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10 Delights Of Tropical Island To Explore In Zanzibar Tours Zanzibar is an archipelago or a collection of small islands located 25 to 50 km off the east coast of Tanzania. It is most commonly visited as a short beach break after a safari trip in Tanzania. The main island is Zanzibar which is a popular honeymoon destination which offers the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Indian Ocean. The name Zanzibar immediately evokes images of an island paradise with soft-sand, white beaches and shimmering clear blue waters. But, the Zanzibar Archipelago is so much more than romantic coastlines and blissful sunsets. Zanzibar is without a doubt a tropical dream destination, ideal for getting away from it all, but it is also a fascinating destination from a historical and cultural perspective, as well as being a top adventure and eco-tourism destination. As you'll read in this blog, Zanzibar Tours has so much more for visitors to enjoy and fascinate about.

1. Take A Bike Tour To A Spice Farm The history of Zanzibar is inextricably linked with spices where it was grown since the dawn of human settlement in the region and were traded to far off land.In Spice Tour you explore the spice farms in the north of Stone Town will give you a sense of large scale spice farming which you may not have come across before. A wide range of spices like cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper are grown in this region.

2. Day Trip To Chumbe Island Chumbe Island is the first privately-funded marine park and resort in Zanzibar archipelago that is roughly 1 Km in length. It is one of the last pristine coral islands in Zanzibar where there is a fully protected coral reef sanctuary and a forest reserve which accommodate some endemic rare wildlife. 3.Jozani Forest Located centrally in the Zanzibar island, just 20 Km drive from Stone Town, Jozani Forest is the largest surviving forest in Zanzibar which accommodate the endemic red Colobus monkeys. The forests constitute the only national park in Zanzibar which is the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park. Some of trees of this forests are known to have valuable medicinal properties.

4. Safari Blue

Safari Blue Zanzibar Island Probably the best tour and Excursion on Zanzibar Island. It is more than just a traditional dhow ride, sand bank snorkeling drive .Basically an all in one Zanzibar tour package that covers all the sightseeing and activities that Zanzibar has to offer, this tour is really popular and has been around for so long.

5.Visit The Sponge Farm Sponge farming is being done in some parts of Zanzibar island the product of which are used for industrial, medicinal, and cosmetic purposes. Underwater tour to these sponge farms can be exciting. 6.Unique And Vibrant Cultural Architecture Zanzibar is a semi autonomous region with its own culture and rules different from mainland Tanzania. The history and rich heritages seen here are a mix of strong Arabic, Indian, African, Persian and European influences which add a vibrant dimension to the island.

7.Explore The Romantic Getaway Aromatic on one side, romantic on other. While you enjoy touring the island, things can get quite spiced up. With some of the most beautiful lodges and settings in the world, you're guaranteed a romantic and intimate environment with your significant other. 8. Diving And Snorkelling Zanzibar has got some of the world's most beautiful dive sites where mesmerizing coral reefs can be found underwater along with diverse and colorful fish spicies. If you're not up to dive too deep, try Snorkelling Trip to get most spectacular experience.

9.Local Markets And Fresh Seafood Weekly markets set up in places for people to buy everyday items. Seafood obviously is varied and easily available in Zanzibar.Fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, spices can be cheap and fragrant too. So pack some of them before you leave.

10.Stone Town Tour Located in the old part of Zanzibar, Stone Town is a major historical site where basically all the history of the Zanzibar island is preserved. Already a UNESCO World Heritage Site,Stone Town Tour should be high on your list if you're visiting the island.

When To Go To Zanzibar June to October is the cool dry season, which is the Best Time To Visit Zanzibar. December to February is the other dry season period, but during these months, the weather is relatively hotter and humid. Avoid travelling to Zanzibar in the rainy seasons mid-March to May and November as many of the sites become inaccessible. These are only a few of the things to see and do on Zanzibar Tours and care should be take to not overdo it. Being one of the developing adventure and eco-tourism destination, Zanzibar is famous for its chill factor which includes the above 10 points which we've discussed. For booking your Zanzibar Tours,you Just click on and you would be shown every detail and the quote on your computer screen. If you want any further inquiries, then please don’t hesitate to dial with +255 777 803 191 and +255 715 222 512 or drop your email to, you can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.Our years of experience in handing tours in Zanzibar will definitely make your tour better.

10 delights of tropical island to explore in zanzibar tours  

Zanzibar is an archipelago or a collection of small islands located 25 to 50 km off the east coast of Tanzania. It is most commonly visited...

10 delights of tropical island to explore in zanzibar tours  

Zanzibar is an archipelago or a collection of small islands located 25 to 50 km off the east coast of Tanzania. It is most commonly visited...