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Portlaise, Ireland

The Irish Field Archery Monthly is a first Irish NON PROFIT periodical dedicated to archery in its broadest sense. We are an independent publication for the archery community on the island of Ireland and beyond. The aim of this introductions is not to present TIFAM at its best, but to shine a light on the true nature of the organisation, that is, all of us whose hard work and dedication have built this globally unique cultural-community-media entity. Since for us TIFAM is a living organism made up of dreams, sacrifices, tears and the sweat of hard work, but also filled with joy and a compelling sense of achievement. We are aware that we are building something so unusual and so unique that we could just as easily be called a unicorn of the media industry or the black sheep of business, as the pursuit of profit is our least prerogative. As you will read below, our objectives are different and have little to do with the prevailing profit-maximising drive of today. We see the world and its needs through the lens of those close to us, and this is rarely matched by a business approach. Besides, notions of the common good and social justice have always stood in contrast to fiscal calculations aimed at generating needs in order to secure opportunities for capital expansion. Which does not prevent the capitalisation of dreams being combined with capital growth. The point is in the approach to capital accumulation, in other words in the ethics of work and conduct, and in particular in the ethics of building and setting goals that are meaningful and socially viable.