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Virtual EMS Quick Reference Guide Tiffin University

Submitting an Event or Meeting Request through the Virtual EMS Request Form (http://Tiff-Sched-Web/VirtualEMS): 1. First, navigate to ( using the browser of your choice. (Virtual EMS works more efficiently with Google Chrome or FireFox) 2. Log into Virtual EMS using your Tiffin University ID and password. Once you log in the first time, you should not have to log in again if you are already logged in under your Tiffin user account on your work computer. You will have to log in when you are off-campus. 3. Once logged in, or automatically logged in, go to “Reservations” and then select the Event Request form from the dropdown menu.

4. Next, enter your desired date, time, building, attendance, and setup type for the space you are looking for; Availability Filters is an optional field to help narrow down your search for a room. Any field with a red asterisk is required in order to find a space.

5. If you need to schedule a recurring meeting or event, click the “Recurrence” button. Enter your desired meeting pattern and then click “Apply Recurrence”. You are able to select random dates if all of the bookings have the same time. Don’t forget to set the range of your recurrence at the bottom of the window. Whether you apply a recurrence or not, next you need to click ‘”Find Space”.


Virtual EMS Quick Reference Guide Tiffin University

5. If requesting a single date you will see the availability grid below. Click the plus sign next to the room or rooms that you want to request and it will then move to the top under “Selected Locations”. To unselect a location, simply click the ‘X’ next to the location you want to remove.

6. If using a recurrence you will see a list of available rooms along with the number of dates in the recurrence on which the room is available.


Virtual EMS Quick Reference Guide Tiffin University 7. Once you have selected your room(s), move on to the “Details” tab to enter the remaining information (event name, event type, any additional questions). Any field with a red asterisk is required in order to submit a request. At this portion of your ticket, you may attach any files with room setup or additional details for your event. If this is a student organization, a staff/faculty group advisor must be listed. Mark the box regarding terms and condition.

8. Now you can click ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the form, after which you will see the following. Note the status of “Virtual Request”. Once the request is processed you will receive a confirmation email or be contacted for additional information, and the status will be updated to one of the following statuses: “Confirmed”, “Pending”, “Academic Bump”, “Academic Confirmed”, “Academic Conflict”, “Academic Cross list”, “Cancelled”, “Virtual Cancelled”, Virtual Request”, Virtual Request- Student”, or “Waitlist” (if there is more information needed). A request can be made no later than 72 hours prior to your event. However, we do understand that events will need scheduled within short notice and those reservations can be made by contacting the Event Services Staff. Sandy Koehler @ 419-448-3323, Nikki Kieffer @ 419-448-3593 or .


Virtual EMS Quick Reference Guide Tiffin University 9. If you need to add Services (Amenities) to your reservation, please click on the green plus sign under Services to add Amenities to the corresponding booking (s).

10. To see what you have already requested, or reserved in the past, scroll over “Reservations” and select “View My Requests” while being logged in to Virtual EMS. Individual bookings and services can be cancelled or edited under the ‘Actions’ column by clicking the ‘X’ or pencil & paper icon respectively.


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