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NAME: TIFA ANDINA (Andean IWTA in English)

International Workshop of Training in Animation Andean Region

Animated Camp


PLACE: Main Workshop Merida, Venezuela Itinerant Workshop Links with Andean countries

DATES: 1st edition:

September 22 to September 26, 2014

2nd edition: August 2016 (Peru) 2nd edition: October 2016


Carolina del Valle Rodríguez

0058 4265117613 Skype: carodelvalle25

FIRST EDITION Paco Rodríguez (Spain) Enrique Cortés (Argentina) Joaquín Cuevas (Bolivia) Omar Proenza (Cuba) Jean Charles Lami (Belgium-Venezuela) Violeta Moreno (Venezuela) Carolina Dávila (Venezuela)

International and National Guests

Day Number One

CNAC Vicepresident Alizar Dahdah

Opening/ Inauguration Master Classes Conferences Director of the Audiovisual Media School, University of Los Andes Francisco Quiñónez

Available online through: Youtube Channel:


TIFA Director Carolina del Valle Rodríguez

Specification in the Script for Animation / Enrique Cortés

The producer during the development / Paco Rodríguez

The Game Rules to produce Animation in Venezuela / Carolina Dávila

Kaporito. The artistic director. Case Study / Violeta Moreno

A 3-D feature filme pipeline. Samuel h20/ Omar Proenza

2-D Animation and the process of La Abuela Grillo/ Coproductions/ JoaquĂ­n Cuevas

Broadcasting of Venezuelan animated short films Cesar Rengifo Theater 300 seats

Exhibition / Inaugural Toast

Direction Project Selection Committee Assistantship Team General Producer Production Assistantship Field Producer Creaturas Coordination Logistics Press Web Graphic Design

General concept of the workshop, financing, planning, links Projects review and selection

Assistantship, links, programming

Process coordination, retroplanning

Attendance to activities, production

Extension and Community Activities, broadcasting

Coordination of the workshop addressed to children and youngsters Plane tickets, guests, accommodation

Digital, printed links, another media

The whole image of the event

Technical team

Informatics technician, broadcasting team

Audiovisual Record

Record of all the academic and extension activities


This is a space intended and created to generate the exchange of production and knowledge of each one of the countries that participate in it. It is mainly focused in the Andean region, since its purpose is to reinforce the creation of animated contents, as well as establishing the basis for the strength of the Andean animation web and the promotion of our contents in the international markets.

The conferences were totally free and were transmitted streaming, although there was a previous registration process through the website. The next four days were focused to the specific assistantship of projects, the participants of these projects were 15 scholarship recipients, selecting three people by every country of the Andean region (Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela), as well as participants who registered regularly and fulfilled the requirements The activities were developed during five days of having animation projects in the development of training. The first day was devoted to the phase (development, pre-production) and paid development of conferences and free master the enrollment to the event. classes in which the international trainers, working in conjunction with the national ones, pointed out different issues related to the production of animation, specifically regarding the three theme areas: script, production-markets and technical laboratories.

The international workshop of Training in Animation for the Andean Region




Selection Criteria

In order to select the recipients of the ANDINA scholarships it was taken into account that the participant had a project either in the development phase or in one of the different phases of script, production design, animation pre-production. At the moment of the selection it was necessary the registration of the participant through the web page, attaching, according to each one of the proposals presented, the data required. The selection was done by a Selection Committee.

Selection Method for trainers/ tutors

It was taken into account the experience the candidate had, emphasizing the production of animated feature films from the Ibero-American region.

Selection Criteria for the Alternative Sample of Broadcastings

Feature animated films, short animated films, and medium-length animated films from the Ibero-American countries that were not widely known and were recently done. Works done by the TIFA workshop participants applicable to establish forums, students and workshop participants short films. Space of project visualization or Work In progress of each one of the participants.


Audiovisual creators with emphasis and interest in the animation

as a language.

Young Latinamerican animators.

Animation producers from the Andean region.

Script writers interested in the creation of contents for animation.

Also, for those who need to improve or reinforce their training in the different stages a feature film or animated series.

Active people who work as coordinators and professionals in the

field of animation, producers, executive producers, studio owners or public entities that are not aware of the new changes in the field and the latest tendencies of the market.

The extension and community that include non profitable broadcasting are activities addressed to all the audience, with a special

emphasis in the children and youngsters.

Creaturas with TIFA is a group destined to children and teenagers

linked to the training of new audiences and new generations of animators.

OUTCOME TIFA 2014 Fifteen projects selected with full Andean scholarships from the Ibermedia Program

Participation by country

Andean Countries


93 proposals received

19% 16% 14% 10%

11% Another countries

OUTCOME TIFA 2014 Thirty projects selected to receive CNAC scholarships (Centro Nacional AutĂłnomo de CinematografĂ­a, National uthonomous Center of Cinematography in English)

Six interinstitutional exchanges with professors of the University of Los Andes 34 participants by their own means


One hundred workshop hours for children and CREATURAS from TIFA.

Development of the sample Cinemanimated, MĂŠridanima and Animated Neiborhood

Heroínas Square

Tabay Square

Broadcasting in communities and open spaces:

Las Heroínas Square Tabay Square

Broadcasting spaces in Free Cultural Areas:

César Rengifo Theater, Spinetti Dini Room, Tabay Cinematheque

Tabay Cinematheque Room spinetti Dini (Tulio febres cordero)

Theater cesár rengifo (Alucine)

Development of the sample ANIMATED NEIBORHOOD:

Pueblo Nuevo and Santo Domingo neighborhoods.

General Balance in numbers Amount of present workshops participants: 87 Online- Streaming Reproductions: +1200 Full Ibermedia 15 Scholarships awarded: • CNAC Scholarships 30 awarded: Interinstitutional 6 Exchanges:

University of Los Andes School of Audiovisual Media. University of Los Andes School of Art and Design. Santos Marquina 2 Communitarian Audiovisual Production Unit: Participants at their 34 own expenses: Half Modality (without 20 accommodation for Merida participants): Full Modality (with 5 accommodation): Participants in free 150 on-site conferences: STREAMING TIFA +100 connected: Further reproductions +1200 of TIFA Youtube channel: Approximate audience in +200 public spaces and alternative communitarian broadcastings:

2-D Animation Lab with JoaquĂ­n Cuevas

3-D Animation Lab with Omar Proenza

Workshop on Production with Paco RodrĂ­guez

Script Workshop by Enrique Cortés

Certification given to Creaturas from TIFA.

Workshop for children and teenagers TABAY Municipality

Webs/Nets and Media

Development of the web page and web campaign. Promotion through the Ibero-American webs related to the audiovisual training (LATAM, INCINE, PROIMAGENES, CNAC, etc) Promotion through institutions as well as private and public training centers from the Andean countries, through the “amig@� (friend) link of each participant country. Animated advertisement spot for the webs. Development of the graphic image of the event for its promotion in the social networks. Surveys available online through Google search engine

TIFA Youtube: more than 1200 Plays TIFA FAcebook: +2000 followers

TIFA survey available at: Google drive TIFA

TIFA TWitter: +650 followers

Surveys available online through Google drive TIFA

Statistics youtube channel

Views Catalog ONLINE

Other Details Social Networks


It starts as the first Workshop of Training in Animation of the Andean region. The training needs this area has are frequently covered by private companies that usually offer technical training in exchange of high prices for enrollment. The most important goals the project has are intended to provide a bigger population interested in training themselves with the possibility of assisting their projects and encourage the

process of learning through a real program that would allow them to exchange their experiences as well as to establish networking relationships with professionals. It is significant that due to the lack of training spaces destined to animation, the proposal was welcomed profusely, supported by the fact that the need of this training process was detected from the basis of the project. There are not similar programs devoted exclusively to the animation in the Andean region.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths The program appears to solve the real need the region has in the search of spaces to strengthen the animation projects in Venezuela and the Andean country neighbors. There is a huge richness of talent and plenty of stories with an amazing potential to be told. Successful welcoming to the first edition and the immense amount of potential projects. Potentiality to generate webs addressed to launch the Itinerant TIFA as a worthwhile experience to be lived in every Andean country. Receptivity of government organizations that support the TIFA Venezuela Project The TIFA program is located in a Venezuelan tourist city that also offers lower costs in production. The Animated Camp modality creates real exchanges spaces, as well as great training concentration.

Weaknesses Need of complex and complicated strategies of organization since it is practically impossible to purchase international plane tickets from and in the country. It is important the contribution in international currencies like the American Dollar. It is to say, this contribution should come from international organizations. it would make easier the purchase of international plane tickets and the payment of international fees. Internet service in the selected camp. Every month the program is affected by the money devaluation. It makes the established budgets to increase and takes the program to a complex management of finances.

Allies Organized by

Sponsored by


FACEBOOK: Tifa. Taller Internacional de Formaciรณn

en Animaciรณn

TWITTER: @tifandina WEB: Catalog TIFA 2014:


English Version Report TIFA ANDINA 2014  

Report of Results TIFA ANDINA Firts Edition (2014) with the support of Ibermedia Program and National Autonomous Center of Cinemtography (...

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