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elcome to this the 5th Birthday edition of The Inland Magazine. I can’t believe that it has been 5 years since we started the magazine, the time has surely flown by. I would like to take this moment to thank all of the business who have advertised with us over the past five years, as without them, the magazine would not be produced. I would also like to thank all of the contributors and distributors especially Eric Arnold, Rob Innis, Derek Workman to name but a few, for all of the excellent articles that they have kindly written and supplied over the last five years and lastly but not least, I would like to thank you, the readers for all of your support and suggestions over the years. And we hope that you will continue to support the magazine in the years to come.

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Last month’s Spot The Bull competition winner was Mr J. Carter of Alenda Golf, who spotted bully hiding on the Amigos advert on page 31 of the October edition. There is another Spot The Bull competition entry form on page 17 of this month’s 5th Birthday edition.

Nickie (Alicante region)

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They think it’s all over… it (nearly) is now! by Rob Innis

Given everyone’s obsession with financial downturn and the value of their

house, the end of the first decade of the 21st century has crept up on us with hardly a whisper.

Don’t you think it is incredible? It only seems like a few weeks ago we were knee deep in Millennium this and Millennium that – remember the hyped threat that the world was going to end because of the computer bugs surrounding the date change? So here we are and the world has nearly ended, thanks to the banks overpaid directors mismanagement of our capitalist society, bombs and natural disasters, but the good old microchip did not let us down. After the hangovers had finally cleared 2000 got off to a good start for justice with serial killer Dr. Shipman sentenced to life in prison for murdering over 200 unfortunate elderly patients. He committed suicide in 2004 saving taxpayers a lot of money. Less good news was Ford announced it was quitting Dagenham and the Concorde crashed on take off in Paris – the end of two golden eras. Despite a brief resurrection, Concorde was finally taken out of service in 2003 whilst Ford limps on. By 2001, we had all realised that life did not automatically improve because the year started with a two and on September 11th, the world experienced a new form of terrorism, guaranteeing everybody would remember exactly what they were doing on that fateful morning when the twin towers in New York collapsed. ‘Two Jags’ Prescott became ‘Two Jabs’ after his public brawl in the street, a demeaning incident for this uniquely British MP. Most of Europe saw the birth of the Euro on 1st January 2002 with its relatively painless introduction into Spain. For suffering Expats, later seeing exchange rates going down quicker than an alcoholic’s bottle of vodka, the pain came at the bank. Three months later the nation’s favourite royal, the Queen Mother, died peacefully in her sleep at the age of 101. America started the war on terrorism by launching missiles on Baghdad in March 2003 so beginning the saga of the Weapons of Mass Destruction debate, which dominated the news for the rest of the year and beyond. One bright spot: against the odds, England won the Rugby World Cup. Early in 2004, the terrorists struck back by causing carnage on the Madrid trains during the rush hour killing 191 innocent people. At year-end nature also took its toll with the Asian tsunami killing 1000’s more. The long awaited overdue marriage of Charles and Camilla took place in April 2005 then, fortunately, dropped out of the headlines. The UK said ‘Yes’ to Blair for his third term and the French said ‘Non’ to the EU constitution. New Orleans was all but taken off the map; remember watching TV - failing to understand why the American relief effort was nowhere to be seen? The year ended with the unfortunate accident at Buncefied with a huge explosion and fires, amazingly there were no deaths but massive destruction. The good news was for UK drinkers with the legality of 24-hour drinking, the party was later spoilt by the smoking ban. 2

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Costa Blanca By 2006, the Iraq situation still dragged on but Saddam was found guilty, a verdict which hardly surprised the world. A foiled terrorist threat to airline travel by exploding gels and the like forced a ban to be imposed on most substances being taken aboard, further disrupting beleaguered air passengers. In sport 10 man England (Rooney took an early bath) proved yet again their ineptitude with penalties losing a shoot out with Portugal. Enough said. The EU made the first news of 2007 on January 1st Rumania and Bulgaria were formally accepted into the union thereby increasing it to 27 member states. A research site shows 42 disasters for 2007, none of which I would classify as ‘memorable’ – mudslides, fires, earthquakes etc. Fed up with the bad news memories? – try this: Amazing their current headline reads: “A 64-year-old female retiree from northern England has shot two holes-in-one but on the same round of golf.“ History was made in 2008 with the election of Barack Obama followed by much debate on when/how/if he would succeed. Is the jury still out on that one? Fidel Castro stood down as president of Cuba, allowing his brother to be the figurehead – with Fidel still pulling the strings? Recession/Crisis/Financial Downturn all became the buzzwords as world governments tried to deny what we had known on the street for ages, businesses were failing and credit had dried up. So did 2009 make news enabling us all to feel that the decade has not been a complete disaster – well maybe and still a few weeks to go…… The end of the Iraq war is in sight. The clichés are being used to imply the worst of the recession is over. Trying to keep up with who owns who after the fallout is a major challenge or do the Chinese own virtually everything, except for what the Indians bought including Land Rover. However, the Spanish managed a few acquisitions thanks to the Santander bank (Alliance and Leicester, Bradford and Bingley, Abbey…) and Real Madrid ‘own’ Ronaldo, his transfer fee making sporting history. But perhaps my favourite 2009 headline was ‘Vera Lynn knocks Arctic Monkeys off top spot ‘ At 92 years old she managed No1 in the album charts. Incredible but true! So that was the 21st century’s 1st decade - what does 2010 hold? Why not put your predictions onto the TIM forum ( because I do not have a clue, apart from the fact we will have to survive the next decade without the ‘400 years to biodegrade’ plastic bag and the ‘not green enough’ traditional light bulb. Enjoy.

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The Inland Magazine™ by Barbara Barton For me, there is nothing more lovely than a bowl of buttery new potatoes topped with freshly chopped mint. Okay, I hear you say that Spanish new potatoes are not quite Jersey Royals but I am sure you would agree that mint does do a certain something for the humble spud The aroma of mint always seems to conjure up a sense of freshness and it is of course used widely by manufacturers wishing to give a sense of freshness to products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum, sweets etc Mint is also one of the most popular herbs here in Spain where its called hierba buena “the good weed” and it tends to pop up all over the place in anything ranging from fish soup to meat stews or even with melon as a dessert There are many varieties of mint, including the commonest ones of spearmint and peppermint. Apart from its culinary uses it is also known to be effective in treating stomach or digestive problems. Anyone who was travelled to Morocco (or Crevillent!) cannot have failed to see ,and hopefully tasted, Moroccan mint tea. This light sweet tea is served any hour of the day, sometimes as an aperitif but always after meals to aide digestion As a plant in England mint is always thought of as being very invasive and is often sown in pots or boxes to try and control it. Here in Spain it is still invasive, but not quite so much. The plant should be grown in well-drained but moisture retentive soil. It does better if kept in partial shade. Mint tends to be a bit greedy and will suck all the goodness from the soil so add plenty of compost when planting Keep it well watered during the growing season and keep the tips pinched out to encourage the plant to thicken up. Of course if you harvest the plant regularly that will help enormously too If you grow your mint in a pot then once or twice a year tip the plant out and gently tease away 4

the fresh roots that you will see growing around the edge. Plant these into a new pot and you will get a second plant for yourself or one to give to a friend The Spanish mint, hierba buena, is an altogether stronger plant and has adapted itself to growing in the mediterranen climate. However, the aroma from the hierba buena is not quite as pungent as english mint. If you want to have a good supply of mint then grow the spanish variety and just use more!

Aromatic Plants for the Garden


For my mint recipe I am giving you a Minted Yoghurt and Cucumber Dip. This is a well known dish that goes under several different names. In Greece its called Tzatziki, in Turkey its Cacik and in India its Raita. Basically its a really light and refreshing dip which goes well with BBQs, spicy foods, curries and even as a dip with potato wedges Minted Yoghurt and Cucumber Dip • 200g - 300g of greek yoghurt (available in most supermarkets) • I short cucumber • 2 tablespoons of chopped fresh mint • 2 fat cloves of garlic • 1 teaspoon lemon juice • pinch of salt Method: Firstly put the yoghurt into a bowl. Peel the cucumber, cut it in half lengthways and gently scrape out the seeds from the middle and discard. Chop the cucumber finely and stir into the yoghurt. Peel the garlic and crush with a pestle and mortar and then add this to the yoghurt along with the chopped mint, lemon juice and salt. Mix thoroughly. Cover with cling film and put in the fridge for at least 2 hours for the flavours to develop Lovely stuff! E-mail: • Web site:

Costa Blanca

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by Chris Haney

When you decide you are going to lose weight or get fitter there are likely to be several good reasons. Whatever they are, there are likely to be times when you find the going tough, other calls on your time and energy, a bad day at work, personal and family issues take priority and suddenly you feel you will never get there!!! What ever your initial enthusiasm, keeping your motivation high and working for you may need some help. There are some basic tools that you can use to keep you on track when you embark on a training programme or fitness regime. AIM FOR A GOAL Set yourself goals - or targets. Then you can see how you are doing. It is helpful to know how your programme is making a difference - and what improvements are being made and change any targets which are not realistic. BE EXPLICIT Write down what you want to achieve. This includes setting out when and how you are aiming to do it and be organised. Make an appointment to do your exercise. If it is committed to your diary, your exercise is less likely to be a casualty of interruptions and events that interfere with your plans. BE SPECIFIC Non-specific targets like ‘better’, ‘fitter’ or even ‘thinner’ are not much of a guide - you want to be able to point to success but saying in what way better how far can you walk/run in 20 minutes? How many inches have you lost?


BE REALISTIC Dreaming of long term goals is fine, but do keep your feet on the ground. Don’t say you will exercise every day if you have other priorities. Be conscious of what will help you stick to your programme and what barriers or distractions may put you off. TAKE BITE SIZES Split up your goals into short, medium and long-term goals. That way you can set yourself up for frequent achievement rather than just a long slog. BE OPEN Reviewing how you are doing and reassessing what is realistic is not the same as giving up. Give yourself the chance to succeed by regularly reviewing your goals. To overcome the boredom of a routine exercise regime, mix and match the elements of your programme and place an emphasis on the beneficial activities you enjoy. DON’T GO IT ALONE Sharing the process with a friend or partner who will exercisewith you, or even someone who you just keep informed about your progree can provide you with a boost to get past those ‘’ugh!’’ moments and provide added incentive and encouragement. AWARD PRIZES Acknowledge the effort you put into your programme in a positive way. When you reach one of your targets, reward yourself and celebrate. Treat yourself, (but choose something that won’t undermine your success later) Motivation is a very important factor in any change in lifestyle, and all the above may seem like just plain and basic common sense, which of course it is, but any lifestyle change is difficult (old habits die hard), so try to use all the help and advice to enable you to benefit and become a better person. Chris Haney is your personal trainer based in Hodon de los Frailes at Esport Salut Gym, tel 679 008 021

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Costa Blanca

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teeth whitening

Not all people are suitable for teeth whitening

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by Paul Lock

Hello, and welcome to Novembers car column. And after the Brazilian Grand Prix, there is only one thing to say. Well done Jenson Button! And it is a nice to see another British world champion and in successive years too. I imagine all you car buffs would have watched the race and enjoyed a thoroughly tipsy turvy race which basically all fell into place for Jenson as it did last year for Hamilton. The race chopped and changed giving Jenson a clear (ish) run into the top six and the consequent Driver championship. Mind you, he drove like a demon and some of his overtaking was breathtaking and very risky but he got it in the end. Should be an interesting season next year with Alonso going to Ferrari. Possibly, and the brawn cars are only improving.

can pass this energy onto the wheels when required. Sadly, I do not have 5 pages in the mag so I cannot go into the complicated stuff, so I will only give a basic explanation!!!

This brings me into the technical stuff. I kept hearing KERS mentioned during the race, so I decided to research a bit. Basically KERS stands for Kinetic Energy Recovery System and basically stores the energy

The 2nd system is employed in some F1 cars now. Basically (!) this system harnesses the braking power loss and the power loss during deceleration, and stores it in a spinning flywheel. When required, the driver can release this flywheel, couple it to the car, and get a massive power boost for a short time. It is great for overtaking and does give an advantage to the car that has it. It is not regulation yet in F1 and it does have its disadvantages as it adds extra weight to the car. The Green People are keen to get the racing teams to use it as it does use waste energy. But whether everyone employs it, is yet to be decided. Last month I did a piece about China and its car production. Seems now it is the place to be making cars. The 10 millionth car just rolled off at the Fiat factory in Changchun. Previously only the US and Japan

produced while braking, and then is transferred to the wheels to give a power boost. The basic system, using batteries, is employed in some hybrid cars used today and is obviously good for the environment, as it uses otherwise wasted energy. This basic system just takes the energy produced and uses it to charge Super-Capacitor batteries, which then

achieved this, so now add China to that list. Government incentives have enabled the Chinese to buy new cars cheaper and they are taking advantage of these offers, which include tax cuts and a scrap page scheme. Which dare I say it could be worth at least 2000 yuan for a rusty, but taxed, Rickshaw!!

MOBILE MOTOR SERVICES PAUL LOCK • servicing and repairs to all makes and models • petrol and diesel • Full English to Spanish re-registration service from ITV/headlight change to spanish plates fitted • auto electrical repairs, vehicle diagnostics and code reading • collection/delivery or mobile service For reliable service call Paul on 679551665


Finally on a lighter note, In France, and only France, neighbouring mayors of a Paris suburb caused traffic chaos when the both declared an adjoining street one way. Trouble is, one wanted it this way, and the other wanted it the other way. Police had to be called to sort out the chaos and road rage that ensued. The mayor of Perrot is currently getting his way but the mayor of Clichy is appealing the decision. Those of you who have driven in Paris however, will know that no one takes any notice of road signs, right of way etc anyway, so just a normal day in Paris there then! Until next month when I start nagging you about anti-freeze etc, drive safely and take care as it is getting chillier. If you need any car advice or help. Please call me or email. Adios!! Paul Lock 679551665 or And see ad on this page too!!

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RE-PLATE MATE Don’t take a chance! Don’t break the law! Take the hassle out of re-registering your vehicle onto Spanish plates.

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KITCHEN Chilli con Carne E U R O P EAN


To take the chill OFF, put the chilli ON!

• 1 red pepper • 500g lean minced beef • 1 packet of chilli mix • 1 400g tin of red kidney beans • 2 x 400g tins of chopped tomatoes • 1 chopped onion • Crème fraiche • Chopped coriander

Heat 1 tbsp of olive oil in a frying pan and add 1 de-seeded red pepper and 1 chopped onion (optional). Cook for 3-4 minutes, then add 500g of lean minced beef and cook until the meat is brown. The add 1 packet of chilli mix. Add 2 x 400g tins of chopped tomatoes and 1 400g tin of rinsed and drained red kidney beans. Bring the liquid to the boil, then reduce the heat and then simmer for 35-40 minutes. Add seasoning to taste. Divide into 4 bowls and serve with large spoonfuls of crème fraiche sprinkled with freshly chopped coriander.

Per serving (approx): Calories: 400 - Fat: 22g


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Costa Blanca

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My Halloween Visitor!! by Linda Trott

Whilst innocently smelling a flower in my garden last week, I came eyeball to eyeball with this little monster! As is my wont, I rushed off for my camera and then went onto the Internet to find out who he was. No coincidence that it is Halloween, as the following will explain! He was Acherontia atropis (or the Death’s Head Moth Larva) and indigenous to Europe. I have never seen a caterpillar like it, a full five inches long and fluorescent green with purple stripes. The larvae are big, up to six inches long, with a prominent tail horn. They will click their mandibles, or even bite, when threatened. When mature, they excavate underground and build a small chamber, where they pupate. The adult moth has a wing span up to six and a half inches and several unusual features. It has the ability to let out a loud squeak when threatened. This sound is produced by expelling air from its pharynx (the food passage tube). It is also commonly known as ‘The Bee Robber’ due to its habit of stealing honey from the beehives of the Western Honey Bee. It is able to move around in the hive unmolested because of its ability to mimic the scent of bees. Because the adult moth has a pattern of the human skull on it’s thorax, it has earned a negative reputation and is associated with the supernatural and evil. In some cultures it is believed to portend death. Its association with death is also due to its name, deriving from ancient Greece. Acherontia comes from the river Acheron, which in Greek mythology was a branch of the river Styx that carried the dead to the underworld. Atropis refers to the three Moirae who were purported to cut the final threads of life. The adult moth featured prominently in the film ‘The silence of the lambs’ and is depicted on the cover of the book. Another reason the moth is treated with such suspicion is because the larvae prefer to feed on the leaves of the Solanaceae family of plants (especially the potato). You may remember from my August article that all leaves of this genus of plant are poisonous and include deadly nightshade. Spooky!!! As the little monster has now disappeared, I wonder if he has gone underground to come back and haunt me at a later date!! 12

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Costa Blanca

This month I shall be explaining Sky “multiroom”, and why it will not work here as it does in the UK. When you have a Sky subscription in the UK and wish to have a second Digibox and card with exactly the same channels in another room, you can ask for the multiroom option. This enables you to obtain the second card for only £10 extra per month, instead of having to pay the same price you would pay for your main card, (and here is the important bit), providing that the second card and box is connected to a telephone line for at least 12 months.

This is to prevent you from removing it from one address and taking it to, shall we say, Spain, as all Sky subsidised equipment remains their property for 12 months. They can verify this by sending a signal to the digibox instructing it to perform a “callback”, which basically means that the digibox will call Sky and verify that it is still connected to the telephone line at the address in the contract. If Sky do not receive a “callback” after several attempts, they will then switch off the card and bill you with the full subscription price! After the initial 12 month contract period, you may unplug the box from the line, and take it

anywhere you want. Alternatively, if your main box and card have been connected for more than 12 months, they can be unplugged and moved anywhere, leaving the multiroom card and box connected at the registered address. Just in case you were wondering- if a multiroom box and card are connected to a telephone line in Spain, it will not callback correctly. Sorry!! Regards, Lee

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Life on the Coast Words & Photos by Rob Innis

Salt Industry The sea provides another form of livelihood apart from fishing – salt. This important industry dates back hundreds of years, to Roman times and probably earlier civilisations. It is still prominent today, although technology plays a much bigger part in today’s highly mechanised extraction process. There are lakes producing salt in Santa Pola, San Pedro, and originally La Mata (later becoming the natural park) but now Torrevieja. Many foreign ships used to arrive along our local shores bringing a variety of produce including grain to trade for salt. In Torrevieja, this meant the facilities for loading and unloading ships had to be improved. Longer quays were built and eventually a small train, replacing the horse and cart, for transporting the salt to the quay was installed. The train was superseded by a conveyor belt running under the N332 coast road, which feeds the salt into the cargo boats, moored on the modern jetty, ready for exporting to other countries for use in chemical processes and de-icing roads. The earlier wooden jetty has been preserved and forms part of the Eras de Sal, an open-air concert venue. The industry has taken many twists and turns through its long and varied history. Many different owners have held the rights to exploit the Torrevieja salt lake that in the past employed many 1,000s of men. The work must have been back breaking, especially under the fierce summer sun, hacking and loading sharp salt crystals for transportation. Now a small labour force, using high-tech machines, harvests the salt working for Rohm and Hass, a huge multi national company. The salinity level is enriched by salt mush, extracted from underground, which is pumped down the pipeline from Pinoso into the lake. When


the water has evaporated, a salt encrusted deposit is left on the surface on which you can walk. It is like crunching over an icy frozen field so is rather a strange experience for this part of the world! Just prior to being in that state, the lakes appear pink, the colour being caused by the minerals, so it is often called ‘La Laguna Rosa’ (the Pink Lagoon) It is also said that the evaporation process purifies the air which contributes to it being one of the healthiest places to live. However, the informative guide in the ‘Centro de Interpretacion de la Industria Salinera’ was not convinced by claim. The centre, located in a former Torrevieja railway goods warehouse, is very informative and will shortly be showing a new free video presentation in English. My thanks go to Andy Ormiston, who recently published his interesting book: ‘Torrevieja Cameos – Her Past and People’ for providing background detail for this article. His book, illustrated with many original photos, is a must for anyone wanting to understand the history of the town.

Building Controversy Building works have started on a huge commercial development in the Orihuela Costa area, adjacent to the La Zenia AP-7 motorway exit. There has been a mixed reaction from local businesses and residents. Some fear the scale of the development, which will accommodate the large discount stores including Leroy Merlin DIY, will cause the closure of other local smaller shops. Whilst others have commented, it will benefit the area by attracting more shoppers to the local shops and provide residents with more facilities, including leisure, which is in short supply in what is now a vast residential area. You are welcome to comment on Life on the Coast - either post on The Inland Magazine forum or email lifeonthecoast@

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Costa Blanca

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Weds 9-10am, clinic held at Lezsonjas Kennels URGENCIAS/EMERGENCIES 636 473 909 Lunes a Viernes de 10 a 13.30 y 17.30 a 20.30 Sábados 10 a 13.30 Monday to Friday 10 to 13.30 and 17.30 to 20.30 Saturday 10 to 13.30 OUR SURGERYS CAN BE FOUND: C/. Rey Jaime I 15 • 965 475 342 C/. Doctor Fleming, 1 - 03630 SAX (Alicante)

Boris, 5 years castrated labrador cross all vac’s up to date. Bella 2 and a half year old rottweiler, blood tested ready for Uk in December Medium large puppies labrador cross ready to go. Great Dane, 2 1/2 years black & white, up to date with injections Labrador cross, male 6 months old, all up to date with injections

Puppies, cross labradors, mostly black will be medium to large dogs, ready to go NOW. 5 year old golden retriever x, all vacs and castrated.

CALL 966 182 838 or 677 343 653



The Inland Magazine™ MABS Cancer Support Group PRESS INFORMATION Cancer charity plans ambitious growth.

MABS - Cancer Support Group launches New Website to promote growth to inland areas. “By launching, we aim to attract more support, more volunteers and, most importantly, more of those who need our help” announced Nik Nickerson of MABS Cancer Support Group. “The new web site has opened in English but soon will be available in Spanish. It provides easy access to information for all those affected by cancer, details of our services and major fundraising events as they occur. It will grow over the next few months with new pages that support each local branch and their specific activities. To augment this initiative new posters and information leaflets have been produced, featuring the new logo, and made available in public places along the Costas.”. “MABS has had a wonderful first ten years. Supported solely by voluntary contributions we have grown from a single branch in Marina Alta to an organisation with over 300 volunteers and supporters reaching from Valencia to Gibraltar. This new initiative is helping to support the MABS plan for the next few years. Our plan will see us increase the number of local branches, not only along the coast, but also inland to reach many town and villages that do not yet benefit from the Groups services. Our move inland could not be better demonstrated than by the Summer Ball staged by Helen and Ray Sexton of Hondon de los Fraites that raised €528 which will go some way to enabling MABS to help those who need their help in their local community. Whilst MABS aims to cover more and more of southern Spain, the support will continue to be locally focused with autonomous groups helping local residents of every nationality. Nik continued “To offer help to more people we have to increase our awareness in all areas. We plan associations with other charities leading the fight against cancer, beginning with the recent ‘Party for Cancer Care’ sponsored by Talk Radio Europe, where MABS and Cudeca, the Hospice in Malaga, worked together to raise funds. We also have further plans to form associations with like minded organisations not just to raise funds but also to provide complementary services.”

The ‘La Foia Castalla’ branch of The Royal British Legion, in association with the Mayor and Council of Castalla, cordially invites all from the La Foia Castalla region to participate in Act of Remembrance, on Sunday 8th November 2009, at the Town Hall in Castalla (on the A7 north of Alicante), at 1030hrs, for all who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of peace and freedom, whatever their nationality. Also that the Committee wishes to thank the Mayor

and his Councillors for their help in enabling this event to take place. New members are welcome to our branch, meeting every 2nd Monday of each month, in Castalla. For further information contact: Tony Henderson; chair.castalla.rbl@hotmail. com 667 647 518 (chairman) Grant Moore; memsec.castalla.rbl@hotmail. com (members secretary) William King; 662 205 621 (vice chairman) Tony Henderson Chairman

The Pinoso Branch of the Royal British Legion BR3614 NEWS RELEASE For more information please contact: Martin Finch, Public Relations Officer; Tel: 966 194 776

The Royal British Legion - Pinoso Branch Wine and Cheese Evening The Pinoso Branch of the Royal British Legion held its second social event on 13th October 2009 at Bonnie’s Bar, Casas Ibañez, Pinoso The evening started with a short presentation by Martin Finch on the wines of the local area. This was followed by a tasting of three wines kindly donated by the Salvador Poveda bodega just outside Monover.

For further information, contact M D (Nik) Nickerson Phone: 634 319 883 Email:

The wines tasted included a Riesling white wine, a 100% monastrell red plus another red, this time a blend of Cabernet and Merlot. These wines were enjoyed together with a fantastic variety of Spanish cheeses sourced and presented by Pat Beeson.


The event was a great success and raised €40 for Branch funds.


The Pinoso branch of the Royal British Legion was formed with twenty-one members on 27 January 2009. Since that time the membership has grown to twenty-nine with more joining all the time. Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month. New members are always welcome and don’t forget that you no longer need to have served in the armed forces in order to join – membership is now open to everyone. A calendar of social events is planned so why not join now. For more details please contact: Ian Booth, Branch Secretary. Email: Tel: (0034) 634642693

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Costa Blanca

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The Epicureans - The Exclusive Dining Club - Oct. 2009

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A Desperate Search For Restaurants By Eric Arnold

I was surprised when I realised The Epicureans was formed a year ago; and what a great success. In that year we have visited some brilliant restaurants and had a “belly full” of laughs. Perhaps I should take this opportunity to thank all the members for their support and for helping the club to be such a great success. The October meeting of the Epicureans was held at Restaurant La Toretta, situated on the road between Sax and Petrer / Elda. As usual La Torreta did not let us down, brilliant food and great value for money. I have written a number of reviews regarding La Torreta so I will just give you a quick overview of the fabulous food we had on the day. Beautiful mussels, small stuffed red peppers in a light cheese sauce, succulent roasted shoulder of lamb, fillet steaks, profiteroles and chocolate sauce, chocolate brownies, cheese cake and tiramisu, copious bottles of a fabulous red wine and good strong coffee’s. The atmosphere in La Torretta is “alive” and noisy and energetic, the service is friendly and efficient. If you have never tried La Torreta, I highly recommend it, you will not be disappointed. The next meeting of the Epicureans is returning to another of our favourites, Restaurant Serafines in Ibi, again, a restaurant we visited and reviewed fairly recently. The truth of it is we are running out of good restaurants to visit. So here is the plea to both readers and restaurant owners, we are desperate for new restaurants to visit. Most of our members live around Sax and Hondon, so we would prefer restaurants within 30 kms of these locations, but we will travel further if necessary for that really special treat. For Restaurants who think they can meet the discerning needs of The Epicureans, email me a suggested menu and price guide plus brief details of the restaurant and reasons why we should give you a try, please include a website address if possible. For readers who would like to recommend a restaurant, send me an Email or drop me a line with the following information, restaurant name, full address, telephone number, email address and website address (if any), a short description of the restaurant and food available, the average price for a meal including a basic bottle of wine and why you are recommending the restaurant; or get the restaurant to get in touch with me themselves. The Epicureans will consider any restaurant but we do prefer more towards the “fine dining” end of the market. From this search we would like as many good restaurants as possible but we would also like to find one really “extra special” restaurant. An establishment with top class food, fabulous service a great setting and that little something special that all really good restaurants seem to have. Over the years I have helped guide you around many restaurants through my articles in this magazine, now I am asking you for a little help. If you would like to recommend a restaurant or if you think that you may be interested in becoming one of the elite members of “The Epicureans” register your interest by sending me an email to or drop me a note to Eric Arnold, Appt. Correos 201, Sax, 03630, Alicante. E-mail: • Web site:

Costa Blanca

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The Company cast of Kindly Leave The Stage which was performed at La Pinada Hotel on September 24,25 and 26th .

The Companys next production will be a stage adaptation of Charles Dickens Christmas Carol to be performed on January 24,25 and 26. Rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings at La Pinada Hotel at 7-30 and anybody who would like to be in the production please phone 680201201 for further details or just turn up on Thursday evenings. You will be made very welcome.


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coyote bar Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat

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Albatera Tel: 634746672

6.00 pm to close – BINGO at 8.00 pm 2.00 pm to close – Texas Poker at 3.00 pm 6.00 pm to close – Free pool table & bar snacks 6.00 pm to close – Texas Poker at 8.00 pm 1.00 pm to close – Texas Poker at 4.00 pm 6.00 pm to 12.00 – House spirits, mixers 1ȯ each 1.00 pm to close – Texas Poker at 8.00 pm LIVE PREMIERSHIP & EUROPEAN FOOTBALL SHOWING th

Mary’s Curry Night – Friday 27 November 7.00 – 10.00 pm 3 great courses – only 10 euros – booking essential Pass Mercadona

(RH side), 1st left, next left, 1st right

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Hondon de los Frailes Tel: 965 482 151

Open 7 days 7.30 am ‘til late (Closed Sun/Mon evenings) Monday to Friday – Menu del dia 1.30 – 3.00 27th November is Party Night – Fantastic live H N entertainment by - SSSH HIIIN NEEE – great 4 piece rock band TUES

Tea time menu available from 6.30 - only 8 ȯ inc dessert. BINGO follows at 8.30.


Main menu and teatime menu both available.

THURS Teatime menu from 6.30 followed by FUN QUIZ at 8.30 – it’s a great night out! FRI

Our famous FISH ‘N’ CHIP NIGHT only 8 ȯ served in the restaurant. TAKEAWAY available from 6.30. Either Fish ‘n’ chips or weekly special to go!


2 course lunchtime menu just 8 ȯ. SPECIALITY EVENING MENU 7.00 - 9.30. Changes weekly. Booking recommended.


2 or 3-course lunch including wine from only 10 ȯ served 1.00 - 3.30 pm

Christmas bookings now being taken Full traditional Xmas day lunch 40 ȯ per person Including live entertainment! Our friendly staff look forward to welcoming you!


Open to the Public Camping Castillejo, Fortuna Mark

600 032 078

Monday closed Tuesday 6pm till late Wednesday - Sunday 11.30 am till late Sirloin Steak � 9.90 Rib Eye Steak � 8.90 all served with chips, salad & onion rings Gammon Steak � 7.50 served with chips, peas, egg or pineapple.

Sunday Lunch

1course � 7.00 2 courses � 9.00 3 courses � 10.00 Booking advisable

Mobile Home Sales Mobile Homes, Caravans, Timber framed Houses, & Plots available for sale & rent. For more information contact Jarrod on:(+34) 619003258


Friday:8oz Beer Battered Cod, Chips, Mushy Peas, Bread & Butter � 6.50 Please book in advance. Tuesday Quiz 9pm Sunday Irish Bingo 9pm & Play Your Cards Right Karaoke available on request


Hair, Health & Beauty Mobile Service. Hair dressing, Nail care, Reflexology, Reiki, Indian head massage, Hypnotherapy, Girls make-over parties.


646 201 492 E-mail: • Web site:

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Devolution The Possible End of Humanity

by Eric Arnold

Following my recent series of articles “Where Do We

Come From - Celebrating Darwin” it got me thinking about the future of humanity. Following the normally accepted theory that, subject to survival, all creatures on earth, including man will continue to evolve based on the rules of natural selection, survival of the fittest and adaptation to environmental changes. However, thinking about it, I realised that Man is interfering with the normal processes of evolution and it is just possible that this interference may potentially lead to the end of humanity and possibly all life on earth.

Some of my ideas set out in this article may offend people,

so may I take this opportunity to apologise to anyone who takes offence. This is just random thoughts that just might have some credibility and even an eventuality. So what made me think of this, well here comes the controversial bit. When you see examples of parts of English society as it is displayed in television programs like Jeremy Kyle, Big Brother (picture), the activities of some, and I stress some Brits Abroad as well the behavior of groups of thugs portrayed as football supporters. Then is it my imagination but is the media, TV, Radio etc being “dummed” down, just watch some of the pure drivel being exported from American TV channels. There appears to be an explosion of “brain dead”, uneducated morons gradually infesting the western world. Now you will probably think I am being over judgmental or that I am “just getting old”, well that may be true, but you cannot ignore the fact that, either the education system is not working for certain groups of society or intelligence levels are on the decline.

Let’s first remember the basics of evolution ( the

improvement of any organism and it’s increased chance of survival in a given environment). This process is related to, survival of the fittest, natural selection, hence the weak dying, random mutation, genetic drift, breeding success by the strong and adaptation to the environment and changes to that environment. It occurred to me that as far as man is concerned we are interfering with that normal process.

In common terms “de-evolution”, or backward evolution

is the notion the species generally evolve into more primitive forms by losing adaptations no longer necessary in a new environment. Devolution is the sequence toward greater simplicity or disappearance or degeneration. My theory does not follow the normally accepted definition of Devolution, so to call it devolution may be wrong, perhaps a better definition would be Deterioration. Basically because of attitudes in today’s modern society 30

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Costa Blanca and the technological and medical capabilities of man in the modern world we are weakening mans gene pool. Not so many years ago in what we call the modern or “western” world, those who were weak or had a tendency to ill health or had low intelligence had a lower chance of survival, a process that is to some degree still true in third world countries today. Also the “value of life” or at least the attitude to the value of life was different. In modern societies the value of life and the right to life is greatly regarded and probably has an importance greater than anything else you can think of - unless you take greed into consideration, greed for money or power, so do we “man” really value life.

Now, I value life as much as any man, but lets face it today’s modern society is allowing “the weak to survive”, and as our medical capabilities improve further and our attitude to life develops this tendency will prevail. Weakness of any type, whether it be medical or intellectual that is gene based tends to be passed on to any offspring, offspring that under the normal rules of evolution would not survive, so gradually over the generations we are introducing a generic weakness into the human race. Now the question is will those weaknesses become dominant enough to affect the survivability of man itself. Please do not misunderstand me, I am not suggesting that we go back to the days when the weak or medically unfit would die or worst still be allowed to die, that cannot be allowed to happen, every person has the right to life. Therefore it is an inevitable fact that those weaknesses will be propagated within the human race. The next question is if these allowed weaknesses do

become dominant how it will effect the human race and it’s potential for survivability, well I’m sorry to say I do not have the answer to that one. Will it lead to tendencies of increased greed or increased aggression; remember that whole societies have been wiped out in the not so distant past because of these traits. My best guess is that the human race will continue along in the path it is going until some major crisis occurs which will trigger the more destructive traits of the human animal.. Perhaps we will resist these more destructive traits, however it is just possible that the weakened and hence “less survivable” man may instigate it’s own destruction.

Global warming resulting in world food shortages, running

out of oil, leading to economic meltdown and the reduced capacity to transport food, a natural disaster of a magnitude great enough to have a major effect on the climate, for example, the eruption of a super volcano or the impact of an asteroid on the earth similar to that which wiped out the dinosaurs, events that definitely will happen we just do not know when. Under any one of these scenarios the now endemic weakness in man may prevent commonsense and co-operation to prevail and man will take the course it usually resorts too, which is maybe what eventually evolution dictates - the survival of the strongest - so is our future total anarchy or destruction by all out war. Maybe that is the inevitable future of mankind or perhaps the growing band of Tree Hugging, Mung Bean eating Do Gooders will turn us all into “compliant” vegans and we will just fade into insignificance and die from vitamin deficiencies. I hope I have really given you something to think about, but please remember it is only a random theory that just might have the possibility of being closer to the truth than you would like to think.

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Costa Blanca

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Hondon Valley Golf Society


An albatross on the Par 5 first hole set the tone for an excellent round for 5 handicapper Richard Goddard, son of Captain Les, who carded 38 points to win the Gold Section of the Mick Graham sponsored October Stableford in San Juan. Father Lesley, not to be outshone and playing in the same fourball as his son, scored 40 points and won Silver snatching victory from the unfortunate Dave Stevens on countback. Captain Les scored 22 points on the back nine! In the Bronze Section Ross Holter won for the second month in a row with 33 points. A pleasant, sunny day greeted the HVGS members as they arrived at Alicante Golf in time to enjoy ‘café y tostada’ on the house. It didn’t take long for the fun to start as news of a litany of misunderstandings began to filter back to your correspondent. Firstly, the lovely Ana in the office was under the impression that the first tee time was 10.00 am and not 10.33 am as booked. As a result the starter marshal, urged by Ana to chivvy everyone along, was doing just that. Most HVGS members were unaware of the discrepancy and were going about their pre round preparation on the driving range and on the practice greens. The first group planned to tee off was a twoball comprising Sponsor Mick Graham and Gnasher followed by a threeball which included John Ross. When the threeball were ready to tee off there was no sign of John. Driving range and practice green were checked; no sign of John. In the confusion on the first tee John had driven off trying to catch up with the two ball ahead thinking he had been left behind. In fact he was ahead of his threeball who were now trying to catch him up! Happy days are here again! Some twenty minutes later the first hole was again the setting when Richard Goddard, a professional greenkeeper in England, scored his magnificent albatross which, to the uninitiated is three under par for the hole and is rarely achieved. To put Richard’s feat into perspective, there are many more holesin-one recorded than albatrosses.

Winners HVGS September Stableford – Alicante Golf – Tuesday 6th October Sponsored by Mick Graham




Gold Winner


Gold Runner Up


Silver Winner


Prize Glenfiddich Whisky


VAT 69 Whisky

40 on C/B

Glenfiddich Whisky


Silver Runner Up


VAT 69 Whisky


Bronze Winner


Glenfiddich Whisky


Bronze Runner Up


VAT 69 Whisky


Nearest the Pin











Bernard COX

Green Fee Refund


€40 Cash

Forthcoming HVGS Golf Days and Other Events

Tuesday 3rd November El Plantio Monday 23rd November Bar Pepin Tuesday 1st December Alenda Friday 4th December La Finca Tuesday 12th January Alicante

In the clubhouse Captain Les thanked the sponsor, Mick Graham, for his generous sponsorship of the day and handed over to Ron the Vice and Chopper Watson to present the prizes on his behalf. Members were reminded of the AGM in November and were informed that the End of Season Dinner Dance and Presentation Night was going ahead as planned on Friday 4th December at La Finca Restaurant with ’The Kings’ providing the music. There are limited tickets still available at €20 for members and €25 for nonmembers. Please email or telephone the Captain to reserve your place at the Dinner. For information on how to join HVGS contact the Secretary, Trevor Batchelor, on 687987229 or email trevor. . To reserve your place on the list for the Society Golf Days contact the Captain, Les Goddard, on 670966670 or e-mail PICS: Left to Right Clockwise 1. Winners with the Sponsor. L to R: Les Goddard, Mick Graham, Richard Goddard and Ross Holter 2. Three Nearest the Pin Winners. L to R: Dave Stevens, Ross Holter and Brian Territt 3. All the Winners and Runners Up 34


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Meet 09.45 am in Clubhouse AGM 6.30 pm Meet 08.30 am in Clubhouse Dinner and Presentation Night 7.30 pm Meet 09.15 am in Clubhouse (Prov Bkg)

Costa Blanca

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Strange Days Indeed

by Marty Funkhauser

During my time in Spain I have met many people who have moved from the UK because of “immigrants”. I’ve even heard from one that they moved specifically because where they lived in Barnsley had become “overrun by Pakistanis”. I’m using a little poetic license here because she didn’t exactly say Pakistanis; she used the more common shortened term that I find too distasteful to repeat especially when it is spat out with such emphasis. I tend not to engage in too much conversation with these people because they are generally difficult to find things to talk about other than their distastes, additionally, they begin sentences with “I’m not racist but….”. I’ve often wanted to ask whether their actions in moving abroad were considered by them in reflection to be somewhat contradictory as they settle in their urbanization and stock up on cheap booze and fags. I don’t like being stung by nettles; subsequently I avoid walking through a filed of them wearing nothing but a smile. So if you have such a poor opinion of immigrants why then become one? Along with eight million others, obviously not all sat in my lounge, I watched Question Time last night to see and hear Nick Griffin leader of the British National Party, the BNP. Struggling to look comfortable he attempted to laugh away all his previous quotes and remarks which only led to emphasising his huge discomfort suggesting he was actually a village idiot from a rather small village. In fact, I was a little disappointed that he didn’t put up a better fight as Chris Huhne (Lib Dem) and Jack Straw (Labour Minister For Justice) wouldn’t strike that much fear in me. The star of the show was shadow minister for community cohesion Sayeda Warsi (Conservative) who was ably supported by Bonnie Greer the Deputy Chairman of The British Museum. Ms Greer described sitting next to him as being “the weirdest and most creepy moment in my life”. This morning at a press conference held in a car park in Hayes Mr Griffin complained that the experience was similar to being confronted by a lynch mob which is interesting when you consider his friendship with David Duke ex leader of the Ku Klux Klan. Mr Griffin described Mr Duke as “non violent” and suggested that he hadn’t shared a platform with him until photographic evidence proved otherwise to which Mr Griffin joked “he was wearing a hat” and mimed a large pointed hat. Asked whether he denied that millions of Jews and other minorities had been killed by the Nazis, Mr Griffin would only reply: ‘I do not have a conviction for Holocaust denial.’ Of his previous comments he said “I can’t explain those”. Chairman David Dimbleby asked Mr Griffin why he was smiling after his remark “do you think the holocaust is funny” to which Mr Griffin looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights. It is staggeringly obvious that during the last twelve years of Labour government that has been a failing in immigration policies and Baroness Warsi rightly appealed to Jack Straw for an honest debate on this subject, but surely the answer cannot be the BNP. I wonder what the lady from Barnsley thought about it all? 36

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Costa Blanca


17,05 � TEXTIL WARDROBE With zip.

158 cm

70 cm

45,90 � OFFICE CHAIR TEO With wheels. Available in: black/red or black/blue.

46 cm

! OU! Y TO 7 E S AO L C N-340


Centro Comercial Ociopía C. Obispo Victorio Oliver, 2 03300 Orihuela (Alicante) +34 96 673 79 40 Monday to Saturday. 10 am - 10 pm.

publi_inglesa_octubre09C.indd 1


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SALIDA CV-870 81



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On-Site Repairs

Maintenance / Sales

20 € (+iva) per hour

Individual Websites: Sell Your House / Promote Your Business Computers Repaired and Upgraded; Sales; Training Sax, Alicante STEVE: 966 967 439 or 650 354 629



Chimneys and log burners cleaned. Fire Wood for sale. Almond, Olive etc, best prices in the area. Logs cut to size. Free Delivery & Free Chimney/log burner clean when you purchase more than 3 tons of wood. Land clearance & Tree Pruning

CALL ANGELA 658 626 315 38

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Tel: 965 474 314 • Mob: 675 218 436 •

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Salinas - Ref: ff0372

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Casa’s Del Senor - Ref: ff0439 Finca close to village Fully fenced plot of 3000m2 3 double beds, 1 bath Panoramic views FAB PRICE ONLY 136,000 euros


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Scorpios are the most intense, profound, powerful characters in the zodiac. Even when they appear self-controlled and calm there is a seething intensity of emotional energy under the placid exterior. They are like the volcano not far under the surface of a calm sea, it may burst into eruption at any moment. But those of us who are particularly perceptive will be aware of the harnessed aggression, the immense forcefulness, magnetic intensity, and often strangely hypnotic personality under the tranquil, but watchful composure of Scorpio.





A combined effort towards a common goal brings the kind of achievements no one expected to see. Hopes were always high of reaching a certain level of success but when this is surpassed and results go beyond all expectations, this gives you something serious to think about for the future. Something you took on temporarily may turn into a permanent arrangement. In a confusing situation late in the day, ask direct questions to get to the heart of the matter.

You might do well to spend some of the day catching up on chores recently pushed aside. An old allergy or illness might bother you on and off and with you feeling more tired than usual, don’t expect too much from yourself. There could be a need to get things straightened out between you and a partner before you take your relationship any further. It would be hard to explain why but you feel edgy for a good percentage of the day.

Not everyone will find it easy to cope during this mixed up and messed up 24 hours. Your ego gets a boost as you show how capable you are of handling two and more jobs at once. Not always is it possible to keep on top of everything but you can and will do your best to help others adapt to the unexpected elements of the day. A control freak of a supervisor might try to hamper you but you will know how to get around them.

Mixed up plans or appointments will shed light on certain deficiencies in your household arrangements. It won’t take a lot of thinking to come up with a way to improve matters. Encourage a miserable friend or relative to stop focusing on what they don’t have and to start counting their blessings. In a social event this evening, you need to go deeper than just cordial conversation if you are to form substantial new relationships.





You’re likely to be turning your attention back to matters that occupied you a few days ago. It doesn’t seem to be your day and it may well be that some issues will be complicated to deal with. What’s surprising is how everything falls neatly into place later. You just had to wait for the perfect moment and once the timing is right, it may seem to others you’ve hit lucky. You have a pretty good reason to feel proud of your achievements which haven’t come to you as easily as it looked.

Choose the wrong person to confide in and you could be making a big mistake. Either they don’t have the experience or understanding to know what you are going through or they cannot be trusted with confidential information. Choose the right person and it will be like a load has been lifted off your mind. You might be amazed too at the benefits this has on your body as you feel calmer and more able to sleep at nights.

Don’t feel forced to do anything that doesn’t sit well with your conscience. You’re the one who must ultimately live with the consequences of your actions. Remember this before agreeing to go along with someone else’s plans or ideas just to please them. Don’t punish yourself for not liking the sound of something other people are excited about. Everyone has their own tastes and feelings. Respect yours today.

Someone in the family is looking fed up and exhausted; you could think of a few ways to cheer them up. Offer to take on some of their responsibilities if it seems like they have too much on their plate and insist they take some time off for a well deserved rest. Relationships improve and so too does the general feel of the atmosphere around you. What’s most apparent is that your own bright spirits are contagious!





You know your time isn’t going to waste if you devote effort to a charitable cause. A number of people could benefit from your involvement in a fund raising exercise. You might discover someone fancies you but if you’re already half of a duo, don’t kid yourself into thinking a little fling won’t do any harm. If you’ve been judging a person based on rumours, now you’ve got a chance to get to know them better you will realise your opinion was all wrong.

You aren’t sure an offer or opportunity is right for you; trust your instincts if they tell you to hesitate. Your mindset is a major factor which can sometimes make you hard to motivate but occasionally your reluctance to welcome change is for the good of all. Plans being discussed are too risky to be of any practical or realistic value. Your no nonsense approach is just what’s needed to get everyone to see sense and accept they can’t always have what they want.

Anything proposed that’s new and different has a way of making you feel inspired and energised. Maybe this is a sign you need more adventure in your life. There could be some interesting opportunities on offer and these might include the chance to travel. Living for the moment is the fastest way to dispel frustration or agitation so do something fun and spontaneous today. There’s a particularly lively atmosphere in your neighbourhood this evening.

The more you think about something in a negative way the more it is likely to happen. An argument can be avoided if you stop preying on the likelihood it’s going to occur. When you’re hair triggered and primed to detect the first sign of trouble, you will convince yourself the row you have been expecting has come. When considering your own frame of mind, you’re overly sensitive and far too pessimistic at the moment.

By Philip Garcia - 40

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Costa Blanca

Inelbe Electricas s.l.


Inurbe fincas c/ San Rafael, 11 03318 La Murada Alicante,


CIF: B54336409 Licensed for all types of low and medium tension installations, transformers, underground/aerial lines. Technical plans, permissions, bulletins, name changes etc For more information or a free estimate without obligation: Contact: José Ramon Office/fax: 966 779 788

679 951 140 (Español) 699 457 387 (English)





Modernised to the highest standard. Maisonette, 3 double bedrooms, fitted kitchen, utility. Enclosed terrace, garage, garden. A/C, double glazing. Door entry system. Extensive views. Build: 105 m2 € 53,500 Plot: 135 m2

Rural two storey house, refurbished. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, lounge, kitchen., fireplace. Separate plot with panoramic views. 10 minutes from town and all amenities. Build: 150 m2 Plot: 500 m2

€ 82,000

Two storey town house ideal for B & B. 10 beds, 2 baths, fitted kitchen, lounge/diner with fireplace. Large patio, garage. Space for pool. Peaceful area with mountain views. 2 Build: 273 m € 127,000 Plot: 400 m2

Country house with 3 beds, bath, fitted kitchen, lounge with fireplace. Solarium, pool. Fenced plot with garage. A/C, heating. Peaceful area with views to the mountains. 2 Build 110: m 2 € 130,000 Plot: 500 m





Large semi detached house. First floor could be developed for further accommodation. 4 beds, bath, kitchen, lounge/diner. Garage, storage. Mountain area with lovely views. 2 Build: 150 m 2 Plot: 1650 m € 130,000

Legal, new detached villa with 10 yr guarantee and full architect´s plans. 3 beds, 2 baths, lounge/diner with fireplace, porch. Optional pool.

Modernised country house. 2 beds, bath, fitted kitchen, lounge. Separate apartment with 2 beds, bath, lounge, kitchen. 2 terraces, 2 porches. Garage. Elevated area with mountain views. 2 Build: 180 m 2 € 159,000 Plot: 1293m

Detached country villa with 3 beds with fitted wardrobes, 2 baths, spacious lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. Patio with utility and BBQ. Garage, large porch. Views to the mountains. 2 Build: 145 m € 159,000 Plot 10,000 m2





Canadian Style house in a peaceful locación with fabulous views. 3 beds with wardrobes, 2 baths, lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen with utility. Porch, double glazing. 10 yr guarantee. 2 Build: 135 m 2 Plot: 10,000 m € 179,000

Impressive detached house on 3 floors. 4 beds, 2 baths, fitted kitchen, lounge/diner. Separate apartment has 3 beds, bath, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen. Spacious porch. Garage. Ideal for B&B. Build: 235 m2 2 € 182,700 Plot: 1500 m

Traditional house - 2 beds, bath, lounge/diner, kitchen. Some modernisation req´d. Large patio with bedroom and room that could be converted to ensuite. Peaceful área. 5 mins from town. 2 Build: 135 m 2 € 72,000 Plot: 400 m

Detached country house located in a peaceful area. 3 beds, bath, lounge/diner, fitted kitchen, store. Spacious porch, lare terrace. Plot planted with fruit trees. 10 mins from Orihuela. 2 Build: 156 m 2 € 132,000 Plot: 2500 m


Build: 132 m 2 Plot: 10,200 m

€ 139,000

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Mainly with him on your mind By Patrick Hempshall Your wife asks you to install a ceiling fan. Your kid needs her bike fixed. Your neighbour needs help putting some furniture together. Of course you have the tools to take on these jobs, right? “NO”. why ever not ? A good tool box is something every house hold should have. Basic hand tools are always required whatever DIY job you undertake. If you’re one of those people who just never got around to stocking a toolbox, below I’ve included a list 12 basic tools that I think every toolbox should have.

Before You Buy A few things to remember before you go on a shopping spree: Only pay for quality tools. You can easily go to a supermarket and buy an entire 102 piece, Made in China, sub standard tool set for €30. Fight the temptation. These shinny chrome plated tools will probably last you a few uses before they snap or break on you. Invest your money in quality, durable tools that will last a lifetime. One at a time. You don’t need to buy your complete set of tools all at once (unless of course you have the money to do so). Spread your acquisitions out so you don’t break the bank. Another good way to build your toolbox is to ask for specific tools for presents on different occasions. Christmas, your birthday, and Father’s Day are all great times to acquire tools.

FC Chaplins If you have ever thought about building your dream from the tiniest of acorns then spare a thought for the Management of local football team FC Chaplin’s. Born from the humblest of beginnings over 6 years ago, they have grown from the solitary football of one man into a full-blown 11-a-side team that is now in its 3rd Season of competitive football in the Benidorm Spanish League. After their initial introduction as the only all-English team in this League they have had to overcome many difficult obstacles in their bid to gain respect and recognition, often not helping themselves with their poor level of discipline as they struggled to cope with the far less physical style of Spanish football which often left them seeing red in more ways than one. Expected to last no more than a few weeks in such an intolerant environment, their participation seemed doomed to failure and as they tried desperately to adapt to such stringent demands their future grew increasingly uncertain, the sharpening of the proverbial knives signalling their imminent demise at the hands of the doubting jackals. However, the English are, of course, great fighters, and they do not accept defeat easily and as the team began to slowly turn their attitude and their football around they found, little by little, that the tide of contempt against them was starting to turn. With a hard-core of genuine players and a dedicated management they eventually distanced themselves from the unruly elements in their squad, leaving the team better equipped to tackle the next stages in their development. Even after their threatened expulsion from the League in November 2008 this remaining squad of players set about proving once and for all that an English team can be taken seriously in a Spanish League.

Claw Hammer A good, solid hammer can be used for driving nails into wood as well as small demolition jobs. Go for a 16 ounce hammer. It’s heavy enough for most basic home repair needs, but light enough for you to carry around without it being a nuisance. While your father probably used a hammer with a wooden handle, you shouldn’t. Wood handles break easily. Go for something that has a long-lasting synthetic handle. Flathead Screwdriver A flathead screwdriver has a single blade that fits into the single slot of a flathead screw. While the Phillips screw has quickly taken the place of flathead screws in most projects, it’s still a good idea to have a few flathead drivers in your tool box. Remember don’t try to tackle any job that you know is out of your league, professionals are professionals for a reason. If you need any help or advice, call me at W-I-P Construction on 697 738 392. 42

Within a period of 4 months the team had completely reversed their fortunes, their hard work and diligence catapulting them from the bottom of the Fair Play Table straight to the top, a position they held until the end of the Season when they were crowned worthy winners of that title. With that award also came the respect and admiration of both the League and all the teams in it, a plaudit that FC Chaplin’s still enjoy today. With probably the hardest part of their progress now complete, FC Chaplin’s can now concentrate on letting their football do the talking, and after a disappointing loss in their first 2 games of the new Season a good win for them in their 3rd match has put them right back on track and the rest of the Season promises to be, as always, eventful and entertaining, hopefully capped at the end by a huge dollop of success. If you would like to keep a close eye on their continuing drama, please visit their website at where you can check up on all the latest results, fixtures, match reports, match videos, player profiles and much more.

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COSASBUENAS BUILDERS S.L. All aspects of Construction & Building Work undertaken

Terracing > Plumbing > Brickwork Plastering > Electrics > Building Reforms Tel Bill Stewart: 686 040 656 or Ian Davies: 671 182 637

Association of Locksmiths in Spain LOCKSMITHS Window & Shutter Locks Supplied & Fitted 24/7 Emergency Service All locksmith services carried out by fully trained members of the Association of Locksmiths in Spain. Also Locksmith training courses

Tel: 635 146 181

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Chimneys and log burners cleaned. Fire Wood for sale. Almond, Olive etc, best prices in the area. Logs cut to size. Free Delivery & Free Chimney/log burner clean when you purchase more than 3 tons of wood. Land clearance & Tree Pruning

CALL ANGELA 658 626 315

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FUN PAGE FUNNY Ever wonder how blondes remember their Passwords? During a recent password audit, it was found that a blonde was using the following password: MickeyMinniePlutoHueyLouieDeweyDonaldGoofy When asked why such a big password, she said, “It had to be at least 8 characters long.



1. run aground (5) 4. appalling (5) 7. general lackey (8) 8. - Domini (4) 9. oily fish (8) 11. implement (4) 12. Gallic (6) 14. separate, secure shed (6) 16. Hawaiian shindig (4) 18. don’t let them run riot! (8) 20. verdant (4) 21. pawns (8) 23. circular string-winding toys (5) 24. boxer’s wage (5)

1. outdoor heater (7) 2. instance of capering or tomfoolery (5) 3. strike (the record?) (3) 4. armour-clad beast (9) 5. agitated (7) 6. jargon (5) 10. track & field (9) 13. mischievous (7) 15. unsettle (7) 17. loan-sharking (5) 19. of a tyre tube (5) 22. dandy (3)


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 LEGAL MATTERS Property Transactions Wills  ACCOUNTANCY ISSUES Income Tax Returns Self-employment registration Setting up business  SOCIAL SECURITY Medical Cards  NIE & RESIDENCY Foreigners Identification  TRAFFIC TRANSACTIONS Documents - UK Plates  MORTGAGES  INSURANCES Home-Health-Funeral

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WE DO WHAT’S EXPECTED Answer seven questions and find out why!  Can you direct Spanish speaking emergency personnel to your home?  Can you deal with medical issues in Spanish?  Can you make and receive telephone calls in Spanish?  Have you an interpreter on hand?  Have you someone looking after your tax matters?  Have you the services of a consultant at home when you need it?  Have you an English speaking 24/7 emergency help line?

No? - join Moniz 24/7 help & Support Service today: just 0,64 cents a day per couple don’t waste time call now: 96 548 7000 ''it's peace of mind''. Friendly English Speaking office: Easy to find: Av. Pais Valenciano, 97 03340 Albatera (High Street)

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Reviews by John Higgins

Divine justice By David Baldacci : Panmacmillan books It is a long time since I have read a book (as they say on the cover) with a plot strong enough to make the bath go cold around you, Independent on Sunday, that is of course depending on whether one reads books in the bath! It is certainly a book difficult to put down, it’s that good. John Carr, alias Oliver Stone, becomes the most wanted man in America after he commits two high profile assassinations; he had up to this time been ducking and diving from authority leading a clandestine existence. Carr was a member of triple six, an exclusive gang of government assassins, forever on the run. He eventually ends up in Divine a small town in the Appalachian Mountains, not an apt name for a town since existence there is far from divine. The initial part of this tale, for that is what this book is; a kind of Famous Five with violence, it is an adventure, sees John Carr stepping into an unfair brawl, a three against one job! Our hero soon dispatches the thugs and saves young Danny Riker from more punishment. Although Carr is trying at all times to keep a low profile certain inevitability creeps into his everyday existence. An instant friendship of sorts has now been struck up between the two men, although the ages are somewhat disparate. This friendship extends itself to Danny’s mother, Abby, a pivotal figure in the story. As the pages are rapidly turned, many and varied characters make an appearance, nastiest of the bunch is a certain Macklin Hayes, cleverly portrayed by the author as rather stereotyped, nasty, envious, inadequate and evil, the current chief of the C.I.A, with a personnel vendetta against Carr. It turns out that Hayes was Carr’s military commander in Vietnam, where of course, Carr was an outstanding soldier, a hero, in fact. All the way through this entertaining read I kept having visions of Steven Seagal happily crunching bones, on one of his devastating missions to put the world to rights. The book has certain inevitability about it, one can tell what is going to happen next, I rather liked that, it made me feel ever so clever when my guess turned out to be right.


Indignation By Philip Roth : Vintage £7.99 Indignation is a relatively short novel some 231 pages long. Contained in this compact piece of writing is an example of the true greatness of Philip Roth. The immaculate prose and economic style of Roth puts him on a literary pedestal alongside Cormack McCarthy and Don de Lillo in terms of contemporary American writers. The ethnicity of Roth is usually implanted into the story lines of his work, and New York is his territory. The story is set during the early fifties during the period of the Korean War. Marcus Messner is the son of a kosher butcher in Newark N.Y., and consequently works in the shop between studies, but he must get away, his father is too overpowering, therefore college is the way forward. Apart from Marcus’s desire to improve himself and to prove to his parents that he will eventually excel in the wide outside world, there is in fact a double edge sword in his thinking and strategy. If he is successful at college, he would then be less likely to be drafted into the military and shipped off to Korea, to a war that was killing young men at an alarming rate. During his time at college, he in fact attended two during his educated years. It turns out to be a huge mistake to of changed from one to another, due to Marcus’s somewhat intransigent and determined character. This young man has strong views about life running alongside naivety and high moralistic values, and consistently lands him into trouble with authority. He develops a strange relationship with a young lady from the second college. The sexual encounter with Olivia leaves him in a strange self reproaching void. This being his first experience of the sexual kind has a somewhat disturbing effect on his psyche. What we really have here is a novel that could possibly relate to a degree to the growing up years of the author himself, all of the frustrations, self effacement and moral postulations, the apprenticeship of youth and the search for a way. The way most suited to the thinking individual is portrayed throughout the pages. The ending is sad, perhaps inevitable; the message is stark and leaves the reader plenty to reflect upon. With so much middle of the road reading out there in the bookshops it is such a relief to find a gem from Philip Roth.

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A good sized studio apartment, fully furnished, newly decorated, with separate equipped kitchen, living room, bathroom and spacious terrace with views to natural park. Located in the popular La Siesta area, just outside Torrevieja. Either for full time living or to let out. office 1.5 km from fortuna direction abanilla near new roundabout E-mail: • Web site:


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QUICK FIXES FOR HAIR! Volume In A Flash When your hair is flat and lifeless add body and volume by using a root lift spray on dry hair. Tip your head upside down and lift hair away from scalp, rubbing spray into the scalp in a circular motion. For even better results, blast the roots with a hair dryer as you do this, then spray the roots from a few inches away with a strong but lightweight hairspray, flip head back up and gently smooth into style.

Adios To Greasy Roots When you don’t have time to wash greasy hair, there are are a few tricks you can use to degrease. The cheapest is to sprinkle a little talcum powder onto the roots to soak up excess oil, don’t go too mad with the powder though or you will be left with a greyish tinge toyour hair!

Stop The Frizz When wavy or curly hair goes frizzy, it is usually due to humid weather conditions. There are many products on the market now to help combat this, usually in the form of creams or sprays, these put a coating on the hair which act like an umbrella. When dryness is the cause, use a serum on towel dried hair, then rub a tiny bit in from the mid lengths to ends once the hair is dry.

Covering Up Regrowth When your roots need doing, but you have no time to get them done, there are now a few products available on the market designed especially for this purpose, there is a powder that just washes out, and a pen that does the same. The colour choice is a bit limited, but you should be able to find one near enough to your colour to do the trick. A longer lasting solution is a colour specifically made to blend your re-growth into the existing colour, you just put it on your roots, leave for ten minutes, then wash off, giving you a few weeks grace before having to re colour.

Banish Bed Head If you look like Worzel Gummage every morning and you do not want to wash your hair every day, try sleeping on a satin pillow. Satin allows hair to glide across the pillow as opposed to cotton which creates more friction, disrupting the hair cuticles. By Karen of Kazcuts, see our advert page 51 48

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Extra sockets, External Lights, Faults….

Electric Gate Motors fitted from 600 euros NEED A TELEPHONE/COMMS Engineer?

Extensions installed, Phones moved, Faults investigated. Assistance with Internet/Online connections.

Satellite Internet from 29.99 euros per month

Looking for a Business Opportunity?

Contact Steve on: 966195876 or Mobile 699408939 email - or Skype: steve.kilgallon1


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Plumbing, Drains, Tool Hire, Mobile Welding and Repair Service. Caravan, Auto Tractor and Digger service and repair, I.T.V. Electric Mobility Scooter hire and servicing, also Foldable Wheelchairs, Walking Frames and Crutches etc Delivery possible at extra cost anywhere. Garden Maintenance adn Gravelling. Digger Hire or just operation. Pool cleaning and maintenance Land and Orchard Cultivation or Rotovation Anything you need we are here to help to Help You. Tel Jim 650 867 009 or Denise 965 562 594

TRADITIONAL ACUPUNCTURE ELAINE LEIGH Lic. Ac. M.B.Ac.C Fully Qualified, 15 years Experience. Beneficial for most conditions, but particularly: Arthritis & Rheumatism Backpain - Blood Pressure Depression & Stress - Diabetes Headaches & Migraines - I.B.S. Menstrual Problems Sciatica & Joint Pain To Name But A Few

968 696 051 or 662 078 931 (Fortuna)

ADVERTISE WITH TIM Call Nickie for details on 606 891 644 LEARN SPANISH IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME Would you like to learn Spanish but don’t have the time? Feel uncomfortable in a classroom situation? Then try one of our E-courses. For details visit 50


FAPC, SACDip Palmist, Clairvoyant Tarot Consultant Psychic Artist Crystal Healer


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KT Electrics Emergency Lights, Cooker Sockets, New Sockets, Security Lights, Extra Lights and much more... Call Today

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Singer Entertainer Available for Private Functions. Bars, Hotels, etc... For Details or Demo Cd

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Closed Sun/Mon Tue/thr 1000-1430 : 1800-2200 Wed 1000-1500 closed in the evening Fri/Sat 1000-1430 : 1800- 2230 menu of the day from 1200-1400 and 1800-2000 at 6.95€ Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner but still traditional fish and chips as well C,Blasco Ibanez Castalla Tel 637 134 324

Your G scale centre on the Costa Blanca

Model trains for indoors or out, for age 8 to 108

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Feed Your Grey Matter as Well as the Estufa This Autumn


By Caron O’Rourke Throughout the TIM region new activities are being offered in art, languages and health to encourage us all to live a more diverse, happier and theoretically longer life. Rather than curling up under the duvet this Autumn why not get out and enjoy the changing season and learn new skills to help you capture the changing colours of Spain using printing, ceramic, stone carving and painting techniques. Artists throughout the centuries have endeavoured to celebrate the beauty of their surroundings; during the 70’s Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth were inspired by nature to create abstract sculptures in stone and Plaster of Paris (Spanish Yesso) In France, Auguste Rodin also used Yesso to create 3D models or maquettes of his famous “Thinker” sculpture and natural marble to carve “The Kiss”. Consider creating your own masterpieces to provide a focal point within your own garden or patio using local stone or Yesso to create interior wall panels and sculptures as a cheap solution to these problems of large gardens and too many white walls. If you already have photos of local fiestas or landscapes learn, to transform these images into prints or paintings for your own home using monoprinting, painting and collage techniques. These unique prints would make perfect … dare I say it? … Christmas presents. Within Pinoso and Les Encebras small groups of like minded people are already enjoying the challenge of learning new skills to stir-up their grey matter and celebrate the fantastic colour of Spain. Caron O’Rourke and Linda Halbert have joined forces to offer art courses at their own studios and at Ambiente Health & Beauty Centre in Pinoso. If any of the topics or courses are of interest to you see the “Open Studio” advert on Page … this edition or visit for more information. If you are looking for ideas to keep yourself and visitors happy combining art, holidays, health and beauty visit Linda’s web site or pop into Ambiente, Calle Monovar 37, Pinoso for a chat.

IT’S SIMPLE IT’S FREE * & IT SELLS! FREE ADVERTS If you have an item to sell which is up to the value of 500 euros entrance into the Bargainads pages is FREE for no more than 25 words, no more than 3 items per household, this service is open to non commercial enterprises. Send your items for sale to or text 680 976 823, please make sure your Bargain advert is accompanied by the area in which you live. If all available space is taken, your advert will appear in the next available magazine. FREE at You can now also place your Classifieds up to the price of 750 euros FREE of charge in our classified section at

* PAID ADVERTS For Commercial adverts in the Bargainads section or to place adverts that are over the specified 500 euros, contact us on 606 891 644 or email theinlandmagazine@yahoo.

Small Ads an be sent to TIM, Apartado De Correos 285, 03630 (SAX) Alicante


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Costa Blanca GENERAL SWIMMING POOL & SPA Test Strips, Chlorine, Alkalinity and PH, 3 in 1 and 5 in 1 Test Strips. Takes five seconds to accurately check your pool or spa chemicals. 50 test strips per pot. Accurate and easy to use. 7 Euro’s each or 3 pots for 20 Euro’s. Telephone 965978247 or 609931647. Sax Men behaving badly 10 videos series 1-5 and the very best of 25 euros Castalla Int tel 965 562 573 Olympus om 10 camera Miranda 650 om flashgun, Kodak 600 electronic flash 20 euros o.n.o Castalla tel 965 562 573 Stylish Wooden Casa 2 yrs old , Approx 5 meters x 5 meteres x 50 mm thick. Very well maintained with windows on 2 sides and step to glass paned door 1,650 euros (new 4,000euros.) Crevellent 616736184. .Wood, 28 pieces, 3 meters x 20 cm wide x 6mm thick. (new) 600euros o.n.o. Crevellent 616736184. Winter Pool cover for 8x5 heavy duty, the type you can walk on Cost 590€ for sale @100€ 968 432 132 653 983 800. Pinoso Companion Set black wrought iron and brass, with poker, brush, shovel, bellows, and tongs. Cost €90 . VGC €30 Pinoso 968434300/617711872 Ski boots “head” size 45 vgc, 50 euros La Murada 676 217 141 computer desk for sale, immaculate condition. €20 tel 671493090 pinoso area Girls bike, suit 8 - 10 years. Good condition, 25 euros. Villena 965814647 IMMACULATE BABY CRIB COMPLETE WITH MATTRESS WAS 120 EUROS NOW 50. BABY’S COT WITH MATTRESS 40 EUROS. 30 PLASTIC PLANT POTS VARIOS SIZES 8 EUROS. 4 SILVER GAS BOTTLES 15 EUROS EACH. TEL: 666273321 PINOSO AREA Caravan for sale, crown 2 berth 16ft electrics, fridge, oven hob, water heater, shower, toilet,

gas heater, awning. 750E ono Fortuna 699134711. 2.25 tonn trolley Jack New never used still in box .A great Xmas present. Cox area phone 688 692 493. Electric massage mat for sore back sufferers 50 euros Tibi tel 664 753 231 - 2 - 1500W, 1- 2500W oil filled electric heaters good condition E10 each 2 - 5 stem ceiling lights good condition E10 each Hondon Area Tel; 648670052 Electric radiator 1210W, wall mounted, efficient Markesit Model EMK 11, multi-function controls. Very good condition. Only 45 euros. La Romana. 966196634 Commando Buddy Stab Jacket, Conshelf Supreme DV (with Oceanic Pressure and Depth Gauges plus Compass) ,Mares Size 5 5mm Dive Suit (Plus Extra 5mm Jacket) Dive Dynamic Gloves ,Oceanic Dive Belt (Shot Filled) Steel Air Bottle ,UK 400 Rechargeable Dive Lamp ,Seamen Sub Emergency Light Oceanic Marker Buoy and Reel ,Typhoon Dive Knife ,All Contained in a Dive Dynamic Dive Bag Total Cost €500 Benferri 965369913 AIR RIFLE - Weihrauch HW57 .22 Underlever complete with Telescopic sights. Lined bag and assorted pellets. Immaculate condition - rarely used. €250. Castalla 630800578 4 alloy wheels 5 spoke, 16 ins, reasonable condition 50 euros, premium pressure washer, petrol, 4 changeeable nozzles, powerful, Bargain at 120 euros Tel 633 157 001 Sax Full pumping kit for large swiming pool , includes all controls etc. 300euros . Crevellent 616736184.

Set of Carlsboro speakers two bass, two mid , top 1000 watt amp in flightcase with leads, Call 692 319 835 Roca wall mounted water heater Model victoria 20 , 50 eurosPrivelig 916 dishwasher 50 euros ,Weber philips gas fire insert 520 x 350 50 euros Fortuna 610620750 Pace 2600 skybox best box for Spain, strong tuner for weaker signals bargain 90 euros 679 060 219 Pinoso Upright piano for sale. Excellent condition, in tune. 500 euros. ovno. Villena 965814647 1.9 metre satellite dish with twin LNB and stand E350. Wicker and wrought iron book shelf E25. Many books hard back E2.50 paper back E1.50 all in good condition. Tel. 965617316 Tibi area 2 - 1500W, 1- 2500W oil filled electric heaters good condition E10 each 2 - 5 stem ceiling lights good condition E10 each Hondon Area Tel; 648670052 Silver bunkbed, single top,3/4 sofa bottom 50 euros, white wedding dress size 10/12 50 euros, bath 140 cm, unused 20 euros Tel 622 081 617 Leather bikers jacket, black, extra large, very good condition, 100 euros. Fortuna area, 968680407, or 633324547 Handmade Pub Style Picnic Bench seats 6. Quality treated pine. Overall size: 198cm x 165cm,180 euros (o.n.o) (buyer collects) Tel: 96 619 3765 Quad Bike 50cc off road good fun 300 euros, Quad Bike 125cc off road good fun with gears and reverse 400 euros, Acros 10 euros each. Salinas 665 444 505

Frailes Area Kids Off R/d M/ Cycle 110 cc OHV Auto G/Box Elect Start ,Suit 10 - 14 Years ,18Months Old Cost 395 Euros ,Inc Helmet & Body Armour 250 Euros ,Tel 678 490 861

Folding Ladder (4 sections of 3feet) 30 euros , Quad Bike 150cc registerd for road 500 euros, Porta Loo (New) 30 euros, Spin Dry 30euros , Builders Tresals and Platform 50euros Tel 965978687 Sax

Jacuzzi bath for sale, from new build, only used three times - as new. Complete with panel, motor & pump etc. Seen working. Tel 966196795 or 693239123. Ubeda, Pinoso

Settee, two seater, dark brown leather, excellent quality & condition. Modern, hardly used, can deliver, Cost 750, sell 250 euros. Fortuna area, 968680407, 633324547.

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Brass ornamental boots, approximately 30cm high, western style with stirrups, very unusual, bargain 60 euros.. Fortuna area, 968680407 or 633324547 Steel and tempered glass fire doors to convert that open fire place . Sizes 863mm x 711mm . vgc . €90 ono . Near Abanilla . Telephone 968432764 METAL FENCING ROLLS 25 METER X 153 CMS X 5 ROLLS. NEW .200EUROS. POSTS 180 CMS X 50 AND STAYS NEW 200EUROS. SINGLE GATE 55 EUROS . CREVELLENT 649229353. Bread making machine with instructions. 25 euros. Villena 965814647 Golf clubs full set steel or graphite shafts 100 euros , red & white bird cage on stand as new with accessories 40 euros ,submersible pump can be seen working 35 euros Pinoso area tel 966979681 Mini fridge20 liter, jet black 50 euros, small floor heater 6 euros, electric fire glow heater 45 euros, dvd player 25 euros San Miguel 672 830 252 For sale 3 piece suite chesterfield, colour bergundy, good condition 75E, also wing back brown armchair 25E. Fortuna Tel:699134711 Dog transporter, petmate ultra. Excellent condition, airline/vet approved . Ideal for small to medium dog, 64 cms x 41 cms x 54 cms only 70 euros Call 664 824 479 La Romana METAL FENCING ROLLS 25 METER X 153 CMS X 5 ROLLS. NEW .200EUROS. POSTS 180 CMS X 50 AND STAYS NEW 200EUROS. SINGLE GATE 55 EUROS .CREVELLENT 649229353. “All Terrain” Adult Bicycle. 20” frame, stainless steel wheels and 18 gears. Avocet gel seat. Hardly used, as good as new. €75 Tel: 651572942 Aspe area, Wrought iron coffee table with glass top measuring 120cm x 60cm x 48cm high. In excellent condition. Cost new €260 will sell for €150 o.n.o. Tel: 651572942. Aspe area. 53

The Inland Magazine™ Goldfish and Koi Carp for sale. Goldfish from 3 Euro’s, Koi from 15 Euro’s to 100 Euro’s. Koi food also available. Pond and filter design service, advice given for free. Telephone Eric on 965 978 247 or 609 931 647. sax Pine, 3-drawer bedside cabinet. As new. €40 Tel: 651572942 Aspe area,

Complete bathroom set, Ideal for Luxury En suite 900m and standard size shower tray Heavy duty Glass shower door and side to fit Taps, shower head, Designer basin and accessories, All the above are highest quality and imported from UK Cancelled reform project, new value over £1500 Job lot at 500€. 968 432 132 653 983 800. Pinoso

SERVICES Chain Link Fencing and Perimeter walls. For a free no-obligation low cost quote, log on at www.Billericky. com or call Keith 628 613 350 or 962 389 622

Very nice man with a big white van, Removals, deliveries, pick up service, all jobs considered Phone 669 547 068 or 680 396 886

Is your business closing down? Need to sell your stock? then call us on 675 218 436 or 966 196 777 or e.mail insolvencyespana@ we buy all types of bankrupt and liquidated stock.

Joiner / Carpenter Fully qualified Joiner. Can undertake anything from A shelf to a new roof. All general repairs including break in damage Pergolas/ carports/ wood stores made to order and any size or collect one today Example of items stocked Pergolas: 5m x 3m €330 - 3m x 2m €230 Mature, solid timbers. Treated clear Workshop between Pinoso & Fortuna

649540016 or --------------------------------------------Enjoy out door living 100% free from Mosquitoes, Flies, etc GO TO – Email: Tel: 649540016

DJ MagiK Professional DJ Available for your event Quality sound system with Spectacular Disco lights & smoke machines All the frills for a great party night! Playing your choice of Music! Weddings. Engagements. Birthdays Pool Parties & BBQ’s etc.

Long wheelbase van leaving for the Uk, 22nd November, returning 3rd December, space available both ways Ring Paul on 634 030 636

We discuss your personal requirements.

PREMIER PLASTERING All aspects of plastering undertaken.


Large variation of finishes available including: > Skimming (Smooth walls) > Rendering (Sand & Cement) > Monocapa/Raspado (All Colours) > Stone Cladding > Tiling All work guaranteed. All areas covered Call now 868 000 039 Mobile 636 573 791


For a free consultation tel Leigh 868 000 039 or 636 573 791

Are you starting a market Stall/ Shop? If so we have thousands of new, quality clothing lines for sale, visit our web site at www. or e.mail or tel 675 218 436 nobody can compete with us on Price. We also have tons of other

items non clothing available through our web site. Due too an accident in September, D.J Entertainer Bruce Wayne will no longer be performing on the Costa Blanca, he would like to thank all the Clubs / Bars / Organisations/ Charities and friends for their support over the years. EVENTS Auction, Auction!!!!!! 2 houses one in La Canalosa 3000sq m with pool another in Hondon de los Frailes with pool and 9650sq m full details:-www. Saturday 14 November. 5pm onwards. Salinas mini international food festival to celebrate World Tolerance Day. Place “Centro Polivalente Municipal”, Salinas. Cantabile Int. Ladies Choir. Torrevieja. ( Est 10yrs). Sing variety of music. Rehearse every Friday 16.00 to 18.00 at Villa Augusta, Guardamar.. New singers welcome. Inf. Jennifer 966796866, Eve.655471787, Henny 966703247 e-mail www.TorreviejaInformation. com/cantabile MABS Murcia Events 6 November – 20:30 – Races, Quizzes and Cards – Free Entry! Novo Carthago, Los Urrutias A fun night of races, quizzes and cards. Food available. Arrive 20:30 for a 21:00 start. Have some fun and raise money for MABS at the same time. Call 968 134 978 for full details 13 November – 13:00 – Swishing Party Viva Bar, Los Nietos A chance to get a change of wardrobe – Swishing: Arrive 13:00 for 13:45 start All proceeds to MABS Cancer Support Group Call 968 134 978 for full details

E-mail: • Web site:

15 November – Race for Life - 3 Km (Registration from 09.30/Start 11.00) Playa Los Narejos Norté, Los Alcázares Register online at www. or call 693 824 511 This is to let everyone know that due to serious problems with our Internet Service Provider we are not available under www.aa-costablanca. com anymore. That website address is no longer valid and certainly does not carry Alocholics Anonymous information. Therefore, the new address is: Public Information Liaison Officer for Alocoholics Anonymous on the Costa Blanca ENTERTAINMENT Bar El Parque - Onil: Under new Management, live football, live music SATURDAY 28 NOVEMBER - BACK BY DEMAND - ROB WOODHOUSE - 9 till late. Boxing Night, Tickets only, Harper & Taylor Singing and Comedy, plus Buffet. Quiz and Play your Cards Right on Sunday Afternoons from 4pm.Menu served daily 10am-8pm Children’s parties catered for. Sunday Roast 5.50 Contact Caryn on 658 746 840 VEHICLES



We pay INSTANT CASH same day for cars, vans, bikes, quads, aravans, trailers.Absolutely anything

From 1€ - €10.000 Same day collection

Ring Lee Now 663 673 143 Phil: 607 848 332 FORTUNA


Auction, Auction!!!!!! 2 houses one in La Canalosa 3000sq m with pool another in Hondon de los Frailes with pool and 9650sq m full details:- hondonvalleyvillas. com FOR SALE, BIAR 18,250 m2 of land, with house mostly olive and almond trees, in tranquil country side. Half hour from Alicante. Views of castle and valley, partly renovated, large Ikea kitchen, laminate flooring. Spanish pool, enclosed garden. Water and electricity. 179,000 euros for more information call 669 322 438 or 690 880 207 Private sale. Onil - Fully renovated town house. 3 Double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, new fitted kitchen. Light, bright and spacious. Close to all amenities. Absolute bargain. 79,000 euros. Tel: 636 167 650. No agents please.

good condition, perfect accommodation for new build etc Tel 646 164 896 Pinoso Static Caravans 4 sale starting from 3,000 euros excellent condition Tel 669 880 544


For Rent /Or For Sale. La Romana Unfurnished town House. Close to all amenities,3 beds, 3 baths, Kitchen/Diner, Separate Utility. Lounge/ Diner. Huge underbuild. Small enclosed courtyard. Large upper terrace.Long term preferred. Will sell. Tel: 659658760/ 965978907


679 251 158


and much more. Sleeps eight people. Ideal for chill out or house hunting. Spacious modern comfortable, and tastefully furnished. Call +0044 (0)1752 863353 U.K 669804117 mob Spain for more information Baños de Fortuna Low Season Rates

bred chickens, English breeds preferably. Contact Robert on 966 193 426 Wanted large Marquee, must be in very good condition and with dimensions larger than 18 mtrs length by 5 mtrs width and very reasonably priced. Call 638 026 230

1. Mobile Home. 24m : 1 bedroom. Aircon. 2500€ on 250 m : plot. Rental 150€ per month. 2. Caravan. Hobby Landhaus 7.5m. New. Aircon. Awning. Separate outside bathroom. 18250€ on 180m : plot. Rental 100€per month 3. Mobile home 55m2. 1 bedroom. Aircon. Fully furnished. 34500€ on 300m2 plot. Rental 100€ per month Available now. Tel 636 257 521

Rooms available to rent, long term not a problem, Call 696 599 489 Available now in Pinoso 2 x Static Caravan Plots, pool, bar and park area Tel 669 880 544 Luxury Town House for Rent- La Gineta. Very spacious, 3 Bedroom/3 Bathroom Town House. 2 reception rooms, huge garage all services. Fully furnished ready to move in. 5 mins drive from Santomera/10 mins from Fortuna. 650€pm. Tel Fred 638 724 742

Person wanted to house share, modern luxury villa, own en suite bedroom. Modest Rent and share of bills, must be dog friendly Tel Pat on 637 993 667 Wanted. upvc or wooden glazed door + frame. Contact keith 662036231 in Castalla


“OUR NAN” (Annie Elizabeth Hands)

WANTED For sale authentic village house in Hondon de las Nieves, ground floor kitchen diner, with white goods, bathroom with shower, lounge with t/v signal and landline phone, dining area with log burning stove. first floor 2 large bedrooms one en suite both with A/C study or office area private roof terrace. Price includes some furnishings €113,000 to view phone 628093490 or visit htm

Mobile Home For Sale, 28 ft, 2bed, shower room,

Are you house hunting/ or looking for a relaxing Holliday 30 minutes inland from the coast and 25 mins from Alicante Airport in the real Spain! Long and Short lets available, fabolous road connections to all parts of Spain. Golf Couse 15 mins drive away.Two beds, two bathrooms, American kitchen/ dinner, Sky tv, Air con, use of pool and jaccuzi, beautifull views, great for walking or cyclists. Sax area call 638 026 230 for more info and prices.

Short lets / holiday. Near Pinoso village house four bedrooms three bathrooms


Annie Elizabeth Hands, born 30th May 1909, passed away peacefully on the 29th October 2007 Aged 98 years. Our Nan, two years on and your words never fade ,your wisdom is installed and lives on through all of us . We miss you Nan , and you will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace “Our Nan” all of our love from your grandchildren and families in Spain, Steve, Karen, Richard and great grandchildren Jordan and Callum and partners Claire, Al and Nickie.

Bargain adverts can be E-MAILED to or a •TEXT TO: 680 976 823 (Please do not phone this number) E-mail: Web site: CLOSING DATE FOR ADVERTS IS THE 19th of EACH MONTH. Adverts received after this will not appear in the next issue of TIM



Restaurant San Francisco

As you have seen, this restaurant is for sale after 2 and a half years open. Now probably the busiest bar & restaurant in la Romana, owner motivated to look at all offers. The Restaurant/ Bar makes a profit, and we have all figures for two and a half years of trading to show to potential buyers- income guaranteed! Owner will stay with buyers to ensure smooth transition. takings of gross average 16k per month net profit to husband wife team over 3k per month!! Even in current crisis with huge upside potential. For more info and price, Price Reduced Call Steve on

Butchers Equipment For Sale Cold Store 7ft x 5ft single phase + running 1 turbovac pack machine ex condition stainless free standing model- with service items Approx 10,000 various vac pack bags 1x burger press with lucas seasoning+ papers 1x stainless sausage machine + skins + seasoning 1x stainless slicer 1x stainless overwrap machine “new” 1x stainless 32 mincer 6 months old 2x digital scales as new Cutting tables and stainless tables + more All in very good condition, open to offers as whole lot or will separate

662 048 747

Tel 616 008 221 Between 6 pm and 8pm 100’s of Classified Adverts Listed!!

Do you have a Tea Wagon/ Burger van? We have an ideal opening for you with fabulous

earning potential if you own and run a legal tea wagon/ burger van here in Spain for more details call 691 260 502 or 638 026 230 start earning straight away. Closing your business/ shop down? We buy all types of liquidation/ bankrupt stock for CASH! Call 675 218 436 or 966 196 777 and turn your unwanted stock into cash.


CLAIRE CROFTS, Mobile dog grooming service. Back in business. Tel: 649 280 204

and pony riding for juniors and adults, tuition available for all level of experience. We design and personalize private parties with large BBQ buffets and live music.. Tel: 667 705 866 Doberman bitch free to good home. 4 years. Good guard. Loves kids. Must be sole dog. Lives in or out. Passported & chipped. Tel: 662 404 396. Aspe Belgian shepherd cross puppies. Ready now. Free. Tel. 669 537 483 or 677 343 653

Horse Stables Novelda: We are situated in the country side, where you are able to enjoy long and beautiful rides.Services offered: Full livery, Schooling Ring 20mx20m, Menage 60mx20m (Night illumination) Trecking Pinoso Association for the Protection of Animals

Animals Needing Homes October 2009 Telephone: 649 384 140 or 680 170 298

Visit to see all animals PUPPIES These 2 little puppies were abandoned in Pinoso 2 weeks ago. Around 10 weeks old they are adorable.

TERRY's KITTENS How about these for cute!! They are ready for homing now.

ASTRO This lovely male dog was found roaming near Fortuna. He is BIG, probably a Wolfhound cross. Very affectionate and castrated and vaccinated.


E-mail: • Web site:

BLUE This boy, about 4 months old is very affectionate indeed ERIC (Left) After his brother Ernie was homed two months, ago seven month old Eric is still looking for a home. Playful and friendly

Pinoso Association for the Protection of Animals


Visit or Call 680 170 298 or 649 384 140

Uncertain Future for Abandoned Animals in Europe A recently proposed European Union directive will allow all member countries to have a policy for abandoned animals to be collected and destroyed within 10 days. Talks in Valencia have taken place and registered organisations such as the Protectora Villena and P.A.P.A.s have made it clear that they are vehemently opposed to such a policy. The situation is made worse by a further proposal by Germany and France to close their borders to cats and dogs being re-homed from abroad. The sanctuary at Villena, along with several others, have homed a high proportion of animals in these countries and if this proposal becomes a reality, abandoned dogs and cats could only be re-homed here in Spain. To try and deal with the potentially overwhelming number of abandoned animals, PAPAs Executive have decided to position itself financially to create a prevention strategy. We have proposed a Sterilization Programme for the Pinoso area which will offer sterilization of resident's pets at a reduced rate. We are currently negotiating with the Town Hall and local veterinary surgeons to take the idea forward and the response, so far, has been very enthusiastic. PAPA.s Charity Shop and PAPAS Pantry are open Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4.30 pm Come in for a real bargain and a meal, snack or a cuppa. Any goods are always welcome to sell in the Charity Shop in Calle Cura Garcia, No.12, Pinoso, just off the market square.

Dog Collection & Homing

What an incredible summer it's been for PAPAs. Since May, we collected 49 dogs and 26 Cats & Kittens. Of the dogs, 3 owners were traced and reunited with their pets, 14 dogs and puppies were homed direct by PAPAs, 5 dogs are in our kennels now and Summer Party Over 70 Members, Guests & Children packed the poolside 27 were taken to the sanctuary at Villena, and area of El Cortijo, Paredon for PAPAs Annual Summer some of these are still awaiting homes. Party. As ever, great music was provided by DJ Mike Many thanks to the dog collection team for Francis, and a wonderful time was had by all. Thanks to all their sterling work and of course to Shirley who helped to make it such a successful night and Linda for working so hard to find homes

Pop Quiz and Pub Quiz Every Thursday

Every alternate Thursday, PAPAs Pantry is pleased to host DJ Mike Francis's Pop Quiz. There’s lots of great music and a friendly atmosphere.The quiz covers Pop Music from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. The next POP QUIZ is November 12th. Every other Thursday, we've got Dickie's Tricky Pub Quiz, with a special 'Beat the Clock' round and a 'Pictures and Acronyms' Round. If you want to have a go, please come along any Thursday. If you wish to eat, please book a table at the Charity Shop/PAPAs Pantry


Friday, 20th November 2009 at 12noon to 4.30pm in PAPAs Charity Shop, Calle Cura Garcioa 12, Pinoso (off the Market Square)

for the dogs and cats.


Many thanks to all of you who have volunteered to help our Association. We now have over 50 brilliant volunteers who work in PAPAs Pantry, the Charity Shop, Donation Tin Collection and Abandoned Animal collection and care. Now PAPAs is so much bigger, we are always grateful for extra help, to cover absences and holidays. So if you have a few hours a week to spare and want to help the animals in some way, please come into the shop at Calle Cura Garcia, Pinoso or call 680 170 298.

We apologise to everyone for missing the printing deadline last month, this was due to an unscheduled emergency trip to the UK.



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The Inland Magazine November 2009 Edition  

5th Birthday, November 2009 edition

The Inland Magazine November 2009 Edition  

5th Birthday, November 2009 edition