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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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Family Features


ost a holiday party that’s simple and festive with a combination of pre-made and homemade delights. For starters, a cookie pan does double duty for holiday-shaped homemade Crispy Cheese Crackers. Serve these aromatic rosemary treats, made into Christmas trees, snowmen and stockings, alongside a colorful assortment of fresh vegetables and made-from-scratch fireroasted jalapeño dip. “Guests will think you spent hours baking in the kitchen when you wow them with a seasonal selection of hand-decorated gingerbreads,” says Nancy Siler, vice president of consumer affairs at Wilton. Easy to assemble with all the trimmings included, there’s a ready-to-decorate gingerbread kit to fit any yuletide gathering. Complete with pre-baked ginger­bread, each kit contains Holiday House Treat, Eggnog Hot Chocolate, Salted Caramel Bacon Cordial Cups, Fire Roasted Jalapeño Onion Dip, Crispy Cheese Crackers ➤ Recipes on Page 4

Spruce Up Your Home for the Holidays

Seven Steps to Getting Your Car Ready for Winter BRANDPOINT

Winter has a tendency to sneak up on all of us. But where you can simply dig the winter coat out of the closet when the first cold snap rolls through, preparing your car for winter takes a little more foresight. Luckily, getting your car ready for the winter is not an intensive process and you'll save yourself a lot of stress by taking a little time to prepare. By checking off these seven items as you set up for cold-weather driving, you'll help ensure there aren't any surprises when the temperatures drop. Check fluids. Most importantly check your coolant to make sure you have enough, as you'll be left without heat if you don't. Consult your owner's manual to find the correct blend if you need to add more. It's never a bad idea to keep extra coolant in your trunk in case of emergency. While you're at it, check to make sure your brake fluid, oil and transmission fluid are also at the proper levels. Wash and wax your car at a professional car wash. It may seem counterintuitive to get your car nice and shiny for what's often the sloppiest season, but a thorough wash can remove harmful compounds that may cause damage when mixed with sand and road salt. Experts from the International Carwash Association also

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recommend a coat of wax for an extra layer of protection from the elements. Professional car washes can also save up to 20 percent of the amount of water you'd use by washing your car at home. They do this by treating and reusing their water, rather than releasing toxic chemicals and grime into the storm drains, which can often occur with pavement washing. Check your tires. Checking to make sure your tires aren't worn and are properly inflated is especially important before winter sets in. Cold air can cause your tires to lose pressure, so be sure to check again once the temperature drops - the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle can be found on the inside of your driver's side door. Cracking, presence of wear bars and shallow treads are all indicators that you may need to replace your tires. Check your wipers. When sloppy weather hits, you'll want to make sure you have a reservoir full of wiper fluid. Checking your wiper blades for wear and replacing them if needed can prevent huge visibility headaches once snow and sleet arrive. Test your battery. The next time you have the car in for an oil change, ask the mechanic to test your battery to make sure it can provide enough


Instead of just fresh flowers in a vase, use small branches or twigs and decorate with items that tie into the season, like acorns and leaves or candy canes and small ornaments. BRANDPOINT

Looking for simple and quick ways to spruce up your home for the holiday season? Get your home looking its best before the guests arrive with some easy home improvement projects and seasonal inspirations. By making a few simple updates and adding new design pieces to your home, you can deter some of those winter blues while preparing for more time spent indoors. Add a splash of new color Painting is the easiest way to make a dramatic and instant impact on a room. With guests arriving soon, consider areas of your home that'll get the most notice, like your dining room, kitchen, guest bath, foyer and even guest bedrooms. If you're interested in a quick project, consider painting one wall of a room as an accent wall. You'll create a new focal point for the room that can be easily achieved by going a shade darker, brighter or complementing the existing wall color. Decorate cheerfully To quickly accent neutral- or solid-

colored furniture, add colorful, patterned throws and pillows. The additional throws will provide warmth on extra chilly days and bright pillows will increase the personality of any room. Add festive, seasonal table runners, cloth napkins and placemats to dining and other tables for additional seasonal cheer. Instead of just fresh flowers in a vase, use small branches or twigs and decorate with items that tie into the season, like acorns and leaves or candy canes and small ornaments. Use branches of varying heights and fullness to give the vase a balanced appearance. Another festive twist is to glue various sized pinecones onto the branches. Consider painting the branches silver or gold for a timeless and elegant appeal. Brighten up The winter months mean shorter days; consider updating your current light fixtures or bulbs to brighter ones to increase the lighting in your home — both inside and out. Adding ambient, candlelight will also make your home feel cozier for guests, helping them

to relax and unwind after a long day. Candles don't have to be limited to sitting on table tops or in hurricanes — install wall sconces and decorative wall art pieces containing tea light candles for additional style. For added safety and mobility, choose battery-operated lighting options for homes with children and pets. These not only work great during power-failures and storms, but also illuminate dark areas such as closets that may not have electrical lines for installation. Complete it If you're like many people and have a lingering project or two that still needs to be completed, give yourself a deadline and stick to it. If you realize the project is too much work or you're in over your head, consider asking for help from a friend or family member or hiring a professional to complete it before guests arrive. By taking the proper steps to prep your home for the holidays, you'll find more time to enjoy yourself, your guests and your home this season.

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Make A Difference

Without Donating Money

1. Raised on a farm, pl.


Historic Downtown Newnan December 7 4:00-9:00 p.m. Featuring eight homes throughout three Historic Districts – College-Temple, GreenvilleLaGrange and Cole Town. Refreshments at the Major Long House. Tickets $15 in advance, $20 on evening of tour at featured homes. Info: 770-400-2380

3rd Annual CEC VEX Robotics Competition

Central Education Center December 8 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. More than 26 leading middle and high school VEX Robotics students and mentors from around Georgia will unite to compete in various robot challenges in order to qualify for the World Championship. Info: 678-423-2000 x232 or


The Centre for Performing and Visual Arts December 8 at 7:30 p.m. December 9 at 3:00 p.m. The Nutcracker Ballet is based on the book called "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King" written by E.T.A. Hoffman. It has become an annual Holiday tradition. Info: 770-254-2787 Tickets: 678-967-5272

Senior citizens christmas luncheon

6. Former refrigerant 9. Red ____ 13. Dickens' _____ Heep 14. Uncle Sam wanted this 15. Needed for service 16. Laundromat setting 17. Interest rate 18. _____ order of classical architecture 19. *Famous cosmonaut 21. *Space filler 23. Jack-in-the-Box restraint 24. Watered down 25. Columbus Day mo. 28. Drop a line 30. More hokey 35. *Moon of Saturn 37. "Frat Pack" member 39. Burn slightly 40. Charlie "____" Parker 32. Absurd DOWN 33. Prod or incite 41. Wall painting 1. Town 34. He _____ in peace 43. First stop on the way to riches? 2. Diva's solo 36. Port in Yemen 44. A picture within a picture 3. *Saturn's environs, sing. 38. *Rover launcher 46. Phoenix neighbor 4. Like sound of pinched nose 42. Gate holder 47. SheepshankU.or e.g. de paletilla5.deMohammed's S.D.Abowline, . selecto de asado res sin hueso descendant 45. Sound quality 6. Greenish blue 48. Tapeworm 49. Be indisposed 7. Dandy 50. Solemn promise 51. Of Lords and of Commons 8. Grading arch 52. Lt.'s subordinate 54. Bring back 9. Holier than who? 53. Irk 56. Turning token taker 10. Hokkaido native 55. Trigonometry abbr. 57. Add to payroll 11. It often precedes "proper" 57. *Atlantis' deposit 58. U in "Law & Order: SVU" 12. And so on 60. *It was recently retired 59. Low pitch 15. Pervertedly insane ones 64. Iraqi money 60. "Mr. Roboto" band 20. "Kick the bucket," e.g. 65. Make lacework by knotting 61. Links hazard 22. Ooh and ___ 67. Traffic stopper 62. Fast time 24. Of which 68. Greet the day 63. Means justifiers 25. *Outer space path 69. "___, the Beloved Country" 26. *Third country to independently 64. Pat 66. ___ you sure? 70. Serengeti grazer send person to space 71. "AllU.S.D.A. ___ are Select off!" Beef 27. To the point 72. Witch's work Any Size Package 29. Swim, swam, ____ Solution on Page 4 © StatePoint Media 73. Clans or tribes 31. *USS Enterprise Captain

U.S.D.A. Select Boneless

Beef Shoulder

hough charities and nonprofit organizations will always rely on the financial generosity of donors, you can donate without writing a check. The following are a few of the many ways to make a difference even if money is tight.


96 $ Roast Steaks 3

Beef Shoulder Boneless Sirloin

Fresh Ground




rely on pet fosters to care for these animals until they find permanent homes. Becoming a pet foster is a great way to help within your community.

Fryer Breast


z Donate your time. Volunteering is another great way to make z Donate blood. Donating blood a difference without donating is a great way to make a differ- money. By donating time, people ence in the lives of others. Blood are helping an organization keep donors must be healthy, be at least its operating budget down so more 17 years old (some states allow of its resources can be used toward 16-year-olds to donate blood misPechugawith de pollo defulfilling freír sin piel sinthehuesoorganization's fresco parental consent) and weigh at sion statement. Charities always least 110 lbs. There may be addi- need volunteers, and many orgational requirements, and the staff nizations will even ask volunteers will discuss prospective donors' about their professions to deterhealth with them prior to draw- mine if professional skills can be ing any blood. The advantage is put to use. that donors can often do so several z Clean out your closets. One times a year. of the easiest ways to make a difz Foster a pet. The economy and ference is to clean out your closhousing market have been tough ets and donate clothing and other on families, and many have been items to local charities. Anything forced to give up their pets when from old neckties to appliances relocating to a smaller home. As can be donated, and a person a result, animal shelters and non- might even be able to reduce their profit rescue organizations have annual tax bill when making cerU.S.D.A. Select Beefpets tain donations. Even items like an been overwhelmed with whose families could no longer electric drill or a microwave can keep them. Such organizations make valuable donations.


U.S.D.A. Select Boneless

Claxton Fresh



U.S.D.A. selecto de bistec de solomillo sin hueso

Coweta County Fairgrounds Exhibit Building December 11 and 12 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Join other local seniors in celebration at this annual community Christmas luncheon. Info: 770-254-2620

Boneless, Skinless


Boneless, Skinless



Claxton Fresh Bone-In Chuck

33 $ Fryer Breast Roast lb.



QUALITY U.S.D.A. selecto de rosbif de diezmillo con hueso

Carne de res molida fresca de paquete de cualquier tamaño

* OUR COST PLUS 10% ADDED AT REGISTER! * *Our cost includes lb. freight, stocking fees, and associated expenses.


U.S.Please D.A. selecto de asadovisit de paletillaour de res sinwebsite: hueso! lb.

Pechuga de pollo de freír sin piel sin hueso fresco

We Have Fruitcake Materials For The Holidays!


Historic Downtown Senoia December 9 5:00-8:00 p.m. Tour will take visitors through historic Senoia United Methodist Church and six historic Senoia homes beautifully decorated for Christmas. The Chancel Choir will present miniconcerts at 5:15 and 7:30 p.m., which are open to the public at no charge. Tickets $12 in advance, or $15 the evening of the tour at the Senoia Welcome Center. Info: 770-583-2576

Weather Connection DEC. 6-9


55 $ Hams 1 96 $ Steaks 3 We Have Fruitcake Materials For U.S.D.A. The Holidays! Select Beef

Fuji Aples

U.S.D.A. Select Beef


Bone-In Chuck

Any Size Package

bag U.S.D.A. inspeccionado de chuletas de lomo de cerdo corte de centroea. fresco sin hueso

Fresh Ground




Ct. Fresh Large Sirloin64Tip American Lamb Fresh Ground Navel Oranges 4 lb. Fresh Florida



Fuji Aples

Tilapia Fish


Beef Roast Loin Chops Chitterlings Spinach SpringFillets Mix Mini Carrots 98 ¢ 2 68 $ 95 $ 66$2$3884 $1 92 $ 28 88

Chuck $





15.25 oz. Box,oz.Select Varieties oz. Box, 15.25 Select Varieties Carne15.25 diezmillo Box, molida fresca deSelect paquete deVarieties cualquier tamaño


Chuletas de lomo de cordero americano fresco

Quaker Quaker Quaker



lb. 12 oz. Pkg., Select 12Pkg., oz.Varieties Pkg., Varieties 12 oz. SelectSelect Varieties

U.S.D.A. selecto de asado de punta de aguayon sin hueso

Pillsbury Pillsbury Pillsbury


Ready Pac, 6 oz.


lb. 12 oz. Box, Select 12Box, oz.Varieties Box, Varieties 12 oz. SelectSelect Varieties

Green Giant, 1 lb. Fresh




6 oz.Bread, Corn Bread, or Turkey 6 oz. Corn ChickenChicken or Turkey Filete de pescado tilapia congelado fresco, 2 libras

Jumbo Meat Mini Carrots ........

5¢ 55 ¢

O Cr

Essential Everyday Essential Everyday

99 Franks 95 64 85 ¢ $ 42 $ 40 ¢ ¢ ¢ $ 42 $ 40 ¢ ¢ ¢ $ 42 $ 40 38 $ 28 $ 58 $ 58 $ 98 89 69 2 1 2 89 2 69 2

Sausage $ ....


Stuffing Coffee Coffee Stuffing Coffee

Bar-S 16 oz. Green Giant, 1 lb. Fresh

Esse Essenti


oz. Regular 10 oz. 10 Regular or 10.5oroz.10.5 Minioz. Mini Intestinos pequeños de cerdo congelado fresco, 10 libras

Gevalia Essential Everyday Gevalia Essential Everyday Gevalia

Instant Grits Instant Grits Instant Grits

Ready Pac, 6 oz.

Spinach Spring Mix John Morrell


64 Ct. Fresh Large

U.S.D.A. Select Boneless Superior Farms Fresh Any Size Package Frozen 10 Lb. Fresh Frozen Carne de res molida fresca de paquete de cualquier tamaño 2 Lb. Bag Fresh U.S.D.A. selecto de bistec de solomillo sin hueso U.S.D.A. selecto de rosbif de diezmillo con hueso

9 oz.


Center Cut Loin Pork Navel Oranges 4 lb. Fresh Florida


Boneless Sirloin

Mitad de Jamón rebanado espiral cocinado completo

94 94 ¢111 94


95 $ $298 Chops 68 2 ¢ $245 Roast $333

John Morrell Spiral Sliced

Cake Mix Cake Mix Cake Mix


Fresh Boneless U.S.D.A. Inspected

Fully Cooked

Marshmallows Marshmallows All Meat ¢Italiano Pink Grapefruit¢ .... FreshBologna Boneless

Oscar Mayer 2 oz. Ham or Turkey Ready Pac 10 oz. Little Oscars

Oscar Mayer 12 oz.

Ready Pac 10 oz.

Bella Romaine Meats .........

5 lb. Fresh

55 $ 95 94 78 99 83 $ Hams 1 Chops 2 1 1 2 22 ¢ ¢ $ 38$ 83 ¢ $ 72 $258 $2 ¢ $268 5898 98 99 1 4 1 1 1 58 48 68 $$$ 37 68 37 1 11 2 22 37 1 1 1 ¢ ¢ 82 82 Beef Roast Loin Chops 79 Chuck 79 2 22 Fillets Chitterlings 6 Salchicha, 9 onzas Fully Cooked

MANUFACTURER COUPON COUPON VALID 12/03/12–12/09/12 Salchichas de carne enorme, 16 onzas Jamón o Pavo, 2 onzas MANUFACTURER COUPON VALID 12/03/12–12/09/12 MANUFACTURER VALID 12/03/12–12/09/12 alteration, transfer or sale of this coupon Reproduction, alteration, transfer sale ofc this coupon transfer or sale or of or thisitscoupon or its c or its c is prohibitedalteration, is is a criminal offense bag Reproduction,Reproduction, prohibited is a criminal isand prohibited and is aand criminal offenseoffense bag Armour 2.4 oz. 16 oz. Jumbo Or Bun Length


John Morrell Nestlé Nestlé Spiral$Sliced Nestlé $22 Pizzas Baking ChipsChips ............ Baking Chips ..... Baking .....2 2$22222 5.75 oz. Single


Mama Rosa's




lb. Ready Pac 10 oz.

$ 2121 $21 Bella Romaine Cooking Spray .... $........ Cooking Spray Cooking Spray

$ $ .00 $ .00 .00 Eckrich SAVE 1 SAVE 1 SAVE $ 1 $ Flavorite $ SAVE 1 11 Flavorite SAVE SAVE when you buy anyyou ONE when buy any ONE when you buy any(1) ONE (1) (1) when you(12 buy any ONE (1) when you buyONE anybag) ONE oz. bag) GEVALIA Coffee when you buy any (1) (1) (12 oz. GEVALIA Coffee (12 bag) GEVALIA Coffee (12 oz.oz. bag) GEVALIA Coffee GEVALIA Coffee (12 oz. bag) GEVALIA Coffee (12 oz. bag)

RETAILER: Mail to:Inc., Kraft Foods Group, Inc., RETAILER: Mail to: KraftRETAILER: Foods Group, RETAILER: to:Inc., Kraft Foods MailEl to: Kraft Foods Group, RETAILER: Mail to:Inc., KraftMail Foods Group, Inc., Group, Inc., P.O. 880055, Paso, TX.Group, 88588-0055. RETAILER: MailBox to: Kraft Foods P.O. Box 880055, El Paso, TX. 88588-0055. P.O. Box 880055, El Paso,P.O. TX. 88588-0055. Box 880055, El Paso, TX. 88588-0055. Cash value 1/100¢. 2012 Kraft Foods Box 880055, ElP.O. Paso, TX. P.O. Box 880055, ElFoods Paso,©TX. Cash88588-0055. value 1/100¢. 2012 Kraft Foods Cash88588-0055. value 1/100¢. © 2012 Kraft©Foods Cash value 1/100¢. © 2012 Kraft Cash value 1/100¢. 2012 Kraft Foods VOID IF COPIED, TRANSFERRED, PURCHASED Cash value 1/100¢. © 2012 © Kraft Foods VOID IF COPIED, TRANSFERRED, PURCHASED

5VOIDlb. Fresh Lb. Bag Buttermilk or Self-Rising White Lb.5 Bag Buttermilk or Self-Rising IF TRANSFERRED, COPIED, TRANSFERRED, PURCHASED VOID IF COPIED, PURCHASED 12 oz. PotatoMitad SaladdeOr Colerebanado Slaw espiral cocinado5 completo Carolina Pride 12 oz. ORWhite SOLD. ONE COUPON PER 00ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE. $PURCHASE. Jamón SOLD. OR SOLD.OR ONE 1COUPON /1PER $PURCHASE. 00 $ 00

Mrs. Kinser's

7.5 oz. 7.5 oz.

oz.tamaño Cheese, Butter oroOriginal 12 oz.12de Cheese, Butter or Original Cajas de bocado de almuerzo refrigerantes, 2.4 onzas Salchichas de carne de bollo enorme, 16onzas

5 Lb. Bag Buttermilk or Self-Rising White



alteration, or sale of this or its contents transfer ortransfer sale of this coupon orcoupon its contents is Reproduction, prohibitedReproduction, andalteration, is a criminal is offense prohibited and is aoffense criminal offense is prohibited and is a criminal

.00 .00.00


Pizza sola de 5.75 onzas

5 oz., Select Varieties 5 oz., Select Varieties 5 oz., Select Varieties PamPam PamReady Pac 10 oz.

CenterKunzler Cut ¢ 2/ ¢¢ Pork Muffin ...Loin 88 CornCorn Muffin Mix Mix...2/ 88 Franks ........ Bologna .... bag Sliced 12 oz. Thick

MANUFACTURER COUPON VALID 12/03/12–12/09/12VALIDRV0100 MANUFACTURER 12/03/12–12/09/12 MANUFACTURER COUPONCOUPON VALID 12/03/12–12/09/12 RV0100 RV0100 Reproduction, alteration, transfer or sale of this coupon or its contents


10-12 10-12 oz.,10-12 Select Varieties Select Varieties oz.,oz., Select Varieties

Boloña de toda carne, 12 onzas U.S.D.A. Inspected


Aunt Jemima 1 /11 /1 Aunt Jemima 00Pink Grapefruit Aunt Jemima Italiano .


Essential Essential Eve

Brown Brown GravG 1.25 1.25 oz. oz.

59 de chuletas $U.S.D.A.$inspeccionado 59 Tennessee Pride14de 2.5 lb. Seas 14Jellied oz. or Whole .............. ChiliChili Seasoni lomo de Jellied cerdo corte de centro fresco sin hueso oz. or Whole Bell Peppers Essential Everyday Essential Cucumbers Everyday lb. Fresh Large

Tennessee Pride 16 oz.Grits Instant Grits Instant

Snap Beans

.87 oz. .87 oz.

Boloña de carne rebanado grueso, 12 onzas

Essential EverydayFresh Extra Large Essential Fresh Green Everyday

Essential Essential Eve

Sausage Corn Meal Essential Everyday Essential Essential Everyday Essential Eve $ 79 Mars $ 79 Bakers Mars Mars Cranberry Sauce Bakers 3rd Foods Bakers U.S.D.A. Select Boneless Superior Farms Fresh Cranberry Sauce “But thanks be to God, whichGerber Gerber Foods Gerber 3rd3rd Foods Salads ......... Or Weiners Sausage ..... Patties ......... Any Size Package Quick Oats Oatmeal Almond Quick Oats Oatmeal Almond Bar ¢ 2 Lb. Bag Fresh Frozen 10 Lb. Fresh Frozen ¢ ¢ Packaged Candy lb. ea. ea. bag bag Packaged Candy o suave, 16 onzass bag Packaged Candy Coconut Coconut giveth us the victory through ourBabyBaby Food ......... Ensalada de papa o col, 12 onzas Salchichas de carne o boloña de carne, 12 onzas Salchicha picante Tortas de salchicha, 2.5 libras Baby Food ......... Food ......... Sirloin Tip Coconut Fresh Ground $ $American 58 Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my $Lamb 56 $ 58 58$ $56 Tilapia Fish Pork Shoppers 56 Essential Everyday Shopper Essential Everyday V ¢ ¢ beloved brethren, be ye steadfast,Gerber 2nd Foods Worcestershire Sauce . Gerber Foods Tea Bags Gerber 2nd2nd Foods Worcestershire Sauce . Tea Bags . $... ...$18 DoveDove M&MM&M Mars $ 1818 Dove 99 $ M&M Mars Mars unmoveable, always abounding inYogurt Yogurt or Fruit ... or Fruit Yogurt or Fruit Coca-Cola . . . . Promises Miniatures Promises Promises Miniatures Miniatures the work of the Lord, forasmuch as Essential Everyday $ 17 Essential Essential Everyday Essential Eve $ 72 $ 89 ye know that your labour is not in $...117 $ 72 $2 89 $22 72 2$2 89 33 $ 2 Cocktail Sauce 1 Betty Crocker Gelatin Cocktail Sauce ... Betty Crocker Gelatin .... Betty Crocker vain in the Lord.” $........ Coca-Cola . . Tomatoes .. 1 $1 $74 7474 Slicing Tomatoes Peppers Bell Peppers Mix Snap ........ 1 Cucumbers Cookie MixBeans Cookie Mix ........ 1 I Corinthians 15: 57-58Cookie Quaker Crystal Shoppers Value Crystal Quaker Crystal Quaker Essential Shoppers Value Essential Eve God is good, all the time! Hot Sauce lb. lb. 3/$ $ 11 Oats Hot Sauce 3/$ Hot Sauce Oats lb. Oats ¢ ea. $ 18 JuicyJuicy Hot Sauce.......... .......... 1 America Must Stand with Israel! BettyBetty ¢ $ Graham Juicy Hot Sauce 1 ¢ Drinks . . . . . . . . 1 ea. Graham Pie Crocker ¢ Betty Crocker38 Crocker $lb. $2$69 2/90 ¢ ¢ ¢lb. lb. $2 $2 lb. $07 0707 Juice 69 2/2/ ea. ea.69 The W. Reece Payton Co., Inc. Brownie Mix Mix ....... ....... 2 90 Brownie Mix ....... 2 90 Brownie 2 Juice Juice $ 83 Essential Everyday Essential Everyday 770-301-7012 Energy Drinks 4 Self-Rising Self-Rising Essential Eve Baking Bars Essential Everyda Cereal Baking Bars Cereal Baking Bars Cereal John Morrell Jumbo Meat Little Oscars All Meat Essential Everyday ¢ Essential Everyday ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ Corn Meal Corn .Meal Coca-Cola . . . . 97 FlourFlour Green Yellow $ $$16 $ $$72 Saltines 16 72 $ 37 Saltines 16 Sausage ....72 Franks........ Meats ......... Bologna .... $ 37 $ 37 Cereal ........ 333 Cereal ........ Cereal ........ Cabbage...... lb. Squash.....Tomatoeslb. Sports Drink. . 65¢ $ $ 49 4 Slicing Tomatoes Peppers 6 oz. Jar, Select Varieties 6 oz. Select Varieties 6 oz. Jar, Jar, Select Varieties

Meat Bologna oz.42 oz. Corn Meal Corn Meal$1 /1$1 $1/114 oz./1 Angel Flake Hot Or42Mild






9.9-12.6 Pkg., Select Varieties 9.9-12.6 oz. Pkg., Varieties 9.9-12.6 oz. Pkg., SelectSelect Varieties 14 oz. Angel Flake oz. 14 oz. Angel Flake

oz. Choc 24 oz.24Chocolate

10 oz.10 oz.

4 Pk., 144 oz. Select Pk.,oz. 14Pkg., oz.Varieties Pkg., Varieties Pk.,4Pkg., 14 SelectSelect Varieties

100Family Ct. Fam 100 Ct. Si

$292 $395 $1066 $484 $688 98 8.5Varieties oz. With Almond Darkoz.Almond orWith MilkAlmond Chocolate 10.5-11.5 10.5-11.5 oz., Select Varieties Milk Chocolate 8.5 oz. 8.5 With Dark orDark MilkorChocolate 10.5-11.5 oz., Select oz., Select Varieties

20 Pk. Cans, All Brands

12 oz.12 oz.

14-17.5 oz., Select Varieties 14-17.5 Select Varieties 14-17.5 oz.,oz., Select Varieties Fresh Green

Fresh Extra Large


15.3-19.5 oz., Select Varieties 15.3-19.5 Select Varieties 15.3-19.5 oz.,oz., Select Varieties Carne diezmillo molida fresca de paquete de cualquier tamaño


Chex Chex Chex

Fresh #1

Roma16 onzas Salchichas deFresh carne enorme,

Fresh Tomatillo Salchicha, 9 onzas Fresh Large



(certain restrictions apply)


90 Millard Farmer Ind. Blvd. Newnan, GA

Chuletas de lomo de cordero americano fresco

6 oz.6 oz.

2 Liter Fanta Flavors, Mello-Yello, Mr. Pibb, Barq's Root Beer, Seagram's Or Minute Maid

Filete de pescado tilapia congelado fresco, 2 libras

Intestinos pequeños de cerdo congelado fresco, 10 libras

5Original Lb. Original or White 5 Lb. or White Monster 4 pk., 16 oz. Cans Asst.

19.5 oz. Special K Granola oz. Honey, Raisin Bran Crunch, 19.5 oz. Special K 18.2 Granola 18.2Raisin oz. Raisin Bran Crunch, 19.5 oz. Special KHoney, Granola Honey, 18.2 oz. Crunch, P loz. aoz.sBran eK Blueberry, vK iBlueberry, sit our website @! 12.5 oz. Special K Cinnamon Pecan, 11.4Pecan, oz. Special KeBlueberry, 12.5 oz. Special K Cinnamon Pecan, 11.4 Special 12.5 oz. Special K Cinnamon 11.4 Special Oscar Mayer 2K Chocolate oz. Ham or Turkey oz. 5 Lb. or Self-Ris New12 Location! New Location! New Location! Oscar Mayer 13.6 oz. Special K Oats & Honey, 13.4 oz. Special K Chocolate 5 Lb. Plain or Plain Self-Rising 13.6Special oz. Special &ACWORTH Honey, 13.4AUSTELL oz. Special 13.6 oz. K OatsK&Oats Honey, 13.4 oz. Special K Chocolate CARROLLTON CARROLLTON CONYERS COVINGTON DALLAS DOUGLASVILLE DOUGLASVILLE FAIRBURN FAYETTEVILLE FOREST PARK FORT VALLEY AUSTELL Piece, 12.8Piece, oz. Special K Fruit Yogurt, oz. Special KWest 5530 1355 510 Valley Center 16 2300 80 200 792 3030 Piece, 12.8 oz.&Special &A Yogurt, 12.4 oz.oz. Special K 1004 6169 3696 Bottles, 180 6525 Hiram 1.25 Liter All Brands 12.8 oz. Special K FruitK12.4 &Fruit Yogurt, 12.4East oz. Special K 16 oz. 2985 Bells Ferry 12 Rd. oz. Connector Hwy 341 Bankhead Hwy. Salem Rd Broad St. Banks Station Rd Morrow Rd. Bankhead Hwy Hwy 278 Hwy 5 Vanilla Almond, 11.2 oz. Special K Red Berries, Special K Maple Crossing Douglasville Hwy Villa Rica Hwy Almond, 11.2Special oz. Special Red Berries, oz. Special VanillaVanilla Almond, 11.2 oz. K RedKBerries, 12 oz.12Special K K or 12 oz. Special K12 Red oz.Berries Special Red Berries or 12 or oz. Special K RedKBerries GRIFFIN LAGRANGE MABLETON MARIETTA MARIETTA MCDONOUGH NEWNAN NORCROSS REX RIVERDALE SMYRNA STOCKBRIDGE STOCKBRIDGE STONE MTN WARNER ROBINS 5345 1201 908 681 6642 Suite B - 3205 250 562 124 4700 4701 2600 Suite 100 - 5741 2203 6459 Kellogg's Kellogg's Kellogg's Floyd Rd S. Marietta Pkwy Windy Hill W. Taylor S t. Hogansville Rd. Macon Dr Bullsboro Rd Britt Rd Hwy 42 Hwy 85 South Cobb Dr N. Henry Dr Hwy 1 38 Rockbridge Rd. Watson Blvd

Bar-S 16 oz.




6 oz.6 oz.

$ 67 $ 67 $ 67 85 222 222399 8¢ 995 8¢ $1$1232364 $$1149 49 11 Mama Rosa's Lunch Eckrich Kunzler ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ ¢ $ 18 ¢ 98 1 98 Pizzas ....... 94 Makers 78 Franks 99 Bologna 83 NEWNAN

Baker's Baker's9 oz. Baker's



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WE HAVE CREDIT CARD MACHINES 48 oz. Corn or Best Blend oz. Corn orBlend Best Blend 48 oz.48 Corn or Best 2.4 onzas Salchichas de carne de tamaño de bollo enorme, o 16onzas LOCATIONS. P l e a s AVAILABLE e v Pizza i s i t INsola oALL u r de w5.75 eWesson b sonzas iWesson t eWesson @ w w w . mCajas y f odeo bocado d d e pde o almuerzo t . c o m refrigerantes, !



SATURDAY 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM SUNDAY 9:00Boloña AM – 9:00de PMtoda carne, 12 onzas Jamón oMONDAY Pavo,THROUGH 2 onzas



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Condensed Condensed Cooking Cooking Cooking DALLAS DOUGLASVILLE DOUGLASVILLE FAIRBURN FAYETTEVILLE FOREST PARK FORT VALLEY Sweet Milk Carolina Pride 12 oz. Tennessee Pride 2.5 lb. Tennessee Pride 16 oz. Sweet Milk Oil OilOil MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 8:00 a.m. 10:00 p.m. • SUNDAY 9:00 – p.m. oz. Shells & a.m. Cheese or&9:00 Mac & Cheese 12 oz.12Shells & Cheese or Mac Cheese GRIFFIN Mrs. LAGRANGE MABLETON MARIETTA MARIETTA MCDONOUGH NEWNAN NORCROSS REXMeat RIVERDALE SMYRNA STOCKBRIDGE STOCKBRIDGE STONE MTN WARNER ROBINS Bologna Hotreserved. Or Essential Mild Sausageor pictorial errors. Essential Everyday Everyday PricesKinser's Effective December 3, 2012 Through December 9, 2012. Quantity rights Not responsible for typographical



New Location!

12 oz. Potato Salad Or ColeCARROLLTON Slaw 180

5530 A 1355 East West 1004 3030 Bells Ferry Rd. Connector Bankhead Hwy Bankhead Hwy. 1201 908 W. Taylor S t. Hogansville Rd.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012 | MyConnection 3

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Print and Digital Editions Focus on Education Outstanding Special Olympian honored — page 1D

Town Hall


Newnan, Heritage try to keep seasons alive in state playoffs - page 6A

Crane talks issues NCOM_1-10

— see page 8A


12:24 PM

Page 1

Focus on Education Outstanding Special Olympian honored — page 1D 147th year — Issue 124

5 Sections, 58 Pages

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Established 1865

Newnan, Georgia

ISSN. NO. 0883-2536

Piedmont Newnan Hospital officially opens Tuesday at its new campus at 745 Poplar Road. But before that can happen the aging facility on Hospital Road must be officially closed. It’s not a process that happens with the flip of a switch or wave of a magic wand. Moving from the old facility to the new is actually a balancing act that requires keeping both facilities open for more than a week as people, equipment and procedures underPhoto by Jeffrey Leo go a transition that allows no for error. There was activity Friday at the new Poplar Road campus of Piedmont Newnan Hospital, set to offi- room It’s not a process anyone cially open Tuesday. On Friday, outpatient radiology procedures began at the new hospital and the lightly. But, so far, the the takes which from Center, outpatient lab and respiratory center opened. The Poplar Road Command procedure is going smoothly final move will be overseen Tuesday, opened Friday during daytime hours.

NEW CANCER HOSPITAL Blessing event held at facility

Crane talks issues — see page 8A

Coweta’s Local Daily MAGAZINE


A Times-Herald Publication

New Piedmont Newnan opens Tuesday By ALEX MCRAE

Town Hall


Newnan, Heritage try to keep seasons alive in state playoffs - page 6A

$1.25 Sunday edition

5 Sections, 58 Pages

Westmoreland hears concerns about energy regulations

147th year — Issue 124

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hea lt hca re. “ We’re proud of the new facility and the expanded services we offer residents of Coweta County and the surroundRelated ing areas. The open- story, page of ing 5A the new Piedmont Newna n Hospita l is pa raStack Bass and remarks from hospital mount to our vision of providofficials make it clear they are ing comprehensive, quality ready to officially celebrate health care services across the the opening of Georgia’s new- Piedmont Healthcare system.” The final days of joint operest hospital on Tuesday at 745 Poplar Road beside Interstate ation between the two facilities are scheduled down to 85. sure that make to minute the “We’ve waited a long time to be able to welcome patients essentia l ser vices offered to their new community hos- at Hospital Road remain in pital,” said Tim Stack, presi- place until those services are dent and CEO of Piedmont See HOSPITAL, page 2A

Established 1865

Newnan, Georgia

ISSN. NO. 0883-2536

$1.25 Sunday edition

Coweta’s Local Daily


New Piedmont Newnan opens Tuesday By ALEX MCRAE


Piedmont Newnan Hospital officially opens Tuesday at its new campus at 745 Poplar Road. But before that can happen the aging facility on Hospital Road must be officially closed. It’s not a process that hapBass Stack pens with the flip of a switch or wave of a magic wand. and remarks from hospital Moving from the old facility officials make it clear they are to the new is actually a balanc- ready to officially celebrate ing act that requires keeping the opening of Georgia’s newboth facilities open for more est hospital on Tuesday at 745 than a week as people, equip- Poplar Road beside Interstate



Hea lt hca re. “ We’re proud of the new facility and the expanded services we offer residents of Coweta County and the surroundRelated ing areas. The open- story, page ing of 5A the new Piedmont Newna n Hospita l is pa ramount to our vision of providing comprehensive, quality health care services across the Piedmont Healthcare system.” The final days of joint operation between the two facili-

By W. WINSTON SKINNER U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland toured CowetaFayette EMC’s north Coweta headquarters on Friday afternoon. His tour followed a meeting with CowetaFayette staff and directors about federal energy

May/June 2012 | $3.95

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4 MyConnection | Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Recipe Connection

Salted Caramel Bacon Cordial Cups (pictured on front page)

Makes about 24 filled cordial cups 1-1/2 cups Dark Cocoa Candy Melts Candy 3 containers (3.2 ounces each) vanilla prepared pudding 1/2 cup finely chopped crisp-cooked bacon 1 tablespoon caramel ice cream topping plus additional for drizzling 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream, whipped Sea salt Fill cordial cup candy mold 1/3 full with melted candy. Using a decorator brush, paint the candy up the sides of each mold to the top edge. Coat mold so that no light can be seen through the shell. Refrigerate until firm, about 5 minutes. Repeat if needed. Carefully remove shells from mold. In medium bowl, combine pudding, bacon and 1 table­spoon ice cream topping; mix until thoroughly combined. Fold in whipped cream. Refrigerate at least 1 hour. Using tip #33, pipe filling into candy cordial cups. Drizzle with additional ice cream topping and sprinkle with sea salt.

Crispy Cheese Crackers (pictured on front page)

Makes 16 to 20 crackers 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, softened 3/4 cup (about 2 ounces) finely grated Asiago cheese 1 ounce (about 1/4 cup) toasted pine nuts, finely chopped 1-1/2 teaspoons minced fresh rosemary 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 1-1/2 cups all-purpose flour Preheat oven to 350°F. Prepare Holiday Cookie Pan with vegetable pan spray. In medium bowl, beat butter, cheese, pine nuts, rosemary, garlic powder, salt and pepper with electric mixer until creamy and well combined. Add flour; beat until mixture looks sandy and holds together when squeezed in your hand. Press into prepared pan, filling cavities 1/2 full. Bake 13 to 15 minutes or until edges are light golden brown. Cool in pan 5 minutes. Remove from pan and cool completely.

Solution to crossword on page 2

Holiday House Treat (pictured on front page)

Makes about 12 servings 6 cups cinnamon toasted oats cereal 4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) butter 1 bag (10 ounces) mini marshmallows 1-1/2 teaspoons ground ginger 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon Assorted Tube Icing, Decorating Gel, Sprinkles, Colored Sugars, Icing Decorations and other favorite candy Prepare Wilton Stand-Up House Pan with vegetable pan spray. Place cereal in large bowl. In large saucepan, melt butter; add marshmallows, ginger and cinnamon. Cook and stir con­ stantly until melted. Pour over cereal and mix well. Spread cereal mixture into prepared pan. When cool to touch, remove from pan; secure to foil-wrapped cake board with icing. Deco­rate as desired with icing, sprinkles, sugars, icing decorations and candy.

Fire Roasted Jalapeño Onion Dip (pictured on front page)

Makes about 1-3/4 cups dip 4 jalapeño peppers 1 package (5.7 ounces) onion soup mix 1 cup sour cream 1/2 cup mayonnaise Preheat broiler. Place peppers on non-stick cookie pan; broil, turning at least once, 6 to 7 minutes or until blackened. Let stand 10 minutes. Remove stem and seeds; coarsely chop. In large bowl, stir together onion soup mix, sour cream and mayonnaise. Fold in peppers. Refrigerate at least 2 hours. Serve with cucumber and zucchini slices, celery, carrot sticks, sliced bell peppers and other favorite vegetables. Note: For spicier dip, include seeds from peppers.

Eggnog Hot Chocolate

(pictured on front page)

Makes about 4 servings 2 cups milk 2 cups prepared eggnog 1 cup Dark Cocoa Candy Melts Candy 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Whipped cream Candy Curls In large saucepan, cook milk and eggnog on medium heat until the mixture is hot; turn off heat. Whisk in Candy Melts candy and vanilla extract. Continue whisking until candy is melted and mixture is smooth. Pour into mugs; garnish with Candy Curls.

Happy Holiday Continued from Page 1 decorating accessories like candies and icings to per­sonalize your own mini village, Christmas tree, gingerpop cookies and more. To cater to a more sophisticated palate, Siler suggests Salted Caramel Bacon Cordial Cups. A lavish blend of vanilla pudding, crisp-cooked bacon and whipped cream is flavored with caramel ice cream topping and piped into edible, dark cocoa Candy Melt cordial cups. They’re bite-sized holiday bliss. Don’t forget eggnog. This year, give your favorite prepared eggnog a chocolate kick and serve Eggnog Hot Chocolate garnished with peppermint Candy Curls.




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Holiday Connection

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MyConnection Sudoku Puzzle

Choosing the Perfect Gift The key to finding the perfect present? Taking time to consider what your loved one most cherishes. Do they favor a specific hobby? How do they spend their free time? If you’re picking a gift for someone you might not know well, such as your child’s teacher or school nurse, consider giving them something to help them unwind and relax. For teachers, school nurses and coaches The role models in your child’s life are often the people that would benefit most from a pampering present. Help them indulge in some relaxation by packaging up a basket of spainspired items. Moisturizing beauty products with seasonal scents will keep skin smooth and glowing throughout the season’s festivities and conjure up images of favorite winter memories. Bundle with a lush loofah, mini manicure and pedicure kit, facial mask and lotion for a basket filled with items that will give them the opportunity to treat themselves to a little “me” time. Homemade treats and photo collages are also great gift options. For cooking and baking enthusiasts For your favorite foodie, consider giving some fun and affordable kitchen tools, such as ninja gingerbread cookie cutters. If your loved one is known for their savory cuisine, consider purchasing an assortment of spices to add to their favorite dishes. Likewise, a new cookbook will help inspire creativity in the kitchen and add a dash of excitement to their regular recipe routine. For travel lovers For those on your list who love to hit the road and explore new territories, consider gifts that will make their travel more enjoyable. Passport covers, camera accessories, travel journals, or a mini alarm clock are all great options that won’t break the bank. You can also give them items that will remind them of their explorations. Put together a gift basket of exotic chocolates and shelf-safe foods to remind them of their favorite flavors from abroad. Or you can remind them of one of the best parts of travel — the feeling of relaxation and getting away. Body washes with a refreshing scent will transport recipients to warm days and exotic locales. Combine with a selection of personal care products, such as facial masks and moisturizers to help them transform their bathroom into a mini-vacation abroad.

Stuffed animals, baby blankets and clothing are great options as well.

It’s hard to stay on top of the trends most pre-teens and teenagers are in tune with. Instead, opt for something you know they’ll enjoy. Consider giving a gift certificate to a movie theater or

For adolescents, teens and in-be-tweens

popular store where they can purchase electronics, clothing or sporting equipment. If you have your heart set on a tangible present, remember to request a gift receipt, just in case.

ANNOUNCEMENTS Top 10 Story Headlines viewed online last week (Nov. 23-29) 1.

One brother dies in second fatal Thanksgiving weekend accident


Body found in East Newnan residence


As officials investigate husband’s death, wife busted for marijuana


Coweta shoppers join Black Friday frenzy


Bow hunter robbed at gunpoint


Dec. 15, 11 am ET Plainville, GA 200 +/- acre Cattle Ranch, over 3,000 feet of Oostanaula River frontage. 5 acre springfed lake, fenced, cross fenced, hay, horse and pole barns.

Nalley Honda 1 of 2 new Coweta auto dealerships



Third-generation lawyer sworn in

10. Keith Baldwin AUNR2860

Traffic stop prompts driver to swallow cocaine

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Since the series ended, we have had countless requests to reproduce this collection of stories so they may be preserved for future generations and enjoyed time and again in their entirety. We are pleased to announce the entire series has been published in a limited edition hardcover book with 288 pages that tell the stories and feature photographs of these proud men and women.

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Car goes under log truck; Senoia teen critically hurt



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Bargain Buys $200-or-less

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 | MyConnection 7

The West Central Georgia Workforce Development Corporation (WCGWDC) is requesting proposals for financial audit for the period of July 1, 2012 – June 30, 2013 (Audit Period One) to be completed by November 1, 2013 and an audit for July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014 (Audit Period Two) to be completed by November 1, 2014. The WCGWDC is a small not-for-profit agency and the grant administrator of Workforce Investment Act funds for the West Central Georgia Workforce Investment Area. Funds to be audited are estimated at $6,300,000.00. The audit must be conducted in compliance with the standards set forth in 29 CF 99.105 and meet the requirements of OMB Circular A-133, Governmental Audit Standards and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards. Proposals must be submitted in the format outlined by the RFP Information Package and must be received by December 14, 2012 at 10:00 am. Proposals should be submitted to West Central Georgia Workforce Development Corporation, PO Box 1562, Griffin, GA 30224 Attn: Bret Panter, RE: Proposal for Audit Services. Inquires concerning this RFP or a request for the RFP Information Package should be made to Bret Panter by email to or by phone at 770-229-9799. Equal Opportunity Employer/Program

Career ConneCtions for Youth serviCes

request for ProPosal (rfP) The West Central Georgia Workforce Development Corporation is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide youth services in the following West Central Georgia Counties: Butts, Carroll, Coweta, Heard, Meriwether, Pike, Spalding, and Upson. These youth services in West Central Georgia are identified collectively and together as “Career Connections for Youth” through the West Central Georgia Workforce Development Program. The West Central Georgia Workforce Development Corporation has been selected as the administrative entity for the Workforce Investment Act and funds pursuant to that act for West Central Georgia. It is estimated that approximately $400,000- $525,000 in WIA funds will be available to serve approximately 250-300 youth across the region between April 1, 2013 and March 31, 2014. Selected contracts may be negotiated on a cost reimbursement basis for governmental and private non-profit organizations and may be performance based for private for profit organizations. Selected contracts would provide year round services based on the WIA required program elements and to accomplish outcomes based on WIA performance standards for youth. A Bidders’ Conference will be held on November 15, 2012 at 10:00 a.m. at West Central Georgia Workforce Development Corporation, 1710 Highway 16 West, Griffin, Georgia 30224. Technical Assistance in the proposal process will be provided only at the Bidders’ Conference. A copy of each question/answer from the Bidders’ Conference will be available by written request. The RFP may be picked up at the Bidders’ Conference. To obtain a proposal format, all others may pick up a copy at West Central Georgia Workforce Development Corporation, 1710 Highway 16 West, Griffin, Georgia 30224 or request the RFP in writing or request by e-mail at Requests for the RFP by telephone (except FAX) will not be accepted. The RFP will be available by November 5, 2012. Deadline to submit a proposal is 4:30 p.m. December 5, 2012. Proposals should be mailed or delivered to West Central Georgia Workforce Development Corporation, Attn: Annette Hicks, 1710 Highway 16 West, Griffin, Georgia 30224 and must be received in the office by the due date and time. Local school systems, educational agencies, community based agencies, faith-based organizations, and small minority or female owned businesses are encouraged to apply. The West Central Georgia Workforce Development Corporation reserves the right to reject any and all proposals. Funding is contingent upon the availability of federal funds. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY PROGRAM/EMPLOYER Auxiliary aids and services available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

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Home Improvement




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