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Tangier Island Wedding

protect the fish that eats ‘em?!” Lisa was born in Baltimore, moved to Tangier the summer she was 16 to live with her aunt, and stayed for 35 years. She’s definitely a Tangier Island girl. Given the drop in population, hers will probably be the only wedding on the island this year. She married Gary Pusey, from a well-known Salisbury family. Gary owns a car dealership in Fruitland, Maryland. Swain Memorial United Methodist Church, on the main street, is the largest church on the island. It is handsomely finished, with stained glass windows that would look striking anywhere. The altar is on one of the long

Pruitt, and Parks are in the majority. Because of the long tradition of working on the water, Tangier gets up early, has dinner at 5 p.m., and is asleep when it is dark under the table. The wedding was that of Lisa Wheatley, who was the female lead and main character in Fishing Gone. Lisa, who worked as a guide for the tour boats that land on the island daily, played herself. She had no trouble putting full conviction into this line that commented on Virginia Commonwealth regulations on rock fish: “If they are so worried about the crabs, why

Many Great Boats!

Frank Gary, CPYB

‘85 Morris 36’ JUSTINE ‘87 Bristol 47.7 BACI @ $225,000 ‘91 Mason 44 KISMET @ $279,000 ‘00 Hinckley 44’ TALARIA @ 595,000 ‘02 Eastbay 43’ WAYFARER @ $425,000

‘00 Nordic Tug 32’ TOOTSEA @ $185,000 410-268-1611 (O) 410-268-0017 (F) 410-703-4017 (C) · 62

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