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Putting The Kingsway First! Upcoming Events Summer Fling in the Kingsway June 13 – 15 Taste of the Kingsway September 6 – 8 Pumpkinfest in the Kingsway October 26 Dorothy Ley Hospice Halloween Bed Race October 27 Caroling in the Kingsway November 30 Cavalvade of Lights in the Kingsway TBA

The Kingsway BIA Celebrates 40 Successful Years By Lindsay Howe

The Kingsway Business Improvement Area (KBIA) is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year! Since 1973 the KBIA has worked to mold the Kingsway into the thriving, vibrant, close-knit community it is today. Through its initiatives, the KBIA has been instrumental in the promotion of businesses, and fundraising efforts to bolster businesses. The KBIA takes into account the concerns and wishes of the merchants and property owners, in order to bring as much success possible to the Kingsway. In light of everything the KBIA does, businesses have grown and flourished, property values have gone up and community members are happy. Festivals, Events & Charitable Work Each year the Kingsway continues to put on numerous fun, entertaining and community building events. Many of the events hosted by the KBIA are in celebration of special occasions such as Easter, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Halloween and Valentines Day. The ongoing commitment and active involvement of the BIA continues to make these Etobicoke events an annual tradition. Street festivals and events are designed to bolster businesses, unite the community and bring newcomers out to the Kingsway. The Kingsway’s most highly anticipated event is the award-winning Taste of the Kingsway Festival which takes place in September, and draws more than 250,000 people each year. The Taste was ranked one of the top 100 festivals of Ontario. This annual culinary event allows the restaurants, bars and pubs in the area to showcase their exceptional dishes. In addition all of the annual promotional events, the KBIA is equally successful in their effort to raise money for local charities including Out of the Cold, The St. Joseph Health Centre Foundation, The Gatehouse and The Dorothy Ley Hospice. All earnings from The Caroling in the Kingsway Concert at Our Lady of Sorrows Church go to the Out of the continued on page 5


Caring volunteers with big hearts Being involved in the community, I have come to realize just how many people it takes to run community events, the planning involved and the volunteer hours given. Just thinking back over the last six months and looking ahead to the next six, it is astonishing to actually watch these events emerge from mere ideas into the real deal on the day of the event. The hours involved in preparing, scrutinizing, debating, formulating and implementing these memorable events cannot be measured!

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Many of the Kingsway events and festivals committees are made up of local business owners and residents. These volunteers plan and implement for more than one year beforehand, leading up to the events. The groups meet on a monthly basis and many committed people unselfishly give of their time to make sure these events are as good as or better than the year before to create memories for the Kingsway.

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This issue, I say thank you to all the people involved in the upcoming festivals and events. You not only give back to the community by providing countless hours of volunteer time creating local events for the residents to enjoy, but also you are legacy makers who create lasting memories for many years to come.

The Kingsway Business Improvement Association

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The Kingsway BIA Welcomes Cathy Beaulieu By: Lindsay Howe

“The Kingsway is truly the most unique place to be in. With its long history of generational families residing here, the very healthy connection of business and community is getting stronger, healthier, and more supportive of each other. They are always helping and supporting each other. The amount of people in this community that are involved in supporting worthy charities is truly motivating.”

In 2012, Cathy Beaulieu became the new chair of the KBIA (Kingsway Business Improvement Area). Beaulieu has deep roots in the Kingsway community, not only did she grow up in Etobicoke, she is also a successful business owner in the Kingsway. In addition to front running the KBIA, she is a licensed optician and the owner and operator of Beaulieu Vision Care, a family owned eye boutique in the heart of the Kingsway for almost 15 years. Beaulieu graduated from Kipling Collegiate Institute in Etobicoke. She is a Licensed Optician, specializing in advanced fittings and servicing custom contact lenses. She has been practiced here in the Kingsway since 1986. Beaulieu was appointed to the College of Opticians by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. She has also held the position as chair of Competency and Education for eight years, before opening her retail business in fashion frames. In 1996 the members of the Optician Association of Ontario voted Beaulieu the Optician of the Year.

Beaulieu recognizes the kind-hearted souls who invest so much time in helping charities that have a connection to their lives. She explains, “This is one way the Kingsway merchant is connected to the community, not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. This is the real and true connection resulting in a feeling of belonging.” Speaking of helping charities that have a connection to their lives, Beaulieu is a huge supporter of the Out of the Cold fundraising program. This program is sponsored by the KBIA and is very near and dear to her heart. She helped initiate the annual Out of the Cold Christmas Concert at All Saints’ Anglican Church over a decade ago. This charity event has become the biggest fundraiser for the Out of the Cold program. Carolling in the Kingsway raises thousands of dollars each year to help those in need, providing them with food, warmth and shelter during the harsh, cold winter months. She is also a big supporter of the Read for the Cure charity.

Celebrating Businesses New & Old As a successful storeowner, Beaulieu knows the hard work involved, as well as the reward that goes into maintaining a thriving business. She is deeply passionate about preserving the longevity of Kingsway businesses. Beaulieu expresses her heartfelt excitement to take on this role, stating: “As the new KBIA Chair, I am thrilled with what the Kingsway merchants have in store for all of us. I welcome all the new businesses, wish them success and with a great deal of pride.” Over the years the longstanding businesses in the Kingsway community have endured the test of time, establishing quality client relationships with each of their customers. Their key to success is providing customers with excellent service and expert advice. Merchants and staff of the Kingsway have built a large customer base, and these businesses are expected to continue to grace the Kingsway community for years to come. She recognizes how vital each business is, whether new or old. Each individual business is an integral piece of the magnificent puzzle that makes up the Kingsway neighbourhood. Beaulieu appreciates all businesses in the area, remarking:

Award Winning Festival: The Taste of the Kingsway Beaulieu wants to remind community members about the event of the year coming up. The Taste of the Kingsway Festival is only a few short months away. Mark your calendars for September 6th, 7th, and 8th. The KBIA staff are very excited to host the 16th annual weekend long street party for all their customers. “We celebrate this relationship, with a variety of great foods and drinks, endless music, dancing; entertainment, and always a sale, there will be something for everyone.” In an effort to make this year’s Taste festival more spectacular than ever, a Top Secret theme will be revealed soon. Street closures will be in effect during the festival, to make room for the 200, 000 plus visitors who are expected to attend. Every minute of every hour will be filled with something to enjoy. You won’t want to miss out on the exciting new additions and surprises the KBIA has in store this year. Bring your family out for this fun filled family event and taste the excitement!

“I acknowledge the well-established and long-time business that have been here for many years. The history that goes along with these business, takes many of us all the way to our childhood days. We all have stories associated with these established business, mixed with the new it gives the Kingsway the character and wholeness that it exhibits.” The older businesses are renowned for their success, bringing back thousands of loyal customers to the Kingsway community each week. Meanwhile, the new businesses in the Kingsway help to continually redefine the Kingsway neighbourhood, and draw in new customers. Each business is successful in their mission to contribute to the vibrancy of the area.

The Kingsway is honoured to have a truly dedicated professional such as Cathy Beaulieu leading the Board of Directors for the KBIA. She believes whole-heartedly in the Kingsway slogan, Friendly Merchants and Real Neighbours. She states, “We thrive, to always live up to that reputation.” Beaulieu prides herself on hard work and derives so much joy out of working with the public, and being an active member of her community.

Beautification The KBIA is working within their budget to keep the Business Area of Bloor Street, between Prince Edward and Montgomery beautified. Beaulieu is excited to announce that the flowers are almost ready to be planted, the new benches are in place, and the tree guards are up. The work on the irrigation system will be started soon. Beaulieu promises, “While this may cause a disturbance to pedestrians and to traffic for few days in May, it will be well worth it, as it will eliminate the need for the watering trucks every other day, all summer long.” Much landscaping and improvements are currently being made to keep the Kingsway looking fresh and luminous. Charitable Efforts Beaulieu’s commitment to the community is seen not only in her work with the KBIA, and at Beaulieu Vision, but she also devotes much of her time and efforts to supporting and raising funds for charities. Like many of the businesses in the Kingsway, Beaulieu Vision Care is a proud supporter of the local charities. Fellow merchants and neighbours who have given so much back to the community continue to inspire Beaulieu’s philanthropic spirit. She acknowledges how moving the mutual support is between the merchants and the community. Beaulieu states:


The Kingsway’s 20-Minute Makeover to Clean Up and Re-Beautify the Neighbourhood

40 Successful Years continued from front cover

By: Lindsay Howe On Friday, April 19th the Kingsway BIA held The 20 Minute City Wide Clean Up Blitz, an initiative to re-beautify the Kingsway by cleaning up the litter in the neighbourhood.

Cold program. For over 12 years, the Caroling in the Kingsway Concert has continued to unite the Kingsway community, spreading Christmas joy with a symphony of classical sounds. The proceeds benefit the Out of the Cold program, a volunteer initiative which works to provide a safe refuge, hospitality and emergency shelter for the homeless community in Toronto.

The rainy weather didn’t detour the large group of dedicated volunteers who gathered to clean up the debris and garbage that accumulated over the course of the winter. With the warmer than usual spring weather we have been having, the Kingsway BIA wanted to get a head start tidying up, and working to maintain an image of cleanliness the Kingsway is known for. The cleanup mission was a success; the Kingsway is looking fabulously clean, and litter free.

Maintaining Beautiful Streetscapes The KBIA works year round to keep the area well maintained and beautified. The revitalization projects in place help ensure physical improvements are continually being made to the area. The KBIA hosts promotional activities including The Kingsway 20 Minute Clean Up Blitz, an initiative started to keep the streetscapes vibrant and free of litter. The KBIA is also responsible for all the landscaping that is done along the streets, parks and storefronts. A graffiti removal program is in place to rid the city streets of graffiti vandalism. Furnishings along the Kingsway provided by the KBIA help to make the Kingsway elegant and aesthetically pleasing. Fixtures include the addition of wrought iron benches, new street signage and coach lanterns. The beautiful flowers planted across the Kingsway create a vibrant yet natural ambiance throughout the neighbourhood.

The Kingsway BIA strives to maintain this image of cleanliness by taking on many projects and initiatives to keep the streets and parks clean for the residents, businesses and visitors. Along the Kingsway you can discover elegant new street signs and banners, as well as new iron benches, replacing the older wooden benches. The Kingsway community is celebrated for its well-kept streets, shops and verandas. Much landscaping is being done, including the replanting of lush flowers along the streetscapes and street medians. Additional waste receptacles were also placed all over to encourage a litter free environment. These are among a few of the fresh new changes residents and visitors will experience as they stroll through the neighbourhood. The Kingsway BIA and merchants are continually working to keep the neighbourhood well maintained, but they need your help to contribute to this upkeep. Working together, we can keep the streets, parks and gardens revitalized and litter free. By pitching in and participating in the 20 minute cleanups you will make a visible difference and have the satisfaction of knowing that your helping hands have made a real difference in maintaining the Kingsway’s image of cleanliness. Take pride in your neighbourhood and lend a helping hand by participating in the next Kingsway Clean up! A special thank you goes out to all of the volunteers who participated in the 20 Minute City Wide Clean Up Blitz, and pitched in to help keep the Kingsway clean and beautiful. For more information, or to get involved contact the Kingsway BIA at 416239-8243 or via email at

Thanks to all the work the Kingsway BIA has done over the past 40 years and continues to do, our neighbourhood businesses are booming, and city streets are kept beautifully revitalized. The KBIA takes on the responsibility of looking after all promotional and advertising, enabling the Kingsway to continue to grow and flourish. On behalf of all Kingsway residents and merchants, we thank the KBIA for making the Kingsway a successful and vibrant place to live and work. For more information contact the Kingsway BIA at 416-239-8243 or via email at The Kingsway BIA is working to gain a stronger social media presence. Follow the KBIA on Twitter @thekingswaybia to receive updates on events and stay tuned in!


Easter in the Kingsway - A Fun Filled Celebration for the Whole Family

Laurel Broten, mpp

By: Lindsay Howe

invites you to

Etobicoke - Lakeshore

SummeR FeST

Easter in the Kingsway, hosted by the KBIA took place on Saturday, March 30th at Willingdon Blvd & Bloor Street.


Thousands gathered to participate in the Easter festivities, to be entertained, and take home tasty chocolate treats. The Easter bunnies were out, having a ‘hopping’ good time, giving away Easter chocolates to visitors, spreading Easter cheer everywhere they went.

Saturday June 15th, 2013 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

432 Horner Avenue (at Beta Street)

The Easter festivities were in full swing this year and there was something for everyone to enjoy. Children gathered excitedly to have their face painted and ride the bouncy castle. Children also enjoyed exploring their creative side at the craft colouring tent, and sampling the free hot chocolate, popcorn and Easter chocolates. A crowd favourite was clowning around with Twinkles the Clown. Another popular attraction was the interactive Dave Pooley Children’s Music Show where children had the opportunity to play along to the music.

Refreshments, Entertainment, Live Music, Children’s Activities. Drop by anytime! Bring a Lawn Chair!

Excited children and families lined up in anticipation of having their picture taken with the Easter bunny. To the delight of the children in attendance, Kingsley the Bear, also known as the Kingsway Mascot was on the scene, giving a friendly hello and a smile to everyone he passed.

Franklin Horner Community Centre Parkland

We hope to see you there!!

The Redpath Cookie truck was on site and the staff handed out free samples of their delicious cookies. Though there were more than a few bouncing bunnies to be found along the Kingsway, Harry, the Kinder Bunny could be easily spotted, hopping around the Kingsway, giving out free samples of Kinder’s delicious new Mini Eggs chocolates. Easter in the Kingsway was a fun-filled event for the whole family!

For Further Information:

701 Evans Avenue, Suite 100, Etobicoke, Ontario M9C 1A3 Tel: 416-259-2249 | Fax: 416-259-3704 |

The Kingsway BIA put on yet another spectacular Easter in the Kingsway event. A big thank you to all the dedicated volunteers who made this event possible. See you next year!


Kingsway upcoming events Find information on all our upcoming events, News, Merchants and view our Photo Gallery at

SUMMER FLING IN THE KINGSWAY Thursday, June 13, Friday, June 14 and Saturday, June 15th, 2013 The Kingsway Summer Fling in the Kingsway is taking place on Thursday, June 13th, Friday, June 14th and on Saturday, June 15th. Merchants will be out in full force for three fun-filled days. Sidewalk Sale! Satisfy your senses, come for a walk in the Kingsway and discover the many shops. Saturday, June 15th will be a special day with fun filled activities. Join us between 11:00am to 5:00pm. There is something for everyone. On Saturday, June 19th will be a special day with fun filled. Join us between 5:00p.m. There is something for everyone.

TASTE OF THE KINGSWAY FESTIVAL Friday, September 6th, Saturday, September 7th, Sunday, September 8th This Annual Fall Festival, held along Bloor Street West (from Prince Edward Drive to Montgomery Road), is a food and entertainment extravaganza with plenty of fun activities for everybody. The Kingsway boasts over 200 shops and services, from bakeries, jewelers, fashion & eye boutiques, beauty salons, gift shops, food markets and specialty food stores, home furnishings and services, art galleries, bookstore, and over 30 restaurants serving delicious samples of International Cuisines. Beer and Wine Gardens, a Midway, a Dog Show, Harvest Market, Artisans and Crafters, Clowns, Face Painters, Rock Climbing Walls, Auto Show, Merchant Demonstrations, Community Exhibits, 2 Grand Stages with non-stop performers, and so much more... This spectacular event attracted over 250,000+ visitors in 2012!

The Dorothy Ley Hospice Halloween Bed Race Sunday, October 27th, 2013 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Join us this fall as we close off Bloor Street West, serve up pancakes and take to the street to “race beds” all for Charity, The Dorothy Ley Hospice. Why not enter your business in the bed race? Ask us how you can participate.

PUMPKINFEST IN THE KINGSWAY Saturday, October 26th, 2013 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Jackson Avenue & Bloor Street Pumpkinfest Festival is planned for Saturday, October 26th, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Jackson Avenue. The street will be decorated with bales of hay, corn stalks, and pumpkins and there will be face painters, street entertainers and costumed volunteers on hand to entertain the children. Dress up and come and join in the activities!!! 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Pumpkin Decorating, 12:30 1:00 p.m. Judging. Right after the pumpkin judging, Merchants will be handing wrapped candies and treats to children in costumes.

CAROLING IN THE KINGSWAY - Out of the Cold Concert Saturday, November 30th - 1:30p.m. Caroling in the Kingsway This annual fundraising Concert held at Our Lady of Sorrows Church brings together singers from local area churches and the Kingsway community forming a choir of 110 voices with a selection of beautiful Christmas Songs & Music. Donations requested. All proceeds going directly to the “Out of the Cold” program. Easily accessible by subway, exit Royal York Subway Station.

Cavalcade of Lights in the Kingsway Date not yet available. Check our website for up to date info. Join us as The Kingsway celebrates the Cavalcade of Lights. Hundreds of lights and a magnificent four-meter high tree, which will serve as a welcome to visitors to the Kingsway will be lit up. Everyone is invited to join in the fun and excitement, so don’t miss being a part of this festive event. Entertainment, light refreshments and TWO very special guests from the North Pole will be there to help us celebrate… and the best part. It’s all free!


Renowned Culinary Festivals Returns - Experience the Taste of the Kingsway By: Lindsay Howe

Avoid the hassle of parking, leave your car at home, and take the TTC to Royal York Station, where the Taste is conveniently located. Stay tuned to the Kingsway BIA website for an up to date schedule at

The award winning festival, the Taste of the Kingsway is happening Friday September 6th to Sunday September 8th. The event runs along Bloor Street West, between Prince Edward Drive and Montgomery Road. This annual fall festival presented by the Kingsway BIA is in its 16th year and will be more spectacular than ever. Come out to experience delicious food, live entertainment, and activities everyone will enjoy.

For more information, or to get involved with the Taste of the Kingsway, contact by phone at 416-239-8243 or email

Entertainment will be in full swing at the Taste, with over 200 participating exhibitors! Some of the popular exhibitions include: Scotiabank Dog Show, rock climbing walls and street performers. Among the various festivities you can experience: Midway rides and games, clowns, face painters, buskers, and the beer and wine gardens along Bloor Street West. Other attractions include: markets, artisans and crafters pavilions, exotic auto displays, boxing, taekwondo and fitness demonstrations, and various community exhibits. Attendees will have the opportunity experience product demonstrations and give-a-ways. Two main stages will be set up, each situated at either ends of Bloor Street West, providing ongoing entertainment. Here you can experience live musical entertainment from renowned artists, performers and musicians. Stay tuned to the KBIA website for a list of performers. Notwithstanding all the entertainment and festivities surrounding this culinary festival, make it your first priority to taste the delicious food everyone is raving about. Visit the culinary theatre at the Taste to experience international cuisine, celebrity chefs, and a fresh food market. The Taste of the Kingsway was awarded one of the Top 100 Festivals, as part of the 2012 Festivals & Events in Ontario (FEO). Come out to taste the food and feel the excitement. See for yourself why this internationally recognized event has received the distinction of one of the most well-known and respected celebrations in the province!


Summer Fling in the Kingsway: Sidewalk Sale, Food and Entertainment! By Lindsay Howe

Garden Care tips...

Summer Fling in the Kingsway hosted by the KBIA takes place Thursday, June 13 to Saturday, June 15. This fabulous three day shopping event takes place in the Kingsway, along Bloor Street West (from Prince Edward Drive to Montgomery Road). With the early summer weather we’ve been having, what could be more relaxing and fulfilling than strolling the beautiful Kingsway strip, browsing hot deals and savings, while experiencing live music? Come out to experience great deals, delicious food, and quality entertainment for all age groups. Summer Fling in the Kingsway will feature strolling musicians roaming the streets, filling the air with marvelous melodies. Experience great savings and markdowns on one of a kind merchandise at the sidewalk sale happening across the Kingsway. Experience great savings and markdowns on one of a kind merchandise at the sidewalk sale happening across the Kingsway. Bring your children along to Summer Fling and let them explore their creative side at the Craft Zone located at the northwest corner of Royal York Road and Bloor Street West. Check out Summer Fling in the Kingsway June 13th to 15th. You don’t want to miss out on these remarkable shopping deals and other fun-filled activities. Support your local businesses and shop along the Kingsway! Don’t forget to pick up your Kingsway Savings Kard to obtain deals and discounts from participating locations. For more information, visit the Kingsway BIA website at Contact the KBIA by phone at 416-239-8243 or email


Oleander’s Random Acts of Flowers Program: Celebrating Outstanding Individuals

Crème de la Crème Potato Hashbrowns

By: Lindsay Howe Oleander Floral Design, your local Etobicoke florist is awarding philanthropic members of the community with the Random Acts of Flowers program.

Many customers over the years have requested for the Crème de la Crème’s Potato Hashbrowns recipe. Dina, the owner is please to share it with you • Clean & Boil 4 Yellow Yukon Potatoes • Peel and leave to cool at room temperature • Refrigerate overnight or for at least 12 hours • Shred

The way Random Acts of Flowers works, a nominated community member is selected each week, and that chosen recipient will receive a surprise flower arrangement. Oleander’s Floral Design will pick a praiseworthy recipient each week and send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to their home or office.

In a medium size pan, add ½ cup of olive oil over medium-high heat. When oil is sizzling hot, add the shredded potatoes and your favorite dry seasonings. Salt & Pepper to taste. Cook until brown on the bottom, then flip over and brown the other side. Serves 2 Crème de la Crème, 2991 Bloor St. W., Etobicoke, Ontario Specializing in Breakfasts, Salads & Sandwiches. All made fresh from scratch Open 7 days a week from 7:30a.m. to 4:00p.m.

One of the many recipients of Oleander’s Random Act of Flowers program is Irene Koncius who volunteers her time teaching exercise and yoga to seniors several times a week. Irene also teaches a computer and Internet skills course at another senior’s centre. As a token of appreciation, you can nominate a benevolent person that you feel is deserving of a complimentary bouquet of flowers. To nominate a commendable individual, visit Oleander’s Facebook page at www. Oleander Floral Design is located at 2902 Bloor Street West. Contact Oleander’s by phone at 416-236-8273.


History in the Making: A Look Back at the Kingsway During the 20th Century By: Lindsay Howe

Life in the Kingsway: The First Half of the 20th Century In the early 1900’s Robert Home Smith, a renowned lawyer and real estate developer in Etobicoke had an inspired vision for the Kingsway, which he fought hard to achieve. He wanted to build a neighbourhood that was “a little bit of England far from England”. By the 1920’s and 30’s, the Kingsway had developed into Home Smith’s vision of the ideal community. He first called the neighbourhood “Kingsway Park”. Kingsway Park, now known as The Kingsway was a neighbourhood of tasteful, luxurious homes situated on long winding streets in a park like setting. By the 1930’s, the Kingsway was already rapidly expanding, with about 200 new homes being built each year. In 1933, Pharmacist Carman Mainprize moved to the Kingsway and went on to play a major part in the life and development of the Kingsway. Mainprize first purchased a drug store in the Kingsway and added a post office. Six years later he built a medical and dental clinic across the street. Lastly, in 1947, Mainprize built an A&P store, which became the first grocery store in the area. The 1950’s and Onwards

In the late 1990’s The Millennium Project created an opportunity to enhance the neighbourhood by working to improve the overall quality and ambiance of the Kingsway streetscape. Enhanced lighting and beautiful streetlights were added and new trees were planted. Medians were reconstructed, with proper irrigation and drainage systems.

By the early 1960’s, the Kingsway had established itself as an ideal place to live; the residential community continued to develop and expand, and businesses in the area were flourishing. The Kingsway had really established itself as a shopping district that customers could count on. By this time there were 8 pharmacies, 7 gas stations, 7 shoe stores, 5 ladies wear, 4 menswear, 3 jewellery stores, 8 specialty good stores, 3 grocery stores, 4 furnishing stores and just 4 restaurants.

The KBIA proceeded to take on a five-year capital project program to replace all existing streetlights with lower, elegant wrought iron streetlights. At the Millennium Celebration on December 3, 1999, Mayor Mel Lastman lit the light on the first median in celebration of the Kingsway’s new breathtaking streetscape.

The Kingsway Businessmen’s Association, consisted of a group of male business owners in the area who gathered for weekly meeting. They discussed problems faced within their business, and together they worked on possible solutions. The Kingsway Businessmen’s Association planned and executed activities to improve the business community.

The Millennium and Beyond The Kingsway community has successfully preserved the traditional style of housing and atmosphere of Robert Home Smith’s ideal neighbourhood that he fought to build a century ago. Businesses in the area continue to grow and flourish, attesting to the fact that customers enjoy and often prefer the comfort of small shops over large chains. Many Kingsway businesses have stood the test of time, and remained in business over the course of a few decades. Community members continue to return to the localized shops because they appreciate the expert advice and quality care they receive when shopping at the Kingsway boutiques.

In 1967, the Bloor-Danforth subway line was completed. Around this time, more shopping malls were opening in the area, including Sherway Gardens. This led a large percentage of shoppers away from the comfort of their own neighbourhood to venture out to the new retail venues. With the take over of chain stores, many independent businesses in the Kingsway struggled to remain open.

** In celebration of its 40th year, the KBIA is looking for any historical pictures of the Kingsway area you would like to share. Also, the Kingsway BIA is working to gain a stronger social media presence. Follow the KBIA on Twitter @thekingswaybia to receive updates on events and stay tuned in! Take the time to engage in the Kingsway this spring and summer and discover that everything you could possible need, or want is right within the comfort of your own neighbourhood! For more information contact the Kingsway BIA at 416-239-8243 or via email at

Businessmen in the west end strived to save their businesses by coordinating a professional revitalization program. Jewellery store-owner in Bloor West Village, Neil McLellan led the group of businessmen to fight City Hall in an attempt revitalize their business area. Together they won legislation requiring all businesses to join their local BIA.

KBIA. “A Bit of Kingsway History.” The Kingsway Business Bulletin 5 (Mar. 2009): 6-8.

Each BIA became responsible for the physical improvements and promotional activities within the business area. Each elected Board of Management was given an operating budged, collected by the City through property tax bills. In 1970 the first BIA was formed in Bloor West Village, and three years later, the Council for the Borough of Etobicoke passed a by-law in 1973 establishing the Kingsway Business Improvement Area, and a Board of Management was created. Into the 80’s and 90’s, the Kingsway businesses continued to prosper, with more upscale restaurants, stores and high-end services to suit all customer needs. Local banks for example expanded their financial services to provide residents with personal banking and investment advice. Many more personal services venues opened up in the Kingsway, including hair salons and nail salons. The 1990’s brought even more changes and further growth to the Kingsway. Condominiums started to go up, causing more and people to relocate to the Kingsway community.


KOMMUNITY KORNER Volunteers needed! Help seniors in your community! Interested in volunteering with seniors in the Etobicoke community? Join our team as an Adult Day Service Volunteer to assist with kitchen tasks and provide social interaction to our clients. Have access to your own vehicle? Become an Escorted Transportation Volunteer and provide seniors with comfortable rides to vital appointments (mileage reimbursements available!). Alternatively, provide weekly companionship, as a Volunteer Visitor, to a senior living in Etobicoke. ESS Support Services is a not-for-profit agency committed to supporting seniors in their desire to remain in their own homes and community. Please call 416-243-0127 ext. 242 or visit to join our team of volunteers!

Welcome to the neighbourhood! Congratulations to these new businesses that have moved into the neighbourhood. Studio 3 3 Jackson Ave. Fido 3015 Bloor St. West Lapin Calin 5 Brentwood Rd N. Healthy Living Plus 3066 Bloor St. West


Joe Buttice Ottimo Ristorante & Pizzeria 3075 Bloor St. West Etobicoke, Ontario

Cathy Beaulieu Chair

Barry S. Phillips

Beaulieu Vision Care Eye Boutique 2938 Bloor St. W. Etobicoke, Ontario

Shoppers Drug Mart 3010 Bloor Street West Etobicoke, Ontario

Mitch Champagne Expedia Cruise Ship Center, Kingsway Vice-Chair 2879 Bloor Street West Etobicoke, Ontario

Jamie Helm

Mitchell, Bardyn, & Zalucky LLP 3029 Bloor Street West Etobicoke, Ontario

Jonathan Sung Treasurer

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Summer Music - Take the plunge! New musical opportunities abound in the summer, and the summertime break from routine is an ideal time to dive into new musical waters. Right here at our doorstep, The Kingsway Conservatory of Music promises something for everyone for the Summer of 2013! Since it’s never too early to start, The Kingsway Conservatory has crafted Early Years summer programs to tap into children’s creativity, innate musicality and artistic self-expression. Week-long Early Childhood Musicianship classes for the very young (ages 1 to 3) will cultivate children’s intrinsic instruments - body and voice - while uncovering the sheer joy music-making. KCM’s new Triple-Threat Arts Discovery Camp will introduce 4- to 8-year-olds to a new world of self-expression through a lively exploration of music, art and drama. Beginning string players (ages 4 to 10) will delight in KCM’s bustling Suzuki/Traditional Strings Camp encompassing semi-private lessons, ensemble playing and a raft of specialty classes including folk-dancing, hand-drumming and Orff/Kodaly musicianship. Youth seeking summer musical adventure will be exhilarated by what’s on offer at the Kingsway Conservatory. Now in its second season, KCM’s West Toronto Summer Chamber Music Workshop provides a rare opportunity for advanced piano and string players to explore duet, trio and quartet repertoire, build orchestral skills and receive coaching from a passionate faculty of chamber music professionals. Young performers with a musical theatre bent are invited to dive into KCM’s action-packed Musical Theatre Camp: Into the Woods Jr! All participants will be cast in a role and will receive instruction in voice, dance and acting plus set, costume and props design. This two-week musical theatre immersion will culminate in a fantastic, full-scale finale production.

When the Parenting Roles Reverse It’s inevitable, we age, and there comes a time for all of us lucky enough to have our parents with us into their later years, when the parenting roles reverse. The parents who have taken care of you and watched over your shoulder as you grew and matured are now relying on you to help them meet their needs. For your parents, depending on you is a lesson in humility and can bring a range of emotions they may not have expected such as guilt, frustration or even depression or embarrassment. Transitioning into the role of primary caregiver for your parents in need of parenting is no less difficult for you. Having to make decisions that affect their life, independence and care makes many a son and daughter uncomfortable and doubtful as to whether or not they’ve made the right choices. Help yourself help your elderly loved ones: Base Decisions on Respect and Dignity Respect who your parents are and their wishes of how they would like to live out their life as best you can. They may have a living will or have spoken with you before. Use this to guide you when and if they are unable to express their preferences themselves, as seen in those with Alzheimer’s disease.

Other Kingsway Conservatory offerings this summer include fast-track Music Theory classes, preparing students for RCM exams outside of their busy academic year. Flexible summer packs of Private Lessons (4, 6 or 8 lessons) are available in piano, voice, strings, winds, guitar and drums - try a new instrument and/or keep musically fit through the summer.

Don’t Leave Difficult Decisions Too Late Communication is the key to understanding your parent’s situation, feelings, needs and wants. Don’t leave difficult but necessary conversations too late, such as ‘what would you want to happen when you can no longer bathe by yourself?’ Learn about the preferences your parents have and take note.

Since 1995, The Kingsway Conservatory of Music has pursued its goal of inspiring musical discovery at every age and every stage. KCM’s bright and elegant facilities set a fitting stage for musical exporation in the summertime. With so much musical opportunity at our doorstep, take the plunge this summer and dive in to The Kingsway Conservatory!

Clarify Expectations Being the primary caregiver in a family can often be a willing burden. You want to help, you feel expected to help, but it takes more than one. If your siblings or involved relatives expect you to care for Mom or Dad, clarify how they expect to contribute. They can help with finances, do the shopping, organize the home care schedules or give you respite breaks when needed.

The Kingsway Conservatory of Music is located at 2848 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M8X 1A9. Call (416) 234-0121or visit

Don’t Neglect Yourself How many times have they told you the story about what happened to them at the grocery store? Often people with dementia will repeat stories, sometimes word for word, without remembering they’ve already told you. They may ask you the same questions over and over again, too. Share in Their Life Spend quality time with your parents and don’t dwell on their mortality. Make memories together that will last and fuel you during the more difficult times. Educate Yourself Medical treatment, surgery and rehabilitation options are changing and you need to be the moderator of you and your parent’s healthcare. Be informed about any health concerns, join support groups and meet with professionals. Plan Ahead for Homecare Speak to a professional home care provider to learn how your parent’s independence can be supported with respect and dignity through the compassionate care of caregivers. Gael Hepworth is Director of Care with Premier Homecare Services in Etobicoke. She can be reached at 416-623-8229.


LINGERIE SHOPPING: LOVE OR LOATHE? Do! Browse the new collections of your preferred lingerie brands before you set out and pick your favourites. If you note down the name of the series it will be much easier to ask for it in the shop. Run your eye over the Marie Jo and Marie Jo L’Aventure spring collections. You can also immediately see when the various sets are available in shops. Get the expert advice of experienced shop staff. A lingerie stylist will help you find the right size and the style that brings the best out of your body. And she’ll be very discreet about it. Because the whole store doesn’t need to know your cup size! ;-) No experts in the neighbourhood but not sure about your size? Here’s a cool trick to try: shake it! Lean forward, shake your breasts, straighten up and check in the fitting room mirror to see whether your bra is still perfect. If there are no creases or folds in the cup, the gore between the cups is nice and snug, and the back wings have not ridden up, you have a winner! Don’t! Go lingerie shopping at the busiest times. Standing in line for a fitting room when you’re dying to try on a set? Who needs that! Curtains that don’t close properly? Give me some privacy please! ;-)

Compromise! If you find the perfect set but they don’t have your size, choose something else or try another shop. When fitting in the shop you may feel you can live with the next size up or down. But you’ll always feel it doesn’t quite fit perfectly… and you deserve better!

Bring along your partner when you are looking for something just for you. You won’t necessarily be looking for the same thing… a revealing set may be perfect for a romantic date, but it will probably never be something you’ll want to wear day-to-day.

Drop by Simply Chic Fine Lingerie for your elegant shopping atmosphere. Simply Chic is located at 2912 Bloor Street West. Call 416-233-2900 or visit


Renovating Your Kitchen or Bathroom? Call Instyle Kitchens and Bathrooms

Deciding to Sell

From demolition to decorating, we handle the entire job.

Everyone has their own reason for selling their home. One thing, however, is universally true: the desire to get as much as you can for your home. There are a lot of ways you can add value that you might want to consider, such as:

After 10 years and over 400 completed renovation projects in the Etobicoke area, Instyle Kitchens & Bathrooms offers customers the ease and simplicity of a three-step process to a complete kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Renovating – this can be something as simple as freshening up the walls with a coat of paint or updating your door knobs and lighting with more contemporary styles all the way to major renovations like installing a new kitchen, bathroom or hardwood floors. Before you do anything though, it’s probably wise to know how much value a renovation or remodel will actually add to your sale price and how much other comparable homes in your neighbourhood are selling for. A Royal LePage agent is a great source of information. They can give you an assessment on your home so you don’t embark on expensive renovations before knowing

Step one: Call Instyle (416-833-4343) to set up a free in-home consultation. Step two: During the in-home consultation with the homeowners, design, material options and labour cost are discussed. Instyle will review a portfolio of past local projects to clearly outline what is accomplished on a week-to-week bases. New customers can verify those timelines through references from former customers.

Enhancing curb appeal – first impressions mean a lot. Which is why you want your home looking its very best when a potential buyer is standing at the bottom of your driveway or simply passing through the neighbourhood. So, make sure the lawn is cut and raked. If there are some dead patches of grass, overseed or sod. Trim bushes and trees, even add a few brightly coloured flowers. Touch up any peeling paint around exterior windows and doors, stain the fence or deck, clean up your garage or shed and ensure that your home looks just as enticing at night by making sure it’s well lit

“We are grateful when former customers allow new customers over for a private viewing of completed projects,” says Instyle co-owner Gerry Turino, a custom builder and master electrician by trade. “New customers will get a non-biased assessment of our work, and the renovation experience with Instyle.” Step three: At our showroom (near Jane and bloor) we select all materials (cabinets, flooring, countertops, fixtures, tiles, lighting) and reveal a draft 3d drawing of the kitchen or bathroom (s) design ideals are discussed along with a labour schedule. After all design materials have been selected and costed out. Building, plumbing and electrical permits are discussed and quote is given based on the selected materials.

Getting a home inspection – the last thing you want is for the deal to fall through due to an unpleasant surprise. It’s also highly likely that the buyer will ask for a home inspection anyway. So you may want to consider taking the initiative yourself. That way, if there are any major repairs that need doing now, it won’t jeopardize the sale of your home or force you to lower the price later on

Owners and local long-time residents Gerry Turino and Michael Lamarche have the acquired skill set needed to redesign and re-engineer the unique kitchens and bathrooms of the areas, which usually consist of a small room with ill-placed windows and far too many doorways.

So, now you’re all ready to put that For Sale sign on your front lawn. What’s next? Contact Royal LePage Real Estate Services – The Kingsway Branch at 416.236.1871 and we’ll connect you with one of our many great real estate agents to guide you through the process.

“Michael and I have dealt with almost every type of construction or space planning problem imaginable in these old homes,” says Turino. “We are at a stage where we can react to any problem without a total disruption of the schedule, a complaint we hear about other companies consistently.” For an appointment or further information call 416-833-4343 or visit online at






Call 905.615.4405 or visit 15

How can your home sell faster and for top dollar? Let me explain how to make your home perfect for your buyer. Preparation is the key to selling your home in any market for its best worth and making sure that your home is ready for your buyer. Whether your home needs a facelift or a simple makeover, please keep these tips in mind: · When hiring a company to provide these services, do your research. · Get advice on the mechanics of your home – i.e., the furnace, air conditioning (HVAC), the roof. · Kitchen and bathroom makeovers can help you sell your house for top dollar. · Painting, re-facing cabinetry may be all your home needs. · Flooring, hardwood refinishing, a simple fix creating a new look to the 5th wall. · De-cluttering and cleaning can be a simple task, ridding your home of unwanted and unused items. · Depersonalizing your home allows for a clear vision of your its best features. · Staging, rearranging, colour co-ordination and accessorizing can really bring out the fine qualities. · Repair what is latent! Make sure that you fix what is necessary to disclose. Please note that there is an average rate of return when you prepare and sell. For example, cleaning and de-cluttering (as simple as removing unwanted items) equals approximately 596%!* Preparing your home step by step is important if you are considering selling. Ask your professional about what is best for your house and for your buyer. There are many businesses out there – please be aware of who you hire to prepare your house for sale. Please ask me about the system that works and the average return on investment charts and call me for advice on how to prepare your home for sale. Resourceful and committed to your needs – REAL ESTATE by DESIGN™. Please contact Susan Quaglieri, Sales Representative, Royal LePage West Realty Group, at 416245-9933 (office) or 416-524-0401 (direct). *source:


Your child wants contacts. It might be a better option than you think.


By Silvia Yeomans, Queen Spectacle & Kingsway Opticians Moms and dads are always leery about when their children ask to get contact lenses. Rightfully so! It’s such a milestone in a child’s life to take on such a responsibility. If your child is involved in sports, rehearsals, lessons or has a high prescription, this might be a better idea than you think!

Join the MSO for our exciting 42nd season under the baton of newlyappointed conductor Denis Mastromonaco.

Parents would rather their children take their glasses off (so that they don’t break them) than wear glasses. Makes sense! But, the child cannot see! Their depth perception is off, they have no peripheral vision and they may not see the ball or target as well as they do when they have the proper correction in front of their eyes. And, their confidence might be lost.

On October 12th, “Russian Treasures” introduces the mysteries of the Slavic soul, with Glinka’s Ruslan and Lyudmila Overture, and Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1, performed by world-renowned pianist Valerie Tryon. Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition brings the concert to a majestic close.

Some children play competitive sports or have dance recitals and the safety and comfort are much better in contact lenses than some safety glasses. The world of contact lenses has improved so much that your child now has the comfort and convenience of daily disposable contact lenses. There are some that come with the UV protection in them, so you know your child’s eyes are protected.

Trumpeter Guy Few has long been a favourite with MSO audiences. On November 23rd, he headlines “Heroic Brass”, playing Haydn’s light-hearted Trumpet Concerto. Verdi’s Nabucco Overture and Bruckner’s Fourth Symphony complete the program.

The contacts are easy. Your child can wake up in the morning, put them in, throw away the disposable case, don’t worry about the solution and they’re easy to carry around, and when they’re done wearing them, they just toss them in the garbage. No fuss. The most difficult part is putting the contact lenses in, and taking them out, and that part is not that difficult.

Help us ring in the season at our “Holiday Spectacular” on December 14th. Joined by the Mississauga Youth Orchestra, we play all your favourites, from Tchaikovsky to Leroy Anderson. As always, you and your children can visit the Long & McQuade “Petting Zoo” and shop for arts and crafts created by our talented musicians. Don’t forget your sleigh bells!

Eyeglasses will still be required. If your child normally wears glasses for distance, you will still need to make sure that they have a pair. Contact lenses should not, under any circumstances, be worn from the moment they wake up to bedtime, every day. If the intention is to wear the contact lenses, you (as a parent) will have a hard time finding an optician willing to allow for that abuse. Their young eyes need to be respected and allowed to rest.

Join us on February 8th for “Young at Heart”, a casual concert of family favourites like Peter and the Wolf, The Blue Danube Waltz and the playful Toy Symphony, with a performance by the winner of the First Annual MSO Youth Concerto Competition. On March 22nd, we offer “Classical Origins” in a concert of Beethoven, Mozart and Brahms. Soloist Peter Longworth returns to our stage to perform Brahms’s passionate Piano Concerto No. 2. Our audience traditionally leaps to its feet and cheers when Mr. Longworth finishes playing!

If your child is younger, and contact lenses sound like something that would benefit their performance, a licensed Optician would teach the mom or dad to insert/remove the lenses. Having the option to wear contact lenses is such a wonderful option, and yet, it’s still at the supervision of the parents. Licensed Opticians are there to educate the parents to see if this is something that would benefit their child and if it’s something that will be supervised and not abused.

Our season ends on May 10th with the oft-requested return of The Band of the Royal Regiment of Canada. Band and orchestra will give you “The Royal Treatment” in a program by Respighi, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, and a special arrangement of Pirates of the Caribbean.

Contact lenses still require good hygiene and proper care. If you think this is something that you’d like to consider for your child, feel free to speak to your Licensed Optician if it’s right for them. Our team is fully trained and specialized in children’s eyecare as young as the infant stage.

Truly a season not to be missed! For more information about the Mississauga Symphony’s Concerts and Events go to or call 905.615.4405.

If you’d like to contact us for a fitting or see if this will suit your child, Kingsway Opticians is located at 3000 Bloor Street West. For your added convenience, we have locations in Streetsville and Port Credit (Mississauga).


$150,000 OTF Grant for Women’s Habitat of Etobicoke

Taking Steps to Save Your Family Money By Bernard Trottier, MP Etobicoke-Lakeshore

Parents are fully aware of the expenses that come with raising a family. From basic necessities such as clothing and food, to education and recreational activities – it adds up fast. That’s why our Conservative government has worked consistently to deliver significant savings for Canadian families since we were first elected in 2006.

Capital Grant for Upgrades and Renovations to the Shelter Laurel Broten, MPP for Etobicoke-Lakeshore is pleased to announce that Women’s Habitat of Etobicoke has received a $150,000 grant in the latest round of funding awarded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The news of the grant created excitement for the shelter’s staff and volunteers as the funds will be used to start some much needed renovations and upgrades to their site.

We started by introducing the Universal Child Care Benefit, providing real choice in child care by giving parents $1,200 a year for each child under the age of six. We’ve kept taxes low, including cutting the lowest personal income tax rate to 15%, as well as cutting the GST from 7% to 5%. We’ve also delivered tax credits that are helping families save every year, such as the Family Caregiver Tax Credit, the Child Tax Credit, the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit and the Children’s Arts Tax Credit. The average family now saves $3,200 a year.

“The Board of Directors and management of Women’s Habitat have worked to develop a comprehensive vision to support women fleeing violence and to reduce and prevent violence in our community,” said MPP Broten. “Their outdated building does not allow the agency to make that vision a reality in the longer term, so I am delighted that this funding will bring them closer to their goal of a renovated shelter.” Women’s Habitat has been providing support and shelter to abused women and children for more than 35 years. The space is in need of upgrades to continue meeting the needs of staff, volunteers and those seeking shelter. A children’s playroom will be created, bathrooms will be upgraded and made more accessible, the kitchen will be relocated and a program room will be renovated. Women’s Habitat now has approximately $800,000 of the estimated $1.5 million that the capital renovation will cost.

Despite these savings, constituents in Etobicoke-Lakeshore remind me of the fact that the price of many products needed to support their family are consistently priced higher in Canada compared to the same product sold in the United States. We’ve taken action through our latest Budget, Economic Action Plan 2013, to help deliver lower prices for hard-working Canadian families. Hockey skates, skis and baby clothing are just a few of the goods that will now be a little more affordable. To do this, our Government has removed tariffs on imported baby clothing and sports equipment, resulting in significant savings for families. Other examples of gear that are now tariff-free include: snowboards, golf clubs, toboggans and roller skates. We expect competitive businesses to pass these savings to their customers.

“We are very excited to be able to secure this grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation,” said Silvia Samsa, Executive Director. “Our dream of renovating the shelter is becoming a reality.” For more information on Women’s Habitat Etobicoke, please visit the website at: A leading grant-maker in Canada, the Ontario Trillium Foundation strengthens the capacity of the voluntary sector through investments in community-based initiatives.

This action builds on our Government’s strong record of providing real savings to Canadian families. In fact, since 2009, we’ve eliminated close to 1,900 tariffs, providing more than $590 million in tariff relief annually to Canadian businesses and consumers.

An agency of the Government of Ontario, OTF builds healthy and vibrant communities. For more information, please visit the website at:

We hope to provide further tariff relief and opportunities for Canadian exporters, through our free-trade agenda. The proposed Canada-EU free-trade deal, for example, will add about $10 billion per year to Canada’s economy and will provide tariff savings of almost $750 million a year.


Economic Action Plan 2013 also introduced the long-overdue restructuring of Canada’s General Preferential Tariff (GPT) regime, created in 1974 to assist least developed countries. The world has changed a lot since 1974, and countries like China, Brazil, India and South Korea would not be classified as “least developed countries.”


To be clear, the GPT regime is not a free trade program – there is no increased access for Canadian companies to the GPT countries. Therefore, beginning in 2015, countries like China will no longer receive preferential tariff treatment; they will treated like any other country with whom we do not have a free trade agreement.

Design & Renovation (416)


Canada is a strong participant in the global economy, and tariff policies are fundamental to shaping our trade relationships. By reducing tariffs overall, we’re working to ease the financial burden of raising a family in Canada.


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KINGSWAY KORNERS - Spring 2013  

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