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Hello and welcome to the 79th edition of Tim. Well fingers crossed, the weather has now finally started to sort its self out and we are on our way to a long hot summer. This month’s cover photo was kindly supplied by D Workman, and the photo was taken in El Palmar which is on the southern tip of Albufera Valencia. If you would like to have the chance of possibly seeing a photo that you have taken appear on the front cover of the magazine, feel free to send them in to us at accompanied by your name, and when and where the photograph was taken, the photo file should be portrait and more than 500kb in size, or (above 1mb) The winners of last months competitions were Carol Garrett of San Fulgencio who won the copy of Yann Martel’s book Life of Pi, the winner of the Sol Aero pleasure flight was Mr J Wilkinson of Sax, and last but not least, the winner of our monthly Spot the Bull competition was Mr A. Witter of Santa Pola who found Bully hiding on the back page on the Aeromax advert. The winner of the The Quesada Gold Centre sponsored win 500 euros competition was Susan Shanley of Villa Martin You can find two more FREE to enter competitions inside of this month’s magazine. Don’t forget, you have to be in to “Win”.

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Take it all with a pinch of salt! by Derek Workman

It’s amazing the things you learn when you least expect

it. When I visited the idiosyncratic Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum in Guadalest, I was given an in-depth lecture about the world of salt, salt and pepper shakers, and salt cellars from Andrea Ludden and her son Alex. And very interesting it was.

As we wandered around the museum I found it hard to believe

that the twenty-thousand pair display of fat chefs, ruby red tomatoes, guardsmen in bear skins, The Beatles, Santa’s feet sticking out of a chimney, pistols and potatoes, a copy of the salt and pepper shaker cufflinks that Lady Diana wore, (which, fortunately, are sealed, or their contents would have sprayed everywhere when she shook hands), have any other reason for coming together than simply being someone’s idea of being collectable – but they do.

“Salt is much more important in our lives and history than most

people think,” says Alex. “The word salarium, salary, comes from the fact that Roman soldiers were paid part of their income in salt. It’s also thought that the word ‘soldier’ itself comes from the Latin sal dare, to give salt. If you look at common phrases such as ‘the salt of the earth’, he’s not worth his salt’, ‘below the salt’, etc. you can get an idea of how important salt was.” And it still is, because without salt in our diet we couldn’t survive.


he collection of over forty thousand pairs, half in Guadalest and half in their museum in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, started by the simple purchase of a pepper mill at a garage sale, shortly after the family moved to the US – but it didn’t work!

“That first one didn’t work, so I bought a couple more,” says

Andrea. “I used to stand them on the window ledge of my kitchen, and neighbours thought I was building a collection. Nothing could have been further from my mind! They began to bring me some beautiful ones, and eventually I had about 14,000 on shelves all over the house, even in the bedrooms. So we decided to create a museum.”


wasn’t until the 1920’s, when Chicago-based Morton Salt added magnesium carbonate to their product, that it was possible to pour salt from a sealed container. From this moment the salt shaker was born. Prior to that, small bowls or containers, usually with a spoon, had been used at the table, (the original salt cellar), as salt has a tendency to attract moisture and become lumpy.

“Morton’s development was the beginning of the salt shaker,

but funnily enough, it was the automobile that lead to them becoming collectable items,” continues Alex. “It was because people could travel more freely, either for work or on vacation, that the souvenir industry came about. Salt and pepper shakers were cheap, easy to carry and colourful and made ideal gifts. Imagine you lived in an isolated village somewhere and your son or daughter brought you a set in the shape of the Golden Gate Bridge when they came on their annual visit home. It wouldn’t get used, it would be carefully kept as a decorative item. That’s how, in the main, many of the early collections began.” 2

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There’s almost nothing you can imagine that hasn’t been

copied as a salt and pepper shaker, and many of them reflect the designs, the colours, and the preoccupations of the period. For example, a cooker from the 1940’s will look totally different from the cookers of the 1990’s, and it’s through using these differences and the materials they were made of that we can get an idea of how people lived at any given time.


he hey-day of salt and pepper shaker production was between the 1920s and 60s, with those made from plastic in the 50s and 60s being of special interest to some people. But the world of salt and pepper shakers and cellars knows no boundaries; from the Cellini Saliera, cast in solid gold (and sometimes referred to as the ‘Mona Lisa of Sculpture’), insured for $60million, to the prosaic plastic red pepper, a steal at only 75 cents at the local bargain shop, there’s something for everyone.

Museo de Saleros y Pimenteros (Museum of Salt and

Pepper Shakers) Avenida de Alicante 2, Guadalest, Alicante. (Next to the Tourist Office) Open daily 10.30am7.30pm.

To discover more about Spain, visit and are random notes about life in Spain.

Derek Workman’s books, Inland Trips from the Costa

Blanca and Small Hotels and Inns of Eastern Spain are available from most good books shops or direct from the publisher, Santana Books, or Tel. 95 248 5838.

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Climbers By Barbara Barton

Morning Glory

Continuing with the theme of climbers, I want to take a look at Morning Glory which is the common name for just one of a species of flowering plants in the family Convolvulus and its more formal name is Ipomoea Morning Glory is an old fashioned plant and being a climber it obviously needs something to climb like a wall, a trellis, or indeed any structure you can think of. Why not put it at the base of a tree so it can ramble up and into the branches It will very quickly grow and cover any obstacle with lots of greenery and an abundance of pretty flowers. Morning Glory comes as an annual or as a hardy perennial. They have dark, heart-shaped leaves and produce masses of trumpet shaped flowers which can grow up to 3 inches in diameter and in a variety of colours, including pinks, reds, purples and blue.

in situ and enjoy but you can also buy seeds. If you opt to buy seeds then soak them overnight in warm water and then plant about an inch under the soil, germination will take between 1 and 3 weeks Well that’s it for Morning Glory, great for those impatient gardeners who like to see quick results.

Finally I wanted to make a quick mention about compost. We frequently hear people moaning about losing plants, only to discover they have not used compost and just planted directly into soil. Always always use compost and buy a decent one, you get what you pay for so don’t go cheap as its false economy Having spent your hard earned cash at the garden centre, then it’s a sensible way to protect your investment; the difference good compost makes can be startling. Good compost will feel light to the touch, it won’t have large bits of bark and other matter and it will smell sweet – honestly!

The beautiful and fragrant flowers unfurl themselves, as their name suggests, in the morning to greet the sun and then close up in the afternoon.

Check out what your local garden centre uses on their plants, they will not be using rubbish. It’s really worth the money if you want to keep your plants alive and healthy.

Generally speaking the annual Morning Glory will die off with the frost but in some warmer, frost free areas, you may find it seeding itself and coming back year on year. But, if it doesn’t come back then for the cost of a packet of seeds you will soon be rewarded with another showing or just grow the perennial one instead!

That it, next month more on climbers and remember - “There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments.” - Janet Kilburn Phillips

When choosing a site for your Morning Glory you should be aware that apart from space to climb and ramble it will enjoy the sunshine and it likes a well drained soil. Mixing a bit of compost in with the soil helps with giving some goodness but will also lighten the soil to give that added drainage. Once established your Morning Glory will need little attention. Keeps it moist with regular watering, not too much so it’s in a puddle, although they will tolerate a degree of drought. A monthly feed will only help and give you even more blooms Fast growth, twining habit, attractive flowers, and a degree of tolerance for poor, dry soils, Morning Glories are excellent for creating some summer shade over a gazebo or nayah. Or, why not grow it along a chain link fence, so much prettier to look at! Once the Morning Glory starts to grow then by pinching out the tips you will encourage more growth and branching If you buy your plant already established then you can just plant 4

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by John Cu I would like to start this month’s article with a thank you to Susie, the lone respondent to the request for suggestions of great harmony songs or groups. Better to have one than none at all! She put forward the Four Seasons as the group, a tremendous choice and ‘If I Fell’ by the Beatles. This song featured on the LP ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ and I thank her for reminding me of it as it truly is a fantastic harmony and very difficult to emulate. Cheers Susie! So what about this month? Well, as often happens thoughts began to stream through my mind and suddenly the germ of an idea began to form. With a little bit of research which included reading my previous articles I realised that so many of the artists and groups mentioned were male. A quick scan revealed that over the 14 previous articles I had referred to only 8 females. Further research reveals some more interesting ‘facts’. Although any list of ‘best songs’ should be read with extreme caution, of the top 120 ‘best’ singles, only 6 females appear; of the top 10 ‘best’ songs, no individual females appear (however we can debate as to whether ABBA are in fact a ‘female’ act given that the men rarely sing or front the group). So how can we measure the popularity of female singers and groups? Since the UK charts began in 1952 based on record sales there have been 398 No.1’s upto and including 1976. Of those only 43 have been exclusively female singers or groups with 24 of those reaching number 1 between 1952 and 1961. In fact there 6

was a gap of just over 2 calendar years between Helen Shapiro in October 1961 and Cilla Black in February 1964 without a female No.1. If sales of singles are a measure of immediate popularity then L.P. sales reflect a more sincere measure given the relative expense of buying one and the statistics are even more shattering. It was not until 1968 that an all female group reached the No.1 UK L.P. spot and that was Diana Ross and the Supremes with their ‘Greatest Hits’. The next female artist to reach that spot was Barbara Streisand in 1977 and incidentally Diana Ross and the Supremes reached the same position in 1977 with their ’20 Greatest Hits’. There have been other groups with predominately female singers, such as The Seekers, ABBA and The Carpenters who reached the UK No.1 spot but the overall figures reveal just how much popular music has been dominated by male singers and groups. Given the plethora of brilliant female singers I have to ask myself why this is so? Is it the record buying public that favours male performers when it comes to parting with money? Is it a question of it being ‘easier’ for male performers to put in the hours necessary to build a career? Is it that most songs are written for male singers? There are so many possibilities but it is certainly a reflection of the world of popular music and perhaps of the society within which it operates that the odds are stacked against females. So all I can do is accept my own ‘research’ and redress the balance in the coming months. See you in July.

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by Julian Ashington

Hi and welcome to the June motoring section, first of all I would like to thank all of you who attended the free health and safety day and thank you to my helper.


Now keeping on the subject of classic cars what about Lada? Well the very car that spawned a thousand playground jokes is set to return! The Russian car giant who builds the Lada, Avto VAZ, has struck up a partnership with French car maker Renault. Both companies are keen to reintroduce a new and improved version of Lada to the UK within one year, as a super cheap car, costing £5,000.


The Lada was first built in the Soviet Union in 1970 and was modelled on the 1966 Fiat 124 saloon and nearly 20 million Ladas were built in the first 30 years. In 1997 the make vanished from UK showrooms as post communist Russia’s car industry ran into trouble. Can the Lada successfully return to the UK market? And now for something a bit newer which is Saudi Arabia’s first car. The Saudi’s are the world’s top producers of oil, and now they are venturing into the machines to use oil, “cars”. Ghazal 1 has become the first car ever built in Saudi Arabia. Saudi newspapers reported that the car was showcased at the Geneva Motor show by ruler King Abdullah. The engineers at King Saud University took two years to develop the Gazal 1, built as a rugged vehicle that’s

intended to match the Kingdoms tough terrain and designed to cope with the hot climate of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. It’s a big car; the physical dimensions are 4.8 meters long with a width of about 1.9 meters and it has a planned production run of 20,000 vehicles per year. Safety tips this month are, don’t forget to check your spare tyre for pressure and condition as it is often over looked. Also check if applicable that you have the wheel looking nut and wheel brace and jack in the vehicle at all times. Last month I had a couple of vehicles that mice yes mice had decided to take up residence in, if this happened to you they will eat your wiring and other rubber parts that could be costly, so if you think you have a problem you should buy some mice (rata) poison from your local garden centre or similar and place it under the bonnet into all the corners if possible. Well that’s it for this month happy and safe driving.

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Sun Cream Guide Living in Spain most of us are aware of the dangers of being exposed to the sun. Whenever we step outside even on cloudy days that exposure can increase, especially when the sun is refl ected from the beach, snow or water. To protect ourselves we need to cover up with tight woven fabrics, to prevent the sun from getting through and also to wear a hat with a brim, a cap, sunglasses, long sleeved shirts and trousers. However this is not always practical and more often than not there are times when we want to enjoy the sun. Therefore the use of sun creams when exposed to the sun becomes more important. There are a large range of products available to us and different creams are more suitable for certain skin types than others. Sun creams are given an SPF factor and the greater the SPF factor the greater the protection against harmful UVB rays which cause burning. A high SPF factor will only help prevent burning - it will not always protect against UVA rays, which are not taken into account when calculating the SPF. UVA protection is usually rated separately between 2 and 4.

The SPF factor indicates the time that it takes to get a mild sunburn with and without the sunscreen. So if using a sun cream with SPF8 you can stay in the sun 8 times more than you could without sun cream. Another way of looking at it is that it takes twice as much sun time to get a mild burn when covered with a sunscreen rated SPF 40 as when covered with one rated SPF 20. The SPF factor does not tell you how long you can stay in the sun. This depends on the pigment content of your skin (how light or dark you are), the sun’s intensity and time of day you are exposed, cloud cover, and how well you are protected in other ways. One common mistake when applying sun cream is that it is often applied too thinly, on average an egg cup amount should be suffi cient to cover the whole body and this needs to be reapplied every 2-3hrs. It should be noted that most sun creams need to be applied at least 30 minutes before going out into the sun, to allow its activation. Always reapply sun cream after swimming. When applying sunscreen, pay particular attention to the nose, cheeks, forehead, backs of ears, neck and shoulders, since these are fi rst to catch the sun. Some products contain a temporary colouring to make sure you don’t miss any exposed skin, this is especially useful to babies and infants. There are a few products now available on the market that can either be used immediately or do not require reapplication, check product directions prior to use. In some areas the use of an insect repellent may also be required. Some sun cream products contain the repellant within the cream, if not you must apply an insect repellant on top of your sun cream. We mentioned clothing in the beginning of this article which can also provide us a degree of protection too and this can be converted into an SPF factor, see below. Nylon Tights - SPF 2, Hats - SPF 3-6, Summer Light weight clothing - SPF 6.5, Sun protective clothing - up to SPF 30


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The Inland Magazine™ Ramsey Lewis, Chicago, Wynton Marsalis & the Jazz at the Lincoln Center Orchestra, Eric Burdon & The Animals and John Pizzarelli & the ClaytonHamilton Jazz Orchestra will perform at the San Javier Jazz Festival 2011. The 14th edition of the San Javier Jazz Festival, which will be held from June 25th to July 30th, will be dedicated to the memory of Gary Moore and Solomon Burke, and will include some of the best musicians in the current jazz and blues scene. The return of legendary pianist Ramsey Lewis, this time with his Electric Band and with a Jazz-Funk project, a genre which he invented. Jazz Rock supergroup Chicago’s first concert in Spain; the return of Eric Burdon & The Animals, and two of the world’s most prestigious big bands, the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis, and the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra with special guest John Pizzarelli are some of the highlights of this year’s program. Other jazz greats like Jamaican pianist Monty Alexander, Californian guitarist Lee Ritenour, and guitarist John Scofield will clear the way for other young musicians who are already world renown like Japanese pianist Hiromi with her new trio, Danish pianist Niels Lan Doky, or the new star of the accordion Ludovic Beier. Among the many European performers in this edition of the festival there will also be Spanish jazz musicians, like the pianist from Cadiz Sergio Monroy, the guitarist from Mallorca Biel Ballester and his trio who will perform with Romanian violinist Costel Nitescu, Catalonian pianist Albert Boverand his trio with the Detroit singer Carla Cook, and the also Catalonian pianist Jaume Vilaseca and his quartet with Indian sitarist Ravi Chary. Other important names are the fantastic jazz vocalist Rene Marie; the great lady of the bossa nova Leny Andrade, or the French group Pink Turtle. Blues and rock will also be featured, as expected in an edition dedicated to Gary Moore, therefore, in addition to the already mentioned performances by Chicago and Eric Burdon, there will be performances by Elvin Bishop, Lucky Peterson, Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes and veteran British singer Chris Farlowe with the Norman Beacker Band, without forgetting to mention San Francisco bluesman Joe Louis Walker. All in all, an edition with concerts to satisfy the most diverse palates, and which will stay true to the festival’s policy of maintaining popular prices for tickets and season passes so everyone can have easy access to the temple of jazz and blues that is the Parque Almansa auditorium. Most of the concerts can also be enjoyed by fans throughout all of Spain thanks to the collaboration of Televisión Española, Radio 3 and 7 Región de Murcia. For more information about the programme visit www., and for Facebook users, visit ‘XIV ed. San Javier International Jazz Festival 2011 (Spain).’ 12

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Win a Pleasure Flight Courtesy of Sol Aero Simply fill in your details below and cut out the coupon and send to T.I.M. Apartado de Correos 285 • 03630 SAX (Alicante)

Name..................................................................................... Email Address......................................................................... Address.......................................................................... ....................................................................................... Your Contact Tel number..........................................................

Closing Date for entries is the 19th June 2011 TIM’s decision is final Weight and height restrictions apply.

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SONRISA CHARITY Hondon de las Nieves Pauline wins the raffle at our charity golf day at Alenda on Friday, May 13th.

The course was full, every hole sponsored, the weather kind and lovely prizes donated. Everyone had a great day’s golf and we raised close to 1000 euros for Paul Cunningham Nurses. John King won the best man’s prize and Maria Moore best lady. Prizes were also given to the first four teams and there were additional prizes on every hole. The day was so successful that we intend to stage the same next year and hope to turn it into the most prestigious and enjoyable charity golf tournament on the Costa Blanca - so many thanks to all our sponsors, helpers and participants - and please watch this space for further details of next year’s event. FUTURE CHARITY EVENTS PLANNED FOR 2011 ARE: SATURDAY, JULY 16 AN ARABIAN NIGHT AT BAR ROCAS Hondon de las Nieves FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 A LATE SUMMER BALL AT THE LA ROMANA HOTEL All proceeds from our events will continue to be donated to Paul Cunningham Nurses. For more information please contact Wendy Miller on 634 716 974 or e-mail


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Article by Malcolm Thompson Bed (Hons)

BARCELONA IS ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING and interesting Cities on the entire Iberian peninsula. Most guidebooks and other publications argue that it is ‘the’ centre of energetic modern Spain. Culturally, intellectually and for its out-and-out joy of life, Barcelona takes the prize. During the Civil War Barcelona was the final outpost of free democracy and battle bruised redoubt of the last democratically elected government Spain had for the next thirty something years. But for the art lover, Barcelona offers another shining historical highlight in the architecture of Antoni Gaudi. He was a Spaniard, born in Catalonia in 1852, and was arguably the most eccentric, brilliant and insightful architect that ever lived. His work has beautified Barcelona for over a century and construction still continues on his ‘Basilica de Segrada Familia’ today.

There are a number of Gaudi buildings in Barcelona, but in this article I’m going to focus on three of the essential ‘must see’ highlights. Firstly, there is ‘The Segrada Familia’ or The Sacred Family. This is the iconic and cultural centre of Barcelona. Secondly ‘Parc Guell’, which is the home of the famous Gaudi wibbly-wobbly mosaic park bench and El Draco. Thirdly, Casa Mila, a block of flats that takes the breath away. As one approaches The Segrada Familia and the towers come into view the impact on the viewer is jaw-dropping. Nowhere in the world has such a church ever been constructed. This edifice is Gaudi’s fantastical tour-deforce. It was only partially complete when Gaudi died in 1926 and is due for completion in 2020 or thereabouts. Recently consecrated by the Pope it is still a work in progress. Unfortunately Gaudi’s original blueprints were destroyed in the Civil War but nevertheless work has continued in his spirit. Apart from the stunning spires, there are a number of other notable features: The Nativity Façade and The Passion Façade are marvellous works of sculpture and masonry. There is a bizarre contraption in the crypt called the ‘chain or hanging model’. This is composed of chains hung from above and represents the Segrada Familia upside down. It is used to calculate the curve of the spires. The interior of the Church is modernist and beautiful. The capitals on the elegantly high columns are particularly graceful.

This is a place to take your time and get away from the hubbub of the centre, park your backside, sit a while and ‘people watch’. At the right time of year the gardens also provide a subject of interest in their own right. My best advice is to get a taxi as the park is a little way from the centre of town, generally uphill and somewhat difficult to find for the first time tourist. Finally, for the serious Art Nouveau addict is Casa Mila. Gaudi was of the Art Nouveau period, and indeed he has an Art Nouveau feel to all of his work. However, his was an idiosyncratic style of Art Nouveau and Casa Mila exemplifies this to an extreme degree. It is a fairyland confection of Art Nouveau. The ironwork on the balconies is wonderful and the way the balconies belly out in the most curvaceous and sensuous way is pleasing and satisfying. Looking upwards, the chimneys look like they would not appear out-of-place in George Orwell’s 1984. This is as far removed from the grey concrete monstrosities that most cities are blighted with as it is possible to get. Built in 1910 and restored to its former glory in 1996 after years of neglect it is now a show-piece for Gaudi and Barcelona. It’s a wonderful place for those with the eyes to see it. Check out my new blog:

Moving on; Parc Guell is the epitome of what we think of as typical Gaudi. Lovers of art and culture come here to soak up Gaudi at his most playful and absorb the one of best views of Barcelona. The entrance is mosaic taken to the illogical limit. The Dragon, aka El Draco is a huge gecko in mosaic and the portico that confronts one at the entrance gate is magnificent. Make your way to the space above the portico to see Gaudi’s most iconic and fun masterpiece; the mosaic park bench. Every book ever written about Gaudi shows this work of charming eccentricity. There are people from all over the world posing for their photograph on this bench. Look at the view out over the city, look at the ‘gingerbread houses’ nearby with Hobbit style chimneys. 16

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The Seasons Really Are getting Warmer By Jack Dees

The bike racing seasons that is. Although I’m not a knee to the floor guy I’m really enjoying it this year. It’s well covered on TV with BBC 2 getting the MotoGPs live and British Eurosport 2 covering MotoGP, Moto 2, World Superbikes and British Superbikes. The glamour and the money’s in MotoGP and the duel between Lorenzo and Pedrosa looks like going all the way again this season with Stoner too but you just can’t beat the BSB for nonstop action. It makes F1 look like Supermarket Sweep. Well I managed to get to all three concentraciones that I told you about in last month’s edition. Yecla was well worth the 5€ entrance and was a turnout in the hundreds. By the time I got to Abanilla it was winding down and the stunt show was just starting. There were hundreds there as well many of whom were non bikers which was great to see. The HDC Club’s long weekend in Villanueva del Rio Seguro was a mixed bag. Not many took advantage of the free camping and there were too many gaps in the timetable. On the positive side there was proper music and the many rideouts really did show off this beautiful area. Coming up in June – On the 5th we have Santa Pola, no details on price but their website has lots of other info. On the 12th we have Javea. 10€ and a 9 o’clock start. Lots going on and a free rock concert the night before at 11 p.m.


On the 19th we have a north/south split with a 10 a.m. start in La Matanza, Santomera for 7€ and a 9 a.m. start in Benidorm, 10€. Lots on offer at both. Well I won’t get to them all but I’ll try, why don’t you. You know it makes sense! Don’t forget feedback and more on, or facebook, Harleys InSpain. Happy Riding, JD Sunday 26th June - A meeting of classic bikes in Elche at the Cafe Bar Dos Ruedas, Poligono Carrus. Free entrance for all sorts of fun but 10€ for the bbq meal

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Official Sponsors and Lawyers of The Royal British Legion in Spain

Pla Calvo Sotelo 1 - ALICANTE Plaza TE - “Below The British Consulate Consulate” TTEULADA - MORAIRA PETRER RER ORIHUELA COSTA O FORTUNA (MURC (MURCIA) HONDÓN DE LAS NIEVES PINOSO HON info@pellice ntelawyers. E-mail: • Web site:


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JAGUARS Big Cats Loose in the Costa Blanca

The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club, the largest of the worlds Jaguar Clubs has been given a new lease of life in Spain. This provides Jaguar owners the opportunity to benefit from the extensive resources provided by the club and to meet like minded people. The club aims to provide a World-wide ‘Friendly Forum’ for all SS, Jaguar and Daimler enthusiasts enhancing the enjoyment of SS, Jaguar and Daimler ownership. The club offers a wide range of support, help and advice when buying or maintaining any of the members cars.

The Club was formed in December 1984, by members of other Jaguar Clubs, for the enthusiast who not only used, but maintained or restored their SS, Jaguar or Daimler cars. Within the first twelve months the JEC had developed significantly with a glossy A4 monthly magazine, Jaguar spares department and a technical advice service second to none. Within 18 months a membership of 2,000 had been reached identifying the JEC as the fastest growing onemarque Club. JEC also has regional representation in another 18 countries, now including Spain. The JEC operates over 72 national and international regions. These regions run a series of local & national events including regular ‘noggin and natter’ meetings at local hostelries, video and talk shows, visits to local specialists and monthly comprehensive newsletters on regional activities. Apart from the regular meetings, the range of facilities and services has expanded over the years to encompass not one but three, club insurance schemes , specialist model seminars, major events and trips, the current 132 page colour monthly magazine, the remanufacture of specialist tools and spares and the largest selection of Jaguar memorabilia available anywhere.


The monthly magazine Jaguar Enthusiast contains everything from full month on month restorations to social events, from small scale model news to new car model news. Nigel Thorley,

editor of Jaguar Enthusiast, was awarded ‘Best Editor of the Year’ in 1997 by Classic Car magazine. The Magazine has won the prestigious ‘Club Magazine of the Year’ award presented by Classic Car magazine, a total of three times and the JEC has been voted ‘Club of the Year’ by the same organisation. The JEC is very proud of its relationship with the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust, recently renamed Jaguar Heritage, the historic arm of Jaguar Cars Ltd, working very closely to further appreciation of the marque.

If you live in Spain and own a Jaguar you should be a member of The Jaguar Enthusiasts Club - Spain. The club in Spain has a small number of very enthusiastic members and they would like to welcome as many new members as possible. The JEC in Spain is now being organised by Eric Arnold who can be contacted by email or by phone on 609931647 or better still just come along to the next meeting which will be on Sunday 5th June at the El Faro Restaurant located on the main N332 between Gran Alacant and Santa Pola, come and join us for a chat, meeting time is 12:30 Hrs.

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Are now able to fully support all customers of LEE-DIGITAL If you had/have an existing contract with LEE-DIGITAL please contact us at PREMIER DIGITAL SATELLITES for all future maintenance, upgrades etc. We welcome new enquiries. Email: or to Tel: Spain office: 868 000 039 From UK: 08724 260 363

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COSTA BLANCA SAMARITANS FUNDRAISING EVENTS 18TH JUNE 2011 The Costa Blanca Samaritans are hosting a charity double on Saturday 18th June at Las Colinas Golf & Country Club. During the day 80 golfers will play a team stableford event with a shotgun start at 10am and there are still a few places available. The winning four man team will each win a widescreen TV courtesy of John at Rental and Sales Centre Los Dolses. In addition, any player getting a hole in one at the par three 14th will win a brand new car. The prize giving ceremony will take place as soon as possible after the finish. Cost of entry is 60 euros per person to include buggy and complimentary light refreshments, and a donation to Costa Blanca Samaritans. Anyone wanting to play should phone John on 679 871 156. Although there are limited spaces for players, Costa Blanca Samaritans are still looking for sponsors for individual holes and prizes - anyone interested in being a sponsor should contact Graeme on 693 688 939 or by 22

email to In the evening a Gala Dinner Dance is being organised at a cost of 45 euros per head, to include a Cava reception, 4 course meal with wine, beer, soft drinks and coffee plus entertainment from The LA Concert Band and the dulcit tones of Paul Allen in his inimitable Brat Pack style tribute. During the proceedings a raffle will be held with many major prizes, donated by local businesses and individuals, with all proceeds going to Costa Blanca Samaritans. Raffle tickets are available from the offices of all the main sponsors – Canal Print Rioja, Rental and Sales Centre Los Dolses, Golf Factory Cabo Roig – so even if you cannot be at the event you still have the opportunity to support this highly worthwhile charitable cause based here in Spain . The Costa Blanca Samaritans is a non profit making self funded registered charity providing emotional help to those in need. For further information about either the golf day or the evening dinner dance contact Denise on 699 168 819 or by email

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THE artificial grass experts Artificial grass supplied & installed Complete garden design service Many different effects available Free site survey & quotation Patios/paths/planters/garden lights • 8 year guarantee • • • • •

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Nothing to ‘Shout’ About!

The Inland Magazine™ ‘You don’t need to come in with me; I’ll only be a minute.’ Chas said as he pulled up sharply, and jumped out of the car before I could argue. Hmm, I thought, definitely something to hide there. Never mind, I’ll catch up with him later. I already had his number. I had met his sort before: flash, cheeky, typical London wideboy salesman. In my new job as SouthEastern area sales manager, I had plenty to get my teeth into: when I was ready. This was still the honeymoon period, just two weeks in, working my way round with each of my new team – and hey - the busy Kings Road in Chelsea was an interesting place to sit and people watch in the summer of 1983; I settled down to wait for Chas. As I watched I suddenly saw Lulu, diminutively weaving her way along the crowded pavement. I ‘d always had a bit of a thing about her, ever since we were both about seventeen, she on ‘Top of the Pops’ and me in the TV lounge of the airmens’ mess, just starting out on my RAF career. Standing on a little dais, with her bobbed blond hair and curvy little figure, as she belted out ‘Shout’, she put her hands on her hips and flicked her bottom half from side to side, and I nearly turned inside out. So with this sexy thought and others vaguely stirring, I jumped out of the car and followed her into Boots.

Inside the chemists was crowded, and I lost her for a minute, but finally spotted her over by the make-up counter. Now I know the area of ladies cosmetics like the upper reaches of

the Zambesi, so I hesitated some distance away, considering my next move. All I really wanted to do was have a good look close up, to see if I had been fantasising in vain for fifteen years, so I pretended to be browsing over nasal congestant products until I saw the object of my dreams appear to decide and purchase her requisites. Erm, what was my ‘thrust’ going to be, figuratively-speaking? I wasn’t used to this, I’m no celebrity groupie (honest!), so meeting such long-fancied luminaries in public, especially in a chemist’s shop, posed a problem. Ah yes, autograph! That’s it. Just one problem – I havn’t got anything to write on. Wait a minute.... In my pocket was a copy of my new company’s price list, that would have to do. Ever heard of a salesman without a pen? I was well-trained, so now perfectly armed I met the object of my sadly-platonic relationship head-on, roughly equidistant between the counter and the door. ‘Oh, excuse me, please’ I smarmed, trying to sound sincere. ’Could I have your autograph? I’ve always been a big fan.’ She certainly wasn’t wearing any make up, perhaps that was what she was buying, and in a nondescript blouse and slacks my sexily-hipped pin-up looked decidedly ordinary. But her elfin looks and lovely smile made up for it, as she sweetly said, ’Of course,’ and scribbled on my company literature and swiftly disappearing before I could appraise her hips. Hmm, still nice though, I thought... Back in the car I waited for Chas: whatever he was doing took longer than he led me to believe. Suddenly he wrenched the door open, angrily started the engine and we hurtled off into the traffic in silence. ‘I’ve just seen Lulu,’ I told him in an effort to make conversation, as he clearly wasn’t going to. ‘Who? Lulu? Bollocks!’ he replied scathingly: Chas had an educated line in chat. ‘It was her,’ I insisted. ‘In Boots. Look, I can prove it: I got her autograph.’ I thrust the evidence under his nose, and as we shot the lights on amber he snatched it from me and gave it a quick cursory glance. ‘Well, it don’t look like Lulu to me!’ he said dismissively, thrusting it back in my hand. As I hadn’t actually looked at the item in question myself, I took a good look. It read, perfectly clearly ‘Best wishes - Felicity Kendal’!

by John McGregor


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Want Impact Advertising? Call John McGregor 600 088 341

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Improve your mental health wellbeing

TIM Magazine™ One of the main things to enjoy in life is happiness. The moments of happiness don’t come around often but when they do they give us an amazing feeling, which is almost too complex to explain. It may be considered that the way we enjoy life is affected by the way we think and feel...and whether or not we know how to go about situations. Mental health is a sensitive topic. However, although many of us don’t suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder, it is evident that many people are mentally healthier than others through the way we all deal with things differently. One characteristic of mental health is the ability to enjoy life. It’s essential to always look on the bright side and always dig for a solution to any problem that comes your way. Despite the moment of frustration seeming almost impossible to overcome, there is an answer to everything, and like they say, if it’s not okay it’s not the chin up! Life is too short to be unhappy, so make the most of it and take every day as it comes. It’s vital to enjoy the present; it’s a gift! Never look back and dwell on the past as this will make you feel unhappy. Plan for the future but not too deeply, and never expect more than is possible to avoid disappointment. Too often we make ourselves miserable on the present by worrying about the future so don’t get too caught up on this! We’re all humans and we all are going to make mistakes, but the vital thing to remember is that they happen to learn from, so always be aware of this. Your mental wellbeing also depends on the ability to handle stress. Stress is hard to be defined as it can mean something different to everyone. Someone may find a situation more stressful than a different person, but we all need to take a step back, look outside the box and find a solution. Why worry about something that you cannot change and is out of your reach? If you can change it, worry about it and change it! It would be wise to find a way out of stress which suits you most. If you’re feeling down, is there a place that you can go to that brings you happiness? If so, go to that place, or speak to someone that makes you happy. It’s always better to get things off your chest. A problem shared, is a problem solved! It is crucial to have a balance in your life and make time for every aspect of importance to you. You need to work hard and play hard in order to have a stable wellbeing. If you overdo a certain part of your life, you may face stress, and be unhappy. Manage your time into sections if it helps, and work out when you can go and treat yourself after a long stressful week at work, and when you have to schedule more time for work. Manage your life accordingly, making everything smoother, less complicated and generally a happier lifestyle for you. Flexibility in your mind is also important for a general state of wellbeing. Learn to deal with your emotional inner-self and speak up about how you feel. Is there somebody in particular that you’re close to? Once a week try to ring them or meet up and have a chat about how you are feeling or any problems that are on your mind...this way you should get things off your chest and clear your head making you feel stress-free. Another vital tip is to boost your recognition over the things that you have. So many people have items in their house or bedroom and don’t appreciate them. We all take advantage of the things that we have and always seem to want more and more! Make the most of what you have and enjoy it, increasing security, happiness and general wellbeing. The points discussed are just a few of the things to remember to try and improve your wellbeing. Form healthy relationships around you too, be more sociable and get out in the world. Try to remember all the important concepts in your life get the balance right and don’t forget your priorities and the important people around you. Enjoy life; you only got one shot at it! And remember – it’s important to be happy! Written by Gemma Smith 26

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Bonnie´s Bar

Bonnie´s is definitely the place to go, with entertainment every Friday from karaoke, to live acts. There is a pool table, sky T.V. and wi-fi internet access. Coming within is a friendly, welcoming, family owned bar and the next two months are two petanca courses. Overall, restaurant located in Casas Ibañez, just outside of the at Bonnie´s Bar you will definitely find excellent value town of Pinoso. A lovely little country hideaway with the for money, and a great atmosphere. The bar is available peaceful surroundings of nature, and beautiful views. It for private functions, and can provide a great buffet and also houses a small caravan site where there are static also has an in-house D.J. mobile home plots for rent. There is a swimming pool for customers use and a closed in children´s play area. Why not take a trip out to Bonnie´s Bar with the family Summertime at Bonnie´s Bar is great for its regular and spend an afternoon lounging near the pool, have a barbeques and outside entertainment, with a large open snack and a drink, and enjoy the peace. stage area and a lovely big beer garden. Bonnie´s Bar offers delicious cuisine and people return week after week for its traditional Sunday roasts and home-made desserts. Quiz nights are a huge hit because they are fun and you don´t have to be intelligent to take part. Wednesdays are fast becoming popular with two meals for the price of one from a selected menu, from burgers to steaks. New to Bonnie´s Bar every other Saturday are the Social afternoons, where you can come and relax and maybe have something from the barbeque, while listening to live entertainment, and have a browse around the stalls. If you feel like a Friday night out then

Bonnie´s Bar is located just off the CV83 heading towards Jumilla from Pinoso. Come into Casas Ibañez, and take the next right after Bar Isabel. Follow the dirt track straight up for 2 minutes. Come to a set of red gates. Drive through the open gates next to these. You are there. Bonnie´s Bar can be found on Facebook, under Bonnie´s Bar, Pinoso. Here you will find a list of future events etc. Email - pinosoholidaypark@hotmail. com. For those who have not visited the bar for a while - Bonnie is now back in the driving seat after a well deserved break on the coast.

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Preperation Put the sugar in a saucepan with the water and heat until the syrup goes golden brown. Cover a baking tin evenly and put to one side. Put the sugar and water in an earthenware dish and heat until the syrup goes stringy. Beat the egg yolks and slowly add the syrup, stirring with sticks. Strain and pour into the caramelised tin. Cook in bain-marie in the oven at 150º for around 20 minutes.

Tocinillo de cielo


When the tocino has set, remove from the oven, leave to cool and take it out of the tin.

INGREDIENTS • 6 egg yolks • 9 oz sugar • 1 fl. oz water • 3 tablespoons sugar • 1 tablespoons water

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Summer Opening Hours – May-October Tues 10.00am-2.00pm, Wed-Fri 10.00am-2.00pm & 7.00pm-10.00pm. Sat 10.00am-2.00pm. Closed Sun & Mon

 Celebrate Your Special Occasion with the knowledge that the Mobile Catering will be supplied by a professional service either in your home or at a designated venue. HOG ROAST, BARBEQUE, HOT OR COLD BUFFET

SUMMER MENU Sirloin Steak, Gammon, Smoked Haddock, Scampi, Homemade Quiche, Lasagne, Bolognese, Hickory Chicken. A selection of starters and desserts and many more items on the menu including pan fried vegetables and sautéed potatoes. FULL ENGLISH BREAKFAST 8 items plus fruit juice, toast & marmalade & hot drink €5.00 SATURDAY BREAKFAST SPECIAL 11 items plus fruit juice, toast & marmalade & hot drink €5.95 The premises have a separate area away from the main restaurant offering a large selection of QUALITY GREETING CARDS, INTERNET, WIRELESS INTERFACE, FAX & PHOTOCOPYING FACILITIES.

Call into the Tea Room to collect an information pack or contact TINA & DAVE 690 289 044 or 965 072 555

Located Main Street – Hondon de los Frailes

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Drinking as culture between sin and pleasure? It was

quite a while ago that I watched the mouse climb the ladder to drink sherry from a glass at the Tio Pepe bodega in Jerez so I thought it was about time to remedy my absence from the bodegas, or wineries, of Spain and pack a few more under my belt. I’m not a big wine drinker but it’s such a basic food around here that it seemed sinful not to learn just a little more. The first venture was a trip to Castilla la Mancha, the largest wine growing area in the World and the stamping ground of Don Quixote, Cervantes’ famous knight errant. The visit was one of several available on the extremely well organised Castilla la Mancha tourist website. The trip, for two people, combined the bodega visit, a tasting session, three complimentary bottles of wine, a lunchtime meal plus bed and breakfast with a visit to those famous windmills for 159€. Good value for money we thought and with an excellent little tour explaining the process of wine

By Chris Thompson

making for the various varieties and types from start to finish. Flushed, (is that the right verb?) by our success we talked to the Murcian tourism people in Jumilla about their wine route. The basic idea is that a group of lodgings, bodegas and restaurants work together to offer visitors an experience based around the food and drink of the area. Additionally, from time to time other wine related activities are arranged from book fairs and lectures to plays and music performed at one of the several participating bodegas. We finally visited just three bodegas. The visit to Casa de la Ermita, on the road that hugs the side of the Sierra del Carche range, cost 5€. For that we got a tour around the vineyards with an explanation of the experimental crops that they are trying, the usual sort of bodega tour which follows the story of the grapes and their juice from harvesting to drinking, a tasting session with five or six wines and, of course, a visit to the shop so we could part with some hard earned cash. The tour was available in English or Spanish. Back in the centre of Jumilla the old established Bodegas Silvano García tour cost 3€ and was delivered by a young woman who spoke very presentable English and gave an excellent and detailed tour of the bodega followed by the essential tasting session. Their shop is really well organised and included lots of wine related paraphernalia as well as things like local cheese and honey. My personal favourite though was the trip around the Bodega Pedro Luis Martínez because we were shown around by the Spanish speaking enólogo, basically the man who determines how the wine will taste. He was so enthusiastic about his wine that it enthused us. The tour itself was perhaps, the least informative as it focussed much more on the outcome than on the process so that we passed huge vats that reeked of wine with ne’er an explanation. The tasting there seemed to include the whole range of their wine and the ham and cheese nibbles were first rate too. No charge either. If you’re interested in following our example the Jumilla town website has more information in the section called Ruta del Vino. For the majority of the bodegas you do need to arrange the visit beforehand though for some you can just turn up. If you prefer you can talk directly to the (English speaking) tourist office in Jumilla (tel 968 780 237 ) who will gladly arrange a visit timetable on your behalf. The Castilla la Mancha site is at The Jumilla site is at


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Costa Blanca

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Dog rescue

May was a busy month for us and although we homed 9 dogs we were inundated with requests for help. We are restricted by the space we have and our fosterers. We are always looking for new fosterers. Call now if you can help. Don’t forget our Garden Party and auction on 18th June, tickets 5 Euros from Get IT Connected and Cristina’s vets. Auction donations can be left at Get IT Connected prior to 18th. Thank you to Yvonne Cook for the delicious Simnel Cake which was raffled raising 92 Euros. Visit our website for information on all our fund raising events and for more dogs needing secure loving homes or call 659274573


Poppy Walk at Hondón Valley RBL

Members and friends of the Branch met for a “Royal Poppy Walk” on lst May. Here you see some of walkers and dogs just before they set off. The Branch meets on the third Tuesday of each month. For more information please ring 677 376 770 or email secretary.hondonvalley3577@

In Memoriam Ian Overton Booth 14th November 1947 to 13th March 2011 We said farewell to our dear friend Ian on 13th March 2011. Ian always had a smile and a friendly and helpful word for everyone he met and was a founder member of the Royal British Legion in Pinoso. It was largely thanks to his efforts in his role as branch secretary that the Legion in Pinoso grew and prospered. Ian will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him and admired his tireless work to promote good relations between the British and Spanish communities in and around Pinoso. The Pinoso branch of the Royal British Legion holds meetings on the last Tuesday of every month at La Blanca Paloma restaurant

just outside Pinoso. New members are always welcome. For more details, please contact: Ann Booth, Branch Secretary. Email:; Tel: (0034) 686 696 365


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Costa Blanca

Standing the test of time! There have not been many investments in my 30 odd years in Financial Services advice that have impressed me as much as this Australian Fund – The LM Managed Performance Fund (MPF). I have been promoting and recommending The LM MPF for some time now, offering the likes of 7% pa GBP over 1 year, 8% over 2 years or 6% pa Euro over a 1 Year term or 8% over 3 years. The best way to describe the key objectives of the Fund - is it pays a fixed level of income each 12 month period with continued zero volatility to the Unit Price. It has held this outstanding achievement since the launch of the fund, back in 2001 - that’s almost 10 years without the value of the unit price (that is your capital value) dropping one penny or one cent, offering the peace of mind of fixed income with a very good track record of protecting your original investment. I must add, with complete openness, that the value of your capital is not guaranteed and whilst capital values have never historically dropped, it’s continued future performance cannot be guaranteed and may fluctuate in the future. The LM MPF invests in Commercial loans, Direct real property & Cash, with assets under management in excess of AUD$236,000,000 If you would like more information, give me a call or drop me an email, Nick Venn DipPFS.

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Gemini’s have amazing brains. They store data like you wouldn’t believe. Lots of people think they talk garbage but this is because their minds move faster than their mouth. Gemini’s are generous, affectionate and impulsive and hate hanging around. Boredom and relaxing frightens them. If they’re not on the move they go mad. They are great with kids because they never grow up themselves. If you have a Gemini friend, life will never be dull. They love to be respected; this is pretty hard because they’re so changeable. In fact, they are often prone to losing their train of thought mid sentence. They’re practical jokers too, but can get aggravated if someone turns the trick on them.




You’ll need to spend money to make money; i in a professional wardrobe, office equipment, or a new phone. Hire a professional to update your CV or compile a portfolio. Although you don’t like to buy things you won’t enjoy, it’s important to promote your skills effectively. Consider these expenses to be investments in your financial security. If you’re going to get a decent job you enjoy, you’ll have to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Go ahead and push way to the front of the queue, you can’t afford to let rivals get ahead of you. You’ve spent too much time and effort honing your skills to a diamond like brilliance. Although you’d rather let your work speak for itself, that approach simply isn’t practical. You must promote your gifts, even at the risk of sounding arrogant. Fortunately, a respected friend is happy to help you gain entry to an exclusive agency.

You won’t keep someone else’s dirty secret a minute longer. Going public with this information will come as a huge relief. Friends will demand to know why you stayed quiet for so long. Your silence was just the result of misguided loyalty. Now you realise you were being used. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but at least you’re facing the truth of the situation. Go ahead and apologise to someone who tried to warn you about this manipulator. Their radar was better than yours.

Working as part of a team keeps your creative juices flowing. At some point, you will be asked to take the helm of this organisation. Fortunately, you will have built up so much good will by this point that leading the group to victory will be easy. The secret to your success is your willingness to listen. When people come to you with problems, they feel as if you take them seriously and work hard to resolve them. That is a rare quality these days.





Speaking truth to someone in power will get you in trouble, but it will also cause your popularity to soar. Everybody is sick and tired of a stuffy leader trying to quash their creativity. By speaking in defence of the group, you’ll cause some impressive changes to be made. These transformations won’t occur overnight, but they will happen gradually. Even the smallest change will feel like a huge relief. Nobody likes to feel they have to walk on eggshells, least of all you!

A person who was born in a foreign country only has eyes for you. While these attentions are flattering, they are also a little embarrassing. You’re not used to being courted so openly. As a general rule, you prefer your suitors to be subtle in their advances. Unfortunately, your admirer doesn’t have the time or inclination to tread softly. Go ahead and abandon yourself to their charms. You will grow to enjoy their lavish compliments and spectacular gifts.

Your love life is definitely warming up; it’s virtually impossible to stay away from a fit sensualist. Your bodies seem to fit together like two halves of a broken shell. It actually hurts to be apart sometimes. If you haven’t met your soul mate, you soon will. Be on the alert when you’re at the gym. You will cross paths with someone who has a sleek physique, not to mention fabulous hair. Don’t worry; you won’t have to make the first move.

You’re in no mood for a romantic or business partner’s nonsense. In the past, you ignored their bad behaviour, hoping they will come to their senses. Now you’re fed up with their antics and won’t suppress your feelings any longer. If you’re single, it may be because you refuse to change your ways for anyone. That’s an admirable attitude, but it’s not conducive to happiness. You’re going to have to compromise for the sake of harmony. It’s only fair; nobody should get their way all the time.





You’re in no mood for a romantic or business partner’s nonsense. In the past, you ignored their bad behaviour, hoping they will come to their senses. Now you’re fed up with their antics and won’t suppress your feelings any longer. If you’re single, it may be because you refuse to change your ways for anyone. That’s an admirable attitude, but it’s not conducive to happiness. You’re going to have to compromise for the sake of harmony. It’s only fair; nobody should get their way all the time.

You’re in no mood for a romantic or business partner’s nonsense. In the past, you ignored their bad behaviour, hoping they will come to their senses. Now you’re fed up with their antics and won’t suppress your feelings any longer. If you’re single, it may be because you refuse to change your ways for anyone. That’s an admirable attitude, but it’s not conducive to happiness. You’re going to have to compromise for the sake of harmony. It’s only fair; nobody should get their way all the time.

A family emergency has you spending more and more time at home. This will be to your benefit. Lately, you’ve been spending most of your time at work. Now you have the chance to adjust the balance between your personal and professional lives, you realise just how skewed reality has become. Tell your boss you won’t be doing any more overtime. It may be wise to train one of your colleagues to do certain tasks, just to lighten your load.

There’s a sense of urgency to everything you do. You’re working on a stepped up timetable. Meeting a tight deadline will make all the difference between success and failure. Be sure to follow up with anybody who owes you money. You deserve to get paid for the work you performed. Don’t let a client try to talk you out of your agreed price. They may try to claim you didn’t do a job to their satisfaction, but nothing could be farther from the truth.



By Philip Garcia - E-mail: • Web site:

Costa Blanca

c/ San Rafael, 11, 03318 La Murada, Alicante,





Detached country villa. 3 beds, bath, lounge/diner with fireplace, fitted kitchen. Porch, garage, BBQ. Plot planted with olives, almonds & fruit trees with irrigation water. 5 minutes from town. Build: 135 m2 Plot: 7,800 m2 € 91,795

Ideal for B & B – Detached country house. 5 beds, bath, lounge with fireplace, dining room. Garage, storage. Includes development plot of 165 m2. Lovely views , next to National Park. Build: 217 m2 Plot: 500 m2 € 119,900

JUNE OFFER – New villa with 3 beds, 2 baths, spacious lounge/diner with fireplace, kitchen. Underbuild could be developed to provide more bedrooms & bathrooms. Panoramic views. Build: 262 m2 Plot: 220 m2 € 123,995

High quality villa with pool, part furnished. 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner with woodburner, fitted kitchen & pantry. Enclosed gardens with auto entry system. A/C, Sat TV, telephone, alarm. Build: 145 m2 Plot: 2,000 m2 € 159,000





New villa with guarantee. 3 beds (with fitted wardrobes), 2 baths, lounge/diner with fireplace, fitted kitchen with appliances. Porch, solarium. Optional pool. D/G. 5 mins walk from small village. Build: 120 m2 Plot: 500 m2 € 149,000

Detached villa in popular area, 5 mins walk from town. 3 beds with fitted wardrobes, 2 baths, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. Fully furnished. Large underbuild that could be converted. Solarium. Build: 175 m2 Plot: 202 m2 € 147,000

New detached villa with guarantee. 3 beds, 2 baths, fitted kitchen with pantry & utility, lounge/diner with fireplace. Ample space for pool, garage, BBQ etc. 10 minutes from town. Build: 165 m2 Plot: 6,300 m2 € 145,000

New, high quality, detached villa with guarantee. 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner with fireplace, fitted kitchen. Spacious terrace. 2,000 m2 of the plot is fenced. 3 km from town. Build: 135 m2 Plot: 10,000 m2 € 159,000 We need more properties to sell! Houses, apartments and villas We have Scandinavian clients waiting Contact us and we will visit your property quickly To contact us and arrange an appointment – email: Telephone:

679 951 140 (Español) 699 457 387 (English) 679 951 140 (Other languages)

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Top 10 cellulite-busting foods Are you suffering from bumpy “orange peel” skin on your legs, bum or tum? Well you are not alone; cellulite affects over 90 per cent of post-adolescent women. While there is really no quick or definite cure for cellulite, by addressing its fundamental causes through your diet you can indeed greatly reduce its appearance and at the same time, pave the way for smoother skin. Listed below are the top 10 foods for helping to give that cellulite the push. Ginger

Cranberry juice

One cause of cellulite is poor circulation, so eating foods such as ginger that boost blood flow can help to improve its appearance. As well as being good for circulation, ginger is also good for detoxification and strengthening the lymphatic system, which can help with the circulation of lymph fluid and toxins that can accumulate in fat pockets under the skin, contributing to the bumpy appearance of cellulite.

A sluggish lymphatic system is one of the primary causes of cellulite, so those wishing to reduce its appearance should try boosting their intake of cranberry juice, which is noted for its abilities to cleanse the lymph system. This powerful juice helps to emulsify stubborn fat deposits in the lymphatic system so that they are more easily flushed out the system. Bananas

Asparagus Asparagus is another food with circulationboosting properties. On top of this, asparagus is a great stress reliever due to its abundance of folic acid, which can help to stabilise a stressful mood. As prolonged levels of stress can increase fat storage on the body, adding foods such as asparagus to your diet can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Whole grains

Avocados While anyone fat, thin, young or old can suffer from cellulite, ageing does tend to increase the visibility of cellulite due to the loss of elasticity and thinning of skin. Therefore, try eating foods rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) which can help to strengthen skin and keep it supple and elastic. Avocados are a particularly rich source of EFAs, as well as being high in many essential nutrients. Oily fish Another top food for keeping the skin in good condition is oily fish, which is high in skinstrengthening omega-3 fatty acids. As an added bonus, the fatty acids present in oily fish are also good for reducing inflammation and boosting the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, making them a good choice for keeping cellulite at bay. Dark, leafy greens

Whole grains are packed with fibre, which is an essential for keeping your body running smoothly. Fibre helps speed up the process of detoxification and clear out waste products that can build up in your system, often leading to cellulite. Eating whole grains also helps to keep the heart healthy and boost circulation to cellulite-prone areas. Papaya Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is one of the best ways to detox the body and reduce the appearance of cellulite, and papaya is a particularly good choice of fruit. Papaya is not only rich in potassium - one of the most important nutrients when it comes to battling cellulite - but it is also high in antioxidant betacarotene, which can help prevent damage to body tissue. Berries

Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale are rich in an antioxidant called lutein, which research has shown is good for helping the skin to retain its moisture and elasticity and increase its lipid levels - all good news for those suffering from cellulite. On top of this, leafy greens are nutrient-rich and are good for the circulation and detoxification.


Bananas are a rich source of potassium, which is helpful for reducing cellulite in many ways. Firstly, potassium helps to reduce water retention which can be a leading cause of cellulite. Furthermore, potassium can help to support the lymphatic system and ensure it works efficiently at circulating fluid and cleansing the body of impurities.

To help keep skin firm and taut and disguise the appearance of cellulite, try adding some vitamin C to your diet to help boost your skin’s collagen levels. Berries are a particularly good source of vitamin C, as well as being extremely high in the antioxidants necessary for fighting toxic waste, which can slow down the lymphatic system and accumulate in cellulite-prone areas

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Costa Blanca

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FUN PAGE FUNNY During a recent PASSWORD AUDIT by my bank, they found that I was using the following password:



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MickeyMinniePlutoHueyLouieDewey DonaldGoofyDublin When they asked me why I had such a long password, I replied ‘Are you bloomin’ stupid? I was told that my password had to be at least 8 characters long and include one capital’’


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at by, unannounced, A woman stopped son’s House.


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The Battle of the River Ebro

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Today children in the small town of Flix, Tarragona, noisily play football in the plaza blissfully unaware of the dramatic events 73 years ago when the Spanish Civil War came to town. After the terrible battle of Teruel, when extreme winter temperatures froze many men to death during the prolonged battle, the government Republican forces were regrouping for what they hoped would be a decisive battle. There was much at stake as a victory might at last convince the British and French governments to pledge serious support to their cause. Whilst the Nationalists under Franco had been enjoying the benefits of Italian and German involvement not only in troops but in tanks, planes and armour, the Republicans had been virtually starved of quality supplies since the outbreak of war. Flix sits on the River Ebro (see TIM May) which during latter stages of the war in 1938 became a strategic stronghold with the wide river forming a natural line between the two opposing forces. Nationalists had noticed increased enemy activity on the opposite side of the river and had reported the movements up their chain of command. However senior officiers ignored the information deciding instead that the Republicans had neither the manpower, equipment nor indeed the will to mount a serious attack which would necessitate crossing the wide river. Meanwhile Negrin, leader of the Republicans, with his communist advisors was plotting a big assault and drew up plans to cross the river to surprise the enemy. Their ill advised ideas were more based on bravado aimed at highlighting their plight to foreign powers. Had they fully understood that UK and French governments were far too preoccupied with the German war machine build up than concerning themselves with the events in Spain they might have reconsidered. Some historians say that had foreign powers intervened on the Republican side than maybe the Second World War might have been avoided. But they adopted a policy of ‘non-intervention’ whilst German and Italian forces tried out their new weaponry and tactics on what turned out to be the proving grounds of Spain. Indeed many designs, including aircraft and tanks, were modified based on these experiences.

by Rob Innis

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Costa Blanca Finally the attack was launched on July 25th 1938 and Republican forces of around 80,000 men advanced across the River Ebro under the cover of darkness using bridges and small boats. Initially, with the benefit of surprise, they managed to capture many Nationalists and make substantial advances. Following a week of intense fighting the attack started to falter. Fatigue and lack of a reliable supply chain started to take its toll. Temperatures climbed as water became as important as bullets. In an ironic twist whereas cold had caused so many to perish in Teruel the heat started to have the same effect. Franco´s troops regained the initiative and with their superior artillery and air supremacy casualties began to mount up on the Republican side as their early advantages of surprise and audacity was lost. Theirs leaders disputed between themselves what course to take next but orders were given to hold at all costs and not too concede ground back to the Nationalists. Fighting on the Republicans side were the International Brigades comprising of volunteers from all over the world including many British. The ferocity of the fighting intensified as the supply lines were cut by the consistent bombing of the bridges causing supply line disruption. The Republicans were now cut off and stranded without reserves, sufficient equipment or even water. Inevitably they had no option but to fall back still trying to hold a line in front of the river. The bombing and strafing from the air was never ending and the rocky terrain proved treacherous and flying rock shrapnel took its toll on the exposed ground forces. The bombed out village of Corbera d´Ebre remains today as evidence of the ferocious battles. The Republican air forces were decimated by superior planes and pilots, many foreign, who established air supremacy. Despite the orders to hold the much depleted Republican forces had no option but to finally retreat across the river how and wherever they could. The main bridge at Flix provided an escape route after which it was blown up to prevent the oncoming Nationalist forces from crossing the river. Around 115 days after the initial attack was launched the battle was over. Losses were huge on both sides. But the greatest losses were to the Republicans who had left vital and irreplaceable equipment, which could have been used to defend Cataluña, lying abandoned in enemy held territory. Meanwhile the much hoped for support from UK and France was still not forthcoming and in fact never was apart from the brave volunteers of the International Brigades.

“ Get on yer bike.” Monthly cycling tips / advice and routes. by Gary and Lynn “Cyclogical” Quesada.

Cycle Route 9. Quesada to The Castle at San Miguel. Leave Quesada by the Arches go round the large roundabout and exit at the cycle track which runs along side the dual carriageway towards Torrevieja but instead of going on the cycle track take the tarred road that runs parallel to the right of it along past Alonso’s garage. Stay on this Camino / Canal road ( the canal is to your left under the concrete slabs ) and pass over a hump back bridge just before you enter La Herrada. Carry on through La Herrada, straight on at the roundabouts until you come to signs saying Camino / Canal road no entry. Continue until you come to a main road junction (the main road to Zoco Market ) go straight across and again follow the Camino road to the next junction . This time turn right (this is the main road to Algorfa and La Finca ) and cycle for 1.2kms uphill past a large sign saying Contra Vega , pass over the AP7 and then about 200metres on your left you will see the start of the canal road . You will see count down markers on the side of the canal starting at 5.1km, they are at 100m intervals all the way past Entre Naranjos to a pumping station. At this pumping station turn left and follow the canal all the way up and into San Miguel. Half way through San Miguel you will come to a cross roads (still on the canal track ) and on your left you will see O’Neills Irish pub. Turn right here over the canal and immediately left up the hill to the main road where you turn right and head for the castle which you cannot fail to see. At the castle you can get a Tinto de Verano, cold beer, coffee and a great selection of Tapas. Afterwards, about turn and head back following the same route in reverse or continue on up to Rebate. (Route in a future issue). The canal route is absolutely stunning most of the year and goes all the way to Cartagena and beyond with breath taking scenery and views. We have cycled most of it and hope to go all the way to Cartagena in the summer. Total Distance: Approx 42 km. Time: Allow 3 Hours Routes are now available from our website on : Gary and Lynn are available at Cyclogical in Quesada, Monday to Friday 9-30am till 5-30pm and 10am till 2pm every Saturday to assist and advise you on all your cycling requirements, including route maps. Gents cycling group meet every Wednesday 10am-2pm at Cyclogical cycling approx 30km-40kms with Rob. Max 10 persons. Ladies cycling group meets every Wednesday at 2pm-6pm cycling approx 30kms with Lynn. Max 10 persons. Both groups use canal roads, tracks and roads, suitable for mountain bikes and Hybrids, so if you fancy making new friends then come along, get some exercise, get fitter, learn new routes and have some fun. Contact Gary or Lynn at Cyclogical on 637487377.

There are museums and monuments dedicated to the battle in and around Flix and Gandesa area. For more: (in English) The Real Band of Brothers by Max Arthur. First hand accounts from the last of the British survivors who fought in the International Brigades. The Battle for Spain by Antony Beevor We Saw Spain Die by Paul Preston E-mail: • Web site:


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In a departure from the Society’s normal routine, 28 HVGS golfers turned out at Alenda Golf on Friday 13th May to support the Sonrisa Charity Golf Day in aid of Paul Cunningham Nurses. One of the organisers and HVGS Member, Clive Dalton, announced that the event had raised in the region of €1000 euros on the day which included donations of cash and prizes from HVGS. The format required fourballs playing of full handicaps to play an individual Stableford Competition with Individual prizes for Best Man and Best Lady. In addition, for the Team Prizes, all four scores counted on the Par 3s, three scores counted on the Par 5s and two scores on the Par 4s. At just after 9.30 am, teeing off on the 10th for a change, Keith Williams and his team led 6 other HVGS fourballs around the Alenda course in suberb condition and with lightning fast greens. There was a prize to be won on every sponsored hole and a car was the prize for anyone who could manage to score a hole in one on the 3 rd. Nearest the Pins, Longest Drives, Nearest the Green in two shots and special prizes for the Ladies was the order of the day. Earlier in the morning, at around 9 am, the Competition had started with other local golf societies teeing off on the 1st and 10th in grey, cloudy conditions. As the day wore on the cloud broke up a little and allowed the sun to poke through occasionally to remind the players how hot and sunny it had been in early May. But for the most part the golfers enjoyed perfect weather conditions which was reflected in the excellent scores that were recorded. (The details of the winning players and scores can be found in the Sonrisa article elsewhere in this magazine.) Teams led by Dave Bratley, Jim Lynch, Graham Palmer, Rob Brown and Steve Page played some excellent golf and were unlucky not to feature in main prizes. Albert Baggaley and Geoff Rabey did particularly well scoring 40 and 39 points respectively. Other members carded good scores in the mid to low thirties including Jim Lynch and Keith Williams playing off handicaps of 14 and 9 who each returned 33 points.

Forthcoming HVGS Golf Days and Other Events Wednesday 1st June Font del Llop | Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse Wednesday 13th July El Plantio | Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse Tuesday 9th August Alicante Golf | Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse Tuesday 13th September Alenda | Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse Tuesday 11th October Font Del Llop | Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse (Captain’s Day) Tuesday 8th November El Plantio | Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse

At least a hundred people, golfers and supporters and representatives of the generous sponsors and the Paul Cunningham Nurses, gathered in the Clubhouse for the Presentations. After a talk explaining the work of the Paul Cunningham Nurses and thanking all contributors who had helped raise money for the Charity, Sonrisa held the Raffle and Presentation of Prizes. In the absence of any PA system, Clive Dalton could barely be heard above the clamour generated by the large audience. Your correspondent can report that all the raffle prizes were claimed and all the Winners collected their prizes and were videoed and photographed for posterity. It’s back to normal in June and July with HVGS Golf Days planned at Font Del Llop and El Plantio. Will all members please contact Captain John or Jim the Scribe to get your names on the Playlists.

For information on how to join HVGS contact the Secretary, Jim Lynch, on 666208416 or email jamesandsue.lynch@ . To reserve your place on the list for the Society Golf Days contact the Captain, John Wilkinson, on 965475162 and 634821903 or e-mail .


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Costa Blanca

CAMPO GOLF SOCIETY There was an excellent turn-out for the April golf day at Altorreal. Unfortunately, the Society were unaware that the greens had been sanded the previous week and some of the secondary “rough” was overly long. However, this did not hinder the members as some good scores were carded. There was a hard-fought battle between 3 players on 31 points and on count-back Chris Pile was eliminated and D Williams and K Williams took the honours. Well done to them. The members thoroughly enjoyed the course and suggested that future visits be arranged. The Campo GS would like to remember, with affection, the greatest Spanish golfer - Seve, Rest in Peace. RESULTS WINNER D.WILLIAMS

SECOND K. WILLIAMS N/P 5TH HOLE T. BREWER N/P 8TH HOLE NO WINNER N/P 17TH HOLE J. HENDRIKS FUTURE DATES 24th June 2011 Alenda 10.32am 29th July 2011 El Plantio 9.04am €45 incl. buggy 26th August 2011 Alenda 9.30am 23rd September Alenda 9.30am October Details to follow 25th November Alenda 10.00am 16th December Alenda 10.00am (Christmas Meeting) FOR SALE BENROSS 460 Titanium Driver with Prolaunch Platinum shaft with cover New €95 Set of clubs - bag, putter, irons and woods - €185 complete - NEW Set of Cleveland irons only used a few times - cost new €299 €145 for quick sale CONTACT BRIAN ON 966 677 852 / 618 834 774 OR BARRY 965 480 716 / 686 374 717


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will sell for E32 for the 2,pace digi-box, as new 80E Upright (standing) professional power massager,speed control & auto timer, with hand rails, as new 85E 667757843 (Sax) Up and over garage door,With all the fittings and in a frame. h 230,w 230,v.g.c .40 euros no offers.Buyer collects. tel 966 180 684 Macisvenda. 100 meters of electric fence with poles and pulsa 100 euros Tel 686 456 052 Pinoso 2 x high powered air rifles, both with telescopic sights and cases. As new 300 euros the pair Tel 605 928059 Teka electric glass hob, model VTC-B for sale, good condition, only used for six months, part of oven/hob package, hence no controls. Ideal as replacement for damaged existing hob. Your hob controls need to be on your existing oven! Bargain 90€. Hondon area 966 195 516 /664 897 443.

2 single beds with headboards, as new 60 euros each or 100 euros for both Sax 965 474 037 or 635 327 634 Roller for pool cover, extends from 3mts to 5 mts .125euros Thomas taylor bowls No 2 full bias 35 euros. 968 685 546 Fortuna 5 panelled doors + 1 glazed door in dark wood, (hollow) including handles EUR 40 ono Villena 656555683 For sale, einell arc welder 30€, einell compressor 30€, singer industrial sewing machine 211C 50€, rotavator Briggs & Stratton 55HP petrol engine 300€ Tel Alicante 966 953030 For sale: two sets of aluminium pool steps; three rungs in each; never used, still in wrapping,euros 55 each, or euros 100 for the two. Fortuna: Tel: 968685040

Childrens garden combination swing set - Wooden Frame c/w baby seat .120 euro’s ono Abanilla area 618 182 226

Collection of 52 cd’s for sale, poprock-classical & compilations from all saints to don williams. Job lot, or phone for information about individual titles. 100€ the lot, or can negotiate. Hondon area 966 195 516/ 664 897 443.

Solar Power equipment. Top Class ASP TC30/24 True Sinewave Inverter. 450 Euros. Hayes, Torremendo Tel 690 884 979

White bidet with mixer tap complete 25 euros, child car booster seat 5 euros,log effect grate fire 10 euros Hondon 618 845 899

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Costa Blanca Pentax espio 160 compact camera, with autofocus/ exposure/flash, 38mm- 160mm Zoom lens, carry case and instructions, excellent condition, 90€. Hondon area 966 195 516/664 897 443 Solar Power equipment. Heavy duty Krauser Battery Charger 80amp 24V. 300 Euros. Hayes, Torremendo Tel 690 884 979 Swimming pool 9mx4m 350 euros Tel 630 263 945 2x wooden cart wheels. Good condition 57x57 approx, 50 euros each Pinoso 667 049 647 Garden flame weedkiller gun on trolley, very powerfull 150 euros Pinoso 676 400 821 after 10am Sky plus box with white card 150 euros, Villena area 622 889 816 SERVICES Closing or closed your business? Need to sell your stock fast for cash? Then call us on 675 218436 or 638 026 230 or email insolvencyespana@ Do you need a Translator! Translator available for doctors/ hospital appointments etc in Sax, Villena and Elda areas, complete discretion assured, Call Samantha on 697 925 947 ART CLASSES CASTALLA Weekly lessons, all painting techniques + specailized printmaking and sculpture classes. B.A - M.A qualified teacher. Tel Peter 627 812 583 Email Joiner/Carpenter Fully qualified joiner. 35 years experience (12 in Spain), anything from a shelf to a new roof. All general repairs including break-in damage. Tel 966 182 839/662 048 869 or text 680 755 943 Domiciliary home care services available for the elderly or infirm. Hours to suit visits by trained staff, service can include, Shopping, outings, Hospital visits, general household duties and personal care. Phone to

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Sophie - 639 929 493

2nd hand cars bought and sold Tel 691 260 502

Large van leaving Spain to the UK and UK to Spain every month. space available both ways, very reliable Tel 966 500121 or 690 818090, UK mob: 07504 927034 email:

Very nice man with a big white van, Removals, deliveries, pick up service, all jobs considered. Call now on 669 547 068

Mondeo, RHD, spanish reg, vgc, 650euros. Landrover, RHD, UK reg, 83, 6 seater, 550euros. Rolls Royce Silver Spirit, RHD, UK reg, 83, fantastic condition, offers. 963 146 701, 686 181 995 FIAT DUCATO FURGON HI-TOP, L.W.BASE VAN 1998. 2.5 Turbo Diesel New ITV. Service History.Exc. mechanical condition. Ready to work. 2995.00€ tel:669 228 325 99 Ford Fiesta Lhd,1,3i , vgc, 12months ITV, suma

E-mail: • Web site:

We pay INSTANT CASH same day for cars, vans, bikes, quads, Caravans, trailers.Absolutely anything

From 1€ - €10.000 Same day collection

Ring Phil Now 607 848 332 Lee 663 673 143 FORTUNA

Opel corsa 1.4 1996, itv sept, petrol 600 euros ono 693 483 891 PROPERTY RENTALS For rent/Sale, la Romana village. Unfurnished newly built 174m2 end townhouse, 3 beds,3 baths, lounge/ dinner, kitchen/diner, utility plus 97m2 underbuild, part furnished, terrace, mountain/village views Tel 659 658 760 / 965 978 907

Inland Property Specialists Sales, Rentals & Management Key holding - from 50€ pa Pool maintenance - from 30€ pcm Garden Maintenance - from 10€ pcm Cleaning Services

Documentation NIE, Residencia, Car re-registration, Driving licences, Change of car ownership, Padron, SIP card etc.

Low Prices Guaranteed 966180624 / 630976105 For rent, small 3 bed, period country house, furnished, small garden, fantastic location, 2 mins from Font de la Figuera, 395 euros per month including water, electric and council tax......963 146 701 2 Static Caravan Plots for rent on site with bar, pool, childrens pay area. Lovely views. Pinoso area. Contact 693 586 674. 55


HOUSE FOR SALE. The property is situated ten minutes from Elche and five from the picturesque town of Aspe. The house is on a generous 2000 m2 plot with mature garden and has beautiful mountain views. It has a large pool area, roof terrace, and courtyard with Spanish kitchen and workshop.

night of entertainment!! Also outside catering available from 5€ pp!! tel 618200657 or email for more info!!



Entry to the property is via a large terrace into the spacious lounge which has an open fireplace with wood burner. The large kitchen leads off the lounge. Access from the kitchen rear door leads into a courtyard that has an outside bathroom and seperate shower/laundry room. There is a summer kitchen and workshop.

Auction every Wednesday at bar central in Barbaroja starts 2pm, good food/ great atmosphere Call for info 636 456 139 WANTED I buy fridges / washing machines / furniture /electricals / tools/ bikes, ! Anything! Get cash call Sue on 636 456 139

There are five double bedrooms and a family bathroom. The master bedroom has patio doors leading to the rear garden.

Country properties wanted under 150,000 euros in and around Sax/Salinas/ Pinoso/ Villena/ Caudete and the surrounding areas Call Isa on 615 984745 or 966 153425


Wanted all types of household items, electrical/ power tools/ ladders and almost anything WHY! Call 671 251332 don’t delay get cash today.


Restaurant with Bar for rent. Good price. Well-equipped & practically ready to trade. La Gineta, near Fortuna. Tel 603 786 212.

Wanted strictly ballroom/ latin dancers to form Group/club to meet for weekly social dances Fortuna/ Murcia Tel 619 661173 Wanted small fridge freezer and fridge, must be in good condition Tel 966 560 068 Anyone ride off road motorbikes nr Villena, please contact me to arrange meet up 4 a ride Tel 622 889816 Wanted garden rotavator, Honda preferred, will pay up to 200 euros Tel 622 889816

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Space available to rent (low cost) at Ambiente well-being centre in Pinoso (hairdressers/ therapists) call 620241713

EVENTS KUNDALINI YOGA DAY 18th June and 23 July , A wonderful setting in the mountains of Castalla / bring a friend, a program for everyone. Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation. Lunch in the garden, breakfast, afternoon tea inc. for more info Tel. Yanina 607 754 009 Email Also weekly classes in Castalla. FITNESS CLASSES Gimnasio Gar-Gu, Sax Monday 4pm Peak Physic Wednesday 4pm Legs, Bums & Tums. Spaces are limited, so please call to secure a place. Call Tina 659 422 501. Personal Training also available, call for more details. TRAVEL

Driving to the UK? English B&B in France close to the Spanish border. Peaceful location, ideal for your stopovers. Ring for details 0033 562 331 962 or visit our web site

House with land wanted to rent with option to purchase by English family, minimum 4 bedrooms and needs to be within 20 kms of Castalla. Email or ring 619592708

We require a catering assistant for weekends at Glenns restaurante Castalla please call 966 560 068 or email dignanj@

EG Disco and Karaoke, available for private parties, functions, bars, special occasions. From 70€ for a

Wanted to rent long term from mid August, two/three bed villa with large fenced garden, within walking distance of shops Tel 635 327 634

For sale, Peach faced lovebirds 15 euros, Diamond Doves 6 euros, canary size. Canairies 12euros. Half shop prices. Hondon area Barry 966 677 293

The property has a roof terrace and provides privacy without isolation. It is situated off the main road between Aspe and La Marana on a tarmac road.


Yorkshire terrier, male 17 months 150 euros, sweet loving temperament Tel 650 757622 Fortuna


Outside is a large pool area perfect for barbeques.

The price is €265,000. Call Paul and Kim on 646 734 110.

Want to sell your Spanish country house? Fabfincas Estate Agency is looking for country houses for sale for up to 150,000 euros in the following areas. Sax, Salinas, Villena, Biar, Caudete, Pinoso, Onil, Elda, Petrer, Castalla and Monovar. We have clients looking in these areas at houses in this price range. For more information, please call Steve or Claire on 965 474 314, 675 218 436 or email fabfincas@

Escape the Heat!

Dog loving couple, willing to care for your dog/dogs in our home on a 1 2 1 basis, no other dog in home whilst yours is in residence. Reasonable rates, Pinoso area. For further details please email desyinspain@ or ring 966 195501

E-mail: • Web site:

Escape the Heat Next Summer. Rent our Cottage in Southern France.

For more information call Chris / Janet, 609 685 132 / 966 195 508 or see our main advert. (below) This months” Braveheart” award goes to Mike, who decided that flying in my little aircraft looked very he sent his wife instead!!!!! Priceless!! But it got me thinking about how many people decline a flight with me through misplaced fear. Flying is inherently safe, few serious accidents are due to aircraft failure, but still, anything man made can go wrong. However, not many people realise just how much control you actually have, or how many things can go wrong before it becomes hopeless!! To understand, we need to know how aircraft fly in the first place. The first lesson for any student is to experience the effects of individual controls. The shape of the wings alters the air flowing past them, creating a higher pressure under the wing than above it. If the airflow is sufficient, this difference in pressure will overcome the weight of the aircraft. Lift! The airflow is generated by propelling the aircraft forward with thrust from the engine. Changing the shape of the wings, changes the amount of lift they generate, this is done by moveable surfaces on various parts of the aircraft.

Costa Blanca


ing i t!

A Vie w fr om t he pi By Ch ris Pic lot’s kles. ( seat Sol-ae ro Fly e rs)

forward and aft movement of the control column, pitching the nose up or down, allowing the plane to climb or descend. Pitching also varies the drag, which in turn varies the airspeed! The Throttle controls thrust, propelling us forward faster, this in turn creates more airflow, therefore more lift. We are climbing!! So, you know how it all works, let’s look at some scenarios!! Suppose the rudder cable breaks? You still have yaw control with aileron, hard work, but you’ll live! Suppose the control column jams? You have no aileron, or elevator, but you still have yaw and roll control with rudder, and you can climb or descend using the throttle.

AILERONS Ailerons, at the ends of the wings, are operated by lateral movement of the control column in the cockpit. These roll the plane, wingtip to wingtip, also, as a secondary effect, the aircraft turns, like a banked motorcycle. RUDDER The Rudder is found on the tail fin, and is foot operated. This “yaws” or turns the aircraft, not very elegantly though, like a car skidding on ice. But this skidding motion also lifts the outside wing causing the aircraft to roll.

Total engine failure? We glide! As long as we maintain sufficient airflow over the wings, we maintain control. This is done by lowering the nose and using gravity. Most light aircraft will descend at about 500 feet per minute, and are capable of landing within 200m. Engine failures should be seen as extremely inconvenient, not life threatening. A good pilot will never fly anywhere where a forced landing is not possible.

ELEVATOR The Elevator on the tailplane , is operated by

Until next time,

Now would you come flying with me?? I’d ride in your car! Even in the tourist season!! Far more dangerous!!!

Chocks away!! E-mail: • Web site:

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TIM June 2011  

June 11 edition of The Inland Magazine

TIM June 2011  

June 11 edition of The Inland Magazine