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Tidewater Traveler by George W. Sellers, CTC

Green Face When I think about a green face, a variety of images comes to mind. One that is hard to forget is that of the Incredible Hulk. Remember him? In this series created in the ’70s, actor Bill Bixby, played the role of Dr. David Bruce Banner, a really nice, ordinary kind of guy, the kind of wonderful, compassionate man you would like your daughter to meet. But when he got ticked off or riled, not only did his demeanor change, but his body swelled, ripping apart his clothing, and he turned green. The change in the Hulk’s physique was so dramatic that a different actor, bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno, was engaged to play the transformed role. I always thought that red would be a better color to accompany rage, but the show’s producers went for green. So, comic books, T-shirts, action figures and trading cards depicted this monster-like person whose face and body were green. More recently, green faces are found on Pixar’s Green Army Men. They appeared first in toy playsets and were then featured in the movie Toy Story. After the big screen,

Green Army Men faces popped in all sorts of promotional paraphernalia and can even be seen in person protecting guests and visitors along Pixar Place in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Green-faced cheese-heads are in abundance in every stadium where the Green Bay Packers face their gridiron opponents. Have you heard of the green face diet? There is an Irish Green-Face Comedy competition. And a trip to New York City on Saint Patrick’s Day will have you seeing green – not just on faces. Though I have never actually seen one, I have heard from many sources that a green face is the classic symptom of someone who is experiencing

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May 2012 Tidewater Times  

May 2012 Tidewater Times magazine

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