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It’s Football Season Again! Football fans and food lovers alike are already gearing up for fall and another tailgating season. Some of the folks have built quite a reputation for their tailgating events, so I am sharing some of my favorites for when we pack up and go to a game. The secret to a great tailgating recipe is simple: Go short on ingredients, long on f lavor, make it easy to prepare and hard to forget. Oh, and of course, it must pair well with a cold beverage. Whether you are setting up for a local football game or an NFL game, these recipes are sure to be crowd-pleasers.

Rub chicken with extra virgin olive oil. Rub spice mixture over the entire chicken. Open and insert a can of beer (your choice, but cheap or out-of-date beer will work) in the lower cavity of the chicken, between the legs. Set chickens on the grill, resting on the base of the beer can and the two drumsticks. There are also racks made for this purpose. Cook for 2-1/2 to 3 hours on medium heat, until the wings almost fall off to the touch.

BEER CAN CHICKEN Rub: Combine equal portions of black pepper, red pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic salt, celery salt and onion powder. 2 3-1/2 lb. chickens (do not use hens) 57