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Regardless of whether you're at a corporate function or on a date at one of several fine restaurants in the local Oxnard area in lovely California, it's important to know the best way to be a well mannered and polite dining partner. For a lot of men, restaurant etiquette was either never taught or long since forgotten however it is a skill that could make the difference between landing a new partnership with a visiting corporation, and sealing the deal on a second date. Restaurant etiquette is not complicated but there are several critical guidelines that should be noted and they start even ahead of entering a fine dining restaurant in Oxnard. Using this counsel will help to prevent embarrassment and will make an excellent start to any business or personal relationship, that a fine dining experience sets the atmosphere to achieve. Tips for Proper Dining Etiquette Prior to Entering the Restaurant Even before a gentleman walks through the door of the Oxnard, California restaurant, he should make sure that his appearance is neat and tidy. Individuals are judged by other individuals inside a mere five seconds so presentation is the key for a good start to the evening. This includes making sure that shoes are shiny, shirts are stain and wrinkle-free and tucked in. It's always advisable to bring a comb wherever you go. They are little, slim and fit into any back pocket. Clean clothes plus a neat appearance is a trait that's noticed. Don't be judged by potential business partners or a date simply based on physical appearance. Allow your look and style to paint a positive picture so that your personality has the opportunity to shine through. Being Seated at a Restaurant It really is quite impolite to sit down before greeting other people at the table. It's best to make your way around the table, shake hands, and greet the members of the table that you know, while introducing yourself to the rest. In the event you are dining with a date, it's likely you'll walk in with her. It is good manners to pull out her chair and enable her to get seated first. If you are meeting your date, lean in for a kiss on the cheek if she doesn't get up to greet you. If she does, a friendly hug is acceptable, based on the level of familiarity and comfort. Ordering From the Menu In most instances, it is antiquated to order for a date but nonetheless regarded as good manners to let her to order first. When it comes to wine selection, it's reasonable to assume that not everybody is going to be a connoisseur. If there's a fixe prix menu option, suggest this for your date. This way you can both have wine and courses which have been expertly paired. It is also completely acceptable to ask the wait staff for their recommendations.

In no way make unfavorable comments about anybody's course choice. Their selection might not be your taste but they certainly do not wish to know what you think. Don't forget the phrase, "if you don't have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all." Dining at a Restaurant Place your napkin on your lap. Do not stuff it down the front of the shirt or crumple it up next to the dinner plate. When eating at a fine restaurant always use a knife and fork and never attempt to cut food with the side of a fork. Remember to chew with your mouth closed, even if you have been asked a question. Whoever has asked the question will certainly prefer to wait a couple of seconds rather than being up close and personal with your entre. If there's a problem with the food, discreetly mention it to the waiter. Do not make a fuss or be unkind to the restaurant staff. In most cases, small oversights ought to be overlooked. Only complain if the mistake is a issue based on dietary restrictions, allergies or if a piece of meat has been severely undercooked. Becoming upset over being served potatoes instead of rice is only going to make you appear disagreeable. Having a good attitude and taking small mistakes in stride, shows a decent character and an adaptable personality, which is appealing in any business or private setting. These etiquette tips are easy to adhere to and simple to remember and they are guaranteed to make a significant overall difference in a fine dining atmosphere. Use these suggestions when dining in an Oxnard Restaurant and experience success, whether on a company or private dinner date. Bio: Tierra Sur, an Oxnard-based restaurant is a highly rated restaurant and location for Mediterranean cuisine and quality wines. In addition to being one of the best restaurants in Oxnard it also does events ranging in size from small private gatherings to corporate and even weddings. Tierra Sur can be contacted at 805-983-1560 3201 Camino Del Sol, Oxnard, CA 93030.

Restaurant Etiquette 101: How To Dine like a Gentleman in an Oxnard Restaurant  

When out on a date or a corporate meal impressions are made very quickly. Use these etiquette tips for fine dining to ensure that you leave...

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