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Representative Seahorse Species. There are 80 species of seahorses. They are found in both warm, tropical seas and chilly waters. With one possible exception, all are marine. The animals live in grass beds, kelp forests, mangroves and around corals. Very slow swimmers, seahorses have a prehensile tail (adapted for seizing or holding, especially by wrapping around an object) that they use to grasp onto seagrasses, sea fans and other objects. The smallest member of the seahorse family, the Dwarf Seahorse is found in the Gulf of Mexico off Florida, west to Texas, as well as in the Atlantic Ocean off the Bahamas, the Carolinas and Maryland. The species is beige, yellow, green or black with white markings that look like splashes of paint. It is found in shallow grass flats, as well as among floating vegetation. The Lined Seahorse is found from New York through the Gulf of Mexico south to the West Indies. The species may develop intricate fronds (fern-like leaflets) and vary

A pregnant male seahorse in color from ash gray, orange, or brown to yellow, red or black. White lines are often found on the head and neck. Lined seahorses live in shallow water among seagrasses and sponges. The Longsnout Seahorse lives in the warm western Atlantic from Maryland to the West Indies among



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