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elcome to this your 58th edition of The Inland Magazine. Well this summer has indeed turned out to be one of the hottest on record here in Spain, and strangely enough the Spanish weather service was spot on with their predictions.


Now that the official summer has started to fade away the visitors tend to start to ease, but in our particular case we have even more visitors coming from the Uk due to the total lack of a summer back in old blighty. There is a rumour sweeping the UK that the government asked the met office to predict a barbecue summer for the UK, in order to increase the amount of people taking their holidays in UK destinations rather than going abroad. Whether this rumour is true or not, we will never know. But one thing is for sure and that is the met office certainly got their prediction well wrong this year.

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A Stroll Around… the Barrio del Carmen

by Derek Workman

Valencia never seems to be out of the news, these days, what with one big sporting event or another dominating the headlines. But even if you aren’t sports minded, it’s still a great place to spend a day or two. The Mercado Central in Valencia is said to be the biggest and one of the best food markets in Europe – at least that’s what’s said by the Valencianos themselves. It is undoubtedly a gourmet’s delight, with its long alleyways packed with luscious delicacies dying to be dined upon. Built in the Modernist style in 1914 it is topped by a parrot on a spike, said to symbolise the chattering women stall holders below. Stalls whose sole product range is the beans for paellas, snuggle up to others with big bags and baskets of live snails; baquetas, chonetas and cristianas, some of the more adventurous ones slithering up the plastic spoon in a vain attempt at escape. Slope around the corner from the market onto Calle del Music Peydró, and you’ll enter what at first looks like a seedy back alley, but in which you’ll soon find a wild assortment of goodies, enough to put the Casbah to shame. Within a hundred metres you’ll pass La Labradora, an emporium of gorgeous Falla shawls, a fancy cushion shop, a herbolista, Chinese emporium, a wonderful arty-crafty shop called Menfis, with an ‘eclectic’ collection of nicky-nackys, including papier-maché figures of gawpy crinolined cartoon character ladies and classic balsa-wood airoplane kits that really fly, and Anexo de Mas Masia - a temple to articulos plasticos - (their main shop, a goodlooking housy-gardeny place is in Plaza Merced, almost opposite La Labradora). Just for a giggle, wander down to the bottom of the street and have a look at Barato de Garcia, one of a number of shops in the area that still sell proper men’s vest, embroidered pinnies, big baggy knickers, and day-glo waistcoats to make sure you don’t get knocked over the next time you’re digging up the road outside your house.


Drifting down the alleyway to the side of La Lonja, Valencias early silk market, on the opposite side of Avenida Maria Cristina from the Mercado Central, you come to Plaza del Doctor Colledo, a benign balance of ruin, recently done up, and been there for donkey’s years but still going strong. Ferreteria Hija de Blas Luna should feature on postcards of the city as a historical monument, its blistered bottle green shutters acting as a backdrop for the display of practically every black plastic bucket design you can think of. If you can’t find that fiddley bit that attaches to the awkward twisty thing that comes out of the back of that big lump in the whatsit – Ferreteria H de B L will have it. Slink up Calle Estamiñeria Vieja, and on the bend you can put your feet up for a brew and a glance at the English newspapers in the deep, soft sofas of The Lounge. In the tiny square opposite, El Rall is reported to do the best paella in the whole of Valencia (along with a thousand others), and in the summer months you can enjoy your meal sitting in the sunlit square itself. If you know anyone who fancies embroidering their own shawl or doing anything with needles, cotton etc., nip over to the Plaza Redondo, two minutes from El Rall. It’s a beautiful circular market, and if you fancy it you can buy a piece of the gaudy Valenciano ceramics from the shops that surround the small covered area. On Friday mornings, weather permitting, a group of ladies meet to work at incredibly intricate bobbin weaving, their fingers whizzing so fast that it’s almost impossible to see what they are doing. If you need to take a rest, the Hochateria de Santa Catalina is just around the corner from Plaza Redondo, on Calle Sombreria (it’s where the hat makers used to be), an oasis of cool on a hot summer’s day, and not too bad during winter either. Going for almost two hundred years, it’s the place on a Sunday afternoon to take chocolate with buñuelos, doughnuts made with calabaza.

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Costa Blanca Suitably refreshed, stroll around the back of the Cathedral and over the Plaça de la Mare, onto Calle Cabelleros. (If you want to take a quick dog-leg up Calle de Serranos, on the right-hand side just as you enter Caballeros, at the far end, just before you get to the Torre de Roteros, at number 29, is Arropa, a brill second-hand clothing shop run by a local church. On your way back, if you can fight your way past the enormous bags of coffee beans just inside the door of Mi Café, at number 20, you can get the stuff ground to your own taste at bargain prices. Back on Caballos, at number 16, the wonderfully named Felicidad Perez has an equally wonderful looking antique shop behind the massively ornate doors of a former palacio, but to get an idea of what a palacio courtyard actually looks like, meander through the grand entrance of UTECO (Union de Cooperativias Agrarias de Valencia) at 26, into its oasis of ochre and blue calm. It’s definitely worth visiting nearby L’Iber, Museo de los Soldaditos de Plomo, the toy soldier museum, which has the largest collection of miniature in the world. Returning Cathedral-ward, take the last on the right and you’ll find yourself in Plaza Negrito, where the tinkling fountain becomes a refrain for the bubble of the summer evening conversation of the clients of Bar Negrito. On the left-hand side of the plaza, on Carrer Catalans, the restaurant Bodegulla del Gato, is bright and lively, serving excellent food from the north of Spain. Practically next door, through the imposing portal of number 6, is the Nueva Acropolis Asociación Cultural. A homage to the esoterics, you can learn everything you ever needed to know about parapsychology, graphology, archaeology, and a whole lot of other -ologys besides. Good bookshop and a delightful little sculpture gallery. Holds regular programme of talks. Whichever street you choose will eventually take you back to the Mercado Central - in plenty of time to see if that snail actually did win in his bid for freedom.

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Aromatic Plants for the Gar den? by Barbara Barton Rosemary is one of the oldest plants used for food and medicine. During the middle Ages, it was used to ward off evil spirits and people slept with rosemary branches under their pillows to keep them safe from demons and nightmares. Anne of Cleves is said to have worn a wreath entwined with rosemary at her wedding to Henry V111 in 1540 (not a good luck charm then!) and it continued to be used at weddings and funerals well into the 19th century. Famed for its scented flowers and aromatic leaves in addition to its culinary uses it is said to help headaches and has a reputation for strengthening memory – hence the saying “rosemary for remembrance” A spiky evergreen bush, rosemary grows to an average of 5 feet and its pungent flavour lends itself easily to meats, potatoes and bread. It combines well with other herbs but it does have a tendency to dominate to it should be used sparingly Rosemary has numerous medicinal properties. The flowers are distilled into an essential oil and are used in the treatment of pain, circulation problems, mental fatigue, arthritis, bronchitis, fluid retention and acne. It is said to stimulate the memory and aid concentration. When I was working I frequently burned rosemary oil in a burner in my office to help my concentration when doing a lot of paperwork An interesting way to use the rosemary branches is to make them the basis for tuna skewers on the barbecue. Cut your rosemary branches long enough for a skewer, remove the leaves but leave a little tuft at the top to add flavour and to look pretty. Skewer chunks of tuna and red onion, brush with oil and grill or barbecue for around 8 minutes, turning once. Or, why not make your own flavoured oil. Pick fresh stalks from the garden, pack into a nice shaped bottle and cover with oil. Add 1 tablespoon of white wine vinegar, put on a lid and then place on a warm or sunny windowsill for 2 weeks 4

for flavours to infuse. Strain the oil through a muslin and return to the bottle adding a fresh sprig of rosemary to help you identify the type of oil. Rosemary is ideal for the Spanish garden; it is hardy and thrives in hot, dry conditions. It has pretty pale blue flowers and can be grown in a pot, in the ground, as a shrub or even as a hedge – truly versatile. Make sure you plant it in well drained soil and in full sun. Best time to plant is September through to April. Young plants should be watered weekly until established and there after once a month. There is a saying that rosemary only grows in gardens where the mistress is master which is probably why it grows abundantly in mine! Aubergine and Rosemary Casserole – a firm favourite in our house and ideal to accompany meat or fish but equally can be served as a lunch dish with some crusty bread. Aubergine and Rosemary Casserole serves 4 2 large aubergines, sliced thinly 4 large tomatoes sliced thinly 2 large onions, chopped finely 4 tablespoons chopped rosemary leaves 4 tablespoons olive oil 125g grated cheese 6 tablespoons fresh breadcrumbs fried in oil Salt and Pepper Oven temperature: 160 F Preheat the oven In a greased oven proof dish make layers of aubergine and tomatoes, sprinkled with chopped onion, rosemary, olive oil, salt and pepper. Mix the grated cheese with the breadcrumbs and spread over the top of the casserole. Bake in the preheated oven for 1 hour and serve warm

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Costa Blanca

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A Walk in the Park Words & Photos by Rob Innis

Regular TIM readers will remember we featured Parc Natural de La Mata – Torrevieja in last June’s edition. I recently revisited the park to meet Maureen Moss who is currently the President of the Association of Los Caminos y Las Rutas de las Sal. As Maureen and I walked through the park towards the shady pine trees, accompanied by her granddaughter and two well-behaved dogs (on leads) I asked her about the Rutas Association. She told me that it was formed several years ago by a group of British residents but they are now pleased to have other nationalities amongst their ranks. It recently became a legal and recognised group, probably the only one like it, and they have annual general meetings in accordance with their constitution. We arrived at one of my favourite areas in the park, the pinada, a delightfully shady spot with picnic tables and benches with a tall tower offering good views across the lake, ideal for bird watching.

I wondered if Maureen had any horror stories of people’s misbehaviour but the list of misdemeanours was, fortunately, relatively short. They have had campers, people swimming in the lake and, more seriously, theft of rare plant life – all prohibited activities under the park rules. We made our way back to the visitor centre, stopping for water for the dogs along the way, where Maureen introduced me to some of the park’s full time workers. The centre was recently modernised and has a range of displays and a high tech office for the park wardens.

I wanted to understand what the purpose of the association was – Maureen explained, “We assist the permanent park staff by walking around the park ensuring no one is causing damage or doing anything detrimental to the park’s plant and bird life. We then complete a report to provide statistics for the Comunidad Valenciana. We also interview visitors, asking where they come from, their purpose for visiting, and their opinion of the park’s facilities.”

Although the numbers of visitors is increasing, the park is still relatively under utilised. This is a shame because it offers so many facilities for walkers, photographers, bird watchers, botanists, as well as people just wanting to relax in a peaceful natural surrounding enjoying the environment. There are many paths to wander around and explore the park, which is a green oasis in the concrete jungle of the area.

The members are active in lots of useful ways but seldom get involved with any heavy work for which the park has full time employees. It is worth calling into the Information Centre (closed Mondays) to look at the displays and they now have a camera on one of the islands, which relays the pictures to a screen in the centre for the visitors to view close ups of the varied bird life. You can also look through the illustrated log detailing recent bird sightings and other information recorded by the members.

If you are interested in the finding out more about becoming a volunteer and joining the association (it is free!) you can contact Maureen Moss on 966 923 113 for more information.

I asked Maureen if they needed any more members, “Yes, we would be delighted to welcome new members especially if they have language skills or knowledge of birds or plants and can commit to a few hours a week to help with our park duties. However you don’t have to have qualifications, but an interest in the park is expected.” The members receive basic training from the staff to assist them to recognise flora and fauna for the park’s records. In addition, they occasionally arrange visits to other parks and areas of interest for social outings. The Valencian region has a good web site: http://parquesnaturales. and you can view or download (in English) more detailed park information.

PARK FACT FILE Location: Accessed via roundabout on N332 La Mata – Torrevieja Car Parking: Free Bus: Costa Azul Alicante – Cartagena service Visitors Centre: Open daily except Monday Paths: Fairly flat. Some sandy in dry weather Disabled Access: Yes - along the decked path WCs: In Visitor Centre 6

For more photos: LAMATATORREVIEJANATURALPARK# Please follow: Rules for preserving the Environment You are in a protected wildlife area with nesting birds. Keep dogs on a lead. To contribute to its preservation visitors should attempt to come in small groups, make as little noise as possible, not leave the paths marked out, respect animals and plants, not light fires, respect forestry rules, and leave no rubbish, waste or tracks of your presence along the route. Thank you.

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MOTORING by Paul Lock


i and welcome to Septembers motoring column. I hope you are all still enjoying the long balmy summer and the fact that we can reach the beaches and not get caught in 10 mile traffic jams. I saw on the news a while back, the massive queues on the UK roads, when they had a sunny weekend. Luckily, not the case here!! First of all, an update on the UK scrappage scheme. According to the UK government, over 150,000 cars have been scrapped since the scheme started in May. Good news for the car dealers, and good deals for the motorists. The government put aside £300 million for the scheme and it has taken more than half of it already. New car sales reached 157.000 in July 2009 which was higher by 2.4%, than the previous July. The scheme offered £2000 of a new car in the UK as long as the traded in car was over 10 years old and roadworthy, as well as legal. At this rate, the government funding will run out in October, so there is hope that the scheme will be extended. However, there is a downside to this. A friend of mine works at a Ford dealers in the UK. So far they have traded in a mint split screen Morris Minor and a perfect 2 owner 1963 Mini. Both these cars sold privately would fetch at least £6000 each, but as the owners want a new car, these classics end up in the crusher. Once traded in under scrappage, the cars have to be destroyed and never used on the road again. To be honest, if you trade in your old Fiesta or Nova, for a new car, then that is sensible. But to scrap some of these classics is sad, and a shame because they gradually disappear from the roads. I am sure most of us over 40 have owned a car now deemed a classic, I know I have. A 1969 Aubergine Cortina 1600E. Not many of them left now, but it did have rust issues, but what great car. And not too may left now. As I said before I think scrappage is a great scheme, but let’s not lose the classics!! Oh, and by the way, the scheme operates in Spain too. I wrote a couple of months back about some German car manufacturers were thinking of merging with others, to make larger companies. News reached me this week that VW have bought a 42% stake in Porsche, for 3.3 billion euros. The chief executive at VW hopes that this new merger will propel VW to number one in the world. They have worked together in the past, as the VW Toureg and the Porsche Cayenne are ore or less the same. (NB the Toureg is better though and cheaper, but don’t tell Porsche I said that!). This is the end of a long struggle between the two companies. Porsche initially tried to buy into VW and a subsidiary parts company, but ran up 10 billion euros of debt in the failed acquisition, so was forced to accept help from VW. The 42% stake is only the first part of the merger, with a possible full take over in the future. VW now own.....Audi, Bentley, Bugatti Skoda, Seat and Lamborghini. Not bad eh!! Anyway, until next month, drive safely, and if you ever need any help or advice from me, my number is at the bottom of the column, and on my ad on this page. If you wish to Email, that is there too. Paul ock 679551665 or 8

MOBILE MOTOR SERVICES PAUL LOCK • servicing and repairs to all makes and models • petrol and diesel • Full English to Spanish re-registration service from ITV/headlight change to spanish plates fitted • auto electrical repairs, vehicle diagnostics and code reading • collection/delivery or mobile service For reliable service call Paul on 679551665

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For a full, reliable service contact: Alan: Graham: Sandra:

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Scrub the clams under cold running water, discarding any that fail to close to the touch. In a large bowl, combine the clams, coarse salt, and water to cover and let stand for at least 30 minutes or up to 2 hours so that the clams release any sand trapped in their shells. Drain. In a large saucepan, combine the clams with the 4 cups water and bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Cover and cook for about 5 minutes, or until they open. As the clams cook, uncover the pan occasionally and stir with a wooden spoon to encourage them all to open at about the same time. Drain the clams, reserving the cooking liquid. Discard any clams that have not opened. In a large cazuela, heat the olive oil over high heat. Add the garlic and red pepper flakes, if using, and fry, stirring often, for 1 to 2 minutes, or until the garlic begins to turn golden. Sprinkle the flour over the garlic and stir with a wooden spoon until the mixture is well blended. Add 3 cups of the reserving cooking liquid and the salt, parsley and wine. Decrease the heat to medium and boil, stirring occasionally, for 5 minutes, or until the sauce thickens slightly. Add more cooking liquid if you prefer a thinner sauce. Rotate the cazuela in circular motions over the burner to mix all the ingredients, and boil gently for 2 minutes, or until the sauce is blended and looks whitish green. Sprinkle the hake pieces with the salt and place in a single layer in the sauce. Cook, turning once, for 2 minutes on each side, or until opaque at the center when tested with a knife tip. Add the clams and asparagus, shake the pan gently to prevent sticking, and simmer for 2 more minutes so heat all the ingredients through. Garnish with the egg wedges and sprinkle with the parsley. Serve immediately.

• 24 Manila or small littleneck clams • 1 tablespoon coarse sea salt • 4 cups water • 1/3 cup olive oil • 2 cloves garlic, finely minced • 1/2 teaspoon hot red pepper flakes (optional) • 1 2 tablespoon all-purpose flour • 1 1/2 teaspoons salt • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley • 1/2 cup dry white wine • 2 pounds hake fillet, cut into 16 pieces • Salt • 4 white asparagus, freshly cooked or canned, halved crosswise • 2 hard-boiled eggs, peeled and quartered lengthwise, for garnish • Chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley for garnish

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Merluza y almejas en salsa verde


Costa Blanca

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The T mat

Lycopersicon Esculentum

by Linda Trott

The history of the tomato can be traced back to the early Aztecs around 700AD and it is therefore generally believed that the tomato is native to the Americas (probably Central to South America). When the Spanish explorer Cortez set sail to discover new lands around 1520 he brought back with him, from what is now known as Mexico, seeds of the tomato plant. The fruit was quickly accepted by the Spanish as part of their staple diet. As the plant travelled North through Europe it was not greeted with such enthusiasm, indeed the British, for example, thought that the tomato was poisonous. The earliest reference to the tomato in Britain was in an herbal book written in 1544. The French botanist Tournefort provided the Latin botanical name of Lycopersicon which translates as wolf peach because it’s fruit is round and luscious and wolf because it was once believed to be poisonous (although only the leaves are poisonous). The native tomatoes were small like cherries and mostly yellow in colour and were known in Spain and Italy as Pomi D’Ora ( yellow apples). The French named them Pommes D’Amour as they believed they had aphrodisiacal properties! Botanically speaking the tomato is a fruit and can also be classified as a berry since it is pulpy and has edible seeds. The dietary carotenoid lycopene is found in high concentrations in tomatoes and especially processed products such as ketchup (yes it is good for you!). Lycopene is an anti-oxidant that fights free radicals which interfere with normal cell growth. Free radicals can potentially lead to cancer, heart disease and premature aging. Tomatoes have high concentrations of vitamin C and contain good amounts of potassium, iron and vitamins A and B.

A word of caution though! Tomatoes belong to the Solanaceae family which also includes the potato, all peppers, Aubergine (egg plant), tobacco and Bella Donna (deadly night shade). Some, or all parts of these plants have toxins which can be highly dangerous. The leafy parts of both tomatoes and potatoes are poisonous as well as any part of a potato which is green. Green tomatoes can also be toxic and can cause vomiting and nausea unless cooked or pickled. All parts of the Belladonna (deadly nightshade) are extremely poisonous. Animals instinctively know this. My goats Basil and Daisy (yet again!) demonstrate their superior knowledge of the laws of nature by completely avoiding the patches of belladonna in their paddock even though they demolish everything else remotely edible! Other ruminants, such as sheep or cattle, also leave the plant untouched even in periods of draught. Some people have intolerance to one or all of the plants of the Solanaceae family. This family of plants is also believed to be one of the main suspects that cause Arthritis flares. If you suffer from this condition it may be advisable to remove all of the family members from your diet for a minimum period of two weeks, to see if there is an improvement in your condition. You can then introduce each member back, one at a time, to identify the culprit (although it may be that you are intolerant of the entire family). Don’t forget, this includes smoking, as the tobacco plant is also part of the Solanaceae family. The old adage ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’ is most certainly true in this case. Meanwhile, for those of you who are not intolerant to the Solanaceae family, you can carry on smothering your chips (potato) with good old Heinz 57 (tomato) happy in the knowledge that all that lycopene is doing you the power of good!!


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The Essential Guide to Understanding Cash Flow

By Kevin Terrell FICM


Most people have heard of the expression, ‘Cash is King’. Well, in the climate we are living in today, cash means a lot more to people and business than that. In fact it’s fair to say that cash is the ‘Life Blood’ of every business and organisation. We are deep in a recession where businesses are failing as a result of cash flow pressures. Yet if you analyse the business at the point of failure you may find many of them still had three things: 1) Loyal and hardworking employees; 2) A great product or service they were selling and 3) Many future orders and prospects in the pipeline. And yet the company failed simply because it didn’t have enough money in the bank to pay the bills. What Is Cash Flow? Business is all about trade, the exchange of value between two or more parties, and cash is the asset needed for participation in the economic system. For this reason - while some industries are more cash intensive than others - no business can survive in the long run without generating positive cash flow per share for its shareholders. To have a positive cash flow, the company’s long-term cash inflows need to exceed its long-term cash outflows. An outflow of cash occurs when a company transfers funds to another party (either physically or electronically). Such a transfer could be made to pay for employees, suppliers and creditors, or to purchase long-term assets and investments. It is important to note that legal transfers of value through debt - a purchase made on credit - is not recorded as a cash outflow until the money actually leaves the company’s hands. A cash inflow is of course the exact opposite; it is any transfer of money that comes into the company’s possession. Typically, the majority of a company’s cash inflows are from customers, lenders (such as banks or bondholders) and investors who purchase company equity from the company. Occasionally cash flows come from sources like legal settlements or the sale of company property/real estate or equipment. Cash Flow v/s Income It is important to note the distinction between being profitable and having positive cash flow transactions: just because a company is bringing in cash does not mean it is making a profit (and vice versa). For example, say a manufacturing company is experiencing low product demand and therefore decides to sell off half its factory equipment at liquidation prices. It will receive cash from the buyer for the used equipment, but the manufacturing company is definitely losing money on the sale: it would prefer to use the equipment to manufacture products and earn an operating profit. But since it cannot, the next best option is to sell off the equipment at prices much lower than the company paid for it. In the year that it sold the equipment, the company would end up with a strong positive cash flow, but its current and future earnings potential would be fairly bleak. For more information about cash flow management visit: E-mail: • Web site:

Costa Blanca

Hello again, Some of you may be experiencing problems with the loss of Channel 5, so here is the explanation.

the same time as BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, CBEEBIES, CBBC.

and “backup” 3 times. FIVE will now appear in your “other channels” section.

If you have a Sky card registered in the Wales or West of England, then the reason why is because the version of 5 that serves this area has now stopped being transmitted from its nice and strong Sky card frequency of 12422H 27.5 2/3 and has been allocated the Freesat versions of 5 on Astra 2d on 10773 H 22 5/6.

All is not lost though! You can always programme into your “other channels” the 3 other UK version of 5 - North East and South. Go to “services”, then select system setup, and then select add channels. Change the settings to - 12422H 27.5 2/3, select “find channels”, then when a list of channels appears down the left hand side, highlight FIVE, then press the yellow button to put a tick next to it. Then press “select” twice,

Could this be the first stage of FIVE becoming totally Free to Air in conjunction with the UKs Digital Switch over process?? Could this signal the beginning of the end for the Freesat from Sky cards....will Five make all its channels FTA by the end of the year...?

This means that this version of 5 is only available as

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Regards, Lee

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by Chris Haney

Over the next few months we will look at the ‘common sense’ of health related subjects, because so much is written by experts that contradicts and even confuses our individual perception of ‘what is good for us’? There are many benefits to exercise and here are some of the ways and why. HEARTY EXERCISE It’s never too late. For example, men aged 50-70 who take regular exercise can lower their risk of heart problems by reducing blood cholesterol levels and keeping the proportion of body fat down.

Benefits of Exercise

REDUCE THE PRESSURE Taking exercise helps to prevent high blood pressure and can reduce the chances of developing diabetes mellitus. WELL BEING Aerobic sports, running, cycling, swimming, brisk walking can all contribute to a reduced risk of breast cancer in women. There also seems to be evidence that keeping fit contributes to improved health by reducing the risk of other cancers, such as lung and colon cancer. TAKE THE STRAIN Exercise can also help you feel less stressed out, reduce tension, and actually boost your energy levels. PROTECTIVE ARMOUR Regular exercise, particularly load-bearing exercise helps you develop stronger skeletal structure and help you fen off osteoporosis, when the thinning of bones in later life brings increased risk of fractures. KEEP MOVING Flexibility of your muscles is important to keeping you supple and able to have a full range of movements. Appropriate exercise, including warm-ups and stretching help you remain more able to do all the everyday activities that we would like to take for granted. LOOKING GOOD Apart from all the obvious benefits to your health, taking exercise is the major weapon you have in maintaining a better looking physical posture. Exercise not only contributes to controlling fat, but also helps improve muscle strength and muscle tone. FEELING GREAT Regular exercisers feel better. It’s all to do with the way physical activity stimulates chemicals in the brain. The knock on effects can be beneficial to you mood, you feel more relaxed, easy going and better tempered!!! Next month our ‘common sense’ subject will be MOTIVATION, and we all need that on occasions if not all the time!!! Chris Haney is you local Personal Trainer based in Hondon de los Frailes, working from ESPORT i SALUT gym in the village, so if you need to contact tel. 679 008 021. 16

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by Marty Funkhauser

Mark Lester an osteopath aged 55 from Cheltenham is convinced that 11 year old Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael, is his daughter because of the likeness between her and his own daughter Harriet, 15. “I do feel a definite bonding with Paris and I think there is a definite possibility that she’s part of me” said the one time child star after being excluded from all things Jackson, one of which is an estimated $300m fortune. I’ve looked closely at the pictures of the two girls and they do have remarkable similarities. Both girls have noses right in the middle of their faces and both have two ears, case proven I suggest. Perhaps we should consult with Michael’s best ever friend in the whole world Uri Geller. Strangely enough, Uri Geller has also been excluded from all things Jackson but, unlike Lester, the decision of Michael himself following the rather damaging Martin Bashir documentary that he took part in on the advice of Uri Geller. If only Gary Glitter had a friend like Uri. The spoon bender had this to say “I have no reason to doubt Mark’s story, simply because I remember years ago in New York, Michael implied to me that he wanted Mark to help him father a child for him”. Sounds conclusive enough to me! The Jackson family lawyer Londell McMillan (is there a single person involved in all this who has a normal name?) said “These genetic lottery attempts aren’t going anywhere”. I like this guy. If you can receive MTV at home then I do hope you have been watching Kerry Katona – What’s The Problem? Its car crash television at its very best/worst (delete where applicable). Approximately 22 minutes of foul-mouthed slurring from Ms Katona as she tries to convince us that her marriage to the totally useless Mark Croft was made in heaven or arranged in hell, she can’t quite decide. Mum’s Gone To Iceland was the strap line, only if they sell cheap beer and fags in the case of Kerry. Fortunately, bankruptcy has not affected her life as the cameras show her luxury house and their assortment of equally luxurious cars. The stars of the show, with the exception of Kerry and Mark, are the nanny (Gemma) who also acts as their press agent and Kerry’s agent Sean O’Brien who was appointed after Kerry sacked Max Clifford. You must see the show that features Gemma being knocked unconscious whilst bending down during cleaning the house and forgetting the wall mounted TV directly above her. Being knocked out on television by a television, that takes some beating. Gemma, who is dating Mark Croft’s brother and is seemingly pregnant by him, resigned her position as she was fed up of listening to Kerry and Mark argue. Kerry replaced Gemma with Lisa who lasted a week before leaving as she could not deal with the family. Kerry then successfully begged Gemma to come back and look after her, Mark, Molly, Lilly, Sue, Heidi and Maxwell and the dogs and the press photographers who it seems live on the street corner opposite the Katona house. First it was Sir Alan Sugar then parenting guru Tanya Byron followed by weirdo Lloyd Grossman and now Strictly Come Dancing reject Arlene Phillips has joined the government. Her task is to introduce Chinese style mass dance exercise in public parks. Words fail me. 18

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The Villena Abandoned Animals Shelter (SPAP) needs your help urgently! We are a non-profit charitable organization working for the protection and well-being of animals in Villena and its surroundings. At the moment we are facing an extremely critical situation as we are in desperate need of help in order to be able to continue rescuing and caring for the homeless dogs and cats in our area and to carry on promoting the adoption of these animals. You can help us by: • Adopting one of the animals in our centre. • Sponsoring an animal. • Fostering one of our dogs or cats who may be not well enough at the shelter. • Becoming a member of our organization from as little as 30 € per year. • Making a donation to our account: 2090/0012/92/0004443885 (CAM) • Working with us as a volunteer. • Donating any unwanted items which could be sold at Boot Fairs to collect money. • Donating dog/cat food, blankets etc. We would be so grateful if you could consider helping us relief their pain. Please visit us and meet many rescued animals in need of a bit of love. Our shelter is located at Paraje La Solana, 84 (by the local cemetery). Phone: 616391813/ 667808120 (English spoken). Our web:

Competition Win a signed copy of DO THE BIRDS SING IN HELL? Simply answer the questions below Question 1. Who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at the outbreak of World War 2? Answer: ___________________________________ Question 2. What was the nationality of Adolph Hitler? Answer: ___________________________________ Name:....................................................................................... Address:.................................................................................... ........................................................................................... Email Address:......................................................................... Day Time Telephone Number:.................................................... After completion please cut out this coupon and post to: T.I.M. Apartado de Correos 285, 03630 Sax, Alicante to arrive before 19th September 2009


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Weds 9-10am, clinic held at Lezsonjas Kennels URGENCIAS/EMERGENCIES 636 473 909 Lunes a Viernes de 10 a 13.30 y 17.30 a 20.30 Sábados 10 a 13.30 Monday to Friday 10 to 13.30 and 17.30 to 20.30 Saturday 10 to 13.30 OUR SURGERYS CAN BE FOUND: C/. Rey Jaime I 15 • 965 475 342 C/. Doctor Fleming, 1 - 03630 SAX (Alicante)

Boris, 5 years castrated labrador cross all vac’s up to date. Bella 2 and a half year old rottweiler, blood tested ready for Uk in December Medium large puppies labrador cross ready to go. Great Dane, 2 1/2 years black & white, up to date with injections Labrador cross, male 6 months old, all up to date with injections

Puppies, cross labradors, mostly black will be medium to large dogs, ready to go NOW. 5 year old golden retriever x, all vacs and castrated.

CALL 961 120 244 or 677 343 653



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Do you get bitten by mosquitoes and other biting insects? Then read on. We went to visit some friends last year at their finca in Hondon. It stand in around 5000 square meters of almond groves and has been lovingly restored. Its idyllic except for the insects. Armed with our citronella candles we ventured outside. Bites appeared after just seconds, followed by literally dozens more. What a shame that an otherwise perfect evening was ruined. We were invited back to the finca with the promise of no mosquitoes. Sceptically we returned. Upon arrival my friend could not wait to show me his “weapon of mass mosquito destruction” as he called it. Sitting in a far corner was a rather unimposing looking device,the new mosquito trap!. He went on to explain that it works by mimicking people. As we breathe we give out carbon dioxide, and heat. This is like a big neon arrow to a mosquito pointing the way to dinner. The trap use a standard gas bottle to generate heat, power and co2, a combination with the Octenol lure that mosquitoes cannot resist. Once near the machine, it sucks them in and voila no more mosquito. The gas bottle lasts for about 6 weeks so it is also economical to run. Well we sat there all evening with no sign of a bite. It works and works well. They are available from a company in Spain called Insectsaway. They have a website where you can read all about the machine and which also gives information about all manner of insect problems along with solutions to those problems. The website is www.insectsaway. com, the email is and the phone number is 968171542


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For this article I am going to break a golden rule that I have always retained when writing Restaurant reviews, I have always maintained that if a restaurant is good then it deserves a good review, but if the restaurant does not come up to standard, then I would prefer not write a review rather than write a bad one - unfortunately a recent experience has galvanised me to break that rule and for me to do that, believe me it had to be bad. I can always accept that a restaurant can have a bad day, where things go wrong, let’s face it the production of food dishes is not an exact science, there are always variables that can stack up and produce the odd disaster. As regular readers will realise my wife and I and a group of friends eat out on a regular basis. A few days ago, we tried a Chinese Restaurant that has recently opened in Petrer, let’s just say, we will never be going back there. Desperate for a good restaurant experience we tried to book one of our old favourites, they were closed for vacation - it looked like the “food gods” were against us - racking our brains we decided to try Restaurant Izaskun in Castalla, a restaurant that two of our friends and members of the Epicureans had wanted to try. For those of you that do not know this restaurant, it is decidedly up market set in beautiful gardens with a luxurious relaxing interior. So far so good up to now, but it goes drastically down hill from here. After we were seated we ordered water and “the house red”, a nice wine as it turned out, nothing special, but 12.00 Euros for a house wine is in my opinion is a bit steep. We asked for a more suitable wine glasses than those presented on the table, I cannot stand the thimble sized glasses some restaurants offer as standard, for some reason we had to ask three times before they were eventually changed. We asked for the menu and were told that they only had a limited range of items on offer and the waitress started to tell us what was available, just to make things simple we asked for a selection of tapas for starters. Firstly we were presented with a plate of packet “toastie” biscuits with a pot of, what I can only describe as lard, a bit like the dripping I used to have as a child but not as good. Then the first starter arrived two round slices of mass produced foie gras pate served with a dark marmalade and a balsamic reduction and more “toastie biscuits”.

Foie is one of my favourite foods, this sample was far from the normal exquisite experience I expect with a good foie, this was bland and uninteresting. The next plate of Chiperones (baby squid) was OK but nothing special and the presentation left much to be desired. The following dish did look quite impressive, king prawns on a decorative bed of oil and herbs, the four beautiful large prawn heads on the plate unfortunately did not

come from the overcooked, shelled, probably frozen, 8 small prawn bodies that accompanied them unless these were genetically deformed prawns - all for, as we found out later an extortionate 30.00 Euros. Well so far we were still in a good mood, the food had not been brilliant but it had been OK and let’s face, it you really do not want to spoil a nice lunch out with friends. Another bottle of wine and then the main course arrived. My wife had ordered Sea Bass, firstly I am pretty sure it was not Sea Bass and secondly it was so undercooked that there was blood running from the centre of the fish on to the plate, my wife also thought that the taste was not right. I had ordered Chuleton which in this restaurant is served sliced and on an individual tiny table barbeque so that you cook it yourself to you own liking, again that was OK but a bit tough however it was not served with any thing else, I had to ask for potatoes, a tray of sliced potatoes arrived, vegetables “al dente” (lightly cooked) is fine but not for sliced potatoes, they were also stone cold. Our two friends ordered Solomillo (Fillet Steak), one was ordered medium and came out very rare and the colour of the meat did not look right at all. Both steaks were also lacking in taste. Again presentation was less than pleasing.

Both the fish and one fillet were sent back, some 15 minutes later we were told they did not have anymore Sea Bass (surprise, surprise), they would bring something else, we were not quite sure what it was they brought out but we have seen better on a 6 Euro menu del dia. Eventually another steak was brought out, this was as bad as the first one. I asked to speak to the Manager or Owner, this request was ignored, I asked again, this was also ignored, we were then told that both the two courses we complained about would not be charged. We asked for the bill, this was the final straw, 138.00 Euros, of which 55.00 was for the starters, 30.00 Euros for the pathetic prawns. It was obvious that they were trying to make up the loss by overcharging for the starters. Another request to see the Manager was also ignored so we went to find her. We tried very hard to explain our dissatisfaction calmly but she got very aggressive and it is probably best that I miss out the details of the final “negotiations”. In the end, for the four of us, we paid 100.00 Euros for a meal that was well below the standards expected in a restaurant of this nature. Well that’s the story of our experiences, and maybe we were just unlucky but as you can imagine I do have a lot of experience dining out and based on their attitude and food quality I doubt it get’s any better. So sorry this is not a restaurant I would recommend or will ever be visiting again. by Eric Arnold

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OPEN 12pm till late. 7 days a week Saturdays from about 9pm. Sept 5th Andy Jones Superb Vocalist 12th Disco. Celebrate Tina’s 40th Birthday with DJ MagiK 19th Zodiac 26th Kinni Lee. Female Vocalist Oct 3rd Tony M. Disco

Entertainment every Saturday

SKY Sports. Tel: 697 711 496


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The Whitehouse Restaurant Los Baños – Fortuna 968 685 583 We are Now Offering Open Tue-Fri 1-3pm, Tue-Sat 7-10pm, Sunday 1-4pm Menú-del-Dia & Menú-del-Noche plus Full A-LaCarte Menu available, Lunchtimes & Evenings Sunday Lunch 3 Course Carvery 12.95€. Can’t Be Beaten Anywhere for Quality or Choice!!!! Come Along and Enjoy a Drink in our Tranquil Garden or enjoy our fully Air-Conditioned Restaurant Curry Buffet Night 12.50 pp Last Friday every month Garden Furniture Sale! Sept 12/13th & 19/20th FOR ALL YOUR RESERVATIONS PLEASE CONTACT HAYLEY OR NEIL

968 685 583


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JFM Community Radio – entertainment for the people, by the people. Tony May started JFM radio purely as a hobby but it is fast becoming an important local media in the surrounding areas of Abanilla, Fortuna and Pinoso. Tony has always had a passion for radio. In his youth he was a successful DJ working in the UK and gaining valuable knowledge of the industry, which he now shares with the volunteers who have made JFM a reality. Thanks to these volunteers, and the support of local businesses, JFM’s popularity is growing rapidly as it provides a modern alternative to traditional English/Spanish radio broadcasting. This is evident from the great support they received at their latest radio road show, which was broadcast live from The Lemon Tree last month. We all had a really great day – and if you missed it, the next one will be held at El Paraiso Fortuna, on the 6th of September. JFM’s remit is to serve all those who live, work and are educated in the area; to provide a comprehensive service, enrich the lives of listeners and promote a better understanding across the community thus strengthening the links between the different groups. The distinctive community radio format provides a broad appeal with discussion, opinions, information, education and training at its core. “I believe in the principle that everyone has to start somewhere”, says Tony, so if you fancy yourself as a DJ, no matter what your musical taste, you are welcome to give it a try. Who knows, you could be the next radio star! To get in touch with Tony, or to advertise an event, you can contact JFM at


Open to the Public Camping Castillejo, Fortuna Mark & Jenny, 600 032 078

Rack of Ribs to order:- � 7.90 Sirloin Steak � 9.90 Rib Eye Steak � 8.90 Rump Steak � 7.90 all served with chips, salad & onion rings Gammon Steak � 7.50 served with chips, peas, egg or pineapple. 100% Irish Beef Burgers Veggie Burgers, 4oz Battered Cod Steak all at � 3.00 each

Mobile Home Sales Mobile Homes, Caravans, Timber framed Houses, & Plots available for sale & rent. For more information contact Jarrod on:(+34) 619003258


Friday:8oz Beer Battered Cod, Chips, Mushy Peas, Bread & Butter � 6.50 Pool Table & Dart Board Tuesday Quiz 9pm Sunday Irish Bingo 9pm & Play Your Cards Right Karaoke available on request


Hair, Health & Beauty Mobile Service. Hair dressing, Nail care, Reflexology, Reiki, Indian head massage, Hypnotherapy, Girls make-over parties.


646 201 492 E-mail: • Web site:

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Hondon de los Frailes Tel: 965 482 151

Open 7 days 7.30 am ‘til late (Closed Sun/Mon evenings) Monday to Friday – Menu del dia 1.30 – 3.00 TUES

Tea time menu available from 6.30 - only 8 ȯ inc dessert. BINGO follows at 8.30.


Main menu and teatime menu both available.

THURS Teatime menu from 6.30 followed by FUN QUIZ at 8.30 – it’s a great night out! FRI

Our famous FISH ‘N’ CHIP NIGHT only 8 ȯ served in the restaurant. TAKEAWAY available from 6.30. Either Fish ‘n’ chips or weekly special to go!


2 course lunchtime menu just 8 ȯ. SPECIALITY EVENING MENU 7.00 to 9.30. Changes weekly. Live entertainment. Please phone to ensure your reservation.


A traditional 3-course lunch including wine for only 10 ȯ served between 1.00 and 3.30. Christmas bookings now being taken

Our friendly staff look forward to welcoming you!

SPECIAL SUMMER OFFER Bed, breakfast & a choice of lunch or evening meal for only 35 E per person per night Special daily menus Takeaway menu also available. For example. Authentic Paella to takeaway from only 6 E per person (minimum 4 servings) Avenida constitucion, 18 – Hondon de las Frailes

965 482 134 or 646 716 780 (Espanol) 617 843 028 (English) Email: E-mail: • Web site:


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The Royal British Legion - Pinoso Branch Summer Barbeque

by Martin Finch The Pinoso Branch of the Royal British Legion held it’s very first social event on 25 July 2009. Over 70 members and guests enjoyed a summer barbeque at the home of RBL members Liz and Phil Edwards in Encebras, just outside Pinoso. Phil and Liz will be well known to many of you as the owners of ‘T’ for Tapas bar and restaurant in Pinoso. Guests took great pleasure in devouring a sumptuous paella, a delicious hot and cold buffet, and various mouth-watering barbequed meats. The night went with a real swing thanks to a non-stop disco and karaoke. The committee also organised a raffle with a never ending list of prizes kindly donated by members, and local British owned businesses. The event was a great success and raised in excess of €350 for Branch funds.

THE COMPANY - SPAIN Following the Company’s highly successful Edwardian evening and Murder Mystery Play held at La Pinada Hotel and Restaurant in Chinorlet, The Company are happy to announce their second production, “Kindly Leave The Stage” which will be held at La Pinada on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 24th 25th and 26th of September. This highly acclaimed comedy play had a successful run in London’s West End and is sure to have the audience rocking with laughter. Tickets for the production are priced at 5€ and are available through La Pinada (966 979 709) or from the Company’s ticket secretary, Ross on ( 669 071 609) .

The Pinoso branch of the Royal British Legion was formed with twenty-one members on 27 January 2009. Since that time the membership has grown to twenty-nine with more joining all the time. Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month at 19:30 at ‘T’ for Tapas. New members are always welcome and don’t forget that you no longer need to have served in the armed forces in order to join – membership is now open to everyone. A calendar of social events is planned so why not join now. For more details please contact: Ian Booth, Branch Secretary. Email:, Tel: 0034634642693

DON’T FEEL THE PINCH THIS CHRISTMAS!!! But it’s only September! We hear you shouting at your TIM magazine. We agree! However….. If Christmas is the time when you a should to be jolly, And you don’t want the last minute dash with laden trolley, Whilst been rapidly relived of your hard earned dosh Then come and join Becki’s Christmas Club, my gosh! (Seriously we’re cringing too)! Terrible poetry aside…. Join Becki’s Christmas club and spread the cost of your Xmas essentials over the coming months. Becki’s will have all of your festive favourites, plump turkeys & hams, puds, pies and condiments ( even Goose fat for those perfect roasties ! ) And a free bottle of fizz to every club member!!! * Or why not make someone else’s a merry Christmas by giving a Becki’s Deli Gift voucher? Simply call in or mail us for information and a price list and start saving today….See our advert on Page 3 *conditions apply 32

E-mail: • Web site:

Tickets for each performance will be limited so book as early as possible.The company would like to thank all those who supported us for our first production and would like to extend a very warm welcome to new members, either in an acting or supporting role. The company meets each Thursday at 7.30pm at La Pinada Restaurant and Hotel in Chinorlet. We will be very happy to welcome you as part of the group.

Costa Blanca

The Indonesian Kitchen at La Finca The Indonesian archipelago is made up of some 16,000 islands of which approximately 1,000 are inhabited and almost all of these have their own speciality cuisines. This huge variation of dishes occurs for a variety of reasons such as the seasonal availability of local products, closely guarded recipes that have been passed down through generations over hundreds of years and other outside influences. For example, a strong colonial influence exists from the Dutch and Portuguese settlers as well as evidence of dishes of Middle Eastern origin, introduced from Syria, Egypt and Iraq, which can be traced back to Indonesian pilgrims returning from Mecca.

On Thursday 1st of October La Finca will have a team of Indonesian chefs taking over their kitchens, to present a mouth-watering array of 24 different dishes. These will be served buffet style in the traditional manner from gleaming brass chafing dishes. Knowledgeable helpers will happily advise guests on each dish and guide you through the feast on offer. You are bound to find a favourite but why not try them all first! Reservations essential.

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The Inland Magazine™ After the beach parties, fiestas, BBQs, heat wave, sleepless nights, crowds, etc the height of the summer is over and we get our town back as the tourists disappear into the sunset. September is my favourite month in Spain. If you have lived here for a while, you may already agree with me, if it is your first Spanish September then perhaps you will by the end of the month. To explain – it is warm but not too hot, there are still plenty of daylight hours, shorter supermarket checkout queues, vacant car parking spaces, and once again, you can find a quiet spot on the beach and a table in your preferred restaurant.

Words & Photos by Rob Innis

Despite the crisis, Spanish for financial downturn, many people have told me that the property rentals were fully booked. Probably helped by the poor UK weather making people desperate to see the big yellow ball AKA the sun. I noticed more French registered cars driving around the coast this year. Meaning the French have realised what a bargain everything is here compared to France. Luckily, they do not have any currency exchange issues to worry them. Apparently car hire companies ran out of cars, under estimating the demand having taken a pessimistic view of the crisis and reduced their fleets, you cannot win! Much to everyone’s amazement, including me, both Torrevieja and Pilar De La Horadada town halls decided to dig up their town centres during the main tourist season. This did not impress the local shop owners, already under crisis pressure, as people decided to avoid these ‘battle field’ areas and spend their money elsewhere. In the town halls defence, they claim the projects are funded by The Plan E project, which is Spanish central governments emergency funding subsidies to generate work to minimise the countries dole queue, and the projects had to be started. Other coastal towns have also benefited from these handouts and are currently deciding how to spend their windfalls. Good news from Alicante Regular TIM readers will remember last autumn’s features on the Volvo Ocean Race, which started from Alicante, the first time from a Mediterranean port. Well the VOR organisers were so impressed with Alicante that the next three races will start again from our local port. These events generate enormous income for the region, 10’s of millions of Euros, also providing worldwide publicity encouraging even more tourists (!) to visit and explore our coastal areas. In addition, a cruise line company will be commencing cruises from Alicante, siting one of their reasons, as the new Alicante airport (see July TIM) which will enable more people to arrive by air to join a cruise.


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Costa Blanca Tram Links The north Costa Blanca has the benefit of a coastal tramline (See Martin Finch’s Calpe article TIM August) which is the envy of towns like Torrevieja in the south. The town’s mayor has been lobbying Francisco Camps, President of the Valencia region, to try to get the line extended to this area to provide another public transport option. The Big Events in September The 2009 Santa Pola Formula Windsurfing World Championships will be held from 13th - 19th September, the Premier Level Formula Windsurfing World Ranking Event. This event will be based at Gran Playa Beach in Santa Pola and is organised by the Windsurfing Club Santa Pola and the Real Federacion Española de Vela (RFEV) for and on behalf of the International Formula Windsurfing Class (IFWC), in co-operation with the International Windsurfing Association (IWA) and Club Náutico Santa Pola. For more: The town also hosts the Santa Pola Open Mixed Triples Bowling competition, September 22nd – 24th and is open to all bowling clubs on the Costa Blanca, which claims to have 80% of the bowling activities in Spain. The competition is held over three days and 96 bowlers, in 24 teams will take part. So it looks like Santa Pola is the place to be. Spoilt for choice If you are a boat owner looking for a berth and marina facilities, you are indeed spoilt for choice on this stretch of the coast. Torrevieja now boasts three marinas with around 2,000 berths available. The latest is Marina La Salinas with its commercial areas and offices built on reclaimed land. The popular elevated Paseo del Dique Levante, which forms the outer marina sea wall, is perfect for a bracing walk with views out to sea and the new marina. I can recommend partaking of a drink and a tapa in the bars with their spacious terraces overlooking the various craft, probably one of the most relaxing and attractive areas in the town. Even if, like me, you cannot afford a boat it is free to look and dream! Another thing to look out for in Torrevieja harbour area is the Submarino Delfin. A permanently moored ex Spanish navy submarine, now used as a museum, which should keep the children amused. If you have any comments for Life on the Coast - either post on The Inland Magazine forum or email lifeonthecoast@ E-mail: • Web site:


The Inland Magazine™

Ken Campbell’s

STARRY NIGHTS The Andromeda Galaxy

All the stars in the universe are not scattered around randomly in space but instead are collected into huge groups of stars. These groups of stars are called Galaxies and throughout the whole universe there are an infinite number of them. Galaxies can come in all different shapes and sizes but most tend to appear like two fried eggs placed back to back with a large condensed central part and spiral arms thinning out towards the edges. We live in a galaxy, about three quarters of the way out from the centre in one of the spiral arms. And on very dark nights you can see it stretching across the sky like a faint band of light. We call our Galaxy the Milky Way and it contains over 600 Billion other stars just like our Sun. But because we live inside our Galaxy we can’t really get to see it properly, it’s a bit like saying ‘I can’t see the forest because of the trees’. But we can see other galaxies though. The trouble is Galaxies are millions of light years apart and most of them need a very high powered telescope to see them properly. But the nearest Galaxy to us is called M31 the Andromeda Galaxy and at this time of year it is almost directly over your head, and if you live in a very dark area then you can even see it with the naked eye. With binoculars you will easily see it. To find it, you need to have a very dark clear sky and allow your eyes to get used to the dark for about 15 minutes. Look quite high up in the Eastern sky and you should be able to make out four fairly bright stars forming a big square constellation standing on one corner, this is the square of Pegasus. Look to the left hand star of the square and now count the next two brightest stars going to the left into the constellation Andromeda. Now just above the second star is the Andromeda Galaxy. (I’ve put better directions on my website). You should be able to make out a very faint smudge; you’ll know it when you find it. The Andromeda Galaxy is 2.5 million light years away, that means you are seeing it as it was 2.5 million years ago. It is also very big, it contains one TRILLION stars (that’s a 1 with 12 zero’s after it!) And it’s also heading our way at a speed of over 500 miles a second. Don’t panic, it will take a very long time to get here. Congratulations! You have just found the most distant object that you can see with your naked eye and you can tell your friends you have looked 2 ½ Million years into the past. For updated news on the Costa Del Stars check out my website at For more updated news on the Costa del Stars check out my website at 36

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Costa Blanca

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The Inland Magazine™ I’m on the plane heading back to England and nobody apart from my family knows why I’m going back. I’ve decided to keep it under wraps. You see curiosity has got the better of me and I’ve just got to find out if I’ve got the X factor!!! I arrived at the O2 arena in London at 6.50 am on a warm spring morning in May. It’s not so bad there were about 400 people in front of me but within 15 minutes there were 4000 people behind me it wasn’t long before I couldn’t see the back of the cue! Camaraderie is in the air everyone is excited at the possibility of being the next big thing! There’s people there who are convinced their bathroom singing sessions are enough to take them through, repeat offenders who think “this time they’ll see the star in me” and there’s a woman in the biggest pinkest Barbie dress I’ve ever seen. It seems anything goes if you want to get noticed... Two hours pass by and we are informed that were waiting for Dermot O’Leary to appear before we can enter the arena. While were waiting the cameras are filming and the chauffeur’s drive the judge’s black 4x4’s through the crowd whilst the x factor crew are instructing us to scream as if the judges are really in there!

by Carla Farrow aka Carla of Sunflower Valley

We also had to do a lot of pretend screaming (as in doing the action but without the noise) this is so they can add the screaming later in between Dermot doing his talky bits! 11.30pm, hooray! Were on our way to the arena. I’m feeling a little like cattle now being herded but very excited as I’ve never been to the O2 arena and I’m looking forward to seeing inside, but unfortunately this will have to wait for another 2 hours as we have to do another session of pretend screaming, clapping and waving. My arms have never had such a great workout! Dermott O’Leary is there and the atmosphere is great, cameras on boom arms are flying around the x factor flag is being pulled over the top of the crowd by everyone and then were told that the camera will be coming in for close ups. It’s at this point I duck down onto the floor, retrieve my make up case and put my face on, well it was 5am when I left the house that morning and I’m lucky I managed to put my clothes on the right way round!!! Then I realize no mirror! Thank goodness for digital cameras. I take my own photo check the picture and decide I’m semi presentable. Vanity is a fickle thing!! At last were in the arena, by 2.30pm everyone is seated, all 14000 people. There’s more clapping and screaming and were informed that if we don’t participate we will be asked to leave as its all part of the x factor experience, fair enough, in for a penny in for a pound!. The auditions begin. Row by row the people are taken down to the 24 booths on the stage area, I realize I’m in for a long wait so I take a wonder around. About 10,000 young women are singing songs from Aleasha keys and Frank Sinatra seems to be everywhere. I head for the back of the arena where I can see into the booths. The contestant steps inside the booth and stands about 4 foot away from the judge or judges. Pleasantries are exchanged then they are asked to sing, most of them were asked to sing two songs. To receive a golden ticket means you’ve made it through to the next round. Its 7pm, 12 hours after I’d arrived and I’m off to do my thing. My judges are two very nice men, we chat and then I sing who’s loving you by Michael Jackson, to my surprise they don’t ask 38

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Costa Blanca for a second song they hand me a golden ticket and inform me “congratulations your through to the next round” I’m a little stunned at this point but off I skip singing “I’ve got a golden ticket”. One week later and I’m back on the plane again but this time I’m heading for the Emirates stadium, home of Arsenals football club! There are about 1000 hopefuls at this audition and I’m fortunate enough to be one of the first 15 in, in fact I was second. 15 girls are sat in the corridor. The first one goes in and comes out shaking her head. I found out later she didn’t even get to sing! I enter the room feeling calm. I chat with the 2 very young long haired male judges whilst they sit with there feet on the desk then I sing my song and then they ask me to sing another so I burst into pinks, “who knew”, the judges are having a silent argument at the table and now I’m shaking!! Suddenly it seems important to me to get through this round! I finish my song and one judge tells me “I’m on the fence about you, I might put you in with another judge, can you step outside for a minute”. Outside the remaining 13 girls are all questions while I’m trying to stop myself feeling like a pneumatic drill! All of 1 minute passes which felt like hours and they call me back inside. Low and behold they hand me a red ticket whilst saying “congratulations you’re through to the next round” I run from the room whooping everyone cheers outside. Only 2 of us got through from this group. I’m then led to a room they call the pod, on the way we pick up a mini Mc Hammer impersonator and the biggest transvestite I’ve ever seen in my life! This is the room were you do all the “I’ve got the x factor things” with actions. This is mainly for ITV 2’s xtra factor! I have an interview so they can find out all my details and any sob story’s or dirt they can use, its then I realize I’m so normal it’s embarrassing! Time for the third round and this was done in front of the executive producer of the X factor and a camera. I think it went well but they inform you if you’re through by letter 2 weeks later. And that was it for me back to Spain, back to work and wait patiently! Whilst I was away my very excited hubby told everyone. So much for discretion, but I’m glad. I really enjoyed everyone’s enthusiasm and had to keep reminding myself not to get caught up in their excitement. I am a realist and I didn’t think I would go any further. I was right! My thanks but no thanks letter arrived and I felt a pang of disappointment that I wouldn’t be meeting Simon Cowel at the next audition. I have no regrets about going, and experiencing the auditions and I’m happy that out of the 28000 people that auditioned in London alone, I got down to about the last 1000, mind you, so did mini Mc Hammer and big scary transvestite. I’m still really looking forward to watching the X factor this year especially as I’ve had a taste of what could have been, felt that flutter of excitement and I get to watch it from the pool. Who knows! I may have even had a conversation at some point with next X factor winner! E-mail: • Web site:


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Suppliers to trade & retail All doors made to measure to your exact requirements Easy glide Mirror Doors with anti-jump system – all safety backed to BS/EN standards

A BUSINESS BUILT ON TRUST It’s not easy these days to find builders you can rely on to do a first class job and take care of all the legal requirements. W-I-P Construction and Maintenance is a legal and registered building company with an outstanding reputation for quality workmanship and customer service.

Transform your bedroom with superior quality sliding wardrobe doors

16 frame colours to choose from Doors fitted or supply only

For a FREE no obligation quotation call

Sue on 638 307 772

The two men who founded this business back in the spring of 2006 are Patrick and James. Patrick was a full-time property developer in England, where he renovated 8 properties. James is a time served plasterer who ran his own plastering company in England employing 4 plasterers. Both moved to Spain in 2005 to escape the rat race. Through their network of trusted tradesmen, they can call on a complete range of building skills Based inland from Alicante, in the town of Sax the W-I-P team pride themselves on taking good care of every aspect of the project, whether large or small. That includes obtaining all the permissions that are required under Spanish law and ensuring that all work meets the correct standards. If you don’t live in Spain full-time, they provide regular updates via email or phone and can also send digital photographs so you can check on the progress of the work every step of the way. Another side of the business being actively promoted is water treatment and filtration. After lengthy talks with major plumbing suppliers. W-I-P are now able to offer products such as Solar water heating, water softeners, water filtration heating systems and salt water systems for swimming pools, in fact any aspect to do with water. When asked why they had ventured into this side of the business, Patrick answered” it had all come down to the fact that, after three new washing machines and two new water heaters, one electric the other one gas, in the space of four years, it is evident that there are problems in Spain with regard to the quality of household water supplies. After researching most of the filters available. An in-line anti calcium filter was installed it was affordable, didn’t have any moving parts, was quick and easy to fit and didn’t need an electrical supply. It soon became evident after talking to clients that they were suffering the same problems as I had. Now whenever we have an enquiry relating to plumbing, we always recommend that an anti calcium filter be fitted to appliances which have an incoming water supply”. All W-I-P’S work is guaranteed to be completed to the highest standards, and because they understand how difficult it is to find trustworthy tradesmen, potential clients are invited to see previous work for themselves and genuine references can be provided on request. For more information or a free quote, call 697 738 392 Or visit 40

Association of Locksmiths in Spain CCTV Systems Window & Shutter Locks Supplied & Fitted 24/7 Emergency Service All locksmith services carried out by fully trained members of the Association of Locksmiths in Spain. Also Locksmith training courses

Tel: 635 146 181

or visit

The Royal British Legion is pleased to announce the forthcoming opening of the latest branch in the district - The Ayora Valley Branch. The date is Wednesday 9th September at Manhattan Bar in Ayora, at 12 noon. Anyone interested in joining this new branch is asked to come along. Remember you do not need to have an Armed Forces background to become a member of the legion. This is an opportunity to join the largest UK charity dealing with ex-service welfare and combine this with an active social diary as part of enjoying life in Spain. Anyone wishing further information about this new branch, please ring 689 647 082 or email Information about other branches in the area can be obtained by emailing or by phoning 618 929 911.

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Costa Blanca

Security Systems Choosing the right DVR When looking at DVRs we need to consider: How many cameras? Will you need to expand, if so consider a DVR with more camera inputs than you need now. For 4 cameras it may be prudent to get an 8 camera DVR. Picture Quality (Resolution). This will depend on the choice and quality of the cameras and the type of application, the following table can be used as a guide: Use


Recording Resolution


General surveillance of a large area

213x96 to 360x288


Recognise people/objects that are known to you.

640x272 to 720x288


See individual faces/ objects and identify them.


Recording Speed, (frames per second). For real time images a camera must be recorded at 25 fps, however to see and identify actions it is not necessary to record at such a high rate. To capture a break-in, 2 or 3 fps can be sufficient, to capture something that can

be done in the blink of an eye, taking money from a till perhaps, 15 fps would be necessary. FPS per camera


1 to 6

Domestic premises and small business applications, movement rather than actions being monitored

6 to 12

Medium to large businesses, such as supermarkets, nightclubs, bars etc.

12 to 25 High risk and speed sensitive, jewellers, car parks, production lines etc.

Compression. Packing up the pictures for storing. As Hard Drive sizes increase and prices fall, the need for compression is not as much of an issue, unless you wish to record for long periods over 1 month. If the main purpose of the DVR is to provide remote viewing over the internet then compression is very important. Bear in mind that the greater the compression the refresh speed will increase and picture quality will deteriorate. Common compression technologies are; MJPEG – offers best quality pictures but highest file size. MPEG4 – most popular in the world at present offers best balance of quality and file size.

Next month more on compression, Hard Drive size and a recorder or PC Card?

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The Golf Whisperer Chris Harvey is a diploma certified professional golf teacher and holds a level 3 international golf coach’s card from the WGTF of GB&I (One of the three PGAs licensed in the UK) and has been a qualified biomechanical sports instructor since 1984. If you have any part of your game that requires help or advice, call today for packages as low as Only 10€ per 1/2 hour. You can call Chris on 627 114 628 or e-mail any questions you may have to pro4hire@

VALUE ADDED GOLF Getting Your Money’s Worth As we all know there are only two ways to pay for something, we can pay too much or too little, when we pay too little the item is usually inferior and will not do what it promises. Once we have made this mistake, we now must buy our desired item and pay what we previously considered to be too much. Had we not bought the cheap item first, the expensive item would have actually worked out much cheaper (a false economy). This of course includes golf instruction, the argument your inner self offers is…. “Why pay someone to mess up my game, when the FREE advice I receive from my playing partners messes my game up for NOTHING!” The truth is this. I spend more than half of my time with my students undoing misconceptions, myth-busting or rebuilding the confidence & trust of the player who has learnt from a friend. Tell me this why would a friend teach you how to beat them? Golf is only expensive when you do not get satisfaction from it. You, as a golfer will only ever be frustrated, annoyed or angry at yourself if you take advice from the unqualified. Save money, take less shots, increase your confidence enjoy your golf more. Learn from your local qualified Pro. Signing my card for now


Shh you don’t want everyone to know! 42

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Costa Blanca

H o n d o n Va l l e y G o l f S o c i e t y My apologies in advance for the quality and quantity of this report. I was volunteered by your usual scribe who is on holiday. Many thanks to Graham Kershaw, a guest, who fortunately had a camera with him and took the photograph because I forgot my camera, and also to Allan Bacon and his son, Paul for helping me because I don´t have a PC, difficult to believe in this day and age but true.






Maurice Mills

Gold Winner


Martin Collins

Gold Second


Cava and Balls

Keith Williams

Gold Third


Six Pack of Beer

We had 30 HVGS members and 6 guests on a warm, windy day which was in contrast to the stormy, rainy Tuesday night. We were tested by the format (I won´t go into details) devised by Captain Les. There were some grumbles but, being decent types, we just got on with it. There was a huge discrepancy with the final scores from very poor to very good, but whether this was due to the way the format was interpreted, who knows.

Terry Hopper

Silver Winner


Scotch and Balls

Dave Stevens

Silver Second


Cava and Balls

Les Goddard and

Silver Third


Six Pack of Beer

George Bromley

Bronze Winner


Scotch and Balls

Bill Yuill

Bronze Second


Cava and Balls

John Ross

Bronze Third


Six Pack of Beer

Ken Bailey and

Green Fee Refund


Green Fee Voucher

The course looked beautiful and was found to be in good condition. There was some shuffling around of groups, people getting lost, etc., but the first group set off on time. On reaching the second tee, they turned around to see Captain Les racing up in his buggy to confirm that his format had to be used. At this point, the cards were checked and handicap secretary Bob, was found to be using an unusual marking method, i.e., marking hole number 18 as hole number 1. The first group, on reaching the first of the designated Nearest the Pins, realized that Captain Les had neglected to give them the markers.

George Bromley

Scotch and Balls

Bernard Cox

Forthcoming HVGS Golf Days and Other Events

Wed 9th Sept Tues 6th Oct Tues 3rd Nov Fri 4th Dec

Roda Golf Alicante Golf El Plantio La Finca

Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse Meet 09.45 am in Clubhouse Meet 09.45 am in Clubhouse Dinner and Presentation Night 7.30 pm

At the presentation, Captain Les tried to explain away the absence of markers, busy doing this, that and the other, but we found the excuse pretty lame, hence no Nearest the Pin winners this month. In addition to today´s format, the matchplay final took place and after 2 extra holes, Tony Brewer defeated Dean Parker. The presentation for this will take place at the end-of-season dinner and presentation night at La Finca restaurant on Friday the 4th of December. Members were advised to support this event and register their names on the noticeboard. The winning guest, Gordon Elliot, scored 22 points and received Cava and Balls. Everyone of the members who played today received a voucher, valid to the end of the year, to play at Lo Romero´s sister course, La Tercia, for 20 euros For information on how to join HVGS contact the Sectretary, Trevor Batchelor, on 687987229 or email Trevor.batchelor@ To reserve your place on the list for the Society Golf Days contact the Captain, Les Goddard, on 670966670 or email

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CAF É/Re stau rant s Word Search Z A E S E L G N A J O B












CaMarina LaPinada BobsBar Bojangles ElCortijo SpiceHut BonniesBar ElRincon Sabroso FincaRotez



1. Ancient Oresman (5) 4. Letter from Greece is posted 4th class (5) 7. A very wet city! (8) 8. None of this could almost make you sick! (4) 9. Use this to tie things quickly (8) 11. A guitar that’s like a fish (4) 12. Blondie’s Bombshell? (6) 14. Bovine chicken? (6) 16. Famous image of a coin (4) 18. Talked about tranquillizers? (8) 20. Powder that nearly talks! (4) 21. An army of children, perhaps (8) 23. Faith in pastries? (5) 24. He pushes his way onboard the boat? (5)

1. Take back farming machinary? (7) 2. Supposed to be te-man! (5) 3. Used to catch big profits (3) 4. Shamed for not saying your prayers! (9) 5. He wears his tie down to his knees! (7) 6. A salt you can find on a map (5) 10. You can’t live without this! (9) 13. What a husband may wear instead of a ball and chain! (7) 15. Section of a poem read backwards (7) 17. Winner of a boxing match (5) 19. Member of the quior is worth a few quid! (5) 22. Like a pork pie maybe? (3)

Check Out next Month’s Word search for more Bars

Cros sword

classified adverts, forums, business directory FREE FREE FREE


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Costa Blanca

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La Vuelta (Tour of Spain) Cycle Race By David Billington La Vuelta Ciclista Espana (The Tour of Spain)cycle race, is one of the three big European cycle races that take place throughout the year. La Vuelta follows after the Giro d’Italia and The Tour de France. La Vuelta 2009 commences on 29th August from Assen in Holand, and finishes on the 20th September in Madrid. The race takes in 21 stages and covers approximately 3,280 kilometers. On the various stages, there are some flat sections that contain individual time trials and there are a number of mountain climbs with differing categories of difficulty of climb. This year, there are a number of stages that pass through the areas covered by The Inland Magazine. The areas are: Xativa, Valencia, Alzira, Alcoy, Alicante, Murcia & Caravaca de la Cruz. Of particular interest to me, Stage 10, on Tuesday 8th September, the route travels from Alicante to Murcia. Having looked at the official website for La Vuelta, the exact route details have not yet been published, but I am aware that after this Stage commences from Alicante at about 1330, it will pass through San Vicente del Raspeig – Agost – Monforte del Cid – Aspe – Novelda – Monovar – Elda - Sax - Salinas – Pinoso and on towards Murcia. In general the main roads through the towns are used, but you only have to look for the crowds waiting at the roadside to see where the route goes. In 2007, La Vuelta traveled through Yecla to Jumilla. I found a nice place to park with a picnic on the N344 with a good number of other people. Not knowing the exact time of arrival, I arrived early to take my place. Before the cycle race approached, I saw a large number of Police vehicles and race organization vehicles making sure the road ahead was clear. I also saw the TV helicopters and Police helicopters circling overhead. You will not believe the number of race team vehicles that travel with the group. It is a very large group of people, with approximately 150 to 170 cyclists, support vehicles, Police, security, TV crew on motorcycles and cars and the helicopters. Wherever you decide to view, it is a very nice spectacle to watch and to cheer on your favourite rider but they do travel very fast and once they have gone by it is over in seconds. There are normally a large number of Spanish riders and one would expect to see Alberto Contador riding this year, the Spanish rider who won The Tour de France. On writing this article, La Vuelta website is not yet up to date with team entries, but keep viewing their website for further information. It is worth spending some of your time to watch the ‘live’ event as it passes your location. La Vuelta is normally televised each day on the Spanish TV channels, mainly TV2. Visit the website for more information: 46

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Costa Blanca

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This is the sign of cleanliness. Virgos are extremely inquisitive and have a dreadful time trying to relax. People think they’re fussy, critical bad tempered and picky but that’s only because they want everything to be perfect. Virgo’s make fantastic friends. If a minor crises pops up you can be sure the Virgo will have everything under control in 30 seconds. They are always on the move because they like to learn as much as they can before they take off again.





An upsurge of righteous anger prompts you to break out of a self imposed prison. You’re tired of going through the motions of life. Although you enjoy a good professional reputation, you’re probably ready to switch gears. Venturing into unfamiliar territory will be exhilarating but scary. Turn a deaf ear to people who accuse you of being irresponsible. Your first responsibility is to yourself. You can’t be a good parent, friend, or partner if you’re miserable.

You’re working harder than ever, which puts a crimp in your social life. It may be necessary to back out of a party because of your job. Although you resent this intrusion, you have to admit the sacrifice will be worth it. You’re making real strides in your career. Take care to save as much money as you can. Having a nest egg will help you move to a more glamorous sector. Making money from your creative talent will be fulfilling.

You can’t stand being cooped up indoors. Take this opportunity to flex your muscles, whether at the gym or on a run. Moving your body will get your mind working again. You may feel inspired to enrol on a course or take a long distance trip. If you’re seeking work, you could find it overseas. Stranger things have happened. An intense physical relationship may be creating too much drama. You don’t want a contentious personal life; there’s enough strife in the world as it is!

Operating behind the scenes may be the only way to get anything accomplished. Rivals seek to block your path at every turn. By keeping your activities under wraps, you’ll beat them at their own game. Someone who has different religious or cultural beliefs is wearing on your last nerve. You’re tired of being treated like an inferior. Unfortunately, you aren’t in the position to fight back. Find an outlet for your frustrations, like a creative project.





A close friend or romantic partner could unexpectedly lash out. Their anger has been building for a long time. Maybe it’s because the two of you have such different priorities. You’ll have to work together to forge a compromise or the fights will keep getting louder and nastier. Friends may encourage you to break off this relationship altogether. Don’t be hasty. This alliance gives your life a much needed sense of balance. There’s a reason opposites attract!

It feels like it is impossible to satisfy anyone. When you spend time at work, you betray your loved ones. Family time makes you feel like you’re slacking off. It’s time to sort out your priorities. Integrating pleasant activities into your daily life will help ease the tension. Right now, you’re treating your personal and professional lives like prison sentences. There’s no reason this has to be true. Launch a research project which will capture your imagination.

A health problem forces you to slow down and take better care of yourself. Stop taxing your system with alcohol and rich food. Gentle exercise can help, too. An overwhelming desire to escape the bounds of home needs to be addressed. You’re not a bad person for resenting your loved ones. After all, they hold you to a standard you don’t want to meet. It looks like you’ll have to disappoint them in order to remain true to yourself.

Your love life is creating lots of trouble. Whether you’re looking for love or wrangling with an angry partner is immaterial. The important thing is to take stock of your situation and make a change. Letting down your defences is the key. Resist the urge to make a smarmy comeback to penetrating questions. If the tension becomes overwhelming, take a nap or indulge in some soothing activity. Keeping busy can distract you from your problems, but it can also deplete your emotional reserves.





A best friend, workmate, or lover is pushing you to make a change. You’re resisting this pressure, wanting to maintain the status quo. An angry confrontation could ensue. Taking a short trip for pleasure will help you let off steam. If you don’t have a lot of extra money to travel right now, but you don’t have to stay in luxury accommodation. There’s a certain romance to roughing it that really appeals to you.

Your powerful personality could be scaring away a would be ally. Try toning it down. Although you want to make an impression, it doesn’t have to be terrifying. On the contrary, trying to forge a more equal alliance will serve you better. The opportunity to donate time or money to a charitable cause lifts your spirits. You’re tired of thinking solely in terms of what the market will bear. Helping people who are on their last legs is far more compelling.

A source of income could dry up quite suddenly. You need to formulate an alternate plan for paying your bills. This might involve childcare, walking dogs, or house sitting. Yes, such work is hardly glamorous, but there’s no shame in it, either. Take this opportunity to reflect on your career goals. Maybe this is an opportunity to switch gears. Finding a job which draws on your creative talent could give you a new lease on life. It may not pay a lot, but it will be fun.

Your living situation has become completely claustrophobic. It feels as though you can’t breathe without someone objecting. Becoming more independent may require getting your own place or creating a private hideaway. Friends may not be supportive of your efforts, claiming you are being oversensitive. What they don’t realise is you are an intensely private person who needs peace and quiet. Life feels empty when you don’t have daydreams.

By Philip Garcia - 48

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Inurbe fincas Family house on a popular development. 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner with fireplace and patio doors to balcony, fitted kitchen. Large underbuild. Solarium Build area: 235 m2 € 189,000 Plot: 230 m2

Great opportunity to purchase a spacious chalet. 4 beds, 2 baths, fitted kitchen, large lounge/diner. AC/heating. Balcony. Enclosed mature gardens. Build area:200 m2 € 180,000 Plot: 350 m2

Stunning detached house in beautiful enclosed gardens with pool. 4 beds, 2 baths, fitted kitchen including appliances, lounge/diner with woodburner. Fully furnished. 2 Build area: 200 m 2 € 225,000 Plot: 1000 m

c/ San Rafael, 11 03315 La Murada Alicante, Spain Office: Tel/fax: 966 779 788 679 951 140 (Esp) 699 457 387 (Eng)





Modernised semi detached country house with separate apartment. 4 beds, 3 baths, fitted kitchen, 2 porches, 2 terraces. Space for pool. Ideal for B & B. Elevated area with views to the mountains. 2 Build area: 180 m 2 Plot: 1293 m € 166,000

Two storey detached house on enclosed plot. 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner with fireplace, fitted kitchen. Solarium, spacious porch, outside storage and barbeque. Panoramic views to the mountains. 2 Build area: 160 m 2 € 163,000 Plot: 1200 m

Centrally located third floor apartment with lift access. Spacious accommodation comprising 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen with appliances and utility room. Balcony. Close to all amenities.

Fully modernised detached house within walking distance of town. 3 beds (all with AC) , 3 baths, lounge/diner with fireplace, fitted kitchen, utility room. Patio doors to pool, Large solarium 2 Build area 112: m 2 € 127,000 Plot: 391 m

Build area:140 m


€ 138,000

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The Inland Magazine™ Zaragoza is not really on the tourist trail, which is hard to understand when you consider its magnificent position on the Ebro river and its wealth of ancient historical sites and magnificent cathedrals (yes it has two) and churches. However, this general lack of tourists makes the city a pleasure to stroll around and, despite being the fifth largest city in Spain with 600,000 inhabitants, it has a relaxed and tranquil ambience. From Caesaraugusta to Zaragoza The Romans established the city Caesaraugusta (the name was taken from the emperor Caesar Augustus) on the banks of the Ebro in 14 B.C. Important remains of their settlement can still be seen including a magnificent amphitheatre preserved under a towering glass and steel canopy. In its day the theatre held over 6,000 spectators, which was an indication of its importance in a city of just 18,000 inhabitants. You can see the amphitheatre at the Caesaraugusta Theatre Museum but you get a better (and free) view from the surrounding streets. There are also three other Roman museums to visit. The Arabs took control of the city in 714 and renamed it ‘Saraqusta’. Eventually, in 1118 the Christians regained the city from the Moors and it became known as Zaragoza (sometimes referred to as ‘Saragossa’ in English). At the same time it became the capital of the kingdom of Aragón. The Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar. One of two cathedrals to be found in Zaragoza, the Basilica is a magnificent baroque place of worship and dominates the Plaza del Pilar on which it stands. Construction first started in the 17th century but the towers were not finished until the middle of the last century. Featuring ceiling paintings by Goya and Bayaeu, the interior is dominated by a wonderful high altarpiece by Damien Forment. Be sure to take a ride in the lift up to the top of the tower for fantastic views over the city.

by Martin Finch 50

The San Salvador Cathedral (La Seo) This Romanesque cathedral stands at the other end of the Plaza del Pilar just a short stroll from the Basilica. It was built on the site of the old mosque and is a mix of architectural styles dating back to the 12th century. It was rebuilt in the gothic style between 1316 and 1319 using plaster and brick and decorated with local tiles. Following extensive restoration in recent years it is now considered to be the most significant historical building in the whole of Aragón. E-mail: • Web site:

Costa Blanca Other Places to Visit The Palacio de la Aljaferia is a Moorish castle with intricate decorations including ceilings of gold. It was declared a national monument in 1931 but remained a virtual ruin until 1947 when a painstaking restoration was begun. Today parts of the original Islamic palace can still be seen and these have been blended with the more modern parts of the building where the regional assembly of Aragón meets. The Museum of Zaragoza - Archaeology and Fine Arts is divided into two large sections: Archaeology and Fine Art. The Archaeology section has interesting artefacts from prehistory to the Muslim period, including evidence of Zaragoza’s Iberian settlements and remains found in the Aljaferia Palace. In the Fine Art section, works from the 12th century to modern times can be found, along with lots of Gothic paintings and works by Francisco de Goya. Food and Drink As in the rest of Spain, the people of Zaragoza love their meat. A local speciality is roast suckling pig, not for the squeamish as it comes whole. However, don’t worry if meat is not your thing as, despite its distance from the sea, Zaragoza is a logistical distribution centre with produce going all over the country and, therefore, it receives shipments of fresh fish from the coasts every day. There are lots of local wines to try with Cariñena being the most popular. The rosé made from the Garnacha grape is particularly good and goes well with the local cuisine. Try the central market, which is open every day (except Sunday), for the best quality and value in fresh meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. FACT FILE Travel . We flew with Ryanair from Alicante to Zaragoza. Flight time just 50 minutes. There is a regular bus service form Zaragoza airport into the heart of the city – cost just 1.50 euros. Accommodation. We stayed at the Hispania, a modern two star hotel in a perfect location opposite the Central Market and just five minutes walk from the key historical monuments. Despite its location it is quiet and peaceful – ask for a room at the back of the hotel. There is a restaurant serving a buffet breakfast but there are better and cheaper eating choices nearby at the numerous bars and cafés Getting around. The centre of Zaragoza is relatively compact and if you chose a hotel in the historic old city then you can easily walk to all of the major tourist attractions. There is, however, a good city bus service and abundant taxis should you need them. Eating and drinking. One of the major pleasures in Spain and certainly in Zaragoza. Lots of tapas bars and restaurants but try La Tertulia Taurina opposite the bull ring in Calle Ramon Pignatelli – expensive a la carte but excellent value menu del dia at 12 Euros. Be prepared to pay more if you eat or drink outside at any bar or restaurant. Highlights. Undoubtedly the Basilicar del Pilar and the La Seo Cathedral – close together and just five minutes walk from the Hotel Hispania. Climate. Very hot and dry in the Summer. Cold and dry with plenty of foggy days in the winter.


Chimneys and log burners cleaned. Fire Wood for sale. Almond, Olive etc, best prices in the area. Logs cut to size. Free Delivery & Free Chimney/log burner clean when you purchase more than 3 tons of wood. Land clearance & Tree Pruning

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Reviews by John Higgins

DO THE BIRDS SING IN HELL? By Horace ‘Jim‘ Greasley Libros International £8.99 This book could have easily been entitled ‘The Adventures of a Stud’ a great deal of the content of this tale is a treatise on the carnal exploits of Horace ‘Jim’ Greasley, albeit, during the period of the Second World War. I suppose it is nice to know that all the vital organs can still work satisfactorily whilst under extreme duress!! It is apparently quite normal to reflect on past deeds when reaching a certain age, reflections during quiet moments with a cheeky grin stretching from ear to ear. Presumably having been given family permission, the story could then be unravelled, and much to writer Ken Scott’s credit an interesting World War Two adventure is produced. Throughout the book the prose displays a human touch, which makes the character of Horace Greasley so believable and identifiable. I personally empathise with him, having had a father who was a survivor of the trenches in the First World War and can recollect the effect it had on him. The true horrors and futility of war, any war, no matter where or when, comes over in a strong manner due to the precise narrative of the author. Once again, on a personal note, I grew up with Jewish people in North London, many of them close friends, and know only too well the horrors of the ghastly time that Mr Greasley must have experienced. All power to him, I wish him well and thank you Mr Scott for skilfully recording events so well.

WIN WIN WIN!!! A signed copy of Do The Birds Sing In Hell? See page 20 for entry details

THE ANGEL’S GAME By Carlos Ruiz Zafon Wiedenfeld & Nicolson £ 14.99 The sequel to the masterpiece Shadow of the Wind is another literary triumph. The Angel’s Game by the wonderfully accomplished Spanish writer Ruiz Zafon, has indeed, been well worth waiting for. Gothic in tone and content, this book grips the reader with all of its twists and turns, weaving a constant web of mystery and intrigue, the word spooky comes to mind. Often books can lose in translation, but not so in this case. Set in Barcelona in the turbulent 1920’s, where once again we are taken back to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, and the Sempere & Sons bookshop, readers of the Shadow of the Wind will be familiar with these places, as with the heavily atmospheric descriptions of the dark and sinister inner world of Barcelona. David Martin, writing under a pseudonym starts his career at the almost defunct down at heel newspaper oddly named The Voice of Industry, a serialised story City of the Damned which becomes an instant success. However David does not feel fulfilled as a writer in an artistic sense. His bosses treat him in a poor manner; naturally therefore, he is simply looking for more in his life. Soon an opportunity arrives in the guise of Andreas Corelli a sinister character who has his own publishing house in Paris. Corelli offers David a writing proposition with a substantial financial payment up front, and on successful completion, a large final payment. After much deliberation David decides to take up the challenge and lives to regret the decision as a sinister path unravels. Being a survivor of a troubled childhood, David is therefore naturally prone to making many strange decisions in his somewhat chaotic existence, not least his decision to buy a large run down mansion of the city type. Uninhabited for many years, but for all that, had always fascinated David, now in the possession of a large amount of money courtesy of Andreas Corelli, the purchase was made. David has a long and at times turbulent friendship with Pedro Vidal, also a writer, who is on a higher echelon in social terms in Barcelona society. At one point when Vidal is struggling to find his writing inspiration David is there in bizarre way to come to the rescue. It is around this time that David falls recklessly in love with Cristina Sagnier, the daughter of Vidal’s chauffer. Intrigue and romance in the formulation of Gothic darkness in the end leaves the reader in no doubt that they have read another fine piece of literature by Ruiz Zafon, that is of course assuming that Shadow of the Wind has previously been read. A wonderful quote on page twelve deserves highlighting --- Envy is the religion of the mediocre


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ONLY 92,000 euros

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by Roger Holdon This time of year is a great for night photography. The weather is a little cooler in the evenings, many places have fiestas and there are lots of interesting events taking place. Night photography can cause problems for the photographer, mainly due to low-light resulting in slow shutter speeds. Sometimes, we have no alternative but to use flash. While an external flash gun will give you more options, the one built into your camera can also give good results. The following flash techniques are relatively easy to use with both internal and external flash units. Slow sync Basically, this mixes a slow shutter speed with a burst of flash. The flash will illuminate your subject while the long shutter speed keeps background detail. Although the camera will do the necessary calculations for you there are some things to consider. Firstly, a long shutter speed means that the camera needs to be held steady, so a tripod or some kind of support is necessary. Secondly, bear in mind that any movement in the frame will be recorded as a blur. Second-curtain sync Normally a flashgun fires at the beginning of an exposure. With second-curtain sync (also known as rear-curtain sync) the flash fires at the end of the exposure. This can work well with slow sync because the flash exposed subject appears at the end of a light trail instead of the beginning. Fill-in flash This is when you use flash in daylight, often when taking a portrait. It helps remove shadows from faces and add catch light in the eyes. Flash compensation With this you can control the balance of flash and ambient light. The amount of flash exposure can be varied to give flash more or less emphasis on the scene. Use this when you want the flash exposure to appear weaker or stronger in the scene. The photograph in this article was taken at the Moros Christianos fiesta last August in Ontinyent. The flash compensation was turned down to allow an even balance of flash and ambient light. If you would like to go out for a day in the summer to learn how to take better shots, then contact Valencian Photographic Holidays at the website below. Images copyright of Rodger Holden and cannot be used without prior permission 54

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Cartagena, Murcia

There is a tourist information office just at the beginning of this square.

I had family on holiday with me in May, a couple in their late 70’s, who love to explore but like limited walking.

We had a walk through the square and along the narrow road called Calle Mayor de Casco Antiguo (the main road of the old quarter). Again there are some interesting buildings to look at and shops to browse around plus many bars and restaurants. On this main road, we stopped off at a large church the Iglesia de Santo Domingo, and had a good look around inside; this is a very nicely decorated church, like many others that you see around Spain. One thing I will mention though is that there were a handful of beggars around the church, not pestering people but hoping to obtain money from tourists.

First of all I drove straight to the Port area and parked in the underground car park which is open 24 hours and has security personnel. It is in my opinion reasonably priced for the 4 or 5 hours I spent there.

Having wandered around for about an hour, it was time to eat and back to the Town Hall Square, where once more, there are quite a range of restaurants on offer in that locality.

Walking up from the car park, you arrive on quite a long promenade. The Port has got a commercial shipping area, a marina for leisure craft and a large Naval Base.

We chose the restaurant of Teatro Romano, The Roman Theatre museum restaurant. They did a menu del dia of 11 euros per person, which is quite good for a tourist location and the food and service was very good. This is located in the Plaza Ayuntamiento.

On the day that I chose to go and purely by co-incidence, the P & O’ Cruise ship called Ventura was in Port for the day, so it was quite busy with ‘tourists’.

After lunch, we had to drive to the Castillo de Concepcion (Conception Castle). It is a place easy to get to by walking from the Town Hall square, but slightly strenuous for people with limited mobility.

It was also a great surprise for my relatives because they are going on a cruise in September on this very same ship.

I parked for free by the old dis-used Plaza de Toros and University and did the short walk to the glass lift that takes you up to the castle grounds. The fee for the panoramic glass lift is 1 euro return per person.

by David Billington Much has already been written about Cartagena, but I thought I would like to share these few ideas for anyone who would like to visit some of the basics in this city.

Having never been on a cruise ship myself, I was staggered by the enormous size of the Ventura; it is a massive floating hotel. After my Uncle had stopped some British tourists to talk about the ship, we moved along and had a look at the permanent fixture of the Isaac Peral Submarine, which is said to be the first submarine ever built, by a Spaniard, but it never had the funding to secure its future. Walking in another direction along the promenade, there were some sculpture displays for all to have a look at. There appears to be open space for artists to exhibit their products. And walking a little further to a particular end of the promenade you can catch sight of the naval ships anchored in their specific areas. You cannot get that close to them though. On the promenade itself, there are a number of eateries and bars, including a MacDonald’s, plus something to cater for all tastes and pockets. After spending time exploring this area, we crossed over the road, into the main Town Hall Square. The façade’s of the buildings here are quite magnificent, well worth a look at, along with a variety of monuments and statues that depict the naval history of Cartagena. 56

The castle grounds are free to walk around and the views across the city are spectacular. Have a look for the peacocks that roam around the park area. At the time that we went the castle was closed, so we did not wait around to go inside. In my opinion this was just enough of a taster to look at the history and sights of this small part of the city. Obviously there is much more to do around Cartagena including a city tour on an open top bus and I would encourage anyone to spend at least a whole day exploring. There are a couple of useful websites to look at, one for the Cartagena tourist information department: There is an English link then go to the tourism page.

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Interview with Davy Jones: 10 Vital Statistics: Name: Davy Jones. Profession: Entertainer (including karaoke) and radio d.j. on T.K.O fm. Employer: Self-employed. Hobbies: Walking and fishing. Likes: Eating out. Interests: Music. Favourite Food(s): Italian, Indian and Chinese. Favourite drink(s): Vodka and coke. Favourite film(s): The Matrix Trilogy. Favourite music: Due to the nature of the job, it’s got to be eclectic.

when I was 17 and then set up on my own, moved into the karaoke business, singing solo then with a duet. I also spent some time working for a commercial station as an outside broadcast presenter. What brought you to Spain? A change of pace and it just meant that I could concentrate on one area of work rather than several. It also meant that I could cut out the day jobs and enjoy the sun. Do you think you’ll ever go back permanently to the UK? No is the short answer! Do you miss anything from “home”?

Hi Davy…how are you?

Yes: just some of my family.

Very well at the moment thanks!

Have you been doing the karaoke/entertaining or the dj side for longer?

Yes, it’s short for David. I had a friend when I was younger who called me Davy and it’s sort of stuck from then. So, you mentioned before that you’ve been in the entertainment business for twenty years now… What started you off? I stared helping a friend with a mobile disco

Is your House

I started the dj work in pubs first, when I was 17 and the karaoke followed. So: a total of 24 years. Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? No, ‘cos I always break them! What’s in store for you this year? Do you have any plans for the next year or so?


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If you didn’t live here on the Sunny Costa Blanca in Spain, what other country would you most like to live in? I was going to go to Gran Canaria originally, but saw this as a safer option.

My two teenage sons, who both live in the UK and visit me regularly, which is great. Finally, how is your Spanish coming along? Terrible, but I’m working on it! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview and good luck with everything for this year! You can catch Davy at various local venues (contact to find out where) and he has a website under construction, so watch this space or hear his show on TKO fm from 3 till 6, every weekday.



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Question time! With Clare Lawrence

First things first, I have to ask! Is Davy short for anything?

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More Short Hairstyles There was a lot of interest in my last article in the t.i.m about short choppy hairstyles; due to the heat wave we’ve been having it seems a lot of you are still considering the chop.

There are so many variations of this style to suit all ages and hair types it’s worth spending time looking round at the styles available, look at plenty of style magazines and discuss and take advice from your stylist.

Hair products like gel and wax add definition to these styles, but remember you will need to visit your stylist more often to keep the style in shape, depending on how fast your hair grows, between 3 and 6 weeks, but it is worth it as you will save so much time inbetween visits on styling your hair.

In my last article about short choppy styles there were several pictures of styles I wanted to show you, but unfortunately space was short, so I’m taking this opportunity to show you a few more of these styles. Regards, Karen (kazkuts) see my ad on page 60

6 Ways To Get a Good Night’s Sleep By Emma at Ambiente


Avoid alcohol at bedtime: alcohol will make you fall asleep

quicker but it causes a lot of brain arousal once it’s metabolized, which usually happens during the second half of the night. 4) Introduce magnesium into your diet: this is an essential mineral to the human body and is often referred to as the relaxing mineral. try eating more nuts, dark leafy greens, whole grains, beans, fish and lean meat. also try taking a magnesium supplement for 4-6 weeks. (also great for those naughty aches and pains)

1) Classes: enroll in either a group or 1 to 1 session with a therapist.


this will involve helping you recognize, challenge and change

reduction in the prevalence and risk of symptoms of disturbed sleep.

unhelpful thoughts and behaviors around sleep including meditation and positive thinking. 2)



lavender is amazingly effective. studies have

Exercise: tests prove that regular exercise is associated with a Have a wind-down routine: happy relaxed thoughts promote a

happy, relaxed sleep. this is where the classes will come into their

proven that it can be as effective as sleeping pills; it helps to slow

own. they will demonstrate a calming visualization exercise and

down the heartbeat and relax the muscles. try sprinkling a few drops

meditation technique that you can do at bedtime to help you wind

on your pillow before bedtime or take a lavender bath.

down and calm your mind.


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Euros 50, Ladies Bowling Woods size 4 7/8ths Bias 3 in leather case (Vitalite Slazenger) Euros 35. Basket Ball Net and Board Euros 20, Double Flourescent Light with difuser in case .65 long Euros 20, Single Flourencent Light with defuser in case .65 long Euros 15, Single Flourescent Light with backing .65 Euros 10. 7 Shelf Pine Unit 2.23 Height .50 Wide .25Deep Euros 35. Hondon de los Frailes Telephone 965 529 408 or 679 905 836. Wind-directed rotating chimney top. Diameter 20 cm. Hardly used. €12 Tel: 651572942 Aspe area Beauty couch for sale, mint condition, detachable arms and head rest, goes to 3 positions. Cost over 300€ will sell for €180 ono. For picture email:emilymarymorton@ - Sax area tel: Emily 664109631. Childs bike, good condition, purple suit girl age 5-7 30 euros Fortuna 690 855 683 Webley Vulcan air rifle in leather carry bag, telescopic sight vgc 120 euros Fortuna 690 855 683 Garden swing with canopy. Good condition 75 euros. Tel: Castalla 965561083 Komatsu 1.5 ton digger, 1 digging bucket and 1 trenching bucket, rubber tracks (as new), no oil leaks engine or pipes 4500euro ovno 634030627 or 634030635 Natalie and Colin Tractor: Pasquali 991 articulated vineyard tractor. cultivator andsprayer. good working order 3000euro ovno 634030627 or 634030635 Natalie and Colin grey 2.8m satalite dish with stand 500euro caudete my no. 634030627 or 634030635 Natalie and Colin 65

The Inland Magazine™ Goldfish and Koi Carp for sale. Goldfish from 3 Euro’s, Koi from 15 Euro’s to 100 Euro’s. Koi food also available. Pond and filter design service, advice given for free. Telephone Eric on 965 978 247 or 609 931 647. sax Various items for sale ideal for car booters or market traders. items including solar lights, children shorts, cool bags,furry animal money boxes 696895621 Oval table and 6 chairs inc 2 carvers polished wood, slight damage to one chair 75 euros Fortuna 690 855 683 TABLE FOOTBALL BY CREBER GAMES AS NEW 50.00 EUROS COMPLETE 965 528 170 ONIL / CASTALLA Portable air conditioner vgc 85 euros Fortuna 690 855 683 For sale, 1.7offset satelite dish with twin LNB, six months old price 275 euros. Pinoso area tele 666868260 Metal Gate 5ft x 3ft approx plus posts also a further 12 posts at 5ft . 100e ono 649229353. Crevellent

BASE. SUITABLE FOR 0-9 MONTHS. EXCELLENT CONDITION. 250 EUROS FOR ALL. TEL : 666998231 ALCOY Mamas and Papas Pram/ Pushchair and Group 0+ Car Seat. Venezia range changes from ‘Pramette’ to pushchair. Reversable handle. Suitable from birth to 3 years. Includes Sun hood, rain cover, foot muff, cup holder, car seat, and base of car seat for car, sun hood for car seat. The car seat attaches to the pushchair. Black/charcoal colour. Good Condition. 150 euros. Onil 660221535 Chimney top. Rotating ball type chimney. Diameter: 20 cm. Also 1metre of tube. Hardly used. €12 Tel: 651572942 Aspe area, 2 single beds 200cm x 90cm with solid pine frames with adjustable mattress base. Mattresses included. Excellent condition. 120€. Hondon. 667230076 Kitchen table 109cm x 69cm with 2 chairs and corner bench unit in solid pine. Excellent condition. 100€. Hondon 667230076 Circular smoked glass coffee table with smoked glass magazine shelf underneath. 99cm in diameter. Excellent condition. 30€ Hondon 667230076

For Sale Marque, all weather marque, made of high density PVC. Great for parties/ weddings and all types of occasions or even renting. Approx dimensions 22 mtrs length x 14 mtrs width, can be erected for viewing, only used twice. The same marque on the internet can cost in excess of 15,000 euros. Selling for only 3,000 euros or very near offer. Tel 638 026 230


Chicco Happy Snack High Chair. Suitable from 6 months until about 3 years. Removable tray. 3 Seat postions. 5 point safety harness. Storage basket under seat. Footrest. Folds away. 35 euros. 660221535. Onil Two “All Terrain” Adult Bicycles. 20” frames, stainless steel wheel and 18 gears. Avocet get seats. Hardly used, as good as new. Will sell separately. €75 Tel: 651572942 Aspe area,

Dining Table 1.6m x 1.1m Cane with Glass Inset Top 6 x Cane Carvers,padded.2x 600mm Matching Ocassional Tables. All Very Good Condition €175 ono 966180612. Sinks 2 , white large , rioca make , 1 with pedastal 35e 649229353 Crevellent Metal garden table with tiled top & four chairs. Excellent condition. Bargain. 85 euros. Tel: Castalla 965561083 Marine Ply 250x 122 x1cm 35 euros each .649229353 Crevellent

SERVICES Chain Link Fencing and Perimeter walls. For a free noobligation low cost quote, log on at or call Keith 628 613 350 or 962 389 622 PREMIER PLASTERING All aspects of plastering undertaken. Large variation of finishes available including: > Skimming (Smooth walls) > Rendering (Sand & Cement) > Monocapa/Raspado (All Colours) > Stone Cladding > Tiling All work guaranteed. All areas covered Call now 868 000 039 Mobile 636 573 791

Man with a van can! Regular U.K trips, one item to part/ full load. Local deliveries undertaken. No job too small. Very competativse prices ring Phil 609 946 451 or 627 262 762 caralyn.jillings@hotmail. com Very nice man with a big white van, Removals, deliveries, pick up service, all jobs considered spain to uk available. Phone Spencer on 669 547 068 or 680 396 886 VAN GOING TO ENGLAND

E-mail: • Web site:

(Essex) from Fortuna on 5th October. Space available. Tel 630 863 373

Joiner / Carpenter Fully qualified Joiner. Can undertake anything from A shelf to a new roof. All general repairs including break in damage Pergolas/ carports/ wood stores made to order and any size or collect one today Example of items stocked Pergolas: 5m x 3m €330 - 3m x 2m €230 Mature, solid timbers. Treated clear Workshop between Pinoso & Fortuna

649540016 or --------------------------------------------Enjoy out door living 100% free from Mosquitoes, Flies, etc GO TO – Email: Tel: 649540016

SCRAP METAL CLEARED. Avoid accidents to your children or animals. Let me clear your scrap metal FOC within Yecla area. Doug 677 719 291


Large Van, regular Spain to UK trips. Small items to full loads, 22.6 cubic meters to fill. Deliveries, house moves, ALL jobs. Low rates, Check out our website www.tommystrucks. com or call 07512 789 224 (uk) 680 942 411 (Spain) email: info@tommys Sex! Are looking to buy something second hand? If you can not find it in the Classifieds section here in the magazine, then why not take a look in our on line Classifieds Section on our web site at there are hundreds of items on our website that do not appear in the magazine. And there are more added by the public every day. visit

Costa Blanca Long wheelbase van leaving for the Uk 12th September, return 20th September, space available both ways Ring Paul 634 030 636

ANNOUNCEMENTS Are you starting a market Stall/ Shop? If so we have thousands of new, quality clothing lines for sale, visit our web site at www. or e.mail or tel 675 218 436 nobody can compete with us on Price. We also have tons of other items non clothing available through our web site. Hair/Beauty Salons required in all areas. To build on our continued success we are looking for extra outlets for us to provide our aesthetics business. If you have a Hair or Beauty salon with a “Beauty” room available then you may be able to earn an extra income without even working. Call Gail for details on 647 782 646 or 966 196 798. HOLIDAYS Driving to the UK? English B&B in France close to the Spanish border. Peaceful location ideal for your stopovers. Ring for details. 0033 562 331 962 or visit ourwebsite www. VEHICLES Range rover vogue se, 1990, grey metallic automatic 3.9, alloy wheels New tyres, leather interior 750 euros TEL 699757655, AYORA AREA Toyota Carina Estate 1600x16 valve petrol engine, plus tow bar. Very economical and reliable owned for the last 10 years by seller. 325Euros o.n.o Tel: 965696730

Reluctant sale by shrinking oap (lady) Citroen C2, 1.1 furio, silver, Spanish plates, lhd, first registered Dec 2005 hasn’t yet done 10,000 kms, fully serviced and guaranteed, immaculate throughout, a real bargain at 8,495 euros Hondon Tel 617 999 294

I am looking for a chilled out lodger, the place is in The Finca Terol,Tibi. Rustic surroundings, ideal for someone that likes animals and the country life, low rent for the right person. For further info call.....658 626 315

Classic 1982 BMW 7series, has all extras. Suits a classic car enthusiast. Bargain 300 euros. Aspe 618567335


WANTED Wanted second hand Washing Machines, can collect, Salinas 651 103 816



We pay INSTANT CASH same day for cars, vans, bikes, quads, aravans, trailers.Absolutely anything

From 1€ - €10.000 Same day collection

Ring Lee Now 663 673 143 Phil: 607 848 332 FORTUNA

679 251 158



Avondale. 2 berth. 7 metres lgth. Electrics, cooker, fridge, shower, toilet. Awning. Extras. Useful for touring and extra accomm.2,750E ono.

Rooms available to rent, long term not a problem, Call 696 599 489

Tel 965696213

PROPERTY SALES Private sale. Onil - Fully renovated town house. 3 Double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, new fitted kitchen. Light, bright and spacious. Close to all amenities. Absolute bargain. 79,000 euros. Tel: 636 167 650. No agents please. PROPERTY RENTALS La Romana, unfurnished. Large end Terraced house. Close to all amenities,3 beds, 3 baths, Kitchen/Diner, Separate Utility. Lounge/ Diner. Huge underbuild. Small enclosed courtyard. Large upper terrace.Long term preferred. Will sell. Tel: 659658760/ 965978907 HOUSE FOR RENT WITH STABLES FORTUNA 3Bed/2Bath Lounge Dining Room Kitchen Swimming Pool Pool Bar. 3000m2 plot. Stables. 600€pm + Bills. Tel 633 239 590

Available now in Pinoso 2 x Static Caravan Plots, pool, bar and park area Tel 669 880 544

Are you house hunting/ or looking for a relaxing Holliday 30 minutes inland from the coast and 25 mins from Alicante Airport in the real Spain! Long and Short lets available, fabolous road connections to all parts of Spain. Golf Couse 15 mins drive away.Two beds, two bathrooms, American kitchen/ dinner, Sky tv, Air con, use of pool and jaccuzi, beautifull views, great for walking or cyclists. Sax area call 638 026 230 for more info and prices.

Luxury Town House for Rent- La Gineta. Very spacious, 3 Bedroom/3 Bathroom Town House. 2 reception rooms, huge garage all services. Fully furnished ready to move in. 5 mins drive from Santomera/10 mins from Fortuna. 650€pm. Tel Fred 638 724 742

Hairdressing backwash sink and chair (set if possible) Will travel to collect Pinoso 620 241 713 Hostesses who want to earn upto 25% off their personnal order. Book a party and all your guests get a free gift. Ring/txt: Janet on 689 103 213 or email:-

CASH! Is your business closing down? We buy all types of liquidation/ bankrupt stock for Cash, don’t delay call us today on 966 196 777 or 675 218 436 or Espanol 659 213 833 I need a 35mm film projecter to edit some film before transfer to “cd”. Do you have one for hire, where can I get one? Tel; 660761272 (Finca Terol) Person wanted to house share, modern luxury villa, own en suite bedroom. Modest Rent and share of bills, must be dog friendly Tel Pat on 637 993 667

Bargain adverts can be E-MAILED to or a •TEXT TO: 680 976 823 (Please do not phone this number) E-mail: Web site: CLOSING DATE FOR ADVERTS IS THE 19th of EACH MONTH. Adverts received after this will not appear in the next issue of TIM


The Inland Magazine™ Wanted set of wheels & tyres 16 x 6 for Pajero tel 686 456 052 Pinoso Freezer, chest type preferred. Tel 966110752 or 627175886

opening for you with fabulous earning potential if you own and run a legal tea wagon/burger van here in Spain for more details call 691 260 502 or 638 026 230 start earning straight away.

Wanted T chests ,reasonable price please 649229353

Restaurant San Francisco

NEED MORE SPACE/ CHANGING LOCATION? I WILL BUY YOUR FURNITURE ITEMS AND WILL ALSO UNDERTAKE FULL HOUSE CLEARANCES. PROMPT, POLITE ATTENTION IS ALWAYS GIVEN. CALL ALLISON 965 560 707 or 675 989 866. I play Guitar and would like to form a Rock Band, wanted musicians in the Sax Area ie Singer,Drummer,Bass Player, to practice with, I am 13 yrs old but going on 18 yrs, call Jordan Tel 651103816, Salinas

As you have seen, this restaurant is for sale after 2 and a half years open. Now probably the busiest bar & restaurant in la Romana, owner motivated to look at all offers. The Restaurant/ Bar makes a profit, and we have all figures for two and a half years of trading to show to potential buyers- income guaranteed! Owner will stay with buyers to ensure smooth transition. takings of gross average 16k per month net profit to husband wife team over 3k per month!! Even in current crisis with huge upside potential. For more info and price, Price Reduced Call Steve on

662 048 747

SE TRASPASA- FOR SALE Mesón Ángela Cañada de la Leña (Los Martínez) Económico con terraza grande a la calle con mucho cliente BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES

Cost effective with a good client base & large pavement terrace

Do you have a Tea Wagon/ Burger van? We have an ideal

968 68 32 15 o 636 82 86 29 968 432 955English

Space available to rent in large, luxurious hair, beauty, health & well-being centre in Pinoso. Excellent rates to help you get started, you can rent per day, week or month, it’s up to you. Call Emma 966 118 971/620 241 713 PETS Horse Stables Novelda We are situated in the country side, where you will be able to enjoy long and beatiful rides. Services offered:Monthy full on board, Training course 20mx20m, Riding area 60mx20m, (night illumination), Closed stables and paddocks, Pony rides. Tel: 667 705 866 PET AND HOUSE SITTER Enjoy peace of mind during your absence. Your pets, home and plants cared for by a responsible and experienced live in Pet ‘Au Pair’ Tel: 646 581 624 elisabeth@


687514366. For Sale. 4 Boxer Puppies. All Males. 2 Dark Brindle. 1 Gold Brindle & 1 Gold. Ready Now. Both Parents Can Be Seen. 200€. Tel. 617 424 209. Fortuna CLAIRE CROFTS, Mobile dog grooming service. Back in business. Tel: 649 280 204 Baby Blue / Gold Macaw, hand reared, cuddly and tame, ready

September Ibi 965 528 203 Pony for sale, used as lead pony for kids, will pull a cart, comes with tack and rug, 400euros. Yecla, 666551816. Black & White cat This young cat is full of fun,very friendly and loves his tummy tickled. Now about 5 months old and soon to be neutered. If you can offer this Felix look-a-like a home Please ring for more information Lesley669322438G.A Cats Calico Cat Isabella is a beautiful, friendly adult cat she has been foster mum to lots kittens and now deserves to have a loving home of her own. She has been neutered and is in good health. If you can offer her a loving home Please ring Lesley669322438

EVENTS Sevillanas Social Club all about Flamenco and Sevillanas dance & music . We meet the last Sunday of every month at The Orihuela Costa Resort(La Zenia) Information: Raquel Peña 630 689 431. Sax Christian Fellowship Church Services including Funeral Officiating (contact: Cindy 600 057 460) We meet every other Sunday evening at 6pm General contact: Rachel: 660 969 895 ALL WELCOME

PAPAS: Pinoso Association for the Protection of Animals : Dogs Needing Homes Call 680 170 298 or 649 384 140

CASSIE Is very obedient and friendly. An alsation cross.


ERIC After his brother Ernie was homed last month, five month old Eric is still looking for a home. Playful and friendly

MITZI Lovely natured girl, very friendly but does chase cats! Vaccinated

TESSA Gentle, sweet and small one year old girl

SANDY Loves everybody, including other dogs, but needs a home without cats. She is about a year old

E-mail: • Web site:

Here are 4 of 7 beautiful kittens dumped in a rubbish bin last week. They are being loved & cared for by Terry and Alan until they are ready to home in early September

The Inland Magazine September 2009  

TIM edition September 2009

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