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Squirrely by a squirrel hunter from Brunswick County in Virginia’s hill country. Squirrel meat, often from older, tougher animals, is simmered in salt water with chopped onions for a short time, drained, then added to stewing tomatoes, okra, lima beans and other available seasonal vegetables. Some cooks recommend braising the meat after parboiling for even more succulence. The mixture is slowly cooked for hours until the meat becomes tender and f lavors blend. The t rad it iona l c ook i ng method used a black cast iron pot hung over an open fire. The dish is a hunting camp staple even today. Both Georgia and North Carolina

Brunswick stew is particularly good when made with squirrel meat. contest the stew’s Virginia origin. But neither state denies that squirrel was the original meat. These days Br unsw ick stew is usually made with chicken, pork or venison. When we lived near D.C. in Montgomery County, our yard was overrun with squirrels. This was partly


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