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Hanging Pot RackS Ideas and Uses Notare quam littera gothica 2009

Hanging Pot Racks Ideas and Uses Space always comes at a premium, and when you’re talking about kitchen space, there never seems to be quite enough. In an apartment or small home, pots and pans seem to pour out of the cupboards. But the solution might just come from above – literally! Use gravity to your advantage with a sensible and stylish wrought iron hanging pot rack. It’s a functional way to clear up some cabinet space while keeping all your utensils within arm’s reach. Wrought iron hanging pot racks are very convenient and help store your pots, pans and other kitchen items in an organized manner. Using a hanging pot rack helps keep your kitchen clutter free and clean at all times. You can easily reach for a pan while you work rather than opening cabinets and hunting for utensils! Iron pot racks are very sturdy as well as stylish, from a simple, sleek pot rack to something ornately beautiful; you can get a design and finish that suits your taste. You can find iron pot racks in all sizes and shapes to fit your kitchen space. From a simple pot rack with only a few hooks to an elaborate pot rack that can hold a large number of kitchen utensils, you can find a solution to meet your needs. You can select a wrought iron pot rack that matches or complements your kitchen’s existing color scheme. Finish options include copper or classic matte black, shiny silver or gold finish or a rough and rugged, old world style pot rack in dull gray finish. Using these options, you can easily create a perfect look for your kitchen, or add to the existing décor and functionality of your kitchen. Hanging pot racks work best over kitchen islands or peninsulas. You can also hang your pot rack over other work areas like sinks, counters, or even an open space in the kitchen where the ceiling is high enough to allow free movement beneath the pot rack. You can also install your pot rack between two cabinets or beneath a cabinet. Hanging pot racks are fairly easy to install and they not only help organize your kitchen, they also add a touch of homeliness to it. A copper colored rack with copper pots and pans hanging from it is a lovely sight in the kitchen, adding an inviting feel to it while being practical at the same time.

FAQ#1: How should decide on a location for my hanging pot rack? Choose a location for your pot rack according to the kind of items you plan to hang on it. If you are going to hang pots and pans or other utensils for stovetop cooking, your pot rack should be within easy reach from your cooking range/stove. For hanging items like strainers, bowls,

colanders, graters and whisks, the pot rack will prove handy over a prep area like a kitchen counter. But in any case the rack should not hinder movement and activity below.

To calculate the ideal height, keep two factors in mind: (1) Ceiling height (2) Height of the person using the rack and their comfortable reach. These two figures can give you an approximate level at which the bottom of your pans should be when hung from the pot rack. To calculate an exact height for your hanging pot rack, consider the following example:

FAQ#2: How do I calculate the height of a hanging pot rack for easy use? Your pot rack should allow you to easily take down a pot and hang it back up again without bumping your head. Usually, 42 inches of space are advised between the rack and the counter below it. You should also keep in mind the sizes of objects that will be hung from the pot rack.

If you are 5’4” (64”), with a comfortable reach of 6-10”, this gets added to your height to calculate your reaching height. In this instance: 64” + 6” = 70” Now you need to figure out the amount of room required for your pots and pans. A small, two-cup pot measures about 8” in length, while a 12” skillet with handle is about 21” long.

A general rule of the thumb is your pots should hang at least 8 inches below the pot rack’s bottom for an easy reach.

If your ceiling height is 10 feet (120”) you now subtract these 78” from you ceiling height and you get an area of 42 inches (120” – 78”) to fit your pot rack.

Adding these 8 inches for pans and pots to your reaching height, you get 78 inches from the bottom of your pot rack.

FAQ#3: How do I calculate if the rack will fit in my kitchen? Let’s suppose your pot rack is 18” high. To check how this will fit, you need to subtract the pot rack’s height – 18” in this case – from the 42 inch space that is available to find out the length at which the TOP of the rack will hang below the ceiling. In this case, you need your pot rack’s top to be (42”-18”) 24” below the ceiling. Important note: If your rack is hanging over a kitchen island, you need to calculate

for a comfortable reach up and in. In this case you need 6” of clearance on all sides and will need to add this distance to the length at which your pots hang so that you can comfortably get the pots up and down from the rack. In other words if your pot rack is to be installed over a kitchen island, your reach will actually be reduced by 6” and you will have to hang the rack further lower to reach your pots and pans.

FAQ#4: How do I mount my pot rack if the joists run perpendicular to the rack? Ideally, you should install your wrought iron pot rack in a location where your ceiling joists run parallel with the rack, if that is not possible, you need to use a wooden beam or a ceiling plate to hang your pot rack. Always keep in mind that an iron pot rack will have its due weight, and once you hang the utensils on it, that weight

will naturally increase. You need a secure and sturdy option to install your pot rack. If you use a ceiling plate, it has two eye bolts that are attached to a plate with holes drilled in it at a distance that coincides with the ceiling joists. Mount the ceiling plate first, then hang the rack from it.

FAQ#5: How do I install my pot rack using 2x4’s? If your ceiling joists do not run parallel with the rack, then you can add 2 x 4’s. To do this, mark where you want your holes, pre-drill pilot holes and find where the holes match up in the attic. Cut your 2 x 4’s to size, and nail them to the existing ceiling joists. Now you can simply screw your pot rack hooks into the joists.

FAQ#6: What do I do if my rack hangs too high or too low after installation?

The pot racks available in the market are generally designed with the 9 foot ceiling in mind. If you have a ceiling that is lower than 9 feet, you should consider a low-ceiling rack that measures about 4” and up in height. That way your pot rack won’t come out too low. On the other hand if your ceiling is higher than the standard 9 foot ceiling,

you will have to lower your pot rack to allow a comfortable reach. You can either use extension hooks for this or adjust the chain length to get a comfortable height for your pot rack. Please do keep in mind that on some hanging pot rack designs, extension hooks and chains are considered to be accessories and are hence sold separately.

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How To - Hanging Pot Racks Ideas and Uses  
How To - Hanging Pot Racks Ideas and Uses  

Use gravity to your advantage with a sensible and stylish wrought iron hanging pot rack. It's a functional way to clear up some cabinet spac...