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on the oysters that week. And I said, ‘Grandfather,’ I said, ‘Grandpop,’ I said, ‘would you let me, would you give me that boat up there?’ ‘Now, son,’ he said, ‘Grandfather can’t give you that boat there.’ Then he said, ‘Now all you boys, I want you to listen to what I got to say. If you’re the longest liver, and Mom’s gone, that’s his boat. He’s only one asked for it and I think he should have it.’ A full-rigged ship, and I’ve still got it. Oh, yes, it’s a beautiful thing and I prize it. I had it all painted up and fixed up in my living room. I look at it and think of Grandfather. So that’s my life. B y r on: L i s ten, now, tel l u s about now, tell us how you got your nickname, ‘Funny.’

Parks: Now, my name is Nathan Thomas Parks. Better known as Captain Funny. Now, when I was a little tucker, very small, and I’d get up in the morning, and I got up real early one morning, a cold morning, running down the hallway, with just a napkin on, hollering at the top of my voice, ‘I feel funny.’ And that’s what my mother said, and she always called me Funny. I always carried that with me all my life, up till now.” His was, truly, a voice from the past. Gary Crawford and his wife, Susan, own and operate Crawfords Nautical Books, a unique bookstore on Tilghman’s Island.

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