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Vernon shakes his head. They can’t win ‘em all. But they win most of ‘em. That’s why I like Vernon, Sherry and Karl.

a mother and child who had been taken by relatives. That was a good case. Another time, we tracked an adult woman who had cut off contact with her family and gone to California with a migrant worker. They couldn’t bring her back; they just wanted to know if she was okay. We tracked the couple down, and she was okay, but she chose not to get in touch with her family. That was sad.” And there was the one that turned around and got them. “We had this guy completely nailed. He had a woman on the side. The wife filed for divorce on Friday, but he had them back together on Monday.”

Helen Chappell is the creator of the Sam And Hollis mystery series and the Oysterback stories, as well as The Chesapeake Book of the Dead. Under her pen name, Rebecca Baldwin, she has published a number of historical novels.

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