Tidewater Times November 2019

Page 85


by K. Marc Teffeau, Ph.D.

Still Dry in November As I write this column the first week in October, a dry fall has come to the Shore. When I checked the dought.gov website on October 4, it indicated that most of the Shore was in what is considered a “moderate drought.” Maryland, in general, is experiencing what is called a “f lash drought,” one that occurs in a short amount of time. Since I can’t forecast the weather a month ahead, if the Mid-Shore area is still

in a drought status in November, even with the cooler temperatures and shorter daylight, it will still be important to regularly water turf, shrubs and trees in the landscape. The effects of the drought will linger into the next season and will weaken affected plants in several ways. Drought-stressed plants can exhibit winter damage, which can include sunscald and frost splitting of tree trunks, winter burn of