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Mission Statement - The Roundabout Centre Believes Who’s Who Family Community Support Service Early Years Foundation Stage Forest School Day Nursery The Key Person Approach Things you can do to help your child Principles and protocols for Bayards Hill Primary School and The Roundabout Centre Centre Policies and Procedures Quotes from parents and children

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The Roundabout Centre provides quality services for the community The Roundabout Centre Believes... Everybody is welcome and included throughout the centre. That we respect one another. That we listen to everyone’s views and feelings recognising that we are all individuals. Staff will be working together for the benefit of families and the community.


Who’s who

Centre Manager The Centre Manager supports and co-ordinates the development of the Children’s Centre. They ensure a range of services are provided to improve outcomes for all children under 5 and their families in the local community.

stimulating environment for the children in the day nursery. They work to establish stable and consistent relationships with individual children and their families.

Children Centre Teacher

The teacher has a lead role in supporting and developing the quality of learning and Family Community Support Service teaching within The Roundabout Centre area. Manager The teacher works in and with settings to The Family Community Support Service develop and share skills to ensure the Early Manager leads, supports and co-ordinates Years Foundation Stage principles are put into a range of family and community support services within The Roundabout Centre and the practice. local area.


Children Centre Practitioners (Family Community Support Service) Children Centre Practitioners contribute to the planning and delivery of a range of services to meet the needs of the children and families in the local community.

Day Nursery Manager The Day Nursery Manager leads, supports and co-ordinates the running of the day nursery maintaining a welcoming, nurturing and stimulating environment for the children in the day nursery.

Children Centre Practitioners (Day Nursery) Early Years Support Workers contribute to providing a responsive, nurturing and


Our administrators welcome families to the centre at reception and assist in the day to day running of the office.

Cooks We have two chefs at The Roundabout Centre providing meals for the Family Community Support Service and the Day Nursery.

Cleaners Our cleaners provide a professional cleaning service throughout the centre.

Volunteers At The Roundabout Centre we value volunteers as they enhance the services we can offer to families with young children. Some volunteers just want to help, some want to give back

support they have received themselves, whatever the reason, we value the time and energy people are prepared to give. We provide support for volunteers to access training opportunities, to develop confidence and skills that will support them in the future. All staff and volunteers have an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check.

The Roundabout Centre Advisory Partnership Group

We meet once a term to plan and to monitor how well the services are meeting families’ needs. We really value input from parents/ carers and members of the community. If you would like to join the group, share your ideas, give us feedback, or make any compliments or complaints, please contact the Centre Managers.


We value the time


The Roundabout Centre Advisory Partnership Group welcomes parents/carers to have their say and to tell us what is needed in our community and help us improve what we do. We welcome your ideas, knowledge, skills, opinions and energy.

and energy people are prepared to give

Partners We work with a wide number of people who run regular clinics or sessions at the centre, please ask for more information.


Family and Community Support Service

The Family and Community Support Service aims to empower and enhance the lives of children and their carers in our local community with a service that: l responds to the needs of local children and their carers l is inclusive and accessible l safeguards and promotes well being l involves and nurtures children and carers l offers the opportunity for personal development.

How do we work? Our primary aim is to offer good quality provision for children and their families. This is achieved by providing a range of services that will support children and their families.

Stay and Play Stay and Play sessions are held at The Roundabout Centre and in the local community. A rich and varied environment supports children’s learning and development. It gives the child the confidence to explore and learn in the secure and safe, yet challenging indoor and outdoor spaces. Drinks, fruit and light meals can be purchased during your stay. The sessions: l provide a safe interesting place for children to play l offer the opportunity for parents/carers to meet and chat l provide access to information and support



 re open during school holidays when we a include activities for older children.

Outreach The Roundabout Centre has a number of Children Centre Practitioners who are employed to reach out to the community in a direct way; much of their work takes place in family homes providing support tailored to individual needs. We can offer support with different things such as: visiting The Roundabout Centre for the first time; parenting; supporting you if your child has additional needs and sign posting to other services. The Outreach Service also offers support in the community through satellite projects, working with the local schools and Barton Neighbourhood Centre. To find out more please speak to a Children Centre Practitioner or your Health Visitor.

Round-about-Dads Round-about-Dads meet the first and third Saturday of every month with dads and children enjoying a breakfast together. The Stay and Play session is open to all dads’, stepdads’, mums partners’, uncles’ and grandads’. It provides a place for dads who don’t live with their children to meet in a safe and friendly environment. It is a good place to talk to

other dads who may be experiencing the same dilemas and challenges. Best of all, dads have fun alongside their children learning side by side, discovering the value of play.

Baby Café Baby Café is a weekly drop-in for pregnant and breastfeeding women to come and find out about breastfeeding and access specialist support if needed. The Baby Café is set out with coffee tables; comfy sofas and toys are available for accompanying toddlers. Come and meet other mums in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, refreshments available.

Different adult courses are provided throughout the year. These are usually term time, with a crèche.

How can you find out more about family support at The Roundabout Centre?

As well as learning in adult classes I have

Adult Courses

made new friends

You can find more details about day-to-day activities through: l looking at the notice boards l our leaflet l our weekly planning l our newsletters l or ask a parent, a volunteer or a member of staff.


The Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is used across The Roundabout Centre to support children’s learning and development and welfare. Meeting the individual needs of all children lies at the heart of the EYFS and our Children Centre Practitioners have a key role to play in working with parents to support their young children to get the best possible start in life.

The framework:  alues and celebrates children, V recognising their individuality, efforts and achievements. l Recognises that all children have from birth a need to develop learning through interaction with people and exploration of the world around them. l Recognises the nature of how children develop and learn. l Acknowledges, values and supports the adults that work with babies and young children. l Provides opportunities for reflection on practice. l Informs and develops practice whilst acknowledging that working with babies and children is a complex task. l


The framework focuses on the child. The principles which guide the work of all early years’ practitioners are grouped into 4 themes:  Unique Child - every child is a competent A learner from birth who can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured. l Positive Relationships - children learn to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships with parents and/or a key person. l Enabling Environments - the environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children’s development and learning. l Learning and Development - children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. All areas of Learning and Development are equally important and inter-connected. l

The Roundabout Centre supports this framework and we agree that:  arents and families are central to the P well-being of the child. l Relationships with other people are crucial in a child’s life. l A relationship with a key person at home and in the day nursery is essential for a child’s well-being. l Meeting the individual needs of all children lies at the heart of the EYFS. l


 lay, and supporting play through a safe but P challenging environment with effective adult support, underpins the delivery of the EYFS for all our children.

Within the Learning and Development aspect there are areas which help support Children Centre Practitioners to observe, plan and assess the needs of children based on their individual development.

friendly welcome and caring staff



High quality resources,


Forest School

Learning outdoors is an essential part of early years education and Forest School enables the children to experience woodland settings at different times of the year. Being in woodlands where the curriculum is child initiated and child led provides children with the motivation and the interest to try out new ideas and skills in a failure free environment. The children learn to manage their own risk taking in an exciting place with supportive adults. Assessing and managing risks are very important skills for children to develop and having regular time in the woods provides the ideal environment for this to happen. Learning to co-operate, communicate and develop imagination are other important skills which are developed through the Forest School ethos. Exploring nature is the first step in gaining respect for the natural world and once that is experienced children learn to care for the environment.

While at Forest School children develop:  ersonal confidence and self esteem. P l Social and emotional skills including working with others to achieve a task and perseverance. l A wide range of physical skills. l A greater understanding of the world around them. l A positive attitude towards learning and taking risks. l



Day Nursery

Our aim is to create a family atmosphere, which is safe, caring, stimulating and friendly for all children. We believe in working in partnership with parents and carers. We offer child centred play opportunities to promote happy and confident children. We offer a wide range of sessions including funded early education sessions. We work in partnership with Bayards Hill Primary School providing ‘Wraparound’ care before and after school and during the school holidays.

The Roundabout Centre Day Nursery is a registered provision with Ofsted and meets the Early Years Foundation Stage welfare requirements. We follow strict registration requirements that ensure that we have legal staffing levels, qualifications, space, light, safety and access.

All inclusive fees include:  ualified experienced staff Q l Breakfast l Fruit available l Freshly prepared healthy cooked lunch and dessert l Light tea l Baby milk l Nappies. l

create a family atmosphere, which is safe, caring, stimulating and friendly for all children


The nursery areas are well planned and resourced, with attractively decorated wall-displays showing children’s achievements and photographs. The outdoor area is safe and spacious, with a selection of appropriate toys and activities.

Our aim is to

The Key Person Approach

What is the Key Person Approach? The key person approach enables children to learn to be independent by having someone they can depend on. Every child deserves to be special to someone and the Key Person Approach recognises this. It is a reciprocal relationship between a Children Centre Practitioner, an individual child and their family. It provides the child with a sense of security so that they feel confident to explore their world and form further relationships. The key person has an ‘invisible thread’ of attachment to their key child, holding them in mind throughout their time in nursery.

What is the role of the key person? The role of the key person is to know their individual child and support their sense of identity and individuality. They are aware of their individual child’s and family needs, preferences and development. The key person will be the person who welcomes the child into the nursery and helps them settle in their new environment. They would also be the main person providing the child’s intimate care, such as, nappy changing, putting the child to sleep and other physical

closeness. Any information shared with parents is done mainly through the key person.

The key person at The Roundabout Centre Day Nursery A child and their family will have a key person. They will belong to a ‘family group’. Each key person is paired with a ‘buddy’ who takes on the role of the key person in their absence with the support of another practitioner in their extended family. It is part of the key person’s role to ensure that the buddy and other practitioners are aware of their child’s needs.

The role of the key person is to know

their individual child and support their sense of identity and individuality

The Roundabout Centre Day Nursery believes in the values and principles of the Key Person Approach.


Things you can do to help your child

Inform us of any changed circumstances which may affect your child. l Let us know if your child contracts an infectious illness. l Keep your child at home if they are unwell. l Label your child’s clothing. l Provide your child with clothing and shoes that are easy for your child to manage themselves (indoor and outdoor shoes would be helpful). l Children are encouraged to play with paint, clay and go outside in all weather. Please do not send children in their best clothes. Remember to provide warm clothing for outside play. l For wet weather outdoor play each child will need waterproof clothes and wellington boots. l Please let us know if someone else is collecting your child. Please ensure that you have a password ready. l Let us know of any changes of address or phone number. l Punctuality is very important, both at the beginning and end of the session. A late collection charge will apply. l

achieve continuity and consistency for the child


We hope to



Principles and protocols for Bayards Hill Primary School and The Roundabout Centre

The Roundabout Centre works in partnership with Bayards Hill Primary School. The guiding principle is access to a seamless provision of high quality early years education for all children and high quality childcare and family support to those families that need it.

Admissions The Governors of Bayards Hill Primary School and The Roundabout Centre Advisory Partnership Group work in close partnership. The admissions policies of both settings aim to be complementary but admission to one cannot be taken as a guarantee to a place in the other. We ask you to complete an application form so that the most appropriate available provision can be organised for the family.

If you need childcare in addition to Bayards Hill Primary School education then The Roundabout Centre Day Nursery can arrange for the children to be taken to/from school. l If you live outside the Bayards Hill catchment area and it is inconvenient for you to enrol your child/ren at your local school for their early years entitlement (because you need childcare as well) they are welcome to enrol at The Roundabout Centre (subject to an available place). l

If you would like a copy of the principles and protocols please ask a member of The Roundabout Centre Day Nursery Staff.

 ayards Hill Primary School offers high B quality Early Years Foundation Stage education. If you intend your child to attend the school for his/her statutory education then you are advised to use the school for your child’s early years entitlement. l If Early Years places are not available at Bayards Hill Primary School, every effort will be made to offer this provision at The Roundabout Centre. l



Centre Policies and Procedures

Equality & Diversity


The Roundabout Centre recognises each individual has equal rights and responsibilities, no matter whether they are an adult or a child. We welcome diversity and promote inclusive principles for all children and families in our community.

The Roundabout Centre expects all staff, volunteers and students on placement to maintain confidentiality and security of information. Any child or adult using The Roundabout Centre services has the right to expect private information they share to remain private. However, if there is a safety issue regarding a child or adult, this may mean information must be shared in a sensitive and respectful way.

Code of Conduct The Roundabout Centre respects all staff, visitors, volunteers and children. We do not tolerate or expect any forms of abuse or violence. We treat all forms of abuse or violence very seriously.

Safeguarding As adults we have a responsibility to protect children in our care and follow set procedures.


Children have a right to protection from being hurt, violence, abuse and neglect. The Roundabout Centre is committed to working together with other agencies to promote the rights and welfare of all children.

to discuss issues with the Family Community Support Manager or Day Nursery Manager. A copy of our complaints procedure is available; please see a member of staff.

The Roundabout Centre Day Nursery is registered with Ofsted and are required to inform Ofsted without delay of any allegations of serious harm or abuse by any person living, working or looking after children at The Roundabout Centre. We will also notify Oxfordshire Safeguarding Children’s Board without delay of any allegation of serious harm or abuse by any person.

Partnership with parent/carers

Complaints We like to resolve queries and complaints immediately. Families can make appointments


We make every effort to provide a safe and

healthy environment for your child

We, at The Roundabout Centre, recognise that children’s first impressions of the world begin at home and it is therefore vital that both the Children Centre and parents work together. Parents are encouraged to share their ideas with us to help shape the service we offer to them and their children. We value the contributions made by parents and will actively seek a partnership through which the children will benefit. This is an essential ingredient in supporting children’s confidence and developing their learning potential.

Health and Safety

Data Protection

We make every effort to provide a safe and healthy environment for all our families, children, staff, partners, students and volunteers. Regular inspections are carried out of the indoor and outdoor environment and we have regular fire drills. All families are asked to sign in on arrival and out on departure of the centre. To maintain the safety of the children in the Day Nursery parents must not let any person into the nursery. This is to protect the children.

Information you give to The Roundabout Centre about yourself and your family will be held on a secure computer and/or manual records, which you have a right to see and check.

Illness and Medication If your child is unwell or shows signs of any illness please keep them at home until recovered. If a child becomes ill during their time in Day Nursery, parent/carers will be contacted to come and collect their child on the emergency numbers you have given us. Please can parents inform The Roundabout Centre if their child has any contagious illness.

Settling in (Day Nursery) We believe that it is important for parent/ carers and staff to work together to help their child settle in and feel secure in day nursery. In order to help with the settling in process, parents/carers are encouraged to stay with their child/ren for the first few visits and build up a gradual separation to ease their child’s anxiety. Your child’s key person will be responsible for greeting and saying goodbye to them. Please always hand your child over to their key person/buddy. Parents/carers are always welcome to contact the Day Nursery if they have any concerns about their child.

Late Collection (Day Nursery)

Parents/carers need to advise the Day Nursery by telephone if they are going to be late Forms will need to be signed by the parents/ to collect their child. Parent/carers that carers before we can administer any medicines. are consistently late should be aware that Please see full policy for details. there is a charge (as stated in their parental agreement) that will be added to their child’s invoice.



The Roundabout Centre gives me the chance to spend some time with my kids, playing and doing fun stuff. For the kids, it gives them a chance to meet and play with friends. All this, plus the chance to talk to other dads, and a good breakfast too.

Since my son has been eating lunch at The Roundabout Centre he is eating much better and will eat anything. We love having lunch as we know we are getting healthy good food.

I have been using The Roundabout Centre for five years and have received so much practical and emotional support with family life. I really value the work they are doing in my community.

Thank you for all your great support. The Roundabout Centre has been not only a great place for my son to gain social skills but it has also been a place where I have been given help, guidance and support in all ways. My whole life has changed since being linked with the centre; from being a lonely, isolated person, to someone that has been supported and linked to all sorts of things. I am now at college and in my spare time like to help at the centre.


The best children’s centre in the world, you’ve got good toys

The Roundabout Centre has evolved and developed since I started using it. It is vibrant with a fun atmosphere for children and is a great way to access resources, information and advice.

The Roundabout Centre Telephone: 01865 764952 Email: Opening Times: Monday - Friday 8.00 am - 6.00 pm Occasional Saturdays

Roundabout Day Nursery prospectus  

Roundabout Day Nursery prospectus

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