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Tidewater Gardening

and cherries, are also increased by high humidity. Prevention by cultural practices is the first defense. Also grow resistant cultivars, space and prune plants to improve aeration and lessen shading. Water early in the day at the base of the plants and not the foliage. For most shrubs, the disease appears so late in the growing season that control is usually not necessary. After the diseased leaves have fallen in the Fall, rake them up and destroy them. This will help to reduce the disease problem for next year. Happy Gardening!

Destroy residues of affected crops in the fall since they may serve as a source of new infections next year. There are really no effective fungicides for homeowners to use to control these diseases in vegetables, so use the cultural controls as best as possible. Powdery mildew is also a problem on a number or ornamentals in the landscape. These infections occur most often in late summer when the days are hot and the nights cool. Powdery mildew is an unusual disease because, unlike most fungal leaf disorders, it often develops under dry conditions. Some mildew, particularly those on roses, apples

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Tidewater Times August 2011  
Tidewater Times August 2011  

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