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Can TimeApp be a social intranet? Two years ago a research report was presented, “The practices of the social intranets – usage, benefits and success factors”. READ MORE ON PAGE 6

We make the profits we deserve In order to achieve a profit, it is important to have complete control over income and expenses. READ MORE ON PAGE 6

Success can be free It is very exciting that the success of TimeApp is based on giving it away for free. READ MORE ON PAGE 7

new, improved yet identical April 15th, 2010, the first public beta-version of TimeApp was launched. It was an easy, but effective system, completely focused on time management ... PAGE 4

From Katrineholm To London Via Kuala Lumpur Since then we have had the pleasure of welcoming TimeApp users from every part of the world, on every continent. PAGE 3

Simple, safe, smart and flexible This is the first number of TimeApp Magazine that is not issued in Swedish for the Swedish market. This is the very first international edition in English, primarily for the business community in Great Britain, for all branches regardless of size. Spring 2014 we made the decision to launch our time and project management system outside of Sweden and our chosen market is Great Britain, as it feels natural for us Swedes to conquer the world through the British market. Traditionally, this is the wisely chosen path of many companies and we are following in their tracks. P&K TimeApp AB, is a small company in a small town south of our capital, Stockholm. We have developed TimeApp over the past five years and it has been available on the Swedish market for almost four years. TimeApp is so much more than just time management; it is a compact business management system.

  TimeApp can also be described as follows: TimeApp is as simple as IKEA furniture, as safe as a Volvo, as smart as Skype and as flexible as Spotify. Every bit as Swedish, and ready for customers and users worldwide. Actually TimeApp is available internationally; is in use in all parts of the world on all continents. We would now like to further promote TimeApp.   Turn the page to read more about all the smart functions and possibilities that TimeApp offers, but first let me tell you, TimeApp is free. It is free for sole enterprise, for the first user it is free of charge, completely free – no restrictions in time or functions.   This is our way of sponsoring small businesses by offering a useful and clever device from the start. Many of these small businesses grow and remain loyal TimeApp customers; also all become ambassadors and market TimeApp to their customers and suppliers, colleagues and relatives. What we invest gives turnover,

we save in marketing costs, we earn in word-of-mouth goodwill and an ever-increasing market.   This is what we call our KISS-routine (Keep it Simple, Stupid), but that story, with its connection to the Swedish royal house, I will save for another day.

Lars Knapasjö CEO, P&K TimeApp AB

TimeApp is completely free for individual users; a concept we call All Free. Naturally, all functions are included regardless of the number of users; we call it All Included. The price is 5 GBP (8 USD) per user and month; in addition to the first user who is always free. No long-term commitments and payment is easily done via debit or credit card. Sign up for your free account today at

From Katrineholm

TO LONDON Via Kuala Lumpur

Part of the charm of web-based products is their ability to easily spread over geographical borders and become established, without a physical presence. Yet, All Business is Local. We will not continue launching from our head office in Katrineholm, choosing now to base from England, more specifically, London. This is where we want to build networks and establish more contacts.

designed to simplify day-to-day business and streamline the ability to keep track of time, trips, expenses and costs. It is a flexible and adaptable system with functions such as time clock and mileage log, both containing GPS functions, invoicing, customer/project register, article database, among other things. There is an internal social real-time forum that all users that have access in the company can access;TimeBook. As the system is web-based it can be accessed from any computer, once there is an internet connection. In situations where no access is available, you can manage time and mileage log via our apps for iPhone/iPad and Android which are accessible without an internet connection.   TimeApp is free of charge for the first user with no time restrictions. It is only from user number two that it begins to cost, currently 5 GBP (8 USD) per user/ month. In addition all functions are available from start with no extra cost.

A flexible system TimeApp is basically a web-based system for time and project management, offering many varied functions not traditionally found in this type of system. It is

Unique packaging opportunities TimeApp can easily be branded and customised to a company, a municipality or trade organisation, with its own functions/

Kuala Lumpur, founded 1857, is one of the world’s youngest capital cities. This is where our first international customer registered for the international version of TimeApp, a female consultant who read our first official tweet: “Today we launch! Free #timetracking and #invoicing for #freelancers and small businesses”. Since then we have had the pleasure of welcoming TimeApp users from every part of the world, on every continent.

applications – everything is possible. We have adapted TimeApp for many users, from municipalities to large businesses and organisations. Some customers use our system for internal IT-support, others have chosen to integrate TimeApp with their existing range of services and membership benefits and then sell it to their own customers. The possibilities are almost limitless.   We seek marketing cooperation, aiming at a win-win situation. A concept that has already achieved great success on the Swedish market and is our same strategy for the British market. For example, TimeApp is being marketed by two of Sweden’s largest banks and the electronic retail market leader has recently launched TimeApp as a deal to corporate customers.


editorial assistans

TimeApp Magazine #2-2014

Lars Knapasjö CEO +46 150-506 15 (+46 70-561 39 70)

Tarik Basic

Published by P&K TimeApp AB VAT SE556460366901 Address: Floragatan 3B SE-641 33 Katrineholm, Sweden

Martin Eriksson Executive Vice President +46 150-506 15 (+46 70-262 21 17)

Martin Eriksson Executive Vice President P&K TimeApp AB

Eric Windahl

Josefin Nässlander

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Daniel Lindén

graphic production P&K TimeApp AB

New and improved, yet identical

April 15th, 2010, the first public betaversion of TimeApp was launched. It was an easy, but effective system, completely focused on time management. Or as our first customer said: “When I first began using TimeApp it only offered simple time management and mileage log”. Since then a lot has happened both with the product and for the customers who use it. We think it is fantastic that our very first customer are still with us and are also a great ambassador for TimeApp.

Daniel Lindén


TimeApp Magazine #2-2014

From a simple product ... TimeApp has gone from being a modest time management system to a more compact business system for every business from craftsmen, lawyers, advertising agencies and consultants. One of the reasons for our success is the phrase: “Keep it Simple, Stupid” – internally known as the KISS-method. This method has been applied time after time during TimeApp’s development.   – For us, the KISS-method is choosing the smartest, simplest and most effective solutions, no complicating or making it more remarkable than necessary, says Daniel Lindén, System Developer at P&K TimeApp AB.   – We are convinced that this is something that benefits everyone – the company and our customers.

  Users of TimeApp often react to how easy it is, despite the wide range of functions. It is always difficult to balance a wide range of functions while staying userfriendly.   – Our broad range of customers, of different backgrounds and varying levels of computer experience, help keep us working in the right direction, explains Tarik Basic, Salesman at P&K TimeApp AB.   – Our aim is that TimeApp is accessible to everyone regardless of previous experience of web-based services such as administration and book-keeping programs.   For a craftsman, it is possible to register time, expenses, material and trips either on an active project basis or through work orders. All data entered in TimeApp can easily be compiled into reports or generate invoices at the press of a button.

... to the wide range of functions For example, no distinction is made regarding TimeApp functions; one price covers all functions. Each company can customise which functions should be visible and the remaining can be hidden. Simple, smart and effective.

mileage Log with GPS Lawyers can simply and effectively account for time and expenses for clients and cases, each company can decide itself what the customer and project should be named in TimeApp. Thanks to an expanded search function in the client register, it is easy to prevent conflicts of inter-

est. When the time comes to invoice, you can either choose to create a standard debit invoice or compile a bill of costs.   Whatever the profession, we understand the hassle of keeping a mileage log and the non-stop taking note of addresses and mileage. Of course, this task is not made easier when tracking trips on paper which have a habit of getting lost or misplaced.   In TimeApp for iPhone and Android you can just sit in behind the wheel, start your trip by filling in the start mileage. The address will be registered automatically by the GPS in your phone.   On arriving at your destination you end the trip and register the mileage. That’s it! You can now register the trip to one of your customers/projects which you can always access through the app. TimeBook – for smarter internal communication The key to a well-used time management device is that it can be used with minimal effort. Ultimately if users of the time management device are offered several reasons beyond reporting time it could be even better.   – This is our aim. As sole market supplier we offer TimeApp customers access to their own social network. Namely, TimeBook, says Tarik Basic.   Simple and effective communication

with personnel and colleagues is easy with TimeBook, regardless of location. TimeBook is a company internal social network for effective internal communication where ideas and thoughts can be shared, questions asked and answered. The more you use TimeBook – the more advantages you come across. Our Real Motivators Year 2014, no one looks surprised anymore when we talk about web-based services for companies. It does not matter if we talk time management, invoicing or book-keeping. Increasingly it is expected that our IT-tools should be both webbased and accessible via mobile devices. At TimeApp we welcomed that development with open arms and look forward to meeting more colleagues in the cloud.   One of many advantages with webbased services is that they offer the possibility for customers to link several different systems, for instance, linking TimeApp with an accountancy system, customising the perfect IT-support for businesses.   – Many of those interested in TimeApp have specific requirements for functions not standard in TimeApp, but would result in saving on costs and increase company profit.   – Previously we have not been able to meet these demands cost-effectively, now

with TimeApp version 4, this is now possible, explains Daniel Lindén.   Due to its stable and flexible platform TimeApp can supply specially designed and brand versions of TimeApp to larger companies and organisations.   – We call this concept TimeApp X, says Tarik Basic.   – This means that a company, or organisation, can get a completely customised and branded version of TimeApp – inline with the company’s graphical profile, with all the customised features that may be requested.

Tarik Basic

want to read this magazine digitally? scan the qr code.

Functions in TimeApp Here is a list of available functions, for all users; All Included. • Time tracking including costs and expenses

• Register search

• Export of reports to Excel, PDF and CSV

• Approval system for time logs

• Rename title for customer/project

• Statistics and diagrams

• Timer linked to customer/project

• Authorisation system for users

• TimeBook

• Time clock with GPS-function

• Invoicing

• Internal mail

• Work order

• Accounts receivable

• Favourite bookmarks

• Article data base

• Invoice mailing

• Own colour design

• Mileage log with GPS-function

• Invoice reminder

• Intelligent Wiki

• Customer register

• Bill of costs

• And much more ...

• Project register

• Iphone/Android Apps

• Project budget

• Dynamic reports    TimeApp Magazine #2-2014  


Can TimeApp be a social intranet? Two years ago a research report was presented, “The practices of the social intranets – usage, benefits and success factors”. Three female researchers, Lena Lundgren, Kicki Strandh and Catrin Johansson, Mid-Sweden University, had studied the internal communication and the influence of social media on business. The report received a lot of media attention. We asked ourselves; could TimeApp be regarded as a social intranet?

with the possibility of linking pictures and documents, etc.

TimeApp is primarily developed for reporting time, trips, costs and expenses and project accounting. A web-based system for computer or smartphone. Once a company has a log-in to TimeApp they have sole access, no external person can access. The company chooses administrators, who, among other things can decide who can log in and what authorisation level the user is permitted.

Solve the problem We asked Lena Lundgren for her opinion on TimeApp:   – TimeApp can function as a mini-intranet, and in particular for small companies with employees who have computers with continual access to the internal net. For instance, security companies are looking for a mobile solution where all their guards can access the company’s internal net via mobile/smartphones.   – All municipalities in Sweden have the same problem, for example, staff in homecare or the parking department need access to internal nets, explains Lena Lundgren.

Internal forum ... TimeBook is an internal company “Facebook” where only the company’s employees can log in; realtime information exchange and communication platform

... for internal communication A company can customise TimeApp; both the background and icon colours can be changed to the company’s own colours, also upload the company logo onto TimeApp. Personalise by adding profile pictures (e.g. family shots), add your own bookmarks, etc.

  The report states that small, more flexible internal business and communication systems, that are economical to develop and maintain/update, will be more in demand in the future. This is TimeApp.

Lena Lundgren Mid Sweden University

We make the profits we deserve The basis of business is profit. Profit is necessary for investment and to secure the company, to create a good, safe and attractive working environment. In order to achieve a profit, it is important to have complete control over income and expenses. It is easy to focus only on income, increasing sales and increasing the number of customers.   – Having control over costs and expenses may feel more difficult and less urgent, says Josefin Nässlander at TimeApp’s Information Department.   – Despite that, this is where big profits can be made. This is where TimeApp comes in.   A lot of companies are not fully in conJosefin Nässlander

6  TimeApp Magazine #2-2014

trol of actual work time, expenses, material costs and trips, regardless of internal or external time. Too many companies are without administrative routines or computer support for time and costs.   TimeApp quickly gives personnel a clear picture of their time and the company has a good basis for assigning costs or internal evaluation.   – With our ROI calculator you can see exactly how much money you can save or earn with the help of TimeApp, explains Josefin Nässlander.   – We make the profits we deserve and if we value cost control as highly as we value optimising revenue, there are good profits to be made through better debiting and internal efficiency.

Success can be free To have a generous business model may be the best way to be successful and profitable, at least according to Martin Eriksson, Executive Vice President and Sales Manager at P&K TimeApp AB. The model most commonly used is called freemium and is adopted by many software companies, such as Spotify, Google and Salesforce – and now also by TimeApp. Only they have taken it a step further. It took almost 3 years before TimeApp, an online time and project managing software, was fully developed and considered ready for release according to the high standards set by Martin Eriksson and a team of devoted programmers.   – TimeApp is today much like a small business suite with many valuable functions and applications, says Martin Eriksson.   – We have everything from time/mileage tracking, customer/project registry and punch clock features to invoicing and reports. Time is money The interest for time reporting applications is high since companies can make a lot of money out of efficiency and order regarding employees’ times, mileages and expenses. On TimeApps’ website there is a return-on-investment calculator that will

show the net worth of profits that can be made just by using a simple application for tracking time and expenses, based on number of employees and salary costs.   – TimeApp is manageable from both smart phones and PCs, which makes it applicable even for users out in the “field” or by traveling salesmen.   – We also have a wide variety of customers amongst law firms, consulting firms and real estate companies. Freemium is to letting everyone take part TimeApp is generally sold through recommendations from existing customers and different types of commercial alliances. For example, two of the largest banks in Sweden SEB and Swedbank, is recommending TimeApp to their company clients.   – Our relations with the Swedish banks are of great importance to us. It gives us legitimacy and underlines our credibility, Martin Eriksson explains.   Freemium is based on the two words “free” and “premium”, and its concept is to offer a service or software for free - usually by restricting access to one or more features. This allows customers to trial before committing to anything.   TimeApp has now taken it a step further by simply giving away the complete suite to single users without limitations or time trials and only charges money when, and if, the customer needs to add more users.

All free - All included As an example, Sweden today has 769,414 self-employed contractors which now have access to a high-quality software suite without having to pay anything. If more users are needed, the cost is 5 GBP (8 USD) per user and month. Theoretically this means that TimeApp sponsors contractors with millions of dollars each year, in Sweden alone.   – This model has not only been applied to Sweden, but also to our international version of TimeApp, says Martin Eriksson.   – We have TimeApp customers from all continents and with our “All free - All Included” model we hope to contribute with something valuable to entrepreneurs all over the world.   It is very exciting that the success of TimeApp is based on giving it away for free.

Martin Eriksson

Small minutes can be big money It is not difficult to work out how much TimeApp can save, use our ROI calculator and enter, a) number of employees, b) how many minutes per day you think or want your company to save per employee

or the increase in customer invoicing and c) wage costs per hour.   This will show you the direct savings effect: net minus TimeApp cost. Small minutes quickly become big money!

TIP! Scan the QR code to access the calculator.    TimeApp Magazine #2-2014  


Time Tracking for lawyers Online, easy and efficient.

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”TimeApp as a time tracking software works very well for us. The detailed timesheets works great as a basis for both the court and clients. TimeApps’ mobile app makes it possible for us to always access the application so that we never miss billable time. Not least TimeApp has an outstanding support that always delivers a quick solution to any problem we might have.”

”I was very pleased when we discovered TimeApp. The system is easy to work in and it is always available via the web. Via the smart mobile apps we can always keep track of time and expenses no matter where we are. Thanks to TimeApp we can now spend more time on our core business instead of dealing with errant time tracking procedures. Highly recommended!”

Ann Andersson

Ekrem Güngör


Floragatan 3B, SE-641 33 Katrineholm, Sweden


TimeApp Magazine #2 2014  
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