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The Future of Noninvasive Medicine RECHARGING CELLULAR FUNCTION

By Nina Anderson


he Berkshires are filled with energy healers from all modalities and the people who have sought out these integrative therapies have, in most cases, received wonderful results. Technology that used to exist strictly in the realm of sci-fi movies and for astronauts is now becoming more available to everyone. One such treatment is pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMT), which utilizes pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF), developed by NASA in the late 1960s to help astronauts stay alive while in orbit and away from the earth’s magnetic field. PEMT therapy has developed from many years of worldwide research by reputable scientists and has been utilized by thousands of doctors, chiropractors, and trained therapists. PEMT is designed to strengthen the health of the body’s cells by utilizing pulsed magnetic waves, allowing your cells to absorb more oxygen and nutrients, store more energy, detoxify all your systems, target specific maladies, reduce pain, and facilitate the healing process. The therapy increases energy levels in the cells, causing greater activity and increased ability to heal or fight bacteria and other pathogens. PEMT has been used to help manage pain and to enhance treatment for hard-to-treat illnesses like fibromyalgia, Lyme, arthritis, and many other conditions. Because our cells and organs are electrical by nature, there is validity in treating the body as an electric being with each cell being described as an energy producer – as if it were a little battery. And just as when a regular battery runs down, your cells can become tired and worn down from lack of proper nutrients, Wi-Fi and dirty electric exposure (harmful frequencies), age, stress, overuse, or damage, making it more difficult for them to fight off any type of potentially damaging force or illness. Through PEMT therapy (beneficial frequencies), your batteries (i.e., your cells) essentially become recharged. This makes it easier for your body to restore its health naturally, simply by using the electrical currents and impulses that are already interacting within and throughout your cells. In essence, PEMT is like a battery recharger for your depleted cells. For those who regularly walk around barefoot outside, the 26

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electromagnetic fields created by the earth recharges them. But for the majority of the time shoes are the norm, preventing our bodies from receiving these important health-promoting frequencies. The good news is that for the last century there have been great strides in the creation of machines that can replicate our earth’s generating fields to help provide us with the frequencies necessary to charge up our cells. When utilizing low-frequency electromagnetic fields generated from a device, even the weakest frequencies pass right through the body in a safe manner, penetrating every cell, tissue, organ, and even bone, but many biological interactions do occur at the cellular level. As electrical and chemical processes in the tissues are stimulated, cell metabolism, regeneration, and tissue repair is improved. It is understood that when such an instrument is running on any frequency, the body takes on an electrostatic charge. This process raises the electrical voltage of the cells, which excites the cells in the body and enables them to communicate with each other more effectively (unlike Wi-Fi exposure, which confuses and disrupts cellular communication). The enhanced communication made possible by PEMT assists the body in becoming more balanced – working towards homeostasis. Based on the premise that all living matter (including pathogens) vibrate to a specific frequency, it has been discovered that when you match that same frequency with a PEMF device the life force of the pathogen is immobilized or devitalized over time. The receiving subject may then experience a temporary herx or detox, but ultimately the immune system becomes healthier, the nervous system relaxes, and the bones and joints become stronger. Targeted pulsed electromagnetic therapy addresses dysfunction, and on a grander scale helps the body reset its cellular energy and function. ~ Nina Anderson, author of 18 books on natural health, is an NLP practitioner, Reiki II, and uses PEMT therapy with a PEMF device with clients. www.nlpberkshires.com/pemf

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