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The Man Project

She hands it to Satan. He takes it without enthusiasm, puts it in the bag.

GABRIELLA That’s not him at all. He’s an artist, he doesn’t look back. Does it, moves on. Lets the chips fall where they may. He wouldn’t want a report.

SATAN How boring that would be. MICHAEL You going like that?

MICHAEL Then why is there an entry from the Creator on Pia’s to-do list?

SATAN Wardrobe’s got something for me. I can get duds when I arrive… with this!

GABRIELLA There is!? MICHAEL Carved in stone. It says, “Evaluate Man Project.” GABRIELLA What? I can’t…how’d you see Pia’s list? SATAN (zipping bag) Guess I’m ready.

With a devilish smile, Satan whips out a credit card.


American Express titanium pink. The Celestial card. Found it on Pia’s desk. Say goodbye. I’m gone.

Gabriella retrieves Satan’s tarnished halo from the floor, rubs it on her sleeve, whacks it a couple times. It sputters, then glows feebly. You’d better not leave without this. If you kept better track of it, you wouldn’t be in trouble all the time. 172

Satan fades from view. 5. INT. DAY - A SUBWAY CAR IN MANHATTAN Clutching his bag, Satan is caught in rush hour. Beset by the racket, he hangs on against the jerky motion of the car. He is dressed

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