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Old Wives and their Tales full moon brings on a lot of crazy activity, even though scientists and statistics tell you that’s not so. But how many science types are actually out there dealing with the public during a full moon? Yeah, I thought not, too. The moon affects the tides and we’re some huge percent water, so.... Three people told me if you went outside with wet hair, you were sure to catch cold. (And I always thought that was true in winter, but apparently not!) My friend Carolyn’s former father-in-law also told her if you hang a dead snake on a fence, it will bring on rain. We used to think shed snake skins drove away mice if you put them under the house. If a cow sees a snake, it will curdle her milk.

“Autumn Feeling” by Qiang Huang Original ar tworks by Hiu Lai Chong, Qiang Huang, Ken DeWaard, Betty Huang, Master Jove Wang & sculpture by Rick Casali.

“Fall Day Edge of Town” by Ken DeWaard

First Friday Gallery Reception October 5, 5-8 p.m.

Wooly bears, those fuzzy caterpillars, are supposed to predict the winter. If they’re really thick and fuzzy, it will be a rough winter. They always look thick and fuzzy to me, so what do I know. Also, a thick

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