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Ghost Walk

change can never quite lay the spirits. We proceeded down High Street in the gathering darkness. Early autumn’s dried leaves crunched under our feet on the brick pavement as we passed the tall, silent houses. Many of them had darkened windows, as if unoccupied. Some had a dim light somewhere deep in the interior, the kind of light an uneasy wraith might produce if it wandered on unfinished business. Mindie and Missy kept us spellbound with tales from the past. Governors, senators, soldiers and sea captains and other important people have lived here, and their lives have not always been happy ones. Tales of murder, adultery, alcoholism, blighted hopes and

ruined businessman hanged himself rather than face the consequences of Black Friday in 1929. We looked up at the tiny attic at the top of the brick building, where the creak of a rope, bearing a heavy weight, is said to be heard late at night. Doors open and close and lock themselves ~ whatever walks there walks alone. Our next stop was the Courthouse, where the old gallows used to be, and a slave market was regularly conducted on the corner of the block. Plenty of spirits there, even though the courthouse has burned down, been rebuilt, blown up, and remodeled. All that

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November 2014 Tidewater Times

November 2014 ttimes web magazine  

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