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A very special hello and welcome to this, the 100th edition of Tim magazine! A century not out! I can hardly believe it. It seems like only yesterday that we first started the magazine and yet, here we are, now celebrating our centenary edition. It’s hard to believe that something that started out on such a small scale has now grown into something so large & still continues to expand! Our thanks must go to all of you out there who have supported us throughout the last 8 years and more. Please keep sending us your thoughts & comments.


On being iconic


The Garden


From poverty to freedom Pt 3


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Last month’s competition winners were Mrs A Nicholls of El Campello, who spotted Bully hiding on page 10 in last month’s edition in the Coastline advert (a crisp 50 euro note is winging its way to Mrs Nicholls) & the winner of the Top to Toe LaStone body massage was Montse Marté of Ceuti, Murcia.


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See entry form on page 57 in this month’s edition for your chance to win a 50 euro note.


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March is now upon us & the first really important date of the month is Mother’s Day on Sunday 10th - best not to forget that one - then on the 19th it is Spanish Father’s Day & 2 further red days at the end of the month, on the 28th & 29th preceding Easter Sunday. Although we haven’t had too bad a winter, I for one, am really looking forward to those lazy, crazy hazy days of summer (is that a queue for a NKC song?) and particularly so to those lovely, longer, warmer, sunny evenings. Spanish (& British) summer time begins at the end of this month and the clocks go forward at 2am on Easter Sunday (31st of March). All of you Good Friday gardeners can start uncovering the garden furniture this month but you’d better get the teak oil ready – what a joy!

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Regards The Tim Team

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On being iconic

The Cathedra l in Santiago de Compostel a

By Chris Thompson

Are you old enough to remember The Saint, the TV series with Roger Moore as Simon Templar, the urbane, Volvo P1800 driving thief? Simon went to exotic places. When there was a shot of the Eiffel Tower he was in Paris. When it was Rome we’d get a view of Fiats rushing by the Coliseum. Now stick with the idea, and think of the establishing shots you would use for New York, London, Rio de Janeiro or Sydney. Not too difficult eh? Now do it for Spain. How would you show that Simon was heading for Madrid? My guess is that you would have to use a guitarist wearing a broad brimmed flat hat sitting alongside a frock twirling, castanet clicking señorita with a caption underneath saying Madrid.

im genhe g u G The seum in Mu o Bilba

It does seem quite odd to me that Spain has very little that most people would immediately associate visually with the country. Show me a cow half way up a hillside and I think chocolate, numbered bank accounts and cuckoo clocks. A mermaid; Copenhagen and beer, a plate of spaghetti and we’re in Italy. After all Spain had a huge Empire and it’s been an important European power for centuries. It’s chock a block with big impressive buildings in all the major towns. It has plenty of writers, painters, film makers and the like. It should have plenty of obvious icons but the only things that come to mind are bulls, castanets, swirly frocks and maybe, at a push, paella. I wonder if it’s because Spain has so often been inward looking during long periods of it’s history. Nowadays lots of the Britons I know plan holidays to far flung spots – China, Thailand, India, Kenya or South America whilst the majority of Spanish people I talk to go to the same place year after year. Usually it’s a place close to home. If you live in Elche you holiday in Santa Pola, Murcia and you head for La Manga. Think of all those Hollywood films. I can’t remember a single one that revolves around Spaniards. There are plenty about Italians, the Irish, Jewish people, Mexicans, and even the French but no Spaniards. In 2007 there was a competition to find the New Seven Wonders of the World. The eventual winner was the Taj Mahal in India. The Spanish entry was the Alhambra in Granada. It’s a lovely place. I’ve been there a couple of times and I have vivid memories of the sensation of it. I couldn’t though describe the general external appearance to you. The Alhambra didn’t get into the final seven neither did the British entry of Stonehenge. Now here, for what it’s worth, is my top ten of the most iconic architecture in Spain. If you have any suggestions or amendments to the list why not have your say on the TIM website?

El Escor


7 The skyli ne of Toledo e” uixot Q n o D The “ indmills w ra nsueg o C n i

The Mezquita at Cordoba

The Giralda in Seville 4

The Sagr ada Familia in Barcelon a

ra The Alhamb in Granada

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The New Spanish Resident Asset Declaration Nick Venn DipPFS I am sure you may have seen one or two editorials and adverts highlighting the piece of new Spanish Legislation from October 2012, Ley 7/2012 which affects Spanish Residents who were in situ on 31 December 2012. With a deadline of 30 April 2013, individuals, companies and trusts have a responsibility to make a Declaration of a variety of different assets in excess of 50,000 Euro. Although we are quite independent of each other, we have teamed up with a few select Spanish (English speaking) Accountants, Solicitors and Tax Advisers who can provide professional wealth planning, tax and legal advice. We would like to give the opportunity for our Expat community to hear first hand from our highly professional colleagues and invite you along to one of the following Seminars. We will be on hand to provide any assistance, to ensure the morning runs smoothly and looking at the tax efficiency of investments. Also look out in the Coast Rider or Euro Weekly for other venues and Open Days. You can expect to receive a short Presentation surrounding the Modelo 720 Declaration and there will be opportunity for Q&A. Attendance is FREE but spaces will be limited, so kindly phone the numbers below to book your place.

MANOR HOUSE Paredon, Pinoso 03650 Thursday 14 March 2013 10.30 for 11.00 AM start

Los Periquitos Hotel & Spa Ctra. Fortuna Near Fortuna 30628 Thursday 21 March 2013 10.30 for 11.00 AM start

You can book your place by telephoning Torrevieja Office: 965 704338 10 – 2pm Nick Venn DipPFS: 689 151 631 / 966 196 563 or email:



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Travelling experience in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Last night I noticed many homeless people lying on the dirty floor, Written from experience, travelling alone at the age of 19, by Gemma Smith which really upset me. I got really emotional as I realised how lucky I was and there’s people living without a roof over their head. I must also be suffering from stress as my friend managed to pull out two grey hairs from my head - was incredible! Today we will be using public transport which will be interesting to see, and at the same time gain an insight to local transportation. Something I have been thinking about recently is how I’ve continued to take my organisational skills with me even whilst travelling, keeping my clothes folded and things lined up neatly! I’ve also been fascinated with how they give you notes for 1 Malaysian Ringet, making you feel rich, when in fact, the value is very little. The erratic driving and way of life, even towards animals lacking a professed love for them unlike Westerners, gives me the feeling that they have no value for life. They seem to be mesmerised with Westerners in general too, consistently staring and even taking photographs. I heard that Asian women wish they could have a white woman’s nose, and they love the white skin so have a tendency of staring without meaning wrong by doing so... Once I awoke today I decided to walk around the beautiful town of Kuala Lumpur and literally shopped until I couldn’t shop anymore! I bought so much that my rucksack is now almost exploding. I’ve managed to buy all my presents, which is fantastic, as I thought it’d be better to do it all here instead of doing it in Australia or NZ. The market stalls were fantastic and they were so full of things that I just love and adore. It was an amazing shopping experience. Bartering with the guys on the stalls was so funny too and my skills often worked as I managed to keep prices low! :) The weather turned bad on us as we were leaving Nandos, with slight thunder shooting from the skies above us. We hung around for a bit whilst being very close to our hotel, but none of us wanted to get wet so tried waiting for as long as possible. However, it was getting late and we had to get ready for the Sky Bar, so eventually we all embraced the bad weather and got absolutely drenched which was comical now looking back! Me, my friend Chesca and the tour guide were first to get to the Sky Bar so we waited patiently downstairs in the posh, elegant building. The bar was beautiful with a lovely pool in the centre of it. We both shared two bottles of wine which came to 192 ringets which is approximately 45 pound and then on top of that we had to pay government tax and service charge! I think it was partly to do with the location of where we were as we could see the Petronas towers which are stunning and we were on floor 33 so the height was a bonus. The whole night was amazing; I danced it away and met loads of interesting people...

On the whole, Asia has been interesting and a very cultural experience. It has been great using chop sticks to eat my dinner some nights too, which I didn’t do a great job at on the contrary, but at least I can say I tried! The steam boat cooker that a part of our group used the other night to cook their dinner with was educative and eye-opening as a different manner of dining, and you see just how healthy Thai and Chinese food is in comparison to how a lot of us Westerners choose to eat! 6

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T.I.M Magazine™ For plants that need cool roots, use rocks around the base to offer some protection. You will know what your garden is like, where the sun rises or sets and where the winds hit worst.

March is the time when we really start to get active in the garden. Easter is the traditional time to trundle off in our droves to the garden centres and spend huge amounts of money on plants which we hope will give us months, if not years, of enjoyment.

If you have pets then make sure plants are not in a place where they might get the occasional ‘extra’ watering. Pots can be positioned higher and rocks or small stones near the base might be an extra deterrent to stop pets getting too close

So, with this in mind I want to give a timely round up of do’s and don’ts with regard to buying and planting. As I have said many many times before, we invest a lot of money into the garden and its worth taking time to make sure we look after our investments properly Firstly, let’s consider what to buy. Well you can do worse than look around your locality and see what grows well. It is a strange thing but something that grows well in your garden will not survive 10k up the road due to the big fluctuations in altitude and micro climate. Where we live we cannot grow citrus fruits yet friends only half hour drive away have the luxury of fruit trees growing in their back yard. So, look about and talk to neighbours and use that knowledge to influence your buying

Pots with soft compost can be attractive to cats so a scattering of stones can be helpful to deter ‘scrabbing’ plus will help protect the plant from too much sun and will hold in moisture better. Till next time...

My green thumb came only as a result of the mistakes I made while learning to see things

Secondly, when you go to buy, look at the growing environment for the plants you choose. Mostly you will be looking at plants growing in poly-tunnels, protected from the extremes of temperature and from icy winds. This being the case, when you get your plants home you must give them a period of hardening up. Give them protection overnight and then place them outside during the daytime. This is not just for a few nights; you might do this for up to a week. At the end of January we purchased a selection of pansies. They spent several nights in our kitchen, then several days/nights under the naya before planting out. It’s worth taking these steps to gradually introduce your plants to the cold so that they can harden up and have an increased chance of survival. Okay, now you have your plants fully hardened so you need to position them in the garden. Whether planting in a pot or in the ground, make sure you introduce drainage by placing rocks or stones or broken crocks at the base of the pot or planting hole. Very few plants like sitting in a puddle so, rule of thumb, make sure you get the drainage right. Use good compost, mixed with a little grit to fill in. Good compost will be crumbly and will not have lots of bark or other material mixed in. We usually spend about 8 euros on a bag of compost, you can buy cheaper but it is false economy. Once you have planted, look after your plant. Water and feed regularly. Check for bugs, diseases etc and take action accordingly. Most people have internet these days, or access to the internet, so look online and see what your plants need. Some like shade some like full sun. It is easy to see what growing requirements are and follow these.

The Garden

By Barbara Barton


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from the plant’s point of view. H. Fred Dale

Costa Blanca

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JAGUARS BIG CATS & Purrrrrrfect Weather.

We are so fortunate here in Spain to be blessed with beautiful weather most of the time, even in January when most of the rest of Europe is still gripped in the icy talons of a Northern hemisphere winter. Even here in Spain we had suffered bitterly cold high winds sweeping south from the Pyrenees. However on Sunday 27th January we woke up to clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine, a great day to take the beloved “Big Cat” out for a drive. This first meeting of the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club for 2013 took place at Restaurant Los Almendros in Torrellano, near Alicante Airport, our usual meeting place. I wish to thank all those who attended the meeting and brought along their beautiful cars. On arrival it was so warm we sat outside to partake of a “tipple” or two, while we waited for all the members to arrive.

an XJS and a fabulous XK8 convertible which are all for sale. Not only did we have fantastic vehicles from across the Jaguar spectrum but we had a phenomenal range of different people, of course we had good old Brits but also we had people from Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, France and even Scotland and the Isle of Man. For this meeting, we had planned a presentation on ECU remapping from Roadstar but the representative cancelled at the last minute which was disappointing but these things happen. Restaurant Los Almendros looked after us as usual the lunch was exceptional, the famous Los Almendros bread with tomato and aioli, a plate of cured hams and salami, a salad stack, deep fried baby squid. The main course was a choice on slow roast pork on the bone or sword fish. Followed by dessert. Wine, water, beers and beautiful aromatic coffee. Just fabulous food at an amazing price. It is worth coming to the meetings just for the lunch alone! After the group photographs and a last chat, people started to depart just after 4:30pm and it was still warm enough to sit outside, we finished our drinks then made our way home. One other piece of news, I am really pleased to announce the appointment of Damien Albaiges who has agreed to start a region of the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club in the Cataluna area. Damien, a lawyer by profession, lives in Reus, Tarragona. Damien can be contacted by Email at For the future, we are planning to hold the JEC meetings on the last Sunday of each month, therefore the next meeting will be on 24th February 2013 at our usual meeting place, Restaurant Los Almendros in Torrellano. For details of our future events contact Ian or Uschi at

Recently I appointed Ian & Uschi McMenemy as JEC Events Managers. This was the first meeting they had organised and what a terrific job they did. Eventually we had 25 beautiful Jaguars and 55 people. I would like to thank them both for all their hard work which helped make the day such a great success. Even with just 25 cars all lined up and glistening in the sun, it really was a sight to behold and it attracted quite a few ordinary members of the public admiring the cars and taking pictures. The old regulars were there as usual, some good examples of XK’s and XKR’s. An E type’s graced the ranks, a new Jaguar XF saloon and a number of XJ’s in various models and of course “The Guvnors” XK8 Convertible. XJS’s, more XK8’s, and a number of S Types completed the line up this time. Where else can you see such a line up of perfectly sculptured steel? For those people who are about to give in to the urge to own a Jaguar, included in the line up were an E type, 10

Written by Eric Arnold

The Jaguar Enthusias ts Club is the largest of the worlds Jaguar Clubs, apar t from the fun at th e meetings, members also bene fit from a monthly m ag azine, and a technical advice serv ice second to none. Sp ec ial insurance deals and approved service centres are als o part of the benefits. The JEC in Spain is organised by Er ic Arnold who can be contacted by email at jaguarsp ain @outlook. com or by phone on 609 931 647 or alter na tiv ely check out the JEC web sit e or co me along to our next meeting an d have a chat, contac t Er ic by email to register your inter est.

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Costa Blanca

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Working out using resistance training and weights is vital for building strength and muscle tone. We asked an expert how women can tone their muscles without getting too big. Women are too weak, that is according to new research out this week. And we do mean that in a physical sense. Experts are concerned that women today aren’t as strong as their grannies and mums were at their age because of lifestyle changes that see us focus on being thin, not strong. Weight and resistance training builds muscle strength, whilst protecting your bones. Many women avoid weight training because they’re worried about putting on muscle mass and looking bulky or masculine. But because of this, we’re putting ourselves at risk of a whole host of medical nasties from broken bones to back ache. Modern women are the weakest generation ever. Weight training or resistance training? Weight training is a common type of strength training - used to increase strength and size of muscles whereas resistance training is any exercise that causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance. This works to increase strength and tone. In a nutshell you would weight train to gain mass and resistance train to tone up. This type of training can use weights, the weight of your own body or resistance bands. Strength training is and should be a vital part of your regular work for good health. What’s the best training to strengthen muscles and tone up without bulking up? As always the industry is much about opinions. Resistance training is your best bet. That’s basically the kind of weighted exercises done in a circuit training style routine that really fatigue the chosen muscles. So Resistance/Circuit Training and Boxercise and a mix of Boxing Circuits and even Body Pump! Are great workouts for increasing muscle strength for toning and fat burning.

Does using weights help you keep weight off? Yes. In order to lose weight, it’s important to increase your rate of metabolism. Lifting weights increases your body’s rate of metabolism and keeps it raised long after the activity is completed, which subsequently leads to weight (specifically fat) loss. Are light weights with lots of reps a good idea for women? Not necessarily. Opinions show, an average person visiting a gym and not looking to compete in any way should pick a weight with which they can do 12 - 15 repetitions. Is there a way to work out how heavy a weight to start on? Everybody is different, and most professionals recommend starting as low as possible. If the weight feels too easy, go heavier for the next set. Keep going like that until you find the weight that feel you can do several sets of reps with, that way you’ll avoid injury What kinds of weights are best (kettle bells, wires etc.)? All weights are used for different things but kettle bells are probably the most versatile though. There’s not a lot you can’t do with a Kettle bell, but not all gyms have access to kettle bells. How long does it take to see a difference? Training properly, three times a week, ideally with a good personal trainer, you should start to see/ feel results after 6 weeks or so. Any less and its going to take considerable time to make visual difference! Are there key things to avoid if you don’t want to bulk up? Ridiculously heavy weights, mass gainer protein powders and any growth supplements such as creatine. Are there any signs that show you’re over doing it? Your body will tell you when you’re over doing it. A lot of the time you’ll get ill. This is a key sign to take a rest and let your body recover!

Richard Draper is a per sonal Trainer on the Co sta Blanca, if you require mo re information on the ab ove or some Personal Train ing/information, see my advert on page 59 for more inf o.


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 Hyundai Getz, Fiesta or similar  Automatic cars available  Full airport service  Child seats & booster seats available  Ex hire cars available for purchase with FSH – Tel: 620 900 690 – 966 195 205

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Spain: From Poverty to Freedom Pt. 3 In this series of articles, Rob Innis looks at the years following Franco’s death and the emerging years of new democracy. Following on from last month – Democracy comes at a cost as corruption and scandal dominates the political arena. The main source for these articles is taken from John Hooper’s ‘The New Spaniards’ 2nd edition published by Penguin.

survived ETA’s car bomb attack on him, and which actually earned him consequential extra voter respect and support. Aznar managed to establish a government with the Catalan nationalist leader. Although it was not a formal coalition, it worked. Euro on the agenda Next on Aznar’s agenda was for Spain to enter the Euro. The EU had agreed the entry conditions, designed to make the new currency stable and robust. However, it was generally expected that the weaker economies of the ‘Club Med’ countries including Spain would enter later when they could meet the criteria.

Socialists retain power Despite the sleaze and accusations of the late 1980s the Socialists were again returned to power in 1989, though probably more by the lack of a genuine alternative, despite Aznar running for the PP party, than their own abilities at legitimate government. Spain entered the world stage in 1992 with Barcelona hosting a very successful Olympic Games. Madrid was City of Culture - which failed to ignite being described, kindly, as ‘unexceptional’ whilst Seville hosted the ill-fated ‘Expo ’92.’ Themed on the ‘discovery’ of America by Columbus, who departed from Spain on his voyage of discovery, the Seville event was to be twinned with Chicago, but the Americans pulled out. It went ahead but several accidents marred the festivities. Including the sinking of a replica vessel, the showpiece pavilion burnt to the ground and police opened fire on Seville rioters. Creating an unforgettable image - but for all the wrong reasons. A further election victory in 1993 kept the Socialists in power and a new name appeared in their ranks – Baltasar Garzon. Despite his previous attempts to expose the truth of the government’s involvement with the earlier ETA member murders. Further scandal and corruption continued to dog the government to the unbelievable extent of the Luis Roldan case. He was responsible for construction of Guardia Civil premises and amassed a fortune of 5 billion pesetas (around 30 million Euros) in bribes. He fled the country but was later tracked down, convicted and sentenced to 28 years in prison. Aznar comes to power By 1996 this, and other issues, all helped discredit the Socialists and their loss of power, albeit by a slim majority, to Jose Maria Aznar. Who

Aznar became even more determined to get Spain into the Euro from Day 1 when he learnt that by a fluke of conditions Portugal would qualify – he was determined Spain’s weaker neighbour would not benefit ahead of Spain in the Euro bonanza. Part of his initiatives included reforming labour laws that, despite initial opposition from the unions, saw Spain’s unemployed rate fall from 23% to 15%, which benefitted the economy and even allowed for income tax rate reductions. This fuelled growth and with low inflation and interest rates during 1997 – 2000 placed Spain in a good position for Euro entry. Aznar’s PP party was now in a strong position and fears of pension and benefits cuts proved unfounded so support and confidence for Partido Popular grew. The Basque issue was still on the agenda and Aznar’s hatred of ETA, after their failed assassination attempt on him, meant he took a strong line although it was unpopular with many voters. However, ETA’s action in 1997 murdering a young PP town councillor played into Aznar’s hands and he gained support on his stand against ETA and Basque independence. The major corruption issues had faded and the Socialist government was well established winning the next election in 2000 and, despite a low turnout, it had a majority enabling it to govern without the need for direct Catalan support. Meanwhile the PSOE went through an upheaval of leaders and policies before finally making a break with their past and appointed Zapatero to present a new image for the party. Next month – Natural disaster and terrorism strikes in Spain.

The New Spaniards By John Hooper Available from Books4Spain 14

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EROSKI SAN JAVIER COLABORATING WITH “FLAMENCO FOR ALL” What wonderful news in this crisis ridden era to get support and collaboration from a big Company as is Eroski San Javier. The nonprofit Cultural Association FLAMENCO FOR ALL has been chosen by Eroski San Javier for the work it is doing in integrating many different nationalities using flamenco dance to introduce foreigners living in this area to the beauty of Spanish Culture. Raquel Peña, the President and Director has already been honoured with numerous awards for her work in this field, chosen Woman of the Year by the Orihuela Town Hall 2010, and named Teacher of the Year 2012 by the Coast Rider Pride of Spain Awards just to name a few. The Association always supports charities with performances, has a Sevillanas Social Club and encourages integration with over 10 nationalities that are members.

Company. Reservations are now being accepted for their next performance at The Torrevieja Municipal Theatre on May 19th at 5:30pm, tickets €10 and €15. The elected charity for a €2500 donation is AFA(Friends of Alzheimers,Torreveija) and the program will include many new choreographies by Raquel Peña with a new luxury wardrobe designed by one of Spain’s leading designers. For reservations and information please call 630 689 431 or e-mail:

Many exciting projects are being discussed and the first will be a series of free performances by the Flamenco For All Amateur Dance Group in the Dos Mares Commercial Centre with the first one held on February 9th and further dates to be announced. The Flamenco For All Dance Group is having a very busy spring season with many performances, including the Torrevieja Municipal Theatre, shows for the Pink Ladies AECC, The Torrevieja Stroke Group, HAH, to just name a few. Important update on the Raquel Peña Professional Flamenco Dance


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TOP QUALITY ENGLISH & DUTCH FOODS AT LOW, LOW PRICES Hondon de los Frailes – On your doorstep! NOW OVER 2,000 PRODUCT LINES IN STOCK Offering EASYPOST postal services with daily collections from Monday to Thursday We are proud to present Benidorm favourites – Dame Will Sparkle & Andy Dove Casa Galiana 2 March 2013 8.00 pm ‘til late Tickets: 10 € All proceeds go to Street Cats Charity

         

By heck they love a bargain!

 

Many thanks to all our supporters – during 2012 we spayed 112 cats and 60 dogs! Charity shop open Wednesday 10-2 and Saturday 10-4 – All donations gratefully received – proceeds go to Street Cats Charity

Tel: 606 687 388 or 687 191 458 Avenida Blasco Banez, 62 (next to the school and ferreteria)

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The Legal Page Written by Rob Innis with Ignacio Pellicer Mollá (Abogado- Solicitor – Barrister) of Pellicer & Heredia Abogados Have you invested your money in preference shares with a Spanish bank? Since the financial crisis started many Spanish banks and cajas have been restructured via mergers, take-overs or have been sold to other financial institutions. Many well known names have disappeared leaving some customers worried about their investments. Investing by buying preferred shares has turned into a nightmare for many unsuspecting consumers who did not have either the knowledge or profesional advice to understand the risks involved. Investment in preferred shares in major High Street Banks has not been the guaranteed investment that many were expecting and needed to mainitain their wealth. At the very begining of the credit crunch, known in Spain as ‘el crisis’ some banks financed themselves when they badly needed money by selling these shares - it was an easy way for them to raise money. What are Preferred Shares? Investing money in debt of any bank. This means that you loan your money to the bank in exchange for this investment they will pay some interest thanks to the benefit achieved in its operations. Deepending on the prospectus of the preferred shares of any bank, the preference is a complex product and detail of the risks was not properly understood by many investors. Preferred Risks. It is very important to understand that the issuance of preference shares are not considered a deposit and therefore not covered by the Deposit Guarantee Fund in the event that things go badly wrong for the Bank. Preferred is a commercial term, not supposed to have preferred creditor status. These risks might have not been mentioned to you but might be

now exposed at your bank. Trying to sell these shares of some banks may now be impossible, and you need to urgently think about whether you could start any legal action against the bank to claim compensation. What about the Interest on the preferred shares? You will only receive interest if the bank has capital and profits. This is bad news for any entity nationalized by the state. What about my capital invested? If the bank has been nationalized, then preference shares do not pay any interest (because there are no profits) so the problem is that there is no possibility of any buyer and the chances are nil of selling as they have no value. Could I cash in my shares? No. The bank has no obligation to repay or refund your money in the preferred, since they are perpetual (lifetime). If the bank is bankrupt or with financial problems, the consequence is that nobody will buy a product that repays nothing and where you can lose everything. So were investors deceived? Usually the type of client was retired conservative investors who were poorly informed. People who trusted the bank director’s advice and now could lose everything. It is a tragedy to see that these shares were sold as a ‘deposit-like’ at 8% interest, a very tempting rate and also very conservative. But in fact they were very far from risk free. What action can I take if I have these investments? You could start a legal action against the bank. But to be succesful will depend on proving that the customer did not know or was not explained about the risks of the product. It is typically the CAM Bank (now part of the Banco Sabadell Group) which is most affected. The drama of the preferences for CAM bank management was that the bank did not sell what was best for their customers because the risks involved were not always explained in detail. If you have lost all your money on the preferred CAM 22/10/2011or if you are one of those who invested some money into the preference shares of any bank, do not hesitate to contact Pellicer & Heredia Lawyers, (see our advert on the front cover) who are experts in this field. You will need to bring with you copy of the contract you signed with the bank and bank receipts of the money paid. Our team will study your case and will give you clear legal advise. Special rates for TIM readers and first consultation will be free. Please bear in mind if you were never informed of any of these possible risks, the bank will be negligent because of not giving you the accurate information and so you might have a valid claim for compensation.

Pellicer & Heredia are hosting a free information tax seminar – please see their advert and reserve your place now. 18

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Special offers and payment terms on health and funeral plans Car, House, Commercial, Life, Funeral, Travel, Marine, Golf and Pet Insurance. DO YOU NEED LIFE INSURANCE? With premiums that can be up to 50% cheaper, plus the age of joining extended to seventy. For more information on Life Insurance visit your nearest office. or email us on

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Sterling v Euro update

965 070 584 / 635 015 818 E.

The GBP/EUR made some very large moves since the beginning of this year. Now predictions are just that and not set in stone, but they do tend to be self-fulfilling. If enough analysts believe a currency will follow a particular course then the markets will react by buying or selling accordingly. As I have said before, markets are moved by greed, fear, and doubt almost irrespectiveof whatever political or economic issues are occurring! Analysts have identified a ‘channel’ within which the pair seems to be confined in the long term (shown between the red lines). The weakening pound seems to have hit the bottom of this channel during week ending 02/02/13. Most think that a recovery is due, but after such large moves progress will be slow and volatile. Providing 1.15 is not breached it is likely that there will now period of consolidation between 1.155 and 1.18 before heading back to higher areas for the summer.

Weekly movements 1 Feb 2008 - 19 Feb 2013

So, if you are moving Euro to Sterling I would get on with it! Sterling to Euro…..? Well it depends how much you need it, we may see 1.20 by June, but choppy sideways action is forecast for the near term. Just hope you get lucky and exchange on the peaks and not the dips! The chart shows the Weekly movement of the GBP against the EUR. This seems to be following an upward channel which we hit the bottom of during January. For further information on transferring money at the best rates with no charges, call us or pop into the Pinoso office. By Janet Lees


Spare One Plus

In a world of battery-hungry phones such as iPhones and Androids, the SpareOne Plus sticks out - its makers claim it lasts for 15 years. The affordable mobile that runs on a single, AA battery and is built as a ‘spare’ phone for emergencies - it can even call emergency services without a SIM card. Designed as a back-up phone you can carry without worrying if it’s charged or not, the SpareOne is built to leave in the car for emergencies, or to pack in travel luggage – especially if you or your loved ones plan to go off the beaten track (or offpiste). The simple numerical keypad is also ideal for older users who might only use a phone occasionally. The new version, SpareOne Plus, has a GPS tracker which allows the user to be tracked by Emergency services - and can display its location on a paired iPhone app. The SpareOne can be pre-programmed for instant access to phone numbers of key contacts, including the relevant emergency services in any location. That single battery offers a talk time of up to 10 hours. The phone’s developer, XPAL Power, says: “it’s essentially designed to make and receive the most important calls, no matter what”. It even comes with the AA battery included.


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Long gone are those days from a previous life when the first thing I used to do in my lunch-hour, or, before I’d even kicked my shoes off after arriving home after work, was to flick on the box and browse Ceefax. Invariably, the routine was the same; page 102 for the news index followed by 302 for the football and, depending on the season, page 340 for the County Championship cricket scores. I’m still a bit of a news junkie, albeit one who stares at a different type of screen for hours on end. The advent, and subsequent massive popularity, of the internet soon put paid to my dirty little habit which, compared to the newer technology, just seemed so dated. Nowadays, my “newsfeed” of choice is web based and 550 million people, or so I read, around the world have the same idea. Just like facebook, some American students with the dangerous combination of way too much intelligence and the same amount of spare time on their hands are the ones to thank for this particular internet behemoth. Jack Dorsey - wasn’t singer Engelbert Humperdinck originally called something similar ? - was the principal architect, and the original idea was social networking, text message style. Once again, what began life as a modest project to allow a group of geeky chappies to communicate with each other in small groups 22

via SMS type missives just grew and grew. This month will see their micro-blogging site celebrate it’s seventh birthday, for at least five of those years Jack Dorsey and all his mates have, not surprisingly, been extremely wealthy indeed. It’s sounds a bit like a hyper-active canary, but Twitter is it’s name and for me it has become an indispensable part of my day. What exactly is it, though? If you cast your minds back to February of last year you’ll recall I wrote on these pages about a social networking phenomenon by the name of facebook. Well, Twitter is another one, albeit completely different. Whereas facebook connects you to friends and acquaintances that, generally speaking, you actually know, Twitter allows you to keep tabs on friends, random strangers, megastars of music, sporting gods and the rich and famous. Quite simply, every account has a user name preceded by the “at” symbol, the one Spanish folk refer to as arroba - it’s actually called an asperand - and the name of the game is to attract ‘followers’. Don’t worry, Twitter isn’t actually a stalkers paradise, a follower is just the term given to fellow users who subscribe to your status updates which, truth be told, is the whole point of the thing. It’s a simple concept, one in which users have up to 140 characters to amuse, inform, provoke, sympathise, mock or gloat etc, etc. Quite often, a lot of these things happen simultaneously! Clever technology reduces the size of web links so those precious characters aren’t wasted and it’s also possible to add media such as photo’s or video. Anyone who is anyone has a Twitter account, including stars of stage and screen and the sporting world. Telly comedian Stephen Fry, for example, who describes himself thus – British Actor, Writer, Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear, Blogger – has

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over five million followers. Me? I have to make do with a meagre couple of hundred. It isn’t the winning that counts, though, it’s the taking part and I absolutely love it, which brings me neatly back to Ceefax. My choice of minor celebs to follow include sports journalists, (both British and Spanish), Politicians, (heaven only knows why), random strangers who make me laugh, various news outlets and too many football related accounts to mention. As of the time of writing, and it really is very fluid, I have attached myself, limpet-like, to almost four hundred poor unfortunates. My carefully selected victims allow me to scroll down through their updates, each of which is called a tweet, to cherry-pick all the news and views I choose. After something of a sluggish start, in the beginning I used it so infrequently I forgot my log-in details, now I wouldn’t be without it. Quite often, breaking news appears instantly on Twitter, which, in recent times has established itself as the first port of call for anyone with something important to say. Unfortunately, the internet is a bit like the old wild west, a seemingly lawless place where where people can, and frequently do, misbehave with reckless abandon. For all of it’s many advantages for newshounds like me, Twitter can also be a haven for the kinds of trolls who have nothing better to do than poke spiteful fun at people’s misfortunes. Team GB Olympic diver, Tom Daley, was one well known sportsman who fell victim to internet abuse via Twitter. Thankfully, the moron who chose to abuse Daley by suggesting he had let his late father down by only finishing fourth at the London games, was soon apprehended. Possibly because the cretin used his real name for his hate filled nonsense.

online spats, these are always quite fun to read, especially if they involve politicians. Footballers, some would say never the best educated of people, have often withdrawn ill-timed tweets denigrating either their club or manager in a vain expectation of shutting a back page story down . Twitter, though, is instant and celebrity offerings are invariably retweeted, that is to say, resent to an even wider audience. For Twitter, six degrees of separation really is a tad generous, so the golden rule is what you make public will probably stay public. By prefixing certain words in a tweet with the # hashtag, messages with the same hashtag will be lumped together as a themed group, if enough people do likewise fast enough, the subject of the message will become a trending topic. Occasionally, a world event or news story has sufficient mileage in it to trend of it’s own volition. Alternatively, deliberate attempts by user groups to engineer trending topics, often in protest, or to promote an event or cause are commonplace too. With all kinds of goodies and add-ons available for serious tweeters, adding content such as video from mobile phones is simpler than ever and contributes greatly to the massive increase in Twitter traffic, thought to be in excess of one hundred and fifty million worldwide tweets a day. And now for the good news, TIM magazine also has a Twitter account. Check out and follow, @timspaindotcom for all the latest news and information from around our part of the Costa Blanca.

By Kevin Rendall

In fairness, the vast majority of ‘tweeps,’ (that’s the genius nickname coined by the amalgamation of twitter and peeps), are of a decent disposition with incidents such as the Daley thing mercifully rare. Once or twice well known personalities make complete tits of themselves by getting involved in E-mail: • Web site:


T.I.M magazine™ Semana Santa (Holy Week) is celebrated throughout Spain, but is especially significant for the people of Jumilla, as their Semana Santa is the oldest one in the region of Murcia and considered to be of National Touristic Interest. Semana Santa lasts for more than a week and is one of the highlights of the year for Jumilla. The first Semana Santa celebrations in Jumilla were held in 1411, inspired by the preaching of St Vincent Ferrer in the old church of Santa Maria de Gracia, which was situated in the original town near Jumilla Castle. A new church Santa María de Rabal was subsequently built on the remains of an Islam necropolis, between the years 1430 and 1500, when the population living in the shelter of the castle moved down to the plain. The founding of this church is said to have been inspired by the visit of St. Vincent too. All that remains today however are the main entrance and the church tower. The first cofradía, or brotherhood, was the cofradía of Vera Cruz y Santo Sepulcro, which originated in 1609. There are now a total of 19 cofradías in Jumilla, with more than 4,500 members, who organise the numerous Semana Santa processions. Semana Santa starts on Viernes de Dolores (the Friday before Palm Sunday) and finishes on Easter Sunday and on most days there is at least one procession to watch. Both old and young Jumillanos take part, dressed in traditional costume, either helping to carry one of the countless religious statues, playing in one of the many bands or handing out sweets to the eagerly watching children. The main “Caramelada” is on Domingo de Resurrección, where Spanish children scramble for the sweets that are thrown on the street, rather than over indulging themselves with chocolate Easter eggs. However in recent years we have spotted Easter eggs on sale in our local Aldi, so we suspect that some children will have the best of both worlds. There will be three “tamboradas” this year for those of you who enjoy listening to drums. The main drumming sessions will be on Saturday 23 and Saturday 30 March, with the drummers marching from Plaza de Arriba to the parking area behind the indoor market. Friends of ours who live near there usually ask to visit us for the night rather than try to sleep with drums being banged enthusiastically outside their apartment! The children’s tamborada will take place on 25 March at 17.00 and the children will march de Arriba to the Paseo Lorenzo Guardiola. to say the children don’t drum through the many children can be seen still beating they walk back home!

Wine always features in Jumilla´s Semana Santa, as well as during other fiestas. This year the popular Miniferia del Vino will be held on Saturday 23 March. For a nominal sum you can purchase a wine glass and then wander around the stands sampling some of Jumilla’s best wines, with nibbles of cheese, ham, bread etc to accompany your wine. Other highlights during Semana Santa include the following: The Procession of Silence. This is held late at night and all the lights in the old town are switched off, with only a few bonfires to light the way for the penitents, some of whom have bare feet as they drag chains behind them. Palm Sunday. This is the occasion where Jesus rides through the streets of Jumilla on a donkey, only stopping when proud parents pass their babies to him for photos: inevitably this means that this is the slowest procession! The visit to the Monuments, popularly known as Las Manolas. The señoras parade in their finery, wearing traditional mantillas and staggeringly high heels, accompanied by the señors from the cofradías dressed in their robes. Full details of Semana Santa 2013 will be available on my website: www. just as soon as I can lay my hands on the official programme.

Monday from Plaza Needless night, though their drums as

By Sue Walker



miss S


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in Jum


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2 huge showrooms

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Everlasting Love The chocolate box is empty, the roses have wilted and Valentine’s Day is over. Why wait another twelve months to display how you feel about a loved one? Spain lends itself to romance and the City of Girona is perfect for a romantic weekend at any time of the year.

The smell of fl owers is overwhelming and the vast selection of books on sale is impressive. The atmospheric bars and restaurants along the river in Girona are full of couples holding hands, kissing and gazing longingly at each other. Sometimes all at the same time! Food and love have always been happy bedfellows. The cuisine on offer in Girona is, like the City itself, a cut above the fayre on offer in some other parts of Spain. You will have to be really unlucky to pay for a bad meal here.

In Girona

It is a pity that Girona is so often used by people solely as a way of getting to Barcelona via a cheap fl ight. This classy City, home to the wealthiest people in Spain, warrants far more attention. Girona has some of the most photographed homes in Spain. Beside the river, Riu Onyar, lie some fabulous coloured houses that were built in the 19th century to replace parts of the City wall destroyed during a siege by French troops in 1809. The remaining ramparts, fi rst raised by the Romans, now form an archaeological walk that takes in most of the fascinating sights Girona has to offer. The walls of the City withstood 40 sieges in 800 years. That old romantic Napoleon tried three times to capture the place.

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from and when I visited they were overfl owing with partners of all ages.

The majority of tapa bars can be found around Calle Cort Reial and serve splendid examples of Catalan cuisine. Girona is also home to one of the best Jazz venues in Spain. The Sunset Club, near the Pont de Pedra, provides excellent late evening entertainment. If it is history, architecture or art that presses the right buttons for you then you have come to the right place. The Gothic naïve of the Cathedral

Paris is so often referred to as the most romantic City in Europe. Nonsense say I. It may have the Eiffel Tower but Girona has the so called “Eiffel Bridge”. The Pont de les Peixateries is a steel girded construction designed by one Gustav Eiffel. As you cross the bridge be sure to admire the clothes draped outside the houses that overhang the river – and wonder how on earth the owners put their washing out there in the fi rst place. The Barri Vell is a collection of pretty streets, cobbled alleyways and romantic plazas. Here Girona feels like Venice, but without the crowds. The wide Rambla de la Lliberat is a mighty fi ne collection of very smart shops and cafes. In April Girona comes alive for the fi esta of Sant Jordi – “the day of lovers”. Men of all ages buy their loved one a rose; the ladies buy their man a book. The celebration of love can be enjoyed throughout the surrounding Baix Emporda region. It is a delight to witness young and old exchanging gifts. The children are also entrepreneurs - they try to sell roses to any passing tourist.

towers into the sky. The Museu d’Art plays host to Romanesque and Gothic religious paintings. A 12th century Muslim bathhouse can be found in El Call, the Jewish quarter of Girona - once the largest in all of Spain. In this area you can also fi nd the impressive archaeological museum. The best views of the City can be enjoyed from the splendid, elevated walkway that climbs above the historic part of the City and through watchtowers. Spiral staircases lead to exquisite gardens. I’d love to live in Girona but unless I win Euro Millions, or marry a rich woman, it will not happen in this lifetime. It is not cheap to live in Girona. Labelled the City with the highest standard of living in the Country, the people of the City are proud of that title. They are equally proud of being resolutely Catalan. The tourist stall at the St.Jordi festival was handing out tee shirts, caps and badges with the motto “Catalunya is not Spain”. More and more couples are choosing Girona as a location for a romantic weekend. The ambience, the charm and the friendliness of the City play a part in that decision. This is a far classier destination than neighbouring Barcelona. I heartily recommend it to lovers of all ages.


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TIM Magazine™ years ago when I was there on holiday I saw it on menus in cafes, in the same way baked beans and scrambled eggs on toast are in the UK.

By John McGregor ‘Tea!’ Dad shouted from the kitchen, and all four of us kids moved smartly in that direction. Mum was in hospital on one of her ‘away’ weeks - bunions, ladies problems and sometimes nerves often getting the better of her. On such occasions my ex-Naval Officer father seamlessly took over the running of the house, and everything ran smoothly and happily. As an example after breakfast he would issue orders according to your gender, like ‘you fill up the coal scuttle’ in an adolescent male direction, or ’you go and hoover the bedrooms’ towards one or other of the Ugly Sisters. The advantage of this system was that afterwards usually a short remunerative action took place, and everyone would be idyllically happy. This was in direct contrast to Mum’s more lax pleading methods, usually contested, and naturally much more poorly rewarded, if at all, bless her... On this memorable occasion, we each took one side of the small formica-covered kitchen table and sat waiting patiently. There were only knives and forks in front of each of us, and salt and pepper in the middle of the table. What happened next was the subject of much discussion by the four of us in the ensuing days and weeks. It went something like this, Dad being the dealer: Plate, plate, plate, plate: toast, toast, toast, toast; minced-beef, minced-beef, minced-beef, minced-beef. The latter was in the form of a ladle-full of hot minced-beef in gravy, slap-bang on the top of your buttered toast. As we had never experienced anything like this before we all gaped at it, and then at each other. ‘What’s the matter with it?’ Dad demanded tersely. ‘Nothing!’ we all answered as one and got stuck into it, as we were always hungry, growing kids – and it was delicious! I should add at this point that my father was brought up in New Zealand, where, we found out later minced beef on toast is a popular dish. Indeed, five

If I now fast-forward the subject of minced –beef right up to the present day – can that story really be from fifty years ago --here in Spanish paradise my wife Anne and I have recently experienced a dramatic role–reversal in life. This is due to her taking what was supposed to be a part-time job, which soon turned out to be practically full-time. As a result I have made a dutiful if somewhat belated return to the kitchen, not an area I have dallied in for years - although washing- up has always been my divine right – and strangely enough, still is. I must point out here that unlike some men I know, I am not completely useless in this culinary area. When my first wife and I split up, some thirty years ago, I became a single parent for a while, having my kids for long weekends and holidays, and as such cooked for them quite happily and although I say it myself, quite successfully. Fortunately there were few, if any complaints as both my son and daughter are true chips off the old block: complete dustbins where food is concerned – just like their Dad and his siblings! Several months into my resumed career at the cooker I had a phone call one evening from my son Matthew, now aged thirty-six with two small children of his own. He enquired how life was, like a dutiful son (sometimes). I advised him of my new role as head cook and bottlewasher. His innocent reply off the cuff puzzled me for a moment: ‘Hey, I expect Anne’s enjoying quite a few minced-beef dinners, then, Dad?’ he remarked. ‘What do you mean, you cheeky sod? I don’t remember them doing you any harm.’ Sensitive? Precious? Moi? Before I could continue being a Grumpy Old Man, he was straight back in. ‘Hey, Dad, none intended! Cool it, I always loved ‘em - especially that NAM’s Pie you invented.’ Matt was referring to that period when I was a National Account Manager, known as a NAM in the trade. I created my own version of a sort of Shepherd’s Pie, which became known as a ‘NAM’s Pie’, made obviously from minced-beef, but including baked beans, potatoes, tomatoes, vegetables, Worcester Sauce plus anything else I could find in the fridge or cupboards at the time. My nephews and nieces also sampled ‘my’ dish regularly, and it was even requested by one of the Ugly Sisters at our annual family get-together-holiday when it was my turn to cook last year. I have to admit that these days I do tend to pay a little more attention when Jamie’s Hairy Bikers, or is it Why Don’t You Cook Off or any of the other numerous TV cooking programs are on, which I used to detest and studiously ignore. As winter draws on, all puns intended, I’m currently into soups, doncha know, liquidising everything in sight – just call me Blenda... So in conclusion - if you’re ever on ‘Come Dine With Me’, and I’m cooking, you’ll be in no doubt what my main course will contain – that’s right – fish!


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Impact Charity IMPACT have two branches, the original one on and a new one on Fase One under La Marina Lavanderia IMPACT want and sell Bric-a-Brac, books, clothes, furniture, food, anything and they also do house clearances. OPEN MON – SAT, 10 am – 2 pm, CLOSED SUNDAY

Phone 966 184 324 web-site registered charity Reg no 590417 CIF G-54281712 IMPACT EASTER FAYRE SAT 30th MARCH, 10 - 3

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Compiled by Rob Innis

Book Reviews The Sentinel By Mark Oldfield

leaving a feeling of overwhelming admiration for those who had the courage to get involved and stand up and indeed fall for their beliefs. This month’s guest reviewer is Ian Clarke, from La Mata, both reader and writer who reviews: Borkmann’s Point By Hakan Nesser

This complex story of greed, political ambition and violence is mainly set in Madrid in 1953 – a grim time for Spanish history as the fallout from the Civil War continues and the Madrileños struggle against hunger and oppression from the dictator regime and its agents. Against the 1953 scenes, we have a modern day setting in 2009 and they are interlinked – along with the early (1936) back-story told in snapshots. Making this a truly complex and intriguing book with many plotlines and sub-plots finally combining into a real thriller ending – at least for the 1953 plot, maybe the 2009 story less so – as the reader will be rather expecting the modern day characters ending. Certainly, a good story combined with historical fact and worth reading. But, for me it would have benefitted from a tighter editing – it was just too long with some unnecessary scenes and ‘padding.’ The other thing that detracted for me was some of the dialogue from the 1953 scenes – it just grated on me as being too modern and flippant and maybe some points were laboured. However, yes a good book Mr Oldfield but sometimes less is more. ‘I am Spain’ (Non-Fiction) By David Boyd Haycock

This was the first of Nasser’s novels to be translated into English in 2006 after being published in Sweden in 1994. It introduces a new Swedish crime fighter in the persona of Inspector Van Veeteren. An extremely individualistic officer, who is guided to solving cases using Borkmann’s rule which states that at some point in an investigation you do not need any more information and that when that point is reached, all that is required is clear thinking. When two inhabitants of a small coastal town are brutally hacked to death with an axe, Van Veeteren, who is holidaying nearby is seconded to assist the local police chief who is due to retire and is determined to clear the case before he goes. The victims appear to have been chosen at random by the murderer and the police, with all the gathered evidence are no nearer to solving the case until one of Van Veeteren’s young female colleagues goes missing and the Inspector concludes that she had reached Borkmann’s point and discovered the killer. Now he must do the same. This is a highly atmospheric tale from one of Sweden’s most popular crime writers. We are introduced to a very quirky character that should be ranked as one of the leading European fictional detectives.

Many of the world’s writers, poets and artists travelled to Spain in support of the democratically elected Republican government fighting against Franco’s rebel forces during the Spanish Civil War, 193639. They were drawn to Spain to either write or fight for the cause against Fascism. David Boyd Haycock’s book ‘I am Spain’ tells the story of this tragic conflict through their eyes. Quoting from the likes of Hemingway, Orwell and Dos Passos, words sometimes written under enemy fire in an attempt to make the world understand what was at stake. Aimed at exposing the grim realities of a Civil War, including the devastating new war machines and tactics employed by the German and Italian backed Fascist rebels. These intrepid international writers had the power to turn words into vital propaganda. Targeted at convincing pacifists that the Republican government had to be backed and allowed to buy arms to make a stand for freedom. This is not a book with elaborate explanations of military manoeuvres or complex political analysis. However, with frequent personal quotes from letters, reports, memoirs etc from the likes of Hemingway, Orwell and other gifted people, the reader gets an intimate feel of how the war developed with its unexpected events inspired by political subterfuge on both sides. ‘I am Spain’ details the background to why civil war erupted and also why so many committed individuals volunteered to support Republican Spain, at great personal danger and facing consequences from their own government’s policies of non-intervention. By capturing the mood and spirit of the passionate anti-fascists, Haycock’s book portrays the social and political divides of that era. It enables readers to assimilate and decide for themselves. Whilst 32

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Rob Innis published On Amazon Kindle eBooks SPAIN EXPOSED Now also available in EPub format Only £1.99

Costa Blanca

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“Fortuneros” doing their bit to help during the crisis. During the current financial crisis, there’s probably not a single expat Brit living here in Spain who do not know a Spanish family struggling to make ends meet & wondering just where their next meal will come from. Your heart goes out to them but what can you possibly do to help? It’s no good giving cash, it’s hardly ever likely to end up where it should, and if you offer them food they, quite understandably, will not accept charity!

Monthly cycling tips / advice and routes. by Gary and Lynn “Cyclogical” Quesada. CYCLOGICAL. The Itinerary for the 2013 La Vuelta de Espana was announced at a press conference in Vigo last week and as predicted this year’s route will not be passing through the Costa Blanca. The 3319 km, 21 stage race will start at Pontevedra, Galicia on August 24th and will finish in Madrid on September 15th involving the peleton in 6 flat stages, 13 mountain stages a time trial and a team time trial with 11 summit finishes. So put these dates in your diary now. Cycle Route 25: Quesada to Matola Exit Quesada for Benijofar. Turn right at the town square (cobbled area) & continue through Benijofar. At the roundabout for Rojales turn left, cycle up and over the bridge to the next roundabout, go straight across and follow the road to San Fulgencio. Turn left at the roundabout signposted Elche. Continue past La Marina Urb. staying on this relatively good straight road. Pass the petrol station on your left and you come to a roundabout where the road becomes dual carriageway with a cycle track on the left. Cycle on this track until the next roundabout, turn left here (CV851) and follow this road for approx 1km then turn left. On this road follow it around the El Hondo nature reserve for approx 6kms until a junction where you turn right (5th road on your right since you joined this road). Follow this road for 2 kms until you come to a fork in the road where you keep left, towards the main Elche road. Turn right, after approx 200 metres you arrive at the quaint little village of Matola. There are plenty of places here to quench your thirst. On your return journey get back onto the main road and head back the way you came but pass by the road that you came up and take the second on the left, sign posted El Hondon nature reserve. Follow this to the end 1km and turn right. This brings you onto the San Felipe Neri road, which you follow all the way into and through the village. There is a beautiful church in the town square which looks like something out of a John Wayne movie. On your left you will see The “Bonnie Mackintosh” Tavern which is owned and run by Debbie and John Mackintosh who have kindly offered all cyclists stopping for a snack a free water bottle refill (water only). After passing through the village head for Catral where you stay on the main road straight through the town where you pick up the cycle track on your left. This takes you into Dolores where again you stay on the main road, turn left at roundabout then turn first right and follow the road back to Formentera, Benijofar and finally Quesada. Total Cycling time: 3 Hours Total Distance: Approx 60 Kms. Summary: Beautiful Scenic route. Flat terrain, lovely views and great roads.


Well, here’s your chance to do your bit. This scheme was devised by Fortuna friends & residents Jackie & Vicky and originally started by them simply asking their friends & families to sift through their larders to see if they could find anything they could spare which could be passed on to those desperately in need. This trickle of items has now grown to the extent that they have “borrowed” a friend’s garage to store & sort the items and now, with the assistance and cooperation of the local church, they are even delivering food parcels to a hospital in the city of Murcia! If you want to help and can spare any non perishable foods, especially tinned meat or fish, or any hygiene products, please take them to one of the collection points in Los Baños, Fortuna in either the Whitehouse Restaurant or Bob’s Bar. Congratulations to Vicky & Jackie, keep up the good work!

R.A.T.S There was no chance of the audience falling asleep at the recent production of the R.A.T.S first pantomime at the Casa de Cultura, La Romana on Feb 25th and 26th with a safe blowing scene that made them jump out of their skins. Dick Whittington had the usual characters with a few additions including a couple of cleaning queens, two highwaymen and a couple of incompetent handymen who bought chaos to a simple cleaning job. Running through the plot was a song competition between the Bow Bells and an excruciating male group called the Young Ones whose managers were trying to rig the result Quite a few Spanish had their first taste of a pantomime in the old tradition and seemed to enjoy it tremendously, though possibly not understanding it completely Although needing some complicated scene changes the whole production went smoothly and was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience who got into the spirit of things with their audience participation. Playing to a good house on the Frid and virtually full to capacity on the Sat the group were able to raise almost 1,000e for good causes in the local community

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Going Out

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Costa Blanca

FULLY AIR CONDITIONED ADDITIONAL PARKING AVAILABLE Carol & John offer you a warm welcome and invite you to savour the best in quality home cooked food.

THE CASTLE BAR | CAMPING CASTILLEJO Baños de Fortuna | 693 266 770

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Wednesday Night Bingo & Open the Box

Come along to our bingo, with BIG CASH PRIZES. Starting at 8:30. Free Nibbles. EVERY FRIDAY FISH AND CHIPS 12-8pm TAKE AWAY AVAILABLE












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British Style Pub Snacks Always Available

Pool and Darts Tournaments starting 18th Feb - 7:00 Large selection of draught beers

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Directions 1. Put the butter, sugar and chocolate into a large glass or metal bowl and melt in a ‘bain marie’. Cooking Fairy TIP: Bain Marie: Fill a pan about ¼ full of water and bring to simmer. Set a bowl over the pan. The bowl MUST NOT TOUCH the water. Put the chocolate into the bowl and, whilst stirring from time to time, slowly melt the chocolate. Patience! The water should only be just simmering. The melting process takes about 10 min. Don’t let the chocolate get too hot as it would ruin the sauce.

Monika Wood

The World’s Best Chocolate Cookies

I came across this recipe during a visit at Washington’s Smithsonian Museum of American History. The recipe is based on an old Aztec recipe. And trust me, those Aztecs knew about chocolate. It takes a bit of time to make them, but they store well and the world will love you for them!

2. After the chocolate, butter and sugar have melted take it off the pan with water and add the vanilla extract and the coffee. Stir well. 3. In a separate bowl combine the flour, cocoa powder, salt and baking powder. 4. Add the flour mixture to the chocolate sauce. You can use a wooden spoon or a food processor or electric mixer. The dough will be very tough going. A small hand-mixer won’t be up to the job. 5. One at a time, add the eggs. Make sure one is fully incorporated before adding the next. 6. Cover with cling film and refrigerate for about 30 minutes. The dough will be better to handle. In the meantime pre-heat the oven to 180 C/325 F. 7. Lightly oil and flour 2 baking sheets (I usually use silicon nonstick baking sheets.) 8. Put the icing sugar into a shallow bowl. 9. With a teaspoon scoop out dollops of dough and drop them into the icing sugar. Turn them around in the sugar with the spoon until completely coated. Set the cookies onto the baking sheets. Cooking Fairy TIP: It helps to drop the teaspoon in a little cup with boiling hot water each time before you scoop out another cookie. This will prevent the chocolate dough from sticking to the spoon. 10. Bake the cookies for 8 – 10 minutes, until they are cracked but still moist inside. Transfer to a cooling rack and allow to cool completely before eating (…if you have the strength…I usually dig in straight away.) The cookies can be kept for about three days in a cookie box or airtight container.


Makes about 40 cookies

Per cookie: about 75 kcal 38

70 g unsalted butter 150 g sugar 1 tsp coffee granulates 1 ½ tsp vanilla extract 300 g plain flour 20 g unsweetened cocoa powder ¼ tsp salt 1 tsp baking powder 5 eggs 2 cups of icing sugar 2 x 100 g dark chocolate bars (I use 85 % cocoa) E-mail: • Web site:

Costa Blanca

“T de Tapas”

Just before the Repsol Garage,

Pinoso Tel: 628 824 587

All-day Breakfasts Full English or Irish Every day from 9am Delicious Daily Specials Or choose from our extensive menu (last orders 9pm)

10th March Mothers Day Special Menu Mum’s receive special gift 17th March Paddy’s Day Shenanigans Monday

Fish & Chips 5.00-9.00pm Freshly cooked beer battered cod Booking Advisable Wednesday Happy Hour! 6.30-8.30pm Pint San Miguel 1.50€ Shorts with free mixer Special menu on request at the bar Friday Steak Night Juicy, tender fillet or Sirloin & all the trimmings Booking Essential Sunday Carvery 1.30-4pm from 7.95€

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Elmo toys.. akes the Tickle Me m ich wh x se Es in There is a factory r the arms. en you tickle it unde The toy laughs wh factory and she e Tickle Me Elmo Th at d re hi is ey Well, Shell 00 am. day promptly at 8: reports for her first

nel ock at the Person am there is a kn 45 8: at y s da gin xt be ne The or and throws open the do an m re Fo e Th . or Manager’s do w employee. to rant about the ne

A man and his wife wer e having an brew the co argument a ffee each m bout who sh orning. ould The wife sa id, “You sh ould do it, then we do because yo n’t have to u get up firs wait as lon t, and g to get our coffee.” The husba nd said, “Y ou are in ch here so you arge of the should do it cooking aro , because th und wait for m a t is your jo y coffee.” b , and I can W if e replies, “ ju besides it sa st No, you sh ys in the B ould do it, ible that th a n d e man shou ld do the co ffee.” Husband re plies, “I ca n’t believe that! Show me.” So she fetc hed the Bib le, and open showed him ed the New at the top Testament of several and “HEBREW p ages, that S.” it indeed sa ys,

line is w and the whole e is incredibly slo sh at th s ain pl m He co hind schedule. production line be e tir en e th ng tti backing up, pu is for himself, es he should see th cid de er ag an M l t The Personne floor. When they ge wn to the factory do ch ar m en m all 2 The Deaf Wife o’s so the Problem e are Tickle Me Elm backed up that ther . up le there the line is so pi to ng ni gin be y Bert feared his or and they’re reall wife Peg wasn’ over the factory flo t hearing as wel he thought she l as she used to might need a he s and ain nt ou m aring aid. Not by ed nd ap ou pr rr oa su ch ey quite sure how ell he Sh r, s he nd ca sta e lle lin d e th th to e of fa d m ily Doctor to di At the en bric and a scuss the proble oll of plush Red fa ar s ha e m Sh . . o’s m The Doctor told of Tickle Me El him there is a . es si mple informal marbl could perform test the husban huge bag of small to give the Doc d tor a better idea loss. ‘Here’s w ab out her hearing ha of t e yo ec u pi do tle ,’ lit sa a id ts cu th e e Doctor, ‘stand away from her, in amazement as sh about 40 feet and in a normal The 2 men watch carefully conversational to s gin if be sh d e an he es ar bl sp s ar ea yo m o ki u. ng tone see tw If nd no ou t, ar go to 30 feet, th fabric, wraps it you get a respon en 20 feet, and s. leg o’s m so on until se El .’ n ee tw e be sew the little packag That evening, the wife is in th ter. After e kitchen cook bursts into laugh w er as In the den. ag an M l ing dinner, and ne on He says to him d The Pers an er he th ge to lf se self, ‘I’m abou m hi le lls t’s pu he se s e ric w ha ste t 40 feet away hy t ha of pp es ut en in s. m l ’ Th ra , ve en se in a normal tone what’s for dinn he asks, ‘Honey er?’ No respon . ey ell Sh , es se. approach So th e husband mov to keep a straight es closer to the to her, barely able kitchen, about his wife and re I 30 feet from ‘I’m sorry,’ he says peats, ‘Peg, wha ns tio uc str in e th od t’s sto er fo nd r dinner?’ Still isu m u yo k in th I no response. ut ‘b , face Next he moves ...’ ay in rd to ste the dining room gave you ye .

mo two test tickles

El ‘Your job is to give

from his Wife where he is ab and asks, ‘Hon out 20 feet ey, what’s for gets no respon dinner?’ Again se. he

So, he walks up to the kitchen do or, about 10 fe what’s for dinn et away. ‘Honey er?’ , Again there is

no response.

So he walks rig

ht up behind he

r. ‘Peg, what’s

‘For F*$@ sake

, Bert, for the FI


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for dinner?’

FTH time, CH


Costa Blanca

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T.I.M Magazine™ Energy is something that is so important to consider, when you have animals living with you. We as humans can be very good at picking up on energies. Sometimes we can be in a room full of new people and detect that the atmosphere or energy as I call it, is not good. Animals though, are on a complete different level to us, when it comes to this certain skill. They are the masters at it and I am well aware that you can never lie to a dog. They will always know how you are feeling, twenty four hours a day. For any relationship to flourish It is important that the energies match and in some cases, this is the problem between human and dog. Dogs live in the moment. They don’t sit around each day, thinking about how bad the past may have been and how the future may not look promising. On the other hand, humans, tend to live in the past or the future. This is a negative state to live in and can cause anxiety and stress in abundance. So in some cases you have two different species, a dog and a human and both are living their lives on different frequencies. From birth, we humans are taught that we have to succeed in life and do well at school, then get a good job that pays good money, then get a nice house, with a nice car and find a partner, have kids and do the whole cycle again, all without teaching the new generation the vital and important lifelong skill of how we should live in the moment. We are taught to look to the future, to want, to need, to desire, but all along we have got this frequency so wrong and dogs have it so right. Dogs walk down the street and notice the falling leaf or the floating butterfly, while most humans are pre occupied with thought, so fail to notice these simple delights that help to transform our minds away from constant thought.




Technology, in my mind has been a curse. Emails, mobile phones, computers were all apparently invented to make our life simpler but all they have done is make our life more complicated. They put more pressure on the mind to be constantly active and that can never be classed as progress. I was on a train last week and everyone in the carriage I was in had their faces glued to their mobile phones, with no one just looking out of the window and enjoying the moment and the scenery which was available to all. To prove my point about technology putting more pressure on us, I always revert back to my Mum’s simple life in rural Ireland when she was younger. They had no running water, no heating, no kettle or iron, no cooker or fridge, they just had the four walls and a roof over their heads, but they always had time for each other and their neighbours too. So fast forward seventy years and we have every conceivable device in our homes to apparently make our lives easier, yet very few have any time for friends, family or neighbours, because they are too busy leading ridiculously busy and hectic lives, which lead to the negative states of mind that cause illness and misery. Humans have been fooled from birth in believing that the mind does not have an “off” button. It does and finding yours will lead to the peace and contentment that dogs show us on a daily basis. It is my belief that dogs have a lot more to teach us, than we have to teach them and their biggest lesson is for us to change to their frequency of not the past or the future, but simply the present moment. by Peter Singh

Living in the

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Costa Blanca

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The Fun Pages Sudoku






1 (Military) attention to order and appearance (4,3,6) 8 Thrombus (4) 9 Card game (3,5) 10 Someone making the early running (10) 12 One deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on others (6) 14 Pail (6) 15 Mess (for pooch?) (4,6) 19,6 French painter, d. 1901 (8-7) 20 Sensational promotion (4) 21 Detail, often untrue, added to a story to make it more interesting (13)

Down 2 Move ahead — withdraw (4,4) 3 Old church tax (5) 4 Fail to give attention to (7) 5 Kind of wine grape (5) 6 See 19 7 Type of Japanese wrestling (4) 11 Boyish creation of J.M. Barrie (5,3) 13 Yield to the wishes of (7)


Sudoku Solutions

1 44

14 Someone undesirable (slang) (3,4) 16 Luger (anag) (5) 17 Hebrew prophet — Biblical book (5) 18 (Make a) loud noise (4)

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Costa Blanca

Wonky Wordsearch Instructions A bit more challenging than a regular word search puzzle. Build the grid up until every single empty square is filled, and all words are placed. The first letter of every word is given and circled to get you started. Note that more than one word might start on the same exact letter! Good luck!


Words Absorbed












































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Remember to put your clocks forward 1 hour on 30 / 31 March at 02.00 45

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A few thoughts on diets

I have tried so many diets. They just don’t seem to work.

You hear this all the time, right? I recently watched a documentary on TV where 5 test-dieters followed the most common diets for 2 weeks, each contestant a different diet. They recorded video diaries, capturing their mood and experiences. After about a week all 5 contestants couldn’t wait “to go back to normal” and all of them gained back the few pounds they had lost within 2 weeks after the diet. An experience many of us share. Here are the key reasons why diets fail us so often.

our expectations are wrong when it comes to ‘quick fix diets’. The limitation in food and therefore nutrition let our muscles shrink


and new fat cells grow. And those new fat cells are just waiting

A diet has strict rules about what to eat and daily eating plans. Nothing outside those boundaries is allowed. You have to stick with what’s on the plan otherwise you ‘jeopardize the success’. Deprivation

become bigger and bigger. That is why many people experience not only a weight gain back to their starting weight, but beyond that – because of the new fat cells that get filled. The ONLY WAY for permanent, healthy weight loss is changing

These limitations make us feel deprived of food we like. And there are just some things that normally make our day that little bit better, let’s say a piece of chocolate, a glass of wine, or some nuts while watching TV – all out of order.

the way we eat. All 5 contestants hadn’t learned how to eat in a healthy way that they could apply to their daily life and preferences. That’s why they all went back to their starting weight, some beyond that, when they were checked again after 2 weeks of finishing the diet.

And of course, after a couple of days being limited to certain foods and deprived of things we like we feel a strong sense of frustration. Losing weight becomes a fight, we doubt our success and doubt if it’s all worth it.

And here is what DOES work: a) eat more often – 4 times a day b) eat every 4 hours, so you never go hungry c) eat what you like but d) stick to 400 calories per meal. Use some easy low-calorierecipes as guidance until you feel comfortable with portion control

Back to the television programme. Before and after the 2-weeksdiet the contestants’ weight was taken and it was determined how much of that weight was bone structure, water, fat, and muscle. The contestants lost 3 pounds on average. Hurray! Well, when the tissue measures came out it showed that all had lost water and muscle mass, but actually gained fat!

and calorie counts of foods (the Cooking Fairy recipes all have 400 cal. or less).* A ‘quick fix diet’ at the start of a new year or before a summer vacation might be an idea if you’re looking for a motivation kick. But it can’t be and is not a permanent solution. Please keep in mind that losing weight takes about as long as it took us to pile it on. And let’s be honest, we don’t gain weight between Christmas


and New Year, but between New Year and Christmas. And that’s

Can you imagine how frustrated those guys were!? To find out, after all the hard work, that they actually gained fat. That’s why 46

for us to go ‘back to normal’, when they then happily fill up and

what needs changing. By Monika Wood |

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Costa Blanca

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Alicante and the Costa Blanca are famous for many things - beautiful beaches, fine food and wine, golf courses - but did you know it had a thriving film industry? The lovely Penelope Cruz, Rhys Ifans, Antonio Banderas, Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell are among the many stars who have made movies at the Alicante film studios, Ciudad de la Luz (City of Light). As well as a great opportunity for some star spotting in and around Alicante, the film industry has provided a welcome financial boost to the region. The industry has brought in €174 million, provided work for 4,700 people, boosted other industries with knock-on work and helped the hotel trade by booking 150,000 overnight stays since it opened in 2005.

You never know, you may see a Hollywood or British superstar when you book a holiday in Alicante. When dining out in the nearby restaurants, take a look around you to see if you spot any familiar faces from the silver screen. One of the most famous British stars to be seen out and about in Alicante was Rhys Ifans, who shot to fame as Spike in the film Notting Hill. Rhys was in Spain to play Howard Marks, one of the world’s biggest drug dealers, in the film Mr Nice. He was regularly seen in Alicante’s restaurants and bars during the shooting. Half of the film was shot in Wales where strict smoking laws meant it was illegal to spark up on a film set. Luckily, at the time,


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it was fine to smoke on the set in Spain so the smoking close-ups had to be shot in Alicante. More recently Ewan McGregor was in town to shoot The Impossible about the Boxing Day tsunami in Thailand. A huge water tank was built at the Alicante Ciudad de la Luz studios to recreate the scenes where the massive tidal wave hits the shores. Ewan McGregor and Australian actress Naomi Watts spent several days in the city in 2010. Colin Farrell also caused quite a stir in the city for the film Triage, an Irish/European thriller. Not only was Mr Farrell in town but he had about 40 Irish film crew in tow. Irish producer Alan Moloney said the script worked well in Dublin and Spain for filming and financial reasons. The film is set in both Kurdistan and Dublin and Moloney felt that Spain did not look unlike Kurdistan! He also pointed out that the Valencian government had invested millions of euros into the studio.

The delectable Richard Dreyfuss starred in the romantic comedy Driving Aphrodite where some filming took place in Guadalest, Javea and Alicante. Penelope Cruz, her sister Monica, Gerard Depardieu and Alain Delon are other famous names who have been spotted filming in and around Alicante.

Benidorm has become a positive mecca for British stars. For the past few years, Benidorm has been the setting for a BritishTV comedy series of the same name, which takes a look at the stereotypical working-class Brit on holiday. It is set in the fictional all-inclusive Solana Resort (in fact, it is really the Hotel Sol Pelicanos Ocas, near Playa Levante - you’ll recognise the pool!). Johnny Vegas starred in the early series and was a familiar face in and around Benidorm. More recently Tim Healy, Hugh Sachs, Paul Bazely and Sheila Reid starred. Sheila plays the groaning granny Madge, who travels around Benidorm on her mobility scooter. Does she remind you of anyone you know or have seen zipping around the resort?

The action thriller The Cold Light of Day, starring Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver, was set and filmed entirely in Spain. It was shot in the Valencia region and Madrid over 10 weeks as well as several weeks’ work in Ciudad de la Luz studios. The film revolves around a young American whose family is kidnapped while on a Spanish holiday. One scene was also shot in Moraira, where the handsome Henry Cavill (The Tudors, Midsomer Murders) caused quite a stir. Look closely and you will also see Javea featurng the film.

Visitors to Benidorm will also recognise Morgan’s Tavern which doubled as the Neptune Bar in the series. Many expats also played extras in the series. Millions are glued to the set for the series and a cameo from Cilla Black helped the sitcom reach more than 7 million viewers at the start of the fourth series. The new series is due to be shown on ITV very soon. See how many places and faces you can recognise.

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February 20th - March 20th

Aries Making a sacrifice on someone else’s behalf strengthens you. You’ve always been moved by your friend’s generous nature. Now you have an opportunity to return some of the many favours they’ve done for you. Donate time, money resources to their favourite charity. Getting involved with a good cause will make you realise just how many kind people there are in the world. If you just watched the news and read the papers, you’d be convinced humanity is going down the drain. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Your powerful desires cannot be contained. It’s time to indulge your sensual side. Draw yourself a bubble bath, buy some silken pyjamas treat yourself to a gourmet meal. Do whatever deepens your appreciation of the material world. Whether this means putting a bouquet of fresh flowers on your desk or springing for theatre tickets is immaterial. If you’re looking for love, you will find it where you least expect it. Take pains to look your best at all times.

Sagittarius You’ll be called upon to protect the ones you love. If there’s anything you can’t stand, it’s a bully. When you hear someone has been taking advantage of a relative or friend, you’ll go into battle. Bringing this behaviour to the public’s attention will result in a dramatic reversal. You have no compunction about embarrassing a powerful figure, even if it means becoming lifelong enemies. Innocent bystanders admire your bravery and will try to help you in any way possible.


Taurus Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you feel like an old method can be improved upon, alter your methods. You’re bound to make a few mistakes along the way, but the damage can be repaired. The important thing is to use your imagination. You’re both artistic and creative, which is a rare combination. By putting these skills to work, you’ll get tremendous satisfaction. Word will spread of your talent you will be asked to lead an impressive organisation




You’re determined to find success, but won’t achieve it through traditional means. Instead, you will gain distinction by exercising your imagination. You’re quite good at putting decorative touches on outmoded forms. People are willing to pay good money for these goods. If you are tired of working for somebody else, this would be a great time to launch your own business. Word of mouth will spread of this venture; you’ll soon have a loyal customer base.

You won’t beat around the bush when it comes to telling the truth. Someone who has been behaving in an obnoxious manner needs to be confronted. You’re willing to do the deed, but it doesn’t come easily. A sensitive person like you knows how difficult it is to have their bad points discussed. Unless you bring this problem to the culprit’s attention, they’ll continue to cause offence. Give them a chance to amend their behaviour, before they alienate everyone. It’s only fair.



You’ll have to an opportunity to correct an unfair decision. It gives you pleasure to reward someone whose contributions have been overlooked for years. Once you give credit where credit is due, this worker’s professional prospects will improve. This is also a good time to pay an outstanding debt. Someone who was kind to you in the past now needs your help. Go ahead and offer them a job or give them a lavish gift. At long last, your karmic book will be balanced.

Turn your attention to work that requires enormous attention to detail. Your sharp eyes and nimble fingers will render a perfect performance. People will be so impressed with your skill that they will come to you with more jobs. Don’t be afraid to charge a handsome fee for your work. After all, very few people can do what you can. You might even want to offer classes in your area of specialty, just as a way to make extra money.



You zip through chores like a hot knife through butter. Onlookers are astounded by your fast and accurate performance. Your boss might try to heap more assignments on your plate, but be ready to stand up for yourself. Unless you’ll be paid more for your superior efforts, you should have the same amount of work as everyone else. In the end, you’ll be told to go home early. Use your leisure time to take a short road trip. A change of scenery will be stimulating.

Slow and steady wins the race. You are trying to attract more moneymaking opportunities, but this won’t happen overnight. Continue to send out job applications and respond to help wanted advertisements. Network as much as you possibly can. Tell friends you are looking for work. The more bases you cover, the better your prospects will be. Someone who admires your persistence will invite you to join their team. Don’t hesitate to ask for more pay than you are initially offered.

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Putting an important plan into action will be fun. You love building things that are useful, beautiful, or both. This penchant for achievement is very attractive. Someone who was indifferent to your charms before will start pursuing you. Although their attentions are flattering, they are too little, too late. You’d rather join hearts with a shy newcomer whose enchanting laugh sends shivers down your spine. You’ll have to make the first move, as the object of your affection is too timid to let their feelings known.

Pisces You’re energetic and self assured, having no trouble getting your point across. Take this opportunity to promote your agenda, even if you are facing a formidable opponent. When people hear the passion in your voice and see the fire in your eyes, they’ll lend their full support. As a general rule, you’re pretty laid back. That changes when you become captivated by an idea. At that point, you become determined to get your way. Don’t stop until you reach your goal.

Costa Blanca

Tel: 965 474 314 • Mob: 675 218 436 • FAB pr oper ties • FAB p r i c e s • FAB s e r v i c e

Ref: ff0689

Ref: ff0694

Ref: ff0683

Ref: ff0690

Lovely country house close to town. 4 beds, 2 baths. Swimming pool, Outbuildings & fab roof terrace.

Beautiful country villa 4 beds, 3 baths Swimming pool Casita

Deceptively spacious country house, 4 beds, 2 baths Manageable plot Dining / sun room

Big renovated country house. 5 beds, 2 baths 45,000m2 land. Would make excellent B&B

Only 179,995 euros

Price 325,000 euros

Price 159,995 euros

Only 149,995 euros

Ref: ff0692

Ref: ff0592

Ref: ff0693

Ref: ff0675 Pretty finca with gorgeous gardens, 3 beds, 2 baths Pool Lovely location. Only 149,995 euros

Modern country villa 3 beds, 2 baths Gorgeous fitted kitchen Central heating.

Huge cortijo Fabulous business opportunity 26+ rooms, 900m2 in size Partly renovated.

Magnificent villa 5 (huge) beds, 3 baths BBQ, games room, bar Swimming pool

Price 209,000 euros

Only 149,000 euros

394,950 euros

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Paul Cunningham Nurses try to be there at the latter stages, free of charge, for any terminally ill patients. Already they have supported

many patients and their families. This service needs a constant stream of funds and is supported by many fund raising events.

To help further raise the ongoing monies needed, there are now three Paul Cunningham Nurses charity shops Our team of nurses, carers and fundraisers are dedicated to working tirelessly. Many in the community have taken the Charity into their hearts and give generously, and not just money, as often just a little time can help a lot. Please help us continue helping more people spend their final days with dignity. If you would like to find out what you could do to help or find out more about the fund raising we do, please email: sueinthesun@ or call 639 318 526. Give a little - help a lot!


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Costa Blanca

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TIM Magazine™


ing HVG and Othe S Golf Days r Events

Tuesday 12th Mar ch Font D Meet in t el he Clubh ouse at 09 Llop .30 am Tuesday 16th Apri Meet in t l Bonalb he Clubh ouse at 10 a .45 am Tuesday 7th May A Meet in t he Clubh licante Golf ouse at 09 .15 am Tuesday 11th June Alenda G Meet in t he Clubh ouse at 10 olf .15 am Monday 1 7 – 19 Ju ne Valle D Details fr el Este om the C aptain

It was touch and go whether members would want to play as it was blowing a gale outside. When Captain Graham asked the question the majority showed they were made of stronger stuff as 26 out of 28 members elected go ahead and play. The wind was forecast to abate a little in the afternoon; it did, but not that anyone noticed as it was a barely perceptible lull and not enough to make it any easier to play golf. Of the first 20 players off the first tee only one ball found the correct fairway and, in the event, only 7 players all day scored any points on Hole 1. So points were hard to come by and the points scored reflected the weather conditions. The sight of players rushing up to mark a ball on the green was common as they fought against the wind which was strong enough to blow their golf balls across the greens. For some members the wind blew their balls closer to the holes than their clubs were capable of achieving! As they say in golf – ‘it’s the same for everyone’ and so it was. Nevertheless, some players coped with the conditions better than others to earn the praise of the Captain who congratulated everyone who had competed on a difficult day for golf. Before making the presentations in the Clubhouse, Captain Graham outlined plans and costs for the trip to Valle Del Este Golf Resort, near Mojacar on the Costa Almeria commencing Monday 17th June. He was delighted that eleven couples had committed to the event so far and he urged any other interested parties to let him know by the end of February at the latest. The Vice Captain and Matchplay Knockout organiser, Martin Taylor, informed members that 16 golfers had entered the Knockout Competitionand the closing date for entry was 15th February 2013.


Winners HVGS Stableford Alenda Golf - Tuesday 12th February 2013 Member





Tony BREWER Gold Winner 13 25 Bottle of Terry’s Brandy Jan HENDRIKS Gold Runner Up 8 23 Pack of Beer & Glass John WILKINSON Silver Winner 20 27 Bottle of Terry’s Brandy Malcolm ROBINS Silver Runner Up 20 23 Pack of Beer & Glass Paul EVANS Bronze Winner 22 25 Bottle of Terry’s Brandy Albert BAGGALEY Bronze Runner Up 22 24 Pack of Beer & Glass John AINSCOUGH Nearest the Pin Hole 3 3 ltr Wine Box John AINSCOUGH Nearest the Pin Hole 5 3 ltr Wine Box Keith WILLIAMS Nearest the Pin Hole 16 3 ltr Wine Box Jan HENDRIKS Nearest the Pin in 2 shots Hole 18 3 ltr Wine Box KEITH WILLIAMS Longest Drive Hole 8 3 ltr Wine Box Mark PROCTOR Best Guest 18 24 3 ltr Wine Box Koos VAN BEEK Best Scorecard Cava Ron GRAHAM Football Scratchcard Man City €20.00 Steve INGERSON Green Fee Refund €35.00

For information on how to join HVGS contact the Secretary, David Fellows, on 965 978 104 and 649 552 730 or email . To reserve your place on the list for the Society Golf Days contact the Captain, Graham Palmer, on 966 180 612 and 689 296 694 or e-mail him at

54 • Web site:

To advertise with TIM call 606 891 644 NOW!

CAMPO GOLF SOCIETY The day turned out good, and regarding the weather, and the wind did stop blowing and the sun came out. We all had a good game on the day, and I must say that Alenda is one of the best courses all year round, and yes, I am a member. If there are any golfers who are looking to play in a nice friendly golf society, please ring me regarding when and were we play. The winners in January meeting 1st Bob Berryman with 35 points 2nd Barry Gannaway with 28 points N/P on the 5th Jan Hendricks L/Drive on the 10th Koos Beek N/P on the 16th Jan Hendricks The only 2 on a par three was Koos Beek We do have other winners but it must look like the same people some times March meeting 29th 1st tee 10.32 April meeting 26th 1st tee 10.32 at Altorreal

You can contact Brian Johnson on 966 67 78 52 E-mail: • Web site:


TIM Magazine™ Website D


Computer Repairs 20 € (+iva) per hour Change W7 to English

Websites Designed from 200 € (incl. iva) Quality Hosting 80 € (incl. iva) Computers Repaired and Upgraded; Sales; Training Sax, Alicante STEVE: 966 967 439 or 650 354 629


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Costa Blanca

Win a copy of ‘A Darkening Stain’ by Robert Wilson Simply answer the question below and fill in your details, cut out the coupon and send to T.I.M. Apartado de Correos 285 • 03630 SAX (Alicante) Question: Who wrote ‘I am Spain’ HINT: See the Book Review Page (page 28) Answer.................................................................................. Name..................................................................................... Email Address......................................................................... Address.......................................................................... ....................................................................................... Your Contact Tel number.......................................................... Closing Date for entries is the18th of the month TIM’s decision is final


FIREWOOD 658 626 315 With every delivery FREE kindling chimney clean as required . Fruit tree, Olive and Almond wood cut to size of wood burner E-mail: • Web site:


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Advertise here in colour from 36 euros for three months. Call 606 891 644 Now!

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TEL 659401945 or 677 804 691

Sarah Farrell Locally informed, Globally inspired

Adverts for 50€ for 6mths. See our website for details

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Sell it Fast Sell it For FREE! You can place your unwanted items in our Classifieds section FREE of charge up to the value of 500 euros. Simply text your unwanted items too 680 976823 or email them to remember, no more than 25 words per item and no more than 3 items per household, and please always include what area you live in, we do not take FREE classifieds over the phone. Last day for Free ads is the 18th of the month When sending through your items by email, please only send in normal size text. GENERAL FOR SALE Craft Materials for making collectors bear / animals. Includes mohair (some German) Felt,Stuffing-Soft, pellets, etc. Glass Glass Eyes And Accesories Including many books and patterns. Genuine reason for Sale. Offers. Telephone 966 712 447. Formentera Del Segura Bunk bed, wardrobe and chest of drawers. Blue bedroom suite 100 €. Concertina door security grill for € 75. ,3 pieces dark burgundy leather sofa suite 100 €. Vero 693,201,684 Large motorbike top box, top of the range and in good condition, call 667 314 378 la Marina Downton Abbey DVD ’s Series 1, 2 & 3, Boxed sets, a total of 7 discs, as new, 40.00 Euros, can split. Other boxed sets available, Shrek Trilogy, Hanibal Lektor Trilogy, Star Wars Trilogy all at 12.00 Euros per set, The Omen Pentology, 6 discs, 20.00 Euros. Hundreds of other DVD ’s available from 3.00 Euros. Tel. 965978247 or 609931647 or for the full list email barberic@terra. es. Large drop leaf dining room table suite, 6 chairs, 2 carvers, pure rosewood superb condition 325 euros, restaurant coffee WWW.TIMSPAIN.COM machine, 3 cup 2 steamers 375 60

euros, industrial double steak grill 75 euros, plancher with gas ring 60 euros Tel 688 805958 Campello area RSEO HJM-400 wall mounted electric bathroom heater and towel rail. New 160 euros, 60 euros accept. El Raso, Guardamar Tel 966 732 658 for sale 100e 8x4 pool cover 2 sets of scaffold bars & 4 walk ways, tralor 750kgs 75e 450e 250e perefesional cement mixer 677 438 318 mob crevillente FOR SALE 90cm corner shower screen, white, good condition, 75 euros ono. Aspe area. Tel 625 516 857 Cement Mixer, new condition, buyer collects € 150. 2 Mountain Bikes Adult € 35 each. Cycle Car Rack € 10. 652 282 495/966 677 983 Salinas Fast-Trak programmable motorized treadmill, good condition 100 euros. Reebok X trainer as new 80 euros. Pierre Vandel Paris, Glass top dining room table & 4 chairs 150 euros Can deliver by arrangement. Purgateros, Encebras, Pinoso Tel Mob 665 443 98 Motorbike, ideal for the small grandchildren, mine have grown up and moved on, dual start, helmets included, offers 150euros.680 984 921.Hondon

If you have an item for sale over 500 euros or if you have a commercial advert and would like them listed in the Classifieds section of the magazine, then call 606 891 644. Closing date for Classifieds in the magazine is the 19th of the month.

Send your small ads for print to BARGAINADS@YAHOO.ES

Advertise Your Classifieds For FREE No Value Restrictions. Sell anything fast at classifieds, its totally FREE. Sell you House/car/boat or what you have at Pine single bed, good condition Including mattress. 50 Euros. Fortuna 968 683 007

Full size mountain bike, in good condition 30 euros ono Pinoso 965 075 007

Motocaddy golf buggy for sale. Hardly used, nine speeds umbrella stand, very easy fits in to any car. A good quality golf buggy, excellent condition for sale at 150 euros. Tel 629 320 642 Yecla area.

Used wine barrels for sale. Original, very good condition. Height approx 1 meter, girth approx 2.4 meters. 80 euros. Delivery can be arranged. Tele: 626 387 950 (Pinoso area).

Large Wardrobe, 2Mtr51L x2Mtr36Hx 56cmW, 4 Doors, 4 Drawers, 2 Top cupboards, wood not chipboard, easy dismantled / assembled. Photo on tim website.€ 500. Salinas 680 307 002 Pine Bunk Beds Excellent Condition 100 euros. Mahogany Dining Table and 6 Chairs 100 euros Cream Leather Settee and 2 Matching Armchairs 150 euro’s ovno 649 214 339 or 620 732 725 Pinoso & Barbarossa area’s New rechargeable 12 volt batteries for motor bikes, powered toys... 15€ each. Staight wrought iron staircase and banister 1,80 m height 80 €. Rejas (window bars) various styles/sizes. Call for details.Paul - 693 421 192 - La Romana Mothercare travel cot, good condition, 15 euros. Ikea wooden cot, sturdy and in very good condition (no matress). La Romana area. Tel 649 313 552

E-mail: • Web site:

Burner Wood Stove - In good working order is lined with fire bricks. One length of chimney included in price. 275 euros La Romana 965 696 367/666 327 982 2 FOR SMART CAR TYRES 1 X 1 X FRONT & BACK COST WOULD ACCEPT 60E FOR EACH BOTH BRAND NEW NEVER BEEN ON A WHEEL PH 622 500 562. Zanussi dishwasher for sale, settings for four persons. Nearly new, a great bargain at 60 euros. Tel 629 320 642 Yecla area. Derbi Senda 50cc 2stroke Bike Trail, field use only, no papers, ideal 1st bike. Fortuna 968 683 007 195 euros Ariston electric boiler 80 liters, 9 months old as new perfect working order. 40 Euros. Childs travel cot complete with good quality mattres, eleven used as new. 50 Euros ono. TEL. FORTUNA 868 184 137

Costa Blanca Complete with all fittings Bidet & taps, was fitted but never used € 35-00, Bathroom Shower Fitting Chrome with combined large overhead showerhead and hand held showerhead.Temperature setting. Fits standard shower plumbing. 9 months old, cost €120, accept €35. Fortuna 689 073 440 We Can Eco Ecological and Economical Goods Buy or join us as a distributor!

Sky Digibox WITH ACTIVE white card € 40, Circular Saw 1200w, spare blade with laser + € 20, Playstation 2 with 19 games + PS1 PS2 cheats +14 books Salinas € 15 680 307 002 Sony Playstation with 2 controllers, Hyper Blaster and 20 games €50 Super Nintendo Street Fighter II including 8 games and adaptor for TV €30 Tel: 966 677 174 (Hondon) Futon Scandinavian single pine bed, extra thick mattress 40 euros call 676 813 902 DON´T FORGET TO PLACE YOUR CLASSIFED ITEMS ON THE TIM WEBSITE -

Hablamos tu lengua – We speak your language.


*Mono capa *Skimming *Rendering *Tiling All building works undertaken Call: 686 264 099


Sketch Artist: Individual & Group portraits from photos. Also pets. Leave a valued memento. Contact: toshythekidd@hotmail. com Holiday property maintenance and care services now offered in Castalla and the surrounding areas. Villa rentals, cleans & change overs, pool cleaning, gardening, meet & greet service by experienced team established 1997 in Campello. Please email: or telephone Nick on 619 592 708 for more details. REMOVALS-DELIVERY AND PICK UP SERVICE. Large van and competitive prices. Call 658 626 315

Translation/interpretation service. 10€ per hour. Need a translator/interpreter? Are you a translator/interpreter looking for more work? Please call 679548451




Chrysler avenger two door coupe, Uk reg left hand drive, excellent condition 495 euros no offers, Tel 688 805 859 Campello area.

CRAFTSMEN & DESIGN SERVICES 35 yrs unique skill base all work licensed and guarenteed specialising in * plastering internal/ external wall covering *stone masonry / brick & block work *plumbing, painting& decorating Free estimates help & advise Tel :966180636 or 620543155 e mail: craftsmendesign@



WANTED Guitarist looking for keyboard player or guitarist for gigs. Vocals an asset. Blues/jazz background would be ideal. Call 633 731 955/965 070 513 Pinoso area. Large van leaving Spain to the UK and UK to Spain every month. space available both ways, very reliable Tel or 690 818 090, UK mob: 07504 927034 email:

Freezer with sliding glass top/ cover. Tel Sue 660 266 252 Free standing log burning boiler with water jacket. Out-put 21kw. Telephone 663 564 364 Wanted upright freezer gwo , 2 sun bed Call 966 682 185


Hofner Guitar with Bigsby Trem Verythin Arm, must be in good condition. 966 677 983/652 282 495 Salinas


Wanted double bed must be good quality and clean, call 966 682 185



COLLECTION SERVICE Tel Phil (Fortuna) 607 848 332

2nd hand cars bought and sold Tel 691 260 502

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Wanted singer to join a general covers band playing music from the 60’s to present day,applicant must be enthusiastic and reliable, only good singers need apply if this is you please call me on 661 350 963 or e-mail Wanted, Hofner Verithin with Bigsby Trem Arm Gita, all must be in good condition, or by simulating good guitar maker in good condition. Roy Salinas 966 677 983 61

TIM Magazine™ Wanted, musicians to form a country music group within fifteen minutes drive time of Villena. Please call Rob on 675 360 574 Can you drive, make a cuppa, do odd jobs? Do you have time on your hands and would like to help people out on a voluntary basis? Pinoso Vineyard Christian Fellowship would love to hear from you! Please call Jacqueline on 679 548 451 or message us via

and Thursday mornings, we are looking for new members if you are interested please phone on 966 180 879 or email Adele for more details

“LOST” , Yorkshire Terrier - 3 yrs Female .... Escaped from home in Baños de Fortuna, Feb. 13th. Small ... dark color and rich as markings .... Any info please call me on 650 757 622


For sale or exchange,Love birds (agaponys) Phone Pinoso, 966 966 072 or 622 672 560


For Sale or exchange Zebra Finches Phone Pinoso 966 966 072 or 622 672 560


QUALIFIED CHEF REQUIRED FOR A BUSY RESTAURANT IN THE HONDON VALLEY. WE ARE LOOKING FOR AN INDIVDUAL WHO IS HARD WORKING, RELIABLE, WITH AN EYE FOR DETAIL. THE SUCCESSFUL APPLICANT MUST HAVE A PROVEN TRACK RECORD & BE ABLE TO WORK UNDER PRESSURE. CALL 0044 782 4358 865 FOR MORE INFORMATION. Bilingual secretary EnglishSpanish required for the Hondon Office of Pellicer Heredia Solicitors. Send your CV to or click at their website of www. and send it through here.. EVENTS Tues 19th Bob’s Bar Fortuna Table Top Sale 2pm

CLUBS Tennis players of a UK club level standard ,to join us in Fortuna call.Malcolm 632 882 686 A group of us meet every Thursday at the Sunset Cafe on the n332 in Cabo Roig for rideouts. We are multi-national, and all makes of motorcycle are welcome. for more info contact Rob on mollyandbaileybassett@

PARTY YOURSELF INTO SHAPE THIS SPRING! Ditch the Workout, Join the Party!! Zumba Fitness Classes with Certified Zumba Instructor in Pinoso, Fortuna, the Hondons for details contact Donna 966 195 876 / 699 408 773 www.

2 year old smoky grey male looking for love.Enjoys climbing, bird watching and gourmet food. For more info on JOE (the cat) phone 600 84 54 20. Or visit

Tues 26th Motorcycle Club Bob’s Bar Fortuna 7pm. BBQ & Music All welcome Badminton Have you previously played badminton? We have Badminton Club Formed in Pinoso, only playing social badminton, on Tuesday

For sale,or Exchange, S.Sexed pair of Senegal Parrots.200 euros .Phone Pinoso, 966 966 072 or 622 672 560.

0034 965 474 314 0034 675 218 436 OR EMAIL: Website:


Beautiful 1 year old black female looking for a permanent relationship. Enjoys sunset walks, going to the gym, being Spoilt and lots of affection for more info on Maisie (theDog) phone 600 84 54 20. Or visit

PETS DOG loving couple, willing to care for your dog(s) in our home on a 1-2-1 basis, no other dog in home while yours in residence. Six years experience, references available. Reasonable rates, Pinoso area. For further details please ring 966195501, or e mail.


Wanted, home for cats, 1 male 4yrs, neutered, white with part tabby head & tail, 1 female speyed, 10yrs, completely black, photos on Tim Web. 680 307 002 Salinas


E-mail: • Web site:

Are you house hunting/ or looking for a relaxing Holliday 30 minutes inland from the coast and 25 mins from Alicante Airport in the real Spain! Long and Short lets available, fabulous road connections to all parts of Spain. Golf Course 15 mins drive away. Two beds, two bathrooms, American kitchen/ diner, Sky tv, Air con, use of pool and jaccuzi, beautiful views, great for walking or cyclists. Sax area call 638 026 230 for more info and prices.

Bed & Breakfast amongst the Orange & Lemon groves. Quiet location in La Matanza, Orihuela. Just 35 minutes from airports and beaches. Full or half board also available, RING for details, Tanya 659 647 593 or Alan 648 610 367


Costa Blanca

inurbe fincas s.l 22

 We need more properties to sell! Contact us to arrange an appointment


0034 679 951 140 (Español) 0034 699 457 387 (English) 0034 606 619 288 (Dutch) 0034 966 779 788 (Office/fax) c/ San Rafael, 11, 03318 La Murada, Alicante

Buy Direct




Ref 01144

Beautiful detached villa with many extras & pool. 3 beds with wardrobes, 3 baths, lounge/diner, fireplace, fitted kitchen. 2 sheds, carport, alarm, water filtration, auto entry, WiFi, telephone etc. Build: 133 m2 Plot: 1,030 m2 € 169,995

Lovely detached villa only 10 mins from the beach. 4 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fireplace, fitted kitchen with utility. Solarium, terrace, BBQ, AC. Auto entry and auto irrigation. Build: 160 m2 Plot: 2,200 m2 € 186,000

Brand new villa with 10 yr guarantee. 3 beds with wardrobes, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fireplace, fitted kitchen, utility. Pre inst for AC and CH. 10 mins walk to bus stop and bar. Build: 133 m2 Plot: 1,300 m2 € 149,995

Spacious new detached villa on a large plot. 3 beds with wardrobes, 3 baths, fitted kitchen, lounge/diner, fireplace. Garage (60m2). Pre inst for AC and CH. Pool (8 x 4 m). Build: 200 m2 Plot: 10,100 m2 € 175,000


Ref 02683 La Matanza – ALICANTE

Ref 02716 La Matanza – ALICANTE


Villa with separate annexe, 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. Enclosed gardens with auto entry. Porch. AC. Garage. Only 5 mins from the centre of town. Build: 118 m2 Plot: 670 m2 € 77,000

Country house, renovated to a high standard. 4 beds, 3 baths, very large fitted kitchen, dining room, lounge, fireplace. Patio, outdoor kitchen, BBQ, terrace, garage. Pool for completion Build: 180 m2 Plot: 1,800 m2 € 217,000

Detached villa with 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. AC. Spacious porch. Separate apartment with bedroom, bath, lounge/diner and kitchen. Pool, terrace, outside toilet. 5 mins to town. Build: 160 m2 Plot: 2,000 m2 € 179,995

Detached house on a large plot. 4 beds, bath, fitted kitchen, lounge/diner, fireplace. Terrace, BBQ, utility. Peaceful area with panoramic views. Fully furnished. Build: 100 m2 Plot: 17,000 m2 € 96,000




Ref 02825 NEW Torre del Rico – JUMILLA

Spacious country villa only 5 mins from town. 3 beds, bath, lounge/diner, fireplace, fitted kitchen. Porch, pergola. Outbuilding. BBQ, outside toilet. Pool. Good access. Build: 200 m2 Plot: 3,200 € 115,000

Detached country house with pool & storage. 3 beds, bath, lounge/diner, fireplace, fitted kitchen. Enclosed flat gardens planted with fruit trees. Peaceful and sunny location. Build: 170 m2 Plot: 3,200 m2 € 129,000

Detached country house with pool & garage. 4 beds, bath, fitted kitchen, lounge/diner, fireplace. Spacious terrace. Store room. Telephone. Good access and fabulous views. Build: 100 m2 Plot: 5,000 m2 € 120,000

Ideal for B & B. Spacious rustic style traditional house with plenty of scope to add more beds/baths. 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. Terrace, patio, space for pool. Build: 200 m2 € 149,995 Plot: 1,000 2

E-mail: • Web site:

Hondon Nieves – ALICANTE

T.I.M March 2013 edition  

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