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four to six inches of soil and water them. Once the seed potatoes have started to sprout and the foliage is growing about the soil level, continue to add more soil, leaving just the tops of the leaves showing. Do this until the container is eventually filled all the way to the top. The plants will grow through the summer. In late summer or early fall, the tops will start to yellow and die. When this happens, harvest the potatoes by dumping out the container. I would recommend that you not grow the standard potato varieties that you find in the grocery store, but grow more exotic varieties to make it more interesting. Try Yukon Gold, fingerling or one of the

grow them, consider growing them as a container crop. Any container that has good drainage can be used, but obviously the bigger it is, the more potatoes you can get. Whatever the size, the container should have adequate drainage. Some companies, like Gardeners Supply, sell specialty containers for growing potatoes. To grow potatoes in containers, start in March by filling the container with a few inches of potting soil and placing the seed potatoes around the bottom of the container. Make sure that each seed potato has three or four nodes on it. Then cover the seed potatoes with

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