54/sh 84/62/pc 109/82/s 89/69/s 88/78/t 84/74/t 80/61/t

So far this month, our average temperature is six degrees above normal. This follows both May and June being warmer than normal. Already this month, we've had six days above 90, and I suppose it's a good bet that more are on the way this summer. I can just imagine how unbearable the heat must have been back before the days of air conditioning. On this date back in 1936, it was 103 degrees, which topped off a searing weeklong heat wave. That was, and still is, the hottest temperature on record for our area. At least back then, they had electric fans, which by the way, were invented way back in 1886. - Tom Clark m


83° 57°


THURSDAY Sunny skies


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Red, white and blue

Red white and blue are the colors of our flag. And they are also pigments that occur naturally in many fruits and vegetables. Besides being festive, these various hues convey protection to our bodies when we include them regularly in our diets. Here are some redeeming values of the red, white and blue: Red is derived from natural plant pigments “lycopene” (found in

tomatoes, watermelon, and pink grapefruit) and “anthocyanins” (strawberries, raspberries, red grapes). Lycopene is best known for its protective role against certain types of cancer such as prostate cancer. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that protect our cells from damage, according to registered dietitian Dr. Julie Garden-Robinson. Take strawberries. Better yet take a

cup of strawberries (about 8 whole berries). There in lies more vitamin C than an orange (140 percent of our daily requirementBuy bright red strawberries with fresh-looking green caps, say experts. And keep them intact until right before you plan to serve them. As soon as you remove the green cap, vitamin C begins to wane. White: Whoever said to avoid everything white forgot that white fruits and vegetables (bananas, cauliflower, garlic,

onions to name a few) are colored by health-promoting “anthoxanthins” — plant chemicals that have been shown to help lower cholesterol, blood pressure and protect against certain types of cancer. Blue is another color derived from natural plant pigments called “anthocyanins.” Blueberries, plums (and prunes) are examples of foods that contain these pigments. Due to their ability to protect cells from damage, these substances help

guard against a variety of agerelated infirmities including heart disease and certain types of cancer. A recent study found that older women who ate more strawberries and blueberries had slower rates of “cognitive decline” as they aged. In other words, the women who ate more berries delayed the loss of brain function associated with aging (ouch) by up to 2.5 years.

— MCT Information Services




TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012



Hazleton General accredited as Chest Pain Center Hazleton General Hospital has received Chest Pain Center accreditation from the Society of Chest Pain Centers, an international not-for-profit organization that focuses on excellence in cardiovascular care by assisting facilities in their effort to bring outstanding quality and patient satisfaction in the provision of heart care services. Hospitals that have received SCPC accreditation provide a higher level of expertise in dealing with patients who arrive with symptoms of a heart attack. They emphasize the importance of standardized diagnostic and treatment programs that provide more efficient and effective evaluation as well as more appropriate and rapid treatment of patients with chest pain and other heart attack symptoms. They also serve as a point of entry into the health care system to evaluate and treat other medical problems, and they help to promote a healthier lifestyle in an attempt to reduce the risk factors for heart attack. To become an Accredited Chest Pain Center, Hazleton General Hospital, part of the Greater Hazleton Health Alliance, met or exceeded the standards of excellence established by the SCPC for its ability to assess, diagnose and treat patients who may be experiencing a heart attack.


Applications being accepted for New Story Fund New Story is accepting applications for the Fall 2012 New Story Fund through July 31 at The New Story Fund distributes $50,000 each year during two application periods. Following the application period, $25,000 will be allocated in the form of awards to families in Pennsylvania. Families can be nominated for an award of up to $1,500 per application period. The fund helps families that do not have the money to access products and services needed to support their children. Members of the community are encouraged to submit an application for themselves or to nominate a family in need. Nominees must meet be a legal resident of Pennsylvania, be between the ages of birth and 21 and be faced with one (or more) of the following challenges: Autism Spectrum Disorder, emotional support needs, mental retardation or other developmental disabilities. The nomination application must be fully completed, including why the nominee needs help from New Story and specifically what will be purchased with the fund. Examples include durable medical equipment, therapy services, prescriptions, after-school care and camp tuition. If the cost of the product/service being requested exceeds the amount granted, then the nominator will be required to provide documentation to cover the remaining cost of the product/service. Nominators or nominees do not need to be enrolled in New Story schools or New Story services. Applicants may not be employees or affiliates of New Story. For more information, visit


‘Carcinoma’ terminology worries patient


Karen Valentine, Kathy Berry and Alaina Hollock go through a series of stretching warm-up exercises at the beginning of class at Melt Hot Yoga in Edwardsville.

Hot yoga heals, may help troubles



aria Scopelliti hardly sleeps anymore but, for her, that’s no problem. • “The sleep I do get is better than it’s ever been, and I don’t have to sleep as long

to be as energized,” said the 27-year-old Wilkes-Barre resi-

dent, who gets an average of four to six hours per night. The reason for Scopelliti’s change in patterns can be attributed to hot yoga, a fitness craze taking hold locally with the coming of Melt Hot Yoga studio in Edwardsville and Steamtown Yoga in Scranton. Scopelliti recently completed a 30-day challenge at Melt, in which she attended class every day for 30 days and said she

feels like she’s in top physical condition. “There’s one posture you do that’s supposed to be equivalent to eight hours of sleep, and I believe that’s true.” Hot yoga comes in many forms, See YOGA, Page 3C

Bone-marrow donors fewer for black patients By ALEXIA ELEJALDE-RUIZ Chicago Tribune (MCT)

the registry has 10 million potential donors, only 7 percent are black. Black patients have a 66 percent chance of having a good and willing donor on the registry, compared with 72 percent for Latinos, 73 percent for Asians, 82 percent for American Indians and 93 percent for whites. To increase the pool of black donors, Be The Match has declared July AfricanAmerican Bone Marrow

Among the10,000 people in the U.S. who get leukemia, lymphoma or other lifethreatening blood-illness diagnoses each year, black people have the lowest chance of finding a donor for a bonemarrow transplant. “I call it the genetic powerball,” said Jennifer Baird, an account executive for donor recruitment at the National Marrow Donor Program’s Be The Match registry. Though See MARROW, Page 2C


• Melt Hot Yoga, Gateway Shopping Center, Edwardsville. 2873400. Classes run 9 a.m. seven days a week, 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 7:30 p.m. Mondays, 6:30 a.m. Wednesdays and 3 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. Individual classes are $15; class packages range from $135 to $1,100 dependent on length of time. • Steamtown Yoga, 1130 Moosic St., Scranton. Call 941-9977 for pricing information. Classes take place at 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 7:30 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, 9 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. Sunday.

Q: I’m confused about the findings of a breast biopsy I had a couple of months ago. The biopsy report said I had LCIS (lobular carcinoma in situ). I was relieved that the breast surgeon I went to said it wasn’t cancer, but the diagnosis of “carcinoma” makes me pretty nervous. Doesn’t “carcinoma” mean cancer? A:Yes, it does. But the use of the word “carcinoma” in this breast condition is a misnomer. It’s really a pre-cancer condition, rather than a true cancer. “Lobular” means that abnormal cells were found in the lobules, which are the milk-producing glands at the end of breast ducts. As you know, it’s something found as an incidental finding on a breast biopsy for something unrelated to it. There’s no breast mass or lump directly associated with this pre-cancerous breast condition. Some doctors refer to LCIS as “lobular neoplasia” (an abnormal growth of cells) rather than “lobular carcinoma” (the presence of cancerous cells). LCIS does mean that you’re at higher risk of breast cancer in the future, so you will need to be closely watched with diagnostic mammograms. The good news is that you’re safe for now. Going forward, you will need to discuss treatment options with your breast surgeon or gynecologist. These options include frequent exams and mammography; anti-estrogen protection with a drug like Tamoxifen or Evista; and consideration of preventive mastectomy — particularly if there’s a strong family history of breast cancer. Q: For the last two months, I’ve been taking a green coffee bean extract recommended by Dr. Oz on his show. So far, I’ve lost 10 pounds without even trying! What’s your opinion of it? A: Generally, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. But this stuff may actually work! Excitement about the weight loss magic of green coffee bean extract began this year, after a “randomized, double-blind, placebocontrolled, linear dose, crossover University of Scranton study.” It was published in the January 2012 issue of the peer-reviewed journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity. This wasn’t just a bunch of anecdotal claims, but the results of a 22-week study involving 16 participants who showed an average weight loss of 17 pounds. The key to the effectiveness of green coffee bean extract is not believed to be the effect of caffeine; rather, the compound “chlorogenic acid” and its metabolite “caffeic acid.” Chlorogenic acid helps to keep the body from absorbing sugar from the digestive tract, and it also stimulates the burning of fat by the liver. Dr. Mitchell Hecht is a physician specializing in internal medicine. Send questions to him at: "Ask Dr. H," P.O. Box 767787, Atlanta, Ga. 30076. Due to the large volume of mail received, personal replies are not possible.


TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012

BLOOD DRIVES LUZERNE COUNTY: The Wyoming Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross hosts community blood drives throughout the month. Donors who are 17 years of age or older, weigh at least 1 10 pounds and are in relatively good health or 16 years old and have a parental permission form completed, may give blood every 56 days. To learn more about how to donate blood or platelets or to schedule a blood donation, call 1-800-REDCROSS (7332767). In addition to those listed below, blood drives are conducted at the American Red Cross Regional Blood Center, 29 New Commerce Blvd., Hanover Industrial Estates, Ashley, Mondays and Tuesdays from 9:30 a.m.-7 p.m.; Fridays and Saturdays from 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m.; and Sundays from 7:30 a.m.-noon. Appointments are suggested but walkins are accepted. Platelet appointments can be made by calling 823-7164, ext. 2235. Blood drives also take place from 9 a.m.-noon on the first and third Monday of each month at the Hazleton Chapter of the American Red Cross, 165 Susquehanna Blvd., Hazleton. For a complete donation schedule, visit: REDCROSSBLOOD.ORG or call 1-800-REDCROSS (7332767). Area blood donation sites include: Tuesday, 9:30 a.m.-6 p.m., WilkesBarre Blood Donation Center, 29 New Commerce Blvd., Ashley Wednesday, 1 1:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m., Best Western Genetti Inn & Suites, State Highway 309, Hazleton, and 1 1 a.m.-7 p.m., Waterfront Banquet Facility, 670

N. River St., Plains Township (both Pocono Raceway satellite blood drive locations). Thursday, 1-7 p.m., Pocono Raceway Seventh Annual Blood Drive Event, Pocono Raceway at the track located in Long Pond. Additional drive locations are available Wednesday and Thursday. Presenting donors will receive a free grandstand admission ticket to the Aug. 4 race events. Other prizes will be awarded. Reserve a spot by calling the Red Cross at the number above or online at; 1-6 p.m., Nescopeck VFW, (Pocono Raceway satellite blood drive location). Friday, 8 a.m.-3 p.m., Wilkes-Barre Blood Donation Center, 29 New Commerce Blvd., Ashley; 1 1 a.m.-4 p.m., US Foods, 13 Rutledge Drive, Pittston Saturday, 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m., WilkesBarre Blood Donation Center, 29 New Commerce Blvd., Ashley; 9 a.m.-3 p.m., 109th Field Artillery, 280 Market St., Wilkes-Barre. (“Good Turn for America” sponsored by the Boy Scouts) Sunday, 7:30 a.m.–noon, WilkesBarre Blood Donation Center, 29 New Commerce Blvd., Ashley Monday, 9:30 a.m.-6 p.m., WilkesBarre Blood Donation Center, 29 New Commerce Blvd., Ashley; 8:45 a.m.-2 p.m., Hazleton Chapter House, 165 Susquehanna Blvd., West Hazleton July 17, 9:30 a.m.-6 p.m., WilkesBarre Blood Donation Center, 29 New Commerce Blvd., Ashley; 12:30-6 p.m., VFW Post 4909, 403 Main St., Dupont; noon- 6 p.m., Thomas P. Saxton Medical Pavilion, 468 Northampton St., Edwardsville; noon-5:30 p.m., Highland Manor, 750 Schooley Ave., Exeter

Editor’s note: The complete health calendar can be viewed at by clicking the Health link under the Features tab. To have your health-oriented event listed, send information to Health, Times Leader, 15 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA18711-0250; by fax: 829-5537; or email




HEALTH PEOPLE Edward J. O’Brien, professor of psychology and counseling at Marywood University, received the 2012 Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Science and Profession of O’Brien Psychology at the convention of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association in Harrisburg. This annual award is given to a Pennsylvania psychologist for outstanding professional achievement in areas related to psychology, including teaching, research, clinical work and publications. O’Brien of Kingston was unanimously selected by the award committee made up of seven past presidents of the Pennsylvania Psychological Associ-

FREE CLINICS BACK MOUNTAIN FREE MEDICAL CLINIC: 6:30 p.m. Fridays, 65 Davis St., Shavertown. Volunteers, services and supplies needed. For more information, call 696-1 144. BMW FREE COMMUNITY HEALTH CLINIC: 6-8 p.m., second Thursday, New Covenant Christian Fellowship Church, rear entrance, 780 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre. Free basic care for people without health insurance and the underserved. Call 822-9605. CARE AND CONCERN FREE HEALTH CLINIC: Registration 5-6:30 p.m. Wednesdays, former Seton Catholic High School, 37 William St., Pittston. Basic health care and informa-





ation. His research investigates selfesteem, stress and coping and his projects include explorations in the underdiagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in children and adolescents. He has authored 14 publications during his career and these publications have been cited more than 500 times in scientific literature. He has also presented at national conferences and has been involved in seven grant projects that procured more than $2.3 million for programs at Marywood.

Health System’s Division of Cardiology. The award is given annually to an instructor who the students feel has served as an outstanding mentor, role model and teacher. Dr. Kathleen Moyer, recently joined Geisinger South WilkesBarre, a campus of Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, as a pediatric urgent care specialist. She will see patients in the pediatric urgent care Moyer center at GSWB on Church Street. Moyer recently completed a pediatric residency at Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, and prior to that completed a pediatrics internship at Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, N.Y. She graduated from Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia.

Dr. Terry Bauch, a cardiologist at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center’s Richard and Marion Pearsall Heart Hospital, recently received the Bauch Teacher of the Year award from Geisinger

tion provided. Call 954-0645.

Friday, 190 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Wilkes-Barre. Primary and preventive health care for the working uninsured and underinsured in Luzerne County with incomes less than two times below federal poverty guidelines. For appointments, call 970-2864.

THE HOPE CENTER: Free basic medical care and preventive health care information for the uninsured or underinsured, legal advice and pastoral counseling, 6-8 p.m. Mondays; free hearing tests and hearing aid assistance, 6-8 p.m. Wednesdays; free chiropractic evaluations and vision care, including free replacement glasses, for the uninsured or underinsured, 6-8 p.m. Thursdays; Back Mountain Harvest Assembly, 340 Carverton Road, Trucksville. Free dental hygiene services and teeth cleanings are available 6-8 p.m. on Mondays by appointment. Call 696-5233 or email

WILKES-BARRE FREE CLINIC: 4:30-7:30 p.m. Tuesdays, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 35 S. Franklin St., Wilkes-Barre. Appointments are necessary. Call 793-4361. A dental clinic is also available from 1 to 3 p.m. Tuesday by appointment. Call 235-5642. Physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, RNs, LPNs and social workers are needed as well as receptionists and interpreters. To volunteer assistance leave a message for Pat at 793-4361.

VOLUNTEERS IN MEDICINE: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through

MARROW Continued from Page 1C

Awareness Month. It’s holding donor drives to collect cheek swabs (go to join to see where), and has launched a website,, to educate people about the donation process and dispel fears that might keep people from signing up. Though the traditional bonemarrow extraction process, which involves inserting a needle into the pelvic bone under an- To increase esthesia, is what people as- the pool of sociate with black donors, donating, in Be The Match fact three- has declared fourths of donations are July Africanthrough a less- American invasive proce- Bone Marrow dure in which Awareness peripheral blood stem Month. cells are removed from donor blood, which is then returned to the donor through the other arm. After either procedure, marrow and stem cells regenerate within the donor. People also can help by donating their babies’ cord blood, collected from the umbilical cord and placenta immediately after birth. Doctors request cord blood in 21 percent of transplant cases. Just1in 40 people who register ever gets called to undergo more tests; 1 in 540 goes on to donate. Given that blacks are far more likely than other ethnicities to have sickle-cell anemia, which a marrow transplant can cure, the need is pressing, Baird said.


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YOGA Continued from Page 1C

Alaina Hollock, Kathy Berry and Karen Valentine stretch into the Half Moon Pose, which targets legs and hips and increases balance and flexibility.

Hot yoga comes in many forms, but the type available here is based on Bikram yoga. • 570-825-6111

nearby. Properly hydrate before each class and try not to eat in the two hours preceding it. • There’s no talking. The only one speaking will be the instructor, who leads the class through each posture. • It’s a no-pressure form of exercise. If you feel the need to sit down or leave the room at any point you’re more than welcome to, no judgment involved. • Besides a good attitude and plenty of water, all most yoga places ask you to bring is a yoga mat and a towel to cover it. Many places will have each available to rent.

feet pose, increases flexibility.


since 1987

M ich aelP eterlin & So n Call735-8946 For a Free Estim ate

BBBB B B Accred A ccred ited ited BuB u s inin eess s - PAHIC PA H IC N o . 0037017 37017

68 Main St. • Dallas M-T-W-Fri 10-5:30 Th 10-7 and Sat 10-5


no interest payments most insurance accepted united concordia, blue chip, delta… no referral needed

Ask anyone who practices hot yoga for advice for beginners, and almost all of them say the same thing: it’s for everyone, no matter the physical condition, so just relax and give it a try. While it’s a nice notion, it still leaves many wondering just what goes on in what Maria Scopelliti refers to as the “hot box.” Here’s a clearer picture of what you can expect in your first 90 minutes: • You’ll sweat like crazy, so water is important, especially when first starting out. You may come to find, as Lori Dexter did, that you don’t need as much water as others, but it never hurts to have hydration

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dr. penny mericle dr. samantha abod

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570 • 690 • 6399

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“Otherwise, yoga can be better than physical therapy from this standpoint,” Mahler said. “It’s something someone can add to their lifestyle for years to come, instead of doing it over a period of a couple months or a year. If you have chronic back issues you need to do core strengthening, stretching and flexibility exercises basically the rest of your life.” Hot-yoga supporters also tout its mental benefits, which come from its focus on breathing. “You have a heightened sense of awareness of your breath and what it can do for your body,” Scopelliti said. “In the stressful world we live in, people forget to just breathe and, through this, you learn how to get through things by doing so.” “It really is a union of mind, body and spirit,” Dexter said. “I’m more aware of every moment in my life, and I’m capable Pada-Hasthasana, or hands to of enjoying each.”


ter, on the whole, it can adapt around the injury, and symptomatology goes away. It’s not that you want to just treat the symptoms, but sometimes getting someone out of pain is something you need to do, as well as keeping them out of pain so further healing can occur.” Mahler said the heat in the room further helps muscles become more flexible. The only thing he warned against in terms of hot yoga is to take care if the injury is acute or newer, as the heat may cause inflammation. He, as well as Dexter, said it’s best to talk to a doctor first to define a best course of action.


The Standing Bow pose, demonstrated by Kathy Berry, is one of many that focus on balance.


but the type available here is based on Bikram yoga, a system popularized in the 1970s by Bikram Choudhury. Classes run exactly 90 minutes in a room heated to 105 degrees and consist of a set series of 26 postures and two breathing exercises, all of which are done twice. The practice has been widely debated, with some saying the extreme heat and fact that the movements don’t vary from class to class may not exactly be good for the body. Many locals, though, believe hot yoga works and, for some, better than they ever thought it could. Lori Dexter, 46, of WilkesBarre, is an instructor at Melt who began the practice four years ago as a way to help her body after years of physical strain as a gymnast. “I was in tears leaving the first class saying to myself, ‘Oh my God, this is what I’ve needed,’ ” she said. Dexter couldn’t reach the heel of her foot to her backside for a long time because of her torn knee, but as the yoga classes went on she found the movement became increasingly easier, and that, overall, she stopped waking up with her typical aches and pains. Dr. Paul Mahler of Mahler Family Chiropractic Center in Forty Fort recommends yoga to many of his patients. “The initial benefits of yoga are core strengthening and flexibility, both of which help to maintain posture and muscle tone so the body can better adapt to whatever issues a patient has,” he said. “The reality with some chronic conditions is that they can’t necessarily be brought back to normal, but if the body can adapt bet-

W e provide a fullrange of interior painting and paper hanging to com plim entyour new cabinets

NEED BRACES? 190 welles street • forty fort 287-8700 *Valid through 7-31-12




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1325 River Road, Plains Tuft Tex Complex 824-6620 • 1-800-214-9566



7 7214 721440 40

Grab Bars




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FREE Neuropathy Consultation NEUROPATHY CENTER

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EXPERTS IN HEARING EXPERTS IN CARE Serving the community for over 60 years in the Hearing Health Care field.

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TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012















The Federal Estate Tax Laws Are Changing Soon.

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‘Vintage Affair’ supports Tri-Cities Opera Members of Queen Victoria’s Court recently participated in a ‘Vintage Affair’ to benefit the Tri-Cities Opera at Vestal Hills Country Club, Binghamton, N.Y. The group had the opportunity to model vintage clothing at the event. Participants, from left, are Mary Ann Rodeghiero, Mary Ocwieja, Helen Dieffenbach, Kathy Chorba, Margaret Messana and Lesley Bommer.

What happens to your assets if you DON’T plan before January. How you can take advantage of the Attorney Kevin R. Gr current laws before it’s too late. ebas

Tuesday, July 24th, 5:30 - 7:00 pm Irem Temple Country Club

1340 Country Club Road, Dallas, PA 18612

Light dinner provided.

Registration is free, but space is limited. Call today. Wealth Preservation, Estate Planning, Business Succession Planning


570.822.6919 1065 Hwy. 315, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702 329 Penn Avenue, Scranton, PA 18503




















Residents enjoy a visit and a kiss from a pig Makayla Gregorio Makayla Gregorio, daughter of David and Amy Gregorio, Hunlock Creek, is celebrating her third birthday today, July 10. Makayla has two sisters, Maddison, 1 1, and Mackenzie, 20 months.

GWV hosts Emergency Cardiac Care Committee meeting

Dreaden Cull Dreaden Cull, son of Nick and Janine Cull, Hazle Township, celebrated his eighth birthday June 7. Dreaden is a grandson of Ceil Chaban and the late Edward Chaban and James and Rose Cull, all of Hazle Township. He is a great-grandson of Iggy Tychinski and Mary Chaban, Hazleton. Dreaden has a sister, Kayla.

The Trauma Department at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center (GWV) recently hosted a meeting of the Emergency Cardiac Care Committee (ECCC) of the American Heart Association. Brent Parry, trauma injury prevention outreach coordinator served as committee chair. The group is comprised of emergency cardiac care training instructors and coordinators from health care organizations throughout eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. The focus of the meeting was volunteer recruitment and quality assurance for educational programs. Participants, from left, first row, are Karen Craig, manager, training center at Temple University Health System; and Kathryn McCarter, director of community health and safety, North Penn Visiting Nurses Association. Second row: Parry and Albert Morrison, instructor, Susquehanna Health.

Fiesta lunch part of Nursing Home Week Carter J. Chacko Carter John Chacko, son of John and Dawn Chacko, Larksville, celebrated his second birthday July 8. Carter is a grandson of Jack and Patricia McAndrew, Dallas, and the late John and Elizabeth Chacko, Swoyersville. He has a sister, Madison, 6.

United Methodist Homes’ Wesley Village Campus celebrated Nursing Home Week 2012 with a summer fun theme. Activities included a Cruise Day with mocktails and a bon voyage party; Cancun Day with a fiesta lunch and nachos and cheese for the staff; Beach Day with Beach Boys music and a beach (balloon) volleyball tournament; Summer Carnival Day with popcorn, cotton candy and carnival games in the dining room; and Cookout Day with an outdoor picnic and the Travel Twist ice cream truck. Enjoying the fiesta lunch, from left, first row, are Pauline Grasavage and Margaret Yadrnak, Partridge-Tippett residents, and Beverly DelGiorno, activity aide. Second row: Carol Noonan and Mary Ann Battista, activity aides.

NEWS FOR SENIORS month will be celebrated on EDWARDSVILLE: The July 20. Edwardsville Senior Center, Country Western Day will 57 Russell St., will host a be celebrated on July 25. Christmas in July raffle as Senior Care will present well as a blood pressure “Beat the Heat” at 11 a.m. screening by Manorcare at on July 25. 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday. A staff member from A Christian concert will State Rep. Gerald Mullery’s be presented by Debbie from 11-11:45 a.m. on Thurs- office will be at the center 10 a.m.-noon on July 26. day. A staff member from EXETER: The CosmopolState Rep. Gerald Mullery’s itan Seniors welcomed back office will be at the center from 10 a.m.-noon on Thurs- Bill and Maryann Kull and Dorothy and Bernie Serbin day. A salad bar will be served celebrated their 64th wedon July 18. Birthdays of the ding anniversary at the last

meeting. Tom Alpaugh won the special game prize and his wife Amy won a basket of cookout goods. Tom Lahart and MaryAnn Markowski shared the bingo jackpot and 50-50 winners were Fran Lepo, Kathy Loucks, Johanna Malinowski, Tony Matreselva and Helen Zarychta. Reservations are being accepted for a trip to Mount Airy Casino on Wednesday. Pick ups will be in Exeter and Pittston. Membership is not a requirement to come on trips. For details, call Johanna at 655-2720.

Call 570-674-4500

United Methodist Homes’ Tunkhannock Campus residents recently welcomed 4-H member Ashli Quick, 14, and her parents of Centermoreland, and Shrimp, a six-weekold shoat who was the runt of his litter. The family raises prize-winning pigs and shows them at fairs throughout the region. Nearly a dozen residents enjoyed the opportunity to get up close and personal with Shrimp. Although most of the residents grew up on farms, it was the first time any of them had handled a pig. Quick holds Shrimp as he kisses resident Doris Harter.

Name: Donnie Sex: male Age: 1 Breed/type: German shepherdcollie mix About this dog: neutered, up to date on shots

Name: Johnny Sex: male Age: adult Breed/type: domestic short hair About this cat: neutered, up to date on shots

How to adopt: Call or visit the Hazleton Animal Shelter, 101 N. Poplar St., Hazleton. Phone 4540640. Hours for adoptions are 1-4 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 1 1 a.m.-1 p.m. Sunday.

Business hours are 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Sunday. Wish list: donations of cat food, cleaning supplies, paper products, and blankets are in need.

IN BRIEF PITTSTON: United Methodist Homes’ Wesley Village Campus recently presented awards and scholarships at the annual nursing dinner. Mary Ann Bullock received the 2012 Wilbur A. Myers Certified Nursing Assistant Award by a vote of her peers. Bullock received a medal and her name will be inscribed on a perpetual plaque. Other nominees were Nancy Boyer and Denise Davilus. Ray Laudato received the Wilbur A. Myers Scholarship, which is awarded to a nursing employee interested in continuing their nursing education. The scholarship recipient is selected by a vote of supervisors. Laudato is pursuing application to Luzerne County Community College’s registered nursing program. Amy Furmanski was named Personal Care Aide of the Year. She was selected for the honor by residents and coworkers on all three shifts. Other nominees were Barbara Slivinski and Dorothy Leptuck. For more information about United Methodist Homes visit or UnitedMH.

FALLS: The Falls Senior Center, 2813 Sullivan’s Trail, next to the Exeter Health Center on State Route 92, is offering the following activities for July: Wednesday: Gina Haley from Compassionate Care Hospice will give a presentation at 11:15 a.m. on living wills, health care proxies and advance directives. Blueberry sundaes will be served for a dollar at 1 p.m. on Friday. The center is open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday. Lunch is served at noon daily with a $2 donation and a reservation.

Pens fundraisers support Allied Services Allied Services Integrated Health System was the 2012 official rehab provider of the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins. Doctors and therapists provided sports rehab services to players, as well as injury prevention and safety information to their fans at hockey games. The Penguins raised $8,613.23 for Allied with the second annual Pens and Pins Bowling event and through sales of commemorative 13th anniversary Penguins promotional pucks. The funds are designated for pediatric rehab services at Allied Rehab and John Heinz Rehab, where children are treated regardless of their insurance status or their parents’ ability to pay. At the check presentation, from left: Rob Belza, vice president of corporate partnerships, WBS Penguins; Jackie Brozena, senior vice president/chief operating officer, WBS Penguins; Bill Conaboy, president and chief executive officer, Allied Rehab; and Tom Grace, the voice of the Penguins.

JENKINS TWP.: The Jenkins Township Senior Citizens’ organization will hold its monthly meeting at a new time, 6 p.m. today at the Jenkins Township Hose Company. A pizza party will follow and bingo will be played. New members are welcome. PITTSTON: The Pittston Senior Center, 411 N. Main St., will hold its annual summer picnic on July 20 at the Plains Recreation Center. Cost is $18 and includes coffee and danish at 10 a.m., a buffet at noon, hamburgers and hot dogs at 4 p.m., games, door prizes,

dancing from 1:30-4:30 p.m. and more. Music will be provided by Donna and Bill Arnold. Tickets must be purchased in advance. The center also offers a Zumba Gold class with Anita from 2-3 p.m. on Tuesdays. Cost is $2 for members and $3 for non-members. The classes are designed for those 55 years of age or older. To register for a class, or for more information, contact Connie Andrews, center director, at 655-5561. Dances classes with Sue are held from 10-11 a.m. every Monday. There is no charge for these classes.





TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012 6:30
















9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30

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LUCAS FARMS Farmers Market Vouchers Accepted Here!!

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12:25PM 2:55PM 5:20PM 7:55PM 10:25PM

LB. Shickshinny Location Open 7 Days Per Week 9am to 7pm Hanover Twp. Location Open 7 Days Per Week 9am to 6pm


10:35AM 11:35AM 1:15PM 2:05PM 3:45PM 4:30PM 6:10PM 7:05PM 8:40PM 9:35PM

610 Nanticoke Street, Hanover Twp.

Phone 570-825-9720 • Fax 570-825-1939

KATY PERRY: PART OF ME (3D) (PG) 1:40PM 4:35PM 7:00PM 9:30PM



10:50AM 1:10PM 3:35PM 5:55PM 8:15PM 10:35PM


11:30AM 2:10PM 4:50PM 7:30PM 10:10PM


MOONRISE KINGDOM (DIGITAL) (PG-13) 12:20PM 2:40PM 5:00PM 7:20PM 9:40PM


1:00PM 7:15PM


She’s Out of My E! News (N) League (5:00) ›› SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC)

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You must be 17 with ID or accompanied by a parent to attend R rated features. Children under 6 may not attend R rated features after 6pm

All Stadium Seating and Dolby Surround Sound


**Savages - R - 140 min. (1:45), (4:35), 7:25, 10:15 **Katy Perry: Part of Me - (PG) 105 min. (1:15) ***Katy Perry: Part of Me in RealD 3D (PG) - 105 min. (3:45), 7:00, 9:15 **The Amazing Spider-Man - (PG13) 140 min. (1:25), (2:30), (4:25), (5:30), 7:30, 9:00, 10:25 ***The Amazing Spider-Man in RealD 3D - (PG13) - 140 min. (1:05), (4:05), 7:10, 10:05 The Amazing Spider-Man in 3D/DBOX Motion Seating - (PG13) - 140 min. (1:05), (4:05), 7:10, 10:05 **Ted - R - 115 min. (1:10), (2:00), (3:30), (4:00), (4:30), 7:00, 7:50, 9:30, 10:20 **Moonrise Kingdom - PG13- 105 min. (1:50), (4:15), 7:45, 10:00 **People Like Us - PG13- 125 min. (1:40), (4:20), 7:15, 9:50 **Magic Mike - R- 120 min. (1:40), (4:10), 7:30,10:00 **Madea’s Witness Protection - PG13 - 120 min. (2:15), (4:45), 7:45, 10:15 Brave - PG - 105 min. (1:15), (3:30), 7:20, 9:35 ***Brave in RealD 3D - PG (2:10), (4:30), 7:45, 10:00 Madagascar 3 - PG - 100 min. (1:00), (3:10), (5:20), 7:30, 9:50 Free Family Film Festival JULY 10 & 11 AT 10:00AM WITH: Kung Fu Panda 2 - PG - 90 min For a full schedule of movies for the Free Family Film Festival please visit RCTHEATRES.COM ADVANCE TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW FOR: The Dark Knight Rises The Dark Knight Marathon All Showtimes Include Pre-Feature Content

(Parenthesis Denotes Bargain Matinees)

Avoid the lines: Advance tickets available from Rating Policy Parents and/or Guardians (Age 21 and older) must accompany all children under 17 to an R Rated feature *No passes accepted to these features. **No restricted discount tickets or passes accepted to these features. ***3D features are the regular admission price plus a surcharge of $2.50 D-Box Motion Seats are the admission price plus an $8.00 surcharge First Matinee $5.25 for all features (plus surcharge for 3D features).

825.4444 •

• 3 Hrs. Free Parking At Participating Park & Locks with Theatre Validation •Free Parking at Midtown Lot Leaving After 8pm and All Day Saturday & Sunday.

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Opening Act (TVPG) Shallow Hal (PG-13, ‘01) ›› Gwyneth Chelsea E! News Paltrow, Jack Black, Jason Alexander. Lately SportsCenter Special 2012 ESPY’s Nomi- NFL Live (CC) SportsCenter (N) ESPN (N) (Live) (CC) nation Special (Live) (CC) NFL32 (N) (Live) (CC) NFL Live (N) (CC) SportsNation (CC) SportsCenter Special NFL NFL NFL NFL ESPN2 (TV14) (N) (CC) Yearb’k Yearb’k Yearb’k Yearb’k Cyberbully (5:00) Pretty Little Liars Pretty Little Liars (N) Jane by Design “The Pretty Little Liars The 700 Club (CC) FAM (‘11) Emily Osment. (CC) (TV14) (CC) (TV14) Online Date” (CC) (TV14) (TVG) Chopped “Pride of Cupcake Wars Cupcake Wars “Tony Chopped “Viewers’ Chopped (TVG) Chopped (TVG) FOOD New Orleans” Hawk” Choice!” (TVG) Special Report With FOX Report With The O’Reilly Factor Hannity (N) On Record, Greta The O’Reilly Factor FNC Bret Baier (N) Shepard Smith (N) (CC) Van Susteren (CC) Little House on the Little House on the Little House on the Little House on the Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier HALL Prairie (CC) (TVG) Prairie (CC) (TVG) Prairie (CC) (TVPG) Prairie (CC) (TVG) (TVG) (TV14) (TVPG) (TVPG) Shark Wranglers Pawn Pawn Pawn Pawn Valkyrie (PG-13, ‘08) ›› Tom Cruise. Col. Claus Pawn HIST (CC) (TV14) Stars Stars Stars Stars von Stauffenberg attempts to assassinate Hitler. Stars Design Star (CC) Hunters House Property Brothers Design Star (N) (CC) House Hunters Million Million H&G (TVG) Int’l Hunters (CC) (TVG) (TVG) Hunters Int’l Dollar Dollar Dance Moms (CC) Dance Moms (CC) Dance Moms (CC) Dance Moms (N) Dance Moms (CC) Bristol Bristol LIF (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) (CC) (TVPG) (TVPG) Palin Palin FriendFriendFriendAwkward. Teen Mom (CC) Teen Mom “Strike Teen Mom “Home- Teen Mom “HomeMTV zone zone zone (N) (TVPG) Out” (CC) (TVPG) coming” (N) (CC) coming” (CC) Victorious Victorious Figure It Figure It All That Kenan & Hollywood Heights Yes, Dear Yes, Dear Friends Friends NICK Out (N) Out (CC) (TVG) Kel (TVY) (N) (CC) (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) Bright Lights, Big City (5:30) (R, ‘88) With Honors (PG-13, ‘94) ›› Joe Pesci, Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison (CC) OVAT ›› Michael J. Fox, Phoebe Cates. (CC) Brendan Fraser, Moira Kelly. Premiere. (TVPG) NASCAR Race Pass Time Pass Time Dumbest Dumbest Hard Hard My Ride My Ride Dumbest Dumbest SPD Hub (N) Stuff Stuff Parts Parts Rules Rules Stuff Stuff Repo Repo Repo Repo Repo Repo Worst Worst Worst Worst Repo Repo SPIKE Games Games Games Games Games Games Tenants Tenants Tenants Tenants Games Games Destination Truth Destination Truth Destination Truth Destination Truth Haunted Highway (N) Destination Truth SYFY (CC) (CC) “Vietnam’s Bigfoot” (N) (CC) “Vietnam’s Bigfoot” King of King of Seinfeld Seinfeld Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Big Bang Conan (CC) (TV14) TBS Queens Queens (TVPG) (TVG) Theory Theory Theory Theory Theory Theory Point Blank (6:15) (‘67) ››› Lee Marvin, The Petrified Forest (‘36) It’s Love I’m After (‘37) ››› Of Human BondTCM Angie Dickinson. (CC) Leslie Howard. (CC) ››› Leslie Howard. (CC) age (11:15) ›››› Toddlers & Tiaras Craft Wars (CC) What Not to Wear What Not to Wear Craft Wars “Barks & What Not to Wear TLC (CC) (TVPG) (TVPG) “Emi” (CC) (TVPG) “Alexandra” (TVPG) Crafts” (TVPG) “Emi” (CC) (TVPG) Bones (CC) (TV14) Rizzoli & Isles Rizzoli & Isles (CC) Rizzoli & Isles (N) Franklin & Bash “Voir Rizzoli & Isles (CC) TNT “Bloodlines” (TV14) (TV14) (CC) (TV14) Dire” (TV14) (TV14) Annoying World of Advent. Total Level Up Advent. King of King of American American Family Family TOON Orange Gumball Time Drama (TVPG) Time the Hill the Hill Dad Dad Guy (CC) Guy (CC) Bizarre Foods With Man v. Man v. Mysteries at the Mysteries at the Mysteries at the Bizarre Foods With TRVL Andrew Zimmern Food Food Museum (TVPG) Museum (N) (TVPG) Museum (TVPG) Andrew Zimmern The Soul The Exes M*A*S*H M*A*S*H Home Home Love-Ray- Love-Ray- Retired at The Exes King of King of TVLD Man (TVPG) (TVPG) Improve. Improve. mond mond 35 (N) Queens Queens Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special Law & Order: Special White Collar (:01) Covert Affairs (:02) Royal Pains USA Victims Unit Victims Unit Victims Unit “Wanted” (TVPG) (N) (TVPG) (CC) (TVPG) HollyLove & Hip Hop: Single Ladies “Eat, Big Ang Mob Wives Chicago Mob Wives Chicago Love & Hip Hop: VH-1 wood Atlanta (TV14) Play, Love” (TV14) (TV14) (TV14) (TV14) Atlanta (TV14) Charmed Charge. Charmed Magical Kendra on Kendra on Kendra on Kendra on Kendra on Kendra on Kendra on Kendra on WE (CC) (TVPG) belt. (CC) (TVPG) Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top 30 Rock 30 Rock America’s Funniest How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met WGN News at Nine America’s Funniest WGN-A (TV14) (TV14) Home Videos (CC) (N) (CC) Home Videos (CC) Rehabili- Let’s Talk Topic A: Live at Five Legally Ghost WYLN Storm Late Edition Classified Beaten WYLN tation Speaking Detect. Kitchen Politics Path Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes Say Yes LOL Pets! The X-Files “Blood” YOUTO on TV! (TV14)



Wednesday 5pm - 8pm Saturday 12pm - 5pm Sunday 10am - 3pm and by appointment any day of the week

310 Allegheny Street, White Haven

570.956.1174 570.443.8769 Located in “That Corner Mall”


George The Newsroom Will Dolphin Tale (5:15) How to Train Your Dragon (7:15) (PG, The Big Year (PG, ‘11) ›› apologizes for past HBO (PG, ‘11) ››› Harry ‘10) ››› Voices of Jay Baruchel, Gerard Steve Martin, Jack Black, Owen Lopez newscasts. (TVMA) Wilson. (CC) Connick Jr. Butler, America Ferrera. (CC) Larry Crowne (PG-13, ‘11) George Harrison: Living in the Mate- Arthur (PG-13, ‘11) ›› Russell Brand. Boxing ›› Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, HBO2 rial World (‘11) ››› Martin Scorsese’s An irresponsible playboy must choose between love and money. (CC) look at musician George Harrison. Bryan Cranston. (CC) Bridesmaids (‘11) ››› Kristen Wiig. A Rise of the Planet of the Apes (6:15) Monte Carlo (PG, ‘11) ›› Selena MAX (PG-13, ‘11) ››› James Franco, Freida Gomez, Katie Cassidy. Three vacationing maid of honor’s life unravels as the big day friends pose as wealthy gals. (CC) approaches. (CC) Pinto, John Lithgow. (CC) 2 Days in the Val- Charlie St. Cloud (7:15) (PG-13, ‘10) ›› The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (R, (10:50) Zane’s Sex Zac Efron. A tragedy shatters the dreams ‘92) ››› Annabella Sciorra, Rebecca De Chronicles “Passion” MMAX ley (5:30) (R, ‘96) of a college-bound youth. (CC) (CC) (TVMA) Mornay, Matt McCoy. (CC) ›› Danny Aiello. The School of Rock (PG-13, ‘03) ››› Weeds

SHO Jack Black, Joan Cusack. An unemployed (CC)


guitarist poses as a teacher.

Web Therapy (TV14)

The Ides Moneyball (6:35) (PG-13, ‘11) ››› Brad Pitt. A

STARZ of March baseball manager challenges old-school traditions.

TV TALK TODAY 6 a.m. FNC FOX and Friends (N) 7 a.m. 3, 22 CBS This Morning Venus Williams; Bonnie Raitt; Elijah Wood. (N) 7 a.m. 56 Morning News with Webster and Nancy

Brokeback Mountain (R, ‘05) ››› Heath Ledger. Two cowboys maintain a secret romance over many years.

(:45) (:15) Episodes Weeds (TVMA) (TVMA)

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (R, ‘11) ››› Daniel Craig. A disgraced journalist probes a 40-year-old murder. (CC)

7 a.m. 16 Good Morning America Dr. Mehmet Oz; James Carville; Stan Greenberg; The Wiggles. (N) 7 a.m. 28 Today Venus Williams; Bryan Cranston; Shawn Johnson; caffeine; stress; Kendra Wilkinson; underwear. (N) 7 a.m. CNN Starting Point (N)

8 a.m. 56 Better Jane Kaczmarek; outdoor cleaning; graduation party recipes. (TVPG) 9 a.m. 16 Live! With Kelly Matt Bomer; Allison Williams; Lawrence Zarian gives makeovers; co-host Seth Meyers. (N) (TVPG)

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Amplified Hearing LLC 54 West End Road Hanover Twp., PA (570) 270-3477

Frank Baur, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology Your Hearing Professional

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Superior Pools & Spas “The clear water experts!” Mundy Street, Wilkes-Barre (Just below Mohegan Sun Arena)














TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012



















412 Autos for Sale

Quality Cars

UseGAS your taxyou refund buy. FREE when financeto a vehicle FREE GASup when you months finance a vehicle to 36 36 months (Seeup salesto representative for details) (See sales representative for details)


415 Kidder Street Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702


Find your next vehicle online.

412 Autos for Sale

361 Scranton-Carbondale Highway, Eynon, PA 18403

“T his is where you can DRIVE your savings home”


3.6, SIDI, 19K, Moonroof...................... $19,678

LTD, PZEV, 26K ..................................... $19,931


Your company name will be listed on the front page of The Times Leader Classifieds the first day your ad appears on Northeast PA Top Jobs. For more information contact The Times Leader sales consultant in your area at 570-829-7130.

412 Autos for Sale


1999 Ford Escort



6 Speed, 8K, Keyless Entry.................... $13,890

1998 Ford Contour

AC, 57K, Moonroof, Sync Technology..... $15,990


2.4L I4, 66K, AC................................... $13,990


2.4L I4, 42K, ABS, Moonroof................. $16,899


‘08 CHEVY TRAILBLAZER LT $ Maroon, 50K Miles, Sunroof, P. Seat ........................... 17,995 ‘08 MERCURY SABLE $

Runs Great

15,995 13,995 ‘08 HYUNDAI ENTOURAGE $ 12,995 ‘07 JEEP LIBERTY $ 12,995 ‘07 DODGE CALIBER $ 10,495 ‘03 CHEVY S-10 BLAZER LS $ LLD 9,995 O O D SS ‘08 PONTIAC G5 $ 9,995 ‘04 FORD MUSTANG $ 7,995 ‘‘90 9 0 CHRYSLER LEBARON CONV. $ 7,995

2002 Hyundai Elantra

Light Blue, Only 16K Miles! Nicely Equipped...........


Nice, Gas Saver





Green, PW, PDL, Tilt, Cruise......................................... Orange Met., 4 Cyl., Nicely Equipped.......................

Clean Car




Gold, 7 Pass., Rear A/C, Very Nice ...............................

2000 Dodge Stratus

2000 GMC Jimmy



1339 N.RiverStreet, O DAN Plains,PA.18702 J - 829-2043



412 Autos for Sale

White, PDL, PWL, Cruise, CD ....................................... 2 Door Coupe

2.4L, I4, 25K, AC.................................. $13,990


412 Autos for Sale

2002 Ford Escape

V6, 30K, Leather, Sync Technology ........ $19,939

2.4L, 59K, AC, PDL, PW, Alloy Wheels.... $11,875

Nice, Clean, Low Mileage



20K, AC, PDL, PW ................................. $19,999



412 Autos for Sale

2003 Ford Taurus SE

(570) 876-0444


Craft Oil Corporation Keystone Human Services


Joseph Gaughan’s Auto Sales, Inc.


The following companies are hiring:

Doyouneedmorespace? A yard or garage sale in classified is the best way tocleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified! 412 Autos for Sale


Pewter, 4 Dr., Only 32K Miles............................................

1999 Ford Windstar

Red, Cpe., 5-Speed, Spoiler................................................ Only 59K, Runs Great, Gas Saver



Nice Van for a Budget


Dark Red, 40th Anniversary, 5 Speed.............................


*All Prices Plus Tax & Tags. **See dealer for details.

White, 1 Owner, V6, Only 29K Miles ................................. TAX AND TAGS ADDITIONAL We Now Offer Buy Here-Pay Here! LOW DOWN PAYMENT CLEAN, INSPECTED VEHICLES


CALL STEVE MORENKO 2010 Wyoming Ave., Wyoming



412 Autos for Sale

412 Autos for Sale

412 Autos for Sale

6 MO. WARRANTY ON ALL VEHICLES • FULL SERVICE DEPARTMENT We Service ALL Makes & Models Family Owned & Operated for over 40 years



Rock Bottom Prices Clearly Marked! What You See Is... What you pay!

Call: 1-800-NEXTHONDA



9% On All Preowned


View Prices at



Gold, 71K, Was $6,950

Silver, 107K, Was $8,250



03 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LAREDO 4X4 Red, 80K, Was $9,750





07 JEEP LIBERTY SPORT 4X4 Black, 47K, Was $13,500



Silver, 60K, Navi/R DVD, Was $13,750

Red, 58K, Was $14,750






Gray, 63K, Was $14,750

Black, 33K, Was $14,750



07 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 4WD Blue, 69K, Was $17,950






Silver, 20K, Was $16,250

Red, 83K, Was $9,950


CRV 4WD 07 CRV LX Navy, 47K, Was $15,950 ...............................NOW $14,931 08 CRV EX (2) White, 45K, Was $17,750.......................NOW $16,933 09 CRV LX White, 27K, Was $17,250...............................NOW $16,654 09 CRV EX Brown, 27K, Was $18,950 .............................NOW $18,371 10 CRV EXL Navy, 37K, Was $23,500............................NOW $21,898 11 CRV SE Silver, 8K, Was $21,950................................NOW $21,327 11 CRV EX Silver, 17K, Was $22,750 ..............................NOW $22,111 11 CRV EX Titanium, 5K, Was $22,950............................NOW $22,309




Silver, 104K, Was $7,995

Blue, 71K, Was $9,850


ACCORDS 08 ACCORD LX SDN Black, 25K, Was $15,950.........NOW $15,191 09 ACCORD LXP SDN Red, 34K, Was $16,250 .......NOW $15,674 08 ACCORD EX SDN Red, 25K, Was $17,250 ..........NOW $16,816 09 ACCORD LXP SDN Silver, 16K, Was 17,950........NOW $16,987 10 ACCORD LX SDN Gray, 9K, Was $18,500 ...........NOW $17,808 10 ACCORD EX SDN White, 44K, Was $17,950.........NOW $17,489 09 ACCORD EX SDN Beige, 31K, Was $18,500 ........NOW $17,617 11 ACCORD LX 5SPD SDN White, 16K, Was $18,750 NOW $17,968 09 ACCORD EX SDN White, 23K, Was $19,500 ........NOW $18,439 09 ACCORD EX SDN Silver, 25K, Was $18,950 ........NOW $18,527 10 ACCORD LXP SDN Silver, 28K, Was $18,950 .....NOW $18,544 10 ACCORD EXL SDN Black, 39K, Was $19,950 .....NOW $19,499 10 ACCORD EXL SDN Red, 30K, Was, $19,950 ......NOW $19,503 09 ACCORD EXL V6 SDN Silver, 37K, Was $20,500 .NOW $19,620 10 ACCORD EXL SDN Silver, 15K, Was $21,500 .....NOW $20,774



CROSSTOUR 11 Crosstour EXL 4WD Green, 19K, Was $28,950..NOW $27,963



ODYSSEY 10 Odyssey EX Slate, 24K, Was $25,950..NOW $25,327 10 Odyssey EXL DVD Slate, 24K, Was $27,500..NOW $26,985


07 CHEVY IMPALA LT SEDAN White, 33K, Was $13,250


07 PILOT EXL Black, 55K, Was $20,950.......................NOW $20,341 09 PILOT EX Silver, 34K, Was $24,950..........................NOW $23,468 10 PILOT LX Gray, 25K, Was $24,950 ...........................NOW $23,846 11 PILOT LX Gray, 37K, Was $24,950 ...........................NOW $23,968 09 PILOT EXL Cherry, 47K, Was $25,950 .....................NOW $24,565 11 PILOT EX Cherry, 15K, Was $29,500 ........................NOW $28,214 11 PILOT EX Silver, 8K, Was $29,500 ...........................NOW $28,608 11 PILOT EXL Gray, 21K, Was $30,500........................NOW $29,717 11 PILOT EXL-NAVI Black, 22K, Was $32,500..........NOW $30,866

CIVICS 07 CIVIC LX SDN Gold, 32K, Was $13,950 ................NOW $13,629 07 CIVIC EX CPE Blue, 39K, Was $14,500.................NOW $13,894 09 CIVIC LX SDN Gray, 30K, Was $15,750.................NOW $15,183 09 CIVIC EX CPE Black, 40K, Was $15,950................NOW $14,888 10 CIVIC LX SDN Gray, 19K, Was $16,950.................NOW $15,868 09 CIVIC HYBRID SDN Black, 37K, Was $18,500 ...NOW $16,338 09 CIVIC EX SDN NAVI Titanium, 34K, Was $16,950..NOW $16,711 10 CIVIC LX SDN Black, 17K, Was $16,950................NOW $16,212 11 CIVIC LX SDN Navy, 13K, Was $17,500.................NOW $16,758

*2.9% on all Certified Honda’s thru Am Honda Finance W.A.C. up to 60 mos. Certified Hondas have 1 yr - 12k Basic Warranty & 7yr - 100k Powertrain from orig. inservice date.

Open Monday - Thursday 9-9 Friday & Saturday 9-5




08 SATURN VUE XE-V6 AWD Navy, 64K, Was $13,950





Gray, 75K, Was $14,500

Navy, 15K, Was $14,950







Silver, 34K, Was $14,950

White, 12K, Was $15,950








10 NISSAN ALTIMA 3.5 SR Blue, 34K, Was $19,950





Black, 24K, Was $21,500

Black, 16K, Navi, RDVD, Was $29,950





1110 Wyoming Ave, Scranton, PA 1-800-NEXT-HONDA 570-341-1400


TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012 110





CA$H PAID ON THE SPOT 570.301.3602 570-301-3602


BEST PRICES IN THE AREA CA$H ON THE $POT, Free Anytime Pickup 570-301-3602 FOUND male cat black, brown and grey coloring. West Pittston. Very friendly, comes right to people. 407-0844.

Say it HERE in the Classifieds! 570-829-7130

FOX HOUND LOST near Harveys Lake.


Highest Prices Paid!!!

FREE REMOVAL Call Vitos & Ginos Anytime 288-8995


Legals/ Public Notices


white female answers to Oreo. Northampton St. area on July 4th . REWARD. 570-822-6412




All Junk Cars & Trucks Wanted Highest Prices Paid In CA$H FREE PICKUP



Legals/ Public Notices

LEGAL NOTICE Sealed bids will be received by the City of Wilkes-Barre for repairs to the Hollenback Golf Course Club House and Maintenance Building at their municipal building located at 40 East Market Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711, Luzerne County. Bids will be accepted at the municipal office until 3:00 P.M., local time, July 26th , 2012. All timely bids will then be publicly opened and read aloud at 3:30 P.M.. Time dead-lines will be strictly enforced. Bid envelopes must be sealed and plainly marked “2011 FLOOD RECOVERY HOLLENBACK GOLF COURSE CLUB HOUSE REPAIRS – CONTRACT G”. Technical specifications may be obtained at City Hall located at 40 East Market Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711 , for a NON REFUNDABLE fee of fifty dollars ($50.00). Each Bid when submitted must be accompanied by a “Bid Guaranty” which shall not be less than ten (10%) percent of the amount of the Bid, as herein specified. A Non-Collusion Affidavit of Prime Bidder shall also be submitted with the Bid. The Bid Guaranty may be a certified check or bank draft, payable to the order of “City of Wilkes-Barre” or negotiable U.S. Government Bonds, or a satisfactory Bid Bond executed by the Bidder and acceptable surety. The successful Bidder will be required to furnish a contract Bond covering satisfactory Performance and a Labor and Material Payment Bond. The Labor Standards, Wage Determination Decision and Anti-Kickback regulations (29 CFR, Part 3) issued by the Secretary of labor are included in the contact documents of this project and govern all work under the contracts. Wilkes-Barre City does not discriminate on the basis of their race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability or familial status in employment or the provisions of services. Wilkes-Barre City is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and has a labor agreement with local unions. Wilkes-Barre City reserves the right to reject any and all Bids or to waive any informalities in the Bidding. Bids may be held for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days from the date of opening Bids for the purpose of reviewing the Bids and investigating the qualifications of Bidders prior to awarding the Contract. No bid shall be withdrawn for a period of sixty (60) days subsequent to the opening of the Bids, without the consent of Wilkes-Barre City.

Legals/ Public Notices

LEGAL NOTICE DEADLINES Saturday 12:30 on Friday Sunday 4:00 pm on Friday Monday 4:30 pm on Friday Tuesday 4:00 pm on Monday Wednesday 4:00 pm on Tuesday Thursday 4:00 pm on Wednesday


tain Top area in the Memorial park vicinity & Kirby Estates. Recently Neutered. Very shy. If seen, call 570-332-5438 or 570-474-5273


Found adult female cat, white and gray, friendly, found on Main Street behind Cooks Pharmacy in Shavertown. Please call 570-696-4289

LOST: MALTESE/SHIH Tzu mix, black &

Male. Answers to Obi. Reward. Call 570-704-0364

LOST. Camera, Canon, silver, digital, in navy zipper case, with memory card. Near Kirby Park on July 4th. Reward. 570-885-3265



Friday 4:00 pm on Thursday Holidays call for deadlines You may email your notices to mpeznowski@ or fax to 570-831-7312 or mail to The Times Leader 15 N. Main Street Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711 For additional information or questions regarding legal notices you may call Marti Peznowski at 570-970-7371 or 570-829-7130 REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Painting of Apartments The Housing Authority of the City of Pittston is requesting proposals from qualified painting contractors for the painting of the inside of various housing units as they become in need of painting. Units selected for painting will be determined by the Housing Authority from time to time with no definite number of units specified. Interested proposers will be required to submit their proposal on the PHA “Proposal Form”. Specifications and Proposal Form can be requested by calling the authority office at 570 655-3707; or, by visiting the office located at 500 Kennedy Blvd., Pittston, Pa. Proposals will be received no later than 11:00 a.m. on July 23, 2012. The Housing Authority of the City of Pittston reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, or to waive any informalities in the proposal requirements. Any inquiries relative to the proposal should be directed to James Smith at 570 237-5017. William J. Lisak Executive Director

GET THE WORD OUT with a Classified Ad. 570-829-7130 MEETING NOTICE The work session and regular meeting of the Wyoming Area Board of Education has been cancelled for the month of July. The meetings will resume in August. Denise Holmes Secretary of the Board


Legals/ Public Notices

THE DALLAS SCHOOL DISTRICT SURPLUS VEHICLES AND EQUIPMENT SALE REQUEST FOR SEALED BIDS DALLAS SCHOOL DISTRICT SURPLUS VEHICLES AND EQUIPMENT NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, the Dallas School District is requesting sealed bids on the following items which have been determined to be surplus to the needs of the District: Item #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7

Description 1984 International dump /w plow Vin#1HTL8EGM7EHA49594 25,000 GVWR 1992 Dodge Caravan VIN#2B4GH2532NR757479 1998 24’x 66’ modular classroom (2 classrooms) Double wide (2) Oven – Garland model ICO-E-10 208 volt multi phase (2) Oven – Marathon Gold model 1160199–208 volt Powermatic wood lathe Model 90 Ser # 990309 Powermatic wood lathe Model 90 Ser# 990262

Minimum Bid $1,000.00 No reserve $10,000.00 No reserve No Reserve No Reserve No Reserve

Items may be viewed at the Dallas School District Maintenance Building located at 2000 Conyngham Ave, Dallas Pa 18612 between the hours of 10 am and 11am July 26, 2012. Each bid must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Surplus Vehicle & Equipment Bid - Item # (designated number)” and delivered to Mr. Grant S. Palfey, Business Manager Administrative office Conyngham Ave Dallas, Pa 18612 BY 1:00 p.m. on July 30, 2012, at which time they will be publicly opened and read. All items will be sold to the highest bidder upon payment to the Dallas School District in the form of, money order or certified check; personal checks or credit cards will not be accepted. The high bidder will be given until 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 to submit payment and take possession of the item. If the highest bidder defaults on the bid, the item will be offered to the next highest bidder until the transaction is complete. Bidders submitting bids on more than one item must submit a separate sealed bid on each individual item. Any bid not properly submitted or submitted after the above stated date and time will be returned to the bidder and will not be considered by the District. The Dallas School District reserves the right to reject any bid the District deems unreasonable. All items will be sold “as-is” with no warranty or guarantee implied. Anyone desiring more information regarding the bidding process may contact Mr. Mark D. Kraynack, Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds, Dallas School District Dallas, Pa 18612 570-674-7255.


Legals/ Public Notices

LEGAL NOTICE ACCEPTANCE OF BIDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT WEST WYOMING BOROUGH , 464 West Eighth St., West Wyoming, PA 18664, is accepting sealed bids for the purchase of the following properties of the Borough; 1. 453 W. Eighth St., West Wyoming Boro. (PIN: 66E10SE1-017-002) 2. 477 W. Eighth St., West Wyoming Boro. (PIN: 66E10SE1-017-001) The properties will be sold together with a minimum bid of $220,000.00. The Borough will start accepting sealed bids on July 10, 2012. interested bidders can obtain bid packages at the municipal building Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Sealed bids will be accepted until noon on August 13, 2012 and will be opened at the council meeting held at 7:30 pm that evening. Eileen Cipriani West Wyoming Borough Council Chairman LEGAL NOTICE Township of Jenkins Notice Of Cancellation Public Work Session Meeting NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Jenkins Township Board of Supervisors has cancelled the public work session for Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 scheduled to begin at 6:30pm. The cancelling of the Public Work Session is due to prior commitments of the Board of Supervisors. Robert E. Jones Township Manager LEGAL NOTICE The Luzerne County Council announces A Special Meeting regarding the Luzerne/Schuylkill Workforce Investment Board, General Executive Matters, and Selection of a Clerk of County Council, which will be held Tuesday,. July 10, 2012 immediately following the conclusion of its regularly scheduled work session at 6:30 p.m. at the EMA Building, 187 Water Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701. James L Bobeck Clerk to Council LEGAL NOTICE ESTATE OF KEVIN GEORGE NELSON, Deceased, (died April 14, 2012) late of 408 Susquehanna Avenue, West Pittston, Pennsylvania, 18643. Letters Testamentary having been granted, creditors shall make demand & debtors shall make payment to J. Frederick Rohrbeck, Esquire, Kreder Brooks Hailstone LLP, 220 Penn Avenue, Suite 200, Scranton, Pennsylvania, 18503. J. Frederick Rohrbeck, Esquire KREDER BROOKS HAILSTONE LLP Attorneys for the Estate


Legals/ Public Notices

ESTATE NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Letters Testamentary have been issued to Matthew Bruno of Sweet Valley, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, Executor of the Estate of George B. Sordoni, Deceased, who died on May 22, 2012, late of Shavertown, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. All creditors are requested to present their claims and all persons indebted to the decedent will make payment to the aforementioned Executor or his attorney. Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP 15 South Franklin St. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711-0075

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150 Special Notices A loving couple wishes to adopt their 1st child, our home is filled of love and wonderful opportunities for your baby! Expenses paid. Liz/Anthony 1-800-359-6937 ADOPT A happily married couple searching for a precious baby to help us become a family. Ready to provide a home filled with love. Call Denise & Steve @ (888)757-7463 ADOPT: A fun, loving couple wants to adopt your baby. We promise endless love & happiness. We are financially secure and can provide a good home. We are adoption ready. Bella & Nick 800-210-8763www.


A baby is our dream! We are a happily married couple who long to provide your baby with a lifetime of happiness, educational opportunities & close extended family. Expenses paid. Call 1-888-370-9550 or www.SusanAnd


A financially secure married couple embraces the chance to adopt. We promise a wonderful life for your baby. A loving family and endless opportunities await. All Expenses paid. Patti/Dan. Toll Free 1-855-692-2291

ESTATE NOTICE ESTATE OF LEONARD A. OSTROWSKI, deceased April 19, 2012, late of Laflin, Luzerne County Pennsylvania. Letters Testamentary in the above named estate having been granted to the undersigned, all persons indebted to the estate are required to make immediate payment and those having claims are directed to present the same without delay to the undersigned or his attorney within four (4) months from the date hereof and to file with the Clerk of Common Pleas of Luzerne County, Orphans’ Court Division, a particular statement of claim, duly verified by an affidavit setting forth an address within the county where notice may be given to claimant. John J. McGee, Esq., Suite 302 400 Spruce Street Scranton, PA 18503 Carolyn Sweeney, Executrix 1105 Stafford Ave. Scranton, PA 18508

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< < < < < < < ADOPTION: A teacher wife and loving husband wish to adopt newborn. Will provide a safe home & a happy life Please call Adele & Andy 1-866-310-2666 < < < < < < < ADOPTION: Loving couple hopes to adopt a baby. We promise a lifetime of love & security for a newborn. Please call Lori and Mike at 1-888-499-4464



In my Kingston home. Licensed. Ages 15 months to 6 years. 570-283-0336





....and more

Southampton Long Island Sat. Aug., 18

“Not your usual”

Washington DC Sept 29 & 30 For More Info Call Anne 570-655-3420 anne.cameo


Instruction & Training


Violin and Viola Beginner to Advanced. Experienced teacher in Plymouth. Call Kelli 570-719-0148

Travel 380




Wed. Sept. 12 $160



Wed. Oct. 10 $169



Also available


CALL ROSEANN @ 655-4 4247 To Reserve Your Seats


ATVs/Dune Buggies

HAWK `11 125CC

Auto, key start, with reverse & remote control. $700. OBO 570-674-2920


Autos under $5000


Runs good, asking $1,000. Call 570-212-2003


94,000 miles, automatic, front wheel drive, 4 door, air conditioning, air bags, all power, cruise control, leather interior, $3,300. 570-394-9004


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3.1 liter V6, auto, A/C. Excellent condition, new tires. 66K. $2,795. 570-288-7249

FORD ’95 F150

4x4. 1 Owner. 91K. 4.8 engine, auto. Runs great. New paint, stake body with metal floor. 570-675-5046. Leave message, will return call. $4990.

Cars & Trucks Wanted Highest Prices Paid In CA$H FREE PICKUP



JUNK VEHICLES & Heavy Equipment

NOBODY PAYS MORE! HAPPY TRAILS TRUCK SALES 570-760-2035 570-542-2277 6am to 9pm

SPECIAL NOTICE Laid off, retired, stay at home parents? WANTED: Men and women to serve on a focus group panel, July 26, 2012 in Wilkes-Barre. One day only 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. $100.00 Please send name, address and phone # to Box 4090 c/o Times Leader Attn: Mary 15 N. Main St. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711



6/28 7/22 8/22 8/25

Phillies 7/04 Dodgers 7/21 New York City Dinner Cruise 7/28, One Day 7/28-29, Overnight 9/11 Memorial 6/30, 7/18, 8/18 Finger Lakes Wine Tour 7/14 or 7/15 Overnight 8/4-8/5


Yankees Baseball Indians 6/27 $69 White Sox 6/29 $65* White Sox 6/30 $109, 200 Level Seating @ Cleveland 8/24th, 25th, 26th $349.00 Phillies Baseball Rays 6/24 $79 Giants 7/21 $89 Mets Baseball Cubs 7/7 $85 or $99 Dodgers 7/21 $85 NASCAR 9/30 @ Dover. Seats in Turn 1, $144, includes breakfast & post race buffet

COOKIE’S TRAVELERS 570-815-8330 570-558-6889

*includes ticket, transportation, snacks, soda & water

Take Advantage of

Fall Cruises


Call Tenenbaum’s Travel First Come First Served 288-8747

412 Autos for Sale

Wilkes-Barre, PA 570-825-8253

Kia Sedona ‘04 7 Passenger Van Leather, air, CD, sunroof, 6 cylinder, auto, very good condition. $4,250 Mercury Tracer ‘98 4 cyl, 4 door, auto. $1,550 Jeep Grand ‘96 Cherokee Laredo 4 door, 6 cylinder, auto, leather, sunroof, CD. $2,500 Jeep Cherokee ‘98 Sport. 4 door 6 cylinder, auto, 4WD. $2,350 Current Inspection On All Vehicles DEALER

412 Autos for Sale

CADILLAC ‘00 DTS Tan, satellite

radio, leather, moon roof, loaded excellent condition. 136k miles. $4,995.



LX. All options. Dual power sliding doors. 55,200 miles. 4 brand new tires. DVD system, Sirius satellite radio and MP3 Single Disc. Backup camera. Quad seating w/table. $14,400. 570-574-6799


700 Sans Souci Highway WE SELL FOR LESS!! ‘11 DODGE DAKOTA CREW 4x4, Bighorn 6 cyl. 14k, Factory Warranty. $20,899 ‘11 Ford Escape XLT, 4x4, 26k, Factory Warranty, 6 Cylinder $19,499 ‘11 E250 Cargo AT-AC cruise, 15k, factory warranty $18,499 ‘11 Nissan Rogue, AWD, 27 k factory warranty $18,099 ‘11 Chevy Impala 35k alloys, factory warranty $14,899 ‘10 Subaru Forester Prem. 4WD 30k Factory warranty, power sunroof. $18,499 ‘05 HONDA CRV EX 4x4 65k, a title. $12,799 ‘06 FORD FREESTAR 62k, Rear air A/C $7,999 ‘03 F250 XL Super Duty only 24k! AT-AC, $8,099

GRAND MARQUIS ‘99 GS Well maintained, Smooth riding, 4.6L, V8, RWD, Auto, Power windows, power locks, New Inspection, Serviced, Silver over blue. Good tires $3,750 Call 823-4008


6speed, collectors, this baby is 1 of only 750 GTS coupes built in 2002 and only 1 of 83 painted Race Yellow it still wears its original tires showing how it was babied. This car is spotless throughout and is ready for its new home. This vehicle is shown by appointment only. $39,999 or trade. 570-760-2365


Alloy wheels, heated seats, CD player, rear spoiler, 1 owner, auto, air, all power, great gas mileage, priced to be sold immediately! $6,995 or best offer. 570-614-8925


LX SEDAN. 162k miles. New battery, excellent condition. Auto, single owner, runs great. Upgraded stereo system. 4 snow tires and rims & after market rims. Air, standard power features. Kelly Blue Book $7,800. Asking $6,800 570-466-5821





LEXUS `01 ES 300 80,000 miles,

excellent condition, all options. Recently serviced. New tires. $8,800. 570-388-6669

To place your ad call...829-7130

LINCOLN `02 TOWN CAR 1 owner, garage

kept, 44,000 miles, asking $7,500 570-675-1440

JEEP `99 CHEROKEE 99,500 miles, 5 speed, $3,700,OBO (570)752-5229


67k miles, cloth interior. Clean, New tires. Very good condition. $7900 neg. 570-947-5658

SUZUKI ‘06 SWIFT RENO LEXUS `00 RX 300 4 cylinder. Automat- White with leather ic. 4 door. $4,800 (570) 709-5677 (570) 819-3140

interior. All available options. 130K miles. Excellent Condition. $7,900 or best offer 570-563-5065



Attorney Services



Guaranteed Low Fees Payment Plan! Colleen Metroka 570-592-4796 DIVORCE No Fault $295 Atty. Kurlancheek 800-324-9748 W-B



Auto Parts

Free Bankruptcy Consultation Payment plans. Carol Baltimore 570-822-1959 SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY Free Consultation. Contact Atty. Sherry Dalessandro 570-823-9006



601 Green Ridge St, Scranton


‘99 GMC Sierra Pickup 4x4, extended cab, bed cap, gray, 132,000 miles $4,795 ‘00 Ford Windstar Minivan 3rd row seat, rear A/C, gray, 132,000 miles $2,995 ‘98 VOLVO STATION WAGON Cross Country, AWD 144,000 miles $3,695 ‘00 FORD WINDSTAR LX 3rd seat, ice cold air, 132,000 miles $2,995 BUICK ‘91 ROADMASTER Station Wagon, white with woodgrain exterior, gold leather interior, 3rd seat. Runs great, high mileage. $1800 LINCOLN ‘02 TOWNCAR Signature series, Silver, grey leather interior, 99,000 miles, runs great $5295 CHEVY ‘05 AVEO Silver, 4 door, grey cloth interior, A/C, re-built transmission with warranty, 4 cyl. 79,000 miles $5200 Warranties Available



Selling your Camper? Place an ad and find a new owner. 570-829-7130

MAZDA 3 ‘08

Extra clean. 5 speed. 41K miles $13,999


875 W. Market St. Kingston, PA. 570-287-2243


Auto Services

We pick up 822-0995

All Junk Cars & Trucks Wanted Highest Prices Paid In CA$H


Auto Services WANTED

Attorney Services




Call 829-7130 To Place Your Ad




Don’t Keep Your Practice a Secret!

Champagne tan, navigation, backup camera, lift gate, ivory leather with memory, auto, 3.3 liter V6, regular gas, garaged, brand new condition, all service records. 6 disc CD. Private seller with transferable 1 year warranty, 96K. REDUCED to $16,900. 570-563-5065


‘11 Toyota Rav 4 4x4 AT only 8,000 miles, alloys, power sunroof. new condition. Factory warranty $22,199 ‘03 Mitsubishi XLS AWD, only 75k $7,699 ‘98 Volkswagon Beetle NEW! 5 speed, 125k, Warranty. $3,499 TITLE TAGS FULL NOTARY SERVICE 6 M ONTH WARRANTY

412 Autos for Sale

LEXUS `05 RX 330 All wheel drive,


‘01 LINCOLN TOWN CAR Executive 74K $5,399

Indians 6/27 White Sox 6/30 White Sox 7/1 Old Timers Day Angels 7/14 & 7/15 Pirates Giants Reds Nationals

Autos under $5000



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Fully loaded, 14,000 miles, automatic, all power, leather interior, showroom condition. Silver. $25,000. Call Mike 570-779-4351

Health Care Services

RN Available For private duty. Per diem. References are available per request. Years of experience. 5+ years of psych and med surge. Please call 570-696-5182



Child Care 570-706-8687

LINEUP ASUCCESSFULSALE All Junk INCLASSIFIED! Doyouneedmorespace? A yard or garage sale in classified is the best way tocleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified!

150 Special Notices

Cars & Full Size Trucks. For prices... Lamoreaux Auto Parts 477-2562


$39.95 with this coupon

Also, Like New, Used Tires & Batteries for $20 & up!

Vito’s & Gino’s 949 Wyoming Avenue Forty Fort, PA


Expires 6/30/12

150 Special Notices

150 Special Notices

Octagon Family Restaurant

375 W Main St, Plymouth, PA 18651


35¢ Wings


Large Pie for $6.95

In House Only; Cannot be combined with other offers; Wing Special requires minimum purchase of a dozen.

Home of the Original ‘O-Bar’ Pizza























FREE STATE INSPECTION AS LONG AS YOU OWN THE CAR! *Tax and tags extra. Security Deposit waived. All factory rebates applied **Lease payments based on 24 month lease 21,000 allowable miles. First months payment, $595 Bank Fee, and $2,500 down payment (cash or trade) due at delivery. See salesperson for details. All payments subject to credit approval by the primary lending source, Tier 0 rate. Special APR financing cannot be combined with Ford cash rebate. “BUY FOR” prices are based on 72 month at $18.30 per month per $1000 financed with $2,500 down (cash or trade). Photos of vehicles are for illustration purposes only. Coccia Ford is not responsible for any typographical errors. No Security Deposit Necessary. See dealer for details. Sale ends JULY 31, 2012.

CALL NOW 823-8888 1-800-817-FORD Overlooking Mohegan Sun 577 East Main St., Plains

Just Minutes from Scranton or W-B



TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012


TIMES LEADER 412 Autos for Sale

412 Autos for Sale




5 speed $4995

1009 Penn Ave Scranton 18509 Across from Scranton Prep

GOOD CREDIT, BAD CREDIT, NO CREDIT Call Our Auto Credit Hot Line to get Pre-approved for a Car Loan!





Sprint blue, black / brown leather int., navigation, 7 spd auto turbo, AWD 08 CHEVY AVEO red, auto, 4 cyl 07 BUICK LACROSSE CXL, black, V6 07 BUICK LUCERNE CXL, silver, grey leather 06 LINCOLN ZEPHYR grey, tan leather, sun roof 06 MERCURY MILAN PREMIER, mint green, V6, alloys 05 CHEVY IMPALA silver, alloys, V6 04 NISSAN MAXIMA LS silver, auto, sunroof 03 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE GS blue sunroof 49,000 miles 03 AUDI S8 QUATTRO, mid blue/light grey leather, navigation, AWD 02 CHEVY IMPALA LS green, tan leather, sunroof 02 FORD ESCORT SE red, auto, 4 cyl 01 VOLVO V70 STATION WAGON, blue/grey, leather, AWD 00 BMW 323i silver auto 73 PORSCHE 914 green & black, 5 speed, 62k miles, $12,500


09 DODGE JOURNEY blue, 3rd seat, AWD 08 DODGE NITRO SXT orange, auto, 4x4 08 FORD ESCAPE XLT SILVER, V6, 4X4 06 INFINITY QX56 Pearl white, tan leather, Naviga tion, 3rd seat, 4x4 06 JEEP COMMANDER white, 3rd seat, 4x4 06 DODGE RAM 1500 QUAD CAB, Black, V8, 4x4 truck 06 FORD EXPLORER XLT, black, 3rd seat, 4x4 06 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LTD blue, grey leather 4x4 06 CHEVY TRAILBLZAER LS, SILVER, 4X4 05 CADILLAC SRX black, leather, V6, AWD 05 HONDA PILOT EXL blue, 3rd seat, 4x4 05 HYUNDAI TUSCON LX green auto, AWD 05 DODGE DURANGO LTD Black, grey leather, 3rd seat, 4x4 05 JEEP LIBERTY RENEGADE Blue, 5 speed, V6, 4x4 05 DODGE DAKOTA CLUB CAB SPORT, blue, auto, 4x4 truck 04 BUICK RENDZVOUS grey, auto, FWD 04 NISSAN XTERRA XE blue, auto, 4x4 04 CHEVY TAHOE LT 4x4 Pewter, grey leather, 3rd seat 04 CHEVY AVALANCHE Z71, green, 4 door, 4x4 truck 04 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE OVERLAND graphite grey, 2 tone leather, sunroof, 4x4 03 FORD EXPEDITION XLT, silver, 3rd seat, 4x4 02 FORD F150 SUPERCAB XLT silver, 4x4 truck 01 DODGE DURANGO SLT grey, 3rd seat, 79,000 miles. 4x4 01 FORD F150 XLT white, super cab, 4x4 truck 01 FORD F150 XLT Blue/tan, 4 door, 4x4 truck 00 CHEVY 1500 SILVERADO X-CAB green, 4x4 truck 99 SUBARU FORESTER S white, auto, AWD 99 FORD EXPLORER SPORT 2 door black, 4x4 99 NISSAN PATHINDER gold, V6, 4x4 89 CHEVY 1500, 4X4 TRUCK

875 W. Market St. Kingston, PA. 570-287-2243


112K miles. Blue, 5 speed. Air, power windows/locks, CD/cassette, Keyless entry, sunroof, new battery. Car drives and has current PA inspection. Slight rust on corner of passenger door. Clutch slips on hard acceleration. This is why its thousands less than Blue Book value. $6,500 OBO. Make an offer! Call 570-592-1629

VOLKSWAGEN ‘00 BEETLE 2.0 automatic, air 67k miles $6400. 570-466-0999

VOLVO `01 V70 Station wagon. Sun-

roof. ABS brakes. Radio, tape & CD. A/C. Heated leather seats. New alternator. Recently serviced and inspected. 2 extra tires. 161K miles. $4,600. 570-714-1296


15,900 miles, standard transmission. Garage kept, white with sunroof. $15K 570-387-8639

415 Autos-Antique & Classic

CHEVROLET `76 PICKUP 4 Cylinder Very Good Condition! NEW PRICE $2,500. 570-362-3626 Ask for Lee



MUST SELL! Auto, 4 cylinder with power windows. Recently inspected / maintained. $2,150. 570-793-4700

PORSCHE `01 BOXSTER S 38,500 miles. Black

with beige interior. 6 speed transmission. Air & CD player. Excellent condition. $17,200. Call 570-868-0310

SUBARU ‘11 OUTBACK SW keyless, well equipped, AWD


stereo, MP3 multi disc, rear spoiler, moon roof, alloys, ground effects, 90,100 miles, Air. $8,300, negotiable. 570-760-0765 570-474-2182

BMW 2010 K1300S

Only 460 miles! Has all bells & whistles. Heated grips, 12 volt outlet, traction control, ride adjustment on the fly. Black with lite gray and red trim. comes with BMW cover, battery tender, black blue tooth helmet with FM stereo and black leather riding gloves (like new). paid $20,500. Sell for

$15,000 FIRM. Call 570-262-0914 Leave message.


condition. Garage kept. 3,500 miles. 2 upseat quick detach back rests. 6 speed. 1,450 cc’s. $10,500 570-313-8085

Near Mint 174 miles - yes, One hundred and seventy four miles on the clock, original owner. $8000. 570-876-2816


Golden Anniversary. Silver/Black. New Tires. Extras. Excellent Condition. 19,000 miles $10,000. 570-639-2539

SUZUKI ‘01 VS 800 GL INTRUDER Garage kept, no rust, lots of chrome, black with teal green flake. Includes storage jack & 2 helmets. $3600 570-410-1026


12,000 miles. With windshield. Runs excellent. Many extras including gunfighter seat, leather bags, extra pipes. New tires & battery. Asking $4,000 firm. (570) 814-1548

COLEMAN ‘02 POP UP Like new. Stove,



2 door, stored 60 years. In very good condition. All metal, chrome & headlights intact. Highly restorable. $5,000, OBO 570-823-2307

FORD `70 F350 Dual rear wheels,

360 V8, 4 speed, standard transmission, 10 foot cube box. New tires, runs good, 52,000 miles. $1,000 call 570-388-2464


1 owner, garage kept, 65k original miles, black with grey leather interior, all original & never seen snow. $7,995. Call 570-237-5119


6 cylinder automatic. 52k original miles. $1500. 570-899-1896

Boats & Marinas


Heavy duty 14’ aluminum boat with trailer, great shape. $1,000. 570-822-8704 or cell 570-498-5327


Commercial Trucks & Equipment

CHEVY ‘08 3500 HD DUMP TRUCK 2WD, automatic.

Only 12,000 miles. Vehicle in like new condition. $19,000. 570-288-4322




All ready to ride, automatic transmission, disk brakes, rear luggage trunk, around 100 mpg, no motorcycle license required, only $1,595. Call 570-817-2952

Trucks/ SUVs/Vans


Trucks/ SUVs/Vans

GMC `92 VANDURA Box Truck. Great

1518 8th Street Carverton, PA Near Francis Slocum St. Park


4x4. Extra clean SUV $5,995 Call For Details! 570-696-4377

CHEVROLET `10 COLORADO 2wd, 4 cyl, A/C,

am/fm/CD, 10,600 miles, asking $14,000 Call 570-696-1641 evenings after 5pm or on weekends.


Sport utility, 4 door, four wheel drive, ABS, new inspection. $4200. 570-709-1467

454ci engine, 250K. 2 year old tranny, good rubber. Hydraulic lift, 1600 lb. capacity. Chassis needs welding. $2,500. 570-650-6365


6 cylinder 4 WD, air conditioning power windows, door locks, cruise, dual air bags, tilt wheel, AM/FM/CD. keyless remote. 130k miles. $5400. 570-954-3390

JEEP 03 WRANGLER X 6 cylinder. Auto. 4x4. $10,999

KELLY 875 W. Market St. Kingston, PA. 570-287-2243

1518 8th Street Carverton, PA Near Francis Slocum St. Park

CHEVY ‘99 BLAZER 4x4, Absolutely

Like new! $3,995 Call For Details! 570-696-4377

DODGE `94 RAM Automatic, runs

well, good body. 163,000 miles. $1,500 570-313-8085

1518 8th Street Carverton, PA Near Francis Slocum St. Park


1 owner, leather sunroof, 3rd row seat $6,995 Call For Details! 570-696-4377

FORD ‘02 EXPLORER Red, XLT, Original

non-smoking owner, garaged, synthetic oil since new, excellent in and out. New tires and battery. 90,000 miles. $7,500 (570) 403-3016

442 RVs & Campers

Kit Car $5,500 (570) 655-4884




lights, fans, sink, sleeps 6. $3,500 570-443-7202

875 W. Market St. Kingston, PA. 570-287-2243



All original. JUST REDUCED $9,000





1518 8th Street Carverton, PA Near Francis Slocum St. Park

FORD ‘02 F150 Extra Cab. 6

Cylinder, 5 speed. Air. 2WD. $3,995 Call For Details! 570-696-4377

FORD 04 F150


6 cylinder. 5 speed 4x4 $9,999


875 W. Market St. Kingston, PA. 570-287-2243

FORD ‘73 F350

Stake Body Truck 55,000 Original miles - garage kept, only 2 owners, hydraulic lift gate, new tires, battery and brakes. Excellent condition. No rust. Must see. $6500 or best offer Call 570-687-6177


Model 8526RLS Mountain Top,PA $18,500 570-760-6341

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Type A gas, 460 V10 Ford. Excellent condition, 11,000 miles. I slide out, 2 awnings, 2 color flat screen TV’s. Generator, back up camera, 2 air conditioners, microwave/convection oven, side by side refrigerator with ice maker, washer/ dryer, queen size bed, automatic steps. $29,900. 570-288-4826 or 570-690-1464


2,500 miles. 4 1/2 year extended/ transferable warranty on RV, tires & truck. 2 slide outs, 4 KW Onan generator, power awning, fiberglass roof. 5,000 lb. hitch, heated holding tanks, 2 house batteries, 3 flat screen TV’s, sleeps ten, color back up camera. REDUCED to $60,000 570-655-1903

1518 8th Street Carverton, PA Near Francis Slocum St. Park


eXTRA cLEAN! 4X4. $3,995. 570-696-4377

1518 8th Street Carverton, PA Near Francis Slocum St. Park

MAZDA ‘01 B3000

4x4, 5 speed, extra clean truck $4,995 Call For Details! 570-696-4377



AWD, Black interior/exterior, start/ stop engine with keyless entry, heated seats, 18” alloy wheels, many extra features. Only Low Miles. 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty. $22,500. Willing to negotiate. Serious inquires only - must sell, going to law school. (570) 793-6844

NISSAN `04 PATHFINDER ARMADA Excellent condition.

Too many options to list. Runs & looks excellent. $10,995 570-655-6132 or 570-466-8824

FORD ‘04 RANGER Super Cab

One Owner, 4x4, 5 Speed, Highway miles. Sharp Truck! $5,995 Call For Details! 570-696-4377

1518 8th Street Carverton, PA Near Francis Slocum St. Park


5 speed,sunroof, 1 owner, like new! $4,995 Call For Details! 570-696-4377

SUZUKI `07 XL-7 56,000 miles,

automatic, all-wheel drive, 4 door, air conditioning, all power, CD player, leather interior, tinted windows, custom wheels, $13,000 Call 570-829-8753 Before 5:00 p.m.

Wanna make your car go fast? Place an ad in Classified! 570-829-7130.

457 Wanted to Buy Auto




1518 8th Street Carverton, PA Near Francis Slocum St. Park


Front wheel drive, sunroof, 1 owner, like new. $5,995 Call For Details! 570-696-4377

MERCURY `01 MOUNTAINEER 4wd. White with tan leather seats. 75K miles. $4,500. Call 570-313-8085


Early mornings, part time approximately 30 hours/week. Mountaintop Area. Gitten’s Disposal 570-868-6462

Installation/ Maintenance/ Repair


Learn the communications industry. Guyette is hiring a motivated entry level individual with a wiring or technology background. Vo-tech/trade education preferred. Must be proficient using hand tools, laptops, and reading wiring diagrams. Physically intensive position. Full time 8am-4:30pm. Must have clean driving record. Contact Harvis for application: 570-542-5330 or email to gcijobs.


Logistics/ Transportation


Long term contract in the Hazleton area has immediate opening for Parttime Jockey Truck Driver, 30 hours per week. Shift is Thurs, Fri, and Sat from 6pm to 4am. Qualified drivers must have jockey experience, Class A CDL, and good driving record. Please call Mike at 717-309-0100

Mechanics/ Tow Operators (2ND SHIFT)

Expanding Second generation, family owned & operated business seeking:


1518 8th Street Carverton, PA Near Francis Slocum St. Park

Two person crew, no experience necessary, company will train. The work is outdoor, fastpaced, very physical and will require the applicant to be out of town for eight day intervals followed by six days off. Applicants must have a valid PA drivers license and clean driving record. Starting wage is negotiable but will be no less than $14.00 per with family health, dental and 401k. APPLY AT R.K. HYDRO-VAC, INC., 1075 OAK ST PITTSTON, PA 18640 E-MAIL RESUME TO TCHARNEY@ RKHYDROVACPA.COM OR CALL 800-2377474 MONDAY TO FRIDAY, 8:30 TO 4:30 E.O.E. AND MANDATORY DRUG TESTING.

KELLY 875 W. Market St. Kingston, PA. 570-287-2243

Building/ Construction/ Skilled Trades

Entry Level Construction Laborer


4x2. Nice Truck! $11,999

19,000 miles, 2 slides, 8 kw Gen. 2 Air conditioners, Microwave-Convect Oven, 4 door refwith automatic ice maker, heated holding tanks, Corian counter tops, 2 TV- surround sound, cherry cabinets, ice maker, washer/dryer. Sleeps 6. Queen beds, back up camera, recently inspected, garaged in winter. $64,500 570-288-2649


• Diesel Mechanic/ Road Techs • HeavyTow Operators • Roll Back Drivers

CDL and Towing experience a plus. Pay based on experience. Benefit package available. Fax or Email resume: 970-0858 atowmanparts@ Call: 823-2100 Ask for: Dave or Frank


Marketing/ Product


$15 base pay HS Grads Welcome No Experience Necessary Call Now! 570-647-2902

548 Medical/Health


week off position (including 7 asleep overnight shifts) working with individuals with intellectual disabilities in the Wilkes Barre Area! Valid Drivers License is required. Experience is helpful paid training is provided. Starting salary is $22,048 plus benefits include health insurance for employee, vacation and holiday pay, 401K, Life Insurance. For information, call KEYSTONE SERVICE SYSTEMS, INC. at 829-3671. EOE


506 Administrative/ Clerical

DATA ENTRY/ INSPECTOR Part Time. Call 570-310-1394

Direct Care Worker to work one on one with a physically challenged individual in a day program facility. Hours are 8:15AM to 3:15PM Monday thru Friday. Wages and benefits will be discussed at interview. Send resume or apply in person to 495 Wyoming St., Hanover Twp., PA 18706

548 Medical/Health





Part Time. 7am-3pm/3pm-8pm LAKESIDE HEALTH AND REHABILITATION CENTER 245 OLD LAKE RD, DALLAS, PA 18612 (570) 639-1885 E.O.E.

LPN Seeking LPN, morn-

ings, Monday-Friday 8am-1pm to provide dedicated personal care in Pittston Area. Also seeking same for afternoons, 1pm-5pm. Experience & references. Call 570-239-4589 Leave a Message.

LINEUP ASUCCESSFULSALE INCLASSIFIED! Doyouneedmorespace? A yard or garage sale in classified is the best way tocleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified!


Oral surgery office. Full time position available. Salary commensurate with experience. Health benefits and retirement plan. Send/Fax/Email resume to Debbie at: 550 Third Avenue Suite 1 Kingston, PA 18704 Fax: 570-288-4201 callahanbergey@




Representative Available. Registration Not Necessary. Various Programs. July 6, 11: 10am-12pm July 2, 12: 6pm-8pm HOYT LIBRARY Kingston, PA CONCERN 1-800-654-6180 www.concern4kids. org

Office Positions



Owner Operators Needed D F RIVER



Local Drivers SNeeded 1 &2 ST






Dupont MotorKLines 105 N



VIVE Health & Fitness Is currently accept-

ing resumes for the following positions: Personal Training, Front Desk, Sales, Cyclists, Group Exercise Instructors and Massage Therapy. To be considered please send cover letter and resume to pmeshyock@


Sales/Retail/ Business Development

INSIDE SALES/CSR Home Medical Equipment Co. in need of an Inside Sales/CSR Candidate. Send resume to hr@blackstone


Opening in Northern PA. Will Train. Wellness Product Sales. Part-time/Full-time. Interviewing Wednesday - Saturday from 11am-9pm in Wilkes-Barre. Call 954-557-7624 for an appointment.



of Times Leader readers read the Classified section. *2008 Pulse Research

What Do You Have To Sell Today? Call 829-7130 to place your ad. ONLY ONL NL ONE NLY N LE LEA L LEADER. E DER D .









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Business Opportunities


Quaint family restaurant in New Albany, PA, with 2 occupied upstairs apartments. Turn key operation. For more info, call 570-637-4197 BUY A JOB, CAREER & BUSINESS Retiring. Buy my sales route, with established, repeat customers. Make $35K now, $70K when economy improves. Includes all equipment & training needed. $25,000 570-650-6365.


Local well established beer distributor for sale, Including property and license. Call 570-430-0730 or 570-430-0727

506 Administrative/ Clerical

Business Opportunities


BE YOUR OWN BOSS Work Full or Part time Accounts available NOW throughout Luzerne & Lackawanna, Counties We guarantee $5, $200,000 in annual billing. Investment Required We’re ready –Are you? For more info call

570-824-5774 NEPA FLORAL & GIFT SHOP Including delivery van, coolers, all inventory, displays, computer system, customer list, website and much more. Turn key operation in prime retail location. Serious inquiries please call 570-592-3327

630 Money To Loan “We can erase your bad credit 100% GUARANTEED.” Attorneys for the Federal Trade Commission say they’ve never seen a legitimate credit repair operation. No one can legally remove accurate and timely information from your credit report. It’s a process that starts with you and involves time and a conscious effort to pay your debts. Learn about managing credit and debt at ftc. gov/credit. A message from The Times Leader and the FTC.


Accounting/ Finance


Air Conditioners

AIR CONDITIONER New $12,000 BTU $225.570-740-1246 AIR CONDITIONER. 7,000 BTU asking $75. 570-636-3151


Antiques & Collectibles

ANTIQUE Cart Railroad $800 Call 570-288-3671 ANTIQUES: China Cabinet $300. Desk $50. French chandelier $600. Sewing Machine $50. 570-578-0728 COINS Liberty v nickels 1894-19091911 $50. 287-4135 GARAGE JACK, 1883 F. Kellogg, buckboard, Exoelsior #1 $50. Hand Saw, Keen Kutter 15” E.C.Simmons, $50. 570-262-9989 LAWN ROLLER water fill 1934 $50. 570-262-9989 LIONEL vintage train transformer speckled case type #4044, checked out good $20. 570-735-6638 MOVING SALE. Philadelphia Phillies baseball cards 425 for 15. NY Mets baseball cards 149 $6. College football players on professional teams Penn State 230 cards $9. 570-313-5214 or 570-313-3859 VACUUM TUBES vintage electronic vacuum tubes in boxes total of 290 tubes all for $50. 570-735 6638



AIR CONDITIONERS 2 older units $25. 570-654-9109


Accounting/ Finance

ACCOUNTING ANALYST FHAS is seeking a Accounting Anaylst to join our management team at our office located in Plymouth, PA. This position requires a Bachelor's degree in accounting, business administration, finance or related field. Successful candidates will possess proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and QuickBooks. The position requires excellent communication skills along with strong attention to detail. Responsibilities include performance of the financial and reporting activities of the firm, including general ledger, payroll, budgeting, and forecasting. Candidates must possess a minimum of 3 years relevant business and financial management experience. FHAS offers a competitive salary which is commensurate with experience along with company furnished health care benefits, dental program and a 401(k) retirement plan. Please submit a resume with salary requirements to or via mail to FHAS Accounting Analyst, 117 West Main Street, Plymouth, PA 18651. Resumes may also be submitted via fax to (570) 719-0306. FHAS is an equal opportunity employer.

506 Administrative/ Clerical

506 Administrative/ Clerical

REGIONAL OFFICE MANAGER/ EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT ParenteBeard, LLC, a dynamic regional independent accounting and consulting firm headquartered in Philadelphia and with offices across Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware, is seeking a Regional Office Manager/Executive Assistant to Regional Managing Partner for its Northern PA region. Under the general supervision of the Regional Managing Partner, the Regional Office Manager/Executive Assistant oversees the administrative and facilities-related matters in the Wilkes-Barre office and related region activities to achieve maximum coordination, efficiency, productivity and expense control. He/She is responsible for coordinating and managing various functions performed by the Administrative Professional Support Staff. In addition, he/she will provide daily executive assistance to the Regional Managing Partner. The Regional Office Manager/Executive Assistant to the Regional Managing Partner reviews and evaluates the daily operation of the Administrative Professional Support Staff in the Wilkes-Barre office and region. He/She establishes/assists with work procedures and standards to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the Wilkes-Barre office and region and is responsible for ensuring compliance with established corporate standards and reviewing and evaluating the work and performance of Administrative Professional Support Staff in the Wilkes-Barre office as well as the Office Administrators in the Northern Region. The Office Manager/Executive Assistant provides administrative support of a highly complex, confidential and responsible nature, which often requires interfacing with high-level internal and external contacts requiring considerable initiative, discretion and a sense of urgency. Our comprehensive flexible benefit plan offers medical/dental insurances, life and disability insurance, 401(K) plan and paid time off. Job Requirements: Successful candidates will hold a minimum associate’s degree in business or related field, and at least 7 years of experience along with a record of progressively increasing knowledge, supervisory responsibility, skill and independence. Experience within the public accounting industry is highly preferred. In addition, sound written and verbal communication skills, ability to work independently or as part of a team and the capacity to appropriately interact with all levels of Firm management and staff, clients and other external business contacts are required. A valid driver’s license is required. Key Skills: -Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly, courteously and with the utmost professionalism (including safeguarding information of a confidential nature). - Must possess sound judgment and negotiation skills which reflect and adhere to Firm values & principles, policies and procedures. - Must exercise accuracy, alertness, tact and patience, and superb organizational skills. - Must have excellent management skills and be comfortable delivering feedback.


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TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012



Used appliances. Parts for all brands. 223 George Ave. Wilkes-Barre 570-820-8162 FREEZER UPRIGHT $75. 570-654-9109 FREEZER Whirlpool, upright, 4’ tall $50. WASHER, Whirlpool, 5 cycle, heavy duty, large capacity, white $50. DRYER Kenmore, heavy duty, yellow $50. REFRIGERATOR Sears, self defrost, 2 door, freezer on top $100. 654-1032 MICROWAVE Sharp carousel, stainless steel. Used only a few months. $50. 570-430-6434

566 Sales/Business Development



REFRIGERATOR Frigidaire top mount freezer model#FRT18 L4FW3white, 66â€H 30â€W, 30â€D. $150. 594-4992.


Baby Items

HIGH CHAIR Eddie Bauer, wood, excellent condition. $40. 570-631-6635 HIGH CHAIR Graco biege & green colors, locking wheels very good condition. $20. 570-735-6638


Building Materials

SWITCH COVERS brass new & used single, double & triple. Total of 13 all for $20. 735-6638

566 Sales/Business Development




Building Materials

ENTERTAINMENT CENTER 56wx71h, glass doors, 2 lights, $150. GRANDFATHER CLOCK curio, excellent condition paid $1800 sell for $700. 570-735-5482


ENTERTAINMENT center, light wood, holds 27” TV, glass doors, shelves $100. OBO. 570-654-1032

Computer Equipment & Software

TOWER, dual core Windows Vista, 2.0 ghz dual core cpu. 2gb ram, dvdrw. $70. 2 Dell dimension pentium 4 towers windows xp. 2.8ghz cpu. runs great $55 each or $90 for both. 570-871-8241


Furniture & Accessories

Valley Chevrolet is seeking individuals who are self starters, team oriented and driven. • Salary & Commission • Benefits • 401K Plan • 5 Day Work Week • Huge New & Used Inventory

DESK/Computer $30. printer stand $25. 2 drawer file cabinet on wheels $25. 2 drawer file cabinet lite oak finish $20. Desk chair on wheels $25. Wood book case $40. 570-655-4124

Apply in person to:

Blake Gagliardi, Sales Manager Rick Merrick, Sales Manager


601 Kidder Street, Wilkes-Barre

412 Autos for Sale

412 Autos for Sale

KITCHEN TABLE with 4 captain chairs, leaf, 3 new tablecloths & pillows included, heavy duty set. Must see $200. 570-823-6885


Logistics/ Transportation

DINING TABLE, marble, 7’ long, 39” wide, 1” thick, with marble base. $400. OBO. Singer peddle sewing machine $25. 570-823-1800

412 Autos for Sale


Furniture & Accessories


* NELSON * * FURNITURE * * WAREHOUSE * Recliners from $299 Lift Chairs from $699 New and Used Living Room Dinettes, Bedroom 210 Division St Kingston Call 570-288-3607

Line up a place to live in classified! KITTCHENETTE set white metal $50. Entertainment Shelf stand $10. Treadmill $65.Rider $25. 570-654-9109


Logistics/ Transportation


375 Bennett St., Luzerne 287-0275

Oil Changes, State Inspections, Specializing in Jeep Repairs, Tire Rotations, Fair Pricing...


JAMES AUTO SERVICE 570-82-JAMES (570-825-2637) 251 George Ave., Wilkes-Barre • State Inspections • Towing • Emission Insp. • Shocks • Brakes • Struts • Tune-Ups • Alignments • Oil Changes • Fleet Maintenance • Tires • Fuel Injection Tune-Ups

570-574-1275 AUTO PARTS INC.






Legal Secretary

Large insurance defense firm is searching for a legal secretary for its Wilkes-Barre office. Candidate must have 3+ years of general liability experience, excellent organizational skills, motivation and a desire to assume significant responsibility. Experience with electronic filings and Microsoft applications a must. Excellent opportunity with competitive salary and benefits. Please email resume and cover letter to: or fax to 717-237-7105

412 Autos for Sale


2005 0005 Jeepp Grand Cherokee Cheroke

412 Autos for Sale

Family Owned & Operated for 31 Years

308 West Tioga Street Tunkhannock, PA 18657


5 Harris St. Wilkes-Barre Twp. 570-824-5516 -Specializing in rebuilding starters, alternators & generators for Auto, Marine, Motorcycles, Heavy Commercial, Hydraulic Motors & More!



Route 80 & 81 Towing

“Your Automotive Service Specialists”

24 Hour Towing & Recovery/Rollback Service

Larry Stroup (cert. wreckmaster)


(570) 708-3000 Road services. Tire and Lockout. Small Trailer Repairs and Battery Service.

BEN’S Auto Sales


RT 309, W-B Township Near Wegman’s

10 Colbolt LS...... $8,995 10 Focus SE........ $9,995 08 Tuscon GLS .. $12,995 10 Malibu LS .... $12,995 10 Fusion SE..... $13,995 07 Colorado 61k . $8,995 • Full Notary Service • Tax & Title Transfers

CONTINENTAL CAR CARE Alignment Brakes Tires Engine Replacement Batteries Tuneups Transmissions Lubrication Exhausts Clutches

Rt. 11 • Larksville 570-779-1200

BLUES BROTHERS USED AUTO SALES 2179 State Route 118 Sweet Valley, PA 18656 (570) 675-4329 • Notary Service on Premises by Appt.


1280 San Souci Parkway HanoverTwp., PA 18706




114 Main Street, Duryea • Oil Changes • State Inspections • Engine & Transmission Rebuilding • Tune-ups • Brakes • You Name It!



• 83 Years ears in Automotive Repair • Complete Alignment Service • State Inspections • Computerized Engine Diagnosis • Air Conditioning & Heat Services

570-824-0832 or 570-829-4196

146 Hillside Sugar Notch

Pick Up & Drop Off Available 553 Fellows Ave., Hanover Twp.


Collision Repairs Frame Straightening Major Minor Repairs Safety & Emission Inspections 24 hour Towing

John & Heidi Oley - Owners Phone (570) 477-3665 5396 Main Road Sweet Valley, PA 18656


Twin sets: $139 Full sets: $159 Queen sets: $199 All New American Made 570-288-1898

Memorial Highway Dallas, PA 18706 570-675-6029

Full Notary Service Instant Vehicle Registration Free Notary Service for Any Document with This Ad

COLLISION SPECIALISTS FOREIGN • DOMESTIC BODY & FRAME REPAIR ESTIMATES AVAILABLE Now Offering Vinyl Lettering & Graphics Over 40 Yrs Experience 304 Shoemaker St. Swoyersville

Jennings ATV & Cycle 615 State Route 29 South Tunkhannock

SOFA beautiful camel back sofa, excellent condition, recovered in rose stripe pattern $200. 570-287-2216 UTILITY CHAIR $10. Ironing board, can sit or stand $15. Small tool box with tools $50. 570-654-0507

• Stretch Limos

Closed Sundays Sickler Blueberry Farm - Vernon 570-333-5286 570-333-4944 NO PETS IN THE FIELD!!

• Trolley • Mid Size Coaches

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $


Cars • Trucks • Boats Motorcycles

*Now Going Mobile*

We will take care of your vehicle Front to Back - Top to Bottom Inside & Out From hand wash to full detail we use Premium California products 453 WEST MAIN ST. NANTICOKE 570-760-9701


570-270-0777 OWNER:

Frank Gubbiotti HEAD MECHANIC:

Howard Balbach

For All Your Automotive Needs

570-270-0777 570-760-3714


Medical Equipment

ACORN STAIR LIFT 570-262-7959

MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENT for sale from small family practice. Items include: Bausch & Lomb Microscope Autoclave Fisher Centrifi 2 Physicians Clinical Scales (350 pounds /HealthOMeter/Dete cto. 1 Baby Scale built in drawers and cabinets (Detecto) Medical Instruments Large white filing cabinet. Metal filing cabinet. Examination table. Phletbotomy Chair Other Medical items Medical Reference Books. Medical Equipment In Boxes, new in boxes Volumetric Infusion Pum I.V. Controller Dual I.V. Controller Cardio Fax MetriPro Stretcher Oxygen Equipment Location: White Haven, PA. Please email for details: drsestate@ RAMPS adjustable aluminum telescoping wheel chair track ramps $50. 570-690-5825

758 Miscellaneous

1350 N. River Street

AIR CONDITIONER, Brand new, 8000 BTU Frigidaire Energy Star $160. 570-288-3352


AIR PURIFIER. Oreck XL Professional with user manual. Was $299. Asking $149. 570-636-3151

97 Ferry Road Hanover Twp., PA 18706


• Hand Wash & Wax • Interior Detailing • Odor Elimination • Leather Conditioning • Fabric Protection • Exterior Cleaning

Bill’s Tires

856 State Road 29 S



• Used tires sizes 13 to 22 • FREE 30 day warranty

“You tried the rest, now try the best!”

2nd Location: 7101 Columbia Blvd. Berwick

570 836 4110 570-836-4110

SMOKER never used. Paid $200. sell sell for $150. A/C-Frigidaireexcellent condition $60. 570-472-1646





Oil Changes • Tires Brakes • Exhaust Shocks/Struts Interior & Exterior Detailing State Inspections State Emissions

Mattress Guy

For Your Next Special Event



Maransky’s Auto Repair & Body Shop

Trolley & Transportation Services


We Beat All Competitors Prices!

748 Good Things To Eat

$$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ TOP DOLLARS PAID FOR $ CARS & TRUCKS $ FOR 50 YEARS. CALL US. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$



Ph# (570) 836-4756 Fax# (570) 836-8773

6 Cylinder, 4WD



Rt 11 Hunlock Creek

6 Cylinder, 4x4

2003 Jeep Liberty




WOODEN TEEPEE southwest shelf stand asking $30. Metal daybed, cream color asking $50. Air conditioners 2, Panasonic 12,000 btu & Sharp 10,000 btu asking $30. ea. 239-5292

• Party Buses


Large Selection


•Cars •Inspections •LightTrucks •4x4•SUV •Computer Diagnostic





FRED L. PARRY 375 Bennett St., Luzerne 287-0275


Mattress A Queen Size Pillow Top Set Still in Plastic Can Deliver $150 570-280-9628

Call 570-735-1743 for interview.

197 West End Road, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18706




LAMPS (2) parlor stand up, grey metal & black. $20 each. 570-740-1246

ROCKER, wood/tapestry, $75. RECLINER, Burgundy velour cloth, $125. SOFA, CHAIR, OTTOMAN, 3 TABLES, great for den. Wood and cloth, all in excellent condition. $450. Call after 6 PM 570-675-5046

Must have valid PA driver’s license. Nanticoke area. No Experience necessary. Will train. Excellent opportunity for home makers, retiree, or second income. Summer work also available.



Furniture & Accessories

OFFICE FURNITURE Closing office, selling desks, filing cabinets, shelving, TV & stand, etc. 570-262-0400


Since 1973 Family Owned & Operated peraated



CHINA CLOSET walnut $200. OBO. 570-208-3685

CRIB SET, Classic Winnie the Pooh, curtains & accessories $30. 570-239-5292


Furniture & Accessories

LIGHT FIXTURES: 2 Quantity, Beautiful hanging fixtures, exclusive porcelain flowered decoration with 24k gold. Price for 2, $200. 8686095

COFFEE TABLE brown square, color is light brown wood$20.DRESSERbrown, 4 drawer$15. 570-472-1646

(No Experience Necessary)



All Junk Cars & Trucks Wanted Highest Prices Paid In CA$H


570-574-1275 DISHES service for 8 fruit pattern $25. 570-654-3755

758 Miscellaneous BEDLINER: ‘89 Chevy S10 truck bedliner, standard 6’ cab $15. Gong Show movie DVD $10. 5 storm windows $10. each. V6 HEI distributor cap from ‘80 Monte Carlo, very good $10. Uniroyal Tigerpaw GTS tire P215/60/14 $40. firm. Two Doral SDL 60 tires, 65% tread P205/60R15 $40 both. Chevy SSR model, red with opening doors, new $20. Black & grey bucket seat covers, simulated leather $35. both.740-1246

758 Miscellaneous

758 Miscellaneous

758 Miscellaneous


SEWING MACHINE Antique tredle sewing machine by Burdick. Good condition. Used for display only. Includes tin box of attachments. $100 or best offer. 570-696-1821

TOYS & GAMES assorted children’s toys, games & plug & plays. include puppy racers, Winnie the Pooh leggo set, trucks, rescue heroes, 30+ toys in all, very good condition. $25. Assorted Yard Sale Leftovers includes large box of assorted items (2 Children’s lamps and bookends, etc.) + Bread Bakery, counter height stool, Video Buddy with 11 VHS tapes. $25. or all for $45 570-474-2606


(Former Walmart Building) Oak St., Pittston


AIR CONDITIONED Huge, Huge Inventory

BIKES girl’s pink 12” $20. Boys’s Diego blue 10” $20. 570-820-8339

• FOOD ITEMS Huge Selection 1/2 Price! Gatorade

BISTRO SET, table, 2 folding chairs, heavy metal, like new. $70. PATIO CART, green metal, made in Italy, 18”x26” 2 tier with wheels, like new $20. WOOD CHEST 31”x12 1/2”x13”, black with gold trim, hand painted flowers on top & front, painted by FL artist $75. 570-696-2008

• diapers BABY ITEMS by the

BOOKS: complete works W. Shakespeare $15. Car care manual $12. Elvis & Me plus mus. ent. $25. Bonzau $12. Presidential pins $25. 825-2494


BOOKS: Mary Higgins Clark 23 hardcover & 3 paperbacks. Paid over $ 300. sell for $ 60. 570-474-6028 BUMPER JACK automotive 2 ton pneumatic bumper jack $250. Half ton engine stand. $35. ‘69 Yamaha 50cc scooter with title. needs some work. $200. 65,000 BTU natural gas/lp ceramic heater with electric blower fan. $300. 466-7365 COUNTERTOP WARMER commercial size for popcorn & nacho, dips etc. 2 racks, lighted inside slide doors front & back, very good condition. Was $1,700. asking $675. 570-636-3151 FISH TANK & cabinet, 55 gallon with 2 filters, heater, light, lid & all accessories. $200 OBO. Rim, Dodge Dakota ‘05 & up, 16” aluminum . $30. OBO Johnson 1957 sea horse motor & tank, 7.5 hp, did run, needs work. Great for rebuild or parts. $100. OBO 570-288-0026


The Times Leader will accept ads for used private party merchandise only for items totaling $1,000 or less. All items must be priced and state how many of each item. Your name address, email and phone number must be included. No ads for ticket sales accepted. Pet ads accepted if FREE ad must state FREE. You may place your ad online at, or email to classifieds@ or fax to 570-831-7312 or mail to Classified Free Ads: 15 N. Main Street, WilkesBarre, PA. Sorry no phone calls. GUN SIGHTER adjustable $20. 570-823-6885 JUNGLE GYM 1 Little Tykes 40. 1 medium wheelchair $50. 1 Spacemate folding stepper $40. 570-822-0665






Free Anytime Pickup 570-301-3602

LADDER 24’ fiberglass extension ladder werner $185. Dormitory refrigerator $50. Boxwood wood stove brand new never used with chimney cap spark arestor firebox size is 15” x 29” $250. Rolling tape measure $50. Contractor’s mud box steel with hoe $45. Mantis 9” tiller with attachments $200. Dewalt cordless drill 18volt, 2 batteries, charger & case $75. 570-735-2236 LUGGAGE 3 pieces Atlantic carry on 21”wx15”h $10. Atlantic Duffle bag 20”wx12”h $7. Atlan-tic garment bag 23”wx43”h $15. Pierre Cardin 2 piece luggage 20”w x91/2dx28h small carry on 15 1/2w x 10hx7 $35. 2 folding large director chairs with insulated cup holder & chair cushion $12. 650-8710. MARX dump trucks 13” 1940 $70 7 15” 1958 $45. HO steam train set, 5 piece $35. Marx 027 gauge train set, 5 piece $90. 570-574-0271



Food Court


MILK CAN black antique milk can. $25. 570-829-4776

To place your ad Call Toll Free 1-800-427-8649 MUST SELL! Hardwood entertainment center. Holds up to 24" tv. 5 shelves, 2 cabinets with floral designs. Great condition. $50 (4) 205/75/15 studded snow tires with rims. Only used one winter. Excellent condition. Asking $225 (570) 380-4385



SEWING machine Singer in cabinet, attachments + 18 discs for various patterns $50. Car cargo carrier, Sears, roof top, $30. 570-474-6028 SHAMPOOER Hoover steam vac carpet shampooer, Deluxe, like new $75. 570-823-6885

SODA COOLER. 27’ x 78”. $200. Good shape. Vegetable Cooler. 103” x 74 1/2”. Nice shape $500. Floral cooler, 36” x 81 1/2. $500. Will deliver. 570-829-0549 TECHNICS receiver, Dolby surround theater sound, good condition asking $75. 150 ft + brown coated vinyl fencing, 4 ft high, this is only the fencing $150. Rose color rug runner 33”wx84”l $25. Radio Flyer Liberty spring horse with sound option $100. 2 ready to hang birch doors, includes all your hardware, both 30” doors right & left doors, excellent condition, $25. each. 288-8689 TYPEWRITERS 1200 electric Royal & case. Remington manual & case $50. each or $75. for both. 570-654-1032


Auto Parts

Find the perfect friend. The Classified section at

Call 829-7130 to place your ad.



Auto Parts



Call for Details (570) 459-9901 Vehicles must be COMPLETE!! PLUS ENTER TO WIN $500 CASH!! DRAWING TO BE HELD LAST DAY OF EACH MONTH 551




Earn Extra Cash For Just A Few Hours A Day. Deliver (No Collections)

Available routes: Duryea

$560 Monthly Profit + Tips 146 daily / 147 Sunday

Adams Street, Blueberry Hill Development, Cherry Street, Columbia Street, McAlpine Street


$500 Monthly Profit + Tips 117 daily / 125 Sunday

Bohac Street, Brook Street, Colonial Acres, Lincoln Avenue, Stites Street, Washington Avenue


$650 Monthly Profit + Tips 150 daily / 165 Sunday

Bond Avenue, Dennison Street, Hughes Street, Lackawanna Avenue, Maltby Avenue, Noyes Avenue

West Pittston

$900 Monthly Profit + Tips 211 daily / 228 Sunday

Packer Avenue, Susquehanna Avenue, Wyoming Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, Chase Street, North Street

Larkmount Manor, Larksville $460 Monthly Profit + Tips 119 daily / 127 Sunday

Courtdale/Pringle 200 daily / 223 Sunday

Pringle Street, Broad Street, Courtright Street, E. Grove Street, Courtdale Avenue, Harrington Street, White Rock Terrace

To find a route near you or for more information call Rosemary:


TIMES LEADER 758 Miscellaneous

776 Sporting Goods


FISHING GEAR lot of 4 tackle boxes with lures, hooks & sinkers, 3 spinning poles & reels, 1 fly reel all for $60. 570-735- 6638

SNOWBLOWERS New Craftsman. Retails $650-$730. Our price $325$365. MOUNTAIN BIKE Mongoose Saga men’s 26” Retails $240. Our price $120. COMPRESSOR Craftsman, 33 gallon. Retails for $400. Our price $200. PATIO SET 7 piece La-Z-Boy. Retails $1400. Our price $700. REFRIGERATOR Brand New Kenmore 2.4 cu ft compact refrigerator. Sells for $140. new, our price $70! MICROWAVE Brand New Kenmore 1.5 cu ft microwave oven. Sells new for $150. our price $75! VACUUM Kenmore canister retails for $380. Our price $190. TILLER CULTIVATOR Brand New Craftsman electric mini tiller/cultivator. Sells for $250. new, our price $125! TOOLBOXES Brand New Craftsman Toolboxes. 3 bottoms, 3 tops sell new for $160-$320, our price $80-$160! GRILL gas brand new Kenmore 4 burner 50,000 btu sells new for $500. asking $250!

Find us at Merchants Village in Pittston call 570-592-3426

GOLF CLUBS ladies, high end. #1,5 & 7 Lady XPC plus $60 OBO. Irons, Tigress, Putter, & umbrella, beautiful ladies bag, almost new. $60 OBO call 570-6559474 ask for Jim. GOLF CLUBS, ladies with bag, $25, very slightly used. 570-288-1157 POP-UP cloth paintball bunker/wallnew, red & black $15. Bike, Next Brand, wipe-out, red, 20” $25. Teneighty plastic bike ramp 3 piece build your own skate park, new $70. L.T. basketball hoop $10. L.T. hockey sticks & lacrosse sticks $15. for all or sold separately. Pitching screen L shape, Franklin 36” x 72” frame, brand new in box, $70. Heelies black skate shoes, young mens size 7 & 10 good condition $20. each pair 570-239-5292

SHUFFLEBOARD with an electric

scoreboard. 21’ long. Excellent condition. Asking $2450. 570-675-5046


Stereos/ Accessories

SPEAKERS 4 car each in individual speaker boxes. Two 8” & two 10” used, but worked great when I last used them. $40. after 11:00 AM. 331-2176


Televisions/ Accessories

760 Monuments & Lots

MEMORIAL SHRINE Cemetery. 4 lots

available. Willing to separate. In Crest Lawn Section. $250 each.570-299-5940


Musical Instruments

ACCORDIAN George Riddle with case, 45+ years old. $200. neg. 570-654-1032 KEYBOARD Yamaha Portatone PSR 340, like new $200. 570-823-6885 MUSICAL GEAR vintage Unicord/Univox stage model 720 & guitar/keyboard amp $250. Johnson by Axl 50s style Fender Telecaster 37x3x12” natural blonde wood white pickguard electric guitar with case $100 Behringer electric guitar amplifier v-tone gm 108 15 watts, works well & has built in effects for analog modeling of the guitar $50. Eleca electric guitar stratocaster profile body red white pickguard $50. Rok Axe Fender Stratocaster style body black white pickguard electric guitar wails $50. Lovely black & white Esteban acoustic/ electric guitar, like new. $85. Morris Hurricane Equinox 2 UK made in the UK 1980s $200. Kent Archtop hollow body made in Japan 1960s, $175. Mike 570-646-9702 email nukejack@ ORGAN HAMMOND 9000 series $25. 570-654-3755 PIANO beautiful Baldwin console with bench, tuned, $600.570-220-7859


Personal Electronics

NOOK TABLET barely used with protective leather case. $160. 570-239-0693

Pools & Spas

KREEPY KRAULY automatic pool cleaner for sale for $200. Unit is complete with 40’ of hose & used only 3 times.570-735-5381 POOL 15’ x 52” with filter & accessories. $500. obo. 570-825-3534 Pool 30’ round X 52” deep aluminum above ground pool, approximate 12 years old, needs liner, buyer responsible for all disassembly & removal, Best offer takes it. * All weather pool ladder for 4’ above ground, used 1 year, paid $120, will let go at $60. 883-0961. POOL: 21’ round with Hayward sand filter, solar cover, & automatic cleaner. Asking $900. OBO. 570-592-7723

776 Sporting Goods CROQUET SET Sportcraft with cart and cover used 1x $50. 570-574-2924 ELLIPTICAL MachinePro-form Cardio Cross Trainer. Like New. Asking $200. 287-2085

796 Wanted to Buy Merchandise






MUST SELL! 64" HD projection tv with remote. Less than 2 years old. Beautiful picture & sound with many compatibility options. Excellent condition. Asking $800 (570) 380-4385 TELEVISIONS One 26” G. E with remote $20. 2 Curtis Mathes 19” with remote $ 15. 570-474-6028




Registration Available, Health Certified. From $700 to $1,500

HAVANESE PUPPIES All colors, both

genders available $700 to $1,300 www.willowspring 215-538-2179 Found Basset Hound mix. Brown-ish red, short legs, about 2 years old, tan collar. Found in Parsons about 2 weeks ago. Free to a good home. 570-823-9438

LINEUP ASUCCESSFULSALE INCLASSIFIED! Doyouneedmorespace? A yard or garage sale in classified is the best way tocleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified!



(570)48GOLD8 (570)484-6538

Highest Cash PayOuts Guaranteed Mon-Sat 10am-6pm Closed Sundays

1092 Highway 315 Blvd (Plaza 315) 315N .3 miles after Motorworld

We Pay At Least 80% of the London Fix Market Price for All Gold Jewelry

London PM Gold Price

July 6th: $1,587.00 Visit us at Or email us at wilkesbarregold@

ICCF Registered & ready to go! Parents on premises. Blue.Vet Checked 570-617-4880


Not registered. $350. Poochi Pups. $250. All pups 8 weeks old, 1st shots & worming. 570-280-9596.


Poms, Husky, Labs, Yorkies, Puggles, Chihuahuas, Pugs Dachshund, Goldens, Shepherds, Dobermans, Shih-Tzus 570-453-6900 570-389-7877


1 1/2 years old. $1,700 Call 570-328-1654


800 PETS & ANIMALS 810






SAW 10” compound miter saw and table, excellent condition $90. 570-868-6095

824-4172, 9-9 only

906 Homes for Sale

786 Toys & Games BED Thomas the Train plastic bed by Little Tikes. $100 or best offer. Kids power wheels $60. 570-855-5260 VANITY plastic girls vanity, pink & white $10. Washer & dryer playset $10. Teeter totter, red plastic, seats up to 3 $10. 570-239-5292


KITTENS Cutest ever!! 2 orange, 2 black. Free. 12 weeks old, litter trained. 570-655-6246



Swimming Pools/Hot Tubs

HOT TUB: 6-person. needs new heater, $500. Everything else works. 570-417-9540


KITTENS (4) free to a good home. 570-709-4008

Video Game Systems/Games

GAMES 6 Nintendo games $28. for all. ; 10 Playstation 2, 10 Playstation games, 1 new still in wrapper $30. for all.1 new, rest used. All play. $25. 2 Saitek computer game controllers a flight joystick ST50, other P880 $20. Scott 570-331-2176

MUST SELL! Wii system with 1 controller & 11 games. Excellent condition. $150 Original clear green Xbox (not 360) with 2 controllers & 7 games. Excellent condition. $60 (570) 380-4385 XBOX 360 excellent condition $50. XBOX GAMES 10 at $20 apiece DVD-R DISKS 3 packs. $40. 570-472-1646

796 Wanted to Buy Merchandise


Old Toys, model kits, Bikes, dolls, guns, Mining Items, trains & Musical Instruments, Hess. 474-9544


Pay Cash for baseball, football, basketball, hockey & non-sports. Sets, singles & wax. 570-212-0398


Having trouble paying your mortgage? Falling behind on your payments? You may get mail from people who promise to forestall your foreclosure for a fee in advance. Report them to the Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency. Call 1-877FTC-HELP or click on A message from The Times Leader and the FTC.


This will create a seller account online and login information will be emailed to you from “The World of Pets Unleashed” You can then use your account to enhance your online ad. Post up to 6 captioned photos of your pet Expand your text to include more information, include your contact information such as e-mail, address phone number and or website.

Shopping for a new apartment? Classified lets you compare costs without hassle or worry! Get moving with classified! AKC Eng Bulldogs, Males & Females. shots & wormed. CH bloodlines. family raised. $1800. 799-0192


Pups, all colors and also mini Australian Shepherds. Ready now. For more information call 570-925-2951

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale




Very nice 2 story with many updates is in ''move-in'' condition with new heating system, central air, newer roof, yard & 1 car detached garage. Directions: Main St., Nanticoke to Market, 3 stop signs to left on E. Union, home on left MLS# 12-2048 $70,000 Call Lynda (570) 696-5418

6650 Bear Creek Blvd Well maintained custom built 2 story nestled on 2 private acres with circular driveway - Large kitchen with center island, master bedroom with 2 walk-in closets, family room with fireplace, custom built wine cellar. A MUST SEE! MLS#11-4136 PRICE REDUCED $285,000 Call Geri 570-696-0888

Haddonfield Hills Corner Lot 4 bedroom, 2 ½ bath split level. Hardwood floors. Gas heat. 2 car garage. 12-1942 $204,900 Besecker Realty 570-675-3611

NEW LISTING 29 Jumper Road *OPEN HOUSE JULY 8th 12pm-2pm* Gorgeous does not begin to describe this 3-4 bedroom ranch home built in 2008. Every upgrade you could think of- Hardwood floors, 10' ceilings, tile, granite, Ultra, ultra, kitchen, Tiled baths. Beautiful 3.86 acre lot in a cul-de-sac with magnificent vistas. Walkout lower level easily finished, Superior Wall System. MLS# 122423 $389,900 Call Tracy Zarola 570-696-0723

The Greens at Newberry Estates. Condo with special view of golf course & ponds. 3 bedrooms. Family room. 5 1/2 baths on 2 floors. 4,000 sq. ft. living area. 12-1480 $449,900 Besecker Realty 570-675-3611

Upper Demunds Road All brick- split level. 3 bedrooms. Hardwood floors. Central a/c. 2 car garage. Extra 100 x 150 lot. 12-2004. $179,000 BESECKER REALTY 570-675-3611

Smith Hourigan Group 570-696-1195

Doyouneedmorespace? A yard or garage sale in classified is the best way tocleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified! DALLAS Huge Reduction




1215 South St. SpaPcious 4 bedroom home with in law suite with separate entrance. Large lot, large room sizes. Split system A/C in family room. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-963 $89,900 Call Charlie 570-829-6200


Looking for the right deal on an automobile? Turn to classified. It’s a showroom in print! Classified’s got the directions!

Meadow Run Road ExcLusive privacy with this 61 acre 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with vaulted ceilings and open floor plan. Elegant formal living room, large airy family room and dining room. 322 sq. ft 3 season room opening to large deck with hot tub. Modern eat in kitchen with island, gas fireplace, living room, and wood burning stove basement. Oversize 2 car garage. This stunning property boasts a relaxing pond and walking trail. Sit back and enjoy the view! MLS 12-2085 $438,000 Sandy Rovinski EXT 25 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 DALLAS


214 Gedding St. Cozy Cape Cod home with 2 bedrooms, 1st floor laundry, nice yard with deck. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-668 $59,900 Call Colleen 570-237-0415

LINEUP ASUCCESSFULSALE INCLASSIFIED! Doyouneedmorespace? A yard or garage sale in classified is the best way tocleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified!

566 Sales/Business Development

95 JACKSON ST. Great Low Cost Utilities, Taxes and no Water bill. Your own fresh Water well. Bath on each floor, 3 Good sized Bedrooms, Paved Drive leading to an oversized Garage. Owner Motivated. MLS 12-2006 $179,000 570-675-4400


Great Dallas Location. Close to town & library. 4 bedroom ranch with lower level family room, replacement windows, 16x32 deck, garage, 100 x 150 lot. 12-1528 $180,000 Besecker Realty 570-675-3611

566 Sales/Business Development

248 Overbrook Rd. Lovely 4 bedroom cape cod situated in a private setting on a large lot. Vaulted ceiling in dining room, large walk in closet in 1 bedroom on 2nd floor. Some replacement windows. Call Today! MLS 11-2733 $99,900 Jay A. Crossin Extension 23 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770


Looking for a ranch in the Back Mountain? Come and preview this remodeled two or three bedroom, one bath home. New Pergo flooring, updated kitchen with stainless steel appliances, off street parking. MLS #121213 $109,900 Call Kathy Murray 570-696-6403


Private & beautiful lovely brick chalet on 11.85 acres. Custom brick work, tongue & groove interior & oversized 3 car garage. Features whirlpool tub, heated sunroom, kitchen island & hickory cabinets, laundry room. Basement is plumbed & ready to finish. MLS# 12-817 $315,000 Call Ken Williams Five Mountain Realty 570-542-8800


Production/ Operations

Looking for that special place called home? Classified will address Your needs. Open the door with classified!

To place your ad call...829-7130 DRUMS


Two story home with solar system, 2 car detached garage. Private driveway. Property is also for lease. MLS# 12-1822 $189,000 Michael Nocera 570-357-4300

Great value, great location on a fabulous lot. From your hot tub you can enjoy the view of the almost full acre lot. Year round sun room, plus you have a Lower Level that adds more space to this great home. Dont miss out on this incredible buy!! $139,900. For more information or to schedule a showing call or text Donna 570-947-3824 or Tony 570-855-2424

Smith Hourigan Group 570-696-5412

Purebred Animals? Sell them here with a classified ad! 570-829-7130 554

Production/ Operations

ComeUpToQuailHill. com

New Homes From $275,000$595,000 570-474-5574


Production/ Operations

MACHINIST INDUSTRIAL ELECTRICIAN MAINTENANCE MECHANIC MAINTENANCE TRAINEE Fabri-Kal Corporation, a major thermoforming plastics company has immediate full-time benefited openings.


MANY POSSIBILITIES! 4,000+ sq.ft. well maintained home with 4 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, 2 kitchens and 2 story unfinished addition, garage, on 2 lots. Can be finished for 3 unit rental income or country store. $153,000. Jeannie Brady ERA BRADY ASSOCIATES 570-836-3848

Machinist: Traditional machine shop methods & equipment, repair/modification of tooling & production components, fabrication of parts. Formal Machine Shop training by a technical school, state certification or a minimum of 6 years experience required. Industrial Electrician: Conduit, EMT and ridged pipe; Equipment testing; AC/DC motors and drives; PLC systems. 3 Yrs Exp. HS/GED required, vocational/trade school preferred. Mechanic: Troubleshooting, hydraulic/pneumatic, machine shop, plumbing, welding, rebuild mechanic devices, schematics, test equipment, basic electrical systems. 3 Yrs Exp. HS/GED required, vocational/trade school preferred. Maintenance Trainee: Associates Degree in Electronic field or Technical Certification in Electronics to include AC/DC Fundamentals, Industrial Electricity, Motor Controls, AC/DC Drives, PLC’s, Basic testing equipment/Multi-meter/Amp probes. Drug & Alcohol screening and background checks are conditions of employment. Competitive wage and benefits package: Health Insurance, Prescription, Dental & Vision, Disability, 401K, Education, Paid Leave. Apply on site: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM; or forward resume to:

Fabri-Kal Corporation

Find Your Ideal Employee! Place an ad and end the search! 570-829-7130 ask for an employment specialist

566 Sales/Business Development

ATTN: Human Resources Valmont Industrial Park 150 Lions Drive, Hazle Township, PA 18202 FAX: (570) 501-0817 EMAIL:

566 Sales/Business Development

566 Sales/Business Development


566 Sales/Business Development



Large home on a huge lot. Needs some care so come put your personal touch into this great value. Off street parking, 2 car detached garage and a large fenced in yard. Did we mentioned 4 bedrooms. MLS 12-1589 $64,900 Call/text Donna 570-947-3824 or Tony 570-855-2424


A regional multimedia company headquartered in Wilkes-Barre, we provide news, information and entertainment across multiple media platforms. Our flagship publication, The Times Leader, and several weekly and specialized publications serve the readers and advertisers of northeastern Pennsylvania well. We provide commercial and other services in the region and surrounding states. Building on our solid print foundation, we offer various multimedia products: website development; social media marketing; search engine optimization and marketing; QR code marketing and tracking; and many other services. We currently offer these employment opportunities:

Digital Sales Specialist Immediate opening for a self-motivated salesperson with a strong desire to succeed. Must be able to develop and maintain strong business relationships with clients and understand and deliver clients’ media needs through all aspects of the job. This requires excellent customer service skills, strong organizational skills and high energy. Must have knowledge of online advertising and marketing, website development and social media.

This charming 3 bedroom has a modern eat in oak kitchen, hardwood floors in Living room & Dining Room, Modern bath, enclosed rear porch overlooking a deep yard, with parking. MLS 12-2305 Priced to Sell, $55,000 Ann Marie Chopick 570-760-6769


Champion bloodlines. 570-735-5541

906 Homes for Sale


Any Situation

Call 829-7130 Place your pet ad and provide us your email address

906 Homes for Sale


Pet Supplies

12 weeks & up. All shots, neutered, tested,microchipped

KITTENS (2) free to good home grey tiger & orange tiger. 570-575-9984

906 Homes for Sale


PET CARRIERS 1 small $5. 1 medium $10. 1 large wire holder for dogs $20. 570-474-6028

SAW 10” Compound Miter saw & table, in Excellent condition $90. 570-868-6095


906 Homes for Sale

Males. 9 weeks old. $550 570-250-9690

TVS 132” with stand $55. 24” inch TV with stand $40. 570-654-9109

Say it HERE in the Classifieds! 570-829-7130



(570) 288-6654

We offer competitive starting salary plus commissions, excellent benefits package including medical and dental insurance, life and disability insurance, and 401k plan. Please indicate position you are interested in and send cover letter, resume and salary history to:


TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale




906 Homes for Sale EXETER

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale




906 Homes for Sale

HARDING 105 Circle Drive

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale







Looking for the right deal on an automobile? Turn to classified. It’s a showroom in print! Classified’s got the directions!

REDUCED 619 Foote Ave. Fabulous Ranch home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, ultra modern kitchen with granite counters, heated tile floor and stainless appliances. Dining room has Brazilian cherry floors, huge yard, garage and large yard. Partially finished lower level. Built for handicap accessibility with exterior ramp, interior hallways and doorways. If you’re looking for a Ranch, don’t miss this one. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 11-4079 $149,900 Call Charlie 570-829-6200


DURYEA REDUCED 1107 Spring Street Superb two story with 3 bedrooms & 1 ½ baths. Hardwood floors, gas heat, vinyl siding, large yard with garage. Call Jim for details. Offered at $169,500 Towne & Country Real Estate Co. 570-735-8932 or 570-542-5708 DURYEA 226 Church St.

$109,000 Four square home with large rooms and old world features in the woodwork and stained glass. A must see home. MLS #122596. For more information and photos visit Call Charlie 829-6200 VM 101

97 Chittenden St. Flood damaged home with new furnace, electric box, water heater, outlets and switches. 1st floor gutted but already insulated and ready for sheetrock. 2nd floor has 4 bedrooms and bath with double sinks. Large yard. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-1225 $59,900 Call Charlie 570-829-6200

Collect cash, not dust! Clean out your basement, garage or attic and call the Classified department today at 570829-7130!



429 New St. A marriage of old world charm and modern touches blend together in this home. Tasteful, high level renovations throughout. Central air, finished attic, possible 4th bedroom. New plumbing, electrical, back deck. Lots of storage. Lovely neighborhood. MLS 12-2087 $158,900 David Krolikowski 570-288-0770 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

38 Huckleberry Ln Blueberry Hills 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, family room with fireplace, 2 car garage, large yard. Master bath with separate jetted tub, kitchen with stainless steel appliances and island, lighted deck. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 11-3071 $309,860 Call Colleen 570-237-0415


621 Donnelly St. 2 bedroom, 1 car garage, gas heat. Already furnished with furniture. 1/2 double. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas realtyinc. com MLS 12-1042 $24,900 Call Tom 570-262-7716

Motorcycle forsale? Let them see it here in the Classifieds! 570-829-7130


Shopping for a new apartment? Classified lets you compare costs without hassle or worry! Get moving with classified! EXETER

274 Hillside Ave. PRICED TO SELL. THIS HOME IS A MUST SEE. Great starter home in move in condition. Newer 1/2 bath off kitchen & replacement windows installed. MLS11-560. $39,500 Roger Nenni EXT. 32 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770


Very nice 2 Story home,3 Bedrooms, 1.5 baths. Many upgrades including partially finished basement, fenced yard and newer replacement windows. Plenty of storage in walk up attic. Call Jack 570-878-6225 CENTURY 21 SIGNATURE PROPERTIES 570-675-5100


Looking for the right deal on an automobile? Turn to classified. It’s a showroom in print! Classified’s got the directions!

CHEAPER THAN RENT! 38 Oak Street. Spacious 1/2 double block. Living room / dining room combo. 3 bedrooms on second floor, 3 on the third. 1 1/2 baths. lst floor laundry. 3 porches. Large yard with loads of parking. Aluminum siding. Concrete driveway. Many extras! MLS # 12-711. Conventional financing. $2,750 down, 3.875% interest $288 mo. $55,000 Bob Kopec HUMFORD REALTY 570-822-5126

LINEUP ASUCCESSFULSALE INCLASSIFIED! Doyouneedmorespace? A yard or garage sale in classified is the best way tocleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified!


Nice size 4 bedroom home with some hardwood floors, large eat in kitchen with breakfast bar. 2 car garage & partially fenced yard. Close to everything! $83,000 Call Christine Kutz 570-332-8832


OPEN HOUSE Sunday 12pm-5pm

362 Susquehanna Ave Completely remodeled, spectacular, 2 story Victorian home, with 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, new rear deck, full front porch, tiled baths and kitchen, granite countertops, all Cherry hardwood floors throughout, all new stainless steel appliances and lighting, new oil furnace, washer dryer in first floor bath. Great neighborhood, nice yard. $174,900 (30 year loan, $8,750 down, $887/month, 30 years @ 4.5%) 100% OWNER FINANCING AVAILABLE Call Bob at 570-654-1490

Grand Victorian Well maintained on a corner lot, with 4 bedrooms, modern baths, modern kitchen with JennAire broiler, formal dining room, front porch & screened side porch, Gas heat, gas fireplace in living room, and pellet stove in the family room. Many touches of yesteryear. MLS# 12-1559 $214,900. Call Florence 570-715-7737

Smith Hourigan Group 570-474-6307 FREELAND

Spacious 4 bedroom, 1 3/4 bath home. Gas Heat. Deck. Fenced yard. One car garage. MLS 12-832 $62,900 Ann Marie Chopick 570-760-6769

3 Bedroom, 2 bath Doublewide with 2 car detached garage in good condition sitting in the country. $119,900 MLS#11-4501 Call Kenneth Williams 570-542-2141 Five Mountains Realty FORTY FORT

1908 Wyoming Avenue Plenty of TLC is reflected in this attractive 3 bedroom, 1 bath home in a convenient location. Offers formal living room/dining room & family room with sliding doors to large rear deck & a great level lot. MLS# 11-2083 Only $99,000 Call Barbara Metcalf 570-696-0883

19 Garrahan Street Very nice 3 bedroom, 1 Bath single with new modern kitchen and bath. Home features ductless A/C, new carpeting, fresh paint, refinished hardwood floors, large bedroom closets, upstairs hall built-ins, replacement windows, newer roof, walk up attic, nice yard, full basement. MLS 12-2371 $69,900 ANTONIK & ASSOCIATES, INC. 570-735-7494 Ext. 304 Patricia Lunski 570-814-6671 HANOVER TWP

Cute as Grandma's house with gracious sized eat-in kitchen. Updates including many Pella windows, doors and furnace 2011. Walk out basement to great back yard. 2 car garage off rear alley. Walk out basement. Call today for a private showing. $59,900 MLS 12-1510 Tracy McDermott 570-696-2468


Very well maintained 2-story home with 6 rooms, 3 bedrooms, large eat-in kitchen and 1.5 baths. This home also has a first floor laundry room, ductless air conditioner, gas steam heat and a fenced in yard with a shed. This home is in move-in condition just waiting for you to move into. Make an appointment today! #11-4433 $79,900 Karen Altavilla 283-9100 x26

696-2600 HANOVER TWP.





89 Main St. Recently remodeled 3 bedroom, 1.5 baths single. Modern kitchen with new appliances, open floor plan, wood burning fireplace, gas heat. 2 car detached garage. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-895 Now Reduced $105,000 Call Lu-Ann 570-602-9280

530 Cherry Drive Spacious 2 bedroom townhome with hardwood floor, gas heat, central air, end unit with one garage. All appliances, move in condition. For more info and photos visit: www. MLS 12-712 $169,900 Call Tom 570-262-7716

Beautifully appointed home on 2 acres. community amenities include private lake with sandy beach, tennis courts, trails for hiking and biking. This home boasts perennial gardens and mature landscaping, fenced rear yard enclosed 20x40 heated in-ground pool, raised garden, custom dog house and run. Entertain and dine on the wrap-around porch with mahogany flooring and electric hurricane shutters. The residence features hardwood flooring, french doors, cherry kitchen, 3-4 bedrooms, updated heat/air. Emergency generator for inclement weather. MLS# 12-1647 Call Maribeth Jones, direct number 6966565, office 6962600 ext. 210. Priced to sell at $535,000

10 Lyndwood Ave Very nice brick and vinyl ranch home with 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths. This home has hardwood floors, modern kitchen and baths, finished basement with a separate workshop, lots of storage, a 2car attached garage, deck and fenced-in yard. Come see this house now and you can be enjoying the summer in the beautiful in-ground pool. For more information and to view the photos, go to and enter PRU7W7A3 in the “Home Search”. PRICE REDUCED! $134,500. MLS#12-1821. Call today for an appointment. Mary Ellen Belchick 696-6566 Walter Belchick 696-2600 ext. 301


$139,000 MOTIVATED SELLERS! Good visibility commercial location. Room for up to 3 businesses! Also has 2 apartments., off-street parking for 8 w/ possibility. of much more in rear. Great for Beauty/Nail Salon, Fitness Studio, Shop, and Garage type businesses. Call CHRISTINE KUTZ for more information. 570-332-8832

570-696-2600 696-2600 GLEN LYON

Looking to buy a home? Place an ad here and let the sellers know! 570-829-7130

476 Wyoming St. Nice 3 bedroom single home. Gas heat. Convenient location. To settle estate. Reduced to $34,900 Call Jim for details

Towne & Country Real Estate Co. 570-735-8932 or 570-542-5708


58 Simon Block Nice home with private driveway features gas heat with baseboard heating, large room sizes, LL with front walk-out ideal for finishing or extra storage. Directions: Sans Souci Pkwy, turn onto Main Rd, right on Mary St. to left onto Simon Block, home on left. MLS# 12-2157 $65,000 Call Lynda Rowinski


78 Luzerne St. Not a drive-by. Move right into this sparkling clean, bright and cheery 1/2 double. All new floor coverings and freshly painted interior. 2 zone gas hot water baseboard heat. W/d hookups in basement which has a concrete floor. All measurements are approximate. MLS 12-1129 $45,000 Call Michelle T. Boice 570-639-5393 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 HANOVER TWP.

A real beauty….with a beautiful price! Spacious with great quality…hardwood flooring, cherry woodwork, stained and leaded glass windows, kitchen with pantry, formal fining room, living room adjoining a sun parlor. Three bedrooms with possible fourth on third floor, tile bath, gas heat, fenced yard, four car garage. MLS# 11-4133 How much? $69,900! Call Maribeth Jones directly at 696-6565



COMPOUND Korn Krest Includes 2 newly renovated houses. Great location. Park across street. $140,000. Appointment only. 570-650-6365


New Construction. Lot #2, Fairway Estates. 2,700 square feet, tile & hardwood on 1st floor. Cherry cabinets with center island. $399,500. For more details: (570)696-1041



$84,900 Classic 4 square home in desirable neighborhood. Four bedrooms, nice old woodwork, stained glass and built ins plus 3 car garage on extra deep lot. MLS #12-2612. For more information and photos, visit Call Charlie 829-6200 VM 101

Wanna make your car go fast? Place an ad in Classified! 570-829-7130.

2 Betsy Ross Drive Warmly inviting 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath Tudor. Striking highlights in this beautiful home include custom blinds, manicured lawn, deck, patio and 3-season porch. Entertain in the finished walkout basement with wet bar or relax by the pool! Outstanding quality! Call Pat Guesto 570-793-4055 CENTURY 21 SIGNATURE PROPERTIES 570-675-5100

Smith Hourigan Group 570-696-1195


SPRINGS ARTISTRY Nestled on 3.86 acres. Will be yours to enjoy in this 4 bedroom, with 1st floor master suite, with a jacuzzi type tub. Separate shower, 2 walk-in closets, opens to deck and in-ground pool, 2 story family room, warmed by a gas fireplace, & 2 sets of french doors to deck. Appealing granite kitchen, and natural wood cabinets, bright breakfast nook. Country charm, halfway to heaven! $269,000. Call Tracy McDermott 570-332-8764 570-696-2468

Looking for the right deal on an automobile? Turn to classified. It’s a showroom in print! Classified’s got Doyouneedmorespace? the directions! A yard or garage sale HARDING in classified is the best way tocleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified! HARVEY’S LAKE

Smith Hourigan Group 570-696-1195

FORTY FORT 77 Wesley St. Fully rented 5 unit apt building, new siding, new roof and nice updates inside, off street parking & near the college. Call or text Donna 570-947-3824 or Tony 570-855-2424 for more information or to schedule your showing. $117,000

Well maintained Bi-Level on nicely landscaped corner lot. Finished lower level with gas fireplace & sliding doors to private patio. Totally fenced yard, 1 car garage. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. $127,900 MLS# 11-1271 Call Cathy (570) 696-5422

3 Dexter St. Why pay rent when you can own your own home! Recently renovated 3 bedroom home with 1 car garage & fenced in yard. New carpet, flooring & counter tops. Roof & windows just 2 years old. Call Michele for your private showing. For more info and photos visit: www.Atlas MLS 12-1354 Reduced $57,500 Call Michele 570-905-2336

1385 Mt. Zion Rd. Great country setting on 3.05 acres. Move in condition Ranch with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, inground swimming pool, hardwood floors. Finished basement with wet bar. 2 car garage, wrap around driveway. For more info and photos visit: MLS 12-2270 $249,900 Call Tom 570-262-7716


Charming home in very good condition. Nice woodworking, replacement windows, new vaulted ceiling bedroom overlooking amazing view of the river. Vinyl siding, one car garage, private setting on a dead end street, but not flood zone.Reduced! $89,900 MLS 12-990 Call Nancy Answini, Gilroy Real Estate 570-288-1444

“ONE OF THE BEST VALUES AT THE LAKE” Modern two story 4 Bedroom, 4 bathroom home with 62' lakefront & great dock for entertaining features covered pavilion with bar, cable tv, shed, boat slip, composite decking, among many other wonderful features. Deep water & sunset view. Convenient location near the entry to the lake. House features modern kitchen and baths, 2 car garage. Built in mid 80's gives you a ''newer'' construction and minimal maintenance. Live year round or just enjoy the summers. MLS# 12-2142 $665,000 Call Kevin Smith 570-696-5422



2032 ROUTE 92 Great Ranch home surrounded by nature with view of the river and extra lot on the river. Large living room and kitchen remodeled and ready to move in. Full unfinished basement, off street parking. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-79 $69,900 Call Colleen 570-237-0415

NEW LISTING 21 Sunset Terrace Beautifully remodeled 2 story perfect for either a primary home or a lake getaway. Lake view from porch and master bedroom. New kitchen and TWO new baths. MLS #12-2393 $139,900 Call Tracy Zarola 570-696-0723


View this beauty…cedar and stone sided contemporary home on partially wooded lot. Great Room with floor to ceiling fireplace, built-in bookcases adjoining the dining room and entry to the four season porch. 2 year new stainless steel appliances and a breakfast area with beamed ceiling and a wall of glass. First floor den or bedroom, tile and marble bath with walkin master bath with lounge area and a massive closet. Pool surrounded by decking warrants great entertaining…cabana with bath. Separate building to pot your plants. Walk to the marina and slip into your boat. MLS# 12-2542 Call Maribeth Jones directly at 696-6565, office 696-2600 ext. 210 $379,000


Looking for that special place called home? Classified will address Your needs. Open the door with classified! HARVEYS LAKE

WELL MAINTAINED 2 STORY - 4 Bedroom, eat-in kitchen, spacious Living Room, family room with original woodwork, remodeled baths and nice front porch on 1.58 partially wooded acres near Harveys Lake. $117,800 Jeannie Brady ERA BRADY ASSOCIATES 570-836-3848 HAZLETON

139 S. Laurel St Spacious Brick Ranch waiting for your personal touch. Hardwood floors, well-thought out storage in every room. Quality workmanship, well maintained. It's time to enjoy this home with it's large rooms, greenhouse & nice yard! Convenient location. 12-2352 $124,900 Darcy J. Gollhardt Realtor 570-262-0226 CLASSIC PROPERTIES 570-718-4959 Ext. 1352


189 Rock St. Spacious home with 4 bedrooms and large rooms. Nice old woodwork, staircase, etc. Extra lot for parking off Kenley St. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 11-3404 $89,900 Call Charlie 570-829-6200



This lovely home is PRICED TO SELL. Three bedrooms, one with new vaulted ceilings. One bath, replacement windows, living room, dining room, modern kitchen and functional basement. The amazing view of the mountains and River from the front of the home is very desirable. Home is not in flood zone and on a dead end street and waiting for new buyer. Reduced! $82,000 MLS 12-990 Call Nancy Answini, Gilroy Real Estate 570-288-1444

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Richard Lane 2 story, 3 bedroom, 1 bath home at rear of Lake Side Drive between Pole #’s 125 and 126 on Richard Lane. Lake view, including front wrap around porch and 2 of the 3 upstairs bedrooms. and rear yard. Home in need of updating and repairs and is being sold as is. MLS 12-1607 $59,900 Michelle T. Boice 570-639-5393 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770


Beautifully maintained cape cod features 3 bedrooms and one and a half baths. Hardwood floors in living room, dining room, foyer and first floor bedroom. Newly remodeled kitchen and bathroom. Lots of storage. New roof installed in 2010. Breakfast nook with built-in table and benches. Enclosed porch, above ground pool and deck. 11-2706. $149,900 Call Tracy McDermott Realty 570-696-2468

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Large 2 story home in very good condition, features 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 modern bath rooms, large eat in kitchen with appliances. Dining room with French doors, large family room has fireplace large foyer, with opened stairway and stained glass window. Home has natural woodwork thru-out, with plaster walls, CENTRAL AIR thru out. Many extras must see. Level lot with a 3 bay garage in back. Shown by appointment to qualified buyers only. Home has a "HOME WARRANTY" paid by sellers. Additional photos can be seen at CAPITOL REAL ESTATE WEB SITE, www.capitol-real Call John Vacendak 823-4290 735-1810

Lovely Ranch home on 1.42 acres. Features 3 bedrooms, full bath, 1/2 bath, kitchen, living room with fireplace, dining room, den & laundry room on Main floor. Kitchen, family room with fireplace, 3/4 bath & storage room on Lower Level. Newer roof, siding, sofit & gutters plus some newer carpeting, pergo flooring, central air & whole house fan, 2 car garage & paved driveway. 12-1010 $176,900 Ken Williams 570-542-8800 Five Mountains Realty






1252 Main St. 3 Bedrooms 1 Bath. Finished Walk-Out Basement. Single Car Garage.

Call Vince 570-332-8792


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1182 Main St. Modern 3 bedroom, 2 full bath, single on a double lot. Huge family room, modern kitchen, 1st floor laundry room, additional room on 1st floor could be used as 4th bedroom. Landscaped yard, shed, off street parking For more info and photos visit: www. MLS 12-1269 $129,900 Call Lu-Ann 570-602-9280

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TIMES LEADER 906 Homes for Sale


1717 River Road Completely remodeled home with new siding, windows and modern kitchen & bath. New flooring, walls, heat and electric. Move right in. Off street parking in rear. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-2232 $74,000 Call Colleen 570-237-0415



2 W. Sunrise Drive PRICED TO SELL! This 4 bedroom has 2 car garage with extra driveway, central air, veranda over garage, recreation room with fireplace and wet bar. Sunroom For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-296 $199,900 Call Tom 570-262-7716


250 Susquehannock Drive Not your traditional Cape Cod. Super large bedrooms, 1st floor master. 2 car garage, lower level family room. Gas heat, Central air. Bamboo floors, above ground pool with 2 tier deck. For more info and photos visit: www. MLS 12-1093 $289,900 Call Colleen 570-237-0415

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale



Highland Hills 8 Patrick Road Magnificent custom built tudor home with quality throughout. Spacious 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 2 story living room with fireplace and library loft. Dining room, family room and 3 season sunroom which overlooks professionally landscaped grounds with gazebo and tennis/basketball court. Lower level includes recreation room, exercise room and 3/4 bath. Enjoy this serene acre in a beautiful setting in Highland Hills Development. Too many amenities to mention. Taxes appealed and lowered considerably for year 2013. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-723 $399,900 Call Terry 570-885-3041 Angie 570-885-4896

431 Chestnut Ave. Charming 2 story single family home with upgrades, including new kitchen cabinets, furnace, hot water heater, 200 amp electric, 2 car detached garage. Walk up attic for additional storage space. MLS 11-4106 $129,900 Jay A. Crossin EXT 23 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770



80 Bennett St. Great Kingston location on a double lot. Close to schools, shopping, restaurants and public transportation. Potential of 2 additional bedrooms on 3rd floor. Partially finished basement. MLS 12-2346 $114,900 John Shelley 570-702-4162 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-287-0770 KINGSTON

157 Division St. OWNER SAYS SELL! This property has great positive cash flow. 1st floor 2 bedroom and upstairs is 2 floors with 3 bedrooms total. 1st floor has new drywall & insulation, gas heat, new tile tub surround, kitchen counters and carpet. 2nd apt. has newer kitchen & is all electric. Separate utilities and off street parking in rear. Taxes are currently being appealed. MLS 12-1771 $89,900 Mark R. Mason 570-331-0982 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 KINGSTON 171 Third Ave

Beautiful well-maintained 3 level, 2.5 bath townhome in very desirable location. Many upgrades include a spacious, custom bathroom with large closets, custom window treatments, built-in wall microwave in kitchen, new roof, and new garage door. Plenty of storage, and a possible 3rd bedroom on 1st level. MLS 12-175 $132,900 Call Mary Danelo 570-704-8000 Coldwell Banker Rundle Real Estate 570-474-2340

Shopping for a new apartment? Classified lets you compare costs without hassle or worry! Get moving with classified! KINGSTON


297 Susquehannock Drive Traditional 4 bedroom home with 2.5 baths, 2 car garage. Large ard with deck and retractable awning. Above ground pool, 1st floor laundry. . For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-945 $254,900 Call Colleen 570-237-0415

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4 Widener Drive A must see home! You absolutely must see the interior of this home. Start by looking at the photos on line. Fantastic kitchen with hickory cabinets, granite counters, stainless steel appliances and tile floor. Fabulous master bathroom with champagne tub and glass shower, walk in closet. 4 car garage, upper garage is partially finished. The list goes on and on. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-210 Price Reduced $375,900 Call Charlie 570-829-6200


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So close to so much, traditionally appointed 3 bedroom, 3 bath townhome with warm tones & wall to wall cleanliness. Modern kitchen with lots of cabinets & plenty of closet space thruout, enjoy the privacy of deck & patio with fenced yard. MLS 11-2841 $123,000 Call Arlene Warunek 570-650-4169

Smith Hourigan Group (570) 696-1195 KINGSTON

299 Rutter Ave. Large and well maintained duplex on corner lot in Kingston. 2 bedrooms each unit, separate gas heat and off street parking for multiple cars. New roof, water heater and freshly painted exterior. A really nice property. MLS 12-2447 $139,900 Mark R. Mason 570-331-0982 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-287-0770

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38 W. Walnut St. Charming 4/5 bedroom with 1.5 baths. Beautifully appointed kitchen w/granite counter tops, cherry cabinets and hardwood floors. Gas fireplace in living room, leaded glass windows in living room and dining room. Nice back deck, 2 car garage and 4 season front porch. MLS 11-4103 $179,900 Jay A. Crossin EXT. 23 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

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TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012 PAGE 9D 906 Homes for Sale


76 N. Dawes Ave. Don’t miss this great home with updated kitchen and granite counters, private yard with enclosed sun room. Garage and off street parking. 2 large bedrooms. PRICED TO SELL! For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-41 $109,900 Call Colleen 570-237-0415


281 Reynolds St. 3 story single family with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and lots of space! Lovely entrance foyer, 3rd floor with large room, could be 5th bedroom plus a full tile bath. Fenced in back yard and much more. MLS 12-1863 $119,900 Jay A. Crossin Ext. 23 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0776

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906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale







146 Kelly St. Well kept home with garage in rear. Move in condition. New roof and hot water heater. Easy access to Cross Valley and shopping. Out of flood zone. 200 amp service. MLS 12-1801 $119,900 Donald Crossin 570-288-0770 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

Nestled on just under an acre just minutes from 81S this colonial offers 2194 sq. ft. of living area plus a finished basement. Enjoy summer your evenings on the wrap around porch or take a quick dip in the above ground pool with tier deck. The covered pavilion is ideal for picnics or gatherings And when the winter winds blow cuddle in front of the gas fireplace and enjoy a quiet night. MLS 11-2260 Priced to Sell, $179,900 Ann Marie Chopick 570-760-6769

130 CHURCH ROAD The feel of a true colonial home with double entry doors off the foyer into the living room and dining room. Spacious kitchen breakfast area, family room leading to a fenced rear yard. 3-season room with cathedral ceiling. Hardwood floors, fireplace, recently remodeled 2.5 bath and 2-car garage. Located on 3.77 acres, all the privacy of country living yet conveniently located. MLS#12-165 $183,900 Jill Jones 696-6550 Prudential:

182 Robert Street Nice single or duplex. Gas heat. Detached garage. This home is “high and dry”, and available for immediate occupancy. Call Jim for details. Affordable @ $99,500 TOWNE & COUNTRY R.E. 570-735-8932 570-542-5708

62 W. Church St Very nice, well kept and ready to move into. This 3 Bedroom 1/2 double has a modern kitchen with snack bar & modern cabinets and counter top. 3 Bedrooms with large closets and w/w. Full modern bath on second floor. Walk up attic, yard and shed. Home as newer roof, furnace and hot water heater, replacement windows and nice woodwork. MLS 12-2367 $49,900 ANTONIK & ASSOCIATES, INC. 570-735-7494 Ext. 304 Patricia Lunski 570-814-6671

13 Fordham Road Totally remodeled custom brick ranch in Oakwood Park. This home features an open floor plan with hardwood floors, 2 fireplaces, kitchen, formal living & dining rooms, family room, 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, office with private entrance, laundry room on first floor, tons of closets and storage areas, walk-up attic, great finished basement with fireplace, builtin grill, in-ground pool, cabana with half bath, an oversized 2-car garage & a security system. Renovations include new: windows, gas furnace, central air, electrical service, hardwood floors, Berber carpeting, freshly painted, updated bathrooms & much, much, more. Laflin Road to Fordham Road, on right. $399,700 Call Donna 570-613-9080

Let the Community Know! Place your Classified Ad TODAY! 570-829-7130 LAFLIN LIBERTY HILLS

46 Farmhouse Rd. REDUCED! MOTIVATED SELLER Lovely 10 room vinyl sided ranch home, with 2.5 modern baths, formal dining room, gas heat, central air, 2 car garage & large deck. Lower level consists of 2 large recreation rooms. Office, half bath and workshop. Lower level all ceramic tiled floors. MLS# 12-1359 $289,500 Call Florence 570-715-7737

Smith Hourigan Group 570-474-6307 63 Betsy Ross Dr. Very well cared for 2-story. 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths. Professionally landscaped, 2-car garage. 12-2192 $205,000 EILEEN R. MELONE REAL ESTATE 570-821-7022 LARKSVILLE


Spacious 4 Bedroom single in good location. 2 fireplace, part finished basement, nice yard with One car garage. Needs TLC. Priced to sell at $82,000. Call Kathie


467 E. State St. Well kept home in a nice neighborhood. Close to new Elementary School and bus stop. New roof and off street parking. MLS 12-2342 $71,000 Charles J. Prohaska EXT. 35 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-287-0770




“Why rent when you can own” Well kept, 3-4 Bedroom Townhouse, Dining Room, Hardwood Floors,Fenced yard, Off Street Parking, Low Taxes. Call Jack 570-878-6225 CENTURY 21 SIGNATURE PROPERTIES 570-675-5100

Great Double-Block, Very well maintained and has separate utilities, and a rental income on one side. Ready for you to move in on one side or to rent out as an investment. Nice sized lot with off-street parking and a detached garage with plenty of storage. MLS# 12-1463 $119,900 Call: Deb Roccograndi @ 696-6671

Located within 1 block of elementary school & neighborhood park this spacious 4 bedrooms offers 1450 sq. ft of living space with 1.75 baths, walk up attic, and partially finished basement. Extras include gas fireplace, an inground pool with fenced yard, new gas furnace & more. 11-823

Reduced $99,900

Ann Marie Chopick 570-760-6769

This 3 bedroom home offers modern kitchen, with Corian counters accented by marble backsplash, central air, fenced rear yard with deck and patio. Off street parking for 2 to 4 cars. Custom shutters on the first floor windows along with natural woodwork and hardwood floors give this home a charm you are sure to love! #12-1997 $134,900 Jill Jones 696-6550

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Lovely 2100 sq. ft. remodeled home with amazing views and a quiet neighborhood. Three bedrooms and 2 full baths on first floor and two large bedrooms on second floor. New kitchen with center island and wrap around deck to enjoy the scenery. Bedrooms on first floor presently used as family room and office. Many possibilities. Out of Flood Zone. Reduced! $109,000 Call Nancy Answini Gilroy Real Estate 570-288-1444

3 bedroom, 1 bath. Nice opportunity for a starter home or investment property. Original columns, moldings, and leaded glass windows are intact. Reduced $40,000 CALL CHRISTINE KUTZ 570-332-8832

Doyouneedmorespace? A yard or garage sale in classified is the best way tocleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified! NANTICOKE

Beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 3/4 bath, with hardwood floors under carpet & 2nd kitchen in lower level for entertaining. screened porch, landscaped yard, heated workshop & much more! $179,900 Call Christine Kutz 570-332-8832

Very nice, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, Ranch home with formal dining room, modern kitchen, lower level knotty pine family room & laundry, has 2 car garage, gas heat. MLS# 12-1553 Reduced to $134,900 Call Florence 570-715-7737


Hunter Highway, Route 309

Smith Hourigan Group

1/2 DOUBLE Great starter home in nice area. Close to schools and recreation. Large 3 season porch with cabinetry, great for entertaining. New plumbing, lots of light & huge walk up attic for storage or rec room. $35,000 Call CHRISTINE KUTZ 570-332-8832

Totally Remodeled 3 Bedroom home on large lot on a wellkept street in movein condition! Home Includes 1 1/2 Modern Baths w/ stone countertops, tile floors, spacious kitchen with all new appliances & plenty of countertop space! New carpet throughout! MLS 11-3473 $57,900 Call Darren Snyder Marilyn K Snyder Real Estate 570-825-2468 NANTICOKE

25 W. Washington Move right into this very nice 3 bedroom, 1 bath home. Lots of natural woodwork and a beautiful stained glass window. Newer kitchen appliances and w/w carpeting. Supplement your heating with a recently installed wood pellet stove. This home also has a one car detached garage. MLS 12-2171 $76,000 John Polifka 570-704-6846 FIVE MOUNTAINS REALTY 570-542-2141

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715 Maple St. Handyman’s dream. NOT a nightmare. A little paint, carpeting and water lines and this house is good to go. Large yard. 2 bedrooms. For mor info and photos visit: www. MLS 12-2332 $34,900 Call Colleen 570-237-0415

Looking to buy a home? Place an ad here and let the sellers know! 570-829-7130 NANTICOKE

Motivated seller! Affordable 3 bedroom 2 story home. Features a study on 1st floor, or could be a 4th bedroom. Semi modern kitchen, includes appliances "as is", gas heat, full basement. MLS#12-1107 Asking $42,500. Call Pat at 715-9337. Lewith & Freeman Real Estate 570-474-9801


(Rear View) 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, living room, dining room, new kitchen, heated sunroom, heated exercise room. Brick fireplace, large patio. $195,000 MLS 12-1442 Call Vieve Zaroda (570) 474-6307 Ext. 2772

Smith Hourigan Group 570-474-6307 MOUNTAIN TOP

Greystone Manor. Ten year old home with attached apartment. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Kitchen, living room, dining room & den. Apartment has 1 bedroom, bath, living room, dining room, private entrance. 3 car garage, front porch, large decks. Total 2,840 square feet. On cul-de-sac. Call BOB RUNDLE for appointment.


Need to rent that Vacation property? Place an ad and get started! 570-829-7130



109 Carpenter St. Completely renovated. New roof, windows, kitchen and bathroom. Freshly painted interior and exterior with fabulous modern colors. Great area and low, low taxes! MLS 12-2055 $109,500 Kelly ConnollyCuba EXT. 37 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

Spacious 3 bedroom, 1 3/4 bath split level on a beautifully landscaped 1 acre lot. Large sunroom & recreation room with fireplace and wet bar. $205,000 Call Christine Kutz 570-332-8832



(570) 288-6654 MOUNTAIN TOP



Great New Price!! Motivated Seller Come take a look at this freshly painted Brick Cape Cod w/over-sized detached garage, on a tree lined street in the heart of Kingston. 3-4 Bedrooms, 2 baths, dining room & wood burning fireplace in living room. Walking distance to parks, library & shopping. MLS # 11-4162 $169,900 Call Deb Roccograndi at 570-696-6671

696-2600 NANITCOKE

NANTICOKE 23 W. Grand Street

Move in ready 4 bedroom, 2.1 bath ranch. Formal dining room, eat-in kitchen, 1st floor laundry. Central A/C. Walk out the sliding door from large family room to yard. New roof, patio/sliding door & carpet in family room. Most of house recently painted. MLS# 12-876 PRICE REDUCED $182,500 Call Linda (570) 956-0584

Coldwell Banker Rundle Real Estate 570-474-2340


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9 Anne Street Modern bi-level, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, remodeled kitchen with all new appliances. New gas hot water furnace. Hardwood floors. Family room. 3 seasons room & deck. 2 car garage. Large wooded yard. Excellent condition. Convenient location. Reduced to $189,000 OBO 570-823-4282 or 570-823-7540 MOUNTAINTOP

Very nice Raised Ranch with many updates is in ''move-in'' condition. Home is heated with gas HWBB has 200 amp electric. New sliders to rear deck leading to lovely kidney shaped in-ground pool. Must see! Directions: S. Main St. to Division to Anne St., home on left. MLS# 12-2252 $175,000 Call Lynda (570) 696-5418

Smith Hourigan Group 570-696-1195

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114 W. Union St. Large home with 3 bedrooms, 8 rooms, yard with garage and off street parking. 2 bathrooms. Nice condition. Loads of potential. For more into and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-2096 $59,900 Call Colleen 570-237-0415


136 East Ridge St. A great home features 3 bedrooms, plenty of closet space, modern eat in kitchen with great appliances, living room with wood pellet stove, large family room, 1 1/2 modern bathrooms, washer/ dryer hook-up, second floor has all new replacement windows, exterior has aluminum siding, stain glass window on new front porch, new above ground pool, fenced in level yard, Plenty of off street parking, A+ today. Never worry about parking, its always there. Great location, best price home in today's market, Shown by appointment only, to qualified buyers. REDUCED $47,500 Call John Vacendak 570-735-1810 for additional photos

Land for sale? Place an ad and SELL 570-829-7130

409 Union St. This home has good bones. New windows, furnace, newer addition, tons of renovations. Needs to be cleaned out. Bring it back! MLS 12-2216 $92,500 David Krolikowski 570-287-0770 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-287-0770 NANTICOKE

415 Jones Street Adorable home with charm & character. 4 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, eat-in kitchen, formal dining room, family room with gas fireplace. 3 season room, fenced in yard with rear deck & shed. $109,900 MLS#12-498 Michael Nocera 570-357-4300

Smith Hourigan Group 570-696-5412 NANTICOKE

418 Front St. Check out this large 4 bedroom, 1.5 bath home with a formal dining room, living room and family room. This home is located across the street from a beautiful park and recreation area. Great for people who like the outdoors and have kids. MLS 12-1466 $50,000 Call John Polifka 570-704-6846 FIVE MOUNTAINS REALTY 570-542-2141

Land for sale? Place an ad and SELL 570-829-7130


NEW LISTING! NANTICOKEWANAMIE Very well maintained ranch home with 8 rooms, 3 bedrooms (possible 5) 1.5 baths, central air a 3-season porch, 1-car built-in garage and a nice size fenced-in yard, (lot size is 42x150). This home has had a lot of improvements in the last 6 years and has tons of closet space. Set an appointment to see it today! #12-2444 $99,500 Karen Altavilla 283-9100 x28


143 W. Broad St. Nice 2 story home with 3 bedrooms 1.5 baths, fenced yard, newer furnace with 3 zones and newer 200 amp electrical service, whole house water filter and beautiful hard wood floors. This home has an attached Mother in Law suite with a separate entrance. This can easily be converted to a 1st floor master bedroom with a master bath. MLS 12-1401 $64,900 John W. Polifka Five Mountains Realty 570-542-2141 570-704-6846

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TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012

906 Homes for Sale


4 Overlook Drive Great split level home in Whitney Point development, formerly Ridgeview. This home has 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, 2 car garage, large deck, and lower level family room with a bar and coal stove. Heat your house all winter long with about $150 worth of coal! MLS# 12-2548 $175,000 Call John Polifka 570-704-6846 Five Mountains Realty 570-542-2141

Looking for the right deal on an automobile? Turn to classified. It’s a showroom in print! Classified’s got the directions! NORTH LAKE

Inviting home with 90’ of lakefront & wonderful enclosed dock. The huge great room features a vaulted ceiling, hard wood floors, handsome stone fireplace, built-in cabinets & long window seat with offering lake view. Modern kitchen with large pantry for entertaining, Master suite opens to 3 season room, also lakefront. 2nd floor guest rooms are oversized. MLS# 11-2954 $328,500 Call Rhea 570-696-6677


PRICED TO SELL Brick ranch with large living room, 3 bedrooms, sun room, deck, full basement, sheds and garage on 0.54 acres in Noxen. $135,000. Jeannie Brady ERA BRADY ASSOCIATES 570-836-3848

906 Homes for Sale PITTSTON

175 Oak Street New furnace, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, 1st floor laundry room, 3 season porch, fenced yard and off street parking. MLS#12-721 $84,900 Call Patti 570-328-1752 Liberty Realty & Appraisal Services LLC


38 Johnson St. Looking for a home with 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, modern kitchen, hardwood floors? Also features gas fireplace, new gas furnace, newer windows and roof, deck, fenced in yard. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-328 $129,900 Call Lu-Ann 570-602-9280

Collect cash, not dust! Clean out your basement, garage or attic and call the Classified department today at 570829-7130!


45-47 Swallow St. 3 units include double block home with additional single family home in rear. Double block has 3 bedrooms and 1 bath on each side. Single home has 1 bedroom and 1 bath. Vinyl siding and off street parking. All utilities paid by tenants except sewer. Great income. MLS 12-1989 $119,000 Call Terry 570-885-3041 Angie 570-885-4896


906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale


95 William St. 1/2 double home with more square footage than most single family homes. 4 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, ultra modern kitchen and remodeled baths. Super clean. For more information and photos visit www.atlas realtyinc. com MLS 11-2120 $54,900 Call Charlie 570-829-6200



110 Front St. This well-maintained 3 bedroom, 1.5 baths bilevel home is in move in condition. Spacious eat-in kitchen with custom cabinets, tile floor and counters. Unique lower level family room with wood burning fireplace, office space. laundry/bath combo. Plenty of storage including an 8X6 cedar closet. Outdoor space has covered patio, columned carport and well manicured partially fenced yard. Detached large garage. For more info & photos, go to $205,000 MLS# 12-2053 Call Angie at 570-885-4896 Terry at 570-885-3041

Shopping for a new apartment? Classified lets you compare costs without hassle or worry! Get moving with classified! PITTSTON TWP.


1610 Westminster Road. DRASTIC PRICE REDUCTION Paradise found! Your own personal retreat, small pond in front of yard, private setting only minutes from everything. Log cabin chalet with 3 bedrooms, loft, stone fireplace, hardwood floors. Detached garage with bonus room. Lots to see. Watch the snow fall in your own “cabin in the woods.” For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 11-319 $279,900 Call Charlie 570-829-6200





PLAINS 5 Odonnell St.

Great starter home in convenient location. Bi-Level. 3 bedrooms with hardwood floors, 1 and 3/4 bathrooms and 1-car heated garage. Near VA Hospital, casino, highways, etc. $144,900 MLS # 12-2622 Directions: Traveling South on RT 315; Left on Mundy St; Left on Bear Creek Blvd; Left on ODonnell St. Home is on the right. Call Keri Best 570-885-5082

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906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale







308 Stephanie Drive Attractive Brick Front Ranch with 3 Bedrooms, gas heat, Sunroom, attached garage, large yard, shed. Hardwood floors under rugs. Great location. New windows. Basement can easily be finished. Well Maintained. MLS# 121911 PRICE REDUCED $139,900 Call Nancy Palumbo 570-714-9240

Dallas School District. Cape Cod home with cherry kitchen, stainless steel appliances, tile and Corian, family room with pellet stove, office on first floor, 2 bedrooms up and one on first; deck, in-ground pool with heat pump, fenced yard, 2-car detached garage. Solar credits on electric costs. Call my direct number 696-6565, office number is 6962600 ext. 210. Priced to sell at $219.900. MLS# 122267 Maribeth Jones.

Lake Front Property at Shickshinny Lake!!! 4 Bedrooms, 2.75 baths, 2 kitchens, living room, large family room. 2 sunrooms, office & laundry room. Plus 2 car attached garage with paved driveway, AG pool, dock & 100' lake frontage. $382,500. MLS #12-860 Call Kenneth Williams 570-542-2141 Five Mountains Realty

129 Townsend St. Wonderful 4 bedroom single family home in quiet neighborhood. Featuring in-ground pool, stamped concrete patio, ceramic tile baths, finished basement, garage, vinyl. Fenced yard and an additional room for extra living space or possible business. MLS# 12-833 $195,000 Jolyn Bartoli


Very comfortable 2 bedroom home in move in condition. Great sun room, large yard, 1 car garage. Deeded lake access. Reduced $107,000 MLS # 11-2899 CALL KATHIE

(570) 288-6654


110 Union St. Fixer upper with 3 bedrooms, new roof, gas heat. Great lot 50 x 173. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-1513 $49,900 Call Tom 570-262-7716


12 Laflin Road Like new spacious 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath end unit townhouse, Sliding doors to deck off of living room/dining room. Master suite with vaulted ceiling, modern kitchen, laundry on 2nd floor. Roof and water heater are new. Convenient location and out of flood zone MLS 12-938 $169,900 Donald Crossin 570-288-0770 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

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New Homes From $275,000$595,000 570-474-5574


238 S. Main St. Ten room home with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car garage, great driveway, central air, large yard. A must see home! For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-477 $129,900 Call Tom 570-262-7716


31 Tedrick St. Very nice 3 bedroom with 1 bath. This house was loved and you can tell. Come see for yourself, super clean home with nice curb appeal. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 11-3544 Reduced to $76,900 Call Charlie 570-829-6200



137 Hollywood Ave. Beautiful 2 bedroom Townhouse in the River Ridge neighborhood. Modern kitchen/dining area with tile flooring, laundry area on main floor. Living room with gas fireplace and French doors leading to back deck. MLS 12-1109 $163,900 Jay A. Crossin Ext. 23 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

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70 Warner Street 2 bedrooms, move-in ready with appliances, nice yard with shed and deck, Newer roof, and furnace, gas heat. Low taxes. Asking $65,900. Please Call 570-822-8708


Nice 2 story home sits high & dry on side of Plymouth Mountain. Large eat in kitchen, living room, dining room, oil hotwater baseboard heat. Nice yard, wrap around porch. Directions: Main Street, Plymouth to Coal Street, over small bridge to 1st hard left onto Smith Row-house on right. MLS# 12-2256 $55,000 Call Lynda (570) 696-5418

Smith Hourigan Group 570-696-1195 PLYMOUTH

Roomy 2 bedroom single with eat-in kitchen, tile bath, gas heat & 2 car detached garage. Priced to sell at $33,000 MLS 11-2653 Ann Marie Chopick 570-760-6769

63 Clarks Lane 3 story Townhome with 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, plenty of storage with 2 car built in garage. Modern kitchen and baths, large room sizes and deck. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 11-4567 $139,900 Call Charlie 570-829-6200


WB MLS 12-1904 $275,000 JUST REDUCED **OPEN HOUSE** Saturday, June 30th & Sunday, July 1st 1PM to 3 PM 112 Village Drive Spacious & convenient 2 story brick face Colonial on corner of culde-sac in Dallas School District. 4/5 bedroom, 2.5 bath with 2nd entrance to office or potential in-law suite. Contact 570-574-3751 SHAVERTOWN


408 Cragle Hill Rd. This is a very well kept Ranch home on 6 acres, central air, rear patio and 1 car garage. This is a 3 parcel listing. MLS 11-4273 $154,900 Jackie Roman 570-288-0770 Ext. 39 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 SHICKSHINNY

187 Shoemaker St. Adorable 3 bedroom, 1 bath, Cape Cod. Completely remodeled inside and out. Hardwood floors throughout, duct work in place for central air installation. Back yard deck for summer cook outs and much, much more. Not a drive by! MLS 12-1595 $142,500 Jay A. Crossin EXT. 23 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770


19 Bohac St. 2-3 bedroom. New bath with laundry 1st floor. Large living room. Finished lower level. Full walk up attic. Air conditioning. Nice yard, 1 car garage. Low taxes. Gas heat. A must see. $95,000 Call 570-760-1281 for appointment


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570-288-6654 PLYMOUTH

This 4 bedroom 2 story has a full bath on the 1st floor and rough in for bath on 2nd floor. An enclosed side patio from the kitchen dinette area & side drive are a big plus. MLS 12-553 Only $24,900 Ann Marie Chopick 570-760-6769



Midway Manor Ranch 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, family room, 3 season porch, gas heat, central a/c, 2 car garage. 12-1935 $177,000 Besecker Realty 570-675-3611

The best of both worlds. If you crave privacy, consider this 4 bedroom, 3 bath raised ranch on a 4.96 acre wooded lot. A tree lined driveway leads to this spacious 3,300 square foot home. MLS# 12-1407 only $185,000 Adjoining 1+ acre with deeded lake front available for $50,000. Call Barbara Metcalf 570-696-3801



Coldwell Banker Rundle Real Estate 570-474-2340




OPEN HOUSE JULY 1ST 1:30-3:30pm 22 Penny Lane Plenty of space for everyone in this 4/5 bedroom 2 story. Heated 4 season sunroom; enjoy all year! Large family room opens to the sunroom, spacious u-shaped kitchen offers roomy breakfast area. Formal living and dining room. Second floor has 4 bedrooms and 2 full baths. 2 car garage. Above ground pool/deck. Unfinished basement offers more room for expansion. Large mostly level private yard. MLS# 12-1664 PRICE REDUCED $259,900 Call Linda (570) 956-0584

570-696-5425 SWOYERSVILLE

78 Maltby Ave. Wonderful family home in a great neighborhood. A large master suite and family room addition make this home a must see! There is an inground pool and attached in-law suite. MLS 11-4572 $195,000 Call Kelly Connolly-Cuba EXT. 37 Crossin Real Estate 570-288-0770

18 Circle Ave. Relax and enjoy the beautiful view of Lily Lake right from your sunroom in this quiet lake community. Entire home redone In 2005, beautiful hardwood floors, central air, skylights, coal stove, small pond and so much more. Perfect for all year round or a weekend/summer getaway. Off street parking for 2 vehicles. MLS 12-1892 $145,000 Shelby Watchilla 570-762-6969 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 WAPWALLOPEN

NUANGOLA LAKE 28 Lance Street What a Wonderful Home!! This home is located on a country sized lot in a private setting w/beautiful views all around. This split-level features loads of living space, including 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, eat-in kitchen, living room with wood stove insert, large family room, office & sun room with a propane heater. Detached 2-car garage, storage shed & alarm system. Come take a look!! MLS# 3733 $219,900 Call Deb Roccograndi at 570-696-6671



105 Summit Street Fire damaged home. Sold as is. 60’ x 235’ lot. Public sewer, water & gas. $34,500, negotiable Call 570-675-0446, evenings.

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Well maintained raised ranch in Midway Manor. Good size level yard with shed. Large sunroom / laundry addition. Lower level family room with wood stove. $144,900 Call Christine Kutz 570-332-8832

Very nice Ranch home with 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, kitchen, dining room & living room. Plus propane fireplace in living room, french doors in dining room and large deck with a view. $159,900 MLS 12-287 Five Mountains Realty 570-542-2141 SWEET VALLEY


119 West Union Street Out of flood zone! Large, 2 story frame with 2, three bedroom apartments. Off street parking, Large, dry basement, oil heat, large front porch and yard, also 4 room cottage, with garage in the rear of the same property. $85,000. Great home and/or rental. Please call 570-542-4489

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If you crave privacy, consider this stunning, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 story traditional cradled on a 2 acre lot. Ultra modern kitchen with breakfast area, great room with cathedral ceiling & fireplace, formal dining room & bonus room over 2 car garage. Only $299,000. MLS# 12-679 Call Barbara Metcalf 570-696-0883 LEWITH & FREEMAN 570-696-3801


44 Bohac Street Lovely Cape Cod home, with vinyl siding, totally remodeled and re-wired, 2 bedrooms, 1 on 1st floor, off street parking and huge yard. Newer roof & replacement windows, includes newer stainless steel appliances. This home is a gem, is a must see! $134,000 Also listed on Craigslist and Call 570-299-7158


62 Bohac Street Charming brick front ranch, in a well kept neighborhood, 2 bedrooms, large eat-in kitchen, tile bath, large closets, hardwood floors, 1st floor laundry, full basement, low maintenance aluminum siding, shed, nice yard, asking $105,000 Call 908-876-4108 or 908-797-6682

SWOYERSVILLE 57 Sara Drive Bright & open floor plan. This 7 year old home offers premium finishes throughout, beautiful kitchen with granite tops, walk-out lower level finished with 3/4 bath - french doors out to private 1.16 acre lot. MLS# 12-1617 $432,000 Call Geri 570-696-0888

130 Marvin Rd. Fantastic LOG HOME W/GREAT VIEWS**from Rear Deck, 4 Bedrooms 2 Bath on 1.55 Acres. Beautiful Landscaping. 12-1489 $199,000 570-675-4400


4 Oliver Road Located in the back part of Oliver Road in a very private part of North Lake in Sweet Valley. Yearning to be restored, lake front cape cod in a very tranquil setting was formerly used as a summer home. MLS 11-2113 $93,500 Jay Crossin CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 ext. 23

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3 bedroom, 2.5 bath log sided Ranch on almost 2 acres. Lower level is 3/4 finished. Reduced! $195,000 MLS-11-4038 Five Mountains Realty 570-542-2141

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Totally remodeled 3 bedroom, 2 bath home on 1 acre with large family room on lower level. property has small pond and joins state game lands. Reduced! $129,900 Could be FHA financed. MLS# 11-4085 Five Mountains Realty 570-542-2141

689 Main Street 2 bedroom home on large lot with bonus efficiency apartment. Large living room, eat in kitchen, screened porch. Freshly painted and new flooring. See $69,000. Call 570-696-3368

SWOYERSVILLE Large yard, quiet

1061 Fairway Lane Low maintenance, single story ranch home located in a private golf course community in the Poconos for weekend or year round enjoyment. Modern kit with breakfast bar, formal living room and dinning room. Family room with gas Fireplace. Walk-up master bedroom with bonus room ideal for an office. New front and rear decks in a private setting within 30 minutes to W-B or Scranton. MLS 12-453 $105,000 Call Darren Snyder Marilyn K Snyder Real Estate 570-825-2468


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157 Carverton Rd. Enjoy country living with scenic views just minutes from 309. This 2,030 sq ft Colonial offers an oak kitchen with new Jennaire gas range, family room with fireplace leading to a spacious rear deck, Formal dining room, 4 bedrooms and 2/1/2 baths plus a 2 car garage. The basement has a work shop area and can easily be turned into additional living area. $195,000 Ann Marie Chopick 570-760-6769

(570) 288-6654 TRUCKSVILLE REDUCED!!

221 Maple St. Beautiful 4 bedroom Back Mtn. home with natural woodwork, pocketdoors, ceiling fans & great light. Sit on 1 or 2 screened rear porches and enjoy awesome views or sit on your front porch in this great neighborhood! Don’t forget the above ground pool with deck. MLS 12-1699 $149,900 John Shelley 570-702-4162 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 TUNKHANNOCK

A GREAT BUY! 4 bedroom older home in Tunkhannock Boro. Room to spread out with over 2,000 sq ft. Priced to sell at $129,900. Shari Philmeck ERA Brady Associates 570-836-3848

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Tilbury Terrace 69 Tilbury Ave All brick, 3 bedroom ranch, large wooded lot, large rooms with beautiful Parquet hardwood floors, plaster walls/ceilings, full walk-up floored attic, full basement with concrete walls & floor, wine cellar, washer/dryer, workshop areas, 2 car attached garage. Quiet, friendly neighborhood, $179,000. ROTHSTEIN REALTORS 1-888-244-2714 WEST NANTICOKE

TILBURY TERRACE Tilbury Avenue Superb 3 bedroom single. Hardwood floors, fireplace, garage. Well maintained. Great Neighborhood. Affordable at $209,500. Towne & Country Real Estate Co. 570-735-8932 570-542-5708



*NEW LISTING* 951 Wyoming Avenue OPEN HOUSE JULY 15th 1pm-3pm Bright and cheery, well kept home. Oak kitchen, hardwood floors, large family room. One year home trust warranty. MLS# 12-1858 NEW PRICE! $139,925 Call Tracy Zarola 570-696-0723


225-227 Boston Ave Double block. Wyoming Area schools. Out of flood zone. 1 side rented to long term tenant at $525 /month. Other side remodeled - move in or rent at $650/month. 3 bedrooms each side, gas furnaces, sunrooms, large yard. $149,000. Call 570-357-0042



neighborhood. 2 bedrooms, dining & living rooms, unfinished basement, , $52,000. Call (570)704-9446

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Vinyl resided, new shingles in 2008, quiet location with level, open ground. Replacement windows, new well pump. MLS #12-760 $52,900 Call Dale 570-256-3343 Five Mountains Realty

71 George Ave. Nice house with lots of potential. Priced right. Great for handy young couple. Close to just about everything. Out of flood zone. MLS 12-195

REDUCED $69,900

Call Roger Nenni EXT 32 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

329 Wyoming Ave. Flooded in Sept. 2011, being sold as is. Great potential in this 4 bedroom 2 3/4 bath house. Off street parking. For more info and photos visit: MLS 12-716 $49,900 Call Tom 570-262-7716


906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

WHITE-HAVEN 501 Birch Lane


TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012 PAGE 11D 906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale



906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale




906 Homes for Sale YATESVILLE 41 Pittston Ave.

220 Stanton St. For Sale by Owner Large home, 1 or 2 families. Driveway & garage, $70,500. 570-855-8405 510 Fourth St. A nice 2 story, 3 bedroom home in the Wyoming Area school district. Corner lot. Out of the flood zone. MLS 12-1616 $79,000 Jackie Roman EXT 39 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 WEST PITTSTON

Great Rancher in move-in condition, 3 bedroom, hardwood floors, modern eatin kitchen, garage, no flood. Asking $162,500 MLS#121399 Call Joe Gilroy Real Estate. 570-288-1444


NEW LISTING! 951 Wyoming Avenue OPEN HOUSE JULY 15th 1-3pm Bright and cheery, well kept home. Oak kitchen, hardwood floors, large family room. One year home trust warranty. MLS# 121858 NEW PRICE $139,925 Call Tracy Zarola 570-696-0723

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Nice double block, not in the flood area! 3 vehicle detached garage, off-street parking for 4 vehicles, front & rear porches, patio, fenced yard, nice & private. Home also has central air, #410 is updated & in very good condition, modern kitchen & bath. Kitchen has oak cabinets, stainless steel refrigerator, center aisle, half bath on 1st floor & 4th bedroom on 3rd floor. Both sides have hardwood floors on 2nd floor. MLS#12-737 $169,900 Louise Laine 283-9100 x20

570-283-9100 WEST WYOMING

"New Price" Very roomy 2-story, features 2 full baths, and charming kitchen with builtins, on a deep lot with a detached 2-car garage. Previously a duplex, just needs your finishing touches. $86,000 MLS# 12-512 Please Call Deb Roccograndi at 570-696-6671


Priced to sell in Woodhaven Estates! This well maintained home located in the Crestwood School District offers features such as, covered deck and lower deck leading to the pool, ductless A/C, zoned heating system, oversized heated 2car garage in addition to the built-in garage. Finished lower level with recreation room, workshop and ½ bath laundry area. The list goes on, come and take a look! Owners are ready to move, are you? MLS#12-872 $199,900 Jill Jones direct: 696-6550


Beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath. Enjoy the amenities of a private lake, boating, basketball courts, etc. The home has wood floors and carpeting throughout. French doors in the kitchen that lead you out to the large rear deck for entertaining. The backyard has 2 utility sheds for storage MLS 12-1695 $179,900 Call Karen Coldwell Banker Rundle Real Estate 570-474-2340


840 Franklin Street Duplex in good condition. Nice neighborhood. Could be converted to a single home. Rear access to yard for OSP. $31,900 Call Rae 570-714-9234

WILKES-BARRE (Riverside Park) Corner of Dagobert and Gordon Ave.

15 Amherst Ave PRICE REDUCED! Own for less than your apartment rent! Freshly painted 4 Bedroom Dutch Colonial sports a brand new roof & is handicap accessible with wheelchair ramp in rear. 1st floor has Master Bedroom & 3/4 bath with walk-in shower, modern kitchen with breakfast bar, computer room & 1st floor laundry. Great neighborhood walking distance to schools, colleges & bus rte. Come in & see what this great house has to offer. MLS 12-216 REDUCED! $75,900 CLASSIC PROPERTIES 570-793-9449 Call Steve Shemo 570-718-4959 WILKES-BARRE

16 Sullivan St. Large 5 bedroom home with a newer roof, new gas furnace, modern kitchen and baths. Close to Central City. MLS 12-1171 $60,000 Charles J. Prohaska Ext. 35 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 WILKES-BARRE

2 bedroom modular rancher (large master BR) with a 20x 22 family room and a woodburner. Panelled interior. 10x12 three season porch. Carport. 2 driveways. Many extras. MLS# 12-2092 Reduced $73,000 Ask for Bob Kopec. Humford Realty, Inc. 570-822-5126


1 Cypress St. Move in condition. Large private yard, off street parking and a central location. MLS 12-2302 $67,000 Kevin Sobilo 570-817-0706

19 Lawrence St. Very well kept 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath 2 story with family room, enclosed back porch and fenced in back yard. Nice layout with lots of closet space. Modern kitchen, laundry 1st floor. Replacement windows and much more! MLS 12-1325 $77,000 Jay A. Crossin Ext. 23 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

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Great Investment. Quiet street close to everything. Nice size rooms. Both sides currently rented. Off street parking in back with a 1 car garage. $79,900. MLS 114207. Call Donna for more information or to schedule a showing. 570-947-3824


13 Darling St.

Beautifully maintained 2-story home with 3 bedrooms and 1 and 3/4 bathrooms. Oak floors throughout with chestnut woodwork. Cherry kitchen, stained glass windows, french doors, fireplace and a 3season porch all situated in a countrylike setting in the heart of the city. Huge attic can be converted into master suite or 4th or 5th bedroom. Off street parking. Convenient location. Nothing to do but move in! Must see. MLS #12-2620 Directions: Traveling south on North River Rd; Left at light at Courthouse onto West North St, Left onto Darling St. Home is in the right. atlas Call Keri Best 570-885-5082

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240 Sheridan St. Cute home just waiting for your personal touch. Looking to downsize? Well this is the one for you. 2nd floor could be finished, along with the basement. If you are a handyman you have to see this home. MLS 12-1481 $42,000 Roger Nenni EXT 32 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

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210 Academy St. Large grand home. Open concept downstairs, 1 st floor laundry, lots of closet space, fenced in back yard, extra large driveway. Garage with floor pit, auto garage door opener. 60 amp subpanel, walk up attic. Loads of potential. MLS 12-1268 $115,000 David Krolikowski 570-288-0770 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 WILKES-BARRE

216 Franklin St Elegant tudor with 4800 sq ft in Downtown Wilkes-Barre's Historic District. The 1st floor office has 1860 sq ft with central air and 2 restrooms. The residence upstairs includes 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, custom kitchen with an island & sunny breakfast room, formal dinning room. The formal living room has a tray ceiling, picture windows and wet bar. Also, a cozy den. Private drive, Off street parking for 5 cars. MLS 12-1525 $325,000 Call Darren Snyder Marilyn K Snyder Real Estate 570-825-2468


77 Schuler St. Newly renovated with new windows, door flooring, etc. “Goose Island” gem. Large home with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, screened in porch overlooking fenced in yard, driveway, laminate floors throughout. Fresh paint, move in condition. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-845 $99,900 Call Colleen 570-237-0415

WILKES-BARRE 46 Bradford St. Pride of ownership everywhere. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, large yard, off street parking. Ready to go! MLS 12-1508 $69,900 Kevin Sobilo 570-817-0706


51 Flood Drive Beautiful Townhouse in great condition. Very spacious with large rooms, one car garage and basement storage. 3 bedrooms. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-2292 $139,900 Call Charlie 570-829-6200


89 Conwell Street Well maintained 2 story home with a finished lower level and a gas fireplace. New carpets and a walk-up attic, great for storage. $60,000 MLS# 11-4529 Call Michael Nocera


Beautifully maintained 3 story home, features hardwood floors, built-in cabinet, five plus bedrooms, office, 3 bathrooms and stained glass windows. All measurements are approximate. 12-1081 $99,900 Call Tracy McDermott Realty 570-696-2468

Looking for a home with 5 bedrooms or mother in-law apartment, this is the home for you! This property has many amenities, a privacy rear fence with a concrete rear patio (23’ x23’), large storage building (23’ x 18’). Offstreet parking for 2 vehicles, rear porches on 2nd and 3rd floor. Home has 9 rooms, 2 modern baths, 2 modern kitchens with plenty of cabinets. Replacement windows, newer roof, natural woodwork in living room and dining room. Property is close to all amenities including playground across the street, Dan Flood School, Coughlin High School, General Hospital, Kings College, churches and shopping. #12-1763 $69,900 Louise Laine 2839100 x20

570-283-9100 WILKES-BARRE

Nice 3 bedroom, 1 bath home, with 3 season porch and detached 1 car garage. Good starter home in well established neighborhood. Family owned for many years. $59,900 CALL CHRISTINE KUTZ 570-332-8832

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WILKES-BARRE For sale by owner


2 Story, 3 bedrooms, 1 & 1/2 bath single family. Large eat-in kitchen, 1st floor laundry, hardwood floors, newer furnace & water heater, 1 car garage. Off street parking. Quiet one way street. $49,900 MLS 11-4171 Call Jim Banos Coldwell Banker Rundle 570-991-1883

45 Marlborough Ave Nice brick front Ranch on corner lot. 3 bedrooms, 1 full and (2) 1/2 baths. Finished basement, breezeway to 2 car garage. Fenced yard and central air. MLS 12-1612 New price $114,900 Mark R. Mason 570-331-0982 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770


254 Sheridan St Nice Bright Traditional with modern ceramic eat-in kitchen & tiled bath, most windows replaced, built-in garage & deep yard. Very convenient to schools, shopping and highways. MLS 12-1512. $74,900. CLASSIC PROPERTIES 570-793-9449 Call Steve Shemo 570-718-4959

285 Blackman St Great property. Priced to sell quickly and in move-in condition! Easy access to Interstate 81 & shopping! 11-3215 $36,500 570-675-4400


322 Academy St. Charming 3 bedroom Ranch with unique upgrades including polished concrete countertops in kitchen, and a lovely built in gas fireplace in living room. Up to date landscaping, fenced in yard and above ground pool and hot tub. MLS 12-2441 $102,900 Jay A. Crossin EXT. 23 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770


35 Hillard St. Hardwood floors, fenced in yard, large deck. Off street parking. 3 bedroom home with 1st floor laundry. Move in condition. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-1655 $76,500 Colleen Turant 570-237-0415

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Income & Commercial Properties


SMITH HOURIGAN GROUP 570-696-5412 240 Sheridan St. Cute home just waiting for your personal touch. Looking to downsize? Well, this is the one for you.2nd floor could be finished along with the basement. If you are a handyman you have to see this home. MLS 12-1481 $42,000 Roger Nenni EXT 32 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770


59-61 E. Thomas St Fire damaged former multilevel restaurant / tavern with 2nd floor apartment, two car garage & parking lot. Zoned R1; Buyers must do their own due diligence and contact W-B City as to proposed use. This has potential! Please check online photos before scheduling a showing. 12-2151 $39,500 Darcy J. Gollhardt Realtor 570-262-0226 CLASSIC PROPERTIES 570-718-4959 Ext. 1352 WILKES-BARRE 60 Saint Clair St

Great 4 bedroom home with new kitchen, furnace and bath. Laundry room off kitchen. Newer windows and roof. Hardwood on first floor. Off street parking. Older one car garage. Walk up attic. MLS 11-1478 $59,000 Call Nancy Answini 570-237-5999 JOSEPH P. GILROY REAL ESTATE 570-288-1444 WILKES-BARRE

Located in Wilkes Barre city. 65 Reno Lane Currently rented with a great tenant. Entire home was remodeled 10 years ago, including new plumbing, electric, drywall, and is appraised at $55,000. Features 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, 6 rooms total. Partial unfinished basement, with gas heat, and yard with wood deck. All this for $40,000 Great investment property. owner will help with closing!! Rent income is $650.00 agents welcome. Call 570-814-3666


Great 3 Story Home Completely Remodeled. New Kitchen and Baths with Marble Floors. Numerous Upgrades including New Electric, Plumbing and Privacy Fence just to name a few. MLS# 12-1848 $74,000 Call Jack at 570-878-6225 CENTURY 21 SIGNATURE PROPERTIES 570-675-5100 WILKES-BARRE

68-70 W. South St. 5 Unit property for sale on the campus of Wilkes University with a Cap Rate of 8.67%. Annual Net Operating Income of $34,238. 100% occupancy over the last 5 years. 12-1522 $395,000 Call Darren Snyder Marilyn K Snyder Real Estate 570-825-2468

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Handyman Special Extra large duplex with 7 bedrooms, 2 baths, fireplace, screened porch, full basement and 2 car garage on double lot in Wilkes-Barre City. $58,000. ERA BRADY ASSOCIATES 570-836-3848 WILKES-BARRE

WILKES-BARRE 74 Frederick St

This very nice 2 story, 3 bedroom, 1 bath home has a large eat in kitchen for family gatherings. A great walk up attic for storage and the home is in move-in condition. MLS 11-1612 $63,900 Call Karen Coldwell Banker Rundle Real Estate 570-474-2340

Just on the market this 2 story offers a modern kitchen, formal dining room, 1st floor laundry plus 2/3 bedrooms On 2nd floor. Affordably priced at $ 27,900 MLS 12-50 Ann Marie Chopick 570-760-6769


Nicely remodeled fully rented Duplex, near schools, hospital, parks & bus route. Separate utilities and off street parking. MLS 12599 $96,500. CLASSIC PROPERTIES 570-793-9449 Call Steve Shemo 570-718-4959 WILKES-BARRE NOW REDUCED!

191 Andover St. Lovely single family 3 bedroom home with lots of space. Finished 3rd floor, balcony porch off of 2nd floor bedroom, gas hot air heat, central air and much more. Must see! MLS 11-59 $54,900 Jay A. Crossin 570-288-0770 Ext. 23 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770


Parsons Section 5 bedroom, 1 bath. Garage. Corner lot. Nice location. Out of flood zone. $30,000 negotiable. Call 570-814-7453 WILKES-BARRE REDUCED

484 Madison St. Well kept home with finished basement. Move in condition with plenty of rooms, new Pergo floors on 2nd floor and fenced in yard. Newer roof and furnace approximately 10 years old. MLS 12-1291 $74,900 Donald Crossin 570-288-0770 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

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60 Kulp St. 3-4 bedroom, 2 story home with well kept hardwood floors throughout. Private driveway with parking for 2 cards and nearly all replacement windows. MLS 11-2897 $59,900 Jay A. Crossin Ext. 23 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 WILKES-BARRE REDUCED!

$74,900 Cute little home in very nice neighborhood with 4 bedrooms, large yard and 2 car garage. MLS #12-2614. For more information and photos, visit Call Charlie 829-6200 VM 101


5 Homes left. 3 in Nanticoke, 2 in Edwardsville. Price ranging from $20,000 to $37,000 Call 516-216-3539 Leave Message 39 W. Chestnut St. Lots of room in this single with 3 floors of living space. 3 bedrooms, 1 bath with hardwood floors throughout, natural woodwork, all windows have been replaced, laundry/pantry off of kitchen. 4x10 entry foyer, space for 2 additional bedrooms on the 3rd floor. Roof is new. MLS 11-325 $59,900 Jay A. Crossin 570-288-0770 Ext. 23 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 WILKES-BARRE

Well - maintained three bedroom home with a large yard. Great starter home! 12-2390 $64,500 Darcy J. Gollhardt Realtor 570-262-0226 CLASSIC PROPERTIES 570-718-4959 Ext. 1352


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100 Lincoln St. MULTI FAMILY 3 bedroom home with attached apartment and beauty shop. Apartment is rented. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-941 $82,900 Call Charlie 570-829-6200



Income & Commercial Properties ASHLEY

100 Ashley St. Well maintained 3 unit building with extra $50 per month from garage with electric. Off street parking for 4 cars and fenced in yard. Back porches on both levels. Fully rented. Let rental income pay for this property. Must see! MLS 12-1746 $109,000 Debbie McGuire 570-332-4413 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

238 Main St. Multi Family Investment Property Great opportunity for the experienced investor. Property is large with parking for at least 9 cars. Extra lot, one office and 2 apartments. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-2315 $89,900 Call Charlie 570-829-6200



110 Ashley St. Very nice duplex with off street parking and nice yard. Enclosed porch on 1st floor and 2 exits on 2nd. Fully rented. Great return on your investment. Rent pays your mortgage. Don’t miss out MLS 12-1745 $89,000 Debbie McGuire 570-332-4413 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

93 Mail St. Four units. 3 residential and one storefront.Great corner location, flood damaged home being sold as is. For more info visit: www.atlas MLS 12-1948 $49,900 Call Tom 570-262-7716



20 Sharpe Street A well-built, wellkept brick front ranch on a level corner lot with screened patio, big, fully applianced kitchen with many cabinets, tiled bath, hardwood floors, roomy closets, ductless air, and spacious semi-finished 2 room basement – this charming property should definitely make your short list MLS# 12-2081 $159,900. Call PAT today!

129 Lampman St. Side by side double block home with 3 bedrooms each side, separate utilities. Includes 2 extra lots. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-2253 $79,900 Call Tom 570-262-7716



573 Coon Road This 100+ year old Victorian comes with a lot of amenities inside and out on 6 acres of Country living. Indoor pool, wine cellar, patio, 4 car garage and much more. Property is being sold “as is”. MLS 12-1676 $329,000 Shelby Watchilla 570-762-6969 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770


25 St. Mary’s St. 3,443 sq. ft. masonry commercial building with warehouse/office and 2 apartments with separate electric and heat. Perfect for contractors or anyone with storage needs. For more information and photos log onto www.atlas Reduced to $89,000 MLS #10-3872 Call Charlie 570-829-6200 VM 101


33-37 Church St. 4 unit investment property close to shopping and bus routes.Off street parking and large yard. Includes 2 laundry rooms. MLS 12-2383 $119,000 Debbie McGuire 570-332-4413 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 EDWARDSVILLE

Lawrence St. Nice 3 unit property. Lots of off street parking and bonus 2 car garage. All units are rented. Great income with low maintenance. $139,900 MLS# 10-2675 Call Karen Coldwell Banker Rundle Real Estate 570-474-2340 FORTY FORT

1012 Wyoming Ave. SUPER LOCATION Needs work. Priced to sell. Great for your small business or offices. Very high traffic count. Property is being sold IN AS IS CONDITION. Inspections for buyers information only. Property needs rehab. MLS 11-4267 $84,900 Roger Nenni 570-288-0770 Ext. 32 Crossin Real Estate 570-288-0770 FORTY FORT

10 Calvert St. Pristine Bi-level, 3/4 be drooms, modern kitchen & 1 3/4 modern baths. Heated sunroom, hardwood floors, 1 car garage, central air, landscaped yard. For additional info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-1804 $183,500 Call Lu-Ann 570-602-9280


1255 Laurel Run Rd. Bear Creek Twp., large commercial garage/warehouse on 1.214 acres with additional 2 acre parcel. 2 water wells. 2 newer underground fuel tanks. May require zoning approval. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-208 $167,900 Call Charlie 570-829-6200

107 River St. Large 3 unit apartment building with off street parking for several cars. 3rd floor newly remodeled. Hardwood floors. Large yard, newer furnace and great location. Fully rented. Good investment propertY. MLS 12-2017 $199,000 Debbie McGuire 570-332-4413 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

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Income & Commercial Properties


1301 Murray St. 2 family duplex. Fully rented. Vinyl sided, 2 car garage, off street parking. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-2028 $118,000 Call Charlie 570-829-6200



Income & Commercial Properties KINGSTON REDUCED

140 Wyoming Ave. Location, Location, Location! Great space in high traffic area. Was used for professional business with a gun shop occupying a small portion of the building. Only the gun shop is occupied. OSP for approximately 11 cars. MLS 12-1735 $325,000 Shelby Watchilla 570-762-6969 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 5770-288-0770 KINGSTON REDUCED


TIMES LEADER Income & Commercial Properties

LUZERNE COMMERCIAL Over 10,000 square feet of storage space in two buildings…room to build another building…professional, car wash, restaurant, salon, just minutes from the Cross Valley Expressway Exit 6. Survey, storm water/drainage control plan and soil and erosion sedimentation control plan completed if you choose to build a building on this property. MLS# 121647 Call Maribeth Jones, direct number 6966565, office 6962600 ext. 210. REDUCED TO $199,000



55 1/2 Main St. Newer side by side double built in 1989 with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 baths each side. All separate utilities, very well insulated and easy to heat. Will qualify for FHA financing with low down payment. Is owner occupied. If you’re just starting out or looking to downsize, you should consider this property. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-1851 $159,900 Call Charlie 570-829-6200

341 Wyoming Ave. 3 story Victorian located in a high exposure area. Has all the lovely signature woodwork of a grand Victorian of yesteryear! Can be restored for use as a residential home or a landlord investment. Currently subdivided into multiple office spaces and 2 apartments. MLS 12-617 REDUCED $169,900 Jay A. Crossin Ext. 23 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 KINGSTON REDUCED



366 Pierce Street (corner lot). 1,300 sq. ft. concrete block commercial building on a 90 x 145 lot. Central air conditioning. Paved parking for 25 cars. Presently a pizza business, but land can be used for multiple uses (bank building, offices, etc.). MLS 12-1279. $325,000 Bob Kopec HUMFORD REALTY 570-822-5126

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155 Sharpe St. Nice duplex with separate electric and water. Off street parking in rear. Also listed as residential. See list #12-609 for additional photos. MLS 12-605 $74,900 Jay A. Crossin Ext. 23 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

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109-111 Welles St. 2 properties for the price of o ne! A 3 unit apartment building and a detached 2 bedroom home. Apartment building consists of a 3 bedroom 1/2 double and two 3 room apartments. Separate utilities. Electric heat in rear home. Bran new roof and other updates. MLS 12-2015 $119,000 Debbie McGuire 570-332-4413 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

REDUCED 414 Front St. Move right into this modern office building featuring 4 offices, receptionist office, large conference room, modern kitchen, storage room, full basement, central air, handicap access. 2 car garage and 5 additional off street parking spaces. This property is also available for lease. Lease price is $675/mo + $675 security deposit. Tenant pays all utilities. Sells for $85,900 Call John Polifka 570-704-6846 5 Mountains Realty 42 N. Main St. Shickshinny, PA 570-542-2141

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Seven years old. Luzerne County, Wilkes-Barre area. 1,800 square feet bar & 1,800 square feet banquet hall. No kitchen. Off street parking for 20 cars. Partner considered. $327,000, firm. P.O. 2827 Wilkes-Barre PA 18702



64-66 Dorrance St. 3 units, off street parking with some updated Carpets and paint. $1500/ month income from long time tenants. W/d hookups on site. MLS 11-3517 $99,900 Call Jay A. Crossin Ext. 23 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

33 Market St. Commercial/residential property featuring Ranch home with 3 bedrooms, newly remodeled bathroom, in good condition. Commercial opportunity for office in attached building. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 11-3450 Reduced $149,900 Call Tom 570-262-7716

68 William St. Great investment property with 3 units and separate utilities. Each unit has 2 entrances and washer hook up. Roof is 5 years old. For more info visit: www.atlas MLS 12-1897 $69,900 Call Tom 570-262-7716



3000 Square Foot Building zoned commercial available for lease. Located in high traffic area. Parking for 20 cars. MLS# 12-1452 $1500/month Call Barbara Metcalf 570-696-0883

Duplex. Aluminum siding, oil heat, semi - modern kitchens, long term tenant. On a spacious 50’ x 150’ lot. Motivated Seller. REDUCED. $33,260 Ann Marie Chopick 570-760-6769



INCOME PROPERTY DUPLEX 2 bedrooms down, 1 upstairs, off-street parking. $82,000. Call (570)704-9446

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Income & Commercial Properties



Newly renovated Main Street location right in the heart of the booming section. commercial space available with with front prime window. Perfect for anything in the beauty industry, nail salon, boutique store, etc. Call 570-654-6737, 570-212-2908 or 570-362-4019 PITTSTON PRICED REDUCED NEW PRICE $79,900

35 High St. Nice duplex in great location, fully occupied with leases. Good investment property. Separate utilities, newer furnaces, gas and oil. Notice needed to show. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 11-3222 $89,900 Call Tom 570-262-7716


134 Ann St. Nice Duplex in a great neighborhood. Low maintenance investors. Money maker right from the start. Unit 2 is owner occupied. Rent is projected. MLS 12-575 $119,000 David Krolikowski 570-288-0770 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

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134 Ann St. Nice duplex in a great neighborhood. Low maintenance. Investors: Money maker right from the start. Unit 2 is owner occupied, rent is projected. MLS 12-575 $119,000 David Krolikowski 570-288-0770 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 WILKES-BARRE

155 E Walnut St. Good investment property knocking on your door. Don't miss out, come and see for yourself. Also included in the sale of the property is the lot behind the home. Lot size is 25X75, known as 147 Cherry St. $82,000 MLS# 10-2666 Call Karen Coldwell Banker Rundle Real Estate 570-474-2340

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259 Shawnee Ave. 6 unit property with one 2 unit building and a 4 unit apartment building. The 2 unit property has been completely rebuilt from frame up in 2010! Very good condition 4 unit building has many updates also. MLS 12-2016 $269,000 Debbie McGuire 570-332-4413 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770


Income & Commercial Properties

70-72 Sullivan St. Well maintained 4 unit property with enclosed back porches and off street parking for 4 cars. Fully rented. New roof in 2008. Great investment. Make an appointment now! MLS 12-1748 $179,000 Debbie McGuire 570-332-4413 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770


150 Dana St. Completely remodeled! Modern 5 unit property with hardwood flooring and ceramic tile in kitchens and baths. New furnace in 2009. Secure building. Fully rented. Large concrete basement for Owner’s storage, part of which could be used as an efficiency. All services separate. Utilities included in rent for #5 only. Great money maker MLS 12-1740 $319,000 Debbie McGuire 570-332-4413 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770


230 Robert St. 5 unit investment property. Remodeled in 2008. Four 1 bedroom units and one 2 1/2 bedroom unit. Off street parking for 3 cars and a private driveway for unit #2. Property has a community laundry room. MLS 12-2382 $219,000 Debbie McGuire 570-332-4413 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

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1st block S. Franklin St. Historic District. Beautiful 3 story building. 2,300 square feet on first floor. Commercial & residential use. 8 parking spaces. $395,000. Call 570-824-7173 WILKES-BARRE

62 Hutson St. Duplex in good condition Fenced in yard and back screened porch. Fully rented. Property pays for itself with $$$ left over. Take a look NOW! MLS 12-1747 $59,000 Debbie McGuire 570-332-4413 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770


Apartments/ Unfurnished

912 Lots & Acreage

912 Lots & Acreage


HARDING REDUCED Mt. Zion Road One acre lot just before Oberdorfer Road. Great place to build your dream home MLS 11-3521 $24,900 Call Colleen 570-237-0415

LEHMAN 9 Acres on Lehman Outlet Road. 470’ front, over 1,000’ deep. Wooded. $150,000. Call Besecker Realty 570-675-3611

39 Wedgewood Dr. Laurelbrook Estates Lot featuring 3.22 acres with great privacy on cul-desac. Has been perc tested and has underground utilities. 4 miles to PA Turnpike entrance. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-114 $64,900 Call Tom 570-262-7716

97 Kado St. Duplex on nice corner lot in quiet neighborhood. A little TLC needed. Could easily be converted to a single family. Motivated seller. MLS 12-1867 $84,900 Donald Crossin 570-288-0770 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

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3 APARTMENTS Unique, charming 1 Story Nantucket Style 2 bedroom owner’s cottage + duplex 1 & 2 bedroom. Extensive renovations made. 2 rents will pay bills, or rent 3 for max income. NOT IN FLOOD ZONE. Asking $135,900. 570-609-5133


River front lot with a deck overlooking water. Well, septic & electric on site. New price. $32,000. Besecker Realty 570-675-3611


$129,900 SPECTACULAR WATER VIEW! 2 acres overlooking Huntsville Reservoir. Building site cleared but much of woodlands preserved. Perc & site prep done. Call Christine Kutz 570-332-8832


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Commercial Properties

KINGSTON 302-304 Wyoming Avenue One of the only commercial building lots available on Wyoming Ave. Make this extremely busy site the next address of your business. MLS 08-1872 $89,000 Jay A. Crossin EXT. 23 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 KINGSTON


Waterfront Property 80 Acre Pond 26 Acres of Land $425,000 106+ Acre property with 3 Bedroom Ranch home and pole barn in Franklin Township. Rare opportunity to own Perrins Marsh. Call Now for more information. MLS# 122427 $425,000 Call Cindy King 570-690-2689

Earth Conservancy Land For Sale 61 +/- Acres Nuangola - $99,000 46 +/- Acres Hanover Twp. $79,000 Highway Commercial KOZ Hanover Twp. 3+/- Acres 11 +/- Acres Wilkes-Barre Twp. 32 +/- Acres Zoned R-3 See additional land for sale at: 570-823-3445

401-403 Main St. 3 lots together. 2 in Kingston (nice corner paved lot) 1 in Edwardsville (40x60) potential to build with parking or parking for 20-48 vehicles. MLS 12-1465 $75,000 John Shelley 570-702-4162 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

LAFLIN Lot#9 Pinewood Dr

Build your new home in a great neighborhood. Convenient location near highways, airport, casino and shopping

156 X 110 X 150 X 45 DIRECTIONS Rt 315

to laflin Rd; make left off Laflin Rd onto Pinewood Dr. Lot is on corner of Pinewood Dr. and Hickorywood Dr. MLS 11-3411 $32,000 atlas Call Keri Best 570-885-5082

Purebred Animals? Sell them here with a classified ad! 570-829-7130 944

Commercial Properties


Level building lot. 100 x 175, all utilities including gas. Ready for construction. $43,500 570-868-5257

Collect cash, not dust! Clean out your basement, garage or attic and call the Classified department today at 570829-7130! SHICKSHINNY LAKE

Nice country setting close to town for your new home! Lot is 75’ x 107’ with an existing 12’ x 20’ shed. $15,000 CALL CHRISTINE KUTZ 570-332-8832


Location, Location, Location A most unique & desirable property. This is an opportunity to purchase a centrally situated lot with an unmatched view of this beautiful lake. If you are looking for that special building site, this is it! If you see it, you’ll agree. MLS# 11-1269 $179,900 Call Dale Williams Five Mountains Realty 570-256-3343 SHICKSHINNY

It's that time again! Rent out your apartment with the Classifieds 570-829-7130 MOUNTAIN TOP Several building lots ready to build on! ALL public utilities! Priced from $32,000 to $48,000! Use your own Builder! Call Jim Graham at 570-715-9323


Vacant Commercial Land. Route 309. High traffic location. All utilities.Between St. Jude’s & Walden Park on right. 132’x125’. $46,900 MLS 12-1657 Call Vieve Zaroda (570) 474-6307 Ext. 2772

Level *7.5 acres* building lot with a mountain view. Great for horses or organic farming. MLS 12-306 $59,000 570-675-4400

SWEET VALLEY Grassy Pond Road 6.69 wooded acres. Great building site and/or ideal hunting property. No utilities. $70,000. Call Pat Doty 570-394-6901 McDermott Real Estate 570-696-2468 TRUCKSVILLE

Smith Hourigan Group 570-474-6307 NEWPORT TWP.

LOTS - LOTS - LOTS 1 mile south of L.C.C.C.

210’ frontage x 158’ deep. All underground utilities, natural gas. GREAT VIEW!! $37,500 2 LOTS AVAILABLE 100’ frontage x 228’ deep. Modular home with basement accepted. Each lot $17,000. Call 570-714-1296

187 Skyline Drive 2 + acres with 2 subdivided lots set in the woods with awesome views. Great location and all utilities. Build your dream home(s). MLS 12-1988 $99,900 John Shelley 570-702-4162 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

New Homes From $275,000$595,000 570-474-5574

WANAMIE 2 Miner Ave. Looking to build? Check this lot out! This is on the edge of a hill and has a great view. 440 acres corner of Belles and Miner MLS 12-1007 $14,900 Roger Nenni EXT. 32 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

KINGSTON OFFICENTERS Park Office Building 400 Third Ave.

Commercial Properties

Officenter–250 250 Pierce Street

MEDICAL OFFICE Park Office Building 400 Third Ave., Kingston

1512 Sq Ft.----can be expanded to 1944 Sq.Ft.

Officenter–270 270 Pierce Street

For Rental Information Call:



Apartments/ Unfurnished


Apartments/ Unfurnished


Apartments/ Unfurnished

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Beautiful lot in Pocono Ridge Estate. 1.14 acres with a view! MLS 12-1313 $48,500 Call Kevin Sobilo 570-817-0706


5.4 acres in Glendale Manor. Walking distance to Crestwood High School. Is already subdivided into six lots . Perfect for a private custom home site or for development. Call Christine Kutz 570-332-8832.



5 Acres $19,900 8 Acres $24,900 Gorgeous views, fields, woods! 30 minutes Albany. Just off 1-90. Fully approved for your country home! 888-793-7762


BUILDING LOT Corner of Drake St. & Catherine, Moosic. 80x111 building lot with sewer & water available, in great area with newer homes. Corner lot. For more details visit MLS #12-1148. $29,900 Call Charlie

912 Lots & Acreage


Looking for the right deal on an automobile? LINE UP Turn to classified. A GREAT DEAL... It’s a showroom in print! IN CLASSIFIED! Classified’s got KEELERSBURG the directions!

570-675-4400 285 Wyoming Ave. First floor currently used as a shop, could be offices, etc. Prime location, corner lot, full basement. 2nd floor is 3 bedroom apartment plus 3 car garage and parking for 6 cars. For more information and photos go to www.atlas MLS #10-4339 $159,900 Call Charlie VM 101


Beach Street. 2 nice building lots. Approx 100 x 150 each. Public sewer available. Paved road. Surveyed. $19,995 each.570-822-7359

Highland Hills Development .88 Acres. $75,000 570-947-3375



103 W. Chestnut St. 3 unit investment property. Completely remolded in 2010 including new plumbing and electrical service. Each unit has a laundry room. Large fenced yard and fully rented. MLS 12-2381 $119,000 Debbie McGuire 570-332-4413 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

912 Lots & Acreage




LEHMAN TWP Nice duplex zoned commercial, can be used for offices as well as residential. All separate utilities. Keep apt. space or convert to commercial office space. Adjacent lot for sale by same owner. MLS 11-2176 $79,900 Jay A. Crossin CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 ext. 23




388 Schuyler Ave. Well cared for Duplex in great location. 1st floor has new bathroom and large kitchen, 2nd floor has all new carpeting and long term tenant. Large lot and off street parking for 2 cars. Separate furnaces and electricity, Make an offer! MLS 12-1125 $94,900 Call Shelby Watchilla 570-762-6969 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

Income & Commercial Properties


NANTICOKE COMMERCIAL Restaurant/bar for sale! 8,525 square feet. Turn key with seating for 125, bar area seats 24, all equipment is included in sale, fixtures, two-walk-in coolers, furnishing, kitchen equipment, liquor license. Two apartments with long term tenants. Gas heat, handicap accessible, high traffic area. MLS# 11-4332 Call Maribeth Jones, direct number 6966565, office 6962600 ext. 210. $475,000


New Bridge Center 480 Pierce Street

Officenter–220 220 Pierce Street

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Professional Office Rentals Full Service Leases • Custom Design • Renovations • Various Size Suites Available Medical, Legal, Commercial • Utilities • Parking • Janitorial Full Time Maintenance Staff Available

For Rental Information Call:

Thurs & Fri.. 2 to 8pm Sat & Sun.. 1 to 5pm: (570) 829-1702


TIMES LEADER 912 Lots & Acreage


WHITE HAVEN Route 115 Nice level building lot right in front of the golf course! Close to I-80 & PA Turnpike. $14,500 Louise Gresh 570-233-8252 CENTURY 21 SELECT GROUP 570-455-8521

Nice, clean, 1 bedroom, water, sewer, garbage fee included.Washer/dryer, refrigerator & stove availability. Security, $465/month. No pets, no smoking 570-542-5610

Looking to buy a home? Place an ad here and let the sellers know! 570-829-7130 WILKES-BARRE 57 Fulton St. Nice residential area. Lot for sale 3080 square feet. MLS 12-1762 $5,000 Kelly ConnollyCuba EXT. 37 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770


FIRST ST. 4 building lots each measuring 68x102 with public utilities. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas MLS 12-439 $39,900 EACH Call Charlie 570-829-6200

915 Manufactured Homes


3 bedroom, 2 bath home in great condition in park. $16,000. Financing available with $3,000 down. Call 570-477-2845

Apartments/ Furnished

Apartments/ Furnished

DUPONT 302 Main Street,

1 bedroom, 1 bath, 1st floor 3 room apartment. Washer/dryer on premises, comes furnished OR unfurnished. A/C, water, sewer, garbage included. , $500/per month, + security and electric, unfurnished is $450 plus electric, no smoking. Call 570-466-2157 or 570-477-2847

971 Vacation & Resort Properties


CHARM 34 W. Ross St. Fully furnished, 1 bedroom, All appliances and most utilities included. Secure, private off street parking. Historic building is non smoking/no pets. Base rent $700/mo. Security, references required. View at 570-762-1453


Apartments/ Unfurnished


1st floor, 2 bedroom. Laundry room, off street parking, large yard. Includes water, sewer & garbage References, 1st, last + security required. NO PETS $600/ month 570-735-8730 570-332-8080


74 W. Hartford St 1 bedroom + computer room. 2nd floor. Water,fridge, stove, washer/dryer included. No pets. Security, lease, application fee. $500 + utilities. 570-472-9494

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Available August 5th 1st floor, modern, 2 bedroom. Off street parking. Washer dryer hookup. Appliances. Bus stop at the door. Water Included.$575 + utilities & security. No pets. TRADEMARK REALTY GROUP 570-954-1992

Need a Roommate? Place an ad and find one here! 570-829-7130

971 Vacation & Resort Properties


Come relax & enjoy great fishing & tranquility at it’s finest. Housekeeping cottages on the water with all the amenities of home.

NEED A TION? Call Now! (315) 375-8962 $50 off Promotion Available Now!

Apartments/ Unfurnished


Apartments/ Unfurnished



2 bedrooms, refrigerator & stove, washer/ dryer hookup, offstreet parking, no pets. Section 8 Approved. $600/month + utilities & security. 570 457-0497

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AVOCA rooms includes

3 heat, hot water, water, garbage & sewer + appliances, washer/dryer hookup, off street parking. Security. No pets. $480/month. 570-655-1606

DALLAS bedroom,

3 2nd floor of century home in beautiful area. All appliances, heat & gas for dryer included. Lease, security & references required. No pets. $800/month. Call 570-675-2486 Dallas, Pa. MEADOWS APARTMENTS 220 Lake St. Housing for the elderly & mobility impaired; all utilities included. Federally subsidized program. Extremely low income persons encouraged to apply. Income less than $12,400. 570-675-6936, 8 am-4 pm, Mon-Fri. EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE DUPONT Completely remodeled, modern 2 bedroom townhouse style apartment. Lots of closet space, with new carpets and completely repainted. Includes stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer hook up. Nice yard & neighborhood, no pets. $595 + security. Call 570-479-6722

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Regions Best Address

• 1 & 2 Bedroom Apts.

• 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apts.





MARTIN D. POPKY APARTMENTS 61 E. Northampton St. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701

• Affordable Senior Apartments • Income Eligibility Required • Utilities Included! • Low cable rates; • New appliances; • Laundry on site; • Activities! •Curbside Public Transportation

Please call 570-825-8594 D/TTY 800-654-5984


Apartments/ Unfurnished

Apartments/ Unfurnished

Wilkeswood Apartments 1 & 2 BR Apts

2 & 3 BR Townhomes

The good life... close at hand


Apartments/ Unfurnished


Apartments/ Unfurnished



Apartments/ Unfurnished








Apartments/ Unfurnished



Kingston “A Place To Call Home” Spacious 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Arts. 3 Bedroom Townhomes Gas heat included


24 hr. on-site Gym Community Room Swimming Pool Maintenance FREE Controlled Access Patio/Balcony and much more... 570-288-9019


Apartments/ Unfurnished

Totally renovated 6 large room apartment. Partially furnished, brand new fridge/electric range, electric washer & dryer on 1st floor. Brand new custom draperies, Roman shades, carpeting/flooring & energy efficient windows. Kitchen with snack bar. Full tiled pink bath on 1st floor. Beautiful original Victorian wainscotting, ceilings, woodwork & vintage wall paper. Victorian dining room with wall to wall carpet. Living room with large storage closet, 2 large bedrooms with wall to wall & large closets. Attic partially finished for storage. 2nd floor large front balcony with beautiful view of the Valley. 1st floor back porch with large back yard, off-street parking. Easy access to I-81, airport & casino. Tranquil neighborhood. No smoking. $800 + utilities & security. 570-762-8265


2nd floor, 2 bedroom, no pets. $450/month. Sewer & garbage paid, 1 month security. 570-412-2886

Doyouneedmorespace? A yard or garage sale in classified is the best way tocleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified! EXETER Nice one bedroom first floor apartment with extra room in Basement. Washer hookup. Heat & hot water included in rent. References & security required. Non Smoking. $650 per month. Call Nancy Answini Gilroy Real Estate (570)237-5999


TOWNHOUSE Wildflower Village Like New! 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath, living room, large dining/kitchen area, Full basement and deck. $690/mo + utilities. No Pets 570-696-4393


FLOOR APT Very nice, quiet, clean, great neighborhood. Hardwood floors, air, washer /dryer with newer appliances, storage. 1st/last/security with one year lease. References required. $650 + utilities. Water/ sewer by owner, no pets, non-smoking. Call 202-997-9185 for appointment


Two 1st floor, 1 bedroom apartments. All utilities included. No pets. $450 + 1 month security. (908) 964-1554


Apartments/ Unfurnished


800 Block Market Street. Ground level, 1st floor, 2 bedroom, refrigerator & stove. $670 to $720/month, includes utilities Security & references. Call JIm at 570-288-3375 or visit www.dream


Beautiful, oversized executive style apartment in large historic home. Two bedrooms, one bath, granite kitchen, hardwood floors, dining room, living room, basement storage, beautiful front porch, washer/ dryer. $1,000 monthly plus utilities. No smoking. Call 570-472-1110




Studio apartment or office space. Full kitchen, bath & extra room. $400 + electric. All other utilities included. Call 570-822-6737


1 or 2 bedroom, LAKE FRONT apartments. Wall to wall, appliances, lake rights, off street parking. No Pets. Lease, security & references. 570-639-5920

KINGSTON 1 bedroom PRIME location, QUIET + spacious. Yard, porch, storage, washer/dryer hookup. No pets, No smoking, No Section 8. $475 + utilities with discount. 574-9827

KINGSTON 2 bedroom, 2nd

floor. Refrigerator & stove provided. Offstreet parking. $525/month includes water. No pets. Call 570-779-1684

KINGSTON 2nd floor, 3 bed-

rooms, deluxe duplex with den, 1.5 bath, living and dining rooms, eat in kitchen , all appliances+ washer/dryer, carpeted, A/C, garage, no pets/smoking. Lease required. 570-287-1733

KINGSTON 399 - 401 Elm Ave.

Quiet convenientneighborhood. Newly remodeled apartments. 2nd floor, 2 bedroom apts. $600 each + utilities NO PETS, No section 8 housing. References and security required. 570-301-2785

Apartments/ Unfurnished


Large 1 bedroom, 1st floor apt, nice, quiet neighborhood, all appliances included and off street parking. $460/month Call 570-441-4101


Spacious 1st floor, 1 bedroom apartment. Hardwood floors. Full kitchen. Large dining room. No pets,no smoking. $475. Water, sewer & trash included. 570-262-5399


Available 8/1/12 Three bedrooms, stove & washer. Nice yard, great 3rd floor playroom/ office. $700/month, + utilities, 1 month rent & security. Call 570-262-4604


2nd floor, 1 bedroom. Appliances. Very clean. Fresh Paint. No pets. Includes heat & water. $500/month. 570-693-2148 570-430-1204

Great 1st floor, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living&dining rooms, eat-in kitchen, all appliances, washer/dryer, carpeted, A/C, garage, no pets/smoking. Lease required 570-287-1733

Available now 3rd floor, 3 bedroom Living room & den, full eat in kitchen, full bath. $575 + security. Sewer & garbage included. Call 570-574-9494

KINGSTON East Bennett Street

PITTSTON Totally renovated 1


West Pettebone Street Barbeque deck, off street parking, designer bathroom, washer/dryer, 2nd floor, gas and A/C, skylights and powder room. (570)881-4993 KINGSTON Modern 2 bedroom 1 bath. Second floor. $600 + utilities. Call Darren 570-825-2468

KINGSTON Newly remodeled 1

bedroom, central heat & air, wall to wall carpeting, off street parking, washer/dryer hookup, No pets. $450 Call 570-288-9507



206 Haverford Dr. Oakwood Park Thoroughly modern, completely renovated 3 bedroom 1.5 bath Townhome in centrally located Oakwood Park. All appliances, hardwood floor, central air. $1200/mo + utilities. No Pets. EILEEN R. MELONE REAL ESTATE 570-821-7022

LARKSVILLE 2 bedroom, 1 Bath

$725. Double Security. Brand New Hardwood & Tile Floors. Dishwasher, Washer/Dryer. Must see to appreciate! Quality, Affordable Housing.


BOVO Rentals 570-328-9984




1 bedroom, wall to wall, off-street parking, coin laundry, water, sewer & garbage included. $495/ month + security & lease. HUD accepted. Call 570-687-6216 or 570-954-0727

LUZERNE Large, 2 bedroom,

2nd floor. Wall to wall carpeting. No pets. $575/month + utilities. 570-301-7723

MOOSIC 4 room apartment, 2nd floor. $675/month + security & references. Also available, 5 room apartment, 1st floor, $745/month. Both apts. have heat, water & sewer included. 570-457-7854


1 Bedroom apartments for elderly, disabled. Rents based on 30% of ADJ gross income. Handicap Accessible. Equal Housing Opportunity. TTY711 or 570-474-5010 This institution is an equal opportunity provider & employer.


No pets. Rents based on income start at $405 & $440. Handicap Accessible. Equal Housing Opportunity. 570474-5010 TTY711 This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

NANTICOKE 2 bedroom, wall to

wall carpet, offstreet parking, $495 per month+ utilities, security, lease. HUD accepted. Call 570-687-6216 or 570-954-0727


bedroom apartment. Off street parking. Corian counters. $525 + utilities. No Pets. 570-654-5387


Clean, quiet 1 bedroom, 1st floor apartment. Off street parking, no pets, no smoking. $550/month includes heat & water. Credit & background check, 1 month security & 1 year lease. 570-820-3906 570-899-6710


Modern 2nd floor 2 bedroom. 1 bath, Kitchen with appliances. new carpeting. Convenient location. No smoking. No pets. $550/month plus utilities. 570-714-9234


2 bedroom, no pets security and lease $500/mo. + utilities 570-762-5340


Apartments/ Unfurnished


Beautifully remodeled 2nd floor, 2 story, 3 bedroom apartment. Large closets. Washer / dryer hookup. Front & Rear porch. No pets. Lease. $650 + heat & electric. Call 570-287-9631 or 570-417-4311

GET THE WORD OUT with a Classified Ad. 570-829-7130

PLYMOUTH TWP. 2nd floor, 2 bed-

room. Heat & water included. Refrigerator & stove, washer/dryer hookup. Upper & lower porches, large yard, off-street parking, no pets, limited closet space. $550 /month + security & references. Close to bus stop. Section 8 Approved Call 570-606-4600


2 bedrooms, living & dining rooms, new kitchen, offstreet parking, washer/dryer, basement, yard. Security & references. No Pets. $675/month. Sewer & trash included. Call 570-474-9321 or 570-690-4877


1 bedroom, 1st floor Stove & refrigerator included. Newly remodeled. $475 + utilities 570-357-1138

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2 bedroom. 2nd floor. $550 plus utilities 570-299-5471

WEST PITTSTON 2nd floor, 1 bedroom

Eat-in kitchen, stove, refrigerator, disposal. Full bath Living room, den washer/dryer in basement. $600/ month + electric. References, credit check, security + 1st month. No smoking, no pets. 570.262.0671


2nd floor, 4 rooms. Hardwood floors. Heat and hot water included. No pets. No smoking. $650 + security. Call 570-479-4069



West Pittston, Pa. GARDEN VILLAGE APARTMENTS 221 Fremont St. Housing for the elderly & mobility impaired; all utilities included. Federally subsidized program. Extremely low income persons encouraged to apply. Income less than $12,400. 570-655-6555, 8 am-4 pm, Monday-Friday. EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE


Mayflower Crossing Apartments 570.822.3968 2, 3 & 4 Bedrooms - Light & bright open floor plans - All major appliances included - Pets welcome* - Close to everything - 24 hour emergency maintenance - Short term leases available



113 Edison St. Quiet neighborhood. 2 bedroom apartments available for immediate occupancy. Heat & hot water included. $625 Call Aileen at 570-822-7944

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Formerly The Travel Lodge 497 Kidder St., Wilkes-Barre Rooms Starting at: Daily $44.99 + tax Weekly $189.99 + tax Microwave, Refrigerator, WiFi, HBO 570-823-8881 www.Wilkes


2nd floor, 2 bedroom, w/w carpet, , water included. Tenant pays electric No pets. $450 plus security. Call 570-814-1356

Call TODAY For AVAILABILITY!! www.mayflower Certain Restrictions Apply*




Washington St. 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 2nd floor. Offstreet parking. Garbage removal included. Freshly painted & new carpeting. $490/month + utilities. 570-288-3438


2nd floor, 1 bedroom. $450 + utilities, security & lease. No pets. Call 570-472-9494

1 & 2 bedrooms, new kitchens, appliances, laundry, enclosed sunporches, fireplaces (gas), carports, particulars upon request. Some $625-$750 + utilities. 2 Year Leases. No Pets No Smoking, Employment Verfification.

Recently remodeled 2 bedroom, 2nd floor apartment. Stove, fridge, washer & dryer included. $485 + utilities & security. Call 570-650-2494



America Realty

WILKES-BARRE / KINGSTON Efficiency 1 & 2

bedrooms. Includes all utilities, parking, laundry. No pets. From $390 to $675. Lease, security & references. 570-970-0847 WILKES-BARRE / PARSONS Spacious 3 bedroom 3rd floor apartment. Large eat-in kitchen. Close to casino. $700 / month + water & cooking gas. Call 570-793-9449


1st floor, 1 bedroom, refrigerator & stove, washer/dryer hookup, off-street parking, water & sewer, no pets. $550/month, + utilities & security (570)388-4242


WEST PITTSTON One room, 1st

floor, furnished efficiency. Galley kitchen, granite bath, built-ins, washer/dryer. Security & references. Nonsmokers, no pets. $700 includes heat & water. 570-655-4311

WILKES-BARRE 646 Main Street

1 block from General Hospital, 3 room apartment, washer/dryer, stove, refrigerator, 1st & last months rent + security, references required. Water Paid. $525/per month 570-706-6487


425 S. FRANKLIN ST. For lease. Available immediately, washer/dryer on premises, no pets. We have studio, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments. On site parking. Fridge & stove provided. 24/7 security camera presence & all doors electronically locked. Studio - $450. 1 bedroom - $550. 2 bedroom - $650. Water & sewer paid. One month security deposit. Call 570-793-6377 after 9:00 a.m. to schedule an appointment. Or email shlomo_voola


Apartments/ Unfurnished


2nd floor, 2 bedroom, big living room, off-street parking, washer /dryer hook-up. $500 + utilities & security deposit. 570-690-7721


South Meade St., 2nd floor. Very large 1.5 bedroom, carpeting, dishwasher & washer/dryer hook-up, off street parking, central air and heat, tenant pays gas heat and electric. $600/month Income verification & 1 month security. 570-824-8517


1 & 2 bedroom apartments. Starting at $440 and up. References required. Section 8 OK 570-357-0712 WILKES-BARRE


Lots of light, wood floors. Summer only ok. $425. All utilities included. No pets. 570-826-1934


Walking distance to Wilkes University, minutes from King’s Newly renovated. Most utilities included. Professional on site management. Off street parking. Starting at $515. 866-466-0501 or leasing-cumberland

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Commercial Properties



Convenient location, newly remodeled, 1st floor, 2 bedroom. Heat & water included. Quiet neighborhood $635/month, 1st, last, security & lease. No pets. (570)822-4302

floor 1 bedroom efficiency. $495. Includes all utilities. No pets. Call 570-287-9631 or 570-417-4311

WEST PITTSTON Everything new. 1st


2 bedroom. Appliances and utilities included. Off street parking. $595. Call 570-704-8134

Apartments/ Unfurnished

4 Rooms, 2 Bedrooms, Wall to Wall carpet, stove, fridge, washer & dryer $550 + security. Heat Included. No pets. Call 570-823-2214 after 1 p.m.

3 bedrooms,1 bath, $650/per month, Call 570-760-0511

PLYMOUTH Large, spacious 1 or


WILKES-BARRE Š1 bedroom water included Š2 bedroom water included Š2 bedroom single family Š5 bedroom large Š2 bedroom, heat & water included Š 2 bedroom, totally remodeled Š 3 bedroom, half double, immaculate condition KINGSTON Š1 bedroom large, water included PITTSTON ŠLarge 1 bedroom water included AVOCA Š3 Bedroom, water included McDermott & McDermott Real Estate Inc. Property Management 570-821-1650 (direct line) Mon-Fri. 8-7pm Sat. 8-noon


Quiet 2 bedroom apartment. 2nd floor. Yard/storage, heat/garbage included. $650. Available 7/7. Call 570-351-4651.


Commercial Properties


Rte. 315 2,400 Sq. Ft. professional office space with beautiful view of Valley & Casino. will divide office / retail Call 570-829-1206 KINGSTON

183 Market St. Office space available in beautifully renovated professional building. Great high traffic location! 2 separate offices with large reception area. Bonus use of conference room MLS 12-1049 $1000 per month Mark R. Mason 570-331-0982 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770

Let the Community Know! Place your Classified Ad TODAY! 570-829-7130

1,750 SQ. FT. & 2,400 SQ.FT OFFICE/RETAIL 570-829-1206


16-18 Linden St. Professional office space for lease near General Hospital. Ideally suited for medical offices. Other possible uses would include a deli style restaurant. MLS 12-1052 $1200 per month Mark R. Mason 570-331-0982 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770


BEST $1 SQ. FT. LEASES YOU’LL EVER SEE! Warehouse, distribution, storage, light manufacturing. Gas heat, sprinklers, overhead doors, parking for 30 cars. Yes, that $1 sq.ft. lease! We have 6,000 sq. ft., 9,000 sq.ft., 27,000 sq.ft., and 13,000 sq. ft. Can combine. There is nothing this good! Call Larry @ 570-696-4000 or 570-430-1565


Half Doubles


Cooper St. Nice 2 bedroom, 1 bath 1/2 double with living room, dining room, eat in kitchen with dishwasher, full basement with washer/dryer, fenced yard, parking for 2 cars, & bonus room. Pets ok. $750+ utilities & security. Call Dave 570-675-4881


3 bedrooms. Vinyl sided. All windows vinyl thermal-payne. Steel insulated entry doors with deadbolts. Economical gas heat. Bath w/shower. Quiet small side street. Off street parking. Lease. References checked. $525/mo plus utilities. Call (570) 650-3803


3 bedroom, 2 baths. Non-smoking, no pets. $550 + utilities & security. 570-825-1474

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1,250 sf. Excellent for shipping & receiving. Private powder room. Loading dock. Separate over head and entrance doors. Gas Heat. Easy Access. $450 + security & references. 570-706-5628




Lease Space Available, Light manufacturing, warehouse, office, includes all utilities with free parking. I will save you money!



Attractive modern office space. 2 suites available. Suite A-4 offices, plus restroom and storage includes utilities, 700 sq. ft. $650/month Suite B-2, large offices, 2 average size offices, plus restroom and storage plus utilities, 1,160 sq. ft. $1000/month Call Charlie 570-829-6200

Immaculate 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath in country setting. washer/dryer hookup off kitchen. plenty of storage. 1 year lease. No pets allowed. Credit check required. $695/month. Call Christine Romani 570-696-0840

LEWITH & FREEMAN 570-696-3801


3 bedroom, 1 bath, half double, $700 plus utilities, sewer included. No pets.1st months, last months + deposit. Call 570-443-0770


Sprague Ave. 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 1st floor duplex, New w/w carpeting & hardwood floors. Convenient to Wyoming Ave. Washer/dryer hookup, basement storage. Reduced! $540/month + utilities, security, lease. NO PETS. 570-793-6294


Large 3 bedroom half double. Front porch, lovely rear yard, off street parking. Newly renovated. New kitchen, bathroom & appliances including washer/dryer. Clean attic and basement for storage or workshop. $750 + utilities Call 570-881-0320



1188 Wyoming Ave Forty Fort, PA This unique 2,800 Sq Ft. interior (Circa 1879), Features 10’ Ceilings, Distinctive chandeliers, Two fireplaces. French door entrances. Large parking lot. Handicap accessible. Central a/c, Hardwood floors. Signage is perfectly positioned on the 179’ frontage. Over 15,000 vehicles pass daily. Call


Elizabeth Street 1 bedroom half double with large rooms. Neutral decor. Ample closets. Screened in porch & private yard. $350 + utilities security & lease. NO PETS. Call 570-793-6294 PLAINS 72 Cleveland Street 2 bedroom home, large Living room and kitchen. Washer /dryer hookups, with yard, electric heat $525 + utilities. Call Louise Gresh 570-233-8252 CENTURY 21 SELECT GROUP 570-455-8521



TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012

Half Doubles


Spacious 3 bedroom, 1 bath with Victorian charm with hardwood floors, neutral decor, stained glass window, large kitchen with washer /dryer hook-up, off-street parking. $700 month + utilities, security & lease. NO PETS. 570-793-6294


Hanover Schools. 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, fenced yard, off street parking. Section 8 ok. Single car garage. $600 per month. 908-565-0840

953 Houses for Rent MOUNTAINTOP Walden Park – 4 Bedroom, 3 bath home. 1 year lease required. Tenant pays utilities. Pets negotiable. $1,500/month. Call Rick @ 570474-6307 or 570-715-7735

HANOVER TWP. 2nd floor apartment with 2 bedrooms, gas heat, walk up attic, hardwood floors and AC wall units. Credit check required. No pets. $600/month + utilities. Call Nicole @ 570-474-6307 or 570-715-7757


Smith Hourigan Group 570-474-6307



953 Houses for Rent

BACK MOUNTAIN Residential neighborhood, single family Cape Cod with attached 1 car garage. Covered front porch and open rear deck. Living room, kitchen/dinette. 1 large bedroom, bath, and den with washer/dryer on 1st floor. 2nd floor, large bedroom and bath, and small bedroom/office and attic storage. $850/ month includes trash & sewer. Tenant pays utilities. 1st month and security deposit required. Call 570-696-1821 & leave message.

Sell your own home! Place an ad HERE 570-829-7130 DALLAS 166 davenport St,. TOWNHOUSE 2 years old. 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, central air, hardwood floors, 1st floor laundry room. $1600 month + utilities, Call Geri 570-696-0888

Harveys Lake

Recently updated house, 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, washer/dryer hook-up, large living/family room, 1200/month + utilities and $1200 security deposit. Call Nancy @ 570-639-5688


392 Bennett St.


Gas heat. Washer /dryer hookup, dishwasher, stove & refrigerator. Fenced in yard, partially new carpet. Offstreet parking, yard. $700 + utilities. Available August 1st. (570) 288-3438 MOUNTAINTOP 1900+ square feet. Raised ranch with 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, open kitchen/dining room, 3 season porch, 2 gas Fireplaces, fenced yard & 2 car built in garage. Near Fairview Elementary. No cats. Credit check required. $1,350/month + utilities. Call Debbie Reed @ 570-474-6307 or 570-715-7746


971 Vacation & Resort Properties


BRANT BEACH, LBI, NEW JERSEY 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, sleeps 10. 1 block to the beach 1/2 block to the bay. Front porch, rear deck, all the conveniences of home. Many weeks still available. $1,000 to $1,950. Call Darren Snyder 570-696-2010

Professional Services Directory


76 N. Empire St. 3 bedrooms, offstreet parking, pets ok. Section 8 Approved. $550/ month + security. 570-793-0028

Academy Street Well maintained in move-in condition. 6 room house with 3 bedrooms & 1 1/2 baths. Gas forced air heat. No pets. 1 year lease. Credit check.$625 + utilities & security. Call 908-510-3879


6 room house for rent call for details. (570)735-2236


3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, & big yard. $950/ month + security & 1st month, No pets. Ask for Bob or Jean 570-477-3599

PITTSTON Newly remodeled,

5 rooms, 2 bedrooms, patio, enclosed porch, wall to wall carpeting. Off-street parking, no pets or smoking. $700/ month + utilities & security. 570-237-5216

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1 bedroom single home, out of flood zone. Partially furnished. For details, Call 570-542-4187


Rent to own, 3 bedrooms incl. all appliances, 1.5 baths. Full basement, gas heat, large yard, good neighborhood. No pets/smoking. $900/month + 1st and last, Call for purchase details. references. 570-283-1017


Safe Neighborhood One 3 Bedroom $625 One 2 bedroom $600 Plus all utilities, security & background check. No pets. 570-766-1881


Single family, 3 bedroom, washer/dryer hookup. Fenced in yard. $800 + utilities & security. 570-814-7562

956 Miscellaneous Visiting in Oct and NEED furnished place for month. Dallas. Lehman. Harvey’s Lake area call 760.433.3561


1006 Marilyn K. Snyder Real Estate, Inc.


STONEHURST COTTAGES Weekly & monthly rentals. Lake privileges with private beach & docks. $525-$825/week. Call Garrity Realty (570) 639-1891

LONG BEACH ISLAND,NJ 4 bedroom, 3 bath

house, completely furnished, 1 block from Ocean & 1 block from Bay. Available all weeks in August. 1500/week plus security. Call (570)675-2486

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NORTH WILDWOOD CONDO 2 bedroom, 2 bath, Oceanfront $1450/week 8/4-8/11, 8/11-8/18, & 8/18-8/25 call 607-821-9686 VACATION RENTAL Brant Beach - LBI, NJ 4 bedrooms; 2 baths, sleeps 10. 1 block to the beach, ½ block to the bay. Front porch, rear deck, all the conveniences of home. Many weeks still available. $1000$1950. Call Darren 570-825-2468

WILDWOOD CREST Ocean Front, on

the beach. 1 bedroom condo, pool. 5/04/12 - 6/22/12 $1,250/week 6/22/12 - 9/7/12 $1,550/week 570-693-3525

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$60 weekly + security & references. No drugs/alcohol. Outside smoking only. Shared kitchen / bath with two male tenants. Call 570-655-9119

Roommate Wanted


Female roommate wanted. All utilities included. $350. 570-540-0055


Appliance Service


ence fixing major appliances: Washer, Dryer, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Compactors. Most brands. Free phone advice & all work guaranteed. No service charge for visit. 570-706-6577


Building & Remodeling

1st. Quality Construction Co.

Roofing, siding, gutters, insulation, decks, additions, windows, doors, masonry & concrete. Insured & Bonded.

Senior Citizens Discount! State Lic. # PA057320

570-606-8438 ALL OLDER HOMES SPECIALIST 825-4268. Remodel / repair, Interior remodel & additions


All Types Of Work New or Remodeling Licensed & Insured Free Estimates 570-406-6044


Any and all types of remodeling from windows to design build renovations. Handyman Services also, Electric, Plumbing, Building. PA license 048740 accepts Visa & Mastercard call 570-826-0919

A-1 1 ABLE CHIMNEY Rebuild & Repair Chimneys. All types of Masonry. Liners Installed, Brick & Block, Roofs & Gutters. Licensed & Insured 570-735-2257


& Gutter Cleaning Free Estimates Insured 570-709-2479

CHIMNEY REPAIRS Parging. Stucco.

Stainless Liners. Cleanings. Custom Sheet Metal Shop. 570-383-0644 1-800-943-1515 Call Now!


ALL CHIMNEY REPAIR Chimney Cleaning, Rebuilding, Repair, Stainless Steel Lining, Parging, Stucco, Caps, Etc. Free Estimates Senior Discounts Licensed-Insured 1-888-680-7990 570-840-0873


Cleaning & Maintainence

Connie’s Cleaning 15 years experience Bonded & Insured Residential Cleaning Connie Mastruzzo Brutski - Owner 570-430-3743 Connie does the cleaning!


Dependable & professional. Flexible rates and hours. Supplies provided. References Available 357-1951, after 6pm

Northeast Janitorial Services, LLC

Commercial & Residential cleaning, FREE ESTIMATES. Call 570-237-2193

Any jobs, small or big. Call Bahram 570-855-8405




For All of Your Remodeling Needs. Will Beat Any Price 25 Yrs. Experience Ref. Ins. Free Est. 570-332-7023 Or 570-855-2506


Licensed, insured & PA registered. Kitchens, baths, vinyl siding & railings, replacement windows & doors, additions, garages, all phases of home renovations. Free Estimates 570-287-4067


Chimney Service


call 287-3331 or go to

Call 829-7130 to place an employment ad.


Northeast Janitorial Services,LLC Commercial and Residential Cleaning. FREE ESTIMATES 570-237-2193

Call the Building Industry Association for a list of qualified members




Ductless / Central Air Conditioning Free Estimates Licensed & Insured 570-332-0715


EXETER room. Furnished

Nice, clean furnished room, starting at $340. Efficiency at $450 month furnished with all utilities included. Off street parking. 570-718-0331

A/C & Refrigeration Services

Land for sale? Place an ad and SELL 570-829-7130

Residential/ Commercial Tenant move out. New construction cleanups. “Take a Rest, Call the Best” 570-332-0324


Concrete & Masonry


Brick, block, concrete, pavers. Specializing in stone. Free Estimates. Licensed & Insured. Senior Discount. Call 570-702-3225 COVERT & SONS CONCRETE CO. Give us a call, we’ll beat them all! 570-696-3488 or 570-239-2780

D. Pugh Concrete

All phases of masonry & concrete. Small jobs welcome. Senior discount. Free estimates. Licensed & Insured 288-1701/655-3505


Licensed - Insured Certified - Masonry Concrete - Roofing Quality Craftsmanship Guaranteed Unbeatable Prices Senior Citizen Discounts Free Estimates 570-574-4618 or 570-709-3577

Say it HERE in the Classifieds! 570-829-7130


Concrete & Masonry

Williams & Franks Inc

Masonry - Concrete Brick-Stonework. Chimneys-Stucco” “NO JOB TOO SMALL” “Damage repair specialist” 570-466-2916

1057Construction & Building ALR CONSTRUCTION INC. Additions, siding, windows, kitchens, bathrooms, new homes & more! A name you can trust. Guaranteed quality you can depend on! 570-606-3462 PA087364 DOUBLE D Construction Co General Contractors. We do all types of work, including concrete, stucco, sidewalks, patios, & all general construction. “We do it all” Call anytime at 570-991-7670 or 570-690-2642 and ask for Dave. FATHER & SON CONSTRUCTION Interior & Exterior Remodeling Jobs of All Sizes 570-814-4578 570-709-8826


Sales, service, installation & repair. FULLY INSURED HIC# 065008 CALL JOE 570-735-8551 Cell 606-7489


Dry Wall



Handyman Services

All Your Home Repair Needs, licensed & Insured Painting, powerwashing, carpentry & more, No Job Too Small. Free Estimates Russell’s Property Maintenance 570-406-3339


Painting, drywall, plumbing & all types of interior & exterior home repairs. 570-829-5318 VICTORY HANDYMAN SERVICE You Name It, We Can Do it. Over 30 Years Experience in General Construction Licensed & Insured 570-313-2262


Hauling & Trucking

AA1AAlways C L E Ahauling, NING

cleaning attics, cellar, garage, one piece or whole Estate, also available 10 & 20 yard dumpsters.655-0695 592-1813or287-8302 AAA CLEANING A1 GENERAL HAULING Cleaning attics, cellars, garages. Demolitions, Roofing & Tree Removal. Free Est. 779-0918 or 542-5821; 814-8299 A.S.A.P Hauling Estate Cleanouts, Attics, Cellars, Garages, we’re cheaper than dumpsters!. Free Estimates, Same Day! 570-822-4582


Hanging & Finishing Textured Ceilings Licensed & Insured Free Estimates




GRULA ELECTRIC LLC Licensed, Insured, No job too small.


SLEBODA ELECTRIC Master electrician Licensed & Insured Service Changes & Replacements. Generator Installs. 868-4469




Foundations, land clearing, driveways, storm drainage, blacktop repair, etc. Free Estimates 570-332-0077


Fencing & Decks

ACTION FENCE SUMMER SALE: Discounts on pvc & chain link fence! New & Used. Sales & Installation FREE ESTIMATES! 1-888-FENCE-80


Contracting Group. We build any type, size and design, staining & powerwashing. If the deck of your choice is not completed within 5 days, then your deck is free! 570-338-2269

1129 Gutter Repair & Cleaning


Pressure washing Insured 570-288-6794

TREE/SHRUB REMOVAL REMOVAL DEMOLITION Estate Cleanout Free Estimates 24 HOUR SERVICE SMALL AND LARGE JOBS! 570-823-1811 570-239-0484 ALWAYS READY HAULING Moving, Deliveries, Property & Estate Cleanups, Attics, Cellars, Yards, Garages, Construction Sites, Flood Damage & More. CHEAPER THAN A DUMPSTER!! SAME DAY SERVICE Free Estimates 570-301-3754 C&M Property Management Estate Cleanouts Rubbish Removal Grass Cutting Hedge Trimming Light Excavating Stone & Dirt Delivery. Tree Trimming/Removal Driveway Sealing Chris-570-574-5018 Matt-570-855-4840


garages, yards, houses, and also roof shingles. Same day service. Licensed & Insured 570-952-4860

Mike’s $5-Up

Removal of Wood, Trash and Debris. Same Day Service.

826-1883 472-4321


Hauling & Trucking


Free estimates. Clean out attics, basements, estates & more. 570-472-2392




Turning 65? Going on Medicare? Need Medicare Supplement Insurance? We also offer long/short term care coverage, life insurance, and annuities for nursing home care that pay 6.7% You have questions, we have answers! 570-580-0797


1162 Landscaping/ Garden ARE YOU TIRED OF BEING RAKED? Specializing In Trimming and Shaping of Bushes, Shrubs, Trees. Also, Bed Cleanup, Edging, Mulch and Stone. Call Joe. 570-823-8465 Meticulous and Affordable. F ree E stimates

JAY’S LAWN SERVICE Spring clean-ups,

mowing, mulching and more! Free Estimates 570-574-3406 LIVING PROOF Landscaping/Lawn Maintenance Free estimates, Reasonable rates, Senior discounts, No job to small, we do it all! 570-831-5579 O’NEIL’S Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance,Cleanups, shrub trimming, 20 years experience. Fully Insured 570-885-1918 TOUGH BRUSH & TALL GRASS Mowing, edging, mulching, shrubs & hedge shaping. Tree pruning. Garden tilling. Spring Clean Ups. Weekly & bi-weekly lawn care. Fully Insured. 20+ years experience Free Estimates 570-829-3261 TREE REMOVAL Stump grinding, Hazard tree removal, Grading, Drainage, Lot clearing, Stone/ Soil delivery. Insured. Reasonable Rates 570-574-1862



CONCRET E & MASONRY All Phases 570-283-5254


Voted #1 MasonryContractor Let A Real Mason Bid Your Project! Brick, Block, Concrete, Stone, Chimney & Stucco Repair, Retaining Walls, Patio & Pavers, Stamped & Colored Concrete, etc. Fully Insured. 570-466-0879

Wanna make your GET THE WORD OUT GET THE WORD OUT car go fast? Place with a Classified Ad. with a Classified Ad. an ad in Classified! 570-829-7130 570-829-7130 570-829-7130.

1189 Miscellaneous Service



ALL JUNK CARS & TRUCKS Highest Prices Paid!!


Painting & Wallpaper

Serra Painting Book Now For Summer & Save. All Work Guaranteed Satisfaction. 30 Yrs. Experience Powerwash & Paint Vinyl, Wood, Stucco Aluminum. Free Estimates You Can’t Lose! 570-822-3943


Paving & Excavating


288-8995 1195


BestDarnMovers Moving Helpers Call for Free Quote. We make moving easy. 570-852-9243


Painting & Wallpaper

A.B.C. Professional Painting 36 Yrs Experience We Specialize In New Construction Residential Repaints Comm./Industrial All Insurance Claims Apartments Interior/Exterior Spray,Brush, Rolls WallpaperRemoval Cabinet Refinishing Drywall/Finishing Power Washing Deck Specialist Handy Man FREE ESTIMATES

Larry Neer 570-606-9638


Aluminium Siding Refinishing Experts You Name It, We Know How to Paint It! Over 30 Years Experience 570-313-2262


Interior/Exterior. 20 years experience. Insured. Senior Discount 570-855-0387




Executive Painting & Remodeling. Paint, drywall, Drywall repair, Flood and mold damage and more. Call about our power washing specials! 15 yrs. Exp. Fully insured 570-215-0257 EXECUTIVEPAINTING.BIZ **1 Year Anniversary 10% off** JACOBOSKY PAINTING Power Washing, Quality Painting, Affordable prices, $50.00 off with this ad. Free Estimates. 570-328-5083


Int/ Ext. painting, Power washing. Professional work at affordable rates. Free estimates. 570-288-0733


Interior Exterior, Free estimates, 30 yrs experience 570-826-1719, 570-288-4311 & 570-704-8530 Say it HERE in the Classifieds! 570-829-7130

DRIVEWAYS PARKING LOTS ROADWAYS HOT TAR & CHIP SEALCOATING Licensed and Insured. Call Today For Your Free Estimate

570-474-6329 Lic.# PA021520 Mountain Top

PAVING & SEAL COATING Patching, Sealing, Residential/Comm Licensed & Insured PA013253 570-868-8375


Pressure Washing

Russells Property Maintenance Professional Powerwashing & Painting, Licensed and Insured 570-406-3339


Roofing & Siding

ABSOLUTELY FREE ESTIMATES E-STERN CO. 30 year architec tural shingles. Do Rip off & over the top. Fully Insured PA014370 570-760-7725 or 570-341-7411 EVERHART CONSTRUCTION Roofing, siding, gutters, chimney repairs & more. Free Estimates, Lowest Prices 570-855-5738

H O S CONSTRUCTION Roofing specialist, call today and save $$$ 570-574-4618

J & F CONSTRUCTION All types of roofing. Repairs & Installation 25 Years Experience Licensed/Insured Free Estimates Reliable Service 570-855-4259


570-824-6381 Roof Repairs & New Roofs. Shingle, Slate, Hot Built Up, Rubber, Gutters & Chimney Repairs. Year Round. Licensed/Insured ŠFREE EstimatesŠ *24 Hour Emergency Calls*

Jim Harden


New Roofs & Repairs, Shingles, Rubber, Slate, Gutters, Chimney Repairs. Credit Cards Accepted FREE ESTIMATES! Licensed-Insured EMERGENCIES


Construction Licensed, Insured. Everyday Low Prices. 3,000 satisfied customers. 570-735-0846


Window Service

PJ’s Window Cleaning & Janitorial Services Windows, Gutters, Carpets, Power washing and more. INSURED/BONDED. 570-283-9840

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The Wilkes-Barre Times Leader 07-10

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