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These critters have a long list of plants that they go after, including many ornamental plants, fruit trees, vegetables and legumes. The evidence of their feeding depends on the stage of the bug and the stage of the fruit or vegetable that they are feeding on. The nymphs or young stink bugs tend to feed shallowly, while the adults feed deeply into plant tissue causing more damage. On leaves, stink bug damage can appear as small stippled areas and/or necrotic areas. On fruit, there may be watersoaked lesions, pitting, dimples, catfacing and/or depressed areas. Adult stink bugs can cause deep feeding injury in fruit such as apples, making them unsalable. Dam-

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug age on vegetables such as pepper and tomatoes appears as cloudy whitish areas on the fruit. On beans and okra there will be wart-like growths and deformation of shriveling of the pods. It’s difficult to manage these insect pests in the garden and landscape. You might consider using a floating row cover to exclude the

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Tidewater Times August 2011  

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