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We are Class Pals ! 5CB Rainbow Intl. School Kampala, Uganda G5-5 Fo Gong Elementary S. Kaohsiung, Taiwan

We are at Chianjhen Dist., Kaohsiung, Taiwan

It is the front scene of our school.

We went on line to search information of Uganda and made posters according to our findings. The words on them are Chinese. We speak Mandarin and Taiwanese. We learn English from Grade 3 (age 9), 2 periods (80mins)/week

It is about the location of Uganda (in East Africa), Capital (Kampala), national flag, population, religion (Roman Catholic), traditional musical instrument (drums) and famous sightseeing spots (waterfalls, national parks)

The small pieces of paper are written by 5-5’s pupils. They said hi and such as “we love to know new friends from Uganda”, “ It is precious to have Class Pal from Africa!”, “Hope to have more contacts with you and know you better”

There are some drawings of Taiwan’s fruit, a dragon (this year is Dragon Year in Chinese society), a Urocissa caerulea (a special species of bird in Taiwan) and some tourist spots. We are mixed class which has 15 boys and 15 girls. We are 11 years old. Our Homeroom teacher is May Liou Our English teacher is Lin-lin Tan Looking forwards to hearing from you again!

5CB Rainbow Intl. School, Uganda  


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