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T-O Key Club Division 2C #FlashbackFriday | Volume 2 | May Issue


Lt. Governor

Message from your LtG Hey there Key Club family! I am so proud to say that most of the clubs in the Division have paid! With every event that your members volunteer at, they are touching and impacting lives! I’ve visited a few of your clubs and I can proudly say that you are all doing phenomenal! I hope that Spring Training Conference was truly beneficial to you all! If you were not able to attend Spring Training Conference, no need to worry! I will definitely hold another PCM with a mini training conference that way all officers are trained, so be aware for an e-mail update! The following articles are of my lovely Editor’s reminiscing their favorite events Now let’s take a look back in time of the 2013-2014 year. Enjoy!

Yours in Service,

Tien Huynh

Did you know?: The dot over the letter “i” is called a tittle Goals   

Having 3 clubs in the Top 25

Juliana Zhang achieving a Key Club Scholarship

Becoming Top 5 Lieutenant Governor Visiting all clubs at least 4 times this year 

Getting 300-400 service hours

One trophy per club at DCON A fun filled year

 

North Garland High School Top 3 Distinguished Website  

Having most clubs pay dues Having such a wonderful division

All reports on time 

Dues Paid

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Did you know?: Brad Pitt was in Key Club Page 3|Division 2C

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One club that absolutely amazed me was Garland High School Key Club. They had a goal and set their mind to it! When it came to Luke Broussard’s project: Kick N’ Bully N’ to the Curb, they were determined to help, doing “Whatever it Takes”. They stood up against bullying! Garland High School had an endless list of projects to choose from, but they picked one special in mind. The Trevor Project, an organization created after the movie “Trevor” to raise suicide and bullying awareness, especially towards LGBTQ children.

These Key Clubbers thought of a creative idea to go around school and sell scrumptious cupcakes in order to earn money for the cause! With welcoming smiles and big hearts, Key Club members marched around the cafeteria not only selling cupcakes, but showing their passion to change society! Garland High School Key Club raised around $100 and successfully achieved their Governor’s Project Patch! Congratulations!



Circle K International (College) Club Officer Certification Report Form


Divisional Election Conference (Elect New LT. Governor


Divisional Election Conference (Elect New LT. Governor



District Convention ( Big Convention for our District) Fall Training Conference (to teach new officers) International Convention




Key Club International

Kiwanis International (The cutest people ever!) Monthly Report Form




Presidential Council Meeting (Hosted by me!) The organization that Key Club partners

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International Convention I am ecstatic to represent our division at the 2014-2015 ICON! I know I will be the only one going from the division, so I hope to learn a lot from this experience and share it with you all! I will come back wiser and stronger and hopefully an improved person in order to benefit you all!

Wish North Garland a huge GOOD LUCK at International Convention for Distinguished Website!

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Turkey Trotting Away from Jack Frost One of the simplest joys of running is the connection it gives us to the outdoors. Breathing in fresh air, witnessing a sunrise, and experiencing the changing seasons keep us coming back for more. In this case it came with the chilly nipping of the harsh winter, caressing sunlight, and dry, cold air rushing down your throats wanting more. This exhilarating Thanksgiving Morning, on Thursday the 28th of November was a quiet one. It didn’t feel like Thanksgiving, but in fact felt like the day to give back. Coming unprepared to this event, I left my house to the local Dallas Area Rapid Transit or short for DART with a great companion, friend, and mentor. Tien Huynh, North Garland High School’s Key Club’s President at the time.

It's tough to be as enthusiastic about running outdoors when the mercury drops a staggering icy cold. This was different though. We weren’t running, but running our mouths to cheer on the runners dying from exhaustion. We were running our souls as one to get the job done and complete. We were running the task of serving others through our own actions. After the volunteer coordinator split us up into groups we were either in charge of the snacks such as nutrient enriched bananas, and water, helping out with the inflatable play houses, or working at the guest services booth we all enjoyed what we did. As our fingers and toes all went numb we kept pushing through the challenge and obstacle to do what we indented to do. Create an incredible experience for the runners, right? After all there were nearly 40,000 participants are expected to gather at Dallas City Hall Place on Thanksgiving morning of November 28.

After learning all proceeds of the event from the Capital One Bank Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot benefit a wide diversity of YMCA programs that are strengthening our community including afterschool programs across 80 school sites, LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Cancer Collaborative, YMCA Urban Swim and Make a Splash Programs, Play and Learn Program and scholarships for disabilities, we were thrilled. This is why we joined Key Club. At the end of the tiring event, we were all exhausted. Mentally and physically drained we all slugged down back to the DART as we were still numb. This was a great experience we will never forget. As we loaded back onto the train and took our journey back home, we all though. Is there really something more than serving? Chris Do| North Garland Page 7|Division 2C

FIREFLY RUN -An Unforgettable NightDazzling lights, blasting music, and laughing people everywhere: at 8:30 pm, dozens of us are congregated at the water station, shouting words of encouragement and handing cups of water to the runners. This amazing experience is the Firefly Run, an annual 5k run held across the country. Because this was my first time at a 5k, I honestly wasn't sure what to expect. I had only signed up to get my hours, but by the end of the night, I had made many more friends and broken out of my safe but boring shell. This was truly the event that spurred me to get more involved in Key Club and community service. On March 29, Garland High School Key Club teamed up with the 5Krew and carpooled to Plano to take part in this experience of a lifetime. Although the sun set quickly after we arrived, the night was only just beginning. We were put to work right away, filling tables with cups of water to hydrate the runners as they reached the halfway mark of the 5k. As the race commenced, runners would zoom past and grab the cups that we offered by the side of the road. Even though it was energizing enough just to see the plethora of runners dashing through the streets, the occasional shouted "Thank you!" motivated me even more to praise and encourage all of the runners. Eventually, when things got a bit monotonous and the crowd died down, some of us made it a game to see who could offer the most cups to the runners. We playfully bantered amongst ourselves that only the cutest of all could win. A few of us (cough, cough, me) splashed the others with water and got chased multiple times down the road as a result of the mischief. Of course, it was all in good fun, and we ended up losing count of how many cups were taken from us by the time the race ended. In addition to volunteering at the water station, we got to explore the main grounds during the after-party and ended up with a lot of free food and other souvenirs to remember the night. We began to separate into our own groups and left sporadically through the remainder of the night. Even though I had high hopes and little expectations for the night, I was pleasantly surprised by the way things turned out. Before, I was one of those people that only hung out with people in the same class. But the Firefly Run gave me the chance to meet many upperclassmen and to get to know them very well. Now, I've developed even better bonds with the people that I met, and I know that some of these friendships will last a lifetime. But even more important than the newfound relationships is how volunteering at this run intrinsically affected me in another way: by receiving an incredibly fun and active responsibility, I came to appreciate the opportunities I had to help the community through Key Club. I have a lot to be thankful for, and Key Club's core values - leadership, character building, caring, and inclusiveness - have helped me to become a much better person than I was before.

Linh Nguyen Garland High

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Kaitlyn Wilson | T-O Governor

Samuel Kinnen| T-O Secretary

Colin Gonzalez | T-O Treasurer

Dennis Hogan | Region 8 Advisor

Tien Huynh | Lt. Governor 2C

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